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New York State The Wildlife Society


									  T          H     E             W        I       L       D       L       I      F      E               S         O       C       I          E   T       Y

New York State Chapter- The Wildlife Society

	 A Quarterly Newsletter	Fall 2011
                                                      active and retired) yields dividends for a long       ences as a ranger in High Peaks region of the
 In this Issue:                                       time.                                                 Adirondacks. The Bronx Zoo’s Curatorial
 President’s Podium                                                                                         Science Fellow in Herpetology and NYS TWS
                                                      Speaking of opportunities, the NYSTWS Ex-             Chapter Vice-President Valorie Titus gave a
 Page 1                                               ecutive Committee is busy putting things to-          graphic presentation of snakebites, prevention
 2011 Fall Field Meeting                              gether for our Annual Meeting to be held in           and first aid recommendations. We also heard
 Page 1                                               NYC in March 2012 (see related information            some great stories and recommendations for
 Can You NuCanoe®?                                    elsewhere in this Newsletter). Think about it.        trip planning and backcountry travel from
                                                      This event will give you the opportunity to get       Keith Kelly, NYS Environmental Conservation
 Page 1
                                                      an up-close and personal perspective on the           Officer, region 5.
 Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging NYSDEC's         Bronx Zoo, while also fostering those relation-
 2010 Endangered Species Regulations
                                                      ships with other wildlife professionals and           We had a nice mix of students and profession-
 Page 2
                                                      students within our state. The agenda is com-         als and a lot of great questions and participa-
 Congrats to Dr. Jacqui Frair!                        ing together nicely and should prove interest-        tion. Thank you to all our speakers, the AEC
 Page 3                                               ing and thought-provoking. Again, many                and Newcomb Central School for their contri-
 Northeast Field Course in Vermont                    thanks go out to those of you who are actively        butions to the meeting!
 Page 3                                               engaged in pulling this together. I look for-
                                                      ward to seeing many of you there!                     -Valorie Titus, Vice-President
 TWS Annual Meeting 2011, Waikoloa, Hawaii
 Page 3                                               Rich LeClerc, President                               Can You NuCanoe®?
 NYS Chapter of The Wildlife Society                                                                        Another Watercraft Raffle to Support NY Student
 Annual Meeting 2012, Bronx Zoo                                                                             Chapters
                                                      Fall Field Meeting 2011 at the
 Page 4
                                                      Adirondack Ecological Center and                      How much would you pay for the chance to
 Call for Nominations- Awards and Officers            Newcomb Central School                                paddle around the creeks, rivers, ponds, and
 Page 6                                                                                                     backwaters of New York in quiet solitude or
                                                      Thanks to a very generous grant by Campfire
 Northeast Field Course Scholarship Application                                                             with the partner of your choice in the very
                                                      Club of America, and additional financial
 Page 7                                                                                                     latest, high-tech canoe/kayak hybrid? Sup-
                                                      support by The NY Chapter of TWS and New
 NEPARC Meeting Announcement and Call for                                                                   pose that boat came with a dry-storage box,
                                                      York Outdoor Women, INC. (Becoming an
 Abstracts                                                                                                  padded seats, a pair of PFDs, and a pair of
                                                      Outdoors Woman program), the Ulster
 Page 9                                                                                                     aluminum double-paddles – now what would
                                                      County Trapper's Association and Columbia
                                                                                                            you pay? But wait – there’s more: how about
                                                      County Trapper's Association, we are able to
                                                                                                            a set of blocks and tie-downs for car transport,
                                                      bring in a world renowned speaker on sur-
                                                                                                            and a wheeled cart for effortless transport
                                                      vival and outdoor safety, Peter Kummerfeldt
President’s Podium                                    (Outdoor Safe Inc.). We were proud to have
                                                                                                            from your car to the water’s edge? What’s it
                                                                                                            worth to you now? All of this equipment,
Wow, how time flies when you are having                him as our guest speaker at the fall meeting of
                                                                                                            worth more than $1,500 retail, could be yours
fun!! Although I was not able to join you at          TWS at the Adirondack Ecological Center and
                                                                                                            for just five bucks.
the Fall Field Meeting (due to a commitment           Newcomb Central School, Newcomb, NY
for my new job), I have heard that it was re-         where he discussed outdoor safety and sur-            In the wake of this year’s very successful
sounding success. Thanks to the NYSTWS                vival in a very interesting and compelling            Paddler’s Package Kayak Raffle that raised
Executive Committee, and everyone else who            way. He talked about what you need to do to           more than $4,600 for TWS Student Chapters in
pitched in for this event. Particular thanks go       not get lost, how to stay safe if you are             NY, the NY Chapter is sponsoring another
out to all of you who participated. Your will-        lost and if you are lost how to get                   raffle for the 2012 Annual State Chapter Meet-
ingness to join us for these professional devel-      found...quickly.                                      ing. For the new raffle, the prize will be a 12-
opment events keeps us motivated to continue                                                                foot NuCanoe® ( Elite
to offer them into the future. This type of op-       We also would like to thank our other speak-
                                                                                                            Paddler’s Package, all provided by Adiron-
portunity to learn new things, reinforce exist-       ers. We heard about the Adirondack Park and
                                                                                                            dack Exposure of Old Forge, NY.
ing knowledge, and network and exchange               the Adirondack Park Agency by Keith
ideas with students and professionals (both           McKeever of the Adirondack Park Agency.               These versatile boats are made of durable
                                                      Dell Jeffery, a Region 5 NYS Forest Ranger            polyethylene, and have a wide, stable hull
                                                      gave some of his perspectives from his experi-

