The Shepherd Voice April Vol April No Palm Sunday by jolinmilioncherie


									                                                          At our regular 6:00 pm service, we
                                                     will have a unique service to help
                                                     transition into Easter Sunday. Hear
                                                     firsthand from the Apostle Peter as he
                                                     talks about life with Christ.
                                                         Easter Sunday, April 8th
                                                         Join us at 6:45 am for our Sunrise
                                                     Service. Our youth group will be
                                                     performing an Easter Drama, “The
                                                         Easter Sunday, April 8th
                                                         He Is Risen! Join us at 9:00 am as
  The                                                we celebrate the new life that God offers
                                                     through the Resurrected Lord. We will
  Shepherd’s                                         close the service – as we do each Easter
                                                     – by inviting members of the
  Voice                                              congregation to join with the Chancel
                                                     Choir in Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus.

VOL 48                  APRIL               NO. 4    APRIL POTLUCK
                                                         Join us on Sunday, April 1st at 6:00
PALM SUNDAY, HOLY WEEK AND EASTER                    pm as the Finance Committee hosts the
                                                     monthly potluck! We will celebrate the
SERVICES                                             faithful giving of Good Shepherd.
   Saturday Evening, March 31st
    At our 6:00 pm RealLife service, join as we      PASTORAL SCENE
reflect on the meaning of Palm Sunday, and                The seed of God stirred, shoved, and
explore Christ’s “triumphal” entry into Jerusalem.   sprouted. The ground trembled, and the rock of
   Palm Sunday, April 1st                            the tomb tumbled. And the flower of Easter
                                                     blossomed. -- Max L. Lucado
   Our Chancel Choir will present the annual
Easter Cantata during our 9:00 am service.               Easter is a remarkable day. It marks
                                                     the end of one story: the story of the
   Maundy Thursday, April 5th                        Earthly ministry of Jesus. At the same
    At 7:00 pm, we will observe Maundy               time, it marks the beginning of a new
Thursday with Holy Communion, reflect on the         story: the unfolding realization that God
final hours that Christ spent with the disciples,    is more involved in human history, and
and prepare ourselves for the next part of the       more willing to sacrifice to demonstrate
story.                                               that involvement, than anyone really
   Good Friday, April 6th
                                                         In the quote that started this article,
    At 7:00 pm, join us we take time to reflect on   Max Lucado speaks of the flower of
our life in Christ, hear the Passion Story, and      Easter. What do you suppose he meant?
submit ourselves to God in a special way.            Is the flower supposed to be Jesus? The
   Holy Saturday, April 7th                          church? Hope? Love? How about life
                                                     – eternal life that overcomes death?
                                   The Shepherd’s Voice – April, 2007
    When you think about it, there are many                Saturday, April 7th from 1:00 pm
flowers of Easter – including, hopefully, us! I       until 3:00 pm, there is going to be an
hope that we each recognize God’s involvement         Easter Egg Hunt along with some crafts,
in our lives as individuals and as a community of     goodies, and stories. This activity is
faith. I also hope that, as Easter approaches, the    open to all children of the community,
sacrifice that God made becomes very, very real       so invite every child you see to come and
to us – a sacrifice that allows us to be drawn into   join in the fun. Ms. Bobbie, Ms.
a new, deeper relationship with our Creator.          Michelle, Ms. Stella, Ms. Sally, and Ms.
                                                      Evelyn, Mr. Richard, and Mr. Delton
    May you be blessed this Lenten season, and
                                                      have been busy filling up those plastic
may the new life of Easter morning dwell in your
                                                      eggs with goodies every Sunday morning.
heart now and always! Blessings, Rev. Barlow
                                                      Thank you to all the wonderful people
    P.S. If you want to read more of Max              who supplied candy and prizes. I could
Lucado’s article that is quoted here, go to           smell the chocolate in the showcase, so I, click on Read, and          just had to take a peek at what was going
scroll to the bottom of the list – click on Your      on. They have filled two big containers
Place at God’s Table.                                 with bright colored eggs. I wonder who
                                                      will find the most eggs.
PONDERINGS OF THE RECYCLING CYCLIST                        Easter Sunday will be a special time
     On Sunday, April 22nd people of all               in Children’s Worship. The theme is:
backgrounds, faiths and nationalities will gather to   “He is Alive”. Ms. Tammy has been
celebrate Earth Day. It’s great to set aside one       preparing for this special time, she even
day each year for this event, but in order to have a   took some of the story pieces home with
positive effect on the environment, we need to         her. The Saturday evening worship will
incorporate Earth Day principles into our every        also have a special Easter story and
day lives. Three easy steps are 1) Use sustainable     activities. I wonder how many children
products (recycle!!), 2) Drive Responsibly, 3) Plant   will come to Children’s Worship.
a tree (Irene and I enjoy our evergreen tree               More events that are happening, well,
planted on Earth Day by our son, Kent, 18 years        the Annual Tea Party will be held on
ago).                                                  Sunday, April 29th in Bruce Chapel. This
                                                       year it will be a time of celebrating for
WIRED                                                  the Sunday School Children and
                                                       teachers. I heard Donnie and Robbie
    Due to cost increases, the soda machine is         talk about the tea party last Sunday in
now $1.00 per item. Check out the new varieties.       Sunday School and the comment was
Please show your support for this only, ongoing,       made that it was good food and good
fundraiser for the youth and “Drink Up”.               tea. I see some crumbs in my future. I
                                                       wonder if they serve honey with their
CHILDREN’S MINISTRY HAPPENINGS                         tea.
                                                           And then there is VBS, that
    Oh Boy! Brewster Bear here and I am so
                                                       wonderful week of the year when kids
excited. There are so many exciting things
                                                       are just popping up all around the
happening in Children’s Ministries.
                                                       church. June 18th - 22nd is the date.
   Here is what is happening in Children’s             Spread the word. I also saw Mr. Claude,
Ministries:                                            Ms. Nadine, and Ms. Louise walk out of
    Palm Sunday, April 1st - Look for some palm        church last Sunday with bags of goodies
branches and happy children as they enter the          to get ready for VBS. I wonder what
sanctuary during the first song.                       those crafts will be.

