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									 Subject 1                              Subject 1(Desc.)     ISBN10
AC00         General & Introductory Accounting             0471752940
AC00         General & Introductory Accounting             0470089377
AC00         General & Introductory Accounting             0764578367
AC00         General & Introductory Accounting             0471768553
AC00         General & Introductory Accounting             0471228303
AC00         General & Introductory Accounting             0471467111
AC00         General & Introductory Accounting             1841127094
AC00         General & Introductory Accounting             0470089393
AC00         General & Introductory Accounting             0470017791
AC00         General & Introductory Accounting             0470865725
AC05         Intermediate Accounting                       0470089105
AC05         Intermediate Accounting                       0470074558
AC05         Intermediate Accounting                       0470074256
AC05         Intermediate Accounting                       0470089318
AC05         Intermediate Accounting                       0471749559
AC05         Intermediate Accounting                       0471749591
AC05         Intermediate Accounting                       0471747386
AC05         Intermediate Accounting                       0470074574
AC05         Intermediate Accounting                       0470041692
AC10         Advanced Accounting                           0471327751
AC10         Advanced Accounting                           0471687251
AC10         Advanced Accounting                           0471218529
AC15         Financial Accounting                          0471684112
AC15         Financial Accounting                          0471784877
AC15         Financial Accounting                          0471684139
AC15         Financial Accounting                          047007986X
AC15         Financial Accounting                          0470095431
AC15         Financial Accounting                          0470095466
AC15         Financial Accounting                          047179449X
AC15         Financial Accounting                          0471730513
AC15         Financial Accounting                          047009575X
AC15         Financial Accounting                          0470058986
AC15         Financial Accounting                          0470074590
AC15         Financial Accounting                          0471655287
AC15         Financial Accounting                          0470073977
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               0471728861
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               047144328X
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               0471415359
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               0471221007
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               0471680443
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               0471680451
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               047178589X
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               0471680427
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               0470089296
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               0470095482
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               0471229997
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               0471491217
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               0471680346
AC20         Corporate/Managerial Accounting               0471683302
AC20   Corporate/Managerial Accounting   0471771554
AC20   Corporate/Managerial Accounting   0471776599
AC20   Corporate/Managerial Accounting   0471676268
AC20   Corporate/Managerial Accounting   0471724173
AC20   Corporate/Managerial Accounting   047005770X
AC20   Corporate/Managerial Accounting   0471661783
AC20   Corporate/Managerial Accounting   0471205494
AC25   Accounting Theory                 0471652431
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471402508
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471656224
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471653950
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471636908
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471250791
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471411019
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471456047
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471675180
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471738069
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471356395
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471785539
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471785881
AC30   Corporate Finance                 047169052X
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471715719
AC30   Corporate Finance                 0471203084
AC35   Auditing                          0471222933
AC35   Auditing                          0471740667
AC35   Auditing                          0471690538
AC35   Auditing                          0471721123
AC35   Auditing                          0471712256
AC36   Auditing / External               047137590X
AC36   Auditing / External               0471230111
AC37   Auditing / Internal               0471677884
AC37   Auditing / Internal               0471785911
AC37   Auditing / Internal               0471718807
AC37   Auditing / Internal               0471718793
AC37   Auditing / Internal               0471718815
AC37   Auditing / Internal               0471483060
AC37   Auditing / Internal               0471718823
AC40   International Accounting          0471726893
AC40   International Accounting          0471697427
AC45   Accounting Technology             0471787604
AC45   Accounting Technology             0471253529
AC50   Government Accounting             047164868X
AC50   Government Accounting             0471739286
AC61   CPA / Review                      0471726761
AC61   CPA / Review                      0470089210
AC62   CPA / Practice                    0471651109
AC65   GAAP                              0471726915
AC65   GAAP                              0471726931
AC71   Taxation / Personal               0470028602
AC80   Valuation                         0471694835
AC80   Valuation                         0471761184
AC80   Valuation                         0471768138
AC80   Valuation                         0471771848
AC80   Valuation                         0471681512
AC80   Valuation                         0471761176
AC95   Accounting Special Topics         0471771562
AC95   Accounting Special Topics         0471469076
AC95   Accounting Special Topics         0471768944
AC95   Accounting Special Topics         0471770736
BA00   General & Introductory Business   047178883X
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0782143369
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471356522
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471443999
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0787945714
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471196533
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0787953881
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471015873
BA00   General & Introductory Business   047174106X
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471269204
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0764598481
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471786772
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0787982555
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471771732
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471755834
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0787964948
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471680540
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0787946184
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471755826
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471756989
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0787982814
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471780340
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0787959782
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471920738
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471648493
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471753688
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0787980994
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0470039205
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471739022
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471792934
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471667293
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471772755
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471652857
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471920169
BA00   General & Introductory Business   047179077X
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471741051
BA00   General & Introductory Business   0471748129
BA00   General & Introductory Business   1841127140
BA05   Business Self-Help                0787975788
BA05   Business Self-Help                0764550616
BA05   Business Self-Help                0764597949
BA05   Business Self-Help                0764597957
BA05   Business Self-Help                0471204013
BA05   Business Self-Help                0764525247
BA05   Business Self-Help                0470019034
BA05   Business Self-Help   0470047496
BA05   Business Self-Help   0764552821
BA05   Business Self-Help   047177345X
BA05   Business Self-Help   0764577336
BA05   Business Self-Help   0471467634
BA05   Business Self-Help   1841126314
BA05   Business Self-Help   0471745200
BA05   Business Self-Help   0470045485
BA05   Business Self-Help   1841127396
BA05   Business Self-Help   047177782X
BA05   Business Self-Help   0471780936
BA05   Business Self-Help   1841127035
BA05   Business Self-Help   1841126985
BA05   Business Self-Help   0471768499
BA05   Business Self-Help   0471793620
BA05   Business Self-Help   1841127205
BA05   Business Self-Help   0471742104
BA05   Business Self-Help   0471773468
BA05   Business Self-Help   0471477125
BA05   Business Self-Help   0471735388
BA10   Management           0787956228
BA10   Management           0471274046
BA10   Management           0470017112
BA10   Management           0787959561
BA10   Management           0471347817
BA10   Management           0787957453
BA10   Management           0787981362
BA10   Management           0787956279
BA10   Management           0471790109
BA10   Management           1841127051
BA10   Management           0787960756
BA10   Management           0471734608
BA10   Management           0471782742
BA10   Management           0471476110
BA10   Management           0471718890
BA10   Management           0471773484
BA10   Management           0787965189
BA10   Management           0787978388
BA10   Management           0470026952
BA10   Management           078795845X
BA10   Management           1841126802
BA10   Management           0787981893
BA10   Management           0787947237
BA10   Management           0471768073
BA10   Management           047166202X
BA10   Management           0471721468
BA10   Management           0787964417
BA10   Management           0470050772
BA10   Management           0471784842
BA10   Management           0471466697
BA10   Management           0471755257
BA10   Management           0471777390
BA10   Management                0470042842
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0787956198
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0787956775
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0787964964
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0471223298
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0787973033
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0471677914
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0787970786
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0787973386
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0787979376
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0471694819
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0470115106
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0470115114
BA11   Human Resource Mgmt       0471774421
BA12   Organizational Behavior   0787956902
BA12   Organizational Behavior   0471391824
BA12   Organizational Behavior   0787982830
BA12   Organizational Behavior   0471230588
BA12   Organizational Behavior   0787976849
BA12   Organizational Behavior   0787975974
BA12   Organizational Behavior   0471351768
BA13   Business Strategy         0787957259
BA13   Business Strategy         1841127078
BA13   Business Strategy         0471177903
BA13   Business Strategy         0471080721
BA13   Business Strategy         0470043792
BA13   Business Strategy         0471703591
BA13   Business Strategy         078796462X
BA13   Business Strategy         0471708909
BA13   Business Strategy         0764567985
BA13   Business Strategy         0787957216
BA13   Business Strategy         0471649856
BA13   Business Strategy         0471064114
BA13   Business Strategy         0470030712
BA13   Business Strategy         0787955841
BA13   Business Strategy         0470017783
BA13   Business Strategy         0471792578
BA13   Business Strategy         0787964905
BA13   Business Strategy         047148590X
BA13   Business Strategy         0471757241
BA13   Business Strategy         0471998257
BA13   Business Strategy         0471726265
BA13   Business Strategy         0471214507
BA13   Business Strategy         0782136044
BA13   Business Strategy         0470032731
BA13   Business Strategy         0471743593
BA13   Business Strategy         047001881X
BA13   Business Strategy         0470057106
BA13   Business Strategy         0787979198
BA13   Business Strategy         0470033533
BA13   Business Strategy         0471649848
BA13   Business Strategy         0471745294
BA13   Business Strategy         0471281565
BA13   Business Strategy         0471739278
BA13   Business Strategy         0471776602
BA13   Business Strategy         0471689386
BA13   Business Strategy         0787971545
BA13   Business Strategy         0470025697
BA13   Business Strategy         0471768693
BA13   Business Strategy         1841127086
BA13   Business Strategy         1841126810
BA13   Business Strategy         0471757225
BA13   Business Strategy         1841127175
BA13   Business Strategy         0471732729
BA13   Business Strategy         0787979074
BA13   Business Strategy         0471776343
BA13   Business Strategy         0471479314
BA13   Business Strategy         0471780499
BA13   Business Strategy         0470009470
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787974161
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787947954
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787984817
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787963976
BA14   Management / Leadership   0764517716
BA14   Management / Leadership   0764554085
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787961485
BA14   Management / Leadership   0471176346
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787956686
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787956937
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787979082
BA14   Management / Leadership   078797112X
BA14   Management / Leadership   0471785334
BA14   Management / Leadership   0471411620
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787967238
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787969133
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787960705
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787984655
BA14   Management / Leadership   0471457930
BA14   Management / Leadership   078796882X
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787983845
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787945072
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787966339
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787955701
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787978434
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787986674
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787967637
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787986933
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787982466
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787985899
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787982385
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787983071
BA14   Management / Leadership   0470027096
BA14   Management / Leadership   0787983373
BA14   Management / Leadership   0470030798
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787982822
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787980153
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787965715
BA14   Management / Leadership      0470014997
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787945064
BA14   Management / Leadership      078798180X
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787967262
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787964794
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787981443
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787979449
BA14   Management / Leadership      1841127280
BA14   Management / Leadership      0471656623
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787974277
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787968676
BA14   Management / Leadership      047176079X
BA14   Management / Leadership      0471789771
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787981303
BA14   Management / Leadership      0471744786
BA14   Management / Leadership      0471478555
BA14   Management / Leadership      078797675X
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787981265
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787965294
BA14   Management / Leadership      0471463302
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787977462
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787957240
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787981370
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787974137
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787968218
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787984612
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787976806
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787982687
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787980374
BA14   Management / Leadership      047172503X
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787971391
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787967297
BA14   Management / Leadership      078797370X
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787968226
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787972142
BA14   Management / Leadership      0471747475
BA14   Management / Leadership      0471998206
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787968331
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787976385
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787967491
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787981397
BA14   Management / Leadership      0787967270
BA15   Organizational Development   0787901997
BA15   Organizational Development   0787952028
BA15   Organizational Development   0787944432
BA15   Organizational Development   0787943517
BA15   Organizational Development   0787981435
BA15   Organizational Development   0787963941
BA15   Organizational Development   1555422659
BA15   Organizational Development         0787977314
BA15   Organizational Development         0787965308
BA15   Organizational Development         0787909513
BA15   Organizational Development         0787950203
BA15   Organizational Development         0787984264
BA15   Organizational Development         0787951986
BA15   Organizational Development         0787981168
BA15   Organizational Development         0787980617
BA15   Organizational Development         0787977292
BA15   Organizational Development         078794842X
BA15   Organizational Development         0787954039
BA15   Organizational Development         0787951722
BA15   Organizational Development         0787944335
BA15   Organizational Development         0787964638
BA16   Management Science                 0470025549
BA16   Management Science                 0471532339
BA16   Management Science                 0471648485
BA17   Portable MBA/Fast Forward MBA      0471061859
BA17   Portable MBA/Fast Forward MBA      076455204X
BA17   Portable MBA/Fast Forward MBA      0471271543
BA17   Portable MBA/Fast Forward MBA      0471692840
BA18   Business Technology                0471648310
BA18   Business Technology                0471648302
BA18   Business Technology                0471648329
BA18   Business Technology                076458457X
BA18   Business Technology                0471266094
BA18   Business Technology                0470017775
BA18   Business Technology                0471471046
BA18   Business Technology                0471203025
BA18   Business Technology                0471916978
BA18   Business Technology                0471682721
BA18   Business Technology                0471770833
BA18   Business Technology                0470044470
BA18   Business Technology                0471678295
BA18   Business Technology                0471770728
BA18   Business Technology                0471768588
BA18   Business Technology                0471229652
BA19   Management / Teams                 0787956910
BA19   Management / Teams                 0787970700
BA19   Management / Teams                 0787976377
BA19   Management / Teams                 0787982806
BA19   Management / Teams                 0782143830
BA19   Management / Teams                 0787968056
BA20   Business Statistics and Math       0471012734
BA20   Business Statistics and Math       0471116890
BA25   Production Operations Management   0471351423
BA25   Production Operations Management   047116545X
BA25   Production Operations Management   0471715379
BA25   Production Operations Management   0471692093
BA25   Production Operations Management   0470077840
BA25   Production Operations Management   0471740756
BA25   Production Operations Management   0471745278
BA27   Project Management                    0787963984
BA27   Project Management                    0787968315
BA27   Project Management                    0787969664
BA27   Project Management                    0787977543
BA27   Project Management                    0787974099
BA27   Project Management                    0787977349
BA30   Career Development                    0471118176
BA30   Career Development                    0787977594
BA30   Career Development                    0764552244
BA30   Career Development                    0471263656
BA30   Career Development                    078798387X
BA30   Career Development                    0471751804
BA30   Career Development                    0764556843
BA30   Career Development                    0764552252
BA30   Career Development                    0470052368
BA30   Career Development                    0787984280
BA30   Career Development                    0471651257
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471212644
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471226645
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0764552627
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   047173750X
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0764542311
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0764554816
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0764584383
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471230723
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471684317
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471799076
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0764588737
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471712167
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0764537172
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471740764
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471790036
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0764576526
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471671843
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471730459
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0787983667
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471707600
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471715875
BA31   Small Business and Entrepreneurship   0471430676
BA35   Advertising                           0471165654
BA35   Advertising                           0471189626
BA35   Advertising                           0471281395
BA35   Advertising                           0471242098
BA35   Advertising                           0471718378
BA35   Advertising                           0471218995
BA35   Advertising                           0471715573
BA40   Consulting                            0787955116
BA40   Consulting                            078795330X
BA40   Consulting                            0764550349
BA40   Consulting                            0787955124
BA40   Consulting                            0471479691
BA40   Consulting                            0787948047
BA40   Consulting                                                       0471264598
BA40   Consulting                                                       047161873X
BA40   Consulting                                                       0787985341
BA40   Consulting                                                       078798471X
BA40   Consulting                                                       0787948039
BA40   Consulting                                                       0471740276
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0883900254
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787981753
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0764553631
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787960357
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787960527
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787975850
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787981990
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787969621
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787962511
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787982563
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787977586
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787974420
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787969796
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   078798275X
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787983004
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787985333
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787976121
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787981699
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787977578
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787971596
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787982547
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787978426
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787975249
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   078797613X
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787977357
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787960519
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787977969
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787975222
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0764559850
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787976237
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787984256
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787977497
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787979414
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0787980463
BA41   Training & Human Resource Development / General & Introductory   0764559540
BA42   Training & Human Resource Development / Coaching & Mentoring     0471720860
BA42   Training & Human Resource Development / Coaching & Mentoring     0787946141
BA42   Training & Human Resource Development / Coaching & Mentoring     0787939862
BA42   Training & Human Resource Development / Coaching & Mentoring     0471789968
BA42   Training & Human Resource Development / Coaching & Mentoring     0787947555
BA42   Training & Human Resource Development / Coaching & Mentoring     0787977632
BA42   Training & Human Resource Development / Coaching & Mentoring     0787960845
BA42   Training & Human Resource Development / Coaching & Mentoring     078797952X
BA43   Training & Human Resource Development / Communication Skills     0787973599
BA43   Training & Human Resource Development / Communication Skills     0883905256
BA43   Training & Human Resource Development / Communication Skills     0787980803
BA45   Training & Human Resource Development / Diversity                  0787978787
BA46   Training & Human Resource Development / Organization Development   0787946400
BA46   Training & Human Resource Development / Organization Development   078797773X
BA46   Training & Human Resource Development / Organization Development   0787962384
BA46   Training & Human Resource Development / Organization Development   0787980730
BA47   Training & Human Resource Development / Performance Improvement    0787976210
BA47   Training & Human Resource Development / Performance Improvement    0787965030
BA48   Training & Human Resource Development / Teams                      0787971146
BA49   Training & Human Resource Development / Games & Activities         0787947911
BA49   Training & Human Resource Development / Games & Activities         0787953032
BA49   Training & Human Resource Development / Games & Activities         0787964654
BA49   Training & Human Resource Development / Games & Activities         0787983063
BA50   Quality Management                                                 0471299731
BA55   Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Workplace Settings)             0787957097
BA55   Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Workplace Settings)             0787974838
BA55   Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Workplace Settings)             0787982040
BA55   Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Workplace Settings)             0787975389
BA55   Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Workplace Settings)             0787964468
BA55   Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Workplace Settings)             0787980382
BA55   Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Workplace Settings)             0787980242
BA55   Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Workplace Settings)             0787980684
BA55   Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Workplace Settings)             0787980587
BA55   Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Workplace Settings)             0787968064
BA55   Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Workplace Settings)             078795019X
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0470091169
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471670510
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471703230
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0470052317
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0764559990
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0470029153
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0764556002
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471237744
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471431516
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0787981486
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471744956
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471684767
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471369209
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471271551
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0787982792
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471028924
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0470032189
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471772720
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471744832
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  047178723X
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471716766
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471738948
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471773476
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471784621
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471786799
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0787980943
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0787983098
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                                  0471729809
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                   0471778230
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                   0471456292
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                   0471783935
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                   0471787000
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                   0471757284
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                   0470037288
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                   0471730890
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                   0471703117
BA60   Marketing & Sales                                   0471755281
BA61   Introductory Marketing                              1841127043
BA61   Introductory Marketing                              0471790796
BA62   Marketing Management                                0471332380
BA62   Marketing Management                                0470034505
BA63   Strategic Marketing                                 0787970883
BA63   Strategic Marketing                                 0470032723
BA63   Strategic Marketing                                 0470027517
BA63   Strategic Marketing                                 0471690163
BA63   Strategic Marketing                                 047174719X
BA64   Retailing                                           0471702862
BA64   Retailing                                           076455381X
BA65   Sales Management                                    0471743194
BA65   Sales Management                                    0764550632
BA65   Sales Management                                    0471755656
BA65   Sales Management                                    0471776734
BA66   Consumer Behavior                                   0470093528
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   0787967130
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   1555425313
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   0787954144
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   0787960578
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   078797546X
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   0787969958
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   0787902985
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   0787902977
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   078791083X
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   0787973610
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   0787910821
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   0787902969
BA70   Non-Profit Organizations / General & Introductory   0764599097
BA71   Non-Profit Organizations / Law                      0471728853
BA71   Non-Profit Organizations / Law                      047176812X
BA72   Non-Profit Organizations / Finance & Accounting     0471754196
BA72   Non-Profit Organizations / Finance & Accounting     0471423289
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership    0471680001
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership    0787962317
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership    0471790362
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership    078794436X
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership    0787965332
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership    0787959502
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership    0471717509
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership    0787957194
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership    0787967548
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership    0471738387
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership         0471445819
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership         0787979066
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership         0787967556
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership         0787955558
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership         0787958778
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership         0787964301
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership         0787984442
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership         0471733431
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership         0787947261
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership         0787968137
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership         0471792217
BA73   Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership         0787909351
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0787948292
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0787962163
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0787956309
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0787956503
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0764584162
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0787978051
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0471707139
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0764598473
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0787964107
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0471768103
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0787983144
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0787978566
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0787975842
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0787984558
BA74   Non-Profit Organizations / Fundraising & Grantsmanship   0764559125
BA75   Non-Profit Organizations / Boards & Board Development    0787968129
BA75   Non-Profit Organizations / Boards & Board Development    0471790370
BA75   Non-Profit Organizations / Boards & Board Development    0471684201
BA75   Non-Profit Organizations / Boards & Board Development    0787981818
BA75   Non-Profit Organizations / Boards & Board Development    0787976164
BA80   Intellectual Property, Licensing                         0764525514
BA80   Intellectual Property, Licensing                         0471209422
BA80   Intellectual Property, Licensing                         047125049X
BA80   Intellectual Property, Licensing                         0471400688
BA80   Intellectual Property, Licensing                         0471707279
BA80   Intellectual Property, Licensing                         0471793418
BA80   Intellectual Property, Licensing                         0471740675
BA80   Intellectual Property, Licensing                         0471733377
BA80   Intellectual Property, Licensing                         047170332X
BA85   Public Administration & Management                       0787965618
BA85   Public Administration & Management                       0787967564
BA85   Public Administration & Management                       0787959383
BA85   Public Administration & Management                       0787976512
BA85   Public Administration & Management                       0787972584
BA85   Public Administration & Management                       0471959456
BA90   Real Estate                                              0471695785
BA90   Real Estate                                              0471791008
BA90   Real Estate                                              047143342X
BA90   Real Estate                                              0470029218
BA90   Real Estate                                              047164711X
BA90   Real Estate               0471647128
BA90   Real Estate               0471917273
BA90   Real Estate               0471988626
BA90   Real Estate               0471757055
BA90   Real Estate               0471760846
BA90   Real Estate               0764571923
BA90   Real Estate               0471752614
BA90   Real Estate               0471463310
BA90   Real Estate               0471653438
BA90   Real Estate               047174915X
BA90   Real Estate               047171836X
BA90   Real Estate               0471467901
BA90   Real Estate               0471768472
BA90   Real Estate               0471647144
BA90   Real Estate               0471799556
BA90   Real Estate               0471756539
BA90   Real Estate               0471692867
BA90   Real Estate               047178978X
BA90   Real Estate               0471751693
BA90   Real Estate               047176096X
BA90   Real Estate               047169276X
BA90   Real Estate               0471711772
BA90   Real Estate               0471791334
BA90   Real Estate               0471684058
BA90   Real Estate               0471737151
BA90   Real Estate               0471739472
BA90   Real Estate               0471745871
BA90   Real Estate               0471692794
BA90   Real Estate               0471751235
BA90   Real Estate               047178673X
BA90   Real Estate               0471718351
BA90   Real Estate               0471774340
BA90   Real Estate               0471741205
BA90   Real Estate               0471769193
BA90   Real Estate               0471711799
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471202495
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471469181
BA95   Business Special Topics   0787955868
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471457388
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471663735
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471728306
BA95   Business Special Topics   0470040386
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471789070
BA95   Business Special Topics   0470045191
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471770787
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471768464
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471757675
BA95   Business Special Topics   047173876X
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471998354
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471684309
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471790184
BA95   Business Special Topics   0471203661
BA95   Business Special Topics            0470040106
EC00   General & Introductory Economics   0471317527
EC00   General & Introductory Economics   0764557262
EC00   General & Introductory Economics   0471679461
EC20   Microeconomics                     0471709689
EC20   Microeconomics                     0471718343
EC20   Microeconomics                     0471448974
EC20   Microeconomics                     0471457698
EC20   Microeconomics                     0471679437
EC20   Microeconomics                     047169679X
EC20   Microeconomics                     0470072539
EC20   Microeconomics                     0471774480
EC20   Microeconomics                     0471774413
EC30   Econometrics                       0471230650
EC30   Econometrics                       0471331848
                                                                           Number of
   ISBN13               Medium(Desc.)      Status(Desc.)    Author short     pages
9780471752943   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Baker             208
9780470089378   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Weygandt          620
9780764578366   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Tracy             408
9780471768555   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Giroux            304
9780471228301   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Friedlob          240
9780471467113   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Raiborn           464
9781841127095   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Langdon           126
9780470089392   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Weygandt          676
9780470017791   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Jones             714
9780470865729   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     O'Regan           634
9780470089101   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kieso
9780470074558   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kieso
9780470074251   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kieso             802
9780470089316   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kieso
9780471749554   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kieso             1416
9780471749592   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kieso             384
9780471747383   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Wallace
9780470074572   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kieso
9780470041697   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kieso             1416
9780471327752   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Bline             660
9780471687252   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Bline
9780471218524   Cloth                                    J
                                        ACTIVE-NEW ED PENDeter             992
9780471684114   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Weygandt          576
9780471784876   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Silverstone       294
9780471684138   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Weygandt          1088
9780470079867   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kimmel
9780470095430   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kimmel            860
9780470095461   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kimmel            832
9780471794493   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kimmel            832
9780471730514   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kimmel            832
9780470095751   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Wiley             1206
9780470058985   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Jones             500
9780470074596   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Kimmel
9780471655282   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Pratt             779
9780470073971   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Weygandt
9780471728863   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Lalli             112
9780471443285   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Cokins            384
9780471415350   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Daly              288
9780471221005   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Schaeffer         272
9780471680444   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Weygandt          703
9780471680451   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Weygandt          93
9780471785897   Cloth                   ACTIVE TITLE     Schaeffer         256
9780471680420   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Weygandt          800
9780470089293   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Weygandt
9780470095485   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Weygandt
9780471229995   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Jiambalvo         272
9780471491217   Cloth                                    W
                                        ACTIVE-NEW ED PEND ells            456
9780471680345   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Weygandt          304
9780471683308   Paper                   ACTIVE TITLE     Roehl-Anderson    460
9780471771555   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Bragg          888
9780471776598   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Adkins         272
9780471676263   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Bragg          400
9780471724179   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Eckerson       320
9780470057704   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Jones          298
9780471661788   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Weygandt       728
9780471205494   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Eldenburg      752
9780471652434   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Schroeder      608
9780471402503   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Pickett        384
9780471656227   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Slee           478
9780471653950   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     PwCoopers      576
9780471636908   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Schaeffer      403
9780471250791   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Bergeron       272
9780471411017   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Evans          312
9780471456049   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Coleman        312
9780471675181   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Frankel        320
9780471738060   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Malik          240
9780471356394   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Bragg          272
9780471785538   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Anand          288
9780471785880   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Schaeffer      208
9780471690528   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Pickett        304
9780471715719   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Shim           746
9780471203087   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Schaeffer      288
9780471222934   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Hunton         304
9780471740667   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Ramos          336
9780471690535   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Pickett        288
9780471721123   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Silverstone    238
9780471712251   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Ramos          357
9780471375906   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Guy            288
9780471230113   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Boynton        1056
9780471677888   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Moeller        792
9780471785910   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Singleton      336
9780471718802   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Vallabhaneni   640
9780471718796   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Vallabhaneni   336
9780471718819   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Vallabhaneni   752
9780471483069   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Moeller        336
9780471718826   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Vallabhaneni   176
9780471726890   Paper                    E
                        ACTIVE-NEW ED PENDpstein
9780471697428   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Mirza          408
9780471787600   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Finke          216
9780471253525   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Wilkinson      608
9780471648680   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Ruppel         288
9780471739289   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Tierney        376
9780471726760   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Delaney        1232
9780470089217   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Delaney
9780471651109   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Waugh          266
9780471726913   Paper                    L
                        ACTIVE-NEW ED PENDarkin         504
9780471726937   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Ruppel         512
9780470028605   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Levene         348
9780471694830   Cloth   IN PRODUCTION    Fishman        368
9780471761181   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Hitchner       384
9780471768135   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Tierney        320
9780471771845   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   King              352
9780471681519   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Plaster           320
9780471761174   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hitchner          1368
9780471771562   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bragg             312
9780471469070   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Golden            576
9780471768944   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Marks             384
9780471770732   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Mulford           408
9780471788836   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Tahmincioglu      225
9780782143362   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Jackson           352
9780471356523   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Bethune           304
9780471443995   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   McKinney          304
9780787945718   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Root              288
9780471196532   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Forbes Inc.       368
9780787953881   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Longenecker       224
9780471015871   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Burley-Allen      208
9780471741060   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Oliver Wight In   240
9780471269205   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Kiley             320
9780764598487   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Epstein           384
9780471786771   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Masterson         256
9780787982553   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hasl-Kelchner     384
9780471771739   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Cassidy           279
9780471755838   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Garcia            272
9780787964948   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Schwarz           576
9780471680543   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Stralser          320
9780787946180   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kinlaw            128
9780471755821   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Edersheim         305
9780471756989   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Wynbrandt         224
9780787982812   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Parker            240
9780471780342   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kinney            250
9780787959784   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Campbell          150
9780471920731   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Harding           288
9780471648499   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Rivoli            272
9780471753681   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Weltman           256
9780787980993   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Lewicki           320
9780470039205   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Rivoli            288
9780471739029   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bonner            384
9780471792932   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hiemstra          256
9780471667292   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Rowley            224
9780471772750   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Clark             326
9780471652854   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Edersheim         320
9780471920168   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Bergdahl          256
9780471790778   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Brounstein        480
9780471741053   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Tisch             260
9780471748120   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bergdahl          272
9781841127149   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Neilson           316
9780787975784   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Wilkinson         320
9780764550614   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Ziglar            384
9780764597947   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Peterson          360
9780764597954   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   McClelland        280
9780471204015   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Reese             240
9780764525247   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Bly               600
9780470019030   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Yeung             304
9780470047491   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Scheinfeld        256
9780764552823   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Fox               360
9780471773450   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Winget            256
9780764577338   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Epstein           384
9780471467632   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Scott             288
9781841126319   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Allan             222
9780471745204   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Milazzo           272
9780470045480   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Vitale            240
9781841127392   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Grout             304
9780471777823   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Aaronson          192
9780471780939   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Lakhani           224
9781841127033   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Parkes Cordock    142
9781841126982   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Shaw              226
9780471768494   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Vitale            176
9780471793625   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Martineau         208
9781841127200   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Hammond           176
9780471742104   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Saltzman          224
9780471773467   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Wolter            144
9780471477129   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Acuff             256
9780471735380   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Tracy             288
9780787956226   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Dutton            224
9780471274049   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Calloway          223
9780470017111   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Somers            348
9780787959562   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Koestenbaum       400
9780471347811   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Rubinstein        224
9780787957452   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Galbraith         224
9780787981365   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Englund           224
9780787956271   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Weick             224
9780471790105   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Robbins           384
9781841127057   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Frappaolo         142
9780787960759   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Lencioni          240
9780471734604   Paper   IN PRODUCTION   Schermerhorn      448
9780471782742   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Pennington        193
9780471476115   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Kotler            320
9780471718895   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Brown             384
9780471773481   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Gandossy          352
9780787965181   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Frame             288
9780787978389   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Quandt            160
9780470026953   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    de Haan           228
9780787958459   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Dalton            224
9781841126807   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Dobbins           324
9780787981891   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Sartain           272
9780787947231   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Schwarz           432
9780471768074   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Calloway          223
9780471662020   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Hartley           368
9780471721468   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Longman           240
9780787964412   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Jossey-Bass Man   656
9780470050774   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Quinn             400
9780471784845   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Jones             253
9780471466697   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Marn              304
9780471755258   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Trevino           432
9780471777397   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Gostick           176
9780470042847   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Harrison
9780787956196   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Driscoll       352
9780787956776   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Church         320
9780787964962   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Dinteman       144
9780471223290   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Adler          352
9780787973032   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Landy          672
9780471677918   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Losey          448
9780787970789   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Pynes          432
9780787973384   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Gueutal        352
9780787979379   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Kraut          672
9780471694816   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Burkholder     288
9780470115107   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   DeCenzo
9780470115114   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   DeCenzo
9780471774426   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   DeCenzo
9780787956905   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Cherniss       384
9780471391821   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Schermerhorn   400
9780787982836   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Cameron        256
9780471230588   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Bowditch       458
9780787976842   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Ting           496
9780787975975   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Schein         464
9780471351764   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hitt           632
9780787957254   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   DeGraff        240
9781841127071   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Middleton      130
9780471177906   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Labovitz       256
9780471080725   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Shapiro        304
9780470043790   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Lipman         288
9780471703594   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Nielsen        368
9780787964627   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bamford        432
9780471708902   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Stubblefield   240
9780764567988   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Gygi           360
9780787957216   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Govindarajan   320
9780471649854   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Callahan       240
9780471064114   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Aaker          352
9780470030714   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Wallin         414
9780787955847   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Cox            192
9780470017784   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Normann        244
9780471792574   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Tarantino      336
9780787964900   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Carleton       240
9780471485902   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Peppers        528
9780471757245   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Collins        272
9780471998259   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Jackson        176
9780471726265   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Marchetti      288
9780471214502   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Coveney        240
9780782136043   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hopwood        256
9780470032732   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Sparrow        326
9780471743590   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bloem          304
9780470018811   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Ringland       490
9780470057100   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hennigfeld     456
9780787979195   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Galbraith      208
9780470033531   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Andersen       320
9780471649847   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Maizlish       400
9780471745297   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Pickett        320
9780471281566   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Eckes             144
9780471739272   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Biegelman         416
9780471776604   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Barnes            224
9780471689386   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Hoch              352
9780787971540   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Markides          208
9780470025697   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Garelli           288
9780471768692   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Leland            380
9781841127088   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Olve              118
9781841126814   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Fisk              498
9780471757221   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Stern             413
9781841127170   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Moore             304
9780471732723   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Stiffler          224
9780787979072   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Savitz            320
9780471776345   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Hugos             304
9780471479314   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Welborn           336
9780471780496   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Niven             336
9780470009475   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Saloner           464
9780787974169   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Kets de Vries     72
9780787947958   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Hudson            288
9780787984816   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Haneberg          160
9780787963972   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Pearce            224
9780764517716   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Nelson            384
9780764554087   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Brounstein        360
