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					Haley’s test EDITS

A/AFCLIC   Army/Air Force Center for Low Intensity Conflict
A/C        Area Code
A/DACG     Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group
A/L        Administrative/logistic
A1C        Airman, First Class (USAF)
A2C2       Army Airspace Command and Control
AA         Attack Assessment
AA         Abbreviated Analysis
AA         Achieved Availability
AAA        Army Audit Agency
AAA        Anti-Aircraft Artillery
AACE       Aircraft Alerting Communications EMP
AACG       Arrival Airfield Control Group
AACSC      Army Automation and Communications Steering Committee
AAD        Anniston Army Depot
AADC       Area Air Defense Commander
AADC       Army Air Defense Commander
AADCOM     Army Air Defense Command
AADCP      Army Air Defense Command Post
AADEOS     Advanced Air Defense Electro-Optic System
AADLC      Advanced Air Drop for Land Combat
AAE        Army Acquisition Executive
AAED       Airborne Active Expendable Decoy
AAEPCS     Army Acquisition Executive Program Control System
AAES       Audio Acquisition and Editing System
AAFARS     Advanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System
AAFCE      Allied Air Forces, Central Europe (NATO)
AAFES      Army / Air Force Exchange System
AAGS       Army Air Ground System
AAI        Automated AUTODIN Interface
AAI        Additional Authorized Items
AAL        Authorized Allowance List
AALPS      Automated Air Load Planning System
AAM        Army Achievement Medal
AAM        Air To Air Missile
AAMA       Area Airspace Management Authority
AAMMP      Active Army Military Manpower Program
AAMP       Army Aviation Modernization Plan
AAMPM      Annual Available MOS Productive Man-hours
AAMS       Advanced Anti-tank Missile System
AAMWD      Air-to-Air MEP/Weapons Demonstration
AAN        Army After Next
AAO        Army Acquisition Objective
AAP        Automatic Asset Placement
AAP        Affirmative Action Plan
AAPPES     Army Automation, Planning, Programming and Evaluation System
AAR        After Action Review
AAR        Association of American Railroads
AAR        Air to Air Refueling
AARS       Advanced Airborne Radial Sensor
AARS       Advanced Airborne Radial Systems
AARS       Advanced Airborne Reconnaissance System

AAS        Alternate Acquisition Strategy/Information Management
AASF       Army Aviation Support Facility
AASLT      Air Assault
AAT        Automatic Analog Test
AAU        Analog Appliqué Unit
AAW        Anti-Air Warfare (USN)
AAWC       Anti-Air Warfare Commander (USN)
AAWS       Advanced Antitank Weapon System
AAWS-H     Advanced Antitank Weapon System - Heavy
AAWS-M     Advanced Antitank Weapon System - Medium
AAWWS      Airborne Adverse Weather Weapons System
AB         Airman Basic (USAF)
AB         Air Base
ABAAC      Appropriation and Budget Activity Account Code
ABAACTD    Adaptive Battle Space Awareness Advance Concept Technology
ABC        Airborne Corps
ABCA       American, British, Canadian and Australian/New Zealand
ABCCC      Airborne Battlefield Command And Control Center (USAF)
ABCS       Army Battle Command System
ABCS       Army Battle Command and Control System
ABEND      Abnormal END
ABF        Asset Balance File
ABGD       Airbase Ground Defense
ABIC       Army Battlefield Interface Concept
ABL        Airborne Laser (USAF)
ABLST      Aviation Battle Lab Support Team
ABM        Anti-Ballistic Missile
ABMOC      Air Battle Management Operations Center
ABN        Airborne
ABNCP      Airborne Command Post
ABNOC      Airborne Nuclear Operations Center
ABNSOTBD   TEXCOM Airborne and Special Operation Test Board
ABO        Army Budget Office
ABO        Agents of Biological Origin
ABOB       Automatic Breakout Box
ABOIP      Amended Basis of Issue Plan
ABS        Anti-Lock Braking System
ABT        Air Breathing Threat
AC         Alternating Current
AC         Area Coverage
AC         Assistant Commandant
AC         Charge, Cratering, Alternate, 40lb
AC         Acquisition Corps
AC         Active Component
AC2MP      Army Command And Control Master Plan
AC4IMP     Army C4I Master Plan
ACA        Advanced Cargo Aircraft
ACA        Airspace Control Authority
ACADA      Automatic Chemical Agent Detector Alarm
ACALA      Army Armament and Chemical Acquisition and Logistics Activity
ACALS      Army Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support
ACAP       Army Career and Alumni Program
ACAP       Army Cost Analysis Paper
ACAPS      Artillery Communications/Aural Protective
ACAT       Acquisition Category

ACC        Air Control Center
ACC        Architecture Control Committee
ACC        Army Communications Command
ACC        Army Command and Control System
ACC        Advanced Concepts Directorate
ACC        Air Combat Command (USAF)
ACCC       Arms Control Coordinating Committee
ACCES      Army Command and Control Evaluation Program
ACCHAN     Allied Command Channel (NATO)
ACCP       Army Correspondence Course Program
ACCS       Air Command and Control Station/System
ACCSA      Allied Communications And Computer Security Agency
ACD        Assistant Command Director
ACDP       Army Counter drug Proponent (CAC)
ACE        Armored Combat Earthmover
ACE        Alternate Command Element
ACE        Aviation Combat Element (USMC)
ACE        Allied Command, Europe (NATO)
ACEACCS    Allied Command Europe Air Command Control System
ACEB       Army Clothing and Equipment Board
ACES       Army Continuing Education System
ACES       Arroe Continuation Experiments
ACF        Abbreviated Cost Form
ACIIPS     Army Clothing Initial Issue Point System
ACL        Allowable Cabin Load
ACLANT     Allied Command Atlantic (NATO)
ACM        Advanced Concept Manager
ACM        Advanced Cruise Missile
ACMES      Automated COMSEC Management and Engineering System
ACN        Assignment Control Number
ACN        Action Control Number
ACO        Administrative Contracting Office(r)
ACO        Airspace Control Order
ACOC       Allied Combat Operations Center (NATO)
ACOC       Area Communications Operations Center
ACOM       Atlantic Command
ACP        Airspace Control Plan
ACP        Army Capabilities Plan
ACP        Army Cost Position
ACP        Allied Communication Procedure/Publication
ACPC       Arroyo Center Policy Committee
ACPERS     Army Civilian Personnel System
ACPM       Aircrew Protective Mask
ACQ        Armored Cavalry Regiment Acquisition
ACR        Advanced Combat Rifle
ACR        Armored Cavalry Regiment (USA)
ACRA       Airlift Concepts and Requirements Agency
ACS        Afloat Correlation System
ACS        Army Community Services
ACS        Army Chief of Staff
ACS        Assistant Chief of Staff
ACS        Asset Control System
ACS        Air Control System
ACS 2000   Army Corrections into the Year 2000
ACS-C      Aerial Common Sensor - Corps
ACSI       Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence

ACSIM      Assistant Chief of Staff for Information Management
ACSO       Assistant Corps Signal Officer
ACT        Activation
ACT II     Advanced Concepts and Technology II
ACTD       Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrator
ACTEDS     Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System
ACTS       Apache Crew Training System
ACTS       Army Criteria and Tracking System
ACTS       Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
ACUS       Area Common User System
ACV        Armored Command Vehicle
ACV        Air Cooled Vest
ACV        Air Cushion Vehicles
ACVL-P     Air Cushioned Vehicle Loading Platform
ACW        Anti-Carrier Warfare (USN)
ACW        Aircraft Control And Warning
AD         Active Defense
AD         Advanced Development
AD         Air Defense
AD         Armored Division
AD         Active Duty
AD/EXJAM   Artillery-Delivered Expandable Jammer
ADA        DoD Programming Language
ADA        Air Defense Artillery
ADACP      Air Defense Artillery Command Post
ADACS      Automated Data Collection System
ADAFDC     Air Defense Artillery Fire Control Direction Center
ADAM       Area Denial Antipersonnel Munitions
ADAM       Area Denial Artillery Munitions
ADAMS      Allied Deployment and Movement System (NATO)
ADANS      Airlift Deployment Analysis System
ADAO       Assistant Division Aviation Officer
ADAP       Army Designated Acquisition Program
ADAPCP     Army Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Control Program
ADARS      Army DAR Supplement
ADARS      Advanced Defense Avionics Response Strategy (of USAF)
ADATS      Army Development and Acquisition of Threat Simulators
ADATS      Air Defense Antitank System
ADC        Assistant Division Commander
ADC        Area Damage Control
ADC-M      Assistant Division Commander for Maneuver
ADC-O      Assistant Division Commander for Operations
ADC-S      Assistant Division Commander for Support
ADCATT     Air Defense Combined Arms Tactical Trainer
ADCS       Automatic Data Collection System
ADCSCD     Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat Developments
ADCSTE     Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Test and Evaluation
ADDMACS    Automated Data Distribution Management and Control System
ADDS       Army Data Distribution System (EPLRS & JTIDS)
ADEA       Army Development and Employment Agency
ADEWS      Air Defense Electronic Warfare System
ADF        Automatic Direction Finding
ADI        Air Defense Initiative/Interface
ADIZ       Air Defense Identification Zone
ADJ NC     Adjacent Node Center

ADKEM    Advanced Kinetic Energy Missile
ADL      Automatic Data Link (USAF)
ADLM     Army Delivered Land Mines
ADLO     Air Defense Liaison Officer
ADM      Atomic Demolition Munitions
ADM      Acquisition Decision Memorandum
ADM      Army Data Model
ADMIN    Administrative/Administration
ADNET    Anti -Drug Network
ADO      Army Digitization Office
ADOC     Air Defense Operations Center
ADOP     Additive Operational Programs
ADP      Automatic Data Processing
ADP      Active Directory Portal
ADPCM    Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADPE     Automatic Data Processing Equipment
ADPLO    Automatic Data Processing Liaison Officer
ADPS     Ammunition Door Power Switch
ADPS     Automatic Data Processing System
ADR      Air Defense Reticle
ADS      Acoustic Detection System
ADS      Air Defense Suppression
ADSIA    Allied Data System Interoperability Agency (NATO)
ADSO     Assistant Division Signal Officer
ADT      Advanced Technology Demonstration
ADT      Active Duty for Training
ADTA     Aviation Development Test Activity
ADTC     Armament Development & Test Center (USAF)
ADTLP    Army Doctrine and Training Literature Program
ADTOC    Air Defense Tactical Operations Center
ADV      Advanced
ADVCAP   Advanced Capability
ADVON    Advanced Echelon
AE       Auxiliary Equipment
AEA      Automation Economic Analysis
AEB      Aerial Exploitation Battalion (USA)
AEC      Air Event Conference
AEC      Aero-medical Evacuation Crew
AEC      Atomic Energy Commission
AEDAS    Automated ESM Data Analysis System
AEGADS   Army Electronic Generation and Distribution System
AEGIS    Airborne Early Warning/Ground Environment Integration System
AEGIS    Advanced Electronic Guided Intercept System
AEHA     Army Environmental Hygiene Agency
AEI      Armament Enhancement Initiative
AELT     Aero-medical Evacuation Liaison Team
AEP      Annual Execution Plan
AEP      Army Equipping Policy
AER      Army Emergency Relief
AERB     Army Educational Requirement Board
AERS     Army Education Requirements System
AES      ATCCS Experimentation Site
AESO     Army Experimentation Site Office(r)
AETIS    Army Extension Training Information System
AEV      Armored Evacuation Vehicle
AEW      Airborne Early Warning (USN) (NATO)

AEW&C       Airborne Early Warning & Control
AEWIC       Army Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Committee (DCSOPS)
AEWS        Advanced Electronic Warfare System
AF          Air Force
AF          Abbreviated Form System
AFAC        Airborne Forward Air Controller
AFAK        Armed Forces Assistance Program to Korea
AFAMPE      Air Force Automated Message Processing Exchange
AFAP        Army Family Action Plan; Atomic Field Artillery Projectile
AFAR        Azores Fixed Acoustic Range (USN)
AFARE       Arctic Forward Area Refueling Equipment
AFARS       Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
AFAS/FARV   Advanced Field Artillery System/Future Armored Re-supply Vehicle
AFATDS      Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (USA)
AFB         Air Force Base
AFC4A       Air Force Command, Control, Communications and Computer Agency
AFCC        Air Force Component Commander
AFCC        Air Force Communications Command
AFCEA       Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
AFCENT      Allied Forces, Central Europe (NATO)
AFCH        Air Force Component Headquarters
AFCS        Army Facilities Components Systems
AFCS        Automated Fire Control System
AFDCB       Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board
AFDE        Arctic Fuel Dispensing Equipment
AFDS        Automatic Frequency De-confliction System
AFEKMS      Air Force Electronic Key Management System
AFES        Army Frequency Engineering System
AFEWC       Air Force Electronic Warfare Center
AFFMIS      Army Field Feeding Management Information System
AFFOR       Air Force Forces
AFFS        Army Field Feeding System
AFFS        Advanced Fire-finder System (formerly ATACS)
AFFTIC      Air Force Foreign Technology Intel Center
AFG         Army Force Guidance
AFH         Army Family Housing
AFIC        Air Force Intelligence Command
AFIS        Automated Fingerprint Identification System
AFISA       Air Force Intelligence Support Agency
AFJMAN      Air Force Joint Manual
AFK         Air Forces Korea
AFLANT      U.S. Air Forces Atlantic
AFLC        Air Force Logistics Command
AFMCO       Air Force Modernization Coordination Office
AFMIS       Army Food Management Information System
AFMS        Army Force Management School
AFMSS       Air Force Mission Support System
AFNET       Air Force Integrated Digital Telecommunications Network
AFNORTH     Allied Forces, North Europe (NATO)
AFOTEC      Air Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center
AFPDA       Army Force Planning Data and Assumptions
AFQT        Armed Forces Qualification Test
AFR         Air Force Regulation
AFSAC       Air Force Special Activities Center
AFSAM       Armed Forces Skill at Arms Matches
AFSAT       Air Force Satellite

AFSATCOM   Air Force Satellite Communications
AFSC       Air Force Specialty Code
AFSC       Armed Forces Staff College
AFSCF      Air Force Satellite Control Activity
AFSG       Amphibious Force Support Group (USN)
AFSK       Automatic Frequency Shift Keying
AFSOB      Air Force Special Operations Base
AFSOC      Air Force Special Operations Command
AFSOD      Air Force Special Operations Detachment
AFSOF      Air Force Special Operations Forces
AFSOUTH    Allied Forces, South (Region)
AFSPC      Air Force Space Command
AFSSP      Arctic Fuel System Supply Point
AFT        Annual Financial Target
AFTAC      Air Force Technical Applications Center
AFTB       Army Family Team Building
AFU        Ammunition and Fire Unit
AG         Army Guidance
AG         Adjutant General
AGB        Auxiliary Gear Box
AGCCS      Army Global Command and Control System
AGL        Above Ground Level
AGR        Active Duty Guard and Reserve
AGS        Armored Gun System
AGULVE     Aerosol Generator, Ultra Low Volume, Electric
AHA        Alert Holding Area
AHC        Automated Head Count
AHFEWS     Army High Frequency Electronic Warfare System
AHS        Army Health Services / Academy of Health Sciences
AHWG       Ad Hoc Work Group
AI         Artificial Intelligence
AI         Inherent Ability
AIA        Army Information Architecture
AIDS       Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIEP       Army Ideas for Excellence Program
AIF        Army Industrial Fund
AIL        Action Item List
AIM        Acquisition Information Management
AIS        Automated Information Systems
AISI       Automated Integrated Survey Instrument
AIT        Automatic Identification Technology
AIT        Advanced Individual Training
AJCM       Anti-Jam Control Modem
AJOPS      Army Joint Operations Planning System
AKA        Army Kwajelein Atoll
AL         Aluminum
ALB-F      Air Land Battle Future
ALB-F(H)   Air Land Battle Future (Heavy)
ALCC       Airlift Control Center
ALCE       Airlift Control Element
ALDBAS     Army Logistics Data Base & Access System
ALDT       Admin and Logistics Down (Delay) Time
ALFA       Air Land Forces Application Agency
ALFS       Air Land Fire Support
ALMC       Army Logistics Management College
ALO        Authorized Level of Organization

ALOC      Air Lines of Communications
ALRPG     Army Long Range Planning Guidance
ALRPS     Army Long Range Planning System
ALSE      Aviation Life Support Equipment
ALU       Annual Life Units
AM        Amplitude Modulation
AMARC     Army Materiel Acquisition Review Committee
AMBROSE   Bradley FV System Swim Program
AMC       Air Mobility Command
AMC       Army Materiel Command
AMC-R     Army Materiel Command Regulation
AMCCOM    Army Armament Munitions and Chemical Command
AMCMEA    Army Materiel Command Management
AMCNAF    Air Mobility Command Numbered Air Force
AMCO      Aircraft Maintenance Company
AMCP      Air Mobility Command Pamphlet
AMCS      Air Mobility Command Squadron
AMDB      Army Medical Department Board
AMDC4     Telemedicine
AMDF      Army Master Data File
AMEC      Army Management Engineering College
AMEMS     Airdrop Missions and Equipment
AMETA     Army Management Engineering Training Agency
AMIDS     Aviation Maintenance Integrated Diagnostic System
AMIM      Army Modernization Information Memorandum
AMIP      Army Model Improvement Program
AMIS      Army Management Information Systems
AMM       Army Modernization Memorandum
AMMH      Annual Maintenance Man-Hours
AMMIS     Automated Materiel Maintenance Information System
AMMS      Army Management Milestone System
AMN       Airman (USAF)
AMO       Automation Management Office
AMOPS     Army Mobilization Operations Planning System
AMORE     Analysis of Military Organizational Effectiveness
AMP       Army Materiel Plan
AMP       Army Modernization Plan
AMPS      Automated Mission Planning Station
AMS       Automated Manifesting System
AMS       Army Management Structure
AMS-H     Advanced Missile System-Heavy
AMSAA     Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
AMSCO     Army Management Structure Code
AMSDL     Acquisition Management System and Data requirements control List
AMSP      Advanced Military Studies Program
AMSS      Automatic Meteorological Sensor System
AMSS      Army Materiel Status System
AMT       Active Maintenance Time
AMT       Army Modernization Training
AMTAS     Army Modernization Training Automation System
AMTEP     ARTEP Mission Training and Evaluation Plan
AMTP      ARTEP Mission Training Plan
AMUT      Advanced Man-packed UHF Terminal
AMV       Armored Maintenance Vehicle
ANCOC     Advance NCO Course
ANID      Advance Network Intrusion Defense

ANOVA    Analysis of Variance
AO       Area of Operations
AO       Action Officer
AOA      Abbreviated Operational Assessment
AOAP     Army Oil Analysis Program
AOC      Areas of Concentration
AOE      Army of Excellence
AOIC     Additional Operational Issues and Criteria
AOP      Additive Operational Program / Product
AOP      Peacetime Operational Availability
AOR      Area of Responsibility
AORP     After Operations Recovery Procedures
AOSP     Army Occupational Survey Program
AOW      Wartime Operational Availability
AP       Acquisition Plan
APA      Aircraft Procurement, Army
APADS    Advanced Precision Aerial Delivery System
APC      Armored Personnel Carrier
APC      Accounting Process Code
APDM     Amended Program Decision Memorandum
APE      Advanced Production Engineering
APESO    Army Product Engineering Services Office
APFT     Army Physical Fitness Test
APG      Aberdeen Proving Ground
APG      Army Program Guidance
APGSA    Aberdeen Support Activity
APL      Approved Products List
APLO     Aerial Port Liaison Office(r)
APM      Army Program Memorandum
APOBS    Anti-personnel Obstacle Breaching System
APOD     Aerial Port of Debarkation
APOE     Aerial Port of Embarkation
APP      Army Procurement Procedures
APP      Advance Procurement Plan
APPA     Army Publications and Printing Agency
APPATS   Automated Program to Project AIT Training Space
APPI     Army POM Preparation Instructions
APPS     Applications
APR      Army Procurements Requirements
APRAO    Army Procurement Research and Analysis Office
APRB     Acquisition Plan Review Board
APS      Army Planning System
APS      Army Pre-positioned Set
APTS     Air Powered Tool Set
APU      Auxiliary Power Unit
AQQPRI   Amended Qualitative and Quantitative Personnel Requirements
AR       Army Regulation
AR3      Automatic Reserve Ripcord Release
ARA      Assigned Responsible Agency
ARABS    Aerial Re-supply and Accompanying Bundle System
ARB      Army Resource Board
ARC      American Red Cross
ARCA     Advance Riot Control Agent Device
ARCENT   U.S. Army, Central
ARCIS    Army Company Information System

ARDEC      Armament Research Development Center
ARENBD     TEXCOM Armor and Engineer Board
ARFOR      Army Forces
ARGM       Advanced Rifle Grenade Munitions
ARI        Army Research Institute
ARI        Automatic Return Item
ARL        Army Research Laboratory
ARL-C/I    Aerial Reconnaissance Low-Comint/Imint
ARM        Anti-Radiation Missile
ARMB       Army Requirements and Management Board
ARMS       Aviation Management Resources Survey
ARMS       Armored Re-supply Multipurpose Systems
ARNG       Army National Guard
ARO        Army Research Office
ARPERCEN   Army Reserve Personnel Center
ARPRINT    Army Program for Individual Training
ARSEC      Army Secretariat
ARSTAF     Army Staff
ART        Army Regional Threats
ARTEP      Army Training and Evaluation Program
AS         Acquisition Strategy
ASA        Army Strategic Appraisal
ASA        Army Supply Agency
ASA        Assistant Secretary of the Army
ASAP       As Soon As Possible
ASAP       Army Streamlined Acquisition Process / Program
ASARC      Army Systems Acquisition Review Council
ASAS       All Source Analysis System
ASB        Aviation Support Battalion
ASB        Army Science Board
ASC        Army Safety Center
ASCC       Army Service Component Commander
ASCII      American Standard Code for Information
ASD        Assistant Secretary of Defense
ASE        Administrative Support Equipment
ASEP       Advanced Skills Education Program
ASF        Army Stock Fund
ASFRWS     Army Standard Family ISO Rigid Wall Shelter
ASG        Area Support Group
ASH        Army Space Heater
ASI        Additional Skill Identifier
ASI        Authorized Service Interruption
ASIMS      Army Standard Information Management System
ASIOE      Associated Support Items of Equipment
ASIP       Army Stationing and Installation Plan
ASIS       Automated Soldier Identification Program
ASL        Authorized Stockage List
ASLP       Army Strategic Logistics Plan
ASM        Armored Systems Modification
ASM        Automated Systems Monitoring
ASMC       Area Support Maintenance Company
ASMIS      Army Safety Management Information System
ASMP       Army Strategic Mobility Plan
ASOC       Air Support Operations Center
ASP        Ammunition Storage Point
ASP        Army Signal Processor

ASPR        Armed Services Procurement Regulation (now DAR)
ASR         Alternate Supply Route
ASTAMINDS   Airborne Standoff Minefield Detection System
ASTM        American Society of Testing Materials
ASTMP       Army Science Technology Master Plan
ASV         Armored Security Vehicle
ASVAB       Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
AT          Annual Training
AT          Acquisition Team
AT          Antitank
AT          Alert Time
ATACMS      Army Tactical Missile System
ATACS       Army Tactical Communications System
ATAS        Air to Air Stinger
ATB         Army Training Board
ATBM        Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missile
ATC         Army Training Center
ATCCS       Army Tactical Command and Control System
ATCMD       Advanced Transportation Control Movement
ATCOM       Aviation and Troop Command
ATD         Advanced Technology Demonstration
ATDLP       Army Training and Doctrine Literature Program
ATE         Automatic Test Equipment
ATEC        All Terrain Crane
ATEC        Army Testing and Evaluation Committee
ATEDB       Army-wide Test and Evaluation Data Base
ATEERS      Army Test and Evaluation Electronic Reference System
ATGM        Anti Tank Guided Missile
ATGMSS      Anti Tank Guided Missile Signature Simulator
ATIRS       Automated Test Incident Recording System
ATL         Annotated Task List
ATLAS       All Terrain Lifter Articulated System
ATLP        Army Training and Literature Program
ATM         Anti Tactical Missile
ATMCT       Air Terminal Movement Control Team
ATO         Air Tasking Order
ATP         Ammunition Transfer Point
ATP         Army Training Program
ATRRS       Army Training Requirements Reporting System
ATSC        Army Training Support Center
ATSD        Analysis and Technical Support Division
ATSP        Army Threat Simulator Program
ATSSMP      Army Threat Simulator(ion) Modernization Program
ATT         Army Training Test
ATTD        Advanced Technology Transition Demonstration
ATTN        Attention
AUEL        Automated Unit Equipment List
AUG         August
AUGTDA      Augmentation Table of Distribution and Allowances
AURA        Army Unit Resiliency Analysis
AURS        Automated Unit Reference Sheet
AUTOCAP     Automation of the Casualty Analysis Process
AUTODIN     Automated Digital Network
AUTOREP     Automation of the Theater Shelf Requisitioning Process
AUTS        Automatic Update Transaction System
AV          Air Vehicle

