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       Embassy                                                       General

                              Of Belgium
                   in the People’s Republic of China
                               Tourism in group (ADS)

You are welcome at the Belgian diplomatic missions and / or at the Visa Application
Centers of your jurisdiction. For more details click here

The ADS program is based on a MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) between the
European Community and the National Tourism Administration of the People’s Republic
of China. His goal is to facilitate tourism in Europe for groups of persons (minimum 5
persons per group) and is valid for only one entry and a maximum of 30 days. The
ADS visa permits to travel within the Schengen countries, with Belgium as the main
destination, with a pre-determined itinerary. The group must travel according this
itinerary and be accompanied by one tour leader depending of a travel agency
accredited by CNTA. If, for any reason, any changes are made in the itinerary between
the application and the way back, it’s the sole responsibility of the travel agency to
inform the Belgian diplomatic mission immediately. Be aware that changes to an
itinerary may only concern points of minor detail such as the hotels where the group
will be staying. In all circumstances, the group must travel as a group and all members
of the group must stay in the same hotels. It is not permissible to change basic
elements of the itinerary.

ADS visas applications are submitted directly by the ADS-accredited travel agency’s
designated courier.

The documents to be produced when applying for an ADS tourism visa are:

I.   For the travel agency:
1)   Introduction letter from the travel agency with, at least, the official name, address,
     telephone, fax and Email of the agency as well as of the contact person.
2)   Copy of the business license, with a translation
3)   Copy of identity card, of CNTA Badge and original of the EU accreditation card of
     the travel agency’s designated courier
4)   Name list of all the group members, with passport numbers
5)   Copy of passport of the tour leader
6)   A detailed itinerary, including flight details for the round trip from China, including
     the names, addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers of the hotels to be
     used by the group during the tour, the dates of stay in each hotel, and details of
     how the group is to travel between locations during the tour. These reservations
     must be confirmed reservations.
7)   Flight reservations, all fights confirmed, for the China-Europe-China round trip
8)   Name and contact details (address, telephone, fax, Email) of the designated
     partner tour operator in Europe, as well as of the contact’s person of this partner
     tour operator
9)   Confirmation from the designated partner tour operator in Europe that
     accommodation and transportation within Europe as specified in the group’s
     itinerary will be provided to all members of the group
II. For each member of the group:
1) A valid passport: To be obtained from the local Entry and Exit Bureau.
    The passport should have been issued within the previous ten years and be valid at
    least 3 months after the intended date of departure from the Schengen territory.
    He should contain at least 2 empty pages when applying for the visa.
    Please provide one copy of your passport (the empty pages don’t need to be
2) One copy of the Chinese identity card.
3) One application form signed (two times: at the point nr 37 AND on the last page!)
    and dated by the applicant. Please note that the identity picture can not be older
    than 6 months. (more details).
4) You have the opportunity to confirm your preference regarding the language to be
    used for the answer. This answer will be done in one of our 3 national languages
    (French, Dutch or German). The application form must be completed in one of
    these 3 languages, or English. Your choice of form will determine your preference
    of language. If you choose to complete the English application form, it will be
    considered that you have no preference.
5) The original of the medical insurance policy + 1 copy (more details).
6) Proof of sufficient and regular own financial means of subsistence to cover your
    intended stay and your return to China. A minimum of (the equivalent of) at least
    €50/day of stay, is required. It can be done by one of the following evidences:
    - Bank statement for the last 3 months translated + a credit card valid for abroad
    countries OR travelers cheques.
    - Notarized certificate of your employer concerning your monthly income (*)
    - Title(s) of propertie(s) of house(s) / apartment(s) with the renting contract.
    All must be translated and notarized (*).
    Are not accepted:
    - Letter from the bank or deposit account statement
    - Copy of car’s registrations
    - Cash
7) A notarized certificate of leave from the applicant’s employer mentioning the
    applicant’s position in the company (*)
    A notarized certificate of the applicant’s school administration(*).
    A notarized certificate that you are retired/ unemployed/...(*)

     This certificate should clearly mention the duration of the holiday granted, the
     specific period and should definitely bear the name and position of the signatory.
     (more details)
8)   A notarized certificate of consent of parental authority or legal guardian (when a
     minor does not travel with them) as well as the minor’s notarized certificate of
     birth and a copy the parents or legal guardian’s identity card (*)

III. For the travel agency AND for each member of the group:
     In certain cases, other complementary documents might be requested to justify
     the merits of the visa application.

You have received your visa? Please take the time to read the following

Your visa has been refused? The exact motivation (legal and factual) of the refusal
decision and details about how to lodge an appeal against this decision will be sent to
you directly
(1) The visa-handling fee: € 60 or € 35, to be paid in RMB. Some cases are
    exempted of visa-handling fee. (more details).
(2) All documents have to be produced in one original and one photocopy.
(3) Please note that your application can not be introduced more than 90 days prior
    your departure dates.
(4) If further applications for other countries are to be made, the passport can stay in
    possession of the applicant until the day preceding the date of issue.
(*) All notarized certificates shall be authenticated by the relevant provincial Foreign
    Affairs Bureau before being authenticated by the Belgian Embassy/Consulate
    General. They should not be older than six months (more details).

As a rule, applications shall be decided on within 15 calendar days of the date of the
lodging of an application which is admissible. That period may be extended up to a
maximum of 30 calendar days in individual cases, or, exceptionally, up to a maximum
of 60 calendar days.

  For further information, please feel free to contact:
Belgian Embassy               (86) (10)
Beijing                        or
Belgian Consulate General     (86) (20)
Guangzhou                      or
Belgian Consulate General     (86) (21)
Shanghai                       or

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