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					Dental Workshop
   Denver 2008
      Your feedback has led to the
       following improvements…
• Improved, easier pull-tabs on mouthrinse seals
• Thicker toothpaste tubes – increased strength &
• Reinforced toothpaste caps to eliminate breaking &
  more defined lip for easy flip-top opening
• Personal size (1oz) toothpaste available on Original
• Personal size toothpastes have wider, easier-to-
  grasp caps
• Double-strength mouthrinse bottles to
  eliminate denting of corners & provide a
  sturdier feel
• Shorter & wider mouthrinse base to
  prevent tipping
• Larger Breath Spray gasket to prevent
• Label improvements for easier readability
Dental Workshop
   Denver 2008
              Jan Wares, RDH
• Graduate of Del Mar College
• Attended the Oklahoma
  University College of Dentistry
• Dental office consultant
• Oxyfresh partner since 2006
Clearly Confident
The Oxyfresh Difference!
   Extraordinary Dental Care Products
• Combination of unique ingredients

• Professional-grade, patented and proprietary formulas

• Support cosmetic services

• Clinically proven breath management system

• Support long-term periodontal maintenance

• Non-drug, alcohol-free alternative

• Over 20-year track record
            The secret weapon in fighting bad breath!

• Registered name for the proprietary ingredient (sodium

• Safe, non-toxic

• Used in water purification for over 50 years (eliminate

• Neutralizes sulfur bonds (oxidation-reduction process)

• Completely eliminates odors caused by volatile sulfur
          Volatile Sulfur Compounds

• Produced from bacterial by-products
• Dead cells, saliva, food, blood
• Source and cause of halitosis (bad breath)
• Increase permeability of epithelial lining
• Oxidizing agents – most powerful way to eliminate the
  harmful effects
           Alcohol in Mouthrinses
• Commercial rinses contain up to 27%
• Does not neutralize VSCs
• Alters pH balance
• Causes dryness
• Encourages more odor-causing bacteria
• Makes bad breath problem even worse
               Alcohol in Mouthrinses
                    Responsible for…

• Irritation                 • Fatal poisoning in small
• Epithelial sloughing
                             • Increased risk of oral &
• Ulceration                   pharyngeal cancer in
• Inflammation                 tobacco users

• Painful oral sensations    • Degradation of composite
                               resin and bonding agents
• Burning
• Dryness/dehydration
                 Contraindicated for…

• Children                  • Those undergoing chemo
                              or radiation treatment
• Pregnant women
                            • Ortho patients/braces
• Diabetics
                            • Smokers and tobacco
• Dry mouth sufferers         users
• Those who want fresh      • Recovering substance
  breath                      abusers
• Those with cosmetic
Academy of Dental Therapeutics and Stomatology Report
   outlines the following suggestions following cosmetic restoration:

• AVOID alcohol-containing mouthwashes – may
   soften composite (tooth-colored fillings) and porcelain bonds

• AVOID using highly abrasive toothpastes – may
   produce unnecessary wear to enamel, root surfaces and dental work

• Use only a neutral sodium fluoride – stannous and
   acidulated phosphate are NOT recommended as they may stain
   and/or weaken bonding
                 Zinc Acetate
• Patented formula of Oxygene and Zinc Acetate
• Highly biocompatible
• Provides synergistic deodorizing effect
• Deodorizes against VSCs, VOCs, VAs
                 Excerpt from…
    Oral Hygiene Products and Practice
           Author, Morton Pader

“There is… a substantial body of evidence indicating that
   appropriate zinc compounds, properly formulated into
  oral hygiene products, can be valuable adjuncts to the
      maintenance of a sound periodontal condition.”