AV       Audio Visual
AVF      All Volunteer Forces
AVG      Avenger
AVG      Average
AVIM     Aviation Intermediate Maintenance
AVNBD    TEXCOM Aviation Board
AVPRO    Audio Visual Program Officer
AVSCOM   Aviation Systems Command (AMC)
AVUM     Aviation Unit Maintenance
AWE      Advanced Warfighting Experiment
AWE      Army Warfighting Exercise
AWESS    Automatic Weapons Effects System Signature
AWMP     Army Watercraft Master Plan
AWOL     Absent Without Leave
AWR-3    Army (Pre-positioned Afloat) War Reserves

BAA      Broad Agency Announcement
BAG      Budget Aggregate Groups
BAO      Brigade Ammunition Officer
BAS      Battlefield Automated System
BAS      Basic Allowance for Subsistence
BASOPS   Base Operations
BASS     Battlefield Coordination Element (BCE) Automated Support
BAT      Brilliant Anti-Armor Sub-munitions
BBP      Break Bulk Point
BBPCT    Blocking, Bracing, Packaging, Crating and Tie Down
BBS      BDE/BN Battle Simulation
BBTM     Blocking, Bracing & Tie-down Material
BC       Barge, Cargo
BC       Battery Commander
BC       Battalion/Brigade Commander
BC       Battle Command
BCD      Bio-Chemical Detector
BCE      Battle Command Environment
BCE      Battlefield Coordination Element
BCE      Baseline Cost Estimate
BCIS     Battlefield Combat Identification System
BCM      Baseline Correlation Matrix
BCOC     Base Cluster Operations Center
BCS      Baselines Comparisons System
BCT      Basic Combat Training
BCTP     Battle Command Training Program
BCU      Battery Computer Unit
BCV      Battle Command Vehicle
BD       Battlefield Distribution
BD       Barge, Derrick
BDA      Battle Damage Assessment
BDAR     Battlefield Damage Assessment and Repair
BDAT     Battle Damage Assessment Team

BDFA         Basic Daily Food Allowance
BDM          Bunker Defeat Munitions
BDOC         Base Defense Operations Center
BDP          Battlefield Development Plan
BE           Brilliant Eyes
BEG          Budget Estimate Guidance
BEQ          Bachelor Enlisted Quarters
BER          Budget Execution Review
BES          Budget Estimation Submission
BFA          Battlefield Functional Area(s)
BFACS        Battlefield Functional Area Control System
BFIST        Bradley Fire Support Vehicle
BFMA         Battlefield Functional Mission Area
BFVS         Bradley Fighting Vehicle System
BFY          Budget Fiscal Year
BG           Brigadier General
BHOT         Black Hot
BII          Basic Issue Items
BIP          Budget Incremental Portion
BIT          Built In Test
BITE         Built In Test Equipment
BLAB         Battle Lab
BLEP         Battle Lab Experiment Plan
BLESOR       Battle Lab Experiment Senior Officer Review
BLIN         Budget Line Item Number
BLITCD       Battle Lab Integration, Technology, and Concepts Directorate
BLOS         Beyond Line of Sight
BLRSI        Battle Lab Reconfigurable Simulator Initiative
BLSE         Battle Lab Support Element
BLWE         Battle Lab Warfighting Experiment
BM/C3        Battle Management Command Control and Communications
BMAR         Backlog of Maintenance and Repair
BMCT         Branch Movement Control System
BMD          Ballistic Missile Defense
BMDS         Ballistic Missile Defense System
BMEPF        Battlefield Mobile Editing and Production Facility
BMG          Budget Manpower Guidance
BMM          Borrowed Military Manpower
BMMC         Brigade Materiel Management Center
BMS          Battlefield Maintenance System
BN           Battalion
BNCOC        Basic NCO Course
BO           Blackout
BOA          Basic Ordering Agreement
BOC          Best Operational Capability
BOD          Board of Directors
BOI          Basis Of Issue
BOING        Basis Of Issue Narrative Guidance

BOIP       Basis of Issue Plan
BOIPFD     Basis of Issue Plan Feeder Data
BOQ        Bachelor Officer Quarters
BOS        Battlefield Operating System
BPC        Business Processing Center
BPN        Business Partner Network Support Environment
BRAC       Base Closure and Realignment
BRDEC      Belvoir Research, Development and Engineering Center
BRDL       Bio-Engineering Research and Development Laboratory
BRL        Ballistics Research Laboratory
BRM        Bridge and Road Munitions
BROI       Battlefield Return of Investment
BSA        Brigade Support Area
BSB        Base Support Battalion
BSB        BDE Support Battalion
BSC        Balanced Scorecard
BSC        Base Support Company
BSEP       Basic Skills Education Program
BSFV-E     Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle-Enhanced
BSM        Basic Sustainment Materiel
BSM        Business System Modernization
BSTF       Base Station Test Facility
BTA        Best Technical Approach
BTD        Breacher Training Device
BTM        Battalion Training Model
BTMS       Battalion Training Management System
BTOE       Base TOE
BTT        Battle Lab Technology Teams
BUR        Bottom Up Review
BURU       Bottom Up Review Update
BWM        Bandwidth Manager
BY         Budget Year

C-RISTA    Counter-Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Target
C-SIGINT   Counter-Signals Intelligence
C/SCSC     Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria
C/W        Cautions and Warnings
C2         Command and Control
C2W        Command and Control Warfare
C3         Command, Control and Communications
C4         Command, Control, Communications, and Computers
C4I        Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence
CA         Civil Affairs
CA         Commercial Activities
CA         Combat Arms
CA         Chargeable to Accident
CAA        Concepts Analysis Agency
CAA        Family of Chemical Agent Antidotes
CAA        Cost Analysis Agency

CAA         Command Arrangement Agreement
CAB         Cost Analysis Brief
CAB         Combat Aviation BN/BDE
CAC         Combined Arms Command
CACDA       Combined Arms Command Development Activity
CAD         Course Administrative Data
CADM        Core Architecture Data Model
CADNET      Chemical Agent Detector Network
CAE         Component Acquisition Executive
CAG         Cost Advisory Group
CAIG        Cost Analysis Improvement Group
CAISI       Combat Service Support Automated Systems Interface
CALL        Center for Army Lessons Learned
CALS        Committee for Ammunition Logistic Support
CAMD        Commercial Activities Management Division
CANA        Convulsant Antidote for Nerve Agent
CANE IIB    Combined Arms Ops in Nuclear Environment
CANTELCAS   Cantilevered Elevated Causeway Facility
CAP         Current Approved Program
CAP         Civil Air Patrol
CAP         Family of Chemical Agent Pretreatment Compounds
CAPCAT      Capability Category
CAPMIS      Computer Assisted Post Mortem Identification System
CAPR        Information Capability Request
CAPR        Capability Requirement Work Order
CAPS        Consolidated Aerial Port System (USAF)
CAPT        Captain (USAF, USMC, USN)
CAR         Configuration Audit Review
CAR         Corrective Action Report
CAR         Cargo Accounting and Redistribution
CARDS       Catalog of Approved Requirements Documents
CARM        Counter Anti-Radiation Missile
CARP        Corrective Action Review Process
CARSTATS    Chief, Army Reserve Statistical Reports
CART        Corrective Action Review Team
C&AS        Certification and Accreditation Session
CAS         Close Air Support
CAS3        Combined Arms and Services Staff School
CASCOM      Combined Arms Support Command, Fort Lee
CASE        Computer Aided Software Engineering
CASS        Common ATCCS Support Software
CASTFOREM   Combined Arms Support Task Force Evaluation Model
CAT         Chemical Agent Therapeutic Compounds
CATA        Combined Arms Training Activity
CATS        Combined Arms Training Strategy
CAV         Coordinate, Anticipate, Verify
CB          Circuit Breaker
CBC         Cargo Bed Covers
CBD         Commerce Business Daily

CBE      Command Budget Estimate
CBFSA    Coalition Blue Force Situational Awareness
CBI      Computer Based Instruction
CBMS     Chemical-Biological Mass Spectrometer
CBO      Congressional Budget Office
CBPS     Chemically and Biologically Protected Shelter
CBR      Chemical, Biological and Radiological
CBRS     Concept Based Requirements System
CBS      Corps Battle Simulation
CBT      Combat
CBTDEV   Combat Developer
CBW      Chemical and Biological Warfare
CC       Command and Control
CC       Chargeable to Crew
C2IP     Command & Control Initiative Program
CCB      Change Control Board
CCB      Configuration Control Board
CCC      Communication Control Centers
CCDS     Control Communications and Display Subsystems
CCE      Commercial Construction Equipment
CCIC2S   Combatant Commander’s Integrated Command & Control System
CCL      Combat Configured Loads
CCM      Counter-Counter Measures
CCMA     Crew Correctable Maintenance Action
CCN      Container Control Number
CCNP     Cisco Certified Network Professional
CCP      Container Consolidation Point
CCP      Consolidation and Containerization Point
CCPI     Contingency Corps Parts Initiative
CCRS     Central Contractor Registration Suite
CCSS     Commodity Command Standard System
CCTT     Close Combat Tactical Trainer
CCTV     Closed Circuit Television
CCW      Counter Clockwise
CD       Coordinating Draft
CD       Combat Developer
CD&T     Combat Development and Training
CDA      Central Distribution Activity
CDA      Catalog Data Activity(AMS)
CDC      Curriculum Development Center
CDC      Central Data Corporation
CDDB     Centralized Demand Data Base
CDE      Combat Developments Engineering
CDEC     Combat Developments Experimentation Center
CDECBD   Combat Developments Experimentation Board
CDMA     Centralized Distribution Management Activity
CDMA     Corps Distribution Management Activity
CDOG     Combat Developments Objectives Guide
CDR      Commander
CDR      Critical Design Review
CDRL     Contract Data Requirements List

CDS       Concept Definition Study
CDS       Container Delivery System
CDS       Cross Domain Solutions
CDV       Concept Demonstration & Validation
CE        Communications-Electronics
CE        Concept Exploration
CE        Commander’s Evaluation
CE        Continuous Evaluation
CE        Current Estimate
CEAC      Cost Evaluation Analysis Center
CEBD      TEXCOM Communication Electronics Command
CECDC     Cost Estimate Control Data Center
CECOM     Communications Electronics Command
CEFMS     Corps of Engineers Financial Management System
CELP      Civilian Employment Level Program
CEM       Concept Evaluation Model
CENDOC    Centralized Documentation
CENTCOM   Central Command
CENTO     Central Treaty Organization
CENTRIX   Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System
CEP       Concept Evaluation Plan/Program
CEPSARC   Concept Evaluation Program Schedule and Review Committee
CER       Comprehensive Evaluation Reports
CER       Cost Estimate Relationship
CERT      Combined Environmental Reliability Test
CES       Common Enterprise Services
CESI      Communications-Electronics Standing Instructions
CETS      Contracting Engineering Technical Services
CEWG      Contingency and Exercise Working Group
CF        Concept Feasibility
CF        Causeway Ferry
CFA       Covering Force Area
CFAST     Collaborative Forced-Building Analysis Sustainment & Transportation
CFBLNet   Combined Federated Battle Laboratories Network
CFC       Combined Federal Campaign
CFE       Contractor Furnished Equipment
CFMS      CONUS Freight Management System
CFP       Concept Formulation Package
CFRV      Contingency Forces Recovery Vehicle
CFS       Contract Field Services
CFT       Contractor Field Technician
CFX       Command Field Exercise
CFY       Current Fiscal Year
C4ISR     Command, Control, Computer, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance, and
CG        Commanding General
CG        Command Group
CG        Company Grade
CG        Consolidated Guidance
CGS       Common Ground Station (STARS)

CGSC      Command and General Staff College
CGSOC     Command and General Staff Officer Course
CH        Chargeable to Hardware
CHAP      Chapter
CHAP      Chaplain
CHE       Container Handling Equipment
CHS       Command Health Support
CHS       Command Hardware-Software
CHS       Common Hardware and Software (ATCCS)
CI        Configuration Item
CI        Counter Intelligence
CIA       Central Intelligence Agency
CIAE      Chief Information Assurance Executive
CICM      Communication Interface Controller System
CID       Criminal Investigation Division
CID       Commander’s Integrated Display
CIE       Clothing and Individual Equipment
CIF       Central Issue Facility
CIF       Candidate Item File
CILS      Commander’s Integrated Logistics System
CIM       Corporate Information Management
CINC      Commander in Chief
CIO       Chief Information Officer
CIP       Command Inspection Program
CIP       Combined Interoperability Program
CIP       Critical Intelligence Parameters
CIP       Capital Investment Program
CIP       Critical Infrastructure Program
CIPEAC    Communications Improvement Program @ EAC
CIPMS     Career Intelligence Personnel Management System
CIRC II   Central Information Reference and Control
CIRCE     Counter-mobility Remote Control System
CIS       Center for Internet Security
CIS       Coalition Information Sharing
CISA      Coalition Information Sharing Architecture
CITV      Commander’s Independent Thermal Viewer
CJCS      Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CK        Containerized Kitchen
CLASS     Closed Loop Artillery Simulation System
CLC       Combat Logistics Company
CLIC      Center for Low Intensity Conflict
CLRP      Command Logistics Review Program
CLRS      Central Launch and Recovery System
CLS       Contractor Logistics Support
CLT       Cellular Logistics Team
CM        Counter Measures
CM        Corrective Maintenance
CM        Configuration Management
CMCB      Corps Movement Control Battalion
CMCC      Corps Movement Control Center

CMD      Command
CMDT     Commandant
CME      Counter Mine Equipment
CMF      Career Management Field
CMI      Classified Military Information
CMMC     Corps Materiel Management Center
CMO      Civil Military Operations
CMOS     Cargo Movement Operations System
CMP      Configuration Movement Plan
CMP      Chargeable to Maintenance Personnel
CMS      Conversational Monitoring System
CMSGT    Chief Master Sergeant (USAF)
CMT      Contract Maintenance Truck
CMV      Combat Mobility Vehicle
CND      Computer Network Defense
CNDSP    Tier 2 Computer Network Defense Service Provider
CNETP    Consolidated New Equipment Training Plan
CNGB     Chief, National Guard Bureau
CNWS     Common Missile Warning System
COA      Course of Action
COA      Comptroller of the Army
COA      Command Operating Budget
COB      Close of Business
COC      Council of Colonels
COCOM    Combatant Commander
COD      Cash On Delivery
COD      Cooperative Opportunities Document
COE      Common Operating Environment
COE      Corps of Engineers
COEA     Cost and Effectiveness Analysis
COEI     Components Of End Items
COHORT   Cohesion, Operational Effectiveness Analysis
COI      Communities of Interest
COI      Course of Instruction
COI      Critical Operational Items
COIC     Critical Operational Items Criteria
COL      Colonel
COMINT   Communications Intelligence
COMMZ    Communications Zone
COMPO    Force Composition (1, 2, 3, or 4)
COMRAM   Common Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (Database)
COMSEC   Communications Security
CON      Contingency
CONARC   Continental Army Command (Now FORSCOM)
CONOPS   Continuity of Operations
CONOPS   Contingency Operations
CONUS    Continental U.S.
CONUSA   Continental U.S. Army
COOP     Continuity of Operations
COR      Contracting Officer’s Representative

CORPS SAM   Corps Surface to Air Missile
CoS         Chief of Staff
COSCOM      Corps Support Command
COSIS       Care of Supplies in Storage
COTS        Commercial Off The Shelf
COVERS      Combat Vehicle RAM Simulation
CNDSP       Computer Network Defense Service Providers
CP          Command Post
CP          Check Point
CP          Critical Path
CPA         Chairman’s Program Assessment
CPAF        Cost Plus Award Fee
CPD         Civilian Personnel Directorate
CPE         Content Preparation Environment
CPIF        Cost Plus Incentive Fee
CPL         Corporal
CPL         Certified Professional Logistician
CPLAN       Command Plan
CPM         Critical Path Method
CPO         Civilian Personnel Office
CPR         Chairman’s Program Recommendations
CPS         Contractor Plant Services
CPT         Captain
CPT         Comparison Test
CPU         Central Processing Unit
CPU         Chemically Treated Undergarment
CPX         Command Post Exercise
CQ          Charge of Quarter
CQQPRI      Condensed Qualitative and Quantitative Personnel Requirements Information
CQT         Contractor Qualification Test
CR          Command Review
CR          Chromium
CRA         Continuing Resolution Authority
CRB         Command Review Board
CRC         CONUS Replacement Center
CRISD       Computer Resources Integrated Support Document
CRITIC      Critical Report
CRITIC      Critical Intelligence
CRITICOM    Critical Intelligence Communications System
CRM         Camera Ready Mechanical
CRMP        Computer Resource Management Plan
CROP        Container Roll-in/roll-Out Platform
CROWN       HMX-1Helicopter for Presidential Movement
CRP         Central Receiving Point
CRP         Control and Reporting Post (USAF)
CRP         Coordinated Reconnaissance Plan
CRP         Combat Repair Platoon
CRP         COMSEC Resource Program
CRPA        Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna

CRRC        Construction Requirements Review Committee
CRRC        Certification Requirements Review Committee
CRREL       Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
CRS-2       Corrections Reporting System
CRSP        Centralized Receiving and Shipping Point
CRT         Cathode Ray Tube
CRTC        Cold Regions Test Center
CRWG        Computer Resources Working Group
CRYPTO      Cryptographic
CRYPTONET   Cryptographic Network
CS          Chain Saw
CS          Combat Support
CS          Constant Source
CS          Chargeable to Software
CS          Circuit Switch;
CS2C2       Combat Service Support Command and Control
CS3         Classified Sensitive 3
CSA         Corps Storage Area
CSA         Chief of Staff, United States Army
CSAFG       Chief of Staff, United States Air Force
CSAM        Chief of Staff, Army Memorandum
CSAR        Combat Search and Rescue/Personnel Recovery
CSART       Combat Support Agency Review Team
CSAW        Commander's Situational Awareness Workstation
CSB         Corps Support Battalion
CSB         Closely Spaced Basing
CSBM        Confidence and Security Building Measure
CSC         Cryptologic Support Center (USAF)
CSC         Computer Software Component
CSC         Computer Systems Command
CSC         Convention for Safety of Containers
CSC         Conventional System Committee
CSCE        Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
CSCE        Communications System Control Element
CSCI        Computer Software Configuration Item
CSCS        Contractor Satellite Control Site (LEASAT)
CSD         Concepts and Studies Division
CSDP        Chemical Stockpile Disposal Program
CSE         Chargeable to Support Equipment
CSEL        Combat Survivor Evader Locator
CSEPP       Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program
CSF         Compagnie de Telegraphic Sans Fil
CSG         Corps Support Group
CSG         Cryptologic Support Group
CSH         Combat Support Hospital
CSI         Chemical Surety Inspection
CSIF        Contractor Support for Initial Fielding
CSM         Command Sergeant Major
CSM         Chemical Surety Material

CSO        Communicated Skills Office
CSO        Corps Signal Office
CSO/CSR    Communication Service Order/Communication Service Request
CSP        Communications Support Processor
CSP        Crisis Staffing Procedures
CSP        Container Support Platform
CSP        Call Service Position
CSPAR      CINC's Preparedness Assessment Report
CSPC       Call Service Position Console
CSPE       Communications System Planning Element
CSR        Circuit Switch Routing
CSR        Current Situation Room
CSR        Controlled Supply Rate
CSR        Chief of Staff Regulation
CSR        Chief of Staff Regulation
CSRD       Communications-Computer Systems Requirements Document
CSS        Combat Service Support
CSS        Central Security Service
CSSA       Cryptographic Shore Support Activity (Navy)
CSSAMO     CSS Automation Management Office(r)
CSSCS      Combat Service Support Control System
CSSD       Combat Service Support Detachment
CSSE       Combat Service Support Element
CSSTSS     Combat Service Support Training Simulation System
C & ST     Compliance and Security Testing
CST        Component Security Testing
CSTA       Combat Systems Test Activity
CSU        Computer Software Unit
CSU        Channel Service Unit
CSW        Communications Switching Systems
CT         Control Terminal
CT         Counter-Terrorism
CT         Connecticut
CT         Customer's Time
CT         Calendar Time
CT         Communications Terminal
CTA        Central TMDE Activity (AMC)
CTA        Common Table of Allowances
CTAN       CINCPAC Teletype Alert Network
CTAPS      Contingency Theater (Air Control System) Automated Planning System (USAF)
CTASC      Corps/Theater ADP Service Center
CTASC-II   Corps Theater ADP Service Center-Phase II
CTC        Combat Training Center
CTD        Commercial Training Devices
CTDR       Commercial Training Device Requirement
CT&E       Certification Test & Evaluation
CTEA       Cost and Training Effectiveness Analysis
CTEIP      Central Test and Evaluation Investment Program
CTEP       Counter-Terrorist Enhancement Program
CTF        Commander Task Force

CTF LANT   Commander Task Force, Atlantic
CTF MED    Commander Task Force, Mediterranean
CTF PAC    Commander Task Force, Pacific
CTH        Commander's TOE Handbook
CTIC       Critical Test Issues and Criteria
CTIS       Combat Terrain Information System
CTIS       Command Tactical Information System
CTL        Coalition Theater Logistics
CTL        Critical Test List
CTN        Commercial Telecommunications Network
CTO        Compliance Tasking Orders
CTO        Corps Transportation Officer
CTOC       Corps Tactical Operations Center (USA)
CTOCSE     Corps Tactical Operations Center Support Element
CTP        Coordinated Test Program (now TEMP)
CTS        Communications Transmission
CTS        Cable Test Set
CTS        Common Teaching Scenarios
CTS-EOA    IFTE, Contact Test Set-Electro-Optic Augmentation
CTSWG      Consolidated Training Support Working Group
CTT        Common Tactical Info System (11th AF)
CTT        Communications Tactical Terminals
CTT        Common Task Test
CTT        Commander's Tactical Terminal
CTU        Consolidated TOE Update
CTV        Control Test Vehicle
CTX        Centers of Technical Expertise
CU         Copper
CU         Common Unit
CUCV       Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle
CUDIXS     Common User Digital Information Exchange Subsystem (USN)
CUES       Combat Underwater Exploitation System (USN)
CUITN      Common User Installation Transport Network
CULT       Common User Land Transportation
CUP        COMSEC Utility Package
CUSP       Center for Undersea Surveillance in the Pacific
CUSRPG     Canada-US Regional Planning Group
CUT        Common User Terminal
CUWTF      Combined Unconventional Warfare Task Force
CV(N)      Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear)
CVAN       CINCPAC Voice Alerting Network
CVBF       Carrier Battle Force
CVBG       Carrier Battle Group
CVC        Combat Vehicle Crewman
CVDOS      Combat Vehicle Defensive Observation System
CVPR       Combat Vehicle Program Review
CVSD       Continuously Variable Slope Delta (interface card)
CVSD       Continuously Variable Slope Detection
CW         Continuous Wave

CW        Clockwise
CW        Chemical Warfare
CWID      Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration
CW2       Chief Warrant Officer Two
CW3       Chief Warrant Officer Three
CW4       Chief Warrant Officer Four
CW5       Chief Warrant Officer Five
CWC       Composite Warfare Commander (USN)
CWC       Chemical Weapons Convention
CX        Categorical Exclusion
CY        Calendar Year

DAA       DISA Designated Approving Authority
D&F       Determination and Finding
D&O       Doctrine and Organization
D&SA      Depth and Simultaneous Attack
D&V       Demonstration and Validation
D-DAY     Date of Commencement of Hostilities
D/C       Division/Corps
DA        Direct Action
DA        Department of the Army
DA PAM    Department of the Army Pamphlet
DAA       Designated Accreditation Authority (for security)
DAA       Designated Approving Authority
DAARP     Department of the Army Audiovisual Protection Program
DAART     Directorate for Ammunition, Ranges and Targets
DAAS      Defense Automatic Addressing System
DAB       Defense Acquisition Board
DAC       Department of the Army Civilian
DAC       Discretionary Access Control
DACCC     DOD Arms Control Coordinating Committee
DACCS     DA Command and Control System
DACORB    DA Conscientious Objector Review Board
DAE       Defense Acquisition Executive
DAEAP     DA Emergency Action Procedures
DAES      Defense Acquisition Executive Summary
DAG       Data Authentication Group
DAHAC     DA Historical Advisory Committee
DAIG      Department of the Army Inspector General
DAIPR     Department of the Army In Process Review
DALSO     DA Logistics Support Officer (DCSLOG)
DAMA      Demand Assigned Multiple Access
DAMA      Demand Assigned Multiple Access
DAMMS-R   Department of the Army Movement Management System-Redesigned
DAMP      DGM Antenna Mast Program
DAMP      DGM Antenna Mast Program
DAMPL     Department of the Army Master Priority List
DAMWO     DA Modification Work Order
DANTES    Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Services

