A Glimpse in Time by fanzhongqing


									                                                                                                       A GLIMPSE IN TIME
                 1900                      1910                    1920                     1930                    1940                   1950                      1960                  1970                     1980                   1990                 2000                2010

             Agricultural Age
                                                                                                                                                    Industrial Age                                                                                              Communication
 Toffler’s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Information Age
 Waves of

              Invention of Airplane      Disc Phonograph      Mechanical Television     Photocopier Invented      Atomic Bomb          Black Box Recorder       Audio Cassette          Laser Printer              First IBM PC          WWW &HMTL                 iPod            Mobile Tech

               Invention of Radio         Kinetophone          Liquid Fueled Rockets    Jet Engine Invented     First Cell Phone            Microchip              First Internet    Magnetic Resonance Imaging    Microsoft Windows       SMART Board           You Tube              iPad

              B. T. Washington          Frederick Taylor        Coolidge Era            Great Depression       Bureaucratic Mgmt.       Global Economy        Economic Expansion         Stagflation              Recession            Booming Economy       Global Recession        Made
             Nat’l Negro Business Scientific Management Prosperity & Thrift              Unemployment                                     Restoration                                                                                                                               in USA

             American Progressivism       Henry Ford          Brand Management            Works Progress        Military Industrial      Quality              Theory X and Y            F. Hertzberg            Total Quality             Information        Wireless Revolution      Gov’t
                                          Assembly Line                                   Administration           Complex              Management                                   Motivation Theory            Management              Technology                                 Bailouts

               M. Montessori              John Dewey              John Watson              Jean Piaget              Clark Hull          B. F. Skinner          Albert Bandura           Jerome Bruner          Howard Gardener                ERIC           No Child Left Behind School Choic
             Montessori Method        Progressive Education      Behaviorism           Cognitive Development Rote Learning Theory        Behaviorism            Social Learning         Constructivism        Multiple Intelligences

             E.L. Thorndike            William Kilpatrick          L. Vygotsky              Kurt Lewin            Edgar Dale            A. Maslow              Robert Gagne             David Ausubel           Even Start Family       Distance Education        Biogenetics       Interactive
              Connectionism           Reciprocal Relationship Scaffolding Theory        Social Psychology      Cone of Experience Hierarchy of Needs          Cognitive Theory       Subsumption Theory                                                                              Whiteboard

             Wave of Immigration      Radio Communication      The Jazz Age                 Dust Bowl          The Baby Boom          Civil Rights Movement     Ruby Bridges        Gay Liberation Movement     Aids Identified           Don’t Ask,           First African        You Tube
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Don’t’ Tell Law       American President
Society &
 Culture       Progressive Era        Ladies’ Worker Union The Roaring Twenties            Hoovervilles           Suffrage              Rock & Roll           Hippie Movement            Disco                Bush’s Kinder Nation         ERIC                 Facebook           D. Fincher
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Social Net

             Theodore Roosevelt        Woodrow Wilson              Harding              Great Depression         World War II         Dwight Eisenhower         Vietnam War            Richard Nixon               Reaganomics         Persian Gulf War            911             Tea Party
              Roosevelt Era             28 President          Kellogg Briand Pact                                                     Eisenhower Era                                Watergate Scandal                                                                              Movement

               W.H. Taft                                        Calvin Coolidge        Franklin D. Roosevelt     United Nations         Immigration &         John F. Kennedy          End of U.S. in           Berlin Wall Falls       Dissolution of the     War on Terror       Health Care
               27 President                 WWI                  Coolidge Era            The New Deal                                 Naturalization Act         New Frontier           Vietnam War                                       Soviet Union                              Reform

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