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					                                                   NDCC Conference Call
                                                      Meeting Minutes
                                                    December 19, 2011
   NDCC Mission: Working together to reduce the impact of cancer for all North Dakotans

   Agenda Items                                                                      Main Discussion Points
1. Roll Call and                           Nancy Klatt, NDCC Vice Chair, welcomed all conference call participants. She encouraged NDCC
Welcome                                     members to email Candace Getz at to let her know you were on the call today, if you did not
                                            provide your name during roll call. A listing of attendees is included at the end of the meeting notes.
                                           We are recording the conference call today and a link to the recording will be posted on the NDCC website
                                            at under the Member Information section then select meeting minutes and
2. Additions to the                        No additions
3. Approval of                             Nancy asked for any additions or corrections to the October 17th meeting minutes, with no request for
Prior Meeting                               additions or deletions.
Minutes                                    A motion to approve the minutes was made by Marlene Larson; Jodi Fetch seconded the motion and
4. Treasurer’s                             Geneal Roth, reporting for Barb Groutt, NDCC Treasurer, reports a balance of $5,979.20.
Report                                     Mary Sahl called for the motion to accept the treasurer’s report; Marlene Larson seconded the motion and
                                            motion carried.
5. New Members                             The following people have submitted applications for NDCC membership; Jennifer Boeckel, Independent
                                            Contract Researcher/Evaluation Specialist; Sara Doll, Medcenter One; Eunah Fischer, Blue Cross Blue
                                            Shield of North Dakota; Tammy Fischer, Medcenter One; Connie Geyer, ND Healthcare Review, Inc.;
                                            Jenene Kittelson, Trinity Cancer Care Center; Vickie Misialek, Altru Cancer Center; Tracy Zawistowski, Altru
                                            Cancer Center. Dubi Schwanz called for a motion to approve the new members; Joell Letzring seconded
                                            the motion and motion carried.
6. Partner Updates                         ACS had no updates today.
                                           Phyllis Howard – Office to Eliminate Health Disparities has begun collaborating with the Dept of Human
   H:\Cancer\Comp Cancer\22 Committees-Meetings\Coalition Meetings\2011\12-19-11\December 19 2011 NDCC Conference Call Meeting Minutes.doc
Agenda Items                                                                     Main Discussion Points
                                         Services and the Tribal Health Directors in the state. They had a meeting last week and are thinking about
                                         meeting on a quarterly basis to talk about issues that arise between the tribe and Dept of Human Services.
                                         A number of issues were discussed at the first meeting, including services to reservation and programs that
                                         Dept of Human Services run for children.

                                        The office to Eliminate Health Disparities is planning to introduce the CLAS Standards (National Standards
                                        on Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services) to healthcare providers for use in their practices. The
                                        CLAS standards are primarily directed at health care organizations; however, individual providers are also
                                        encouraged to use the standards to make their practices more culturally and linguistically accessible. The
                                        principles and activities of culturally and linguistically appropriate services should be integrated throughout
                                        an organization and undertaken in partnership with the communities being served. For more details about
                                        the CLAS Standards go to