• Natural sweetener found in fruits and vegetables
• Safe for diabetics
• Popular sugar substitute in Europe since 1970s
• Reduces cavities up to 80%
• Facilitates remineralization of tooth enamel
• Inhibits formation of plaque
                Essential Oils

• Blended to add natural flavor
• Therapeutic benefits – cooling/soothing properties
• Comfort in the healing process
• Fresh and clean with no aftertaste (as with
  chemicals and artificial flavorings)
          Simplifying Key Benefits
• Super-concentrated = value
• Low-abrasion formula toothpastes = gentle
• Neutral pH mouthrinses = protect
• Alcohol-free = safe
• No artificial flavors = tastes great
• No dyes/colorings = non-staining
• Professional-grade = quality
• Patented & Proprietary formulas = exclusive
             Oxyfresh Toothpaste
               Confidence starts here!

• Low abrasion rate (RDA under 100)
• Saccharin-free
• Super concentrated (lasts 3-4 times longer)
• No artificial flavors or colors
Original Formula
• Ultimate cosmetic formula
• Most gentle, low-abrasion paste available
• Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) = 45
• Protects enamel, root surfaces and cosmetic
  dentistry from unnecessary wear
• Great fluoride-free option
Fluoride Formula
• Only paste in the industry that combines fluoride
  with odor-fighting ability
• Cavity-fighting protection
• Neutral Sodium Fluoride (0.235%)
• Low-abrasion (RDA 91)
• Zinc acetate
Power Paste
• One-of-a-kind, smooth gel formula
• Low-abrasion (RDA 97)
• Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free
• Unique blend of essential oils (lemon, orange,
  grapefruit, bergamot, lime, spearmint)
• Zinc acetate
• Xylitol
• Perfect for dry mouth sufferers and electric
  toothbrush users
               Tongue Cleaner
            Complete oral hygiene!

• 80% oral malodor originates from the tongue
• Brushing removes 45% of bacteria
• Tongue cleaner removes 75% of bacteria
• Oolitt and Oolitt Elite – patented designs
               Tongue Cleaner
• #1 brand in the dental market
• Maximum comfort and function

Oolitt Elite
• Clinical Research Associates (CRA) rated most
  favorable in dental industry
• Dual-action band
• Single-handed use
              Oxyfresh Mouthrinse
               The one-minute solution!

•   Alcohol-free
•   Professional-strength
•   No dyes/colorings
•   Formulated within neutral pH range
•   Xylitol (except Unflavored)
•   Essential oils
•   Available in gallon (except Unflavored)
•   Available in travel size (Power & Zinc)
Power Rinse
• Patented Oxygene and Zinc combination (twice
  the amount as Zinc rinse)
• Unique blend of essential oils – stimulates
  salivary flow
• Aloe – ultimate soothing benefits
• Ideal for dry mouth sufferers
Patented Zinc
• Patented Oxygene and Zinc combination
• Contains the most Xylitol of all the rinses
• Can produce a metallic taste for some
• Ideal for periodontal maintenance
• Essential peppermint oil
• Cavity-fighting protection
• Neutral sodium fluoride (0.05%)
• Essential peppermint oil
• Ideal for cavity-prone individuals
Fresh Mint                Unflavored
• Excellent breath        • Great breath control
                          • Uniquely unflavored
• Essential peppermint
                          • Ideal for those who
                            are allergic to or do
                            not like mint
                OxyCare 3000
              Complete confidence!
• State-of-the-art oral irrigator
• Uses patented hydromagnetic technology
• 3,000 pulses per minute providing gentle
  stimulating massage
• Conditions and tones tissues
• Excellent for non-flossers
• Ideal for cleaning around crowns, bridgework,
  implants and braces
           Oxyfresh Dental Gels
                Soothing relief!

