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									                            Service Glossary
                          *Click on link to find service information

Svc # Service Name                                                     Svc #   Service Name
  1 Account Administration                                              32     Messaging/Messaging Infrastructure
  2 Administrative Software Support                                                 ADS
          Document Imaging System                                                   DHCP
          Maintenance Management System                                             DNS
  3 Advanced Visualization                                                          Email: Exchange
          Central User Systems                                                      Email: Total
          Extended Consulting                                                       Email: Unix
          Short-term Consulting                                                     Listserv
          Software/Licensing                                                        Slashtmp
  4 Authentication Services                                             33     Networks
  5 Cable TV                                                                        Abilene/Internet2
  6 Classroom Technology                                                            Commodity Internet
          Classroom Technology (Fixed)                                              Global NOC - Other External
          Classroom Technology (Mobile)                                             GOC
          Learning Environment Design                                               iLight
  7 Collaborative Technologies                                                      Indiana Gigapop
  8 Communications Office                                                           Internal IU Networks
          Events                                                                    Media Streaming (Video)
          Public Relations                                                          NLR
          User Information - Electronic                                             Remote Access
          User Information - Printed                                                TransPAC
  9 Database Administration                                                         Videoconferences
 10 Decision Support Services                                                       Wireless
          Data Warehouse                                                34     Online Learning Technology (Oncourse)
          IU Information Environment (IUIE)                                         Oncourse - Legacy
 11 Departmental Applications                                                       Oncourse CL - New
 12 Departmental Computing Support Delivery                             35     Online Support
          Advising and Departmental Services                                        Knowledge Base
          Education/Certification (EdCert) Program                                  Online Support Environment
 13 Digital Libraries Technologies                                                  Student Orientation
          Extended Consulting                                           36     Pervasive Technology Laboratories (R&D)
          Repositories                                                              Economic Development
          Short-term Consulting                                                     Lab 1 - Open Software Lab
          Software/Licensing                                                        Lab 2 - High Performance Networking
 14 Electronic Research Administration                                              Lab 3 - Community Grid Technology
          ERA - Legacy                                                              Lab 4 - Human Computer Interaction
          ERA - New (KRA)                                                           Lab 5
 15 Emergency Preparedness                                                          Lab 6
          Emergency Notification System                                 37     Policy Management
 16 Enterprise Infrastructure (CR)                                      38     Portal
          Backup and Recovery                                           39     REN-ISAC
          Database Administration Support                               40     Research Storage
          Disk Storage                                                              Data Archival/Massive Data Storage
          Printing and Output                                                       Extended Consulting
          Server Co-Location                                                        High Performance File Systems
          System Administration                                                     Short-term Consulting
          Virtual System Rental                                                     Software/Licensing
 17 Enterprise System Integration                                                   Standard Robust File Systems
          Database Support                                              41     Residential IT Services
          Enterprise System Integration                                             Hardware
          User Experience Group (UXG)                                               In Room Consulting
 18 Executive IT Support                                                            Printing
 19 Fiscal & Procurement Systems                                                    Software
          E-Business                                                                Technology Center Consulting
          Fiscal & Procurement Systems-Legacy                           42     RT Education & Outreach
          Fiscal Procurement Systems-New                                            Classes, Talks, Tutorials
          Travel Management System                                                  Govt/Business Events
 20 General Academic Use Central Unix Systems                                       K-12 Events
 21 Grant Support                                                       43     Security Administration
22   Grid & Data-Centric Computing                             44   Software Site Licenses
          Data Collections                                     45   Stat & Math Center
          Extended Consulting                                            Extended Consulting
          High Throughput Computation                                    GIS Support
          Research Database                                              Short-term Consulting
          Science Gateways & Portals                                     Software Acquisition Services
          Short-term Consulting                                46   Student Information Systems
          Software/Licensing                                             Academic Advising
23   High Performance Computing                                          Admissions
          Clusters/Distributed Memory                                    Financial Aid
          Extended Consulting                                            Student E-docs
          Shared Memory                                                  Student Financials
          Short-term Consulting                                          Student Records
          Software/Licensing                                             Student Self-Service
24   Human Resource Management Systems (HRIS, etc.)            47   Student Technology Centers
          Edocs                                                          Consulting
          Employee Self Service                                          Hardware
          Faculty Annual Reporting System (FARS)                         Printing
          PeopleSoft/Payroll                                             Software
          Timekeeping                                          48   Support Center
25   Identity Management Systems                                         CHAT Online Services
          Account Management System (AMS)                                E-mail Consulting
          Addressbook                                                    Telephone Consulting
          Central Authentication System (CAS)                            Walk-in Consulting
          Enterprise Directory                                 49   Telephone Services
          Password                                                       Cellular
26   Incident Response                                                   Conference Calls
27   Instructional Technology Support                                    Consulting and Support
          CTL/TLTC                                                       Converged Technologies
28   IT Training and Education                                           Dial Tone
          Consulting and Room Reservations                               Directory Publications
          Microsoft Office Specialist Certification                      Long Distance
          Self-study Programs-3rd Party                                  Paging
          Self-study Programs-IT Training                                Special Services
          STEPS General Computing Classes                                Switchboard Information and Answering Services
29   Library Systems                                                     Telephone Repair
          Library Management System (LMS)                      50   University Telecommunications
          Online Requests & Searches                                     Consulting & Application Support
          System Interfaces                                              Voice Systems Design Support
30   Life Sciences Computing                                   51   Workflow
          Extended Consulting                                            Workflow - New
          Short-term Consulting                                52   World Wide Web Services
          Software/Licensing                                             Central Web Hosting
31   Media Design and Production (Digital Media Services/MP)             Consolidated Hosting Environment
          Computer Graphics/Animation/Art Design                         Mypage
          Duplication/Media Conversion                                   Podcasting
          Video/Audio Conversion
          Web Authoring/Online/Multimedia
ology (Oncourse)

Laboratories (R&D)

 rmance Networking
 y Grid Technology
omputer Interaction

 sive Data Storage
mation and Answering Services

ting Environment
           Svc   Svc
Division                           Service/Subservice                                                                Definition                                                                           IUB              IUPUI
            #    ID #
                                                          This service includes the creation and maintenance of user ids or computer accounts. The staff ensures that correct forms are
SUP         1     1     Account Administration            completed, that users are familiar with their rights and responsibilities and that secret codes are properly filed so the user can     Dennis Gillespie   Dennis Gillespie
                                                          be helped by phone if needed.
                                                          The IU Vice President of Administration has purchased various vended software packages to support specific administrative
ES          2           Administrative Software Support   functionality across IU campuses. These products include software for managing physical facilities (Maintenance Management             James Thomas       James Thomas
                                                          System) and scanning, storing, and managing documents and images (Onbase).
                                                          The OnBase application is used by numerous administrative departments for document and image scanning, management, and
                 214    Document Imaging System           storage. Interfaces from existing enterprise applications provide access to these documents and images as needed for various           James Thomas       James Thomas
                                                          administrative processes such as Admissions, Financial Systems, and Purchasing.
                                                          The MMS application is used by the physical plant staff at both IUPUI and IUB for managing work orders, inventory tracking,
                  33    Maintenance Management System                                                                                                                                            James Thomas       James Thomas
                                                          and maintenance scheduling in support of the physical facilities at these campuses.
                                                          The Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) provides expert consulting, research support, educational opportunities, and hardware
RT          3           Advanced Visualization            and software resources for scientific visualization, virtual reality, high-end computer graphics, and visual tele-collaboration. The Michael Boyles       Michael Boyles
                                                          AVL engages in projects and partnerships with researchers, educators, and artists from all IU departments and campuses.

