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									Fractional CO2 Laser
     Pix Scan 2

  Power, Precision and Reliability

             General Project S.r.l.   1
 The extreme precision and the
 power of PIX SCAN 2 is one
 step further with the
 introduction of fractional
 treatments based on the
 established CO2 laser
            General Project S.r.l.   2
The PIX SCAN 2 is particularly suitable for:
 General surgery
 Gynecology
 Dermatology
 ENT surgery
 Aesthetic surgery
 Plastic surgery
 Neurosurgery
 Laser Therapy
 Dentistry

                      General Project S.r.l.   3
The CO2 Fractional PIX SCAN 2

             General Project S.r.l.   4
    General Features (1)
The system is completely controlled by a
  microprocessor that allows to work in
  three different modalities:
 Continuous
 Pulsed
 Superpulsed

                General Project S.r.l.     5
    General Features (2)
 In the continuous emission mode, the
  maximum achievable power on tissue is
  15 Watt. It is adjustable from zero up
  to the maximum value by 1 Watt
 In the superpulsed mode, the maximum
  achievable power is approximately 100
                General Project S.r.l.   6
       General Features (3)
   To ensure that the selected energy is delivered, the
    unit’s sensor verifies that the emitted power is the
    same as the value set at the control panel.
   All the necessary controls (except the ON/OFF
    footswitch) are housed in one multifunctional panel
    on the upper part of the cabinet.
   The special hollow fiber is equipped with an exclusive
    self-balancing system. So it is possible to mount any
    kind of accessories as the resurfacing scanner,
    surgical handpieces, micromanipulators and so on.

                        General Project S.r.l.           7
General Features of the System
 The PIX SCAN 2 laser system contains
  five principal parts:
 Optical bench
 Laser Source
 Cooling system
 Control panel
 Hollow fiber

                General Project S.r.l.   8
           Optical bench
   The optical bench is made of the CO2
    sealed source with its optical
    resonators, shutter and power sensor of
    high quality standards.

                  General Project S.r.l.   9
              Laser Source
   The heart of the system is a last generation sealed
    off laser source, realized by “diffusion cooled”
    technology, able to give very high power peaks and
    characterized by a great stability. Such a technical
    peculiarity, combined with a particular internal
    catalyst, allows the realization of sources having both
    lifetime and power remarkably superior. This
    characteristic permits the use of just a part of the
    whole potentiality of the source, which is able to
    give more than 20 W continuous; as a result, we
    have a system which is not stressed, thus offering
    great warranties in reliability and lasting. Moreover
    the beam generated has a perfect spatial distribution
    (TEM 00) to which a perfect distribution of the
    energy obviously corresponds.
                        General Project S.r.l.            10
          Cooling system

    In order to maintain the optimal
    temperature of the laser source during
    use, an air cooling system for a perfect
    results and a longer reliability.

                   General Project S.r.l.      11
            Control panel
The operating controls (except the ON/OFF footswitch)
  are contained in one multifunctional microprocessor-
  based panel located on the upper part of the cabinet.
  The panel includes the soft touch keyboard, the red
  safety switch, the key switch, the digital display and
  the three-digit LED which provides for online
  monitoring of the power emitted by the laser source.
  In addition for fractional use, an upper panel contains
  a matrix display for an extremely intuitive control
  panel of scanner parameters such as dimensions,
  time and percentage fractioning of the area to be
                      General Project S.r.l.           12
              Hollow fiber
The hollow fiber the Fractional PIX SCAN 2 is
  equipped with, is a piece of jewelry of advanced
  technology. Extremely comfortable and completely
  designed and realized on General Project specifics,
  it excels for precision and maneuverability. Besides
  allowing the operator to adapt the ductility of
  movement in the space of the arm              to his
  necessities, it makes possible the use of accessories
  having a different weight than the focalization
  handpiece (for example a scanner). This last
  operation is now possible without any technical
  assistance or balancing according to the weight of
  the new accessory applied.
                      General Project S.r.l.      13
The Hollow Fiber

      General Project S.r.l.   14
            The Scanner
   PIX SCAN 2 incorporates a special
    scanner that fractionalizes the light
    beam emitted by the laser so that it
    only partially hits the skin in hundreds
    of microscopic points leaving the largest
    part of the epidermis unaltered.