• Concentrated deodorizing
• Versatile tissue conditioning
• Blend of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Xylitol and
  Essential oils
• Alleviates and soothes oral wounds, abrasions,
  burns, inflammation
• Ideal for dry mouth sufferers
• Excellent choice when enhanced healing is
                  Dental Gels
Super Relief Formula     Fluoride Formula
• Zinc acetate           • Cavity-fighting
• Folic acid (cell
  regeneration and       • Neutral sodium
  provides beneficial      fluoride (0.22%)
  nutrient to tissues)
                         • Spearmint oil
• Spearmint oil
                Oral Hygiene Kits
•   Custom designed
•   Pre-packaged as a home-care system
•   Power Kit
•   Patented Zinc Kit
•   Fluoride Kit
•   Contains: Toothpaste (5 oz), Mouthrinse (16 oz),
    Super Relief Gel (1 oz), Oolitt Elite, Breath Mints,
    dental brochure, instruction card, drawstring bag
                   Travel Kit
            Convenience on the go!

• Meets TSA guidelines for airplane carry-on
• Contains: Fluoride/Original Toothpaste (1 oz),
  Power/Zinc Mouthrinse (3 oz), Oolitt Elite, Health
  Brush, Breath Spray, BrushPicks, instruction
  card, clear zippered bag
               Coenzyme Q10

• USP grade (pharmaceutical)
• Grape seed extract (potent antioxidant)
• Vitamins B6, B12, C
• Oral health relationship
• Bioflavonoids
• Support heart health
        Oxyfresh Extras
         Fresh Breath Mints
          Xylitol, saccharin-free

             Breath Spray
non-aerosol, alcohol-free, refillable stick,
         Power Rinse formula

            Benefit Brush
       triple-head, ADA accepted
             Oxyfresh Extras

                 Health Brush
  soft, small, compact head with protective cap

                Whitening Gel
  19% carbamide peroxide, hydrated, neutral pH

plastic interproximal pick, brush-design on one end
“There’s always a silent, powerful force at work
when salespeople believe the value they create
outweighs the prices they charge. This attitude
is communicated unconsciously – giving power
 to salespeople and confidence to customers.”

              - Ron Willingham
Dental Workshop
   Denver 2008
            Tracy Butler, RDH
• Honors graduate of Palm
  Beach Community College
  Dental Hygiene Program
• Success coach, speaker,
  author and CEO of CSI,
• Partner with Oxyfresh since
Dental Market
How and why Dental is a viable market
         Dentist Retirement Survey
     Published by Jim Du Molin of the Wealthy Dentist

• Only 13% of dentists replied they are on track
  financially and will retire completely once their
  monetary goals are fully met.
• 1 in 5 dentists would like to retire but aren’t sure
  they will be financially able to afford it.
         Dentist Retirement Survey
    Published by Jim Du Molin of the Wealthy Dentist

• Female dentists were nearly twice as likely as
  their male colleagues to worry that they will not
  be able to afford to retire.
• Rural dentists are almost twice as likely as their
  urban or suburban counterparts to say that they
  doubt they will be financially able to retire.
            It’s a Boomer Market
 According to the Demographic Profile of American Baby
       Boomers (MetLife Mature Market Institute)

• Baby Boomers make up merely 30% of the
• Annual spending power of over $2 trillion
• 49% male / 51% female
         Baby Boomer Spending...

• Vanity and convenience are prime motivators
• Biggest indulgers in anti-aging assistance
• Eating up cosmetic enhancements
• Spend 1.5 times more annually on personal care
  products and services than younger adults
            Statistics in Dentistry
• By 2010, the majority of dental school graduates
  will be women
• The average dental office in the US grosses
  $500,000 a year, and each dentist’s net is only
• It is estimated that consumer spending on dental
  care basics (toothpaste, mouthrinse, floss) is
  roughly $2.7 billion annually
           Statistics in Dentistry
• According to the American Academy of Cosmetic
  Dentistry (AACD), tooth whitening has increased
  by 300 percent in the past 5 years
• 85% of dental offices now offer cosmetic
  procedures as part of their practice, with half
  reporting a steady increase in the amount of
  cosmetic procedures performed over the past 3
             Trends in Dentistry
• Emphasis on cosmetics
• Minimal invasive dentistry (preserving the enamel)
• Retailing is common
• Digital and laser technology
• Moving away from drugs and chemicals and into
  safer more natural products and ingredients
             Trends in Dentistry