Fall 2011
                 N    Y   S        C    H    A    P    T    E   R         W    I    L   D    L    I    F     E          S    O   C    I     E   T   Y

shape. They can be paddled by one or two              vide a "net conservation benefit" in order to               "the mere fact that [Riverhead] may have to
paddlers, and the manufacturer produces               obtain a permit to "take" a protected species.             endure the [NYSDEC] review process is not
many modular kits for the boat (available for          Taking is broadly defined, and includes any                sufficient, without more, to constitute injury"
purchase separately) that enable you to use           disturbance of a protected species’ habitat.                [Association for a Better Long Island, Inc. v.
the boat for fishing, rowing, wildlife watching         The 2010 regulations require an applicant to              NYSDEC, 2011 NY Slip Op 21431].  
and even hunting! The best part? You could            not only mitigate a project's potential impacts
win this boat for as little as $5 per raffle ticket,   on a protected species, but to enhance the spe-            Riverhead unsuccessfully argued that by re-
or 5 tickets for $20! Tickets will be sold by         cies’ habitat above and beyond what it would               quiring an applicant to enhance the habitat of
student chapter members and the Executive             be even if the project were not built.                     a protected species beyond the status quo
Committee starting shortly after Thanksgiv-                                                                      ante, NYSDEC has shifted the public goal of
ing, and we’ll have tickets for sale up to the        The 2010 regulations [6 NYCRR § 182.2(o)]                  protecting endangered and threatened species
drawing at the State Chapter Annual Meeting           define net conservation benefit as:                          onto individual applicants.  Prior to the 2010
at the Bronx Zoo on March 2-3. Funds will go                                                                     regulations, individual applicants have had to
                                                      A successful enhancement of the species' overall           address their own project’s impacts -- not en-
to help student chapter members attend the
                                                      population or contribution to the recovery of the          hance a species’ wider viability.  This issue
national annual meeting next year, so please
                                                      species within New York.  To be classified as               was not addressed by the Supreme Court, as
do your part and take a chance to paddle
                                                      a net conservation benefit, the enhancement or              the Court did not reach the merits of the case.
away with a new boat!
                                                      contribution must benefit the affected species listed
-Michael S. Fishman, CWB®, President Elect            as endangered or threatened in this Part or its            Unless the Supreme Court's decision is re-
                                                      habitat to a greater degree than if the appli-             versed on appeal, any challenge to the 2010
                                                      cant's proposed activity were not undertaken.              regulations would have to occur after NYS-
                                                      (emphasis added).                                          DEC completes its permit review and either
Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging                                                                              issues or denies an incidental take permit.
NYSDEC's 2010 Endangered Species    Prior to the adoption of the 2010 regulations, a
                                    project's potential impact on protected species The Supreme Court’s decision can be viewed
Regulations                         has been largely evaluated and mitigated         online at:
                                                      through the State Environmental Quality Re-
On December 1, 2011 the New York State Su-                                                             
                                                      view (SEQR) process; the NYSDEC has sel-
preme Court, Albany County, dismissed the                                                                        /2011/2011_21431.htm
                                                      dom issued endangered species permits
lawsuit brought by the Town of Riverhead and
                                                      (known as Article 11 permits) when a project's
other interested parties that challenged the                                                                     -Dominic Cordisco, Drake, Loeb, Heller, Kennedy,
                                                      impacts have been addressed through SEQR.
new Part 182 Endangered Species regulations                                                                      Gogerty, Gaba & Rodd PLLC
                                                       Nonetheless, the conservation of endangered
