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2007-08_SWD Secretary Power Point1


Leadership academy

Chapter Secretary
              Course Objectives

   Demonstrate
    web site
   Demonstrate completing and              Describe five different EasyDues
    submitting Membership Application        plans.
    form.                                   Outline the documents in your
   Describe factors determining             chapter’s legal file.
    correct membership classification.      Explain why CS needs to be prepared
   Describe show clearance and              for storing legal documents in the case
    licensing process.                       of a natural disaster.
   Describe the need and claim             Explain reasons for chapter
    process for liability/bonding            incorporation and annual continued
    insurance.                               existence.
   Outline the legal documents that        Explain items CS must certify for
    should be stored by each chapter.        contest entry and contests.
   Describe why the Youth Policy and       Describe various roles of the CS in
    Incorporation are needed.                efficient chapter operation.
         Part #1

• Your name and Chapter
• Number of years in barbershopping
• Number of years as a chapter
• What do I hope to get from this
SESSION #1 – 55-minutes
             Part 1
•   Introductions
•   Role of Chapter Secretary
•   Meeting responsibilities

              Part 2
•   Membership Application
•   Membership Classifications
•   New Member Membership Process
•   Dues Structure
•   Renewals/Lapsed/Reinstated
Priorities of the Secretary
•   Membership recordkeeping and processing
•   Youth Policy recordkeeping
•   Incorporation and follow-through
•   Show Clearances and submission of appropriate
      licensing applications (ASCAP and
      BMI/SESAC licensing applications)
•   Copyright law and chapter legal files
•   Liability/Bonding Insurance for your chapter
•   Contest Entry CS responsibilities
•   Meeting responsibilities
    Your role at Chapter Board Meetings
•   YOU are the recording

•   YOU are the voice of reason
     and procedures.

•   YOU represent members
     and have a voice in

•   YOU share information from
     the district and Society.

•   YOU work closely with
     chapter president and
         Meeting Responsibilities
          BEFORE                             DURING
•   Announce to membership        •   Record accurate minutes.
     meeting time and location.   •   Provide input during meeting
•   Design and publish                 discussions.
     agenda with the chapter
•   Seek input from chapter
     membership.                              AFTER
•   Copy and make available all   •   Promptly prepare and publish
     documents and reports             minutes.
     needed for meeting.          •   Share minutes and
                                       information with the bulletin
•   Prepare membership status
                                  •   Answer questions coming from
                                       the chapter membership.
                Part #2
   Application for Membership Form
• Application for Membership form is two-part carbonless

• Discard all older BLANK forms in your files.

• WHITE page stays with chapter; YELLOW with fees goes to

• Process Application for Membership form IMMEDIATELY.

• Contact Society (Membership Services) if you do not
  receive New Member Kit in timely manner.

• Store completed Application for Membership forms as part
  of the chapter’s permanent legal file.
   New Member Application Process
• Applicant completes Sections I, II, V and signs IV.

• Chapter Secretary completes Sections III, IV, and VIII once
   applicant is approved by chapter.

• Chapter Secretary issues dues receipt for money collected
   and sends the “YELLOW” copy immediately to the
   Society headquarters (Membership Services Department)
   with the fees collected.

• Issue lapel pin, membership certificate and card, and New
    Membership Kit when they arrive… be ceremonial with the
         Membership Classifications
Regular Member               is neither a student nor senior member

Student Member              is any age who’s a full-time student

Senior Member                is 70-years old and a member for 10 years

Life Member                  pays 20X the current dues rate

Life Senior                  pays 20X the current dues rate and is a senior

Regular Senior/50-year       regular/senior who has been member for 50 yrs

Regular/Student 6-month      regular/student member who participates in EasyDues

Regular/Senior Promotional joins under promotional plan

Active Non-member            female director, assistant director or in chairmanship role
Annual Dues
 for 2007
            2007 Dues Structure

•   Regular Society Dues - $92.00
•   Life Membership Dues – 20 X annual dues by category
•   Seniors Society dues - $46.00
•   Student Society dues - $46.00
•   Dual Membership Society dues - $92.00 (paid only once no
      matter the number of chapters a member belongs to)
•   Multi-year dues - $3-years – Save 5%, 5-years – Save 10%,
      and 8-yers – Save 15%
•   Frank H. Thorne Chapter dues - $92.00 + district dues
•   District dues -
•   Chapter dues – varies from chapter to chapter
       5 EasyDues Payment Options
    EasyDues Annual Payment                          EasyDues Autodraft Plan
   Member pays full dues upon receipt of          Monthly prepayment plan collected via
    invoice from Society.                            member’s checking account or credit card.

