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					ORSYP User Forum – June 11

Forum address & structure
Topic examples
Key figures & additional statistics
New features & recent actions
Forum Moderation & administration

                            © ORSYP 2011

 Offer functional assistance to customers worldwide, complementing
   services provided by Technical Support and Professional Services (PS / PS

 Share knowledge, best practices and solutions

 Detect customer needs for new functionalities or new products

 Detect customer needs regarding training, PS, sales, etc.

 Detect product, process & organization weakness causing customer

 Inform customers of new solutions, releases & products, of events
   linked to ORSYP activities, and create some buzz!

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                  Who gains from the User forum?
 Customers
    find and share solutions, best practices
    get information on new releases, mandatory patch levels
 Orsypians
      Pre-sales & Sales (selling point)
      Technical Support (relief + knowledge base + mutual feedback)
      R&D and Product Marketing (feedback, enhancements, new features…)
      PS (knowledge base)
 Feedback on dysfunctions, enhancements / new features provided to R&D and
   Tech Support during meetings on a quarterly basis
 Feedback to all teams and regions through ORSYP blog on a quarterly basis
 Feedback to customers in ORSYP seasonal newsletter (news, topics of the
   quarter, tutorials, surveys, contests…)

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 Forum address & structure

To be found at:

Nota 1: Includes English and French sub-
Nota 2: Guests can browse the forum,
but only members can post!
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Forum structure

 PAGE 4           © ORSYP 2011
Forum structure

 PAGE 5           © ORSYP 2011
Forum structure
Internal Forums for Orsypians

                                               These forums are
                                               accessible to any registered
                                               Orsypian …

                                               but other ORSYP groups
                                               cannot post except when
                                               agreed by Presales / Tech
                                               Support managers

                                               Figures in this document don’t take these
                                               forums into account
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Topic examples
   Avoid confusion between Functional Period and Scheduling Rule
   Upgrading Dollar Universe on clusters
   Tutorial : Scheduling & Sequencing
   Schedule the 30th of each month and the last day of Feb
   Transfer objects from Production to Application
   Automatic startup $U when server starts on Windows
   New features on Rules & Tasks in 5.3
   Dollar Universe V5 - mandatory patches
   How to pass parameters from SAP job to $Universe uproc
   itSMF FR 2010
   Management Server: Move Management Server from one host to another

    PAGE 7                               © ORSYP 2011
 Key figures

 The forum was launched in April 2008

 At the end of June 2011, 1,688 members have registered:

    Represent more than 450 organizations worldwide

    Have raised more than 1,750 topics

    Have posted 7,500 posts

 The global number of topic views is now over 1 million!

 Solutions were delivered for about 1,375 topics
    80% of topics have a confirmed solution
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 Key figures

 English vs. French

   Current distribution (topics/posts):           EN 56-49%    FR 44-51% 

   Sysload forums are in English only

   PAGE 9                           © ORSYP 2011
    Key figures
 Forum member presence worldwide (45 countries):
.be (49) .bg (2) .ch (19) .cz (7) .de (22) .dk (1) .es (30) .fi (3) .fr (818) .gr (6) .ie (5) .it (34) .lu (16) .lv (1) .nl (35) .pl (2) .ro (4)
 .se (2) .sk (4) .uk (94)
.ar (7) .br (2) .ca (84) .mx (6) .us (191)
.ae (1) .bi (1) .ci (2) .eg (1) .hk (21) .il (1) .in (87) .jp (2) .kw (6) .ma (26) .mu (3) .my (4) .ph (2) .pk (1) .sa (2) .sg (4) .th (1) .tn (7)
 .tw (2) .za (2)

         PAGE 10                                                     © ORSYP 2011
      Key figures
                 New topics                                               Posts
300                                                     800

250                                                     700
150                                                     400
100                                                     300

                    1,750 topics                                      7,500 posts
                 Solved topics                        350
200                                                   250

150                                                   200

  0                                                     0

       PAGE 11
                 1,370 solved topics   © ORSYP 2011         1,688 members (450 organizations)
Top active & top viewed forums

           Top active Forums                  Top viewed Forums

 PAGE 12                       © ORSYP 2011
Top posters (external)

