3rd quarter extra credit by fanzhongqing


									             Bored over Spring Break? EARN SOME EXTRA CREDIT!!

 You may pick up to any two of the following extra credit options to be completed
                 and turned in by Tuesday April 6th (NO LATER!!)

   1. Where would you have wanted to live? (8 points)
        a. Based upon information about the Greek, Roman, and West African
           kingdoms/empires. Create a SIMS diagram (can be made on the
           computer or by hand) to display a typical city in one of these
           civilizations. You must include 3 characteristics from each PEGS
           category (12 total).
        b. Your city diagram must also include:
                i. Color
               ii. At least 3 different members of society
              iii. A one paragraph description of your city and why you would
                   have wanted to live there based upon PEGS

2. Movie Poster and Review: (8 points)

Your Task: Imagine one of the units we have studies (China, Greece, Rome, West
Africa) has been made into a Hollywood production. Design the movie poster
that you would use to advertise the movie and write a one paragraph review of
the “movie.”

1. Draw and color your poster on a full page of white paper. It must include:
   a. An image or scene that represents the “movie”
   b. The title of the “movie”
   c. At least 4 “actors” in the “movie”

2. Write a one paragraph movie critique that includes:
          a. Summary of the unit’s PEGS
          b. The actors should be real people who lived in that civilization (ie—
             Marcus Aurelius, Socrates…)
          c. Review of the movie (strong plot? Bad acting? Great special
3. Legacy Articles (9 points)
       A. Find at least 3 current (within 3 years) articles about events happening in
the Untied States today that deal with an ancient legacy. (ie—democracy, census,
Socratic method, Pythagorean Theorem……). Staple the articles to your reviews.
       B. For each article you must write a 2 paragraph review that includes:
              i. Summary of article
              ii. How this the information in this article is a legacy or impact of
                      an ancient civilization we have studied .

   4. If you build it…points will come! (12 points)
          a. Pick one of the ancient civilizations we have studied
             and build a model of an invention or architectural
             structure (must be approved by me).
          b. Your model should be 3-D, include necessary details,
             and be historically accurate.

   5. Invisible Children.com (8 points)
          a. Visit this website about the genocide in Darfur occurring right now
              and navigate through the website for at least 20 minutes.
          b. To prove you visited the site you must do 4 of the following:
                   i. Write a summary of at least one video
                  ii. Draw a picture OR write a 5 sentence synopsis of one way
                      Americans can donate to this site.
                 iii. Write a letter to an Ohio senator urging them to send some
                      form of help to this war torn area.
                 iv. Come up with a plan (at least 2 paragraphs) of what can be
                      done at Nagel to help this area.
                  v. Review at least 5 of the images on the website and write a 2-
                      3 sentence personal reaction to each image.

EXTRA EXTRA CREDIT! You may also read one of the following books about the Middle
Ages and write a one page report that describes the PEGS of the books. Here is the list of
Medieval books: (20 points)
   1. Matilada Bone by Karen Cushman
   2. The Winter Hare
   3.   Peregrine by Joan E. Goodman
   4.   Parsifal’s Pafe by Gerald Morris
   5.   The Squire’s Tale
   6.   Castle Diary: The Journal of Tobias Burgess by Richard Platt
   7.   Rowan Hood, Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest by Nancy Springer
   8.   Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Gray Vining
   9.   The Executioner’s Daugther by Laura E. Williams

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