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                  August 2002

I would just like to congratulate all the players and
coaches for their success in the year to date. We
managed to achieve another Club Championship. 1st
Grade secured the minor premiership with only 1 loss
while it was great to see the Under 19’s come from
the clouds to snatch the minor premiership in their
grade. However, while minor premierships are great,
we all know that they alone are not sufficient at
Brothers and more is expected. Hopefully we will
continue to knuckle down in the next 3 weeks and
achieve the results we do expect of ourselves.

I can report that we have over 70 juniors now with
good numbers in all 3 teams. Thanks especially to the
coaches, managers and parents involved in those
teams. It is good to see some of the parents getting
involved in the juniors. A number of these are faces
from past years and not just ex-Brothers players.
Dave Rose, Andrew Douglas, Gavin Douglas, Fred                              SEMI FINALS
Eames, Paul Casey, Don Armit & Tony Reddy are a
few who have boys in the juniors. I know Dave Rose          The semi final game times for all grades are as follows:-
in particular has been helping pass on his wisdom to        Friday 30 August-
the Under 13’s, which is greatly appreciated.               Under 13 – Bros v Ross River (3 v 4)
                                                            Under 15 – 8.30pm Bros v Teachers (2 v 1)
I would also like to take this chance to thank the
people involved with the Blue & White Ball. Once            Saturday 31 August
again we had around 140 guests and it was a great           Under 19 – 2.25pm Bros v Uni (1 v 2)
night with some notable performances especially             Reserves – 3.50pm Bros v Teachers (2 v 1)
from the band who were terrific. Special thanks to          A Grade – 5.25pm Bros v Teachers (1 v 2)
Damien Cahill for his efforts in that area especially
for organising the guest appearance by “Elvis” – no,        Sunday 1 September
not the renowned Brothers Reserve Grade hooker but          Under 17’s – 1.00pm Bros v Teachers (3 v 4)
the stage performer. His appearance must have
confused our hosts who had the function recorded on
their blackboard as a 25th Anniversary Dinner – while
                                                                           REP HONOURS
it was 25 years since the alleged demise of “The
King”, it is of course 34 years since the establishment     2002 has been a good year for the Club in terms of rep
of Brothers Rugby in Townsville.                            honours. Apart from a plethora of players making the
                                                            Brolgas squads in seniors, colts & juniors, there have also
On the topic of anniversaries though, next year marks       been a number of standout performances that deserve
the 30th anniversary of the “Grand Slam” winning            mention. They are:-
performance of 1973 (as well as the 35th year of the
Club itself). Some Old Boys from that era have              Matt Buchanan – Qld Country
expressed an interest in having a re-union to tie in        John Moore – Qld Country
with the World Cup games in October 2003. I think           Pat Soper – Qld Country
this is a great idea as we should honour the best           Ben Collings – Qld Country U/19
performance of any year not only within our Club but        Josh Bullock – Qld Country U/19
within the TDRU when they took out all 3 grades.            Adrian Mildenhall – Qld Combined Schoolboys
That is a feat that has never been matched. Anyone          Leo Iosefo – Qld Country U/16
who would be interested in being involved in a sub-         Kristian Maloney - Qld Country U/16
committee to be formed for the purposes of the re-          Grant Ruddell – Qld U/15
union, please let me know.                                  Will Anderson – Qld U/15
                                                            Nick McClymont – NQ Open Schoolboys
Finally I look forward to catching up with all our          Bill Reddy – NQ Open Schoolboys
supporters during the finals series for a beer or two. It   Scott Johnson – NQ Open Schoolboys
is the best time of the year and win, lose or draw I
hope all the players, coaches & supporters of the Club              CLUB MERCHANDISE
enjoy themselves in the traditional Brothers manner.
As Mahatma Ghandi once said “feed it to yourself,           We still have some shirts on sale so grab one for the finals
hard man!”- or was that Johnny Keir?                        series. Shirts are $40 and there are some smaller hats
                                                            available and rugby shorts.
Terry Fanning
.                                                           If you wish to buy some, get in touch with Shaun Colbert.
                                                               Pat had a great debut on the wing and didn't put a foot
             CLUB SPONSORS                                     wrong during the game, but no matter how well he played
                                                               it didn't make up for the fact that he failed to empty the
Please support the Club Sponsors for 2002:-
                                                               dishwasher for his mum at home before going to the
                                                               game, which is his usual Saturday job. Pat - when you
Main Sponsor – Flynn’s Irish Bar & Bistro                      own your own dishwasher you can do what you want,
A Grade – Dalle Cort Financial Services                        better still - marry one.
Reserve Grade – North Ward Amcal Chemist
Colts – Lollo Plumbing                                         The effort must be acknowledged of the 'non-rep' players
Juniors – A. Gabrielli Constructions                           during the first round and a half. With about 10 - 13
Shirts Sponsors – Leslies Auto Electrical                      players being called up to the Townsville Brolgas we were
                                                               stretched to the limit but the efforts of Benson Curse, Steve
On behalf of all the players and supporters we wish to
                                                               McQueen, Bob Builder, Dean Bright, John
thank these businesses for their generosity.
                                                               Mauler Mahony, Kent 'The Rock' Burbidge, Wild Bill
                                                               Weston, Logsy 'Chris Grant' Logsy, Rodney 'Mal' Dowd,
                                                               Ant 'hony' Martin, Brundle Fanning, Adam 'wotline' Smith,
                                                               Sande 'havntseenhimsince' Simpson, Bruce 'Shep' Herd,
                                                               Tommy Kawasaki, Sean Pokolbert, Adam 'Rude man'
                                                               Edwards, Bobby 'everyniknameintheworld' Cartmilf, Elvis
                                                               Tony Elvis, 'Rusty' Williamson, Han Danna, Benny 'The C'
                                                               Chandler, Bob Katteringram, Silvertail Moore, Hulk Hogue
                                                               (sort of), Kris 'Midnight Motors' Hinspeter, Rat Man, Horse
                                                               Dooley, Joel Maher and others was fantastic enough to
                                                               have us up at 1 or 2 on the ladder in the senior grades.

