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									Proactive Learning Challenge

   Subject: Physical Education

             Year: 8

 Topic or Theme: Active Lifestyles
Three Proactive learning challenges about Active Lifestyles.

What percentage of people do you think wouldn’t exercise if their life
depended on it?                                                                              62%
This fact is having a serious effect on the health of our nation. So let’s make
exercise fun!

  Outcome: A healthy diet is an important part of performance. You must make a meal
  for your favourite sports personality, show what you would make and explain why?


      1. Who is your favourite sports personality?
      2. Draw a plate on a piece of A4 paper, draw and colour the foods you have
      3. At the bottom of the page, explain why you have chosen the foods on the

  Outcome: Having a daily fitness programme is important in achieving an active
  lifestyle. Follow the training programme and record in the table below.

  Explanation: Follow the training programme below and record your results in the
  spaces provided.

    Activity       Time     Day 1        Day 2       Day 3        Day 4       Day 5
  Press Ups       1 min
  Sit Ups         1 min
  Star Jumps      1 min
  Squats          1 min

   Outcome: Design your own fitness programme using the gym equipment and carry
   this out at Fitness Club on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday at 2.30pm.

   Explanation: Make the level and time appropriate to your level of fitness, cut this out
   and take it to fitness club. The teacher will sign it after you have completed it.

   Equipment      Image What level?          Time/Duration?       Signed by teacher

Which Learning Model skills and qualities will this help the students develop?

    This PE Learning Challenge will meet the following Learning Model skills and

        -   Independence
        -   Organisation
        -   Creativity

Assessment criteria to be given to students (including key terms)

    The students will be assessed on their ability to create and complete a detailed
    training programme or a suitable healthy eating programme appropriate to the
    task. They will then be assessed on carrying out the programme and taking part in
    achieving an active lifestyle.

Where can students access information from to help them complete the

    Here are some useful websites:

        -   Library
        -   Fitness/gym room
        -   PE department

Guidelines identifying the way parents, families or carers can help and support
their child during this challenge?

    Parents, families and carers can supervise the students and encourage them to complete
    the training programme or attend fitness clubs to promote active lifestyles. They can also
    assist students when selecting a healthy diet so the children recognise what is healthy and
    what is not.

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