9780787961480   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Glen              288
9780471176343   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Spears            416
9780787956684   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Drucker           64
9780787956936   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Biech             432
9780787979089   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Byrne             208
9780787971120   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Quinn             256
9780471785330   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    George            288
9780471411628   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Spears            416
9780787967239   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Kouzes            1
9780787969134   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    George            240
9780787960704   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Drucker Foundat   176
9780787984656   Paper   IN PRODUCTION   Barnes            136
9780471457930   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Schubert          304
9780787968823   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Mangieri          304
9780787983840   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Kohlrieser        272
9780787945077   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    McCauley          6
9780787966331   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    McCormick         160
9780787955700   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Ruderman          272
9780787978433   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Hughes            416
9780787986674   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Hesselbein        336
9780787967635   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Dotlich           208
9780787986933   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Kouzes            96
9780787982461   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Snyder            240
9780787985899   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Carucci           224
9780787982386   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Axelrod           304
9780787983079   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Kouzes            120
9780470027097   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Cotterell         352
9780787983376   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Kouzes            176
9780470030790   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Kets de Vries     436
9780787982829   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Rhode            400
9780787980153   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Jossey-Bass
9780787965716   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kouzes           2
9780470014998   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Isaksen          418
9780787945060   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   McCauley         72
9780787981808   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Nadler           320
9780787967260   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kouzes           48
9780787964795   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Dotlich          240
9780787981440   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Battley          272
9780787979447   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Kaplan           304
9781841127286   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Thomas           260
9780471656623   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Shriberg         304
9780787974275   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Dotlich          240
9780787968670   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hughes           288
9780471760795   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Ulrich           320
9780471789772   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bradt            240
9780787981303   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kouzes           176
9780471744788   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Smith            256
9780471478553   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Dranove          234
9780787976750   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Denning          384
9780787981266   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Razeghi          272
9780787965297   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   McCauley         560
9780471463306   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Cohen            320
9780787977467   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Marquardt        224
9780787957247   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Livers           256
9780787981372   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Lee              240
9780787974138   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bolman           256
9780787968212   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kouzes           144
9780787984618   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Fischman         208
9780787976804   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Welter           304
9780787982683   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Sloan            272
9780787980375   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Georgescu        208
9780471725039   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Anderson         236
9780787971397   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Charan           224
9780787967291   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kouzes           104
9780787973704   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Wilcox           320
9780787968229   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Kouzes           160
9780787972141   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Kolb             304
9780471747475   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Thomson          288
9780471998204   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Folkman          224
9780787968335   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kouzes           496
9780787976385   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Lencioni         224
9780787967499   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kouzes           16
9780787981396   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Mosby            224
9780787967277   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kouzes           4
9780787901998   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   D'Aprix          176
9780787952020   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Van Osnabrugge   448
9780787944438   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Laseter          288
9780787943516   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Conger           432
9780787981433   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bunker           480
9780787963941   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Davis            288
9781555422653   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Block            256
9780787977313   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Bens           176
9780787965303   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Pershing       1408
9780787909512   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Lee            192
9780787950200   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Sessa          208
9780787984267   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Gallos         1088
9780787951986   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Weisinger      256
9780787981167   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Schuman        536
9780787980610   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Lawler         352
9780787977290   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Bens           224
9780787948429   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Dalton         24
9780787954031   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Lencioni       208
9780787951726   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Charan         272
9780787944339   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Lencioni       160
9780787964634   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kouzes         240
9780470025543   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Checkland      224
9780471532330   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Makridakis     656
9780471648482   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Forsberg       480
9780471061854   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Livingstone    672
9780764552045   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Allen          432
9780471271543   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bygrave        504
9780471692843   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Verzuh         402
9780471648314   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bidgoli        1008
9780471648307   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bidgoli        1120
9780471648321   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bidgoli        1152
9780764584572   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Gardner        360
9780471266099   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Baschab        512
9780470017777   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   King           388
9780471471042   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Lutchen        256
9780471203025   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Allen          360
9780471916970   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Dyche          320
9780471682721   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Wagter         256
9780471770831   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Wulf           304
9780470044476   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Miller         224
9780471678298   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hugos          224
9780471770725   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Davis          224
9780471768586   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bloomberg      272
9780471229650   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Mantel         320
9780787956912   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Rees           240
9780787970703   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Rees           420
9780787976378   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Lencioni       192
9780787982805   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Duarte         272
9780782143836   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Bradbary       288
9780787968052   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Lencioni       272
9780471012733   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Salant         256
9780471116899   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Slavin         272
9780471351429   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Meredith       460
9780471165453   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Shafer         860
9780471715375   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Meredith       688
9780471692096   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Russell        832
9780470077849   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Schermerhorn
9780471740759   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Zylstra        240
9780471745273   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Reid           704
9780787963989   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Englund       336
9780787968311   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Frame         288
9780787969660   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Graham        336
9780787977542   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Levine        560
9780787974091   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   DeCarlo       560
9780787977344   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Schaffer      272
9780471118176   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Carpenter     224
9780787977597   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Schein        72
9780764552243   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kennedy       312
9780471263654   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Ryan          285
9780787983871   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Schein        32
9780471751809   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Shepard       176
9780764556845   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   St. Michael   384
9780764552250   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kennedy       312
9780470052365   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Canter        256
9780787984281   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Schein        24
9780471651253   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Allen         256
9780471212645   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Schroeder     384
9780471226642   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Shenkman      320
9780764552625   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Allen         384
9780471737506   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kaplan        432
9780764542312   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Bird          384
9780764554810   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Tyson         432
9780764584381   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Collier       864
9780471230724   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Smith         640
9780471684312   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Strauss       448
9780471799078   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Turner        312
9780764588730   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Snell         410
9780471712169   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Joyner        256
9780764537172   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Garvey        384
9780471740766   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Chalfin       239
9780471790037   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   McMillan      336
9780764576522   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Tiffany       380
9780471671848   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kishel        288
9780471730453   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Distenfield   240
9780787983666   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Iaquinto      224
9780471707608   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Little        256
9780471715870   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Jolles        320
9780471430674   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Pilzer        272
9780471165651   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Dru           256
9780471189626   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Steel         320
9780471281399   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Sullivan      304
9780471242093   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Morgan        304
9780471718376   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Jaffe         304
9780471218999   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Dru           304
9780471715573   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Vonk          240
9780787955113   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Weiss         224
9780787953300   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Olson         240
9780764550348   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Nelson        384
9780787955120   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Weiss         208
9780471479697   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Weiss         320
9780787948047   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Block         480
9780471264590   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Sobel         256
9780471618737   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Levinson      304
9780787985349   Paper   IN PRODUCTION    Hale          300
9780787984717   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Preziosi      304
9780787948030   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Block         400
9780471740278   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Weiss         238
9780883900253   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Byrd          28
9780787981754   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Gargiulo      416
9780764553639   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Hopkins       384
9780787960353   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Hale          320
9780787960520   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Rothwell      528
9780787975852   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Watkins       352
9780787981990   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Thiagarajan   400
9780787969622   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Aldrich       304
9780787962517   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Meade         400
9780787982560   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Goodstein     240
9780787977580   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Bonk          624
9780787974428   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Bowman        300
9780787969790   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Driscoll      500
9780787982751   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Liteman       560
9780787983000   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Allen         220
9780787985332   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Islam         256
9780787976125   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Silberman     336
9780787981693   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Cross         320
9780787977573   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Rosenberg     400
9780787971595   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Rothwell      592
9780787982546   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Wick          256
9780787978426   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Wacker        432
9780787975241   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Barbazette    256
9780787976132   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Silberman     200
9780787977351   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Aldrich       400
9780787960513   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Clark         336
9780787977962   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Albrecht      304
9780787975227   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Quinn         240
9780764559853   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Biech         408
9780787976231   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Silberman     380
9780787984250   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Horton        640
9780787977498   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Lawson        336
9780787979416   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Friedman      360
9780787980467   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Miner         224
9780764559549   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Kushner       288
9780471720867   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Stober        416
9780787946142   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Kinlaw        24
9780787939861   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Kinlaw        176
9780471789963   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Levine        240
9780787947552   Paper                    H
                        ACTIVE-NEW ED PEND argrove     368
9780787977634   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Goldsmith     288
9780787960841   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Hargrove      304
9780787979522   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Ensher        368
9780787973599   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Silberman     24
9780883905258   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE     Alessandra    4
9780787980801   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE     Gillis        576
9780787978785   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Fenn          144
9780787946401   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hale          256
9780787977733   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Jones         576
9780787962388   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Rothwell      752
9780787980733   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Piskurich     512
9780787976217   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Rossett       240
9780787965037   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Kaufman       416
9780787971144   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Nemiro        364
9780787947910   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Thiagarajan   176
9780787953034   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Pike          176
9780787964658   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Thiagarajan   416
9780787983062   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Yaman         272
9780471299738   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Wadsworth     704
9780787957094   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Madonik       320
9780787974831   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bush          304
9780787982041   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Krivis        256
9780787975388   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Moffitt       560
9780787964467   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Moore         624
9780787980382   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Krivis        336
9780787980245   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Cloke         384
9780787980689   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Jenkins       320
9780787980580   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Deutsch       960
9780787968069   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Mayer         336
9780787950194   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Mayer         288
9780470091166   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kasper        572
9780471670513   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hogan         256
9780471703235   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Oechsli       256
9780470052310   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Martin        272
9780764559990   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hiam          384
9780470029152   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bullmore      174
9780764556005   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hiam          408
9780471237747   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Schmitt       256
9780471431510   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Thull         240
9780787981488   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Andresen      288
9780471744955   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Young         288
9780471684763   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   McDaniel      512
9780471369202   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Quinlan       272
9780471271550   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Stewart       244
9780787982799   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Weiner        272
9780471028925   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Trout         240
9780470032183   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Darby         408
9780471772729   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Yaverbaum     358
9780471744832   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Steinmetz     258
9780471787235   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Klepacki      264
9780471716761   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Rubino        311
9780471738947   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Joyner        240
9780471773474   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Rubino        240
9780471784623   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Vitale        272
9780471786795   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Rumbauskas    192
9780787980948   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bliss         320
9780787983093   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Foley         208
9780471729808   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Baker         400
9780471778233   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Joyner      243
9780471456292   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Gitomer     368
9780471783930   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Port        258
9780471787006   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Martin      384
9780471757283   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Greshes     208
9780470037287   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Thull       238
9780471730897   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   McDaniel
9780471703112   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Schwantz    224
9780471755289   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   McDaniel    720
9781841127040   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Mariotti    122
9780471790792   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hiam        349
9780471332381   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Dalrymple   720
9780470034507   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Ford        288
9780787970888   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Bradburn    448
9780470032725   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Ringland    244
9780470027516   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Grant       328
9780471690160   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Tybout      352
9780471747192   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Scoble      272
9780471702863   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Spector     288
9780764553813   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Segel       384
9780471743194   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Cron        624
9780764550638   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hopkins     288
9780471755654   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Sjodin      271
9780471776734   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Johnson     200
9780470093528   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Evans       422
9780787967130   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Wholey      768
9781555425319   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Fisher      232
9780787954147   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   O'Neill     336
9780787960575   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Prince      240
9780787975463   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Rea         304
9780787969950   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Herman      816
9780787902988   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Carver      24
9780787902971   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Carver      24
9780787910839   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Carver      24
9780787973612   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Korngold    240
9780787910822   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Carver      24
9780787902964   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Carver      32
9780764599095   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hutton      358
9780471728856   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hopkins     120
9780471768128   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Siegel      744
9780471754190   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Jackson     336
9780471423287   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Niven       320
9780471680000   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hopkins     360
9780787962319   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Drucker     96
9780471790365   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Jackson     224
9780787944360   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Drucker     176
9780787965334   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Sen         288
9780787959500   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Howe        224
9780471717508   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Daw         312
9780787957193   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Chrislip    304
9780787967543   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Bryson      192
9780471738381   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Woodward    288
9780471445814   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Allison        458
9780787979065   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Festen         160
9780787967550   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bryson         464
9780787955557   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hesselbein     320
9780787958770   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Carlson        288
9780787964306   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Linden         336
9780787984441   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Fine           240
9780471733430   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   McMillan       240
9780787947262   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hesselbein     416
9780787968137   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   La Piana       240
9780471792215   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Wilcox         336
9780787909352   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hesselbein     352
9780787948290   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Jeavons        224
9780787962166   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Robinson       256
9780787956301   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Clarke         144
9780787956509   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Brown          272
9780764584169   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Browning       356
9780787978051   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Roth           336
9780471707134   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Grace          264
9780764598470   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Mutz           384
9780787964108   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Gary           304
9780471768104   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hart           264
9780787983147   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Burnett        176
9780787978563   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Fredricks      288
9780787975845   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Alexander      208
9780787984557   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Klein          560
9780764559129   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Wason          336
9780787968120   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Zimmerman      128
9780471790372   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Jackson        208
9780471684206   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Chait          224
9780787981815   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Carver         336
9780787976163   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Carver         448
9780764525513   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Charmasson     380
9780471209423   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Lerner         260
9780471250494   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Razgaitis      384
9780471400684   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Berman         672
9780471707271   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Speser         408
9780471793410   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Slottje        336
9780471740674   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Goldscheider   312
9780471733379   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Berman         224
9780471703327   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Harrison       240
9780787965617   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Rainey         512
9780787967567   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Lewis          384
9780787959388   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Cohen          336
9780787976514   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Cooper         352
9780787972585   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Condrey        848
9780471959458   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Cole           188
9780471695783   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Cummings       304
9780471791003   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Decker         276
9780471433422   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Eldred         288
9780470029213   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Bien           392
9780471647119   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Eldred         312
9780471647126   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Berges      288
9780471917274   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Eldred      304
9780471988625   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Sanford     263
9780471757054   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   de Roos     208
9780471760849   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Carey       288
9780764571923   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Tyson       303
9780471752615   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Masters     304
9780471463313   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Berges      240
9780471653431   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Vollucci    240
9780471749158   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Peckham     384
9780471718369   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Patton      272
9780471467908   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Dulworth    312
9780471768470   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Tyson       387
9780471647140   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Cummings    288
9780471799559   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Zeller      366
9780471756538   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Lucier      336
9780471692867   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Carey       288
9780471789789   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Butler      242
9780471751694   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hicks       288
9780471760962   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Schwarz     224
9780471692768   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Lucier      264
9780471711773   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   de Roos     256
9780471791331   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Cummings    240
9780471684053   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Berges      328
9780471737155   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   McKinney    253
9780471739470   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Bergsman    304
9780471745877   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bergsman    286
9780471692799   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Lucier      272
9780471751236   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Eldred      320
9780471786733   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Carey       288
9780471718352   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Ross        256
9780471774341   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Ross        256
9780471741206   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   McLean      352
9780471769194   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Imperiale   304
9780471711797   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kennedy     240
9780471202493   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Weiss       320
9780471469186   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Mulford     432
9780787955861   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Brett       288
9780471457381   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Cavanagh    208
9780471663737   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hartley     368
9780471728306   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Finkel      273
9780470040386   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Myers       224
9780471789079   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Carney      285
9780470045190   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Gygi        312
9780471770787   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Ware        240
9780471768463   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Welytok     384
9780471757672   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Harkins     304
9780471738763   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Simmons     448
9780471998358   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Ellis       396
9780471684305   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bazerman    241
9780471790181   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Simmons     464
9780471203667   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Sekaran     464
9780470040102   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Trevino
9780471317524   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Slavin      272
9780764557262   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Flynn       384
9780471679462   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Welch       560
9780471709688   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Besanko     592
9780471718345   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Samuelson   360
9780471448976   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Besanko     656
9780471457695   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Besanko     752
9780471679431   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Browning    624
9780471696797   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Besanko     752
9780470072530   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Besanko
9780471774488   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Samuelson
9780471774419   Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Browning
9780471230656   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Enders      480
9780471331841   Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hill        424
Price, current                                                                                  Product
list ($-China)                                          Full title                                line
          44.95   Measure What Matters to Customers: Using Key Predictive Indicators (KPIs)R
          70.95                                                                               4
          21.95   Accounting For Dummies, 3rd Edition                                         TK
          39.95   Earnings Magic and the Unbalance Sheet: The Search for Financial Reality R
          34.95   Essentials of Financial Analysis                                            R
          56.95   Core Concepts Version of Survey of Accounting                               4
           8.95   Understanding Accounts, 2nd Edition                                         63
          70.95                                                                               4
          70.00   Accounting, 2nd Edition                                                     86
          65.00   Financial Information Analysis, 2nd Edition                                 86
         190.95                                                                               4
          77.95                                                                               4
          96.95                                                                               4
          91.95                                                                               4
         158.95   Intermediate Accounting, 12th Edition                                       4
          48.95   Intermediate Accounting, Study Guide, 12th Edition                          4
          68.95                                                                               4
                  Mastery of the Financial Accounting Research System (FARS) Through Cases with 2005 FARS CD Package
         113.95                                                                               4
         158.95   WIE ASE Intermediate Accounting, 12th Edition, Asian Student Edition        4
         127.95   Advanced Accounting                                                         4
         146.95   Advanced Accounting w/2004 FARS CD                                          4
         127.95   Advanced Accounting, 2nd Edition                                            4
          44.95                                                                               4
                  Problem Solving Survival Guide to accompany Financial Accounting with Annual Report, 5th Edition
          49.95   Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation for Non-Experts, 2nd Edition R
          41.95   Working Papers to accompany Financial Accounting with Annual Report, 5th4Edition
         128.95                                                                               4
         116.95                                                                               4
         105.95                                                                               4
         145.95                                                                               4
                  WIE ASE Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, 4th Edition, Asian Student Edition
         145.95   Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, 4th Edition       4
         167.95                                                                               4
          52.95   Financial Accounting                                                        86
          73.95                                                                               4
         118.95   Financial Accounting in an Economic Context, 6th Edition                    4
         104.95                                                                               4
          69.95   Handbook of Budgeting: 2006 Cumulative Supplement, 5th Edition              R
          34.95   Activity-Based Cost Management: An Executives Guide                         R
          84.95   Pricing for Profitability: Activity-Based Pricing for Competitive Advantage R
          34.95   Essentials of Cash Flow                                                     R
           0.95                                                                               4
                  Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, Solutions Transparencies, 3rd Edition
           0.95                                                                               4
                  Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, Teaching Transparencies, 3rd Edition
          44.95   Controller and CFO's Guide to Accounts Payable                              R
           0.95                                                                               4
                  Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, Solution Manual, 3rd Edition
         113.95                                                                               4
          89.95                                                                               4
          42.95   Study Guide to accompany Managerial Accounting, 2nd Edition                 4
          67.95   Corporate Fraud Handbook: Prevention and Detection                          R
          38.95                                                                               4
                  Study Guide to accompany Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, 3rd Edition
          68.95                                                                               R
                  The Controller's Function: The Work of the Managerial Accountant, 3rd Edition
139.95                                                                                 R
         The Ultimate Accountants' Reference: Including GAAP, IRS & SEC Regulations, Leases, and More, 2nd Edition
 44.95   Case Studies in Performance Management: A Guide from the Experts              R
 54.95                                                                                 R
         Outsourcing: A Guide to ... Selecting the Correct Business Unit ... Negotiating the Contract ... Maintaining Cont
 44.95   Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business     R
 44.95   Management Accounting                                                         86
145.95   Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, 3rd Edition        4
143.95   Cost Management: Measuring, Monitoring, and Motivating Performance            4
118.95   Financial Accounting Theory and Analysis: Text Readings and Cases, 8th Edition4
 67.95   Internal Control: A Manager's Journey                                         R
 94.95                                                                                 R
         Private Capital Markets: Valuation, Capitalization, and Transfer of Private Business Interests
 94.95   Mergers and Acquisitions: A Global Tax Guide                                  R
139.95   Accounts Payable: A Guide to Running an Efficient Department, 2nd Edition R
 34.95   Essentials of Shared Services                                                 R
 69.95   Valuation for M&A: Building Value in Private Companies                        R
 94.95   Collection Management Handbook: The Art of Getting Paid, Third Edition R
 39.95                                                                                 R
         Mergers and Acquisitions Basics: The Key Steps of Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Investments
 44.95   Enterprise Dashboards: Design and Best Practices for IT                       R
 64.95   Accounting Control Best Practices                                             R
 44.95                                                                                 R
         Sarbanes-Oxley Guide for Finance and Information Technology Professionals, 2nd Edition
 34.95   Accounts Payable and Sarbanes-Oxley: Strengthening Your Internal Controls     R
 49.95   Audit Planning: A Risk-Based Approach                                         R
 24.95   The Vest Pocket CFO, 2nd Edition                                              R
 34.95   Essentials of Accounts Payable                                                R
 64.95   Core Concepts of Information Technology Auditing                              4
 69.95                                                                                 R
         How to Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404: Assessing the Effectiveness of Internal Control, 2nd Edition
 54.95   Auditing the Risk Management Process                                          R
 49.95   Fraud 101: Techniques and Strategies for Detection, 2nd Edition               R
 74.95                                                                                 R
         The Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Implementation Toolkit: Practice Aids for Managers and Auditors with CD RO
 83.95   Audit Sampling: An Introduction, 5th Edition                                  4
133.95                                                                                 4
         Modern Auditing: Assurance Services and the Integrity of Financial Reporting, 8th Edition
159.95   Brink's Modern Internal Auditing, 6th Edition                                 R
 64.95   Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting, 3rd Edition                           R
 34.95                                                                                 R
         Wiley CIA Exam Review, Volume 2, Conducting the Internal Audit Engagement, 3rd Edition
 34.95                                                                                 R
         Wiley CIA Exam Review, Volume 1, Internal Audit Activity's Role in Governance, Risk, and Control, 3rd Edition
 34.95                                                                                 R
         Wiley CIA Exam Review, Volume 3, Business Analysis and Information Technology, 3rd Edition
 54.95   Sarbanes-Oxley and the New Internal Auditing Rules                            R
 34.95   Wiley CIA Exam Review, Volume 4, Business Management Skills, 3rd Edition      R
177.95                                                                                 R
         Wiley IFRS 2006: Interpretation and Application of International Financial Reporting Standards Set
 44.95                                                                                 R
         International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Workbook and Guide: Practical insights, Case studies, Mult
 67.95   SAP Foreign Currency Revaluation: FAS 52 and GAAP Requirements                R
123.95                                                                                 4
         Accounting Information Systems: Essential Concepts and Applications, 4th Edition
 29.95   Governmental Accounting Made Easy                                             R
 79.95                                                                                 R
         Federal Accounting Handbook: Policies, Standards, Procedures, Practices, 2nd Edition
 59.95                                                                                 R
         Wiley CPA Examination Review 2006-2007, Volume 1, Outlines and Study Guides, 33rd Edition
 56.95                                                                                 R
 29.95   101 Marketing Strategies for Accounting, Law, Consulting, and Professional R  Services Firms
 84.95                                                                                 R
         Wiley Not-for-Profit GAAP 2006: Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for
 84.95                                                                                 R
         Wiley GAAP for Governments 2006: Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
 17.99   Paying Less Tax 2006/2007 For Dummies                                         81
 94.95   Standards of Value: Theory and Applications                                   R
 54.95                                                                                 R
         Financial Valuation Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises to Help You Master Financial Valuation, 2nd Edition
 69.95                                                                                 R
         OMB Circular A-123 and Sarbanes-Oxley: Management's Responsibility for Internal Control in Federal Agencie
 64.95   Fair Value for Financial Reporting: Meeting the New FASB Requirements R
 59.95   Beyond Six Sigma: Profitable Growth through Customer Value Creation         R
114.95   Financial Valuation: Applications and Models, 2nd Edition                   R
 48.95   Accounting and Finance for Your Small Business, 2nd Edition                 R
139.95   A Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation                                R
 59.95                                                                                for
         Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) : A Planning and Implementation GuideR Business and Technology
 24.95   The Financial Numbers Game: Detecting Creative Accounting Practices         R
 22.95                                                                               the
         From the Sandbox to the Corner Office: Lessons Learned on the Journey to E Top
 24.95   Construction Management JumpStartTM                                         TD
 24.95   From Worst to First: Behind the Scenes of Continental's Remarkable Comeback H
 29.95   Make It BIG!: 49 Secrets for Building a Life of Extreme Success             H
 39.95   Entry Strategies for International Markets, Revised and Expanded            BX
 19.95   Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time                                H
 29.95   Getting Results: Five Absolutes for High Performance                        BX
 18.95   Listening: The Forgotten Skill: A Self-Teaching Guide, 2nd Edition          K
 44.95   The Oliver Wight Class A Checklist for Business Excellence, 6th Edition     H
 27.95   Driven: Inside BMW, the Most Admired Car Company in the World               H
 19.95   Bookkeeping For Dummies                                                     TK
 24.95                                                                               E
         Power and Persuasion: How to Command Success in Business and Your Personal Life
 29.95                                                                               BX
         The Business Guide to Legal Literacy: What Every Manager Should Know About the Law
 49.95   A Manager's Guide to Strategic Retirement Plan Management                   E
 14.95   A Message from Garcia: Yes, You Can Succeed                                 E
 50.95                                                                               BX
         The Skilled Facilitator Fieldbook: Tips, Tools, and Tested Methods for Consultants, Facilitators, Managers, Tra
 29.95                                                                               H
         MBA In A Day: What You Would Learn At Top-Tier Business Schools (If You Only Had The Time!)
 29.95   Coaching for Commitment: Participant Workbook 2                             BX
 16.95                                                                               E
         McKinsey's Marvin Bower: Vision, Leadership, and the Creation of Management Consulting
 14.95                                                                               E
         Flying High: How JetBlue Founder and CEO David Neeleman Beats the Competition... Even in the World's Mos
 22.95   Meeting Excellence: 33 Tools to Lead Meetings That Get Results              BX
 16.95                                                                                for
         Master the Media to Attract Your Ideal Clients: A Personal Marketing SystemE Financial Professionals
 33.95   Campbell Leadership Descriptor, Facilitator's Guide Package                 BX
 44.95                                                                               E
         Creating Rainmakers: The Manager's Guide to Training Professionals to Attract New Clients
 29.95                                                                               H
         The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of W
 19.95                                                                               E
         Small Business Survival Book: 12 Surefire Ways for Your Business to Survive and Thrive
 24.95                                                                               BX
         Mastering Business Negotiation: A Working Guide to Making Deals and Resolving Conflict
 16.95                                                                               H
         The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of W
 27.95   Empire of Debt: The Rise of an Epic Financial Crisis                        E
 24.95                                                                               H
         Turning the Future Into Revenue: What Business and Individuals Need to Know to Shape Their Futures
 18.95   On Target: How the World's Hottest Retailer Hit a Bull's-Eye                E
 24.95   The Bear Necessities of Business: Building a Company with Heart             E
 29.95                                                                               E
         McKinsey's Marvin Bower: Vision, Leadership, and the Creation of Management Consulting
 14.95                                                                               E
         What I Learned From Sam Walton: How to Compete and Thrive in a Wal-Mart World
 44.95   Business Communication: Communicate Effectively in Any Business Environment AM
 14.95   The Power of We: Succeeding Through Partnerships                            E
 24.95   The 10 Rules of Sam Walton: Success Secrets for Remarkable Results          E
 18.95   Results: Keep What's Good, Fix What's Wrong, and Unlock Great Performance   63
 41.95                                                                               BX
         The Secrets of Facilitation: The S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Getting Results With Groups
 19.95   Success For Dummies                                                         TK
 34.95   Business Plans Kit For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                 TK
 16.95   Your Dream Career For Dummies                                               TK
 21.95                                                                               H
         How to License Your Million Dollar Idea: Everything You Need To Know To Turn a Simple Idea into a Million Do
 16.95   Webster's New WorldTM Letter Writing Handbook                               TH
 17.99   Answering Tough Interview Questions for Dummies                             81
24.95                                                                               H
        Busting Loose From the Money Game: Mind-Blowing Strategies for Changing the Rules of a Game You Can't W
21.95   Business Etiquette For Dummies                                              TK
16.95   Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life: A Kick-Butt Approach to a Better LifeH
19.95   Reading Financial Reports For Dummies                                       TK
24.95   Mentored by a Millionaire: Master Strategies of Super Achievers             H
16.95                                                                               63
        Making Good: The Inspiring Story of Serial Entrepreneur, Maverick and Restaurateur
21.95                                                                               H
        Inside Every Woman: Using the 10 Strengths You Didn't Know You Had to Get the Career and Life You Want N
24.95                                                                               H
        Meet and Grow Rich: How to Easily Create and Operate Your Own "Mastermind" Group for Health, Wealth, and
 9.95   Mind Games: Inspirational lessons from the world's finest sports stars      63
22.95   The Golden Apple: How to Grow Opportunity and Harvest Success               E
24.95   Power of An Hour: Business and Life Mastery in One Hour A Week              H
10.95                                                                               63
        Millionaire Upgrade: Lessons in Success From Those Who Travel at the Sharp End of the Plane
16.95   The Four Vs of Leadership: Vision, Values, Value-added and Vitality         63
19.95                                                                               H
        Life's Missing Instruction Manual: The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birth
24.95   The Power of You!: How YOU Can Create Happiness, Balance, and Wealth H
10.95   Pond Life: Creating the 'ripple effect ' in everything you say and do       63
19.95                                                                               E
        Shake That Brain: How to Create Winning Solutions and Have Fun While You're At It
19.95   Kick Start Your Success: Four Powerful Steps to Get What You Want Out ofH    Your Life, Career, and Business
24.95                                                                               H
        The Relationship Edge in Business: Connecting with Customers and Colleagues When It Counts
16.95                                                                                for
        Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life: How to Unlock Your Full PotentialH Success and Achievement
29.95                                                                               BX
        Energize Your Workplace: How to Create and Sustain High-Quality Connections at Work
29.95                                                                               H
        Becoming a Category of One: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison
39.95   Coaching at Work: Powering your Team with Awareness, Responsibility and 77   Trust
34.95                                                                               BX
        Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness, A Philosophy for Leaders, New and Revised
39.95                                                                               H
        The Minding Organization: Bring the Future to the Present and Turn Creative Ideas into Business Solutions
39.95                                                                               BX
        Designing Organizations: An Executive Guide to Strategy, Structure, and Process, New and Revised
48.95   Project Sponsorship: Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success    BX
29.95   Managing the Unexpected: Assuring High Performance in an Age of Complexity  BX
34.95   Lessons in Grid Computing: The System Is a Mirror                           R
 8.95   Knowledge Management, 2nd Edition                                           63
22.95   The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable                         BX
96.95   Exploring Management                                                        D
24.95   Results Rule!: Build a Culture That Blows the Competition Away              H
29.95                                                                               H
        Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause
29.95                                                                               H
        The Black Book of Outsourcing: How to Manage the Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities
34.95   Workforce Wake-Up Call: Your Workforce is Changing, Are You?                H
47.95   Managing Risk in Organizations: A Guide for Managers                        BX
24.95                                                                               BX
        Sudden Impact on the Job: Top Business Leaders Reveal the Secrets to Fast Success
39.95   Fearless Consulting: Temptations, Risks and Limits of the Profession        77
34.95                                                                               BX
        Success for the New Global Manager: How to Work Across Distances, Countries, and Cultures
14.95                                                                               63
        What Self-Made Millionaires Really Think, Know and Do: A Straight-Talking Guide to Business Success and Pe
29.95                                                                               BX
        Brand From the Inside: Eight Essentials to Emotionally Connect Your Employees to Your Business
39.95                                                                               BX
        The Skilled Facilitator: A Comprehensive Resource for Consultants, Facilitators, Managers, Trainers, and Coac
16.95                                                                               H
        Becoming a Category of One: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison
57.95   Management Mistakes and Successes, 8th Edition                              D
27.95   The Rational Project Manager: A Thinking Team's Guide to Getting Work Done  H
29.95   Business Leadership: A Jossey-Bass Reader                                   BX
73.95   Becoming a Master Manager: A Competing Values Approach, 4th Edition D
27.95                                                                               H
        Driving Excellence: How The Aggregate System Turned Microchip Technology from a Failing Company to a Ma
69.95   The Price Advantage                                                         E
64.95                                                                               D
        Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk About How To Do It Right, 4th Edition
19.95   The Invisible Employee: Realizing the Hidden Potential in Everyone          H
128.95                                                                                D
         Strategic Management and Cases to Accompany Strategic Management and Strategy Set
 54.95   Web-Based Training: Creating e-Learning Experiences, 2nd Edition             BX
 52.95   Designing and Using Organizational Surveys: A Seven-Step Process             BX
 14.95                                                                                BX
         Zero Defect Hiring: A Quick Guide to the Most Important Decisions Managers Have to Make
 34.95   Hire With Your Head: Using POWER Hiring to Build Great Companies, 2nd EditionH
 74.95                                                                                BX
         Employment Discrimination Litigation: Behavioral, Quantitative, and Legal Perspectives
 34.95                                                                                the
         The Future of Human Resource Management: 64 Thought Leaders Explore H Critical HR Issues of Today an
 67.95   Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, 2ndBX      Edition
 61.95   The Brave New World of eHR: Human Resources in the Digital Age               BX
 59.95                                                                                BX
         Getting Action from Organizational Surveys: New Concepts, Technologies, and Applications
 49.95   Outsourcing: The Definitive View, Applications, and Implications             H
141.95                                                                                D
         Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 8th Edition with Organizational Behavior 9th Edition Set
109.95                                                                                D
         Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 8th Edition with Organizational Behavior Set
127.91   Human Resource Management 8th Edition with WSJ Access Tracker Set D
 43.95                                                                                BX
         The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace: How to Select For, Measure, and Improve Emotional Intelligence in Indi
 59.95   Core Concepts of Organizational Behavior                                     D
 39.95                                                                                BX
         Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture: Based on the Competing Values Framework, Revised Editio
 68.95   A Primer on Organizational Behavior, 6th Edition                             D
 84.95   The CCL Handbook of Coaching: A Guide for the Leader Coach                   BX
 35.95   Organizational Culture and Leadership, 3rd Edition                           BX
102.95   Organizational Behavior: A Strategic Approach                                D
 29.95   Creativity at Work: Developing the Right Practices to Make Innovation Happen BX
  8.95   Strategy Express, 2nd edition                                                63
 29.95                                                                                H
         The Power of Alignment: How Great Companies Stay Centered and Accomplish Extraordinary Things
