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									                                      SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
  Date       Location         State       Source        Phenomena                            Description
01/01/02   Mt Isa – 300km     Qld     UFOR Reporter:    3 Amber         29&30th December also, they were out there in the
           East of                    Elizabeth Budek   Lights          night sky I saw 3. Pretty frightening stuff… get
                                                                        ridiculed for telling truth… we two know what we
                                                                        saw. No sound just a band of amber yellow light.
                                                                        Location: approx 300ks east of Mt Isa. Other people:
                                                                        1. Weather conditions: clear mild night. Physical stuff:
                                                                        25metres and very very quick.
01/01/02   Lithgow            NSW     UFOR Reporter:    Amber Light     I've seen objects in the sky on four different
                                      Anthony           with Crimson    occasions in a space of 3 months.
                                                        in Middle        At the end of 2001 around Lithgow, family and
                                                                        friends told me of their accounts of ufo's that they had
                                                                        seen around the same time. 1. An amber light with
                                                                        crimson in the middle hovered 50 metres above a hill
                                                                        at the end of my street. 2. Bright light came over the
                                                                        east of Lithgow at about 3am. 3. The third came up
                                                                        west of Lithgow flashed several times and then split in
                                                                        to four piece and disappeared.4. Came from the west
                                                                        of Lithgow it drifted in slowly and it was as if it knew
                                                                        we were watching it and suddenly took off towards
                                                                        Katoomba direction. Location: most times I was home
                                                                        or just 5 minutes from my house. Weather conditions:
                                                                        clear moon light nights the air was still. Physical stuff:
                                                                        around 50 foot diameter.
04/01/02   Newcastle          NSW     UFOR Reporter:    Paranormal/Ab   3:49 pm. Firstly this is not a joke. I believe in astral
                                      Elizabeth Budek   duction         projection and thus I believe that aliens are multi
                                                                        dimensional. I was abducted by some kind of small
                                                                        grey, they were not the zeta, they were more round in
                                                                        the face, 3 of them, they had no legs, they had
                                                                        something like a genie tail on them and they were able
                                                                        to move, or float over to my bed side, they were like
                                                                        cutting me up, and I could see things changing colour,
                                                                        then one of them lent down to look at me in the face
                                                                        with a scrunched up expression, then said in my
                                                                        mind(mayby telepathy) "hello" then I was naked and I
                                                                        had some kind of gown on then I went into this court
                                                                        room, and I was told that I was a grey prince. Unusual:
                                                                        they were spraying me with some kind of metallic
                                                                        thing. Location: in bed, mother ship, or home planet.
                                                                        Physical stuff: this is not a joke i swear i mean this is
                                                                        all real.
10/01/02   Curran Hill near   NSW     UFOR              Shiny UFO       At 0500am. Duration: 30sec. One early morning my
           Campbelltown                                                 car had been vandalized where I was living
                                                                        (Leppington NSW) at approx 0300hrs. I was sitting on
                                                                        the gutter after the incident took place, watching the
                                                                        sun come up and looking up into a dark blue sky over
                                                                        Campbelltown NSW. I noticed something shining in
                                                                        the sky thinking maybe it was a plane or even a
                                                                        satellite. I watched for about 5 seconds as it slowly
                                                                        moved from north to south slowly fading, (slightly
                                                                        south above my head facing west).Then the UFO
                                                                        suddenly shot off at a 90 degree angle and speeding
                                                                        off in a west bound direction for a short distance,
                                                                        leaving some sort of a very faint trail, which looked as
                                                                        if it distorted the sky slightly and also the trail seemed
                                                                        to stay and not deplete as a smoke trail would. The
                                                                        craft was very fast and disappeared as if it had left the
                                                                        atmosphere. The sky at the time was crystal clear.

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                  There were no sounds heard during this time. A 90
                                                                  degree angle was made. A distorted clear trail was left
                                                                  behind by the craft. Location: North of the UFO facing
                                                                  south over the suburb of Campbelltown NSW. Other
                                                                  people: No other persons were present at the time.
                                                                  Weather conditions: A very fine day, blue sky with
                                                                  high, light scattered cloud and no wind. Physical stuff:
                                                                  Small object, very high altitude, heading south at first
                                                                  but shooting off in a westerly direction, acceleration
                                                                  was incredible, from very slow about 50kms/hr to
                                                                  1000kms/hr almost instantly.
15/01/02   Bathurst      NSW    UFOR Reporter:    3 Lights        500am. Duration: 1-2min. I was sitting out the back
                                Elizabeth Budek                   having a smoke and just looking round thinking how
                                                                  clear the night was and saw 3 (three) tiny dots all
                                                                  going at different directions, they did not blur with
                                                                  distance I just lost sight of them. Location: Directly
                                                                  below them. Weather conditions: completely clear
                                                                  warm morning. Physical stuff: very high.
16/02/02   Reservoir     Vic    UFOR Reporter:    Silver-grey     It was around dusk, but the sky overhead was still
                                Elizabeth Budek   Flying Saucer   fairly blue. I was outside building a tool cabinet. I had
                                                                  stepped into my bungalow to retrieve some tools.
                                                                  When I stepped out again, I happened to look up. My
                                                                  heart leapt into my throat and I heard myself exclaim
                                                                  "oh my god!" Well! I will NOT claim that this was a
                                                                  flying saucer but it DAMNED WELL LOOKED
                                                                  LIKE ONE! It passed overhead from the south,
                                                                  heading north. I watched it for a short time until it
                                                                  entered a cloud bank. My main angle of viewing was
                                                                  underneath, so I can mainly remember those details.
                                                                  I can be sure about the following: Colour: Silver-grey.
                                                                  Some observers could claim it had lights (or windows)
                                                                  around the sides, but I am certain that these were
                                                                  simply reflections from the setting sun. Shape: Sort of
                                                                  like a dustbin lid with the following variations. The
                                                                  underside was concave. The sides angled outward,
                                                                  then curved into the underside (the curvature makes
                                                                  me think it could have been some kind of gas
                                                                  balloon???). If it was a balloon, I would have
                                                                  imagined a smooth "float". But this thing seemed to
                                                                  wobble from side to side (like a falling leaf wobbles).
                                                                  Except this was not falling.
18/01/02   Pymble        NSW    UFOR Reporter:    2 Bright        Time: 23:35:00 Duration: 15mins. Was travelling
                                Elizabeth Budek   yellow/orange   along Ryde Rd at Pymble when we saw 2 separate
                                                  Lights          bright lights in the sky travelling in alignment -
                                                                  initially thought they were flares (yellow/orange in
                                                                  colour). Moved across the sky towards North West.
                                                                  Then thought they might be RAAF F-111's doing an
                                                                  fuel dump but this lasted 15-20mins before they went
                                                                  out of view so can't believe it was that either. (And
                                                                  there was NO noise that you would normally expect
                                                                  from these type of aircraft). Unexplained? Would be
                                                                  very interested to know what I saw. Unusual
                                                                  observations? Movements, sounds, lights, odours, etc.:
                                                                  As above - started what seemed relatively low as the
                                                                  light was very bright, got dimmer as they moved
                                                                  across the sky to the north-west. No sound at all.
                                                                  Describe your location relative to the sighting: Ryde
                                                                  Rd, West Pymble NSW 2073. Weather details,
                                                                  clouds, etc: Clear, cloudless night. Estimated size,
                                                                  altitude, direction, speed, etc: undetermined size and