                                                   Put into effect for the following year after
      EasyDues New Member                           paying the current year’s invoice.
          Installment Plan
   Plan designed for NEW members only.
                                                      Easy Dues Escrow Plan
   Pays $10 Enrollment fee upon joining.

   Pays one-half dues upon joining with           Member pays portion of dues weekly or
    balance 6-month later, or has 1/6               monthly to treasurer.
    of dues paid monthly through Auto draft.
                                                   Chapter treasurer issues receipt.
   Completes Autodraft form and submits
    with Application, if he chooses to pay in      When renewal notice received by member,
    six increments.                                 submits to treasurer.

   Upon full payment receives New                 Treasurer issues check to member who
     Member Kit and membership card with            sends to Society.
    expiration date 12 months from the end of
    the 6-month installment membership.            Requires large amount of bookkeeping
     EasyDues Regular Member
           Installment Plan

 Assistance plan for current members
  having difficulty paying dues

 Member enrolls in EasyDues
  Autodraft program.

 For 1 year only pays invoiced dues
  and the upcoming year’s dues in
  1/12th increments.

 Next year at membership anniversary
  will continue payment EasyDues
  Autodraft Plan but reverts to 1/12th
  monthly increments of regular annual
       Annual Renewals
• 6-8 weeks before expiration date member
  receives renewal notice by e-mail or U.S.

• Member sends annual dues to Society or
  may renew online using a MasterCard or
  Visa credit card.

• New membership card is sent to the
  chapter secretary.
         Lapsed Memberships
       Late Renewal                    Reinstated Membership
Dues less than 6 months late          Dues more than 6 months
•   Member pays dues and adds
    $3.00 late charge fee.        •   Member completes new
                                      Application for Membership
•   Renewed membership card is        and submits fees with
    sent to chapter secretary.
                                  •   New Member Kit sent to
•   There is no new expiration
                                      chapter secretary.
    date… member needs to be
    reminded that it may appear
    to him he gets fewer months   •   Member will have new
    before next renewal.              membership expiration date.
Session #2 – 55 minutes

              Part 1
       Legal Requirements
  •   Youth Policy Requirements
  •   Chapter Insurance
  •   Chapter Incorporation

               Part 2
  •   Copyright Law and Responsibilities
  •   Chapter Legal Files
  •   Files storage and protection
  •   Chapter elections
  •   New Officer reporting
  •   Contest Entry requirements
                   Part #1
             Society Youth Policy
      It is the policy of the Society that all youth under
    19-years old must have the permission of their parent
    or guardian to participate in all chapter activities and
    that an adult member must supervise the youth at all
                       times at the activities

•   A parent or guardian must complete and sign a Youth Policy
     Membership form.
•   A parent or guardian must complete and sign a Youth Policy
    Participation form for each activity.
•   The chapter secretary must file all forms in chapter legal file.
•   Each youth member must be supervised by an adult member at
    all chapter, district, or Society sponsored activities at all times.
            Chapter Insurance
    Liability Insurance                      Bonding Insurance
•   Chapter automatically                •   Chapter officers automatically
    carries general liability                covered by Bonding Insurance
    insurance (bodily injury, and
    property damage).                    •   Others must be written into
                                             minutes at January board
•   Protects chapter, district and           meeting or at subsequent
                                             meetings when individual
    Society from third-party liability       becomes known who handles
    claims.                                  money.

•   Does not cover members.              •   Chapter covered to $50,000 for
•   Limit of the policy is $11 million       losses by an individual
    for each occurrence.                     misappropriating funds.

•   The annual fee is invoiced on        •   The annual fee invoiced on
    December Society statement               December Society statement

•   Chapters may not opt out of this     •   Chapter may not opt out of this
    insurance policy.                        coverage.
Optional Insurance
       Chapter Property Insurance
   •   Recommended for chapters with
        risers, sound equipment and
   •   Contact Society Insurance agent
        or a local agent.

          Liability Insurance for
   •   Available to cover members as
        separate coverage.
   •   Contact Society Insurance agent
        or a local agent.

         Brochures are available at Document
Insurance Claims Process
•   Contact Director of Finance Administration at the Society

•   Share the following information:
         Name, address and phone number of the individual(s) involved
         Date and location of the incident
         Pertinent details of the accident or incident

•   The Insurance Agent of the Society is:
         Willis North America, Inc.
         26 Century Blvd
         P.O. Box 305191
         Nashville, TN 37230-5191
         Fax 1-877-559-5770

•   Do not make any statements (written or otherwise) to
     anyone except the Society’s insurance agent or
     investigating police officials.