DAO       Division Ammunition Officer
DAO       Defense Attaché Officer
DAP       Designated Acquisition Program
DAP       Directory Access Protocol
DAPR      DA Program Review
DAR       Defense Acquisition Regulation
DARCOM    DA Development and Readiness Command
DARMS     Developmental Army Readiness and Mobilization System
DARO      Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office
DARPA     Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DART      Dynamic Analytic Re-planning Tool (Deployment Planning - USTRANSCOM);
DART      Dynamically Adaptive Receiver Transmitter
DART      Directorate for Army Ranges
DART      Department of the Army Review Team
DAS       Direct Access Service
DAS       Direct Air Support
DAS       Director of the Army Staff
DAS       Defense Attaché System
DAS3      Decentralized Automated Service Support System
DASA      Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army
DASAF     Director of Army Safety
DASB      Division Aviation Support Battalion
DASC      DA System Coordinator
DASC      Direct Air Support Center (USMC)
DASD      Direct Access Storage Device
DASIM     Director of the Army Staff for Information Management
DASPS-E   Defense Automated Standard Port System-Enhanced
DATAR     Detected Aerial Track Activity Report
DATU      Data Adapter Termination Unit
DATMS-C   DISN Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Classified
DATMS-U   DISN Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Unclassified
DATUP     Team Data Base Update and Recap Listing Editing
DAU       Defense Acquisition University
DAVIPP    DA Visual Information Production Program
DAVP      Doctrinal Audio-Visual Program
dB        Decibel
dBm       Decibels Above (or Below) One Milliwatt
DBMS      Database Management System
DBOF      Defense Business Operations Fund
DBS       Dismounted Battle Space
DBS       Direct Broadcast Satellite
dBw       Decibels Above (or Below) One Watt
DC        District of Columbia
DC        Direct Current
DC&T      Detection, Classification and Targeting
DC/SR     Display and Control/Storage and Retrieval (USAF)
DCA       Defense Cooperation Account
DCA       Defense Contracting Agency
DCA       Director of Cost Analysis

DCA        Defense Communication Agency
DCAA       Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCAC       Defense Communication Agency Circular
DCAOC      Defense Communication Agency Operations Center
DCAPS      Deployable Consolidated Aerial Ports Subsystem (USAF)
DCAS       Defense Contract Administration Services
DCASMA     DCAS Management Area
DCASR      DCAS Region
DCBU       Digital Conference Bridge Unit
DCCC       DISN CONUS Call Center
DCCT       DISA Cross-Program Coordination Tool
DCD        Directorate of Combat Developments
DCDR       Deputy Commander
DCEC       Defense Communications Engineering Center
DCG        Deputy Commanding General
DCI        Director of Central Intelligence
DCINC      Deputy Commander in Chief
DCL        Direct Communications Link (hotline)
DCMA       Defense Contract Management Agency
DCO        Dial Central Office
DCO        Defense Coordinating Officer
DCP        Decision Coordinating Paper
DCP        Distributed Collaborative Planning
DCPC       Direct Combat Probability Code
DCS        Defense Courier Service
DCS        Deputy Chief of Staff
DCS        Defense Communications System
DCSAIM     Deputy Chief of Staff for Automation and Information Management
DCSC       Defense Construction Supply Center
DCSC       DISA Computing Services Centers
DCSCD      Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat Developments
DCSCDD     Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat Developments and Doctrine
DCSDOC     Deputy Chief of Staff for Doctrine
DCSENGR    Deputy Chief of Staff for Engineer
DCSI       Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
DCSIM      Deputy Chief of Staff for Information Management
DCSINT     Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
DCSLOG     Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics
DCSO       Defense Communications System Office
DCSOPS     Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations
DCSP       Digital Call Service Position
DCSPAL     Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel Administration and Logistics
DCSPER     Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
DCSPLANS   Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans, Force Integration and Analysis
DCSRDA     Deputy Chief of Staff for Research, Development and Acquisition
DCSS       Digital Communications Subsystem
DCST       DLA Contingency Support Team
DCST       Deputy Chief of Staff for Training
DCSTE      Deputy Chief of Staff for Test and Evaluation
DCT        Digital Communications Terminal (USMC/USAF)

DCTS      Defense Collaboration Tool Suite
DD        Deputy Director
DD        Destroyer
DDC       Data Display Center; Data Distribution Center
DDDRE     Deputy Director, Defense Research and Engineering
DDES      Daily Distribution Execution System
DDESB     Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board
DDG       Guided Missile Destroyer
DDID      Digital Data Interface Device
DDMA      Division Distribution Management Activity
DDN       Defense Data Network (strategic data comm)
DDO       Deputy Director of Operations (NMCC)
DDOT&E    Director, Defense of Operational Test and Evaluation Development Test
DDP       Demand Development Period
DDP       Defense Dissemination Program
DDRS      Defense Data Repository System
DDS       Dry Dock Shelter
DDS       Defense Dissemination System
DDTE      Director, Defense Test and Evaluation
DE        Developer Evaluation
DE        Development Estimate
DE        Directed Energy
DEA       Doctrine Evaluation Agency
DEA       Data Exchange Agreement
DEA       Drug Enforcement Agency
DEB       Digital European Backbone
DEC       Digital Equipment Corporation
DEC       Digital Electronic Control
DeCA      Defense Commissary Agency
DECCO     Defense Commercial Communications Office (DISA)
DECM      Defense Electronic Countermeasures
DECN      Decision
DECPU     DSDI Enhanced Central Processing Unit
DECS      Defense Satellite Communications System
DECT      Digital European Cordless Telephony
DECU      Digital Electronics Control Unit
DED       Data Element Dictionary
DEERS     Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DEFCON    Defense Readiness Condition
DEFSMAC   Defense Special Missile and Astronautics Center
DEG       Degree(s)
DEH       Director of Engineering and Housing (now DPW)
DEINT     DSDI Enhanced Interface Card
DEIS      Draft Environmental Impact Statement
DEM/VAL   Demonstration and Evaluation
DENTAC    Dental Activity
DEP       Deputy
DEP       Deploy(ed)(able)
DEP       Dependent

DEP         Draft Equipment Publications
DEPMEDS     Deployable Medical System
DEPRA       Defense European and Pacific
DEPSECDEF   Deputy Secretary of Defense
DERA        Defense Environmental Restoration Account
DERC        Defense Equipment Review Committee
DERP        Defense Environmental Restoration Program
DES         Digital Encryption Standard
DESA        Defense Evaluation Support Activity
DESCOM      Depot Systems Command
DET         Displaced Equipment Training
DET         Detachment
DEUCE       Deployable Engineer Universal Combat Earthmover
DEV         Development
DEVA        Development Acceptance
DEW         Distant Early Warning
DEW         Directed Energy Weapons
DEWS        Directed Energy Weapons Systems
DF          Diesel Fuel
DF          Direction Finding
DFAE        Directorate of Facilities Engineering
DFARS       Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
DFAS        Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DFBS        Defense Finance Battlefield System
DFD         Design for Discard
DFE         Division Force Equivalent
DFI         Data Field Identifier
DFLP        Defense Foreign Language Program
DFMR        Dual-Frequency MEECN Receiver
DFO         Disaster Field Office
DFSC        Defense Fuel Supply Center
DFSR        Detailed Functional System Description
DFT         Deployment for Training
DG          Defense Guidance
DGIS        DoD Gateway Information System
DGM         Digital Group Multiplexer
DGMA        Digital Group Multiplexer Assemblages
DGP         Defense Planning Guidance
DGZ         Designated Ground Zero (Nuclear Target)
DHF         Demand History File
DI          Data Interchange
DI          Division Increment
DI          Drill Instructor
DI          Document Integrator
DIA         Defense Intelligence Agency
DIA-R       DIA-Regulation
DIAC        Defense Intelligence Analysis Center
DIAOBS      DIA Order of Battle System
DIAOLS      DIA On Line System

DIAP        Director of Investigative Agency Policies
DIBTS       Digital In-band Trunk Signaling
DID         Data Item Description
DIDS        Defense Integrated Data System
DIEPS       Digital Imagery Exploitation Production System (GTE)
DIGMAP      Digitized Map
DIIVS       Defense Intransit Item Visibility System
DILC        Defense Intelligence Loop Circuit
DIMHRS      Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System
DIN/DSSCS   Digital Information Network/Defense Special Security Communications System
DIO         Director of Industrial Operations (now DOL)
DIR         Directory
DIRNSA      Director, National Security Agency
DIS         Defense Investigative Service
DIS         Distributed Interactive Simulation
DISA        Defense Information Systems Agency
DISC4       Director, Information Systems for Command, Control, Communications and Computers
DISCOM      Division Support Command
DISE        Deployable Intelligence Support Element
DISIDS      Display and Information Distribution System
DISMS       Defense Integrated Subsistence
DISN        Defense Information Systems Network
DISNIAWG    DISN Information Assurance Working Group
DISNLES     DISN Leading Edge Services
DISNET      Defense Integrated/Intelligence Secure Network
DITS        Diagnostic Intelligence Tutoring System
DITS        Digital Imagery Transmission System
DIU         Digital Interface Unit
DIV         Division (USA)
DIVAD       Division Air Defense
DIVARTY     Division Artillery
DIVENG      Division Engineer
DJRU        Dedicated JTIDS Relay Unit
DJS         Director, Joint Staff
DJSM        Director, Joint Staff Memorandum
DLA         Defense Logistics Agency
DLC         Digital Line Concentrator
DLCD        Director, Logistics Concepts Directorate
DLCS        Data Link Communications System
DLEA        Drug Law Enforcement Agency
DLED        Digital Line/Loop Encryption Device
DLIFLC      Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center
DLOGS       Division Logistics System
DLP         Doctrinal Literature Program
DLPMA       Diphase Loop Modem Assembly
DLR         Depot Level Repairable
DLRP        Data Line Reference Point
DLSC        Defense Logistics Service Center
DLSIE       Defense Logistics Studies Information Exchange
DLTM        Digital Line Termination Module

DLTU         Digital Line Termination Unit
DLWG         Data Link Working Group
DMA          Defense Mapping Agency
DMA          Dangerous Military Activity
DMAR         Deferred Maintenance and Repair
DMC          Distribution Management Center
DMCS         Data Management Control System
DMD          Digital Message Device
DMDG         Digital Message Device Group
DME          Distance Measuring Equipment
DMIP         Defense Mediterranean Improvement Program
DMM          Director for Materiel Management
DMMC         Division Materiel Management Center
DMO          Distribution Management Officer
DMR          Digital Microwave Radio
DMR          Defense Management Review
DMRD         Defense/Document Management Review Decision
DMS          DOD Messaging System
DMS          Defense Message System
DMS          Diagnostic Monitor Software
DMS          Data Management System
DMSM         Defense Meritorious Service Medal
DMSO         Defense Modeling and Simulation Office
DMSP         Depot Maintenance Support Plan
DMSP         Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DMSS         Depot Maintenance Standard Systems
DMWR         Depot Maintenance Work Requirements
DMZ          Demilitarized Zone
DNA          Defense Nuclear Agency
DNP          Deducible Numbering Plan
DNS          Domain Name Service
DNVT         Digital Non-Secure Voice Terminal
DNVT w/DDP   Digital Non-secure Voice Terminal with Digital Data Port
DO           Due Out
DOA          Dead on Arrival
DOA          Direction of Arrival
DOCC         Deep Operations Coordination Center
DOCS         DSCS Operations Control System
DoD          Department of Defense
DODAAC       Department of Defense Activity Address Code
DODAC        Department of Defense Ammunition Code
DODBUSOPS    DOD Business Opportunities
DODCI        DOD Computer Institute
DODD         Department of Defense Directive
DODEA        Department of Defense Education Activity
DODI         Department of Defense Instruction
DODI         Department of Defense Instruction
DODIC        Department of Defense Identification Code
DODIG        Department of Defense Inspector General
DODIIS       DOD Intelligence Information System

DODIALC    DOD Information Assurance Learning Center
DODISS     Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards
DODMODSG   DOD Mobilization and Deployment Steering Group
DODPI      DOD Polygraph Institute
DODSTD     DOD Standard
DOE        Department of Energy
DOES       Director of Evaluation and Standardization
DOETIC     Department of Energy Technical Information Center
DOI        Director of Instruction
DOI        DSSCS Operating Instruction
DOIM       Director of Information Management
DOL        Director of Logistics
DOLCE      Digital On-Line Cryptographic Equipment
DOMS       Director of Military Support
DOPMA      Defense Officer Personnel Management Act
DOS        (Professional) Development of Officers Study;
DOS        Disk Operating System
DOS        Department of State
DOSP       Doctrinal and Organizational Support Package
DOT        Department of Transportation
DOT&E      Director of Operations Test and Evaluation
DOTD       Director of Training and Doctrine
DOTE       Director of Operations Test and Evaluation
DOTSP      Doctrinal and Organizational Test Support Package
DOW        Data Over wire
DOX-T      Direct Operation Exchange-Tactical
DP         Data Processing
DP         Development Plan
DP         Dial Pulse
DPA        Delegation of Procurement Authority
DPAE       Director, Program Analysis and Evaluation
DPAMMH     Direct Productive Annual Maintenance Man-Hours
DPC        Defense Planning Committee (NATO)
DPESO      Defense Product Engineering Service Office
DPG        Dugway Proving Ground
DPI        Defense Polygraph Institute
DPI        Data Processing Installation
DPICM      Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions
DPM        Defense Program Memorandum
DPM        Deputy Program Manager
DPP        Distributed Production Program
DPP        Dedicated Procurement Program
DPQ        Defense Planning Questionnaire
DPS        Distributed Processing System
DPS        Data Processor Set
DPSC       Defense Personnel Support Center
DPSK       Differential Phase-Shift Keying
DPT        Data Processing Terminal
DPTM       Directorate of Plans, Training and Mobilization

DPTMSEC    Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security
DPTOE      Draft Plan TOE
DPU        Data Processing Unit
DPW        Directorate of Public Works
DQDB       Distributed Que Dual Bus
DR         Data Requirements
DR         Detection Radar
DRA        Decision Risk Analysis
DRA        Detailed Results and Analysis
DRAAG      Design Review And Acceptance Group(s)
DRAG       Doctrinal Review Advisory Group
DRB        Division Ready Brigade
DRB        Defense Resources/Review Board
DRF        Division Ready Force
DRFM       Digital Radio Frequency Memory
DRRB       Data Requirements Review Board
DRSEM      Deployable Receive Segment Engineering Model
DRSN       Defense Red Switch Network
DRSP       Defense Reconnaissance Support Program
DS         Direct Support
DS         Data Strategy
DS         Direct Sequence
DSAWG      DISN Security Accreditation Working Group
DS1        Digital Signal Number 1 (1.544 Mbps)
DS4        Direct Support Unit Standard Supply System
DS4/CS3    Direct Support Unit Standard Supply System/Combat Service Support System
DS4/DAS3   Direct Support Unit Standard Supply System/Decentralized Automated Service Support System
DSA        Division Support Area
DSA        Directory Service Agent
DSA        Defense Supply Agency
DSA        Directory Service Agent
DSA        Dial Service Assistance
DSARC      Defense Systems Acquisition Review Committee/Council
DSB        Division Support Battalion
DSB        Defense Science Board
DSC        Distinguished Service Cross
DSCA       Defense Security Cooperation Agency
DSCA       Defense Support to Civil Authorities
DSCS       Defense Satellite/Secure Communications System
DSCSOC     Defense Satellite Communications System Operations Center
DSDI       Digital Simple Data Interface
DSDI(E)    Digital Simple Data Interface (Enhanced)
DSEC       Department of Security
DSESTS     Direct Support Electronic Systems Test Set
DSI        Defense Simulation Internet
DSIDE      Defense Strategic Integrated Decision Environment
DSM        Distinguished Service Medal
DSMC       Defense Systems Management College
DSMS       Dual Shalter Message Switch
DSN        Defense Switched Network

DSNET    Defense Secure Network
DSO      Division Signal Officer
DSOC     Defense Space Operations Committee
DSOY     Drill Sergeant of the Year
DSP      Defense Standardization Program
DSP      Defense Support Program
DSPO     Defense Support Project Office
DSS      Digital Signature Standard
DSS      DISN Switched Services
DSS      Direct Support System
DSS      Decision Support System
DSSCS    Defense Special Security Communications System
DSSO     Defense System Support Office (formerly JDSSC/DISA)
DSSS     Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
DST      Direct Support Team
DSTE     Digital Subscriber Terminal Equipment
DSTV     Direct Support Team Vehicle
DSU      Direct Support Unit
DSV      Digital Still Video
DSVT     Digital Subscriber Voice Terminal
DSWS     Division Support Weapon System
DT       Developmental Test
DT       Down Time
DT&E     Development Test and Evaluation
DT/OT    Development(al) Testing/Operational Testing
DTA      Data Terminal Adapter
DTACC    Deployed Tanker/Airlift Control Center
DTC      Design to Cost
DTD      Deputy Test Director
DTD      Directorate for Test Developments
DTD      Data Transfer Device
DTDMA    Distributive Time Division Multiple Access
DTE      Data Terminal Equipment; Development Test and Evaluation
DTE      Dial Telephone Exchange
DTEA     Developmental Training Effectiveness Analysis
DTG      Digital Trunk Group
DTG      Date Time Group
DTG      Digital Transmission Group
DTGI     Digital Trunk Group Interface
DTH      Down-the-Hill
DTIC     Defense Technical Information Center
DTIRP    Defense Treaty Inspection Readiness Program
DTLOMS   Doctrine, Training, Leaders, Organization, Materiel, and Soldiers
DTMF     Dual Tone Multi-Frequency
DTO      Division Transportation Officer
DTOC     Division Tactical operations Center
DTOCSE   Division Tactical Operation Center Support Element
DTOSC    Design-to-Operations and Support Cost
DTP      Detailed Test Plan

DTP            Distributed Training Program
DTR            Detailed Test Report
DTRA           Defense Threat Reduction Agency
DTRR           Developmental Test Readiness Review
DTRS           Developmental Test Readiness Statement
DTS            Diplomatic Telecommunications Service
DTS            Data Transmission Subsystem
DTS            Defense Transportation System
DTSE&E         Director, Test, System Engineering and Evaluation
DTSS           Digital Topographic Support System
DTT            Doctrine and Tactics Training
DTTS           Defense Transportation Tracking System
DTUPC          Design-to-Unit Production Costs
DTV            Driver's Thermal Viewer
DUA            Directory User Agent
DUR            Durability
DUSA(OR)       Deputy Under Secretary of the Army for Operations Research
DUSD C3I       Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence
DVAL           Demonstration and Validation
DVB            Digital Video Broadcast
DVE            Driver Vision Enhanced
DVITS          Digital Video Imagery/Imaging Transfer/Transmission System
DVOW           Digital Voice Over-wire
DVR            Driver
DVS-G          DISN Video Services- Global
DWBL           Dismounted Warfare Battle Lab
DWCF BES/POM   Defense Working Capital Fund Budget Estimate Submission Program Objective Memorandum
DWCUCV         Dual Wheel CUCV
DWMF           Deployable Watercraft Maintenance Facility
DX             Direct Exchange
DXI            Data Exchange Interface
DY             Design Year
DZ             Drop Zone

EA             Executive Agent
EBM            Executive Board Meeting
E&E            Evasion and Escape
E-DATE         Effective Date
E-Force        Engineer Force Initiative
E-Mail         Electronic Mail
E-MIPE         Enhanced Mobile Intelligence Processing Element
E-TDMA         Enhanced Time Division Multiple Access
E1             European transmission speed; 2.048 Mbps
E3             Electromagnetic Environmental Effects
E3             End to End Encryption
EA             Emergency Action
EA             Environmental Assessment
EA             Each
EA             Economic Analysis

EA         Electronic Attack
EA-TSS     Executive Agent for Tactical Switched Systems
EAB        Echelons Above Brigade
EAC        Emergency Action Center/Console
EAC        Echelons Above Corps (USA)
EACIC      Echelons Above Corps Intelligence Center
EAD        Echelons Above Division
EAD        Equipment Availability Date
EAD        Earliest Arrival Date
EADSIM     Extended Air Defense Simulation
EADTB      Extended Air Defense Test Bed
EAJNM      Executive Agent JTF Network Management
EAM        Emergency Action Message
EAP        Emergency Action Procedures
EAP-JCS    Emergency Action Procedures of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
EAR        Executive Agent Responsibilities
EARA       Equipment Authorization Review Activity (AMC)
EASC       Exploration of Alternative Systems Concepts
EASTLANT   Eastern Atlantic
EASTPAC    Eastern Pacific
EAT        External Air Transportability
Eb/No      Energy per bit to noise density ratio
EBFL       Extended Boom Forklift
EBS        Emergency Broadcast System (FEMA)
EC         European Community
EC         Essentiality Code
EC         European Community
EC         Earth Coverage
EC         Electronic Combat
EC3        Enhanced CONUS Contingency Capability
ECA        Early Comparability Analysis
ECAC       Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center
ECAC       Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center
ECAP       Environmental Compliance Achievement Program
ECB        Electronic Clipboard
ECB        Echelons Corps and Below
ECB        Echelons Corps and Below
ECB        Echelons Corps and Below
ECBRS      Enhanced Concepts Based Requirements System
ECC        Experiment Concept Committee
ECCM       Electronic Counter-Counter Measures
ECDS       Enhanced Container Delivery System
ECIP       Energy Conservation Investment Program
ECIT       Enhanced Communications Interface Terminal
ECM        Electronic Countermeasures
ECMC       Enhanced Crisis Management Capability
ECMO       Electronics Countermeasures Officer
ECO        Engineering Change Order
ECO        ELINT Collection Outstation (USMC);

ECP      Engineering Change Package/Proposal
ECP      Emergency Command Precedence
ECP-S    Engineering Change Package - Software
ECR      Engineering Change Request
ECR      Emergency Conference Room
ECS      Equipment Concentration Sites
ECTED    Electronic Combat Threat Environment Description
ECU      Electronic Control Unit
ECU      Environmental Conditioning Unit/Control Unit
ECV      Enhanced Compliance Validations
ECWCS    Extended Cold Weather System
ED       Evaluation Division
ED       Engineering Development
ED       Extra Duty
ED & D   Electronic Cover And Deception
EDA      Electronic Data Access
EDA      Excess Defense Article
EDAS     Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System
EDGAR    Electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval (Securities & Exchange Commission)
EDI      Electronic Data Interchange
EDL      Electronic Discharge Laser
EDP      Enlisted Distribution Policy
EDRE     Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise
EDS      Electronic Data Systems
EDSS     Equipment Deployment and Storage Systems
EDT      Engineering Development Test
EEA      Essential Elements of Analysis
EEC      European Economic Community
EED      Essential Elements of Data
EEFI     Essential Elements of Friendly Information
EEI      Essential Elements of Information
EELS     Early Entry Lethality and Survivability (Battle Lab)
EEO      Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOB     Enemy Electronic Order of Battle
EEPROM   Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EEROC    Expedited Essential Required Operational Capability
EES      Escrowed Encryption Standard (popular name: Clipper chip)
EFCS     Electronic Film-less Camera System
EFTO     Encrypted for Transmission Only
EGI      Embedded GPS Inertial navigation system
EGP      Exterior Gateway Protocol
EGRU     Enhanced Grid Reference Units (of ELPRS)
EHDC     EMP Hardened Dispersal Communications
EHF      Extremely-High Frequency (30-300 GHz)
EI       End Item
EIA      Environmental Impact Assessment
EICC     Emergency Information and Coordinating Center (FEMA)
EIDS     Electronic Information Delivery System
EIFEL    Electronic Information C2 System for the Luftwaffe

EIR           Equipment Improvements Recommendations
EIRP          Effective Isotropic Radiating Power
EIS           Environmental Impact Statement
EISA          Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EIST          EPLRS Integrated Siting Tool
EKMS          Electronic Key Management System
EL            Electroluminescent
ELEC          Electrical
ELF           Enlisted Master File
ELF           Extremely Low Frequency (below 3 KHz)
ELI-COMPLIP   Enlisted Loss Inventory Model-Computation of Manpower Programs w/ Linear Programming Ele
ELINT         Electronic Intelligence
ELINT         Electromagnetic Information
ELIST         Enhanced Logistical Theater Support Tool
ELMS          Elements
ELO           Enabling Learning Objectives
ELSEC         Electronic Security
ELSET         Element Set
ELST          Enterprise Lead Site Test
ELTC          Eagle Lab Test Centers
ELV           Expendable Launch Vehicle
ELW           Enhanced Land Warrior
EMA           Essential Maintenance Actions
EMAS          Emergency Message Authentication System
EMC           Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMC           Equipment Mission Capable
EMCON         Emission Control
EMD           Engineering Manufacturing Development
EMI           Electromagnetic Interference
EMINT         Electromagnetic Intelligence
EMP           Electromagnetic Pulse
EMPRESS       Electromagnetic Pulse Radiation Environment Simulator for Ships
EMR           Electromagnetic Radiation
EMREL         Emission Release
EMSS          Emergency Mission Support System
EMSS          Enhanced Mobile Satellite System
EMT           Element Management Terminal
EMU           European Monetary Union
EMUT          Enhanced Man-pack UHF Terminal
EN            Engineer Corps
EN            Extension Node
ENG           Electronic Newsgathering Equipment
ENGCOM        Engineering Command
ENGR          Engineer
ENGR          Engineering
ENSCE         Enemy Situation Correlation Element (USAF)
ENSURE        Expedite Non-Standard Urgent Requirements for Equipment
EO            Equal Opportunity
EO            Electro-Optical

