CITY COUNCIL AGENDA BILL

Bid # 27-2000

   Harley Davidson Motorcycles Bid
Bid Opening Results

         Civ of Bellingham Purchasing Division
          Bid Opening Results
                                                Police Motorcycle

 Bid Number: 27B-2000              Previous Bid History:
 Date of Bid Opening: 03/16/2000
 Time of Bid Opening: 11:00 AM
 Number of Bids Mailed: $          a
 Number of Bids Received: 1        =


Bid Number #27B-2000                                                                       Page 1 of 6

           Bid #27B-2000
     Addendum #O
  v Bid Specification

  Bid Specification: The City of Bellingham is seeking bids for 3 (three or more Harley-
  Davidson FLHPI Road King Police Motorcycles per the following specifications.

 2000 New Harley-Davidson FLHPI Road King Police Motorcycle certified for police work
 with the following options
 Whelen 100 watt electronic two (2) tone (wail and yelp) siren system mounted on unit.
 Two front fairing mounted, blue, triple flash, strobe type pursuit lights.
 Unmounted Edge Cap TS-200-SE blue triple flash, double strobe light bar lieu‘of rear blue
 beacon. ,
 Lighting power shall be supplied by a Whelen UPS-690 power supply.
 Color shall be high gloss white.
 Four complete sets of keys per unit
 One operator manual per unit
 One service manual, including complete electrical schematics

               Rear strobe light shall have the capability of being switched independently or in
               conjunction with front pursuit lights and side strobe lights. If a progressive single
               switch is used, the first position shall operate the rear strobe light only. The
               fourth position shall operate all emergency lights. Include an instrument panel
               indicator light.
               Provide two (2) blue strobe lights, one mounted in each side of fairing, in the
               reflector locations. Lights shall be Whelen Model 52 with required cable and
               connectors. Include a six-way power supply.
               Standard manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

*Make/Model/Year           Harley Davidson FLHPI

*Delivered price each excluding license $ 14,s 8 1 . 0 2
 SalesTaxRate 7 . 9 % , 1J51.90                       .’
 Total BidPriceeach$ 15,732.92                     x3$              47,198.76
                           -    I
                                     I Y’
                              I’..   *...   I   ,

* Please see Addendum Notes

 ‘Bid Forms        lC9AA4326F388825688F0055AEEC?OpenDocumen      2/29/00
Harley Davidson of Bellingham
1419 North State Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

Addendum Notes
The quote is for 2001 models, approximate availability is August 2000.
I talked to the Harley Davidson Fleet Sales and we are late in the model-manufacturing
phase for 2000 models. If 2000 models were available; they would be $222.00 less.

Since there is a windshield, not a fairing on this model. Quote is for side strobes that
mount to the engine guard.

Motorcycle was quoted as specified; there is a Police Supplement Manual you may want.
Price $49.75 and a Siren Mike $101.75.

                                                                                                                                         l&!j 002~~007
03/23/00   THU 08:49      FAX 4 2 5 7 7 8 5 6 3 2 C I T Y O F LYNNWOOD          PURCHAS

                 IV. OFFER FORM:
                 Having carefully cxarnined the documents of the Bid, the instructions, the General Terms and Conditions, tic Special
                 Provisions, any Warranty Rquircments and Specifications provided, and all rtletcd documents. the undersig&
                 propo.oses to perform all work in strict Compliance with the above-named document.. ps well as in compliance witll MY
                 submitted Bid information, for the arnou~ set forth below.

                 Contractual Commitment of Ofkr: Submission ofthis signed oEeer also is signed agreement      by the offeror to all Terms
                 and Conditions, contract requircmcnts, specifications, and all conditions named within these docurncnts. hy
                 cxccptions must be noted on the Exception Shnt Submission by Bidder shall be binding on end shall btcomc
                 contractual obligations of such bidder. Quorations become an agreement upon City’s singing and return a Purchase
                 Order or Vendor Contict to the Bidder.


