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									                                       VAUXHALL OWNERS
                                        CLUB 1903 - 1957
                                     ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP
                                       APPLICATION FORM
                                       (for Overseas membership)

                                   Thank you for your interest in our club
If you are not an owner of a Vauxhall or Vauxhall derived Bedford for which the club is primarily intended i.e.
From 1903 through the end of the "E" series in 1957 we would welcome you as an Associate Member who
has an interest in our Vauxhall cars. You would receive our monthly newsletter “Flutenews” together with a
Membership list and a register of known surviving cars within the range defined. Club regalia would be
available. There is an annual subscription of £22.00 plus an initial joining fee of £3.00. For a family member
please add £6.00 to your payment. Renewals become due on 1st. April each year.
If you wish to join please complete this form which is computer friendly and send with your initial
subscription and joining fee to:
Michael Boast: Membership Secretary. Vauxhall Owners Club 1903 - 1957.
                  25 Chawton Crescent, Milton Keynes, MK8 9EG

Surname                                      Given name/s
Family member name if appropriate

Post code

Home telephone
email address
Please insert amounts as appropriate and the total payable.

Subscription           Membership            Joining            Family                  Total
                         £22.00               £ 3.00             £ 6.00
                                                                                        £       -

I do not object to the above details being stored on the VOC data bases and being available to
to other members.
signed                                                              date
If you would like to pay your subscription by international banking please use :
National Westminster Bank BIC NWBK GB 2L IBAN GB34 NWBK 6013 2867 7668 70
Please send a copy of your remittance with your application form.
You can send your application form and remittance details by email if you prefer to save postage,
please use

Office use             Membership number               Date received         Date enrolled          Amount

Please note this form can be filled in on line or downloaded for completion on your
computer and submitted electronically if required.

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