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					                                      Practical French-English vocabulary
                                      for working in federal, provincial and territorial,
                                      and local governments in Canada

                                        Bilingual Vocabulary for Governance,
                                        Public Policy & Administration
                                                                         Dick de Jong

                                      2010 • ISBN 978-0-9866142-0-0 • Paper • 591pp •
                                      CDN $34.95 • US $34.95
There is a growing emphasis on the use of French and English – Canada’s official languages – in the Canadian public
sector. Increasingly, government organizations aim to provide services to citizens in both official languages and to allow
employees to work in the official language of their choice. This book provides a body of French and English vocabulary to
assist those working in federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal governments to develop, maintain and strengthen their
official language capabilities. The ultimate purpose of this text is to contribute to the advancement of official languages in
Canadian public administration.

This publication provides a thematic presentation of vocabulary in common use for a wide range of topics related to
governance, public policy and administration. The vocabulary is illustrative and does not assume that any expression is
the only or preferred way to express an idea in a given situation. The material in this book is drawn from many
government sources and popular media.

Every chapter includes an alphabetical list of verbs commonly used in relation to the theme of the chapter. Every chapter
concludes with a brief narrative section which was originally written in English then translated. The paragraphs contain
personal reflections and commentary intended to stimulate discussion in learning settings and to support this book’s
instructional purposes.

“... not an ordinary publication. Innovative and refreshing, it stands out by design. The thematic presentation offers a rich
and concise lexicon ... It will be an invaluable resource for language students and employees at all levels of government,
in language training institutions as well as in the private sector.”
- Yvon Roy, Curriculum expert and long-time language teacher, Federal Government

“Cette oeuvre répond à une faille dans les cours de langue destinés aux fonctionnaires fédéraux et provinciaux: le
manque d’un vocabulaire spécifique aux différents ministères et emplois. Ce livre servira de vade-mecum pour les
formateurs et formatrices.”
- Normand Fortin, Ph.D., Ancien directeur, Centre d’enseignement et de recherche en français (CERF), Campus
Saint-Jean, University of Alberta

“... an excellent resource ... great for building vocabulary ... makes learning a second language accessible, interesting and
relevant, especially for employees in the public service who are required to maintain their proficiency in French throughout
their careers.”
- Amelita Armit, President and CEO, parliamentary Centre and former Vice-President, Public Service Commission of

Dick de Jong has a master’s degree from the School of Social Work, Carleton University. He was executive director,
Alberta Social Services and Community Health, and held various positions at the federal level with Indian and Northern
Affairs, the Canadian International Development Agency and Treasury Board Secretariat. Most recently, he was director
general, Health Canada and acting chief operating officer Public Health Agency of Canada. He is now retired and living in
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