             Orsypian Top posters (Moderators excluded):
                    glc                          189
                    dho                           51
                    sdelangue                     13
  PAGE 13                         © ORSYP 2011
  Members (1/7)

 Members belong to the following organizations (new are in green):
   Aareal Bank                   Accenture                         Accenture India
   Acco Brand Services           Acklands-Grainger                 AC Nielsen
   Actiris                       Additeam                          Adeo Services
   ADP GSI                       Agusta Westland                   Airbus
   Alberta Agriculture           Alberta Blue Cross                Alcatel-Lucent Italia
   Alcire                        Alestra                           Alfesca
   Alfred Kärcher                Alinea                            Allegran
   Alma Consulting Group         Alstom AIES                       Altares - D&B
   Alti                          ANB                               ANH Refractories
   ANPE                          Antemeta                          Applied Materials
   Aramice                       Arcelor Mittal                    Areva
   Arjomari                      Aseval                            ASF
   ASG                           ASG Japan                         ASP (Agence Services & Paiement)
   Assumption Life               Astek                             Asten
   Atac                          ATICS                             Atos Malaysia
   Atos Origin                   Auchan (Italia)                   Autorité des Marchés Financiers
   AVBW                          Aviva                             BIAT
   BSCT                          Banca Passadore                   Banca Popolare Milano Vita
   Banca Sella                   Bank of Canada                    Banksys/BCC
   Banque Accord                 Banque de Luxembourg              Baud
   Bayerische Versorgungskamm.   Bearing Point                     Bechtle
   Belgacom /Proximus            Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota BMCE
     PAGE 14                              © ORSYP 2011
  Members (2/7)

 Members belong to the following organizations:
   BNP Paribas                BNP Paribas Singapore     BNP Paribas UK
   BNP Paribas USA            Boursorama                Bouygues Construction
   BPCE                       Bridgestone Firestone     Brink‘s
   Bticino                    Bull                      B2V
   Caixa Tarragona            Caja de Burgos            Callataÿ & Wouters
   Canwest                    Cap Gemini                Carrefour
   Carrier UTC                Carya Group BVBA          Castorama (Kingfisher)
   CBI                        CDiscount                 Cedicam
   Cefla                      Cellhub                   Cengage Learning
   Cetrel                     CG 68                     CGI
   Christopher and Banks      Chronopost                CHU Angoulême
   CHU Caen                   CHU Toulouse              Chubb Insurance
   CIC                        Ciments français          Cisco
   City of Burnaby            Clearstream               CMA
   CNAMTS                     CNAVTS                    Comcast
   CNES                       Cobega / Coca-Cola        Cofiroute
   Commonwealth of PA         Compass                   Compass Minerals
   Completel                  Conad Del Tirreno         Condis
   Conforama                  Coop Atlantique           Coop Italia
   Costaisa                   County of San Mateo       CPP
   CRAM / CRAMIF              Credit Agricole (Silca)   Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne
   Credit Suisse Luxembourg   Crelan (LBK)              CRP RATP
     PAGE 15                          © ORSYP 2011
  Members (3/7)

 Members belong to the following organizations:
   CSD Solutions                    C & S Wholesale Grocers            CT TyMetrix
   CyberSoft4u                      Daimler Chrysler                   Dallas Cowboys Merchand.
   DCN Brest                        DCS                                Deloitte & Touche France
   Deloitte USA                     Devanlay                           Dexia Sofaxis
   DGCP                             DGFIP                              D'ieteren
   Dimension Data                   Dimo Gestion                       Direct Energie
   Disney Land Resort               Disneyland Hong Kong               D&O
   Dorman Products                  DPS consulting                     Earthlink
   EDS                              eFulgent                           EID
   El Racc                          E-Miroglio Ad                      Equant
   Ericsson (Hutchison 3G)          ESSEC - Business School            Essilor International
   Etam                             Euro-Information (Crédit Mutuel/CIC) Euromaster
   European Fund Services           Evialis Invivo NSA                 Exane
   Experia                          FADQ                               Fairbairn Capital
   Farm Credit Financial Partners   Fast Web                           Fauchon
   FCCI Services                    FedEx                              Festo
   Fidelity Investment              Fidelity National Financial        Financière de Kiel / Labeyrie
   Fininfo (Six Telekurs)           Fiserv                             Fleury Michon
   Fortis Banque                    Fortis Investment                  France Telecom
   Friesland Bank                   Fromageries BEL                    FTSE
   Fujitsu                          Fulcrum Connections                Gaselys
   Gea Grasso (GEA Refrigeration)   GE Factofrance                     General Electric (GE)
     PAGE 16                                 © ORSYP 2011
  Members (4/7)

