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					  Business & Commercial
Property Owner Presentation
What Can GLOBAL Do For You?
   GLOBAL provides unique cost containment solutions
   which allow business and commercial property owners
   to “grow & protect” their unique business operations.

   GLOBAL has two divisions that include:

         Business Services Division
            – Contract Renegotiation (Expense Reduction)

         Real Estate Investor Services Division
            – Cost Segregation (Accelerated Depreciation)
            – Commercial Loan Modifications

            – Commercial Financing (Project Funding)
Our Core Management Team
Reeta Hunt – President / CEO

Kylon Trower – Executive Vice President

Randall Farr, MBA – Regional Sales Director

Timothy Gibbs, MBA – Chief Negotiator
   “Our team is poised to handle the pressing concerns facing our nations
   business economy and with over 100 years of combined experience in
   commercial real estate and lending, business tax and financial services
   we are fully equipped to take on the financial challenges that plague
   our nation.”
                                                        Reeta Hunt - CEO

           Contract Renegotiations
            (Expense Reduction)
GLOBAL Gets Results In
  These Industries…
Professional Services      Financial Services
Non-Profit Organizations   Real Estate Services
Educational Institutions   TV & Radio Stations
Healthcare Providers       General Contractors
Local Governments          Builders / Developers
Manufacturers              Utility Companies
Retailers                  Recreational Services

              …and more!

    We will get results for you too!
How would a 20% reduction in your overhead

          Our unique approach ensures:
          • Minimal out of pocket cost to you
          • No fees at all; if we can’t achieve savings
          • Guaranteed results – we identify savings and
            implement on behalf of your business

          Why we can find savings when others can’t:
          • We know your supplier’s business model well
          • We always stay on top of current market pricing
          • We are skilled at matching purchasing options
            with our clients needs!
                   Annual                    Before           After        Annual
Case              Contracts                 GLOBAL           GLOBAL        Savings
            Warehouse Lease                  $264,600         $197,400     $116,550
Study       Stage Equipment
            Labor Union Package
            Health Care Policy               $226,800         $191,760      $35,040
            Office Lease                     $144,000         $108,000      $36,000
 Expense    CDW-G (Comp Equip)               $118,380          $90,552      $27,828
Reduction   Auto Insurance
            Auto Loans
            Ikon (Copier Lease)               $26,916          $22,344       $4,572
            Insurance (Officers)              $21,600          $10,440      $11,160
            Staples (Office Supplies)         $18,684          $13,440       $5,244
            Auto Maintenance                  $18,000          $ 9,000       $9,000
            AT&T (phone)                      $16,560          $9,420        $7,140
            TXU Energy                        $10,344          $6,960        $3,384
            Comcast (Internet)                $6,240           $4,560        $1,680
            Ozarka                            $2,640           $1,740         $900
            Totals                          $1,456,000       $1,115,689    $369,788

                                                             Annual       $394,631*
            * Vendors extended free rent and services on various lease
            agreements and contracts to retain client. GLOBAL averages
            18 – 22% expense reduction. Individual results may vary.
Real Estate

                  Cost Segregation
              (Accelerated Depreciation)
Who would you rather pay?


   IRS                 Yourself
      “Zero Risk” – “High Payback”
    for Commercial Property Owners!
GLOBAL Will Achieve Your Goals
  With These Property Types
     Apartments                             Hotels / Motels
     Auto Repair Garages                    Bed and Breakfast Light
     Auto Body Shop                         Industrial
     Auto Sales - Car Lots                  Mixed Use
     Bar / Lounges                          Motels
     Car Wash                               Multi Family - 5+ units
     Child Care Facilities                  Office Buildings
     Funeral Homes                          Office Warehouse
     Gas Stations                           Office Retail
     Golf Courses                           Retail Shopping Malls

     Qualifying for cost segregation is simple!