adopted by the New York State Department of
                                                      species has long been a legislative policy of              BIO- Dominic Cordisco is a partner with the
Environmental Conservation in November
                                                      New York, and ever since the enactment of the              New Windsor law firm of Drake, Loeb, Heller,
                                                      State Endangered Species Act in 1972, NYS-                 Kennedy, Gogerty, Gaba & Rodd PLLC.  His
Riverhead, through its local Community De-            DEC has had the authority to require a permit              practice includes land use permitting and en-
velopment Agency, is the owner of the Enter-          for a take of protected species.  But both the             vironmental law for both municipal and pri-
prise Park at Calverton (EPCAL).  EPCAL is a          enabling legislation and the prior regulations             vate clients.  He is a past Regional Attorney
planned redevelopment of a 2,900-acre prop-           did not provide NYSDEC with a standard to                  for Region Three of the New York State De-
erty formerly known as the Naval Weapons              use in deciding whether to issue such a per-               partment of Environmental Conservation.  Mr.
Industrial Reserve Plant at Calverton, assem-         mit.  The prior regulations merely provided                Cordisco has been a lecturer for various pro-
bled by the Navy in the 1950s and leased to           NYSDEC with the discretion to issue such a                 grams including SEQRA, wetlands regulation,
the Grumman Corporation for final assembly             permit, on conditions that it "may deem ap-                mining, underground storage, and oil spills,
and flight-testing of military aircraft. In 1996,      propriate" [6 NYCRR § 182.4 (repealed)].   The             and appears regularly before the New York
defense downsizing resulted in closure of the         State Endangered Species Act simply provides               Association of Towns, the New York Planning
Grumman facility. In September 1998, the U.S.         that "the taking ... of any endangered or                  Federation, and the Orange County Municipal
Government transferred the site to the Town           threatened species ... is prohibited, except un-           Planning Federation.  Mr. Cordisco is director
of Riverhead Community Development                    der license or permit from the [NYSDEC]"                   of the Orange County Partnership, a co-chair
Agency on the condition it be used for eco-            [ECL § 11-0535(2)].  The 2010 regulations cre-            of the Alliance for Balanced Growth, and he
nomic development to replace thousands of             ate a new category of permit, called an "inci-             serves as co-chair of the New York State Bar
well-paid jobs and tax base lost by the Grum-         dental take permit", which requires that an                Association - Environmental Law Section’s
man closure.  NYSDEC identified the EPCAL              applicant provide not only a mitigation plan,              committee on Mining, Oil and Gas Regulation.
site as habitat for both tiger salamanders and        but also a net conservation benefit for the spe-             He earned his B.A. from the State University
the short-eared owl, both protected species in        cies in order to obtain a permit [6 NYCRR §                of New York at Plattsburgh and his J.D. from
New York; NYSDEC informed Riverhead that              182.11(a)].                                                Fordham University School of Law, where he
any reuse of the property would require an                                                                       received the Murray Award for Outstanding
                                                      In its lawsuit, Riverhead claimed, among
incidental take permit.                                                                                          Public Service.
                                                      other things, that the NYSDEC's adoption of
The thrust of Riverhead's challenge related to        the 2010 regulations was beyond the power
the new "net conservation benefit" standard            delegated to it by the state legislature.  In its          Message From the Editor:
for permit issuance.  By adopting the 2010            response, NYSDEC argued that the lawsuit
                                                      must be dismissed because Riverhead's issues               Please send any information you would like to see
regulations, NYSDEC significantly changed
                                                      were not yet ripe for review given that River-             published in the Winter Newsletter in Microsoft
the regulatory oversight of endangered and
                                                      head had not yet been denied an incidental                 Word format to Valorie Titus ( by
threatened species in New York State.  The
                                                      take permit.  The Court agreed, stating that               March 1, 2012. Any photos are also welcome!
2010 regulations require an applicant to pro-

