A Medical Story

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					                             A Medical Story

My son has been visiting the doctor since the following day he was
eighteen. That day he went to the hospital with his father, because he
started felling upset about his gut.

He had never been in a hospital before, so he was very nervous. They
both, his father and him, were there all day, and doctors made him several
tests. Finally, at 9:00 p.m., they call phoned and told me to go towards the
hospital because the boy ought be operated of his appendix.

Few moments before the operation, my ex and I was talking with the
surgeon and he told us that, on the previous tests they have done him
along all day, they had discovered a heart irregularity and a higher blood
pressure, unusual as a boy of his age.

At the end, the operation worked out with any problem. But, since then,
he must take his medicine every day (oney pill for his blood pressure that
he forget to take it on an off) and have regularly cardiological checkings.

One of the most important concerned for us (his health was the first,
obviously) was his degree studies, that were physical education first
degree, precisely. He didn’t want to give it up, and happily, the doctor said
there wasn’t any problem at all about it. So, he went on studying the

And now, he’s 23 and has a normal live so far: playing sports, drinking and
smoking occasionally (as he says), going out with his friends……..

Nowadays, we both my ex and I are not such concerned about his health
because of all the check-up he has passed by until now are resulting right
and didn’t have any bad evidence.

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