                                       Karen Ehrens - Healthy ND report
                                        This morning had bi-monthly meeting with partners with a great wrap up sharing benefits of being a part of
                                        Healthy ND.
                                        Community Transformation Grant was a great present that the NDDH received. Is funded by the Prevention
                                        and Public Health Fund, Main areas that ND will be working on:
                                            o prevention in nutrition, physical activity and tobacco
                                            o Improving the capacity of communities to identify their own needs and work on improving community
                                        Partners with the Community Transformation Grant (CTG) are United tribes tech college, NDDH and NDSU
                                        and the Center for Rural Health.
                                        The CTG Grant Team is working on staffing/resources needed. They will also identify one or two
                                        communities to pilot the activities of the grant.
                                        $300,000 has been awarded for first year.
                                        With community engagement – communities identify their issues, and take ownership to make those issues
H:\Cancer\Comp Cancer\22 Committees-Meetings\Coalition Meetings\2011\12-19-11\December 19 2011 NDCC Conference Call Meeting Minutes.doc
   Agenda Items                                                      Main Discussion Points
                           Karen Workman - Northern Plains Comp Cancer Program – Conducting site visits on all reservations in
                            North and South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska. Site visits planed for Fort Berthold on Jan. 11 th and Jan. 12th
                            at Spirit Lake as the final ND sites. The information learned will help finalize contents for the cancer plan
                            which will be completed by spring,
7. Making the              Kate Black, from the Prevention Workgroup, reports the workgroup has put together materials promoting
   Holidays                 physical activities as Christmas gifts and good nutritional choices during the holidays. Focused on gift
   Healthier                giving, and recipes and volunteering. Please look for an evaluation to come via email through Survey
                            Monkey will be used to evaluate those that used the materials.
                           The materials are on the Coalition website, resources section, under awareness materials.
8. 2011-2013               Refer to attachments with the meeting notices for the two facilities providing no-cost colorectal cancer
    Colorectal              screenings.
9. Update on               Assessment by CDC to conduct 14 statewide surveys and randomized national surveys to determine
    Statewide               current capacity for colorectal cancer screening as well as looking at the need. North Dakota is included in
    Colorectal              the statewide survey. Some ND facilities will be included in the randomized component of the project and
    Cancer                  when completed the remainder of the facilities in the state will be surveyed.
10. Coordinated                           Deanna Askew shared an update on new funding from CDC to all state health departments. This is a three-
    Chronic Disease                        year grant to strengthen and increase coordination of chronic disease programs heart disease, cancer,
    Program                                stroke, arthritis and diabetes and associated risk factors.
                                      Working on state plan for coordinated chronic disease program and health program, the program also
                                           includes a communication plan and work plan. We are working with statewide partners in the development
                                           of the chronic disease state plan.
                                      Focusing on policy and environmental change, self management of these diseases and healthcare
   H:\Cancer\Comp Cancer\22 Committees-Meetings\Coalition Meetings\2011\12-19-11\December 19 2011 NDCC Conference Call Meeting Minutes.doc
   Agenda Items                                                                                                    Main Discussion Points
                                            management of chronic disease.
11. Education                                The Role of the Patient Navigator-Jenene Kittelson RN BSN OCN CBCN
   Component of                                    a. New cancer consults, educate patients on support services (i.e social work, nutritional services,
   the Coalition                                      etc.)
   Call                                            b. Pre-therapy education
                                                   c. Will be expanding the program to follow patients from biopsy on
                                                   d. In the next couple of years, this will be a requirement/standard for cancer programs
                                             The Role of the Oncology Resource Nurse -Tracy Zawistowski, RN, OCN
                                                   1. Coordinate education for nursing staff, community awareness activities, screening events, in
                                                      future, focus on preventative activities in the community
                                                   2. Coordinate patient care, assistance in finding additional resources
12. NDCC Winter                            Reminder the newsletter for winter will be out in mid-January. Please send all articles or activities or events
    Newsletter                              that should be included by the end of December by email to Dubi.
13. Revised 2012                           This was an attachment with the agenda. The next conference call is February 13 at noon. Will not have
    Coalition                               conference call in April.
14. NDCC 2012                              Scheduled at the Seven Seas in Mandan on May 16.
    Annual Cancer                          Done a bit of planning work. Keynote speaker ideas please share with Dubi. We are planning for a morning
    Conference May                          education session and an afternoon education session which we are hoping will focus on the basics of how
    16, 2012                                policy and policy practice and be implemented at the local level within workplaces, communities etc.
15. Additions to the                       None
16. Other                                  None
17. Complete NDCC                          Complete In-kind Form for any time and resources you have contributed
Member In-kind                              (time spent participating in conference calls, meetings, time devoted to cancer plan objectives/strategy
Form on the NDCC                            projects, mileage, supplies and media for any NDCC related activities from October 17, 2011 through the
   H:\Cancer\Comp Cancer\22 Committees-Meetings\Coalition Meetings\2011\12-19-11\December 19 2011 NDCC Conference Call Meeting Minutes.doc
  Agenda Items                                                                           Main Discussion Points
Website Home Page                           conference call today – December 19, 2011 that you have not reported.
                                           Send the completed form to Candace Getz at
18. Adjournment                            If you did not participate in roll call before we began the meeting today, please send an email to Candace
                                            Getz at stating you attended the call today.
                                           Next NDCC Conference Call – February 13, 2012 noon central time.

                                                                      Contact information for
                                                   Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control State Staff
                                           Joyce Sayler, Program Director  701-328-2596
                                           Dubi Schwanz, Outreach Coordinator 701-328-3046
                                           Candace Getz, Administrative Assistant    701-328-2306

   NDCC Members in attendance or on conference call:

   Deanna Askew                                    Sara Doll                           Phyllis Howard                                   Alice Musumba     Delorse Tschider
   Bev Berger                                      Tinka Duran                         Jolene Keplin                                    Laurie Odden      Stacy Wang
   Katherine Black                                 Karen Ehrens                        Jenene Kittelson                                 Peggy Piehl       Tracy Wildeman
   Jennifer Boeckel                                Jodie Fetsch                        Nancy Klatt                                      Geneal Roth       Mark Winkleman
   Sharon Buhr                                     Eunah Fischer                       Marlys Knell                                     Mary Sahl         Karen Workman
   Tom Burns                                       Candace Getz                        Marlene Larson                                   Joyce Sayler      Tracy Zawistowski
   Jane Croeker                                    Connie Geyer                        Joell Letzring                                   Kathy Smith
   Kara Dodd                                       Anita Hoffarth                      Vickie Misialek                                  Barbara Steiner

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