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									Uncover the ‘Dirty Little Secret’ that Most
Banks and Credit Card Companies Don’t
Want You to Know . . .
Generally, buried in the fine print of your credit card agreement, is a provision which says if you are more
than 30 days late on any payment to anyone, the interest rate on your credit card could shoot up! That’s
right—you heard me—the credit card company can significantly raise your monthly payment even if you are
not late paying on their card. You might have dragged your feet paying the phone company $30 on their last
bill, and a month or so later, without warning, the interest on your MasterCard payment could DOUBLE or
TRIPLE. Or maybe you forgot to pay your book club subscription, and . . . WHAM!!! Your VISA card
company sticks it to you. There is nothing you can do . . . you find your credit score has dropped. The
provision we are referring to is called the Universal Default Rule, and your credit card company or bank is
counting on the fact that you don’t normally read or won’t understand the fine print on the agreement. In
fact, if you are one month late on your VISA payment, your MasterCard can raise your interest rates. If you
make purchases at certain stores--Wal*Mart, for instance, they raise your rates. Credit card companies
track your purchases.

Let’s face it--you are at risk because of where you shop. Credit Card companies are lowering your limits and
increasing interest rates for a variety of reasons. Putting aside right or wrong, the fact is that the majority
of people who shop at Wal*Mart are in a lower income bracket. People in lower income groups are the ones
who default on their loans the most often. Credit card companies ding you if you shop at liquor stores, and
even if you use your card at a marriage counselor. Why a marriage counselor you ask? Because you are at
risk of going through a divorce and people that divorce commonly default on their loans.
But wait. . . there’s something else they
won’t tell you . . . (and this is important!)
There are two acts--the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) which was recently revised
into the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act), and the FDCPA (Fair
Debts Collections Practices Act), which were set up to protect your credit
rights. What they do for you is hold your creditors and credit bureaus legally
responsible—Which means they have to back up--and prove--every claim against
your credit .

That’s where we come in . . .
Let me introduce myself . . .
My name is Leslie Mathis, and I am the Chief Executive Officer of
Credit Help USA*.
Restoring your good credit and peace of mind is our primary goal!
We work night and day to identify any negative items on your credit reports and
register all disputes with the credit reporting agencies, and, if necessary, go directly
to the credit institutions that placed the negative, inaccurate, items on your report.

Now, we become really valuable to you . . .
*[A division of Honeycutt Financial Services]
There are 246 laws of reporting credit accurately. We’re here to put those laws to
work for you and keep them on your side. When creditors report anything negative
to anyone's credit report, they must follow all 246 laws and statutes of reporting
perfectly! If they do not follow just one law in their reporting, (and we have a
challenge and dispute team that always finds several laws that have not been
followed), then that account is being reported inaccurately. If an account is being
reported inaccurately, then that information is, in fact, inaccurate.
  The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act states that any information that is
  inaccurate, erroneous, or obsolete, must be deleted permanently!
Yes, this is something that you could do for yourself—if you have the time and
knowledge of the reporting laws. But, expert training in accurate identification of
the negative items, the knowledge of the reporting laws, and the ability to take
immediate action is vital to successfully having them removed from your
report. Let me say it this way: If your air conditioner went out on your car, you
could buy a book, and fix it yourself. Would it work for a few days, or a month? You
have no guarantee. If you want a guarantee, you take it to someone who is
knowledgeable about car air conditioners and has experience.
After successfully serving over 14,000 clients, we feel we have the knowledge and
expertise to successfully work on your credit and provide the permanent results you
                                    Good Vs. Bad Credit:

 Jerry and Linda found their dream home for $120,000 and want a 30-year fixed rate. Their credit rating
         will determine what their monthly payment will be. Which payment would you prefer?

                    FICO Score 700-759                           FICO Score 500-579
                        APR 6.456%                                   APR 10.313%
                  Monthly Payment $755.00                      Monthly Payment $1081.00

   A Difference of $326.00 per month, or $3,912.00 per year, or $117,360 over the life of the 30-year loan.

Amy and Carl need a new car. You can see how they will save money if they can increase their credit score.
                                  Which payment would you prefer?

                       FICO Score 720-850                       FICO Score 500-589
                           APR 7.221%                              APR 14.937%
                     Monthly Payment $497.63                  Monthly Payment $593.83

        A Difference of $96.20 per month or $1,154.40 per year or $5,772.00 over the 5-year car loan.
                                         Home Financing:
                                    Example: $125,000—30-Year Term

                Credit                 Interest         Payment                Total
                  Bad                    10%            $1,097.00     $395,100.00
                 Good                    6%              $750.00      $270,000.00

                Penalty                  4%              $347.00      $125,100.00

As you can see, the savings are substantial. The money you save by having good credit
and lower interest rates is more than the original price of the loan! Bad credit will generally
require an average of 20% down versus 5% or even zero down.

                          Credit         Rate       Payment            Total
                                     Automobile Financing:
                                        15%      $475.80             $28,548.00
                                    Example: $20,000—5-Year Term
                          Good            5%         $376.60         $22,656.00

                          Penalty         10%        $99.20          $5,892.00

An auto loan can cost thousands more in interest if you are buying the vehicle with less than
perfect credit.
                                     Credit Help USA*
We have the ability to permanently remove any negative item from your credit
reports. This includes, but is not limited to:
           *charge-offs                           *repos
           *foreclosures                          *tax liens
           *judgments                             *evictions
           *medical bills                         *late payments
           *student loans                         *collections

We also have the ability to remove inquiries.
The less negative credit, and the more positive credit that you have, the more your scores will
We also can help you establish new, current trade lines to your credit.
On an average, we increase your scores 100 to 120 points per bureau.
We are an attorney-based credit repair company.
We provide our services for one full year.
You will receive results in 45 days, most of your results will occur in the first 3 or 4 months.
The results will be mailed to you directly from the credit bureaus, showing all items we have
deleted and it will also generate a new credit report sent to you, so you will be able to see your
progress every step of the way.
                              We offer a 100% guarantee!!!
*[A division of Honeycutt Financial Services]
We have taken credit repair to a whole new level. We combine awesome personal service,
meticulous attention to detail, and a total mastery of the laws that govern the credit bureaus,
creditors and collectors. You want your credit to be as good as possible. We will get the job
done. You should not settle for less! Call us today and discover why more than half of our
customers come from referrals and why we're committed to your success.

                                            The bottom line is:
                                   We can liberate you from bad credit -

Visit us at:

We are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Leslie Mathis
Credit Help USA
Fax – 214-988-5190
P. O. Box 1100, Mansfield, TX 76063
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