                                                          Time spent in the "Central User Systems" service involves those efforts that investigate, create, or maintain technologies that
                 226    Central User Systems                                                                                                                                              Michael Boyles            Michael Boyles
                                                          benefit the entire community of visualization clients. Central user systems are offered as a general resource to our community.
                                                          Projects and consulting that require more than 4 hours are included in this service. This usually encapsulates all efforts
                                                          involving a specific request for technology (hardware or software) consulting. This includes assisting a client or collaborator with
                 228    Extended Consulting                                                                                                                                                      Michael Boyles     Michael Boyles
                                                          the use or understanding of existing hardware/software, enhancing or modifying existing hardware/software, creating or
                                                          developing new hardware/software.
                                                          Short consultations that require 4 hours or less are included in theis service. This usually encapsulates responses to a specific
                 256    Short-term Consulting                                                                                                                                                    Michael Boyles     Michael Boyles
                                                          request regarding a technology (hardware or software) that already exists or is easily constructed.
                                                          Software that is currently being licensed, supported, or recommend for use by the AVL. This software may be either
                 257    Software/Licensing                                                                                                                                                       Michael Boyles     Michael Boyles
                                                          commercial or open-source.
                                                          Services such as the "Safeword Cards" and Kerberos authentication increase the security of the university's systems and data.
IIAVP       4     3     Authentication Services                                                                                                                                                  Thomas Davis       Thomas Davis
                                                          Authentication services provide the facilities for extended authentication, beyond relying solely on passwords.
                                                          Cable TV services are provided on both the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses with the main programming being
SUP         5     4     Cable TV                                                                                                                                                                 Kirt Guinn         Kirt Guinn
                                                          information and movies.
           Svc   Svc
Division                          Service/Subservice                                                              Definition                                                                           IUB                   IUPUI
            #    ID #
                                                        A single point of contact is provided for faculty who want to use technology in their teaching environments. This includes
                                                        providing and maintaining equipment installed in classrooms, resolving operational problems, and facility planning. In addition,
LT          6           Classroom Technology            mobile technology can be scheduled and delivered to classrooms as requested by faculty and staff. These services are                 Beverly Teach           Beverly Teach
                                                        provided by UITS on the Indianapolis campus. They are provided through a partnership between UITS and Instructional
                                                        Support Services on the Bloomington campus.
                                                        Faculty support services include training, passwords, emergency assistance, troubleshooting, room checks, online
                                                        documentation, e-mail notification of changes/problems. Classroom equipment support includes acquisition, installation,
                  5     Classroom Technology (Fixed)                                                                                                                                         Beverly Teach           Beverly Teach
                                                        maintenance, and replacement on a life cycle schedule. System designs are continually reviewed for efficiency and
                                                        A wide range of mobile equipment may be scheduled and delivered for use in classroom instructional activities, including
                  6     Classroom Technology (Mobile)   laptops, video/data projectors, video conferencing equipment, televisions, VCRs, DVDs, slide projectors, audio equipment, etc.       Beverly Teach           Beverly Teach
                                                        Training and emergency support are provided.
                                                        General Inventory (AKA General Purpose) classrooms are those that are general in nature and scheduled by the Office of the
                                                        Registrar. Non General Inventory Classrooms are all the others. This also involves working with the University Architects Office
                 114    Learning Environment Design                                                                                                                                          Beverly Teach           Beverly Teach
                                                        and Campus Facilities (and others) to coordinate technology installations in new construction and renovation projects. Also
                                                        conducting departmental consults on renovation projects.
                                                        UITS develops and implements information technology to support distributed collaboration, including in such areas as desktop
EI          7     8     Collaborative Technologies      videoconferencing, digital video streaming, multipoint data conferencing, and Web-based access to application sharing,               Kirt Guinn              Kirt Guinn
                                                        emphasizing shared Web browsing, shared presentation viewing and whiteboarding.
                                                        Hundreds of accurate, timely, and thorough documents and publications about UITS and the computing environment at Indiana
CO          8           Communications Office                                                                                                                                     Christine Fitzpatrick              Christine Fitzpatrick
                                                        University are available to the university community on hard copy, via electronic subscriptions, and via World-Wide-Web.
                                                        The UITS Communications and Planning Office (CPO) each year organizes and hosts a number of events on behalf of the
                                                        organization and the Office of the Vice President for IT and CIO. These include IT-related conferences and seminars, service
                  66    Events                                                                                                                                                               Christine Fitzpatrick   Christine Fitzpatrick
                                                        fairs, building tours, and speaking appearances by senior IT leadership. UITS also participates in a number of campus and
                                                        university events each year under the coordination of the CPO.
                                                        CPO coordinates and develops external communications regarding the University's IT initiatives for a wide range of audiences,
                  68    Public Relations                                                                                                                                                     Christine Fitzpatrick   Christine Fitzpatrick
                                                        including the State, research and industry partners, the general public, and other universities.
                                                        CPO develops a variety of electronic information pieces for the IU community, including articles for UITS electronic newsletter
                                                        (The Monitor and Newsbit), Web resources for initiatives such as the Ameritech Fellows Program and Oncourse, and targeted
                  70    User Information - Electronic                                                                                                                                        Christine Fitzpatrick   Christine Fitzpatrick
                                                        communications to users concerning new services, change management, and helpful tips for making the most of information
                                                        technology at IU.
                                                        CPO develops IT-related print materials such as those for new student orientation and campus housing residents, the UITS
                  71    User Information - Printed      Services Directory, the annual Accomplishments Report, and other informational and technical publications for the Indiana            Christine Fitzpatrick   Christine Fitzpatrick
                                                        University community.
                                                        This service is intended to provide and maintain institutional databases for Indiana University. The primary consumers of this
                                                        service are UITS development teams who utilize the database environment to deliver enterprise information systems including
EI          9     12    Database Administration                                                                                                                                              Dan Young               Dan Young
                                                        student, financial, library, HR and decision support. Integrity, consistency, and the utility of institutional data, and excellent
                                                        database performance characterize the environment. This is service is located in Bloomington, but serves all campuses.
           Svc   Svc
Division                          Service/Subservice                                                                           Definition                                                                         IUB            IUPUI
            #    ID #
                                                                   Decision makers throughout the university need access to useful data resources to assist in their responsibilities. The decision
                                                                   support environment is one in which individuals can use their desktop tools to manipulate institutional data. It is a "point and
ES         10           Decision Support Services                                                                                                                                                   Rebecca Gribble       Rebecca Gribble
                                                                   click" interface and users do not have to know programming languages to gather information from institutional data structures
                                                                   and several pre-processed data sets.
                                                                   The Data Warehouse service has two components: a database component and a web application (Indiana University
                  41    Data Warehouse                             Information Environment). They both facilitate users access to the information they need to fulfill their day-to-day             Rebecca Gribble       Rebecca Gribble
                                                                   IU Information Environment (IUIE) is a centrally maintained web-based decision support application. IUIE is a register of report
                 198    IU Information Environment (IUIE)                                                                                                                                           Rebecca Gribble       Rebecca Gribble
                                                                   objects which associate descriptive and security access information with institutional data.
                                                                   UITS offers applications development services to other university departments across all campuses on a fee basis. These
ES         11    118    Departmental Applications                                                                                                                                                         Brian McGough   Brian McGough
                                                                   systems do not fall into specific categories but are based on the needs of the departments requesting the services.
                                                                   UITS staff work with local support providers and are committed to providing technology support and resources to departmental
                                                                   Local Support Providers so they may achieve the technology goals of their units. Services available to Local Support Providers
SUP        12           Departmental Computing Support Delivery                                                                                                                                     Jim Kippenbrock       Jim Kippenbrock
                                                                   include workstation and server consulting; access to LSP Lab resources; technical training and certification; access to on-line
                                                                   technical tools and resources; and reserved software distribution.
                                                                   Support systems consulting for departmental planning, third tier technical support for Mac and Windows, and charge-back
                  14    Advising and Departmental Services                                                                                                                                          Jim Kippenbrock       Jim Kippenbrock