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                   altitude. Speed slower enough to follow by car
                                                                   (slowly) for 10-15mins.
24/01/02   Moonta Bay    SA     UFOR              4 Lights         Occurred 11pm. Was fishing on the jetty at Moonta
                                                                   Bay when I looked up at the constellation of Orion.
                                                                   Near the left foot of Orion (I think the star is called
                                                                   Saiph) I saw 4 lights a bit dimmer than the star moving
                                                                   at the same speed, across the constellation from left to
                                                                   right. Three were right next to each other and the other
                                                                   was marginally behind. They appeared to be very high
                                                                   up. At first I thought they were satellites but they were
                                                                   moving a lot faster than any others I've ever seen. I
                                                                   tried pointing them out to my mate who was fishing
                                                                   with me, but as I was trying to describe to him where
                                                                   To look, the first 3 just disappeared followed by the
                                                                   4th one about a second later. I have no idea if there
                                                                   was some very high cloud or something, but I doubt it
                                                                   because the sky seemed to be completely clear that
                                                                   night and no other stars were hidden behind cloud in
                                                                   that area. Unusual: None other than the lights
                                                                   described. Location: I was looking almost straight up.
                                                                   Weather conditions: Clear night after a warm sunny
                                                                   day. Physical stuff: No idea on size, very high up,
                                                                   probably high that a jet leaving a vapor trail, seemed
                                                                   to be moving to fast to be a satellite.
26/01/02   Mayfield      NSW    UFOR Reporter:    Very Bright      12.59 am. My friends & myself were outside as I had
                                Elizabeth Budek   Star             to put the rubbish out. We were talking then for some
                                                                   unknown reason we looked up at the sky & noticed a
                                                                   very bright star, suddenly the star moved so we
                                                                   thought it was a plane. It kept our attention. Then a
                                                                   few minutes later it started darting very quickly as if it
                                                                   was performing for us, it was going all over the sky,
                                                                   we couldn’t believe it. I rang the RAAF base. They
                                                                   had no reported sightings I then rang the police. We
                                                                   watched this for around 3 hours. The police said they
                                                                   had never seen anything like it before. The object was
                                                                   changing colour. The next day I rang the coast guard
                                                                   & he informed me that they had received sightings
                                                                   from Newcastle NSW to Cairns. Unusual: moved
                                                                   very fast, changed colour a lot. Location: I was outside
                                                                   my home in Newcastle, the object appeared in theeast
                                                                   & disappeared just before sunrise. Other people: 1
                                                                   other. Weather conditions: clear night. Physical stuff:
                                                                   far away looked like a very bright star.
31/01/02   Barraba       NSW    UFOR Reporter:    UFO, Black       Received a call from a person who's next door
                                Elizabeth Budek   helicopters,     neighbour had seen a dome shaped craft, with square
                                                  Lights           windows and non reflecting light, on her property, on
                                                  (See UFO         Thurs 31, Jan 02!!!! This craft was only approx 100
                                                  Report for       metres away and she was not sure if it was on the
                                                  further          ground or hovering (tree line). I think it was an
                                                  information ab   evening sighting. This fellow who reported it on
                                                  out this very    behalf of his neighbour, has also seen unusual things.
                                                  active area.)    He remembers seeing a photo in a magazine ages ago
                                                                   of a dome shaped craft with square windows! It was a
                                                                   Lockhead Martin prototype! Funnily enough, there is
                                                                   an office for Lockhead in Uralla, which could be
                                                                   unrelated! My contact always sees Black helicopters
                                                                   and F1-11's flying around her property near Horton
                                                                   Falls.    It is also interesting that we have an
                                                                   independant report re the black helicopter which
                                                                   supports the sightee's sighting.

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
26/02/02   Liverpool     NSW    UFO Reporter:     White Light    9:40 pm. Duration: 00:05:00 mins. I was looking out
                                Elizabeth Budek                  of my bedroom window (3rd floor) when I saw a white
                                                                 light, low and in the distance. At first I thought it was
                                                                 a plane coming in to land as I live under one of the
                                                                 flight paths coming into Bankstown airport. Hoxton
                                                                 Park aerodrome is also not far away. What made me
                                                                 keep looking at it was the fact that it was not in the
                                                                 usual place for a plane and it seemed to be very slow
                                                                 in coming. I then realized that it was stationary and
                                                                 had no navigation lights. After a few minutes the light
                                                                 began to climb almost vertically and to fade as it went.
                                                                 It took about 20 seconds to completely disappear very
                                                                 high up. Unusual: No, it was just a light. No sounds or
                                                                 smells or flashing. Location: I was looking out of a
                                                                 third floor window toward the horizon. I was in
                                                                 Liverpool looking west. Other Weather conditions:
                                                                 Clear. Visibility very good. Full moon high and
                                                                 slightly behind me. Physical stuff: Size? It was like
                                                                 looking at a light plane coming in to
                                                                 land from head on at night. Altitude? Low to very
                                                                 high. Direction? Vertical going slightly north. Speed?
                                                                 Fast, say 1,000 feet to the edge of space in under 20
18/03/02   Albany        WA     UFOR Reporter:    Light          8.00pm. Duration: 0.05sec. Saw a light moving from
                                Elizabeth Budek                  the south flying in a easterly direction and at first,
                                                                 thought it was a large aircraft way off-course. The sky
                                                                 was very bright and clear with no wind so it was easy
                                                                 to follow. Unusual: The light moved at first about the
                                                                 same speed as a large aircraft but there was no flashing
                                                                 lights that you see on a plane and then it turned
                                                                 towards the east and flew straight upwards into space
                                                                 and disappeared. There was no sound of an aircraft
                                                                 which on a very still evening you can hear an aircraft
                                                                 easily over great distance. Location: Walking across
                                                                 the paddock and looked up to see the stars and see if I
                                                                 could spot a satellite. Other people: No other witness
                                                                 with me at the time. Weather conditions: Very bright
                                                                 clear sky and no wind and no clouds. Physical stuff: I
                                                                 think at first possibly flying at about 20 - 30 thousand
                                                                 feet and at aircraft speed then changed direction and
                                                                 flew easterly and then shot straight up into the air at
                                                                 rocket speed and then vanished.
26/03/02   Melton        Vic    UFOR Reporter:    Bright Light   7:21am. Driving to work and noticed a bright light in
                                Elizabeth Budek                  the North East Sky. Did not move - the light just
                                                                 stayed in one spot - while an aeroplane flew by. I have
                                                                 taken photos - I always keep a camera in the car - not
                                                                 for UFOs (thought had never entered my mind).
                                                                 Unusual: Bright light - like a knife blade glimmering
                                                                 in the sky. Location: I was on the edge of Rockband
                                                                 and Deerpark on the Western Hwy. Stopped my car at
                                                                 Caroline Springs next to a road sign to take the photo.
                                                                 I was travelling East towards the city. Other people:
                                                                 Cars on the Hwy - do not know if they noticed the
                                                                 same thing. Aeroplane was flying in the same sky at
                                                                 the time. My photos will state that. Weather
                                                                 conditions: Clear sky - sun rise.

                                   SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
30/03/02   Clontarf/         Qld   AAP/     4 Bright Discs   UFO SIGHTINGS REPORTED IN QLD: Resident in
           Beechmere               u/ Australia                        the Brisbane suburbs of Redcliffe and Caboolture have
                                                                       reported four UFO sightings, police said. A police
                                                                       spokesman said two bright discs were seen hovering
                                                                       over Clontarf - later moving on to Beachmere.
                                                                       "We received the first call at about dusk, with the next
                                                                       about 15 minutes later," the spokesman said. He said
                                                                       Caboolture police had called at about 8pm, also
                                                                       receiving sighting reports. "People are seeing
                                                                       something, but I'm sure there is a more logical
                                                                       explanation for it," the spokesman said.
31/03/02   Hills District    NSW   Callin Code        2 Orange Balls   About 11.00pm Sunday night Craig was walking in his
                                   01969                               backyard when he saw 2 orange colour balls of light in
                                   Reporter:                           the sky. He was facing west and they were travelling
                                   Larraine                            north west from a southerly direction about 45 degrees
                                                                       above the horizon. Craig said it was their colour and
                                                                       size that caught his attention, they were 5 or 6 times
                                                                       bigger than a star and had a yellowy orange glow, no
                                                                       flashing lights like normal aircraft. He said they were
                                                                       moving slowly in formation far enough apart to tell
                                                                       they were 2 objects and higher than usual aircraft. As
                                                                       they travelled they were also ascending, Craig said he
                                                                       watched them for about 5 minutes until they were tiny
                                                                       pin pricks of light, there was no sound. From their
                                                                       position in the sky this sighting was approximately
                                                                       over Blacktown. They could have been those
                                                                       homemade lantern things except for the fact that they
                                                                       move with positive direction and have been witnessed
                                                                       and reported repeatedly.
02/04/02   Adelaide Area -   SA    AUFORN 01978,      Orange           3 - 6 Orange star-like objects were sighted over the
03/04/02   Parafield Gdns,         01981,    01983,   Lights/Balls     Northern suburbs of Adelaide on these dates. All of
07/04/02   Salisbury, Wynn         01984,    01985,                    the above Callin Codes reported the same thing, with
           Vale, Salisbury         01992 Reporter:                     minor differences in positioning of the objects.
           Plains                  Charmaine                           Nighttime sky conditions were the same on all nights,
                                   Ballam                              clear sky with only patchy cloud cover. All the orange
                                                                       star light objects were observed below the cloud cover.
                                                                       All witnesses state that once these orange star objects
                                                                       reached the Adelaide Hills they all 'disappeared' or
                                                                       'blinked out'. Length of sighting time: Varying from 2-
                                                                       3 mins up to 10-12 mins.
                                                                       Triangle Formation
                                                                       Witnesses reported seeing the 3 or 6 orange lights in a
                                                                       single triangle or 2 triangle formation, one person said
                                                                       that at one stage 4 of the lights looked like it was in a
                                                                       'kite formation' but then formed a 3 pointed triangle
                                                                       with 3 of the lights, with the 4th light to the east of the
                                                                       top light. In the case of the 2 triangle formation, the
                                                                       witness stated that they saw 6 lights move into 2
                                                                       perfect triangle formations and continued that way
                                                                       until reaching the Adelaide Hills.
                                                                       Straight Line Formation
                                                                       Witnesses also saw and reported the orange star like
                                                                       objects to be in a straight line made up of 3 lights
                                                                       together with a 4th light following. Whilst watching
                                                                       the objects in this straight line formation, witnesses
                                                                       state that of 3 lights that were in a row, they were
                                                                       evenly spaced one behind the other, with the 4th light
                                                                       trailing some distance behind. Witnesses that sighted
                                                                       the 'straight line formation' all stated that as the lights

