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In Healthcare

       BSD Catalog
A/B Scan                  44               EEG                            84
Anaesthesia machines      15,16,17,18,19   Electro Surgical Unit          3
Anaesthesia Vaporizer     20               Electrolyte Analyzer           58
Analytical Balance        67               Electrostimulation             74,75
Anti Decubitus Mattress   28,29            EEG                            85
Athroscope                2                Emergency Set                  50
Audiometer                90               EMG                            86
Audiometer Cabin          90               EO Gas Sterilizer              69,70
Auto Analyzer             57               Examination light              14
Auto Refractometer        38               Fetal Doppler                  33
Autostainer               65               Flattening Table               66
Baby Incubator            25, 26           Freezer Blood Plasma           66
Binocular Microscope      53,54,55         Fundus Camera                  38,39,41,42
Blood Presure Monitor     23               Gynecology Examination Chair 32
Bone Densitometer         102,103          Hemoroids Surgical Proctoscope89
Central Medical Gas       108,109          Hospital Bed                   104
Central Monitor           21               Incubator                      70,71
Centrifuge                56,57            Infrant Warmer                 26
Chart Projector           46               Infusion Pump                  24
Chemistry Analyzer        58               Interferential                 76,77
Colposcope                32               Keratometer                    40,42,43
Combination Therapy       74,78            Laparoscope                    2
CTG (Fetal Monitor)       33               Laser Surgical                 4,5
Defibrillator             47,48            Laser Therapy                  78,79
Dental unit               90,91            Laser Opthalmic                36,37
Dental X Ray              98,99            Laundry                        107
Disposable Product        115,116,117      Low Frequency                  77
Dosimeter                 104              Lensmeter                      40
Drainage Pump (WSD)       53               Lithotripter                   100,101
E.N.T Unit                89               Medical Teaching Phantom       110,111,112,113,114
ECG                       31               Microtome                      60,61,62,63

                                                                         BSD Catalog
Microwave Diathermy     81,82               Surgical Instrument               1
Non Contact Tonometer   45                  Survey Meter                     103
Operating Light         13                  Syringe Pump                     24
Operating Microscope    6,7,8,9,10,11       Tens                             76
Operating Table         12                  Tilt Table                       83
Opthalmic Unit          41                  Tissue Embedding Center          64
Over Bed Table          105                 Tissue Infiltration              64
Oxygen Concentrator     51                  Tissue Processor                 59,60
Pachymeter              45                  Traction Unit                    82,83
Paraffin Bath           84                  Trans Cranial Doppler (TCD)      87,88
Parallel Bars           84                  Trial Frame                      43
Patient Monitor         22                  Trial Lens Set                   44
PD Meter                46                  Ultrasound Guided Central
Perimeter               39                  Veins Puncturing                 25
Phaco Emulsification    35                  Ultrasound Scanner               92,93,94,95
Phoroptor               43                  Ultrasound Therapy               80
Photometer              57                  Urine Analyzer                   59
Phototherapy Lamp       27                  Vacuum Curretage                 34
Proctoscope             89                  Vacuum Extractor                 34
Pulse Oxymeter          23                  Vacuum Therapy                   78
Radiant Heater          27                  Vascular Doppler                 89
Resuscitation Set       51                  Ventilator                       20
Scrub Station           14                  Ventilator Portable              46
Shortwave Diathermy     81                  Warming Mattress                 28
Slit Lamp               41                  Water Bath                       65
Spirometer              49                  Wheei Chair                      106
Sterilizer/ Autoclave   67,68,69,71,72,73   X Ray                            96,97,98
Stress Test System      30                  X Ray Film Processor             99
Stretcher               49,105
Stereo Microscope       56
Suction Pump            52,53

                                                                          BSD Catalog
Surgical Instrument



                             BSD Catalog



                       BSD Catalog
Electro Surgical Unit

  Available models: ICC- 50 (50W),ICC- 80 (80W), ICC-200 (200W), ICC-350 (350W)

                                                      Cutting                     : Monopolar, 300 W
                                                      Coagulation                 : Spray, Bipolar, Monopolar,
                                                                                   Force, Soft 120 W

                                                                                                     Minicutter 80

  High Frequency power Output:
  Cut 1            : Pure, unmodulated 80 W
  Cut 2                    : Blend, modulated 70 W
  Contact Coag.            : Contact, 70 W
  Spray Coag.              : Spray, 60 W
  Bipolar Coag.            : Bipolar 70 W

                                                                                                                 BSD Catalog
Surgical CO2 Laser System


-   High Frequency Scanner
    300Hz - the fastest among available.
-   1.0 mm Spot Size with Adjustable Overlap for hyper-fine resolution,
    uniform coverage.
-   Ergonomic Handpiece for maximum control and comfort.
-   Integrated purge/suction ports maintain clear surgical field
    for continuous laser application.
-   Detachable Nose Piece that is reusable and autoclavable.

-   UniPulseTM Technology provides uniform and rapid CO2 laser energy
-   Leading Edge Optical Design sets a new standard for beam quality.
-   ≈Flat∆ Beam Profile provides uniform energy distribution to tissue/no tissue
    ≈hot∆ spots.
-   Optimized Variable Pulse Width for effective ablation and tightening with
    minimal thermal diffusion.
-   Optimized Pulse Shape for preferred energy distribution to tissue.

The COL-1040 (UniPulse 1040) has a wide range of accessories engineered for
precise beam coincidence and optimal results in a wide range of surgical

-   General Surgery
-   Aesthetic Surgery
-   ENT
-   Gynecologic Surgery

                                                                                   BSD Catalog
Surgical Diode Laser System


The Nidek DS series (Epistar)
is a state of the art system designed for laser hair removal and the
treatment of vascular lesions.

Versatility and Ease of Use
- Diode Laser System
   Most efficient to treat unwanted hair.
- 810 nm Wavelength
- Long Pulse Widths
   provide safe treatment for the widest range of skin types.
                                                                          Integrated Active Cooling Handpiece
- High Energy, High Fluence
   Achieves a wide variety of treatments.
- Technologically Advanced Scanner
   Provides rapid, uniform treatment over both small and large areas.
- Compact & Lightweight
   The system can be used virtually anywhere, in a single office or
   transported to satellite locations.
- Color LCD Touch Panel
   Designed for easy operation, even by practitioners with little or no
   previous experience with lasers.

- Cooling device minimizes pain and reduces thermal damage to skin
   DS-60: Contact Cooling
   DS-66CA: Cold Air Device
   DS-66DT: Dual TEC
- Promotes patient safety and comfort
- Programmed random scanning minimizes thermal damage to skin

- Hair Reduction
- Leg Veins
- Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation

                                                                                              BSD Catalog
  Operating Microscope                                                                            M520 OH3

                                                                                           - Neuro Surgery
                                                                                           - ENT
                                                                                           - Spine Surgery


                                       The new Leica M520 OH3 offers a greatly expanded range of movement
                                       in all dimensions for improved surgical maneuverability. The stand
                                       features a patented modern movement system for perfect 6-axis balance
                                       at all positions and angles of the surgical microscope. it also offers
                                       optimum reach and use of space, so that it can be conveniently placed
 Simply beyond computer                behind the surgeon performing the operation (for the unique overhead
                                       position). The newly designed illumination system with 300 W xenon
                                       arc lamps enhances the light power while also improving the failure
                                       rate and heat control. Due to the robotic capability of the stand, the
                                       microscope can be coupled to an IGS computer to follow the instruments
                                       in the surgeon»s hands.

                                                                                                   M520 OHS1

                                                                                           - Neuro Surgery
                                                                                           - ENT
                                                                                           - Spine Surgery


                                                  The surgical microscope to offer you a true overhead system-
                                                  similar to that of a ceiling stand. It presents the results of
                                                  superior Leica optics in an entirely new light: through a new,
                                                  brilliant illumination system. For precise and easy movement
                                                  over the whole field for the surgeon and assistant and easy
Superior Leica optics in an enterely
                                                  handling for the nurse.
new light

                                                  Another factor contributing to the precision movement is the
                                                  compact design of the integrated high-quality Leica M520 N
                                                  optics system.

                                                                                                             BSD Catalog
                                                                                 M520 MS3

 Operating Microscope
- Neuro Surgery
- Spine Surgery


  The Leica M520 MS3 combines the best features of the
  Leica M520 OH3 and Leica M520 MS2 with regard to
  movement control. Due to the six electromagnetic brakes,
  the stand can be easily moved in six axes and is also
  combined with robot movements in three axes. New, easy-
  grip handles of robust cast metal have been designed for
  ergonomic positioning. Each handle has an easy-to-
  operate joystick to activate the motorized xy adjusment
                                                                Precise balance and movement
  of the optics carrier. A 1500 inclination range combined
  with an ultra compact optical microscope allows the
  surgeon to adjust the position of the microscope
  comfortably even during extremely difficult operations.

                                                                                 M520 MS2

   - ENT
   - Neuro Surgery
   - Multi Dicipline

  We designed our new Leica M520 MS2 high-performance
  surgical microscope to satisfy even the most demanding
  re-quirements. The unique balancing system works
  without gas or mechanical springs and is therefore
  completely fiction-free. The counterweights are fully
  integrated into the column of the stand. The long
  swingarm allows optimum positioning of the stand at the
  operating table. Outstanding resolution and perfect 3D
  viewing in Leica quality are guaranteed by the illumination
  and optical system. Plus the comprehensive range of
  accessories enables easy adaption of the Leica M520 MS2
                                                                The art of balance
  for all conceivable needs. The Leica M520 MS2: both a
  high-precision tool and an innovative model of technology.

                                                                                         BSD Catalog
   Operating Microscope                                                       MS1

                                                                       - ENT
                                                                       - Neuro Surgery
                                                                       - Multi Dicipline


                                      We developed completely new technologies for the
                                      Leica MS1. For example, the microscope stand can
                                      be set up at a comfortable distance away from the
                                      operating table due to the long reach of the swingarm.
                                      High stability is guaranteed by the H-shaped base.
                                      And with the new, unique balancing system we have
                                      been able to achieve an exceptionally high degree of
                                      mobility, which will enable the surgeon to position
                                      the microscope effortlessly for precise movements
Stable yet light as a feather
                                      during surgery. The integrated Leica M520 N optics
                                      system guarantees a perfect view.


                                                                       - ENT
                                                                       - Neuro Surgery
                                                                       - Multi Dicipline


                                      The Leica MC1 provides the perfect mobility that is
                                      so important in microsurgery. Besides the extreme
                                      flexibility resulting from its compact design, its unique
                                      balancing system enables easy, fast and precise
                                      positioning of the Leica M520 N microscope.

Perfect mobility in the micro range

                                                                                         BSD Catalog
Operating Microscope                                                               M841 EBS

- Opthalmology


Thaks to its new and unique balancing system, the new
Leica EBS floor stand system with electromagnetic brakes
can be effortlessly positioned over the surgical field. Only
one keystroke is needed for the autobalance function to
restore perfect balance in any position. Its other features
are already well known: The apochromatic optics of the
Leica OptiChrome set new standards in contrast,
resolution, color quality, 3D effect and depth of field. Leica
Quad-Zoom gives the surgeon and his assistant exactly
the same field of view, full stereopsis and 100% light each.
With glowing Red Reflex, Doble-beem Red Reflex and Leica
OttoFlex revolutionize illumination technology in
microscopes for eye surgery.                                     Perfect positioning and maximized vision


- Opthalmology


The Leica M501 is designed for modern techniques in
eye surgery, combining brilliant resolution with
outstanding depth of field. Integrating our brand new
illumination system, it allows fast and easy realization of
absolutely stable Red Reflex with increased light
utilization. In addition, a special jalousie device allows
simple optimization of Red Reflex and contrast in each
individual patient. the clear, intuitive operating concept
allows for quick setting of user parameters for zoom,
focus, XY unit and light intensity. New settings or
returning to marked positions is done in a matter of

                                                                         Switch on and work

                                                                                              BSD Catalog
Operating Microscope                            Operating
Microscope                                M400 E


                                The one hand movement microscope


 The new Leica M400 E offers brilliant optics with
 outstanding field depth and superlative contrast.
 Brought straight to the operating table with the long
 swivel arm, the Leica M400 E incorporates Leica»s
 patented one-hand-movement system, an extremely
 smooth balancing system for reliably fast and precise
 positioning. Besides the integrated halogen
 illumination with coaxial light beam there is also an
 optional light intentensifier or a xenon light source.
 The standard configuration has a wide range of
 accessories for shared viewing and documentation.
 Thanks to its compact design, there are only two big
 things about the new Leica M400 E: the image quality
 and the benefit for the surgeon.
BSD Catalog
Operating Microscope                                                                       OMX-90
                                                                                    - Opthalmology

Main Microscope
Model                       Galileo type
Magnification changes       Drum type, with 5 changes
Objective lens              F=175mm
Eyepiece                    Fields of view at 12.5X-17mm diameter
                            Adjusting rage of visibility diopter-below -6D ~ +5D or more

Total magnification and Field of View:

  Objective lens                                     F=175mm
  Total magnification (X)                   4         6            10          16         25
  Field of view (mm Æ)                     55.0      35.0         22.0        13.5        8.5
  Brightness (max)                                    80,000 Lux
  Coaxial illumination field (mm)                            33

Light source                        Halogen lamp (15V,150W) with cold mirror filter equipped with
                                    optical fiber light guide system Built-in heat absobing filter
                                    cobalt filter, 50%ND filter
Range of pupillary distance 50 ~ 75mm

Vertical Fine Control
Model                         Electric type, using a motor
Focusing distance             42mm
Focusing speed                1.4mm per second
Microscope inclination        0 to 30

Optional Accessories
Assistant binocular microscope
Oblique illumination-slit
Observation tube
Camera Adaptor w/mount
Beam splitter module
Auto winder
35mm Camera body TV adaptor

                                                                  Power Requirements
                                                                  Power Unit AC100,110,120,240V/ 225VA

                                                                                                     BSD Catalog
Operating Table                                                                                               MERKUR

   Operating Table
   Max. height: 1040 mm
   -Min. height: 740 mm
   -Trendelenburg/anti-Trendelenburg: 25 degrees
   -Tilting right/left: 20 degrees
   -Back section up/down: 70 degrees/45 degrees
   -Leg section up/down: 20 degrees/85 degrees
   -Max. Elevator: 140 mm

Abdominal position            Struma position             Renal position       Renal position with elevator        Gynaecology/ Urology


   - Height adjustment: 760 to 1110 mm
   - Trendelenburg/anti-Trendelenburg: 30 degrees/25 degrees
   - Tilting right/left: 20 degrees
   - Back section up/down: 67 degrees/47 degrees
   - Leg sections up/down: 20 degrees/110 degrees
   - Automatic neutral positioning with the ZERO key

          Thoracic position                 Femoral position                        Gynaecology                Renal position

                      Lateral position                           Struma position              Lower leg position

                                                                                                                      BSD Catalog
    Operating Light                                                      OUTER SPACE SERIES

   SKYLUX OUTERSPACE 11 BULBS                                      SKYLUX OUTERSPACE 4 BULBS
   Model No. 11                                                    Model No. 4
   150,000Lux                                                      With Elevato Arm 98,000Lux

                                                                           UNIVERSE SERIES

   Model No. S6360TV               Model No. U6360                 Model No. U6160
   100cm 10 bulbs+60cm 4 bulbs     100cm 10 bulbs+60cm 4 bulbs     80cm 7 bulbs+60cm 4 bulbs
   with Miniature TV camera        140,000Lux+95,000Lux            125,000Lux+95,000Lux

                                                                           COSMIC SERIES

Model No. 6664                   Model No. 6464                  Model No. 64
82cm 8 bulbs+58cm 5 bulbs        58cm 6 bulbs+58cm 5 bulbs       58cm 5 bulbs with Accurate Arm
with Accurate Arm                with Accurate Arm               100,000Lux
135,000Lux+100,000Lux            100,000Lux

                                                                                      BSD Catalog
  Examination Light                                                                 COSMIC SERIES

Model No. 39SC
Dia. 21cm
Highest Position: Approx. 192cm                        PANTOPHOS(R) HALOGEN
Lowest Postion: Approx. 80cm                           NEW SONNE STAND TYPE
Max. horizontal reach:                                 Dia.: 24cm
Approx. 56cm                                           Light Intensity: Approx 8,000Lux
                                                       Highest Position: Approx 170cm
                                                       Lowest Position: Approx. 85cm

  Cast Cutter                                                                             HCC-114

  Scrub Station                                                                      MAXI SCRUB

 Includes all the scrubs for operating theatres with
 or without bacteriological water treatment

                                                                                              BSD Catalog
Anaesthesia Machines                                                     FUJI ERGO

- Cabinet in steel plate with high-resistant paint, three lockable
   drawers and telescopic rail to enable full opening, stainless steel
   worktop, upper shelf for monitors, rubber casters making for
   smooth movement and support for reserve canister.
- The modular conception of the equipment allows for accessories
   to be chosen according to necessity for the the best cost-benefit
- Model 675, Volume/Pressure-controlled Pneumatic Ventilator, for
   assembly of systems with or without CO2 absorption.
- Rotameter model 1822 for O2 and N2O, with Pressure and Flow
   Servomatic systems and low O2 pressure audio visual alarms and
   test button.
- Multiagent Vaporizer model 1400, with PINOMATIC, DILUMATIC
   and MINI-PINOMATIC systems, making interchange between
   chambers possible and expanded scale for high flow
- Absorber Systemmodel 3304, with capacity for 800 g of soda
   lime and an integrated active scavenger system.