                                                                                                                                                        Fall 2011
         N   Y   S       C    H   A    P    T    E    R       T    H    E       W     I   L   D   L    I     F   E       S    O   C   I    E   T   Y

Congrats to Dr. Jacqui Frair!                        TWS Annual Meeting 2011, Waikoloa,
Dr. Jacqui Frair, advisor for the ESF student
chapter was recognized at the TWS Annual             Aloha! The TWS 2011 Annual Meeting in
Meeting in Waikoloa, Hawaii as Chapter Ad-           Waikoloa, Hawaii was a great success! Held
visor of the Year! Please join us in congratu-       at the beautiful Hilton Waikoloa Village,
lating her and thanking her for her service to       many activities were available for the confer-
the students and the society.                        ence attendees. Amongst the field trips to
                                                     waterfalls, archeological sites, bird watching
Outdoor Field Course in Vermont                      areas, coral reefs and volcanoes, was a confer-
                                                     ence packed with informational talks and
The New York Chapter of the Wildlife Society         posters. The plenary session was packed
will be offering partial scholarship support of      with powerful speakers who all emphasized
$425.00 for two students selected from one of        the importance of partnerships in wildlife
the New York State TWS Student Chapters to           conservation and the coming conservation
attend the NE Section of the TWS’ Outdoor            challenges. There were many informational
Field Course in Vermont.  If you are interested      working group meetings and sponsored
in applying, please see the application form in      events. The first ever Women in Wildlife re-           TWS Websites:
this Newsletter or click here for a direct link.     ception was very well attended- by both     
The deadline to submit an application for this       women and men and the student-professional  
scholarship is March 30, 2012.  Additional           mixer was a great way for students to meet
information and details about the field course                                                    
                                                     professionals from around the world.
are provided here.                                                                               
                                                     Aloha and mahalo to all our Hawaiian hosts
                                                     that made this conference wonderful!                  Check us out on Facebook and Twitter! Just
                                                                                                           click on each link to follow!
                                                     -Valorie Titus, Vice-President

                                                     Win A NuCanoe
                                                Elite Paddler’s Package

     •       a 12’ NuCanoe, color – OD Green (item #1204)
                 • 2 – aluminum paddles
                                                                  All provided by Adirondack
                 • 2 – personal flotation devices                          Exposure
             Fitted with the Elite Paddler Package:                  Old Forge, NY - (315)
                 • 2 – captain seats (item #3010)
                 • 2 – paddle/rod holders
                 • Sport box (item # 2010)

            Tickets are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00 and are available from any TWS member
                                Drawing to be held on Saturday, 3 March 2012
                                         Winner need not be present to win

Fall 2011
              N   Y   S   C   H   A   P   T   E   R   W   I   L   D   L   I   F   E   S   O   C   I   E   T   Y

New York Chapter
The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting
2-3 March 2012
The Bronx Zoo
Bronx, NY
“Celebrating the Rich History of New York’s Wildlife”
Friday – March 2, 2012

       8:00-9:00              Registration
       9:00-9:15              Opening remarks
       9:15-10:45             State of the State
       10:45-11:00            Break
       11:00-12:00            History Session
       12:00-1:30             Lunch (meal vouchers will be provided)
       1:30-3:30              NYS Endangered Species Regulations
       2:30-3:30              History Session (cont.)
       3:30-5:30              Poster Session and Student/Professional Mixer/Cocktail hour
       5:30-7:00              Dinner Buffet
       7:00-8:30              Keynote Speaker
                              Dr. Eric Sanderson- Wildlife Conservation Society- Mannahatta Project
       9:00                   Student Chapter Quiz Bowl

Saturday – March 3, 2012

       7:45-8:30              Registration
       8:30-8:35              Opening remarks
       8:35-10:35             Habitat Mitigation Banking Session
       10:35-10:50            Break
       10:50-12:00            History Session (cont.)
       12:00-1:00             Lunch Buffet
       1:15-2:00              TWS NY Chapter Business meeting
       2:00-3:00              Animal Banding Session
       3:00                   Closing Remarks & Raffle Drawing

Hotel Information: Ramada Yonkers: 125 Tuckahoe Rd Yonkers, NY 10710 (914) 476-3800. Rates $89+tax/night. Please book before 15 February to lock in the special rate. Rooms reserved after the
15th will be $109+tax/night.