                                                                   services in direct support of departmental end-users.
                                                                   An education program specifically geared toward the IT professional at IU. The instructors are Microsoft Certified to teach the
                  16    Education/Certification (EdCert) Program                                                                                                                                    Jim Kippenbrock       Jim Kippenbrock
                                                                   Microsoft Certified Courseware. The only fee charged is for the courseware.
RT         13           Digital Libraries Technologies                                                                                                                                              Jon Dunn              Jon Dunn
                                                                   The Digital Library Program offers extended consulting to IU faculty, librarians, and staff on selected digital library, digital
                 258    Extended Consulting                        scholarly communications, and digital humanities projects. Extended consulting is defined as greater than 4 hours of staff time Jon Dunn               Jon Dunn
                                                                   The Digital Library Program supports hardware and software for several digital repository systems based on Fedora, DSpace,
                 259    Repositories                                                                                                                                                              Jon Dunn                Jon Dunn
                                                                   Eprints, and other software packages. These systems support the storage and preservation of and access to digital collections.
                                                                   The Digital Library Program offers short-term consulting on request to IU faculty, librarians, and staff on digital library, digital
                 260    Short-term Consulting                      scholarly communications, and digital humanities issues. Short-term consulting is defined as less than 4 hours of staff time           Jon Dunn        Jon Dunn
                                                                   The Digital Library Program licenses commercial software and implements open source software to support the storage and
                 261    Software/Licensing                         preservation of, and access to, digital collections from across IU. In addition, the Digital Library Program contributes to the        Jon Dunn        Jon Dunn
                                                                   licensing of bibliographic or digital library related software tools for the university.
ES         14           Electronic Research Administration                                                                                                                                                James Thomas    James Thomas
                                                                   Administrative support for research at Indiana University falls into two distinct categories: Pre-Award and Post-Award. Pre-
                  30    ERA - Legacy                               Award encompasses all of the necessary information to submit a proposal to an Agency. ERA is the automated application that James Thomas               James Thomas
                                                                   UIS project teams have created for this. Faculty members, Staff, and Research Administrators use this system.
                                                                   The Kuali Research Administration (KRA) is a community-source project intended to create a comprehensive application suite
                 218    ERA - New (KRA)                            to serve the research administration needs of all Carnegie Class institutions. The system will be completed in three phases and James Thomas           James Thomas
                                                                   will eventually replace ERA- Legacy.
IIAVP      15           Emergency Preparedness
                                                                   Non-service-specific activities related to building resilience into IT services (disaster recovery planning); support for business
                 291    Emergency Notification System              impact analysis; support for broader university emergency planning. (Note: DR planning specific to services should be                  Mark Bruhn      Mark Bruhn
                                                                   allocated to entries for those services.)
           Svc   Svc
Division                          Service/Subservice                                                                    Definition                                                                          IUB           IUPUI
            #    ID #
EI         16           Enterprise Infrastructure (CR)                                                                                                                                             Dan MIller      Dan Miller
                                                             A department can subscribe to this service, to backup and retain user or departmental data on cartridge media, stored in
                                                             secure, off-site location.. The Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) system will be used. Departments can choose (within limits) the
                 240    Backup and Recovery (CR)             frequency of backups, and number of versions to maintain. One time, and variable fees apply, depending on how many GB are             Dan Miller      Dan Miller
                                                             being transferred to the backup system, and how much is being retained in the off-site library. This can be subscribed to for
                                                             department owned servers, or those systems being rented (not for individual workstations or computers).
                                                             A department can additionally subscribe to have UIS perform database design, creation, maintenance, and tuning activities, for
                 241    Database Administration (CR)         Oracle, MS SQL SVR, or MySql databases. Annual fees are assessed. This applies only to those systems being provisioned                Dan Young       Dan Young
                                                             and rented from UIS- not to separately owned servers.
                                                             A department can subscribe to additional disk space, hosted on a high performance Storage Area Network (SAN) environment.
                                                             This disk storage can be attached to the system that is being rented, or can be attached to a departmental owned server
                 242    Disk Storage (CR)                                                                                                                                                          Mike Floyd      Mike Floyd
                                                             residing within the UITS Data Center. Annual fees per GB are assessed. One time charges apply to attach a departmentally
                                                             owned server.
                                                             These services provide for the laser printing to distributed printers across the state and delivery of files to organizations, like
                  65    Printing and Output (CR)                                                                                                                                                   Dan Miller      Dan Miller
                                                             IUPUI Campus Design, Print and Mail Services, that provide central printing and microfiche output.
                                                             UITS engages in a Facility Management Agreement (FMA) with Departments to collocate their servers in our WCC and ICTC
                 213    Server Co-Location (CR)              Machine Rooms. An annual fee is assessed for rack space, environmentals, and Operational support (monitoring) and server              Dan Miller      Dan Miller
                                                             data backups.
                                                             A department can additionally subscribe to have UIS perform standard system administration functions, which include the
                                                             installation, maintenance, patching, and tuning of Operating System software. The two choices are current supported versions
                 243    System Administration (CR)           of MS Windows and RH Linux. The Operating system will be backed up and can be restored. Applications and middleware are               Mike Egolf      Mike Egolf
                                                             not supported. An annual fee is assessed per system. This applies only to those systems being provisioned and rented from
                                                             UIS, and not to separate or department owned servers.
                                                             Departments can subscribe to this service and “rent” a virtual system. This is a virtual system created under VMWARE,
                                                             currently hosted on standard, enterprise class HP hardware. A standard system is 1 CPU, 1 GB memory, and 35 GB of high
                 244    Virtual System Rental (CR)                                                                                                                                                 Mike Floyd      Mike Floyd
                                                             performance disk storage. The department continues to provide system administration and all other support. An annual fee is
                                                             assessed. Additional CPU, memory, and disk resources can be subscribed to, for a fee.
ES         17           Enterprise System Integration                                                                                                                                         Brian McGough        Brian McGough
                                                             Database Support includes maintaining Microsoft and Oracle database servers and associated application development
                 210    Database Support                     software on UITS central systems for teaching and learning as well as providing technical support focus for departmental         Brian McGough        Brian McGough
                                                             system administraton.
                                                             Establish and revise enterprise web development standards for UIS. Develop standards around a common set of development
                                                             tools, methodologies, and coding practices to insure the quality and maintainability of UIS enterprise applications. Develop the
                                                             necessary training curriculum, coordinate and conducted training classes. Mentor other UIS development teams and assist
                 164    Enterprise Web Development Support   with integration and troubleshooting. Also responsible for researching new development tools, utilities, and practices for       Brian McGough        Brian McGough
                                                             enhancing the ability for UIS applications development teams to deliver services. Attempt to find the best tools available given
                                                             staffing and financial constraints. Seek out strategic partnerships with higher education colleagues, open source consortiums,
                                                             and commercial vendors with similar goals and interests.
                                                             Services and procedures that facilitate usability testing enable technologists through the university to actively involve users in
                 112    User Experience Group (UXG)                                                                                                                                                Brian McGough   Brian McGough
                                                             the design and implementation of information systems and services. This service is performed on the Bloomington campus.
           Svc   Svc
Division                          Service/Subservice                                                                            Definition                                                                         IUB            IUPUI
            #    ID #
                                                                       IT services and support for Indiana University Administrative offices Executive IT Support manages multi-campus, 24x7x365 IT
SUP        18    262    Executive IT Support                           support for IU executives and their immediate representatives, servicing the President and Vice Presidents' offices, the          Momi Ford         Momi Ford
                                                                       University Council, Provost, and the Board of Trustees.
                                                                       Indiana University's responsibility center management environment necessitates access to appropriate sources of information
                                                                       for financial and managerial decision-making. The Financial Information System (FIS) enhances administrative effectiveness by
ES         19           Fiscal & Procurement Systems                   giving administrators, account managers, faculty, and staff fast, efficient access to institutional data resources. Likewise, The James Thomas      James Thomas
                                                                       Online Purchasing System (TOPS) exists to assist faculty, staff, and students in the purchase and payment of goods and
                                                                       Many departments at IU are interested in selling products, services and collecting payments over the Web. In the support of
                                                                       this, the Fiscal and Procurement Systems Development team provides systems such as Transform/EP, Estore, IPAS and
                 127    E-Business                                                                                                                                                                       James Thomas      James Thomas
                                                                       QuikPay. These systems provide a number of options for delivering electronic catalogues, order management, bill presentment
                                                                       and payment via credit card and ACH transactions.