 19.95                                                                                H
         The Power of Nice: How to Negotiate So Everyone Wins--Especially You!, Revised Edition
 49.95                                                                                R
         Corporate Governance Best Practices: Strategies for Public, Private, and Not-for-Profit Organizations
 39.95                                                                                H
         Consumer-Centric Category Management: How to Increase Profits by Managing Categories Based on Consum
 49.95                                                                                BX
         Mastering Alliance Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Management, and Organization
 24.95   The Baptist Health Care Journey to Excellence: Creating a Culture that WOWs! R
 21.95   Six Sigma For Dummies                                                        TK
 29.95   The Quest for Global Dominance: Transforming Global Presence into GlobalBX    Competitive Advantage
 34.95   Essentials of Strategic Project Management                                   R
 44.95   Developing Business Strategies, 6th Edition                                  H
 55.95                                                                                77
         Business Orchestration: Strategic Leadership in the Era of Digital Convergence
 29.95                                                                                BX
         Creating the Multicultural Organization: A Strategy for Capturing the Power of Diversity
 71.95   People as Care Catalysts: From Being Patient to Becoming Healthy             77
 49.95                                                                                R
         Manager's Guide to Compliance: Sarbanes-Oxley, COSO, ERM, COBIT, IFRS, BASEL II, OMB's A-123, ASX 1
 49.95                                                                                BX
         Achieving Post-Merger Success: AStakeholder's Guide to Cultural Due Diligence, Assessment, and Integration
 68.95   Managing Customer Relationships: A Strategic Framework                       R
 39.95                                                                                R
         Investigating Identity Theft: A Guide for Businesses, Law Enforcement, and Victims
 39.95                                                                                R
         Sarbanes-Oxley for Small Businesses: Leveraging Compliance for Maximum Advantage
 49.95   Beyond Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance: Effective Enterprise Risk Management       R
 39.95   The Strategy Gap: Leveraging Technology to Execute Winning Strategies R
 34.95   Workplace Safety: A Guide for Small and Midsized Companies                   R
 39.95                                                                                77
         Applied Emotional Intelligence: The Importance of Attitudes in Developing Emotional Intelligence
 49.95   Making IT Governance Work in a Sarbanes-Oxley World                          R
 47.95   Scenario Planning: Managing for the Future, 2nd Edition                      77
 71.95   The ICCA Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility                         77
 39.95                                                                                BX
         Designing the Customer-Centric Organization: A Guide to Strategy, Structure, and Process
 55.95                                                                                77
         Discount Business Strategy: How the New Market Leaders are Redefining Business Strategy
 49.95                                                                                R
         IT (Information Technology) Portfolio Management Step-by-Step: Unlocking the Business Value of Technology
 59.95   Enterprise Risk Management: A Manager's Journey                              R
16.95   Six Sigma for Everyone                                                       H
39.95                                                                                R
        Executive Roadmap to Fraud Prevention and Internal Controls: Creating a Culture of Compliance
27.95                                                                                R
        Build Your Customer Strategy: A Guide to Creating Profitable Customer Relationships
18.95   Wharton on Making Decisions                                                  H
27.95                                                                                BX
        Fast Second: How Smart Companies Bypass Radical Innovation to Enter and Dominate New Markets
47.95                                                                                77
        Top Class Competitors: How Nations, Firms and Individuals Succeed in the New World of Competitiveness
21.95   Customer Service For Dummies, 3rd Edition                                    TK
 8.95   Balanced Scorecard, 2nd Edition                                              63
16.95   Marketing Genius                                                             63
29.95                                                                                H
        The Boston Consulting Group on Strategy: Classic Concepts and New Perspectives, 2nd Edition
16.95   Dealing with Darwin: How All Businesses Can - And Must - Innovate Forever63
44.95   Performance: Creating the Performance-Driven Organization                    R
24.95                                                                                BX
        The Triple Bottom Line: How Today's Best-Run Companies Are Achieving Economic, Social and Environmenta
34.95   Essentials of Supply Chain Management, 2nd Edition                           R
29.95   Get It Done!: A Blueprint for Business Execution                             H
44.95                                                                                R
        Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step: Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results, 2nd Edition
83.95   Strategic Management                                                         D
29.95                                                                                BX
        Global Executive Leadership Inventory: Facilitators Guide, Participant's Workbook
55.95                                                                                BY
        The Handbook of Coaching: A Comprehensive Resource Guide for Managers, Executives, Consultants, and H
24.95   Focus Like a Laser Beam: 10 Ways to Do What Matters Most                     BX
29.95                                                                                BX
        Leading Out Loud: Inspiring Change Through Authentic Communications, New and Revised
21.95   Managing For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                            TK
21.95   Managing Teams For Dummies                                                   TK
27.95   Leading Geeks: How to Manage and Lead the People Who Deliver Technology      BX
49.95   Insights on Leadership: Service, Stewardship, Spirit, and Servant-Leadership H
19.95   Leading in a Time of Change: What It Will Take to Lead Tomorrow, Viewer'sBX    Workbook
34.95   The Pfeiffer Book of Successful Team-Building Tools: Best of the Annuals BX
49.95                                                                                 to
        The Successful Leadership Development Program: How to Build It and How BXKeep It Going
27.95   Building the Bridge As You Walk On It: A Guide for Leading Change            BX
39.95   Coaching Into Greatness: 4 Steps to Success in Business and Life             PS
39.95   Focus on Leadership: Servant-Leadership for the Twenty-First Century         H
 9.95   Leadership Challenge Poster, 3rd Edition                                     BX
29.95   Authentic Leadership: Rediscovering the Secrets to Creating Lasting Value BX
19.95   On Leading Change: A Leader to Leader Guide                                  BX
14.95   Exercising Influence Workbook : A Self-Study Guide                           BX
51.95   CIO Survival Guide: The Roles and Responsibilities of the Chief Information ROfficer
27.95   Power Thinking: How the Way You Think Can Change the Way You Lead BX
27.95                                                                                BX
        Hostage at the Table: How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict, Influence Others, and Raise Performance
 6.95   Job Challenge Profile: Learning from Work Experience Self Instrument         BX
21.95   Shepherd Leadership: Wisdom for Leaders from Psalm 23                        BY
29.95   Standing at the Crossroads: Next Steps for High Achieving Women              BX
44.95                                                                                BX
        Emotional Intelligence In Action: Training and Coaching Activities for Leaders and Managers
27.95                                                                                BX
        The Leader of the Future 2: Visions, Strategies, and Practices for the New Era
24.95                                                                                BX
        Why CEOs Fail: The 11 Behaviors That Can Derail Your Climb to the Top - And How to Manage Them
98.95   Leadership is Everyone's Business, Participant Workbook                      BX
24.95                                                                                BX
        The G Quotient: Why Gay Executives are Excelling as Leaders... And What Every Manager Needs to Know
27.95   Leadership Divided: What Emerging Leaders Need and What You Might Be BX      Missing
24.95   Eisenhower on Leadership: Ike's Enduring Lessons in Total Victory Management BX
16.95   Encouraging The Heart Workbook                                               BX
26.95                                                                                77
        Leadership Lessons from the Ancient World: How Learning from the Past Can Win You the Future
16.95   Christian Reflections on The Leadership Challenge                            BY
31.95                                                                                77
        The Leader on the Couch: A Clinical Approach to Changing People & Organizations
 44.95   Moral Leadership: The Theory and Practice of Power, Judgement and PolicyBX
 55.95   Jossey-Bass Leadership Library in Education                                    BY
  0.95                                                                                  BX
         The Leadership Challenge Card: Side A: The Ten Commitments of Leadership; Side B: The Five Practices of E
 60.00   Meeting the Innovation Challenge: Leadership for Transformation and Growth6    8
 29.95                                                                                  BX
         Job Challenge Profile: Learning from Work Experience, Facilitator's Guide Package (Includes Participant Work
 39.95   Building Better Boards: A Blueprint for Effective Governance                   BX
 13.95   The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI): Participant's Workbook, 3rd Edition XB
 27.95   Head, Heart and Guts: How the World's Best Companies Develop CompleteBX         Leaders
 24.95   Coached to Lead: How to Achieve Extraordinary Results with an Executive Coach  BX
 39.95   The Versatile Leader: Make the Most of Your Strengths Without Overdoing ItBX
 16.95   The Complete CEO: The Executive's Guide to Consistent Peak Performance         63
 75.95   Practicing Leadership Principles and Applications, 3rd Edition                 D
 24.95                                                                                  BX
         Leadership Passages: The Personal and Professional Transitions That Make or Break a Leader
 31.95   Becoming a Strategic Leader: Your Role in Your Organization's Enduring Success BX
 19.95                                                                                  H
         How Leaders Build Value: Using People, Organization, and Other Intangibles to Get Bottom-Line Results
 25.95                                                                                  H
         The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan: How to Take Charge, Build Your Team, and Get Immediate Results
148.95   The Leadership Challenge Workshop, Participant's Workbook, 3rd Edition Revised BX
 34.95   Straight to the Top: Becoming a World-Class CIO                                R
 29.95   Kellogg on Strategy: Concepts, Tools, and Frameworks for Practitioners         H
 24.95                                                                                  BX
         The Leader's Guide to Storytelling: Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative
 27.95   Hope: How Triumphant Leaders Create the Future                                 BX
 88.95                                                                                  BX
         The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development, 2nd Edition
 23.95   Influence Without Authority, 2nd Edition                                       H
 27.95                                                                                  BX
         Leading with Questions: How Leaders Find the Right Solutions By Knowing What To Ask
 29.95                                                                                  BX
         Leading in Black and White: Working Across the Racial Divide in Corporate America
 27.95   Courage: The Backbone of Leadership                                            BX
 27.95   The Wizard and the Warrior: Leading with Passion and Power                     BX
 14.95   The Leadership Challenge Workbook                                              BX
 22.95   The Secret of the Seven Seeds: A Parable of Leadership and Life                BX
 27.95                                                                                  BX
         The Prepared Mind of a Leader: Eight Skills Leaders Use to Innovate, Make Decisions, and Solve Problems
 24.95                                                                                  BX
         Smarter, Faster, Better: Strategies for Effective, Enduring, and Fulfilled Leadership
 27.95   The Source of Success: Five Enduring Principles at the Heart of Real LeadershipBX
 24.95                                                                                  H
         If You Don't Make Waves, You'll Drown: 10 Hard-Charging Strategies for Leading in Politically Correct Times
 27.95                                                                                  BX
         Boards That Deliver : Advancing Corporate Governance From Compliance to Competitive Advantage
 14.95                                                                                   3rd
         The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI): Leadership Development Planner,BX Edition
 34.95                                                                                  BX
         The CCL Guide to Leadership in Action: How Managers and Organizations Can Improve the Practice of Leader
 17.95   The Leadership Challenge Journal: Reflections on Becoming a Better Leader      BX
 27.95                                                                                  BX
         Her Place at the Table: A Woman's Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success
 27.95   Blueprint to a Billion: 7 Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth             E
 21.95                                                                                  H
         The Power of Feedback: 35 Principles for Turning Feedback from Others into Personal and Professional Chan
 19.95   The Leadership Challenge, 3rd Edition                                          BX
 22.95                                                                                  BX
         Silos, Politics and Turf Wars: A Leadership Fable About Destroying the Barriers That Turn Colleagues Into Com
  9.95   The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, Revised Edition                    BX
 22.95   The Paradox of Excellence: How Great Performance Can Kill Your BusinessBX
  4.95   The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI): Observer, 3rd Edition                BX
 43.95   Communicating for Change                                                       BX
 39.95                                                                                  BX
         Angel Investing: Matching Startup Funds with Startup Companies--The Guide for Entrepreneurs and Individual
 42.95   Balanced Sourcing: Cooperation and Competition in Supplier Relationships BX
 34.95                                                                                  BX
         The Leader's Change Handbook: An Essential Guide to Setting Direction and Taking Action
 69.95                                                                                  BX
         The Handbook of Large Group Methods: Creating Systemic Change in Organizations and Communities
 19.95   Brand Asset Management: Driving Profitable Growth Through Your Brands BX
 32.95   The Empowered Manager: Positive Political Skills at Work                       BX
 34.95   Facilitating to Lead!: Leadership Strategies for a Networked World             BX
 89.95                                                                                  BX
         Handbook of Human Performance Technology: Principles, Practices, and Potential, 3rd Edition
 39.95                                                                                  BX
         Discovering the Leader in You: A Guide to Realizing Your Personal Leadership Potential
 41.95                                                                                  BX
         Executive Selection: A Systematic Approach for Success - A Center for Creative Leadership Book
 34.95   Organization Development: A Jossey-Bass Reader                                 BX
 22.95   Emotional Intelligence at Work                                                 BX
 74.95                                                                                  BX
         Creating a Culture of Collaboration: The International Association of Facilitators Handbook
 29.95   Built to Change: How to Achieve Sustained Organizational Effectiveness         BX
 50.95                                                                                  BX
         Facilitating with Ease!: Core Skills for Facilitators, Team Leaders and Members, Managers, Consultants, and T
 16.95   Learning Tactics Inventory: Participant's Workbook, SADD                       BX
 22.95   The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive: A Leadership Fable          BX
 29.95   The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership-Powered Company BX
 22.95   The Five Temptations of a CEO: A Leadership Fable                              BX
 17.95   Encouraging the Heart: A Leader's Guide to Rewarding and Recognizing Others    BX
 34.95                                                                                  86
         Learning For Action: A Short Definitive Account of Soft Systems Methodology, and its use Practitioners, Teache
118.95   Forecasting: Methods and Applications, 3rd Edition                             D
 44.95                                                                                  H
         Visualizing Project Management: Models and Frameworks for Mastering Complex Systems, 3rd Edition
 37.95   The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting, 3rd Edition                        H
 21.95   The Complete MBA For Dummies                                                   TK
 34.95   The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship, 3rd Edition                              H
 19.95   The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, 2nd Edition                        H
299.95                                                                                  H
         Handbook of Information Security, Volume 2, Information Warfare, Social, Legal, and International Issues and S
299.95                                                                                  H
         Handbook of Information Security, Volume 1, Key Concepts, Infrastructure, Standards, and Protocols
299.95                                                                                  H
         Handbook of Information Security, Volume 3, Threats, Vulnerabilities, Prevention, Detection, and Management
 24.95   Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies                                          TA
 94.95   The Executive's Guide to Information Technology                                H
120.00   Information Systems: The State of the Field                                    31
 34.95   Managing IT as a Business: A Survival Guide for CEOs                           H
 34.95   Michael Allen's Guide to E-Learning: Building Interactive, Fun, and Effective HLearning Programs for Any Compa
 39.95   Customer Data Integration: Reaching a Single Version of the Truth              R
 61.95   Dynamic Enterprise Architecture: How to Make It Work                           R
 64.95                                                                                  R
         CFO Insights: Enabling High Performance Through Leading Practices for Finance ERP
 29.95                                                                                  R
         Business Intelligence Competency Centers: A Team Approach to Maximizing Competitive Advantage
 51.95   Building the Real-Time Enterprise: An Executive Briefing                       R
 29.95   Information Revolution: Using the Information Evolution Model to Grow Your R   Business
 39.95   Service Orient or Be Doomed!: How Service Orientation Will Change Your BusinessR
 53.95   Core Concepts: Project Management in Practice (with CD), 2nd Edition           D
 29.95   How To Lead Work Teams: Facilitation Skills, 2nd Edition                       BX
 54.95   The Facilitator Excellence Handbook, 2nd Edition                               BX
 24.95                                                                                  BX
         Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Field Guide for Leaders, Managers, and Facilitators
 48.95                                                                                  BX
         Mastering Virtual Teams: Strategies, Tools, and Techniques That Succeed, 3rd Edition, Revised and Expanded
 15.95   Herding Chickens: Innovative Techniques for Project Management                 BX
 22.95                                                                                  BX
         Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable...About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business
 24.95   How to Conduct Your Own Survey                                                 K
 18.95   Quick Business Math: A Self-Teaching Guide                                     K
 56.95   Operations Management for MBAs, 3rd Edition                                    D
 96.95   Operations Management: A Process Approach with Spreadsheets                    D
113.95   Project Management: A Managerial Approach, 6th Edition                         D
122.95                                                                                  D
         Operations Management: Quality and Competitiveness in a Global Environment, 5th Edition
107.95                                                                                  D
 47.95                                                                                  R
         Lean Distribution: Applying Lean Manufacturing to Distribution, Logistics, and Supply Chain
 96.95   Operations Management: An Integrated Approach, 2nd Value Edition               D
 44.95                                                                               BX
         Creating the Project Office: A Manager's Guide to Leading Organizational Change
 47.95                                                                               BX
         Managing Projects in Organizations: How to Make the Best Use of Time, Techniques, and People, 3rd Edition
 47.95   Creating an Environment for Successful Projects, 2nd Edition                BX
 49.95                                                                               BX
         Project Portfolio Management: A Practical Guide to Selecting Projects, Managing Portfolios, and Maximizing Be
 46.95                                                                               BX
         eXtreme Project Management: Using Leadership, Principles, and Tools to Deliver Value in the Face of Volatility
 27.95                                                                               BX
         Rapid Results!: How 100-Day Projects Build the Capacity for Large-Scale Change
 16.95   Marketing Yourself to the Top Business Schools                              K
 19.95   Career Anchors: Participant Workbook, 3rd Edition                           BX
 16.95   Cover Letters For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                      TK
 15.95   Winning Resumes, 2nd Edition                                                H
 49.95   Career Anchors: Facilitator's Guide Package, 3rd Edition                    BX
 14.95                                                                               H
         How to Be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without: 18 Ways to Become Indispensable
 19.95   Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies                                     TK
 16.95   Job Interviews For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                     TK
 21.95                                                                               H
         Make the Right Career Move: 28 Critical Insights and Strategies to Land Your Dream Job
 14.95   Career Anchors: Self Assessment, 3rd Edition                                BX
 14.95   The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book, 4th Edition                            H
 34.95   Specialty Shop Retailing: How to Run Your Own Store (Revision)              H
 27.95   Starting a Limited Liability Company, 2nd Edition                           H
 19.95   Entrepreneurship For Dummies                                                TK
 98.95   Patterns of Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition                                   D
 21.95   Inventing For Dummies                                                       TK
 21.95   Small Business For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                     TK
 29.95   eBay Business All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies                         TA
109.95   Entrepreneurial Finance, 2nd Edition                                        D
 19.95                                                                               H
         The Small Business Bible: Everything You Need To Know To Succeed In Your Small Business
 18.95   The Unofficial Guide to Marketing Your Small Business                       TH
 24.95   Starting a Yahoo! Business For Dummies                                      TA
 22.95   The eBay Millionaire: Titanium PowerSeller Secrets for Building a Big OnlineEBusiness
 21.95   Running a Restaurant For Dummies                                            TK
 47.95                                                                               R
         Selling Your IT Business: Valuation, Finding the Right Buyer, and Negotiating the Deal
 44.95                                                                               R
         Policies and Procedures to Prevent Fraud and Embezzlement: Guidance, Internal Controls, and Investigation
 21.95   Business Plans For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                     TK
 16.95                                                                               H
         How to Start, Run, and Stay in Business: The Nuts-and-Bolts Guide to Turning Your Business Dream Into a Re
 19.95                                                                               H
         We The People's Guide to Divorce: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Reaching an Agreement with Your Spouse and G
 19.95                                                                               BX
         Never Bet the Farm: How Entrepreneurs Take Risks, Make Decisionsand How You Can, Too
 18.95   The 7 Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth                            H
 19.95                                                                               H
         How to Run Seminars & Workshops: Presentation Skills for Consultants, Trainers and Teachers, 3rd Edition
 16.95                                                                               H
         The Wellness Revolution: How to Make a Fortune in the Next Trillion Dollar Industry
 34.95   Disruption: Overturning Conventions and Shaking Up the Marketplace          H
 29.95   Truth, Lies, and Advertising: The Art of Account Planning                   H
 17.95   Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This : A Guide to Creating Great Ads, 2nd Edition H
 29.95   Eating the Big Fish: How Challenger Brands Can Compete Against Brand LeadersH
 29.95                                                                               H
         Life After the 30-Second Spot: Energize Your Brand With a Bold Mix of Alternatives to Traditional Advertising
 29.95   Beyond Disruption: Changing the Rules in the Marketplace                    H
 19.95   Pick Me: Breaking Into Advertising and Staying There                        H
 44.95                                      and      W
         Value-Based Fees: How to Charge— Get—hat You're Worth                       BX
 39.95   Facilitating Organization Change: Lessons from Complexity Science           BX
 21.95   Consulting For Dummies                                                      TK
 44.95                                                                               BX
         Process Consulting: How to Launch, Implement, and Conclude Successful Consulting Projects
 19.95   Getting Started in Consulting, 2nd Edition                                  H
 44.95                                                                               BX
         The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook and Companion: A Guide to Understanding Your Expertise
29.95   Making Rain: The Secrets of Building Lifelong Client Loyalty                H
19.95                                                                               H
        Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants: Breakthrough Tactics for Winning Profitable Clients
49.95                                                                               BX
        The Performance Consultant's Fieldbook: Tools and Techniques for Improving Organizations and People, 2nd
74.95   The 2007 Pfeiffer Annual: Human Resource Management                         BX
49.95   Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used, 2nd Edition BX
34.95                                                                               H
        Million Dollar ConsultingTM Toolkit: Step-by-Step Guidance, Checklists, Templates, and Samples from The Mil
14.95                                                                               BX
        Applied Strategic Planning, C&RT: The Creatrix Inventory, brief Trainer's Notes included with each order
49.95                                                                               BX
        Building Business Acumen for Trainers: Skills to Empower the Learning Function
21.95   Selling For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                            TK
54.95                                                                               BX
        Performance-Based Evaluation: Tools and Techniques to Measure the Impact of Training
64.95                                                                               BX
        Mastering the Instructional Design Process: A Systematic Approach, 3rd Edition
74.95   75 e-Learning Activities : Making Online Learning Interactive               BX
39.95   Thiagi's 100 Favorite Games                                                 BX
49.95                                                                               BX
        Simulations and the Future of Learning: An Innovative (and Perhaps Revolutionary) Approach to e-Learning
69.95                                                                               BX
        The Human Resources Software Handbook: Evaluating Technology Solutions for Your Organization
44.95                                                                               BX
        Using Individual Assessments in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for HR Professionals, Trainers, and Manage
74.95   The Handbook of Blended Learning: Global Perspectives, Local Designs        BX
34.95   The Ten-Minute Trainer: 150 Ways to Teach it Quick and Make it Stick!       BX
64.95                                                                               BX
        Advanced Web-Based Training Strategies: Unlocking Instructionally Sound Online Learning
49.95                                                                               BX
        Retreats that Work: Everything You Need to Know About Planning and Leading Great Offsites, Expanded Editio
34.95                                                                               BX
        Creating Successful e-Learning : A Rapid System For Getting It Right First Time, Every Time
44.95                                                                               BX
        Developing and Measuring Training the Six Sigma Way: A Business Approach to Training and Development
55.95   101 Ways to Make Training Active, 2nd Edition                               BX
39.95                                                                               BX
        Informal Learning: Rediscovering the Natural Pathways That Inspire Innovation and Performance
39.95                                                                               BX
        Beyond E-Learning: Approaches and Technologies to Enhance Organizational Knowledge, Learning, and Perfo
74.95                                                                               BX
        The Handbook of Training Technologies: An Introductory Guide to Facilitating Learning with Technology -- From
39.95                                                                               BX
        The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development Into Business Results
34.95   Stories Trainers Tell: 55 Ready-to-Use Stories to Make Training Stick       BX
39.95   The Art of Great Training Delivery: Strategies, Tools, and Tactics          BX
34.95                                                                               B
        Training the Active Training Way: 8 Strategies to Spark Learning and Change X
64.95                                                                               BX
        Learning by Doing: A Comprehensive Guide to Simulations, Computer Games, and Pedagogy in e-Learning an
44.95                                                                                and
        e-Learning and the Science of Instruction: Proven Guidelines for ConsumersBX Designers of Multimedia Lear
37.95   Tough Training Topics: A Presenter's Survival Guide                         BX
44.95   Engaging Learning: Designing e-Learning Simulation Games                    BX
21.95   Training For Dummies                                                        TK
44.95                                                                               BX
        Active Training: A Handbook of Techniques, Designs Case Examples, and Tips, 3rd Edition
49.95   e-Learning by Design                                                        BX
49.95   The Trainer's Handbook, 2nd Edition                                         BX
49.95                                                                               BX
        Demystifying Outsourcing: The Trainer's Guide to Working With Vendors and Consultants
34.95                                                                               BX
        The Accidental Trainer: A Reference Manual for the Small, Part-Time, or One-Person Training Department
16.95   Public Speaking For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                    TK
44.95                                                                               PS
        Evidence Based Coaching Handbook: Putting Best Practices to Work for Your Clients
11.95                                                                               BX
        Coaching for Commitment: Interpersonal Strategies for Obtaining Superior Performance from Individuals and T
34.95                                                                               BX
        Coaching for Commitment: Interpersonal Strategies for Obtaining Superior Performance from Individuals and T
29.95   The Successful Coach: Insider Secrets to Becoming a Top Coach               PS
44.95   Masterful Coaching, Fieldbook                                               BX
54.95                                                                               BX
        Coaching for Leadership: The Practice of Leadership Coaching from the World's Greatest Coaches, 2nd Editio
39.95   Masterful Coaching, Revised Edition                                         BX
27.95                                                                               BX
        Power Mentoring: How Successful Mentors and Proteges Get the Most Out of Their Relationships
 9.95                                                                               BX
        The 60-Minute Active Training Series: How to Speak Up Without Putting Others Down, Participant's Workbook
 7.95   People Smarts - Behavioral Profiles, Observer Assessment Pamphlet           BX
94.95                                                                               BX
        The IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication: A Guide to Internal Communication, Public Relations, M
 39.95   Do You See What I See?: A Diversity Tale for Retaining People of Color        BX
 64.95                                                                                 BX
         Performance-Based Certification: How to Design a Valid, Defensible, Cost-Effective Program, includes a Micro
 84.95                                                                                 BX
         The NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change: Principles, Practices, and Perspectives
 79.95   Practicing Organization Development: A Guide for Consultants, 2nd Edition BX
 44.95   Rapid Instructional Design: Learning ID Fast and Right, 2nd Edition           BX
 54.95                                                                                 BX
         Job Aids and Performance Support: Moving From Knowledge in the Classroom to Knowledge Everywhere
 64.95   Strategic Planning For Success: Aligning People, Performance, and Payoffs BX
 44.95   Creativity in Virtual Teams: Key Components for Success                       BX
 54.95   Teamwork and Teamplay: Games and Activities for Building and Training Teams   BX
 39.95   50 Creative Training Openers and Energizers: Innovative Ways to Start YourBX   Training with a BANG!
 54.95                                                                                 BX
         Design Your Own Games and Activities: Thiagi's Templates for Performance Improvement
 39.95   I'll Take Learning for 500: Using Game Shows to Engage, Motivate, and Train X B
106.95   Modern Methods For Quality Control and Improvement, 2nd Edition               D
 39.95                                                                                 BY
         I Hear What You Say, But What Are You Telling Me?: The Strategic Use of Nonverbal Communication in Media
 41.95                                                                                 BY
         The Promise of Mediation: The Transformative Approach to Conflict, Revised Edition
 39.95                                                                                 BY
         How To Make Money as a Mediator (And Create Value for Everyone): 30 Top Mediators Share Secrets to Build
 74.95   The Handbook of Dispute Resolution                                            BY
 44.95                                                                                 BY
         The Mediation Process: Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict, 3rd Edition Revised
 34.95                                                                                 BY         and
         Improvisational Negotiation: A Mediator's Stories of Conflict About Love, Money, Anger— the Strategies That
 17.95                                                                                 BY
         Resolving Conflicts at Work: Eight Strategies for Everyone on the Job, Revised Edition
 39.95   The 9 Disciplines of a Facilitator: Leading Groups by Transforming Yourself BX
 74.95   The Handbook of Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition         BY
 37.95   Beyond Neutrality: Confronting the Crisis in Conflict Resolution              BY
 41.95   The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution: A Practitioner's Guide                   BY
 70.00   Services Marketing Management: A Strategic Perspective, 2nd Edition           86
 24.95   The Science of Influence: How to Get Anyone to Say "Yes" in 8 Minutes or Less!H
 24.95                                                                                 H
         The Art of Selling to the Affluent: How to Attract, Service, and Retain Wealthy Customers & Clients for Life
 24.95                                                                                 H
         Heavy Hitter Sales Wisdom: Proven Sales Warfare Strategies, Secrets of Persuasion, and Common-Sense Tip
 24.95   Marketing Kit for Dummies, 2nd Edition                                        TK
 26.95                                                                                 77
         Apples, Insights and Mad Inventors: An Entertaining Analysis of Modern Marketing
 21.95   Marketing For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                            TK
 29.95                                                                                 H
         Customer Experience Management : A Revolutionary Approach to Connecting with YourCustomers
 24.95   Mastering the Complex Sale: How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High!  H
 24.95   Robin Hood Marketing: Stealing Corporate Savvy to Sell Just Causes            BX
 29.95   Marketing Champions: Practical Strategies for Improving Marketing's Power,H    Influence, and Business Impact
109.95   Marketing Research Essentials, 5th Edition                                    D
 27.95   Just Ask a Woman: Cracking the Code of What Women Want and How They Buy       H
 27.95   Media Training 101: A Guide to Meeting the Press                              H
 29.95                                                                                 BX
         Unleashing the Power of PR: A Contrarian's Guide to Marketing and Communication
 19.95   Differentiate or Die: Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition               H
 47.95   Alliance Brand: Fulfilling the Promise of Partnering                          77
 19.95   Public Relations For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                     TK
 27.95                                                                                 H
         How to Sell at Margins Higher Than Your Competitors: Winning Every Sale at Full Price, Rate, or Fee
 16.95   Avon: Building The World's Premier Company For Women                          E
 19.95                                                                                 H
         The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing: 37 Top Network Marketing Income-Earners Share Their Most Precio
 21.95                                                                                 H
         The Irresistible Offer: How to Sell Your Product or Service in 3 Seconds or Less
 19.95                                                                                 H
         15 Secrets Every Network Marketer Must Know: Essential Elements and Skills Required to Achieve 6- and 7-Fi
 24.95                                                                                 H
         There's a Customer Born Every Minute: P.T. Barnum's Amazing 10 "Rings of Power" for Creating Fame, Fortun
 16.95   Never Cold Call Again: Achieve Sales Greatness Without Cold Calling           H
 27.95   Chief Customer Officer: Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action         BX
 27.95   Balanced Brand: How to Balance the Stakeholder Forces That Can Make OrBX       Break Your Business
 48.95   Pricing on Purpose: Creating and Capturing Value                              R
 21.95   The Great Formula: for Creating Maximum Profit with Minimal Effort          H
 19.95   The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, Revised Edition               H
 24.95                                                                               H
         Book Yourself Solid: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can H
 19.95                                                                               H
         Heavy Hitter Selling: How Successful Salespeople Use Language and Intuition to Persuade Customers to Buy
 19.95   The Best Damn Sales Book Ever                                               H
 24.95   Exceptional Selling: How the Best Connect and Win in High Stakes Sales H
 93.95   Marketing Research, Sixth Edition with SPSS 13.0                            D
 24.95                                                                               H
         How to Get Your Competition Fired (Without Saying Anything Bad About Them): Using The Wedge to Increase
124.95   Marketing Research with SPSS, 7th Edition                                   D
  8.95   Marketing Express, 2nd edition                                              63
 44.95   Marketing: Essential Techniques and Strategies Geared Towards Results AM
118.95   Marketing Management: Text and Cases, 7th Edition                           D
 55.00   The Business Marketing Course: Managing in Complex Networks, 2nd Edition    86
 39.95                                                                               BY
         Asking Questions: The Definitive Guide to Questionnaire Design -- For Market Research, Political Polls, and So
 39.95   Scenarios in Marketing: From Vision to Decision                             77
 39.95                                                                               77
         Brand Innovation Manifesto: How to Build Brands, Redefine Markets and Defy Conventions
 29.95                                                                               H
         Kellogg on Branding: The Marketing Faculty of The Kellogg School of Management
 24.95                                                                               TD
         Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers
 19.95                                                                               H
         The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence: A Handbook For Implementing Great Service in Your Or
 29.95   Retail Business Kit For Dummies                                             TK
123.95   Dalrymple's Sales Management: Concepts and Cases, 9th Edition               D
 16.95   Sales Closing For Dummies                                                   TK
 19.95                                                                               H
         New Sales Speak: The 9 Biggest Sales Presentation Mistakes and How To Avoid Them, 2nd Edition
 24.95   Selling is Everyone's Business: What it Takes to Create a Great Salesperson H
 70.00   Consumer Behaviour                                                          86
 67.95   Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation, 2nd Edition                       BX
 41.95   Leadership and Management of Volunteer Programs: A Guide for Volunteer BX   Administrators
 39.95   Nonprofit Nation: A New Look at the Third America, Revised Edition          BX
 25.95   The Seven Faces of Philanthropy : A New Approach to Cultivating Major DonorsBX
 46.95   Designing and Conducting Survey Research: A Comprehensive Guide, 3rd EditionBX
 81.95   The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management, 2nd BX     Edition
 14.95   CarverGuide, 3, Three Steps to Fiduciary Responsibility                     BX
 14.95   CarverGuide, 2, Your Roles and Responsibilities as a Board Member           BX
 14.95   CarverGuide: Board Members as Fund-Raisers, Advisers, and Lobbyists, 11BX
 34.95   Leveraging Good Will: Strengthening Nonprofits by Engaging Businesses BX
 14.95   CarverGuide, 10, Strategies for Board Leadership                            BX
 14.95   CarverGuide, 1, Basic Principles of Policy Governance                       BX
 29.95   Nonprofit Kit For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                      TK
 64.95   Tax Law of Charitable Giving: 2006 Supplement, 3rd Edition                  R
124.95                                                                               R
         A Desktop Guide for Nonprofit Directors, Officers, and Advisors: Avoiding Trouble While Doing Good
 44.95   Sarbanes-Oxley and Nonprofit Management: Skills, Techniques, and Methods    R
 48.95   Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step for Government and Nonprofit Agencies R
 39.95   Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization: A Legal Guide, 4th Edition R
 16.95                                                                               BX
         Meeting the Collaboration Challenge Workbook: Developing Strategic Alliances Between Nonprofit Organizatio
 44.95   Nonprofit Risk Management & Contingency Planning: Done in a Day Strategies  R
 36.95   The Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool Process Guide, Revised Edition  BX
 27.95   Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing and Advocacy                    BX
 33.95                                                                               BX
         The Nonprofit Leadership Team: Building the Board-Executive Director Partnership
 44.95                                                                               R
         Cause Marketing for Nonprofits: Partner for Purpose, Passion, and Profits (AFP Fund Development Series)
 39.95   The Collaborative Leadership Fieldbook                                      BX
 31.95                                                                               BX
         Creating and Implementing Your Strategic Plan: A Workbook for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, 2nd Editio
 34.95   Nonprofit Essentials: Managing Technology                                   R
39.95                                                                               R
        Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations: A Practical Guide and Workbook, 2nd Edition
24.95                                                                               BX
        Level Best: How Small and Grassroots Nonprofits Can Tackle Evaluation and Talk Results
47.95                                                                               BX
        Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizatio
24.95                                                                               for
        Leading Beyond the Walls: How High-Performing Organizations Collaborate BX Shared Success
31.95   The Executive Director's Survival Guide: Thriving as a Nonprofit Leader     BX
32.95   Working Across Boundaries: Making Collaboration Work in Government andBX     Nonprofit Organizations
27.95   Momentum: Igniting Social Change in the Connected Age                       BX
44.95   Preventing Fraud in Nonprofit Organizations                                 R
26.95                                                                               BX
        Leader to Leader: Enduring Insights on Leadership from the Drucker Foundation's Award-Winning Journal
32.95   Play to Win: The Nonprofit Guide to Competitive Strategy                    BX
29.95   Exposing the Elephants: Creating Exceptional Nonprofits                     R
22.95                                                                               BX
        The Leader of the Future : New Visions, Strategies and Practices for the Next Era
27.95   Growing Givers' Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry                    BX
27.95                                                                               BX
        Selling Social Change (Without Selling Out): Earned Income Strategies for Nonprofits
26.95   Storytelling for Grantseekers: The Guide to Creative Nonprofit Fundraising BX
26.95                                                                               BX
        Demystifying Grant Seeking: What You REALLY Need to Do to Get Grants, 2nd Edition
21.95   Grant Writing For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                      TK
19.95   The Accidental Fundraiser: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Money for YourBX  Cause
34.95                                                                               R
        Beyond Fundraising: New Strategies for Nonprofit Innovation and Investment, 2nd Edition
21.95   Fundraising For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                        TK
26.95                                                                               BX
        Inspired Philanthropy: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Giving Plan, Second Edition
39.95   Major Donors: Finding Big Gifts in Your Database and Online                 R
19.95   The Zen of Fundraising: 89 Timeless Ideas to Strengthen and Develop Your BX Donor Relationships
39.95   The Ask: How to Ask Anyone for Any Amount for Any Purpose                   BX
27.95                                                                               BX
        Essential Principles for Fundraising Success: An Answer Manual for the Everyday Challenges of Raising Mone
37.95   Fundraising for Social Change, 5th Edition, Revised & Expanded              BX
16.95   Webster's New World Grant Writing Handbook                                  TH
28.95   Boards That Love Fundraising: A How-to Guide for Your Board                 BX
44.95   Sarbanes-Oxley for Nonprofit Boards: A New Governance Paradigm              R
44.95   Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards            R
35.95   Reinventing Your Board, Revised Edition                                     BX
35.95   Boards That Make a Difference, 3rd Edition                                  BX
21.95   Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks For Dummies                                TK
34.95   Essentials of Intellectual Property                                         R
99.95   Valuation and Pricing of Technology-Based Intellectual Property             R
69.95   From Ideas to Assets: Investing Wisely in Intellectual Property             R
64.95   The Art and Science of Technology Transfer                                  R
64.95   Economic Damages in Intellectual Property: A Hands-On Guide to Litigation R
89.95   Licensing Best Practices: Strategic, Territorial, and Technology Issues     R
39.95   Making Innovation Pay: People Who Turn IP Into Shareholder Value            R
34.95   Einstein in the Boardroom: Moving Beyond Intellectual Capital to I-Stuff    R
56.95   Understanding and Managing Public Organizations, 3rd Edition                BX
45.95   The Ethics Challenge in Public Service: A Problem-Solving Guide, 2nd EditionBX
39.95                                                                               BX
        The Effective Public Manager: Achieving Success in a Changing Government, 3rd Edition
49.95   The Responsible Administrator: An Approach to Ethics for the AdministrativeBXRole, 5th Edition
81.95   Handbook of Human Resources Management in Government, 2nd Edition BX
44.95                                                                               E
        Unlocking Public Value: A New Model For Achieving High Performance In Public Service Organizations
34.95                                                                               H
        The Tax-Free Exchange Loophole: How Real Estate Investors Can Profit from the 1031 Exchange
16.95                                                                               H
        Cash in on the Coming Real Estate Crash: How to Protect Yourself From Losses Now, and Turn a Profit After t
19.95   Make Money with Fixer-Uppers and Renovations                                H
29.95   Renting Out Your Property For Dummies, 2nd Edition                          81
14.95   The Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing                               H
24.95                                                                                to
        The Complete Guide to Real Estate Finance for Investment Properties: How H Analyze Any Single-Family, Mul
21.95                                                                                H
        Trump University Real Estate 101: Building Wealth With Real Estate Investments
24.95                                                                                H
        Insider Investing for Real Estate Agents: How to Profit From Your Intimate Knowledge of the Market
16.95                                                                                H
        The Insider's Guide to 52 Homes in 52 Weeks: Acquire Your Real Estate Fortune Today
29.95                                                                                H
        Make Money in Short-Sale Foreclosures: How to Bypass Owners and Buy Directly from Lenders
16.95   Mortgages For Dummies, 2nd Edition                                           TK
39.95                                                                                H
        How to Make Money in Commercial Real Estate: For The Small Investor, 2nd Edition
19.95   The Complete Guide to Flipping Properties                                    H
34.95   How to Buy and Sell Apartment Buildings, 2nd Edition                         H
29.95                                                                                H
        A Master Guide to Income Property Brokerage: Boost Your Income By Selling Commercial and Income Propert
21.95                                                                                H
        Investing in Real Estate With Lease Options and "Subject-To" Deals: Powerful Strategies for Getting More Whe
24.95   Renovate to Riches: Buy, Improve, and Flip Houses to Create Wealth           H
21.95   Home Buying For Dummies, 3rd Edition                                         TK
24.95   Commercial Real Estate Investing: 12 Easy Steps to Getting Started           H
21.95   Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies                                   TK
19.95                                                                                H
        The No-Nonsense Real Estate Investor's Kit: How You Can Double Your Income By Investing in Real Estate on
29.95   Make Money in Real Estate Tax Liens: How To Guarantee Your Return Up To 50%  H
19.95                                                                                H
        Landlording on Auto-Pilot: A Simple, No-Brainer System for Higher Profits and Fewer Headaches
14.95                                                                                E
        How to Acquire $1-million in Income Real Estate in One Year Using Borrowed Money in Your Free Time
19.95   Home Staging: The Winning Way To Sell Your House for More Money              E
24.95                                                                                H
        How to Make Money With Real Estate Options: Low-Cost, Low-Risk, High-Profit Strategies for Controlling Unde
16.95                                                                                H
        The Insider's Guide to Making Money in Real Estate: Smart Steps to Building Your Wealth Through Property
24.95                                                                                H
        The Real Estate Investor's Guide to Cash Flow and Equity Management: Choose the Investing Strategy to Max
29.95   The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings, 2nd EditionH
19.95                                                                                 Go
        Frank McKinney's Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success: How You canH From a $50,000 Fixer-Upper t
16.95                                                                                E
        Maverick Real Estate Investing: The Art of Buying and Selling Properties Like Trump, Zell, Simon, and the Wor
24.95                                                                                E
        Maverick Real Estate Financing: The Art of Raising Capital and Owning Properties Like Ross, Sanders and Ca
21.95                                                                                H
        The Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor's Kit: How to Make Money Buying Distressed Real Estate -- Before the P
16.95   The 106 Common Mistakes Homebuyers Make (and How to Avoid Them), 4th Edition H
34.95                                                                                H
        Make Money in Abandoned Properties: How to Identify and Buy Vacant Properties and Make a Huge Profit
24.95   Trump Strategies for Real Estate: Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor H
16.95   Trump Strategies for Real Estate: Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor H
19.95   Investing in Real Estate, 5th Edition                                        H
19.95   Getting Started in Real Estate Investment Trusts                             E
16.95   The Insider's Guide to Real Estate Investing Loopholes, Revised Edition      H
19.95   Building an Import/Export Business, 3rd Edition                              K
39.95   Creative Cash Flow Reporting: Uncovering Sustainable Financial Performance   R
38.95                                                                                BX
        Negotiating Globally: How to Negotiate Deals, Resolve Disputes, and Make Decisions Across Cultural Boundar
21.95   Managing Your E-Mail: Thinking Outside the Inbox                             H
64.95   Business Ethics: Mistakes and Successes                                      D
19.95                                                                                H
        The Real Estate Fast Track: How to Create a $5,000 to $50,000 Per Month Real Estate Cash Flow
54.95   Business Continuity Strategies: Protecting Against Unplanned Disasters, 3rdR  Edition
24.95   The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money E
19.95   Six Sigma Workbook For Dummies                                               TK
27.95   High Performing Investment Teams: How to Achieve Best Practices of Top Firms E
21.95   Sarbanes-Oxley For Dummies                                                   TK
14.95   Everybody Wins: The Story and Lessons Behind RE/MAX                          E
24.95   Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World EconomyE
27.95   Joe Wilson and the Creation of Xerox                                         E
53.95   Judgment in Managerial Decision Making, 6th Edition                          D
16.95   Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World EconomyE
84.95   Research Methods for Business: A Skill Building Approach, 4th Edition        D
107.95   Managing Business Ethics 3rd Edition with Fraud 101 Set                  D
 19.95   Economics: A Self-Teaching Guide, 2nd Edition                            K
 21.95   Economics For Dummies                                                    TK
102.95   Economics: Theory and Practice, 8th Edition                              D
 34.95   Microeconomics, Study Guide, 2nd Edition                                 D
 32.95   Managerial Economics, Study Guide, 5th Edition                           D
124.95   WIE Economics of Strategy, 3rd Edition                                   D
134.95   Microeconomics, 2nd Edition                                              D
101.95   Microeconomic Theory & Applications, 9th Edition                         D
122.95   WIE Microeconomics: An Integrated Approach, 2nd International Edition    D
208.95   Economics of Strategy 3rd Edition with Microeconomics 2nd Edition Set    D
141.95   Managerial Economics 4th Edition with WSJ Access Tracker Set             D
109.95                                                                            D
         Microecon Theory Apllication 8th Edition Update with WSJ Access Tracker Set
 97.95   Applied Econometric Time Series, Second Edition                          D
118.95   Undergraduate Econometrics, 2nd Edition                                  D
                                                                        LC card
      Product line(Desc.)   Imprint/brand      Imprint/brand(Desc.)     number
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley                     2006014055
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES               For Dummies               2004114205
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley                     2002012427
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
UK HIGHER ED. TEXT                                                    2005024423
UK HIGHER ED. TEXT                                                    2006006409
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley                     2006042020
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley                     2006015452
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley                     2005056962
UK HIGHER ED. TEXT                                                    2006021031
ACCOUNTING                                                            2004062477
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley                     2001033247
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley                     2001026891
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley                     2002008983
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley                     2006016506
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW                Wiley
ACCOUNTING                                                            2003026647
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2006047573
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005029726
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005043677
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005011800
UK HIGHER ED. TEXT                2006019154
ACCOUNTING                        2004059588
ACCOUNTING                        2004042295
ACCOUNTING                        2004065761
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   00-068519
ACCOUNTING                        2003026648
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005037202
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2004005531
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2002011300
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2001035231
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2003057667
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ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005007458
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ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005031928
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005031927
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005023681
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005003236
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2001046538
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2003049722
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005056955
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005000043
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2004025810