Directions to the Zoo from the Hotel: Head East on Tuckahoe Rd. (left out of hotel lot) and turn right onto the
Sprain Brook Parkway South. Continue onto Bronx River Parkway South. From the Bronx River Parkway South,
take exit 7E toward Pelham Parkway. Take Exit 7W for Fordham Rd/US-1 S. Make a slight right onto E Fordham
Rd. At the traffic light, make a left onto Southern Boulevard. After approximately ¾ of a mile, make a left onto E
182nd Street. Make a left onto Crotona Pkwy and enter the Southern Blvd Entrance (Gate C).
only gate open for exiting the zoo after hours!

                                                                                                                Fall 2011
                  N   Y       S       C       H   A       P       T   E       R       W       I   L       D   L   I       F   E       S   O   C   I   E   T   Y

Registration Form – 2012 Annual Meeting
New York Chapter – The Wildlife Society
Annual Meeting, 2-3 March 2012
Bronx Zoo, in Bronx, N.Y.

The 2012 Annual Meeting of the New Chapter of The Wildlife Society will be held at the
Bronx Zoo, in Bronx, N.Y. The meeting will run from 8:00 AM on Friday, 2 March, through
3:30 PM on Saturday, 3 March.

To register, complete and mail the form below, along with your registration fee, to be received no later than 15 February 2012 for
early registration. After 15 February, late fee applies.

Your Name:!!____________________________________________________________

Address:!     !____________________________________________________________

!       !     !____________________________________________________________

E-mail!       !____________________________________________________________

Full Registration (includes registration fee, breaks, 2 lunches, banquet and social hour snacks; breakfast is included at hotel) for
NY-TWS members is $175 (early registration)/$200 (late registration). Non-member registration fee is $210. Registration fee for
students is $75.

!       !     !           !       !       !           !       !           !       !       !           !       !       !           Amount Enclosed

Registration fee for members ($175 early or $200 late)!                           !       !           !       !       !______________

Registration fee for non-members ($210)!                      !           !       !       !           !       !       !______________

Registration fee for students ($75)!                  !       !           !       !       !           !       !       !______________

!       !     !           !       !       !           !       Total fee enclosed:! !                  !       !       !______________

Complete this form, enclose your registration fee (check or money order, payable to NY-TWS), and mail, to be received no later
than 28 February 2011, to:
NY-TWS Annual Meeting
Attn: Jennifer Higbie
Brookhaven National Laboratory
81 Cornell Ave., Bldg. 120
P.O. Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973

    **We CANNOT accommodate many walk-ins. PLEASE register by February 28. If you need to register late, please call Valorie Titus at 607-232-0343**

Fall 2011	
                N    Y    S        C    H    A    P    T   E    R        W     I   L   D    L    I   F    E        S   O   C   I   E   T   Y


The Chapter Awards continue an annual endeavor by our Chapter to recognize contributions to the wildlife pro-
fession by highly qualified individuals. Award recipients will be determined by a majority vote of the members of
the Executive Committee, sitting as a Nominations and Awards Committee, and chaired by the Past-President.
Nominations will be considered for the following awards:

Outstanding Professional: This award will be made to a wildlife professional, or group of
wildlife professionals working together, for outstanding, professional accomplishments in the
wildlife field in New York State. Included in the criteria for judging the professional excel-
lence of the nominees will be contributions to knowledge, innovation, importance, applicabil-
ity, and leadership in any facet of wildlife work, including research, management, preservation, conservation, administration, edu-
cation, and enforcement. Nominees for the award need not be members of NY-TWS. The person making the nomination must be
a currently active member of NY-TWS, NE Section of TWS, national TWS, or a student TWS Chapter.

Outstanding Conservationist: This award will be made to an individual, or group of individuals working together, outside the
wildlife profession, for significant contributions to the field of wildlife management; for furthering public understanding of the
wildlife resource; or for developing, initiating, or coordinating programs in the wildlife management field which have notably en-
hanced the wildlife resource in New York State.