• Patients on multiple medication regimens
• Treating immuno-compromised patients
  (chemo and radiation, auto-immune disorders)
• Increase hygiene profitability
       What Dental Professionals Are
         Dentists Interested In... Hygienists

DENTISTS                          HYGIENISTS

• Enhance quality patient care    • Enhance quality patient care

• Set practice apart              • Recommend products they
                                    love and their patients love
• Be competitive by offering
  state-of-the-art products and   • Recommend products that
  services                          support their therapy

• Team to be motivated            • Interested in their own dental-
                                    related business
• Be profitable

• Looking for alternative
  retirement strategies
  Oxyfresh... A Natural Fit For Dental
• Enjoy teaching and educating others about
  health and wellness
• Enjoy leadership opportunity
• Natural networkers / large networks (pro chat
  forums, conferences, study clubs, member of
  their pro organization)
• Enjoy contribution and service-oriented
   Oxyfresh... A Natural Fit For Dental
• Leading RDHs are interested in owning a dental-
  related business
• Most DDSs today are realizing they are unable
  to rely on the sale of their practice for retirement
         What Makes Us Unique?
• Complete home-care program/system (we’re not
  random individual products)
• One program to fully support all cosmetic,
  whitening, breath control and long-term hygiene
  care patients all with the option of fluoride or
• Pioneers of alcohol-free
• Combination of ingredients found nowhere else
         What Makes Us Unique?
• Product development and support by dental
• Exclusivity – products are not found in grocery
  stores or markets
• Track record – product and program of choice
  of leading DDSs/RDHs for nearly 25 years... You
  can’t beat that!
• Colleague Referral Program
Now That We’re Clear About

 How do we get a piece of it???
        Identify Your Target Market
• Cosmetic dentists
• Dental spas (aromatherapy, massages, relaxation
• High-tech (offering Zoom whitening, Invisalign,
  laser dentistry)
• Established hygiene department (multiple hygiene
        Identify Your Target Market
• Practices retailing product
• Female dentists
• Ortho/Pedo – untapped!
                    Ways to Target
TRADE SHOWS                       CE SEMINARS

• Large dental conventions        • Smaller intimate groups

• Costly                          • Study groups/dinner meetings

• Time consuming                  • Less expensive

• Not duplicable                  • Recommended to do with an
                                    experienced upline partner
• Often attendees are there to
  purchase equipment, attend CD   • Local is ideal
  coursework and not to “shop”
                                  • Can often provide a slide to the
                                    presenter if the material is a fit or
                                    even speak briefly

• Corporately sponsored         • Classified ads

• Consistent message and        • Inexpensive
                                • Heading is key
• Professional
                                • Keep it short and simple
• More advertising for your $
                                • Grab their attention

                                • Offer FREE packet/report
       Email/Fax/Mailing Lists
                   • Keep it simple   • One piece at a time/single-     page
                   • Subject line/heading is key
                   • Attention grabbing
                   • Lead with a solution and
          Don’t Forget About Your
            Retail Customers!

• Already satisfied customers
• Great source of referrals
• Who is their dentist and hygienist?
Challenges To Address First...
         What We Make Up About
             Dental Leads...
• I have to be a dental professional
• I have to know all the ingredients
• I have to speak dental
           Dental Professional or Not!