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                              neared the Adelaide Hills, that the 4th light then
                                                              moved quickly to join the other 3 lights. Witness
                                                              Statements [note approx total number of Witnesses:
                                                              20] All witnesses state that they heard no sound at all
                                                              coming from these objects. They all state the objects
                                                              were moving in a North, North East to South East
                                                              direction. All state that the objects were 'orange and
                                                              star like' in size and brightness. One witness, a trained
                                                              SA Policeman, [as well as being an 'amateur
                                                              astronomer'] quickly got out his telescope to get a
                                                              clearer look at the objects, but stated that apart from
                                                              seeing them on a larger and brighter scale, the objects
                                                              still were fuzzy to look at. He even grabbed his
                                                              binoculars to see if he get a clearer look through them,
                                                              but again the same as through the telescope. He also
                                                              stated, that for the years he has been doing his
                                                              'backyard astronomy' that he has viewed many
                                                              numerous things in the night sky, from satellites, to
                                                              light planes flying late at night, to birds, to even [yes
                                                              folks the infamous] hot air garbage balloons, but what
                                                              he saw that night, didn’t fit any of those
                                                              'explanations'. All witnesses, stated that living or being
                                                              so close to Parafield Airport, that they all 'Certainly
                                                              Knew', what a light plane looked and sounded like,
                                                              and what their night lights looked like. So to hear 'no
                                                              sound/noise' surprised them. They also stated that
                                                              they had phoned Parafield Airport, which could not
                                                              help as it had closed earlier that night. They
                                                              also phoned         Edinburgh      Air      Force      base,
                                                              which informed these witnesses that nothing had
                                                              'shown up on their radar and NO they were not test
                                                              flying any aircraft, secret or non-secret'.
                                                              [See Diane Harrison's report on Edinburgh Air Force
                                                              base response in AUFORN list post dated: Tuesday
                                                              9th April 2002 in response to questions asked by
                                                              Hugh Mulgrew]
                                                              Also all say, that 'They have Never Seen anything like
                                                              this in their life(s)'.
                                                              This group of sightings certainly has caused a 'stir'
                                                              here in Adelaide! One of the witnesses who called the
                                                              AUFORN Freecall Hotline, also phoned Adelaide
                                                              Radio Station SAFM. Her call, to SAFM, set up a
                                                              'callin' session on SAFM's Breakfast show, asking
                                                              people to ring in, if they had seen the same thing or if
                                                              they had seen anything 'strange' in the sky. The
                                                              response to SAFM's call in was incredible! I contacted
                                                              SAFM to inform them that AUFORN SA was
                                                              'investigating' these incidents and also to leave our
                                                              Freecall Hotline number for anyone else who may
                                                              have seen something to ring. From my call to SAFM,
                                                              I also learnt that 'A Current Affair' was interested in
                                                              these sightings due to some video footage being taken
                                                              by a local guy. [Again see Diane Harrison's post to the
                                                              AUFORN of Tuesday 9th April 2002] Upon speaking
                                                              to lady who phoned SAFM, myself, she again said
                                                              what all witnesses, concerning this event, have said to
                                                              me: That her and her family so amazed and effected
                                                              by seeing this, that she felt the need to contact the
                                                              media, to hopefully find out that what they had seen
                                                              was nothing more than a 'light show', some 'kids

                                  SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                     mucking around with garbage bags', or a 'joke'. When I
                                                                     informed her that she was one of approx 10 other calls
                                                                     to the AUFORN hotline she was [in her words] 'blown

05/04/02   Paralowie     SA      AUFORN 02039      3 Orange          Barbara said "I went outside for a smoke and was
                                 Reporter:         Lights in         confronted by 3 orange fire balls in a triangle
                                 Charmaine         formation         formation. I raced inside got my camera and took 4
                                 Ballam                              photos of the objects which I will get developed in the
                                                                     morning." Barbara also stated her little girl screamed
                                                                     at the sight of them and ran back in the house. Barbara
                                                                     said "I've read the story in the Advertiser newspaper
                                                                     and this was no balloon or garbage bag. Balloons don't
                                                                     move that fast".

06/04/02   Dural         NSW     AUFORN 01990      Orange Lights     Alex's Wife saw three orange lights from their
                                 Karen B.                            bathroom window at around 12:00 am on the 6th April
                                                                     02. They both went outside to see three orange lights
                                                                     in a triangle formation moving from North to South.
                                                                      Alex lives North of Dural near the National Park, they
                                                                     do not have street lights, so apparently they get a good
                                                                     view of the night sky. He states the lights were are
                                                                     constant orange, not flickering and no noise could be
                                                                     heard. According to Alex the lights stayed together in
                                                                     formation and at the same altitude until they
                                                                     disappeared. One interesting note was that one of the
                                                                     orange lights dropped what looked to be a flair or
                                                                     something, which could possibly mean that it may
                                                                     have been a case of the garbage bag scenario.
                                                                     According to Alex the orange lights were heading
                                                                     towards Windsor, Penrith area.

11/04/02   Stratford     Ontario UFOR Reporter:    5 Red/orange/     10:30 pm. duration: 00:00:25sec. Walking our dog
                         Canada Elizabeth Budek    white Lights in   near edge of town, facing east towards Toronto. 5
                                                   ‘V’ formation     lights, red/orange/white in colour moved very very
                                                                     fast, from the NW to the SE. They were holding a 'v'
                                                                     type shape, with more lights to one side versus the
                                                                     other. Best comparison would be to say that the lights
                                                                     were about 8-10 times faster than a plane would
                                                                     appear to cover the same distance. No sound, the
                                                                     colours were jumpy, but not flashing, except to appear
                                                                     to move around the 5 sets of lights. It was a clear
                                                                     night, many background stars, some city light haze,
                                                                     some planes could be seen in the area as well, none
                                                                     near the objects. I had a large clear field of vision in
                                                                     all directions. Unusual: No sounds, just colour. and
                                                                     speed. Location: the objects moved from my left to
                                                                     right which equates to NW to SE. They did not cross
                                                                     directly overhead, but about 80degress over head in
                                                                     relation to the ground. Other people: none. Weather
                                                                     conditions: clear, warm, about 10degrees cel. Physical
                                                                     stuff: speed- 8-10 times as fast as any aircraft I have
                                                                     ever seen cover the same distances. Size-about the
                                                                     size of a nickel if you held one up in front of you.
                                                                     Altitude- very tough to say as was a clear night.
                                                                     Objects were in front of the starfield, and maybe
                                                                     10000 ft?? hard to guess.

