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					  Practical Bathroom Ideas to Decorate Small
When it comes to the bathroom, most people would like a large space. This makes it easier
for you to navigate around and not feel cramped when taking a shower or a bath. Space is
essential in making you feel relaxed and free. However, not all bathrooms will come with the
space that you need. This is especially true if you are renting the house or apartment you live
in and did not build it on your own. You may also buy a home and find that the bathroom is
too small for your liking. If you do not have the budget to go about with bathroom renovation
knocking down walls and the like, there is still hope yet. Here are some practical bathroom ideas
to help you decorate small spaces.

       1. Take note of the floor: If you would like a room to appear larger, you will typically paint
       the walls in a light shade of color that is bright. The same should apply to your bathroom
       floor. Get the floor tiles that are light in color and bright and this will give the illusion of

       2. The walls: As aforementioned, light colors on walls will make the room appear bigger.
       Invest in a paint job for the bathroom you would like to redecorate and choose a light
       color that is quite bright. This will reflect more light in the room thus making it look larger
       than it really is.

       3. Storage: Most people do not contemplate storage when it comes to the bathroom.
       Instead, they will use the single medicine cabinet that it comes with to store everything
       and the rest of the products will be placed on the sinks and ledges. This makes your
       bathroom look untidy and thus cramped and small. If you would like to create more
       space in your bathroom, invest in some storage cabinets. These can be discreetly
       installed under the sink and they will give you more space to store your products without
       your bathroom having to look like a store for toiletries.

       4. Size of your bathroom tiles: Some bathrooms will have tiles both on the floor as well
       as on part of the walls. One of the bathroom ideas that could come in handy to make
       your bathroom look larger would be to change the size of the tiles. Small tiles tend to
       give the illusion of the room being smaller than it really is whereas larger tiles will make it
       look bigger than it really is.


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