EO        End Office
EO-IR     Electro-optical-Infrared
EOB       Enemy Order of Battle
EOB       Electronic Order of Battle
EOC       Early Operational Capability
EOC       Emergency Operations Center
EOD       Explosive Ordnance Detachment
EOD       Emergency Ordnance Disposal
EOH       Equipment on Hand
EOL       End of Life
EOQ       Economic Order Quantity
EORSAT    ELINT OCEAN Reconnaissance Satellite (former Soviet)
EOS       Earth Observing System
EOSAT     Earth Observation Satellite (Company)
EOSO      Equal Opportunity Staff Officer
EOTD      Echelons Other Than Division
EOTF      Electro-Optical Test Facility
EOW       Electronic Protection
EP        Equipment Publications
EP        Evaluation Plan
EPA       Extended Planning Annex
EPA       Environmental Protection Agency
EPDS      Electronic Processing and Dissemination System
EPG       Electronic Proving Ground
EPI       Environmental Policy Institute
EPL       Electronic Intelligence Parameter Limits List
EPLRS     Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (medium Speed)
EPMS      Enlisted Personnel Management System
EPMS      Enterprise Portfolio Management System
EPP       Electrical Power Plant
EPTIC     El Paso Intelligence Center
EPU       European Political Union
EPUU      Enhanced PLRS User Unit
EPW       Enemy Prisoner of War
EQCC      Environmental Quality Control Committee
ER        Equipment Readiness
ER        Evaluation Report
ER        Efficiency Report
ER        Enhanced Radiation;
ERG       Emergency Relocation Group
ER-MLRS   Extended Range MLRS
ERAMS     Electronic RAM Simulation
ERC       Executive Review Committee
ERC       Equipment Readiness Code
ERCS      ECM Resistant Communication System (NATO)
ERCS      Emergency Rocket Communication System
ERF       European Redistribution Facility
ERIC      Electronic Recording In-Cab system
ERINT     Extended Range Interceptor
ERIS      Ex-atmospheric Reentry-Vehicles Interceptor Subsystems

ERP      Expanded Relations Program
ERP      Effective Radiated Power;
ERPROM   Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
ERPS     Equipment Release Priority System
ERPSL    Essential Repair Parts Stockage List
ERR      Extended Range Rocket (MLRS)
ERTL     European Reinforcement Troop List
ES       Electronic Support
ESA      European Space Agency (NATO)
ESA      Endangered Species Act
ESC      Electronic Switching Center
ESF      Emergency Support Function
ESI      Extremely Sensitive Information
ESI      European Security Identity
ESIL     Essential Support Items List
ESL      English as a Second Language
ESM      Electronic Warfare Support Measures
ESM      Enterprise Security Manager
ESM      Evaluator Scoring Metrics
ESML     Expendable Supplies and Materials List
ESO      Education Services Office(r)
ESONET   Enhanced Synchronous Optical Network
ESOP     Enhanced Switch Operating Program
ESP      Electronic Still Photography
ESP      Extended Service Program
ESS      Environmental Stress Screening
ESS      ELINT Support System (USMC)
ESSS     External Stores Support System
EST      Engagement Skill Training
EST      Emergency Support Team
ESV      Engineer Squad Vehicle
ESV      Earth Satellite Vehicle
ET       Engineering Test
ET       Estimated Time
ET       Embedded Training
ETA      Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC      Management System Redesign Electro-Thermal, Chemical
ETC      Estimated Time of Completion
ETD      Enlisted Training Directorate
ETD      Electronic Transfer Device
ETES     End-To-End Secured
ETEST    ETES Terminal
ETIBS    Enhanced Tactical Information Broadcast System (Korea)
ETM      Extension Training Material
ETM      Electronic Tech Manual
ETR      Expanded Test Report
ETR      Estimated Time or Return
ETRAC    Enhanced Tactical Radar Correlators
ETS      European Troop Strength

ETS       Engagement Training System; European Telephone System
ETUT      Enhanced Tactical User Terminal
ETV       Educational Television
EU        Electronic Unit
EU        European Union
EUB       Essential User Bypass
EUCLID    European Corporation for the Long Term in Defense
EUCOM     European Command
EUE       Early User Experiment
EUL       Economic Useful Life
EUMD      Essential Unscheduled Maintenance Demand
EUNIE     U.S. EUCOM Nuclear Interface Element
EUSA      Eighth United States Army
EUT       Early User Test
EUT&E     Early User Test & Evaluation, also EUTE
EUW       End User Workstation
EVAC      Evacuation
EW        Electronic Warfare
EW        Early Warning;
EW/DE     Electronic Warfare-Directed Energy
EWC       Electronic Warfare Center (USAF)
EWC       Electronic Warfare Coordinator (USN)
EWCC      Expanded Weapons Control Computer
EWCM      Electronic Warfare Coordination Module
EWCS      Electronic Warfare Control Ship (USN)
EWEP      Electronic Warfare Evaluation Program
EWG       Executive Working Group
EWIR      Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming (USAF)
EWO       Electronic Warfare Officer; Emergency War Order
EWRL      Electronic Warfare Reprogrammable Library
EWSO      Electronic Warfare Staff Officer
EXAS      Executability Assessment
EXCOM     Executive Committee
EXDRONE   Expendable Drone Jammer (USMC)
EXFOD     Explosive Foxhole Digger Program
EXFOR     Experimental Force
EXJAM     Expendable Jammer
EXQQPRI   Expedited Qualitative and Quantitative Personnel Requirements Information
EXSUM     Executive Summary
EXT       Extension
EY        Execution Year

F&OC      Full and Open Competition
F/O       Fiber Optics
F/S       Full size
FA        Field Artillery
FA-IPT    First Article - Initial Production Test
FA-PPT    First Article - Preproduction Test conferences

FAA       Functional Area Analysis (AR 11-40)
FAA       Federal Aviation Administration
FAAD      Forward Area Air Defense
FAADC2    Forward Area Air Defense Command, Control
FAADC2I   Forward Area Air Defense Command Control and Intelligence
FAADS     Forward Area Air Defense System
FAAPS     Field Artillery Ammunition Processing System
FAASV     Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle
FABD      TEXCOM Field Artillery Board
FAC       Forward Air Control (USAF< USMC)
FACA      Federal Advisory Committee Act
FACP      Forward Air Control Party (USMC)
FACP      Forward Area Control Point
FACP      Forward Air Control Post (USAF)
FACRP     Functional Analysis and Consolidation Review Panel
FAD       Force/Activity Designator
FAEP      Foreign Area Exchange Program
FAISS     FORSCOM Automated Information Support System
FAMSIM    Family of Simulations
FAN       Flaming Arrow Net (USEUCOM Communications Net)
FAO       Foreign Area Officer
FAR       Federal Acquisition Regulation
FARES     Forward Area Refueling Equipment System
FARP      Forward Area Refueling Point
FARV      Future Armored Re-supply Vehicle
FAS       Field Artillery Section
FAS       Force Accounting System
FAS-HF    Frequency Assignment System - HF
FASC      Forward Area Signal Center (USA)
FASC      Fire and Air Support Center (USMC)
FAST      Forward Area Support Team/Terminal
FAST      Field Assistant in Science and Technology
FAST      Flow & Analysis System for TRANSCOM;
FASTALS   Force Analysis and Simulation of Theater and Logistics
FAT       File Allocation Table
FAT       First Article Test
FATDS     Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems
FATR      FAT Report
FAU       Full Aperture Upgrade
FAX       Facsimile
FBCB2     Force XXI Battle Command - Brigade and Below
FBH       Force Beachhead
FBI       Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBL       Future Battle Laboratory
FBM       Fleet Ballistic Missile
FBOIP     Final Basis of Issue Plan
FBOIPFD   Final Basis of Issue Plan Feeder Data
FBS       Finance Battlefield System
FBS       Forward Based System

FC        Floating Causeway
FC        Field Circular
FC2V      Future Command and Control Vehicle
FCA       Functional Configuration Audit
FCC       Fleet Command Center;
FCC       Flight Coordination Center
FCC       Federal Communications Commission
FCDT      Freight Consolidation and Distribution Team
FCE       Fire Control Element
FCEU      Fire Control Electronics Unit
FCIHW     Food Container, Insulated, Hospital Ward
FCM       Fire Control Mode
FCO       Federal Coordinating Officer
FCP       Functional Command Post
FCS       Forward Control Sections
FCT       Foreign Comparative Test
FD        Focused Dispatch
FD        Final Draft
FD        Failure Definition
FD        Functional Description
FD 1      Fire Direction Net 1
FD/SC     Failure Definitions Scoring Criteria
FDA       Food and Drug Administration
FDC       Fire Direction Center (USA)
FDDI      Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDDM      Fire Direction Data Manager
FDDS      Flag Data Display System
FDE       Force Development Experiment
FDEP      Final Draft Equipment Publications
FDILS     Fault Detection, Isolation and Location System
FDM       Frequency Division Multiplex
FDMA      Frequency Division Multiple Access
FDMIS     Force Development Management Information System
FDRP      First Destination Reporting Point
FDS       Fire Direction System
FDT       Force Development Test
FDTE      Force Development, Test and Experimentation
FDTRS     Readiness Statement
FDU       Force Design Update
FDU       Floppy Drive Unit
FDX       Full Duplex
FE        Facilities Engineers
FE        Iron
FEA       Front End Analysis
FEBA      Forward Edge of the Battle Area
FEC       Forward Error Correction
FED       Forward Entry Device
FEDTEDS   Federal Technical Data Solutions
FEDC      Field Exercise Data Collection

FEDD-CDS   Family of Electronic Deception Devices - Communications Deception System
FEDREG     Federal Registration
FEIS       Final Environmental Impact Statement
FEL        Free Electron Laser
FELS       Fully Echeloned Logistics System
FEMA       Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEP        FLTSATCOM EHF Package
FEP        Front End Processor;
FES        Force Evaluation Study
FES        Forced Entry Switch (also known as CC);
FEWS       Follow-on Early Warning System
FEWSG      Fleet Electronic Warfare Support Group (USN)
FEZ        Fighter Engagement Zone
FF         Freight Forwarder
FF         Frigate
FF HMMWV   Fire Fighter HMMWV
FFG        Guided Missile Frigate
FFHE       Field Feeding in a Hot Environment
FFN        Fleet Flash Net
FFR        Force Feasibility Review
FFT        Fast File Transfer
FG         Field Grade
FG         Finance Group
FGC        Functional Group Code
FH         Frequency Hopping
FHE        Forward Headquarters Element (CENTCOM)
FHFO       Ft. Huachuca Field Office
FHM        Frequency Hopping Multiplexer
FHMA       Family Housing Management Account
FHMUX      Freq. Hopping Multi & Hi-Power Broad Band Vehicular Whip Antennae
FHP        Flying Hour Program
FHP        Flying Hour Program
FHTV       Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles
FI         Finance Corps
FI         Force/Functional Integrator
FIA        Financial Inventory Accounting
FIA        Force Integration Analysis
FIA        Functional Interoperability Architecture
FICO       Force Integration Coordination Office(r)
FID        Foreign Internal Defense
FIDS       Facility Intrusion Detection Systems
FIF        Fractal Image File
FIFA       Force Integration Functional Area
FIFV       Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle
FIMS       File Image Management System
FIMT       Fire finder Maintenance Trainer
FINET      Force Integration Net
FINL       Flame/Incendiary & Non-Lethal (now "TD" Target Destruction weapons)
FIPS       Federal Information Processing Standard

FIRMR       Federal Information Resource Management Regulation
FISA        Force Integration Support Agency
FISCAM      Federal Information Systems Control Auditing Manual
FISINT      Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence
FISMA       Federal Information Security Management Act
FISO        Force Integration Staff Officer
FIST        Fleet Imagery Support Terminal
FIST        Full-crew Interactive Simulator Trainer (Armor trainer)
FIST        Fire Support Team
FIST-V      Fire Support Team Vehicle
FIT         Fault Isolation Test
FIT         Florida Institute of Technology
FITCAL      Fix, Inspect, Tighten, Clean, Align and Lubricate
FK          Function Key
FLAMING     Unclassified Code Name for USEUCOM Communications Network
FLCM        Functional Life Cycle Model
FLCS        Force Level Control System
FLDG        Fielding
FLIR        Forward Looking Infrared
FLOD        Fast Load
FLOT        Forward Line of (Own) Troops (NATO)
FLPMTS      Future Land Portable and Mobile Telephone Communications Systems
FLR         Forward Looking Radar
FLSC        Final Logistic Support Concept
FLTDECGRU   Fleet Deception Group
FLTSAT      Fleet Satellite
FLTSATCOM   Fleet Satellite Communications System
FLTSEVO     Fleet Secure Voice
FLTT        Fork Lift Transport Trailer
FM          Field Manual (followed by a number)
FM          Frequency Modulation
FM(J)       Joint and Multi-service Manual
FMC         Fully Mission Capable
FMCW        Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave
FMEA        Failure Modes Effects Analysis
FMECA       Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis
FMF         Foreign Military Financing
FMF         Fleet Marine Force
FMFPAC      Fleet marine Force, Pacific
FMIAS       Force Management Impact Analysis System
FMIS        Force Management Information System
FMLANT      Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic
FMMP        Force Modernization Master Plan
FMMPS       Force Modernization Master Planning System
FMMRS       Force Modernization Milestone Reporting System
FMOCC       Fleet Mobile Operational Command Center
FMOGDS      Field Medical oxygen Generating and Distribution System
FMP         FORSCOM Modernization Plan
FMS         Financial Management Solutions

FMS         Barge, Floating Maintenance Shop
FMS         Force XXI Manning System
FMS         Foreign Military Sales
FMT         Force Modernization Training
FMT         Field Maintenance Technician
FMTB        Force mobilization Troop Basis
FMTV        Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles
FMWQME      Family of Medical Water Quality Monitoring Equipment
FMX         Fleet Message Exchange
FNS         Foreign Nation Support
FNSI        Finding of No Significant Impact
FO          Forward Observer
FOA         Field Operating Agency/Activity
FOB         Forward Operating Base
FOBC        Fiber Optic Bulkhead Connector
FOC         Flight Operations Center (USN)
FOC         Final/Full Operational Capability
FOCA        Fiber Optic Cable Assembly
FOCUS       Force Comparison: US vs. Soviet Study
FOD         Field Grade Officer of the Day
FOE         Follow On Evaluation
FOFA        Follow-On Forces Attack
FOG-M       Fiber Optic Guided Missile
FOL         Family of Loudspeakers
FOL-DOB     Forward Operating Location - Dispersed Operating Base
FOLBC       Fiber Optic Loop Back Connector
FOM         Fiber Optic Modem-Receiver-Transmitter
FONECON     Telephone Conversation
FOR         Family of Operational Rations
FORCPAC2    Force Protection Army Command
FORDIMS     Force Development Integrated Management System
FORMOST     Force Modernization System, TRADOC
FORSCOM     Forces Command, Army
FOSH        Family of Space Heaters
FOSIC       Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center (USN)
FOSIF       Fleet Ocean Surveillance Facility
FOSIP       Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Facility (USN)
FOT         Follow on Operational Test
FOT&E       Follow on Operational Test and Evaluation
FOT&E       Follow-on Operational Test & Evaluation
FOTL        Follow On to Lance
FOTS        Fiber Optic Transmission System
FOTS (LH)   FOTS (Long Haul)
FOTT        Follow On Technical Testing
FOV         Field of View
FP          Force Provider
FP          Firing Point
FP          Force Package
FPA         Focal Plan Array

FPD       Functional Purchase Description
FPDD      Family of Physical Deception Devices
FPM       Force Packaging Methodology
FPMR      Federal Property Management Regulation
FPR       Force Program Review
FPR       Force Program Review
FPR       Federal Procurement Regulation;
FPT       Follow on Production Test
FQQPRI    Final Qualitative and Quantitative Personnel Requirements Information
FQT       Follow on Qualification Test
FQT       Formal Qualification Test
FR        Functional Review
FR        Failure Rate
FRAG      Fragmentary Order
FRAGO     Fragmentary Order
FRC       Federal Regional Center (FEMA)
FRD       Formerly Restricted Data
FRETEXT   Free Text Message Creation
FRH       Flameless Ration Heater
FRIES     Fast Rope Insertion/Extraction System
FRP       Forward Repair Platoon
FRP       Federal Response Plan
FRPA      Fixed Reception Pattern Antenna
FRS-H     Forward Repair System-Heavy
FRY       Former Republics of Yugoslavia
FS        Feasibility Study
FSA       Foreign System Acquisition
FSA       Force Structure Allowance
FSAC      Fire Support ADA Conversions
FSB       Force Shaping Board
FSB       Forward Support Battalion
FSBS      Fleet Submarine/Satellite Broadcast System
FSC       Federal Supply Class
FSC       Fire Support Coordinator (USMC)
FSC       Finance Support Command
FSC       Force Structure Conference
FSC       First Sergeants Course
FSC       Forward Support Company
FSCC      Fire Support Control Center
FSCC      Fire Support Coordination Center
FSCL      Fire Support Coordination Line (USA/USAF)
FSCOORD   Fire Support Coordinator
FSCS      Fleet Satellite Communications System
FSCT      Five Soldier Crew Tent
FSD       Full Scale Development
FSE       Fire Support Elements (USA)
FSED      Full-Scale Engineering Development
FSG       Federal Supply Group
FSK       Frequency Shift Keying

FSLFL    Front/Side Loading Forklift
FSM      Federated States of Micronesia
FSO      Field Service Operations
FSOF     Forward Special Operations Facility
FSOP     Field SOP
FSP      Functional Support Plan
FSPRTS   Forest Service Parachute Rough Terrain System
FSR      Field Service Representative
FSS      Fast Sealift Ships
FSSG     Force Service Support Group (USMC)
FST      Forward Surgical Team
FST      Forward Support Team
FSTC     Foreign Science and Technology Center (USA)
FSU      Formerly Soviet Union
FT       Force Terminal
FTA/RA   Facility TEMPEST Assessment/Risk Analysis
FTAM     File Transfer Access and Management
FTDMA    Frequency and Time Division Multiple Access
FTI      Fixed Target Indications
FTM      Full Time Manning
FTOC     Fleet Telecommunications Operations Center
FTP      Field Training Plan
FTP      Full Time Permanent
FTP      File Transfer Protocol
FTR      Failure to Repair
FTS      Field Test Set/Site
FTS      File Transfer Service (WIN)
FTS      Full Time Support
FTS      Federal Telephone/Telecommunications System
FTT      Full Time Temporary
FTUS     Full Time Unit Support
FTV      Functional Technology Validation
FTW      Future Technology Workshops
FTX      Field Training Exercise
FUBAR    Fouled Up Beyond All Reason
FUDS     Formerly Used Defense Sites
FUE      First Unit Equipped
FUE      Force Validation Committee
FUED     First Unit Equipped Date
FUPP     Full Up Power Packs
FVC      Force Validation Committee
FVEAS    Field Video Acquisition and Editing System
FVT      Field Verification Test
FWC      Force Weapons Coordinator (USN)
FWD      Forward
FWE      Foreign Weapons Evaluation
FWMR     Full Width Mine Rake on CEV
FWS      Fish and Wildlife Service
FWTD     Fifth Wheel Towing Device

FY            Fiscal Year
FYDP          Future Years Defense Plan/Program
FYDP          Five-Year Defense Plan
FYIAP         Five-Year Interoperability Assurance Plan
FYP           Five Year Program / Plan

G&A           General and Administration Expenses
G-R-H         Graham-Rudman-Hollins
G/A           Ground to Air
G/A/G         Ground/Air/Ground
G/G           Ground to Ground
G/T           Ratio of antenna gain to noise temperature
G/TD          Gun/Turret Drive
G1            ACoS (Personnel)
G2            ACoS (Intelligence)
G2S           Generation II Soldier
G3            ACoS (Operations)
G4            ACoS (Logistics)
G5            ACoS (Civil Affairs)
G6            ACoS (Information Management)
GA            Georgia
GACC          Ground Attack Control Center
GAF           Generalized Access Facility
GAO           General Accounting Office
GAPFILLER     Navy-Leased Satellite Communication Service
GARDEN PLOT   Ops Plan for Response to Civil Disturbances
GAS           Gunner's Auxiliary Sight
GATR          Ground-to-Air Transmitter/Receiver (USAF)
GATR          Ground-Air Transmitter-Receiver;
GATTS         Global Air Transportation System and Services
GBCS          Ground Based Common Sensor (USA)
GBI           Ground Based Interceptor
GBL           Government Bill of Lading
GBL           Ground Based Laser (USAF)
GBNP          Global Block Numbering Plan
Gbps          Gigabits per second
GBR           Ground Based Radar
GBS           Ground Based Sensor
GBU           Guided Bomb Unit
GC4A          Global Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Assessment
GCCS          Global Command and Control System (WMMCCS Follow-on)
GCDN          GIG Content Delivery Network
GCDP          Gunner's Control and Display Panel
GCE           Ground Combat Element (USMC)
GCI           Ground Controlled Intercept
GCMCA         General Court Martial Convening Authority
GCN           Ground Communications Network
GCOS          General Comprehensive Operating System

GCPT          Ground Command Post Terminal
GCS           Ground Control Station
GCSS          Global Combat Support Systems
GCSS          Global Communications Support Squadron
GDA           Gimbaled Dish Antenna
GDIP          General Defense Intelligence Program
GDLS          General Dynamics Land Systems
GDS           Global Directory Service
GDSS          Global Decision Support System (AMC)
GDU           Graphic Display Unit
GE            Germany
GEACGE        German Air Defense Ground Environment
GEMSS         Ground Emplaced Mine Scattering System
GEN           General
GEN           Generator
GENSER        General Service Communications
GEODSS        Ground Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance System
GEOREF        Geographical Reference Grid System
GEP           Ground Entry Point
GETS          Government Emergency Telecommunications Service
GEX           Global Exchange Services
GFCP          Generic Front-End Communications Processor
GFE           Government Furnished Equipment
GFEBS         General Fund Enterprise Business System
GFM           Government Furnished Material
GFP           Government Furnished Property
GFS           Government Furnished Software
GHFS          Global HF System
GHz           Giga (Billion) Hertz
GIANT TALK    Unclassified code name for the USSTRATCOM HF/SSB broadcast network
GIBS          Global Information Battle Space
GICOD         Good Idea Cut Off Date
GIDEP         Government Industry Data Exchange Program
GIE           Global Information Environment
GIF           Graphic Interchange Format (from Unisys Corp)
GIFT          Good Ideas For TRADOC
GIG           Global Information Grid
GIG-BE        GIG Bandwidth Expansion
GIG-BE-CRRC   GIG Bandwidth Expansion Certification Requirements Review Committee
GIG-ES        GIG Enterprise Services
GIS           Global Information Services
GISMC         Global Infrastructure Services Management Center
GIST          Graphics Intelligence Support Terminal
GLASAT        Ground Launched Anti-Satellite
GLCM          Ground Launched Cruise Missile
GLF           Gain Loss File
GLH           Ground Launched Hellfire
GLLD          Ground Laser Locator Designator
GLO           Ground Liaison Officer
GLOBIXS       Global Information Exchange Systems (COPERNICUS - NAVY)
GLOS          Gun, Line of Sight

GLS       Ground Launched Sensor
GLTR      Ground Launched TACIT Rainbow
GLU       Group Logic Unit
GM        Group Modem
GMD       Global missile Defense
GMF       Ground Mobile Forces
GMFSC     Ground Mobile Forces Satellite Communications
GMFSCCC   Ground Mobile Forces Satellite Communications Control Center
GMG       Grenade Machine Gun (MK19)
GMNC      GWEN Maintenance Notification Center
GMPA      General Material and Petroleum
GMRK      General Mechanic's Repair Kit
GMS       Gitchner Mobile Systems
GNC       GMF Network Controller
GNMP      Government Network Management Protocol
GNSC      Global NETOPS Support Center
GNT       Ground NUDET Detection Terminal
GO        General Officer
GO        GIG Operations
GO TMAR   General Officer Training Mission Area Review
GOC       Global Operations Center
GOCC      General Officer Capstone Course
GOCO      Government Owned, Contractor Operated
GOS       Grade of Service
GOSAC     Go Anywhere Satellite Communications
GOSC      General Officer Steering Committee
GOSIP     Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile
GOTS      Government Off The Shelf
GPALS     Global Protection Against Limited Strikes
GPH       Gallons Per Hour
gpm       Gallons Per Minute
GPS       Gunner's Primary Sight
GPS       Global Positioning System (NAVSTAR)
GPU       General Purpose User
GR        Gross Requirement
GRCS      Guard Rail Common Sensor
GRREGS    Graves Registration (replaced by MA)
GS        General Support
GSA       General Services Administration
GSCI      Gulf States Counter Drug Initiative
GSE       Ground Support Equipment
GSM       Ground Station Modules
GSM       Group Special Mobile;
GSR       Ground Surveillance Radars
GSTS      Ground-Based Surveillance and Tracking System
GSU       General Support Unit
GTC       Group Technologies Corporation
GTC3S     Global Terrestrial Critical Control Circuit System
GTE       General Telephone and Electronics
GTN       Global Transportation Network

GTN/ITV     Global Transportation Network/Intransit Visibility
GTRI        Georgia Tech Research Institute
GUARDIAN    General Area Defense Integrated Anti-Missile
GUI         Graphical User Interface
GVW         Gross Vehicle Weight
GW          Guerrilla Warfare
GW          Gateway
GWEN        Ground Wave Emergency Network
GWOT        Global War on Terror
GY          Guidance Year