 Members belong to the following organizations:
   Generali                    Genesys                         Geodis (SNCF)
   GFI                         GGN                             GIE groupement personnel/services
   GIPS-APICIL                 GlaxoSmithKline                 Go Sport
   Gras Savoye                 Groupama                        Groupe APRI
   Groupe Arkea                Groupe Bongrain                 Groupe D&O (Dumas) Prevoyance
   Groupe HLI                  Groupe Holder                   Groupe Prévoir-Vie
   Groupe SEB                  Groupe Vauban Humanis           Groz Beckert
   Grupo Godo                  Gruppo Buffetti Spa             GSF SAS
   Guernsey Electricity        Guinot                          Hawaiian Telecom Comm.
   HCL                         HCL Technologies                HealthPlus of Michigan
   Heartland Payment Systems   Heineken                        Hera
   Hermes Fund Managers        HKEX                            HP
   HP Entreprise Services UK   Humana                          IBM
   IBP                         I-CIF                           ILEM France
   Informatique CDC CITI       Inem                            InfoVista
   ING Direct FR               ING Direct España               INSEE
   Interactive Data            Inter Mutuelles Assistance      International Herald Tribune
   INWI ancien WANA            IRD                             JC Decaux
   JP Morgan                   Jules                           Kadaster
   KBToys                      Keane                           Kiabi
   Kiloutou                    Kroha                           La Financière agricole du Québec
   La Mondiale                 Landbouwkrediet (CA Belgique)   Land Registry
     PAGE 17                           © ORSYP 2011
  Members (5/7)

 Members belong to the following organizations:
   Leroy Merlin                  L&H Comercio                     Liberty Travel
   Liebherr Aerospace            Lindorff                         Lindorff Oy
   Logica                        L‘Oreal                          Lottomatica
   Mairie de Bordeaux            Manitoba Public Insurance        Manor
   Manx Telecom                  Maroc Telecom                    Mauritius Commercial Bank
   Mediametrie                   Mercer HR Consulting             Messier-Dowty
   Mid Counties Co-Operative     Migros                           MINAG-CNASEA
   MINAG-MSA                     Ministère Défense                Ministère Education Nationale
   Ministère Justice             Mizuho                           Mobistar
   Monabanq                      Mondrian Investment              MPI
   Msat                          Münchener Rückversicherung       Munisys
   Mutuelle de Poitiers (STIC)   Mutuelles du Mans (MMA)          National Bank of Kuwait
   Natixis Assurance             NCS Communications Engineering   Nedap Ideas
   Neopost France                Netlog                           Noppies
   Norauto                       NPG Wealth Management            NRJ
   NSMD                          Nuon                             Ocean Spray
   Oddo-Options                  OGMA                             O.N.P.
   Oracle                        Orange Business Services         Orange Romania
   Orange Spain (ex Uni2)        Orange UK                        Orbit_US
   Orlando Health                Outremer Telecom                 Paetec Holding
   Pages Jaunes                  Papeteries Mauduit               Parfip
   Parlement Européen            Patni                            PCCS / Pemco
     PAGE 18                              © ORSYP 2011
  Members (6/7)

