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									                        THE 2012 MEETING of ISO/TC28
               “Petroleum Products and Lubricants“
                                   1 May – 4 May 2012
                                 Jeju, Republic of Korea

The meeting will be held at the following address:

Jeju Shineville Luxury Resort
17 Tosan-ri, Pyosun-myun, Seogwipo-si, Jeju
Special Self-Governing Province, Republic of Korea
Tel: +82-64-780-7000
Fax: +82-64-780-7215

For further information on the meeting venue, please visit the website at

Unless otherwise specified in the timetable below, the meeting hours will
be as follows:
                                 Morning session        09:00 ~ 12:30
                                 Luncheon interval      12:30 ~ 14:00
                                 Afternoon session      14:00 ~ 17:00
                                  (*changes are possible on request)

The 20 minute coffee break is planed twice around 10:30 and 15:30.

                                   1 May                      2 May          3 May      4 May
                                    (Tue.)                    (Wed.)         (Thu.)      (Fri.)
    Morning        8:00 - TC 28/SC 7/WG 5 Biodiesel      TC 28/SC 5
    Session        11:00                                 Measurement of
                           Test Methods
                                                         refrigerated                  TC 28
                                                                           TC 28
                                                         hydrocarbon                   Plenary
                   11:00 -                                                 Advisory
                         A                               and non-
                   12:30   TC 28/SC 7/WG 4 Ethanol       petroleum based
                            Test Methods                 liquefied gaseous
    Luncheon                         O                          O               O         O

    Afternoon 14:00 A TC 28/SC 7/WG 4 Ethanol
              15:30                                      TC 28/SC 4
    Session           Test Methods                                         TC 28
                                                         Classifications               TC 28
                                                         and Specifications            Plenary
                   16:30 - TC 28/SC 7                                       Group
                   18:30   Liquid Biofuels
    Social                                                                     Gala
                             Welcome Cocktail                    -                         -
    Events                                                                    Dinner
         Hours for Day 1 only. For Days 2-4 see meeting hours above.

Please fill in the attached meeting registration form and send it to the
designated e-mail address no later than 7 April, 2012

Special arrangements have been made with the Jeju Shineville Luxury
Resort (Class: Super Deluxe) to accommodate delegates and their
accompanying persons to the ISO/TC 28 Meeting.

Room Rate (10 % Tax, Breakfast included)
         Room Type                  Rate (KRW)                 Note

           Single                    140,000                For 1 person

         Twin/Double                 160,000               For 2 persons
(Exchange rate: 1USD= approximately 1,125KRW as of February 2012)

Please fill in the attached accommodation form and send it to the
designated e-mail address no later than 28 April, 2012.

Delegates are responsible for all financial obligations arising from
reservations made on their behalf, including any charges for cancellation
or non-arrival. Korean National Committee will not bear any financial
responsibility in connection with your stay and accommodation.

Participants are advised to check with the Embassy or Consulate in your
own country for visa requirements or the information can be obtained
from the following website:


If you need an invitation letter for visa, please send the following
information to the Meeting organizer by e-mail to energy1@korea.kr
 Sex: Male or Female
 Date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy)
 Passport No. & Date of Expiry (dd-mm-yyyy)
 Company/Organization
 Your Designation/Title
 Address
 Tel/Fax/E-mail


Delegates and their accompanying persons will be invited for following
events offered by the Korean National Committee, Korean Agency for
Technology and Standards for ISO. Introduction of KATS is available on
the following website:


1) Technical Visit of Mineral Water Company in Korea : 3 May, 2012

A bus will depart on 14:00 (2:00 pm) at the hotel front :

2) Welcome Cocktail : 1 May, 2012

3) Gala Dinner : 3 May, 2012

Further information on each social event will be given upon meetings.

The Jeju Shineville Luxury Resort in the most sought-after of
Pyoson. The resort is within 45 km distance from the Jeju
International Airport.

1) Incheon International Airport (or Gimpo Domestic Airport) to Jeju
   International Airport
  -    Flight : Korean Air        and Asiana Airline
  -    Flight time : about 1 hour

      Note 1: The flights to Jeju are mainly available from Gimpo Domestic Airport
      located about 40 km from the Incheon International Airport. Airport limousine
      buses are available from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport.

      Note 2: Incheon International Airport serves few domestic flights to Jeju.

      Note 3: There are direct flights to Jeju International Airport from Tokyo, Osaka,
      Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sanghai, Beijing, Shenyang and Taipei.
For more details about          the   new    airport,   please   visit   the   website    at

2) Jeju International Airport to Jeju Shineville Luxury Resort

    By Shineville shuttle bus that runs everyday for free as below.

    <Shuttle Bus Timetable>
    Airport→ShineVille ShineVille→Airport                [To direct Bus Stop]
          10:30              09:00              “No. 7 Parking Lot” in front of Gate 1 of
          13:30              12:00            If you get out of Gate 1, you will see No.7
          15:30              13:30                            Parking Lot
          17:00              15:30
                                                   Additional buses could be arranged
          20:30              18:30                according to participants’ arrival schedule.

 By taxi, it takes about 40 minutes. The fare is about 40,000 KRW
  (approximately USD 30).