12/04/02   Forestville   NSW     AUFORN 02003      Triangle UFO      S was observing satellites in his back yard while
                                 Reporters: Doug                     having quiet smoke. Around 11.30pm he noticed an

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                Moffett & Diane                    unusual aircraft heading from north to south, directly
                                Harrison                           over his residence. Even though the sighting only
                                                                   lasted 3-4 seconds, he was able to get a good view of
                                                                   this extraordinary aircraft. S said, "I first though it was
                                                                   an aeroplane, but when it got closer I knew it wasn't".
                                                                   According to S's testimony, this so called "flying-
                                                                   wing" passed overhead without sound at what
                                                                   appeared to be a low altitude. "It travelled
                                                                   consistently, like a normal aircraft. It had no other
                                                                   illumination (strobe or navigation lights) other than a
                                                                   few elongated dim lights at the front of the wing
                                                                   (amount unknown)". S also added that he was able to
                                                                   see the dark structure with the aid of these unusual
                                                                   lights (pale white). S mentioned that they don't live
                                                                   near a fight path and to see something like this was
                                                                   amazing. I asked him about his line of sight at the
                                                                   time. He estimated that some hills towards the north
                                                                   would have been around 3-4 kilometres and the
                                                                   outlook towards the south was limited because of
                                                                   obstructing trees (a few hundred metres from the

                                                                   TRIANGULAR UFO SPOTTED IN
                                                                   NEW SOUTH WALES
                                                                   On Tuesday, April 12, 2002, an eyewitness reported
                                                                   the passage of a triangular UFO over the town of
                                                                   Forestville in New South Wales, Australia. According
                                                                   to the report, the UFO flew from north to south,
                                                                   presenting the appearance of a large, silent
                                                                   flying vehicle with harsh lights on its front portion.
                                                                   The UFO continued its flight at a steady rapid speed
                                                                   estimated at 3,600 kilometers per hour (2,160 miles
                                                                   per hour) and was finally lost from sight behind a
                                                                   grove of trees." (See NotiOVNI for April 21, 2002.
                                                                   Many thanks to Daniel Munoz and Keith Basterfield
                                                                   for this report.)
17/04/02   Ashmore Gold   Qld   AUFORN 02011      3 White Lights   At about 8pm on Wednesday night 17.4.02 Barry
           Coast                                                   saw three white lights in the sky forming a triangle.
                                                                   Travelling from South to North in about 7 seconds.
                                                                   He said there was broken cloud that night. No noise.
                                                                   Aprox height was 4,000 feet. About the size of a
                                                                   20cent piece (holding at arms length). Barry is a Sea
                                                                   Captain and has been for a number of years. Barry
                                                                   says he has had many years at sea and seen many
                                                                   strange things but nothing like this. He said there is
                                                                   no way it was a Aircraft.
21/04/02   Westmead       NSW   UFOR Reporter:    Cigar shaped     1:20pm. Duration: 1.5 minutes. 1. I was in a apartment
                                Elizabeth Budek   Object (blimp-   block in Westmead a city in Sydney Australia. I just lit
                                                  like)            up a cigarette and was observing the weather change.
                                                                   It seemed that a storm was developing in the NW
                                                                   direction. 2. When I was looking around in the sky I
                                                                   looked directly up and saw something black in the
                                                                   grey clouds. I thought at first it was something there
                                                                   but rubbed it off as the darker clouds rolled in over the
                                                                   building. I then looked directly opposite me where
                                                                   another building was and looked above it's roof and I
                                                                   saw the object very clearly. 3. When I first saw the
                                                                   object I thought it would either be a blimp, Balloon or
                                                                   helicopter. With further observation I knew it wasn't a
                                                                   blimp. As this object wasn't shaped as a conventional

                                  SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                  blimp. Also it would have been way too small for a
                                                                  conventional blimp. This object didn't rise above the
                                                                  clouds like a balloon would generally do. I also
                                                                  thought of it being a helicopter as there is a Hospital
                                                                  not far from where I visited. This thing had no wings,
                                                                  tail or rotor blades. After about 15 seconds I realized
                                                                  that this object was a UFO. I was quite excited that I
                                                                  had seen something out of the ordinary. Something
                                                                  that from my angle was very clear for moments in
                                                                  time. This object was traveling in the direction of the
                                                                  wind above. Or in the direction of the storm. I knew it
                                                                  was a UFO. At the time I felt as if in shock but I
                                                                  believe that I can communicate Telepathically. It may
                                                                  sound far fetched but I heard a voice talk to me but it
                                                                  was faint and short lasting. I know I have a gift where
                                                                  I can at times read peoples minds or speak to other
                                                                  people, beings, spirits telepathically. 4. During the
                                                                  eyewitness I felt surprised to see this object. A little
                                                                  stunned but I was not afraid of this object or it's
                                                                  intentions.5. The object traveled slower than a plane
                                                                  would travel. But would have been just under the size
                                                                  of a helicopter. This object had a grey light or hatch.
                                                                  I couldn't discern the appearance of this grey matter on
                                                                  this object. It travelled in a straight line from North to
                                                                  South direction. It seemed to have dipped and risen
                                                                  few times but nothing outrageous. 6. This object was
                                                                  travelling quite low just under the grey cloud cover.
                                                                  It disappeared into the clouds as the cloud cover
                                                                  seemed to be building up to a lightning storm.
                                                                  Unusual: No sounds, grey light or hatch – unsure.
                                                                  Location: In an apartment block in Westmead. I had a
                                                                  clear view over an opposite apartment block. Weather
                                                                  conditions: There was a storm building up in the south
                                                                  direction.Low level clouds were building at the time.
                                                                  Physical stuff: Would of been the size of a car. It
                                                                  would of been 300-400m away from me. I cannot
                                                                  discern the altitude. This object was headed from a
                                                                  North to a South direction.

22/04/02   Newborough       Vic   UFOR              UFO           5:48 pm. I was looking out my kitchen window and
                                                                  saw the colour of the sky. I got my camera out and
                                                                  took a photo when I downloaded the photo on to my
                                                                  computer I saw the UFO in the photo. Unusual: the
                                                                  colour of the sky near sun set. Location: the back door
                                                                  of my home. Other people: my wife saw the photo.
                                                                  Weather conditions: there were a lot of clouds around.
                                                                  The UFO was in front of a dark cloud. Physical stuff:
                                                                  Cannot tell how far away it is.

25/04/02   Eulo (Location   S/W   AUFORN 02016      Huge Orange   Diane Said: "I was sitting down just about to have my
           68 kms west of   Qld   Reporter: Diane   UFO           B.B.Q dinner when I noticed a huge orange ball of
           Cunnamulla and         Harrison                        light appear over the top of my meat box". "I got up
           248 kms south                                          out of my seat and went to have a clearer look at the
           of Quilpie                                             object away from the obstruction of the box". "I wasn't
           population 80)                                         alone in viewing these objects. I run a caravan park
                                                                  here in Eulo and I had around 18 people staying and
                                                                  most saw the objects, it was amazing I never thought I
                                                                  would see a real UFO in my life time." Comment: I
                                                                  questioned Diane about the objects and asked if it was
                                                                  possible it could have been garbage bags or a balloon.

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                  Diane said: "are you kidding a garbage bag no way a
                                                                  garbage bag could never move that fast." I asked
                                                                  Diane to explain the movement of the first object.
                                                                  Diane said: "when I first noticed the object it was
                                                                  floating above my meat box just off to the north." I
                                                                  moved to get a better look and this was when I
                                                                  noticed it went slowly down to the ground but it came
                                                                  back up again." "But as it came up from the ground it
                                                                  looked like 2 smaller objects fell from beneath it."
                                                                  "The Object glowed a bright orange to a dimmer
                                                                  orange and then it shot off as high speed." Diane what
                                                                  did you do next? Did you call anyone? Diane said:
                                                                  "Yes I did I called the police to see if anything had
                                                                  been reported to them, nothing". "I talked to some of
                                                                  the people in the park for quite sometime it was
                                                                  amazing as I said". Diane said:"I sat on the veranda for
                                                                  another 2 hours in the hope it would come back and it
                                                                  did at 9.10 p.m". "I got on the phone to the police
                                                                  straightaway this time and asked Troy our local
                                                                  policeman to have a look and see if he could see the
                                                                  second object, he could, and so could our local park
                                                                  ranger who was passing by." "I asked the ranger what
                                                                  he thought it was he said he had no idea." (Comment
                                                                  Diane: When Diane mentioned the policeman's name
                                                                  it rang a bell, I asked Diane how long had this
                                                                  policeman been in town, she said a few years now
                                                                  why? Tonight I rang Troy and to my amazement it was
                                                                  the same guy I had talked to in 1998 about a UFO
                                                                  sighting in Warwick QLD he wasn't a policeman then.
                                                                  He had an amazing sighting while out Kangaroo
                                                                  shooting with 2 of his mates, we had a great chat and
                                                                  he was the one that informed Diane about the UFO
                                                                  hotline.) Troy reported: "When Diane rang me the
                                                                  second time I went out to have a look and I could see
                                                                  what she was looking at. "It was a bright orange object
                                                                  going dim then bright, it was moving in a
                                                                  northwesterly direction at high speed at a 45 degree
                                                                  angle to the horizon. I watched it until it disappeared
                                                                  out of sight between Yowah & Thargomindah. "It was
                                                                  no garbage bag or balloon mate". Troy said he has no
                                                                  doubt in his mind what he and Diane and the other 20
                                                                  witness saw was a UFO".
29/04/02   Colac         NSW    AUFORN            ET/Paranormal   Jason claimed on the phone that he is being visited by
                                Reporter: James                   waist high E.T's with wings on their backs, they
                                Kennedy                           apparently move freely through his rented
                                                                  accommodation and have left blood or plasma where
                                                                  one caught itself fleeing his house. I suggested that
                                                                  this apparition may be more paranormal than E.T.
                                                                  Jason then claimed that he thought that also if it were
                                                                  not for the crop circle in his back yard. I asked if it
                                                                  was still evident, which it was not. No trace at all and
                                                                  it was more ovular than circular, Jason then claimed. I
                                                                  suggested that is not the work of E.T's. If on the
                                                                  premise it is paranormal activity then a circle in the
                                                                  back yard may be made to allow the host to think of
                                                                  E.T's to a susceptible mind, as Jason is a believer.
                                                                  Jason then claimed that his house is haunted as glasses
                                                                  move and things spin, as per classic poltergeist
                                                                  activity. Jason himself stated that it was like a
                                                                  gargoyle (out of my realm there, I have never seen