                                                                       The IU Financial Information System (FIS) is considered "legacy" in that it was written in and supported by older technologies
                  31    Fiscal & Procurement Systems-Legacy            that are no longer a standard for Enterprise Software. The FIS provides a way for fiscal officers, capital asset managers,        James Thomas      James Thomas
                                                                       auxilary enterprises and the research community (post award) to manage their accounts, transfer dollars, manage assets, and
                                                                       control expenditures associated with grant funding.

                                                                  The Enterprise Business Systems unit of Enterprise Software is working on the development of the next generation suite of
                                                                  financial applications for IU. The Purchasing/Accounts Payable system known as EPIC and the Kuali Financial System (KFS).
                                                                  In addition to adhering to our Java Web standards, utilizing Kuali Enterprise Workflow (KEW) and OneStart enterprise portal,
                  32    Fiscal Procurement Systems-New            the EPIC system has enhanced features for B2B electronic procurement and vendor payments. The KFS project will deliver                 James Thomas      James Thomas
                                                                  the functionality provided by EPIC and the legacy financial application in addition to many new enhancements. KFS is being
                                                                  written using modern and practical Java Web architecture using our standard development toolset and running on standard
                                                                  enterprise server architectures. KFS development is a partnership among IU and several other institutions within the higher
                                                                  education community.
                                                                  UIS has inherited responsibility for the development of an institutional travel management application. The legacy TAPS and
                                                                  TAPSWEB applications are currently being rewritten in J2EE/Oracle and will be deployed system-wide throughout the 04-05
                 192    Travel Management System                                                                                                                                                         James Thomas      James Thomas
                                                                  fiscal year. This new system will be called Travel@iu and it will be fully integrated with OneStart, EDEN routing and provide
                                                                  tools for the traveler and travel arranger to setup new trips and request reimbursements.
                                                                  Individual faculty members can make specialized software available to a particular class or classes with restricted access on
RT         20     44    General Academic Use Central Unix Systems UITS computers. This enables faculty members to select and use software packages that otherwise are not supported in the               Dave Hancock      Dave Hancock
                                                                  university-computing environment and made available through the public computing facilities.
                                                                  Aid IU researchers in the preparation of proposals to external grant funding agencies or to internal IU processes.
RT         21    263    Grant Support                                                                                                                                                                    Craig Stewert     Craig Stewert
                                                                       Grid computing is the tying together of disparate computational, storage, and visualization environments by high-speed
RT         22           Grid & Data-Centric Computing                  networks. Grid computing creates fundamentally new opportunities for scientific research, artistic creativity, and intellectual   Richard Knepper
                                                                       Data collections are archives of curated, maintained data. Data gathered by researchers or instruments is collected and
                 265    Data Collections                                                                                                                                                                 Kurt Seiffert
                                                                       maintained to facilitate retrieval and analysis.
                                                                       Researchers at Indiana University in need of specialized services or individualized systems make use of services provided by
                 266    Extended Consulting                                                                                                                                                              Richard Knepper
                                                                       Research Technologies Core Services.
                 267    High Throughput Computation                    Specialized cluster systems provide the ability for researchers to process large amounts of data at rapid speeds.                 Richard Knepper
                                                                       Provides database hosting for research projects in an Oracle or MySQL environment for IU faculty, staff, and graduate
                  38    Research Database                                                                                                                                                                Dave Hancock      Dave Hancock
                 268    Science Gateways & Portals                     Provides portal and gateway hosting for IU researchers and also national users via the TeraGrid.                                  Dave Hancock      Dave Hancock
                                                                       Support for researchers and staff using research machines is provided through short-term consulting and information on the RT
                 269    Short-term Consulting                                                                                                                                                            Richard Knepper   Richard Knepper
                                                                       website and knowledge base.
                                                                       Research Technologies Core Services maintains software licenses for Enterprise Linux distributions used mainly by UIS and
                 270    Software/Licensing                                                                                                                                                               Richard Knepper   Richard Knepper
                                                                       RT units, as well as for IU faculty, staff, and students.
                                                                       Faculty, staff and students have access to dedicated computing resources and software tools, including state-of-the-art
                                                                       supercomputers, parallel programming languages and subroutine libraries. The HPC Support Group provides training and
RT         23           High Performance Computing                                                                                                                                                       Dave Hancock      Dave Hancock
                                                                       consulting support for research and instruction using these facilities on all of IU's campuses, online documentation, and site
                                                                       Provides a high performance computing environment for parallel jobs and serial jobs on Linux clusters and distributed memory
                 271    Clusters/Distributed Memory                                                                                                                                                      Dave Hancock      Dave Hancock
                                                                       systems to IU faculty and faculty-sponsored staff and graduate students as well as national users via the TeraGrid.
                 272    Extended Consulting                            Consultation on the use and optimization of software operating on IU supercomputers.                                          Dave Hancock          Dave Hancock
                                                                       Provides a high performance computing environment for parallel jobs, large-memory serial jobs and database applications on
                 273    Shared Memory                                                                                                                                                                Dave Hancock          Dave Hancock
                                                                       shared memory systems to IU faculty and faculty-sponsored staff and graduate students.
                                                                       Responses to user requests for assistance regarding high performance computing resources generally in the form of email, but
                 249    Short-term Consulting                          phone and/or in person conversations can also contribute. Examples include users requesting where to find a piece of software Dave Hancock          Dave Hancock
                                                                       or even how to log into the system.
                 274    Software/Licensing                                                                                                                                                           Dave Hancock          Dave Hancock
ES         24           Human Resource Management Systems                                                                                                                                            Sara Chambers         Sara Chambers
           Svc   Svc
Division                          Service/Subservice                                                                      Definition                                                                        IUB           IUPUI
            #    ID #
                                                                 The Human Resource Management System E-docs provide a custom interface to the IU HRMS PeopleSoft system making it
                                                                 easier for IU faculty and staff to process common HR activities. These E-docs provide the ability to add and update biographic
                 281    Edocs                                                                                                                                                                   Sara Chambers       Sara Chambers
                                                                 and demographic data for faculty and staff, promote, demote, and transfer employees, maintain pay rates, process leaves of
                                                                 absence, process additional pay, and maintain/create positions.
                                                                 The Human Resource Management System Employee Self-Service application provides IU faculty and staff with an easy to use
                                                                 interface for viewing and editing their HRMS records. The HRMS Self-Service functions available to faculty and staff at IU
                                                                 include Payroll Direct Deposit, View Paycheck, View Payroll YTD Totals, and View and update benefits information. These
                 254    Employee Self Service                    services provide a more accurate collection of important HRMS data and allows the employees of Indiana University to maintain
                                                                 the integrity of their HRMS data.

                                                                 The Faculty Annual Reporting System was developed for The Office of the Dean of Faculties - Bloomington, to capture
                                                                 information currently collected in the annual Faculty Summary Report. The system replaced the annual paper collection of
                 282    Faculty Annual Reporting System (FARS)   faculty activities with a web based electronic form. The web based form integrates with the Student Information System - SIS       Sara Chambers   Sara Chambers
                                                                 (for course data), Financial Management System - FMS (for grant data) and Human Resources Management System - HRMS
                                                                 (for HR job/person data).
                                                                 The Human Resource Management System provides administrators a robust, fast, and efficient system to access to IU
                                                                 institutional data about people employed by the university - the faculty, staff, and hourly personnel. The HRMS provides
                 283    PeopleSoft/Payroll                                                                                                                                                          Sara Chambers   Sara Chambers
                                                                 services that capture and record biographic and demographic data, track tenure, academic titles, and service dates, manage
                                                                 positions, track benefits enrollments, track tax records, enable direct deposit, and process payroll.
                                                                 The Time Information Management Environment (TIME) system is a web-based timekeeping system that allows hourly and
                                                                 support and service staff employees to record their work time electronically online. The system also allows supervisors and
                 225    Timekeeping                              departmental payroll processing staff to view and approve employee's timesheets online. The Timekeeping system provides a          Sara Chambers   Sara Chambers
                                                                 fast, easy, and accurate mechanism for tracking IU’s hourly, support, and service staff work hours while providing a consistent
                                                                 audit history for payroll activity.
                                                                 Enterprise directory services include maintaining and providing institutional data to applications, and creating and maintaining
EI         25           Identity Management Systems                                                                                                                                                 Alan Walsh      Alan Walsh
                                                                 central systems account information via self-service applications.
                                                                 The Account Management System is a web-based application that allows students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and guests to create
                 204    Account Management System (AMS)          and manage a variety of computer accounts at IU. AMS also provides an administrative interface that allows helpdesk staff to       Alan Walsh      Alan Walsh
                                                                 assist users with account problems.
                 205    Addressbook                              The web address book provides searchable listings for people at IU.                                                                Alan Walsh      Alan Walsh
                                                                 CAS provides a centralized authentication service for web applications at IU. It supports a variety of authentication mechanisms
                 206    Central Authentication System (CAS)      including username/password, Safeword® tokens, and guest credentials. CAS also enables single sign-on for users of CAS-            Alan Walsh      Alan Walsh
                                                                 enabled applications.
           Svc   Svc
Division                           Service/Subservice                                                                         Definition                                                                         IUB                 IUPUI
            #    ID #
                                                                    Enterprise directory services include maintaining and providing institutional data to applications, and creating and maintaining
                 207    Enterprise Directory                                                                                                                                                           Alan Walsh             Alan Walsh
                                                                    central systems account information via self-service applications.
                                                                    The password management system is a web-based application that allows user to manage passwords on the three enterprise
                                                                    authentication systems: Kerberos, Active Directory, and DCE. Users can change and synchronize their passwords on all three
                 208    Password                                                                                                                                                                       Alan Walsh             Alan Walsh
                                                                    systems using the application. Helpdesk staff use the system to perform administrative password resets for users that have
                                                                    forgotten their passwords.
                                                                    Incident response encompasses duties related to the receipt, investigation, tracking, and resolution of reports of technology
IIAVP      26    136    Incident Response                                                                                                                                                              Merri Beth Lavagnino   Merri Beth Lavagnino
                                                                    abuse and security incidents, perpetrated against or by members of the Indiana University community.
LT         27           Instructional Technology Support                                                                                                                                               David Goodrum          Megan Palmer
                                                                    Faculty members and instructors who want to explore uses of instructional computing and multimedia have a single point of
                                                                    access in the Teaching and Learning Technologies Lab on the Bloomington campus and the Center for Teaching and Learning
                                                                    on the Indianapolis campus. Lab staff provides coordinated support for exploring, developing, utilizing and delivering effective
                 144    CTL/TLTC                                    teaching and learning environments. The TLTL is a resource provided through a partnership effort between the Dean of               David Goodrum          Megan Palmer
                                                                    Faculties Office, Instructional Support Services, and UITS. The CTL is a partnership effort provided by the Office for
                                                                    Professional Development, Copyright Management Center, IUPUI University Library, CyberLab: advanced research and
                                                                    development laboratory, and UITS.
                                                                    Technology training is available through STEPS (formerly known as Jumpstart/PROSTEPS/TIPS) workshops which are
LT         28           IT Training and Education                   available to everyone. In addition, IT Training provides STEPS certificate series, consulting and room reservations, self-study    Chris Payne            Chris Payne
                                                                    materials, and certification exams in Microsoft Office applications.
                                                                    Groups can reserve IT training's teaching facility in the Library (the IC103 classroom) for conferences, classes and
                 155    Consulting and Room Reservations            presentations. And IT training professional staff provide occasional consultations to other training providers within the university Chris Payne          Chris Payne
                                                                    Anyone can take Microsoft Office Specialist (Office 2003 and earlier) or Microsoft Certified Application Specialist exams to
                 157    Microsoft Office Specialist Certification                                                                                                                                        Chris Payne          Chris Payne
                                                                    certify their skills in any Office application.