                                 The Shepherd’s Voice – April, 2007
   Oops, I hear the bell ring, someone is coming,   Women will be having a bake sale. I’ll
and I better get going. So until next month……       bet you can find an item you just can’t
                                                    live without.
    I wonder……………………                                       As usual we need your help.
    Can you help us with VBS? The following            Volunteers are needed to set up and
items are needed for VBS this year. If you have        price items on Thursday, cashiers are
any questions or can help with these supplies,         needed for Friday and Saturday, door
please contact Lee or Brenda                           monitors for early birds on Friday, and
    Toilet Paper Tubes                                 clean-up on Saturday. If you are
                                                       available to help, please call Joyce
    8 oz. Styrofoam cups                               Pedersen at the above number.
    White Cotton Balls
    10 mm Wiggle Eyes                                  THANK$$$
    Empty Plastic Water Bottles, (25 oz are ideal)         First may I say "Thank You, Thank
                                                       You, and Thank You". The response
    Pony Beads                                         from our January snow storms letter was
    Small Colored Aquarium Rocks                       tremendous. YOU helped solve what
                                                       could have been a very ugly situation.
    Styrofoam Bowls
                                                       More details will be given at the April 1st
    Straws                                             pot luck which the Finance Committee is
     Inexpensive Cooking Oil (vegetable, corn,         hosting. NO not because it is April
etc.)                                                  Fools Day, but because it is "palm"
   Small prizes, (Mc Donald’s, cereal box items,
Christmas Decorations, party Favors, etc.)                 Secondly, the response to the fliers
                                                       and sign up sheet for Dave Ramsey's
    Wood Scraps for construction shop                  Financial Peace University was
    Assorted nails                                     spectacularly unsuccessful. We would
                                                       encourage you to listen to 105.5 FM or
    Baby Wipes                                         1240 AM between 9:00 am and noon,
  And… those well received HOMEMADE                    Monday - Friday, to get some idea about
COOKIES. MMMM MMMM GOOD!!!                             Dave Ramsey. He is terrific on DVD.
                                                       Right now plans are to offer the class
                                                       again in the fall. Think about it.
                                                           The Finance Committee meets the
    Our semiannual garage sale is about to occur.      second Tuesday of the month, 7:00 pm –
This might be a good time to relinquish the            8:00 pm. Anyone who is interested is
“white elephant” you got for Christmas or to           invited to attend. You'll find a bunch of
resale the item you bought at the last garage sale     hard-working, honest individuals trying
that has not found a niche in your home. Please        to stretch every dollar until Washington
bring saleable items (no clothes please) to the        is unrecognizable! We are considering
church on Thursday, April 19th after 3:00 p.m. If      other ways to avoid the ups and downs
you need someone to make the pick up of your           of the billing and giving cycles. If you
items or if you need some place to store your          have any ideas or suggestions, we would
items prior to April 19th please call Joyce Pedersen   love to hear from you. Let the office
at 390-6842.                                           know, or drop a line in our mail slot near
    We are planning to have hot dog lunches            the west end of the narthex (by the
available for sale and the United Methodist            restrooms outside the sanctuary).