                                  SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                    one!). I suggested Jason contacts a Catholic Priest
                                                                    or Evangelical type crusader as this is not my area of
                                                                    expertise. Incidentally this is not the 1st time I have
                                                                    heard of this sort of being in this area. That report was
                                                                    given to me as paranormal. Please note that there is no
                                                                    physical evidence to back any of Jason's claims.

12/05/02   Mornington    Vic      AUFORN 02045      3      Orange   Witnesses saw 3 bright orange lights. Red- Orange
           Peninsula              Reporter:         Lights          colour, very right, too low to be satellites, travelling
                                  Charmaine                         slower than the speed of a small plane. These lights
                                  Ballam                            were very large and silent. They were heading in a
                                                                    South / South East direction towards French Island.
                                                                    These were seen by the witness, his wife, their son and
                                                                    one other person. Estimated height...below 2000ft.
                                                                    (One of the witnesses is an aircraft pilot) These objects
                                                                    travelled one after another...about 1 km apart, same
                                                                    trajectory, same direction, same height. Sighting didn't
                                                                    make any sense to the witnesses. Witness called the
                                                                    nearby Navy base, Cerberus and was told of a similar
                                                                    report made 24 hours before.

17/05/02   Mildura       NSW      AUFORN            Bright Orange   Tonight I spoke to Office M from Mildura Police
                                  Reporter: Doug    Ball            Station, who whilst on duty dealing with offenders
                                  Moffett                           was made aware of a bright orange light travelling
                                                                    below the height of a small plane. It was a solid ball
                                                                    of bright orange, but travelling slower and lower than
                                                                    a light aircraft. The officer lived most of his young life
                                                                    near an airport in Melbourne and knows planes. There
                                                                    was no cloud or noise, duration was 10-15 seconds.
                                                                    The object was well below the height light aircraft
                                                                    would fly, well below cloud cover, if there were any.
                                                                    It was definitely NOT a hot air balloon. Approx. 2
                                                                    minutes after the event their torches played up. This is
                                                                    not usual, and after hitting their torch against their leg
                                                                    a few times they worked again. The Movement of the
                                                                    object was very smooth. After dealing with the
                                                                    offenders the light was gone, as the officer had work
                                                                    to do. Officer M has changed his mind toward his
                                                                    opinion of the sightings of the other two Constables.
19/05/02   Qatar         Middle   UFOR Reporter:    Round Object    In the morning something crashed into the desert here
                         East     Elizabeth Budek   circled  with   in Qatar we have roughly 70% of the country covered
                                                    Yellow,         in Sand Dunes...We went to see but the army came in
                                                    Purple, Green   at about 0700 and made plans for us to remove
                                                    Lights          ourselves from the area...this is serious...Unusual: a
                                                                    round object with yellow, purple and green lights
                                                                    joined all round the craft. Very fast movements....and
                                                                    no      sound      whatsoever...Location:       On       the
                                                                    beach...around 1km away. Other people: Nasser Al
                                                                    Midfaa, Hamad Al Shimari, Saud Al Roweidi.
                                                                    Weather conditions: very dry and humid.
19/05/02   Albury        NSW      1800 Callin       Incandescent    John was driving at about 8pm Sunday 19th May this
                                  F/U Doug          Yellow Flame    year when he noticed an incandescent yellow flame
                                  Moffett                           through the side window of his car. John stopped he
                                                                    car to look at the "flame". Before he got out of the car
                                                                    he rang his sister on his mobile, as the object was
                                                                    heading in her direction. The message he left was
                                                                    misconstrued by his young nephew. They were not
                                                                    alerted till he pulled up beside their fence, still in time
                                                                    to see the "flame". John's sister, husband and children
                                                                    saw the object as it made it's way toward the airport

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                      runway. The "flame" made a left turn to move parallel
                                                                      with the runway in a smooth controlled motion. The
                                                                      object moved smoothly in straight directions, giving
                                                                      the appearance of intelligent control. The entire
                                                                      journey was about at least 2 to 3 km's and appeared
                                                                      too professional and large to be a garbage bag. There
                                                                      was no breeze at the time. In the opinion of the
                                                                      witness, the object was a remotely controlled device of
                                                                      some sophistication, possibly a remote controlled
                                                                      plane with some burning substance attached to it,
                                                                      to illuminate it's journey. The object moved quite
                                                                      slowly with no noise. The object disappeared from
                                                                      view as it seemed to dim and fade out. I agree with the
                                                                      witness, some kind of sophisticated remote controlled
                                                                      device, for the amusement of some clever people who
                                                                      were controlling the device from a distance.
                                                                      Interesting to note previous callin a couple of
                                                                      months earlier.

29/05/02   Maclean       NSW    AUFORN                                Occurred 7.50pm.Telephone call I: Maclean Police
                                Reporters: Diane                      NSW - Police Officer Rod Menzies of the Maclean
                                Harrison      &                       police rang to ask if we had any UFO sightings in their
                                Robert Frola                          area. I had advised him yes we have. We have had one
                                                                      eyewitness to 3 objects in the sky in the shape of a
                                                                      triangle, orange to yellow in colour. Telephone Call 2:
                                                                      Search and Rescue Canberra - Search and Rescue
                                                                      Canberra re call from Maclean police NSW: "Please
                                                                      could you let us know if you find out what is going on
                                                                      with the orange lights in the sky over Maclean NSW".
                                                                      Description of the objects movement and behavior
                                                                      tends to lean me towards an IFO "kids and garbage
                                                                      bags". Movement: Floating slowly at low altitude
                                                                      approximately 1000 feet, objects the size of a street
                                                                      light moving slightly from side to side. Direction:
                                                                      South to North Easterly heading towards the coast near
                                                                      Yamba Objects appeared to break formation of a
                                                                      triangle to form a straight line: Did the string break
                                                                      holding objects together? Each light flickered
                                                                      simultaneously one going out after the other. Did the
                                                                      fuel run out? All 3 objects disappeared and have not
                                                                      been seen since. Duration sighting: 10-15 minutes. No

04/06/02   Sydney        NSW    AUFORN              Cigar Object      At 4:30 PM, the witness was waiting for a bus in a
                                Reporter:   Peter   white with red    residential area when he noticed a strange looking
                                Johnson             lights    flies   object floating above to the north. He states, "There
                                                    next         to   was a longish object like a cigar or tube, white in
                                                    Airliner          color, with red lights glowing around it, I could
                                                                      clearly see the red lights." "At this moment a
                                                                      passenger plane was climbing and flew past and I
                                                                      made some comparisons between the two aircraft, he
                                                                      added. I could clearly see the wings, tail, the marks
                                                                      and even the portholes on the airliner. "I could
                                                                      compare them and saw they were about the same size
                                                                      and about the same attitude, but the cigar had no
                                                                      wings, no tail and no specific characteristics to tell me
                                                                      that this was something I have seen before." I thought
                                                                      that if it was a UFO, the people in the passenger plane
                                                                      must have seen it in the brilliant cloudless sky.
                                                                      However, there were no newspaper reports. So, I

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                   called New South Wales UFO Investigation Center
                                                                   phone 02-94844680.