                 245    Self-study Programs-3rd Party               Thousands of 3rd party eLearning self-paced courses from Skillsoft and Microsoft can be accessed through IT Training.              Chris Payne            Chris Payne

                                                                    IT Training developed materials are available for self-study. Oncourse materials can be downloaded from the Oncourse site,
                 246    Self-study Programs-IT Training             short tutorials can be downloaded from the IT Training site, and regular workshop materials can also be purchased from IT          Chris Payne            Chris Payne
                                                                    Training for use in self-study settings.
                  22    STEPS General Computing Classes             STEPS are instructor-led workshops for everyone                                                                                    Chris Payne            Chris Payne
           Svc   Svc
Division                           Service/Subservice                                                                       Definition                                                                            IUB             IUPUI
            #    ID #
ES         29           Library Systems                                                                                                                                                                  Dennis McGreer    Dennis McGreer
                                                                 UITS and the University Libraries maintain the Sirsi Library Management System, it's peripheral applications, and its interfaces
                 252    Library Management System (LMS)          to other University Enterprise Systems (including SIS, HR, Bursar, and Financial systems). Holdings of the IU Libraries are             Dennis McGreer    Dennis McGreer
                                                                 managed and made available to patrons through its web component, IUCAT.
                                                                 UITS also works in close coordination with Library Technology to share development and support of library web, linking,
                 253    Online Requests & Searches                                                                                                                                                       Dennis McGreer    Dennis McGreer
                                                                 federated search, and other services.
                 255    System Interfaces                        UITS assists with exchange of library records with external vendors and databases.                                                      Dennis McGreer    Dennis McGreer
                                                                 Life Sciences is the application of research technologies to life sciences research, particulalry computationally intensive
                                                                 applications in the areas of genomics, proteomics, and medical informatics. It covers the Center for Computational Cytomics,
RT         30           Life Sciences Computing                                                                                                                                                          William Barnett   William Barnett
                                                                 the Biomedical Applications group, and the IUSM Advanced IT Core. UITS provides software support, and consulting services
                                                                 for use by researchers.
                 139    Extended Consulting                      Contacts and consulting that are less than 4 hours. Projects typically involve consultation, assessment, and problem resolution. William Barnett          William Barnett
                                                                 Projects and consulting contacts that require more than 4 hours. Projects typically involve participation in work rather than
                 140    Short-term Consulting                                                                                                                                                            William Barnett   William Barnett
                 142    Software/Licensing                       Bioinformatics/Cheminformatics software packages licensed and installed on UITS systems for general use.                                William Barnett   William Barnett
LT         31           Media Design and Production                                                                                                                                                      David Donaldson   David Donaldson
                                                                 MDP offers comprehensive Art Design, 2D Animation and 3D Animation solutions to its clients. The products we design include
                 199    Computer Graphics/Animation/Art Design                                                                                                                                           David Donaldson   David Donaldson
                                                                 work destined for print as well as electronic distribution.
                                                                 MDP operates a Media Duplication service for optical-based media. This includes CD-ROMs and DVDs with commercial-
                                                                 quality art design and packaging. In addition, MDP maintains a large number of legacy media playback devices and is able to
                 200    Duplication/Media Conversion                                                                                                                                                     David Donaldson   David Donaldson
                                                                 convert each of those mediums to the other or to totally digital forms of media including streaming media and optical based
                                                                 Media Design and Production offers full-service, premiere-quality video and audio production. This includes pieces created for
                 202    Video/Audio Production                   standard-definition video as well as High-definition 1080i video. Specific services include acquisition, editing, special effects and   David Donaldson   David Donaldson
                                                                 Media Design and Production offers a wide-variety of web-based solutions for faculty members, departments, schools and
                 203    Web Authoring/Online/Multimedia          campuses across the state. This includes conversion of university courses to the web, departmental websites and                         David Donaldson   David Donaldson
                                                                 administrative web-based application using a number of web technologies.
                                                                 Students, faculty, and staff members can integrate e-mail, fax, documents, and electronic forms with their desktop computer
EI         32           Messaging/Messaging Infrastructure       applications through the message handling system. Included under this header is Listserv, Newsgroups, and Messaging                     Rick Jackson      Rick Jackson
                                                                 Infrastructure (DHCP, DNS, and ADS).
                                                                 Active Directory is a hierarchical collection of network resources that can contain users, computers, printers, and other Active
                 132    ADS                                      Directories. Active Directory services (ADS) allow administrators to handle and maintain all network resources from a single            Rick Jackson      Rick Jackson
                                                                 DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a network protocol that enables a DHCP server to automatically assign an IP
                 134    DHCP                                                                                                                                                                             Rick Jackson      Rick Jackson
                                                                 address to an individual computer's TCP/IP stack software.
                                                                 The Domain Name Server (DNS) provides network information to Internet clients. It's primary function is to map IP names
                 135    DNS                                                                                                                                                                              Rick Jackson      Rick Jackson
                                                                 (addresses) to IP numbers.
                 131    Email: Exchange                          Provides rich collaboration environment including mail, scheduling, electronic forms, and groupware.                                    Rick Jackson      Rick Jackson
                 197    Email: Total                             Provides rich collaboration environment including mail, scheduling, electronic forms, and groupware.                                    Rick Jackson      Rick Jackson
                                                                 IMAP access to email is provided by the Shakespeare email servers on the Bloomington campus and the Jewel email servers
                 133    Email: Unix                              on the IUPUI campus. These systems are for students, faculty and staff and allow standard IMAP clients to access an                     Rick Jackson      Rick Jackson
                                                                 individual's email, such as Netscape, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Pine, and Webmail.
                                                                 This is electronic mailing list software that can be used to send electronic newsletters and to maintain interactive e-mail
                  47    Listserv                                                                                                                                                                         Rick Jackson      Rick Jackson
                                                                 discussion groups.
                                                                 Slashtmp provides faculty and staff with temporary storage space to enable the transfer of large files into and out of the
                 169    Slashtmp                                 University. Researchers can make files available via a URL to collaborators and give collaborators a URL where they can                 Rick Jackson      Rick Jackson
                                                                 upload file
           Svc   Svc
Division                           Service/Subservice                                                            Definition                                                                       IUB               IUPUI
            #    ID #
                                                        The university community has access to the enormous amount of networked information available from desktop computers
EI/NTWK    33           Networks
                                                        across campus-wide networks, university-wide networks and throughout the Internet.
                                                        Provides operational support and technical leadership for the Internet2 project. Many different areas are supported, from
                                                        advanced 7X24 hour monitoring, problem reporting/resolution and information tracking to developing advanced methods of
NTWK              51    Abilene/Internet2               collecting and analyzing traffic statistics. Engineering support of the network includes providing configuration support and     Dave Jent           Dave Jent
                                                        support of leading edge protocols. This area is also responsible for maintaining the Indiana Gigapop resources, which deliver
                                                        and redistribute I1 and I2 services.
                                                        Worldwide Internet connectivity (known as commodity Internet) is maintained for IUB students, faculty and staff by connection to
EI                52    Commodity Internet              the Indiana Gigapop. Network Operations monitors the use of this service and assures the availability of bandwidth and           Jon-Paul Herron     Jon-Paul Herron
                                                        Provides operational support and technical leadership for Research and Education networking projects. Many different areas
NTWK             130    Global NOC - Other External     are supported, from advanced 7X24 hour monitoring, problem reporting/resolution and information tracking to developing           Steve Peck          Steve Peck
                                                        advanced methods of collecting and analyzing traffic statistics.
                                                        Provides critical infrastructure services and operational support for the Open Science Grid. Services provided by the GOC
NTWK             194    GOC                             include status and metric monitoring, problem tracking, 24x7 trouble ticket creation and service support, as well as maintenance Steve Peck          Steve Peck
                                                        and development grid middleware and service components provided by external developers and GOC programmers.
                                                        I-Light is the Indiana Higher Education Optical Network which provides high-speed optical network connectivity to colleges and
NTWK             236    iLight                                                                                                                                                           Marianne Chitwood   Marianne Chitwood
                                                        universities across the State of Indiana.
                                                        Provides its members network access to Commodity Internet and I2 network (Abilene). Members include Indiana University,
NTWK             126    Indiana Gigapop                                                                                                                                                  Dave Jent           Dave Jent
                                                        Purdue University, Eli Lilly, Ruth Lilly Health Education Center, University of Washington in St. Louis, NCAA.

                                                        The IU Bloomington campus, the largest in the IU system, has an enrollment of over 36,000 students. IUB Campus Network
                                                        Infrastructure is a group of network engineers and telecommunications technicians who are responsible for the implementation
                                                        and operation of the campus network. Our network runs over a fiber optic infrastructure between buildings using 100 Mbps and
EI               195    Internal IU Networks                                                                                                                                         Kirt Guinn              Kirt Guinn
                                                        Gigabit Ethernet protocols, and over copper lines at 100Mbps, 10Mbps, and T1 speeds (1.54Mbps). Building infrastructures are
                                                        based upon fiber and copper risers connecting Ethernet switches that feed 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and Gbps across some 247
                                                        buildings to over 40000 active data jacks to almost every office, dormitory room, and public areas across campus.