     1.     Did you purchased or build your property after January 1987?
            2. Does your property have a tax liability (are you for profit)?
            3. Building value greater than $1,000,000 or at least $400,000 in
          renovations/ build outs?
Benefits of Cost Segregation
      • IRS approved method of re-classifying
        components and improvements of
        commercial real estate into 5, 7, or 15 year
        depreciation schedules.

      • Taxable income is greatly reduced thus
        increasing immediate cash flow!

      • Typical cash flow increase is $50K - $80K
        per every $1,000,000 of property value

      • Our on-site engineering performed study
        will immediately impact your bottom line
                Apartment Complex         Global Manufacturing Facility
 Case           Project Cost    $6.25M
                                                Project Cost   $20.4M
 Study         Reclassified Components         Reclassified Components
                 5 Year        28.40%         5/ 7 Year       25.58%
                15 Year          6.72%
Accelerated     Tax Benefits Years 1-6
                                              15 Year           8.40%
                                              Tax Benefits Years 1-6
Depreciation           $659,948*                    $1,830,026*

               Mid-sized Hotel Building     Multi Unit Shopping Center

                 Project Cost   $31.06M         Project Cost   $12.6M

                Reclassified Components       Reclassified Components
                 5/ 7Year        17.81%       5/ 7 Year            6.79%
                 15 Year          5.39%       15 Year             28.43%
                 Tax Benefits Years 1-6         Tax Benefits Years 1-6
                       $7,144,950*                    $1,814,310*
Real Estate

              Commercial Mortgage Modification
                 (Loan Workout Solutions)
 Commercial Loan Modification
  What are your options as a commercial
property owner facing the mortgage crisis?

    Option A – Refinance your existing loan which
      requires income and equity qualifications.

    Option B - File bankruptcy or lose your commercial
       real estate in foreclosure.

     GLOBAL’s Solution – Allow our skilled staff to
        negotiate a more equitable long term mortgage
        contract for your unique commercial property!
Benefits of GLOBAL’s Program
    •   FREE – No Obligation Savings Analysis

    •   No Credit / Equity Qualifications Required

    •   100% Transparency (24/7 File Tracking)

    •   Manages Adjustable Rates / Balloon Payments

    •   Bankruptcy / Foreclosure Prevention

    •   Low Risk / Performance Based Guarantee

    •   Leverage Our Extensive Lender Relationships

    •   Industry Leading “Loss Mitigation” Process
 Case          Client has a mortgage loan in the amount of $2.5M
               with Washington Mutual (now Chase Bank).
               Before GLOBAL
               Interest Rate:               6.75%
               Monthly Payment:             $16,214
   Loan        Delinquent Payments:         $69,826
               After GLOBAL
               New Interest Rate:           3.0% (I / O) For Set Period
               Interim Payment:             $9407
               New Interest Rate:           5.45% (P & I) Fixed Rate
               New Monthly Payment:         $13,221

               Business Result: Significant cash flow increase of $6807
               during initial I/O term. Lender capitalized delinquency.
               Client had a balloon loan due with Sun Trust
 Case          Mortgage in the amount of $3.6M
 Study         Before GLOBAL
               Interest Rate:           7.10%
               Monthly Payment:         $33,885
               Delinquent Payment:      None

               After GLOBAL
               New Interest Rate:       5.10% (P & I)
               New Loan Terms:          20 Yr Amort. / Due in 10 Yrs
               New Payment:             $23,957

               Business Result: Monthly payment reduced by $9,892
               per month and client avoided pending balloon payment.

   Step 1 - Submit (1 Page) GLOBAL Worksheet
                  a. Contract Renegotiation
                  b. Cost Segregation
                  c. Commercial Loan Modification
                  d. Commercial Financing

   Step 2 - Receive Free, No Obligation
            Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

   Step 3 - Approve Benefit Analysis
            and Start Saving!

Please contact the GLOBAL Consultant that
referred you to this presentation or click the
link below to begin this simple cost saving

                     Thank You

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