Standard Accessories:
- High efficiency aspirator with a 500 ml collecting flask
- O2 flowmeter with a scale of 0 to 15 l/min
- Two keys for the drawer, Extensions for gases
- Halothane Vaporizer

Optional Accessories:
- Rotameter for O2, N2O and Compressed Air,
  model 1815
- Micro-processed ventilator, model 677, for use
  with neonatal patients as well as in obese adults
- Multi-Agent Vaporizer, model 1425
- Calibrated Vaporizer
- Rotameter with scales for low flow
- Double Valvular Filter, model 3316
- Multi-Agent Vaporizer, model 1410

                                                                               BSD Catalog
 Anaesthesia Machines                                            ORIGAMI

- Practicality and economy together in one single option,
   without giving up the features and safety aspects of
   larger equipment, such as the Pressure and Flow
   systems and low O2 and endotracheal pressure alarms.
- Electronic Ventilator with tidal volume from 20 to 1600
   with use with patients from neonatal to obese adults,
   direct control over Tidal Volume, Rate, I/E Ratio and Limit
- Rotameters for O2 and N2O with automatic illumination
   and selection of the scales in use.
- Multiagent Vaporizer model 1400, with PINOMATIC
   systems, for interchange between vaporizers, DILUMATIC
   system which prevents the supply of anesthetic when the
   diluting agent flow is closed and MINI-PINOMATIC
   system with interchangeable chamber.
- Absorber system model 3304, with capacity for 800 g of
   soda lime and an active scavenger system.
- Support for reserve canister.

Standard Accessories
- Two keys for the drawer
- Extensions for O2 and N2O
- O2 fluxometer with scales from 0 to 15 l/min & High
   efficiency aspirator with a 500 ml collecting flask

Optional Accessories:
- Calibrated Vaporizer
- Rotameter with scales for low flow
- Multi Agent Vaporizer model 1410
- Volume/ Pressure-controlled pneumatic ventilator, model
  675, for assembly of systems with and without CO2

                                                                     BSD Catalog
Anaesthesia Machines                                                 SANSEI

- Anesthetic machine for use in confined spaces, which has all the
   main safety features
   such as Pressure and Flow Servomatic systems, pipeline
   manometer and alarms for low O2
   and endotracheal pressure.
- Cabinet with lockable drawer, supports for extensions, casters
   with a braking system on its front
   wheels, upper shelf for monitors and transport handle.
- Volume/ Pressure-controlled Pneumatic Ventilator model 675 for
   assembly of systems with or
   without CO2 absorption.
- Universal Vaporizer model 1005, with PINOMATIC, DILUMATIC
   and MINI-PINOMATIC systems.
- Rotameter for O2 and N2O, with scales from 0 to 7 I/min.
   Optional model for low flow.
- Asorber System model 3300, with capacity for 800 g of soda
- Support for reserve canister.

Standard Accessories
- Extensions for O2 and N2O
- O2 Flowmeter with a scale from 0 to 15 l/min e High
   efficiency aspirator with a 500 ml flask.

Optional Accessories
- Yoke for O2 reserve cylinder
- Multi-Agent Vaporizer, model 1410
- Rotameter with scales for low flow
- Calibrated Vaporizer
- Multi-Agent Vaporizer, model 1410
- Micro-processed electronic ventilator, model 677, for use with
  neonatal patients as well as in obese adults

                                                                        BSD Catalog
Anaesthesia Machines                                                                   DORF 500

Flowmeter                               O2; 0.1 - 10 L/min, N2O; 0.5 - 10 L/min, N2O
                                        Stop Valve (built in); N2O Supply will be
                                        automatically stopped under O2 supply
                                        pressure of less than 2kg/cm2
Oxygen Flush Valve                      When flush valve button pressed, direct O2
                                        flush to circuit will flow.
Regulators (built-in)                   Will reduce Inside Machine Pressure to 3 - 5
Gauges Tank Pressure                    O2.... 0-250 Kg/cm2, N2O .... 0-250 Kg/cm2
Supply Pressure                         O2 .... 0- 10 Kg/cm2, N22 .... 0- 10 Kg/cm2

Pin Index Yokes                         O2 .... 2 pcs. N2O .... 1 Pc
Pipelines                               4 metres long green O , blue N O high
                                                                2      2

                                        pressure antistatic hoses with non-inter-
                                        changeable coupler to gas source outlet

Vaporizer Bar                           Enough length for 3 vaporizers
Sphyhgmomanometer                       Large size Tycos-typed manometer

Canister                                Capacity; 2000 cm3, Can be separated in 2
                                        chambers, each chamber allow 850 g of
                                        Soda Lime. Clearly transparent crystal wall.
                                        For soda lime exchange, possible to release
                                        canister in one touch on lever.
Circuit Pressure Gauge                  Attached on the canister, Range: -10 - +60
                                        cm H2O, Easy Zero Adjustment

Standard Equipment:
O2 Pressure hose (Length : 4 m) ............... 1
N2O Pressure hose (Length : 4 m) ............. 1
Corrugated Tube ...................................... 2
Exhaust Gas Pipe (Length : 1 m...) ............ 1
Chimney Piece ......................................... 1
Mask (Large, Small) .................................. 2
Reservoir Bag (5L size) .............................. 1

Head Strap (Large size) ............................. 1
Plastic Airway (Large, Medium, Small) ...... 3
Soda-lime (3 Kg can) ................................ 1
Tank Handle ............................................. 1
Wrench .................................................... 1
Vaporizer Halothane ≈Halowick∆

                                                                                            BSD Catalog
Anaesthesia Machines                                                                            MA 300

Flowmeter                                      O2; 0.1 - 10 L/minN2O; 0.5 - 10 L/min, N2O Stop Valve (built in);N2O
                                               Supply will be automatically stopped under O2 supply pressure of less
                                               than 2 kg/cm2
Oxygen Flush Valve                             When flush valve button pressed, direct O2 flush to circuit will flow.
Vaporizer Bar                                  Enough length for 2 vaporizers
Sphyhgmomanometer                              Large size tycos-type manometer
Canister                                       Capacity; 1500 cm2 Clearly transparent crystal wall. For soda lime
                                               exchange, possible to release canister in one touch on lever.
Circuit Pressure Gauge                         Attached on the canister, Range '10 - +60 H2O, Easy Zero Adjustment.

Reservoir Bag Free Arm            Reservoir bag can be moved to any position
Waste Gas Exhaust Valve, in semi-closed use, exhaused gas will be automatically waste out of circuit.
Canister Holding Rod
Can regulate rod in any up and down position (45 cm limit) and can rotate (360)

Standard Equipments:
O2 Pressure reducing regulator ................. 1
N2O Pressure recuding regulator ............... 1
O2 Pressure hose (length : 1 m) ................. 1
N2O Pressure hose (length : 1 m) .............. 1
Corrugated Tube ....................................... 2
Exhausted Gas Pipe (Length : 1 m) ............ 1
Chimney Piece .......................................... 1
Mask (Large, Small) ................................... 2

Reservoir Bag (5L size) ............................. 1
Head Strap (Large size) ............................. 1
Plastic Airway (Large, Medium, Small) ....... 3
Soda-lime (3 kg can) ................................. 1
Wrench .................................................... 1

                                                                                                          BSD Catalog
 Anaesthesia Vaporizer                                                                        MA 300

        HALOWICK                       ENFLUWICK                     ENFLUWICK                      FORAWICK

Halothane Vaporizer (120ml)    Enflurane Vaporizer (120ml)   Enflurane Vaporizer (230ml)   Isoflurane Vaporizer (230ml)

 Ventilator (ICU)                                                                           MONTEREY

  - Automatic selection of patientís
    mode: adult or child
  - Modality x Weight Automatic Setting-
     when starting up the monitor.
     If the weight is lower than 10 kg,
     the PCV mode is selected,
     Child from 10 to 25 kg, and for adult,
     VCV mode is selected
  - Presentation of active controls
     for each ventilation mode in the
     sequence in which they should
     be adjusted
  - Direct controls for main ventilatory
  - Pressure of flow triggered cycle
  - Working pressure: 4-5PSI
  - Airflow: 180 l/min
  - Air reservoir: 5 l
  - Noise level: less than 40 dB A

                                                                                                     BSD Catalog
Central Monitor                                                                        VIEW POINT

 - 8 / 16 patients pre tower minimizes hardware
    requirements and reduces total cost of ownership
 - Bi-directional communications with the Passport 2 in creases staff efficiency
 - Bedside tracking feature reduces effort needed to manage patient alarms
 - Patient discharge data base allows recovery of vital information in the event of re-admission
 - Flat Planel displays option with touch screen capability reduces space requirements and improves
    the ease of use
 - Multiple report options provide monitoring information in the format you need
 - Patient data can be easily transferred between care units providing a continuous history of
    patientís events
 - Supports TCP/IP local area network protocol
 - Network printers allow printing reports when and where needed


 - Main screen displays real time waved and parameters for up to 16 patients
 - Patient Window displays detailed real time or stored data for individual patients
 - Central review station for reviewing up to 25 hours of stored patient monitoring real waveform
    and 72 hours patient data trend and a hundred 30 sec alarm records and saved strips, 3 waves per
 - A standard 2 Channel Recorder can record one or two real-time or delayed waveforms.
 - The 40mm wide recording strip includes annotation
 - Central Monitoring System can accept data from Ym5500 patient monitors on the LAN networking
 - Patient Window with greater data detail is directly accessed from the Main Screen

                                                                                               BSD Catalog
Patient Monitor                                                                          PASSPORT 2

 Standard parameter : ECG 3 or 5 lead, NIBP,Respiration,
                          SpO2, Temperature
 Optional Parameter : CO 2, IBP, ST Segment analysis,
                          Gas Module
 Recorder              : Optional


 Standard parameter : ECG 3 or 5 lead,NIBP, Respiration,
                          SpO2, Temperature
 Built in Recorder (optional)


  - Available parameters include 3 or 5 lead EC, Respiration, NIBP
     SpO , 2 Temperatures, Battery and optional built-in Printer

  - High quality 6.4 ≈ Color TFT LCD screen that enables to monitor
     3-traces with 8-numerics vital sign clearly even under the most difficult lighting conditions
  - Color encoded easy 4 keyboards and a trim knob admits clinicians to quick access to monitoring
     functions controls within a sec
  - Optimized rechargeable battery and wheeled mobile cart as well as integrated top handles
     ensure continuous monitoring during transport between care sites
  - Transferring available optional remote nurse station is notified alarm signal automatically when
     ever the patient»s condition turns critical and the stored event or real time vital sign can be
     recalled to the display with printing on the optional integrated dual channel thermal printer

                                                                                                  BSD Catalog
 Blood Pressure Monitor                                                                          ACCUTORR PLUS

- Large LED displays, big numbers and bright screens
- Large, dedicated controls for all primary functions
   provide incomparable ease of use
- Customize system operations to patient size
- Patient Size, Inflation Pressure, Interval Time, Alarms,
   Audio Level, Date and Temperature format- all easily
   user-configured for personalized operations
- Quick-connect,single-hose fittings ensure fast, easy hose changes and minimize therisk of leakage and
   potential misconnects
- Versatile rolling stand,integrated cam-locks for IV pole, and battery operation ensure true portability
- Unique, flexible database make up to 100 readings instantly accessible, by room number and bed
   letter, if desired
- Optional printer, predictive thermometer, and infrared thermometer modules for maximum clinical
   flexibility and upgradability
- Industry standard RS 232 communications port connects Accutorr Plus to other device via DIAP
   (Datascope Improved ASCII Protocol)

Pulse Oxymeter (Hand Held)
Pulse Oxymeter (Hand Held)
   A portable oximeter with alarm and a bright
   LED display. 12 hour NiCad or continuous AC
   powered operation. Adjustable pulse sound.
   Pitch changes with rise or fall in saturation.
   Analog and serial output ports for data
   communication to other instruments. IV pole
   and wall attachment fixtures available.

                                                                                                    BSD Catalog
Infusion Pump                                                                           SM-2100

                                   - Pumping system: Peristaltic Finger
                                   - Infusion rate: 1-999ml/hr
                                   - Accuracy: 2% with assigned IV set
                                   - Set Volume range: 1-9,999 ml or no limit
                                   - Volume delivery range: 1-9,999ml
                                   - Fast Drive Flow rate: 999ml/hr
                                   - KVO(Keep-Vein-Open) : 1ml/hr
                                   - Battery : Internal nickel-cadmium battery
                                   - IV Set requirement: only use standard IV sets for infusion pumps
                                   - Optional: Nurse-call power cord, drop sensor

Syringe Pump
- Easy and simple operations, made possible by instructive message displayed on LCD
- Maximum safety ensured with self detection of false operation and different alarm
- PCA (patient-controlled-analgesia): patient can control pain by himself with the medication
   according to the pre-programmed dosage and interval by the medical personnel (optional)
- Any four types of syringes selected by the user can be adapted by the pump
- Fluid infusion pressure can be set for High, Medium, Low, according to the age and condition of
- Free voltage
- Automatic Dosage Calculation
- Programmed variable and Bolus Infusion
- Infusion rate range: 0.1-1,200 ml/hr
- Flow rate accuracy: within 3%
- Mechanical accuracy : within 1%
- Total volume infused range: 0.1-999.9ml
- Syringe used: 10,20,30,50/60 ml (specified brands)

                                                                                              BSD Catalog
  Ultrasound Guided Central
  Veins Puncturing (CVP)
   - Allows accurate guidance to improve single pass puncture dramatically
   - Controls every step of the vascular access, guiding the puncture from
      the skin surface
   - Sterilizable, reusable, doppler needle guidance transducer
   - Sterile disposable coupling gel
   - Audio and visual indication of vessel location
   - Foot switch operation option
   - Battery saver system

   Baby Incubator

Incubator with skin temperature, air temperature and climate control.
Offers highest safety and optimum comfort for the newborn.
- Integrated skin temperature, air temperature and climate regulation
- Clear display for immediate assessment of the situation
- Large space for the optimum freedom of movement for the newborn
- The lying area can be pulled out offering easier access for care
- The angle of the lying area can be adjusted for head up or down
- A reliable control system offers safety and comfort for the newborn
- Precise air- and temperature-regulation ensures a homogeneous
- Canopy can be cleaned easily
- Incubator can be easily moved
- Automatic system diagnosis

                                                                                 BSD Catalog

 Baby Incubator (Air
 Temp. Control)
optimum comfort for the newborn.
- Integrated air temperature and climate regulation
- Clear display for immediate assessment of the situation
- Large space for the optimum freedom of movement for the
- The lying area can be pulled out offering easier access for care
- The angle of the lying area can be adjusted for head up or down
- A reliable control system offers safety and comfort for the
- Precise air- and temperature-regulation ensures a homogeneous
- Canopy can be cleaned easily
- Incubator can be easily moved
- Automatic system diagnosis

  Infant Warmer                                                      AMENIC

  (Baby Open Intensive Care)
   Open intensive care system for easier care of premature and
      newborn babies.
   - Used for intensive care over a longer period of time for
      premature and newborn babies who need additional warmth
   - Open intensive care unit for use if there is no need for
      protection against infection provided by the incubator
   - Quartz heating controlled by skin temperature or ceramic
      heating with manual control
   - Offers optimum access to the patient (simplifies care and
      allows small procedures to be performed directly)
   - Radiant heat in medium infrared range
   - Direct heat supply - the newborn will have the required
      temperature fast and efficiently
   - AMECOSY NC1 (warming mattress) can be used with this
   - Built-in X-ray compartment with location-finding grid permits
      efficient X-ray diagnosis
   - Lateral swiveling warming unit makes X-ray easier
   - Range of accessories

                                                                         BSD Catalog
Phototherapy Lamp                                                    FTL

For the specific purpose of reducing the serum bilirubin level
of newborn babies.
- Equipped with four powerful blue therapeutic light tubes and
   with two white light tubes
- Pleasant working light for nursing staff by using the four blue
   fluorescent tubes together with the two white tubes
- White light provides daylight conditions for observation of
   the newborn
- Main switch: all of the fluorescent light tubes are turned on
- White light switch: the blue light tubes and the therapy-hour
   counter are turned offΩ
- Therapy-hour counter permits individual recording of the time
   each patient is exposed to blue photo therapy treatment
- Overall operating hours are recorded by a second counter on
   the back of the lamp
- Display on the front indicates when the tubes need to be
- Trolley with totally variable height adjustment
- Space saving: the lamp body can be foldedΩ
- Lamp body can also be angled upwards (90) for therapy from
   the side

Radiant Heater (Ceramic)                                            AMEMNC

Gentle and controlled heat from the ceramic radiant heater.
- Used over the examination table and the cot, in the
   gynecology or newborn ward and at the pediatrician»s.Ω
- Can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling and also available
   on a trolley
- Adjustable heat between 50 % - 100 %
- Two-colored display showing the current percentage
- Visual and audio alarm with a performance of over 50 %
   after a certain time
- If the alarm is not reset, the heat will be reduced
   automatically to 50 % after 15 minutes. An additional alarm
   is set off
- An adjustable halogen lamp provides bright light in the
   working areaΩ