                                 The Shepherd’s Voice – April, 2007
    We will plan a survey to get your formal input
in the near future. Thanks, again, Jim Skadden,     CAMPBELL’S SOUP LABELS
Chairman of Finance

     Inner Light, a women's TLC meeting on the            When saving labels, please only
first Tuesday of each month, has begun a new          collect the above portion.
study for 2007. The book is “Searching for God
in a Bottomless Purse” by Karen Lee-Thorp from
the series “Real Life Stuff for Women on Faith.”      UMCOR HEALTH KITS
We have questions that need answers, but                  Thanks to the wonderfully generous
sometimes looking for God in the Bible and            people of Good Shepherd, our UMW
church and our daily lives feels like searching for   unit just mailed 87 health kits to
Him in a bottomless purse. We know He has to          UMCOR Sager Brown in March. That’s
be there somewhere! But He seems to be buried         a good start on our year. Assembling
under a thousand car keys, checkbooks, credit         health kits is an on-going mission for us.
cards, lipsticks and grocery lists. And if you’re     We usually try to make three or four
tired of digging around in that bottomless purse      shipments a year. In 2004, we shipped
to find God, you may find this a chance to pause      201 kits; in 2005, 305 kits; and in 2006,
and let God find you.                                 230 kits.
     You don’t need a book to join in this faith           Last year in 2006, UMCOR Sager
community discussion and fellowship. All women        Brown Depot distributed 426,930 health
are invited, so feel free to bring a friend or        kits. They must have filled the
neighbor. We'd love to see you there!                 warehouse several times over. The Gulf
   Contact Sharon Heintzen @ 390-9015, Shirley        Coast of the United States received
Greener @ 382-5841 or Deb Conklin @ 391-              223,425 kits during hurricane season, and
4202 with questions.                                  the other 203,505 health kits were
                                                      distributed internationally to such places
   Lesson for April 2007: I feel like God is          as: Azerbaijan, Grenada, Armenia,
Hiding                                                Republic of Georgia, Haiti, Sudan,
    Questions to ponder: Why isn’t there more         Afghanistan, and Mexico. My friends,
concrete proof of God’s existence? Why does He        this represents a lot of tooth paste (and
seem to hide Himself, almost playing with His         everything else, too)!
creation? Shouldn’t it all be much simpler?               Just as a reminder, here’s the list of
Shouldn’t His existence be obvious?                   items we need for each kit:
    Scripture: John 14: 8-9                               Hand towel (not kitchen towels)
    When:      Tuesday, April 3, 2007                     Washcloth
    Host:      Cindy York      390-4864                   Soap (bath-sized bar in original
    Where:     229 Esther Drive                           wrapper)
               Colorado Springs, CO 80911
                                                          Toothbrush (in original wrapper)
    When:      7:00 pm
                                                          Toothpaste (4.2 ounces or larger)
    Bring:     A snack to share, your Bible and a
               friend                                     Comb (large size, not pocket-sized)
                                                          Metal Nail File or fingernail clippers
                                  The Shepherd’s Voice – April, 2007
    Band-aids (standard size)                        because the embassy was closing and
                                                     they didn’t know when it would reopen.
    Please remember us as you shop, or if you        Their flight home was cancelled and one
prefer, I’ll do the shopping for you.  Thanks,      colleague, Andrea, couldn’t get through
again. We’re off to a good start for UMCOR kits      to her family in New Jersey. Knowing
in 2007! Mary Ann Tabor (226-9879)                   that her father went to work past the
                                                     twin towers every day, her fears were
MISSION COMMITTEE                                    unimaginable. As a safety precaution,
                                                     everywhere the 12 – member team went
                                                     after that, a circle of Ghanaian Christians
                                                     surrounded it. Ghana is one-third
                                                     Muslim, and at that point, no one knew
                                                     what the Muslims would do.
                                                             When Andrea finally reached her
                                                        family, she learned that her father did
                                                        not go to work that day! His advice to
                                                        Andrea, “Stay in Ghana.” Andrea, a
   Mephibosheth                                         nurse, had just finished telling Mary Jane
   “Now you are the body of Christ, and each            the day before that she was tired of
one of you is a part of it.”                            giving just two weeks at a time to
                                                        mission; she wanted to come for a year.
   (1 Cor. 12:27)
                                                        Fueled by her father’s advice and God’s
    Imagine yourself sitting on a street corner,        call, five days later, the other members of