Stuart Free Award: This award acknowledges a legacy of diligent, focused, hard work. The award will recognize the effort of
other individual(s) or groups who have exhibited tenacious effort and diligent professional service in a manner that is inspiring to
their peers; and a cumulative contribution that has been overlooked or taken for granted. Like the Outstanding Professional
Award, it is intended to encourage and reward the work, accomplishments and important contributions of an individual or group,
as opposed to a specific accomplishment.

Honorary Members: This designation is conferred to persons who, by a majority vote of all Chapter members, have been thus
recognized for their achievements; they do not pay dues but have all benefits of membership.

Outstanding Student: Awards will be considered for outstanding students in the following category:
Outstanding Student Awards: Two awards recognize outstanding professional service, scholarship, or outreach by students – one
at the undergraduate level, and one at the graduate student level. Nominees need either be currently registered as a student or re-
cently graduated (within the past academic year) from a two- or four-year institution in NY State, although students need not be
NY State residents.
Note: At its 30 July 1993 meeting, the Executive Committee voted to drop the requirements that recipients of the Outstanding
Student Awards be currently registered as students. This vote reflects a decision that these awards are intended to recognize past

Letters of nomination should be as detailed and specific as possible and reflect the true quality of the candidates. Selection
of the recipients of the awards will be based entirely on the information submitted about the nominee to the Nominations
and Awards Committee. Each nomination must be received by 15 February and should include the following information:

1. Nominee's full name, present position or institution, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

2. A clear statement supporting the nomination, including specific information about the nature of the accomplishment (who, what,
where, when, why). General statements are very difficult to evaluate.

3. Supporting information such as publications, newspaper articles about the candidate or his/her programs, photographs;
letters of recommendation from peers, supervisors and teachers; listing of outside activities, community service, volunteer organi-
zations, and related materials.

Please submit your nominations for Chapter awards by February 15, 2012, with supporting information, to Valorie Titus, or 2300 Southern Blvd. Bronx, NY 10460. Submission by e-mail attachment (WordPerfect, MS Word,
or Rich-Text Format) is preferred.

                                                                                                                                             Fall 2011
                 N   Y   S   C   H   A   P   T   E   R   W   I   L   D   L   I   F   E   S   O   C   I   E   T   Y

!            !

2012 Officer Nominations
The Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer. If
you are interested in serving the chapter please submit your name and office you are interested in to
Valorie Titus at by 15 February 2012.

We are all busy people, but the work always seems to get done. Don't hesitate, participate!

Executive positions require a two year commitment, and attendance at Executive Committee meetings
which typically coincide with the Annual Business meeting, Fall Field meeting, and three other meet-
ings generally held in May, August and December. The job descriptions are below.

Vice- President
The Vice-President shall serve as chairperson of the Membership Committee and shall perform any other
duties assigned by the President. This typically involves making arrangements for the Fall Field meeting.

The Secretary shall be responsible for the files and records of the Chapter. Duties also include the recording
of the minutes of all meetings, the maintenance of the membership rolls, correspondence, the issuance of
meeting minutes, and notices of all proposed amendments to the Bylaws.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds of the Chapter, and shall submit complete annual financial
reports. Duties also include the receipt and disbursement of funds.

Fall 2011	
              N   Y   S       C   H   A   P    T   E   R      W    I   L   D   L   I   F   E   S   O   C   I   E   T   Y

NY Chapter TWS
Application for Scholarship to
NE Section TWS Outdoor Field Course*
Kehoe Conservation Camp
Castleton, Vermont
May 13-26, 2012

The New York Chapter of the Wildlife Society will be offering partial scholarship support of $425.00 for two
students selected from one of the New York State TWS Student Chapters to attend the NE Section of the
TWS’ Outdoor Field Course in Vermont. 

Please fill out the information below including the short essay and forward to Rich
LeClerc, NY Chapter TWS President at:

Successful candidates will be asked to:
1- help promote attendance by others at future field courses
2- write a short essay and “thank you” to the sponsoring organization for publication in
 their newsletter, of the value of attending this course, what it means to you, and
 how you might use this opportunity for your future career goals.






