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					The following questionnaire is part of a class project for our student group from the Indiana University
Kelley School of Business Indianapolis. Thank you for your participation.

    1. Have you ever received a Spa Service (i.e.-tanning, facials, waxing, etc.)
       ____Yes                 ____No
    2. If so, how many times a year do you receive these services?
       ____1-5                 ____6-10                ____11 or more
    3. Where do you most frequently go to receive these services?
       ____Villaggio Day Spa and Salons           ____Body Works Day Spa Incorporated
       ____Complexions Day Spa            ___Posh Salon and Spa         Other__________
    4. Why do you prefer to use the location entered on question 3?
       ____Location            ____Price       ____Reputation        ____Referral
       ____Performance         ____Results     Other (Please Specify)______________________
    5. Are you familiar with medical spa treatments and services (i.e. - Dermal Filling, Non-Surgical
       Cellulite Treatment, Laser Wrinkle Reducer, etc.)?
       ____Yes                 ____No
    6. Do you currently receive medical Spa treatments? _____No                 ____Yes
    7. Why do you receive treatments from that particular location?
       _____Location      ____Price      ___Reputation       ____Results       ____Referral
        ____Performance        Other (Please Specify)_______________________________
    8. How much do you currently spend for these medical treatments?
       ___$0-$500 per treatment ___$501-$1000 per treatment ___$1001 or more per treatment

We are exploring the possibility of expanding Villaggio Day Spa and Salons services to include medical
spa treatments and services. Our facility is currently located in the Carmel/Zionsville area. Additional
treatments will include laser hair removal, Intense Pulsed Light Photo-facials (IPL), laser wrinkle
reduction, dermal filler, Botox injections, and laser vein treatments. The treatments will improve skin
and body rejuvenation, youthful appearance, and client’s self-esteem.

    9. How likely are you to receive any of these new services?
        _____ Not likely _____Likely _____Very Likely _____ Currently Receiving
    10. Out of the six new services, which service(s) are you likely to receive?
        ___Laser hair removal         ___Intense Pulsed Light Photo-facials (IPL)       ___Dermal filler
        ___Botox injections           ___Laser wrinkle reduction       ___Laser vein treatments
    11. What do you like most about these services/treatments? (Please explain)
        ___ Relaxation ___Quality ___Price ___Convenience ___Result Other_____________
    12. How many times per year do you anticipate visiting at Villaggio’s Day Spa and Salon to receive
        medical treatments?
        ____0-3         ____4-6         ____Monthly              ____Weekly
    13. What other services would you like to see in the future? (Please explain)
    14. What is your age?
        ___20-30 ___31-40 ___41-50 ___51-60 ___61-70 ___71 or older
    16 What is your gender? _____Female                  _____Male
    17 What is your zip code? __________________

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