•   The Society and its insurance agent will do any follow-up.
   BMI/SESAC Clearance
• Show clearance form used by
  U.S.Chapters and submitted with
  a fee to the district secretary and
  then returned

      ASCAP Licensing
• Submitted online at Society web
  “Members Only” after show is
  completed by U.S. chapters.
BMI/SESAC Show Clearance

•   Complete BMI/SESAC form and fees from table on form.

•   Send completed form to district secretary.

•   District secretary returns signed copy to chapter clearing show
    date and places show date on district calendar.

•   Chapter is free to finalize venue and talent contracts.

•   Signed form is stored by chapter secretary in chapter legal
     ASCAP Licensing Process
 All performances in the United States, where the public is asked to
              pay admission, must be licensed by ASCAP.
It is the responsibility of the chapter to follow licensing procedures. Failure to
            do so could result in copyright infringements, possible monetary
                        penalties and/or cancellation of the show.

1.    Register show on the Society web site “Member’s Only” after show is done.
2.    Any chapter who has a show will annually pay $204.00. If the
      fees for the year exceed that amount, will be billed by
      ASCAP. If your fees for the year are than amount, will have to
      pay the minimum $204.00 fee.
3.    There are special rates for benefit shows.
4.    There are special additional fees for scripted shows or shows
      dedicated to a specific composer.
5.    Keep a copy of all completed forms in the chapter legal file.
         Chapter Incorporation
       It is the policy of the Society that each chapter is
    incorporated in the State or Province where they reside

     Incorporation protects individual members from lawsuits
                     brought against the chapter

•    Contact the Secretary of your State or Province to determine if
     your chapter is incorporated. Often this can be done online.
•    Incorporation must be confirmed annually (usually in April) by
     receiving a Certificate of Continued Existence and the payment
     of an annual fee to the State or Province.
•    Review with chapter treasurer to determine if annual fee
     has been paid.
•    Each chapter needs a Resident Agent to monitor continued
     annual incorporation of chapter.
               Part #2
            Copyright Law
• reproduce copyrighted works in copies and
• prepare derivative works based on copyrighted
• perform copyrighted work publicly
• distribute copyrighted work publicly; and
• display the copyrighted work publicly.

    It is YOUR duty to remind your chapter
     officers of these copyright restrictions
Copyright Infringement
    $50,000 per copy
       of printed
      or recorded

     If you have questions regarding
         copyright law, process for
     making audio tapes, video tapes,
         DVDs, printed sheet music
       contact Barbershop Harmony
     Society (Joe Liles) at 1-800-SING
              Chapter Legal Files
  Store all chapter legal documents together in a file box or
                   cabinet at a safe location
   The chapter secretary is responsible for maintaining the chapter legal file

• Incorporation records                   • Chapter Statement of
• Certificate of Continued                    Policy
    Existence                             • Copy of transactions and
• Resident Agent Certificate                  meeting minutes
• Chapter Charter                         • Insurance and bonding
• Chapter Bylaws                              records
• Chapter Rules and                       • Year-end treasurer report
    Regulations                               and IRS 990 forms
• Chapter membership                      • Annual financial reports
    reports                               • Director contracts
• Membership applications                 • Show talent contracts
  How long do I keep chapter
• In general, keep documents and records
  for your chapter FOREVER
• Review Table 3 (Section 4.8.6) in the 2007
  Chapter Secretary Manual
• Discuss with your Chapter Board of
  Directors the best way to store your
  chapter records
• Explore saving your documents
  electronically and store in a safe location
Preparing for a natural disaster
   As chapter secretary you are
responsible for the safekeeping of
  ALL chapter records and files

•   Plan ahead for a disaster.
•   Consider scanning your
    documents and storing them
    on a CD ROM.
•   Store your chapter
    documents in a location safe
    from the elements.
•   Keep chapter records and
    legal file according to the
    table in the 2007 Chapter
    Secretary Manual (4.8.6, Table
Is your U.S. chapter prepared
   for a visit from the IRS?
               • All legal documents for
                 your chapter in order

               • Financial reports and
                 records and minutes in
                    VERY IMPORTANT
               • A running formal list of
                 service and community
                 activities your chapter has
                 participated in
          Chapter Elections
• Elections must be held by October 15.
• Held to coincide with annual meeting which is required for
  continued existence as a not-for profit incorporated
• Candidates must be announced twice in two-weeks
  prior to annual membership meeting.
• Announcement of candidates and annual membership
  meeting shall be done by written notice and verbally at
  chapter meeting/rehearsal.
• Elections conducted with secret ballot, unless slate is
• Secretary must report new officers online no later than
  December 15.
• Failure to report new officers is grounds for suspension of
  the chapter charter.
New Officer Reporting
           •   Now reported online at
                “Members Only” link.
           •   Reporting is to be completed
                by December 1.
           •   The basic officers for most
                chapters are:
                    VP Chapter Development
                    VP Music & Performance
                    VP Mktg./PR (25+ members)
           •   Additional officers are at the
                discretion of the chapter
    Contest & COTS Registration
        Contest Entry                   COTS Registration

