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									                                                    Survival Guide

                         BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU

                         Survival Guide

                          Ekaterinburg, Russia

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU                   Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                                 E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia           
                                                                            Survival Guide

Welcome to the LBG Ekaterinburg UrFU Survival Guide, welcome to RUSSIA! Please read carefully our
guide. Do not hesitate to ask us for any extra information if there is something that is not clear to
you.This guide should serve you all the information you need, so don’t forget it at home! We wish you
very pleasant stay in Ekaterinburg!

The area 17,075 million sq. km
The population 147,1 million person
Capital Moscow
Ancient history of Russia is misty and mysterious. There are not enough sources of information, by
which historians and archaeologists could restore the picture of so ancient past. Almost the millennial
period, from the Slavs to a Mongol invasion,is described roundly then precisely. The main boundary in
Russian history is
the Mongol-tatarian yoke. The laws, power, politic course and even clothes, coins, simple way of life
were changed; adopted to the attitude of hording culture,political and military traditions. The result of
this is the prevalence of eastern
Slavs and Orthodox religion in Russia. The second half of XV century is famous for appearing scattered
fields and single Muscovy. Its military, political power was enough for solving problems with states of
Eastern Europe. In XVII century the frontier of Moscow was enlarged – from Kiev to Baikal. During
XVI-XVII centuries Muscovy learned how to use technics, got acquainted with European science,
culture of Renaissance. At the same time our country preserved her own political independence and
original distinctive culture. The main sense of Peter’s I reforms are included in becoming Russia as the
part of Europe. In the next ages, Peter’s issues ruled Russia and all of them moved ahead Russia on
the world level. After this the main dates of our history are 1917– the great October revolution,
the power of the country was passed into the hands of communists; 1991- the communist’s regime
was falled down by democrats. Nowadays Russia will truly fascinate you: it`s old and young, freshly
rural and urban, reserved and hospitable, cultured and crazy! As one architect – Ettore Sottsass –
said, in Russia there is an incredible energy. When a war or an authoritarian regime ends there is a
moment of great explosion and hope. Russia is living this moment and since it is big and powerful, it
can do extraordinary things.

If you travel through Moscow you can easily stay in Napolen hostel – it is situated in the city centre,
its cosy, neat and cheap. All the info related to it you can find on the website

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU                                           Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                                                         E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia                                   
                                                                               Survival Guide

         Saint Petersburg is the second main city of the Russian Federation (although the people in St.
Petersburg won't agree with that:). It takes the space of more than 600 sq. km and there are about 6
million people living there.
         It was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great as the «Window onthe West». It’s in the North-West of
Russia, 2 hours by car from Finland or Estonia, and about 4 to 8 hours by train from Moscow. St.
Petersburg is located at the seashore of Baltic Sea, that's why the climate here is damp and rainy. It's cool
there in winter and warm in summer, the weather is changing often. Probably, the most interesting period
is the "White Nights", lasting from May 25 till July 17, when there is no darkness in the night & the sky is
light. It is very beautiful, but be prepared: there are no special night movements over the city, just the
same nightclubs, so it's more about witnessing a natural miracle, calm walking and thinking, rather than
street energy.
         The Neva River is the city's main waterway. The city is called the Northern Venice because there
are 65 rivers, arms and canals there with artistically decorated bridges. The city is situated on the banks
and islands of Neva River and Gulf of Finland. The abundance of islands has led to the construction of a
multitude of bridges. Of these, nowadays there are 308 within the city proper, and 534 if suburbs are
included. 22 of the bridges are drawbridges. Are you ready to see all of them?! =)

If you happen to travel through Saint Petersburg, the most cosy, friendly and cheap place to stay would
be hostel "Happy Place". Situated in the heart of St. Petersburg, just in 5 minutes walk from several Metro
stations and historical monuments, the hostel is open for you 24/7 all year round!
Contact information:
tel.:+7 (960) 270-88-01
      +7 (812) 764-33-32
e-mail for reservations:
web site:
Google maps: Click here
Make sure that you mention "BEST" while making a reservation and checking into the Hostel!