04/06/02   Leichhardt    NSW    UFOR Reporter:     Round Yellow    Jean Paul looked into the sky on instinct and saw a star
                                Doug Moffett       Sphere          like object stationary in the sky directly above his
                                                                   home. It was very high up and seemed to be a round
                                                                   yellow sphere. Jean Paul recorded the sighting on
                                                                   video. Although not visible to the naked eye, other
                                                                   smaller objects could be seen on video darting around
                                                                   the main object and forming triangles. The smaller
                                                                   objects also appeared to have some form of cloud or
                                                                   mist about them. The objects faded from view
                                                                   eventually a short period of time thereafter.

11/06/02   Long Jetty    NSW    INFODIG            Ball of Red     Robert and his 10 year old niece were walking beside
                                Reporter:          Light           the lake at Long Jetty when they noticed a red light,
                                Veronica                           twice the size of a star, moving in a westerly direction
                                                                   over the mountains. They watched the ball of light for
                                                                   approximately one minute. During this time it changed
                                                                   colour from red to orange and finally white. It
                                                                   “cruised" back and forth, stopped and then shot off to
                                                                   the west where it faded out.
15/06/02   Mt Druitt     NSW    UFOSWS             3 Round Red     On Saturday June 15th a friend of mine Sarah was
                                Reporter:          Lights          travelling in a car with 2 friends in the suburb of
                                Larraine                           Mount Druitt. It was around 7.0pm and they were
                                                                   heading west. They all noticed 3 bright red lights on
                                                                   their right hand side, which was north. They were
                                                                   twice as big as a star and seemed to be round in shape.
                                                                   They were about 30 degrees above the horizon moving
                                                                   south one after the other in a straight line formation.
                                                                   Sarah thought they looked unusual and she had a
                                                                   camera in the car so she asked the driver to pull over.
                                                                   She grabbed her camera and they all got out of the car,
                                                                   still watching them, but before she had time to
                                                                   photograph them the last one in line on the far right
                                                                   suddenly descended and shot away underneath the
                                                                   other 2, south, and then shot upwards. The other 2
                                                                   changed direction, zoomed north and then up. They
                                                                   watched until the red dots disappeared, totally amazed.
                                                                   Sarah told me she got the impression that they zoomed
                                                                   away because of the camera. She said they had heard
                                                                   no sound at all and they were visible for about a
                                                                   minute and a half.

15/06/02   Homebush      NSW    Callin    Code     Big     White    I spoke to Belinda on Tuesday June 19th she told me
                                020541 Reporter:   Light           she went out on to her balcony about 11.30pm
                                Larraine                           Saturday night, she was facing east. Suddenly a bright
                                                                   light above her caught her attention. She described it
                                                                   as a big, bright, white light, thick at the top and thin at
                                                                   the bottom. It was very high up and descended in the
                                                                   east. Just before it reached the horizon it turned right,
                                                                   which would have been south, there was a big flash
                                                                   and it disappeared. Belinda said it was like a cone
                                                                   shape with a long thin wavy tail and was about the size
                                                                   of the half moon. She told me it got thinner as it
                                                                   descended and there was no sound. She viewed it for
                                                                   only a few seconds. It wasn’t lightning because it
                                                                   didn’t light up the whole sky, it was bright against the
                                                                   black sky. It couldn’t have been a falling star, comet or
                                                                   meteorite because it was descending tail first. I

                                  SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                     considered fireworks because it was the Queens
                                                                     birthday, but Belinda’s balcony on the other side
                                                                     overlooks Homebush Bay and they often watch
                                                                     fireworks displays. She told me that the light she saw
                                                                     didn’t act like any firework she had ever seen,
                                                                     otherwise she would not have bothered ringing the
                                                                     1800 number.

17/06/02   Lawn Hill     NT       AUFORN             UFO,      Red   While at Lawn Hill witnessed UFO, twice, on the
                                  Reporter:          Light           Northern horizon at around 11.40pm also saw during
                                  Glennys Mackay                     day silver object in sky around 1.00pm while at
                                                                     Riverslea only saw for short time tourist bus group
                                                                     witnessed as well as the two ranger guides were with.
                                                                     Now Last night stopped 40 kilometres from Barkly
                                                                     Homestead at a truck stop for night, while with
                                                                     other campers drawn to a very bright red light on the
                                                                     north-west horizon a 7.15pm watch for about 45
                                                                     minutes very large, kept changing colour when view
                                                                     through binoculars was moving, also we could make
                                                                     out about six light gyrating, it was just above the
                                                                     horizon, I am sure a number of travellers would have
                                                                     seen it, at that time trucks were travelling in that
                                                                     directions. We are in NT travelling up into the Gulf,
                                                                     Borooloola which is about 1100 kilometres.

20/06/02   Rio Negro     Argent   Diario Rio Negro   Animal          MYSTERY DEATH TOLL RISES TO 84*** Two
                         ina      Online             Mutilations     horses found mutilated yesterday in Catriel and Rio
                                                                     Colorado; three cows slain at Lamarque*** Three
                                                                     cows and two horses were found dead in different
                                                                     pasture fields of the province of Rio Negro, all of them
                                                                     in a mysterious manner and the cause is unknown. The
                                                                     three bovines were found by Pomona-area cattlemen
                                                                     and Presented characteristics similar to earlier cow
                                                                     mutilations. The remaining two are horses: one near
                                                                     Rio Colorado and the other at Catriel. Meanwhile
                                                                     efforts are underway to find out what is causing the
                                                                     deaths of cows and horses. The causes of the mystery
                                                                     are hitherto unknown. With regard to the horse found
                                                                     near Rio Colorado, it was reported that it was missing
                                                                     an ear, its left eye, tongue, digestive tract and anus.
                                                                     The discovery took place at the farm of Delfor Segura,
                                                                     40 km from Rio Colorado heading toward Conesa.
                                                                     The police surveyed the countryside to see if more
                                                                     cases could be found, although the results were
                                                                     negative. The animal, a black riding horse, was 600
                                                                     meters away from the farmhouse, and as in earlier
                                                                     cases, did not give off any odor and did not attract
                                                                     predators. Also notable was the fact that the spot
                                                                     where the discovery took place is hard to reach and 5
                                                                     kilometers off the road. Neither tracks nor traces were
                                                                     found in the vicinity. Police sources noted that there
                                                                     were more horses than cattle in the area, and these did
                                                                     not approach the dead animal. The Catriel case was
                                                                     rather similar. Veterinarians and cattlemen are still
                                                                     stupefied, since they cannot find an explanation to the
                                                                     events. The animal lacked testicles, foreskin, anus and
                                                                     part of the hide on its belly, which was cut in a circular
                                                                     pattern. Veterinarian José Torres, who was on site and
                                                                     examined the horse, stated that "what drew my

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                  attention was the testicular incision, since there wasn't
                                                                  a drop of blood to be found, and veins the size of a
                                                                  pencil run through that part of the body." He also
                                                                  estimated that "the incisions were made with a very
                                                                  sharp knife or scalpel and by someone having
                                                                  considerable knowledge and skill. Contrary to other
                                                                  cases, the incisions were not cauterized." Torres is
                                                                  investigating the animal's death through a necropsy.
                                                                  Regarding the location where the horse mutilation
                                                                  occurred, he remarked that "there were no signs of
                                                                  agony, toxic grass or human tracks." The Physician
                                                                  was also Puzzled by the fact that "carrion birds kept
                                                                  their distance." According to the testimony of Cesar
                                                                  Oser, who was breaking the horse, the animal was
                                                                  fine, and the only unusual thing to occur that night was
                                                                  that the dogs were heard barking. On the following
                                                                  day, the horse turned up dead.
19/06/02   Adelaide      SA     AUFORN            Round           Craig was up late, he had already heard the sound of a
                                020548            Orange/Red      helicopter going over his house and had seen red lights
                                Reporter: Colin   Light      &    of it about 15-30mins earlier. But, he noticed that there
                                Paul              Helicopter      still was a light that seemed to be over his house, but
                                                                  this time with no noise, so he decided to go outside
                                                                  and investigate. He went outside and approx 200 feet
                                                                  up, moving slowly over houses was a orange/red
                                                                  colour light about the size of a 'tractor tyre'. He stated
                                                                  that the object was bigger than the moon that was out
                                                                  that night. He quickly went inside and grabbed his
                                                                  binoculars. Due to his excitement, he was unable to
                                                                  keep his hands steady enough, so when he viewed the
                                                                  object through his binoculars, he was only able to get a
                                                                  fuzzy view of the object. He continued to watch it
                                                                  move towards St. Bernards Road, and then onwards
                                                                  towards North Adelaide. During the time of his
                                                                  observation, Craig noted that there was no sound and
                                                                  the object moved at a slow but steady pace.