                                                                       BSD Catalog
Warming Matress
Neonatal Warming Mattress - comfortable, safe, maintenance free.
- Precise temperature control with changes of 0.1C possible
- Minimum temperature differences of 0.5C across the entire mattress
- Comfortable mattress available in three sizes
- Optimum adaptation to the baby»s body and uniform temperature transmission due to the visco-
   elastic foam (fluid free)
- Dermatologically safe, anti-bacterial and flame-retardant mattress cover (polyurethane) which is
   easy to clean
- Fulfills Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) requirements
- Safe for use in operating theatres
- Control unit with illuminated LCD display
- Temperature display in Celsius C or Fahrenheit F
   Permanently active control system
- Comprehensive range of audio alarm functions and
   integrated ≈Nurse-Call∆
- Programmable settings include audio-alert tones
   and volume
- Control units and mattresses are interchangeable
- Automatic self-diagnostic search and display system
- Easy to use and maintenance free
- Wide use of application

                                                                                     DYNATURN 5300

Anti Decubitus Mattress&
Electrical AC120V/60Hz, 0.5A AC230V/50Hz, 0.17A
Air Output (lpm) > 8
Pressure Range (mmHg) 30 - 60
Cycle Time 20 min / 60 Hz, 24 min / 50 Hz
Dimension (L x W x H) 30 x 10.5 x 22.5 cm /11.8" x 4.1" x 8.9"
Weight 3.4 kg or 7.5 lb
Arrangement 17 x 5" + 10" side cushion
Material Cover Nylon/PU ; Cells Nylon/PU ; BaseNylon/PU
Dimension (L x W x H)200 x 90 x 25.4 cm /78.7" x 35.4" x 10"
Weight (Kg) 7.5 kg / 16.5 lb
System Category Replacement
For Ulcer Stage (U.S.) III
Weight Support (Kg) 160

                                                                                                BSD Catalog
Anti Decubitus Mattress&                                                           SUPRA 5000

Electrical AC120V/60Hz, 0.5A AC230V/50Hz, 0.17A
Air Output (lpm) > 4
Pressure Range (mmHg) 40 - 90
Cycle Time 8 min / 60 Hz, 9.6 min / 50 Hz
Dimension (L x W x H) 30 x 9.5 x 19 cm / 11.8" x 3.7" x 7.5"
Weight 2.8 kg / 6.2 lb
Arrangement 17 x 5"
Material Cover Nylon/PU ;Cells Nylon/PU; Base Nylon/PU
Dimension (L x W x H) 200 x 90 x 12.7 cm / 78.7" x 35.4" x 5"
Weight 4.6 kg / 10.1 lb
System Category Overlay
For Ulcer Stage (U.S.) II
Weight Support (Kg) 140

                                                                                   EXCEL 1000

                                            PUMP :
                                            Electrical AC230V/50Hz, 0.17A
                                            Air Output (lpm) > 4
                                            Pressure Range (mmHg) 100
                                            Cycle Time 5 min / 60 Hz, 6 min / 50 Hz
                                            Dimension (L x W x H) 25.4 x 13 x 10 cm /10" x 5.1" x 3.9"
                                            Weight 1.6 kg / 3.5 lb
                                            Arrangement 2.5" Bubble pad
                                            Material PVC (w/o extension pad)
                                            Dimension (L x W x H) 198 x 86 x 6.4 cm /80" x 33.9" x 2.5"
                                            Weight 2.3 kg / 5.1 lb
                                            System Category Overlay
                                            For Ulcer Stage (U.S.) I
                                            Weight Support 100 kg / 220 lb

                                                                                           BSD Catalog
                                                                                       BTL-08 WIN

Stress Test System
- User friendly software for 12 channel stress test monitoring
- Communication with a range of treadmills and ergometers
- Pre-programmed protocols, such as Balke, Chung,
    Bruce and Naughton
- Full and/or shortened diagnosis
- Interpretation in words
- Online ECG averaging
- Digital filtration
- Online help

                                                                                 TREADMILL BTL-770 M

                                                      - Zero starting speed, precise speed control,
                                                         sturdy handrails, emergency stop switch, very
                                                         quiet operation
                                                      - Speed range 0-19.2km/h
                                                      - Speed increments 0.1km/h
                                                      - Incline from 0-25%
                                                      - Capacity 200kg
                                                      - Dimensions 75x200x145 cm
                                                      - Weight 150kg
                                                      - Mains supply 115V/230V,50-60Hz

Specifications:                                                                    ERGOMETRIC 900
- Work rate: 20-999W
- LCD display (4 lines), LED controls
- Computer controlled eddy current brakes with torque
   measurement; work independently of the number of
- Blood pressure measurement
- Revolution range: 30-130n/min-1
- Accuracy of load: 3% 3W
- Time interval: 1-99min
- Torque adjustment: with 4kg weight
- Saddle height: continuously adjustable from 12 to 21cm
- Dimensions: 40 x 82 x 190cm
- Weight: 64kg
- Mains supply: 115V/230V, 50-60Hz

                                                                                               BSD Catalog

Number of channels                         1
Number of leads                            12
Keyboard                                   functional
Paper width                                58 mm
Paper speed                                5,10,25,50 mm/s
Sensitivity                                2.5,5,10,20 mm/mV
User-preset profiles                       1
Filters                                    adaptable mains 50-5 0
Hz,muscular 35 Hz ,baseline filter 0.25 Hz
Transmission in automatic mode real time
Mains supply                               built-in accumulator 115V/230V 50-60Hz
Dimensions                                 276 x 68 x 74 mm
Weight                                     approx 2kg

Number of channels                         3
Number of leads                            12
Keyboard                                   functional
Paper width                                58 mm
Paper speed                                5,10,25,50 mm/s
Sensitivity                                2.5,5,10,20 mm/mV
User-preset profiles                       1
Filters                                    adaptable mains 50-50
Hz,muscular 35 Hz ,baseline filter 0.25 Hz
Transmission in automatic mode real time
Mains supply                               built-in accumulator 115V/230V 50-60Hz
Dimensions                                 276 x 68 x 74 mm
Weight                                     approx 2kg

Number of channels                    12
Number of leads                       12
Keyboard                              combined alphanumeric and functional
Paper width                           112 mm
Paper speed                5,10,25,50 mm/s
Sensitivity                           2.5,5,10,20 mm/mV
User-defined profiles                 adaptable mains 50-50Hz,
muscular 35 Hz,25Hz,baseline filter 0.125 Hz,0.25 Hz,0.5Hz,1.5Hz
Transmission in automatic mode real time,synchronic
Mains supply                          built-in accumulator 115V/230V 50-60Hz
Dimensions                            330 x 270 x 70 mm
Weight                                approx 3.2 kg

                                                                                         BSD Catalog

Gynaecology Examination
- Supplied with one to three motors for electrical adjustment of height,
   backrest, and seat.
- Optional user-preset programs for common chair positions
- Accessories: retractable castors, foot or hand switch,
   head rest, hand grips, stirrups or leg rests, colposcope
   holder, lamp, stainless steel bowl, holder for hygienic
   paper, integrated foot stool, external step unit,
   high quality upholstery
- Height adjustment: 86-106cm
- Standard width: 60cm
- Optional width:70cm
- Backrest length:90cm
- Seat length:40cm
- Standard backrest angle:30
- Backrest adjustment: +5 /+50
- Standard seat angle: 0
- Seat adjustment:0 /-45
- Load capacity:180kg
- Weight:70kg
- Mains supply:115-230V /50-60Hz

  Colposcope                                                                                         MZ-6

Integrated Built in Video Camera             On a Rollable Stand                Attached on Gynecological Chair

The highest degree of secure diagnosis is required in gynecology. We also offer the well-known
Leica standards for this purpose. The Leica Colposcope allows you to view examination points in
diffent planes in one step and quickly recognize any connections. It delivers contrast-rich 3D
images using a large depth of field. The light intensity is significantly higher than those of
colposcopes from other manufacturers.

The Leica Colposcope is available either with 6:1 zoom or 5-step magnification changer as well as
a mobile floor stand or a stand for chair monting. Accessories for video recording and photography
are available for documenting the examination results.

                                                                                                        BSD Catalog
Cardiotocograph (CTG)                                   Cardiotocograph
(CTG)                     PFM-1

- Antenatal monitoring
- Parallel digital signal processing
- Easy loading plain strip chart recorder
- Choice of print scale
- Z-fold or roll chart packs
- Real time date & transducer type printed on chart
- Patient information block printed on chart
- Large LCD display of heart rate, contraction stress level &chart speed
- Unit & patient hand held event marker
- Built in RS-232 computer interface


    - Accurate FHR detection
    - High sensitivity (1Mhz)
    - Automatic fetal movement detection
    - A4 size wide chart paper
    - Normal fax paper affordable
    - Intuitive user interface
    - Easy-to-upgrade
    - PC interface through RS-232C
    - Central monitoring system

Fetal Doppler (Pocket)                                                             PD-1+

                                                     - Lightweight unit and transducer
                                                     - Batterey saver system
                                                     - LCD display for fetal heart rate
                                                     - Size: 150 x 75 mm
                                                     - Weight: 350 g including transducer
BSD Catalog
Vacuum Extractor Pump                                                                SENATOR 30

                                                                  Silicon Cup

- Safe, extra compact,light-weight and portable
- Indestructible design
- Modular pump components
- Bottle changed in seconds
- Mobile stand for use in anaesthesia
- Smooth surface for ease of cleaning and disinfection
- Special filter protection from bacteria and overflow
- Vacuum Range: 0.1...0.9 bar/75..675mmHg/10..90kPa
- Max capacity: 30l/min
- Power consumption: 220/240 or 110/120V,50/60Hz
- Classification: Classs 1 earthed, BF,IP 1
- Dimensions without trolley: 345mmx245mmx282mm.
- Weight: 17.8kg

Curettage Pump                                                                  SENATOR 30

- Efficient when used as a uterine aspirator
- Equipped with 1l-bottle (TPX), lid, suction curette set and instrument tray
- Maintenance free double piston technology
- Vacuum range: 0.1-0.9 bar, 75-675mmHg
- Maximum capacity: 30l/min
- Dimensions: 345x245x282mm
- Weight: 7,8kg
- Classifications: class 1 earthed, BF IP 1<52dB(A)

                                                                                     BSD Catalog

 Phaco Emulsification
- Titanium handpiece (small-diameter, lightweight and huge capability)
- High-performance vacuum pump
- Exceptional anterior chamber stability with advanced irrigation / vacuum system
- Clear LCD
   Changing programs and checking set values can be easily observed on
   a listed display.
- Easy testing
   Testing can be completed in a one-touch operation. No water needs
   to be stored in the test chamber.
- Programmable operation
   In addition to the 20 programs stored in the main memory,
   a max of 100 programs can be stored by using the additional
   PC card. (Max. 20 programs for the vitreo-retinal surgery)
   Posterior vitrectomy module (factory option)


- Titanium phaco handpiece 40kHz:
  Lightweight and small diameter for optimum ease-of-use.
- High performance pump with AFC:
  Improved peristaltic technology to provide faster rise up and anterior chamber stability.
- Vitrectomy cutter: 0-400cpm with internal compressor.
- 10.4 inch color LCD with touch screen provides easy operation.
- 20 programs can be stored in the main memory.
- Multi function foot pedal: US1 - US2 switch newly applied.

         US handpiece                                  Forceps for diathermy                   Vitrectomy cutter

                                                                                                   BSD Catalog
 Opthalmic Laser Nd: YAG                                                                                            YC-1600

   The Nidek»s ophthalmic Nd: YAG laser YC-1600 is a lightweight, compact, yet fully featured
   system of superb versatility and clinical performance.

   - Nd : YAG Laser (1064nm)
   - Lightweight Model
      Further weight reduction has been made to realize more convenient
      setting in your office.
   - Aiming Beam Rotation
      (360 degrees continuous variable) Added to further enhance the
   - Wide Range Posterior/Anterior Focus Shift Mechanism
      Offsets the focal point of the YAG energy, to avoid damage to the
      IOL. This is particularly important with existing IOL designs made
      from conventional PMMA material and the increasingly more
      popular Silicon materials.
   - Focus Shift in 25 m Steps
      The system may be used as combination delivery system with Nidek
      DC-3300 or GYC-2000/1500 Green YAG Laser consoles.

 Ophthalmic Laser Diode                                                                                DC-3300

- Compact and Reliable
  The DC-3300»s laser diode has a substantially longer life than Argon or Krypton lasers. Since
  operational parts in the main console are very few, Nidek DC-3300 offers virtual trouble-free
  performance as well as high durability and low operating costs. The small size of the system makes it
  easy to move between patient treatment areas as needed.
- The Maximum Output Power: 2000mW
  Unlike gas lasers or optical lasers that use a pulsed laser, the Nidek DC-3300 utilizes a laser diode and a
  true continuous wave (CW), to achieve maximum output power of 2000mW (endophotocoagulation
  delivery only) for various photocoagulation
- A Full Range of Delivery Options
- Slit Lamp Delivery System
- Endophotocoagulation Delivery System
- Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope Delivery System
- Transscleral Photocoagulation Delivery System
- Low Power Consumption
  Requires only a standard electrical outlet.
  Air Cooling System
  The DC-3300 system generates very little heat, eliminating the need for a large cooling system. Operati

                                                                                                            BSD Catalog
                                                      NAVEX SYSTEM

Opthalmic Laser Excimer

              Software Module:
              - Myopia
              - Hyperopia
              - Astigmatism
              - Presbyopia
                                  THE NAVEX SYSTEM

      OPD SCAN ARK 10000
      4 Measurement in a single machine
      - Refractive Power
      - Keratometry
      - Corneal Topography
      - Wavefront Analysis

                  EC- 5000 CX II
                  - 200 Hz Eye Tracker
                  - XYZ Laser Head movement
                  - MultiPoint Ablation Module
                  - Final Fit Software

                                            MICROKERATOME MK-2000
                                            - One Handed Operation
                                            - Very Safe operation

                                                             BSD Catalog
Auto Refractometer                                                       AR-630A & ARK-730

   Specifications:                                            Specifications:
   - Very accurate measurement                                - Highly accurate measurement
   - Auto-alignment,auto-focus,auto-shot,                     - Auto-alignment,auto-focus,auto-shot,
     and auto-print functions                                   and auto-print functions
   - Virtual vision comparison                                - Measurement for cornea and pupil size
   - Adjustable working distance                              - Virtual vision comparison
     (5 m for far,35 cm for near vision)                      - Adjustable working distance
                                                                (5m for far, 35m for near vision)

Fundus Camera                                                                      NM-1000

Fundus Camera Non-Mydriatic

- Digital Imaging for Optical Screening:
   Diabetes, Glaucoma Macular Degeneration, and other retinal
   New Digital Progressive Scan CCD Camera is incorporated and
   provides high-resolution megapixel 45-degree images.
- Images of the highest quality offered by direct, digital-to-digital
   data management.
- Large 6.4-inch LCD
- Easy to use Zoom Capabilities
- The data files can be temporarily stored in a PC Card (Compact flash card).
- NM-1000's camera head swivels 15 degrees to the left or right for maximum flexibility.
- High flexibility
   USB, RGB, Analog and NTSC signal outputs are incorporated, allowing quick and easy connec-
   tion to other instruments.

                                                                                          BSD Catalog
  Hand-Held Non-Mydriatic                                                                   NM-200D

  Fundus Camera
- The Nidek Fundus Camera NM-200D»s compact, lightweight body with user-friendly color touch
  screen display provides mÇåore options to treat more patients, and is more comfortable to use.
- The clear 10.4-inch LCD screen allows greater ease of operation and functionality for image capture,
  processing, editing, zooming and transmission of image data to the compact flash card.
    *CompactFlash is a trademark of SanDisk Corporation.
- Through USB interface, NM-200D»s high-resolution 1.5
  Mega Pixels image can be quickly transmitted to NAVIS or
  other devices.
- High quality NM-200D»s images stored as TIFF format can be
  corrected and displayed by other applications.
- The NM-200D»s high-resolution CCD camera requires a
  much lower flash intensity than 35mm or Polaroid film type
  fundus cameras, providing greater comfort to patients.

  Perimeter                                                                              OCTOPUS 301
                                                                                         OCTOPUS 101

        Specifications:                                      Specifications:
        - 30 direct projection system                       - 90 mirror projection with spherical copula
        - Free rotating examination unit,                    - Examination unit with separate PC
          access from all sides                              - Dark room for examination unit
        - No dark room required                              - Five languages operational dialogues
        - Most languages available in Windows
          operational languages

                                                                                                   BSD Catalog
Ophthalmometer/                                                     0M-450

   Objective Measurement of Corneal Curvature
   - Sutcliffe Type Optical System
   - Internal Reading System
   - Dual Eye Level Sighting System It facilitates horizontal
   - Positive Fixation It permits rapid measurement of central
      corneal area.