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2004027094
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2001045653
ACCOUNTING                        2004016916
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2006007381
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005021280
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2003018290
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2005029727
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   99-16344
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2004005513
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING                        2003021210
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2006017528
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley   2006005316
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2005032777
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2005023556
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2006040502
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2005056956
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2004027090
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2005034273
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley                 2006008028
HUNDRY MINDS WEB DEVELOPMENT SY   Sybex                 2004104122
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley                 98-17733
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley                 2001026434
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           98-24872
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley                 96-34245
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
CONSUMER                     JW   Wiley
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley                 2005003952
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley                 2004001538
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIESFD   For Dummies           2005934501
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           2006001083
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley                 2005036107
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley                 2004007668
BUSINESS                     PF   Pfeiffer
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
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BUSINESS                     PF   Pfeiffer
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BUSINESS                                                2004025910
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BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           2006013043
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley
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BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley                 2006004852
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley                 2005036104
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley
APPLIED MARKETS                                         2006020344
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley                 2005034025
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIESFD   For Dummies           97-81234
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIESFD   For Dummies           2005925495
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley                 2002023467
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                                      2003018876
CAPSTONE                  CA    Capstone
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2006008115
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley         2005034538
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005026007
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         \006005811
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley         2005026116
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005022394
BUSINESS                                      2003063490
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2003002423
CHI PROF P/R                                  2006016581
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         99-22803
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006005267
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2006002910
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005032053
BUSINESS                                      2004020375
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2004028849
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2006003778
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006017861
CHI PROF P/R                                  2005034533
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006001081
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2003002423
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2004027083
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2006046181
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005029728
FINANCE                                       2003017896
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2006044598
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005031907
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2002008563
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005048986
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2004042208
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2005036457
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         97-12815
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2001026794
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2006008675
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005021556
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
ACCOUNTING                                    2004016892
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2005920302
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
ACCOUNTING                                    2004005517
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2001024901
CHI PROF P/R                                  2006016580
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
CHI PROF P/R                                  2005026873
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005034272
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
ACCOUNTING                                    2003020608
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005031926
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2006005665
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005002063
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2002015558
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2006005663
CHI PROF P/R                                  2006016611
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005016636
CHI PROF P/R                                  2005034530
CHI PROF P/R                                  2006018008
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
CHI PROF P/R                                  2006018007
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2004024583
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2006002907
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2002014909
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005020432
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2006008676
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
CHI PROF P/R                                  2005034529
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2006920629
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005031925
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006012329
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2006041768
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005016419
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2006008526
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006010545
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2002114815
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         97-23165
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006007387
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
PSYCHOLOGY                JW    Wiley         2005037204
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2001026640
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
ACCOUNTING                                    2003026694
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006005268
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006023715
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006009302
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006017096
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006006225
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
CHI PROF P/R                                  2006011217
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
CHI PROF P/R                                  2006016056
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   2006008774
BOOKS (EDUCATION)    JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
UK HIGHER ED. TEXT                      2006001051
BUSINESS             PF   Pfeiffer
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   2006005274
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   2006004534
BUSINESS             PF   Pfeiffer      2005036415
BUSINESS             JW   Wiley
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JW   Wiley
BUSINESS             JW   Wiley         2005031906
BUSINESS             PF   Pfeiffer
ACCOUNTING           JW   Wiley         2006004007
BUSINESS             JW   Wiley         2005006853
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   2006005275
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JW   Wiley         2004027078
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   2006000529
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   2005036845
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   2006005269
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   2006009301
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JW   Wiley         2005004692
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             PF   Pfeiffer
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
FINANCE              JW   Wiley         2005019111
BUSINESS             JW   Wiley         2006005659
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   2005033968
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   95-25894
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   98-29691
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   98-40101
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   2006012331
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS             JB   Jossey-Bass   86-45619
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006011518
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2006000739
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006010541
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006019143
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2005031021
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   98-9097
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
UK HIGHER ED. TEXT        JW    Wiley         2006010828
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         97-44416
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005007673
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2004027080
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005006851
HUNGRY MINDS DUMMIES TECH FD    For Dummies   2005921607
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2002014901
UK HIGHER ED P & R                            2005030101
BUSINESS                                      2003017893
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2002014447
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley
ACCOUNTING                                    2004018702
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005037203
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2006003355
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005028951
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005036105
BUSINESS                                      2004041515
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006000528
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2004113399
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
CONSUMER                  JW    Wiley
CONSUMER                  JW    Wiley         95-32408
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         97-46370
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005043669
BUSINESS                                      2004059096
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005015356
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
CONSUMER                     JW   Wiley
BUSINESS                     PF   Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley         2002068994
BUSINESS                     PF   Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley         2005026319
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley         2006013382
BUSINESS                     PF   Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                                        2003063489
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley         2002190749
BUSINESS                                        2006003342
HUNGRY MINDS DUMMIES TECH FD      For Dummies   2005923067
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley         2003057075
BUSINESS                                        2004016912
HUNGRY MINDS DUMMIES TECH FD      For Dummies   2005935167
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley         2004029128
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley         2005019912
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley         2005046646
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass   2006000728
BUSINESS                                        2004022890
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley         2004059801
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley         2001007199
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley         96-21256
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley         97-40334
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley         98-28267
BUSINESS                                        2005000050
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley
BUSINESS                     PF   Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                     PF   Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                     PF   Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                                        2003059557
BUSINESS                     PF   Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2002013643
BUSINESS                                      2004042253
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006019147
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005048974
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006019146
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2001089327
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006008661
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006004173
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006011519
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006004172
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006016673
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006027162
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006011520
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006006227
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2005036448
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2005921606
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2005036446
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006010547
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2005036846
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006008662
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006006228
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2004103139
PSYCHOLOGY                JW    Wiley         2005029366
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      98-40253
PSYCHOLOGY                JW    Wiley         2006003343
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006007075
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      99-006896
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006023712
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      99-19287
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer
BUSINESS                  PF    Pfeiffer      2006006226
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2001026849
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass   2006000731
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006014168
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
UK HIGHER ED. TEXT                            2005034528
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2004007667
BUSINESS                                      2004017101
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2006009964
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2004113122
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2004103169
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2002153141
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006004535
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                                      2004065933
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2002153132
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006008660
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         99-059991
CHI PROF P/R                                  2006016561
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2006922427
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005016422
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005006849
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005006844
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005026011
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005034030
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005027607
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2006000891
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   2005034283
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005023685
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005034028
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2003001696
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005034029
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005056175
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005026008
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2006007380
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                                      2004017334
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
APPLIED MARKETS                               2006020343
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
UK HIGHER ED. TEXT                            2006016571
BOOKS (EDUCATION)         JB    Jossey-Bass
CHI PROF P/R                                  2006020354
CHI PROF P/R                                  2006005380
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005007457
HUNDRY MINDS WEB DEVELOPMENT    Wiley         2005027678
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2004028848
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2001089311
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005048989
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005031913
UK HIGHER ED. TEXT                            2005025623
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   92-44467
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   96-10045
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   97-21104
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   97-21103
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   96-10044
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2005933553
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005031930
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2003003949
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2004042223
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass   98-67792
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005031933
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2005031929
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2004016486
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           2006023713
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           2006023714
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2005046642
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           98-51224
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2006008031
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           95-38959
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIESFD   For Dummies           2005923420
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2004029118
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIESFD   For Dummies           2005932588
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 HV41.2.M34
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           2006004497
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           2005032333
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           2006029100
HMI LIFESTYLES/PETS/BUSINESS NW   Webster's New World   2004016043
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2006008032
ACCOUNTING                                              2004013747
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           2005033969
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           2005033970
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIESFD   For Dummies           2003116413
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2002193372
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2001045652
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2005033014
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2005031934
ACCOUNTING                   JW   Wiley                 2005031932
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass           2006014170
BUSINESS                     JB   Jossey-Bass
FINANCE                      JW   Wiley                 2006011222
BUSINESS                                                2004059085
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley                 2005034271
BUSINESS                     JW   Wiley                 2003045091
BUSINESS                                                2004040730
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2006008110
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005023491
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005029724
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005043649
BUSINESS                                      2003053493
BUSINESS                                      2003068780
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005056958
BUSINESS                                      2005001257
BUSINESS                                      2003057632
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2005936642
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2004042221
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2006923950
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005034024
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2004063704
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2006005815
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley         2005038006
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley         2005031912
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2004021919
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2004062833
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2006004847
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2004042246
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005026193
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley         2005029364
BUSINESS                                      2004021911
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005047505
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2006009976
BUSINESS                                      2005000053
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005047504
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley         2006043720
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2004063709
CONSUMER                  JW    Wiley         2001046734
ACCOUNTING                                    2004016891
BUSINESS                  JB    Jossey-Bass
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         2005031914
ACCOUNTING                JW    Wiley         2006046217
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley         2006009327
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley         2005029718
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES   For Dummies   2005937351
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley         2005006852
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley         2006007379
FINANCE                   JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
CONSUMER                  JW    Wiley         99-30177
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         0471230650
BUSINESS                  JW    Wiley         00-042295
   Book                  Date,
  weight      Book     announced
   (kg.)      width    publication
0.42       16.25 cm.      20-Sep-06
1.10       20.75 cm.        2-Aug-06
0.60       18.79 cm.        4-Oct-06
0.63       15.90 cm.        5-Apr-06
0.29       15.40 cm.      20-Sep-06
0.80       20.05 cm.       24-Oct-06
0.13       12.60 cm.       21-Apr-06
1.20       20.65 cm.        2-Aug-06
1.53       18.70 cm.      24-Mar-06
1.18       19.15 cm.        1-Sep-06
3.66       22.40 cm.        4-Aug-06
0.02       14.00 cm.      11-May-06
1.37       20.40 cm.      31-May-06
1.89       20.80 cm.        4-Aug-06
2.77       22.40 cm.      10-Nov-06
0.75       21.55 cm.        8-Mar-06
0.74       19.70 cm.      15-Mar-06
0.02       14.00 cm.      11-May-06
2.99       1.00 cm.       14-Aug-06
1.40       20.90 cm.      22-Sep-06
1.53       20.90 cm.      29-Nov-06
1.96       20.70 cm.       12-Jun-06
1.28       21.65 cm.       31-Oct-06
0.58       16.30 cm.       11-Oct-06
2.38       21.65 cm.       31-Oct-06
2.82       21.40 cm.        4-Aug-06
1.56       20.60 cm.      11-Sep-06
1.42       20.35 cm.        21-Jul-06
0.03       1.00 cm.        20-Apr-06
1.80       22.20 cm.      28-Sep-06
2.43       21.20 cm.        31-Jul-06
1.08       18.90 cm.        8-Sep-06
0.02       14.00 cm.      11-May-06
1.63       20.70 cm.        9-Jun-06
2.34       29.25 cm.        4-Apr-06
0.16       15.25 cm.      15-Mar-06
0.72       16.05 cm.      10-May-06
0.49       16.10 cm.       11-Jan-06
0.36       15.25 cm.       25-Jan-06
4.73       25.00 cm.       12-Jan-06
0.59       21.85 cm.       17-Jan-06
0.49       16.15 cm.      27-Sep-06
1.80       21.60 cm.      29-Nov-06
1.31       21.40 cm.        4-Aug-06
1.20       20.50 cm.        4-Aug-06
0.63       21.45 cm.       25-Oct-06
0.98       18.40 cm.        7-Jun-06
0.61       21.40 cm.       15-Jun-06
0.68       15.75 cm.      30-Aug-06
1.66   18.60 cm.   16-Aug-06
0.53   15.90 cm.   15-Mar-06
0.65   15.95 cm.   18-Jan-06
0.56   15.80 cm.    25-Oct-06
0.62   18.90 cm.     8-Sep-06
1.60   22.35 cm.   18-Aug-06
1.64   22.30 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.87   15.80 cm.     1-Jun-06
0.74   16.05 cm.   18-Jan-06
1.74   22.60 cm.     7-Sep-06
0.74   15.25 cm.   29-Mar-06
0.69   15.90 cm.   14-Nov-06
0.37   15.25 cm.    25-Oct-06
0.62   15.95 cm.   15-Feb-06
0.77   18.55 cm.   22-Feb-06
0.60   16.30 cm.   21-Aug-06
0.50   15.90 cm.   17-May-06
0.57   15.95 cm.      5-Jul-06
0.54   15.20 cm.      6-Jul-06
0.45   15.80 cm.   15-Mar-06
0.53   15.95 cm.   18-Jan-06
0.62   10.30 cm.   14-Feb-06
0.40   15.40 cm.    11-Oct-06
0.50   17.55 cm.    31-Oct-06
0.58   15.75 cm.   15-Mar-06
0.59   15.90 cm.      5-Jul-06
0.51   16.20 cm.   16-Aug-06
0.90   18.65 cm.   19-Sep-06
0.44   19.25 cm.   29-Nov-06
2.08   20.80 cm.   29-Nov-06
1.35   18.50 cm.     2-Aug-06
0.63   16.35 cm.   23-Aug-06
0.99   21.70 cm.    11-Oct-06
0.53   21.45 cm.     26-Jul-06
1.15   21.60 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.58   15.95 cm.      6-Jul-06
0.30   21.65 cm.     8-Nov-06
1.69   19.20 cm.     7-Mar-06
0.94   21.60 cm.   28-Aug-06
0.57   18.45 cm.   29-Mar-06
1.29   20.45 cm.   14-Jun-06
0.52   16.15 cm.   16-Aug-06
0.68   19.20 cm.    11-Oct-06
1.88   21.40 cm.   12-May-06
1.66   21.85 cm.     12-Jul-06
0.51   16.15 cm.   18-Sep-06
0.85   19.15 cm.     4-Jan-06
0.86   19.20 cm.     8-Feb-06
0.45   13.90 cm.    21-Apr-06
N/A    N/A          25-Oct-06
0.66   17.95 cm.   15-Sep-06
0.55   15.85 cm.    12-Apr-06
0.62   16.25 cm.   30-Aug-06
0.57   16.00 cm.     13-Jul-06
2.05   18.60 cm.   15-Sep-06
0.73   18.55 cm.   18-Jan-06
1.16   18.55 cm.    11-Oct-06
0.69   16.30 cm.     4-Oct-06
0.70   17.95 cm.   13-Sep-06
0.36   14.90 cm.   20-Sep-06
0.52   19.10 cm.     25-Jul-06
0.34   15.15 cm.   24-Mar-06
0.49   15.90 cm.   21-Jun-06
0.41   15.50 cm.     1-Sep-06
0.50   15.45 cm.   30-Aug-06
0.41   16.10 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.36   18.85 cm.    5-May-06
0.42   17.80 cm.   22-Mar-06
0.53   16.15 cm.     3-Nov-06
0.54   18.54 cm.   19-Sep-06
0.42   16.00 cm.     5-Apr-06
0.58   15.85 cm.   15-Mar-06
0.48   15.95 cm.    3-May-06
0.33   14.00 cm.     4-Apr-06
1.02   20.30 cm.   10-Feb-06
0.51   16.20 cm.   16-Aug-06
0.42   21.70 cm.    13-Oct-06
0.37   15.40 cm.     8-Feb-06
0.34   13.95 cm.   24-Feb-06
0.49   18.55 cm.   18-Jan-06
0.28   14.00 cm.     7-Apr-06
0.46   21.85 cm.     7-Apr-06
0.48   15.90 cm.   14-Jun-06
0.45   16.25 cm.   20-Sep-06
0.31   15.25 cm.    18-Oct-06
0.51   15.90 cm.      5-Jul-06
0.34   15.15 cm.     21-Jul-06
0.58   15.95 cm.   22-Mar-06
0.44   16.00 cm.     12-Jul-06
0.27   15.25 cm.    5-May-06
0.54   15.65 cm.    12-Apr-06
0.52   16.00 cm.   18-Sep-06
0.32   15.25 cm.     9-Aug-06
0.67   18.65 cm.     1-Aug-06
0.32   15.40 cm.   28-Aug-06
0.46   15.85 cm.   24-May-06
0.62   15.20 cm.   10-Feb-06
0.61   18.45 cm.   20-Jan-06
0.55   18.79 cm.   14-Jun-06
0.54   18.79 cm.   19-Sep-06
0.48   20.82 cm.     2-Aug-06
0.57   21.55 cm.   21-Jun-06
0.82   18.79 cm.   28-Aug-06
0.40   12.90 cm.    21-Apr-06
0.44   16.20 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.54   18.54 cm.   21-Aug-06
0.31   15.10 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.54   18.54 cm.   19-Sep-06
0.49   16.05 cm.    25-Oct-06
0.36   15.85 cm.   18-Aug-06
0.46   15.95 cm.   16-Jun-06
0.42   16.10 cm.   11-Aug-06
0.33   13.05 cm.      7-Jul-06
0.33   14.55 cm.    17-Apr-06
0.39   16.10 cm.   29-Sep-06
0.20   13.40 cm.   20-Jan-06
0.37   15.70 cm.     14-Jul-06
0.29   14.55 cm.    4-May-06
0.41   16.00 cm.     26-Jul-06
0.22   13.65 cm.     21-Jul-06
0.36   14.75 cm.   18-Jan-06
0.26   14.60 cm.     3-Feb-06
0.44   16.00 cm.     2-Aug-06
0.33   14.95 cm.   28-Jun-06
0.40   16.00 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.41   15.90 cm.     7-Apr-06
0.65   15.20 cm.     6-Oct-06
0.67   16.15 cm.     1-Sep-06
0.40   15.90 cm.   31-May-06
0.40   16.15 cm.   24-Feb-06
0.44   15.50 cm.    12-Apr-06
0.39   15.90 cm.   23-May-06
0.71   16.00 cm.     19-Jul-06
0.14   12.60 cm.     3-Feb-06
0.37   14.55 cm.     28-Jul-06
0.81   21.65 cm.    16-Oct-06
0.39   16.00 cm.    12-Apr-06
0.52   15.95 cm.      5-Jul-06
0.58   16.20 cm.   30-Aug-06
0.55   16.00 cm.      5-Jul-06
0.51   15.90 cm.    14-Apr-06
0.33   16.15 cm.   16-Aug-06
0.48   15.00 cm.   10-Mar-06
0.44   23.70 cm.     3-Mar-06
0.51   15.45 cm.   13-Jan-06
0.45   16.00 cm.   11-Aug-06
0.88   18.60 cm.   18-Aug-06
0.29   15.40 cm.     4-Jan-06
0.43   15.15 cm.     1-Mar-06
0.41   16.25 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.77   15.15 cm.     28-Jul-06
0.55   19.20 cm.   14-Aug-06
0.44   15.90 cm.     5-Apr-06
0.49   16.20 cm.   24-Jan-06
0.46   15.40 cm.     6-Sep-06
0.30   14.55 cm.     9-Jun-06
2.09   20.85 cm.   23-Jan-06
0.97   20.15 cm.     21-Jul-06
0.58   15.70 cm.     9-Jun-06
0.18   15.15 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.54   15.95 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.88   16.10 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.65   16.35 cm.   28-Feb-06
0.71   16.25 cm.   25-Aug-06
0.54   15.05 cm.   10-Mar-06
0.90   15.95 cm.    28-Apr-06
0.47   15.90 cm.    12-Apr-06
2.39   21.80 cm.   11-Aug-06
1.91   21.80 cm.   11-Aug-06
0.95   21.80 cm.   11-May-06
0.68   18.40 cm.   10-Mar-06
0.61   18.85 cm.    30-Oct-06
0.31   15.30 cm.     4-Aug-06
0.61   15.50 cm.   16-May-06
0.84   18.45 cm.   22-Mar-06
0.55   15.05 cm.     21-Jul-06
0.99   20.20 cm.   29-Nov-06
0.45   15.90 cm.   10-Nov-06
0.14   12.90 cm.     3-Mar-06
0.44   15.90 cm.    20-Oct-06
0.36   15.20 cm.     8-Mar-06
0.55   16.15 cm.   16-Aug-06
0.56   16.10 cm.     4-Oct-06
0.73   15.85 cm.   23-Jun-06
0.46   16.20 cm.   27-Sep-06
0.54   18.79 cm.    31-Oct-06
0.51   15.65 cm.   12-May-06
0.31   15.30 cm.     9-Aug-06
0.54   16.05 cm.   10-May-06
0.71   15.20 cm.     28-Jul-06
0.40   15.95 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.48   15.85 cm.   13-Jan-06
0.60   15.95 cm.      6-Jul-06
0.64   18.50 cm.   31-Mar-06
1.08   18.75 cm.   20-Sep-06
0.52   15.90 cm.   15-Mar-06
0.42   16.25 cm.   23-Aug-06
0.56   16.10 cm.    18-Oct-06
0.49   16.05 cm.     8-Sep-06
0.53   16.15 cm.   23-Aug-06
0.60   16.10 cm.   15-Sep-06
0.55   15.90 cm.      5-Jul-06
0.82   15.85 cm.   10-Feb-06
0.77   15.20 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.37   15.95 cm.   20-Jan-06
0.60   15.20 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.66   15.95 cm.    25-Oct-06
0.64   16.00 cm.      5-Jul-06
0.18   15.45 cm.   30-Aug-06
0.68   16.05 cm.    19-Apr-06
0.48   16.15 cm.     6-Sep-06
0.42   15.25 cm.   24-May-06
0.38   15.95 cm.    27-Oct-06
0.57   15.80 cm.   10-Mar-06
0.60   18.79 cm.    14-Apr-06
0.11   12.25 cm.   24-Feb-06
0.68   17.65 cm.   24-Feb-06
0.64   15.90 cm.   15-Nov-06
0.48   15.60 cm.    5-May-06
0.47   15.90 cm.    3-May-06
0.51   16.20 cm.     6-Oct-06
0.42   15.40 cm.   30-Aug-06
0.52   15.80 cm.   31-May-06
0.61   16.20 cm.   16-Aug-06
0.89   19.50 cm.   14-Jun-06
0.25   21.75 cm.    13-Oct-06
0.54   18.40 cm.   17-Nov-06
0.33   15.90 cm.   13-Jun-06
0.40   15.85 cm.    5-May-06
0.56   18.79 cm.    30-Oct-06
0.53   18.79 cm.   28-Jun-06
0.46   15.90 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.62   15.90 cm.    3-May-06
0.16   17.80 cm.     2-Jun-06
0.66   15.50 cm.   25-Aug-06
0.59   18.10 cm.   24-May-06
0.43   16.00 cm.   10-Nov-06
0.49   16.05 cm.    12-Apr-06
0.62   16.15 cm.   27-Feb-06
0.03   2.90 cm.     18-Oct-06
0.41   15.95 cm.    25-Oct-06
0.33   14.55 cm.     14-Jul-06
N/A    N/A           1-Nov-06
0.54   15.95 cm.   29-Mar-06
0.51   15.95 cm.   28-Aug-06
0.45   16.35 cm.   29-Sep-06
0.03   1.60 cm.      21-Jul-06
0.36   16.05 cm.     8-Sep-06
0.46   16.25 cm.     1-Sep-06
0.80   17.90 cm.    20-Oct-06
0.52   16.25 cm.   31-Aug-06
0.34   14.75 cm.     3-Nov-06
0.32   21.70 cm.    25-Oct-06
0.42   15.90 cm.   25-May-06
0.40   16.20 cm.   13-Sep-06
0.50   15.85 cm.   16-Jun-06
0.29   20.45 cm.     2-Aug-06
0.47   13.70 cm.   23-Jun-06
0.22   15.35 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.77   16.20 cm.     28-Jul-06
0.60   15.85 cm.   24-May-06
0.60   15.30 cm.   11-Jan-06
0.00   7.60 cm.    28-Aug-06
0.79   17.10 cm.   19-May-06
0.51   21.60 cm.    5-May-06
0.51   15.85 cm.   16-Jun-06
0.18   21.50 cm.    20-Oct-06
0.41   16.20 cm.    13-Oct-06
0.45   15.90 cm.     5-Apr-06
0.49   16.00 cm.     5-Apr-06
0.40   15.20 cm.    21-Apr-06
0.38   15.45 cm.    24-Oct-06
0.42   15.95 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.45   15.90 cm.    5-May-06
0.39   14.65 cm.     8-Mar-06
0.41   15.85 cm.     5-Apr-06
0.58   21.75 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.51   15.85 cm.   29-Mar-06
0.43   16.05 cm.   15-Feb-06
0.58   15.90 cm.    13-Oct-06
0.46   15.90 cm.   24-May-06
1.09   18.75 cm.   29-Sep-06
0.50   16.25 cm.   31-Aug-06
0.40   16.30 cm.   15-Sep-06
0.44   15.95 cm.   23-Jun-06
0.42   16.25 cm.   17-Feb-06
0.42   15.80 cm.     2-Jun-06
0.37   20.20 cm.     14-Jul-06
0.31   14.55 cm.   10-May-06
0.49   15.95 cm.     3-Nov-06
0.46   15.90 cm.     7-Jun-06
0.37   14.75 cm.   10-Mar-06
0.44   15.90 cm.     9-Aug-06
0.39   15.90 cm.    24-Oct-06
0.34   21.75 cm.     6-Oct-06
0.57   16.20 cm.   29-Sep-06
0.41   15.65 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.49   15.70 cm.    21-Apr-06
0.48   16.10 cm.    18-Oct-06
0.35   14.60 cm.    3-May-06
0.59   15.40 cm.    24-Oct-06
0.36   14.60 cm.     1-Feb-06
0.05   0.65 cm.     5-May-06
0.33   14.65 cm.     7-Apr-06
0.02   1.20 cm.    17-Mar-06
0.39   15.85 cm.     14-Jul-06
0.69   16.25 cm.   17-Feb-06
0.54   18.20 cm.    14-Apr-06
0.72   16.05 cm.   16-Jun-06
0.96   18.25 cm.     1-Jun-06
0.34   15.20 cm.     4-Aug-06
0.42   19.15 cm.   17-Nov-06
0.24   15.30 cm.    9-Aug-06
2.10   18.05 cm.   27-Nov-06
0.61   21.20 cm.    1-Sep-06
0.41   16.00 cm.    8-Dec-06
1.37   15.20 cm.    27-Jul-06
0.31   15.50 cm.   20-Oct-06
1.05   18.40 cm.    9-Aug-06
0.56   15.85 cm.   11-Aug-06
0.74   21.35 cm.   23-Jun-06
0.10   21.85 cm.     6-Oct-06
0.34   14.75 cm.   24-Feb-06
0.43   15.90 cm.   27-Oct-06
0.29   14.55 cm.   24-Feb-06
0.25   14.05 cm.   10-Nov-06
0.34   15.20 cm.    28-Jul-06
1.17   19.70 cm.    1-Jun-06
0.98   19.55 cm.     7-Apr-06
1.36   18.80 cm.   27-Jan-06
0.64   19.05 cm.   22-Sep-06
1.06   18.60 cm.   11-Oct-06
0.51   15.20 cm.    7-Jun-06
2.50   22.35 cm.   22-Feb-06
2.74   22.30 cm.    3-Mar-06
2.76   22.15 cm.   22-Feb-06
0.52   18.79 cm.   10-Oct-06
0.73   15.90 cm.   29-Mar-06
0.69   15.95 cm.   24-Mar-06
0.46   16.20 cm.   25-Jan-06
0.61   18.95 cm.   17-Mar-06
0.63   16.00 cm.    19-Jul-06
0.50   15.95 cm.   29-Mar-06
0.69   15.90 cm.   12-Apr-06
0.47   15.95 cm.    3-May-06
0.49   15.85 cm.    14-Jul-06
0.43   15.90 cm.   19-Apr-06
0.50   16.20 cm.    8-Nov-06
0.62   20.35 cm.   17-Mar-06
0.39   15.25 cm.   31-Mar-06
0.78   20.25 cm.   17-Mar-06
0.34   20.20 cm.   25-Apr-06
0.64   18.20 cm.   12-Apr-06
0.39   15.49 cm.   27-Jan-06
0.42   14.60 cm.   24-Feb-06
0.44   18.95 cm.   28-Feb-06
0.54   19.00 cm.   13-Sep-06
0.71   20.60 cm.   25-Aug-06
1.70   20.85 cm.   24-Oct-06
1.17   19.50 cm.   12-Oct-06
1.92   22.10 cm.   18-Apr-06
1.83   21.45 cm.    5-May-06
0.46   15.95 cm.    9-Aug-06
1.14   20.10 cm.   19-Jun-06
0.73   18.60 cm.     1-Sep-06
0.46   15.90 cm.   11-Aug-06
0.69   18.50 cm.   29-Sep-06
0.78   15.95 cm.   10-Nov-06
0.79   15.85 cm.   10-Nov-06
0.45   16.10 cm.   20-Jan-06
0.28   15.20 cm.     4-Aug-06
0.25   21.55 cm.     5-Apr-06
0.46   18.94 cm.   24-Aug-06
0.52   17.60 cm.     12-Jul-06
0.49   21.65 cm.    18-Apr-06
0.19   13.85 cm.    4-May-06
0.54   18.79 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.45   18.79 cm.     2-Nov-06
0.44   16.20 cm.    11-Oct-06
0.10   21.45 cm.   22-Nov-06
0.31   15.55 cm.    24-Oct-06
0.59   15.90 cm.     7-Jun-06
0.74   21.50 cm.      5-Jul-06
0.56   18.79 cm.    8-May-06
0.77   20.55 cm.   22-Aug-06
0.55   18.84 cm.    10-Oct-06
0.64   18.79 cm.   16-Mar-06
1.25   18.74 cm.   21-Feb-06
1.15   19.40 cm.   21-Nov-06
0.52   15.20 cm.    25-Oct-06
0.29   13.46 cm.   19-Sep-06
0.62   18.79 cm.   22-Mar-06
0.44   15.95 cm.   23-Jun-06
0.56   18.94 cm.   15-Aug-06
0.45   16.20 cm.     4-Jan-06
0.78   21.50 cm.   29-Mar-06
0.55   18.79 cm.   19-May-06
0.34   15.40 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.43   17.70 cm.    25-Apr-06
0.26   15.20 cm.    28-Apr-06
0.30   15.40 cm.   31-Aug-06
0.39   15.20 cm.     12-Jul-06
0.33   15.10 cm.    25-Oct-06
0.44   13.05 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.50   15.85 cm.    25-Oct-06
0.37   15.10 cm.   16-Jun-06
0.49   16.35 cm.   28-Feb-06
0.49   16.20 cm.    13-Oct-06
0.72   15.90 cm.   22-May-06
0.29   15.35 cm.   31-Aug-06
0.60   18.70 cm.   10-Feb-06
0.45   17.60 cm.   23-Jun-06
0.54   18.79 cm.   23-Aug-06
0.58   18.70 cm.   24-Feb-06
0.41   15.50 cm.   22-Mar-06
0.87   20.10 cm.   26-May-06
0.46   16.00 cm.     7-Jun-06
0.36   15.20 cm.     7-Jun-06
N/A    N/A          25-Oct-06
1.12   22.40 cm.    11-Oct-06
1.00   21.00 cm.     3-Feb-06
0.32   15.35 cm.   24-May-06
0.11   20.45 cm.     6-Oct-06
0.95   18.50 cm.   20-Sep-06
0.55   19.05 cm.     3-Nov-06
0.96   20.90 cm.     4-Aug-06
1.14   18.50 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.85   18.50 cm.   20-Jan-06
1.09   21.70 cm.   29-Aug-06
0.62   15.90 cm.    27-Oct-06
0.95   18.50 cm.     21-Jul-06
0.43   16.00 cm.      5-Jul-06
1.14   18.20 cm.   12-May-06
0.66   20.10 cm.     9-Jun-06
1.12   20.80 cm.    28-Apr-06
1.23   20.10 cm.   28-Jun-06
0.42   20.10 cm.    28-Apr-06
0.48   17.85 cm.     6-Sep-06
0.94   21.40 cm.   23-Jun-06
0.61   17.90 cm.    25-Oct-06
0.60   15.90 cm.   23-May-06
1.30   18.25 cm.     26-Jul-06
0.44   15.90 cm.     3-Nov-06
0.93   20.45 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.52   17.55 cm.   10-May-06
0.37   20.45 cm.   25-Jan-06
0.77   15.80 cm.     28-Jul-06
0.80   18.55 cm.     3-Nov-06
0.58   17.90 cm.     4-Jan-06
0.64   18.60 cm.     2-Jun-06
0.59   18.84 cm.     6-Nov-06
0.92   21.25 cm.    13-Oct-06
1.36   19.55 cm.     12-Jul-06
0.78   20.05 cm.   24-May-06
0.69   17.95 cm.   13-Sep-06
0.44   17.60 cm.   31-May-06
0.36   15.49 cm.   28-Aug-06
0.82   16.40 cm.   27-Sep-06
0.10   10.45 cm.   17-Feb-06
0.39   16.00 cm.   20-Jan-06
0.34   15.60 cm.     2-Aug-06
0.79   20.35 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.71   18.60 cm.     6-Jan-06
0.61   16.15 cm.     6-Jan-06
0.57   15.95 cm.     3-Nov-06
0.10   18.55 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.01   16.10 cm.      7-Jul-06
1.11   18.60 cm.     1-Sep-06
0.31   15.85 cm.     9-Jun-06
0.79   20.80 cm.     21-Jul-06
1.06   18.65 cm.    13-Oct-06
1.36   18.05 cm.    14-Apr-06
0.94   17.55 cm.   24-May-06
0.62   18.45 cm.    18-Oct-06
0.97   18.50 cm.     4-Aug-06
0.69   17.80 cm.   18-Aug-06
0.49   21.60 cm.   11-Aug-06
0.48   21.70 cm.   20-Jan-06
1.11   21.35 cm.   30-Jun-06
0.34   15.20 cm.    3-May-06
1.27   19.45 cm.     6-Jun-06
0.58   15.95 cm.   16-Jun-06
0.49   15.90 cm.    28-Apr-06
0.44   15.85 cm.     2-Aug-06
1.07   18.35 cm.    21-Apr-06
0.71   15.20 cm.   10-Nov-06
0.52   16.00 cm.     4-Jan-06
0.45   15.35 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.51   15.95 cm.     12-Jul-06
1.67   18.70 cm.   31-Aug-06
0.51   16.00 cm.   20-Jan-06
0.53   15.90 cm.     14-Jul-06
1.34   19.70 cm.    13-Apr-06
0.45   15.95 cm.    20-Oct-06
0.43   15.95 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.46   16.20 cm.   13-Sep-06
0.58   19.05 cm.    30-Oct-06
0.34   14.25 cm.   31-Mar-06
0.64   18.79 cm.   25-Aug-06
0.43   16.15 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.41   15.90 cm.    5-May-06
0.45   15.95 cm.    12-Apr-06
0.47   16.15 cm.   13-Sep-06
0.91   19.90 cm.   12-Jun-06
0.51   15.95 cm.    25-Oct-06
0.46   15.95 cm.     5-Apr-06
0.45   15.90 cm.     3-Nov-06
0.28   15.30 cm.     8-Mar-06
0.71   16.00 cm.     14-Jul-06
0.54   18.79 cm.     9-Aug-06
0.45   15.95 cm.   24-May-06
0.32   13.90 cm.   10-May-06
0.40   15.40 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.36   14.90 cm.   27-Sep-06
0.29   15.40 cm.   18-Jan-06
0.45   15.95 cm.     5-Apr-06
0.24   15.15 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.50   15.95 cm.   15-Mar-06
0.38   15.90 cm.   18-Jan-06
0.68   15.95 cm.   13-Jan-06
0.37   14.65 cm.   22-Mar-06
0.43   15.20 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.47   15.90 cm.    19-Apr-06
0.49   15.10 cm.   29-Mar-06
0.33   14.90 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.46   16.00 cm.     2-Aug-06
1.52   21.20 cm.    10-Apr-06
0.40   15.90 cm.   17-May-06
1.38   20.50 cm.     5-Sep-06
0.12   12.60 cm.   24-Feb-06
0.55   18.75 cm.     3-Aug-06
1.45   21.00 cm.   29-Nov-06
0.54   19.15 cm.     1-Sep-06
0.53   15.20 cm.   16-Jun-06
0.48   15.20 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.62   15.90 cm.   31-Mar-06
0.53   16.15 cm.     8-Feb-06
0.46   15.87 cm.   18-Sep-06
0.49   19.15 cm.    13-Oct-06
0.58   18.84 cm.    21-Apr-06
1.13   21.10 cm.   21-Sep-06
0.29   14.07 cm.    24-Oct-06
0.33   15.25 cm.     8-Feb-06
0.40   16.00 cm.     12-Jul-06
1.10   19.85 cm.   24-Feb-06
1.35   18.45 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.45   16.20 cm.   20-Jan-06
0.60   16.00 cm.   25-Aug-06
0.33   14.00 cm.     3-Mar-06
0.63   18.10 cm.    21-Apr-06
1.42   18.40 cm.   29-Sep-06
0.05   15.15 cm.   15-Sep-06
0.05   15.30 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.05   15.35 cm.   15-Sep-06
0.42   16.10 cm.   17-Nov-06
0.05   15.30 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.06   14.30 cm.    13-Oct-06
0.57   18.54 cm.   28-Jun-06
0.22   17.90 cm.   26-Jan-06
1.37   18.55 cm.    12-Apr-06
0.57   17.90 cm.   18-Jan-06
0.58   15.85 cm.   22-Nov-06
0.62   17.90 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.33   21.65 cm.   20-Jan-06
0.49   15.85 cm.   21-Jun-06
0.51   21.45 cm.   31-Mar-06
0.57   17.55 cm.      7-Jul-06
0.45   15.65 cm.   31-Mar-06
0.76   18.45 cm.   17-Mar-06
0.50   17.75 cm.   18-Aug-06
0.62   20.85 cm.     21-Jul-06
0.50   18.05 cm.   22-Feb-06
0.66   15.35 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.29   19.25 cm.     4-Oct-06
0.91   18.20 cm.   27-Nov-06
0.44   15.30 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.74   21.10 cm.   24-Mar-06
0.59   15.70 cm.     7-Apr-06
0.42   16.35 cm.   22-Nov-06
0.56   21.50 cm.   29-Mar-06
0.62   16.25 cm.     3-Nov-06
0.56   18.50 cm.   10-Mar-06
0.78   18.50 cm.     2-Aug-06
0.42   15.45 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.45   15.65 cm.     9-Jun-06
0.70   21.45 cm.      7-Jul-06
0.44   21.65 cm.   24-Feb-06
0.76   20.70 cm.    14-Apr-06
0.52   18.79 cm.   27-Mar-06
0.57   19.20 cm.   24-Feb-06
0.64   18.35 cm.    12-Apr-06
0.57   18.79 cm.     2-Nov-06
0.77   20.25 cm.    14-Apr-06
0.66   18.35 cm.     5-Apr-06
0.18   13.85 cm.   22-Sep-06
0.48   15.85 cm.     4-Aug-06
0.51   18.35 cm.   22-Sep-06
1.02   20.45 cm.    12-Oct-06
0.49   18.89 cm.     9-Oct-06
0.37   21.50 cm.    21-Apr-06
0.47   15.35 cm.     19-Jul-06
0.46   16.20 cm.     8-Nov-06
0.53   15.95 cm.      7-Jul-06
0.65   16.20 cm.   25-Aug-06
0.54   18.79 cm.   24-May-06
0.47   15.40 cm.   27-Sep-06
0.85   18.45 cm.   17-May-06
1.35   18.90 cm.    11-Oct-06
0.91   18.55 cm.     5-Apr-06
0.78   18.60 cm.   16-Aug-06
0.75   18.50 cm.   15-Mar-06
0.44   15.90 cm.    19-Apr-06
0.45   16.00 cm.     5-Apr-06
1.00   18.25 cm.     14-Jul-06
0.77   18.35 cm.   31-Mar-06
0.55   15.80 cm.     3-Mar-06
0.61   15.90 cm.     27-Jul-06
1.41   18.55 cm.   27-Jan-06
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0.29   15.25 cm.    20-Oct-06
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0.48   15.85 cm.     7-Apr-06
0.47   18.80 cm.     8-Nov-06
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1.39   20.80 cm.   27-Jun-06
1.42   21.05 cm.   29-Nov-06
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2.80   21.05 cm.   15-May-06
1.62   19.45 cm.   11-May-06
1.17   20.40 cm.   11-May-06
0.72   15.90 cm.    30-Oct-06
0.85   18.25 cm.    30-Oct-06
                                 About the book                                      STOCK
Measure What Matters to Customers explains why traditional metrics of efficiency, developed over 100 years ago for manual w
Need money to save the music program at your children's school? Or maybe you're trying9 raise funds to replace the roof on
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Keeping its finger on the pulse of the profession, the new twelfth edition of this bestselling book effectively prepares readers for
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Keeping its finger on the pulse of the profession, the new twelfth edition of this bestselling book effectively prepares readers for
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Control systems are needed to ensure that a company's assets are used in the most productive manner, and that they are not l
The fourth edition begins by presenting a macro view of accounting information, taking readers through real financial statement
The fourth edition begins by presenting a macro view of accounting information, taking readers through real financial statement
This detailed overview provides a solid, in-depth introduction to all major accounting information systems. The coverage is bala
Financial Accounting provides a very accessible and easy-to-follow introduction to the subject. It is intended as a core textbook
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Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, is the most successful entrepreneur in the history of the world. Yet, to his dying day, he b
A budget is the formal expression of the plans and objectives of management that covers all phases of operations for a specific
Cost management is an umbrella term for innovative tools, methods, and operating philosophies such as activity-based costing
Three things can happen when establishing a product price. A price set too high is a lost sale that could have been profitable at
Cash flow from a financial sense is the analysis of all the changes that affect the cash account during an accounting period. It is
Weygandt Managerial Accounting Third Edition gives readers the tools they need to succeed, whether as accountants or in oth
Weygandt Managerial Accounting Third Edition gives readers the tools they need to succeed, whether as accountants or in oth
Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), Sarbanes-Oxley, and good business practices require that controllers, CFOs
Weygandt Managerial Accounting Third Edition gives readers the tools they need to succeed, whether as accountants or in oth
The proposed book will provide e-learning trainers and instructors with three essential elements that can assist them in quickly
Accounting For Dummies Third Edition helps you get a handle on the financial aspects of17 business, investments, or taxes,
It is much more cost effective to prevent fraud than to punish it and such is the focus of this comprehensive book, Corporate Fr
This book provides an overview of the functions and responsibilities of the controller/management accountant in a corporation.
The Ultimate Accountants Reference covers accounting regulations for all aspects of the 54    financial statements, accounting man
This book will be a compilation of approximately 8 case studies in Activity-Based Costing 75  (ABC) and Performance Managemen
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This book will provide a framework for understanding performance dashboards as well as strategies and techniques (gleaned t
Management Accounting provides a very accessible and easy-to-follow introduction to the subject. It is intended as a core textb
Weygandt Managerial Accounting Third Edition gives readers the tools they need to succeed, whether as accountants or in oth
Cost Management not only provides readers with an in-depth understanding of cost accounting procedures, it also empowers th
Updated and revised, Accounting Theory helps readers build strong critical thinking skills 50 a sound theoretical background in
Controls are implemented to help guard against risk and promote the achievement of objectives. Historically, internal control ha
This book is a technical finance book that surveys the private capital markets, the major uncharted financial market. Represent
This book describes the current and anticipated (over the next 12 months) environment for3mergers and acquisitions in specific
The information required to do a good job in accounts payable today rivals that of any other financial or accounting function. In
Shared services is a form of internal outsourcing. It enables corporations to achieve economies of scale by creating a separate
Valuation for M&A examines the valuation of a corporation from an investment value (value of a company to the purchaser and
Credit collection is the process of getting delinquent money due to a company. This is a multibillion dollar problem and affects a
This book will provide the answers to the questions that senior level executives have about what are M&As and the steps involv
This book addresses the area of implementing enterprise dashboards, which is the fastest growing segment within the Busines
Control systems are needed to ensure that a company's assets are used in the most productive manner, and that they are not l
This book is a comprehensive guide for IT and finance professionals to comply with SOX. It provides key aspects and compon
This book describes how Sarbanes Oxley requirements should be implemented as they pertain to accounts payable functions.
This book simplifies and explains, step by step and with illustrative case studies, the techniques for performing reliable and defe
The Vest Pocket CFO is a handy pocket problem-solver for to-days busy chief financial officer (CFO). It is the perfect up-to-dat
The Accounts Payable Department is the department responsible for paying outside vendors for goods or services that have be
This book illustrates the important concepts, standards, and frameworks associated with 16 auditing. It is also a "how to" book f
How to Comply with Sarbanes Oxley Section 404: Assessing the Effectiveness of Internal Control 2E, provides a comprehensiv
This book will be the first in the Practical Auditor Series, a new series co-branded with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) to o
Fraud 101, Second Edition serves as an educational tool for business managers, accountants, auditors, and college students w
The Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Implementation Toolkit: Practice Aids for Management and Auditors with CD-ROM provides detailed
Emphasizing the use of sampling in the audit of financial statements by external as well as internal auditors, this book presents
Known for its clear writing style and accessibility, this new edition provides readers with a better understanding of accounting bu
Internal auditing is the process of reviewing the procedures and techniques of a corporation. It primarily concentrates on adhere
This book updates the 2nd Edition of Fraud Auditing. It will include new material on SAS 27 Sarbanes-Oxley, COSO, ERM, AC
The CIA exam tests a candidate's knowledge of current internal auditing practices and understanding of internal audit issues, ri
The CIA exam tests a candidate's knowledge of current internal auditing practices and understanding of internal audit issues, ri
The CIA exam tests a candidate's knowledge of current internal auditing practices and understanding of internal audit issues, ri
With the collapse and scandals involving Enron, WorldCom, and other companies, auditors have increasingly come under pres
The CIA exam tests a candidate's knowledge of current internal auditing practices and understanding of internal audit issues, ri
For many years the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) has been working to develop a set of accounting sta
This workbook is a quick reference guide on IFRS/IAS that includes easy-to-understand IFRS/IAS standards outlines, cases stu
This book provides an overview of the business and functional aspects of foreign currency revaluation from the statutory requir
This detailed overview provides a solid, in-depth introduction to all major accounting information systems. The coverage is bala
Governmental Accounting Made Easy provides a simplified background and discussion of 6 broad range of governmental acco
Federal accounting covers the what, why, when and how the federal government performs its accounting and financial manage
Totally Updated for the New Computerized CPA Exam -- Published annually, this comprehensive two-volume paperback revi
More than any other objective, small businesses want to grow. Yet the vast majority of small businesses either stagnates or fai
101 Marketing Strategies for Accounting, Law, Consulting and Professional Services Firms describes selling as a process. It co
Wiley Not-for-Profit GAAP annual is a comprehensive accounting and financial reporting guide for use by not-for-profit organiza
Governmental GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) consists of all the promulgated accounting principles applicab
Find taxes taxing? Youre not alone! With rules and regulations constantly changing, and nine million of us having to work out ou
Standards of Value: Theory and Applications covers the underlying assumption in many of 1 prominent standards of value, in
Financial Valuation Workbook, 2E is organized in standard recognized and easily identified sections that are quickly accessible
How to Comply with OMB CircularA-123, Managements Responsibility for Internal Control in Federal Agencies, provides a com
This book will have an emphasis on the accounting and auditing requirements for fair value information. As a result of the Sarb
Beyond Six Sigma: A New Customer-Focused Paradigm details how successful strategic implementation is driven from the cus
Presents a consensus view from 25 of the top valuations experts. Shows the appropriate and defensible way to prepare and pr
Accounting and Finance for Your Small Business, Second Edition, allows readers to gain 34more detailed understanding of the
The auditing profession has evolved significantly from its earliest roots of protecting the pharaoh's riches. Recent catastrophic b
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MBA In A Day --- What you would learn at Top-Tier Business Schools if you only had the 86 Is built upon the highly successf
This is the story of Marvin Bower who helped found McKinsey in 1939 and served as managing director of the firm from 1950 to
Since its founding in 2000, JetBlue has become the most successful airline start-up in history. As the airline industry falters, Jet
Chapters include: 1: Tools to Help Prepare for the Meeting                                   126
                                                                     Is This Meeting Necessary? How to Prepare an Action Agend
Master the Media to Attract Your Ideal Clients will help financial professionals become media experts and then show them how
Creating Rainmakers is written for the people who manage professional firms and who want to create rainmakers. It will help th
What can we learn from the travels of a T-shirt? Travels takes the reader on a fascinating journey from a Texas cotton field to
The majority of businesses fail within the first five years. Yet, small business accounts for 99.7% of all companies in the US an
Known for his advanced texts and professional books on negotiation, Roy Lewicki intends this practical guide to sit on the desk
What can we learn from the travels of a T-shirt? Travels takes the reader on a fascinating journey from a Texas cotton field to
In clear but almost literary prose, the authors cast a wide angel lens that looks back in history and ahead to the coming century
This book begins as an entertaining tour de force of probable and possible futures, with 179 a focus on surprising developments, th
Target, the second most profitable retailer behind Wal-Mart, has been so successful and recognizable that Dayton Hudson--wh
In this book, Build-A-Bear Workshop founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Bear Maxine Clark reveals how she built this ama
This is the story of Marvin Bower who helped found McKinsey in 1939 and served as managing director of the firm from 1950 to
With over $240 billion in sales, and operations in ten countries around the world, Wal-Mart is a success story like no other. Wha
In order to succeed in today's competitive environment, it's imperative that a person has264  a strong foundation in business comm
In an appealing and personal style, Tisch explains how his business life melds with his personal life which is centered on doing
Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, is the most successful entrepreneur in the history of the world. Yet, to his dying day, he b
Why is it that some organizations can bob and weave and roll with the punches, consistently delivering on commitments and pr
The Secrets of Facilitation provides experienced facilitators and non-facilitators alike with techniques and advice on how to wo
Business Plans Kit For Dummies, 2nd edition includes a plethora of new information. It includes business plans for established
Your Dream Career For Dummies provides exercises, worksheets, illustrations, and practical advice for people seeking to chan
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No-one has time to craft and re-draft letters from scratch. The expert guidance in Webster's New World Letter Writing Handboo
Written for all job hunters new entrants, mid-level people, very experienced individuals, and technical and non-technical job se
The Money Game is a game you can't win. Renowned coach and consultant Bob Scheinfeld reveals in this book that, no matte
Warning! Read this book only if you want to take charge of your life! Larry Winget has a50      unique approach to personal develop
Especially relevant in today's world of corporate scandals, the numbers in a financial report contain vitally important information
Bestselling author Steve Scott shows how following in the footsteps of someone who has55        already achieved the kind of success
Packed with entertaining anecdotes, Tony gives a real insight into one of the few remaining characters on the UK's restaurant s
A self-made millionaire entrepreneur shows how the guiding principles of her own life and59     business can help women everywher
Meet and Grow Rich explains step-by-step how to create a network for success. Written by two authors known for their experie
Life is a mind game. All your aspirations are played out in your head. All your relationships are shaped in your head. Even your
Author Kathy Aaronson grew up on a farm. Determined to contribute to her familys income and meet all kinds of people, eight-y
Why do businesses fail in their quest for success and change? Nearly everyone has significant goals theyd like to achieve but f
What would you ask a millionaire entrepreneur if you were sat next to one on a plane? Wouldnt you be curious to know how the
The Four Vs of Leadership provides a framework for life and work that interrelates our professional and personal priorities. Usin
Wouldn't it be nice to read a little book and learn lessons about life you wish someone had told you sooner? That is what Joe V
The Power of YOU! teaches readers that creating sustainable happiness, balance and wealth is possible by using new models
In a nutshell, Pond Life is a very straightforward guide to helping people improve their communication and presentations skills.
Shake That Brain! is a collection of creative and inspiring tips and tools for finding solutions in a variety of areas from sales, ma
Kick Start Your Success offers original and practical steps to overcoming everyday challenges people face when they decide to
   The Relationship Factor in Business is similar to the Dale Carnegie approach: how to 293 friends and influence people, with m
Based on a simple yet powerful idea, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life offers a 496     framework for improving your professio
In a world of continuous change, downsizing, and a press for speed, high quality relationships are extremely valuable: they crea
Today's marketplace is one in which customers look at virtually every company and say "Whatever you're selling, I can get it so
Coaching, as explored in this book, is a process of raising awareness, generating responsibility and building trust. The real skill
Koestenbaum offers a unique view of what constitutes exceptional and passionate leadership, and he challenges managers to
The Minding Organization is the next step beyond the Learning Organization. It's about creating an organization that behaves li
The second edition of Designing Organizations continues to be a leader's concise guide to the process of creating and managin
This will be the first book to address the important subject of project sponsorship in project management. Chapters include:
High reliability organizations (HROs) such as ER units in hospitals or firefighting units, are designed to perform well under extre
The book contains a series of short stories each representing an IT issue that the character is struggling to conquer. The centr
Knowledge Management is the fast track route to leveraging the intellectual capital in your organization. It covers the key area
Most of the organizations where we live and work are marked by under-performing, often38       dysfunctional teams. Why? Because
Designed to meet the needs of today's changing classroom, this book offers an active-learning, focused approach to the study
Results Rule provides strategies and concepts to create a culture that sets an organization apart in a marketplace where produ
  One of the business worlds foremost though leaders presents a social responsibility bible for corporations. Companies on the
The Black Book of Outsourcing is a guide to the emerging field of outsourcing management. It will be the most comprehensive
Drawing from experts across a wide range of disciplines, Workforce Wake-Up Call: Your Workforce is Changing, Are You? is a
Risk is ubiquitous--Enron, the war on terrorism, or even crossing the street in the morning. Because life is filled with risk, smart
This is a practical guide for any executive or manager who moves into a new job. In today's job market, organizations are impa
Consulting is a state of mind, an intention in speech, which if properly translated into interventions can be very helpful for others
In the new economy, no country, region, or continent can stand alone in their business practices in the face of significantly incre
Would you like to change your life dramatically? Feel that you could do more, be more and have more? Desire a more success
Can you effectively build a brand identity if your employees don't buy into it? Because of157 key role of employees in brand deli
Groups play a critical role in the lives of organizations - empowering employees, generating needed change, and producing inn
Today's marketplace is one in which customers look at virtually every company and say 164     "Whatever you're selling, I can get it so
For over 20 years, Robert Hartley has compiled a collection of classic and current mistakes, successes and turnarounds of tod
Going beyond the should and what of project management, The Rational Project Manager explores the why behind the tools, s
This book is designed to provide a comprehensive picture of the best thinking on leadership by the leading authorities in the fie
Becoming a master manager is an effective tool for stimulating thinking and building management skills. It takes readers throug
Author Steve Sanghi came to Microchip Technology in July of 1990. He knew the company was in bad shape because he prev
The Price Advantage by three preeminent experts at McKinsey & Company is the most pragmatic and insightful book on pricing
This text moves beyond the scope of prescriptive individual ethical decision making, to examine how managers and organizatio
Most employees feel invisible to their leadership-- and they prefer to stay hidden in the corporate shadow. Invisible Employee,
The 2nd Edition of this best-selling Pfeiffer book (Fall 1998, 7,500 units, $250,000 net) updates the new technology and thinkin
This book provides the organizational practitioner with a clear, concise, and pragmatic working guide for how to go about desig
Of all the decisions managers have to make, none is more important than hiring the right 13 staff. Ironically, most managers receiv
Finding and hiring top talent is one the keys to successful companies profitability and growth. Hire With Your Head is a systema
This book assembles complete and integrated knowledge from the acknowledged experts in this arena. The volume is geared
This followup to the bestselling Tomorrow's HR Management features an international panel of experts, each contributing an ar
Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, 2E shows readers how to integrate HR practices with
Information technology is dramatically changing HR practice. Unfortunately, there is little published literature in this area and no
The contributors presentations will be grouped into four major sections, each showcasing75   recent survey developments in a thou
Outsourcing may well be the hottest topic in both business and the general press and its going to stay that way as competition