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU                                              Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                                                            E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia                                      
                                                                              Survival Guide

URALS. sverdLOVEsk
The area 194,8 thousand sq. km
The population 4511,2 thousand person
Capital Ekaterinburg
Sverdlovsk region is located on east
slopes of Average and in part Northern
Urals (The highest point – Konzhakovskya
stone, 1569m) and on adjoining surburb
of     WestSiberian      lowland.    Climate
moderate-continental. Winter cold, snow,
long, average temperature of January in
the south of area from –15° C up to –17°
C, in the north from –17° C up to –20° C.
Summer       on   plain    warm     (average
temperature of July +18° C), in
mountains cool. The majority of the rivers
originates on slopes of the Urals
mountains. The basic part of area is
covered with a taiga, in a mountain part it mainly a taiga with the dark needles, passing with height in
moss and lichen tundras, and on plain the pine woods passing in the south of area in birch woods with
sites of forest steppes prevail. Sverdlovsk region is rich in natural medical resources, alongside with a
climate, mineral waters of various structure and sapropelic dirties concern. The Urals keeps a lot of
mysteries. You can literally touch some of them by your hands. What seems at first sight to be a
tumble of rocks, may be the site of an ancient settlement of people, who lived there ten thousand
years ago. Such sites can be found even within the precincts of Ekaterinburg, around the Shartash
lake.The territory of the region itself contains a great number of interesting archeological monuments.
The Ural area is a real Mecca for geological tour lovers. It is a unique mineralogical site rich in precious
and semiprecious stones, ores and other minerals. Travelling through the Ural area may have a special
significance, as there are many places of pilgrimage in the towns of the region. The spiritual wealth of
the Urals can be discovered while visiting Verkhoturye, where spiritual harmony is combined with
amazing natural beauty. The Polar
Urals attract lovers of extreme tourism and mountaineers.
The year of the foundation: 1723
Status: administrative centre of Sverdlovsk region and Urals
Area square: 491 km2
Population: 1339,1 thousand people
Roads: important transport junction, intersection of latitudinal and meridional railway lines,
international airport, logistic center.
Allocation: on the border of Europe and Asia, on the eastern slope of the Urals mountains, at the
floodlands of the Iset river (the Tobol inflow).
Climate: temperate-continental with sharp changes of the weather, all seasons are welldefined.
Distance to Moscow: 1667 km.
Distance to Vladivostok: 7635 km.
Geographical coordinates: 56°51’ N; 60°36’ E

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU                                             Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                                                           E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia                                     
                                                                            Survival Guide

Ekaterinburg is the 4th (after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk) largest city in Russia. It was
founded by Peter I as the metallurgical factory and by the XX century it had become one of the largest
and the most important financial, industrial and cultural centres. Between 1924 and 1991, the town
was known as Sverdlovsk (oeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoe). From the Ekaterinburg`s foundation the main
road of the Russian Empire was laid through this city. To the west of Ekaterinburg, the road was called
the Moskovsky highway, and to the east, the Great Siberian-way. Thus Ekaterinburg became the
gateway to the boundless and rich Siberia, the so-called «window to Asia», just as St. Petersburg was
the Russian «window to Europe». Since the 1830-s, Ekaterinburg has become the center of the
engineering industry. State and private mechanical factories started producing mining and
metallurgical equipment. The beginning of the 20-th century saw rapid developments. During the Civil
War the city was the scene of bitter battles between the Red and the White Armies. On October 26,
1917, Soviet power was finally established in Ekaterinburg. Half a year later, on April 30, the abdicated
Emperor Nikolay II, together with his family, was escorted from Tobolsk to Ekaterinburg. They were
lodged in the house of the engineer Ipatiev. On the night of July 17, 1918, the Royal family and their
closest servants were shot in the cellar of the house, with the secret approval of Lenin and Sverdlov.
The 70 years of Soviet regime leave after the heaps of bulky monuments of socialistic leaders at every
square in the city but also this epoch leaves a great examples of constructivist buildings.
Now Ekaterinburg generally looks as any other megapolis. But may be it`s just an Asian in european

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU                                           Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                                                         E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia                                   
                                                                          Survival Guide

Ekaterinburg UrFU
Ural Federal University (on the basis of USTU -UPI) was founded in 1920 and is the leading technical
university in the Urals. The University has 15 faculties with over 40000 students (2006) and 2200
staff. UrFU has 11 hostels and 8 study buildings at campus. Steps of education: Bachelor, Engineer,
Master and Ph.D. UrFU has a long history of international students training. From 1946 till nowadays
UrFU trains international students. The University is proud of its graduates and welcomes you to make
the first step in your career!