• Are not MDs or RNs                   • Are not DDSs and in most
                                         cases not RDHs
• They are trained to offer
                                       • They are trained to offer
  solutions (in the form of drugs)
                                         solutions (in the form of
  to medical facilities and doctors’
                                         products and services) to a
                                         dental practice
                  The Truth...
• Dental leads are really no different than any other
  prospect lead
• Cannot be intimidated by the title (DDS, DMD,
• You are the expert in the Oxyfresh opportunity
  (hold yourself that way)
• Own the value of what you are offering: solutions
  in their practice and financial opportunity
          If You’re Stuck in What
            You’ve “Made Up”...
• Speaking in warp-speed clinical jargon
• Focusing on heavy technical terminology
• Telling them things you can’t back up
• Telling them about all ingredients
• Along with the chemical formula for Oxygene
• And, how hydromagnetics really works
If You’re a Non-Dental Professional Doing
• You sound like you’re speaking in tongues
• You have lost all credibility and respect
• You have lost them as a valuable prospect and
  you can forget about asking for referrals
• Keep in mind... This is not what we teach
And, If You Are a Dental Professional
            Doing This...

          Is it any different???
   (Just imagine someone doing it to you)
                    Big NOs
• Never bash competing products
• Never push to get an office to switch everything
  over to Oxyfresh (unless that is what they say
  they want to do)
• We are NOT a drug – don’t make claims (share
  personal experiences)
                    Big NOs
• We are NOT “all natural” (Oxygene) – we have
  natural ingredients
• Stay out of the scientific debate – easy to do
  when you’re not making claims!
                BIG Missing...
• Focused on features
• Not focused on the prospect
• Telling and not asking questions
• Not in control of the conversation... No matter
  how much you think you are
            So, Ask Yourself...
• Who am I being when I’m in conversation with
  Dental Professionals?
• What am I saying?
• What am I asking or not asking because I’m too
  busy telling?
• What language/terminology am I focused on in
  my conversation?
                Know Your...
• Market
• Prospect
• Product/Opportunity
         People Buy Based On Two
             Primary Reasons
1. How it (product or service) makes them feel
   (i.e., test drive a car)
2. If it offers a solution to a problem

                   In Oxyfresh...
     What is the customer/prospect ‘buying’???
               They are buying YOU
   (being in business or doing business with you)
            So, the Question is...
     How do you make your prospects feel?

• Heard?
• You have integrity and you follow-up when you
  say you will?
• That you’re sincere?
• Interested in their needs and wants?
• Enthusiastic and motivated?
• Offering partnership that you enjoy?
     When You Are All Those Things...

• You shift
• Your conversation shifts
• You tap into your creativity
• You and your product/service/opportunity
  becomes attractive
               You Move Into...
• Offering solutions that solve a problem
• Painting a picture of what they will gain by doing
  business with you
• Creating opportunity that is mutually beneficial
• Adding value to their practice and their patients
• Adding value to their life with an unlimited
  financial opportunity
               Invaluable Tips...
• Always set up time outside the practice setting
  (too distracting and you’re on their turf... They’re
  in control)
• Always do your homework... Know your
  prospect (if it’s a dental office or dentist – check
  out the website)
• Always offer the colleague referral program in
  the initial conversation (not just throughout and
  not as a surprise)
  How To Start The Conversation
  “Dr. Bonner / Mary Lou (RDH), there are
         two aspects to Oxyfresh...

“One is the in-office clinical program, which
    offers passive income by dispensing
  customized home care for your patients,
  which requires no additional chair time or

“The other is the optional colleague referral program,
     which offers royalty income outside the office
      through referring colleagues and others to
                     the program.

 “Is that something that may be of interest to you?

 “Which program would you like to focus on during
                 our meeting?”
                   Let Them Decide

• “Great! Lets focus on getting   • “Great! Lets focus on what that
  the clinical program              could look like for you.”
                                  • The conversation is no different
                                    than any other prospect

                                  • Find the missing... Offer a
                                    solution to a problem

                                  • LEAPFROG! They know
                                    hundreds of dentists (who each
                                    employ at least 1 RDH)
         What is Passive Income?
• Increased profits to the bottom line without…
  – Seeing additional patients
  – Adding more chair time
  – Doing one more procedure
              Passive Income
                In perspective...