How does emotional intelligence as a competency go beyond an individual to become something a group or entire organization
A brief introduction to organizational behavior (OB) that tackles the issues facing today's managers, such as diversity, total qua
The main purpose of this book is to help managers, change agents, and scholars to understand, diagnose, and facilitate the ch
This book introduces the reader to terms and concepts that are necessary to understand OB and their application to modern or
The CCL Handbook on Coaching for Development will present CCLs five essentials for121         coaching--relationship, assessment, ch
Regarded as one of the most influential management books of all time, Organizational Culture and Leadership tranforms the ab
Managing human capital is critical for an organization to beat the competition and perform effectively. This innovative book sho
After reading this book, practitioners will understand what creativity and innovation tools and methods can be used in a given si
Strategy Express is the fast track route to mastering the essential aspects of strategy. It covers all the fundamentals of success
Alignment drives and accelerates growth -- growth of profit, marketshare, customer and employee satisfaction... Organizational
This book will feature the negotiating strategies of one of the most famous deal makers in 6 sports industry. His approach is c
This book outlines best practices for board directors in public, private, and not-for-profit organizations. It provides real-world ca
In 1992, Category Management, Positioning Your Organization to Win, was written by ACNielsen (then Nielsen Marketing Rese
This comprehensive book on alliance strategy - a new and growing area in strategy -untangles the thorniest issues in alliance m
The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results. As COO of Baptist Health Care, Al Stu
Six Sigma For Dummies enables readers to understand this popular management system and apply it to their small and mediu
This book focuses on the phases of Project Management that should be strategically focused. By using the STO Model (Strateg
An updated revision of the fifth edition classic book on strategic planning, instructing managers on methods of company analys
The global knowledge society provides new potential for an organization to connect with customers and suppliers. It creates ne
This book challenges multicultural organizations to move away from merely "counting heads for the government" and begin cre
Health care is a central part of welfare systems and this book offers two alternatives for public health care systems. It does not
This invaluable resource for managers provides a detailed look at US SOX Sections 401a, 404, 406, and 409 and then discuss
Mergers and Acquisitions are increasing in number and continuing to generally fail - multiple studies have shown that 55% to 77
This book incorporates many of the principles of individualized customer relationships that Peppers and Rogers are known for.
Investigating Identity Theft: A Guide for Businesses, Law Enforcement, and Victims walks readers through the process of cond
The book discusses the implications of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) for small businesses and the value proposition that bein
Utilizing a practical approach, this book will guide accounting and finance managers through both the necessary requirements a
This book provides a blueprint for successful implementation of a corporation's strategy. It explains how to integrate planning, b
This book provides updated information and real world case studies illustrating how to prevent as well as confront the common
Each form of governance, whether it is corporate governance, financial governance, or IT50      governance has a direct relationship
Scenario planning has received much top-level interest in the corporate sector as a way of realistically assessing the long-term
This application-orientated Handbook is a practical guide to implementing Corporate Social Responsibility within companies. It
Customer-centricity is the hottest topic in organizational design, with 80% of all organizations focused on this problem. Most are
Businesses such as Ryan Air, CBB and Lidl have risen to prominence in densely populated and highly competitive marketplace
This book synthesizes leading IT portfolio management practices utilized from leading companies and enables readers to quick
A good ERM process allows managers to review their internal controls to meet the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley along with
Most six sigma books are written for executives or practitioners of six sigma and tended to be technical or strategy focused. Six
This book is written for corporate executives and managers who may not understand the 81 importance and/or ramifications of
This book is a revision of a McGraw Hill book published in 2001. The original book was known as the "customer's perspective
This is the third book in Wiley's series of Wharton-branded books presenting the perspectives and research of the Wharton fac
Is it really so important for established companies to innovate? Recent popular wisdom has asserted that companies should ov
Establishes a continuum between the concepts of competitiveness of nations, competitiveness of enterprises, the structure of w
This book will integrate information from Customer Service For Dummies and Online Customer Service For Dummies, and add
Fast track route to understanding and implementing the balanced scorecard in your business Covers the key aspects of the b
Marketing needs more genius. And business needs marketing like never before. Indeed101 business manager needs a mark
A collection of the best strategic thinking from the Boston Consulting Group one of the most prestigious and innovative manage
Deregulation, globalization, and e-commerce are exerting unprecedented pressures on company profits. In this new economic
The book provides a practical framework for implementing a best-in-class performance 168     management system. The methodolog
 In a survey of 900 global CEOs released by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2003, 80% of CEOs said they believe "sustainability" i
This practical guide describes how the supply chain operates and discusses the issues and techniques that are relevant for com
The overwhelming majority of organizational change efforts fail (more than 70%). There 239 numerous reasons why these effor
Balanced Scorecard is a widely recognized and accepted performance measurement tool that is currently used in thousands of
This book is written for current and future general managers who have or will have overall responsibility for a business. The aut
GELI consists of 100 action and behavior-based questions. The questions are designed to measure competency within twelve
More and more, managers and leaders are asked to handle impossible workloads. The best ones know how to distinguish wha
Much has changed in the business world since the original publication of Leading Out Loud, Terry Pearces classic on authentic
Managing For Dummies helps both new and experienced managers learn to delegate tasks; be a team leader; hire, fire, motiva
Takes the reader beyond the conceptual idea of teams and provides practical advice for developing groups with interdependen
As technology continues to drive business productivity and infiltrates every area (e.g. sales, marketing, operations, HR, etc.), th
This is a sequel to Reflections on Leadership, which provided an "authoritative anthology 10 writing" about Robert Greenleaf's id
This provocative video package, Leading in a Time of Change, features two of the most influential thinkers of our time - Peter D
Provides training and HR professionals with a proven, step-by-step approach to building a leadership development program str
In this follow-up to the bestselling Deep Change, Robert E. Quinn unpacks the eight practices of leadership introduced in Deep
Internationally acclaimed business coach and consultant Kim George provides an easy-to-master process for coaches to bring
Servant-leadership has prompted powerful and fresh ideas: leadership without hierarchy, 20     organization in a whirlwind of change;
This full color poster (17" x 22") is the perfect leave-behind prize for participants or reminder tool for organizations that have ad
Bill George, lauded by Warren Bennis as one of the only CEOs of our age with "true grit and character", has written Authentic L
   Today's organizations run on influence.                                                     23
                                                    Influence is something everyone needs to be able to do, but requires a set of skil
CIOs are expected to not only wind their way through the vagaries of technology but also 38 be every executive s strategic part
Studies have affirmed that outstanding leaders think with a higher degree of skill than their less-able counterparts. But surprisin
Conflict is a part of everyday life. It is part of our normal human behavior and stems from 43basic fight/flight instinct we all posse
Revolutionize your leadership skills with ancient wisdom from the world's best-loved Bible47    passage, The Shepherd's Psalm. Ex
With women achieving leadership and managerial positions in record numbers, there is an increasing need to understand how
The majority of emotional intelligence literature is focused on defining what it is, explaining why it is important, and discussing it
The first Leader of the Future to date has sold more than 200,000 copies and broke new 52      ground in leadership literature. Now, t
Leaders (and those that aspire to lead) at all levels in organizations are interested in succeeding, and yet, as these coaches to
Backed by over 20 years of original research, The Leadership Challenge Workshop is a unique and intense discovery process
The G Quotient identifies a management phenomenon that will forever change the way people view successful leadership, bas
The provocative premise of the book is that todays emerging leaders are "opting out" of the race for the same positions their pr
Eisenhower on Leadership will provide a refreshing retrospective on the sometimes overlooked leadership and management sk
Getting things done in today's workplace is hard work. The climb to the top is demanding 83 long. Employees become exhaus
The study of ancient events from a business perspective offers a unique way of observing how leadership actually works. The l
For Christian leaders in any organization, ministry, or endeavor--finally, a faith-based companion book to The Leadership Challe
This book is about changing people and organizations. It is common knowledge that there is often a great discrepancy betwee
Warren Bennis provides the Preface to this latest edition to his series. Featuring preeminent scholars from a variety of disciplin
This handy pocket-sized card for desks, organizers, and wallets offers quick reference to the Five Practices model used in The
There is an urgent need for new and improved thinking about leadership and innovation. Older leadership models, tried and tru
The recent scrutiny of board practices has focused on compliance with legal standards, 106 that's only a small step toward crea
This short, 10-step workbook guides participants through the process of understanding their LPI Feedback Report. Readers ar
Companies want leaders who can "lead from the front": take a clear position, create meaningful relationships, and "know thems
Based on twenty years of experience and direct research with top CEO's and business leaders, Susan Battley explains all the in
"Focus on your strengths," claims the most recent leadership-flavor-of-the-month. Unfortunately, leaders often fail to realize wh
 . By comparing the ways these leaders ran their businesses with their long-term performance, you will be able to see what wor
With the third edition of Practicing Leadership, readers will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become highly effective
Leaders face numerous make-or-break crossroads in their careers, moments that can provide extraordinary learning and grow
Individuals and teams exercise strategic leadership when they think, act, and influence others in ways that enhance the organiz
In this paperback relaunch of a book previously titled Why the Bottom Line Isn't!, Ulrich and Smallwood explain how non-financ
Forty percent of new leaders fail in their first eighteen months. These failures can be devastating for failed leaders, extremely c
Backed by over 20 years of research with data from over 1 million leaders, The Leadership Challenge Workshop is an intense a
Tomorrows successful technology professionals and leaders will be power users of technology, have a strong grasp on technol
Creating and sustaining a profitable business requires close adherence to the fundamentals of business strategy. Fortunately, m
Squirrel Inc. showed why storytelling is a critical skill for leaders. A Leader's Guide to Storytelling will show how to tell the right o
As businesses faces uncertainty for the near future, leaders must dig deep to keep their168 and stay effective. In this landma
The Center for Creative Leadership is the world's largest institution devoted to leadership research and education. In this one c
A classic guide to getting what you need from your colleagues, as relevant now as when175        it was first published. Faced with shiftin
Based upon interviews with scores of leaders who lead with questions, this book presents the power of asking the questions tha
Livers and Caver here provide a means to tap into the heretofore unrealized potential of198     non-traditional leaders-specifically, the
Scandals in business and politics have been all over the news in recent years, but aside219 a general expression of outrage,
                                                                                                it should all work well. But in so doing,
Most leaders feel that if they have the right job, the right idea, and treat the people right, 222
With The Leadership Challenge, 3rd Edition leading the way, it is time to update the The224      Leadership Challenge Planner with Ko
Business people around the world are struggling with the speed of life today. At work we228 required to respond to information
As Louis Pasteur said, Change favors the prepared mind. Todays business world is too 233 and complex for companies to res
Executives hire Karlin Sloan to make them smarter, faster and better leaders and she takes them to the next level in their leade
The business world has changed dramatically in recent years, and the standard paradigms of leadership espoused in bestselle
The current trend toward increased political correctness in society and business is arousing awareness that its tenets are devas
After a series of accounting scandals, humbled top executives - willingly or not - are scrambling to respond to perhaps their gre
This comprehensive tool is for leaders (and their coaches) to use after their initial LPI session. It allows participants to continue
Featuring a Foreword by Frances Hesselbein, this is a collection of the best articles of CCL's Leadership in Action over the pas
Since its initial publication in 1987, The Leadership Challenge has captured the hearts and minds of millions of enlightened pro
Even when women are highly qualified, they can find their credibility questioned. Through interviews with over a hundred wome
Thomsons work is the first analytical dissection of what it takes to be part of the distinctive group of Blueprint companies (comp
A growing trend in business is to provide people with more feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. Getting feedback from
The leadership book that outshines them all, completely revised for today's business realities. Grounded in extensive research,
Lencioni's fifth "fable" and sixth book to date offers solutions to a key leadership issue: the impact of turf wars and political infig
This 16-page article is perfect for leaders with limited time and budget. It provides a concise overview of Kouzes and Posner's
The Paradox of Excellence: the better you do your job, the more your performance becomes invisible - unless something goes
This 30-item questionnaire is used to rate Leaders on The Five Practices behaviors. The completed forms provide feedback fr
They deliver more capital to entrepreneurs than any other source. And they often receive an incredible return on their investme
Large Group Interventions are methods used to gather a whole system together to discuss and take action on the target agend
Price, quality, availability, and service--these are all aspects of your business that your competitors can imitate. But your brand
Of all the skill sets that support the shift from a traditional management role to a more collaborative approach, none is more rele
Powerful, significant, and truly meaningful leadership is a decision made by choice, not by default. This book provides a system
Strong leadership is essential for survival in today's competitive business environment. Yet it has been estimated that from 25 t
The third book in the Jossey-Bass Reader series, Organization Development: A Jossey-Bass Reader is designed to be used as
Experts now acknowledge that emotional intelligence (EI) is perhaps the most crucial determinant of success in the workplace.
The IAF Handbook of Collaboration will answer such questions as: How can we create a culture of collaboration? What do we m
Traditional organizations are often built to resist change, but today's business environment demands that organizations must al
Facilitation has become a key skill for everyone who is part of a team, committee, department, or other collaborative group. Thi
Fresh off the success of his The Five Temptations of a CEO, Pat Lencioni tackles the primary issue that CEOs and all organiza
This is a book about how companies can build a full leadership "pipeline" to ensure a steady supply of leaders with the right ski
After an explanation of the books purpose, the authors provide in Part 1 first an overview 67 SSM as a whole, then a fleshed-ou
Known from its last editions as the "Bible of Forecasting", the third edition of this authoritative text has adopted a new approach
An update to a strong selling title (over 38,000 sold since 1996), Visualizing Project Management, Third Edition will offer the late
The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting has the second-highest sales (more than 80,000 copies) in the PMBA series. Th
This is a revision of our top-selling backlist book. It features the latest ideas on entrepreneurship from the world's foremost thin
A practical guide to a complex arenamanaging projects. For any professional responsible for coordinating projects among diffe
The Handbook of Information Security is a definitive 3-volume Handbook that offers coverage of both established and cutting-e
The Handbook of Information Security is a definitive 3-volume Handbook that offers coverage of both established and cutting-e
The Handbook of Information Security is a definitive 3-volume Handbook that offers coverage of both established and cutting-e
This book will clearly define what blogging is and what is its value to businesses, from corporate communications and content m
The Complete IT Manager's Guidebook is practical, comprehensive roadmap for IT professionals and consultants on running a
The proposed book includes some of the main articles published during the last debate written by a set of highly prominent IS s
e-Learning is a rapidly emerging market that will increasingly influence how we learn in schools, in the work force, and at home
This book is an introductory guide to the concept of customer data integration for people who have skimmed the edges of integ
This book will present an approach to enterprise architecture, which enables corporations54 achieve their business objectives f
This book offers practical strategic guidance for how to best set up the Core Financial system modules (e.g. General Ledger, A
Staying competitive and meeting the pressure of regulatory compliance requirements demands that information sources and bu
The book will be organized and laid out to provide information in quickly understandable105     chapters and in sections within chapte
This book introduces and explains the Information Evolution Model (IEM), a patent-pending model that can be used to support
Businesses are fed-up today with the complexity, sluggishness, and high costs that IT imposes on the business. While IT is of v
Provides a concise, hands-on, and applied approach to Project Management. Taking a 273         computer program orientation, the focu
The only resource that focuses on facilitation skills as a key to effective team leadership. This book shows how to use the powe
In the five years since the first edition of How to be a Great Facilitator (previously titled The Facilitator Excellence Handbook) w
In The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni revealed the primary obstacles that34       prevent most organizations from perf
This book is a thorough revision of authors' previous editions. A necessary addition to virtual teams literature, it includes up to d
Project Management skills are in high demand, as businesses worldwide recognize the key role project managers play in their o
Best-selling author Patrick Lencioni's latest business fable takes on meetings - why we hate them, why we shouldn't, and how t
MBAs in the workforce today are facing issues in such areas as supply chain management, the balanced scorecard, and yield m
Jack Meredith and Scott Shafer abandon the traditional approach for operations management books and focus on business pro
Project Management: A Managerial Approach, 6th Edition addresses project management4               from a management perspective rat
Russell and Taylor provide readers with an ideal balance of managerial issues and quantitative techniques. The new Fifth Editio
Lean Distribution shows lean companies how to link their lean initiative to their distribution planning. Written to executives and
Focusing on how Operations Management (OM) fits into the business environment, this 147 takes OM beyond the factory sett
As people increasingly realize that most meaningful work in organizations is accomplished6      through projects, they are looking fo
The second edition of Managing Projects in Organizations has sold more than 100,000 copies since its publication in 1995, and
Since this book was first published in 1997, the project-based organization has become a33     permeating factor rather than anothe
Project Portfolio Management is an increasingly hot topic in New Product Development, IT, Pharmaceuticals, R&D and Enginee
EXtreme projects are characterized by high-speed, high-change, high-complexity, high-risk and highstress. While traditional pr
When any big innovation is inserted into an organization - a new business strategy, a major change of policies or processes, a
A career anchor is a combination of perceived areas of competence, motives, and values38       relating to professional work choices.
This will be a revision of a successful book that has sold over 21,000 copies since publication in 9/97, including 1,985 copies in
This book is a follow-up to Glenn's two other books with Wiley, How to Make Performance Evaluations Really Work and How to
Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies provides practical how-to advice for individuals who want to start their own persona
Making the Right Move is for executives and professionals who enjoy all the rewards of job success except the one that matter
A career anchor is a combination of perceived areas of competence, motives, and values relating to professional work choices.
This will be a revision of one of the most successful job interviewing books on the market today, over 150,000 sold in all edition
This is a revision of a strong back-list title (sales: 13,966); the current book offers comprehensive how-to information for starting
This will be a second editoin of the successful Starting a Limited Liability Company, (4/96), over 22,000 sold. The new edition w
For anyone who is looking to start a new venture, this book is a must read! It guides the reader through all the challenges theyll
Many people dream of becoming an inventor, but very few know how to make money from their inventions. Inventing For Dumm
   What the book covers: eBay Business All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies goes beyond all the other eBay business an
Smith and Smith apply current thinking in the areas of valuation, real options, and the economics of contracts to new venture de
The American economy is on the verge of a major expansion. After two years in the doldrums, all of the leading economic indic
From the author of The Unofficial Guide to Starting a Small Business, this book will be geared toward the needs of smaller bus
What the book covers: Starting a Yahoo! Business For Dummies helps both first-time Web entrepreneurs and existing brick-an
eBay aficionados are hungry for information about the site. Once they start selling, they're motivated to become successful and
Running a Restaurant For Dummies walks restaurateur wannabes step-by-step for what-to-do and when-to-do-it when preparin
Selling Your IT Business gives a complete overview of the business-sale process, everything from valuation to finding the right
Have you ever used office supplies such as post-it notes or paper for personal use? Have you ever used the office copier for co
With 25% new and updated information, Business Plans For Dummies 2e guides your business in the right direction whether yo
This is a 25th anniversary revision of the best-selling guide to launching and maintaining104 a small business. This new edition is u
 This is the third book in a series (Bankruptcy and Estate Planning) that is partnered between John Wiley and We The People,
Never Bet the Farm turns a great deal of expert advice for entrepreneurs on its head. The authors refute the idea that there is a
More than any other objective, small businesses want to grow. Yet the vast majority of small businesses either stagnates or fai
The new edition will contain two new chapters, Running a Seminar Business and Marketing Your Seminars. He will also reduce
Pilzer, a best-selling author, economist, rabbi and Presidential advisor, shows entrepreneurs, distributors and network markete
This book introduces a new approach to creativity in advertising: 'disruption," which means, literally, to break through and destro
This book describes the discipline of account planning, which combines 4 traditionally discrete areas of advertising and marketi
A revision of the highest-selling book within the Adweek series, Hey Whipple, Squeeze This (sales: over 40,000 copies). In this
Life After the 30-Second Spot is a handbook for marketers and advertisers seeking new ways to get their message out beyond
The sequel to the best-selling Adweek book, Disruption, this book shows the wider application of the concept as it affects vision
Two creative directors at leading ad agency Ogilvy Ask Jancy, an online forum where they answer the questions up-and-comer
This book is the only resource that provides non-theoretical, pragmatic help to improve any practice immediately.
This book the only resource that focuses exclusively on the implementation of consulting 14   methodology. It has a simple, accessi
This will be a revision of the successful Getting Started in Consulting which has sold over25  20,000 since 8/00 including 6,610 this
From the author of the best-selling consulting book of all time comes this action guide that puts "Flawless Consulting" into actio
Following on the success of Clients for Life, Andrew Sobel is writing Making Rain: The Secrets of Building Lifelong Client Loyalt
Consulting is entering the era of the guerrilla clientbuyers with a glut of information at their fingertips and questions about the va
This book helps trainers, training managers, and internal and external consultants working in partnership with their clients to id
 This book is intended to provide specific checklists, guidelines, templates, and actual examples of every step of the consulting
Covers the business competencies, skills, and topics of most interest and relevance to training professionals and includes the t
Designed to appeal to professionals whose responsibilities include the development and maintenance of training, performance
The original set of Instructional Design Competencies (1986) was the product of many years of research and experimentation a
The proposed book will provide e-learning trainers and instructors with three essential elements that can assist them in quickly
In this exciting new resource, Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, acknowledged as the world's foremost authority on interactive le
Simulators are the keystone to any sustainable educational solution, be it corporate, government, or K-12 and higher education
This book is the only guide that actually helps managers to decide whether they need HR20       software and what to look for, and it i
This book is a readable, non-technical primer that leads a potential user and/or consumer of assessments through a process o
While the worlds of corporate training and distance education have been buzzing about the current successes and future possi
Sharon Bowman has devoted her professional life to making training and teaching more effective, more engaging, and more m
Instructional designers, course developers, managers, and students will find more than 20 web-based training (WBT) instructio
Really two books in one, The Facilitators Guide section, targets the needs of those who design and facilitate retreats. It will be e
The ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation) process remains the dominant instructional mode
Translates the Six Sigma methodologies, tools, and techniques that are already accepted39 embraced by business stakehold
Active Training is the most significant instructional method to emerge in the last thirty years. Every book on the subject has bee
Several years ago, the late Peter Henschel, then director of the Institute for Research on 40  Learning, posed an important question
Author Marc Rosenberg became an internationally known guru with the 2000 publication of his book , e-Learning: Strategies fo
Section One: Using Technology-Assisted Training: This section will help novices become42        familiar with basic principles and appl
The Follow-Through Breakthrough describes a breakthrough in learning management that will transform the $55 billion corpora
Telling stories is a powerful way to make a point, especially when the stories are compelling, well constructed, and poignant. Th
About the book: This book is intended to help beginning trainers move their training and facilitation skills to the next level. It o
In his latest book, best-selling author, Mel Silberman, shows how to design for specific training situations and learning outcome
The interest in simulations in corporations, government, military, and academia has grown year over year, with little sign of satu
This book fulfills an effort to publish resources that help close the gap between research and practice for the training and devel
Steve Albrecht is a battle-hardened trainer who has spent much of his professional life taking assignments most trainers would
A Masie Center survey on Gaming and Simulations recently found that 70% of participants would be "Very" interested in particip
Training For Dummies will help the estimated 300,000 people who function as trainers despite having no background in the fiel
Since it was first published in 1991, Active Training has become a classic book in the field of training and development and a st
This book provides hands-on, practical guidance to e-learning professionals. Packed with64      over a hundred real examples/cases,
This reader-friendly book, chock-full of information, takes the reader from assessing needs through evaluating training. Organiz
Cover read line: How to select the right consultant; setting goals and objectives; writing the request for proposal, managing mul
This is the book that will stop the new or inexperienced trainer from reinventing the wheel, serving as an indispensable resource
Public Speaking For Dummies, 2nd Edition, reduces the bulk of the first edition to zero in on the issues of most concern to anyo
This highly practical book enables students and practitioners of coaching to understand established and proven behavioral the
The authors of this book bring a unique blend of expertise to the issue of marketing a coaching practice. Two are highly succes
This book updates and expands the original CfL by revising existing chapter contributions, adding contributions to reflect chang
At last, from a leading authority on the subject of coaching, a revised edition of the best-selling Masterful Coaching. This ground
Many of the world's most successful people (Bill Gates and Bill Clinton, for example) credit mentoring as a major factor in their
Communication can go haywire in so many ways. When we fail to make our points clear, to speak our minds, or to express our
This book will examine each of the functional areas of organizational communication--internal communication, PR, marketing,
Do You See What I See? is uniquely designed to help human resource professionals understand the behavioral subtleties and
The book presents the competencies of an effective practitioner, examine OD as both field and profession, and consider its his
Organization Development (OD) is closely related to change management. Richard Beckhard has defined OD as "a systemic a
For instructional designers at all levels of experience and in all settings, this book gives insight and practical applications for the
About the Book Rossett has created a clear, easy-to-follow, and updated guide to job aids. This instructionally-sound approac
The book is organized around a model that emerged from a two-year investigation by the13         author on creativity in virtual teams. T
The best way to learn is by doing. That's the secret behind the use of games and activities 6 learning. And far from being "child
While there have been numerous books on using games for learning, there has never been one that focuses on the cultural ph
This is a revision of a classic! This text provides a single source for information on both the structure and management of quali
Understanding and utilizing non-verbal communication--the hidden meaning of body language, breathing, dress, speech pattern
First revised edition of the landmark classic which changed the practice and profession of conflict resolution. "No practicing me
Invaluable and inspiring information on how to make money as a mediator in the major areas of practice -- including labor and e
This volume will be swiftly recognized as the essential, cutting edge reference for all practitioners, students, and teachers in the
This is the first comprehensive revision of the classic, number one best-selling book in conflict resolution. The second edition c
An original approach to teaching effective skills to mediators, neutrals, and other dispute resolution professionals, by presenting
This will be a new and thoroughly revised edition of one of our most successful trade conflict resolution titles (cloth edition publi
Facilitation has developed to become more than a process or a set of techniques for managing groups--it has become its own p
The original hardcover edition of this classic compendium has net sales since 2000 of 7,377 ($329,952), and has become requ
It's time to be critical. Conflict resolution (mediation, arbitration, and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution) has come a
Services Marketing Management provides students with an understanding of services marketing in an international context. Ba
Who are the affluent? Does a business owner who has accumulated five million dollars of investable assets perceive himself o
All salespeople must perform three completely different roles to succeed. First, they must17 generals who create a strategy to
With over 25% new material, Marketing Kit For Dummies, 2E includes new presentations20 conceiving brilliant marketing cam
A collection of short, thought-provoking essays on a range of marketing issues from one of the industrys best-known names Je
The new, second edition of Marketing For Dummies updates for the new millenium this popular and reliable guide to marketing
Renowned marketer Bernd Schmitt proposes the implementation of a new marketing paradigm, CEM (customer experience ma
There are 16,000,000 salespeople in the US and 5,000,000 are working with complex transactions in a wide range of industries
Marketing is no longer a dirty word for nonprofit and other social change leaders. Those who wish to make a difference know th
Marketing Champions explains to marketing professionals how to make the marketing department an influential, powerful, and
When conducted properly, marketing research can lead to better products, improved services, and a higher level of customer s
HIGH-PROFILE AUTHOR: Mary Lou Quinlan is the Founder and CEO of Just Ask a Woman, a consultancy within the $15 billio
In the vein of Lilyan Wilder's Seven Steps to Fearless Speaking, this is a back-list book that will be driven by the author's consid
Written in an engaging fashion and loaded with information that even most experienced professional communicators dont know
Differentiating your company's products and services from the competition has become the key to survival today when product
Public Relations For Dummies, 2E repurposes much of the material from Public Relations Kit For Dummies to meet the deman
There is not a single sales topic of concern greater than the secrets behind battling the plethora of lower-priced competitors. In
This is the first book to take readers inside this cosmetics powerhouse. It will offer a colorful look at Avon's journey to the top. T
What are the secrets to building an ultra-successful network marketing business? If you164 to ask 37 top distributors and ind
Tick. Tick. Tick. With consumers bombarded with thousands of marketing messages a day, you have exactly 3 seconds to
Written by two of the top experts in Network Marketing, this book shares with readers the secrets to becoming successful in thi
P.T Barnum, the infamous showman, is probably best known for having said, "There's a223         sucker born every minute." But, as Joe
Never Cold Call Again offers practical, step-by-step alternatives to traditional cold calling for salespeople, small business owner
Chapters include:          The Machine of Mediocrity        The Power Core                     241
                                                                                    Customer Quicksand        Are You Ready for Chan
Companies usually assume if their sales are good, then their brand and reputation must244 strong. But all too often, they don't h
Pricing Best Practices is focused on the art of pricing. Most books focus internally on costs, or activity based costing, as metho
 The Great Formula is the follow-up to The Irresistible Offer published by John Wiley & Sons in August 2005 (11,256 copies sol
Salespeople are looking for one thing...answers. In The Sales Bible, Jeffrey Gitomer describes the methods and techniques tha
Book Yourself Solid is a complete, easy-to-follow roadmap for starting and growing a service business and provides readers w
Based on Steve W. Martin's sales program, Heavy Hitter Selling shows readers how to achieve sales success. The book is the
This book takes the reader right to the core of the successful salesperson: their ability to motivate themselves. Most salespeop
The business-to business, complex sales arena is the most challenging and rewarding environment in the sales world and the 6
How to Get Your Competition Fired shows readers how to solve a major problem that traditional selling cannot. How do you get
In the NEW Seventh Edition of Marketing Research, McDaniel and Gates continue to share their real-life experiences from the
Marketing Express is the fast track route to mastering all aspects of marketing. It introduces and explains all the key techniques
From advertising and public relations to selling and packaging, marketing plays a key role in almost every business process. Th
This popular and comprehensive book focuses on all aspects of planning, coordinating and executing marketing strategy, inclu
The Business Marketing Course gives an excellent insight into understanding and managing business markets. The author tea
Asking Questions is the classic seminal guide to designing questionnaires, the most widely used method for collecting informat
The purpose of the book is to contribute to the re-think of marketing as a sales expense to marketing as investment with the ex
The days of the image brands are over, and new marketing has gone mainstream. The worlds biggest companies are now purs
                                                     s                                       220
In this book, the Kellogg School of Management†world-renowned faculty members provide an intensive look into brnad mana
Naked Conversations explains the why and how of blogging to business people. It helps717      businesses strip away the layers of co
This new edition de-emphasizes the story of Nordstrom and instead focuses on 15 principles for excellent customer service tha
Dalyrymples Sales Management is known for its friendly, real-world and practical approach to the concept of sales managemen
This is a revision of a book that has sold 20,500 copies since publication in November 2000. The new edition will feature a sub
Selling is Everyone's Business is a follow-up to Johnson's last book, If You're Not Out Selling, You're Being Outsold, which has
The textbook aims to be a mainstream consumer behaviour textbook, based on semesterised compulsory or optional modules
More than ever before, the media, citizens, and elected officials are demanding accountability from public and nonprofit organiz
In this edition of Nonprofit Nation, O'Neill takes a fresh look at what the nonprofit sector, and the power it has to use its growing
In a major breakthrough for the field of fundraising, Russ Alan Prince and Karen Maru File 1    provide development professionals w
Designing and Conducting Survey Research has become the standard reference in the field for public and nonprofit managers
This is the second edition of the best-selling nonprofit management reference and text. This is a perennial top-seller and is kno
Businesses can provide extraordinary resources to nonprofits as they struggle with todays strategic and financial challenges an
Nonprofit Kit For Dummies, 2E includes new information on filling out the new tax forms to declare tax exempt status. The boo
Key features of the new edition include: (1) new rules concerning charitable contributions of used vehicles and intellectual prope
People running nonprofits generally know about subject mattermuseum people know about art; social services people know ab
Nonprofit organizations are recognizing that the legislative environment has changed dramatically in the past three years with th
Government and not-for-profit organziations are facing increased pressure to implement performance management systems an
Because of the special tax-exempt status, nonprofits must comply with stringent federal and state regulations; the government'
In todays environment of increasing litigation and closer public sector scrutiny, nonprofits need to develop effective risk manage
Good ideas alone can't change the world. Whether local, regional or national in scope, all social change organizations need to d
The Board Chair-Executive Director relationship is key to the successful leadership and management of a nonprofit organizatio
Cause-related marketing is collaborative partnerships that tie business products, services and brands to nonprofit causes to cre
Building on the invaluable field experience of collaborative leaders, this book presents the tools readers need to make collabora
Creating and Implementing Your Strategic Plan is the best-selling companion workbook to 5       Bryson's landmark book, Strategic P
Computerization represents an economic commitment that many nonprofit groups with tight budgets have been reluctant to ma
Strategic planning is a common management tool in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. But, in order for it to be effective
There is growing pressure on nonprofits of every size to be accountable in their work. The scrutiny of nonprofit organizations b
John Bryson's Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations introduced a new and thoughtful strategic planning mo
The job of Executive Director can be the loneliest job in the world. When EDs have problems, they often cannot go to their boa
Finally a book that actually shows organization how to make collaboration work in the real world. A practical guide for nonprofit
Many social leaders and nonprofits are stuck in old ways of doing business--keeping constituents at arms length and treating th
Have you ever used office supplies such as post-it notes or paper for personal use? Have you ever used the office copier for co
As in the for-profit world, competitive strategies are essential keys to nonprofit organizational success. Driven by an affinity for c
Exposing the Elephants is different from other nonprofit books because it directly confronts the brutal facts of daily existence in
Robinson's accessible and lively guide to creating earned-income strategies shows nonprofits how to build money-earning reve
An innovative guide to grantwriting that encourages writers to emphasize human and narrative appeals in their applications.
Demystifying Grantseeking is an inspirational and instructional guide to grantseeking. The 7    authors address the fears that plagu
Grant Writing For Dummies 2E provides readers with the basics from the initial search for 8     govenment and private grants to dec
Need money to save the music program at your children's school? Or maybe you're trying9 raise funds to replace the roof on
Since its publication in 1997, Beyond Fund-Raising has sold almost 12,000 copies to development professionals and volunteers
Fundraising For Dummies, 2E is the next contender in the successful fundraising/nonprofit category. This most recent edition h
Nonprofits and individual donors alike know that giving can be a critical vehicle in shaping11 social justice. While donations to soc
It is widely known that the place most nonprofits start online is with researching potential donors. However, while many move on
  Give your donors what they want Friend-make before you fundraise Open hearts and minds, then wallets Turn complain
With a wealth of tips and tools--including sample scripts--The Ask will give any fundraiser31 confidence to ask anyone for any
In a time of increasing budget cuts and belt tightening, it is even more important for nonprofit development professionals to be a
Fundraising for Social Change is one of the most widely used books on fundraising in the36     United States. It provides hands-on, p
Webster's New World Grant Writing Handbook walks readers through the grant writing process from defining the project and g
The fear of fundraising keeps many board members from fulfilling one of their major responsibilities-helping to provide resource
The role of the nonprofit board has changed dramatically in the last three years. With the Grassley Hearings in 2004 and 2005,
Governance as Leadership redefines nonprofit governance and prepares readers to govern more effectively in light of an expan
This hands-on, step-by-step guide puts Carvers revolutionary Policy Governance Model to work in the real world. In Boards T
For over a decade, people have turned to Boards that Make a Difference when they want to bring their boards--and their organ
This essential guide familiarizes readers with the basics they need to know for protecting their or their company's critically impo
In today's knowledge-based economy, intellectual property (IP) is often the single most important asset of an enterprise. Intang
Early-stage pre-commercial products are products that are "ahead of their time" when compared to the other products on the m
The book provides a detailed sense of what Intellectual Property Assets are, how to measure their relative value, maximize the
The Art and Science of Technology Transfer is about moving technology out of labs and into practical as well as valuable applic
Economic Damages in Intellectual Property Matters presents a series of chapters by leading economists, IP professionals, and
Companies are increasingly looking to their intellectual property (patents, trademarks, formulas, copyrights, brand names, distr
Many companies and executives talk about patents, but few can demonstrate significant returns from them. Who are the elite
Conceived as a follow-up to the innovative and best-selling Edison in the Boardroom (which focused mainly on intellectual prop
"A masterful textbook, as well as an important and original contribution to the public organization theory literature. Rainey's boo
This is the revision of the classic ethics text used in public management programs across the country. In addition to its text mar
The Effective Public Manager has been the standard manual for public administrators and 8       students for over a decade. It focuse
Those who serve the public trust must take special care to ensure they make ethical and responsible decisions. Yet the realitie
The Handbook of Human Resource Management in Government is a core text and key reference for public management stude
The book presents Accentures path-breaking approach of applying key principles of Shareholder Value Analysis, used to gauge
The greatest investment loophole is called a tax free exchange. In the tax codes it is simply called IRC 1031. It works its mag
Dont you wish someone had warned you about the tech-stock bubble before it burst? You 7         need to read Cash in on the Coming
 We intend here to build a brand series aimed at the millions of first-time investors that will 7 entering the market in the next fe
Whether you are renting out part of your home, or investing in a property, this guide to the constantly changing market and its la
Gary Eldred will write The Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing to conform to the same high standards that characterize In
The Complete Guide to Real Estate Finance for Investment Properties: How to Analyze Any Single Family, Multi-Family, or Com
In their quest to achieve financial freedom and prosperity millions of people are turning to11 estate. Increasingly, these potent
Americas 2 million real estate agents are often real estate investors on the side because 13 have a better knowledge of their
A real estate investment title that documents a challenge made to Dolf deRoos to buy a house a week for a year. Dolf accepte
This book teaches the real estate investor how to have the mortgage lender with a non-performing loan accept less than the am
This revision of the original 1999 title has been completely updated for 2003 with information to enable anyone to qualify and re
This will be a revision of a successful book which is a primer on investing in commercial real estate aimed at the small investor
    The Complete Guide to Flipping Properties is intended for individuals interested in buying single-family houses in need of var
This will be a revision of the successful How To Buy and Sell Apartment Buildings, published in January 1993, 33,000 sold. Still
This will be a revision of a book that shows real estate brokers and sales associates how 39 make big commissions by selling c
Real estate investing is hot, but the biggest barrier to many people is finding the cash for 43 a down payment. This book teaches a
Because of the stock market meltdown of the last few years, individuals are looking for more secure ways to generate wealth. P
Looking to maintain its position as the top-selling home-buying book, the third edition of Home Buying For Dummies includes a
Commercial Real Estate Investing, is a composite of forty years of experience put into a book which is written so that any reade
Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies is the essential guide for both new and experienced real estate agents who wan
The No-Nonsense Real Estate Investors Kit will offer step-by-step instruction and practical advice to active and aspiring real es
Tax liens are very powerful and safe investments. In a comprehensive step-by-step method Making Money In Tax Liens: How t
Former police detective and millionaire landlord Mike Butler teaches his system for managing tenants with a minimum of hassle
This book shows beginning and experienced real estate investors how, and where, to acquire one million dollars in real estate i
Home Staging is a system used to prepare homes for sale. It is proven to help properties sell faster and for more money. Sta
Donald Trump does it. Walt Disney did it. In fact, all of the most successful real estate investors and developers do it on a regu
This book is written primarily for the novice real estate investor. The authors will focus on69 potential investment of a real esta
The Real Estate Investor's Guide to Cash Flow focuses on one of the most important of all real estate investment decisions-- w
The proposed second edition of The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings will include the following additi
Here are the strategies that have enabled the author to go from selling $50,000 homes to82        first-time buyers to recently selling a l
The book will focus on a dozen strategies, one from each of the mavericks. In addition, each chapter will profile a maverick, pro
Increasingly, people are turning from the stock market to invest in the more reliable real estate market. However, real estate in
Finding, researching, inspecting, negotiating, buying and reselling pre-foreclosure properties is a lot of hard work. But it can be
This new edition will include a new chapter on using the Internet to search for homes, obtain financing, and collect neighborhoo
Bill Carey and Chantal Howell Carey present a comprehensive analysis of abandoned properties and reveal the secrets to the p
The book relates some of the more intricate and interesting transactions done by Donald Trump and other real estate moguls s
The book relates some of the more intricate and interesting transactions done by Donald Trump and other real estate moguls s
The author will add a chapter entitled New Strategies for the New Century. Such strategies will include: 1. Look for properties o
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are an emerging asset class. REITs are growing as a group, with over $450 billion of e
This book is packed with the latest tax and legal secrets of real estate investing. With real examples throughout, Kennedy expla
The import/export business - buying a product in one country and selling it in another - requires understanding and managing n
It is difficult to overstate the importance of cash flow to overall corporate financial health. 20 fundamental concepts of credit q
As markets become increasingly global, and acquisitions, joint ventures, and alliances cross national boundaries, negotiators n
Because of our failure to manage the deluge of messages in our collective inbox, e-mail is causing more productivity loss than
The firm that disregards an ethical stance does so at its own peril in todays environment of investigative reporters, a media quic
This book will follow the same four investors from Book One of the series as they take their investing business to the next level
With the increased dependency of modern corporations on computer technology and special-purpose facilities, contingency pla
America was built on a spirit of free enterprise--a tradition that is now being threatened by a partnership of big business and big
The Six Sigma Workbook For Dummies fills the need for a hands-on, practice guide for both the management and technical ar
Jim Ware answers the demands of his clients worldwide looking for a book that showcases the behaviors of the best in winning
Sarbanes-Oxley For Dummies will be the affordable, plain English alternative to the frequently dense, expensive, and textbook-
RE/MAX was founded over thirty years ago in Denver Colorado based upon a revolutionary idea for a new system of selling rea
The most critical question facing the world energy market is whether Saudi Arabia can substantially increase its oil production t
Joe Wilson is the unsung leader of the technological innovations that swept U.S. business in the mid 20th century and that cont
How do you improve your decision-making abilities in order to make sound judgments? Combining behavioral decision researc
The most critical question facing the world energy market is whether Saudi Arabia can substantially increase its oil production t
Known for its clear and practical approach, this book offers a framework for conducting research in a scientific manner in all are
Economics For Dummies will:                                                                     104
                                   Explain what an "economy" is and how government and individual consumers shape a nation
  How does the rise in inflation affect interest rates? How will the economy respond to an increase in the price of consumer goo
This highly esteemed second edition presents material in an accessible way that helps readers develop a deeper understandin
In today's highly competitive business environment, managers must be able to make increasingly more complex decisions. Thi
Covering the broad sweep of modern economics and strategy research, this comprehensive book broke new ground in its origi
This highly esteemed second edition presents material in an accessible way that helps readers develop a deeper understandin
Written by distinguished authorities in the field, this book offers the liveliest writing, the right sequence of topics, and exceptiona
This highly esteemed second edition presents material in an accessible way that helps1769      readers develop a deeper understandin

