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Sub» Accounts Section - checking Squad off ice-creation
     of posts in Checking Squad Cffice-proposa Is-
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     A checking Squad in TTD was constituted w.e.f .1 .5.J-19S5
with the following staff stength. The staff are drafted
from L.F.Department•
      1) Accounts Officer    - 1 post
      2) Asst.Audit Officer - 1 Post
      3) Senior Auditors     - 3 posts

     This section works under the direct control of
P.A.&.C.A.O* The work entrusted to this section is to
conduct surprise check of the institutions where cash
and stocks are involved, to scrutinise the pension
papers of the retired and deceased employees before
sanction, scrutiny of pay fixations of employees under
various G .0's appointment of employees to special grade
post etc., scrutiny of files relating to Dittam of all
Temples, scrutiny of files relating to Keifare Fund of
TTD Employees, detailed scrutiny like Engineering Esti-
mates, under L5 Agreements rnirasi bills, vegitable bills

     Out of the three posts of senior Asst., one is
vacant and is yet to be filled by the Director of

      As could be seen from the above the work load
entrusted to this section is found to be heavy. The
budgetr*6f^T!FD and the volume of transactions have been
increasing: year after year. The number of pension
cases to be checked by checking squad as well as cases
requiring detailed scrutiny of files of Engineering
Department and other sections of TTD have also inscreased*

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As a result the F „ A • &. C. A. c. is not able to depute the
checking squad for special investigators and conduct
surprise checks of various TTD Offices and institutions
as the staff are tied up in day to day work*

     Hence, it was proposed for creation of one porrt
of Asst•Audit Officer and one post of Senior Auditor
by the Board of Trustees to the existing checking squad
office and to get them filled up by L*F.Audit staff.

     The Board of Trustees in Res.No.^23 dt.19.9*95
resolved to examine the feasibility of identifying
surplus staff for redeployment.

     The matters is placed again before the Board of
Trustees with the following notes.

     There feas been an enormous increase in the volume
and amount of Transaction in recent years (Both income
and expenditure), while there has been no increase in the
Audit staff both in Internal Audit and checking squad.
As a result it has not been possible to conduct surprise
checks and special checks. Even if surplus staff are
identified from general TTD staff they can not be posted
to internal Audit or checking squad as our requirement is
for qualified/trained audit staff.

     In the above circumstances the matter is placed again
before the TTD Board, of Trustees to consider to create one
post of Asst.Audit Officer and one post of Senior Auditor
to the TTD Checking Squad Office(to be filled from the
staff of L.B.Department on deputation). The financial
commitment is Rs.97,200/~ per annum*

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