ACC        Information and Coordination Central
HA         Hit Avoidance
HAB        Heavy Assault Bridge
HAC        House Appropriations Committee
HACP       HIMAD Automated Command Post
HAEMP      High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
HAHO       High Altitude High Opening
HAIDE      Hostile Aircraft Identification Equipment
HALO       High Altitude Low Opening
HARDMAN    Hardware vs. Manpower (Analysis)
HARM       High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile
HASC       House Armed Services Committee
HATMD      High Altitude Theater Missile Defense
HATS II    Hardened Army Tactical Shelter II
HAWK       Homing All the Way Killer
HB         Headquarters Battery
HBC        House Budget Committee
HBSS       Host Based Security System
HCA        Head of Contracting Activity
HCCAPS     Helmet Compatible Communications/Aural Protection System
HCGS       Heavy Common Ground Station
HCP        Health and Comfort Packs
HCU        High Capacity Unit (of CHS-2)
HD-MET     Heavy Duty Medium Equipment Transporter
HDBK       Handbook
HDRSAT     High Data Rate Satellite
HDRTSAT    High Data Rate Tactical Satellite
HDTV       High Definition Television
HDX        Handheld Dental X-ray
HDX        Half Duplex
HEC        Header Error Correction
HEC        Header Error Check
HEL        Human Engineering Laboratory
HELWEPS    High-Energy Laser Weapon System
HEMAT      Heavy Expanded Mobility Ammunition Trailer
HEMP       High-Altitude Electronic-Magnetic Pulse
HEMTT      Heavy Extended Mobility Tactical Truck

HERA        High Explosive Round Assisted
HERCULES    Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift and Recovery System
HET         Heavy Equipment Transporter
HEU         Hull Electronics Unit
HF          Human Factors
HF          High Frequency
HF SNAP     High Frequency Steerable Null Antenna Processor
HFAID       High Frequency AUTODIN Interface Device
HFAJ        High Frequency Anti-Jam
HFE         Human Factors Engineering
HFEA        Human Factors Engineering Analysis
HFET        Human Factors Engineering Testing
HFGCS       High Frequency Global Communication System
HHA         Health Hazard Assessment
HHAR        Health Hazard Assessment Report
HHC         Headquarters and Headquarters Company
HHD         Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment
HHMM        Hour and Minute of Last Location Report
HI          Hawaii
HI-CAP      High-Capacity
HIDAR       High Data Rate
HIMAD       High to Medium Air Defense
HIMARS      High Mobility Artillery Rocket System
HIO         Horizontal Integration Officer
HIPERLAN    High Performance Local Area Network
HISAC       High Speed Airdrop Container
HISEACOTS   High Sea State Container Transfer System
HMI         Human Machine Interface
HMMH        High Mobility Material Handler
HMMWV       High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle
HMP         Host Management Protocol
HMPT        Human Factors Engineering, Manpower , Personnel, Training
HMT         High Mobility Trailer
HN          Host Nation
HNA         Host Nation Approval
HNS         Host Nation Support
HNSCT       Host Nation Support Control Team
HOD         Head of Delegation
HOL         Higher Order Language
HOMS        Hellfire Optimized Missile System
HPDU        Hull Power Distribution Unit
HPH         High Priority Host
HPI         High Power Illuminator
HPL         High Power Laser
HQ          Headquarters
HQDA        Headquarters, Department of the Army
HRMSI       High Resolution Multi-Spectral Sensor
HRN         Human Resources Need
HLAF        Homeland Security Alert Framework
HL-COP      Homeland Security Common Operating Picture

HLS        Homeland Security
HLD        Homeland Defense
HSC        Health Services Command
HSCDM      High Speed Cable Driver Modem
HSD        Health Services Division
HSDS       Hub and Spoke Distribution System
HSI        Human Systems Integration
HSIT       Hardware Software Integration Test
HSPR       High Speed Pulse Restorer
HSS        Health Service Support
HSSI       High Speed Serial Interface
HSTAMIDS   Handheld Standoff Minefield Detection System
HT-MOD     Heavy Terminal Modernization Program
HTARS      HEMTT Tanker Aviation Refueling System
HTD        Highway Traffic Division
HTI        Horizontal Technology Integration
HTMD       High Technology Motorized Division (9th ID until 1992)
HTPS       HAWK Test Program Sets
HTPS       Hull/Turret Position Sensor
HTS        Heater Test Stand
HTTB       High Technology Test Bed
HTU        Handheld Terminal Unit (of CHS-1)
HUC        Human Use Committee
HUMINT     Human Intelligence
HUS        Hardened Unique Storage
HW         Hardware
HWIL       Hardware in the Loop
HZ         Hertz

I&A        Identification and Authentication
I&C        Issues and Criteria
I&W        Indications and Warning
I/O        Input/Output
IA         Independent Assessor
IAA        Interconnected Accredited AIS
IAM        Information Assurance Manager
IACOP      International Armament Cooperative Opportunities
IACS       Integrated Access and Cross Connect System
IAFIS      Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System
IAP        Internet Access Point
IAP        Independent Assessment Plan
IAR        Independent Assessment Report
IAR        Information Assurance Review
IAR        Interoperability Assessment Report
IAS        Indicated Airspeed

IAT        Internal Air Transportability

IAT        Integrated Access Terminal
IAVMC      Information Assurance Vulnerability Management Compliance

IAVMS   Installation Automated Vehicle Management System
IASE    Information Assurance Support Environment
IAW     In Accordance With
IBA     Integrated Battlefield Architecture
IBS     Integrated Booking System
IBIS    Israeli Boost-Intercept System (anti-missile system)
IBM     International Business Machines
IC      Integrating Center
ICA     Independent Cost Analysis
ICAM    Improved Chemical Agent Monitor
ICBM    Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
ICC     Integrated Command Console
ICE     IN Case of Emergency
ICE     Independent Cost Estimate
ICE     Interface Control Element
ICF     Intelligence Contingency Fund
ICH     Instructor Contact Hour
ICHO    Improved Cargo Handling Organization/Operations
ICIDS   Integrated Commercial Intrusion
ICMP    Internet Control Message Protocol
ICOFT   Institutional Conduct of Fire Trainer
ICOM    Integrated Communications
ICP     Interface Change Proposal
ICP     Inventory Control Point
ICP     Incremental/Interim Change Package
ICS     Interim Contractor Support
ICS     Interim Contractor Support
ICS3    Integrated Combat Service Support System
ICSC    Integrated Communication Systems Controller
ICT     Information and Communications Technology
ICTP    Individual and Collective Training Plan
ICU     Image Control Unit
ICU     Interface Control Unit
ICWS    Improved Commander's Weapon Station
ID      Infantry Division
ID      Identification/Identifier
IDA     Institute for Defense Analysis
IDAPR   Individual Direct Activity Performance Report
IDB     Integrated Data Base
IDEAS   Israeli Dialogue Exchange with Army Schools
IDEX    Imagery Data Exploitation
IDF     Installation Detention Facility
IDF     Israeli Defense Force
IDHS    Intelligence Data Handling System
IDIQ    Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (contract)
IDL     Interim Data Link
IDM     Improved Data Modem
IDMCS   Information Dissemination Management Content Staging
IDNX    Integrated Digital Network Exchange
IDP     Individual Development Plan

IDPF     In-Direct Productive Factor
IDS      Intermediate Direct Support
IDSA     Individual Direct Support Activity
IDWG     Internet Disruption Working Group
IE       Independent Evaluator
IEEE     Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEMATS   Imagery Exploitation Support Subsystem
IEP      Issue Evaluation Plan (from LAM)
IEP      Independent Evaluation Plan
IEPREP   Internet Emergency Preparedness
IER      Independent Evaluation Report
IER      Information Exchange Requirements
IESS     Imagery Exploitation Support Subsystem
IET      Initial Entry Training
IETF     Internet Engineering Task Force
IEW      Intelligence and Electronic Warfare
IEWCS    Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Common Sensor
IF       Intermediate Forward
IF       Intermediate Frequency
IFB      Invitation for Bid
IFC      Insulated Food Container
IFCS     Improved Fire Control System
IFECU    Improved Family of Environmental Control Units
IFF      Identification of Friend or Foe
IFLCS    Initial Force Level Control System
IFSAS    Interim Fire Support Automated System
IFTE     Integrated Family of Test Equipment
IG       Inspector General
IGS      Intermediate General Support
IGV      Inlet Guide Vane
IGW      Integral Gateway
IHFR     Improved High Frequency Radio
IITF     Information Infrastructure Task Force

IITRI    Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute
IITSIP   Installation Information Transfer System Improvement Program
IKP      Instructor and Key Personnel
IKPT     Instructor and Key Personnel Training
IL       Illinois
ILAP     Integrated Logistics Analysis Program
ILI      Intelligent Line Interface
ILO      In Lieu Of
ILS      Integrated Logistics Support
ILSM     Integrate Logistics Support Manager
ILSMM    Integrate Logistics Support Management Model
ILSMRS   Integrate Logistics Support Milestone Reporting System
ILSMT    Integrate Logistics Support Management Team
ILSMT    Integrated Logistics Support Management Team

ILSP       Integrated Logistics Support Plan
ILSR       Integrate Logistics Support Plan
IM         Information Manager
IM         Intermediate Maintenance
IM         Intensively Managed (system)
IMA        Information Management Area
IMA        Individual Mobilization Augmentee(ation)
IMA        Information Mission Area
IMAART     IMA Assessment Review Team
IMC        Item Management Code
IMC        Improved Mechanic's Coveralls
IMC        Item Manager's Code
IMCHS      Individual Soldier Microclimatic Cooling System
IMCP       Internal Management Control Program
IME        International Materiel Evaluation
IMETP      International Military Education and Training Program
IMETS      Integrated Meteorological System
IMF        Intelligent Mine Field
IMINT      Imagery Intelligence
IMMP       Information Mission Management Program
IMO        Information Management Officer
IMP        Information Management Program
IMPAC      International Merchants Purchase Authorization Card
IMPE       Information Management Processing Equipment
IMS        Intensively Managed System
IMS        Integrated Management System (BBN system used in STDN-4)
IMT        Integration Management Team
IMT        Improved Maintenance Team
INC        Internet Controller (PEO Communications)
INCA       intelligence and Communications Architecture
INE        In-Line Network Encryptor (of MISSI)
INF        Intermediate range Nuclear Forces
INF        Infantry
INFBD      TEXCOM Infantry Board
INFO       Information
INFOSEC    Information Security
INM        Integrated Network Management (COTS product used in STDN-4)
INMARSAT   International Maritime Satellite
INMS       Integrated Network Management System
INS        Immigration and Naturalization Service
INSBD      TEXCOM Intelligence and Security Board
INSCOM     US Army Intelligence and Security Command
INST       Installation
INT        Intelligence
INT        Interface
INT        Intelligence Net
INTACS     Integrated Tactical Communications System
INTCM      Intercom
INTEL      Intelligence

INTSUM   Intelligence summary
INV      Inverter
IO       Information Operations
IO       Indian Ocean
IOA      Independent Operational Capability
IOC      Input/Output Controller Card
IOC      Industrial Operational Command
IOC      Initial Operating/Operational Capability
IOE      Independent Operational Evaluation
IOM      Install, Operate and Maintain
IOS      Initial Operating Site
IOT      Initial Operational Test
IOT&E    Initial Operational Test & Evaluation
IP       Initial Production
IP       Inter-network Protocol
IP       Implementation Procedures
IPA      Intermediate Power Amplifier
IPB      Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
IPC      Interchangeable Pad Compactor
IPD      Institute of Professional Development
IPDS     Inland Petroleum Distribution System
IPF      Initial Production Facilities
IPL      Integrated Priority List
IPL      Initial Program Load
IPM      Internet Performance Monitor
IPP      Industrial Preparedness Planning
IPPD     Integrated Product and Process Development
IPPL     Industrial Preparedness Planning List
IPPT     Integrated Process and Product Team
IPR      In-process review
IPR      In-Progress Review
IPS      Integrated Program Survey
IPS      Integrated Personnel Support
IPSP     Intelligence Priorities for Strategic Planning
IPT      Initial Production Test
IPT      Integrated Process Team
IR       Intermediate Rear
IR       Infrared
IR&D     Independent Research and Development
IRB      Improved Ribbon Bridge
IRC      International Red Cross
IRC      Individual Readiness Company
IRD&S    International Research, Development and Standardization
IRIS     Infrared Imaging Seeker
IRR      Individual Ready Reserve
IRS      Interface Requirements Specification
IRST     Infra-Red Search and Tracking
IRV      Improved Recovery Vehicle
IS       Intelligence Squadron

IS        Information System;
ISA       Inter/Intra-Service Support Agreement
ISC       Information Systems Command/Corporation
ISC       Installation Service Centers
ISDN      Integrated Switched
ISDN      Integrated Services Data Network (AT&T)
ISDNP     ISDN Protocol
ISEC      Information Systems Engineering Command
ISESI     Integrated System Engineering Suite Initiative
ISL       Institute Franco-Allemande de Recherché de Saint-Louis
ISM       Integrated Sustainment Maintenance
ISM       Installation Support Modules
ISNM      Information Systems Network Management
ISO       Information Systems Officer
ISO       International Standards Organization
ISOCMIS   International Standards Organization Common Management Information Service
ISORM     ISO Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model
ISP       Integrated Support Plan
ISRP      Integrated Senior Review Panel
ISS       Information Systems Security
ISSA      Information Superiority Situational Awareness System
ISSE      Information Systems Security Engineering
ISSM      Information Systems Security Manager
ISSO      Information System Security Officer
ISSPM     Information Systems Security Program Manager
ISSRP     Information Systems Security Resource Program
ISST      ICBM SHF Satellite Terminal
ISYSCON   Integrated System Control
IT        Information Technology
IT        Interoperability Trial
ITAADS    Installation, The Army Authorization Document System
ITAC      Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center (Washington, DC)
ITOE      Intermediate TOE
ITP       Installation Transition Processing
ITS       Improved Tandem Switch
ITSDN     Integrated Tactical Strategic Data Network
ITSG      Information Transition Steering Group
ITT       International Telephone and Telegraph
ITU-TSS   International Telecommunications Union Standardization Sector
ITV       Intransit Visibility
ITW/AA    Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack Assessment
IU        Interface Unit
IUSS      Integrated Undersea Surveillance System
IV&V      Independent Validation & Verification
IVD       Interactive Videodisks
IVHS      Intelligent Vehicle Highway System
IVIS      Inter-Vehicular Information System
IW        Information Warfare
IWF       Inter Working-network Function
ICA       Intelligent Collision Avoidance

J&A        Justification & Approval
JA         Japan
JAC        Joint Analysis Center
JAG        Judge Advocate General
JAISPAC    Joint Area Information System - Pacific
JAN        January
JANAP      Joint Army, Navy & Air Force Publication
JASC       Joint Actions Steering Committee
JASORS     Joint Advanced Special Operations Radio System
JAST       Joint Advanced Strike Technology
JB         Job Book
JBFSA      Joint Blue Force Situational Awareness
JCALS      Joint Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support
JCCBI      Joint Committee on Computer Based Instruction
JCCC       Joint Communications Control Center
JCID       Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System
JCRE       Joint Coordinated Real-Time Environment
JCCSD      Joint Communication, Command System Designator
JCCT       Joint Combat Camera Team
JCDSC      Joint C4I Decision Support Center
JCL        Job Control Language
JCPAT-E    Joint C4I Program Assessment Tool - Empowered
JCPMS      Joint Task Force Communications Planning and Management System (Joint ISYSON)
JCS        Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCS MOP    Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum of Policy
JCSAN      JCS Alerting Network
JCSC       Joint Communications Satellite Center
JCSE       Joint Communications Support Element
JDC        Japanese Digital Cellular
JDISS      Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System
JDL        Joint Director of Laboratories
JDS        Joint Display Systems
JDT        Joint Development Test
JEAP       Joint Electronics Analysis Program
JES        Job Entry Subsystem
JEWC       Joint Electronic Warfare Center
JFACC      Joint Forces Air Component Commander
JFFC       Joint Forces Fire Coordinator
JFT-GNO    Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations
JFP        Joint Force Protection
JIC        Joint Intelligence Center
JICPAC     Joint Intelligence Center Pacific
JIEO       Joint Interoperability Engineering Organization
JIEP       Joint Intelligence Estimate for Planning
JILSP      Joint Integrated Logistics Support Plan
JINTACCS   Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command & Control Systems
JIOC-I     Joint Intelligence Operations Capability-Iraq
JISN       Joint Intelligence System Network
JIST       JTIDS Integrated Siting Tool

JITC      Joint Interoperability Test Center
JITS      Joint Integrated Tactical Switch
JIOC-I    Joint Intelligence
JKMS      Joint Key Management System (COMSEC)
JLRSA     Joint Long Range Strategic Appraisal
JLSC      Joint Logistics Support Command
JLSC      Joint Logistics Systems Center
JLSP      Joint Logistic Support Plan
JMCC      Joint Movement Control Center
JMCIS     Joint Maritime Command Information System
JMSNS     Justification for Major System New Starts
JOP       Joint Operating Procedure
JOPES     Joint Operational Planning and Execution System
JOPS      Joint Operating Planning Schedule
JOR       Joint Operational Requirement
JOT       Joint Operational Test
JOT&E     Joint Operational Test & Evaluation
JOTC      Joint Operations Tactical System (at NAVFORS-NRAD)
JOTS      Joint Operations Tactical System
JPAM      Joint Program Assessment Memorandum
JPATS     Joint Primary Aircraft Training System
JPD       Joint Planning Document
JPEG      Joint Photographic Expert Group
JPG       Jefferson Proving Ground
JPL       Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPO       Joint Program Office
JPS       Joint Processing System
JR        Joint Review
JRAC      Joint Rear Area Coordinator
JRMB      Joint Requirements and Management Board
JROC      Joint Requirements Oversight Council
JROTC     Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps
JRSC      Jam-Resistant Secure Communications
JRX       Joint Readiness Exercise
JS        Joint Staff
JSA       Joint Service Agreement
JSCP      Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JSIIDS    Joint Service Interim Intrusion Detection System
JSIN      Joint Staff Information Network
JSIPS     Joint Services Imagery Processing System
JSLIST    Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology
JSOC      Joint Special Operations Command
JSOR      Joint Service Operational Requirement
JSOTF     Joint Special Operations Task Force
JSOTF-P   Joint Special Operations Task Force- Philippines
JSP       Joint Service Program
JSPD      Joint Strategic Planning Document
JSPS      Joint Strategic Planning System
JSR       Joint Strategic Review
JSTARS    Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

JT         Joint Test(ing)
JT         JTIDS Terminal
JT&E       Joint Test and Evaluation
JTA        Joint Table of Authorization
JTACS      Joint Tactical Area Communications System
JTAGG      Joint Turbine Advanced Gas Generator
JTAGS      Joint Tactical Ground Station
JTAV       Joint Total Asset Visibility
JTC3A      Joint Tactical Command, Control and Communications Agency
JTCB       Joint Targeting Control Board
JTD        Joint Test Director(ate)
JTDES      Joint Tactical Data Enterprise Services
JTDLMP     Joint Tactical Data Link Management Plan
JTE        Joint Test and Evaluation
JTE        Joint Test Element
JTF        Joint Task Force
JTIDS      Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (High Speed)
JTMP       Joint Tactical Migration Plan
JTN        Joint Targeting Network
JTP        Job Training Package
JTRC       Joint Test Review Council
JTRS       Joint Tactical Radio System
JTSSCCB    Joint Tactical Switched Systems Communications Control Board
JTSWG      Joint Tactical Switching Working Group
JTT        Joint Technical Test
JTUAV      Joint Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
JTX        Joint Training Exercise
JUDI       Joint Universal Data Interpreter
JUICEL     Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise
JUN        June
JUT        Joint User Test
JVCAAT     Joint Venture Combined Arms Assessment Team
JWCA       Joint Warfighting Capabilities Analysis
JWG        Joint Working Group
JWICS      Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System

K          Thousand
K$         Constant Dollars
KB         Kilo Byte
KB         Keyboard
KBLPS      Knowledge Based Logistics Planning System
KBPS       Kilobits per Second
KBPS       Kilobits (Thousands) Per Second
KBS        Kilobits per Second
KCOIC      Korean Combat Operations Intelligence Center
KDD        Key Distribution Device
KEASATWS   Kinetic Energy Anti-Satellite Weapons System
KEK        Key Encryption Key
KEM        Kinetic Energy Missile

KG       Kilograms
KG       Key Generation
KHZ      Kiloherz
KIAS     Knots Indicated Air Speed
KIP      Key Interface Profiles
KM       Kilometer(s)
KM/HR    Kilometers per Hour
KMS/SS   Key Management System/Software Support
KOR      Korea
KP       Kitchen Police
KP       Key Processor
KPA      Kilo Pascal
KUNA     Kuwait News Agency
KVG      Key Variable Generator
KW       Kilowatt(s)

L&RS     Launch and Recovery Subsystems
L3       Logistics Lessons Learned
LA       Louisiana
LAAWS    Legal Automation Army Wide System
LABCOM   Laboratory Command (AMC)
LAD      Latest Arrival Date
LADDS    Laundry and Decontamination Dry Cleaning System
LADS     Laundry Dry Cleaning System
LAFARE   Lightweight Arctic Forward Area Refueling Equipment
LAM      Louisiana Maneuvers
LAMP-H   Lighter, Amphibian, Heavy Lift
LAMPS    USACOM Automated Message Processing System
LAMPSS   Large Area Mobile Protected Smoke Screen
LAN      Local Area Network
LAO      Logistics Assistance Office(r)
LAPES    Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System
LAR      Logistics Assistance Rep
LAR      Leaflet Artillery Round
LARRS    Low Altitude Retrorocket System (airdrop)
LAS      Logbook A
LASSO    Logistics Automation Systems Support Office
LAT      Latitude
LATP     Lima Arsenal Tank Plant
LAV      Light Armored Vehicle
LAW      Local Authority Workstation
LB-FT    Pound-Feet
LBA      Long Bow Apache
LBE      Load Bearing Equipment
LBS      Pounds
LCA      Logistics Control Activity
LCC      Launch Control Center
LCC      Life Cycle Cost

LCC         Life Cycle Code
LCC         Link Communications Circuit
LCC A       Logic Control Code A
LCCE        Life Cycle Cost Estimate
LCCP        Light Forces Contingency Communications Package
LCD         Logistics Concepts Directorate
LCE-SOFE    Lightweight Chemical Equipment, Spec Ops Forces Environment
LCES        Line Conditioning Equipment Scanner
LCGS        Light Common Ground Station (Joint STARS)
LCM         Landing Craft, Medium (i.e. LCM-8)
LCM         Life Cycle Model
LCMS        Laser Counter Measure System
LCMS        Local COMSEC Management Software
LCN         LSA Control Number
LCPT        Lightweight Collapsible Pillow Tank
LCSEC       Life Cycle Software Engineering Center
LCSMM       Life Cycle System Management Model
LCSS        Life Cycle Software Support
LCSS        Lightweight Camouflage Screening Support
LCU         Line Control Unit
LCU         Landing Craft, Utility (i.e. LCU-2000)
LCU         Lightweight Computer Unit (of CHS-1)
LCW         Lightweight Collaboration Whiteboard
LD          Logistics Demonstration
LD          Life Detector
LDF         Lightweight Digital Facsimile
LDR         Leader
LDR         Low Data Rate
LDRM        Low Data Rate Multiplexer
LEA         Logistics Evaluation Agency
LEAP        Leading Edge Advance Package
LEAP        Lightweight Expo-Atmospheric Projectiles
LEASAT      Leased Satellite
LEASATCOM   Leased Satellite Communications
LEN         Large Extension Node
LENS        Large Extension Node Switch
LEO         Low Earth Orbit (applies to satellites)
LES         Lincoln Experimental Satellites
LES         Leave and Earnings Statement
LES         Large Extension Node Switch
LESC        Logistics Exercise and Simulation Center
LF          Low Frequency
LFIE        Live Flight Integration Exercise
LFT         Live Fire Test
LFT&E       Live Fire Test & Evaluation
LFV         Light Forces Vehicle
LG TUG      Large Tugboat
LG-1        Logic Group
LGK         Loop Group Keying

LGM        Loop Group Multiplexer
LGSM       Light Ground Station Module (Joint STARS)
LHN        Long Haul Network
LIA        Logistics Integration Agency
LIA        Logistics Impact Analysis
LIC        Low Intensity Conflict (replaced by SASO)
LID        Light Infantry Division
LIF        Logistics Intelligence File
LIN        Line Item Number
LIN        Line Item Number
LKG        Loop Key Generator
LLDR       Lightweight Laser Designator/Rangefinder
LLT        Long Lead Time
LLTI       Long Lead Time Item
LMD        Local Management Device
LME        Lightweight Maintenance Enclosure
LMI        Logistics Management Institute
LMS        Learning Management System
LMSR       Large Medium Speed RORO
LNA        Low Noise Amplifier
LNO        Liaison Officer
LO         Lubrication Order
LO         Liaison Officer
LO-CAP     Low Capacity
LOA        Letter of Agreement
LOC        Logistics Operation Center
LOC        Limited Operational Capability
LOC        Location
LOC        Line of Communications
LOE        Letter Of Execution
LOG        Logistic(s)
LOGAMP     Logistics Acquisition Management Program
LOGC       Logistics Center (now CASCOM)
LOGCAP     Logistics Civilian Augmentation Program
LOGCAP     Logistics and Command Assessment of Projects
LOGEEI     Logistics Essential Elements of Information
LOGMARS    Logistics Marking and Reading System
LOGS       Logistics
LOGSA      Logistics Support Activity
LOGSAC     Logistics Structure And Composition System
LOGSTAT    Logistics Status
LOGTRAKS   Logistics Tracking System
LOI        Letter Of Instruction
LON        Letter of Notification
LONG       Longitude
LOR        Level Of Repair
LORA       Level of Repair Analysis
LOS        Logistics Oriented School
LOS        Line of Sight