This new edition reflects recent advances in time-series econometrics, such as out-of-sample forecasting techniques, non-linea
This book explores econometrics using an intuitive approach that begins with an economic model. It emphasizes motivation, un
                           Market description
Managers, executives, in charge of producing external results that matter to customers or stakeholders. This book applies to m

According to the Small Business Bureau, there are currently approximately 24 million small businesses in the U.S. Accounting
Business Professionals includingCorporate Financial Analysts, Practicing Accountants, Credit Analysts, Institutional Investors a
Financial managers and non financial managers, individual investors
Business Professionals needing a basic introduction to accounting Students taking the accounting survey course

Accounting 2ed is intended as a core textbook for students studying accounting for the first time: either those following an unde
Financial Information Analysis 2nd Edition has been written for undergraduate and MBA students taking courses in financial inf

Accountants and Students and Instructors of Accounting.
Accountants and Students and Instructors of Accounting.

Accountants and Students and Instructors of Accounting.
Accounting Professionals preparing for the CPA exam.

Professional accountants.

Business executives and managers, criminal investigators, attorneys

Accountants and Students and Instructors of Accounting.
Accountants and Students and Instructors of Accounting.

Financial Accounting is intended as a core textbook for students studying financial accounting for the first time: either those foll

Business Managers, Financial Accountants, and Economists.

Controllers, budget managers, CFOs
CEOs, CFOs, controllers, strategic planners, and process engineers
Controllers, Cost Managers
CFOs, CEOs, treasurers, cash managers, credit managers
Accountants and Students and Instructors of Business, Management and Accounting
Accountants and Students and Instructors of Business, Management and Accounting
controllers, CFOs, financial managers
Accountants and Students and Instructors of Business, Management and Accounting

Auditors, Fraud Examiners, CFOs, Controllers, and law enforcement professionals

Controllers, CFOs, Financial Analysts, Internal Auditors, Public Accountants.
  For Accountants, Accounting Managers, and Finance Personnel-This audience has a daily need for a detailed reference manu
Controllers, cost managers, CFOs, and strategic and operational managers.
CEOs, CFOs, controllers, managers of IT, auditing, human resources (benefits), sales, and manufacturing.
CEOs and CFOs, managers, and nonprofit and federal government agencies.
Management Accounting is intended as a core textbook for students studying management accounting for the first time: either
Accountants and Students and Instructors of Business, Management and Accounting
Accountants, Managers, and Accounting Students.
Accountants, Managers, and Accounting Students.
CFOs, CEOs, Auditors, Controllers, and Operations Managers Accounting/finance, College Students.
CEOs, CFOs, business appraisers, lawyers, venture capitalists, finance professors
CFOs, tax managers, corporate development managers
Accounts payable managers, controllers, CFOs
CEOs, CFOs, controllers, treasurers
CFOs, CEOs, controllers, directors of business development, M&A professionals, business valuation practitioners, CPAs
Credit Managers, Treasurers, and Controllers.
CEOs, CFOs, VP finance, auditors
CFOs, COOs, IT managers, information analysts, software consultants.
  Internal auditors, CFOs, controllers, and accounting managers who need to install, manage or review the full range of controls
CFOs, CIOs, Controllers, Auditors,
Treasurers, controllers, cash managers, accounts payable managers, accounting managers, small business owners
Internal auditors, external auditors, consultants, CFOs, senior managers, small business owners, and students.
Chief Financial Officers, treasures, controllers, financial managers, small business owners, CPAs and other financial professio
Treasurers, controllers, cash managers, accounts payable managers, accounting managers, small business owners
Accountants, financial executives, and MIS professionals.
For any individual or group that participates in the planning or performance of an engagement to evaluate and report on the effe
Internal and External Auditors, Controllers, CFOs
Controllers, CFOs, internal auditors, CPAs, and managers, universities, fraud auditing classes.
For accountants, managers, or groups that participate in the planning or performance of an engagement to evaluation and repo
Accountants, auditors.
Auditors, Controllers, and Accountants.
Internal Auditors, Controllers, Universities
Auditors, investigators, corporate attorneys, accountants.
Internal auditors, chief audit executives, audit managers and staff
Internal auditors, chief audit executives, audit managers and staff
Internal auditors, chief audit executives, audit managers and staff
auditors, CFOs

Public Accountants, Chartered Accountants
Accountants, finance professionals, auditors, financial analysts and other users of IFRS/IAS, also ACCA (Association of Charte
 Controllers, CFOs, IT managers, SAP consultants
Accounting Practitioners in Public Accounting Firms, Consulting Firms, Governmental Agencies, and Corporations.
 Within state and local governments Professional managers, budget preparers, school boards, city councils, state legislators,
 All Federal financial management personnel - accountants, budget officials, directors and staff of chief financial officers, inspe
CPA candidates and the people who train them, specifically upper division undergraduates

101 Marketing Strategies for Accounting, Law, Consulting and Professional Services Firms is especially valuable to those charg
Financial personnel of not-for-profit organizations responsible for accounting and financial reporting; independent auditors in sm
Financial Personnel of Governmental Entities responsible for Accounting and Financial Reporting. These include Accountants a
Primary market:      Individuals who are financially savvy, want to reduce their tax bill and want the information to be presented
Appraisers and accountants need interpretation of each standard of value and its practical applications; attorneys need the guid
CPAs- who prepare business valuation Attorneys- who work with appraisers Business valuation appraisers Mergers and Ac
Any individual or group that participates in the planning or performance of an engagement to evaluate and report on the effectiv
Valuation appraisers, CFOs, controllers, auditors
Beyond Six Sigma: A New Customer-Focused Paradigm is targeted at the general business market place, including: Managers
CPAs- 40,000 AICPA member practice business valuations. Recent AICPA survey shows CPAs view business valuation as the
Small business owners and accounting managers in smaller businesses
All accounting professionals and those who need to better understand the roles and responsibilities of the public company audi
CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, and executives that play a role in implementing SOA.
Corporate Financial Analysts, Practicing Accountants, Credit Analysts, Institutional Investors and Money Managers, Commercia
Business readers, business self-help readers.
Those who are interested in starting or transitioning to a construction management career.
CEOs, Presidents, Top Managers, Entrepreneurs, and General Business Readers--not just in the airline industry: this is a gene
Entrepreneurs, real estate investors

General Business, and a great gift book.
This book is written for anyone in a leadership/management position ineither the public or private sector who needs to get bette

Business and manufacturing managers
General business readers; readers interested in the auto industry; BMW owners.
The primary audience for this text includes small business owners who keep their own books, as well as individuals who are int
Business self-help readers.
Line managers, corporate counsels, HR managers, auditors, controllers, risk managers, ethics officers, compliance directors, e
Any manager (typically HR and Finance) responsible for a companys retirement plan will want to read it. In particular, Chief Fin
Consumers interested in motivational/success stories. Business leaders. Those familiar with Garcia from the Hispanic commun
Consultants, managers, leaders, and facilitators (a fast growing professional area) across all industries and types of organizatio
Leaders, managers, MBA students

Business readers. Readers with an interest in McKinsey or Marvin Bower.
Individuals with an interest in aviation or business. Customers of JetBlue.
Team leaders and members, meeting facilitators and schedulers, organizational development offices, human resources, anybo
Financial professionals in banking, insurance, mortgage lending and accounting fields.

Professional service providers, managers of professional services firms.
Primary Markets: Anyone involved or interested in International Business, Finance, Global Economics, Marketing and Retail, M
Business owners and those thinking of going into business.
Salespeople, procurement managers, middle managers, junior managers, students.
Primary Markets: Anyone involved or interested in International Business, Finance, Global Economics, Marketing and Retail, M
Individual investors, general readers.

General audience, fans of business profiles, individual investors.
Readers interested in starting a business and general business readers. Fans of Build-A-Bear Workshop.
Business readers. Readers with an interest in McKinsey or Marvin Bower.
All business owners looking to learn from Wal-Mart.
Professionals needing a focused introduction to business communications, business students in community colleges and propr

Business managers in all professions.
Business leaders, senior executives.
Facilitators, consultants, HR professionals and executives, project managers, teams and anyone who works in groups.

The primary audience of the Careers Workbook For Dummies includes people seeking to revitalize their careers, people seekin
General business readers with product ideas; creative small-business or home-business owners; amateur inventors.
Virtually everyone has to write letters, but barely anyone has the time to start from scratch every time. From busy executives to
Primary Market Job hunters at all levels of employment. Secondary market Personal coaches
Business Self-Help
The primary audience for this text includes non-financial professionals, such as small business owners, entrepreneurs, and ma

Entrepreneurs and those interested in the restaurant business.

General Business Self-Help, Networking
Business people and self-help market who understand the link between peak performance in sport and achieving your goals in
Business self-help readers.
General Self-Help, Business/Management
Business Entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs.
Leaders in all walks of life (corporate middle managers upwards) HR directors wanting to provide aspiring individuals with a fra
General Self-Help, Business/Motivational
General Self-Help/Business Motivational
Readers of personal development & self-improvement titles.
Anyone employed, especially self-employed, managers, and decision makers.
General Self-Help, Business/Motivational
Sales and marketing people Secondary market: accountants, lawyers, management consultants and managers
 managers and executives who are concerned with employee productivity, learning, resilience, and commitment HR manage
Executives, managers and employees
Managers, supervisors, trainers and HR professionals charged with ensuring their teams get results. Team leaders and manag
Leaders in all areas, particularly business, nonprofit and government. Also, academics and MBA students.
Executives in any industry, Exec Ed Students, MBA Students.

Project managers, senior executives, engineers, consultants, team managers.
Managers and organizational leaders (CEOs). This book allows them to focus on developing and strengthening HRO processe
CIOs, C-level executives, IT professionals.
Business managers
Anyone who works in a team setting. Though the primary focus is business –                                     the
                                                                           executives, managers, consultants – concepts in
Business Students and Professors, Business Managers.
Small businesspeople, consultants, white-collar professionals.
Marketing managers, community relations managers, nonprofits, advertisers, PR professionals.
Management/HR consultants, Academics
Project Managers, Financial Managers, and Managers across all organizations who deal with risk will be interested in this book
  Managers and executives taking new positions inside or outside their organization     HR executives, trainers, and mentors
Consultants; Management teams of consulting firms
The primary audience is practicing managers and those who work with them (including HRD practitioners) who are responsible
Business entrepreneurs
Business leaders, especially those in human resources, marketing, corporate communications, and operations.

Executives, managers and employees
Business Professionals; Students of Marketing
Project managers
MBA students and academics, consultants, for-profit and nonprofit professionals as a general resource to review and draw on g
Managers, business professionals.

CEOs, managers, product specialists, marketing managers. All levels of corporate management involved in pricing and corpora
Chief ethics officers, Corporate counsel, Heads of human resources, Professionals involved in training, communications, and c
Managers, HR professionals
Human Resource managers and executives, Training and Develoment managers, recuiters, recruiting agencies, hiring manage
Hiring Managers, Human Resource departments and consultants
I/O students, I/O practitioners, lawyers and judges who are actors in these cases, HR staff and senior executives who become
Human resource professionals, business students

First, it will provide HR professionals and I/O psychologists with an authoritative primer on the current and future impact of tech
The primary audience for this book is will be industrial and organization psychologists, especially survey practitioners and consu
Human resource managers

HR managers, executives, consultants, and academics in business and psychology (I/O psych in particular) will learn how to m
Management, business professionals.
Leaders, executives, trainers, HR and OD consultants, facilitators, academics and students of organizational behavior, culture,
Professionals in management and psychology Students of Psychology and Business
Coaching practitioners, consultants, managers, OD professionals, corporate university staff, and internal training and leader
  Consultants, managers, and leaders in business, nonprofit, government, and other fields.      Business school courses in or
Top Executives, Managers at all levels, and Business Students.

General Management Audience, Strategic Decision Makers at a Senior Executive Level and Implementors of the organization's
Salespeople, Marketing Managers, Customer Service Managers, Labor Negotiators, etc.
Board directors and high level executives and auditors
Retailers, marketers.
Strategists, executives and scholars
CEOs and general managers
The primary audience will be small business owners and business managers who are looking to gain basic information about th
The book is targeted at managers facing one or both challenges: how to build or expand their companies' global presence and
 Executives seeking to implement a process in their company that will allow them to affect change to become more productive
Business managers and owners.
CEOs, Senior Managers and Leaders across all sectors and all industries; consultants.
UMBS audience
 Entrants into the health industry to understand how the field is shaping itself and find new ways to compete Managers of org

Anyone charged with assessing organizational culture, especially for a merger or acquisition. This entails largely human resour
CFOs, CIOs, VP marketing, distribution managers, students
Business managers, auditors, and investigators. Law enforcement officials. Identity theft victims.
Managers and owners for privately-held businesses.
Controllers, Finance Managers, CFOs, Compliance Officers, and Project Managers in charge of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.
CFOs, CEOs, and controllers
CEOs, controllers, business managers, HR managers

Business and IT managers, controllers, CIOs, COOs, CTOs, CFOs
Business Managers and Executives; Corporate Planners; Management Consultants; MBA Students.
CEOs, CSR Heads and other senior executives. Executive education programs and business schools.
Managers, HR departments, internal consulting groups, consultants, management development groups, academics and studen
Managers and executives; management consultants; MBA and executive education students.

CFOs, CEOs, Auditors, Controllers, and Operations Managers, Accounting/finance.
Managers and employees
CEOs, CFOs, Managers, Auditors, Controllers, and risk management professionals.
CEOs, chief customer officers, customer service executives, marketing executives
Executives and Managers, Executive Education and MBA Programs, Consultants, Academics.
Managers, executives, and consultants involved in or considering new market entry (which in this time of rapid change is just ab
Business and government leaders who need, or are keen, to understand what is behind the popular concept of competitiveness
The primary market for this book is large or small businesses who wish to strengthen their customer relations.

Primary market, CEOs and marketing people. Secondary Market, Entrepreneurs

Leaders in business General business
CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Controllers, Operations Managers
   Boards, CEOs, and managers in companies of all sizes        Those in sustainability-related fields: activism, law, investing, go
CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, business managers, supply chain operators.
Managers, consultants, MBA & OD students
CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Vice Presidents and Division and Department Managers, Business Consultants
Economists, business executives, managers in all industries, instructors.
Primary Audience: Management consultants, human resource professionals, department managers in charge of leadership dev

  Leaders and managers       Small business owners        Training, OD, and HR professionals
The book appeals to leaders and speakers across all fields: business, politics, academics, non-profit, religion, sports and more

For managers, small business owners, and the general business reader. Executives report employee turnover is greatly reduc
Corporate managers and senior executives at mid- to large-sized companies. This includes managers of business functional gr
CEOs, Presidents, Senior Managers, and Directors and Trustees of Profit and Not-for-Profit Organizations, Community Leader
Business and nonprofit executives, leadership development consultants and trainers, and Human Resource and Professional E

Organizational leaders, and senior HR and Training Professionals; Leadership development consultants; Business schools.
Leaders, executives, consultants, academics and students of leadership, organizational behavior, and change, trainers and tea
  Personal, business and executive coaches       Mentors and managers        Leadership consultants
CEOs, Presidents, Senior Managers, and Directors and Trustees of profit and not-for profit organizations. Community Leaders.
Management consultants, human resource professionals, department managers in charge of leadership development, and MB

Leaders in business, nonprofit organizations, and government as well as consultants, trainers, board members, and Human Re
Primary Audience: Internal training and HR professionals, team leaders, and independent consultants and trainers.   Second
CIOs, CEOs, CFOs, IT Managers and Executives
Leaders across all organizations, especially business, education, and government. Consultants, managers, MBA students and
Executives, managers, negotiators, leadership, human resources, organziational behavior.

ABA, CBA, RBTE, and seminary bookstores. Direct Mail (business management).

This workbook provides a proven set of activities for working with teams and individuals to develop the desired behaviors. Train

leaders, managers in organizations and those that aspire to lead
Primary Audience: Training and human resource professionals who create and run leadership/executive development program
HR professionals, leaders and managers (especially those working with gay staff and colleagues, gay professionals
Leadership development, Human Resources, Organizational Development, management.
Leaders and managers in both business and government, including the military. Amateur historians, Eisenhower fans, etc.
Primary Audience: Kouzes and Posner fans. Management consultants, human resource professionals, training professionals,
Leaders and senior executives; Leadership trainers and HR managers for corporate training programs.
All accounts -- any Christian interested in the most solid, tested, proven leadership wisdom. Fans of Kouzes & Posner's work.
Leaders, Executives, Consultants and Leadership Coaches.
Professors and students in leadership, business ethics, law, management, and professional ethics, leaders, managers, hr profe

Management consultants, human resource professionals, department managers in charge of leadership development, and MB
Postgraduate courses and post experience training in change and innovation management, leadership and creativity, for examp

   Board members of companies in the US and abroad           CEOs and other top executives    Company stakeholders
Management consultants, human resource professionals, department managers in charge of leadership development, and MB
Leaders, managers. HR executives
Middle and senior managers, directors, corporate officers, human resources professionals, coaches, mentors, non-profit mana
Primary Audience: Training and human resource professionals who create and run leadership/executive development program
 Business leaders, CEOs and aspiring business leaders Executive education/MBA market
CEOs, Managers, and General Readers.
 Business leaders or those who aspire to be business leaders Human resources managers and corporate trainers Graduat
CEOs and Senior executives and executive teams, managers, consultants, MBAs in leadership or strategic management.
Business leaders; students of MBA and Executive Education Programs.
Executives and managers in transition or starting new roles.
Primary Audience: Training and human resource professionals who create and run leadership/executive development program
IT managers, CTOs, Executive recruiters, selected Executive MBA Programs.

Leaders, business professionals, team and project leaders, consultants, managers, and MBA students.
Leaders and managers in business and other fields.
Leaders in all organizations, HR and Training professionals, consultants, academics, MBA students and students of I/O psycho
Managers, executives, professionals at all levels, and general business readers interested in developing effective relationships
 Managers and leaders Consultants and coaches Principals and teachers Government officials Course adoption potent
The primary audience for this book is black corporate leaders and those who work with them. It also intended to provide a fram
Managers and leaders in business.
Fans of Reframing Organizations and Leading with Soul in addition to leaders, consultants, educators, administrators, manage
Primary Audience: Kouzes and Posner fans. Management consultants, human resource professionals, department managers
General business reader, leaders, consultants, HR professionals.
   Business leaders and managers           Leadership development professionals         Leaders in nonprofit, government, and othe
CEOs, SR VPs and Executives, Leaders, Managers and coaches
Leaders and managers in all fields. Because of Georgescu's Young & Rubicam connection, the book will be of special interest
Managers, executives, employers, leaders
 Corporate board members, CEOs, and executives Human resource managers Institutional investors Business school st
Management consultants, human resource professionals, department managers in charge of leadership development, and MB
Subscribers to LIA (1800), leaders, managers, consultants across organizations, academics and potential text use in leadership
Primary Audience: Kouzes and Posner fans. Management consultants, human resource professionals, department managers
Women leaders, managers, consultants, as well as fans of Debbie Kolb's from the negotiation, facilitation, mediation fields, aca
General business readers, finance professionals, managers, corporate educators, businesses, and serious entrepreneurs.
Managers, HR
This is essential reading for all leaders. The authors' philosophy is that "leadership is everyone's business", including corporate

Management consultants, human resource professionals, department managers in charge of leadership development, and MB
 Managers and customer-facing employees in service firms     Sales, marketing, brand, and customer service managers in
Management consultants, human resource professionals, department managers in charge of leadership development, and MB

OD practitioners, facilitators, consultants, project managers, leaders, managers, HR professionals, community leaders in health
 Marketing Executives CEOs
 Frontline supervisors and managers, including team and project leaders        Senior managers who will support frontline leaders

Any person in a leadership position: Executives, Group Directors, Managers. Academic Researchers in management, Organize

Academics and students in organization development, organizational behavior, leadership, and organization theory courses; tra

Facilitators, consultants, trainers, organizations such as Project Management Institute, Organization Development Network, Inte
General management audience, HR professionals, CEOs and executives, Organizational Design professionals, consultants, st
  Facilitators     Team leaders and team members            Managers and supervisors       Consultants     Teachers

CEOs, Executives, Board Members, Managers, Anyone interested in organizational leadership and culture and anyone that bou
Senior Executives, HR Directors/Managers, HR Consulting Professionals, Business School Programs in leadership and execut

University students studying SSM in business administration, management, information systems, IT and the management scien
Market Researchers, Financial Analysts, Business Planners, Business Economists, Operations Managers, Human Resources
Project Managers in industries ranging from Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Technology (IBM, Intel), and Government Ag
  Managers and executives who need a refresher course Manager "wannabes" who don't have time to pursue an MBA MBA

College libraries, Computer Science, MIS, CIS, IT, IS, Data Processing and Business Departments
College libraries, Computer Science, MIS, CIS, IT, IS, Data Processing and Business Departments
College libraries, Computer Science, MIS, CIS, IT, IS, Data Processing and Business Departments
Business people interested in the trend of using blogs for marketing, advertising, public relations, and corporate communication
Executives, IT managers and consultants
Essential for any practitioners with an interest in the theoretical debate within the discipline; will also be required reading for MS

Chief Learning Officers, Managers, HR Departments, Trainers, and Educators.
CIOs, Chief Marketing Officers, Customer Service and Sales executives, IT Development Managers, Application Developers, a
Business and IT managers, controllers, CIOs, COOs, CTOs
Controllers, Finance Managers, CFOs, Compliance Officers
CFOs, Controllers, CIOs, IT Directors
Chief Financial Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, IT Directors, IT Project Leaders, Team Leaders
C-level executives (CIOs, CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs) and directors who are responsible for scoping, shaping, and steering busin
CEOs, CFOs, business managers who are interested in "self-help" business books with a technology twist
Professionals in Business, IS and Engineering Students of Project Management People preparing for the Project Manageme

Anyone who works in a team setting. Though the primary focus is team leaders - be they business executives, managers, and
Team leaders; Senior managers; Project managers; Trainers; HR professionals; Consultants; IT; any business person seeking
Professional project managers who are looking for new ways to inspire and motivate project teams, as well as those for whom
Leaders, managers, facilitators, and anyone else who participates in meetings, in business, non-profit, government, religion, or

Managers, Engineers, and Students of Business.
Operations, Production, Manufacturing Managers.
Project Managers, Professionals in Business, IS, and Engineering, and Students of Business and Project Management.
Operations Managers, Students of Operations Management and Business

CEOs, CFOs, COOS, Vice Presidents of Logistics/Distribution/Supply Chain etc...
Operations Managers, General Business Readers, Instructors, and Students of Business.
 advanced or senior project managers, managers of project managers, directors, program managers, consultants, and profess
Project managers, MBAs, students enrolled in ESI's certification program.
Project Managers, directors, managers of project managers, program managers, consultants and professors of PM--all who ha
Program managers and project managers in IT, New Product Development, Pharmaceuticals, R&D, and Engineering, CIOs, CT
Project managers, project team members, senior project managers, project office members, students of PM (especially through
 Mid- and senior-level managers Consultants Internal consultants Strategists

Primary Audience: Mid-career business professionals who are considering a job or career change. Secondary Audience: Profe

Job hunters

Human Resources, Professionals and Managers
 For individuals who want to become a certified personal trainer, start a personal training business, or even build and improve t

Job hunters
Current and would-be small business owners and entrepreneurs.
Small business owners, real estate investors, accountants

Entrepreneurs and Students and Instructors of Business.

    Who uses this product: Almost every Web savvy shopper has either bought or sold something using eBay.         Who are we ta
Entrepreneurs, financial professionals, and managers.
Small Business and Entrepreneur

  Who uses this product: Yahoo! is one of the top 10 Web properties in the world with millions of users viewing the site monthl

  The restaurant industry employs 11.6 million people, making it the nations largest private sector employer. The industry provid
IT business owners, accountants, and consultants
Owners of small (and mid-sized) businesses and the professionals that provide financial & accounting services for them, includ
According to the US Census Bureau, 700,000 businesses were started in 2002. The primary audience will be the entrepreneu
Entrepreneurs and small business owners; anyone considering entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurs, small businesses, business students, consultants, coaches, investors.
Small business and entrepreneurs
Consultants, trainers, teachers
Entrepreneurs; Investors; Distributors; Network Marketers.
Advertising Professionals at all levels-- from CEO to Junior Account Executive, as well as the Creative Team. Marketing Manag
In Advertising Agencies: Account Planners, Account Executives, Account Managers, Researchers, In Client Companies: Marke

Marketers & advertisers.
Account planners; Advertisers; Marketers.
Advertisers, especially in junior positions.

Consultants and Trainers, Managers and Executives, Human Resource Professionals, Educators.
Professional service personnel (doctors, attorneys, accountants, banks and architects) and consultants.
The primary audience is the same people who bought the first edition: Trainers, performance consultant wanna bes, and mana


Anyone working in the T&D/HR area from directors to front-line employees will find the information practical and critical to their

The primary audience is experienced trainers, training and HRD managers, and internal and external performance improvemen
Primary audience: Trainers, human resource managers, instructional designers, internal and external consultants and performa
The primary audiences will include corporate instructional designers and trainers who are working to improve the interactivity of
Training professionals, HR specialists, team leaders, and training consultants.
Primary Audience: Training managers, human resource professionals, chief learning officers, and anyone else who makes thei

Human resources and training professionals who conduct such assessments -- often without an adequate understanding of the
Primary Audience: Training managers, instructional designers, directors and executives as well as human resource profession

Instructional designers, course developers, performance technologists, training managers, training specialists, human resource
This book is a unique resource for anyone who designs or facilitates retreats, including internal and external organization devel
The online learning community comprises a broad spectrum of disciplines that include training professionals, instructional desig
Any person charged with the successful design and measurement of training initiatives, as well as those who are accountable f
   The materials in this book will appeal to staff trainers and independent training consultants who are involved in general corpo
Primary Audience: People who are involved in the learning process as a key part of their work. This would include training dire
It will appeal to a wide audience within the training profession, from instructional designers to chief learning officers, and to a di
Trainers, human resource managers, instructional designers, internal and external consultants, and performance improvement
Target audience includes corporate Learning Managers and Consultants, who number more than 500,000 in the US alone. The
Primary: Trainers, consultants, teachers, and adult learning practitioners who are actively engaged in adult instruction in the are
Written for training professionals, particularly those in the early stages of their career. The series is especially useful for, but no
  The book will appeal to staff trainers and independent training consultants who are involved in general corporate training and d
Primary Audience: Training managers, human resource professionals, chief learning officers, and anyone else who makes thei
This book does not assume that the reader has any background in learning theory, instructional methods, or multimedia resear
Potential readers include in-house trainers and HR specialists especially, but not limited to, those who make up a Training/HR D
Primary Audience: Training managers, human resource professionals, instructional designers, and anyone else who makes the
Professional trainers who are seeking certification from the American Society for Training and Development Professional traine
   The materials in this book will appeal to staff trainers and independent training consultants who are involved in general corpo
Primary Audience: Training managers, instructional designers, and directors as well as human resource professional and anyo
The market for this book includes both internal and external trainers and consultants who are responsible for designing, develo
The primary audience for this book is the internal training and HR professional. A secondary market exists among external con
Training Professionals in small or one-person training departments and training "newbies." Also, subject matter experts, HR ge
The National Speakers Association has approximately 4,000 members. Toastmasters International, a nonprofit educational org
   Personal and executive coaches          Students in coach training programs         Human resource professionals          Mental he

Personal and executive coaches; solo consultants; therapists.

Anyone thinking of getting into the field of coaching, and to those thinking of hiring a coach for themselves or their organizations

  Anyone interested in advancing their career.        Managers and executives, particularly in human resources and training & d

IABC membership, communications professionals, students and academics in graduate communications and business courses
Primary Audience: Human resource professionals and directors of diversity initiatives in corporate, education, government, and

The audience is really anyone entering the OD field, interested in what OD is about, or beginning an OD certificate, graduate, o
Approximately 20-30% of the sales of this book come from text adoptions in organization development graduate courses and c
Trainers, Training Managers, Instructional Designers, Education Administrators, and other Performance Improvement Professi
Trainers, HR professionals, and consultants -- anyone charged with improving workplace performance. In addition, this book m
Oerational human and organizational performance improvement professionals and their supervisors
Team leaders, trainers, and consultants are the primary audience. General managers and academics with an interest in virtual

The primary market for this book will be trainers, consultants, and other HR professionals whom we will reach through direct m
Primary audience: Internal training and HR professionals, team leaders, and independent consultants and trainers Secondary
Managers, industry practitioners.

Individual lawyers, mediator, neutrals, judges, arbitrators, neutrals, and other conflict resolution professionals will buy the book

Attornies, family mediators, neutrals, arbitrators, judges, students and teachers in the field.Also libraries, courses in Law Schoo
Mediators, lawyers, managers, therapists, social workers, planners, students, and teachers.
Conflict Res professionals, including mediators, attorneys, therapists doing family and divorce work, neutrals, judges, arbitrator
Individuals through bookstores, also corporations making bulk purchases for the training and HR departments. Some direct, so
Facilitators, consultants, trainers, organizations such as PMI (100,000 members), Organization Development Network, Internat
Conflict Res professionals, members of the Section on Dispute Resolution of the American Bar Association, members of the As

Students studying services marketing at 2nd-3rd year undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA level as well as those on manage
Sales, marketing and management
Sales and financial services (stockbrokers, CPAs, banking)
Sales professionals
The primary audience will be the approximately 10 million people in the domestic U.S. market who either own or operate a mid-
Anyone in the advertising and marketing community.
The primary audience will be comprised of the approximate 10 million people in the domestic U.S. market who either own or op

Sales Professionals
People working to promote good causes, nonprofit professionals and marketers, consultants

Business Professionals, Students of Management, Marketing and Market Research
Marketers, advertisers, brand managers.

Corporate and marketing communicators in the field of public relations; advertising and marketing professionals within corporat
Middle and higher-level marketing executives in medium-sized and large firms; senior executives

The primary market includes both large and small businesses, for-profit and nonprofit alike, who wish to find new ways of creat

The 4 million Avon representatives; millions of Avon customers; thousands of beauty industry insiders, Avon shareholders and
Sales and marketing
Marketing professionals and salespeople

Entrepreneurs, managers, marketers.
Sales professionals
Sales Directors, Customer Service/Consumer Affairs Managers, Business Owners, CRM Managers, DM Managers, Sales Staf
   Branding and marketing executives and managers in any size organization    Other leaders concerned with their organizat
All business executives responsible for profit improvementCEO, CFO, marketing managers, in small to large businesses in any
 Marketing and sales professionals
Sales professionals
Entrepreneurs, Managers, Marketing/Sales professionals
Business self-improvement, sales and selling
Sales professionals

Sales and marketing professionals
Marketing Research Professionals, Consultants, and Students and Instructors of Marketing.
Those working with Marketing departments at any level.
Professionals needing a focused introduction to marketing, business students in community colleges and proprietary schools.
Corporate Training, Executive MBA Courses, Intended for MBA and Upper level Marketing Management Courses, Marketing a
The book is aimed at students at final year undergraduate level or MSc/MBA level who have completed at least one previous m
Market research and advertising professionals, psychological assessors, students and educators in the field of designing and e
Marketers; Senior managers who are responsible for marketing - either dedicated or as part of a general manager role.
Senior marketing managers, agency planners and creatives, new product developers.
Marketing managers; executives; marketing students.
Mid- and top-level business and marketing decision makers in organizations of any size
Customer service trainers, customer service managers, consultants

Sales and Marketing Managers in All Industries and Students and Instructors of Business.

Those studying consumer behaviour on a standard business studies degree together with those on marketing degrees, especia

Nonprofit managers, researchers, academic programs and philanthropic research centers, as well as consultants and trainers.

Public and nonprofit managers and students
Students and managers in the nonprofit field

Nonprofit leaders and managers, board chairs

The primary audience for this book are nonprofessional managers and volunteers who hope to start a nonprofit but don't know
Nonprofit Lawyers, Nonprofit Accountants, Fundraising Professionals, Nonprofit Executives, Directors & Managers, Nonprofit C
Nonprofit boards, executive directors, senior officers, and their professional advisors, as well as professors teaching university-
Nonprofit executives, foundations and other philanthropic groups, colleges and universities, nonprofit board members, prospec
executives and senior and mid-level managers for not-for-profits and government agencies
Nonprofit Executives, Directors, and Managers, Fund-Raising Professionals, Trustees and Officers of Nonprofit Organizations,

Nonprofit executives, foundations and other philanthropic groups, colleges and universities, nonprofit board members, prospec

Social change organizations, women's groups, undergraduate and graduate programs in social policy, women's studies, sociolo
Nonprofit Executive Directors and CEO's, senior staff, board members and nonprofit consultants
Nonprofit boards of directors, executive directors, development directors, fundraising consultants, marketing directors, organiza
Leaders from business, nonprofits, civic groups, local governments, regional govenance councils, chambers of commerce, plan
Leaders and managers in public and nonprofit organizations.
Boards, administrators, staff, and volunteers of nonprofit organizations who have little familiarity with the subject.
Nonprofit Executives and Directors, Members of Boards of Directors and Trustees, Nonprofit Managers, Fundraising Professio

Public and nonprofit leaders, managers and students

Nonprofit Executive Directors/CEOs, senior nonprofit staff, consultants
Managers in Government and Nonprofit organizations, Community Leaders
Nonprofit leaders, social change agents, community leaders and activists
Nonprofit accountants, nonprofit CFOs, financial consultants, board members, nonprofit managers

Nonprofit organizations, especially social-change groups.
Nonprofit managers, senior staff, volunteers, board members and consultants

Executive Directors of Nonprofit Organizations, Funders, including foundations and supporting organizations such as the United
Grantwriters, fundraisers, and program staff at nonprofits of all sizes, as well as consultants and tainers.
Grantseekers, novice and experienced alike

Fundraising Professionals, Nonprofit Executives, Boards of Directors/Trustees, Fundraising Consultants, Active Volunteers
The primary audience of Fundraising For Dummies, 2E is nonprofit philanthropies, including faith-based organizations. This bo
Donors at all levels, financial/estate planners, investment advisors, Individual and Major Gifts officers, community foundations,
Nonprofit managers, advisors and consultants to nonprofit organizations, fundraisers and leadership of fundraising organization
Fundraisers at all levels
Professional (and nonprofessional) fundraisers, top administrators, board members, and volunteers

Practitioners, executive directors and staff, board members, students

Board Chairs, Board Members and Executive Directors
Nonprofit board members, prospective board members, nonprofit management centers and other nonprofit educational organiz
Trustees and executives of professionally managed nonprofit organizations, funders, students of nonprofit management and go
Board Chairs, Board Members, consultants
Board Chairs and Board Members, consultants
Perfect for readers needing to understand the terminology and the inside world of intellectual property law and gain a stronger u
Intellectual property managers, technology managers, and new product development managers
Licensing Executives, Corporate R&D Departments, Intellectual Property Consultants, University and Government Labs, Attorn
Portfolio managers, institutional investors, investment bankers, valuation consultants
Licensing executives of technology-based companies, inventors (i.e., engineers, software developers, etc.), in-house counsel a
IP lawyers, private sector economists and accountants, IP professionals, academic institutions, government institutions, law sch
Licensing executives, in-house counsel, intellectual property consultants, attorneys (patent/trademark/copyright, litigation, busin
Business managers and executives, investors, boards of directors, consultants, and researchers. Also casual readers intereste
Intellectual Property/Intellectual Capital Managers and Executives as well as CFOs and HR and Corporate Strategy professiona
Public Management graduate and undergraduate students and practitioners
Students and professionals in public administration
Students and practitioners in public admistration
Students in Public Administration programs. Professional administrators.
Students and professionals in public administration
Financial managers, public policy strategists, public sector managers, students, and politicians.
Real estate investors

Real estate investors
Primary: Amateur landlords with perhaps no more than five properties or rooms to rent. Secondary: New employees in a renta
Real estate investors
Real estate investors

Real estate investors
Twenty million people in the United States move into new homes each year.
Real estate investors and commercial real estate brokers
Real estate investors
Real estate investors, accountants, attorneys
        Commercial and residential real estate brokers
Real estate investors.
Real estate investors
The primary audience is anyone thinking of buying a home, or anyone helping someone shop for one. A secondary audience is
Real estate investors
The primary audience for this book is both new real estate agents and established agents interested in increasing their busines
Real estate investors.
Real estate investors

Wide audience from novice to experienced real estate investors.
Home sellers, real estate agents and professionals.
Real estate investors.
Real estate investors
Real Estate Investors
Real estate investors
         Real estate investors
Individuals interested in investing in the real estate market.
Individual investors, real estate professionals.
Real estate investors
Potential homeowners
Real Estate Investors
Real estate investors at all levels.
Real estate investors at all levels.
Real estate investors
Individual investors.
Real estate investors
Beginning entrepreneurs, small business people.
Financial analysts, credit analysts, institutional investors and money managers, commercial bank lenders, investment bankers,
1. Managers--explains fundamental negotiation strategy and how that strategy is used differently in different cultures. 2. Public
Managers, employees at any level who want to use e-mail with more savvy, and corporate trainers
Decision Makers in Business. Students of Business and Management
Real estate investors
CFOs, CEOs, Controllers, Auditors, IS Managers, facilities managers
General readers, business, economics, and politics readers.
for new users of Six Sigma, Six Sigma For Dummies is primarily a conceptual book with enough information about the statistics
Business leaders, research analysts, portfolio managers, strategists, and members of investment/finance organizations.
Millions of CEOs, CFOs, small business owners, managers, investors, financial advisors, bankers, accountants, and lawyers fo
Executives, business owners, individuals in real estate, people who enjoy business narratives.
General business readers, investment professionals, environmentalists, political junkies, consumers.
General and business readers; managers.
Business and Management Professionals.
General business readers, investment professionals, environmentalists, political junkies, consumers.
The primary target buyers are students from senior high through college who must enroll in and pass a course in economics in
Economists, Business Managers, and General Readers.
Economists, General Business Readers, and Students and Instructors of Business and Economics.
Managers. Student of Economics and Management
Managers, financial professionals, and researchers and academics in economics and management.
Economists, General Business Readers, and Students and Instructors of Business and Economics.
Managers, Financial Professionals, and Students and Instructors of Business and Economics.
Economists, General Business Readers, and Students and Instructors of Business and Economics.