   Wide Angle Eyepiece with engraved focusing scale

Auto Lensmeter                                                   LM-990 / 990A

   Auto Lensmeter of New Generation
   Nidek LM-990/LM-990A accomplishes precise
   measurement, quick response and easy operation.
   - Auto Read & Auto print
   - Automatic Abbe Compensation
   - Simple Measurement for Progressive Power Lenses
   - LCD Computer Layout
   - Quick Response
   - Easy to Operate

   PD measurement (Model LM-990A)

  Lensmeter                                                      LM-350 / 350C

- Internal Reading System
- Cross-line and Corona Target
- Full 90 Degree Inclination
- Lightweight
- Soft Nose Piece for plastic (CR39) & polycarbonate lens

Prism Compensator (LM-350C)

                                                                         BSD Catalog
 Slit Lamp                                                                    SL-450

- Light Weighted and Stabilized Main Body
- Ideal Stereoscopic Microscope Good Resolving Power and Clear
- Plenty Standard/Optional Accessories
   Expanded wider functions of main unit for clinical examinations.
- Superior Functions and Compact Design with Tilting Mechanism
   Joy Stick Device

Easy coarse and fine adjustment for vertical and lateral movement of
main body by one hand.

  Opthalmic Unit                                                              U 1000

   - Fully motorized


  Stereo Fundus Camera
   Simple, Easy Operation
   - 3-Dx (Stereo Fundus Camera) and 3-Dx/F (Fluorescent Stereo Fundus
      Camera) are available.
   - Color and Fluorescein Angiography (F/A) simultaneous stereo digital
      imaging of the optic disc, macula or retina (without shifting the
      joystick side to side)
   - Stereo Fundus Photography can be Performed in One Shot
   - Particularly Effective in Serial Assessment of Glaucomatous Change.
   - Compact Single Unit
   - Fluorescein Angiography can be obtained by using the built-in
      various filters. Data back is included in the standard configuration.
      (*3DxF Stereo Fundus Camera)

                                                                                  BSD Catalog
Fundus Camera                                                               3-DxNM

Non-Mydriatic Stereo
- For Glaucoma Detection at Early Stage...
   Simultaneous Stereo Photography
- Film Camera Back
   Polaroid auto camera back or 35 mm camera back can be mounted
   on this system.
- 32 Degrees Field (Diagonal) of View through Minimum 4mm Pupil
- Compact Design
- Internal Fixation Target It helps the accurate positioning of the optic
   Advantageous for use at Glaucoma Diagnosis

  Auto Ref/ Keratometer                                                     ARK-30

  Lightweight & Multifunctional
  - Lightweight & Portable
  - Compact Station
  - Data Memory for 30 Persons
  - Wireless Communication
  Excellent Accuracy
  - Accurate and Speedy Measurement
  - Auto-Shot Function
  - AI Measuring Function
  - Focusing Indicator

  For Maximum Easy of Use
  - Clear Monitor Display
  - R/L Auto Selection
  - Quick Mode
  - IOL Mode Auto Selection
  - 90 Correction Function
  - Built-in Forehead Rest
  - Eye Mask & Target
  - Simple Battery-Charging System
  - System Upgrade with Nidek AOS-2100/800/600
  More Advanced Functions
  - Auto Shot & AI Mode
  Instand Selection Button for R/K Mode

                                                                                BSD Catalog
   Auto Ref/ Keratometer                                                   KM-500

   Handheld Auto Keratometer with Advanced Functions
   - Compact and Lightweight
   - Simple Operation
   All operations are conducted with only five switches.
   Data Printout & Transmission
   Hold KM-500 above the printer (optional), and press print
      button for infrared transmission to the printer.

Phoroptor                                                                   RT-600

Sphere power     Range : -19.00D ~ +16.75D
                             (-29.00D~+26.750D with optional lens)
                 Step     : 0.25D
                          (0.12D steps with +0.12D in auxiliary dial)
Cylinder power Range : 0 ~ -6.00D
                           (0 ~ -8.00D with -2.00D accessory lens)
                 Step     : 0.25D

  Trial Frame                                                           TF-510 & TF-600

PD adjustment    48 ~ 80 mm, 1 mm step
Capacity                  TF-510 : four lens cells
                          TF-600 : five lens cells
Vertex distance TF-510 : 13.75 mm
                          5 mm by 1 mm step
Weight           TF-600 : ~ 15 mm
                          by 1 mm step
Finish                    TF-510 : 81 g
                          TF-600 : 61 g

                                                                                BSD Catalog
Trial Lens Set                                  Specifications:

                                                Spheres 35 pairs each of plus and minus
                                                Cylinders         18 pairs each of plus and minus
                                                Prisms            10 pieces
                                                Accessories       10 pieces
                                                                  B.L      : Occluder                1
                                                                  O.O      : O.OD lens               1
                                                                  P.H      : Pin hole (1 mm)         1
                                                                  SS       : Slit (1 mm)             1
                                                                  CL       : Test mark for PD        2
                                                                  R        : Red lens                1
                                                                  G        : Green lens              1
                                                                  R.M      : Red maddox              1
                                                                  F.g      : Frosted                 1

   A Scan (EchoScan)                                                                      US-800

- A Scan
- Compact & Lightweight
- Speedy and Highly Accurate Measurement
- Five IOL Power Calculation

                                                                                         US - 1800
  A Scan (Echo Scan)
- Color LCD Touch Panel 10.4 inch (640 x 480 dots)
- High Speed, High Accuracy Measurement
- Advanced IOL Calculation
*Probe for corneal thickness measurement is optional

   AB Scan (Echoscan)                                                                    US - 3300

- Versatile A/B Scan
- Post-Processing Function
- User Friendly Operation

                                                                                                BSD Catalog
  Pachymeter                                                                             UP - 1000

Fast, Accurate Corneal Thickness Measurements

Portable pachymeter provides fast, accurate corneal thickness
measurements with a touch of the probe.
Thermal printer is built in the main body.

  Non-Contact Tonometer                                                                   NT-4000

 - Pulse Synchronized IOP Measurement
    The NT-4000 incorporates the ≈Pulse Synchronized∆ system for reducing the fluctuation and
    pursuing more precise measurements.
    This function can be easily deactivated and NT-4000 can also be used as a normal screening
 - Advanced APC (Automatic Puff Control) Function
    The amount of air pressure for measurements is reduced by more than 10% compared to the
    conventional model, for the optimum ease-of-use and patients» comfort.
 - Expanded Auto-focusing Detection Range
    The auto-focusing detection range has been expanded more than 50% (compared to the
    conventional model) in the focusing direction, which allows for
    quicker and more comfortable measurements.
 - Eyelid Checking Function
    Before taking the measurement, the NT-4000 checks the position
    of the eyelid to avoid an error.
 - Selectable Modes of Operation
    The operator can choose from three possible operation modes.

 Full Auto:
 Both alignment and focusing are automatically performed.
 Semi Auto:
 Alignment is automatically and focusing is manually performed.
 Both alignment and focusing are manually performed.
 - Easy Control Switches
 - Power Saving
 Monitor power turns off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.

                                                                                                 BSD Catalog
  Digital PD Meter                                                                                           PM-600

- Reliable data measurement
- Power saving auto-off function
- Large digital display

  Chart Projector                                                                                                CP-690

For Optimum Functionality...

Bright & Clear
CP-690 offers bright, consistent illumination.
Faster, Silent Operation
Changing of charts is quietly accomplished in 0.2 seconds.
Variable Light Intensity
Light intensity can be changed according to each country»s regulation
and measurement distance.
Programmed Operation
Charts can be presented in a predetermined order. Up to three programs
can be customized, including the preset program.
Ultimate Control
Charts can be randomly selected with the wireless remote control unit.
Versatile Chart Types - P type, T type, U type, F type and ISO type.

Ventilator (Portable Automatic)
                                                                                                          SPENCER 170
The Spencer 170 is an automatic ventilator designed for - First
Aid - ambulances - inter and intra-hospital transfer of critically
ill patients. The Spencer 170 is a time-cycled, pressure limited,
electronically controlled ventilator with an intermittent flow
pneumatic unit. It provides stable tidal volume and respiratory rate. The wide range of volume and
respiratory rates makes it suitable for both children and adults. The Spencer 170 is equipped with a
newly conceived mixer which allows a stable separation between oxygen and ambient air regardless of
ventilation rate and respiratory pressures. An additional valve allows the patient to breathe ambient air
when the unit is not operating. The patient circuit is provided with a low resistant valve, it is autoclavable
and easy to use; the non-rebreathing valve is equipped with a special pressure reducing device that
makes the 170 suitable for both children and adults. The Spencer 170 is compact, light-weight, easy to
regulate thanks to a clear graphic, provided with alarms and has no parts in motion: thus it allows
patient safety even if used by personnel with limited training. The Spencer 170 is available at a very low
cost. Kompak version available.

SPECIFICATION Drive: electronic Mode: controlled Respiratory frequency: 5-35 BpM Minute Volume: 2-
20 l/min I/E ratio: 1:2 Oxygen concentration: 60% - 100% Patented system Mechanical overpressure
relief: 15-70 mbar Medical gas supply: 3.5 kg/cm 0.5 Battery operation: approx. 4 hours Patient circuit:
corrugated tubing (diam. 22mm) with autoclavable non-rebreathing valve Alarms: medical gas supply
(audible), low battery (visible) Manometer: 0-100 mbar External source: 12V DC Internal source: 12V DC
Case: aluminium coated with epoxy powder Dimensions: mm140x150x230 Weight: kg 2.300

                                                                                                                     BSD Catalog
  Defibrillator                                                                    DM 10 / ECO 1

Specification:                                              Specification:
DM 10                                                       ECO 1
- Modular design                                            - ECG monitor tiltable  30 
- ECG monitor tiltable  30                               - Large LCD-Display with high contrast
- Large EL-Display with high contrast                       - Clear structure of control panels
- Optimal observability from view angles up to 170        - Easy to use
- Clear structured control panels                           - Slim housing, easy to carry in narrow door-
- Slim housing, easy to carry in narrow door-frames            frames and stairwells
   and stairwells                                           - Handy design of housing: protected
- Practical design of housing: protected connectors            connectors and paddle cables
   and paddle cables                                        - Robust casing of highly shock-resistant
- Extremely robust casing of highly shock resistant            synthetic material
   plastic material                                         - Internal components carried on shock
- Internal components beared in shock absorbing                absorbing foam without screws
   foam                                                     - 5 seconds charging time up to 360 Joules
- 5 seconds charging time up to 360 Joules                  - ECG storage of the last 10 shocks
- ECG storage of the last 10 shocks                         - Long-life duration due to high battery
- Charger station available as accessory, with                 capacity
   convenient on hand lock and vehicle                      - Charging of battery via external charger
   mounting option                                          - Defi charger available with practical
- Extremely good cost - performance ratio                      locking device, vehicle mounting & further
- Lateral module slot for PRIMEDICTM modules                   option

Primedic Defibrilator available model:
                                            ECO 1 DM 1 DM 3 DM 10 DM 30 DM 10-12 DM 30 - 12
3-lead-ECG (I,II,III)                          -Ω
6-lead-ECG (I,II,III,aVR,aVL,aVF)                      -Ω   -Ω     -Ω        -Ω
6-lead-ECG (I,II,III,aVR,aVL,aVF,, V1-V6)                                                -Ω                 -
1-lead printer, speed 25 mm/sec)               -Ω
1/3lead printer, speed 25 or 50mm/sec)                 -Ω   -Ω     -Ω        -Ω          -Ω                 -Ω
12-lead printer (real time)                                                              -Ω                 -Ω
NELLCOR Pulse Oximetry integrated                           -Ω               -Ω          -Ω
PRIMEDIC module slot                                               -Ω        -Ω          -Ω                 -Ω
Enlarge operating panel for Pacer                                  -Ω        -Ω          -Ω                 -Ω

                                                                                              BSD Catalog
  Defibrillator                                                                           HEART SAVE

Saves life
Mobile use
Easy to use
Absolutely reliable

Modular design
Many year»s of intensive market research have allowed us to develop system solutions for most
the different user
groups. The PRIMEDICTM HeartSave AED has been developed exclusively for so-called medical
Beyond that, the PRIMEDICTM HeartSave 6S offers the physician six-channel ECG-leads, SpO2
measurements and much more.

Cardiological emergencies require practice and, most of all, promptness. With the automatic start
when removing the lid, we set further standards with regard to promptness.

Safety has first priority with the PRIMEDICTM HeartSave. Safety aspects like clear operation,
routine self-tests, special robustness
have been distinguishing our products for many years.

                                                                                                    BSD Catalog
Stretcher Ambulance         510 -506

Scoop Stretcher             SPENCER SCOOP

Spirometer                  DATOSPIR 120B

Adult/ Children
Optional: weather station

                                       BSD Catalog
 Emergency/                                                                         EK-200

 Paramedic Cases
BC-DI-S      Diagnostic Instruments
BC-IM-L      Identification Materials, Large
BC-AC-33     Silicone Resuscitator,Adult
BC-IC-22     Silicone Resuscitator, Infant
BC-FP-300    Foot Suction Pump, Adult
BC-OS-CS     Opening of Airway Instruments,etc
BC-2060-ES   Emergency Scissors
BC-OX-200    Oxygen Inhalation Set
BC-ET-AI     Endotracheal Intubation Set, Adult & Infant
BC-2062-ST   Surgical Injuries Set
BC-SI-L      Syringe and Infusion Set, Large
BC-EE-NS     eye, Ear and Nose Set
BC-OB-S      Emergency Obstetric Set
BC-BS-L      Bandages and Sanitary Materials, Large
BC-7L-220    Emagin® Hard Case

                                       Alert Complete:
                                       Treatment of respiratory disturbances:
                                        - 1 Oxygen tank 0,5 lt
                                        - 1 Oxygen reducer with diaphragm fixed calibration
                                        - 1 Oxymask low flow
                                        - 1 Eco-B-Life resuscitator adult (for adult Alert)
                                        - 1 Eco-B-Life resuscitator pediatric (for pediatric Alert)
                                        - 2 Eco-B-Life resuscitator masks size 3/5
                                        - 3 Guedel non steri airways sizes –/3 (for adult Alert)
                                        - 3 Guedel non steri airways sizes 00/0/1 (for pediatricAlert)
                                        - 1 Res Q vac - compact aspiration pump
                                        - 1 handle of laryngoscope
                                        - 3 Macintosh blades size /3 (for adult Alert)
                                        - 3 Macintosh blades size 0/1/2 (for pediatric Alert)
                                        - 2 Magill size adult and pediatric (for adult Alert)
                                        - 1 Magill size pediatric (for pediatric Alert)
                                        - 1 Collin intubation forceps
                                        - 1 Tongue spatula
                                        - 1 Sphygmomanometer adult cuff (for adult Alert)
                                        - 1 Sphygmomanometer pediatric cuff (for pediatric Alert)
                                        - 1 Basic phonendoscope
                                        - 1 Plastic pen light
                                        - 1 Tourniquet
                                        - 1 Universal bandage scissors
                                        - 1 Emergency blanket
                                        - 1 Heltex burn dressing 10 x 10 cm
                                        - Size: 52 x 37 x 17 cm
                                        - Weight: 5,9 kg.
                                        - Base rails for extra stability
                                        - 3 hooks for carrying straps or security straps
                                        - Reinforced corners
                                        - Large, comfortable handle and flexible core
                                        - Anti-rip hinges to withstand extreme stress fracture panel
                                        - 2 locks with key
                                        - A traumatic hygienic plastic movable devision.

                                                                                         BSD Catalog
   Resuscitation Set                                                          AC-FP-3

  BC-AC-33           Silicone Resuscitator,Adult
  BC-FP-300          Foot Suction Pump,Adult
  BC-OA-CS           Opening of Airway Instruments,etc
  BC-2040-TF         Tongue Forceps
  BC-01SS-TB         Small-item Vinyl Case with Fastener
  BC-2S-TP           Emagin ≠Case 32x10.5x30cm
  Weight: 2.5KG

   Oxygen Concentrator                                                       MARK5PLUS

- Exclusive,lockable control knob, to protect customer from
   harmful effects of exceeding prescribed oxygen levels
- Standard flow setting range from 1/8 to 5 liters per minute
- Flow setting clicks in place for the sight impaired
- Slanted intake-can fit flush to the wall without restricting the
   air flow overheating
- Gross Particle Filter location provides patient easy access for cleaning
- 9 PSI oxygen output pressure allows the patient the freedom to use
   longer tubing without restricting the flow
- Reaches full purity in less than 3 minutes

                                                                                  BSD Catalog
  Suction Pumps                                                                          SENATOR 30

- High suction capacity of 30l/min
- Maintenance-free glass-cylinder& graphite piston
- Hydrophobic bacterial filter for protection of the pump
Multi Application:    vacuum extractor, suction curretage, drainage pump, lipo suction
Available Model: Master 45 (45 l per minute)

                                  Hydrophobic Bacterial Filter



- With features such as: adjustable suction pressure,
  simple changeover system, dual power switch system,
  smooth yet powerful suction pump,float-valved reservoir,
  manual assembling/disassembling
- Power Source: AC 110/220V,50/60Hz
- Motor: 200W,1ph,Induction motor
- Vacuum Pump: Rotary Type
- Vacuum Range: 0-740,10mmHg
- Air Exhaust: 25l/min
- Dimensions: W450xH873xD365mm
- Weight: 40kg

                                                                                              BSD Catalog
  Suction Pumps                                                                     AC-750

- Power source: AC 100V-120V/AC220V-240V, 50/60Hz
- Power consumption: max 12VA
- Max suction pressure: -80KPa(-60cmHg)
- Exhaust air volume: 10l/min
- Suction bottle: 750ml.made of glass
- Size: 305x100x225mm
- Weight: 2.5kg

Available Model:
3 Way 750 With AC, Battery & Car Cigarette Lighter

   Drainage Pump                                                                 SENATOR 30

- Suitable for post-operative wound care
- Definitely adjustable vacuum
- Equipped with 2l bottle(TPX),lid, water gauge,
   water vacuum meter, instrument tray

   Binocular Microscope                                                            BM E


The expectations even for starter microscopes are growing all
the time. With our 150 years of experience and competence
in microscopy, we play a major role in shaping developments
in this area. That»s why we designed the Leica BM E. Thanks
to its compact build, easy-access controls, 450 viewing engle
and 3600 rotatable observation tubes, users of all shapes and
sizes will be able to work at this microscope with ease and
convenience. The Leica BM E has an extremly small footprint,
is easy to carry and stays cool in spite of its powerful illumina-
tion. A blue filter is integrated to prevent loss. And the low
position of the x/y stage minimizes wrist movement.                  At last: a high-quality microscope
                                                                     for beginners

                                                                                          BSD Catalog
                                                                                         CM E
   Binocular Microscope

The Leica CM E has been specially designed not only to
satisfy the growing demands for performance in a first
level university microscope but also to set new standards.
It is unique in its design, user-friendliness and perfor-

The compact size of the Leica CM E keeps key controls
within easy reach for long spells of fatigue-free micros-
copy and takes up less table and storage spage. besides
being easy to carry, it has 3600 rotatable viewing bodies
for comfortable sharing.