depending on the mercy of passersby to give you         the mission team boarded the plane
money to buy food; you have no education and            home, leaving Andrea behind to work
are considered useless, taboo, even less than           with two local pastors.
human, because you are crippled. This is the fate
                                                            On her second trip back to Ghana
of millions of people with disabilities in Third
                                                        after 9/11, (September, 2002) Andrea
world countries around the globe. Mephibosheth
                                                        met Mary Jane’s plane with some
Ministry is changing that picture in Ghana, West
                                                        astonishing news. Andrea said, “We’ve
Africa. It began on 9/11.
                                                        registered Mephibosheth Ministry as a
    Mary Jane Ponten and John Nix, both of              501c3 in Ghana. We’ve begun a school
Colorado Springs, co-founded Mephibosheth               on land donated by a white, non-
Ministry in 1992. Their mission was and is to           Christian, homosexual American man,
present God’s Word and His love to people who           and I’m getting married to Joe (a
face physical or mental challenges around the           Ghanaian pastor). Six months before he
world. In response to the above scripture, Mary         had refused the offer to become a
Jane writes “Dare we deny the Body of Christ,           member of Mephibosheth ministry
even one cell?” In 1994, Mary Jane began                because he wanted to open an
traveling as a member of Joni Erikson Tada’s            orphanage. Mary Jane reflects, “Its only
ministry, Wheels For the World (A wheelchair for        one small step from an orphanage to a
everyone who needs one). She is a Prayer                school for disabled children!” (I reflect,
Coordinator, and works as a trainer for                 “not to mention the hands of God and a
evangelists to the disabled.                            determined woman”).
   Mary Jane was in Ghana with a mission team,               God has blessed this ministry, and
and on the day they were to leave, they heard the       today, there are 22 children, ages 4 to 14,
devastating news of the terrorist attack on             all in pre-school and first grade. Without
America. They immediately headed for the                Mephibosheth, Andrea, and Joe, (and
American Embassy and were told to leave
                                   The Shepherd’s Voice – April, 2007
now their young son, Joshua, who understands                Of the seven known WWI veterans
disabled as a normal part of the mix!), these         still living, none were shipped overseas.
children’s future would hold nothing but begging            Ramsey’s lifetime spanned three
and rejection. Classes are taught in English, and     centuries and 19 presidents. He was
they are being prepared for a career (most            born in Colorado on April 2, 1898 when
certainly, they can be useful as translators) and are the United States Flag had just 45 stars
taught Christian values. The boys and girls           and President McKinley was preparing to
remain in residence for three months, and then at     declare war on Spain. Fred Kautz
home for one month. Their parents don’t pay in
money; they come and clean the school and bring
huge baskets of food to feed the children. The        LEADERSHIP TRAINING
children must be returned to the school healthy,
                                                            The past couple of years have been
or they can no longer attend.
                                                      busy – and fruitful. Rev. Barlow has
    A matching grant of $20,000 has been given        compared his experience here to
to Mephibosheth to build a second dormitory.          “clinging to a speeding train” – and that
    This means that every dollar given to this        sense is shared by others in the
project will be doubled by the matching grant.        congregation, too!
Already under way, this new facility will enable           It is time once again to step back and
the school to double their enrollment when             look at where we have come from and
completed.                                             where we are going. On Saturday, April
    Mary Jane Ponten will be here on Saturday          14th, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, church
and Sunday, April 14th and 15th to share more          leaders will gather in Cooper Hall for a
about this significant ministry to God’s children.     time of celebration, learning, and sharing
Mephibosheth Ministry’s’ “Dormitory Project” is        about the realities of ministry today and
our opportunity for mission giving in the month        the possible paths that Good Shepherd
of April. One hundred percent of these funds will      might take in the future.
be used for the project. What a blessing for us to          Members of Church Council are
be able to share in this ministry, and to double the   specifically asked to attend, but this event
blessing with every gift. Pat Sherwood                 is open to everyone in our church family! If
    Missions Committee meets Saturday, April 7th       you would like to join us, please RSVP to
at 11:00 am, in the Conference Room.                   the church office by Wednesday, April
Suggestions from the congregation are welcome.         4th. There is no cost, although we may
Mary Humphreys , Chair
                                                       ask for a donation to help cover the cost
                                                       of lunch.

