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					By Brenda Witherup and Nicole Michaels
Definition of Industrial Engineering: They find
the most efficient and effective ways to
make things.
Lillian Gilbreth went to
the University of
California. Sometimes,
she is called the
Mother of Modern
Management. She is
the co-inventor of time
and motion studies.
A Famous male Industrial
engineer is Tom Landry.
Tom Landry is a former
Dallas Cowboys Coach
who attended the
University of Houston.
Apart from being a teacher
at Rutgers, Dr. Altoik has
published many things. He
has written books on the
design of manufacturing
systems. Also, he has
published journals on his
After graduating from school, there are two
   great jobs available to industrial engineers.
1. You can use computers to test new designs
   for cars.
2. You can develop molding processes for new
This project is to reenact
the simulation of the air
traffic over the Atlantic
ocean. What the people
at Rutgers basically do is
test to see how airplanes fly
over the Atlantic ocean
and see how they land,
speed up, etc.
The second project we
researched has to do with on- line
monitoring when certain
measurements yield a profile. In
other words, people at Rutgers
are programming computers to, in
a way, help them with
experiments. The computer is set
to read things such as pressure,
temperature, and other kinds of
measurements. If an object
reaches a certain temperature,
the computer knows what it has to
do. It knows to turn down the
heat, or to stop. The computer
can sense when something is not
right, and can fix it.
1. They design the layout of industrial
   plants and factories.
2. Develop systems that blend materials,
   equipment, information, and workers
   into the overall production process.
3. Choose what manufacturing
   procedures to use.
                                     An industrial
In order to become an Industrial
                                     engineer can receive
engineer, you need a bachelor’s
degree in engineering. Your high     a lot of money for
                                     their work. They
school classes need to include:
                                     can earn up to
calculus, geometry, algebra,
                                     $73,000 a year.
physics, chemistry, trig, English,
computer science, and
mechanical drawing.

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