                                                        Digital Media Network Services (DMNS) has streaming servers in service to support the growing demand for audio/video
                                                        distribution. These servers are capable of streaming the latest Real, Quicktime, and Windows Media formats. IU supports
EI                61    Media Streaming (Video)                                                                                                                                          Kirt Guinn          Kirt Guinn
                                                        streaming for both academic and non-academic purposes. Faculty and support units are eligible for accounts on the streaming
NTWK             196    NLR                             A privately funded, owned and operated advanced optical network supporting the research needs of its member institutions.        Dave Jent           Dave Jent
                                                        Campus Network Infrastructure maintains a remote access pool with 200 modem lines. The advent of DSL and Cable Modems
EI                59    Remote Access                   has reduced the number of calls, so our total number of lines has dropped to current levels from a high of 1700. IU Bloomington Kirt Guinn           Kirt Guinn
                                                        reduced the number of PRI lines in the last year from 13 to 6. IUPUI dropped from 17 to 7.
           Svc   Svc
Division                           Service/Subservice                                                                         Definition                                                                       IUB                   IUPUI
            #    ID #
                                                                  Provides high speed connectivity between the Asian Pacific region and North America. Its purpose is to facilitate collaborative
NTWK              60    TransPAC                                                                                                                                                                    Jim Williams             Jim Williams
                                                                  research between these two regions.
                                                                  We categorize IU video conferencing systems into three models: classroom, administrative conference room, and desktop. All
                                                                  three utilize standard IP data networking for communications, with the H.323 videoconferencing standard running the
                                                                  application. Although H.323 is a complex protocol, you simply need a standard IU datajack and you’re ready to go. Digital
EI                54    Videoconferences                          Media Network Services (DMNS) uses “Polycom” videoconferencing equipment. DMNS owns and operates several Polycom                  Kirt Guinn               Kirt Guinn
                                                                  equipped rooms, and several departments have their own Polycom equipment. Indiana University is in the middle of a three
                                                                  year purchasing agreement with SKC Communication Products, Inc for this equipment. All IU campuses are eligible for SKC
                                                                  contract discounts.
EI               163    Wireless                                                                                                                                                                    Kirt Guinn               Kirt Guinn
                                                                  As part of this service UITS evaluates and creates Web-based and other network-based learning environments and offer
                                                                  faculty a comprehensive set of options to easily create, edit, revise and maintain online course material. In additional UITS
ES         34           Online Learning Technology (Oncourse)                                                                                                                                       Lance Speelmon           Lance Speelmon
                                                                  ensures an available and reliable infrastructure of networks, servers, storage and applications for the support of online courses
                                                                  and other new learning experiences.
                  63    Oncourse - Legacy                         Legacy Course Management System                                                                                                   Lance Speelmon           Lance Speelmon
                 220    Oncourse CL - New                         Online Collaboration and Learning System                                                                                          Lance Speelmon           Lance Speelmon
SUP        35           Online Support                                                                                                                                                              Chuck Aikman             Chuck Aikman
                                                                  Provides end-user computing support to faculty, staff, and students via services located on-line (e.g. KnowledgeBase (KB), It
                  89    Knowledge Base                            Help On-Line). On-Line Services creates new entries and maintains all KB documents. This team develops the KB application Chuck Aikman                     Chuck Aikman
                                                                  and infrastructure, including systems administration and programming. This service is available 24 x 365.
                                                                  Organizes the services offered by UITS into a one-stop location, http://uits.iu.edu. This site categorizes all services provided by
                  90    Online Support Environment                                                                                                                                                    Chuck Aikman           Chuck Aikman
                                                                  UITS and presents the customer with a view of our organization based on services and products.
                                                                  Introduces new students on the Bloomington and IUPUI campuses to the technology services provided by UITS through
                 209    Student Orientation                                                                                                                                                           Chuck Aikman           Chuck Aikman
                                                                  published materials, video presentations, and group orientation sessions.
RT         36           Pervasive Technology Laboratories (R&D)
                 152    Economic Development
                 148    Lab 1 - Open Software Lab
                 149    Lab 2 - High Performance Networking
                 150    Lab 3 - Community Grid Technology
                 151    Lab 4 - Human Computer Interaction
                 190    Lab 5
                 191    Lab 6
                                                                  University wide Policy Management activities include: information technology policy development, dissemination, and education;
                                                                  information usage/management policy development and education (in conjunction with data management committees); review
IIAVP      37    143    Policy Management                                                                                                                                                          Merri Beth Lavagnino      Merri Beth Lavagnino
                                                                  and analysis of existing policies for continued applicability and effectiveness; and interpretation of current policy related to
                                                                  specific issues, situations and incidents.

                                                                  OneStart is a web-based enterprise application portal that presents a single front door to Web services designed for everyone
                                                                  with business to conduct with Indiana University. OneStart seeks to make IU services as accessible, effective, and
                                                                  comprehensive as possible for IU faculty, staff, students, alumni, and others. The portal provides a user-centered environment
                                                                  offering easy access to a wide array of services and information with the intent of developing life-long campus citizens of
                                                                  Indiana University. EDEN – The Enterprise Development Environment provides the key infrastructure layer for service delivery
                                                                  via OneStart. EDEN consists of the infrastructure components that are “shared” across all service areas. The infrastructure is
ES         38    120    Portal                                                                                                                                                                   Brian McGough               Brian McGough
                                                                  designed with flexibility in mind utilizing components of work in an attempt to provide a framework for easily integrating
                                                                  additional services and functionality. These “service components” are published, including thorough documentation of the APIs,
                                                                  so that they can be re-used as new services are developed or redesigned. Some examples of these service components
                                                                  include but are not limited to EDEN Workflow Engine (EWE) - automated routing and approval of electronic documents, Action
                                                                  List, shared business rules, authorization, SUDS (shared university data service), and standard routines and utilities for
                                                                  enterprise web applications.

                                                                  REN-ISAC is used to improve network security through information collection, analysis, dissemination, early warning, and
IIAVP      39    250    REN-ISAC                                                                                                                                                                     Doug Pearson            Doug Pearson
RT         40           Research Storage
                                                                  Faculty and staff have a need for a reliable, central archival system for low cost storage of large data sets and data-intensive
                  11    Data Archival/Massive Data Storage                                                                                                                                           Kurt Seiffert           Kurt Seiffert
                                                                  applications. With these services, researchers can move selected files to, and retrieve files from a networked file archiving.
                 275    Extended Consulting                                                                                                                                                          Kurt Seiffert           Kurt Seiffert
                                                                  Provides researchers with temporal and medium-range storage on parallel filesystems for use with IU's high performance
                 276    High Performance File Systems                                                                                                                                                Dave Hancock            Dave Hancock
                                                                  clusters. Accessible by IU faculty, staff, and students as well as national users via the TeraGrid.
                 277    Short-term Consulting                                                                                                                                                        Seiffert/Simms          Seiffert/Simms
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Hancock/Seiffert/Simm   Hancock/Seiffert/Simm
                 278    Software/Licensing
                                                                                                                                                                                                     s                       s
                 279    Standard Robust File Systems              Production quality, robust, reliable file storage (e.g. home directories and critical data sets).                                  Kurt Seiffert           Kurt Seiffert
SUP        41           Residential IT Services                                                                                                                                                      Sue Perin
           Svc   Svc
Division                           Service/Subservice                                                              Definition                                                                          IUB            IUPUI
            #    ID #
                                                        Hardware represents the cost of providing the three-year workstation lifecycle in the 22 residential technology centers and 15
                 121    Hardware                        expressmail locations, including acquisition, installation, tracking, maintenance, and replacement, along with the cost of             Doug Grover
                                                        facilities, security, and network.
                                                        Over 11,000 students each year make their homes in campus housing. Each campus residence is equipped with a 10 or 100-
                                                        MB Ethernet connection, and most campus residents make use of the in room connection to connect their personally owned
                  72    In Room Consulting                                                                                                                                                     Sue Perin
                                                        computer to the network. Free in room connectivity assistance is provided to all campus residents. In addition, residents
                                                        receive free assistance with installing and maintaining virus protection software and operating system hot-fixes and patches.

                                                        Printing represents the cost of providing printers and printing support in the 22 residential technology centers, including the
                 122    Printing                                                                                                                                                               Doug Grover
                                                        three-year printer lifecycle, paper and toner, print servers, and the print management system.
                                                        Software represents the cost of installing and supporting the STC software 'build" in the 22 residential technology centers and
                 123    Software                        15 expressmail locations, the combination of over two hundred software applications and plugins supported by UITS and                  Doug Grover
                                                        departments, along with the server hardware required to deliver and maintain the build.