                                                       ALEX WORKMAN
                                                           Our church has received a letter
    The echo of a 21 gun salute and bugler             from Alex and Kim Workman in
playing taps seemingly marked the end of an era        Wilmore, Kentucky, where he is enrolled
as a state and national treasure was laid to rest in   in seminary. He reports that his classes
Portland, Oregon on March 2, 2007.                     are challenging...their house is sold in
    Retired Army Cpl. Howard V. Ramsey,                Durango and he is working part-time at
Oregon’s last living WWI veteran and last known        the local post office in addition to
US combat veteran of WWI, died in his sleep            classes. They have had a snowy winter
February 22, 2007, exactly one month before his        and are looking forward to the Red Bud
109th birthday.                                        and Dogwood that are so beautiful in the
                                                       Kentucky Mountains. Read his

                                The Shepherd’s Voice – April, 2007
complete letter on the Missions Bulletin Board     performing the audit and to our
and keep them in your prayers.                     treasurer, Beverly Weinert.
                                                          Nine of our members are planning
THANK YOU                                             on attending the Rocky Mountain
                                                      Conference United Methodist Women’s
     We would like to thank everyone for their        Spiritual Retreat in Estes Park from April
calls, cards, food, prayers and support during the    27th – 29th. We are looking forward to
illness and passing of Bill's mom. Thank you for      hearing Jan Love, Dean of the Candler
walking the long road with us. Bill and Lori Lang     School of Theology at Emory University
and Family                                            on the theme of “Peace I Give You”.
                                                      We will participate in the Saturday
UNITED METHODIST WOMEN                                evening program with a skit. We will be
                                                      refreshed by the rejuvenation of those
    Wow! The energy of spring is spilling over
                                                      that attend.
into our members and activities!
                                                           All women are invited to our April
    Our March meeting was well attended. We            th
                                                      7 meeting at 9:00 am. Debbie
enjoyed fellowship as we learned more about each
                                                      Earnshaw, from New Beginnings,
other and focused on the issue of racial justice in
                                                      provides our program on “dealing with
Darfur. Beverly Weinert and Shirley Greener
                                                      change in our lives”. Come enjoy the
graciously provided our refreshments. We are
                                                      fellowship, grow closer to God, and
working on ways to apply our racial justice charter
                                                      participate in the missions of the church.
to our lives and to our community.
    Four of our members were in attendance at         UNITED METHODIST MEN
the Spiritual Day Apart at Castle Rock First
United Methodist Church on March 10th. We                 UMM will have their April breakfast
learned about the use of quilts in assisting slaves   and meeting in Copper Hall on April 14th
on the Underground Railroad. The blocks on the        at 7:30 am. Our Boy Scout Troop will
quilts provided information to the runaway slaves     provide the meal. Hope to see every one
that assisted them on their road to freedom. Of       there.
course, we ate a wonderful salad luncheon. Those
that attended enjoyed a blessing.                     SCRIP PROGRAM
    We met on March 12th to pack UMCOR                      The United Methodist Women are
health kits, thanks to the efforts of Mary Ann        still selling gift cards (scrip) after church
Tabor and those of you who contributed items          in Cooper Hall. We are now purchasing
for the kits. Thanks and keep those health kit        some restaurant gift cards ahead so there
items coming! If you need a list contact Mary         is no waiting on some of the cards that
Ann.                                                  are purchased frequently. They go
    If you are not struggling with your taxes on      quickly however.
April 15th come join us at 3:00 pm. Our book             Be reminded that Easter is coming
club will meet to discuss books in the category of    and a gift card is easy to slip into a
nurturing for community. All church members           basket. How about a Bath and Body
are invited to the discussions. Following this        works card or Kohl’s card for Mom for
meeting we will be reading books in the area of       Mother’s Day? Dad would probably
social action to prepare for our July meeting. The    appreciate a gift card for Cabela’s, Eddie
book club meets quarterly.                            Bauer, or Home Depot. Do you have
    We have recently completed an audit of our        someone in your family with a birthday
financial records for 2006. Thanks go to Char         coming soon? We can probably help
Schmidt and Lil Purcell for their hard work in
                                  The Shepherd’s Voice – April, 2007
you find a gift card for their favorite retailer or
                                                     HELP WANTED
    Are you planning a summer vacation? We               VBS WORKERS – Vacation Bible
have gift cards for American Airlines, Carnival      School is coming soon! To help out,
Cruises, Marriott Hotels and more.                   contact Brenda Ledeboer or Lee
    Please consider purchasing a gift card for your
routine expenses or for special occasions. The           NURSERY WORKERS – We need
funds that the United Methodist Women receive        more “backup” workers for the nursery.
from the sale of scrip are used to support their     Can you help out occasionally for special
mission work.                                        services, or when our regular workers are
                                                     out? Background checks (under the Safe
                                                     Sanctuaries program) may be required.
HOSPITALIZATION                                      Contact Rev. Barlow.
     Please let us know if you end up in the               GUITARISTS & DRUMMERS – We
hospital. Rev. Barlow visits those who are             need guitar players and drummers for the
hospitalized for surgeries, emergencies, and other     RealLife service on Saturday evenings.
procedures. If you are hospitalized long-term (or      Do you play? Do you want to learn to
if you are in a rehabilitation center or homebound     play? Contact Jon Nicholson.
for a time), the InReach team will enter the               DRAMA MINISTRY –Do you have the
picture, providing on-going visitation, as well as     acting bug? Join us as we add a new
CDs of the services, working to ensure that you        element to RealLife worship (and
receive Holy Communion, and keeping in contact         elsewhere, too). Contact Brian Hammer
with you.                                              for information.
    If you are admitted to the hospital, you may           OFFICE VOLUNTEERS – We need
be asked about your affiliation with a                 people to help provide coverage when
denomination or even a specific church. BUT            Loraine is not available. We are also
you need to know that, even if you tell the            looking for folks to work in the office
hospital that you are a part of Good Shepherd,         during our busiest day – Thursday – and
the hospital will not contact us.                      allow staff to focus on critical projects.
     Several years ago, a new law was passed called    Contact Loraine in the office.
the Health Insurance Portability and                       COMPUTER-SAVVY VOLUNTEERS –
Accountability Act, or HIPAA. Under this law,          Do you have strong computer skills –
hospitals no longer make notifications to              specifically in Microsoft Word, Excel,
churches of hospitalizations. Some hospitals still     FrontPage or other programs? Could
make patient lists available to clergy, while others   you help, either occasionally or regularly,
will not release any information at all unless a       with bulletins, newsletters, and the web
specific patient name is provided by the pastor.       page? Contact Loraine in the office.
    The bottom line? If you are hospitalized,
please make sure that the church office is             MEMORIAL ANNIVERSARIES FOR
notified. For an emergency situation outside of
office hours, please call the numbers provided in      APRIL
this newsletter and the weekly bulletin. If the            Charles Horstman            4/7/81
church is not notified, the pastor and the InReach
team will be unable to provide visitation and              Elmer Kiercouff             4/24/82
support!                                                   Phillip Garlick             4/30/83
                                                           Molly Ruth Glenn            4/15/88