You can count on the wide range of accessories and
affordable price that you have come to expect from Leica

                                                                   A student»s best friend

                                                                                         DM E


The Leica DM E compound microscope is designed for general
biology and specific life science applications in university
education and laboratory routine.

Its highly efficient illumination system with a more powerful
halogen lamp than any other microscope in this class provides
consistent color and intensity throughout the whole lamp life
(over 2000 hours). The Leica DM E will enhance the quality of
your microscopy work. Equipped with the technology of a
research microscope, e.g. optional Koehler illumination and
phase contrast, polarization or darkfield illumination, it opens
up new horizons not only for one microscopist, but, using the
multiviewing facility, up to ten at a time.

                                                                     Top performance and modular design
                                                                     for teaching and loboratory routine

                                                                                             BSD Catalog
  Binocular Microscope                                                               DM LB2


The Leica DM LB 2 is a system microscope for problem
solution in both biomedical routine and research. This
microscope offers exceptional optical performance and
excellent contrasting, besides being highly stable and easy
to use and featuring a built-in power supply for 12 V/30 W
or 12 V/100 W lamp. Its great versatility makes it ideal for a
wide variety of applications. The extensive range of accesso-
ries includes tracing, multi-viewing, macro and image
documentation equipment. Particular attention has been
paid to ergonomics: the optional Advanced Ergotube AET22
and the longer coaxial drive knob ensure the most comfort-
able operation possible.

                                                                    Universal system microscope for
                                                                    routine diagnostics and biomedical

                                                                                         DM IL


The Leica DM IL is the contrasting microscope of choice for
microbiology and cell culture laboratories. Offering virtually
unlimited application potential in live cell microscopy, it is
ideal for routine examinations of cell and tissue cultures, for
liquids and sediments and for special applications such as
micro-manipulation and microinjection.

Users will be impressed by its brilliant incident light fluores-
cence, optimized phase contrast and a new, extremely
efficient contrasting technique: For the first time, Leica»s
unique IMC (Integrated Modulation Contrast) enables high-
quality Hoffman modulation contrast without having to use
special objectives.

                                                                   Hoffman Modulation Contrast without
                                                                   special objectives

                                                                                             BSD Catalog
   Stereo Microscope                                                                ZOOM2000


The Leica ZOOM2000 is the reference stereomicroscope
for applications in education all over the world. No other
training zoom microscope performs like it. The three-way
illumination system (transmitted light, incident light or
both together) and the high-quality lens optics are con-
tained in an extremely rugged housing, which will provide
years of continuous use for students. There are two
different models available with either fixed or focusing
eyepieces. The ZOOM2000 with fixed eyepiece is best
suited for use in the classroom. A focusing eyepiece allows
independent movement of both eyepieces at various

                                                              The worldwide standard for education

   Centrifuge                                                                 MICRO HAEMATOCRIT
                                                                              CENTRIFUGE (HHC-24)

- Fully automated control system run by the micropro-
- The exact time and speed are displayed with LED
- The motor brake system, of one-touch polarity reverse
   type is embedded to improve working efficiency
- The unit employs aluminium alloy rotor, which shows
   outstanding durability despite high centrifugal force
- The unit is a very reputed product adopting a commu-
   tator motor of Grosschopp&Co make
- The lid with interlock and the exterior case are very
   safe and durable
- The unit maintains stability during operation, because if
   is structured stably
- The unit has two reader that can read the Packed Cell
   Volume promptly and exactly
- Dimensions: 300 x 225 x 335mm, weight: 16kg

                                                                                            BSD Catalog
   Centrifuge                                                               DIGITAL CENTRIFUGE

- Fully automated control system run by the microprocessor
- The exact time and speed are displayed with LED system
- The unit has a safety device, which breaks power at
    excess speed above 4.095 rpm
- The unit operates accurately and quietly, supported by its
    fabricated DC magnet motor
- The unit saves one of the most frequently used program
    in the memory
- The unit has the durable and accurate aluminimum alloy
    rotors, that is made by the diecasting
- It is outstanding in self-balancing, thanks to perfect
    vibration-proof device
- Dimensions: 356 x 315 x 437 mm, weight : 22 kg
- Classifications: Installation Category II, Pollution Degree 2

Photometer                                                                       BTS 330

   - Open Reagent System
   - Built in Printer
   - Large LCD Display

  Automatic Analyzer                                                           BTS 370 Plus

- Open Reagent System
- Processing capacity up to 120 samples in 2 worklist and calibrator list
- Incubation 1:30 to 9999 seg
- Incubation 2:30 to 9999 seg
- Up to 3 replicates for blanks and calibrators
- Calibration and Blanks can be stored
- Patient Data (name, age.sec etc) files
- PC Operation

                                                                                      BSD Catalog
  Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Fully Computerize
Open System
Random Access
Stat Mode (immediate acces &execution)
150 -180 test per hour
Analysis mode: : endpoint (substrates) ;
Kinetic (enzim) ; Initial Rates (fixed time enzim) ;
Serum Blank (process blank) ; Non Linear Cali-
brations (multipoint) ;Bichromatic

  Electrolyte Analyser                                 BIOLYTE 2000

    Automated Testing, Easy Handling
    Testing from Serum, Plasma, Whole Blood or Urine
    Na+ ; K+ ;CL- or Li+
    More than 700 test per 400 ml reagent pack
    Built in thermal printer
    Only 49 seconds is time
    450 Patients Storage
    Power Failure Protection

                                                             BSD Catalog
Urine Analyser                                                                      URISCAN OPTIMA+

                                       -Two different test modes (Routine test mode,quick test mode)
                                       -Easy access to review test results
                                        (All results,abnormal results,abnormal list printout)
                                       -Automatic memory function(Memory : 2000 test results)
                                       -Simple ID management (Registration via keyboard,barcode reader
                                       or PC)
                                       -Communication Interface
                                       (With host computer by serial communication (RS232C))
                                       -Automatic selection of 8 combined items from 4 to 11 parameters
                                       -Wide LCD easy to read results(8 lines,40 char/line)

  Tissue Processor                                                                        TP-1020

- Carousel type with 12 stations
- Configurations: basic Instrument, vacuum function, fume control
   system, vacuum function with fume control system
- Option: 2 basket loading
- Tissue baskets made of metal with varying capacities of up to 80
- Ergonomic control panel with foil-protected keyboard and LCD
- Infiltration time separately programmable for each station
- Delayed start function up to 9 days
- Possibility of interrupting an automatic process for reloading or
   removing cassettes for special applications
   before the end of a run
- Easy editing and changing of programs, even during a processing
- Advanced safety concept
- Wide range of accessories

                                                                                                BSD Catalog
      Tissue Processor                                                                    EM TP


This new tissue processor station for routine applications is
designed for automatic fixation, dehydration and resin
infiltration of biological samples. Besides offering up to 99
programmable memories, time settings of 1 min. to 99 h
59 min. for each sample holder, individual pre-warming or
cooling of EM sample holders to a temperature between
+4 C and + 60 C and a printer connection port, the Leica
  0           0

EM TP also features a reagent carousel for 24 EM sample
holders, veriable agitation, disposable sample baskets of
different sizes, a large sample holder for LM sample
preparation and a stand-by battery in case of power cuts.

                                                                 Fully automatic tissue processor for
                                                                 biological samples

                                                                                        SM2000 R
  Sliding Microtome

The Leica SM2000 R sliding microtome has been developed
for convenient sectioning of tissue specimens embedded in
paraffin. Maintenance-free vertical cross roller bearing
slideways ensure extremely smooth sledge movement and
thus fatigue-free operation. The Leica SM2000 R may be
equipped with either the universal cassette clamp or the stan-
dard clamp for paraffin blocks. The easy-to-use knife holder
is designed to accommodate both standard knives and dis-
posable blandes. You can adjust the unique automatic speci-
men advance mechanism according to the size of each indi-
vidual sample, making the Leica SM2000 R much easier and
more efficient to operate.

                                                                 For easy and convenient sectioning

                                                                                               BSD Catalog
                                                                      RM2125 & RM2125 RT

The standard for laboratory routine. We have designed
the Leica RM2125 and 2125 RT compact rotary micro-
tomes specifically for paraffin sectioning applications in
routine laboratories. Offering the latest in technology at
a very attactive price/ benefit ratio, they focus on what is
essential withaout compromising on sectioning quality,
ease of operation and user safety. With our tailor-made
range of optional accessories, you can set up these in-
struments in virtually any configuration for both routine      For uncompromised quality
and special applications.

Specifications:                                                               RM2135

Comfortable work with patented system. Exemplary stan-
dards of safety along with an ergonomic design charac-
terize the Leica RM2135. Cross roller bearings for both
vertical and horizontal specimen feed - a unique feature
in a manually operated rotary microtome-ensure highest
sectioning quality even when strong sectioning forces are
applied at high sectioning speeds. Furthermore, we have
included another good idea in the Leica RM2135: a pat-
ented gravitational force compensation system offsets the
centrifugal forces arising during the sectioning process
via a spring under tension. The handwheel turns smoothly
                                                               Compensation system: centrifu-
and effortlessly, producing a uniform stroke without
                                                               gal forces offset by all-new
≈chatters∆, providing optimum sectioning results.
                                                               spring system

Specifications:                                                               RM2145

Versatile, easy-to-use and equipped with numerous extra
features at no extra cost, the Leica RM2145 meets spe-
cific sectioning requirements in histology and histopathol-
ogy as well as in industrial quality assurance.

Ergomode and a separate control panel ensure maximum
user comfort. The step-motor-operated feed system en-
sures precise section thickness, the result being repro-
ducible and consistently high sectioning quality. In addi-
tion, the Leica RM2145 is equipped with a specimen ori-
entation system with anti-tilt function, allowing a total
vertical specimen stroke of 70 mm and a section thick-
ness setting range from 0.25 to 60m.                          Functional design and ergonomics
                                                               in manual sectioning

                                                                                    BSD Catalog
   Microtome                                                                           RM2155


We have developed the Leica RM2155 for fully automatic
sectioning of paraffin-and palstic-embedded specimens in
histology and histopathology laboratories as well as in
indusrial materials control and quality assurance. Further-
more, your comfort comes first: you no longer need to
change the specimen holders. As in all the other rotary mi-
crotomes of the Leica RM2100 series, the RM2155 also has
the highly valued quick release clamping system, which-thaks
to a newly developed retainer system - can be operated with
one hand. The specimen clamps can be exchanged just as
quickly. The Leica RM2155: ideal for fully automatic sec-
tioning in both research and routine applications, either in
biomedicine or industry.

                                                                Tailor-made technology meeting highest



The fully automatic rotary microtome Leica RM2165 is the
top-of-line product of Leica RM2100 rotary microtome se-
ries. The instrument»s ergonomics, functionality and exem-
plary safety standards respond perfectly to the manifolds
flow processes and application requirements of any mod-
ern laboratory. Directly located at the microtome are only
the safety-relevant controls, the emergency stop and the
mechanical handwhell brake. All other functions are con-
veniently controlled via a separate control panel with ergo-
nomically adjustable inclination angle. The Leica RM2165
microtome can be used in the routine medical laboratory
and for the semi-thin sectioning required in biomedical re-
search as well as in industrial quality assurance and materi-
als research.

                                                                Outstanding performance and sturdi-
                                                                ness for universal use

                                                                                             BSD Catalog
  Freezing Microtome                                                                CM1100


High user comfort - even outside the laboratory. The Leica
CM1100 is two instruments in one: a cryostat for safe and rapid
on-site analysis and at the same time the ideal back-up instrument
for your laboratory. The Leica CM1100 is portable and can be
transported in practically any vehicle. A 12 V connection and an
additional battery enable sectioning in the vehicle and/or the
instrument to be precooled during transport so that it is ready for
service when arriving on-site. The Leica CM100 - a highly efficient   The full technology of the
instrument, ready for immediate use in any place and at any time.     full-size Leica cryostats - now
Mobile diagnostics are gaining in significance: the Leica CM1100      in compact-size format
is the ideal instrument for immediate use, any place, any time.



The Leica CM1850 cryostat is designed to meet highest sectioning
demands. Short specimen freezing times and precise and smooth
specimen orientation make it the ideal instrument for routine
histology and clinical pathology. An actively cooled freezing shelf
in conjunction with apeltier cooler ensure extremely fast specimen
freezing down to - 600 C. The user-friendly two-speed coarse feed
quickly and easily moves the specimen towards the knife. With its
power-saving cooling system, the Leica CM1850 is also friendly to
the environment.
                                                                      State-of-the-art refrigeration
                                                                      and sectioning technology



We have developed the Leica CM1900 especially for rapid routine
diagnostics. The easily accessible open-top cryochamber with
separate specimen cooling offers ample space for convenient
working as well as storage of specimens. Self-explanatory single-
function keys and easily readable LEDs prevent operating errors.
The motorized coarse feed is ergonomically positioned in the arm
rest on the left and operated via push buttons. The encapsulated
stainless-steel, high-precision microtome is splash-proof and does
not need to be removed from the cryochamber for disinfection,         Reproducible sectioning
making the Leica CM1900 even easier to use.                           results for advanced routine

                                                                                          BSD Catalog
   Tissue Infiltration                                                                         ASP300

Tissue infiltration can be so easy. The Leica ASP300 represents a new
standard for paraffin infiltration of tissue both in routine hispathology
and research applications. Proven and enhanced technology have
been combined with an innovative user interface. The instrument is
operated via a solvent-resistant color touchscreen - the desired
functions are activated by simply pressing the intuitive graphic
symbols. The unique Reagent Management System is ideal for quality
control requirements in today»s laboratory. By the way, the Leica
ASP300 even speaks to you: all the information for the program
functions is available in your own language.
                                                                                 Tissue infiltration - safe and
                                                                                 easy as never before

   Tissue Embedding Center                                                                     EG1150
The Leica EG1150 embedding system incorporates two
components, the cold plate Leica EG1150 C («Cool») and
the paraffin embedding module EG1150 H («Hot») which
can be arranged independently, allowing you to work in
either direction in the laboratory. The mold and cassette
warming trays are located at the same level and inter-
changeable to accommodate individual workflow require-
ments. The position-adjustable halogen spot ensures bright,
even illumination of the entire work area.

For orienting specimens from biopsies and other especially            Modular system for flexible and
very small specimens, an adjustable magnifier is available as         comfortable workflow
an option.

Specifications:                                                                                EG1160
Compact dimensions, ease of operation and excellent
standards of convenience and safety characterize the Leica
EG1160 paraffin embedding station. The separately heated
paraffin dispensing system of the Leica EG1160 with an
integrated filter ensures constant, reproducible paraffin
flow at ten different flow rate settings.

All instrument functions - including the automatic starting
time - are individually programmable at just the press of a
button. Large and temperature-controlled hand rest areas
give the user maximum freedom of movement. The Leica
EG1160 offers a wide range of accessories (cold light
source, vacuum attachment and magnifier).                             Reliable engineering, compact design

                                                                                                      BSD Catalog
  Autostainer                                                                        Autostainer XL


The Leica Autostainer XL (Leica ST5010) for routine staining
in the histology laboratory has set new standards with its
unique capability of performing several different staining
protocols simultaneously and very high throughput. For
example, a special staining protocol can run in parallel with
routine H&E staining. In addition, the Leica Autostainer XL
can accommodate up to 11 slide racks containing 30 slides
each, processing at least 200 slides per hour, depending on
the program run.

Furthermore you do not need to open the instrument or
interrupt a staining cycle to unload/reload the slides.