Business professionals involved in economics and finance.
                        Table of contents
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. 1 The Canary in the Coal Mine. 2 The Economy of Mind. 3 Th

Introduction. Part I: A First Look at Accounting. Chapter 1: Strolling Through the Field of Accounting. Chapter 2: Getting to t
Preface. SECTION 1: EARNINGS MAGIC AND THE UNBALANCED SHEET. Chapter 1. What Is Earnings Magic? Does the
Preface. Understanding Financial Statements and Annual Reports. Analyzing Profitability. Analyzing Liquidity and Solvency.
Preface. About the Authors. PART I. ACCOUNTING FUNDAMENTALS. An Introduction to the Role of Accounting in the Bu
1. Introduction to Understanding Accounts. 2. Definition of Terms: What is an Annual Report? 3. Evolution of the Annual Rep

About the Author. About the Book: Background, The Market, Scope, Coverage, Special Features. Second Edition. Acknowl
PREFACE. INTRODUCTION. SECTION I: CONTEXTS. Chapter 1: Regulatory and Legislative Contexts. Introduction. R

About the Authors. Preface. Chapter 1. Financial Accounting and Accounting Standards. Chapter 2. Conceptual Framework

Chapter 1. Financial Accounting and Accounting Standards. Chapter 2. Conceptual Framework Underlying Financial Accounti
Chapter 1. Introduction to Business Combinations. Chapter 2. Consolidation at the Date of Acquisition. Chapter 3. Consolida

I. Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions. 1. Introduction to Business Combinations. 2. Accounting for Business Combinatio
Chapter 1. Accounting Matters! Chapter 2. The Recording Process. Chapter 3. Adjusting the Accounts. Chapter 4. Complet
Acknowledgments. Part I: Fraud and Forensic Accounting Overview. 1 FRAUD IN SOCIETY. WHAT IS FRAUD? TYPES

1. Introduction to Financial Statements. 2. A Further Look at Financial Statements. 3. The Accounting Information System. 4
Chapter 1. Introduction to Financial Statements. Chapter 2. A Further Look at Financial Statements. Section 1: The Financia

About the Author. About the Book: Background, The Market, Scope, Coverage, Special Features. Second Edition. Acknowl

PART 1: AN OVERVIEW OF FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING. 1. Financial Accounting and Its Economic Context. Financial Repo

Preface. PART ONE: INTRODUCITON TO THE BUDGETING PROCESS. 1A. Strategic Balanced Scorecard Based Budget
Preface. 1. Removing the Blindfold with ABC/M. 2. A Management Accounting Framework: A Taxonomy. 3. Are All Your Trad
Acknowledgements. Preface. Pricing for Profitability. Economics and Demand. Competitive Strategy and Pricing. Understa
Preface. Acknowledgments. The Lifeblood of the Organization: Why Cash Flow Is So Important. Improving the Order-to-Cas

Preface xv PART I CORE FUNCTIONS 1 Chapter 1 Internal Controls in Accounts Payable 3 Ignore Accounts Payable at Y

Preface. About the ACFE. 1. INTRODUCTION. Defining Occupational Fraud and Abuse. Research in Occupational Fraud

Acknowledgments. About the Authors. Preface. 1. The Controller's Job. 2. Internal control. 3. Planning and the Strategic
About the Author. Acknowledgments. Preface. Part One: Overview of Accounting and Its Role in the Organization. 1 Introd
Preface. Acknowledgements. About the Contributors. Foreword. 1. Performance Management. 2. LubeOil: Shaping Bus
Preface. About the Author. 1 Strategy of Outsourcing. Overview of Outsourcing. Outsourcing Risks. Initiating Outsourcing
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Part I: The Landscape for Performance Dashboards. Chapter 1: What Are Perform
About the Author. About the Book. Second Edition. Acknowledgements. Dedication. 1 Introduction to Accounting. Introd
Cost Concepts for Decision Makers. 1. Managerial Accounting. 2. Job Order Costing Accounting. 3. Process Costing Accou
Preface. 1. The Development of Accounting Theory. 2. The Pursuit of the Conceptual Framework. 3. International Accounti
Taking Time Off. Concepts of Control. Negril and the Art of Using Procedures. Fishing, Witches, and Support Systems. Frau
Acknowledgements. Preface. Foreword. Chapter 1. Private Capital Markets. PART ONE: BUSINESS VALUATION. Chap
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Taxes: Deal Makings Forgotten Value Driver. Financing and Hybrids: Maximizing Your Tax
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE: PROCESSING. Chapter 1. Invoice Handling. Chapter 2. Alternatives to the Thre
Preface. 1 Overview. 2 The Corporation. 3 Shared Business Unit. 4 Process. 5 Technology. 6 Evaluation. 7 Economics. 8
Winning through Merger and Acquisition. Building Value in a Nonpublicly Traded Entity. Competitive Analysis. Merger and Ac
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. A New Collection Science Is Born. Chapter 2. Oratory and Advanced Communicatio
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Introduction. Chapter 2: The Players. The Buyer. The Seller. Investors/Owners.
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Contributors. PART ONE: Dashboard Execution. 1. Business Case for Enterprise D
Preface. About the Author. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Controls for Accounts Payable Best Practices. Chapter 3. C
Preface. Acknowledgement. Introduction . PART ONE: SARBANES-OXLEY FOR THE FINANCE PROFESSIONAL. Chap
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART I: THE BASICS. Chapter 1: Sarbanes-Oxley: How It Applies to Accounts Payable. Cha
Preface. List of Abbreviations. Chapter 1: Why Risk-Based Audit Planning? Introduction. Risk-Based Audit Planning Mode
PART 1: REPORTS AND FILINGS. Chapter One. Chief Financial Officer's Reports. Chapter Two. Securities and Exchange
Some Accounting and Bookkeeping Basics. Invoice Handling: The Three-Way Match and More. Checks: The Traditional Paym
Preface. About the Authors. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. IT Audit Overview. Chapter 2. Legal and Ethical Issues for IT A
Preface. Preface to the Second Edition. Acknowledgments. 1. The Engagement Approach. Managements Required Asses
Preface. List of Abbreviations. Chapter 1. Why Risk Management? Chapter 2. Determining Risk Management Maturity. Ch
Introduction. 1. The World of Fraud. Who Commits Fraud and Why? Fraud Prevention and Detection. Notes. 2. Fraud Co
About the Author. Preface. Acknowledgments. Part I: Tools for Management. ADM-1 General Work Program. ADM-2 Pro
Overview of Audit Sampling. Selecting a Representative Sample. Attribute Sampling. Using Variable Sampling for Accounti
PART 1: THE AUDITING ENVIRONMENT. 1. Auditing and the Public Accounting Profession-Integrity of Financial Reporting.
Preface. PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS OF INTERNAL AUDITING. Chapter One. Foundations of Internal Auditing. Chapter
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Fraud Definitions, Models, and Taxonomies. Introduction. Classic Fraud Research
Preface. CIA Exam Content Specifications. Chapter 1: Conduct Engagements. Theory. Multiple-Choice Questions. Multip
Preface. CIA Exam Content Specifications. Chapter 1: Comply with the IIAs Attribute Standards. Theory 1. Multiple-Choice
Preface. CIA Exam Content Specifications. Chapter 1: Business Processes. Theory. Multiple-Choice Questions. Multiple
Preface. Chapter 1: Introduction. Accounting and Auditing Scandals and Internal Audit. What Are the New Rules? Who W
Preface. CIA Exam Content Specifications. Chapter 1: Strategic Management. Theory. Multiple-Choice Questions. Multip

Chapter 1. Introduction to International Financial Reporting Standards. Chapter 2. IASB Framework. Chapter 3. Presentation
Preface Acknowledgement 1. U.S. Accounting Requirements. 2. Sap Revaluation Overview. 3. G/L Account Indicator Imp
OVERVIEW OF SYSTEMS. The Study of Accounting Information Systems. The Business Environment and the AIS. AIS En
Preface. Chapter 1: Introduction and Background. What Are Generally Accepted Accounting Principles? Who Sets General


Preface. Chapter One: Introduction. 1. Why Market? 2. Are You a Top Rainmaker? 3. Visionaries Plan for Success. 4. M
Authoritative Accounting Pronouncements. Part 1: Overview of Not-for-Profit Organizations. 1. Overview of Not-for-Profit Org
1. New Developments. 2. Overview of Accounting and Financial Reporting by Governments. 3. Accounting FundamentalsFu
Introduction. Part I: Tax Basics. Chapter 1: Understanding the Process and Your Role in It. Chapter 2: Looking at the Playe
Acknowledgments. Foreword. Preface. Introduction: Standards of Value. 1 Common Standards and Premises of Value. C
PREFACE. Chapter 1: Valuation Case Study Exercises. Addendum: Discount Case Study Exercises. Chapter 2: Valuation
Preface. 1. Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act of 1982 and Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: An Overview. Appendix 1A. A
PREFACE. CHAPTER 1. Impact of Fair Value on Earnings Per Share. Fundamentals of SFAS 141R. Developing Fair Valu
Preface. PART I: INTRODUCTION. Chapter 1. Customer Value Creation. PART II: PREPARING FOR GROWTH. Chapte
About the Editor. About the Authors. Acknowledgments. Preface. Chapter 1: Introduction to Financial Valuation. Chapter
Preface. Section I: Preparing to Operate the Business. Chapter 1: Budgeting for Operations. Definition or Purpose of an Op
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 Fraud: An Introduction. 2 The Roles of the Auditor and the Forensic Accounting Investigator.
Preface. Chapter 1: Introduction to the SOA Business Model. Elements of an SOA. Conceptual SOA Vision. Services. En
1 Financial Numbers Game. Rewards of the Game. Classifying Creative Accounting Practices. Plan of This Book. Summa
Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1 Parents: Less Carrot, More Stick. 2 First Jobs: Child Labor Pays Off. 3 Adversity: Overc
 Introduction. Chapter 1 The Construction Industry. Chapter 2 What Is Construction Management?. Chapter 3 How We Get t
HOW WE CLIMBED FROM WORST TO FIRST. Is This Any Way to Run an Airline? The Last Suppers, or Whose Problem I
Acknowledgments. Foreword by: Rich De Vos, Cofounder, Amway. Introduction. Part One: Have a Vision for Your Passion. 1
The New Global Economy: Challenges and Opportunities. Designing Entry Strategies for International Markets. Deciding on
Partial table of contents: Robert Morris: America's First Financier. Cyrus McCormick's Reaper and the Industrialization of Far

What Is Listening and What Can It Do for You?. How You Got to Be the Listener You Are. Barriers Between Listener and Sp
Preface. Introduction. Foundation. How to use the Checklist. 1. Managing the Strategic Planning Process. 2. Managing a
Chapter 1. The Ultimate Cars. Chapter 2. The Ultimate History. Chapter 3. The Ultimate Family. Chapter 4. The Ultimate Br
Introduction. Part I: Basic Bookkeeping: Why You Need It. Chapter 1: So You Want to Do the Books. Chapter 2: Getting Do
Introduction. PART ONE: SO YOU WANT TO BE A LEADER. Chapter One. What You Need (And Dont) To Be a Good Lead
Preface. PART ONE: HOW TO CREATE A WINNING LEGAL ATTITUDE. 1 The Need for a Paradigm Shift. 2 How Behavi
Acknowledgments. 1: Introduction. 2: The Basics of Retirement Plans. 3: Administration. 4: Fiduciary Duty. 5: Financial.
Acknowledgments. Foreword. PART ONE: GET BUSY LIVING OR GET BUSY DYING. Chapter 1. Babe Ruth: Strikeout Ki
Editors, Authors, and Contributors. Introduction. Part One: Understanding the Skilled Facilitator Approach. 1. The Skilled Fa
Preface. Acknowledgements. SECTION I: PEOPLE, MANAGEMENT, AND POICY. Chapter 1. Human Resources. Chapt

Foreword. Acknowledgments. PART I: TRANSLATING A BVISION INTO REALITY. Chapter 1. Marvin Bower. Chapter 2.

Preface. PART 1: PREPARING FOR THE MEETING. 1. Is This Meeting Necessary? 2. Preparing for Your Next Meeting.
Chapter One. Exploit Your Strengths. Chapter Two. Breaking into the Media. Chapter Three. Learn the Ropes. Chapter Fou

Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part I: The Rainmaker Model. 1. What Is a Rainmaker? 2. What Rainmakers Know or the
Preface. Prologue. PART I: KING COTTON. 1. Reinsch Cotton Farm, Smyer, Texas. 2. The History of American Cotton.
Introduction. PART I: THE HUMAN SIDE OF BUSINESS. Chapter 1. Adjust Your Attitude. Chapter 2. Delegate Effectively.
Preface. 1 The Negotiation Imperative. 2 The Flexibility of the Master Negotiator. 3 Getting Ready to Negotiate. 4 The Art
Preface. Prologue. PART I: KING COTTON. Chapter 1. Reinsch Cotton Farm, Smyer, Texas. Chapter 2. The History of A
  Introduction: Slouching toward Empire. I. Imperia Absurdum. 1. Dead Men Talking. 2. Empires of Dirt. 3. How Empires W
Acknowledgements. The Author. Introduction: The Future Creates the Present: Why You Should Care and How You Shape

Introduction. PART ONE: GETTING STARTED. Dream the Dream Supreme. Let a Child Inspire You. Do What You Love.
FOREWORD. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. PART I: Translating a Vision into Reality. CHAPTER 1: Marvin Bower. CHAPTER
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction: Picking Wal-Marts POCKETSStrategies and Tactics I Learned From S
BUSINESS COMMUNICATION, 1e Part I Foundations of Business Communication 1. Understanding Business Communicatio
Acknowledgments. 1. The Power of Partnerships: Getting from Me to We. 2. Now Who's Boss? Lessons in Partnership from
Foreword by Rob Walton. Acknowledgments. Introduction Set High Expectations for Everything You Do. Rule #1 COMMIT
ONE: A Tale of Two Managers. TWO: The Four Building Blocks: Laying the Foundation For Results. THREE: The Passive-A

Foreword. Introduction. PART I: All About Success. Chapter 1: The Success Formula. Chapter 2: The Relationship Role. Ch
Introduction. Part I: Laying the Foundation for Your Plan. Chapter 1: Starting Your Planning Engine. Chapter 2: Generating
Foreword. Introduction. Part I: Setting the Stage for Your Career Change. Chapter 1: Evaluating Your Current Situation. C
INTRODUCTION. 1. THE C.R.A.S.H. COURSE FOR SUCCESSFUL LICENSINGThe steps in creating and shaping up a simp
Introduction. PART I: Letter Writing Basics. Prewriting Planning. Twelve Rules for Better Letter Writing. Tone. Layouts an
Introduction. Part I: Making Sure You Shine in an Interview. Chapter 1: Understanding the Interviewing Game. Chapter 2: D
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1. The Rules of the Game. Chapter 2. The Three Haunting Questions
Introduction. Part I: Conducting Yourself with Care. Chapter 1: Good Manners Are for Company -- Your Company! Chapter
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. Before You Start. Chapter 1: Shut Up! Chapter 2: Stop Whining! Chapte
Introduction. Part I: Getting Down to Financial Reporting Basics. Chapter 1: Opening the Cornucopia of Reports. Chapter 2:
Preface. Introduction. Session 1. A New Software Package for Your Brain. Session 2. Discovering Your Personality TypeY
Acknowledgements. Dramatis Personae. Chapter One The First Few Quid. Chapter Two The Heat of the Kitchen. Chapte
5 PROMISES. Make These Promises to Unleash the 10 Forces Within You. 5 Promises Provide the Fuel. Promise 1: I Will
Introduction. Part I. 1 What Is a Mastermind Group? 2 Case Studies: Inside Three Mastermind Groups. 3 A Peek inside a
Foreword by Sir Clive Woodward OBE. About the Authors. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part I: Personality Power. C
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part One: Bringing Out the Value Within. 1. Finding Worth, Providing Value. Checklist: W
Acknowledgements. Preface. Chapter 1. The Power Of An Hour. Chapter 2. How To Focus The Power In An Hour. Chap
Acknowledgements. Introduction. Foreword. Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter Three. Chapter Four. Chapter Five.
Acknowledgements. Foreword by David Normington. Chapter 1. The Journey Ahead. Chapter 2. Vision. Chapter 3. Values
Foreword by Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. Acknowledgments. INTRODUCTION: HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL. Introduction. YO
Acknowledgments. Foreword by Steve Amos. Chapter 1. The Demands of a New Age. Chapter 2. New Consciousness for
About the Author. Acknowledgements. Introduction Creating the Ripple Effect. Why Pond Life? 1. Ponds, Streams and M
Introduction. Part One: Attitude Or How to Prepare Your Brain for New and Improved Behavior. 1: Be DARING. 2: Be PRE
Foreword Jay Conrad Levinson. Kick Start Your Success: A Heros Tale. Acknowledgments. Terms You Should Know. ST
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: CLIMBING THE RELATIONSHIP PYRAMID. Building Relationships Is a Skill. Pa
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1. Change Your Thinking. Chapter 2. Change Your Life. Chapter 3. Dream Big D
Series Foreword. Preface. 1. Creating Energy Through High-Quality Connections. 2. Respectful Engagement. 3. Task Ena
Preface. 1. We Just Decided To Go. 2. Know Who You Are. 3. Success Means You Know What Used to Work. 4. The Co
Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. The Author. Introduction: The Oath of Inner Greatness: Nine Keys
The Minding Organization. Transforming the Organization into an Organism. Adapting and Planning. Structure, Creativity, a
Tables, Figures and Exhibits Preface About the Author 1. Introduction: Six Immutable Forces Shaping Today's Organization
Preface. The Authors. 1. Project Sponsor Responsibilities. 2. Obtaining a Project Sponsor. 3. Sustaining Sponsorship. 4.

Foreword by Geoffrey Moore. Foreword by Thornton May. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: The Prime Theorem Information S
01 Introduction to Knowledge Management. 02 What is Knowledge Management? 03 The Evolution of Knowledge Managem
Introduction. The Fable. Luck. Part One: Underachievement. Part Two: Lighting the Fire. Part Three: Heavy Lifting. Part Fou

Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Its the Culture, Stupid! The Marketplace Speaks. What the Best Know and Do. 3
Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. The Case for Doing at Least Some Good. 2. Corporate Social Initiatives: Six Options for
Preface. Introduction: Outsourcing: Opportunities and Challenges. Part One: How to Plan, Lead, and Manage Outsourcing In
Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Abundance,Asia, and Automation (Daniel H. Pink). PART I: Get the Talent Forec

Introduction: So You're the New Kid on the Block. 1. Got It! 2. To Plan or Not to Plan? 3. Reach for the Stars. 4. Rewind.
Foreword. Preface. Prologue: Characteristics of Consulting. 1 Characteristics of the Entry. 2 The Entry and Fearless Spee
Acknowledgments. About the Authors. Introduction. Part One: The New Global Manager. 1. The World of the Global Manage
Acknowledgements. To the Reader. About the Authors. 1. Everything Starts With Ideas How to think creatively. 2. You Ca
Introduction. PART ONE: GET SMART! 1 Essential #1: Discover. 2 Essential #2: Commit. PART TWO: GET READY! 3
Preface to the Revised Edition. Acknowledgments. The Author. PART ONE: HOW FACILITATION HELPS GROUPS. 1. The
Preface. 1. We Just Decided to Go. 2. Know Who You Are. 3. Success Means You Know What Used to Work. 4. The Com
1. Introduction Part I: Managing Change and Crises 2. McDonald's Struggles with Maturity 3. Ill-Handling the Firestone/Ford
1. The Missing Pieces of the Project Management Puzzle. Project Management as the New Imperative. Project Managemen
Introduction James M. Kouzes Part I. What is Leadership? Leadership Basics Chp. 1. Why are Leaders Important? Noel
Chapter 1. The Competing Values Approach to Management. Chapter 2. The Mentor Role. Chapter 3. The Facilitator Role.
ForewordL.B. Day. Preface. Acknowledgments. SECTION ONE: The Microchip StoryApplying the Aggregate System. 1. M
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE: PRICING FUNDAMENTALS. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. The Three Lev
Preface. PART I. INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ETHICS. Chapter 1. Introducing Straight Talk About Managing Business
Acknowledgments. Introduction.                                                                  Chapter One: Invisible Empl
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1. Tactical and Strategic Advantages. Chapter 2. Best Practices for WBT Impleme

Foreword by Alan Schonberg. Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Before You Start Hiring, Have a Plan. Chapter 2: Pa
Chapter 1: The POWER Hiring Approach to Hiring Top Talent. Chapter 2: Performance Profiles-Define Success, Not Skills. C
Foreword. Preface. The Authors. Part One: Foundations of Litigation. 1 Phases of Employment Litigation (Frank J. Landy)
Introduction. The Future of Human Resources (Michael R. Losey, Sue Meisinger, and Dave Ulrich). Section I: Understanding
Tables, Figures, and Exhibits. Preface. Acknowledgments. The Author. Part One: Human Resources Management in Con
Foreword (Eduardo Salas). Preface (Hal G. Gueutal and Dianna L. Stone). The Authors. 1. From Personnel Administration

Introduction. Chapter 1. What Is Outsourcing? Chapter 2. Who Is Outsourcing? Chapter 3. Imperatives. Chapter 4. How D

Foreword by Warren Bennis. Preface. The Editors. The Contributors. PART ONE: DEFINING AND ASSESING EMOTION
Preface. PART 1. ENVIRONMENT. Organizational Behavior Today. The High Performance Organization. Global Dimensio
Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. 1. An Introduction to Changing Organizational Culture. The Need to Manage Or
CHAPTER ONE-Management and Organizational Behavior. CHAPTER TWO-Perception, Attitudes, and Individual Difference
CD-ROM: A Library of Related CCL Publications. Foreword by John R. Alexander. Acknowledgments. The Authors. Introd
Preface. The Author. Part One: Organizational Culture and Leadership Defined. 1. The Concept of Organizational Culture: W
Series Foreword. Preface. 1. The Creativity Map: Discovering Your Best Practices for Creativity at Work. 2. Assessing Your C

Getting to the Main Thing. Staying Centered: What Alignment Is All About. Organizational Pathologies. Aligning Activities wi
Negotiation. I Win--You Lose Negotiation: An Exercise in Flawed Logic. WIN--Win Negotiation. The Three Ps: And the Big L.
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART I: BEST PRACTICES FOR ALL ORGANIZATIONS. 1. Why Is Corporate Governance Im
Chapter 0: IntroductionWhy Category Management Is More Important Than Ever. PART I: IN THE BEGINNINGTHE PURPOS
Acknowledgments. Introduction: What Is Alliance Strategy? Part One: Designing Alliances Setting Strategy. 1. Envisioning Co
About the Author. Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction: From Ouch! to Wow! 1. In Search of Competitive Advantage
Foreword. Introduction. Part I: Six Sigma Basics. Chapter 1: Defining Six Sigma. Chapter 2: Examining the Principles and
Preface. Foreword (by C.K. Prahalad). The Authors. Rising Up To The Global Challenge. Building Global Presence. Less
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Web Site. 1. The Problem with Project Management. 2. The Basics of Project Man
PART I: INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW. 1. Business Strategy: The Concept and Trends in Its Management. 2. Strategic
Acknowledgments. Introduction.       Part I: Conditions for Prime Movership.  1 Value-Creating Capabilities. The Anatomy o
Foreword by Paul O'Neill Preface 1. The Challenge of Mastering Diversity 2. A Strategy for Meeting the Challenge 3. Lead
List of contributors. Foreword. Preface How this book came about. Acknowledgements. 1. Challenges for health care in W
PREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGMENT. Chapter 1: U.S. SOX Section 401: Off-Balance Sheet Arrangements. Chapter 2: U.S. S
List of Figures, Exhibits, and Worksheets. Contents of the CD-ROM. Acknowledgments. Preface. Introduction. PART ON
Preface. PART ONE: PRINCIPLES OF MANAGING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS. Chapter 1. Evolution of Relationships w
A Message to Investigators. Acknowledgments. Foreword. Chapter 1. Real World Cases: Solved And Unsolved. Chapter 2
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: History and Legislative Background of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Chapter 2:
PART ONE: INITIAL COMPLIANCE. 1. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Overview. 2. Overview of Sarbanes-Oxley Sections 302, 404, an
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Strategy Gap. Strategy in the Next Economy. Corporate Performance Manageme
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Introduction: What IsWorkplace Safety? Workplace Safety Management Is Strategi
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements.           Part I HOW OUR ATTITUDES UNDERPIN OUR EI.           1 Why EI Now. 2 The IQ
FOREWORD. PREFACE. PART ONE: Management: Governance and Its Human Dimension. Chapter 1: Types of Governa
Acknowledgements. Contributors to the Second Edition. Foreword. PART I Introduction. Chapter 1: The Development of S
List of Contributors. Foreword (Judith Hennigfeld, Manfred Pohl and Nick Tolhurst). Acknowledgements. PART I: INTRODU
Preface. The Author. Introduction. 1. Surviving the Customer Revolution. The Status Quo Has to Go. The Customer-Centric
Foreword. 1 Why are some companies more successful than others? The real life laboratory. Creating value and simultane
Foreword. Overview of the Book. Introduction. Chapter 1: IT Portfolio Management: An Overview. Cha Cha Changes in th
Prologue. Chapter 1: A New Journey. Chapter 2: Jetting Off. Chapter 3: The Warmup. Chapter 4: The Conference Day. C
Chapter 1. Why Has My Company Adopted Six Sigma?: What Can Six Sigma Do for You? Chapter 2. The Strategic Compone
FOREWORD. PREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. Chapter 1: Frauds Feeding Frenzy: Overview of Recent Corporate Sca
Introduction. Chapter 1 How Do You Make Them Feel? The Focus Is on the CustomerJust Listen! Are You Customer Focu
Chapter 1. A Complex Web of Decisions (Stephen J. Hoch and Howard C. Kunreuther). PART I. PERSONAL DECISION MAK
1. Spotting the Real Innovators. 2. Where Do Radical Innovations Come From? 3. From New Technologies to New Markets.
  Acknowledgements. Credits. Prologue. 1 Competitiveness: Changing the Mindset. 2 The Long and Winding Road to Co
Introduction. Part I: Creating the Customer-Centric Organization. Chapter 1: Championing Customer Service. Chapter 2: In
1. Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard. 2. Definition of Terms: What is a Balanced Scorecard? 3. Evolution. 4. The E-Di
About the author. Turn on. Play. PART 1: Ingenuity: The making of a marketing genius. Track 1. Complexity. Track 2. Ex
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE: The Nature of Business Strategy. Strategic and Natural Competition,

Acknowledgement. INTRODUCTION. Chapter 1: The Fragmented State of Performance Management. Chapter 2: The Stru
Introduction. PART ONE: THE SUSTAINABILITY IMPERATIVE. 1. Selling Hershey: A Business Fable for Our Times. 2. Th
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Key Concepts of Supply Chain Management. 2. Supply Chain Operations: Planning and Sou
IntroductionMaking Sense and Taking Action. 1. The DNA of Consistent Execution. 2. Maps, Models, and ActionBlueprinting
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Performance Measurement and the Need for a balanced Scorecard. Chapter 2. Ge
1. Introduction. 2. Business Strategy. 3. Competitive Advantage. 4. Internal Context: Organization Design. 5. Organization
Global Leaders: A Definition. Objectives. 360-Degree Feedback. Advantages of 360-Degree Feedback. Resistance to Fee
Contents. Preface. About the Author. INTRODUCTION TO COACHING. Coaching: A Profession Born of Change. Coach
Foreword by Keith Ferrazzi. Introduction. Part One: Excite and Energize. 1. Know and Feel the Power of Laser Focus. 2. G
Foreword (David S. Pottruck). Preface. Part One: Leadership CommunicationClear and Deep. 1. The Changing Context for
Foreword. Introduction. Part I: So, You Want to Be a Manager? Chapter 1: Youre a Manager Now What? Chapter 2: Dele
Introduction. Part I: Getting Into Teams. Chapter 1: Recognizing a Business Team When You See One. Chapter 2: Creating
Editor's Note, Warren Bennis. Foreword, David H. Maister. Introduction. Acknowledgments. Overview: The Challenge of Ge
Partial table of contents: SERVICE. Servant-Leadership (R. Greenleaf). Servant-Leadership Revisited (K. Blanchard). On
Leadership Practices and Exercises. Anticipating and Welcoming Change. Identifying Mental Modes. Creating Receptivity t

List of Figures and Exhibits. Contents of the CD-ROM. Introduction. Chapter 1: Guiding Principles. The Program Principles
Preface. Part One: An Invitation to the Fundamental State of Leadership. 1. Building the Bridge As You Walk On It. 2. The F
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. A New Way of Being. 2. Why Greatness? 3. Forgetting Who You Are. 4. R
Foreword: The Heart of Servant-Leadership (K. Blanchard). Preface. Introduction: Tracing the Past, Present, and Future of Se

Foreword by Warren Bennis. Preface: A New Generation of Leaders. Introduction: Where Have All the Leaders Gone? Part
Introduction. About the Editors. 1. The Key to Cultural Transformation (Frances Hesselbein). 2. Strategies for Change Leader
Introduction. Part I Exercising Influence. Self-Assessment. Interpreting Your Self-Assessment. 1 What Weve Got Here Is
Preface. Chapter 1: What We Were, Who We Are, and Who We Are Becoming. Brief Genealogy of the IT Profession. Stat
Preface. 1. Why Power Thinking Is a Must and Not a Should for Leaders. 2. How Proficient Are My Thinking Skills? 3. Wha
Foreword by Joe W. Forehand. Preface. 1. Are You Being Held Hostage Without Knowing It? 2. Finding Freedom Through

1. The Shepherd as Leader. 2. Shepherds Meet Needs. 3. Shepherds Lead Immortals. 4. Shepherds Lead on Right Paths.
Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. Introduction: Standing at the Crossroads. Part One: Five Themes for High-Achievi
Foreword by Reuven Bar-On. Acknowledgments. Introduction: Getting the Most from This Resource. PART ONE: Using Em
Preface (Frances Hesselbein and Marshall Goldsmith). Part One: A Vision of Leadership. 1. Peter F. Drucker on Executive L

Preface. Introduction: What Is the G Quotient? Part One: The Seven Principles of G Quotient Leadership. 1. Principle One:
Foreword (Mike Roberts). Introduction: Estuary. 1 A Level Playing Field: The Death of Rank, The Dare of Exposure. 2 A Gr
Foreword (Peter Georgescu). Introduction: The Soldier as CEO. 1. Time of Trial: Ike and America Enter the War. 2. From A
Introduction. 1 How to Use This Workbook. 2 The Seven Essentials of Encouraging the Heart. 3 Set Clear Standards. 4 E
Preface. Introduction. 1. Courage: the daring of Ramesses II at Kadesh. 2. Risk taking: Thutmose IIIs handling of his forces

Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. 1. Introduction: The Clinical Paradigm. Giving the Unconscious Its Due. T
 Introduction: Where Is the Leadership in Moral Leadership? (Deborah L. Rhode). Part One: Ethical Judgment. 1. Making S

Preface. About the Authors. Acknowledgments. 1. Taking a Systemic Approach to Change. Introduction. Most change pr
Introduction. Origins of the Job Challenge Profile. Job Component Model. Questionnaire Development. Application of the J
Foreword by Jay W. Lorsch. Preface. Part One: Board Leadership and Dynamics. 1. A Blueprint for Building Better Boards.

Introduction. Part One: The Case for Whole Leadership. 1. Whole Leadership Versus Partial Leadership. 2. Developing Lea
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Ten Myths About Executive Coaching. 2. Is Executive Coaching Right for You? 3. How to P
Acknowledgments. Preface: Oversights and Insights. Part I: A Perspective on Leadership Assessment. There is a disconnec
Foreword. Acknowledgements. Who is this book for? Introduction. Part 1: The Fundamentals of Success. 1. What is suc
Introduction (A. Shri). PART I: LEADERSHIP IN THE MODERN WORLD: AN OVERVIEW. Chapter 1. Approaches to the Mo
Introduction. 1. What Is Effective Leadership? 2. How Do Leaders Learn? 3. Joining a Company. 4. Moving into a Leaders
Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. Introduction. 1. What Is Strategic Leadership? 2. Strategic Thinking. 3. Strate
1. Tangling with Intangibles: Knowing the New game. 2. Do or Die: Anteing Up the Table Stakes. 3. Growth: Setting Your Ow
Chapter 1: Executive Summary: An On-Boarding Process for Leaders at Every Level. PART I: BEFORE YOU ACCEPT A NEW

Preface. Acknowledgements. Part 1. Building the Necessary Skills and Relationships. Chapter 1: Key IT Skills to Have. Th
Introduction. Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Do Strategy. Chapter 2: B Minus C: Positioning Your Firm against the Competition.
Introduction. Part One: The Role of Story in Organizations. 1. Telling the Right Story: Choosing the Right Story for the Leade
Part One: Thinking About Believing. 1. Voices from the Ice. 2. Brainforest. 3. A Reason to Believe. 4. The Stigma of a Pret
CD-ROM: A Library of Related CCL Publications. Foreword (John Alexander). Preface (Cynthia D. McCauley, Ellen Van Vels
Part I: Introduction. Chapter 1: Why Influence: What You Will Get from This Book. Part II: The Influence Model. Chapter 2:
Introduction. Part One: The Power of Questions. 1. An Underused Management Tool. 2. Benefits of a Questioning Culture.
Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. Introduction. Part One: A World of Difference for Black Managers. 1. The Assump
Introduction. Part One: Backbone at the Point of Decision. 1. Chriss Story. 2. Seeking Courageous Core Values. 3. Going
PART ONE. CONFRONTING THE WIZARD AND WARRIOR WITHIN. 1. Light and Shadow: Richard Nixon and Mother Tere

Foreword by Marshall Goldsmith. 1 Wake-Up Call. 2 Watering the First Seed. 3 The Sensitive Seed. 4 The Third Seed Gr
Introduction: Chance Favors the Prepared Mind. PART ONE: OUR FOUNDATION AND FRAMEWORKS. 1. The Only Found
Introduction. PART ONE: THE SMARTER PARADOX. 1. Its You, Not Them. 2. Are You Asking the Right Questions? 3. S
Foreword, by Ram Charan. Introduction. 1. The End of the World as We Know It. 2. Creativity: Tomorrows Factory Today.
Preface. Acknowledgments. Authors Note. Introduction. 1. Dont Be a Wimp! 2. Eliminate Entitlements: Send the Mooche
Introduction: Advancing the Practice of Corporate Governance. Part One: Boards in Transition. 1. The Three Phases of a Bo

Foreword (Frances Hesselbein). Preface (Martin Wilcox and Stephen Rush). List of Contributors. Acknowledgments. Part

Introduction: Taking Your Place at the Leadership Table: Its Still a Test. Chapter 1: Drill Deep: Negotiating the Intelligence for
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. The Blueprint Thesis: A Different Approach to Growth. Part One: Create and Su
Foreword John H. Jack Zenger. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1. Reacting to Feedback. Chapter 2. Why Did I G
I. The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. II. Credibility is the Foundation of Leadership. III. Find Your Voice. IV. Set th
Introduction. The Fable. Part One: Entrepreneurial Ambition. Part Two: Roller Coaster. Part Three: Rally. Part Four: Mom

Introduction. PART ONE: The Story. The Crisis Chapters 1-5. How Could This Happen? Chapters 6-12. The Way Out Cha

Turning All Eyes Outward: The Customer as the Cause of Change. Enabling People to Connect with Change. The Pitfalls of
FINANCING OPTIONS FOR START-UP FIRMS. Funding Entrepreneurial Firms. Bootstrapping Internally and the Challenges
Foreword. Preface. Part One: A New Model for Purchasing. 1. The Emergence of Balanced Sourcing. 2. Transforming the
Foreward. CHANGE LEADERSHIP IN ACTION. A Success Story: The Case of Lucent Technologies. Creating the Individua
Preface. PART ONE: SETTING THE STAGE. 1 That Was Then, but This Is Now: The Past, Present, and Future of Large G
Foreword--David A. Aaker Preface Acknowledgements Introduction: Overview of Brand Asset Management Phase One: D
Preface. The Author. Introduction: The Dilemmas of Managers in the Middle. POLITICS IN THE WORKPLACE: REKINDLIN
Preface. Acknowledgments. The Author. 1. The Leadership Context. The Transforming Workplace. Matrix Work Is Differ
Foreword to the Third Edition (Harold D. Stolovitch, Erica J. Keeps). Preface. Acknowledgments. The Editor and Editorial A
Do I Have a Personal Leadership Vision?Will My Values Enhance My Leadership?How Important Is Life Balance to My Leaders

Foreword: Observations on the State of Organization Development (Edgar H. Schein). Introduction (Joan V. Gallos). About th
Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence. Developing High Self-Awareness. Managing Your Emotions. Motivating Yourself. U
Preface (Sandy Schuman) Meaning is all we want. Choices are all we make. Relationships are all we have. 1 Five Transforma
Foreword by Jerry Porras. Preface. Chapter 1: Why Build Organizations to Change. Chapter 2: A Dynamic View of Organiz
Introduction. Chapter 1: Understanding Facilitation. What Is Facilitation? What Does a Facilitator Do? What Do Facilitators

Green's Pain. The History. Green's Opportunity. The Resolution. Organizational Health: The Model. Putting the Disciplines I
Preface. Acknowledgements. About the Authors. Introduction. Six Leadership Passages: An Overview. From Managing Self
Introduction. The Fable. The Model: A Summary of Why Executives Fail. Self- Assessment.

The Forecasting Perspective. Basic Forecasting Tools. Time Series Decomposition. Exponential Smoothing Methods. Sim
Introduction Using Visual Models to Master Complex Systems. Part One: Using Models and Frameworks to Master Complex S
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING THE NUMBERS. Using Financial Statements (J. Livingstone)
Introduction. PART I: The New, Improved World of Business. Chapter 1: If Your Business Hasn't Changed Lately, It Probably
Preface. About the Editors. 1. The Entrepreneurial Process (William D. Bygrave). 2. Opportunity Recognition (Jeffry A. Timm
Preface. PART 1: INTRODUCTION. Chapter 1. Project Management in a Changing World. Chapter 2. The Project Environ
Introduction. Part I: Getting Started with Business Blogs. Chapter 1: Checking Out Business Blogs. Chapter 2: Discovering
PART I: The Effective IT Organization. 1. The IT Dilemma. 2. Sources and Causes of IT Ineffectiveness. 3. Information Tec
List of Contributors. ForewordGordon B. Davis. Series PrefaceRudy Hirschheim. IntroductionJohn Leslie King and Kalle Lyy
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Get the CIO on the Executive Team. 2. Link IT Strategy to Corporate Strate
Foreword by Gloria Gery. Acknowledgments. PART 1: THE BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE. Chapter 1. Plain Talk. Chapter 2
Foreword. Introduction. Acknowledgment. Chapter 1. Executives Flying Blind. Slouching toward Customer Focus. Manag
Preface. Introduction. Target Audience. The Structure of This Book. Chapter 1: Agility and Coherence: A Conflict of Intere
Acronyms/Abbreviations. 1 Overview of Finance Solutions Leveraging Leading Practices. Introduction: A New Look at Financ
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Introduction. Overview. Business Intelligence as a Competitive Differe
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: The Promise of the Real-Time Enterprise. Chapter 2: Roots of the Real-Time Enter
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Seven Realities That Jeopardize Business Survival: Why Organizations
Preface. CHAPTER 1: The Business Inflexibility Trap. The Mother of All Business Problems. One Constant Is Change. Co
1. The World of Project Management. 2. The Manager, The Organization, and the Team. 3. Planning the Project. 4. Budget
Introduction. TEAMWORK IN EVOLVING ORGANIZATIONS. The New Workplace. From Teams to Teamwork. A FACILITA
Introduction: Getting the Most from This Resource. PART 1: Overview of Facilitation. Chapter 1: Facilitation in Organizations
Section One: Getting Clear on the Concept * The Case for Teamwork * Overview of the Model * Two Important Questions Se
Checklists. Checklists and Tables on the CD-ROM. Preface. The Authors. PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING VIRTUAL TEA
   Acknowledgments. Introduction: Squawk. Chapter 1: Building the Killer Project Team. Chapter 2: Perfect Planning Makes P
Introduction. The Fable. Preview. Part One: Flashback. Part Two: Plot Point. Part Three: Protagonist. Part Four: Action.
Practical Surveys. Cornerstones of a Quality Survey. Deciding What Information You Need. Choosing a Survey Method. W
BASIC MATH REVIEW. Basic Arithmetic. Simple Algebra. Percentages. RETAILING APPLICATIONS. Markup and Mark
Chapter 1. The Nature of Operations. Chapter 2. Strategy, Operations, and Global Competitiveness. Chapter 3. Process Pla
OPERATIONS IN A GLOBAL MARKET. The Nature of Operations. Business Strategy and International Competitiveness. Q
Chapter 1. Projects in Contemporary Organization. PART I: PROJECT INITIATION. Chapter 2. Strategic Management and P
Preface. PART ONE: DESIGNING A PRODUCTIVE SYSTEM. 1. Operations and Competitiveness. The Operations Functio

Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Taking the Lean Approach. The Lean Change in Distribution. The RFID Change D
Chapter 1. Introduction to Operations Management. Chapter 2. Operations Strategy and Competitiveness. Chapter 3. Produc
Preface. The Authors and Contributors. PART ONE: CREATING THE CONDITIONS FOR CHANGE. 1 Leading Organiza
Preface. The Author. 1. The New Business Environment and the Need for a New Project Management. The New Business
Foreword. Judd Kuehn Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. The Authors. 1. Leading the Change t
Foreword (Max Wideman). Acknowledgments. The Author. Introduction. Part One: A Practical Guide to Project Portfolio M
Foreword by James P. Lewis. Preface: Out of the Darkness. Acknowledgments. The Author. Introduction: Into the Light.
Preface. Part One: Implementation Capability: Strengthening the Weakest Link. 1. A Thousand Cures: Which One Is Right?
The Importance of Personal Positioning. Market Research. Managing the Details. Tips for the GMAT. Personal Positioning
Introduction. Career Development. The Internal Career and Career Anchors. External Career Stages and Career Movemen
Introduction. PART I: Cover Letters in the New Economy. Chapter l: What Employers Are Telling Us. Chapter 2: Your DotC

  Chapter 1: First, Understand Why You Need to Be Indispensable. Chapter 2: Learn What Your Boss Wants from You. Cha
Introduction. Part I: Shaping Up to Be a Personal Trainer. Chapter 1: Personal Training 101: Do You Have What It Takes? C
Introduction. What Is a ShowStopper in Job Interviewing? Dummies Here. Dummies There. Dummies, Dummies Everywhere.