                   General Project S.r.l.   15
The Scanner

    General Project S.r.l.   16
     The Scanner’s function
   The beam emitted, split into a punctiform
    matrix by the scanner, produces minuscule
    punctures in depth causing denaturation of
    collagen and consequent production of
    fibroblasts, i.e. cells that form new collagen,
    hyaluronic acid and elastin. That is why the
    treatment rejuvenates and improves the skin
    tissue without attacking the surface skin. It is
    hence the most suitable instrument for
    resurfacing of acne scars, melasma,
    hyperpigmentation and surgical scars.

                      General Project S.r.l.       17
The Scanner’s function

         General Project S.r.l.   18
The Surgical Handpiece

         General Project S.r.l.   19
The Control Panel

       General Project S.r.l.   20
         The Accessories
   Two protection goggles are supplied
    with the unit. These protection devices
    must always be worn by the patient and
    the persons who are in the presence of
    the laser. Moreover, the PIX SCAN 2
    laser system has a large number of
    focalization handpieces (optional) at its
    disposal, which allow several surgical
    and therapeutical applications.
                   General Project S.r.l.   21
Kit of Accessories

       General Project S.r.l.   22
Also the micromanipulator for
  gynecological applications (optional) is
  based on General Project's design. The
  fitting rings for all the most popular
  colposcopes are available on request.

                 General Project S.r.l.      23
The Micromanipulator

        General Project S.r.l.   24
Continuous Mode
In continuous wave mode, the
  laser beam is in a continuous
  wave with a power equal to the
  value set on the control panel.

             General Project S.r.l.   25
Pulsed Mode
In pulsed mode, the emission is a pulse
  train, which makes it possible to set
  both pulse amplitude (in time) and
  frequency from the control panel.

                General Project S.r.l.    26
Super-Pulsed Mode
There is also a pulse train in the
 superpulsed mode. However, it has a
 very high intensity and a reduced pulse
 amplitude, which is preset by the
 manufacturer to achieve the highest
 power peak.

                General Project S.r.l.   27

                                          CONTINUOUS MODE


                                           PULSED MODE


                                           SUPERPULSED MODE


          General Project S.r.l.                              28
   Type:                                          Sealed CO2
   Wavelength:                                    10.600 nm
   Oscillating mode:                              TEM00 prevalent
   Output beam diameter:                          4 mm (Max)
   Divergence:                                    2.0 mrads (Max)
   Maximum output power:                          20 Watt
   Stability:                                     5%
   Power at the tissue:                           15 Watt with
                                                   surgical handpiece
                                                   10 Watt with
   Power setting in continuous mode:              from 1 Watt to 15
                                                   Watt –1Watt
   Emission modes:                                Continuous – Pulsed
   Duty cycle:                                    From 2% to 80%
   Frequency in pulsed/superpulsed mode:          From 1 Hz to 999Hz
   Superpulsed mode peak power:                   100 W
   Laser source classification:                   CLASS IV
                          General Project S.r.l.                    29
 Control Panel:               arrow keys system with display
 Guide Light :                diode laser 635 nm, 1.5 mW
                              (laser class III a)
 Power supply.:               220÷240V/110÷130V
 Power absorption:            300 VA
 Protection class.:           1 type BF for fractional and 1 type
                              B for surgical
 Weight:                      51 Kg with trolley
 Max. dimensions:             56x65x193 cm
 CE mark:                     CE 0476
 Reference rules:             IEC 601.1 IEC 60825

                      General Project S.r.l.                    30
   The laser system PIX SCAN 2 is CE0476

                 General Project S.r.l.   31

     General Project S.r.l.   32
       Fractional PIX SCAN 2
   Very high performances
   Excellent and long-lasting reliability
   Advanced Hollow Fiber with pre-charge adjusting
   "Diffusion cooled" technology source
   100 W power peak in superpulsed
   Frequency in superpulsed 1-999 Hz; duty cycle 2-
   Wide availability of accessories
   Advanced Fractional Scanner
   CE0476 and FDA compliant

                       General Project S.r.l.          33
The carbon dioxide surgical laser
 Fractional PIX SCAN 2 is a synthesis of
 power, reliability and design, rising the
 equipment at a level of absolute
 excellence. Each single component has
 been designed to offer very high
 performances for longtime.

                 General Project S.r.l.      34

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