                                 The Shepherd’s Voice – April, 2007
    Bill (Ray) Hines            4/5/89
                                                       LAY SPEAKER TRAINING
    Kenneth Killgore            4/8/93
                                                            Once again the Pikes Peak Sub-
    Jean LaBonte                4/6/94                 District is offering both the Basic and
    Mildred Scott               4/18/94                Advanced Lay Speakers training. These
                                                       courses will be conducted on Friday,
    Loren Graham                4/19/98                April 20th and Saturday, April 21st at St.
    Harold McCutchen            4/30/98                Paul’s United Methodist Church, 2111
                                                       Carlton Avenue, Colorado Springs,
    Adrian Helton               4/30/03
                                                       80909. The Friday evening classes will
    Barbara Stevenson           4/14/06                be from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Saturday
                                                       classes will be from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.
LAY LEADER’S NOTE                                      This training is much more than training
                                                       lay folks to be speakers. Anyone in a
    “WERE YOU THERE”? When we hear                     church leadership position will benefit
those words around the sanctuary of Good               from these courses. For complete details
Shepherd, or any other Christian house of              and more information please contact Dr.
worship, we probably think of the favorite old         Jim Sauls (598-3693) or Mike Wheat
hymn “Were you there when they crucified my            (331-3313) or any of the many Lay
Lord?” We can only wonder what that must have          Speakers in our congregation. Dick
been like. Perhaps we wonder what part of the          Gilham, Larry Bowers, Jesse Jaramillo,
crowd we would have been standing with. Or             Sharon Heintzen.
would we have even been caring enough to go
and see what was taking place? Even today,
during this Lenten season, do we care enough to        THE CLOWN’S PRAYER
come and see, come and worship our crucified                “Lord, as I stumble through this life,
Lord? Are we “Stepping towards the cross” as           help me to create more laughter than
Reverend Barlow shared with us recently?               tears, dispense more happiness than
    As an interesting bit of information, there is a   gloom, spread more cheer than despair.
ministry at Good Shepherd that seems to ask that       Never let me become so indifferent that
question each week on Tuesday mornings after           I will fail to see the wonder in the eyes of
the Saturday and Sunday services. We gather to         a child or the twinkle in the eyes of the
pray and to check the attendance pads to see who       aged. Never let me forget that my total
might have been absent from worship for an             effort is to cheer people, make them
extended period of time and to make contact with       happy and forget at least for a moment
those persons. Letting them know that they are         all the unpleasant things in their lives.
missed, ascertaining if there is a need for a card,    And, Lord, in my final moment, may I
phone call, or personal visits. Your attendance at     hear You whisper: “When you made My
worship is such a blessing to others. Each week        people smile, you made Me smile.”’
we have the opportunity to indicate that “yes, we
were there” by signing the registration pads that      WEEKLY SCHEDULE
are available in each pew row. Please be sure to       Mondays
sign the pads and pass them along both ways in            5:30 pm...................................... Tops (Bruce Chapel)
your pew so that you know who is worshipping           Tuesdays
with you and what a blessing they are just being          9:15 am ..................................... Women’s Bible Study
there as we worship together. As members of                                                              Leadership Meeting
God’s family, we are so very important to each                                                     (Sunday School Rooms)
other. Blessing to all!!! Dick Gilham                     10:00 pm ............................... InReach (Conf. Room)
                                                          7:00 pm............................. Boy Scouts (Cooper Hall)
                                                          7:00 pm........................Tips to Being a Good Parent