LOSFRQ    Authorized Frequencies Updates
LOT       Limited Operational Test
LOTS      Logistics-over-the-Shore
LP        Limited Procurement
LP        Liquid Propellant
LP        Limited Production
LPC       Linear Predictive Coding
LPD       Low Probability of Detection
LPI       Low Probability of Intercept
LPP       Low Profile Pallet
LPT       Logistics Preparation of the Theater
LPU       Line Printer Unit
LPU       Limited Procurement, Urgent
LR        Letter Requirement
LRA       Local Registration Authority
LRAMP     Long Range Army Materiel Program
LRAMRP    Long-Range Army Materiel Requirements Plan
LRC       Lesser Regional Contingency
LRF       Laser Range Finder
LRHFRCS   Long Range Hi-Frequency Radio Communication System
LRIP      Low-Rate Initial Production
LRM       Leaflet Rolling Machine
LRM       Low Rate Multiplexer
LRO       Logistics Readiness Office(r)
LRP       Low-Rate Production
LRRDA     Long Range Research Development and Acquisition
LRRDAP    Long Range Research Development and Acquisition Plan
LRRDAP    Long-Range Research, Development and Acquisition Plan
LRS&TP    Long Range Science and Technology Plan
LRTA      Limited Range Training Ammunition
LRTVU     Low Rate Tele-Video Unit
LRU       Line Replaceable Unit
LS        Launch Station
LS/RS     Launch Station Radar Set
LSA       Logistics Support Area
LSA       Logistics Support Analysis
LSAM      Logistics Support Alternative Model
LSAP      Logistics Support Analysis Plan
LSAR      Logistics Support Analysis Record
LSART     Logistics Support Analysis Review Team
LSC       Linear Shaped Charge
LSCDM     Low Speed Cable Driver Modem
LSDIS     Light and Special Division Interim Sensor
LSE       Logistics Support Element
LSP       Logistics Support Plan
LSPR      Low Speed Pulse Restorer
LSR       Logistics Status Review
LSV       Logistics Support Vessel
LSVT      Lead Site Verification Test

LT         Large Tug
LT         Lieutenant
LTACFIRE   Lightweight Tactical Fire
LTC        Lieutenant Colonel
LTG        Lieutenant General
LTID       Laser Target Interface Device
LTOES      Living TOE System
LTU        Line Termination Unit
LU         Life Units
LU         Logistical Unit
LUT        Limited User Test
LUTRR      Limited User Test Readiness Review
LVAD       Low Velocity Air Drop
LW         Land Warrior (formerly TEISS)
LWLD       Light Winch and Lift Device
LWP        Lightweight Water Purifier
LZ         Landing Zone

M          Million
M          Meter
M&S        Modeling and Simulation
M-SNAP     Microwave Steerable Null Antenna Processor
M204       Model 204 Database
M3T2       Multi-Mission Medium Tactical Transport (aircraft)
MA         Mortuary Affairs
MA         Mission Area
MA         Maintenance Allocation
MA         Market Analysis
MA         Multi-chambered Auto-injector
MAA        Mission Area Analysis
MAAG       Military Assistance and Advisory Group
MAATAG     Mission Area Analysis Test Advisory Group
MAB        Marine Amphibious Group
MAC        Maneuver Area Command
MAC        Maintenance Allocation Chart
MACOM      Major Army Command
MACRIT     Manpower Authorization Criteria
MAD        Mission Area Deficiency
MADCP      Mortuary Affairs Decontamination
MADP       Materiel Acquisition Decision Process
MADP       Mission Area Development Plan
MADS       Mission Area Deficiency Statement
MAE        Mission Accomplishment Estimate
MAF        Mission Affecting Failure
MAFIS      Mobile Automated Field Instrumentation System
MAINT      Maintenance
MAIS       Mobile Automated Instrumentation Suite
MAISRC     Major Army Information Systems Review Council

MAIT       Maintenance Assistance and Instruction Team
MAJ        Major
MAMA       Man-Machine
MAMP       Mission Area Materiel Plan
MAN        Metropolitan Area Network
MANAA      Medical Aerosolized Nerve Agent Antidotes
MANPRINT   Manpower and Personnel Integration
MAP        Materiel Acquisition Process
MARAD      Maritime Administration
MARB       Materiel Acquisition Review Board
MARC       Manpower Requirement Criteria
MARC       Multi-technology Automated Reader Card
MARFOR     Marine Forces
MASINT     Measurement and Signature Intelligence
MASS       Maintenance and Assemble Secure Storage
MASS       Mobilization Automated Support System
MATDEV     Materiel Developer
MATRIX     Matrix Card
MATT       Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal
MAX        Maximum
MAXI       Modular Architecture for the Exchange of Information
MB         Megabyte(s)
MBC        Mortar Ballistics Computer
MBMMR      Multi-Band Multi-Mode Radio
MBMR       Multi-Band Multi-mode Radio
MBPL       Modular Base Petroleum Laboratory
MBPS       Megabits (Million) Per Second
MBS        Mounted Battle Space
MBT        Main Battle Tank
MC         Materiel Change (Product Improvement)
MC2V       Mobile C2 Vehicle
MC4        Medical C4
MCA        Movement Control Agency
MCA        Military Construction, Army
MCAPT      Mine Clearing, Armor Protected Tractor
MCAS       Multi-Spectral Collection and Analysis System
MCB        Movement Control Battalion
MCC        Movement Control Center
MCC        Master Control Center
MCCC       Mobile Command and Control Center
MCCR       Mission Critical Computer Resource Description
MCCS       Mobile Command and Control System
MCD        Missile Countermeasure Device
MCE        Modular Control Element
MCE        Mission Control Element
MCEB       Military Communications-Electronics Board
MCF        Mobile Computer Facility
MCF        Modular Causeway Ferry
MCHAN      Multi-channel

MCL       Mission Configured Load
MCM       Materiel Change Management
MCMSS     Mine, Counter Mine Squad System
MCN       Management Control Number
MCO       Movement Control Officer
MCP       Maintenance Collection Point
MCP       Materiel Change Program/Plan
MCPE      Modular Collective Protection Equipment
MCS       Maintenance Control Section
MCS       Modular Causeway Systems
MCS       Maneuver Control System
MCT       Movement Control Team
MCU       Mobile Communications Unit
MCU       Mobile COMSEC Unit
MCVT      Modification Change Verification Test
MDA       Milestone Decision Authority
MDARS     Mobile Detection Assessment Response System
MDEP      Management Decision Package
MDI       Modernized Demolition Initiator
MDID      MSE Data Interface Device
MDR       Milestone Decision Review
MDR       Medium Data Rate
MDS       Mask Drinking System
MDS-PS    Modular Decontamination System - Pumper Scrubber
MDT       Message Distribution Terminal
MDU       Mission Data Update
MEA       Micro Encapsulated Antibiotics
MECH      Mechanized
MEDAID    Medical Defense Against Infectious Disease
MEDCOM    Medical Command
MEDDAC    Medical Department Activity
MEDEVAC   Medical Evacuation
MEDLOG    Medical Logistics
MEDPAR    Medical Patient and Reporting
MEDREG    Medical Regulation
MEDSUP    Medical Supply System
MEECN     Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network
MEET      Mission Essential Equipment for Training
MEF       Marine Expeditionary Force
MEI       Missile Electronic Improvement
MEL       Military Education Level
MELIOS    Mini-Eye Safe Laser Infrared Observation Set
MEMI      National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative
MEMO      Mission Essential Maintenance Only
MEP       Mobile Electric Power
MERWS     Modular Extendable Rigid Wall Shelter
MES       Medical Equipment Sets
MESCH     Medical Equipment Sets Contingency Hospital
MET       Maintenance Evaluation Team

METL        Mission Essential Task List
METT-T      Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops and Time Available
MEWR        Mission Essential Wartime Requirement
MF2K        Medical Force 2000
MFA         Materiel Fielding Agreement
MFFIMS      Mass Fatality Field Information Management System
MFG         Multi-Functional Gateways
MFI         Multi-Functional Interpreter
MFLTU       Multi-Frequency Line Termination Unit
MFOM        MLRS Family of Munitions
MFP         Materiel Fielding Plan
MG          Major General
MG          Magnesium
MG          Machine Gun
MGM         Master Group Multiplexer
MGPTS       Modular General Purpose Tent System
MGV         Mobile Gateway Van (Army)
MHE         Material Handling Equipment
MHFR        Multi-Channel HF Radio
MHz         Megahertz
MI          Military Intelligence
MIB         Management Information Base
MIBOM       Major Item Bill of Materials
MICAD       Multipurpose Integrated Chemical Agent Detector
MICOM       Missile Command (Redstone Arsenal, AL)
MIDL        Modular Initial Deployment Latrine
MIDR        Master Item Data Reference
MIIC        Major Item Information Center
MIIDS       Military Intelligence Integrated Data System
MIIP        Major Item Information Programs
MIIPS       Military Intelligence Information Processing System
MIJI        Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming and Interference
MIL STD     Military Standard
MILCON      Military Construction
MILES       Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Simulation System
MILMO       Military Motorcycle (Helmet Program)
MILNET      Military Network
MILSATCOM   Military Satellite Communications
MILSTAMP    Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures
MILSTAR     next generation of satellite communications
MILSTRIP    Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
MIN         Minimum
MINCE       Mission Impact Network Centric Environment
MINTERM     Miniature Terminal
MIPE        Mobile Intelligence Processing Element
MIPR        Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request
MIPS        Millions of Instructions Per Second
MIRACL      Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser
MIRS        Mobile Imagery Receive System

MIS        Management Information System
MISC       Miscellaneous
MISM       Major Item Systems Map
MISSI      Multilevel Information Systems Security Initiative
MITI       Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan)
MITLA      Microcircuit Technology for Logistics
MITT       Mobile Integrated Tactical Terminal
MJPE       Mobile Joint Planning Element
MJWG       Man Print Joint Working Group
MKT        Mobile Kitchen Trailer
MLMC       Medical Logistics Management Center
MLP        Multi-Line Phone
MLPP       Multi-level Precedence Preemption
MLRS       Multiple Launch Rocket System
MLS        Microwave Landing System
MLS        Multi-Level Security
MLST       Medical Logistics Support Team
MMB        Miniature Multi-Band Beacon
MMBCMF     Mean Miles Between Chargeable Mission Failure
MMBF       Mean Miles Between Failures
MMC        Materiel Management Cell (part of split-based operations)
MMC        Materiel Management Center
MMES       Modular Medical Equipment Set
MMM        Major Muscle Mover
MMMC       Medical Materiel Management Center
MMS        Multi-Mode Seeker
MMSS       Materiel Management Standard System
MMT        Materiel Management Team
MNODE      Major Node
MNS        Mission Needs Statement
MOA        Memorandum of Agreement
MOADS      Maneuver-Oriented Ammunition Distribution System
MOB        Main Operating Base
MOBCON     Mobility Container System
MOBILEIP   IP Routing for Wireless/Mobil Hosts
MOC        Management of Change
MOC        Mil-Star Operations Center
MOCS       Military Occupational Classification and Structure
MOD        Modification
MODEM      Modulator/Demodulator
MODPATH    Modernization Path
MODS       Mobile Ordnance Disrupter System
MOE        Measures of Effectiveness
MOGAS      Motor Gasoline
MOI        Memorandum of Instruction
MON        Memorandum of Notification
MOOTW      Military Operations Other Than War (joint)
MOP        Memorandum of Policy
MOPMS      Modular Pack Mine System

MOPP       Mission Oriented Protective Posture
MOS        Military Occupational Specialty
MOSB       Menu Option Select Button
MOSC       MOS Code
MOSLS      Military Occupational Specialty Level System
MOST       Mobile SATCOM
MOU        Memorandum of Understanding
MOUT       Military Operations in Urban Terrain
MP         Message Processor
MPA        Military Personnel, Army
MPBS       Multipurpose Bayonet System
MPC        Mid-term Planning Conference
MPDU       Master Power Distribution Unit
MPEG       Motion Pictures Expert Group
MPH        Miles Per Hour
MPH        Miles Per Hour
MPI        Multi-net Programmable Interface
MPN        MSE Packet Switch Network
MPS        Modular Printing System
MPS        Mission Planning System
MPT        Manpower Personnel and Training
MQS        Military Qualification Standards
MR         Maintenance Ratio
MR         Materiel Release
MRC        Major Regional Contingency
MRDALC     Medical Research Development, Acquisition and Logistics Command
MRDB       Materiel Returns Data Base
MRE        Meal, Ready to Eat
MRF        Mission Reliability Factor
MRIS       Modernization Resource Information System
MRL        Materiel Requirements List
MRM        Manpower Resourcing Model
MRO        Materiel Release Order
MROC       Materiel Release Order Confirmation
MROC       Multi-Command Required Operational Capability
MROCS      Material Release Order Control System+C192
MRP        Materiel Return Program
MRS-BURU   Mobility Requirements Study-Bottom Up Review Update
MRSA       Materiel Readiness Support Activity
MRSR       Multi-Role Survivable Radar
MRT        Movement Regulating Team
MRT        Miniature Receive Terminal
MRTFB      Major Range & Test Facility Base
MS         Message Switch
MS         Message Store
MS         Milestone
MS         Market Surveillance
MS         Mast Structure
MS         Maintenance Shelter

MSA        Management Server Architecture
MS DOS     Microsoft Disk Operating System
MSAT-Air   Multi-Sensor Aided Targeting-Air
MSB        Main Support Battalion
MSC        Major Subordinate Command
MSC        Military Sealift Command
MSCS       Multi-Service Communications Systems
MSE        Missile Support Equipment
MSE        Mobile Subscriber Equipment
MSF        Mobile Strike Force
MSF        Multiplex Signal Format
MSG        Master Sergeant
MSG        Mobile Strike Group
MSGMON     Message Traffic and Message Queues Monitoring
MSGT       Master Sergeant (USAF)
MSI        Multi-Spectral Images
MSR        Main Supply Route
MSRT       Mobile Subscriber Radio Terminal
MSS        Mobile Satellite Services
MST        Maintenance Support Team
MSU/RSU    Mass Storage Unit / Recovery Storage Unit
MT         Migration Team
MT         Magnetic Tape
MTA        Message Transfer Agent
MTAS       Multi Sensor Target Acquisition System
MTBEFF     Mean Time Between Essential Function Failure
MTBF       Mean Time Between Failure
MTBOMF     Mean-Time-Between-Operational-Mission-Failures
MTBUMA     Mean Time Between Unscheduled Maintenance Actions
MTCR       Missile Technology Control Regime
MTEC       Mobile Test and Experiment Center
MTF        Medical Treatment Facility
MTG        Main Tank Gun
MTG        Master Timing Generator
MTI        Moving Target Indications
MTL        Maturing Theater Latrine
MTMC       Military Traffic Management Command
MTMC-TEA   Military Traffic Management Command-Transportation Engineering Agency
MTMP       Major Army Command Telephone Modernization Program
MTOE       Modification TOE
MTP        Mission Training Plan
MTP        Materiel Transfer Plan
MTR        Memorandum Test Report
MTS        Movement Tracking System
MTT        Mobile Training Team
MTT        Magnetic Tape Transport
MTTR       Mean Time to Repair
MUA        Man pads Under Armor
MULO       Multipurpose Utility Over boot

MUSE         Multidimensional User-oriented Synthetic Environment
MUX          Multiplexer
MUX VAN      Multiplexer Van
MV           Milli-volts
MVS          Muzzle Velocity System
MVS          Multiple Virtual Storage
MVT          Movement
MW           Microwave
MWARS        MACOM Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System
MWBL         Mounted Warfare Battle Laboratory
MWO          Master Warrant Officer
MWO          Modification Work Order
MWRH         Mounted Water & Ration Heater

N/D          Non Divisional
NA or N/A    Not Applicable
NABS         NATO Air Base System
NAC          Network Access Controller
NAEDS        Non Aqueous Equipment Decon System
NAF          Non-Appropriated Funds
NAI          NATO Analog Interface
NAIC         National Air Intelligence Center
NAM          Network Assessment Model
NAOC         Navy Air Operations Center
NAPP         Nerve Agent Pretreatment Pyridostigmine
NAS          National Airspace System
NASA         National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NATO         North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVCOMDET    Naval Communications Detachment
NAVCOMPARS   Naval Communications Processing and Routing System
NAVCOMSTA    Naval Communications Station
NAVES        Navigation Emplacement System
NAVFOR       Naval Forces
NAVIXS       Navy Information Exchange System
NAVNET       Navy Data Network
NB           Narrowband
NBC          Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NBCE         Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Element
NBSRS        NBC Recon System
NBSV         Narrowband Secure Voice
NC           Node Center
NCA          National Command Authority
NCAD         New Cumberland Army Depot
NCCS         Nuclear Command and control
NCCS         Nodal Control Circuit Switch
NCCS-A       Navy Command and Control System - Afloat
NCD          Net Control Device
NCES         Network Centric Enterprise Services

NCF       Network Control Facility
NCMSACS   Nodal Control Mobile Subscriber Access Circuit Switch
NCO       Noncommissioned Officer
NCO       NATO CALS Office
NCOES     Noncommissioned Officer Education System
NCOIC     Noncommissioned Officer In Charge
NCP       National Control Point
NCR       National Capital Region
NCS       Node Center Switch
NCS       Net Control Station
NCS       National Communications System
NCS-E     Network Control Station - EPLRS
NCS-J     Network Control Station - JTIDS
NCSC      National Computer Security Center
NCT       Network Control Terminal
NCTAMS    Navy Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station
NCTC      Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station
NCTRESM   Non Cooperative Target Recognition Electronic Support Measures
NDAG      NATO Data Administration Group
NDDS      Nuclear Detonation Detection System
NDI       Non-Developmental Item
NDIC      National Drug Intelligence Center
NEACP     National Emergency Airborne Command Post
NECC      Net-Enabled Command Capability
NECC      National Emergency Coordination Center
NEO       Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation
NEPA      National Environmental Policy Act
NES       Network Encryption System (of MISSI)
NESI      Network-centric Enterprise Solutions for Interoperability
NET       New Equipment Training
NET       Network
NETP      New Equipment Training Plan
NETT      NET Team
NETWARS   Network Warfare Simulation
NFGPT     New Family of General Purpose Tents
NFOV      Narrow Field of View
NFS       North Finding System
NG        National Guard
NGB       National Guard Bureau
NGIC      National Guard Intelligence Center
NGPA      National Guard Personnel, Army
NGCS      Next Generation Computer Solutions
NGCS-P    Next Generation Collaboration Services – Pilot
NGS       Next Generation Switch
NIC       Network Interface Card
NIC       Naval Intelligence Command
NICP      National Inventory Control Point
NIIN      National Item Identification Number
NILTU     NATO Interface Line Termination Unit
NIPR      Not Classified But Sensitive Internet Protocol Router

NIPRNET   Not Classified But Sensitive Internet Protocol Router Network (formerly MILNET)
NIR       Non-imaging Infrared
NIS       Non Imaging Sensor
NIS       NATO Identification System
NISDN     Narrowband Integrated Services Digital Network
NIST      National Institute of Standards and Technology
NIST      Net-OPS Infrastructure Strategy Team
NIT       Network Integrated Test bed (at JITC)
NIT       NATO Interface Team;
NITES     NTCS-A Integrated Tactical Environmental Subsystem
NITF      National Imagery Transmission Format
NIU       NATO/Network Interface Unit
NIWA      Navy Information Warfare Activity
NKDS      Navy Key Distribution System
NLOS      Non Line Of Sight
NLT       No Later Than
NM        Network Manager
NMC       Network Management Center
NMCC      National Military Command Center
NMCS      National Military Command System
NMD       National Missile Defense
NMF       Node Management Facility
NMIB      New Materiel Introductory Briefing
NMIBT     New Materiel Information Briefing Team
NMS       National Military Strategy
NMT       Network Management Terminal
NOAA      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOF       Notional Force
NOFC      Notification of Future Change
NOI       Notice of Intent
NORAD     North American Aerospace Defense Command (Cheyenne Mountain Air Base,
NOS       Network Operating System
NOSC      Navy C2 and Ocean Surveillance Center
NIPRNet   Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network
NP        Network Planner
NPE       Network Planning and Engineering
NPES      Nuclear Planning and Execution System
NPR       Nuclear Posture Review
NPT       Network Planning Terminal
NRaD      Navy Research and Development Division (San Diego, CA)
NRC       National Rotorcraft Center
NRE       Non-Recurring Engineering
NRI       Net Radio Interface (was Radio Wire Integration)
NRIU      Net Radio Interface Unit
NR-KPP    Net Ready Key Performance Parameter
NRL       Naval Research Lab
NRLIN     Non-Reportable Line Item Number
NRO       National Reconnaissance Office
NRT       National Rotorcraft Transport (joint cargo helicopter)

NRZ      Non-Return to Zero
NS       Node Switch
NSA      National Security Agency
NSB      Naval Submarine Base
NSC      National Security Council
NSF      National Science Foundation
NSG      Node Switch Group
NSL      Non-stockage List
NSM      Network Security Management
NSN      National Stock Number
NSO      Network Security Officer
NSPS     National Security Personnel System
NSR      National Security Review
NSTD     Non system Training Devices
NSTL     National Strategic Target List
NSUR     Non-hardened Small Unit Radio
NSWTG    Naval Special Warfare Task Group
NSWTU    Naval Special Warfare Task Unit
NTB      National Target Base
NTC      National Training Center
NTCC     Naval Telecommunications Center
NTCS-A   Navy Tactical Command System - Afloat
NTDS     Naval Tactical Data System
NTE      Not To Exceed
NTIA     National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NTM      National Technical Means
NVIS     Near Vertical Incidence Skywave
NWIA     Network Information Assurance
NWPLAN   MSE Network Planning

O&M      Operations and Maintenance
O&O      Operational & Organizational
O&S      Operating and Support
OA       Office Automation
OAC      Officer Advanced Course
OATS     Optical Attenuation Test Set
OBJ      Objective
OBWRU    Onboard Water Recovery Unit
OC&S     Ordnance Center & School
OCA      Operating Cost Authority
OCAR     Office of the Chief of the Reserves
OCE      Organizational Clothing and Equipment
OCIE     Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment
OCLL     Office of the Chief of Legislation
OCONUS   Outside the Continental United States
OCR      Operational Capability Requirement
OCR      Optical Character Reader
OCS      Officer Candidate School

OCSP      Online Certificate Status Provider
OCU       Order-wire Control Unit
OD        Ordnance Corps
ODA       Open Document Architecture
ODBMS     Object-oriented Database Management System
ODCS      Officer of the Deputy Chief of Staff
ODCSCD    Officer of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Combat Developments
ODCSINT   Officer of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence
ODCSLOG   Officer of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics
ODCSLOG   Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
ODCSOPS   Officer of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations
ODCSPER   Officer of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel
ODP       Officer Distribution Plan
ODS       Operation Desert Storm
ODUSA     Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Army
OEC       Operational Evaluation Command
OECDS     Objective Enhanced Container Delivery System
OEM       On-Equipment Materiel
OER       Officer Evaluation Report
OES       Officer Education System
OFC       Office
OFCR      Officer
OFTS      Optical Fiber Test Set
OI        Organization Integrator (ion)
OIC       Officer in Charge
OICW      Objective Individual Combat Weapon
OJCS      Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
OM        Operations Manual
OMA       Operations and Maintenance Appropriation, Army
OMA       Operations and Maintenance, Army
OMAR      Operations and Maintenance, Army Reserve
OMB       Office of Management and Budget
OMC       Optical Memory Card
OMF       Officer Master File
OMF       Operational Mission Failures
OML       Order of Merit List
OMNG      Operations and Maintenance, National Guard
OMS/MP    Operations Mode Summary / Mission Profile
OOB       Order of Battle
OOD       Officer of the Day
OOD       Object Oriented Design
OODA      Observe, Orient, Decide and Act
OORMS     Output-Oriented Resource Management System
OOTW      Operations Other Than War (replaced w/ SASO)
OP        Operations
OPA       Other Procurement, Army
OPALS     Officer Projection Aggregate Level System
OPCON     Operational Control
OPFAC     Operations Facility

