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									Irving Elementary School
2009/10 Parent Newsletter
Thursday, March 25, 2010

                                             It’s a Great Day to be an All Star!

   Weekly Calendar                                  Principal’s Corner                   setting; identifying the narrative
                                                                                         point of view and author’s purpose;
                                                                With the changing        and making inferences.
8:10 a.m. – Supervision Begins                     weather, we will no longer be
 Note: students should not arrive to school
                                                                                                  In Social Studies we have
  prior to 8:10 a.m. unless participating in
                                                   requiring students to bring all       completed our Power Point on the
  the breakfast or other morning programs          their winter attire for recess. I     states of the U.S. and are currently
8:25 a.m. – First Bell                             would encourage you to have           wrapping up Chapter 12 in our
8:35 a.m. – Tardy Bell                             them bring boots or an extra pair     study of the western states.
3:05 p.m. – Bus students dismissed                 of shoes until the ground dries out
          – Kindergarten dismissed
                                                                                                  The students in 4-I have
                                                   more, so your child is not wearing    just completed publishing their
3:10 p.m. – All students dismissed                 wet/muddy shoes all day. Please
 Note: students not picked up by 3:25 p.m.                                              BIO poems. Please enjoy reading
  will be sent to the office to call for a ride    note: If we would get more snow       them while they are hung in the 4th
                                                   students will be expected to bring    grade hall.
   AM Preschool: 8:30-11:00 a.m.                   snow pants, etc. to school.                    The new science kits
                                                               With temperatures         arrived last Thursday which means
   PM Preschool: 12:30-3:00 p.m.                   rising, it’s still important that     the 4th grade students will begin
   _________________________                       students come to school dressed       their investigation of rocks and
                                                   appropriately for the weather.        minerals.
Monday 3/29/10
9:15 am – 1GO to Happy Joe’s                                                                      In Math, the students have
                                                   Mr. Maloney                           or will be starting the unit on 2
9:00 am – 2H to HyVee                              _________________________
10:00 am – 2S to HyVee                                                                   digit times 2 digit numbers using
                                                   Fourth Grade News…                    the operation of multiplication.
Tuesday 3/30/10                                              The last few weeks in 4th   The students will learn 2 different
3:30 pm – Irving Site Council Mtg.                 grade have been extremely busy        ways to do this, using the all
                                                   ones. Now that the snow has been      partials method and the compact
Wednesday 3/31/10                                  replaced with fog and all of its      method.
No Calendar Events                                 challenges, we find planning and               Now that conferences have
                                                   revising our plans almost a           concluded, the 4th grade teachers
Thursday 4/1/10                                    weekly occurrence. With that
Newsletter goes home                                                                     would like to thank the
Take Home Folders go home                          said, we have been able to            parents/guardians of the 4th graders
                                                   accomplish a lot during this time     for being so very supportive and
Friday 4/2/10                                      span.                                 cooperative of our efforts to guide
No School                                                   The 4th graders are now      the 4th graders in becoming
   _________________________                       working in Unit 5 of our              productive, positive members of
                                                   Macmillan Reading curriculum.         our 4th grade learning community.
Upcoming Calendar Events…                          This unit’s theme, Keeping
              4/5 – No School                      Memories Alive Can Help us            Mrs. Isenhart, Mr. Larson and
          4/9 – PTA Popcorn Day                    Today and Tomorrow, is a popular      Mrs. Schmit
           4/9 – Dance Marathon                    one with the students.
         4/12 – PTA Splash Bash
   4/13 – Washington MS Open House
                                                   Throughout this unit we are
           4/21 – Early Dismissal                  learning more about the following     Lifetouch picture packets
         4/23 – PTA Popcorn Day                    skills: main idea and supporting
 4/26-30 – Volunteer Appreciation Week             details; cause and effect;               or the money for the
    4/29 – 4th/5th/Choir Music Program             analyzing the plot, characters and    pictures are due TODAY!
