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									How I lost 33 pounds in 3 months. (Part 1)
I will write a few Hubs on How I came to loose 33 pounds. This may not work for everyone. I have been trying
with no success for 10 years to loose a few pounds. 5 years ago I was 175 on my wedding day. After 5 years I
still didn’t loose any and I actually gain more pounds and my health had been affected. I had surgery 2 years
into my marriage and 6 months of recovery didn’t help any. After this I ended up with back issues, muscle
spasms and constant pain that would not go away even on my “good days”. I spend time and money to fix my
health Issues but no results and no word on what it was that was causing my issues. My friend that has
Fibromyalgia insisted to check that out for my symptoms were very similar to hers. I fallow some of her
suggestions that help manage my pain but I wanted a fix not a cooping mechanism. On top of it all I started
getting panic attacks every time I wanted to exercise. I love to hike, bike and canoe but 5 minutes into it I had to
stop and I would take me 1 hour to recover from my panic attack. After 2 straight weeks of constant pain I got
fed up with everything and after realizing that I was 193 pounds figure it was worth a shot to tackle the weight
issue first and hopefully everything else would fall into place. I figure if I invested all the money I spend on
doctor’s visit into a weight lost program it may be worth the shot.

With the help of my husband we set to find in our neighboring area Doctor’s offices of clinics with Weigh lost
programs in place. I know “Weigh Lost” or Jenny Craig” not what I was looking for. Like I said I tried
everything before. I read about a few that uses some kind of shot to control your appetite but I wasn’t interested
in that after some research not much research to back up its effectiveness. I found a Clinic that uses the medifast
program. Honestly, I hated everything that they suggest for your diet. The shakes, protein bars, I didn’t like any
of it. I did try some but too expensive.

I did stick with the program in my own way. How? I looked up online all the nutrition Info of there food. I
spend time finding out what foods where similar in nutrition value with there’s but that I could buy in my local
grocery and that I like flavor wise.

My first visit was 300 dollars to get started. This included a one-on-one evaluation on what I want to
accomplish what my health issues are, a b12 shot as needed and setting up a plan of action. Then I schedule a
blood test (the works) from my primary Doctor that if insurance didn’t cover me would have had to pay 600
dollars for. But thankfully I didn’t have to pay for it. I would have fallow up appointments every month for 75
dollars each. I was instructed and given sample plates and cups of the measurements that where to be my
portion control. I went home and found from my dishes the ones that apply the measurements and I would only
use these dishes and cups. I don’t really have time to be measuring my food every day 5 times a day. I was
prescribed Phentermine a common prescription appetite suppressant. Like I said I have tried this before but it
wouldn’t help me keeping me up late and feeling jittery all day and night. I express my concern. I found my old
pills and found that they were 30mg so my Doctor suggested doing 15mg instead and the problem was solved.
So make sure the doses are right for you. If it doesn’t work make sure the Doctor takes the time to play with it
until the doses that are right for you are found. I was told that this appetite suppressant was to be use only for 3
months for it can be addictive and lose effectiveness. I have to admit that it helped me I felt energetic but tire
enough to go to bed at night. No Jitteriness. Like clock work I would be in bed by 10 pm and up by 7 am. I
didn’t need an alarm clock anymore. A big difference from my normal 10 to 10 schedule and if the alarm didn’t
work I could sleep straight to noon. On part 2 I will go into more details on the diet plan used and other details.

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