OPLAN     Operation Plan
OPMD      Officer Personnel Management Directive
OPMODE    Operations Mode
OPMS      Officer Personnel Management System
OPORD     Operation Order
OPP       Offload Preparation Party
OPR       Office of Primary Responsibility
OPS       Operations
OPSEC     Operations Security
OPT       Option
OPTADS    Operational Tactical Data System
OPTEC     Operational Test and Evaluation Command
OPTEC     Operational Planning, Test and Evaluation Command
OPTEMPO   Operating Tempo
ORA       Operational Requirements Analysis
ORB       Officer Record Brief
ORD       Ordnance
ORD       Operational Requirements Document
ORF       Organizational Readiness Float
ORSA      Operations Research and System Analyst
OSA       Office of the Secretary of the Army
OSC       Objective Supply Capability
OSCAR     Outside Cable Rehabilitation
OSD       Operating Strength Deviation
OSD       Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSE       Open System Environment
OSHA      Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSI       Open Systems Interconnection
OSM       Optical Strength Meter
OSP       Ocean Surveillance Product
OSR       Office of Secondary Responsibility
OSS       Operational Support System (Navy)
OST       Order Shipment Time
OSUT      One Station Unit Training
OT        Operational Test(ing)
OT&E      Operational Test and Evaluation
OTAR      Over-the-Air Re-key(ing)
OTC       Over-the-Counter
OTCIXS    Officer-in-Tactical-Command Information Exchange System
OTDR      Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
OTEA      Operational Test and Evaluation Agency
OTFE      Other Than Full Evaluation
OTH       Over the Horizon
OTM       On-The-Move
OTOE      Objective TOE
OTP       Outline Test Plan
OTR       Operational Test Readiness Review
OTRR      Operational Test Readiness Review
OTRS      Operational Test Readiness Statement

OTS         Operational Test Site
OTSA        Operational Test and Evaluation Command Simulators Activity
OVE         Operator's Vehicle Equipment

P           Peacetime
P           Priority
P           Promotable
P           Polarization
P/P         Patch Panel
P2C4I       Power Projection for C4I
P3I         Preplanned Product Improvement
PA          Public Affairs
PA          Proponent Agency
PAAT        Patriot As A Target
PAC         Patriot Advanced Capability
PAC         Personnel and Administration Center
PAC III     Patriot Advanced Capability III (Air Defense)
PACAF       Pacific Air Force(s)
PACCMS      PACOM Crisis Management system
PACOM       Pacific Command
PADS        POMCUS Authorization Documents System
PAL         Parameter Assessment List
PAL         Pre-affiliation List
PAM         Pamphlet
PAM         Penetration Augmented Munitions
PAO         Public Affairs Office(r)
PAR         Pulse Acquisition Radar
PAR         Phased Array Radar
PARA        Paratrooper
PARA        Paragraph
PARCS       Perimeter Acquisition of Vehicle Entry and Phased Array Warning System
PASGT       Personnel Armor System, Ground Troops (helmet)
PAT         Process Action Team
PATE        Production Acceptance Test and Evaluation
PATRIOT     Phased Array Tracking to Intercept Of Targets
PBO         Property Book Officer
PBX         Private Branch Exchange
PC          Personal Computer
PCA         Physical Configuration Audit
PCAS/CADS   Persistent Chem. Agent Simulator & Disclosure Solution
PCB         Printed Circuit Board
PCC         Primary Control Center
PCC         Pre-command Course
PCH&T       Packing Crating, Handling and Tie down
PCL         Positive Launch Control
PCL         Preprogrammed Conference List
PCM         Pulse Code Modulation
PCMCIA      Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PCP          Platoon Command Post
PCPAS        Patriot Command Post Automation System
PCRK         Permanent Cable Repair Kit
PCS          Permanent Change of Station
PCS          Personal Communications Services
PCU          Power Control Unit
PCU          Portable Computer Unit (of CHS-1)
PCZ          Physical Control Zone
PD           Position Description
PDB          Post Deployment Build
PDISE        Power Distribution Illumination System Electrical
PDM          Pursuit Deterrent Munitions
PDO          Property Disposal Office
PDP          Procurement Data Package
PDR          Preliminary Design and Review
PDS          Post Deployment Support
PDS          Protected Distributed System
PDSS         Post Deployment Software Support
PDU          Pesticide Dispersal Unit
PE           Processing Elements
PE           Protective Entrance
PED          Packet Encryption Device
PENTCIRT     Pentagon Computer Immediate Response Team
PEO          Program Executive Officer
PEO          Peace Enforcement Operations
PEO - COMM   Program Executive Officer, Communications Systems
PEP          Power Entry Panel
PERMS        Personnel Electronic Records Management System
PERS         Personnel
PERSACS      Personnel Structure and Accounting System (USAR)
PERSCOM      Personnel Command
PET/FVT      Prototype Evaluation Test/Field Validation Test
PFC          Private First Class
PGM          Precision Guided Mortar
PGTS         Precision Gunnery Training System
PH           Phase
PIAFS        Portable Inductive Artillery Fuse System
PIC          Peripheral Interface Controller Card
PID          Positive Identification
PIIN         Procurement Instrument Identification Number
PIN          Personal Identification Number
PING         Packet Internet Grouper
PIO          Public Information Officer
PIP          Predicted Intercepted Point
PIP          Product Improvement Program
PIPFS        Prime Item Product Fabrication Specification
PK           Peace Keeping
PKI          Public Key Infrastructure
PKO          Peace Keeping Operations
PL           Phase Line

PL         Pay Load
PLGR       Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver
PLL        Prescribed Load List
PLRS       Position Location Reporting System
PLS        Palletized Loading System
PLS-E      Palletized Loading System-Enhanced
PLT        Platoon
PLT        Production Lead Time
PLT        Program Load Time/Tape
PLT        Platoon Net;
PM         Product Manager
PM         Program Manager
PM         Provost Marshall
PM         Preventative Maintenance
PM         Project Manager
PM JTACS   Project Manager, Joint Tactical Area Communications Systems
PM MSCS    Project Manager, Multi-Service Communications Systems
PM-ILOGS   Project Manager, Integrated Logistics
PM-ITTS    Project Manager, Instrumentation, Targets and Threat Simulation
PM-TRADE   Project Manager, Training Devices
PMAD       Personnel Management Authorization Document
PMCS       Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services
PM/DCATS   Program Manager/Director of Combined Arms Tactical Systems
PMFVS      Protective Mask Fit Validation System
PMIC       Precious Metals Indicator Code
PMO        Personnel Management Office(r)
PMO        Project Manager's Officer
PMR        Provisioning Master Record
PMSP       Preliminary Message Security Protocol
PNMC       Packet Network Management Center
PNS        Primary NS
POA &M     Plan of Action & Milestones
POC        Proof of Concept
POC        Point of Contact
POCD       Proof of Concept Demonstration
POD        Port of Debarkation
POE        Port of Embarkation
POI        Program of Instruction
POL        Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants
POM        Preparation for Overseas Movement
POM        Program Objective Memorandum
POMCUS     Pre-positioned Overseas Materiel Configured to Unit Sets
POND       Period of Non Disruption
POO        Pattern Of Operations
POP        Point of Presence
POP        Proof of Principle
POS/NAV    Position/Navigation
POSIX      Portable Operating System Interface for Computer Environments
POTUS      President of the United States
POV        Privately Owned Vehicle

POW         Prisoner of War
P&P         Precedence & Preemption
PP&O        Plans Programs and Operations
PPBES       Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System
PPBS        Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System
PPC4I       Power Projection C4 Infrastructure
PPL         Provisioning Parts List
PPO         Patriot Project Office
PPOT        Production Prove Out Test
PPP         Point-to-Point Protocol
PPQT        Pre-Production Qualification Test
PPT         Post Production Test
PQT         Production Qualification Test
PQT         Prototype Qualification Test
PR          Pocket Radiometer
PR          Problem Report
PRAT        Production Reliability Acceptance Test
PRD         Presidential Review Directive
PREPO       Pre-positioned
PRGM        Program
PRI         Primary Rate Interface
PRISS       Post-deployment Real-Time Interactive Simulator System
PROBE       Programs Optimization and Budget Evaluation
PROD        Product
PROD        Production
PROFS       Professional Office System
PROJ        Project
PROV        Provisioning
PRP         Program Review Proposals
PRS         Prepackaged Re-supply Set
PS          Power Supply/Source
PS          Packet Switch(ing)
PSCCE       Production Satellite Configuration Control Element
PSE         Program(ing) Support Equipment
PSE         Peculiar Support Equipment
PSG         Prioritization Steering Group
PSHTI       Packet Switched Host Trunk Interface (card)
PSI         Pounds per Square Inch
PSID        Pounds per Square Inch Differential
PSIG        Pounds per Square Inch Gauge
PSN         Packet Switching Network/Node
PSRC        Presidential Selected Reserve Call-up
PSS         Personnel Service Support
PSTN        Public Switched Telephone Network
PSYOP       Psychological Operations
PSYOP UAV   Psychological Ops Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
PT          Point (to Point)
PT          Physical Training
PT          Production Test

PT       Pusher Test
PT       PLRS Terminal
PT/RT    Positive Test/Regression Test
PTER     Preliminary Test and Evaluation Report
PTF      Precision Timed Fuse
PTSN     Public Telephone Switched Network
PTT      Power pack Transport Trailer
PTT      Pioneer Tool Trailer
PUL      Preconfigured Unit Loads
PV2      Private Two
PVC      Permanent Virtual Connection
PVT      Private
PVT      Production Verification
PW       Prairie Warrior
PWD      Procurement Work Directive
PWE      Primary Weapons and Equipment
PWIS     Prisoner of War Information System
PWR      Power
PWRMS    Pre-positioned War Reserve Materiel Stocks
PWRS     Pre-positioned War Reserve Stocks
PWU      Power Wire Unique
PX       Post Exchange
PY       Program Year

Q        Quarter (of Fiscal Year)
Q/$      Quantity/Dollars
QA       Quality Assurance
QAD      Quality Assurance Directorate
QAPR     Quarterly Army Performance Review
QC       Quality Control
QDISPL   Queue Display
QEAM     Quick Erect Antenna Mast
QM       Quartermaster
QMC&S    Quartermaster Center and School
QMR      Qualitative Materiel Requirement
QOS      Quality of Service
QPSK     Quadra-phase Shift Keying
QQPRI    Qualitative & Quantitative Personnel Requirements Information
QRA      Quarterly Review Analysis
QRA      Quick Reaction Antenna
QRF      Quick Response Force
QRMP     Quick Response Multicolor Printer
QRP      Quick Response Program
QSS      Quick Supply Store
QSTAG    Quadripartite Standardization Agreement
QTR      Quarter


R            Router
R            Radio
R            Retired
R            Routine
R&D          Research & Development
R&M          Reliability and Maintainability
R/L          Receive Location
R/O          Receive Only
RAAWS        Ranger Anti-Armor/Antipersonnel Weapon System
RAD          Requirements and Authorizations Document
RAD DETECT   Radiation Detector
RAM          Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
RAM          Random Access Memory
RAMBS-II     Rapid Anti-personnel Minefield Breaching System
RAOC         Rear Area Operations Center
RAOR         Radiation Anti-emetic Oral Drug
RAP          Radio Access Point
RAPS         Ram Air Parachute System
RARP         Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
RAS          Random Access Storage
RAU          Radio/Remote Access Unit
RBECS        Revised Battlefield Electronic CEOI System
RBM          Readiness Based Maintenance
RBS          Readiness Based Spares(ing)
RC           Reserve Component
RCAPS        Remote Consolidated Aerial Port System (USAF)
RCAS         Reserve Component Automation Systems
RCCC         Reserve Component Coordination Council
RCERT        Regional Computer Emergency Response Team
RCF          Repair Cycle Float
RCL          Royal Corps of Logistics (UK)
RCOAC        Reserve Component Officer Advance Course
RCS          Return Channel Satellite
RCSP         Remote Call Service Position
RCV          Receive
RCV          Robotic Combat Vehicle
RCVR         Receiver
RDA          Research, Development and Acquisition
RDAP         Research, Development and Acquisition Plan
RDD          Required Delivery Date
RDD          Requirements Definition Document (was UFD: Users' Functional Description)
RDEC         Research Development and Engineering Center of CECOM
RDG          Random Data Generator
RDISA        R & D Acquisition Information Systems Activity (Database)
RDJ          Radar Deception and Jamming
RDS          Requirements Documentation System
RDS          RBECS DTD Software
RDSC         Regional Distribution Support Center
RDT          Requirements Determination Template

RDT        Reliability Development Test
RDT&E      Research, Development, Test and Evaluation
RE         Recurring Engineering
REACTS     Rapid Execution and Combat Targeting System
REC        Record of Environmental Consideration
RECORM     Remote Controlled Reconnaissance Monitor
REF        Reference
REF        Cross Referenced between LIN, Stock Number and DODAAC
REFLUPS    Resuscitation Fluids Production and Reconstitution
REFORGER   Return of Forces to Europe
REGT       Regiment
REL DMZ    Releasable Space De-Militarized Zone
REJ        Reject
REP        Resource Enhancement Program
REPL       Replacement LIN
REQ        Requirements
REQUEST    Recruit Quota Program
REQVAL     Requisition Validation
RES        Resources
RETAIN     Reenlistment, Reclassification and Assignment System
RF         Radio Frequency
RFI        Radio Frequency Interference
RFI        Request for Information
RFID       Radio Frequency Identification
RFO        Radio Frequency Outage
RFP        Request for Proposal
RFPNLOSM   Rapid Force Projection Non-Line-Of-Sight Missile
RFQ        contracting Request For Quotation
RG         Readiness Group
RGT        Regiment
RIC        Routing Indicator Code
RICC       Reportable Item Control Code
RICC       Reportable Item Control Code
RIDX       Rifle Disrupter of Un-Exploded ordnance
RIMS       Research and development Information Management System
RIP        Routing Information Protocol
RIP        Routing Improvement Program
RISC       Reduced Instruction Set Computing
RISTA      Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance and Target Acquisition
RITA       Reseau des transmissions automatiques (French tactical communication system)
RKV        Remote Keying Variable
RLGM       Remote Loop Group Multiplexer
RLGM/CD    Remote Loop Group Multiplexer/Cable Driver
RLW-30     Ration, Light Weight, 30-day
RM         Radio Modem
RMA        Revolution in Military Affairs
RMC        Remote Multiplexer Combiner
RMCC       Regional Movement Control Center
RMCT       Regional Movement Control Team

RMD       Readiness Management Division
RMF       Resource Measurement Facility
RML       Revolution in Military Logistics
RMMC      Regional Materiel Management Center
RMP       Re-Programmable Micro Processor
RMR       Risk Management Review
RMS       Root Mean Square
RMS       Requirements Management System
RMU       Resource Management Update
RN        Regency Net
RN        Registered Nurse
RN        Relay Node
RO        Requisitioning Objective
ROC       Regional Operations Center
ROC       Required Operational Capability
ROD       Record of Decision
ROE       Rules Of Engagement
ROK       Republic of Korea
ROM       Refuel On the Move
ROM       Read Only Memory
ROMC      Required Operational Messaging Characteristics
RON       Remain Over Night
RON-D     Robotics Ordnance Neutralizing Device
RON/DON   Requisition Order Number/Document Order Number
RONS      Remote Ordnance Neutralization System
RORO      Roll On-Roll Off Vessel
ROU       Remote Operator Unit
RP        Release Point
RPA       Rotorcraft Pilot's Association
RPLANS    Real Property Planning and Analysis System
RPM       Revolutions Per Minute
RPMA      Real Property Maintenance Activities
RPMS      Real Property Management System
RPSTL     Repair Parts and Special Tools List
RPT       Report
RPV       Remotely Piloted Vehicle
RQMTS     Requirements
RQST      Request
RR        Radio Relay
RRAU      Remote Radio Access Unit
RRDF      RORO Discharge Facility
RSCAAL    Remote Sensing Chemical Agent Alarm
RSI       Rationalization, Standardization and Interoperability
RSCCE     Replacement Satellite Configuration Control Element
RSN       Red Switch Network
RSO&I     Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration
RSR       Required Supply Rate
RSS-D     Routing Sub-System - Downsized
RSSC      Regional Space Support Center

RT          Radio/Remote Transmit
RTAPS       Relocatable Target Adaptive Planning Support
RTCC        Rough Terrain Cargo Crain
RTCH        Rough Terrain Container Handler
RTDP        Radiance True Delivery Pilot
RTF         Regeneration Task Force
RTIC        Real-Time Information in the Cockpit (of USAF)
RTO         Radiotelephone Operator
RTOC        Rear Tactical Operations Center
RTS         Remote image Transmission System
RTS         Retransmission
RTT         Radio Teletype
RTTC        Redstone Technical Test Center
RVDT        Remote Video/Visual Display Terminal
RWI         Radio Wire Integration/Interface
RWS         Rigid Wall Shelter
RX          Repairable Exchange

S&P         Stake and Platform
S&S         Supply and Services
S&T         Science and Technology
S&T         Supply and Transportation
S&TCD       Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate, CECOM
S/T         Search / Track
S/W PDBS    Soft Ware Post Development Build
S1          Adjutant
S2          Intelligence Officer
S2K         System Two Thousand
S3          Operations Officer
S4          Logistics Officer
SA          Secretary of the Army
SAA         Satellite Access Authorization
SAAS 1& 3   Standard Army Ammunition System - Levels 1 and 3
SAAS-4      Standard Army Ammunition System - Level 4
SAAS-DAO    Standard Army Ammunition System - Division Ammunition Officer
SABER       Situational Awareness Beacon with Reply
SAC         Supportability Analysis Chart
SAC         Senate Appropriations Committee
SAC         Subnet Access Controller
SAC         Strategic Air Command
SAC         Senior Advisory Council
SACCS       Strategic Automated Command and Control System
SACIMS      Sensor AI Communication Integrated Maintenance System
SACLANT     Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic
SACS        Structure and Composition System
SADARM      Sense and Destroy Armor
SADM        System Acquisition Decision Memorandum
SAE         Service Acquisition Executive

SAFE         Support for the Analyst File Environment
SAFOR        Semi-Automated Forces
SAIC         Science Applications International Corporation
SAILS        Standard Army Intermediate Level Supply System
SALTS        Streamlined Automated Logistics Transmission System
SAM          Surface-to-Air Missile
SAMMS        Standards Army Materiel Management System
SAMS         Satellite Automatic Monitoring System
SAMS-1       Standard Army Maintenance System - Level 1
SAMS-2       Standard Army Maintenance System - Level 2
SAMS-3       Standard Army Maintenance System - Level 3
SAMS-I/TDA   Standard Army maintenance System Installation/Table of Distribution and Allowances
SAMT         State of the Art Medium Term (satellite)
SAPLIC       Small Projected Line Charge
SAPO         Sub Area Petroleum Office
SAR          Search and Rescue;
SAR          Satellite Access Authorization
SAR          Synthetic Aperture RADAR
SARDA        Secretary of the Army for Research, Development and Acquisition
SARQ         Selective Automatic Repeat Request (transmission protocol)
SARSS-O      Standard Army Retail Supply System-Objective
SAS          Survivable Adaptable System
SAS          Special Air Service
SASC         Senate Armed Services Committee
SASMF        SIDPERS Authorizations Master File (ARNG)
SASO         Stability And Support Ops
SAT          Software Acceptance Test
SAT          Satellite
SATCOM       Satellite Communications
SAWE-RF      Simulated Area Weapons Effects-Radio Frequency
SBC          Senate Budget Committee
SBI          Special Background Investigation
SBIS         Sustaining Base Information Services
SBL          Space Based Laser (of BMDO)
SC           Side-less Container
SC           Signal Corps
SCAMP        Single Channel Anti-jam Man Portable
SCAO         SIPRNet Connection Approval Officer
SCC          System Control Center (MSE)
SCCVI        Secure Configuration Compliance Validation Initiative
SCCNW        System Control Center Network Management
SCDL         Secure Channel Data Link
SCE          Software Capabilities Evaluations
SCE          Standard Communications Environment
SCFM         Standard Cubic Feet per Minute
SCG          Switching Controller Group
SCI          Sensitive/Special Compartmented Intelligence
SCIS         Survivable Communications Integration System
SCLD         Self Contained Liquid Dispenser

SCM      System Control Module
SCMC     System Control Management Center
SCOLOP   SCC On Line Operational Program
SCORES   Scenario Oriented Recurring Evaluation System
SCOTT    Single Channel Objective Tactical Terminal
SCP      Software Change Package
SCP      Systems Change Package
SCPE     Simplified Collective Protection Equipment
SCR      Soldier Computer Radio
SCRI     Secure Configuration Remediation Initiative
SCRITS   SCRI Training System
SCS      Subsistence Central System
SCS      Special Communications System (Satellite)
SCSI     Small Computer Systems Interface
SCT      Single Channel Transponder
SCTC     System Control Technical Center
SCV      Self Contained Ventilator
SCV      SIPRNet Compliance Validation
SDASS    Special Divers Air Support System
SDC      Strategic Defense Command
SDC-L    Software Development Center - Lee
SDD      System Description Document
SDEP     Spyware Detection Eradication and Protection
SDDM     SECDEF Decision Memorandum
SDH      Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDI      Source Data Information
SDI      Strategic Defense Initiative
SDN      Service Delivery Node
SDNCO    Staff Duty NCO
SDNRIU   Secure Digital Net Radio Interface Unit
SDO      Standards Development Organization
SDO      Staff Duty Officer
SDP      Service Delivery Point
SDR      System Design Review
SDS      Standard Depot System
SDS      Satellite Data System
SDSG     Space Division Switching Group
SDT      Software Development Test
SDT      Self Development Test (replaces SQT)
SDU      Storage Device Unit
SEAD     Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
SEALOC   Sea Lines of Communication
SEC      Section
SEC      Section
SECDEF   Secretary of Defense
SECM     Shop Equipment, Contact, Maintenance
SECOMP   Secure Enroute Communications Package
SED      Software Engineering Directorate, CECOM
SED      Software Engineering Directorate (CECOM)
SEE      Small Emplacement Excavator

SEIWG     Systems Engineering and Integration Working Group
SEMA      Special Electronic Mission Aircraft
SEMA      Special Electronics Mission Aircraft
SEN       Small Extension Node
SENS      Small Extension Node Switch
SEP       Signal Entry Panel
SEP       Systems Engineering Plan
SES       Survivability Enhanced Systems
SES       Senior Executive Service
SES       Small Extension Switch
SET       System Extension Test
SEW       Space and Electronic Warfare (Naval term)
SEWC      Space and Electronic Warfare Commander
SF        System Failure
SF        Single Frequency
SF        Standard Form
SF        Special Forces
SFBCS     Special Forces Burst Communication System
SFC       Sergeant First Class
SFDLR     Stock Funding of Depot Level Reparable
SFOB      Special Forces Operational Base
SFP       Special Facilitation/Fabrication Program
SFUG      Security Features User's Guide
SFV       Stinger Fighting Vehicle
SGM       Sergeant Major
SGS       Secretary of the General Staff
SGS       Smole Generator System
SGDTS     Sensor Grid Development & Testing Systems
SHF       Super-High Frequency
SI        Silicon
SI        System Integrator
SICA      Secondary Inventory Control Activity
SICP      Standard Integrated Command Post
SICPS     Standard Integrated Command Post Shelter/System
SID       Secondary Imagery Dissemination
SIDPERS   Standard Installation/Division Personnel System
SIDS      Secondary Imagery Dissemination System
SIG       Signal
SIGC2     Signal Command and Control
SIGCEN    Signal Center
SIGINT    Signals Intelligence
SIGO      Signal Officer
SIGSEC    Signal Security
SIHD      Soldier Information Highway
SIIRCM    Suite of IR Counter Measures
SIMA      Systems Integrated Management Activity
SIMANTM   Simulation Analysis Tool
SIMATS    Supplementary Interim Medium Antitank System
SIMNET    Simulation Net

SIMUL      Execution Report Reception Simulation
SINCGARS   Single Channel Ground-Air Radio System
SINET      USSTRATCOM Intelligence Network
SINISS     SINCGARS ICOM, Non-ICOM Support Software
SIOP       Single Integrated Operational Plan
SIPE       Soldier Integrated Protective Ensemble
SIPR       Secret Internet Protocol Router
SIPRNET    Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (formerly DSNET-1)
SIRDAP     Science and Infrastructure RDA Plan
SIT        System Integration Test
SITE       Snow and Ice Traversing Equipment
SITREP     Situation Report
SJA        Staff Judge Advocate
SLA        Strategic Logistics Agency (now LIA)
SLAC       Support List Allowance Card
SLAM       Selectable Light Weight Attack Munitions
SLAM       Standoff Land Attack Missile
SLBM       Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile
SLCR       Shower, Laundry and Clothing Repair
SLEP       Service Life Extension Program
SLRG       Senior Leadership Review Group
SLGR       Small Lightweight GPS Receiver
SM         Soldiers Manual
SMAMC      Senior Materiel Acquisition Management Course
SMART      Supply and Maintenance Assessment and Review Team
SMART-T    Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Terminal - Tactical
SMAT       Sub-munitions Antitank
SMAW       Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon
SMC        Small Multi-use Computer
SMC        System Management Centers
SMCT       Smart Multi-Circuit Terminal
SMCTII     Smart Multi-Circuit Terminal II
SMD        System Management Directorate
SMDS       Switched Multi-megabit Data Service
SME        Subject Matter Expert
SMFT       Semi-trailer Mounted Fabric Tank
SMG        SNS Mail Guard
SMI        Soldier-Machine Interface
SMMP       System MANPRINT Management Plan
SMORE      Self heating Meal, Ordered Ready to Eat
SMP        Soldier Modernization Plan
SMP        Simultaneous Membership Program
SMSGT      Senior Master Sergeant (USAF)
SMTP       Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SN         Tin
SN-CIE     Statement of Need - Clothing and Individual Equipment
SNAFU      Situation Normal, All Fouled Up
SNAP       Shipboard Non-tactical ADP Program
SNC        Satellite Network Controller
SNMP       Simple Network Management Protocol