Open Enrollment…                                  Box Tops for                             The Book Fair was a
            DCSD Open Enrollment         Education and Tyson                    great success, we were able to add
Applications for 2010-11 school          Labels – turn in 20 to                 over a 100 new books to the library
year are now available. They will        Mrs. Efferding and                     due to the generous support of
be accepted from Monday, March           receive a treat provided               Irving families purchasing books
15 through Monday, May 3 at 4:30         by the PTA, please cut                 from the book fair. Thank you!!!
pm.                                      them out and place them                Thank you also to the library
            Applications are             in an envelope or bag with             helpers that worked at the fair and
available at: the district website       the student’s name and                 to the Schober family for helping
(www.dubuque.k12.ia.us), at the          homeroom on it and the                 to clean up on Thursday evening.
Main Administration Building             number of box tops or                             I would also like to
(2300 Chaney Rd.) or any school.         labels, recently many                  thank the families that have been
            If you are not sure if you   students have been                     donating gently used books. Some
need to reapply, please contact the      forgetting to put their                of the books have been added to
school office and ask for Ann. If        homeroom on the                        our collection, others have been
you are currently open enrolled,         envelope or bag so please              added to our Reading Hut book
you would have received a form           be sure to do so.                      collection for our morning reading
back from the Forum indicating if                 Ink Cartridges,               program.
you were approved for the duration       Laser Toner, and Cell
of your time in elementary school        Phones – can be turned in              Upcoming library events:
or just for the current school year.     at the office or to Mrs.                          Students in grades 3-5
            Please contact the Irving    Efferding, we recycle                  continue to take the Iowa
School office if you have any            these for cash.                        Children's Choice Challenge.
questions regarding open                          Irving School has earned      Children can take tests up to
enrollment (552-3800).                   approximately $1700 in BoxTops         Friday, May 7th. Children that
                                         and $200 in recycled cartridges so     have completed the challenge for
                                         far this year.                         their grade level by May 3rd will
                                                  Thanks to all who             receive recognition at the Battle of
                                         participated in the QSP magazine       the Books assembly on May 3rd.
                                         booklets. Last year we earned                     On May 3rd, we will
                                         over $4000 and this year should        have the Battle of the Books @
Computer Lab News…                       be approximately $3000.                1:00 p.m. On May 20th the
         The students in                          Be sure to check out our      District Battle of the Books will be
kindergarten and 1st grade are in        web page at -                          held at Kennedy School. Irving's
the process of completing their                                                 winning Battle of the Books team
technology sessions in the               www.irving.dubuque.k12.ia.us           will be representing our school at
computer lab. They have worked                                                  Kennedy. There will be 10 schools
on their computer skills while           Mrs. Efferding                         competing in this district battle @
working on different educational                                                10:00 a.m. Kennedy Gym.
websites.                                                                                  Dates not set yet for
         The 2nd grade students           _________________________             Iowa Children's Choice Pizza Party
continue to work on their                                                       or Library Helpers ice cream treat
keyboarding skills and word                                                     trip to Beechers.
processing projects. Each student                                                          May 10 and 11 - Author
will receive a copy of their project     Library News…                          Jeanette Hopkins visits grades
to bring home and/or shared at                       We are thrilled to be in   Preschool - 2nd grade to introduce
conferences.                             our new space. "Wow, it looks          her book: The Ladybug Waltz. Be
         A group of 3rd graders is       like a real library" is the general    looking for a note home about
currently working on time line           comment as students and parents        purchasing an autographed copy of
facts and letter writing.                walk through the doors and see         the book and CD in April.
         The 4th and 5th grades          our beautiful, open, bright, library
finished several PowerPoint              media center. We have the books        Mrs. Moldenhauer
projects that were on display in the     unpacked and shelved and
computer lab during conferences.         students are checking out tons of
         Just a reminder to keep         books
collecting the following items…

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