                                                        In addition to the Student Technology Centers on campus, UITS maintains 22 Residential Technology Centers located
                 124    Technology Center Consulting    throughout campus housing. Consultants offer both software and hardware assistance to students in the Residential                      Sue Perin
                                                        Technology Centers, in addition to keeping printers stocked with paper and toner.
                                                        Provide information about cyberinfrastructure and the benefits that derive from use of cyberinfrastructure. This includes
                                                        providing information to technical audiences, government personnel, and the lay and business communities of the State of
                                                        Indiana about the practical and economic benefits of IU's advanced cyberinfrastructure. In addition,
RT         42           RT Education & Outreach                                                                                                                                                Craig Stewert   Craig Stewert
                                                        inform people (young and those who might influence the young) about career opportunities in advanced information technology
                                                        and cyberinfrastructure.

                 137    Classes, Talks, Tutorials                                                                                                                                              Craig Stewert   Craig Stewert
                 138    Govt/Business Events                                                                                                                                                   Craig Stewert   Craig Stewert
                 153    K-12 Events                                                                                                                                                            Craig Stewert   Craig Stewert
                                                        This service is one through which the university is able to maintain a secure computing environment and assure the integrity
IIAVP      43     74    Security Administration                                                                                                                                                Thomas Davis    Thomas Davis
                                                        and protection of institutional data.
                                                        All Indiana University students, faculty and staff are entitled to use of a suite of software covered under university license
SUP        44     75    Software Site Licenses                                                                                                                                                 Mark Lynch      Mark Lynch
                                                        The Stat/Math Center oversees all aspects of statistical and mathematical computing at Indiana University. In concert with its
                                                        advisory committee, it acquires software licenses, determines support levels, negotiates licenses with the vendors, resells
                                                        licenses, and provides expert statistical and mathematical computing assistance for supported software packages. The costs
RT         45           Stat & Math Center                                                                                                                                                     John Samuel     John Samuel
                                                        incurred through hardware/software acquisition consulting are recovered from the parties receiving the service. [In addition, the
                                                        Stat/Math Center coordinates the UITS annual customer satisfaction survey on seven of the IU campuses, and analyzes and
                                                        publishes the survey findings.]
                                                        Consulting services provided by consultants for four or more hours on a single topic [e.g. dissertation, thesis, research
                  76    Extended Consulting             publication] is regarded as an extended consulting. This could be a single session, or multiple sessions, and normally done by         John Samuel     John Samuel
                                                        appointment for uninterrupted service.
                                                        GIS Support involves the administration and distribution of geographic information systems and remote sensing software made
                                                        available for use under institutional site licenses. It also includes end user support, training, and serving as the technical point
                 211    GIS Support                     of contact with software vendors for resolving complicated problems encountered by users or the software administrators for            John Samuel     John Samuel
                                                        the Student Technology Centers. Another aspect of this service is the hosting of Indiana GIS data in the research database
                                                        complex (RDC) and the massive data storage system (MDSS).
                                                        Consulting services provided on a single or multiple topics which lasts anywhere from a few minutes to three hours during a
                  79    Short-term Consulting                                                                                                                                                  John Samuel     John Samuel
                                                        contact (e.g. software syntax, error code and debugging, software installation, general software questions).
                                                        Software distribution for faculty, staff, and students at IU on a cost recovery basis. Installation, troubleshooting, and software
                  77    Software/Licensing                                                                                                                                                     John Samuel     John Samuel
                                                        maintenance for clients are some of the functions. Also, advises on the type of needed to run a given software.
                                                        Services such as telephone registration, automated waitlist, and rain check features are now fully functional within the
                                                        Automated Course Exchange (ACE) system to assist students in their registration and course adjustment activities. Students
ES         46           Student Information Systems                                                                                                                                            Sara Chambers
                                                        also have access to financial aid information and their grades through telephone systems, and they benefit from the speed and
                                                        flexibility of a direct lending program for educational loans.
                                                        This application is used to monitor a student’s progress toward completion of degree requirements. Degree audits and
                 284    Academic Advising               unofficial transcripts are two major products of this module. Key Academic Advising services have been exposed within the              Sara Chambers
                                                        Student Self-Service application and both components are deployed via the OneStart portal.
                                                        This application is used to manage applicants for admittance to the university, admit applicants, and evaluate/accept transfer
                                                        credit from other universities. Key Admissions services have been exposed within the Student Self-Service application and
                 285    Admissions                      both components are deployed via the OneStart portal. In addition to the application for administering the Admissions process,         Sara Chambers
                                                        IU also maintains a vended online Application submission and management software for undergraduate and some graduate
                                                        admission applications.
                                                        This module automates federal and institutional financial aid processing to generate and administer financial awards to
                 286    Financial Aid                                                                                                                                                          Sara Chambers
                                                        students. Department of Education regulations are also built into the software so that compliance is guaranteed.
                                                        The Student System eDocs application consists of a series of electronic documents (eDocs) that replace manual processes
                 287    Student E-docs                  which previously required the movement of paper forms through various offices for approvals prior to sending them to central           Sara Chambers
                                                        offices for processing.
           Svc   Svc
Division                           Service/Subservice                                                             Definition                                                                         IUB            IUPUI
            #    ID #
                                                        This tool is used to manage student and external organization accounts. It can manage and calculate all student financial
                 288    Student Financials                                                                                                                                                   Sara Chambers
                                                        information, including tuition, fees, receivables, billing, payment plans, and refunds.
                                                        The Student Records application is used to produce official transcripts, register students, maintain grades, and issue degrees
                                                        for students. The Student Records application provides administrative functions that drive the course inventory, schedule of
                 289    Student Records                                                                                                                                                      Sara Chambers
                                                        classes, registration appointments and other significant processes that are required to provide many of the registrar and
                                                        student self-service offerings.
                                                        The Student Self-Service application allows students to access admissions status, run a degree audit, produce an unofficial
                                                        transcript, register, check financial aid & student account data, and update biographical data. This service provides students
                                                        with direct access to the data that is stored in the Student Information Systems. A major portion of this application is delivered
                 292    Student Self-Service                                                                                                                                                 Sara Chambers
                                                        PeopleSoft software. At IU, we have heavily customized the application to meet the business practices and needs of our
                                                        students, registrars and faculty. In addition to the PeopleSoft software, we also provide IU developed components within the
                                                        OneStart framework to deliver dynamic student content outside of the PeopleSoft product.
                                                        On the Bloomington campus, UITS maintains 37 networked computing facilities with over 1,100 workstations, various types of
                                                        software and consulting support to meet the instructional and computing needs of IUB faculty, students, and staff. All are
LT         47           Student Technology Centers      located in convenient locations across campus and include on location consulting. In addition, 27 Infostations are strategically     Doug Grover     Doug Grover
                                                        placed for quick access to electronic mail and the library system. These facilities are all controlled and maintained by UITS.
                                                        The student technology fee provides funding for these services.
                                                        On the Bloomington campus, UITS staffs 35 networked computing facilities by employing over 180 student hourly computer
                                                        consultants. On the IUPUI campus over 60 consultants are on staff to support 16 computer labs, 5 owned by UITS and 11
                                                        partnered with departments . The consultants offer customer support on workstations, peripherals, and over 150 software
                                                        packages to meet the instructional and computing needs of faculty, students, and staff. The labs are conveniently located
                  82    Consulting                                                                                                                                                    Sue Perin              Sue Perin
                                                        across both campuses, including 24 hour, 7 day a week locations. In addition to answering customer questions, the consultants
                                                        keep the printers filled with paper and toner, report hardware and software problems, maintain clean lab environments, and
                                                        enforce lab policies. The student technology fee provides funding for these services on the IUB campus. The IUPUI labs are
                                                        jointly funded by UITS and the partnered departments.

                                                        At IUPUI, in the UITS owned or managed STCs, we handle hardware on an LCF replacement basis. This includes furniture, as
                                                        well as the computing equipment. We also handle minor hardware repairs ourselves but refer warranty repairs to an outside
                                                        vendor, usually AME. In the non-UITS owned or managed STCs, we provide hardware referral service to the appropriate LSP
                  83    Hardware                                                                                                                                                           Doug Grover       Doug Grover
                                                        as needed when a problem turns out to be hardware related. At IUB, Hardware represents the cost of providing the three-year
                                                        workstation lifecycle in the 48 student technology centers and 22 infostation locations, including acquisition, installation,
                                                        tracking, maintenance, and replacement; along with the cost of facilities, instructional support equipment, security, and network.