                                                 The Shepherd’s Voice – April, 2007
                                                         (Choir Room)           April 7 ......... 1:00 pm........Easter Egg Hunt
                                                                                                                 (All Church)
                                                                                April 10 ....... 7:00 pm........Finance Committee
    8:30 am..................................... Women’s Bible Study
                                                                                                                Meeting (Conf.
                  (Bruce Chapel, Sunday School Rooms)
    11:00 am .............................. Prayer Time (Sanctuary)
    4:15 pm .............................. WNA – No Meeting 4/4                 April 11 ....... 5:00 pm........Worship Planning
                                                              (Cooper Hall)                                     Committee (Conf.
    6:00 pm ....................................... Wired (Downstairs)                                          Room)
    6:30 pm ...................................................... Staatz TLC
                                                                                April 14 ....... 7:30 am ........United Methodist
    7:00 pm .............................................. Choir Rehearsal                                       Men (Cooper Hall)
                                           (Sanctuary/Choir Room)
Thursdays                                                                       April 14 ....... 9:00 am ........Leadership
    8:30 am............................Food Pantry (Cooper Hall)                                                 Training (Cooper
    9:00 am.......................... Piecemakers (Bruce Chapel)                                                 Hall)
    5:00 pm ..........................Cooper TLC (Conf. Room)                   April 15 ....... 3:00 pm........United Methodist
    5:00 pm ............... Keyboard Lessons (Choir Room)                                                       Women’s Book
    6:00 pm ...................... RealLife Planning (Sanctuary)                                                Club (Conf. Room)
    6:30 pm .....................RealLife Rehearsal (Sanctuary)
    7:00 pm .................... Gilham TLC (Location Varies)                   April 16 ....... 6:00 pm........Girl Scouts
Fridays                                                                                                         (Cooper Hall)
    7:00 pm .................... Bowers TLC (Location Varies)                   April 17 ....... 7:00 pm........Staff-Parish
Saturdays                                                                                                       Relations
    9:00 am....................................... UMW First Saturday                                           Committee (Conf.
                                                              (Cooper Hall)                                     Room)
    7:30 am.................................. UMM Second Saturday
                                                        (Location Varies)       April 19 ....... 3:00 pm........Garage Sale Set-Up
    5:00 pm ........................ RealLife Service Preparation                                               (Cooper Hall)
                                           (Sanctuary/Choir Room)               April 20 ....... 8:00 am ........Garage Sale
    6:00 pm ........................................... RealLife Worship                                         (Cooper Hall)
    7:15 pm ............................ Making Sense of Hebrews                April 21 ....... 8:00 am ........Garage Sale
                                                            (Bruce Chapel)                                       (Cooper Hall)
Sundays                                                                         April 21 ....... 10:00 am ......Girl Scouts
    9:00 am..................... Traditional Service (Sanctuary)                                                (Downstairs)
     10:30 am ...................Making Sense of Hebrews
                                           (Choir Room)                         April 24 ....... 5:30 pm........Lay Leader
     10:30 am ........................... Fellowship (Cooper Hall)                                              Meeting (Conf.
     10:30 am ...................... Sunday School (Classrooms)                                                 Room)
     11:00 am ..................... The Good Shepherd Ringers                   April 24 ....... 7:00 pm........Church Council
                                                    (Bruce Chapel)                                              (Conf. Room)
APRIL SPECIAL ACTIVITIES                                                        April 29 ....... 10:00 am ......Children’s
                                                                                                                Ministries Tea
April 1..........6:00 pm ....... Church Potluck (Cooper                                                         Party (Bruce
                                 Hall)                                                                          Chapel)
April 2..........6:00 pm ....... Girl Scouts (Cooper Hall)
April 3..........7:00 pm ....... Trustees Meeting (Conf.                                    PRAYER CONCERNS
                                                                                    Long Term Prayer Concerns
April 7..........9:00 am........ United Methodist Women
                                 (Cooper Hall)                                      Vance and Cleola Austin, Dave and
                                                                                Sheri Bell, Grace Bentley, Lawrence Bowers,
April 7..........11:00 am ..... Mission Committee Meeting                       Kay Cohu-Fulton, Heather Dillard, Lee and
                                (Conf. Room)                                    Jolene Edwards, Dave and Dib Frohardt,