                                                                Leica Autostainer XL flexible staining -
                                                                maximum quality and safety

 Water Bath                                                                               HI-1210

 - Jet black aluminium surface ensuring particularly high
    conductivity and resistant plastic coating
 - Broad rim to store the microscope slides
 - Slightly inclined control panel with ergonomically
    positioned controls and LED display
 - Easy to operate
 - Overheat protection
 - Temperature set values memorized by battery backup
 - An analogue control circuit provides accurate
    temperature control by phase-control, this ensures
    a more precise control than on comparable units
 - Modern, appealing design
 - Dimensions tailored to suit the Jung Histoplate
 - Visual indication when exceeding 44 c

                                                                                              BSD Catalog
  Flattening Table                                                             HISTOPLATE (HI-1220)

- Jet black aluminium surface to ensure high thermal
   conductivity and resistant plastic coating
- Easy -to- clean rounded edges
- Slightly inclined control panel with ergonomically
   positioned controls and LED display
- Overheat protection
- An analogues control circuit provides accurate
   temperature control by phase control, this ensures a
   more precise control than on comparable units
- Dimensions tailored to suit the Jung Histobath, along
   with its modern and appealing design

  Freezer Blood Plasma                                                             HFP - 315S
                                                                                   HFP - 315M
Exterior                  W134 x H2,000 x D880 mm, Carbon Steel
Plate, Finished with Powder Coating
Interior                  W590 x H1,520 x D740 mm, Carbon Steel
Plate, Finished with Powder Coating
                          664l cap., 400ml pk. x 315
Instalation               70 mm Thick Polyurethane Form
Drawers                   W521 x H98 x D550 mm, 7ea
                          Stainless Steel Plate (STS304)
Condensing Unit           1HP, Hermetically Sealed Compressor, Finned
Tube Coil Type Condenser
Cooling Unit              Finned Tube Coil Type Evaporator w/Blower
                          Automatic Periodical Defrosting System
Refrigerant               R-502, Charge 1.95kg
Operating Temperature -35C
Power Source              AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 4.6A
Monitor                   Model HTM-6974D
Temperature Recorder      Power Driven, 7-day Revolution, 6∆ Chart
Lighting                  One FL 40W, 1 set
Net Weight                235 kg
Optional                  Model HFP-315S: Stainless Steel. Plate (STS 304)
Environment               a Altitudes up to 2,000 meters
Conditions                b Temperature range of 5C to 40C
IEC 61010-1               c Maximum relative humidity of 80% for
   temperatures up to 310C, decreasing
                             linearly to 50% at 40C
                          d Main Supply voltage fluctuation of 10% of
                          e Installation Category (Overvoltage Category) II,
                             Pollution Degree 2

                                                                                         BSD Catalog
    Analytical Balance
    Mini-Portables, School Balances, Compact Balances
    Precision Balances, Analytical Balances, Moisture Analyzer
    Platform Balances, Counting Balances, Hanging Balances
    Test Weights, DKD Certificates, Software

    Steam Sterilizer                                                 HS-1606

                                                   6 litre


                                                   21 litre


                                                   41 litre

                                                                         BSD Catalog
Steam Sterilizer   HS-4085

85 litre


196 litre

250 litre

                        BSD Catalog
Steam Sterilizer     HS-5035

350 litre

EO Gas Sterilizer   HS-3041EO

41 litre


85 litre

                         BSD Catalog
EO Gas Sterilizer      HS-5025EO

250 litre


717 litre

   Dry Heat Sterilizer &


32 litre

                                BSD Catalog
Dry Heat Sterilizer &   HS-4050


52,8 litre


107.5 litre

Steam Sterilizer, Vertical


60 litre

                            BSD Catalog

 Steam Sterilizer, Field
 Hospital Type

118 litre

Steam Sterilizer,          HS 1000


HS 1000 - 1049 Litre

                                BSD Catalog

  Ultraviolet Rays Sterilizer


   H-5000A                                                                           H-8000C

Specifications :
MODEL                   H-3000B                       H-5000A                        H-8000C
Power Source            AC220V, 50/60Hz               AC220V, 50/60Hz                AC220V, 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature   20C ~ 120C                  20C ~ 120C                   20C ~ 120C
Timer                   0 ~ 60min                     0 ~ 60min                      0 ~ 60min
Germicidal Lamp         6 Watts                       6 Watts                        6 Watts
Power Consumption       350 Watts                     450 Watts                      600 Watts
Cabinet Dimensions      W450 x H465 x D335 mm W585 x H410 x D405 mm W585 x H595 x D405 mm
Chamber Dimensions      W358 x H258 x D260 mm W390 x H280 x D330 mm W470 x H365 x D325 mm
Net Weight              14 kg                         19 kg                          23 kg
Environment             a Altitudes up to 2,000 meters
Conditions              b Temperature range of +5C to +40C
IEC 61010-1             c Maximum relative humidity of 80% for temperatures up to 31C, decreasing
                          linearly to 50% at 40C
                        d Main Supply voltage fluctuation of 10% of nominal
                        e Installation Category (Overvoltage Category) II, Pollution Degree 2

                                                                                           BSD Catalog
   Electro Stimulation                                                       Firing

- 7stimulation modes (waveforms)
- Simple or combined pre-set treatment protocols
- User-programmable protocols for each of 7 modes of emission
- Possibility to sequence programs belonging to the same
   stimulation mode
- Pre-set programs for common pathologies
- Constant-current/constant-voltage operation is ideal for
   requiring the electrode relocation
- Easy selection of parameters through a knob with a button
- Large, easy-to-read LCD display

                                                                             ST - 30

- 9 stimulation modes (types of current)
- 1 Electrodiagnosis mode
- The rest of the specifications are the same as firing

   Combination Therapy                                                     MIXING 2

- Featuring 2 independent stimulation channels with adjustable
  intensity for the delivery of low and medium frequency treatments.
- 7 stimulation modes (waveforms) the rest of the specifications are the
  same with Firing

                                                                                  BSD Catalog
  Electrostimulation                                                PTC 3200

- Membrane key technology and LED displays: hygienic and
  easy to keep clean.
- The output of the unit supplies electric current. During
  the treatment, electric power is transmitted to the muscle
  being treated.
- PTC 3200 ELECTROSTIM offers electrotherapeutic pain
  treatment, galvanic direct current, diadynamic current, TENS,
  URS and acupuncture current. The PTC 3200 ELECTROSTIM
  can also be used for muscle-nerve irritability examinations.
  The device allows for rapid and reliable faradic and galvanic
  irritability examination, IT-diagnostics and appropriate
  square wave and exponential wave electrical irritation
  treatment in cases of peripheral nerve injury.
- Using STOP function treatment can be interrupted and
  still treatment parameters are preserved. Treatment parameter
  and program is possible to change. The output current
  display flashes slowly. Adjusting the treatment program
  resets the display.
- Treatment is resumed by pressing the
  START button, the current will slowly
  increase to the adjusted value.
  If the treatment program has been
  changed, the output current values must
  be readjusted.

                                                                  BTL 4000 Series

The BTL-4000 Puls Professional electrotherapy
products come as either 1 or 2-channel electrotherapy
units, with a full selection of waveforms.
All models have built-in rechargeable battery.

• Full range of low and medium frequency currents and their
• BTL therapy guide - built-in therapeutic protocols and
• 50 customer designed therapeutic protocols
• Optional connection with the vacuum unit BTL vac

                                                                          BSD Catalog

- User friendly,battery operated, easy to carry
- Standard accessories:
   N.4 rubber electrodes 40x50mm (EG)
   N.2 cables                 (A1001401)
   N.1 bottle of gel                (R/50)
   N.2 batteries                     (B/T)
   N.1 non-allergic plaster tape     (R/C)

   Interferential & Analyzer                                                                          PTC VISION 4100

Interferential and measurement combination device.
- Battery operating.
- A lightweight designed unit with large colour LCD-
- Membrane key technology: hygienic and easy to
   keep clean.
- Multilingual.
- Easy-to-use new generation user interface which guides for the wanted treatment response and
- Current mode graphic display. Frequency Analysis Method (FAM) -measurement:
- 5 ready-to-use measurement programs
- possibility to choose 1√5 different measurement points
- measurement frequencies 10, 30, 50 and 100 Hz or a selectable one from 1 to 250Hz
- measurement results can be saved in the memory
- possibility to show measurement results graphically or in data sheet mode
- data from the device»s memory can be transferred to PC using infrared
  Interferential treatment:
- 110 ready-to-use treatment programs or possibility to choose treatment manually
- Interferential and bipolar treatment with both channels

                                                                                                 BSD Catalog
   Interferential                                                                             PTC 3100

- Membrane key technology and LED displays: hygienic and easy to keep clean.
- Both output channels supply alternating current. Treatment current is transmitted to the issue being
   treated, and the treatment frequency is the interferential frequency of both channels.
- Output frequency 4000 Hz and manual program 2500 Hz. Also bipolar use possibility.
- Using STOP function treatment can be interrupted and still treatment parameters are preserved.
   Treatment parameter and program is possible to change.
   The intensity of the treatment current linearly decreases to zero. The display is reset to zero when
   treatment program is changed. Pressing STOP button two more times will end treatment.
- Treatment is resumed by pressing the START button, in which case the
   intensity of the therapeutic current is      increased to the
   set point within six seconds and the treatment program is
   started within 30 sec. when a beep is emitted. The
   output current must be readjusted if the treatment
   program is changed.
- On-line adjustments: vector rotation, frequency, current
   and balance.

                                                                                           KALMIA TA 534

                                                                - Number of Treatment channels: 4ch
                                                                - Treatment Program Settings: 8 types for each
                                                                   channel (4 built-in Fixed Program Settings & 4
                                                                   Additional Original programs can be input
                                                                   into memory)

                                                                Simplified setup and operation via by liquid
                                                                crystal screen.

   Vacuum Therapy                                                                            LCA 104/102

An unique new electrode attachment system that, combined with
Topra wave, that improves treatment effectiveness and patients
- New suction cup enables easy operation and attachment.
- New Aqua-Vein System, heated water is continuously circulated from
   the water tank to the suction cup electrode warming the treated
   area and providing a pleasant patient experience.
- The Aqua-Vein system provides a smooth attachment eliminating any
   unpleasant stinging pain during treatment.
- Number of Treatment channels: 4ch (104) / 2ch (102)
- Output Waveform: Topra Wave
- Treatment Program Settings: 9 types per
- channel
- Water Temperature: 380≈42

                                                                                                      BSD Catalog
   Combination                                                       BTL 4000 COMBI

The BTL-4000 Combi Professional units include two physiotherapy
treatments in one unit. You have a choice of
combining electrotherapy, ultrasound or laser therapy in a single
device. Operating two different kinds of physical
therapy treatments from one unit saves your time, office space and
helps you economize on your investment.

   Vacuum Therapy                                                     BTL 4000 VAC

Vacuum unit BTL vac can be combined with any BTL-4000
electrotherapy or combi unit.

• 2 independent outputs
• Pulse and continuous modes
• 4 pre-defined programs to combine various pulse frequencies
• Pulse frequency 15, 30, 45 and 60 pulses per minute

  Laser Therapy                                                        BTL-5000

Specifications :
- Pre-programmed therapies for gynecology
- Free lots for user-designed programs
- Red and infrared probes
- Touch screen operation
- Continuos and pulse laser therapy
- Built-in patient database and user guide
- Connection to a PC, printer and computer network

Wavelength 685 nm ( red probe), 830 nm (infrared probe)
Output        30,60 mW (red probe), 50,100,200,300,400 mW
(infrared probe)

                                                                            BSD Catalog
   Laser Therapy                                                              BTL 4000 LASER

The BTL-4000 Laser Professional low level laser therapy unit offers a great
selection of specialized
therapeutic programs for physical therapy and other medical areas.
• Large selection of red and infrared laser probes that can be
  simultaneously connected
• Continuous and pulse laser therapy (frequency modulation 0 - 5000Hz)
• Duty factor 10 - 90%
• Acupuncture set for laser acupuncture
• Nogier and EAV frequencies
• Built-in rechargeable battery
• Built-in therapeutic protocols and encyclopaedia for: rehabilitation,
  orthopaedics, sports medicine, dentistry, gynaecology, dermatology,
  ENT, paediatrics and general practice.
• 50 customer designed therapeutic protocols
• Choice of optical attachments for ENT, gynaecology, urology and

                                                                              LP- 50 & LP-1000


- Continuous laser output, with automatic calculation
   of real treatment time                                                        LP- 50
- Simple adjustment and dosing of laser beam
- Pre-set programs for the most common pathologies
- Programmable parameters in manual mode
- Easy to transport and extremely light weight
- Wave length: 795nm (LP 1000), 905nm (LP50)


                                                                                       BSD Catalog
    Ultrasound Therapy                                                                 ES-2 SONIC MASTER
Sonic Master ES-2 is a compact ultrasonic apparatus of high efficiency. Large ERA 10 cm2 and low
BNR 4.0 allows more sufficient treatment.

- Large ERA(effective radiating area) of 10 cm2 offers a versatile choice for ultrasonic application. It
  has also improved the directivity of ultrasonic radiation.
- Low BNR(beam non-uniformity ratio) of 4.0 allows to emit uniform ultrasonic radiation.
- Provided with five kinds of pulse mode, accommodating to non-thermal therapy.
- Equipped with automatic check function for incomplete contact of applicator.
- All functions can be operated with seven buttons. Set treatment conditions are memorized and
  treatment canstart instantly at the time of power on again.

                                              ES-2B SMALL APPLICATOR [OPTION]
                                              With ERA of 1cm2 for treating small portions
                                              such as hands, fingers, etc. Can easily be

                                              Applicator(standard size)
                                              Equipped with piezoelectric oscillation plate
                                              of 10 cm2. Right-angle type.

[BTL - UK]                                                                                 BTL 4000 SONO
The BTL-4000 Sono Professional ultrasound units feature the best parameters,
ergonomic design and a great flexibility due to the built-in rechargeable battery.

• Multifrequency (1 and 3MHz) ergonomic and water resistant heads 1 and 4 cm2
• Visual head contact control
• Simultaneous connection of both heads
• Continuous and pulse (10-150Hz) operation modes
• Duty factor 5-100%
• Max. output 3W/cm2 in pulse mode

[INNOKAS-FINLAND]                                                                             PTC 2100

- Membrane key LED displays: hygienic and easy to keep clean.
- Displays for output intensity, pulsed & continuous outputs and
   treatment times.
- Possibility to use forced output and interrupt function
- Designed treatment heads, 1 and 3 MHz frequencies.
- Automatic skin control
- Contouring of modelled treatment heads virtually eliminates
   undesirable side radiations.
- Intelligent treatment heads allow on-line replacement
- Power indication option-in watts or watts/cm2.
- 6 Ready-to-use treatment programs which are readjustable.
- Manual programs for 1 and 3 MHz.

                                                                                                      BSD Catalog
  Shortwave Diathermy                                                                              BTL 20

The BTL-20 shortwave therapy unit is a computer controlled device for both continuous and pulsed wave
therapies allowing thermal and athermal treatment. Due to multi-directional and multi-joint arms, it is
possible to treat comfortably any part of the body. A wide range of applicators enables the user to treat
the required part of tissue with maximum therapeutic effect. The unit is equipped with timer with automatic
shutoff after completion of treatment time.

Main features
- Solid-state generator
- Continuous and pulsed mode
  (allows thermal and athermal treatment)
- Capacitive and inductive applicators
- High output power
- Easy changing of applicators
- Equipped with timer with automatic shutoff

Available applicators
- 8 and 14 cm diameter coil field applicators
- 4.2, 8.5 and 13 cm diameter condenser field
  (Schliephake) applicators
- 8x14 and 12x18 cm soft rubber plate applicators.

                                                                                                         BTL 21

  Microwave Diathermy
The BTL-21 microwave therapy unit is a computer controlled device operating in continuous and
pulsed mode. It is suitable for different applications in hospitals and private practices. The four-joint
arm helps to reach any part of the patient»s body. A wide
range of applicators ensures maximum therapeutic effect.
The BTL-21 device is equipped with timer with automatic
shutoff after completion of treatment time.

Main features
- Solid-state generator
- Continuous and pulsed mode (allows thermal and
  athermal treatment)
- High output power, continuously adjustable
- Easy changing of applicators
- Equipped with timer with automatic shutoff

Available applicators
- Hollow
- Long field
- Round field
- Contact radiators
- Body cavity radiators.

                                                                                                              BSD Catalog
  Microwave Diathermy
                         ME -7200
                         slot/helical 2-applicator type, standard type
                         Equipped with a slot applicator and a helical one.
                         Both independently irradiate.
                         Output displayed in analog meter.
                         Motor timer built-in.

                                                        Equipped with a slot applicator,
                                                       capable of heating wide portion.

                         Most widely used type.
                         Equipped with round (helical) applicator
                                                                             Table Type
                                                                    Deluxe table type.
                                                      Equipped with power of 160 W,
                                                  bearing comparison with large type.

  Traction Unit                                                                      OL-1100 ORTHO TRAC

standard type, unit with a bed
With plain operation panel. Set treatment conditions
are memorized, unnecessary to reset at the time of
power on again. Provides three kinds of traction
modes, allowing more variety and effectiveness of
Standard type motorized intermittent traction unit
which is most widely used. Cervical or lumbar
traction can be performed with a traction bed.