Considering the overhead most practices are faced
    with (70%), it would take nearly $100,000 in
    additional dentistry (chair time, procedures,
       patients) to generate a $25,000 profit!
  Questions to Ask... Clinical Program

• How much of your time is spent doing cosmetic
  and whitening services?
• What are you recommending to those patients for
  home care?
• How is it working?
• What do you think your patients buy in the stores?
• Would you be interested in a program that will
  preserve your dentistry, keep it looking great
  longer and generate profit in your practice?
                  Focus On...
• The trends
• Cosmetic support
• What makes Oxyfresh unique
• Where there is a fit – solution
• Asking questions that stimulate their why
                  Focus On...
• Building rapport, trust and your desire to provide
  value to them and their practice
• Showing the profit potential
  No Matter What The Answers Are...

• They may decide to use other products as well as
  Oxyfresh... And that’s okay
• There’s always a fit for Oxyfresh – understand
  what makes us unique
• It can be a lead program or a complementary
  program to one they already have
• Give them that freedom... Opens the door... You
  become a different experience for them
No Matter What The Answers Are...

  Don’t be desperate, needy or greedy...
             It’s unattractive!
Dental Leads
        Making the Initial Contact...
       Understand when you have a lead their
               response indicates...

• YES, I have a need or a want
• YES, I’m interested in this
• YES, I’ll talk to you about this

 Your responsibility is to then determine whether or
  not your opportunity/product can help satisfy them
Requires Doing Some Homework First!

• Know your prospect, if possible (if DDS, visit
• Identify your lead (RDA, RDH, DDS, DMD – get
  it right)
• Gather any and all info provided (phone
  numbers, email address, best time to call) and
  honor all preferences listed
Requires Doing Some Homework First!

• Identify the publication/issue – know the pub (go
  online and check it out)
• Know what they are interested in or requesting
  (ideal to see the actual ad/feature, if possible)
             Resource Material
• Dental Training Manual (stock #9149 / single $5)
• Oral Health Brochure (stock #919 / 20-pack $5)
• Your Next Appointment is Waiting (stock #682 /
  10-pack / $10)
• Dental e-newsletters (downloadable from under Articles & Research)
             Resource Material
• Articles & Research section
• Dental Product Training Calls: (1st Wednesday of
  every month)
             Resource Materials
 – Resource Center
• Great Articles . . .
   – A Natural Fit
   – Inspired Hygienist
• Flyer
   – Oral Health Care Products
        And now...
Dental Prospecting Folder

   stock #9825 / 10-pack, $50
       Know Who’s On Your Team
• Who can you call on for 3-ways and when are
  they available? (upline, crossline)
• Who can you call on for third party credibility?
  (upline Dental Professionals)
• Who is mentoring or coaching you?

    Know who these people are and use their
           experience to support you!
                      The Call

• Make personal contact
• Identify WHO you are and HOW you got their
• Ask if this is a good time – if not, honor it!
• Set a follow-up before hanging up (give 2 options)
             Call Considerations
• May take several attempts
• Be very clear about other people’s busy lives,
  schedules and overwhelm
• “Gestation time” to building rapport
• Make positive interpretations around any
  challenges in attempting to reach someone
  (supports you – honors them)
• Great for dripping
• A thank you for their time
• As a follow-up to a VM message
• If personal contact is not an option
• It is how the prospect prefers communication
              Goal is to Identify...
What benefits they gain from your product/opportunity

        Comes out of identifying their WHY!

     Becomes an “interviewing process” not an

Don’t come to the call with a list of questions... know
    what you’re attempting to identify and allow a
        natural flow to the call... Build rapport!
              Questions to Ask
• “What was it about the ad/feature that
  prompted you to call/respond?”
• Listen carefully and follow based on their
  response (not your desire to tell them all about
• “Great, tell me more about that!”
              Questions to Ask
• If it’s product related, “What have you been
  using?” (personally and with their patients)
• “How is it working for you?”
• Ask questions that allow them to determine how
  Oxyfresh can be a fit/solve a problem a need or
                 Don’t Forget...
            Colleague Referral Program

“Mary (RDH), I know your initial interest is primarily
  around the breath spray so I want to make sure I
   cover all your questions around that and I don’t
  want to miss sharing another aspect of Oxyfresh
   that you may see as a tremendous opportunity.