Introduction. Chapter 1: Personal and Family Data. Chapter 2: Educational Background. Chapter 3: Character Traits. Chap
1. GETTING STARTED. Market Research. Are You Ready for Retailing? Is a Franchise Right for You? Buying an Existing B
PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES. Chapter 1. What Is a Limited Liability Company? Chap
Introduction. PART I: Getting Started in Entrepreneurship. Chapter 1: What's an Entrepreneur, Anyway? Chapter 2: Moving a
Preface. List of Cases. PART ONE: STARTING THE VENTURE. Chapter 1. The Entrepreneurial Process. Chapter 2. The
Foreword. Introduction. Part I: Making Your Idea Yours. Chapter 1: The Innovation Process. Chapter 2: Patent Basics. C
Introduction. Part I: Becoming an Entrepreneur. Chapter 1: Is Small Business for You? Chapter 2: Laying Your Personal Fina
Introduction. Part I: eBay Basics. Chapter 1: Hooking Up with Online Technology. Chapter 2: Navigating through eBay. Ch
PART 1. GETTING STARTED. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. An Overview of New Venture Financing. PART 2. FINAN
PART I: Genesis. CHAPTER 1. In the Beginning. CHAPTER 2. Choosing the Right Business. CHAPTER 3. Buying an Exis
Introduction. I Marketing Matters. 1 Zeroing In on Your Customer. Divide and conquer. How many customers make a succ
Introduction. Part I: Finding Out about Yahoo! Store. Chapter 1: The Nickel Tour of Yahoo! Store. Chapter 2: Planning Your
PART ONE: Building an eBay Empire. Introduction. The Power of the Titanium Secrets. Getting Started. Sixteen Essential
Introduction. Part I: Getting Started. Chapter 1: Grasping the Basics of the Restaurant Business. Chapter 2: Getting Everyth
Acknowledgments. Preface. Chapter 1: What Buyers Are Looking For. Chapter 2: Why Sell?. Chapter 3: Types of Buyers.
About the Author. Acknowledgments. Preface. Disclaimer. About the Companion Website. Section 1 Embezzlement: Wh
Introduction. Part I: Knowing Where You Want to Go. Chapter 1: Preparing to Do a Business Plan. Chapter 2: Understandin
Preface. 1. Getting Started. 2. Preparing Your Business Plan. 3. Determining the Best Location. 4. Your Building. 5. Struc
Foreword Bill Lockyer. About the Authors. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1: I Want a Divorce! Chapter 2: Grou
Introduction by Anthony L. Iaquinto. Introduction by Stephen Spinelli. PART ONE: DEVELOPING THE CORRECT FRAME O
Preface: Did I Really Say Irrefutable? Acknowledgments. About the Author. Chapter 1: A Realists View of the Small Busines
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART I: GETTING STARTED. 1. Creating a Seminar Business. 2. Working with Adult Audien
Introduction: The Next Big Thing. Chapter 1. Why We Need a Revolution. Chapter 2. Understanding and Controlling the Dem
THE ROAD TO DISRUPTION. Retrospective. Discontinuity. THE DISRUPTION DISCIPLINE. Disruption. Convention. V
No Room for the Mouse: The Failure to Involve Consumers in Advertising Communication. Silent Partners: Account Planning
Preface. Chapter 1. Salesmen Don't Have to Wear Plaid: Selling without selling out. Chapter 2. A Sharp Pencil Works Best:
THE SIZE AND NATURE OF THE BIG FISH. More Blood from a Small Stone. The Consumer Isn't. What Is a Challenger B
Foreword. Preface. SECTION I: The Problem. 1. The End of Mass Media. 2. Whats Eating the 30-Second Commercial?
Introduction (J. Dru). Seven Disruption Stories. DISRUPTION CONTEXT. America, the Disruptive Brand (C. Scott and T. C
Foreword: Rick Boyko. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction: The View from Down Here: Ignacio Oreamuno. PART I:
Introduction. Acknowledgments. CHAPTER 1. The Concept of Fees: Will People Actually Give Me Their Money for My Advice
1. An Emerging Paradigm of Organization Change. Organization As Machine. Problem with Traditional Approaches. Alternati
Introduction. PART I: What's a Consultant? Chapter 1: Why Consult? (And When to Make the Leap). Chapter 2: What Consu
Introduction. Acknowledgments. CHAPTER 1: Conditions for a Successful Intervention. Stacking the Deck in Consulting Is No
Introduction to the Second Edition. Acknowledgments. About the Author. Chapter 1: Establishing Goals and Expectations Y
Introduction: Learning to Make Rain All of the Time. PART I: BREAKING THROUGH AS AN EXPERT. The Loyalty Equation
Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I: MARKETING FOR CONSULTANTS THE GUERRILLA WAY. Chapter 1. Why Co
Figures. CD-ROM Contents. Preface. Introduction. Part One: Making the Transition. 1. Performance Consulting. 2. The
Preface. Introduction to The 2007 Pfeiffer Annual: Human Resource Management. Current Practices. Introduction to Curren
A Consultant by Any Other Name . . . Techniques Are Not Enough. Flawless Consulting. Contracting Overview. The Contr
Acknowledgments. Introduction. SECTION 1: Office and Practice Management. Equipment Checklist and Commentary. C

CD-ROM Contents. Acknowledgments. Introduction. SECTION 1: FINANCIAL SKILLS. 1. A Primer on Financial Basics.
Introduction. PART I: The Art of Selling. Chapter 1: You Don't Need a Plaid Sport Coat. Chapter 2: The Seven-Step Selling C
List of Exhibits, Tables, and Figures. CD-ROM Contents. Preface. Introduction. Chapter 1: Evaluation as a Strategy. The Bu
Tables, Figures, and Exhibits. Preface to the Third Edition. Acknowledgments. About the International Board of Standards f

Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I: OPENERS. 1. Hello. 2. Taking the Pulse. 3. Placards. 4. Balancing Act. 5. In
Foreword. Acknowledgments. 1. Do You Want Fries with that e-Learning? Part One: The Simulation Way. 2. In the Game
List of Figures, Tables, and Exhibits. CD-ROM Contents. Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART ONE: Getting Started. 1. A
Foreword by W. Warner Burke. Foreword by Adrian Furnham. 1. Introduction. For Whom Did We Write This Book? What
Forewords (Jay Cross, Michael G. Moore). Preface and Acknowledgments (Curtis J. Bonk, Charles R. Graham). PART ONE
Foreword. OPENING AND CONNECTIONS. Whats in It for You? Introducing You to The Ten-Minute Trainer. PART ONE.
Figures and Tables. Acknowledgments. Introduction: Getting the Most from This Resource. PART I: FOUNDATIONS. Cha
CD Contents. Acknowledgments. Introduction. SECTION ONE: Materials for the Facilitator. Chapter 1: Working with the C
Foreword. ORGANIZATIONAL REALITIES. Chapter 1: The Corporate Skeptic. Chapter 2: Eager Beaver U. Chapter 3: He
Figures, Tables, and Exhibits. Foreword, by Edward A. Trolley. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART ONE: TH
Acknowledgments. Introduction: Getting the Most from This Resource. THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF ACTIVE TRAINING. T
Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART ONE: CONCEPTS. Chapter 1: Out of Time. Chapter 2: A Natural Way o
List of Illustrations. Foreword (David Holcombe). Acknowledgments. Introduction: Getting the Most from This Book. Part O
List of Tables, Figures, Exhibits, and Worksheets. Contents of the Accompanying CD-ROM. Acknowledgments. Introductio
Foreword (Kevin D. Wilde). Introduction: The Six Disciplines. D1. Define Outcomes in Business Terms. D2. Design the Com
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. SECTION ONE: Using Stories in Training. ONE. What Makes a Sto
Contents of the CD-ROM. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1: Facilitate the Best Learning Experiences. What Me
Acknowledgments. Introduction. STRATEGY 1: ENGAGE YOUR PARTICIPANTS FROM THE START. Tip 1: Give Particip
Dedication. Acknowledgements. Preface. Introduction 1: The ChallengeA Conversation with Three Game Gurus. Introduct
Acknowledgements. Preface. Introduction. 1. e-Learning: Promise and Pitfalls. The e-Learning Bandwagon. What Is e-Learn
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1: What Makes Some Training Topics So Tough? Chapter 2: The Trainers Mind: G
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Audience. Product Description. Related Products. Explanation of
Introduction. Part I: So Youre Going to Be a Trainer! Chapter 1: Whats a Trainer? Chapter 2: Why Adults Learn. Chapter 3
List of Figures. Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE: INTRODUCING ACTIVE TRAINING. The Nature of Adult Learnin
1. What is e -learning design?. 2. Absorb -type activities How can learners acquire information - How do I design activities whe
List of Tables, Exhibits, and Figures. Contents of the CD-ROM. Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Assessing Needs. Le
List of Exhibits, Figures, and Tables. Contents of the CD-ROM. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Part 1 Building a
Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. The Rewards, Challenges, and Responsibilities of an Accidental Trainer. Rewards and C
Introduction. Part I: Getting Started. Chapter 1: Giving a Speech. Chapter 2: Getting Ready to Speak. Chapter 3: Making th
Preface. Acknowledgments. Contributors. Introduction (Anthony M. Grant and Dianne R. Stober). Part I: Single-Theory Pe
Preface. Introduction. Coaching and Building Commitment. Coaching Characteristics and Processes. Coaching Process 1
Preface. Introduction. Coaching and Building Commitment. Coaching Characteristics and Processes. Coaching Process 1
Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART 1: GETTING READY TO BECOME A TOP COACH. 1. I Don't Know! Do I Want to B

Foreword. Dedication. Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. Acknowledgments. About the Editors.
1 Introduction to Power Mentoring. Who Are Our Power Mentors and Protégés? The Changing Career Landscape. Overvie
About This Brief Training Session. Self-Assessment. Thinking About Assertiveness. Coaching Tips. Practicing Assertivene

Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1: The Tale. Chapter 2: An Inside Look at Lessons Learned Corporation. What W
Preface. Introduction. The Driver-Why Organizations Certify-Who to Involve-Benefits of Certification-Missteps and Oversight
Figures, Tables, and Exhibits. Foreword (Edith Whitfield Seashore and Charles Seashore). Acknowledgments. Introduction
Contents of the CD-ROM. List of Exhibits, Tables, Figures, and Tables. Dedication. Acknowledgments. Statement of the B
Preface to the Second Edition. Introduction. Chapter 1: What Is This Instructional Design Stuff Anyway? Why Instructional D
List of Figures, Tables, and Exhibits. Foreword. Preface. 1 Introduction. What Is Performance Support? What Is Not Perf
List of Tables and Figures. Preface. Introduction. 1. BUSTING OLD PARADIGMS AND USING NEW ONES: DEFINING AN
List of Figures and Tables. Preface for the Collaborative Work Systems Series. Appreciations. Introduction: Getting the Mos
Introduction. About the Authors. Balloonatics: A Not-So-Serious Assessment Activity. Boxed In: An Opening Activity. Build
Matrix of Activities. Introduction. Autobiography. Banana Split. Business Card Introduction. Choose Five. Coins. Custo
How to Use This Book. Introduction: Toward Serious Playfulness. Part 1. Framegames. 1. Introduction to Framegames. 2
CD Content. Foreword by Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan. Introduction: Why We Wrote This Book. A Tale of Two Classroo
History and Evolution of Quality Control and AssuranceQuality and Quality SystemsThe ISO 9000 Quality SystemTotal Quality
Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Communication Realities. A Blueprint for Nonverbal Strategies Maximizing Your R
Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. The Mediation Field: An Overview and Four Stories. 2. A Transformative View of Conflic
Acknowledgments. Introduction: How I Found My Dharma in Mediation. 1. Extreme Mediation: What Top-Tier Mediators Kno
Preface. 1. Perspectives on Dispute Resolution: An Introduction (Michael L. Moffitt and Robert C. Bordone). 2. Roots and Ins
Preface. Part One: Understanding Dispute Resolution and Mediation. 1.Approaches to Managing and Resolving Conflict. 2.
Foreword (Jim Melamed). Introduction. PART ONE: HUMAN V. HUMAN: HEALING RELATIONSHIPS. 1. Independence D
Foreword: Conflict: A Leaders Challenge (Warren Bennis). Preface. Introduction: Eight Strategies to Move from Impasse to T
Preface. The Authors. Introduction. PART ONE: THE CONTEXT. 1 Leadership: A Matter of Spirit. 2 Trends in Employee
Preface. Introduction (Morton Deutsch). PART ONE: INTERPERSONAL AND INTERGROUP PROCESSES. 1 Cooperation
Preface. Part One: The Crisis. 1. Conflict Resolution: A Field in Crisis. 2. The Resistance to Conflict Resolution. 3. The Us

PART I: UNDERSTANDING VALUE CREATION IN SERVICES. 1. The World of Services. 2. Fundamentals of Services Mar
About the Author. Preface. 1. Influencing Others to Change. 2. The First Four Seconds. 3. The Delta Model of Influence.
Preface. Acknowledgments. CHAPTER 1: The Affluent Opportunity. CHAPTER 2: Getting into the Affluent Mind. CHAPTE

Introduction. Part I: Tools for Designing Great Marketing Programs. Chapter 1: Boosting Your Business with Great Marketing
Foreword by Sir Martin Sorrell. About the Author. Introduction. Polishing the Apples. Time-and-Motion Man and The Mad I
Introduction. Part I: Designing a Great Marketing Program. Chapter 1: Maximizing Your Marketing Program. Chapter 2: Cla
Chapter 1. Taking the Customer SeriouslyFinally. Chapter 2. An Overview of the CEM Framework. Chapter 3. Analyzing the
Introduction. 1. The World in Which We Sell. Converging Forces of Rapid Commoditization and Increasing Complexity. 2. T
Foreword by Kate Roberts. Acknowledgments. Introduction: Lost in Sherwood Forest. Facing the Fact That Marketing Is a M
Preface: Are You A Marketing Champion? Why This Book? The Marketing Champions Imperative. The Marketing Compas
Preface. 1. The Role of Marketing Research in Management Decision Making. 2. The Marketing Research Industry. 3. Prob
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter One: A Checkup for Marketers: Listening or Not? Chapter Two: Self-Induced Stre
PREFACE. INTRODUCTION. PART ONE: Understanding the Media. CHAPTER 1: Foundational Rules for Media Success
Foreword. Preface. The Author. Part One: The Changing Landscape of Marketing and Corporate Communication. 1 New
The Tyranny of Choice. Whatever Happened to the U.S.P.? Reinventing the U.S.P. Quality and Customer Orientation Are R
Foreword by Jeff Alexander, Seeda. Acknowledgements. Preface. PART I: USING ALLIANCES TO CREATE VALUE. 1. H
Introduction. Part I: PR: What It Is, How It Works. Chapter 1: The Power of PR. Chapter 2: X-Raying the PR Process. Cha
Chapter 1: Employers Can Fail or Go BrokeAnd Yours Can, Too. Chapter 2: But Competition Keeps Cutting My Price. Chapt

Foreword (Dr. Tom Ventullo). Preface (Dr. Joe Rubino). Acknowledgments. About the Editor. 1. Carpe WOO! (Brian Biro).
Preface. Acknowledgements. Author Biography. Introduction: (Three Seconds). Chapter 1. The Magic Window. Chapter
Foreword by Dr. Tom Ventullo. Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. PART ONE: GETTING IN THE RIGHT FRAME
Foreword Jeffrey Gitomer. Preface: How P.T. Barnum Almost Killed Me Twice (and Why I Dont Really Mind). Acknowledgme
Preface. PART ONE: A New Way of Selling. 1. Times Have Changed:Welcome to the Information Age. A Background on S
Introduction. PART ONE: WHY CUSTOMER EFFORTS CRASH AND BURN. 1 Machine of Mediocrity: Corporate Machine o
Preface. 1. Strong Brand, Strong Reputation. 2. Measuring Brand and Reputation. 3. The BalancedBrand System. Part On
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. 1. Why Is Movie Theater Popcorn So Expensive? 2. Why Are W
Chapter 1. Introduction: Hx2+O. Chapter 2. "I Get 1,000 Channels of TV and Most of It's Crap". Chapter 3. Chunking. Chap
PART 1: THE RULES, THE SECRETS, THE FUN. 1.1 Genesis. 1.2 The Book of Rules. 1.3 The Book of Secrets. 1.4 The
Acknowledgments. Foreword Authors Note. Preface. Module One: Your Foundation. Chapter 1: The Red Velvet Rope Po
Introduction: Why Should You Read This Book? Part One: The Human Nature of Communication. Chapter 1: The Heavy Hit
Introduction. Chapter 1. Attitude and Commitment: It all Starts Here. Chapter 2. Successful Salespeople See Themselves Su
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Part I: "What We Got Here Is a Failure to Communicate." 1 The More You Sweat,

Preface. Introduction The #1 Obstacle to Most New Business. PART I: The Strategy to Win. 1. The Wedge. 2. Finding You
Preface Chapter 1: The Role of Marketing Research in Management Decision Making Chapter 2: The Marketing Research Ind
01 Introduction. 02 Definition of Terms. 03 The Evolution of Marketing. 04 The E-Dimension. 05 The Global Dimension. 0
Introducing Marketing Part I: Business Marketing 1. Making Marketing Happen 2. The Marketing Plan Part II: Analyzing Mark
The Role of Marketing in Organizations and Society. Marketing Strategy. Customer Analysis. Market Segmentation and Pro
PREFACE. CHAPTER ONE: The Idea Of Business Networks. CHAPTER TWO: Analysing Business Network. CHAPTER
Preface and Acknowledgments. The Authors. Part I. Strategies for Asking Questions. 1. The Social Context of Question As
List of Figures. List of Tables. Contributors. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1: Introduction to Scenario Planning (Gill Ringlan
Acknowledgements. Introduction. SECTION I: BRAND THEORY REVISITED. 1 Challenges to the Old Model of Branding.
Foreword by Philip Kotler. Preface (Alice M. Tybout and Tim Calkins). Acknowledgments. Introduction: The Challenge of Br
Foreword. Introduction: Of Bloggers and Blacksmiths. I. Whats Happening. 1. Souls of the Borg. 2. Everything Never Chan
Introduction. PART I: What Managers Can Do to Create Nordstrom-Style Service. 1. The Nordstrom Story: How a Century o
Introduction. PART I: TESTING THE RETAIL WATERS. Chapter 1: Retailing: How It Really Works and How It Can Work for
1. Introduction to Selling and Sales Management. 2. Strategy and Sales Program Planning. Sales Management Resource: E
Introduction. PART I: A Close by Any Other Name Is Still a Close. Chapter 1: Falling in Love with Closing. Chapter 2: The Ana
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction and Overview. 1. Making a Commitment to Success. 2. Sales Speak
Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Sales Coaching. 2. PlanningThe Foundation of Coaching. 3. Goal-Setting Meetings. 4
About the Authors.       Preface.   PART 1: INDIVIDUAL ASPECTS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR. Chapter 1: Consumer Mo
Figures, Tables, and Exhibits. Preface. The Editors. The Contributors. Meeting the Need for Practical Evaluation Approach
Preface. The Authors. VOLUNTEERS IN THE ORGANIZATION. The Volunteer Administrator as Leader and Manager. De
Tables. Preface. The Author. 1. Nonprofit Nation. 2. Theories. 3. Religion. 4. Social Service. 5. Health Care. 6. Education a

Figures, Tables, Exhibits, and Worksheets. Preface. The Authors. PART ONE: DEVELOPING AND ADMINISTERING QUE
Tables, Figures, and Exhibits. Preface. The Editor. The Contributors. PART ONE: CONTEXT AND INSTITUTIONS. 1. H

Foreword (Melissa A. Berman). Preface. Acknowledgments. The Author. 1. Why Should Nonprofits Engage with Business

Introduction. Part I: Getting Started with Nonprofits. Chapter 1: Tuning In to the World of Nonprofit Organizations. Chapter 2
Chapter 1: Setting the Stage: Some Preliminaries. 1.1 The Need for Action. 1.2 Part of the Bigger Scheme. 1.3 Assumption
Acknowledgments. Preface. Chapter 1: History and Legislative Background of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Chapter Ov
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART I: STARTING A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION. Chapter 1. Why Start a Nonprofit Orga
Introduction: Leading Beyond the Walls (James E. Austin and Frances Hesselbein). Acknowledgments. Using This Workboo
Acknowledgments. About the Author. Chapter 1. Introduction. Overview. Five Common Myths about Risk Management. B
THE DRUCKER FOUNDATION SELF-ASSESSMENT PROCESS. Introduction, Peter F. Drucker. Governance and Manage
Exercises and Exhibits. Preface. The Author. Profiles. Introduction: Community OrganizingYesterday and Today. 1. New

Foreword, Carol Cone. Acknowledgments. Introduction: My Journey, Partner for Purpose, Passion, and Profit. PART I: THE
Foreword (John Parr). Preface. Acknowledgments. The Author. The Contributors. Introduction: The Power of Collaboration.
Preface to the Second Edition. Acknowledgments. The Authors. PART 1: An Overview. Introduction. The Context and Pr
Preface. Chapter 1. Getting Started with Technology. Chapter 2. Technology Planning for the Small Organization. Chapter 3
What You Will Find in This Book. Introduction to the Second Edition. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: Introduction to Strategic
Figure, Tables, Worksheets, Exhibits, Agendas. Introduction. How to Use This Book. Instruction with Samples and Example
Figures and Exhibits. Preface. Acknowledgments. The Author. PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING THE DYNAMICS OF STR
Introduction: The Community Beyond the Walls (F. Hesselbein). NEW STRATEGIES FOR A WORLD WITHOUT WALLS. T
Exhibits. Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. PART ONE: FINDING YOUR WAY AS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. Ch
Tables, Figures, and Exhibits. Preface. Acknowledgments. The Author. Part I: Working Across Boundaries. 1. Why Collabor
Foreword (Joan Blades). Acknowledgments. Preface: The Promise of Connected Activism. Introduction. Part I: Connected
About the Author. Acknowledgments. Preface. Disclaimer. About the Companion Website. Section 1: Not-For-Profit Orga
ON LEADERS AND LEADERSHIP. Peter F. Drucker: My Mentors' Leadership Lessons. Frances Hesselbein: Managing in a
Figures, Tables, Exhibits, and Worksheets. Preface: Why a Book About Nonprofit Competition? Acknowledgments. The Au
Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Live Lessons and At the Salt Mines. Terminology. Part I: Promise versus Reali
Foreword. LEADING THE ORGANIZATION OF THE FUTURE. The New Language of Organizing and Its Implications for Le
Acknowledgments. Introduction: Fundraising and the Expression of Faith. WHAT IS CHRISTIAN FUNDRAISING? Creating
Preface. Acknowledgments. The Author. The Contributors. 1. SELLING YOUR CAUSE WITHOUT SELLING OUT. We're a
Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. Introduction: Why Storytelling? 1 First Steps: Getting Ready for Grantseekin
Foreword by Judith E. Nichols, Ph.D., CFRE. PROLOGUE: GET INSPIRED AND READY TO GO. 1. Clear Away Myths and F
Introduction. Part I: Setting the Stage with Grant Basics. Chapter 1: Getting Smart, Getting Money. Chapter 2: Raising Your
Preface. Acknowledgments. How to Get the Most from This Book. PART ONE: Fundraising ABCs. One You Can Ask for M
Preface to the Second Edition. Introduction to the Second Edition. Chapter 1. Values: The Context for Philanthropy, Develop
Introduction. Part I: Putting Your Fundraising Ducks in a Row. Chapter 1: Identifying the Fruits of Your Fundraising Passion.
List of Figures, Tables, Worksheets, and Exercises. Foreword (Suze Orman). Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Authors
Foreword. Introduction. Chapter 1. Prospecting for Major Gifts (Pamela Gignac and Ken Wyman). Introduction. Prospect R
Introduction. All You Really Need to Know About Donor Relationship Development. Chapter One: Playing Smart and Prepari
Foreword (Susan Earl Hosbach, Jon M. Wagner, Andrea McManus). Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Hesitatin
Figures, Tables, & Exhibits. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction: Purpose and Observations. 1. Principles of Fundrais

Introduction. PART I: Understanding Corporate and Foundation Fundraising. How Corporations and Foundations Fit into You
About the Authors. Introduction. 1. What Every Board Member Needs to Know to Start Fundraising. The Five Responsibilitie
Acknowledgments. Preface. About the Author. Chapter 1. History and Legislative Background of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of
About Boardsource. About the Authors. Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1: First Principles. Principle One: Nonprofit
Policies. Figures and Exhibits. Preface to the Second Edition. Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. PART ONE. PR
Preface to the Third Edition. Preface. The Author. Prologue: Beginning and Ending with Purpose. Introduction. 1. Leaders
Introduction. Part I: Covering Your Assets: Intellectual Property Basics. Chapter 1: Examining the Tools in Your IP Box. Cha
Foreword. Introduction: Setting the Stage. 1. The Big Three: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights. 2. The Supporting Playe
Preface. Acknowledgments. What Is Technology Licensing? The Trade Substance, and Its Risks and Psychology. Overvi
Foreword - John B. Jones, Jr. Managing. Director, Salomon Smith Barney. Introduction -- New Foundations, New Frontiers -
Acknowledgments. About the Author. Preface. Introduction. PART ONE: The Game of Technology Transfer. Chapter 1: T
About the Authors. Introduction. PART ONE: IP LAW ON ECONOMIC DAMAGES. Chapter 1. U.S. Case Law and Econom
Preface. About the Editors. About LESI. PART 1: TERRITORIAL COMMENTARIES. 1. Licensing and Technology Transfe
Acknowledgments. Foreword by Kevin Rivette, author of Rembrandts in the Attic. Introduction. Chapter 1. Roadblocks and
Acknowledgments. Author's Foreword. 1. Introduction to I-Stuff. What Are Intangibles? The Impact of Intangibles on Orga
Tables, Figures, and Exhibits. Preface. The Author. PART ONE: THE DYNAMIC CONTEXT OF PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS
Exhibits, Tables, and Figures. Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. Introduction: Ethics in Public Service. PART ON
Preface. The Authors. 1. The Crisis in Public Management. 2. Defining Effective Public Management. 3. How to Find and Ke
Preface to the Fifth Edition. Acknowledgments. The Author. 1 Introduction. 2 Understanding Ethical Decision Making. Pa
Tables, Figures, and Exhibits. Preface. The Editor. The Contributors. Introduction: Toward Strategic Human Resource Ma
Introduction. Preface. Chapter 1: The Public Sector Squeeze. Chapter 2: Zeroing In on Outcomes. Chapter 3: Why Is It So
Introduction. Chapter 1. How to Use this Book to Maximize Your Real Estate Investment Profits. Chapter 2. The Real Estate
Acknowledgments. PART ONE: THE COMING REAL ESTATE BUST. INTRODUCTION: How to Make Real Estate Buying o
1. Your Quick Path to Profits: The Entrepreneurial Approach. 2. Market Value versus Market Strategy. 3. Your Formula for P

Why This Book? PART ONE: YOU CAN STILL GET RICH IN REAL ESTATE. 1. Get Started Now! 2. Multiple Paths to Buil
PART I: REAL ESTATE FINANCE. Chapter 1. Introduction to Real Estate Finance. Chapter 2. Primary Investment Elements
Acknowledgments. Foreword to the Trump University 101 Series By Donald J. Trump. Chapter 1: Entrepreneuring in Real Es
Preface. Chapter 1. The Insider's Buckets. Chapter 2. How I Became a real Estate Agent and an Insider Real Estate Investo
Introduction. Chapter 1. The Real Estate Challenge. Chapter 2. What We Did in Vegas, and What You Can Do Anywhere. C
Preface. Introduction. 1. Make Money in Short-Sale Foreclosures. The two strategies to make money in foreclosures are quic
Introduction. Part I: Fine-Tuning Your Finances. Chapter 1: Determining Your Borrowing Power. Chapter 2: Qualifying for a
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART I: PREPARING TO INVEST IN REAL ESTATE. Chapter 1: Introduction. How This Boo
Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Flipping Properties Defined. Chapter 3. The Value Play Strategy. C
Preface. 1. An Investment Plan to Create Wealth. Discover Lifes Three Chronological Investment Periods. A Winning Finan
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Introduction. 2. A Gift from Uncle Sam. 3. Creating a Home Renovation Strategy. 4. The F
Introduction. Part I: Home Economics. Chapter 1: Deciding Whether to Buy. Chapter 2: Getting Your Financial House in Ord
FOREWORD. INTRODUCTION. CHAPTER 1: How to Get Started Investing in Commercial Real Estate. Commercial Real
Introduction. Part I: Acquiring the Keys to Real Estate Success. Chapter 1: Discovering the Skills of a Successful Agent. Ch
Preface. Introduction. 1. What Are Real Estate Tax Liens? Government claims against property for unpaid taxes are called ta
List of Downloadable Forms. Introduction. Acknowldegments SECTION I: BEGINNER BASICS OF AUTO-PILOT LANDLOR
Preface. Chapter 1: Get Into, and Profit From, the Worlds Best Borrowed-Money Business. Chapter 2: Pick the Type of Incom
Acknowledgements. Introduction. Chapter 1. So Youre Selling Your House Chapter 2. Ready, Stage, Sell: Home Staging G
LIST OF DOWNLOADABLE FORMS. INTRODUCTION: Real Estate Options: What They Are, How They Work, and Why You
Introduction. PART ONE: Fundamentals of Real Estate. CHAPTER 1: Real Valid Reasons Why You Cant Make Money in Re
Introduction. Chapter 1. What is Cash Flow and Where Does It Come From. Chapter 2. What Is Equity Buildup and Where D
Chapter 1. Introduction to Multifamily Ownership. Chapter 2. Advantages of Multifamily Ownership. Chapter 3. Bridging the G
Acknowledgments. Introduction: Twenty Minutes Equals Twenty Years. Chapter 1: From $50,000 to $100 Million:Why the Ma
Introduction. Chapter 1. Make a Good Deal. Chapter 2. Understand Cycles. Chapter 3. Use Other People's Money. Chapte
Introduction. Chapter 1. The Most Amazing Real Estate Company EverAgain! Chapter 2. Real Estate Loans. Chapter 3. Ad
Preface to 4th Edition. 1. Profit from the Mistakes of Others. 2. Explore Possibilities, Set Priorities. 3. Home Ownership: How
Preface. Introduction. 1. What Is Abandoned Property? An abandoned property is a property from which its owners have wal
Foreword by Donald Trump. Preface. Chapter 1: Sell Yourself Like Trump: Five Personal Qualities You Need to Succeed in R
Foreword By Donald Trump. Preface. Chapter 1. Sell yourself Like Trump: Five Personal Qualities You Need To Succeed in
Prologue: Does Investing in Real Eastate Still Make Sense? 1. Why Real Estate Offers Your best Route to a Prosperous Futu
Preface. Acknowledgments. PART 1: Getting Started in REITs. Chapter 1: Real Estate as an Asset Class. Chapter 2: The
Introduction. PART I: Basic Loopholes. Chapter 1: Choose the Tax Laws You Want. Chapter 2: Tax Traps to Avoid. PART
List of Illustrations. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Jumping into the Water: Simple Scenarios. Is This Business for You?
Foreword. Preface. About the Authors. 1. Seeking Sustainable Cash Flow. An Artificial Boost to Operating Cash Flow. Cl
List of Exhibits. Preface. Acknowledgements. The Author. Negotiation and Culture: A Framework. Negotiating Deals. Resol
Introduction. CHAPTER 1. E-mail's Quirks and Wonders Why e-mail makes us work differently. CHAPTER 2. The Legal Fac
Preface. About the Author. Chapter 1. Introduction and Perspective. PART I: CONTEMPORARY VIOLATIONS OF THE PU
FOREWORD: How Two Escapees from Corporate America Built a Highly Profitable Real Estate Business (and How You Can,
About the Author. Preface. 1 Defining the Problem. Business Continuity Concerns. Characteristics of a Sound Program.
Foreword by Robert D. Novak. Acknowledgments. 1 The Big Ripoff:The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled. PART I FRIEN
Introduction. Part I: Getting Started in Six Sigma. Chapter 1: Getting Ready for Six Sigma: The Effects of Variation. Chapter
Foreword.           Preface. Acknowledgements.               About the Author. Introduction: The Elements of Greatness. Cha
Introduction. Part I: The Scene Before and After SOX. Chapter 1. The SOX Saga. Chapter 2. SOX in Sixty Seconds. Chap
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. The Radical reward-Sharing Idea That Overturned an Industry. Chapte
Illustrations. Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE: FROM BEDOUIN TO BOURGEOISIE. 1. The Birth of a Nation. 2.
Introduction by Anne M. Mulcahy, Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corporation. Foreword by Joel Podolny, Dean, Yale School of
Preface. Chapter 1. Introduction to Managerial Decision Making. Chapter 2. Common Biases. Chapter 3. Framing and the
Illustrations. Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART ONE FROM BEDOUIN TO BOURGEOISIE. 1 The Birth of
Chapter 1. Introduction to Research. Chapter 2. Scientific Investigation. Chapter 3. Technology and Business Research. Ch
INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMICS. The American Economy Since World War I. Understanding and Manipulating Numbers
Introduction. Part I: Economics The Science of How People Deal with Scarcity. Chapter 1: What Does Economics Study? An
Preface. PART ONE: Introduction to Economics. CHAPTER 1. Introduction to Economics. What Is Economics? Economic

Introduction: Strategy and Economics. Primer: Economic Concepts for Strategy. PART ONE: FIRM BOUNDARIES. 1. The
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. An Introduction to Microeconomics. Chapter 2. Supply and Demand. Chapter 3. T

Preface. About the Authors. Chapter 1. Difference Equations. Chapter 2. Stationary Time-Series Models. Chapter 3. Mode
Preface. An Introduction to Econometrics. Some Basic Probability Concepts. The Simple Linear Regression Model: Specific

"...a good start for grasping company reports..." (Accounting Technician, July 2006) "...if you want to become the next busines

"well-writtenexplains points clearlyeverything a budding accountant needs to know" (Accounting Technician, July 2006)

"IIE member and seminar instructor Gray Cokins adds a new book to his list of accomplishments." (IEE Solutions - Book of the

"If you don't currently have a fraud prevention and detection handbook, this is the one to get" (AuditNet, 7/1/2004)
"A useful book with a novel approach." (Pay Advice, May 2006)

"...a good written summary of the issues...illuminating..." (AccountingWEB UK, 6th September 2005)
In his new book FROM WORST TO FIRST, Continental Airlines CEO Gordon Bethune tells how he led Continental's transform

"Getting Results hits the nail on the head! It offers concrete advice on how leaders produce sustainable results. Any leader wan

"It brings history and economics in an enjoyable way..." (Financial Times, 21st September 2005) a fine account of how the cou

The doom mongering is leavened with some waspishly witty writing (Daily Telegraph, 6th December 2005)

"... its well structured so that people can easily dip in and out. Worth reading whatever your line of business." (The Guardian, Se
As well as being an excellent biography, it is the best handbook on leadership that has been published for many years. (Profess

"...does prompt some sharp thinking..." (Director, May 2006) "...very helpful, and the blend of fact and fiction in this respect ma
"Absolutely amazing! It completely shifts your paradigm of life. One of the most wonderful things about it is that the results are i

"This is a management book with a difference; it acknowledges you might want a life outside work!" (PQ Magazine, September

Acuff, president of the Delta Leadership Group, believes that everyone can succeed at any livelihood by mastering the art of rel

simple practical guide to communication in the work place, and the positive effects it can have (M2 Best Books, May 2004)
very strongly recommends this book to business leaders and students of management (, April 2004) Price, p

"The book would be excellent for executives and managers..." (Quality Progress, August 2002)

"Of all the people Tom and I quoted in In Search of Excellence Karl Weick was hands down the most influential. As a researche

In keeping with the parable style, Lencioni (The Five Temptations of a CEO) begins by telling the fable of woman who, as CEO

"An excellent starting point" (Long Range Planning, August 2006)
a comprehensive introduction (Supply Management, 6th October 2005)

"...invigorating read..." (Training and Coaching Today, May 2006) "...enliven[s] what is a rigorous academic treatment of the cl
reveals lessons that are universal and the book avoids the simplicity that undermines much business writing in the US(Managin

"The Skilled Facilitator is an invaluable text and should be required reading for all who aspire to excellence in facilitation." (Train

This book has a simple message: praising employees is the "single business strategy" that meets "all your business objectives
"…useful serious, good -value for money book and we haven't even test driven the accompanying CD yet…     " (E-learning age, Nov
"In my view, this book is simply the best, A to Z resource for organizational survey and assessment practitioners available. . . . A

this book is ideal for the busy practitioner and the book-weary student alikea one-stop study guide to the most up-to-date HR th

"this book will serve as an important resource guide in this dynamic field." (People Management, September 2006)

"The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace is an engaging attempt to connect fundamental research on emotions and human perfo

This easy-to-read, practical guide is packed full of ideas, tools and techniques for influencing culture (Health Service Journal, 2

the well presented ideas are relevant to us all(Professional Manager, January 2003)

"...this is an easily digestible book..." (Supply Management, 15 November 2001) "...this book is a very accessible read..." (Bus

"It provides an insight into how they [companies such as Hershey and Hewlett-Packard] have used category management to su
"This is right on target." (Journal of Product Innovation Management; 1/1/2005)

In this rousing call to arms, the authors--business school professors at Dartmouth and the University of Maryland, respectively-

full of pragmatic advice on achieving and sustaining compliance (Supply Management, 5th January 2005)
"...a well-argued foundation for managers who are all too aware of that short-term 'noise' that often gets in the way of their...stra

"In a nutshell, this is a book with a great amount of valuable contenta good book for the reference shelf" (, August
I would recommend this book to anyone who was considering implementing six Sigma (, April 2003)

A bold challenge to conventional thinking with plenty of examples to support the authors hypothesis. (Voyager (BMI Inflight), Fe
"this book aims to provide the answers to these and much more" (Credit Control, May 2006) "a fresh perspectiveworth a read.

"...a good roundup of important marketing theory with some great case studies...." (Brand Strategy, April 2006) "...truly inspirin

"has some interesting insights into global market trends." (EN Magazine, September 2006) "The book offers a framework for c

Andrew Savitz recalls a conversation he had with a purchasing manager at a large telecommunications company. The man wa

"A coach needs to be able to touch people with new possibilities and bring wisdom, compassion, and humor to the issues and p

an interesting book from which we can glean many valuable ideas and suggestions. (The Leadership and Organization Develo

Technology has so clearly woven itself into the fabric of business culture that publishing Glen's book on how to manage the peo

"I cut my training teeth on The Pfeiffer Annuals, and I've been a faithful advocate of these peerless guides ever since the first o

even sceptics will like the books balanced tone... (Management Today, Feb. 2005) George candidly recounts his experiences

" follows a simple, clean formula that seems to make intuitive sense and is backed up with real-life case interest

According to Snyder, whose book compiles the results of a five-year research project covering over 2,000 organizations and 3,5

While Osama Bin Laden on Leadership has not yet turned up, it seems every other historical figure has graced the title of a ma

"One new book that does deserve praise" (Financial Times Career Point, September 2006)
"balanced, progressive view of leadership." (CPO Agenda, September 2006)

"thought Leaders" webcast hour long interview ( webcast, July 17, 2006) "This terrific new book" (, Ma

Leadership Passages has the answers (Business Executive, June 2005) packs in more useable advice than most of its ilka us

"...there are good stories here...all used to make leadership points..." (Times Educational Supplement, 23rd September 2005)
"shows how a sincere belief in the future, coupled with determination and the skills to engage and enlist others, can positively a

A readable and valuable discussion of important issues. (Long Range Planning, no. 38, 2005)

Marketing won't speak to engineering. Sales thinks production hogs the budget. Front desk believes back room's lazy. These s

"This is the best research on the angel capital market that I've seen. It should be read by every serious researcher in small bus
"In an era when more foolishness than fact is burbled about managing the supply base, it's refreshing to read Balanced Sourcin
"This important book provides both state-of-the-art help to managers on the pragmatics of leading change, as well as a guide to

"...its advice could muster middle managements entrepreneurial spirit." (getAbstract, August 2006)
"In the considerable literature on leadership, this book focuses on something new-how individuals can identify the key attributes
"This book puts science into the art of leadership selection."--Earle Mauldin, president, Bell South Enterprises "In these fast-pa

"At long last, a book directed to the working world that acknowledges and demonstrates how managing our emotions and deali

Back in the good old days, when news travelled at the speed of telex and the world seemed big, change was something that ha

"Another homerun by Lencioni! This will be the first book we give to the thousands of executives who take part in our program."

"A must read for all leaders, not just CEOs. Take it from someone whohas been tempted. Better than a personal coach." (Boyd

 with                                                                                                                       "
"… this friendly guide, everyone can sample the benefits of an MBA education in a fraction of the time and at much less cost…

explains what blogging is, and how businesses can profit by improving corporate communications and customer relations to ge

"The new edition hits the nail on the head. Every employee who works as a member of a team needs to learn facilitation skills.

usefulthis book is worth reading (The British Journal of Healthcare Computing & Information Management, Vol 22 (10), Decem
a work of fiction with important messages for management (Leadership The author is something of a master of the modern fab

"...arguement it advances is that traditional forecast-driven approaches to supply chain management are inappropriate in today
"The authors discuss some excellent organizational best practices and provide steps to achieve them." (Journal of Product Inno
a valuable reference for theory and analysis (Supply Management, December 2005)

In the business world, it's all about rapid results. Schaffer and Ashkenas are here to make sure your company is maintaining th

This non-nonsense book covers every conceivable aspect of the personal-training industrystraightforward, informative and easy

Her top lessons, from selecting merchandise to shipping, proves you really can lap up the profits from your living room. (Voyage

"His advice is practical and sound" (Harvard Business School, 4/10/06)

"Overall, if you want to get into doing banner ads, this book makes a great readI feel like a better ad designer now that Ive read
: "Although out last year, Eating the Big Fish, is one of the most stimulating books on brands and has grown to become a must
challenges proven thinking in a very digestible form (Brand Strategy, 5th December 2005) "an excellent read, witty and enlight
"...this excellent book..." (Electronic Commerce Guide, 13 July 2002) Named the 'Must Read Marketing book' (Campaign, 27 S

"For good measure, he throws in 60 fast ideas to raise fees and/or increase profits." (MD Daily Record, 3/28/02) "...any consu
"The authors offer a comprehensive alternative to traditional change models" (Quality Progress, June 2002)

"This is content as rich as tiramisu. I find that I can digest only a small portion at a time; yet I'm always back for more. An indisp
Whether business leaders want a steady drizzle or an out-and-out monsoon, they can use Sobel's formula for landing and keep

"Who would have thought the 'consultant's bible' could be improved upon? Count on Peter Block -the consulting profession's ve

"We have been using the [Applied Strategic Planning] process in our agency and it has helped us to focus and provide needed

"this book is an outstanding resource..." (IACET (International Assoc. for Continuing Education and Training), November 19, 20

"Clark Aldrichhas written a book that will revolutionize e-learning in both education and industry." (Human Resource Developme
"The human resources field has long needed practical advice on the selection of HR software, and here is a book loaded with u

"the most thorough book on blended learning on the market today." (Educational Pathways, June 13, 2006)

is a useful resource for all those who are involved in designing and developing e-learning experiences. (IACET Review, 4/1/200

"...provides a useful snapshot of the issues, dramas and special challenges women and minorities face in the modern workplac
essential reading for any manager, HR officer or company director (Reading Chronicle, 12th January 2006)
"Chapter 3 alone is worth the price of the book. The standard has now been set for performance-based certification." (Roger Ka

"If your looking for a straightforward approach to strategic planning, then I recommend Strategic Planning for Success." (IACET
"is a well-researched and practical resource that offers a new model for attaining high levels of creativity in virtual working arran
"In keeping with the tradition of continuous learning about teamwork, Thiagi and Parker have hit a home run. Teamwork and Te

"It's a treasure if you use it for it's stated purpose of designing your own games and activities." (Training Media Review, April 8,

"It is a useful guidebook that should be read several times to capture its wealth of information." (The Texas Mediator, Fall 03)
"I recommend this book as it provokes creative thought, encompasses positive aspirational goals and broadens the perspective

"In Mayer's book, the author presents a particularly unique perspective on the resolution of disputes and the prevention of confl

"Using catchy chapter titles and shrewdly linking them to the subject matter, the author actively ensures an entertaining page-tu

"...demonstrates the power of collecting truly relevant customer information..." (Managing Information, January/February 2004)

"the ideas herein will make your creative mind fly for sure!" (TamsPalm Blog, September 2006)
The author shares his original system for getting more clients by following seven self-promotion strategies. Youll gain the confid

The big secret to sales success? A simple truth: Motivated, positive, goal-oriented people are usually the ones who sell the mos

Next time you sit down for a sales presentation with a new prospect, realize that a third party is looking over your shoulder: you

"...a great addition to brand consumer communication methodology..." (Brand Strategy, June 2006) " it..." (Admap, July
rich in storiesrich in insights (The Economist, 26th November 2005)
Scoble, a video blogger for Microsoft, and technology guru Israel have put together a bible for business bloggers. Drawn from t

"...both valuable insights and practical, focused advice..." (Third Sector, July 2006)

"The National Space Society board of directors held its retreat and it was an amazing success. The Self-Assessment Tool was
"This book offers more than simply a best practice manual for community activism and social organizing." (Feminist Academic
"This book is a quick read and would help a new Director and Board establish a healthy partnership." (Charity Channel, 5/17/20

"I recently suggested it to my United States Senator!" (, 3/12/03)
"...well presented and worth reading..." (Long Range Planning)
"It is apparent from reading the guide that they (Carlson and Donohoe) have garnered a great deal of wisdom during their caree

"Opens the floodgate for what is on the minds of managers and those in the thick of the work." (Rocky Mountain News)

"An exciting exposition of numerous ideas on leadership that can nourish the reader spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. T
"Most Christians who raise money say they want to serve, love, and nurture their donors. Finally, here is a book which can turn

Many books, articles, and videos about proposal writing crowd our shelves. The good ones provide grantseekers with the buildi
What do you really need to do to get grants? Get thee a system! Not just any system; this one.Proposal writing is a science and

"There are many fine books on fundraising, but few delineate the board member's role with such clarity." (Stage Directions, 12/

This book is the liveliest, best-written and most thorough introduction to the fundamentals of this subject. Yet it goes beyond the

"A new book, From Ideas to Assets: Investing Wisely in Intellectual Property, edited by Bruce Berman, can help engineers fill th
To prove there are good real estate investments out there in any market, the authors challenged themselves to buy one home e

Staging a home doesn't require deep pockets, but it does require an open mind. Take inventory of materials you already own a

"Once you start reading, you won't be able to put the book down. You will feel you are part of the deals that industry leaders hav

Ready for more? Pick up Trump Strategies for Real Estate: Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor. Written by George H. Ro

"The Insider's Guide to Real Estate Investing Loopholes," is packed with tips on maximizing your wealth by utilizing tax and lega

"Culturally sensitive negotiating skills are increasingly necessary for managing in multinational network organizations. Negotiati

" informative read..." (Accounting Technician, May 2006)

a must read for anyone concerned with our culture of conspicuous consumption (Lobster, Winter 2005/06) a realistic look at th

"...this is an important book and worth reading" (The Royal Society for Asian Affairs, April 2006)
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