21/06/02   Mullumbimby   NSW    UFOR Reporter:    2      Yellow   I saw two yellow lights move one behind the other
                                J. Macgregor      Lights          slowly to a position almost above the town of
                                                                  Mullumbimby at 7pm (June 21 - the winter solstice, I
                                                                  think). They were brighter than a satellite or star or
                                                                  aeroplane. The leading light did a 90 degree turn
                                                                  without pausing and flew with huge speed to near the
                                                                  horizon and disappeared, in an estimated 10 seconds. I
                                                                  then looked up to the light above me, and it suddenly
                                                                  disappeared - just as if someone had turned it off.
                                                                  There was no engine noise. No-one else I know saw
                                                                  the yellow lights, and the local paper has had no

                                   SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
23/06/02   St Helen’s Park   NSW   UFOR Reporter:    2      Orange    6.10pm. Duration: 4 hours. First sighting at 6.10pm in
24/06/02                           Elizabeth Budek   Glowing          the northern sky, two orange glowing not pulsating
                                                     Lights           lights. they came from the west and proceeded east.
                                                                      They stopped for about 15 mins then went east again.
                                                                      They disappeared in the eastern sky for about 20 mins
                                                                      then reappeared in the west and proceeded to the east
                                                                      again then stopped for about 15 mins then proceeded
                                                                      to the east again. This went on for about 4 hours.
                                                                      Then reappeared the next night, Sunday but only
                                                                      singular. Twice. Unusual: Orange glowing lights no
                                                                      sound. Location: south of the orange lights. Other
                                                                      people: yes the neighbours and some friends that were
                                                                      visiting. Weather conditions: clear night wind: slight
                                                                      blowing from the east to west direction.
27/06/02   Grampians         Vic   AUFORN/Herald     30     Mystery   MYSTERY LIGHTS FILL GRAMPIANS SKY –
                                   Sun               Lights           Herald Sun: Almost nightly for the past year in the
                                                                      Grampians mountain range, south-western Victoria,
                                                                      locals have watched in awe as the mysterious lights
                                                                      pulse and hover. They report that up to 30 lights -
                                                                      mostly white, but some red or yellow - float through
                                                                      the uninhabited valley and silently congregate above
                                                                      the plains. The Woomera testing range in South
                                                                      Australia is a short distance by air from the
                                                                      Grampians. It has been speculated that Woomera is
                                                                      Australia's own Area 51. Australian UFO researchers
                                                                      have sent video footage of the phenomenon to
                                                                      overseas experts. They have invited a Norwegian UFO
                                                                      expert, who observed similar lights in his own country
                                                                      for three years without finding an answer, to visit the
                                                                      remote valley. It is also hoped NASA scientist Richard
                                                                      Haines will come and view what is described as the
                                                                      most consistent series on unexplained sightings in
                                                                      Australia. The Herald Sun this week visited the valley
                                                                      and photographed a display of several lights. A
                                                                      photographer and a reporter were fascinated by lights
                                                                      that moved across the skies and hovered above a
                                                                      treeline for about two hours. Mark Dunn said that "at
                                                                      one stage, a small red light flew towards a larger
                                                                      companion and disappeared. We left the Grampians
                                                                      with no understanding of what we had seen." Cynics
                                                                      will point to weather balloons, fire-flies, stars,
                                                                      atmospheric anomalies or hoaxes. But those are
                                                                      impossible explanations, according to veteran UFO
                                                                      researcher Paul Norman, regarded by UFO enthusiasts
                                                                      as a methodical investigator of strange events. The
                                                                      weather bureau doesn't use weather balloons in the
                                                                      area and the lights are too low to be stars. Mr Norman
                                                                      said they were too big and too bright to radiate from
                                                                      animals or insects. And atmospheric anomalies or
                                                                      hoaxes are not high on the list because nightly
                                                                      sightings have been reported for a year - regardless of
                                                                      weather conditions or the season. If they are hoaxes,
                                                                      those responsible are persistent. Mr Norman says the
                                                                      only similar activity to the Grampians mystery is in
                                                                      Norway, where Professor Erling Strand heads
                                                                      Hessdalen UFO project. For more than three-years
                                                                      Professor Strand, defence experts and scientists
                                                                      observed lights in the skies above Hessdalen but failed
                                                                      to find the cause. The lights in the Grampians - also
                                                                      claimed as an area for sightings of black panthers and

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                 the extinct thylacine, or "Tasmanian Tiger" - appear to
                                                                 glow and then pulse in concert.

28/06/02   Taree         NSW    UFOR Reporter:    Red Light/     At 6.15 pm this evening my boyfriend & I noticed a
                                Elizabeth Budek   Circular       bright ink/red glowing circle moving quite fast in a
                                                  Object         Southerly direction - keeping the same speed & height
                                                                 from the ground. It then went back the way it came
                                                                 from & turned into a very large bright white light,
                                                                 glowing, getting bigger & bigger then it started to
                                                                 move back the way it was going when i first saw it,
                                                                 this time it was white glowing light. Then we noticed
                                                                 another light flashing up higher in the sky behind the
                                                                 object which we discovered was in fact a plane that
                                                                 appeared to be following it's very direction. The object
                                                                 picked up speed a lot quicker than the plane. The
                                                                 object gave a bright green/blue light in the centre with
                                                                 two white lights on either side (& also appeared the
                                                                 biggest it had been from the whole sighting) & went
                                                                 away at a rapidly increasing speed & that was the last
                                                                 we saw of it. Unusual: I noticed the object just after I
                                                                 ad got home & prior to this I noticed a horrible smell
                                                                 that I noticed before. Location: We were standing on
                                                                 the ground/and on verandah, looking up towards the
                                                                 east/north. The object didn't seem too far away but
                                                                 from where we were was bigger than the largest star in
                                                                 the sky. Other people: My boyfriend Daniel Berry saw
                                                                 the whole experience as well & he has seen others.
                                                                 Weather conditions: The day had been clear, no
                                                                 clouds, no rain. Physical stuff: a lot bigger than a small
                                                                 plane, heading southerly direction. very fast
28/06/02   Newcastle     NSW    AUFORN 02541      Triangle UFO   I'd just got home from shopping when I heard this
                                Reporter: Diane                  humming noise coming from above me. I looked up
                                Harrison                         and to my amazement I saw an object in the shape of a
                                                                 triangle, it was black and humming. I heard a jet and
                                                                 before I knew what I was looking at the thing took
                                                                 off at great speed. I'm not to sure if the RAAF base
                                                                 sent something after it. So I raced inside and got on the
                                                                 phone to the Williamstown base and asked if they had
                                                                 any stealth planes in the area, they informed me they
                                                                 hadn't. Diane, I then informed them if they had it
                                                                 wasn't very stealth because it was humming and had
                                                                 just scared the sh-t out of me when it took off. The
                                                                 lady on the phone then informed me to report the UFO
                                                                 to the UFO hotline and she gave me the number.
29/06/02   Riverstone    NSW    AUFORN                           UFO flies over Riverstone sky - Blacktown
                                Reporter: Doug                   Advocate IT was a Saturday night and the sun had
                                Moffett                          just gone down when a Riverstone resident noticed a
                                                                 flaming object in the sky. Anton Marosevic was at
                                                                 home, so he pulled out his binoculars. ``It was about