 “Oxyfresh offers something unique that you can’t
            find with other companies...”
 “A chance to do what you already love to do – teach
patients and other colleagues about safe and effective
        home care without being an employee.

   “Oxyfresh offers the ability to create a secondary
    income stream to support you in designing more
flexibility and freedom in your work and life. There are
    thousands of other dental professional that have
 already discovered this program and have been very

“Is this something you may have an interest in learning
                     more about?”
                    What Do I Send?
PRODUCT INTEREST (initial)         PRODUCT INTEREST (supportive)

•                    • Dental Prospecting Folder

• Dental Care Products flyer –
  great cover and quick intro to
  product line

• OH Brochure – great for
  product overview
               What Do I Send?
                Opportunity Interest

• Your Next Appointment is Waiting brochure
• Inspired Hygienist article
• If local, set up one-on-one presentation (3-way
• Invite on calls and to events
• Ask to include them on a monthly or quarterly
• Send one piece (dental e-newsletter, a Visions
  article, product special)
• Always return to their WHY
• Send links from the website
• Invitation to events or calls
          The “Sample” Debate...
• NOT cost-effective
• Seen as another sales rep
• Take “sample” out of your vocabulary... Everyone
  thinks of a sample as FREE and a Dental
  Professional will think you are now going to give
  them FREE samples for all their patients
• No value in that
• What are you getting in return? Why do you want
  them to experience it?
 It IS Key For a Dental Professional to
            Personally Use
• Willing to send a personal size of the product
• You have a request...
 “Mary, please use the toothpaste in place of what
  you’re currently using for 6 days and then try to go
  back to what you were using before. I will call you
    on the 7th day and I’m interested in finding out
           how that experience is for you.”
         “Would you be willing to do that?”
 Here’s Something to Keep in Mind...
• The overwhelming majority of Oxyfresh’s retail
  customer base orders the dental products
  (toothpaste and mouthrinse) and they have for
  25 years
• They pay TOP DOLLAR – Oxyfresh’s suggested
  retail price + freight + sales tax

 THAT is an extraordinary product that does that!
           Boundless opportunity exists!

• They are always a source of referrals (especially
  if you’ve come from a place of honoring them)
• They can become a loyal customer or a
  business partner (both are GREAT!)
• They may or may not get product in their
  practice (and, it doesn’t limit their opportunity –
Dental Workshop
   Denver 2008
Dental Panel
       Mary Lou Vollmer, RDH
• From Castle Rock, Colorado
• Regional Marketing Director
• Graduated from the Colorado
  School of Dentistry in 1975
• Member, American Dental
  Hygiene Association
• Oxyfresh partnership since
            Mike Bonner, DDS
• From San Antonio, Texas
• Worked closely with
  research and development
  of CoQ10
• Graduated from University
  of Texas Dental School in
• Co-author, The Oral Health
• Oxyfresh partnership since
             Anne Duffy, RDH
• From Charlotte, North
• Master Marketing Director
• Earned her RDH in 1974
  at Ohio State University
• Editor and publisher of
  Dental Entrepreneur
• Oxyfresh partnership
  since 1995
            Don Vollmer, DDS
• From Castle Rock, Colorado
• Regional Marketing Director
• Graduated from Creighton
  University Dental School in
• Member, Denver Academy of
  Restorative Dentistry
• Oxyfresh partnership since
          Michelle Amiel, RDH
• From Delray Beach, Florida
• Senior Marketing Director
• Earned her RDH in 1977 in
  Montreal, Canada
• Works as a team building,
  leadership and practice
  management coach
• Oxyfresh partnership since
Dental Workshop
   Denver 2008

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