SNR           Signal to Noise Ratio
SNS           Secondary Node Switch
SNS           Secure Network Server (of MISSI)
SNT           Serial Number Tracking
SOA           Service Oriented Architecture
SOA           Special Operations Aircraft
SOC           Survivability Over Pack Container
SOCOM         Special Operations Command
SOCS          Strategic Operations Conference System
SOEL          Sprayer, Pesticide, Electric, Liquid
SOF           Special Operations Forces
SOI           Signal Operation Instructions (formerly CEOI)
SOICS         Special Operations-Improved Crypto System
SOM           Software Operators Manual
SOMA          Signal Organizational Mission Alignment
SOMS          Special Operations Media System
SONET         Synchronous Optical Network
SONOS         Silicon-Oxide-Nitride-Oxide Semiconductors
SOO           Support Operations Officer
SOP           Standing Operating Procedure
SOPS          Special Operations Power Sources
SOR           Senior Officer Review
SORAK         Special Operations Radio Antenna Kit
SORFMS        Special Operations Radio Frequency Management
SORT          Simulated Optical Ranging Test
SORTS         Status of Resources and Training System
SOUTHCOM      Southern Command
SOW           Statement of Work
SP            Start Point
SP            Security Police (USAF)
SP            Special Purpose
SP            Self-Propelled
SP            Special Projects
SPA           Software Process Assessments
SPACECOM      Space Command
SPANet        Secure Prioritized Asynchronous Transfer Mode Network
SPANWAR       Space and Naval Warfare
SPBS-R        Standard Property Book System-Redesign
SPEC or SPC   Specialist
SPF           Shortest Path First
SPI           Software Process Improvement
SPOD          Sea Port of Debarkation
SPOE          Sea Port of Embarkation
SPSF          Small Package Support Facility
SPT           Support
SPTOPS        Support Operations
SQD           Squad
SQT           Software Qualification Test
SR            Supply Route

SRA       Senior Airman (USAF)
SRAM      Short-Range Attack Missile
SRAW      Short-Range Antitank Weapon (USMC)
SRC       Soldier Readiness Card
SRC       Standard Requirement Code
SRC       Standard Requirement Code
SRP       Sealift Readiness Program
SRR       System Requirements Review
SRWBR     Short-Range Wideband Radio
SSA       Supply Support Activity
SSAA      System Security Approval Authority
SSAA      System Security Authorization Agreements
SSB       Single Side Band (Radio)
SSBN      Ballistic Missile Submarine
SSC       Supply Support Chart
SSCN      Secure Survivable Communications Network
SSCS      Special operations Signal Intelligence Collection System
SSEB      Source Selection and Evaluation Board
SSF       Single Stock Fund
SSG       Staff Sergeant
SSGT      Staff Sergeant (USAF)
SSI       Specialty Skill Identifier
SSI       Soldier Support Institute
SSIXS     Submarine Satellite Information Exchange System
SSMA      Spread Spectrum Multiple Access
SSMS      Single Shelter Message Switch
SSN       Nuclear Submarine
SSN       Social Security Number
SSO       Standards Setting Organizations
SSO       Staff Signal Officer
SSP-S     Single Source Processor-Signal Intelligence
SSS       Scout Sensor Suite
SSS       System Segment Specification
SST       Supplemental Site Test
SST       Single Subscriber Terminal (now CT)
SST       System Support Team
ST        Small Tug
ST&E      Security Test and Evaluation
ST/IP     Stream/Internet Protocol
STACCS    Standard Theater Army Command and Control System
STACOMP   STAMIS Tactical Computers
STAFEX    Staff Exercise
STAGS     Simulated Tank Anti-Armor Gunnery System
STAMIDS   Standoff Minefield Detection System
STAMIS    Standard Army Management Information System
STANAG    Standardization Agreement
STANFIN   Standard Finance System
STAR      System Threat Assessment Report
STAR-T    SHF Tri-band Advanced Range Extension Terminal
STARS     Shipping Tracking And Redistribution System

START        Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
STD          Standard
STDN         Secure Tactical Data Network
STE          Simplified Test Equipment
STE          Secure Telephone Equipment
STEP         Standardized Tactical Entry Point
STEPO        Self-contained, Toxic Environment, Protective Outfit
STIC         Surveillance Test and Integration Center (of NRaD)
STIG         Security Technical Implementation Guide
STM          Synchronous Transfer Mode
STO          Science and Technology Objective
STON         Short Ton
STOW         Synthetic Theater of War
STRAC        Standards in Training Commission
STRAP        System Training Plan
STRATJIC     STRATCOM Joint Intelligence Center
STRATWARNS   STRATCOM Indications and Warning System
STRICOM      U S Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command
STT          Shore Targeting Terminal
STTE         Special Tools and Test Equipment
STU          Secure Terminal Unit
STU-III      Secure Telephone Unit III
SUA          Stinger Under Armor
SUBGRU       Submarine Group
SUBOPAUTH    Submarine Operating Authority
SUBS         Subscribers
SUBSC        Switch Data Base Updates
SUCCESS      Synthesized UHF Communication Controlled Equipment Subsystem
SUNG         Secret Unclassified Network Guard
SUPAS        Supportability Assessment
SURE         Supply Usage Requirements Estimator
SURG         Surgery
SUS          Software Update Server
SUSV         Small Unit Support Vehicle
SVC          Service
SVC          Switched Virtual Connections
SVIPRBCS     Secure Voice Improvement Program, Remote Base Communication System
SVPSS        Steam Vacuum Pulse Sterilizer System
SVS          Secure Voice System
SW           Southwest
SWA          Southwest Asia
SWC          Special Warfare Center
SWG          Sub Working Groups
SWPD         Salt Water Purification Device
SWPS         Strategic War Planning System
SWS          Sniper Weapon System
SYSCON       System Control

T&E          Testing and Evaluation

T-RATS       Tray Packaged Rations
T1           Carrier Channel (1.544 Mbps)
T3           Carrier Channel (44.736 Mbps)
TA           Target Acquisition
TA           Technical Architecture
TA           Theater Army
TAA          Total Army Assessment
TAA          Tactical Assembly Area
TAACOM       Theater Army Area Command
TAADS        The Army Authorization Document System
TAB          Tactical Air Base
TAC          Tactical Air Command;
TAC          Terminal Access Controller
TAC          Tactical
TAC          Technology Access Center
TACAMO       Take Charge and Move Out
TACAWS       The Army's Combined Arms Weapons System
TACC         Tactical Air Control/Command Center
TACCIMS      Theater Army Command and Control Information Management
TACCMIS      Theater Automated Command and Control Information Management System
TACCOM-SIM   Tactical Communications Simulator
TACCS        Tactical Air Control Center System
TACFIRE      Tactical Fire Direction System
TACLS        Tactical Loop Signaling Card
TACMIS       Tactical Management Information System
TACO-2       Tactical Communications--Version 2 (Protocol)
TACOM        Tank and Automotive Command
TACP         Tactical Air Control Point
TACSAT       Tactical Satellite
TACSOP       Tactical SOP
TACTERM      Tactical Terminal
TACTIC       Threat Array Control & Tracking Information Center
TACTS        Tactical Trunk Signaling
TAD          Target Audience Description
TADIL        Tactical Digital Information Link
TADIXS-B     Tactical Data Exchange System Broadcast
TADIXS       Tactical Data Information Exchange Systems (Of Navy COPERNICUS)
TADSS        Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations
TAFIM        Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management
TAGRA        The Army Graves Registration Automation system
TAIS         Telecommunications and Automated Information System
TAIS         Target Architecture and Implementation Strategy
TAMCA        Theater Army Movement Control Agency
TAMMC        Theater Army Materiel Management Center
TAMMIS       Theater Army Medical Materiel Information System
TAMMS        The Army Maintenance Management System
TAMS         Training Ammunition Management System
TAMSS        Target Area Meteorological Sensor System
TAOC         Tactical Air Operations Center

TAP          The Army Plan
TAPES        Total Army Performance Evaluation System
TAPP/ABS     Tactical Assault Personnel Parachute and Accompanying Bundle System
TARGET       Tactical Analysis Re-planning Graphic Execution Toolbox
TARPS        Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System
TASC         Training and Audiovisual Support Center
TASDAC       Tactical Secure Data Communications (Air Force)
TASO         Terminal Area Security Officer
TAV          Total Asset Visibility
TAVG         Transport Area Working Group
TB           Technical Bulletin
TBD          To Be Developed
TBD          To Be Determined
TBG          TRADOC Budget Guidance
TBM          Tactical Ballistic Missile
TBP          To be Published
TC           Transportation Corps
TC           Type Classification
TC           Training Circular
TC AIMS II   Trans Coordinator Automated Information for Movement System
TCACCIS      Trans Coordinator Automated C2 Information System
TCATA        TRADOC Combined Arms Test Activity
TCATS        The Complete Automated Transportation System
TCB          Trusted Computing Base
TCC          Telecommunications Center
TCC          Transportation Control Center
TCCC         Terrestrial Critical Control Circuit
TCCC         Theater Communications Control Center
TCCS         Tactical Communications and Control Systems
TCD          Terminal Control Device (Grid)
TCDN         Tactical Communications Distribution Node (Marine Corps)
TCF          Tactical Combat Force
TCFV         Transportation Corps Future Vision
TCG          Tactical Communications Group
TCogMos      Threat Cognitive Modeling ACTD
TCIM         Tactical Communications Interface Module
TCLP         Type Classification Limited Production/Procurement
TCMD         Transportation Control Movement Document
TCN          Transportation Control Number
TCP          Transmission Control Protocol
TCP          Traffic Control Point
TCP/IP       Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCS          Tactical Control Squadron
TCSEC        Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (Orange Book)
TCU          Transportable Computer Unit (of CHS-1)
TD           Target Defeat (formerly entitled "Flame/Incendiary & Non-Lethal" or "FINL")
TDA          Table of Distribution and Allowance
TDAD         Training Development and Analysis Directorate
TDATD        Total Distribution Advance Technology Demonstration

TDC       Tactical Document Copier
TDC       Theater Deployable Communications
TDFD      Time Delay Firing Device
TDIGM     Time Division Interface Group Modified
TDL       Tactical Data Links
TDM       Training Development Manager
TDMA      Time Division Multiple Access
TDMX      Time Division Matrix
TDNS      Training Device Needs Statement
TDP       Test Design Plan
TDP       Technical Data Package
TDP       Tactical Data Processor
TDP       Total Distribution Program
TDRSS     Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System
TDS       Trial Defense Service
TDS       TRADOC Documentation System
TDS       Total Dissolved Solids
TDSGM     Time Division Switching Group Matrix
TDS/U     TADIL Development System Unclassified
TDT       Tank Driver Trainer
TDTS      TRADOC Distributive Training System
TDY       Temporary Duty
TE        Trunk Encryption Devise Extension
TEAM      Threat Engagement Analysis Model
TEC       Topographic Engineering Center
TECH      Technical
TECNET    Test and Evaluation Community Network
TECO      Test and Evaluation Coordination Office
TECOM     Test and Evaluation Command
TED       Turbine Engine Diagnostics
TED       Trunk Encryption Device
TEED      Tactical End to End Device
TEISS     The Enhanced Integrated Soldier System
TEK       Trunk Encryption Key
TEMA      Test and Evaluation Management Agency
TEMP      Test and Evaluation Master Plan
TEMPEST   Transient Emanation Pulse Electromagnetic Standard
TENCAP    Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities
TENET     Theater Extension Network
TEP       Test and Evaluation Plan
TEP       Tactical ELINT Processor
TEP       Task Execution Plan
TER       Test and Evaluation Report
TERMIN    Litton Buss Terminator Card
TESS      Tactical Engagement Simulation System
TESS(3)   Tactical Environmental Support System 3
TETRA     Trans-European Trunked Radio System
TEU       Turret Electronics Unit
TEXCOM    Test and Evaluation Command

TFCC       Tactical Flag Command Center
TFDD       DISA Office Code
TFE        Tactical Field Exchange
TFOP       Theater Force Opening Package
TFT        Technical Feasibility Testing
TFTP       Trivial File Transfer Protocol
TG         Trunk Encryption Device Gateway
TGM        Trunk Group Multiplexer
TGW        Terminal Guidance Warhead
THAAD      Theater High Altitude Air Defense
THS        Tactical Hybrid Switch
TI         Technology Insertion
TIBS       Tactical Intelligence Broadcast System
TIGER      Tactical Interactive Ground Equipment Repair
TIR        Test Incident Report
TIR        Target Identification Request
TIRIS      Texas Instruments Registration and Identification System
TIS        Thermal Imaging System
TIWG       Test Integration Working Group
TK         Trunk
TKB        Target Knowledge Base
TLC        Traffic Load Control
TLD        Top Level Demo
TM         Threat Manager
TM         Technical Manual
TMA        Total Materiel Assets
TMA        Training Mission Area
TMA        TRADOC Manning Activity
TMAC       Trailer Mounted Air Conditioner
TMD        Technical Management Division
TMD        Theater Missile Defense
TMDA       Target and Management Data Application
TMDE       Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
TMEC       TRADOC Materiel Evaluation Committee
TMG        Tactical Multi-net Gateway (CECOM RDEC)
TMIF       Tactical MSE Interface Family
TMMC       Theater Materiel Management Center
TMMMC      Theater Medical Materiel Management Center
TMMS       Technical Manual Management System (pilot application for JCALS)
TMO        Transportation Management Office
TMO        Technology Modernization Office
TMP        Transportation Motor Pool
TMPC       Theater Mission Planning Center
TMR        Transportation Movements Request
TMT        Transportation Motor Transport
TN         Trunk Encryption Device Nodal
TN         Tennessee
TNAPS+     Tactical Network Management and Planning System Plus
TNC        Theater Network Operations Center
TNC/GNSC   Theater Network Operations Center/Global Network Operations Support Center

TNG        Training
TNOC       TRAP Network Operations Center
TNS        Tactical Name Server
TOA        Trade-Off Analysis
TOA        Time of Arrival
TOAD       Tobyhanna Army Depot
TOC        Tactical Operations Center
TOD        Trade Off Determination
TOE        Table of Organization and Equipment
TOH        Top-of-the-Hill
TOP        Test Operations Procedure
TOPMIS     Total Officer Personnel Management Information System
TOPSS      The Officer Projection Specialty System
TOR        Terms of Reference
TOSP       Tailored Ocean Surveillance Product
TOW        Tube Launched, Optically Sighted, Wire Guided
TPFDD      Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data
TPFDD      Total Package Fielding
TPFDL      Time-Phased Force and Deployment List
TPG        Troop Program Guidance
TPGID      Tank Precision Gunnery In-bore Device
TPIO       TRADOC Program Integration Office
TPN        Tactical Packet Network
TPO        TRADOC Project Officer
TPS        Test Program Set
TPSN       Troop Program Sequence Number
TQG        Tactical Quiet Generators
TQM        Total Quality Management
TR         Test Report
TR         TRADOC Regulation
TRAC       TRADOC Analysis Command
TRADOC     Training and Doctrine Command
TRAMEA     TRADOC Management Engineering Agency
TRAMPL     TRADOC Master Priority List
TRAN       Transfer
TRANS      Transportation
TRANSCOM   Transportation Command
TRANSEC    Transmission Security
TRAP       Tactically-Related Applications
TRAP       Tactical (Receive Equipment and) Related Application
TRAS       Training Requirement Analysis System
TRASSO     TRADOC System Staff Officer
TRI-TAC    Tri-Services Tactical Communications
TRICOM     TRIAD Computer System
TRIX       TR-1 Exchange System
TRK        Truck
TROPO      Troposcatter Radio Terminal
TRU        Thermal Receiver Unit
TS         Top Secret

TS/SBI    Top Secret/Special Background Investigation
TS/SCI    Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence
TSA       Theater Support Area
TSARC     Test Schedule and Review Committee
TSC       Theater Support Command
TSC(A)    Theater Signal Command (Army)
TSEC      Transmission Security
TSG       The Surgeon General
TSG       TMDE Support Group
TSGT      Technical Sergeant (USAF)
TSI       Tactical Support Increment
TSJWG     Tactical Switching Joint Working Group
TSM       TRADOC System Manager
TSM/SOP   TPN Security Manual/Standing Operating Procedure
TSO       Telecommunications Service Order
TSO       Theater Signal Officer
TSP       Tactical Service Provider
TSP       Thrift Saving Plan
TSP       Training Support Package
TSP       Topical Skin Protectant
TSR       Telecommunications Service Request
TSRT      Transportable Standard Remote Terminal
TSSAM     Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile
TSSO      Troposcatter Satellite Support Relay
TSV       Through the Sight Video
TSWG      Transition Solution Working Group
TT        Technical Test
TTA       Tactical Terminal Adapter
TTP       Time-Tested Protocol
TTP       Trailer Transfer Point
TTP       Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
TTS       Transmission Test Stand
TTSP      Threat Test Support Package
TTSP      Training Test Support Package
TTY       Teletype
TUFMIS    Tactical Unit Financial Management Information System
TUGV      Tele-operated Unmanned Ground Vehicle
TUNA      Transmission Unit Nest Assembly
TVM       Track Via Missile
TWAA      Theater Warning and Assessment
TWG       Technology Work Group
TWGSS     Tank Weapons Gunnery Simulation System
TWI       Training With Industry
TWS       Thermal Weapon Sight
TWT       Traveling Wave Tube
TWV       Tactical Wheeled Vehicle

U         Unclassified

UAD                Updated
UAM                User Account Management
UAT                User Acceptance Test
UAV                Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UCCS               U.S. CINCEUR Command Center System
UCMJ               Uniform Code of Military Justice
UCOFT              Unit Conduct of Fire Trainer
UCP                Unified Command Plan
UCP                Universal Communications Processor
UDOP               User Defined Operational Picture
UDP                User Datagram Protocol
UFD                Users' Functional Description (now Requirements Definition Document
UFR                Unfunded Requirement(s)
UGR                Unitized Group Ration
UHF                Ultra-High Frequency
UIC                Unit Identification Code
UID                Unit Identification Designator
UIR                User Interface Requirement
UJTL               Universal Joint Task List
UK                 United Kingdom
ULC                Unit Level Computer
ULCS               Unit Level Circuit Switches (Marine Corps)
ULDS               Unit Level Digital Switch
ULLS-(G)(A)(S-4)   Unit Level Logistics System - (Ground) (Aviation) (Echelon above Company)
ULTU               Universal Line Termination Unit
UM                 Universal Modem
UMCC               Urgent Minor Military Construction
UMCP               Unit Maintenance Collection Point
UMD                Unscheduled Maintenance Demands
UMMIPS             Uniform Materiel Movement and Issue Priority
UMS                Unit Manning System
UMT                Unit Ministry Team
UNI                User-to-Network Interface
UPS                Uninterruptible Power Supply/Source/Subsystem
URR                Un-Resourced Requirements
URS                Unit Reference Sheet
US                 United States
US of A            Under Secretary of the Army
USA                Under Secretary of the Army
USA                United States Army
USACAA             Army Concepts Analysis Agency
USACASCOM          U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command
USACHPPM           Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine
USACOM             U.S. Atlantic Command
USAF               United States Air Force
USAFISA            Army Force Integration Support Agency
USAIC              Army Information Systems Command
USAINSCOM          Army Intelligence and Security Command
USAISC             US Army Information Systems Command

USALEA       Army Logistics Evaluation Agency
USAMC        Army Materiel Command
USAMC        Air Mobility Command
USAMMA       U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency
USAMMCE      Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe
USAMMDA      U S Army Medical Materiel Development Agency
USAMRDC      Army Medical Research and Development Command
USAMSAA      Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
USAOPTEC     Army Operational Test and Evaluation Command
USAR         Army Reserves
USARC        Army Reserve Command
USAREC       Army Recruiting Command
USAREUR      United States Army Europe
USAREUR      U.S. Army Reserve Europe
USARJ        Army, Japan
USARPAC      Army, Pacific
USARSO       Army, South
USASC        Army Safety Center
USASC        US Army Signal Center
USASOC       Army Special Operations Command
USASSDC      U S Army Space and Strategic Defense Command
USC          United States Code
USD          Under Secretary of Defense
USFK         U.S. Forces Korea
USG          United States Government
USM/SOP      Users Security Manual/SOP
USMC         United States Marine Corps
USMCEB       United States Military Communications-Electronics Board
USMR         White Sands Missile Range
USMTF        US Message Text Formats
USPACOM      Pacific Command
USPFO        US Property and Fiscal Officer
USR          Unit Status Report
USSS         U. S. SIGINT System
USSTRATCOM   U.S. Strategic Command
USTRANSCOM   U.S. Transportation Command
UT           User Test
UTE          United Telecontrol Electronics
UTM          Universal Transverse Mercator (grid)
UTTMD        Upper Tier Theater Missile Defense
UUET         Universal Underwater Egress
UXO          Unexploded Ordnance

V            Volts
V&V          Verification and Validation
VA           Veterans Administration
VA           Virginia
VAC          Volts, Alternating Current

VAL          Vulnerability Assessment Lab
VCDX         Very Compact Digital Exchange
VCI          Virtual Circuit Indicator
VCJCS        Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
VCSA         Vice Chief of Staff, Army
VDC          Volts, Direct Current
VDI          Voice/Data/Imagery
VDR          Voice Digitization Rate
VDT          Visual/Video Display Terminal
VDT (OP)     VDT (Operator)
VDT(SUPER)   VDT (Supervisor)
VDU          Visual/Video Display Unit
VDUC         Video Display Unit Controller
VE           Value Engineering
VEAP         Veterans Educational Assistance Program
VECP         Value Engineering Change Proposal
VEESS        Vehicle Engine Exhaust Smoke Systems
VEMASID      Vehicle Magnetic Signature Duplicator
VFAS         Vertical Force Accounting System
VFP          Ventilated Face Piece
VHF          Very High Frequency
VI           Visual Information
VIEWS        Visual Interactive Environment Work Space
VINSON       COMSEC device for combat net radios
VIS          Vehicular Intercom System
VITAL        Visibility In Transit Asset Logging
VIVD         Voice, Intelligence, Video and Data
VLF          Very Low Frequency
VM           Velocity Management
VMF          Variable Message Formats
VMS          Vulnerability Management System
VMS          Virtual Memory Storage
VOA          Voice of America
VOIP         Voice Over Internet Protocol
VPI          Virtual Path Indicator
VMELP        ??????
VPN          Virtual Private Network
VRC          Vehicular Radio Communications
VSAT         Very Small Aperture Terminal
VSELP        Vector-Sum-Excited Linear Prediction
VSM          Vital Signs Monitor
VTC          Video Teleconferencing

W-LAN        Wideband Local Area Network
W            Watt(s)
W            Wire
WAWF         Wide Area Work Flow
WAIS         Area Information Server
WAM          Wide Area Mines

WAN       Wide Area Network
WARF      Wartime Replacement Factors
WB        Wideband
WCC       Weapon Control Computer
WCG       Workstation Computer Graphics
WCP       Wireless Command Post
WE        With Equipment
WEAR      Wartime Executive Agency Responsibilities
WESTCOM   Western Command
WESTPAC   Western Pacific
WEU       Western European Union
WF        Warrior Focus
WFLA      Warfighting Lens Analysis
WFOV      Wide Field of View
WG        Workgroup
WHNS      Wartime Host Nation Support
WHS       Washington Headquarters Services
WICP      Wing Initial Communications Package
WIN       Warfighter Information Network
WIN       Warrior Information Network
WIN       WWMCCS Inter-computer Network
WINLAB    Wireless Information Laboratory
WIS       WWMCCS Information System
WISDN     Wireless Integrated Services Digital Network
WLR       Wire Line Receiver
WMD       Weapons of Mass Destruction
WO        Warrant Officer
WO        Work Order
WO1       Warrant Officer One
WOES      Warrant Officer Education System
WORM      Write Once Read Many (Disk Storage)
WPS       Worldwide Port System
WQAS      Water Quality Analysis Set
WQAU      Water Quality Analysis Unit
WRMS      War Reserve Materiel Stocks
WRSA      War Reserve Stocks for Allies
WS        Workstation
WSM       Weapons System Manager
WSMR      White Sands Missile Range
WSOLOP    Workstation On-Line Operational Program
WSP       Workstation Security Package (of MISSI)
WSSK      Water Sampling Submission Kit
WW        World War
WWMCCS    World Wide Military Command and Control System

X         Experimental
X.25      Packet Switch Transmission protocol
X.400     Application Layer Messaging Protocol

X.500   Application Layer Directory Protocol
Xmit    Transmit
XMTR    Transmitter
XO      Executive Officer

Y/N     Yes/No
YPG     Yuma Proving Ground

ZR      Zone Restriction
ZRL     Zone Restriction List


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