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Brianna Beck


									Brianna Beck, Hanah Luong, Julia Wiatrek, Andrew Quesada, Drew Harding
Mrs. Lippincott
English III GT/AP – 4
28 September 2009

                                          The American Obsession and Stereotypes

         “‘People Size’ Gather to Promote Fat Acceptance”
Each year the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance gather to promote that people need to “let their
bodies settle into their natural weight, and then work on getting as comfortable as a person who takes a substantial
space”(Goldberg, 463.)
1. Will history repeat itself in terms of discrimination?
2. Are fat people really unaccepted or do they just think they are?
Allusion- State representative Bryan Rushing sponsors size discrimination.
Rhetoric- Uses direct quotes from participants in the rallies to help the reader understand the perspective.

          “The Culture of Thin Bites Fiji”
In Fiji, before 1995, “big was beautiful” (Goodman, 477.) After television was introduced, there was an obsession
with losing weight quickly to fit the ideal size. Although, the original views were somewhat extreme, a return to the
former ideals might prove beneficial to many Fijians.
1. Why does one culture tend to dominate others in a global society?
2. How is the media a positive and negative influence on culture?
Allusion- Heather Locklear was anorexic.
Rhetoric- Introduced Fiji as a fantasyland and used rhetorical shift to the horrible reality of eating disorders. The
author used one sided aspects of dieting portrayed as negative.

         “It’s All in the Mix: A Plastic Surgery Reality Show”
“’Extreme Makeover’ the reality show that transforms average people through plastic surgery – Mutilation as
entertainment…” (James, 480.)
1. Why does our appearance influence our lives so greatly?
2. What affects will current decisions on cultural appearances have on future generations?
Allusion- Michael Jackson
Rhetoric- She persuades readers that plastic surgery for vanity is a misuse of technology that has much greater

         “Turning Boys into Girls”
The stereotypical guy has become more concerned with his appearance. “Men’s Health is well on its way to making
the male species as insane, insecure, and irrational about physical appearance as any Cosmo girl”(Cottle, 486.)
1. Does culture affect the culture or does culture affect the media?
2. How does appearance lead to the point of suicide?
Rhetoric- Used statistics and images to showing the new stereotypes.

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