                          IEM                                                UNTWRKX

                 Model #FLHPI Harley Davidson Matorcycle with: E a c h              fiiiz-=J,
                 Screaming Eagle stage 1 big bore performance kit for fuel injected  ’ cam X8 C.I. m
                 Long stem convex mirrors
                 Chrome license platcflight kit

                 Total offer for four motorcycles (including installation and delivery)         $ 53,284.OO

                 Washington State Sales Tax (8.6%)                                              E    4,262.72

                 Lump Sum                                                                       5 57,546.72

                 1. Licensing: Does your company have the required licenses for doing business in the State of W~hington?
                 N o :Yes: x           ~6543                          Years In Business: . 28

                 2. Plcasc Specify Delivery Date to LPD:            June 2000 *NOTE: If bid is awarded in Feb.
              delivery will be in June according to Harley Davidson police sales.
                 3. Optional Equipment (separate from award calculation):
                 Standard Road King Saddlebag, 2 each per motorcycle, with side lock            $          N/A

                 5. Addition$iavfng Options/ Alternatives: SpccifL           prompt payment discounts:

                                                                            Company Name

                                                                                           w ‘ENATCHEE        CYCLE CENTER INC.
                                                                                                    799 South Wenatchee Ave.’
                                                                                                     Wenatchee, WA 98807
                                                                                                       Ph: (669) 662-3434                         74
03/?3/00 Tm 09:50      FAX 425 778 5632 CITY OF LYNNWOOD PmCBiiS

              FIRM NAME: Wenatchee          Cycle     Center     Inc.           1~11) #:      91-1113719

              FIRM ADDRESS: 708 South Glenatchee Ave.

              CITY/STATE/ZIP:       Wenatchee, WA 98801
                                    (509)     662-2323                                        (509)     663-2510
              TELEPHONE:                                                        FAX #:

              SIGNATURE:                 .4-d 4f

              PLEASEPHINT NAME:                     Ki na

              TITLE:      Sales Nanager


              l     ‘*WITIAL HERE TO ACC!E~   TIILAT YOUR OFFER CONSIDERS ANI ADDENDUM:           A                A!45

              Below is tbc signature of the City, accepting and awarding the offer on behalf of the City, constituting a
              con&actual agreement to this offer. The City shall not sign this until the City has accepted this has the
              winning offer and has made award.

              Mayor or Designee:

              Printed Name:

              Date of Mayor Signature:

              Date of Council Award Action:

              Finance Director Signature:

              Date of Finance Signature:

              Date of Award and Acceptance (this date is same as last signature dare on this sigxtlure block):

03/23/00   Tm 09:60      FAX 425 778 5632 CITY OF LYNNWOOD PURCEWS

                  I. GENERAL INFORh$ATION
                  1. Contents
                     This Bid is ordered as follows:             , <: -             &I
                         Invitation to Bid                      Ii- ;;
                         Genczal Information
                         Instruction to Bidders
                         Special Provisions/Specifications
                         Offer Form
                         Exceptions Form
                         General Contract and Terms and Conditions

                  2 . Description of the City
                      The City of Lynnwood is a growing, active and progressive City that is located in Snohomish County
                      and is approximately twelve miles south of Everett, and fifteen miles no& of Seattle. There are
                      approximately 32,000 residents living in the Chy, The City employs approximately 300 employees to
                      provide services of general government, public safety, public works, reer&on and cukure,

                  3. Scope end Intent
                      The City of Lynnwood Police Deparunent is requesting bids for the purchase of four (A), year 2000,
                      FLIPI Model, Harley Davidson motorcycles, birch white in color with the addition of the following
                      required equipment for each of the new motorcycks.

                         7 1. Screzzming Eagle sragc 1 big bore performance kit fOr fuel injected twin cam 88 C-I. model
                           2 . Lang stem convex mirrors
                           3 . Chrome license plate/light kit

                       All faecory wanaaties shall remain in full effkcf as equipped througJ~out tie warranty period and will not
                       be voided by any supplemental wxrranties or accessories.

                       The City bids maintenance on all Polka motorcycles separately and is not considering htemce costs
                       at the time of this bid.