                                                                                               BSD Catalog
  Traction Unit                                                                          TR2-s & B2bed

- Traction force can be set up in blocks of 1 kg
- It is an easy design for therapist to operate
- Set -up traction force is automatically corre-
    sponded to
    patientís movement with computer control
- Full range of safety attachments for a comfort-
    able treatment
- Easy use with clear digital display and handy
    flat touch panel
- Manual memory program and 9 different
    pattern programs are
    available with 1push
- Self- sensor function of motor by temperature
- Standard accessories: traction chair, legs
    triangle pillow, pillow,
   lumbar harness, cervical harness, armpit pillow,
   cervical hanger, lumbar hanger, accessory box

 Tilt Table                                                                             UA-451/UA-501

Height-adjustable table (45 75cm) permits stable transfer from wheelchair or stretcher accordingly.
(only for UA-501)
Functional and wide table allows safe and comfortable training as well as transfer.
Standing angle and training time presettable. Pushing power switch on, table will automatically stand
up and perform training.
Settable angle ranges from 90ß to -8ß Minus angie is useful
for anemia occuring during training.
Plain and accurate display. Standing angle and remaining
training time are displayed in digital.

UA √ 501:
Equipped with electric hydraulic elevating mechanism. Table
height adjustment 4575cm, always supplying perfect
transferring height.

UA √ 451:
Equipped with same functions as UA-501 excepting height
adjustment mechanism

                                                                                                   BSD Catalog
   Paraffin Bath
                      NS-402 PARA PACK
                      Deluxe type paraffin bath with electrically lifting tank. Used for both upper and
                      lower limbs.
                      - Tank moves up and down at will.
                      - Digital weekly timer turns heater ON and OFF at preset time and preset day
                         of the week.
                      - More treatment space is available with the up-down mechanism at the rear end.
                      - Filtering device takes off dusts of paraffin after use.

                      NS-202 PARA PACK
                      For arm and hand

                      NS-501 PARA PACK
                      For hand, Compact type

 Parallel Bars (Up Down Type)

The height of bars can easily be adjusted from 670 to 1,000mm by means
of lifting mechanism of gas spring method.

                                                                                                 BSD Catalog
      Electro Encephalograph                                                                                       SIGMA PL PRO
                                                                                                                    36 CHANNEL

EEG data saving, achiving and set-up programs
Simple procedures for the daily saving of the patient database, the EEG data and the program settings are just as
much part of the SIGMA PL pro Software as the clearly laid-out program module for EEG archiving on CD-R or
other data carriers. Comprehensive system setting programs are provided to tailor the acquisition and evaluation
software to any customer wishes.

No. of channels                    : 25 x EEG, 11 x Polygraphy (Headbox DB 36)
Noise                              :< 2 V
Input impedance                    : > 40 MOhm
Dynamic range                      : 0,5 V ... 2 mV
CMMR                               : > 100 dB
Band width                         : 0,2 ... 300 Hz
Sampling rate                      : 2048/channel
Sampling resolution                :16 bit
Transfer rate                      : 256 oder 128 Samples/s

Integrated electrode cable tester
Impedance measurement and triggering at the headbox (DB 36)
Electrode connector for headcaps at the headbox
Fibre optic cable between headbox and PC
Accumulator powered headbox

Supply voltage                     : 230 V
Power frequency                    : 50 Hz
Input Power                        : max 400 VA
Safety standards                   : DIN EN 60601-1 ff.
Safety class                       : I, typ BF
Conformity                         : CE 0434

Standard delivery
• PC with CDRW drive and WINDOWS NT/2000/ME
• 17∆ monitor
• EEG headbox with stand
• EEG trolley
• Safety transformer
• Complete set of electrodes and accessories
• Ink jet printer
• Complete software as described

• SIGMA MOBIL: Long-term EEG/polygraphy
   recorder with 8 ... 32 channels
• SIGMA VIDEO: Digital videometry and video
   editing software
• SIGMA SLEEP: Sleep analysis software
• FSA 10: Software-controlled photostimulator up to
   60 Hz
• Mobile EEG acquisition and evaluation station with
• EEG analysis software from international specialists

                                                                                                                         BSD Catalog
  Electromyography (EMG)                                                                                         SIGMA C2X / C4X

SIGMA CX √ EMG, NCV and EP Meassuring System
SIGMA C2X/C4X is the 2 or 4 channel neurophysiological measuring system for use both in the clinic and in the
doctor»s practice. The system provides the complete range of methods needed in the daily routine diagnosis of
neurological functional disorders. Straightforward intuitive operation combined with high time efficiency are just
as much highlights of the system as the standardly available examination methods P300 and heart rate variances
(HRV). It is no problem to create your own programs, opening up practically unlimited possibilities to find an
optimum examination method for your particular diagnostic problem.

General features of the system:
• EMG: spontaneous, MUP, Interference EMG
• NCV: motoric, sensible, motoric/sensible
• Special investigations: H reflex, OOR, F wave, Repetitive stimulation, Heart rate variability
• Evoked potentials: AEP, VEP, SEP, P300
• System offered with 2 or 4 channels
• Freely programmable sequences of functions, measured value tables, report functions
• File management and archiving functions
• Automatic marker function using freely definable marker names
• Editable muscle and nerve names
• Display of user-defined standard values
• Measured value acquisition with double time base
• Comprehensive system settings for customized display on the screen

• Channels                   : 2 or 4 with floating input
• Integrated electrode impedance test
• CMRR                       : > 100 dB, Noise: < 1V
• 50/60 Hz filter            : on/off switch,
• Input impedance            : > 20 MOhm
• Lower limit frequency : 0.1 ... 500 Hz
• Upper limit frequency : 30 Hz ... 30 kHz
• Sensitivity                : 2 V ... 10 mV
• A/D converter                 : 12 bit
• Sampling frequency            : 50 kHz
• Analysis time                 : 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 ms, 1, 2, 5 10 s
• Artifact suppression          : on/off, artifact threshold freely definable
• Number of passes              :10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 or any other choosen number up to 9999

Visual stimulator:
• Stimulation monitor           : 17" VGA monitor or googles
• Stimulation type              : chessboard pattern
• Type                          : full screen, right, left, top, bottom and individual quadrants
• Pattern elements              : 4, 8, 16, 32
• Visual target                 : central

Electric stimulator:
• Stimulation mode              : single, double, train
• Stimulator                    : constant current
• Pulse duration                : 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1 ms
• Intensity                     : 0 ... 100 mA

Acoustic stimulator:
• Stimulation type              : click, tone burst
• Pulse width                   : 0.1, 0.2 ms
• Sound pressure                : 0 to 100 dB nHL
• Stimulator output             : right, left, both
• Phase                         : condensation, rarefaction, alternating, random

                                                                                                                          BSD Catalog
  Transcranial Dopplers (TCD)
- Desk Top or Trolley Based Unit
- Routine Doppler Examinations √ 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 MHz
- Unilateral, Bilateral or 4 channel Monitoring
- Automatic Emboli Detection
- 8 Channels of Multi-Range Technology
- Functional Tests Incl. CO2 Reactivity
- Built-in CO2 Unit
- Audio Playback
- Patient Data Base
- High Quality Doppler
- Stereo Speakers
- Integrated Thermal Printer
- 15≈ or 17≈ TFT Display with flexible positioning
- Custom Designed Remote Control
- Range of Monitoring Fixations - to individually meet your
Ω application needs
- 8 Analog inputs and 8 Analog Outputs
- CE(0123)

                                                              MULTI DOP T

- Portable Ergonomic Design
- Routine Doppler Examinations √ 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 MHz
- Unilateral or Bilateral Monitoring
- Automatic Emboli Detection
- Multi-Range Technology
- Functional Tests incl. CO2 Reactivity
- Audio Playback
- Patient Data Base
- High Quality Doppler
- Stereo Speakers
- Integrated Thermal Printer
- Custom Designed Remote Control
- Range of Monitoring Fixations √ to individually meet your
Ω application needs
- 8 Analog Inputs and 8 Analog Outputs
- CE(0123)

                                                                    BSD Catalog
  Transcranial Dopplers (TCD)

- 5 high quality Doppler frequencies: 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 MHz
- CW and PW mode
- Built-in colour TFT
- Routine software
- Integrated hard disk with patient data base
- Report generator package
- Stereo Speakers
- Intuitive user interface with routine protocols
- User defined default configurations
- Remote control (optional)
- External keyboard
- Monitoring software with HITS detection (optional)
- 8 Analog inputs and 8 Analog Outputs
- CE(0123)

                                                                Embo - DOP

- Discrimination of Gaseous and Particulate Emboli
- Unilateral and Bilateral Monitoring with Multi-Range
- Routine Doppler Examinations with 2, 4, 8 and 16 MHz probes
- Configurable Routine TCD
- Continuous Audio Save
- 15≈ or 17≈ TFT display≈√ with flexible positioning
- Integrated Thermal Printer
- Patient Database
- Network Compatible
- Windows® Operating System
- DVD or CD RW (optional)
- 8 Analog Inputs and Outputs
- CE (0123)

                                                                      BSD Catalog
   Vascular Doppler
- Lightweight unit with pencil transducer
- 4,5 and 8 Mhz transducers
- High quality surface mount electronics for high reliability
- Battery saver system

  Hemoroids Surgical                                                 HEMO DOP

- Custom designed proctoscope with:
         * high quality integrated 8 Mhz Doppler probe
         * adjustable light source
         * large working area
- Color monitor with FFT display
- Stereo speakers for clear interpretation of arterial flow
- Intuitive user interface
- Integrated patient data base
- 8Mhz CW/PW pencil probe (optional)

  E.N.T. Unit                                                        MD-200U

Input Power                           : AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Consumption Power                     : Approx 670W
Air Pump                              : Max 3.0kg/cm, 40W
Suction Pump                          : 70cmHg, 250W
Cleaning System                       : Air Filter & Regulator
Suction Device                        : Automatic, 1 device
Spraying Device                       : Automatic, 3 devices
Laryngeal Mirror Warmer               : Automatic, 1 device
Illumination Light                    : 150W, ≈REFLEX∆ Lamp
Main Suction Bottle                   : 2500cc
Dimension                             : 870 (W) x 483(D) x 862 (H)
Weight                                : Approx 90kg

                                                                         BSD Catalog
  Audiometer                                                     A-315 & A-319

- Two channels audiometers
- Built-in printer (A-319)
- Bi-directional RS 232
- Tests: pure tone-speech-ABLB-
   MLB-DLI-SISI-Tone Dec:ay-Multifrequency
- A319 additional tests:
   High frequency-Bekesy

   Audiometer Silent Cabin                                           S-40
- High acoustic isolation
- Fast and easy set-up performed
- Different sizes

  Dental Unit                                                    TEMPO 9PX New

- 3 air instrument prearrangements
   Borden or Midwest connection
- 1 lamp support on the unit
- 1 lamp mod. Vision 97 without transformer
- OMS suction cannulas with manifold
- 1 electric dental chair mod. Arcadia ex
- 1 standard jointed headrest
- 1 dental stool mod. Asia
- Equipped with telephone or straight cords, incl spraymatic,
   SELENIA E water group,
   floor connection box, foot control for all instruments with
   a maximum of 4 instruments,
   porcelain instrument table, 3 way syringe, bowl flush and
   tumbler filler controls (electric working)
   on OMS tip support without cannulas, saliva ejector

                                                                         BSD Catalog
  Dental Unit                                            MD-101D

- 2 Handpieces Automatic Control System (4 Max)
- Individual Drive Air and Water Coolant Adjustment
    to each handpiece
- Water and Air Coolant On/Off Control
- Gauge Indicating Pressure to Handpieces in Operation
- Handpieces Lockout
- Master Unit On/Of on Instrument Panel
- Arm with Arm Lock on Instrument Panel
- Instrument Tray
- 3-Way Syringe (1)
- Handpiece Tubings (2)
- Low Speed (1)
- High Speed (1)
- Variable Speed Disc-Type Foot Control

- Service Valves (2)
- Air and Water Filter / Regulator / Shut-off Valves
- Foot Control with Chip Blower (29-160)

  Dental Unit Portable                                   GEO MINI

- Compact and portable design
- Foldable chair for easy transportation

                                                             BSD Catalog
   Ultrasound Scanners                                                                       SSD-500


A convex sector/linear scanner which is most versatile and has highest performance in this class due to
its superb image quality and compact design, made possible by the extensive use of new technology.

Optional probes, including transvaginal, are available for this instrument which would normally be
available only on more expensive equipment.

    -    General abdominal, OB/GYN and other use
    -    Convex sector/Linear scanner
    -    Outstanding image quality
    -    Transvaginal imaging
    -    Extensive measurement & calculation package
    -    Annotation function with full alpha-numeric keyboard
    -    Portable, weighs only 10 kg
    -    High Density Probes compatible



Aloka»s proprietary techology has realized incredibly high image quality and performance in a very
comapct body.

    -    Employs Super High Density probes for higher-grade systems
    -    Convex sector & Linear scanning as standard
    -    ABC (Automatic B-gain Control)
    -    IPS (Image Processing Select)
    -    ISP (Image Select Profile)
    -    Offers a full range of measurement and calculation functions for professional diagnosis
    -    15-channel user programmable presets
    -    Retractable keybord with illuminated keys
    -    9-inch large CRT monitor9-inch large CRT
    -    Additional electronic probe connector
    -    Mobile cart for easy carrying with optional
         items mounted
    -    Mechanical probe connection unit
    -    10 MHz annular array mechanical sector
         probe for small parts imaging

                                                                                                     BSD Catalog
  Ultrasound Scanners                                                                     SSD-1000


The SSD-1000 is a versatile ultrasound system designed to provide excellent gray scale images.
Employs Super High Density Probes for higher-grade systems

    -    Convex sector & Linear scanning as standard
    -    Dynamic frequency scanning
    -    Swivel operation panel and monitor
    -    ABC (Automatic B-gain Control)
    -    IPS (Image Processing Select)
    -    Extensive measurement & calculation package
    -    Cine Memory
    -    ECG & PCG display
    -    Volume Mode*Ω-Ωphoto-realistic 3D imaging
    -    DMS* (Data Management Subsystem)
    -    DICOM-compatible digital data output
    -    Image filing in MO disks
    -    SpatialEcho 3D display
    -    Mechanical sector*/10 MHz annular array probe for small parts imaging



The SSD-1400 offers the highest image quality and performance among grayscale imaging systems.
- ABC (Automatic B-gain Control) eliminates the need to readjust image brightness each time probe,
  frequency, magnification or other conditions are changed.
- IPS (Image Processing Select) can be used to set up to 8 sets of your
  own imaging parameters for B, M and Doppler modes, respectively.
- ISP (Image Select Profile) changes the dominant frequency of the
  probe in 3 steps to offer higher resolution images and higher
  penetration images with a single probe.
- Comprehensive spectral Doppler display High PRF PW Doppler for
  higher velocity spectrum without aliasing/Steered linear scan for
  easy peripheral vascular Doppler exams/Steerable CW Doppler with
  CWD sector probe/Independent CW probe.
- DICOM-compatible DMS.
- Volume Mode --- photo-realistic 3D imaging
- Cine Memory / ECG, PCG Display / Measurement on VCR playback

                                                                                                   BSD Catalog
  Ultrasound Scanners                                                                     SSD-3500

The high performance of the ALOKA ProSound SSD-3500 stems from the
advanced ProSound technologies that include full digital beam former, wide
dynamic range 12 bit A/D converter, multi beam processing, etc.
The ergonomic user-friendly design enables you to customize the system
according to your specific application needs, which will lead to efficient
As like other ProSound systems, the SSD-3500 employs 12-bit
AD converter in its digital front end.
The ProSound SSD-3500 system uses key features of the Aloka ProSound

Series that include:
- Quint Frequency Imaging - user selectable transmission frequencies for
   grayscale imaging and Doppler
- The Tissue Harmonic Echo technology realizes imaging with second harmonic
   which include much less side lobe artifact and noise and helps imaging of
   difficult to exam patient such as the aged, the obese, and others
- Integrated DICOM compatible image management provided by Aloka»s Data
   Management Subsystem (iDMS) that includes DICOM work-list capability.
- DDD - Dual Dynamic Display
- Multi Beam Processing offers exceptionally high frame rates for optimal performance in studies
   requiring dynamic imaging of patient morphology.


The SSD-4000 PureHD system utilizes newly developed Wide-band Super
High-Density (W-SHD) probes optimized for digital imaging at the class. The
system also employs the Pure Harmonic Detection (PureHD) feature. By using
the second harmonics of echoes, the system can offer artifact free and
higher signal-to-noise ratio images, resulting in providing exceptionally clear
images of technically difficult-to-scan patient. The PureHD technology
enables distortion free fundamental frequency transmission, which makes
harmonic images much clearer, which maximizes the affect of both Tissue
and Contrast harmonic echo by providing excellent contrast and spatial
As like other ProSound systems, the SSD-4000 PureHD employs 12-bit AD
converter in its digital front end. Compared to 10-bit systems, 10 dB higher
dynamic range or 3072 more steps (4096 : 1024) makes higher contrast
resolution available.
The SSD-4000 PureHD system uses key features of the Aloka ProSound
Series that include:
- Quint Frequency Imaging - user selectable transmission frequencies for
  grayscale imaging and Doppler
- Integrated DICOM compatible image management provided by Aloka»s
  Data Management Subsystem (iDMS) that includes DICOM work-list
- Volume Mode (option) - photo realistic real time 3D imaging
- DDD - Dual Dynamic Display
- Multi Beam Processing offers exceptionally high frame rates for optimal
  performance in studies requiring dynamic imaging of patient morphology.
  The SSD-4000 can provide a frame rate as high as 500 frames/ second or
  more (probe dependent). Even with the general abdominal probe UST-9123,
  a frame rate up to 286 frames/second is possible

                                                                                                   BSD Catalog
  Ultrasound Scanners                                                                      SSD-5000

The next platform in our ProSound line of excellent systems. The software-based multi-tech architecture
offers great versatility and flexibility.