LBG Ekaterinburg UrFU
Address: BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU, Mira street, 19, Ekaterinburg, 620002, Russia
University: Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation
President: Polozova Daria
Facebook :
Twitter :!/BEST_Eka_URFU
The Local BEST Group Ekaterinburg UrFU was established at BEST’s General Assembly
in Slovakia, 2003. All LBG Ekaterinburg UrFU events are organised in order to provide supplementary
education for students at European technical universities.

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU                                         Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                                                       E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia                                 
                                    Survival Guide

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU   Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                 E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia
                                                                             Survival Guide

Get in. Transport
By Plane
You can buy usual ticket by any airliness, or you can get to Moscow and from Moscow to take budjet
airlines.Here are websites of these airlines

To check the tickets we advice you to use these websites:

It is 99,9% possibility that first you will get to Moscow or Saint Petersburg and than to Eka. So look for
tickets to these cities first of all, not directly to Eka.
Plane takes aporximatly 2 hours and 20 mintues.

If you have problem finding tickets let us know – we will help you!

From Airport “Koltsovo”:
At the airport you should take the bus No.1. This is the cheapest ways to get to the centre. Of course,
you can get into taxi, but it costs much more. Thus you can get to the central square called “The
Square of 1905”. Getting to The Urals State Technical University presents no difficulties for everybody
knows where it is (though, unfortunately, not everybody speaks English). You can get on a tram
(No.13,15,18) or a bus (No.No.25,28,33,50) and go off at UrFU station.

Forget everything you read before- number of buses and trains- we will pick
you up! Just let us know as soon as possible when you arrive =)

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU                                            Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                                                          E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia                                    
                                                                             Survival Guide

By Train
Russia is famous by Transsiberian Railroad, use your chance to try it! From Moscow and Saint
Petersburg it will take you around 27 -30 hours to arrive to Ekaterinburg. Don’t be scared – inside it’s
warm, you can sleep and party with your friends. So cooperate with someone and enjoy the ride!
Official website of transibirian is - so use it to buy tickets. Tickets are available to buy
40 days before the departure – and it’s impossible to book them. If you have problems with finding
train – contact us - we will help you!

From Central Railway Station:
So as to get to “The Square of 1905” you should get on a bus (No.No.21,23), or a tram (No. A). In
case you are following to our university, you should get on a bus (No.60, No. 82) or a tram (No. 23,
No. 32) and go till the same station USTU (UPI).

And again - just let us know when you will arrive and we will pick you up at
any time =)

Be attentive with names of airports and train stations in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, there are
several of them.

Moscow and Saint Petersburg definetly worth visiting – use this chance to
stay there 2-3 days before/after the event!

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU                                            Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                                                          E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia                                    
                                                                            Survival Guide

Public Transport
The central part of Ekaterinburg has problems coping with traffic. Getting around the centre of
Ekaterinburg by car is a real pain. The public transport system is efficient. There is a wide tram
network, trams are inexpensive and reliable way of getting around Ekaterinburg. Buses and
trolleybuses (electric buses) experience the disadvantages of heavy traffic in the peak hours. The
trams can be quite crowded and the ticket is purchased onboard by special woman (conductor).
Ekaterinburg is a very compact city for its population (1.3 million). One can drive from one side of the
city to the other in some 30 to 40 minutes, providing the traffic allows that. Ekaterinburg has a metro
(underground) line, just one yet, connecting the central part (stop is near the Circus) to Uralmash -
large industrial and residential area, having stops near main railway station and further down to
Uralmash. They say it is mentioned in The Guinness Book of Records for its unsurpassed length!!! It
consists of seven stations! Metro proved to be popular with the locals because it is quick and
inexpensive. The stations are impressive, decorated with native Ural stones, granite and marble. You
should know that bus, tram, trolleybus or underground tickets cost equally whether you’re going to
cover 1km or 50 km.