3) Map


1) Secretariat room

A photocopy machine of high speed, a personal computer and a printer adaptable to
Windows XP with MS office XP will be installed at the Secretariat Room. You can use
internet in a whole meeting room including Secretariat Room

2) Electricity supply

The standard voltage in Korea is 220 volts AC, 60 Hz with a round two-pin plug
(same as in Germany or France). Always checking the power supply before using
your equipment and power adaptor is recommended.

3) Currency and Credit Cards

The unit of Korean currency is Won. Coin denominations are 10 won, 50 won, 100
won, 500 won. Bank notes are 1,000 won, 5,000 won, 10,000 won and 50,000 won.
Bank checks are circulated in denominations of 100,000 won and over.

Foreign currency and traveler’s check can be converted into Korean won at foreign
exchange banks and other authorized money exchangers. The exchange rate is
subject to market fluctuations. One USD was equivalent to about KRW 1,125 as of
February 2012.

Credit cards, including VISA, American Express, Diner’s Club, Master Card and JCB
are accepted at hotels, department stores, and restaurants.

4) Climate

Jeju Island (Jeju-do) is in the late spring during May with an average temperature of
15~20 °C.

5) Sightseeing

Jeju-do is the premier tourist destination in Korea because of the stunning natural
scenery and superior tourist amenities. Scenic beaches, waterfalls, cliffs and caves
lie in harmony, and the mild weather makes Jeju-do an even more ideal tourist
destination. Mt. Hallasan in Jeju-do has flora and fauna of both temperate and
tropical varieties, coexisting on the mountain. The Jungmun Tourist Complex is a
comprehensive tourist resort and provides top-quality accommodations and tourist

Further information on sightseeing of Korea can be obtained from.


6) Links

   Shineville Luxury Resort: http://www.shineville.com:8080/english/html/
   Incheon International Airport : http://www.airport.kr/eng/
   Gimpo Domestic Airport : http://gimpo.airport.co.kr/doc/gimpo_eng/
   KOREAN Air : http://www.koreanair.com/bridge/eng.html
   ASIANA Airline : http://us.flyasiana.com

                           ISO/TC28 Meeting
                           Jeju, Republic of Korea
                             1 May – 4 May 2012

Delegates are kindly requested to complete this form and to send it to BOTH the
Meeting Organizer (energy1@korea.kr) and Hotel Reservation Manager
( tc28@shineville.com) in good time for the confirmation by 7 April 2012.

Dr. Young Chan Myoung & Ms. Yeonberm Lee
Meeting organizer of ISO/TC 28
Korean Agency of Technology and Standards, Kwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Tel: +82 2 509 7271       Fax: +82 2 503 7357
E-mail: enegy@korea.kr

Mr. Jae Min Kang (Reservation Manager, Jeju ShineVille Luxury Resort)
16, Tosan-ri, Pyosun-myun, Namjeju-gun, Jeju, Republic of Korea
Tel : +82 2 2018 1224, Fax : +82 2 2018 1222
E-mail: tc28@shineville..com


Title:        [ ] Prof.            [ ] Dr.          [ ] Ms.        [ ] Mr.

Last name:                                First name:




Phone:                                    Fax:

E-mail address:

Accompanied by:

                                                             〔 〕                〔 〕               〔 〕
    〔 〕               〔 〕                〔 〕
                                                         Will attend the    Will attend the   Will attend the
Will attend the   Will attend the    Will attend the
                                                         SC 7/WG 4 & 5      Advisory group    Plenary
 SC 4 meeting     SC 5 meeting        SC 7 meeting
                                                             meeting           meeting        meeting

Member body, committee or organization in

Date:                               Signature:

Please indicate which meeting(s) you will be attending by checking the appropriate box(es).

 I shall attend                       ISO/TC 28/SC 7/WG 4 meeting
 following meetings.
                                      ISO/TC 28/SC 7/WG 5 meeting

                                      ISO/TC 28/SC 7 meeting

                                      ISO/TC 28/SC 5 meeting

                                      ISO/TC 28/SC 4 meeting

                                      ISO/TC 28 Advisory Group meeting

                                      ISO/TC 28 Plenary meeting

 I shall attend the social            Welcome Cocktail                     (Number of persons:          )
                                      Gala Dinner                          (Number of persons:          )

 Room Type (Single/Twin/Double)                   Single (1 Person): KRW 140,000
 Room Rate
 (including 10 % tax breakfast )                  Twin/Double (2 Persons): KRW 160,000
 Vegetarian                                            Yes                        No

 Shuttle Bus       Airport  Resort               10:30         13:30        15:30       17:00       20:30

    check)      Resort  Airport      09:00      12:00     13:30      15:30      18:30

Credit cards (Please check)           Visa               Amex            MasterCard

Card Number

Expiry Date (MM/YY)

Cardholder’s Name
                                   Cancellation in a week in advance:
                                   No cancellation fee
                                   Cancellation within 6 to 2-days in advance:
※Cancellation Policy
                                   1-night rate
                                   Cancellation a day in advance or no-show:
                                   2-nights rate

REMARK Hotel Reservation will be confirmed to the delegates directly by the Jeju
ShineVille Luxury Resort.

Name of the delegates:                                    Date:

Signature of the Delegate:


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