EAS Myoplex Original 6 Meals a Day Nutritional Program

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					EAS Myoplex Original 6 Meals a Day Nutritional Program

Gone are the days of having "three square meals a day", this is a nutritional concept from the past. The method of
separating out your meals to only three a day leads to unstable blood sugar levels and long periods of amino acid
deficiency; it can also leave you feeling hungry between meals and much more prone to storing body fat. Also, without a
consistent intake of protein and BCAA's it is nigh on impossible to maintain the lean muscle you have been busting a gut
in the gym for.

To build and maintain the best body ever you have to eat ofter so that your body is regularly fueled with high quality
nutrients. It therefore recommended that you feed your body as little as 6 times spread throughout the day. Obviously
cooking 6 meals a day is a little bit un-practical in today's modern world. This is where EAS Myoplex Original comes in. By
supplementing your current three cooked meals by having 3 myoplex original shakes in between will keep your body
fueled and ensure you are getting a steady flow of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that your body needs
to be at its best.

Easting six smaller meals a day ensures food is absorbed and broken down by the body more efficiently, which in turn
accelerates metabolism (the rate which the body burns calories). Eating little and often also helps curb any hunger
pangs, maintain a more balanced blood sugar level as well as increase the rate protein gets turned to muscle which
ultimately leads to greater muscle development and body fat loss.

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