                                                        At IUPUI, in the UITS owned or managed STCs, we handle printers on an LCF basis. In these same STCs, we also provide
                                                        paper and toner supplies as well as printer maintenance. At IUB, Printing represents the cost of providing printers and printing
                  84    Printing                                                                                                                                                             Doug Grover     Doug Grover
                                                        support in the 48 student technology centers, including the three-year printer lifecycle, paper and toner, print servers, and the
                                                        print management system.
                                                        At IUPUI, we provide software builds and maintenance for all the STC computers whether in an owned or shared facility. We
                                                        maintain web pages for each STC showing the software and hardware that is available there. We also accept instructor
                  85    Software                        requests for software for their students. At IUB, Software represents the cost of installing and supporting the STC software      Doug Grover        Doug Grover
                                                        'build", the combination of over two hundred software applications and plugins supported by UITS and departments, along with
                                                        the server hardware required to deliver and maintain the build in the 48 student technology centers and 22 infostation locations.
           Svc   Svc
Division                           Service/Subservice                                                                     Definition                                                                           IUB              IUPUI
            #    ID #
SUP        48           Support Center                                                                                                                                                                Dennis Gillespie   Dennis Gillespie
                                                                The Online Chat Service permits a customer to have a live interactive chat session with a Support Center front-line consultant.
                 193    CHAT Online Services                    The consultant provides the customer with technical troubleshooting and links to KnowledgeBase documents and other useful             Dennis Gillespie   Dennis Gillespie
                                                                web sites. This service is available to the faculty, staff, and students of Indiana University, Monday thru Friday, 8am to 9pm.
                                                                Provides end-user computing support to IU faculty, staff, and students via e-mail. Questions concerning all aspects of
                  87    E-mail Consulting                                                                                                                                                             Dennis Gillespie   Dennis Gillespie
                                                                computing may come to this area.
                                                                End-user computing support to IU faculty, staff, and students via telephone. Major technology categories supported by the Call
                                                                Center staff include PC applications, Mac applications, networking, operating systems, Unix, Unix-based email, computing
                  92    Telephone Consulting                                                                                                                                                   Dennis Gillespie          Dennis Gillespie
                                                                accounts, general computing and non-computing questions. The Call Center staff also contributes to the evaluation and testing
                                                                of new services and applications developed by other UITS units, such as OnCourse, WebMail, CFS, VPN, etc.

                                                                Face-to-face end-user computing support to IU faculty, staff, and students. All support issues requiring personal contact, i.e. ID
                                                                authentication, password changes, account creation, or general computing support. The Walk-In Center also provides a carry-
                  93    Walk-in Consulting                                                                                                                                                         Dennis Gillespie      Dennis Gillespie
                                                                in service to assist users with configuring their computer’s operating system and installing software. This service is also
                                                                responsible for account distribution during the Summer, Fall, and Spring Orientation sessions.
                                                                Services include dial tone, moves, adds, changes of telephone lines and sets, telephone features, voice mail, voice and data
                                                                jack installation, long distance services, Centrex services, flat business telephone lines, Voice Over IP, data circuits, pager
SUP        49           Telephone Services                      services, corporate cellular service for shared devices, consulting, training, processing of maintenance and repair work orders.
                                                                The call center provides operator services 24 hours a day, 365 days a week and conference calls and the campus directory.
                                                                These services are provided on the Bloomington and the IUPUI campus.
                                                                UITS provides cellular services for units that have multiple staff sharing a single device for such purposes as on-call rotations.
                  94    Cellular                                This services also provides access to the Blackberry Enterprise Server both personal and corporate users. This service is for         Barbara Patrick    Barbara Patrick
                                                                both IUB and IUPUI campuses.
                                                                The Telecommunications group facilitates the setup of conference calls between different locations and people as a service for
                  95    Conference Calls                                                                                                                                                              Kaye Davidson      Kaye Davidson
                                                                the IU community.
                                                                Consulting and Support provide a variety of telecommunication services to both IUB and IUPUI campuses and the university
                                                                community through direct interaction with our customers, internal and external, and outside vendors. The services that are
                  96    Consulting and Support                                                                                                                                                        Barbara Patrick    Barbara Patrick
                                                                delivered include dial tone, adds, moves, changes, repair services, long distance services including authorization codes, calling
                                                                cards, toll free services, corporate cellular services and paging services.
                                                                At the network level, converged communications means using the IP network for all communications, including voice and
                                                                video. At the user’s level, converged communications means enabling communications to easily flow among IM, e-mail, voice,
CAFO              97    Converged Technologies                                                                                                                                                        Michael Enyeart
                                                                and video media streams using the same, or integrated, user interface(s). Converged communications also provides unified
                                                                messaging, presence management, mobility, and multimedia call center systems.
EI                98    Dial Tone                                                                                                                                                                     Paul Clegg         Paul Clegg
                  99    Directory Publications                  The IU phone directories for faculty, staff, and students are compiled, printed, and distributed annually.                            Kaye Davidson      Kaye Davidson
                                                                UITS negotiates with long distance carriers to provide the most reliable and economical long distance services possible to
                 100    Long Distance                                                                                                                                                                 Barbara Patrick    Barbara Patrick
                                                                enable faculty, staff, and students to place long distance calls worldwide.
                                                                Pagers, which can be used throughout the country and internationally, are ordered and maintained in inventory for lease by IU
                 101    Paging                                  staff. The interactive paging system used by the IU Call Center and pager customers is included in this paging service This is        Barbara Patrick    Barbara Patrick
                                                                separate from the paging devices and is tracked separately.
                                                                This service includes the pass thru services on the TAUX accounts. The services included are circuits such as T-1 circuits and
                 102    Special Services                                                                                                                                                              Barbara Patrick    Barbara Patrick
                                                                DS3 circuits, GIG circuits and flat business line service (1FB)
                        Switchboard Information and Answering   Operators are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer and route calls. In addition, they provide information and
                 103                                                                                                                                                                                  Kaye Davidson      Kaye Davidson
                        Services                                respond to emergencies.
                                                                UITS provides repair on telephone services, such as dial tone, features, voice mail, telephone and data jack repair, card reader
EI               104    Telephone Repair                        jacks, circuits, Voice Over IP services, long distance services and CATV repair . This service reflects, the trouble report intake,   Paul Clegg         Paul Clegg
                                                                the repair technician and a portion of the switch technician’s time.
                                                                The regional campuses of the IU system receive assistance with state-of-the-art telecommunication systems planning, and
                                                                consulting support on services and equipment. Staff members collaborate in the development of a university-wide electronic
NTWK       50           University Telecommunications                                                                                                                                                 Michael Morgan     Michael Morgan
                                                                network infrastructure and of voice, video, and data applications. They also explore new technologies and emerging standards,
                                                                and define the impact of the legal and regulatory processes on telecommunication services.
                                                                Direct technical planning and manage system implementation. Evaluate technical service requests, establish guidelines,
                 105    Consulting & Application Support                                                                                                                                              Michael Morgan     Michael Morgan
                                                                provide telecommunication systems application support.
                                                                Provide expertise and leadership in developing communication service requirements relative to campuses environment and
                 106    Voice Systems Design Support            university standards. Manage, coordinate, and administer the development and installation of voice communication systems for          Michael Morgan     Michael Morgan
                                                                all regional campuses and develop long-range planning guidelines
ES         51           Workflow                                                                                                                                                                      Brian McGough      Brian McGough
                                                                Workflow is an application and a service that is used by other applications to facilitate the routing and approval of electronic
                                                                documents. It presents action list and document search services to the users of the University as well as providing application
                 223    Workflow - New                                                                                                                                                                Brian McGough      Brian McGough
                                                                programming interfaces that can be exploited by other applications that sponsor electronic documents that require routing and
ES         52           World Wide Web Services                                                                                                                                                       Brian McGough      Brian McGough
           Svc   Svc
Division                         Service/Subservice                                                                 Definition                                                                       IUB            IUPUI
            #    ID #
                                                           This service allows students, faculty, and staff to create their own sites. The services include webmaster support and web
                 113    Central Web Hosting                server infrastructure. Information providers within the university use institutional web sites to publish information related to   Brian McGough   Brian McGough
                                                           instructural, research, and student activities.
                                                           The Consolidated Hosting Environment is a centrally hosted IIS Web server and Microsoft SQL Server available for use by any
                                                           department that needs to provide database access via the Web but do not wish to operate their own Web server or database
                 212    Consolidated Hosting Environment                                                                                                                                      Brian McGough   Brian McGough
                                                           server. This is a fee-based service that includes a development, test, and production servers for use in developing and
                                                           deploying applications that use ColdFusion, Microsoft ASP and .Net.
                                                           Anyone with a Network ID may create a personal webpage and publish it using Mypage. Students, faculty, and staff use Steel
                 237    Mypage                             to publish personal web pages on Mypage except for South Bend and the Southeast campuses which operate their own servers           Brian McGough   Brian McGough
                                                           for this purpose. Some of the Mypage use is course related.
                                                           Podcasting is a method of distributing multimedia files (such as audio programs or music videos) over the Internet for playback
                                                           on mobile devices and personal computers. This service supports use of podcasting via Oncourse, iTunes U, streaming video
                 238    Podcasting                                                                                                                                                            Brian McGough   Brian McGough
                                                           services, and a podcast portal that serves as a central gateway for podcasts produced at IU. This service also includes
                                                           support for various tools used to create podcasts.

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