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					                     Implementing the On-line Registration Proposal
                               By Andrew M. Johnston

The implementation of the on-line registration proposal will be a three-part process. The
first part is the presentation of my research and recommendations to the Director of
Okemos Community Education (OCE) and other office administration from youth/adult
enrichment and recreation departments for approval. The second part will be the
development and integration of the software application from SBSI. The third
component will be marketing the benefits of the on-line registration component to the

The presentation of my proposal to OCE will begin the week of April 28, 2003. I will be
presenting my project description, which details my research and recommendations, and
my project presentation in PowerPoint format. During this presentation, I will
recommend the SBSI software solution and will also present my marketing plan for
educating the community. My marketing plan includes three primary pieces. The first
piece is a page to include with the Summer 2003 course catalogue and will present the
benefits of the on-line registration process as well as the need for implementation to
reducing operating costs. This piece will be free as it will be an additional page included
in the course guide already being printed. This page will also reference the second piece,
which will be the on-line version of the same presentation on the web site, but will also
include an on-line survey. There will also be no cost associated with this piece (other
than the portion of my salary for the hours designing and posting the page, which will be
minimal) as the site is already on-line and the e-mail address for receiving the survey is
offered as part of the web hosting service. The final piece that I am recommending is a
class discount to encourage participation from the community. My recommendation is
that this discount only be offered to students who both remove their names from the
mailing list and also register on-line. I will need to receive recommendation from office
administration to determine the dollar amount or percent discount to offer.

The second part of the implementation will be dependent upon administrations
acceptance of my proposal of integrating the SBSI software solution. The expected costs
based on the most recent quote from SBSI will total $2,995 for the purchase of the
software license and implementation of the site. The other cost associated with this
proposal will be the monthly charges based, which are predicted to fall between $0 and
$600 based on the number of registrations received per month (approximately $4,100 per
year based on the number of registration received in Winter 2002 through Fall 2002). If
my proposal is accepted, then we will begin scheduling further meetings with SBSI to
begin the migration of the current site to their servers and the
development of the class, student and instructor databases. My recommendation is to
post the Summer 2003 course guide (which will be available mid May) developed in its
current format. After the site is migrated, staff training will begin. SBSI will train office
staff (including myself and five other office staff/registrars) in the data entry, class
description, payment processes and other administrative features of the program. I
recommend that this training take place in early June so that staff can train by entering
the actual data that will be used upon launch, the Fall 2003 course guide. Having the site
created at least 6 weeks before its launch scheduled for August 25, 2003 will provide
adequate time for troubleshooting so that everything is in place for a successful launch.

The third part of implementation is the marketing pieces mentioned earlier. The Summer
2003 catalogue will be available in mid May, and the on-line page will also be available
at this time. To view the page I have developed for the survey, please click on the
following link:

The intent of this page and survey is threefold. First, the site will be designed to educate
the community on the benefits of the site and the necessity of this venture to create a
solvent operating budget in the face of operating budget reductions (approximately
$100,000 for the upcoming 2003-04 school year). The second purpose of this page is to
not only encourage participation with the on-line catalogue, but to give the community
the opportunity to “get on-board with on-line” by removing themselves from the mailing
list and to sign up instead to receive e-mail notices and links to the most updated web-
catalogue. Another educational opportunity that I would like to also incorporate with the
summer classes scheduled to begin in mid May is to have instructors directing students to
the on-line catalogue and survey, and to encourage students to participate with the
venture. The final piece that I will recommend is the class discount for students who
participate removing themselves from the mailing list and who register on-line. This
discount will be offered to students in the Fall 2003 term. The cost associated with this
venture will need to be determined with input from the OCE administrative staff.
However, it is my opinions that this discount will not only encourage on-line
participation, which will have the intended effect of lowering operating costs, but will
also encourage the community to register for a new class, which will in turn generate
increased revenue.

In looking to the upcoming year, it is not expected that the launch of the on-line
registration will eliminate the printed catalogue or the printing and mailing costs entirely.
However, in reviewing participation statistics from the Bloomfield Hills Recreation and
Community Education office, participation rates are high. Within two terms of their
launch, they experienced 85% community participation with on-line registration. With a
proactive, educational approach to encourage community participation, I am confident
that OCE will achieve comparable participation rates by the Winter 2004 term.

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