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                     800m or 900m away and going towards Blacktown,''
                                                                     he said.
                                                                     ``There was a huge burning fire coming out of the
                                                                     bottom of it. ``It was moving very slowly away.'' He
                                                                     estimated it was about a kilometre above the earth. He
                                                                     watched for about 20 minutes until it disappeared over
                                                                     the horizon. Mr Marosevic rang Quakers Hill police to
                                                                     see if there had been any reports of unidentified flying
                                                                     objects. The police station had received no reports.
                                                                     Calls to the Royal Australian Air Force have yielded
                                                                     no clues either.
                                                                     Riverstone UFOs get a bagging - Blacktown
                                                                     Advocate A SIMPLE explanation has been provided
                                                                     for the UFO sighted in Riverstone two weeks ago, but
                                                                     a UFO enthusiast group is keen to investigate. A
                                                                     Quakers Hill caller said: ``My son told me he'd seen it
                                                                     heaps of times. The kids get a black plastic garbage
                                                                     bag and tie a can underneath it. They put something in
                                                                     the can that burns slowly and the hot air fills the
                                                                     garbage bag and it goes. There's nothing extra-
                                                                     terrestrial about it. They do it as a science experiment
                                                                     in school.
08/07/02   Balranald     NSW    UFOR               Orange Lights     Approx 9.45pm while driving on our property on
                                                                     monday night, very clear winter’s night. When we saw
                                                                     lights appearing on spots of the horizon. An orangey
                                                                     yellow light (the colour of fire) which looked like
                                                                     driving lights from a car but was positioned above
                                                                     each other starting from the ground and rising into two
                                                                     sphere shape glows. This light was in a north position
                                                                     of us for a few seconds disappearing and appearing in
                                                                     a new position of north east of us. This movement
                                                                     happened within seconds. This glow was in the far
                                                                     distance. Other people: Family members, brother &
                                                                     sister as above. Weather conditions: clear bright
                                                                     winters night. Stars showing. Physical stuff: size car
                                                                     driving lights the ground up moved between north east
                                                                     and south of us in an instant.
11/07/02   Melbourne     Vic    Callin     02572   V shape or        7:20 pm. Caller went outside for a smoke...saw a thing
                                Reporter:          Triangular        shaped like a hang-glider. flies
                                Elizabeth Budek    craft      blue   hang-gliders at night..over the suburbs...darting in and
                                                   lights            out of clouds. It had light blue lights on the 'v' on each
                                                                     side. It came out from a cloud and went back in. He
                                                                     called out his partner who also saw it. She also saw it
                                                                     do a 1/2 circle curve back into the cloud. Flying lower
                                                                     than 1000ft. A bit larger than a plane...triangular or V
                                                                     shaped. turned like a car doing a "u"
                                                                     turn...planes can't do that.

14/07/02   Lavington     NSW    UFOR               2 Orange/Red      What happened: I was actually watching TV when my
                                                   Lights            Fiancée came in from outside from hanging washing
                                                                     on the line and told me to "Come and have a look in
                                                                     the sky?" I did as she told and went to investigate. The
                                                                     object or objects appeared to moving from the West
                                                                     heading North-East. At first it appeared to one
                                                                     inconsistent orange/red light moving incredibly fast
                                                                     and it occurred that it couldn't be a weather balloon or
                                                                     anything like that as it was just too quick on a night for
                                                                     a suspected frost with no wind. And there was
                                                                     absolutely no sound (couldn't be a plane, and no, the
                                                                     sound wasn't delayed!). As it crossed the sky it seemed

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                     split into two. Both the same, two orange/red lights
                                                                     flashing inconsistently from the distance as it crossed
                                                                     the night sky out of vision at speed which did not
                                                                     make sense. Unusual: As it crossed the sky it seemed
                                                                     split into two. Both the same, two range/red lights
                                                                     flashing inconsistently from the distance as it crossed
                                                                     the night sky out of vision at speed which did not
                                                                     make sense. Location: Home back yard. Other people:
                                                                     Michelle Joanne Anneli Ferris / Spouse. Weather
                                                                     conditions: Clear. Physical stuff: Star size from where
                                                                     I was standing.
15/07/02   Perth         WA     AUFORN             Yellow Strobe     Just last night a friend and I were visiting Perth airport
                                Reporter: Diane    Light             in hope of doing some aircraft spotting. Around 7:30
                                Harrison                             pm (Monday July 15th 2002) we stopped just outside
                                                                     the airport security fence next to a rotating radar on the
                                                                     northern end of the airport. (near Kalamunda Road). It
                                                                     was perfectly clear skies where we were and
                                                                     there wasn't much of a moon. I turned around and
                                                                     looked up towards the south and saw a strange
                                                                     coloured strobe light (kind of yellowish) moving
                                                                     towards us. However it didn't seem normal. The object
                                                                     seemed to be weaving slightly from side to side and
                                                                     changing its direction only slightly every couple of
                                                                     seconds. We were both doubtful that it was a
                                                                     conventional aircraft. It seemed to be at about mid
                                                                     altitude (5000 - 12000 ft) and wasn’t making any noise
                                                                     that we could hear. I only had a pair of 7x50
                                                                     binoculars with me and had a look through those. It
                                                                     appeared as though the object had some kind of
                                                                     rotating disc on top. This is my best description as the
                                                                     entire thing may have been rotating, it was too dark to
                                                                     tell and there were no other lights on it. Both my
                                                                     friend and I were nervous because it just didn't seem
                                                                     normal. Once it reached almost directly overhead us
                                                                     and the airport, it started to climb directly upwards
                                                                     until we lost sight. To my knowledge no aircraft
                                                                     (unless it is a fighter jet or supersonic bomber) can
                                                                     perform something like that. It wasn't moving very fast
                                                                     (or so it seemed) but it was able to climb out of sight
                                                                     without any horizontal ground motion.
15/07/02   Nyah          Vic    Callin    020578   Bright Light &    5am Sunday. Dog howled which woke him up. He
                                Reporter:          4 red lights in   noticed a bright light like a star through the window..
                                Elizabeth Budek    row               with shade cloth outside. The object was due East.
                                                                     (That’s where the planets rise). He then said three red
                                                                     lights decended from the first light...which were all
                                                                     visible from 5 am to 5:40 am. Then there were 4 red
                                                                     lights in a row.
19/07/02   Taralgon      Vic    Callin    020590   White/Green/      Witness saw a round light like a 'dinner plate'...low
                                Reporter: GS       Yellow round      and very big...just hovering in the air. Her daughter
                                                   Light             saw it with her. It then went towards Melbourne....and
                                                                     changed from white, to green. Then went
                                                                     out of view. Witness took 2 photographs...not
                                                                     developed as yet. There was also "lots of other things
                                                                     going on nearby...hundreds of small flashing
                                                                     things...just like camera flashes...hard to describe, to
                                                                     the left of it".
20/07/02   Tumbi Umbi    NSW    UFOR Reporter:     White     Light   9:30 pm.Duration: 1minute. This happened at
                                Elizabeth Budek    (changed     to   Gosford. I was driving from west Gosford towards
                                                   dull orange)      Gosford and was maybe 400 metres from McGowans
                                                                     bridge when I saw a very bright white light low in the

                                 SIGHTINGS 2002
The following list is not conclusive and contains details of reports of sightings notified
  to UFOR Research (NSW) Inc.. Sightings may be reported by completing a
      Sighting Report on our Website or calling 1800 772 288
                                                                    sky flying from Nth to Sth. I pointed it out to my
                                                                    friend who was in the passenger seat. It looked like
                                                                    some sort of aircraft without flashing navigation lights.
                                                                    It appeared to have come close to flying directly over
                                                                    Northpower stadium. We watched it fly away south,
                                                                    dwindling into a little star.Unusual: As it flew across
                                                                    Brisbane waters the colour of the light changed to a
                                                                    dull orange and it became smaller quite suddenly.
                                                                    Location: In my car, on the ground. Weather
                                                                    conditions: It wasn't a very cloudy night. Physical
                                                                    details: It was too dark to estimate a size, but altitude
                                                                    would have been 200 - 300 metres, heading from nth
                                                                    to sth, faster than a light plane.

21/07/02   Tuggerah      NSW    Reporter:         Solid    White    12.15pm. West direction in sky. What seemed to be a
                                Melanie           Cloud             sole almost solid looking very white cloud. No other
                                                                    cloud in sight. Within a split second it disappeared.
                                                                    Did not return nor any clouds form for the remainder
                                                                    of the day. Any other folks have feedback on this one?

22/07/02   Yamba         NSW    Callin   020596   Three Orange      Caller would like to report sighting last night 22nd
                                Reporter: Doug    Balls             July at around 8.05pm. Friends in garage heard large
                                Moffett                             rumble like "Harley Davidson's" went outside to see
                                                                    three huge bright orange balls. Travelled low and slow
                                                                    South/east to North/West.
23/07/02   Elong Elong   NSW    UFOR Reporter:    Object     with   8.03pm. Duration: 00:04:45. East of Elong Elong I
                                Elizabeth Budek   orange lights     saw 1 object with 2 Large Orange lights in the
                                                                    sequence of 1 on 2 on both off for 10 secs, then about
                                                                    2 mins after that a second one appeared to the high left
                                                                    of the first and was doing the same thing. Then we got
                                                                    in the vehicle and drove to the house and went inside.
                                                                    Would like to know what we saw. Unusual: lights
                                                                    explained above 2 Large round Orange lights flashing
                                                                    in sequence. no sound no sudden movement. Location:
                                                                    west of the ufo on the ground. Other people: yes 1
                                                                    other witness. Weather conditions: patchy fog cloud
                                                                    nothing thick could see normal aircraft. Physical
                                                                    details: slow movement.


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