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Black & White Multifunction Laser Printer                                                                               Features & Specifications   Overview

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e-Touch Wi-Fi Button                                                                                     Consumables
The SCX-4623FW’s One-Touch Wi-Fi button                                                                    Single Cartridge
lets you connect quickly and easily. Simply                                                                1,500 Pages Per Cartridge
select the WPS (wi-fi protected setup) button on                                                           Use Toner: MLT - D105S, MLT - D105L
your router, then press the WPS button on the
SCX-4623FW and the printer will automatically                                                            Copy
configure and connect to your wireless network.                                                            1200 x 1200 Copy Resolution
Normally, you would have to spend time creating                                                            Clone Copy
a wireless network name and manually entering a security key or password on all the wireless               2 Up Copy
devices. But the ultra-convenient One-Touch Wi-Fi button automatically configures - and                    Up to 23 B&W Copies Per Minute
protects - your wireless network for you.                                                                  Poster Copy
                                                                                                           Multi Copy up to 99 pages
                                                                                                           ID Copy
Wireless Printing                                                                                          4 Up Copy
With the SCX-4623FW there are no more cables
tripping you up or plugging and unplugging
machines to identify the right printer. And better
                                                                                                           16.4" x 16.1" x 12.6"
yet, this wireless printer can be shared by many
computers, saving you money on hardware and
energy costs. Say goodbye to cables with the                                                             Display
SCX-4623FW laser printer.                                                                                  2 Lines x 16 Characters LCD

AnyWeb Print                                                                                             Fax
Samsung’s AnyWeb Print software is another                                                                 Speed Dial up to 200 Locations
useful feature. It allows you to select, drag and                                                          MB (up to 225 pages)

drop content from different webpages into a new                                                            Up To 300 dpi Fax Resolution
                                                                                                           4MB Fax Memory
blank page on screen, without any resizing or
                                                                                                           33.6 Kbps Modem
other editing. AnyWeb Print is a quick and easy
                                                                                                           Compatible With ITU-T G3, ECM
way of pulling information together, and you can
save the pages you create either as tiff files or
pdfs. They can be printed using the Print Screen button or your normal print menu. So you can            General
quickly and easily print what you see. AnyWeb Print software enables you to gather data                    1,500 Pages Per Cartridge
together and handle information more effectively                                                           USB 2.0
                                                                                                           Less Than 50 dBA
                                                                                                           Compatible With dows 7 / 2000 / XP / Vista /
                                                                                Compatible With dows 7 / 2000 / XP / Vista /
Versatile Copy Features                                                         2003 Server / 2008 Server, Mac OS X 10.3 ~
Productivity is the key to running any office or                                10.6,Various Linux OS
professional workgroup. And the SCX-4623FW
was designed to deliver exactly that. With the
SCX-4623FW you can print, copy, scan and PC-
                                                                                5.6-8.5" by 5.8-14.0"
fax with ease and speed. It also has versatile
                                                                                Manual Duplex Printing
copy features such as ID card Copy (front and
                                                                                SPL-Emulation Type
back on one side of the page), clone copy
                                                                                First Print Out Time (B&W): 12 Seconds
(multiple images on a single sheet) and poster
                                                                                250 Sheet Cassette Tray
copy (one image on multiple sheets) saves you
                                                                                Media Size: Width : 3.0" ~ 5.0" / Length : 8.5" ~
time.                                                                           14.0"
                                                                                Print On: Plain Paper, Transparency, Envelope,
Streamlined Design                                                              Labels, Card Stock, Thick, Thin, Cotton, Color,

The control panel has an easy to use Blue                                       Pre - Printed, Recycled, Bond, Archive

Compass Navigation button that allows you to                                    80 Sheet Output Capacity
                                                                                Up To 1,200 dpi Print Resolution
navigate menu options quickly and easily. The
                                                                                B&W Print Speed up to 23 ppm
SCX-4623FW also comes with a built-in cassette
                                                                                40 Sheets
tray that holds up to 250 sheets for less visits on
refilling paper. It's designed to fit perfectly into
any professional business, helping to add a                                    Scan

touch of style.                                                                 Compatible With ITU-T G3, ECM
                                                                                Color CIS Scanning Method
                                                                                4,800 dpi Resolution (enhanced)
Samsung takes responsibily in helping to keep the environment                   1,200 dpi Resolution (optical)
                                                                                Scans to PC
Samsung's S.T.A.R. Program is a free service
for our business and consumer customers that
helps them keep the environment clean.                                         Warranty
                                                                                1 Year

                                                                                25.4 lbs.
ENERGY STAR® compliant
This ENERGY STAR® compliant model using
less energy to help save the environment, which
helps save you money. ENERGY STAR is a
joint program of the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of
Energy promoting energy efficiency.

Boost productivity with Blue Compass Navigation
Always know where your job stands with the
SCX-4623FW’s navigation feedback LED
pattern. It keeps you clued in with its 11 different
job status indicators, including error and warning

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification

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