                  4.   Time amI PIace for SubmIssion of Bids
                       Bids must be rrcclved by the Administrative Stices Director or designee a& Lynnwood City Hall,
                       19100 44th Avenue W., P,O. Box 5008, Lynnwood WA. 98046-5008, by 2:00 p.m October 19, 1999.
                       Please use the attached tiling label or reference the Bid number.

                       Alternatively, you may FAX pur Bids to 425-778-5632. It is recommended by the City that all FAX
                       bids are submitted no la&r than IO:00 a.m, to assure proper receipt Please reference the Bid number.
                            Mail or hand deliver to: City of Lynnwood - City Hall
                                                        19100 44” AYO. W.
                                                       PO Box 5008.
                                                       Lynnwood, WA 98065008

                           FAX                         425-778-5632

                       If you desire to fhx your bid in, the Cihr recommends that YOU submir your FAX bv IO:00 a.m. This will
                       assure timely submittal, and will reduce risks a~~~iated with FAX Usion(i.e. jammed phone
                       lines. Chcrc to transmit, etc.). FAX bids will be received until tic deadline of 2:OO p.m. on the due
                       date, however the 10:00 am. submittal is recemmended IO asstxe your timely subrnittaL Such submittals
                       remain confidential and secured and no infomtion about those submittals will be released until public
                       bid information is otherwise available.

03/23/00 THU 09:50       FAX 425 778 5632 CITY OF LYNNWOOD PURCWS

              Bids arc requested for the purchase of four (4, year 2060, Harley Davidson, FLHPI motorcycles,
              birch white In color. The completed unit shall meet ail of the specitications outlined in the followi~~g
              technical spccilkations.

              The Poke Department is also requiring the additional equipment be supplied and added to the
              standard specified Harley Davidson FLIIPI motorcycks:

                     l   Screaming Eagle stage 1 big bore performance hit for rUo1 injected twin cam 88           C.T.   modei
                     .   Long stem convex mirrors
                     l   Chrome license plate/light hit

               I,    Bids shall be inclusive of all required additional equipment, incidental and delivery costs in the lump
                     sum on the Offer Sheer.

              2.     Motorcycles shall bc completely prepared for customer delivery by a fktory-fianchiscd dealer in
                     accordance with factory prc-delivery standards and procedures. It is the responsibility of the successful
                     bidder to assure that the completed motorcycles arrive safely, without damage, fi~lly tested and
                     operational. Delivery of motorcycles shall not be compkte until all items listed in these specifications
                     arc delivered to the Police Deparrmcnt.   This shall include the standard wananty identification cards or
                     certiticates, the Manufkturer’s Statement of Origin, and owner’s manual.

              3.    In any cast where a vehicle is delivered minus any part, item or accessory issued as standard
                    mantictur~‘s equipment., and/or as specified by the City of Lynnwood, the vendor will be immediately
                    notified. lf missing part, item or accessory cannot be provided and installed within 72 hours, the City of
                    Lynnwood reserves the right to buy the item or part from another source and bill the vendor the cost
                    including installation.

              4.    The motorcycles will be factory equipped with the items listed in the specifications, as a minimum; and
                    will also be equipped with the all the items considered 82 standard and offered for general sale during
                    the current model year 2000,

              5.    The City will not considex any alternatives or substitutions, unless specifically authorized by Project

              6.    The vendor shall contact City of Lynnwood Police Department Project Manager for instructions prior to
                    transit and delivery.

              7.    The motorcycles must be delivered to the Police Department, 19321 44’ Ave West, Lynnwood,              WA.
                    98036, aa specified by the Project Manager.

              8.    Motorcycles offered must bc specifically designed, engineered, manufactured, and certified a.~ Harley
                    Davidson FLHPI motorcycles. Additional equipment must be engineered and designed, or cehfied, by
                    the manufscturcr of the motorcycle to be compatible witb all 0th~ components, give dcpendabIe service
                    and not degrade the motorcycle’s handling characteristics, opcmtion or appearance.

              9.    All equipment and components necessary for operation and listed as standard equipment shah be

              10. All equipment shall be new and      unusccl,   and of the m~ufacturer’s current production model.

              11. The equipment shall have full dealer preparations and be ready for immediate service when delivered.

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