- Harmonic Echo --- The PureHD technology realizes distortion-free
   fundamental frequency transmission, offering optimum Harmonic
   Echo quality. This technology is especially effective for obese patients
   and in technically difficult scanning conditions.
- New generation Digital Beam Former and Front End Technology
   including a 12-bit A/D converter for wide dynamic range.
- The innovative HST (Hemispheric Sound Technology) probe
   incorporates an array of transducer elements which creates sound
   sources close to an ideal hemispheric shape.
- The Pixel Focus technology provides focus of ultrasound beam
   down ti the pixel level for incredible spatial resolution.
- DICOM-compatible DMS
- Quint Frequency Imaging --- allows up to five different
   frequency settings for a single probe
- Volume Mode



Harmonic EchoTM is the technology to construct the image by using second harmonic components
which contain far less artifacts and noise than fundamental-frequency components. Pure Harmonic
Detection is a technology to transmit distortion-free fundamental-frequency ultrasound beam. When
the fundamental-frequency ultrasound beam is a pure sinusoidal wave, not only the fundamental-
frequency image but also the Harmonic EchoTM image is much clearer with less noise. This technology is
especially effective for obese patients and in a variety of technically difficult scanning conditions.
- The innovative HST (Hemispheric Sound Technology) probe incorporates an array
   of transducer elements which create sound sources close to an ideal hemispheric
   shape. The HST probe offers less grating lobe artifacts and less side lobe artifacts,
   which can lead doctors to more decisive diagnosis
- The PixelFocus technology provides focus of ultrasound beam down to the pixel
   level for incredible high resolution
- Advanced new Front End Technology - Aloka»s unique Impedance Matching
   system for the front end greatly widens frequency response
- Wide dynamic range 12-bit A/D converter offers high contrast resolution
   for displaying minute clinical information.
- DICOM-compatible DMS (Data Management Subsystem) permits digital
   image management free from image degradation
- Quint Frequency Imaging-allows up to five different frequency settings for
   a single probe
- Multi-beam processing offers super high frame rates for optimal
   performance in dynamic studies.
- Volume Mode*-Photo-realistic 3D imaging
- KI (Kinetic Imaging)* -Endocardial time-motion history display
- A-SMA (Automated Segmental Motion Analysis)*- Real-time endocardial
   segmental motion quantification

                                                                                                  BSD Catalog
Mobile X Ray Unit 100mA/100kVp
  Mobile X Ray

- Compact design
- Single phase, full wave and silicon rectified
- Easy operating procedure

   X Ray Systems                                                   HD-5125 AD RF

- It is a 500mA/125kVp Radiographic and
   Fluoroscopic x-ray
- Silicon high voltage rectifier for full wave output
- The control unit is compactly designed to operate easily
- A sharp and well defined x-ray picture can be obtained
- With 4 way Floating Table or Tilting Table
- Choice of Floor to Ceilling Tube Support or Ceilling Suspended
- Optional Image Intensifier with Camera

                                                                          BSD Catalog
X Ray Systems                     X Ray                                                   100mA/100kVp

                                                 - It is a 100mA/100kVp Radiographic x-ray
                                                 - Silicon high voltage rectifier for full wave output
                                                 - The control unit is compactly designed to operate easily
                                                 - A sharp and well defined x-ray picture can be obtained
                                                 - With Fixed Table with Bucky Device


- It is a 300mA/125kVp Radiographic x-ray
- Silicon high voltage rectifier for full wave output
- The control unit is compactly designed to operate easily
- A sharp and well defined x-ray picture can be obtained
- With fixed table or 4 way Floating Table
BSD Catalog
    X Ray Systems                                                     500mA/125kVp

- It is a 500mA/125kVp x-ray generator
- Silicon high voltage rectifier for full wave output
- The control unit is compactly designed to operate easily
- A sharp and well defined x-ray picture can be obtained
- With 4 way Floating Table

                                                                        AUTO III N

  Dental X Ray Panoramic
Rapid Panoramic Radiograph in 7 sec. is available. Difficult radio-
graph for child or aged and physically handicapped person can be
taken more easily. Panoramic image is less blurring with equivalent
sharpness than normal panoramic radiograph. Radial Panoramic
radiograph can decrease overlap of teeth image and it serves effi-
cient diagnosis of adjoing teeth. Cross section radiograph can
provide tomographic image of mandible and maxilla bones, which is
necessary for diagnosis, and it surely serves exact treatment.
- Panoramic Radiograph in 7 sec
- Semi-Auto focus radiography
- Generator of Inverter with complete current *
- Automatic exposure control

                                                                             BSD Catalog
                                                                             MX 60N/GX 60NM

  Dental X Ray Intra Oral
- Radiographic condition is selectable either by
  program (mAs, sec.) or Sec method
- Radiograph with optimum dosage is available by
  selection of patient size and exposed teeth
  portion under program mode
- Controller is lightweight and can be installed in
  any place

                                                                   GX 60NM       MX 60N

  X-ray Film Processor                                                          TM-300E

                                     - Microprocessor controlled
                                     - Space saving
                                     - Compact design
                                     - Simple operation


                                - Microprocessor controlled
                                - Compact design
                                - Simple operation
                                - Easy maintanance and trouble free system

                                                                                     BSD Catalog


Dual Shockwave Lithotripsy (DSWL) introduces the 4th generation in the evolution
of SWL technology with Duet as its flagship.

Direx's fifteen years of extensive SWL experience includes pioneering the highly successful concepts of
modularity, mobility and imaging versatility characterized by its 3rd generation SWL. While retaining all
third generation features, DSWL introduces the usage of synchronized and/or asynchronized dual
shockwave sources adding new dimensions in treatment flexibility unavailable on the market today
with any single source SWL device.

Additional Flexibility and Versatility:
- Doubling total pressure or halving potential tissue damage (Synchronized mode)
- Increasing shock wave rate and shockwave efficiency (Asynchronized mode)
- Significant reduction in treatment time (both modes)
- Reduced patient discomfort and retreatment rate (both modes)

Operational Flexibility

                                                                        Unique Dual Head Shockwave

                                                                                                   BSD Catalog

  Lithotripter                                                       Synchronized and Asynchronized Operation

The DUET dual source SW unit, incorporating two completely independent
co-focal electro-conductive shockwave sources, offers two modes of opera-
tion: synchronized and asynchronized triggering of the individual units. The
water system adheres to the principle of constant pressure at the membrane/
patient interface. The highly conductive water and small inter-electrode gap
assure shockwave uniformity. Innovative design enables controlled variation
in number, strength, and frequency of shocks.

In the synchronous mode, waves propagating from the dual heads arrive at
the therapeutic focus simultaneously to form a reinforced wave. This is equivalent to doubling the aperture
for given energy - thus reducing pain and trauma to intervening tissue. In the asynchronous mode, the
frequency of generated shockwaves is at least doubled without any reduction in shock wave intensity. At the
same time, the number of shockwaves propagating through specific body tissue is only half for a given
number of shock waves applied. In both modes, the dual source design reduces patient discomfort and
potential tissue damage.
                                                                                     Control Flexibility

Control and monitoring are provided by either of two central control
consolette configurations: a flat panel touch screen computer or a hand-
held computer. Connection to the individual modules is by serial line
communication, while power and control processing of the high voltage
unit, power unit, water system, mobile couch and Digiscope are incorpo-
rated in each module. Modular construction increases reliability and ease
of maintenance. Space is provided for storage of documents and recorded

                                                                                    Imaging Flexibility

The DUET Dual Imaging system incorporates a digital fluoroscopy
and an in-line ultrasonic attachment enabling real time, digitally
processed imaging. The horizontal ultrasonically imaged plane
intersects the therapeutic focus and is symmetrically positioned
between the two reflectors. This design provides computerized imaging for localiza-
tion and monitoring.
                                                                   Reduced Patient Discomfort and Retreatment Rate

Patient Support Flexibility
The DUET mobile multi-function treatment couch is a standalone unit
incorporating an X-ray transparent tabletop, motorized XYZ motion, all the
accessories required for SWL, and optional Trendelenburg motion. It can thus
be used for conventional urological treatment, as well as SWL. Power and
processing capability are built-in, thus requiring only a simple connection to
the central control consolette via a serial line.

                                                                                                              BSD Catalog
    Bone Densitometers                                                                    AOS - 100 NW

The AOS-100NW Acoustic Osteo Screener is a world first in
ultrasound bone densitometry, featuring Windows CE (Windows
Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC) compatibility for PDA-based
operation and evaluation.

The instrument measures the properties of the ultrasound
waveform that pass through the calcaneus to assess bone
condition and fracture risk. This can be performed both in-clinic
and offsite, for long-term, spot diagnoses or mass screening of bone condition. The operation is easy
and the dry ultrasound system provides comfortable and safe measurement.

PDA operation
When the AOS-100NW is connected to the PDA, start of measurement is achieved by a simple tap on
the PDA screen. All the necessary information can be input from the PDA. Examination data from
patients can be stored in the PDA memory, or on storage media such as SD Card. The optional mini-
printer, attachable to the AOS-100NW, also comes in handy during mass screening. The AOS-100NW
can be operated via PC, too, which means that data measured and gathered on the PDA can be
exchanged with the PC, and vice-versa.

Versatile system configuration
By combining the AOS-100NW with various peripherals, the system configuration that best matches
your needs can be realized. For instance, for clinical use, use the AOS-100NW, PC and printer.
Meanwhile, for offsite checkups, carry the compact AOS-100NW with the mini-printer and PDA.

Ease of operation
The AOS-100NW can be operated easily via PDA or PC. Measurement (waveform transmission) is
completed in under 5 seconds. The AOS-100NW calculates three parameters: SOS, TI and OSI, and
they are displayed as standard deviations from the mean of age-matched population, or normal
young adults. (Z-score and T-score) The results can also be expressed graphically, along with a
reference curve. Reference curves are also provided for childrenÑa unique feature.

The high reproducibility of the AOS-100NW contributes to long-term bone condition monitoring. This
is enabled by its rigid structure, which maintains a consistently correct foot position. The pair of
transducers have a unique sliding action which contact and hold the heel securely, enhancing
measurement accuracy. Variations in temperature are automatically adjusted for in the calculated
values. The A/D conversion feature of the AOS-100NW enables high digital representation of the
original analog ultrasound waveform.

No ionizing radiation No radiation exposure risks. Dry systemNo need for water. No warm-up
periodMeasurement is possible as soon as the instrument is installed. Detachable foot standThe foot
stand can be detached for cleaning, making the contact area more hygienic for the patientAdjustable
foot stand Foot stand can be adjusted to suit the variety of foot sizes.Wide operational temperature
range10 to 40 Phantomless calibrationRegular calibration is easy and only needs to be performed
rarely. No phantom necessary

                                                                                                       BSD Catalog
    Bone Densitometers                                                       OSTEOCORE II

X Ray System                  Dual X Ray Energy (DEXA)
Scanning Method               Pencil beam with x,y cinematic
Scanning Sites                AP spine, femur, forearm
Characteristics of Analysis   Rectilinear pattern
                              Selectable motor drive speed (mm/s)
                              Selectable image height and width (cm)
                              Automatic speed adjust according to
                              patient morphology
Scanning Time                 Spine : 3/4 mn
                              Hip : 3/4 mn
                              Forearm : 1/3 mn
X Ray Characteristics         Constant potential Samarium K-edge filter
Detector                      High voltage stability (0,5%) Pencil
                              beam collimated
                              Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride (CZT)
                              Energy Sensitive, Solid State Detector
                              High Efficiency (low dose), Fast pulse
Patient Positioning           AP spine positioned, Pencil beam laser light
Scan Window                   400 x 540 mm (LxW)
Precision                     1% in vivo
Windows 98/2000 based         Automatic calibrating system, External
                              calibration phantom
Software                      Automatic recording of internal standard
                              before each scan

   Survey Meter                                                                    ICS-311

- Direct readout of ICRP 1cm-deep dose equivalent values
- Wide energy range sensitivity
- Instaneous response
- Both does rate and integral dose measurements

                                                                                       BSD Catalog
Electronic Pocket Dosimeter
- Neutron-dosimetry(monitoring both thermal and fast neutron in
   range from 0.01 to 99.99 mSv)
- Slim, battery operated
- Designed for neutron is particularly suitable for the use around
   accelerator, experimental and
   power reactors


- General dosimetry with alarm ( monitoring gamma of 40 keV
   and above in a range
   from 0.001 to 999.9 mSv)
- Equipped with vibration alarm
- Battery operated

Hospital Bed                                                         HCB-8332H

                                                                          BSD Catalog
Over Bed Table                             300-CS

                 - High load suspension side
                 - One-hand Hi-lo control
                 - Large top tray area

Strecher (Transportation)                           T20 A, T20 B, T10

                                               BSD Catalog
Wheel Chair (Economic)       LY-8A100FF

Wheel Chair (Alumunium)             SL-3760SEF-FB

Wheel Chair (Portable)   SL-8580

                              BSD Catalog
Hospital Laundry Equipment

Drying Roller Ironers:             Roller ironers:                Hydroextractors:
from 120 to 320 cm roller length   from 100 to 200 cm roller      safety door lock,
Roller diameter 33 or 50cm,        length roller diameter         electric wiring acc to
electric, gas or steam heated      17/25/33 cm electric heating   European safety standards,
                                                                  over 1000 door opening

Low- Spin Washers                  High-Spin Washers              Rotary Dryers
500 rpm:                           1000 rpm                       from 5 to 75 kg
from 8 to 70 kg                    from 5 to 85 kg                drum electric,
dry linen drum capacity            dry linen drum capacity        steam or gas heating
and with hot water inlet,          and with hot water inlet,      and rotation inversion
electric or steam heating          electric or steam heating

                                                                                BSD Catalog
Central Medical Gas

                   PATIENT ROOM


     EXAM/TREAT                EMERGENCY ROOM

                  MONITOR STATION

                                              BSD Catalog




                                           BSD Catalog
Medical Teaching Phantom
[KOKEN - JAPAN]                     [GAUMARD - JUSA]
[3 B - GERMANY]                     [SOMSO - GERMANY]

AR201 - Infusion/Injection Arm Trainer         ARR01002 - Dualhead Teaching Stethoscope

AN1028 - Suture Practice Arm                   AR801 - Advanced Female Bedford
                                                     Nurse and CPR Training Doll

AK049 - New-born Intubation Model              AN1095 - Blood Pressure Simulator

                                                                                   BSD Catalog
Medical Teaching Phantom
[KOKEN - JAPAN]                  [GAUMARD - JUSA]
[3 B - GERMANY]                  [SOMSO - GERMANY]

AN1150 - Male Catheter Model                       AN1151 - Female Catheter Model

AR302 - Ear Diagnostic Trainer                     AR303 - Eye Retinopathy Trainer

AR331 - The Hungry Manikin (Nasogastric Feeding)   AN1083 - Tracheostomy Care Simulator

                                                                                     BSD Catalog
Medical Teaching Phantom
[KOKEN - JAPAN]              [GAUMARD - JUSA]
[3 B - GERMANY]              [SOMSO - GERMANY]

MO53 - Female Nursing Baby             AR311 - Episiotomy Suturing Trainer

AR51 - Fetal Doll                      ASM4312 - Fetal Doll for Vacuum Extraction with
                                                 Cord and Detachable Placenta

ASM4400 - Gyn-Trainer                  AR50S - Obstetric Phantom with Fetal Doll (AR75)

                                                                             BSD Catalog
Medical Teaching Phantom
[KOKEN - JAPAN]                  [GAUMARD - JUSA]
[3 B - GERMANY]                  [SOMSO - GERMANY]

AK043 - Maternity Model                        AR35 - Female Pelvis

AN3713 - CPARLENE Manikin                      AS2801 - Brad CPR Training Manikin with
                                                         Carrying Bag

AS2300 - Adam CPR Adult with Electronics and   PO8 - Male Skeleton
         Carrying Bag

                                                                                BSD Catalog
Medical Teaching Phantom
[KOKEN - JAPAN]                   [GAUMARD - JUSA]
[3 B - GERMANY]                   [SOMSO - GERMANY]

MT68 - Male Muscular Torso with Head         Anatomical Charts

ALT 40044 - Examination and Diagnostic       AS 1912 - IUD Trainer
           Breast Training

MH14 - Heart                                 MT45 - Male Muscle Figure

PO9 - Male Skull                             PO58/4 - Osteoporosis Model

                                                                           BSD Catalog
Medical Disposable Product




                        SOFFIX MED PLUS

[HANACO - JAPAN]                          [PETERS - JAPAN]

 INFUSION SET                                SUTURE

                                                          BSD Catalog
Medical Disposable Product






                                                 BSD Catalog




                                                 BSD Catalog
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