Student Chapter Affiliation:____________________________________________

School Attending:____________________________________________________



                                                                                                                         Fall 2011
             N   Y   S      C   H   A   P   T   E   R   W   I   L   D   L   I   F   E   S   O   C   I   E   T   Y

Please provide a list of past and current Wildlife and Natural Resource Science
related courses taken w/grade, (unofficial transcripts will be accepted). In addition describe and document
any relevant volunteer work in wildlife or related fields

Attach extra pages as necessary.

Essay - Please write no more than one page on why you want to attend the Outdoor Field Course and how
it will help your career.

Deadline: Applications must be received by March 30, 2012!

Thank you for your interest!
New York Chapter The Wildlife Society

Fall 2011	
                  N    Y   S      C   H   A   P   T   E    R    W   I   L   D   L   I   F   E      S   O   C   I   E   T   Y

                                                          Northeast Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation
       SAVE THE DATE!!                                                           (NEPARC)
                                                                               Annual Meeting
                                                          Highland Center Lodge at Crawford Notch, New Hampshire
                                                                            July 24-26, 2012
                    Annual Meeting                                          CALL FOR ABSTRACTS
                   July 24-26, 2012                  Abstracts are invited for oral and poster presentations at the 13th annual
            Scenic White Mountain Region             meeting of the Northeast Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation
           Crawford Notch, New Hampshire
                at the Highland Center               (NEPARC) to be held July 24-26, 2012, at the Highland Center Lodge in
                                                     scenic Crawford Notch, New Hampshire
                                                     ( NEPARC is
                                                     an active, diverse, and inclusive partnership dedicated to the conservation
                                                     of amphibians and reptiles and their habitats throughout northeastern
                                                     North America. Annual meetings are an ideal forum to share current re-
                                                     search and conservation initiatives, participate in working group sessions,
                                                     and to network with like-minded herp enthusiasts in the Northeast. Please
                                                     visit to learn more about NEPARC’s mis-
                                                     sion and current conservation initiatives.
                 Look for further details at:
               NEPARC website: Oral presentations will be approximately 20 minutes in total length (in-
                    NEPARC facebook page
                                                     cluding ~ 5 minutes for questions). A special poster session will be held to
                                                     facilitate the sharing of ideas and interactions among attendees and pre-
senters. Presentations by students (graduate and undergraduate) are encouraged.
Presentations are invited on all topics related to reptile and amphibian conservation, and are especially solicited for the
following topics:


       Life on the Edge: Reptiles and amphibians that are at serious risk of local or regional extirpation and/
                      or species at the edge of their range.



       On the Ground: Population (species manipulation, augmentation, translocation, headstarting, etc.) and
                      habitat management or restoration efforts to benefit reptiles and amphibians.



       Forging Partnerships: Partnering to implement reptile and amphibian conservation efforts, including
                      those identified in state Wildlife Action Plans.

Due to the structure of the meeting (including working group sessions), there are limited speaker slots available and
some oral presentations may be asked to consider a poster presentation.
Registration will be open in the coming months and will be available on the NEPARC website
(  All presentations will occur on July 25-26.  Registration and an informal social will
begin on the evening of July 24, 2012.

DEADLINE for submission of abstracts to be considered for oral presentations is: February 10, 2012. Poster ab-
stracts should be submitted by June 15, 2012.

Abstracts must be submitted electronically by sending an email to Please include ‘NEPARC Abstract’ in the subject
line. Include the abstract as an attachment (Microsoft Word) and identify whether you prefer an oral or poster presentation.

                                                                                                                              Fall 2011
             N   Y   S   C   H   A   P   T   E   R       W   I   L   D   L   I   F   E   S   O   C   I   E   T   Y

New York Wildlife Society
                                                     New York Chapter
                                     The Wildlife Society Membership Application

Name: ______________________________________________ Phone:__________________________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________________________________________


City, State, and Zip Code: _______________________________________________________________________

Dues: January 1, 2012-December 2012, regular $10.00
      January 1, 2012-December 2012, student, $5.00

Please Check: _____ New ______ Renewal ______ Regular _______ Student

Make check(s) payable to: “New York Chapter, TWS”

Return to: Jennifer Higbie
!          Brookhaven National Laboratory
!          81 Cornell Ave, Building 120
!          P.O. Box 5000
!          Upton, N.Y. 11973

Fall 2011	

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