                                   The Shepherd’s Voice – April, 2007
Mareline Hansen, Mabel Hawkinson, Jo Helton, Carl                 Jesse Jaramillo, Sr.                                           17
Kindsfater, Andrew and Patricia King, Jim and Shirley
                                                                  Garrick Slack                                                  17
Lossing, Marilyn Millar, Blake Myers, Emily Myers,
Russ and Jean Nicholas, Betty Proal, Betty Quinn,                 Betty Jones                                                    18
Debbie Reinsch, Pauline Ripley, John Schoolmaster,
                                                                  Darrell Williams                                               19
Glenna Scott, Trish Smith, Sandra Sohrt, Debra
Zachary                                                           Tami Godsey                                                    19
    Short Term Prayer Concerns                                    Natalie Lang                                                   19
    Marion Worthen, Ruth McDuffie, Matthew                        Zachery Kerns                                                  20
Sheridan, Debbie Silcox, Mr. Van Ewing and Family,                John and Pat Smith                                             20
Roseann Call, Darrel Jaehde, Marcy Bruley, Caroll
Pheasant, Janis Paige, Jim Hill, Oscar Snelling, Doloras          Carl and Agatha Shryack                                        21
Ganyard, Michael Merrifield, Judy Wentworth, Jesse                Marjorie van Tuil                                              22
Jaramillo, Betty Williams, The Edna Graham Family,
Len Dickson, Mike Limb, Betty Miller, Ken Glennan,                Shirley Lossing                                                22
Jenna Kroeker, Sabrina Bell, Brendan Hogan, Reg                   Betty Newbern                                    22
Walker, Phyllis Davis, Kylie, Michelle, The Dan
Thacker Family, Larry Wolverton, Mike Martin, Rev.                Delton Ledeboer                                  22
Dallas Schaefer, The Clint Gilham Family, The Jim                 Kourtney Crutcher                                22
Skadden Family, Russ and Irene Lambert, Harry
Timberman, Richard Sanchez                                        Brian and Julie Mitchell                         22

    GSUMC Loved Ones                                              Katie Hogan                                      23

    Mrs. Delores T. Ganyard, The Steve Fowler                     Juliana Tuck                                     24
Family, Rev. & Mrs. Robert Fortenbaugh, Mrs. Louise               Judy Wentworth                                   26
                                                                  Jim Skadden                                      27
                                                                  Jared Bahner                                     28
                                                                  Carl Kindsfater                                  30
    Joe Bohlender                          3
                                                                  Amber Montmeny                                   30
    Kyle Clemens                           3
    Jaycee Ming                            5
    Hobert White                           5               Ministers .............................................. Members of the
    Seth Pickens                           6                                                                        Congregation
                                                           Pastor .................................................. Rev. Tom Barlow
    Jean Nicholas                          7
                                                           Office Manager .................................... Loraine Scoman
    Claude and Nadine Julian               7               Treasurer ............................................. Juli Gill
    Sheri Bell                             8               Director of Music.................................. Jon Nicholson
                                                           Custodian ............................................ Fred Shaw
    Tony Ashworth                          9
                                                           Nursery Attendants .............................. Marjorie vanTuil
    Charles and Betty Riley                9                                                                        Amidon Schar
    C.J. Duran                             10              Lay Leaders ......................................... Dick Gilham
                                                                                                                    Shirley Greener
    Jay Hodges                             11                                                                        MaryAnn Tabor
    Frank Cribbett                         11              Head Usher ......................................... Dewey Staatz
                                                           Children’s Ministry Director ................. Brenda Ledeboer
    Beth Aytes                             11
                                                           Youth Ministry Team Leader ............... Bonnie Montmeny
    Bill and Sharon Heintzen               13
    Gayla Reynolds                         16

                                                      The Shepherd’s Voice – April, 2007
                                                                         In an Emergency, After Hours: Please call (719) 640-6726
CONTACT INFORMATION                                                      or (719) 380-1186
1201 Leta Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80911,                             Service Times
Phone: (719) 392-5782, E-Mail:                       Saturday Evening ................................ 6:00 pm
Web Page:                                              Sunday Morning .................................. 9:00 am

Office Hours
Monday – Friday .................................. 8:30 am – 2:30 pm

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