•   Contest Entry Form completed   •   Information should be received
    online at       from your district’s Coordinator
    “Members Only” link                in October.
•   Entry automatically sent to    •   Coordinate list of chapter
    Contest and Judging                officers attending and
    Director or Vice President         complete and submit form.
    for district and Convention    •   Payment for is a legitimate
    Chairman.                          chapter expense that will
•   There is deadline for              require a motion at chapter
    submission of Contest Entry        board meeting authorizing the
    form                               expenditure.
•   Contact your district’s        •   Encourage all chapter officers
    Contest and Judging Director         to attend; both new and
    or Vice President for                veteran officers.
    deadline and special rules.
   Certification of songs
      sung at contest
• Submitted as part of contest entry process
• Chapter Secretary certifies that songs and
  arrangements are legal according to
  copyright law
• Submits song titles, composer, arranger
  and proof that songs were purchased
  legally and arranger was paid for services
• Re-enters contest online if the songs
  chorus plans to sing change.
  Certification of paid-up
   members at contests
• It is vital that the chapter secretary is able to
  determine and certify that each member of his
  competing chorus is a paid-up member of the

• This is especially critical when a member’s
  renewal comes due immediately prior to the
  spring, fall or International contests.

• Penalties for having non-members or non-paid-up
  members singing at a contest may be severe, up
  to and including disqualification of the chorus.
Navigating the BHS
     Web Site
                Society Web Site
      Document Center                 “Members Only”
•   Does not require password   •   Does require password to
     to access.                     access.
•   Provides access to forms    •   Provides access to reports,
     and documents in Word          lists and specialty
     or PDF format                  entry/registration forms
•   Acrobat Reader for PDF          of specific importance to
    files is downloadable to        secretary.
    your computer at no         •   Provides access to member
    charge                          profiles that can be updated
•   Many manuals and booklets       by member or chapter
    are downloadable to your        secretary.
    computer/printer            •   A verification posting sent
                                    after each profile is updated
                                    to CS and
Society Web Site – Home Page #1
Society Web Site – Home Page #2
Society Web Site – “Members Only” Sign-In
Society Web Site – “Members Only” Menu #1
Society Web Site-“Members Only” Menu #2
Society Web Page – “Members Only” Menu #3
Society Web Page – Home Page
Society Web Site – Document Center
Society Web Site – Document Center
                 How did we do on
                Course Objectives?
   Demonstrate how to navigate
    the web
   Demonstrate completing and
    submitting Membership
    Application form.
   Describe factors determining
    correct membership
    classification.                      Describe five EasyDues plans.
   Describe show clearance and          Outline documents in chapter’s
    licensing process.                    legal file.
   Describe the need and claim          Explain need to be prepared for
    process for liability/bonding         storing legal documents in the
    insurance.                            case of a natural disaster.
   Outline legal documents to be        Explain reasons for chapter
    stored.                               incorporation and annual
                                          continued existence.
   Describe why Youth Policy and
    Incorporation are needed.            Explain the things the CS must
                                          certify for contest entry and
   Describe roles of CS in efficient     contests.
    chapter operation.
   Outline the CS priorities.
         Course Description

This track prepares secretaries to handle the numerous
operational functions of the chapter. The class covers: the role
of the chapter secretary, membership record keeping, legal
requirements, and communication to chapter members and
between the chapter, district and Society. He will also be trained
to utilize the Society web page links to the
Document Center and “Members Only” to complete chapter
operational functions online.

Leadership training is imbedded in the chapter secretary
curriculum and will encourage and provide tools and positive
leadership skill sets to be used when working with the
membership and fellow chapter officers.
    Role of Chapter Secretary
•   Business Manager/Operating Officer for chapter
•   Maintains and updates all chapter membership records
•   Provides “behind the scenes” operational support
•   Writes and distributes minutes for chapter meetings
•   Registers chapter for district and society activities
•   Communicates with all levels of the Society
•   Ensures chapter stays legal and maintains the legal files
•   Handles licensing paperwork and clearances for shows
•   Strives to keep other chapter officers on task
•   Assists treasurer to keep chapter financially sound
•   Orders chapter supplies and merchandise
•   Provides leadership as an active participant in chapter
    meetings and activities

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