 Members belong to the following organizations:
   PCI                          PC-Ware Information Techno.        Pelayo
   PepsiCo                      Performance                        Pernod
   Pernod Ricard España         Philips Advance Transformer        Picanol
   Pioneer Investment           Point P                            Politie Amsterdam
   Port Autonome de Marseille   Promod                             Prosodie
   Protegys                     PSA                                PSL Group
   PXM Consulting               Quiksilver (Napali)                RAI
   Random House                 RCI Banque                         Reale
   Record Bank                  Redstone                           Régie des Rentes du Québec (RRQ)
   Renault                      Retail Brand Alliance              Rheinenergie
   Robeco                       Rolex                              Roquette
   Royal London Group           RTE                                Rue du Commerce
   Sabam                        Sacem                              Sade
   Saint-Gobain                 Sanofi Aventis Recherche & Dévelop. Sanofi Aventis USA
   Saur Optimum                 Sealy                              Securex Group ICT
   SFR                          SIA SSB                            Siemens
   SKY Italia / New Energy      SLCPI                              Smals-MvM
   SNCF / SNCF CPR              SNR Roulements                     Socabu
   Société Générale / SGCIB     Société Générale Inde              Socotec
   Sodeci GS2E                  Sodiaal                            Sodifrance
   Sofinco                      Softsquare                         Sogeti
   Soletanche Bachy             Sonaca                             Sopra
     PAGE 19                            © ORSYP 2011
  Members (7/7)

 Members belong to the following organizations:
   SPEIG                           State of Alabama-DHR        Steria
   Still Saxby                     Stime                       Sud-Ouest
   Summit Systems                  Sunrise                     Swisslife Banque Privée
   Syniverse Technologies          S. Zurel & Co Netherlands   T-Systems
   Telecom Italia / TIM            TF1                         Thalès Avionics
   Thor Industries                 Top Office                  Toshiba Europe
   Total Petrochemical (Atofina)   Total SA                    Trading Technologies
   TransGourmet (ALDIS)            Trend Micro                 Trover Solutions
   Turbomeca                       Twenga                      Ubisoft
   UCPA                            UK Ministry of Defense      Unisys
   Unitrin Direct                  Université de Bordeaux      University of Manitoba
   Users                           UVIT/VGZ                    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
   Veolia Water                    Via Rail Canada Inc         Ville de Quebec
   Ville du Havre                  Visana Services             Viterra
   Warner Bros                     Webasto                     Wehkamp
   Weleda                          Williams Lea                WOT Services Ltd
   Xerox Canada                    Yorkshire Water             1000Mercis


       PAGE 20                             © ORSYP 2011
New features
 Polls
   Polls on Virtualization investments, ITIL and Capacity Management, Cloud
    Computing, Web Services…
   New polls: (to be defined)
            SLA management
            “cron / Winat”
            Customer tools (supervision, ERPs, backup, File transfer…)
            Preoccupations of IT Operations teams (ITIL, CMMI, Green IT…)
            Capacity / performance

            Basically any subject that help us get insight on our customer needs!

  PAGE 21                               © ORSYP 2011
 Recent actions

 emailing campaign Satisfaction Survey 2011
    Results to be announced in July

 Bi-monthly contests in the form of quizzes
    #1 in February/March (questions on Dollar Universe, ITIL, ORSYP, Six Sigma)
    #2 in May (questions on e-learning offerings, Cloud Computing, Sysload
     products, Lean)

 Initiation of topics about ITOM (not tool oriented)

 New French Forum on Capacity Management

 New tutorials

    PAGE 22                            © ORSYP 2011
Ongoing / Oncoming

 More staff as more members / topics and new role around

 Web communities (Forum, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Facebook, Wikipedia…)

 More tutorials, tutorials including videos

 Web Marketing aspects (customer / intranet portals)

  PAGE 23                       © ORSYP 2011
Forum moderation

 Moderation: mostly spam, increasing over FY11 & FY12
 Anti-spam/registration measure reinforcement
 Individual registration check (IP address, Company & member
 Personal messages to remind guideline/policy
 IP address filtering
 Attacks on the forum to hack certain accounts in FY12 Q1
 User lock management reinforcement
 MIS actions (firewall…)

 As of July 2011, only professional email addresses allowed

 1 competitor has a presence (Redwood)
  PAGE 24                      © ORSYP 2011
  Forum administration: Oncoming

 Actions to be planned with Orsyp’s webmaster & MIS:

    Packaging of additional SQL queries to improve dashboard

    Reinforce forum presence on the web (Orsyp sites, search tools, tools like
     LinkedIn, Viadeo…)

    Google analytic (or similar) analysis

    Enhance translation link if possible

    New skin in relation with ORSYP 2.0

    Integration in extranet and future community portal

    PAGE 25                             © ORSYP 2011

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