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU                                           Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                                                         E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia                                   
                                                                              Survival Guide

Meeting Point
We will pick you up. Yes, we will))) Let us know as soon as possible the exact date and time of your
arrival to Ekaterinburg. Please use our mailing list of the course (that will be created especially for the
event) or you can always write to or call +79193749775.

This is fairly simple. Or, at least, it should be! The unit of Russian currency is Rubles, and each ruble is
devided into 100 Kopeiek. The exchange rate 1 Euro = approx. 40 Rub
It is better to bring with you currency in American Dollars or in Euros. You can change them at any
NB!: at bank you have to show your passport to change your money. Mostly, there is no problem to
get cash from your credit card. Cash dispensers, are widely spreaded. The following credit cards are
accepted in Russia: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express and some others.
This is an example of approximate prices in Russia:
What                                    Rubles                             Euro
Lunch                                   200                                4
Cigarettes                              30-80                              1.3-2
1 bus/tram/metro ticket                 18                                 0.35
Bottle of mineral water                 20-40                              0.5-1

The voltage in Russia as well as the socket and plug sizes are identical to the most of European
countries (220V / 50Hz).

When You Get Lost...
You can always call the cell phones of organisers, we will immediately help you.If you meet a bear, ask
him for help. Usually, they are very friendly.
Daria Polozova: +7 919 374 97 74

In the spring it’s +15 C in average, but as far as we live in mountains weather can suddenly change
and drop till +5 C or raise till 20 C. So be ready for it =)

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU                                             Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                                                           E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia                                     
                                                                                Survival Guide


If you need visa :
1) go/call to the embassy or visa center in your city. . Pretty complete list of Russian Embassies or
Consulates is available here:
2) Ask them for the list of documents you need to get visa. List of docs is different in every
country- so we cant tell you what do you need - you should call them and find it out.
3) prepare all documents and your passport - go to embassy
4) wait
5) get visa in your passport and enjoy

For sure you will need invitation letter to get visa. We will make it for you, just send us :

1)Full name( as written in passport)
2) University and Faculty
3) Date of birth
4) Dates of arrival and departure
5) Scan of passport

Important : Ask in embassy if you need original letter ( send by post) or scan version is enough.
Sending by scan will take several minutes, by post several weeks (!). Usually scan version printed in
color on good paper is enough. But please, check it!

Be attentive with dates of application for visa , it’s not always possible to make urgent visa. Better to
make it in advance.

If you don’t need visa :
Enjoy =)
We still can make invitation letter if you need it for university.

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU                                               Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                                                             E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia                                       
                                                                   Survival Guide

The Russian Language
Привет                      Privet                            Hi
Меня зовут…                 Menya zavut..                     My name is..
Я из..                      Ya iz..                           I am from..
Я не говорю по русски       Ya ne govoru no russki            I don’t speak russian
Чай                         Chai                              Tea
Снег                        Sneg                              Snow
Помогите мне                Pomogite mne                      Help me please
Баня                        Banya                             Sauna
Да/Нет                      Da/net                            Yes/No
Мне холодно                 Mne holodno                       I’m freezing
Спасибо                     Spasibo                           Thanks
Извините                    Izvinite                          Sorry
АААААААА, МЕДВЕДЬ!!!!!      АААААААА, Мedved’!!!!!            АААААААА,BEAR!!!!!
Я потерялся/ Я потерялась   Ya poteryalsya/Ya poteryalas’     I’m lost ( He/She)
Где находится….             Gde nahoditsya..                  Where is..

                         WELCOME TO RUSSIA

BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU                                  Polozova Daria +79122479654
Mira, 19                                                E-mail:,
Ekaterinburg, Russia                          

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