  “DALLE CORT FINANCIAL                                        Congratulations in a big way to all involved in the
                                                               Townsville Brolgas win in the State Country
 SERVICES - A GRADE AFTER                                      Championships for Opens and U 19's. And further
          DARK”                                                congratulations to those who made the Country squads
                                                               namely Matt Buchanan, John Moore & Pat Soper in
                                                               Seniors and Josh Bullock and Ben Collings in Colts. I also
It has been a long time between Whispers and quite a bit
                                                               hear that Colts winger Adrian Mildenhall has made the Qld
has happened.
                                                               Combined Schoolboys side which is terrific to see as it has
                                                               been a while since we had someone reach state level.
At the time of the last edition we had just had four rounds
of the comp and had beaten University at their home            All grades are going extremely well and have shown that
ground of Ularu 29 - 12. That defeat must have had quite
                                                               they have the potential to represent the Brothers Rugby
an effect on them as they have not won a game since and
                                                               Club on Sept 14th. Teams selections for coaches are going
haven't even bothered turning up to the past two games         to be very difficult during the finals, and that shows the
against us.                                                    quality and depth that Brothers have in 2002, and everyone
                                                               involved deserves congratulations (even pretend manager
In the games that followed we have witnessed the
                                                               John Keir) leading up to the finals as that depth and
emergence of some of the highly promising Brothers Youth       commitment has ensured that Brothers have once again
Brigade namely Eamon McO'Flaherty (can be truly called         achieved the Senior Club Championship, the First Grade
'The Fighting Irish') and Andrew Peel.
                                                               Minor Premiership and the U 19 Minor Premiership.
In both instances these players aquitted themselves very       This article could not be complete without mentioning the
well in the Firsts, and hopefully showed a few others the      fact that since Chris 'Logsy' Grant has begun employment
way. However can someone please tell Eamon
                                                               at Blockbuster Video, he has been overheard on numerous
O'Mc'Flaherty that 'a really bad hangover' is not an injury
                                                               occasions introducing himself to late night chicks at
and you are expected to play under those circumstances - in    Flynns as being 'in the movie business'.
fact hard heads like Concrete Mayes, Feasty Conn and He's
Big and Mighty Fanning EXPECT Brothers members to
                                                               Finally thanks to everyone involved in organising a great
play under those circumstances.
                                                               Blue & White Ball. See you at Iggy Park, Hugh Street and
Must report on Andrew Peels debut for the First 15, and it
was duly observed when Andrew’s Mum turned up in the
middle of the team warm up she had something in her hand       Col Kenna and John Nuttall
that appeared to be some sort of performance
enhancing tablets to give to him. Andrew took the tablets
from his mum and when questioned he stated that he was         TIPS FOR FINALS WEEKENDS
quite nervous and the tabs were in fact Quick-Eze. It was
pointed out to Peely after the game that 'Quick'-Eze did not   With finals around the corner we asked some of the
make you faster and had nothing to do with the illegal drug    experienced campaigners for some on-field and off-field
known as 'speed'. He stated that he thought that anything      tips on how to get through the match and after-match for a
with fast words in it would be of some help to him on the      successful weekend:-
                                                               Robbie Katter – “Always and I mean always go to the
'Day Jar View' - In the game that marked the debut of          toilet before the game”
Patrick Hegarty it was noted that there was a Moore in the
second row, a Moore in the centres and a Hegarty on the        Adam Smith – “Stop running when you see the big thing
wing. That scene first emerged for Brothers Rugby in           that looks like a “H”
about 1975. A bit scary.
                                                               Frank Fanning – “Kick a field goal”
                                                               * The improvement in Shane "Egg" Boyle's game since
Eamon Faherty - “Make your GF weekends more                    coming back from Slade Point Rugby Club (Mackay).
interesting by creating the effect of being abducted by        * Michael Hogue's six pack after his honeymoon.
aliens by drinking two bottles of vodka. You'll invariably
wake up in a strange place the following morning, having       In all seriousness though, we are extremely proud of every
had your memory mysteriously erased”                           player’s efforts so far this year and we believe the team is
                                                               on the verge of showing it's full potential. Bring on the
Col Hegarty – “Avoid arguments with the missus about           Finals!!!
coming home drunk on GF night and not lifting the loo seat
by simply peeing in the sink”                                  Jason Trim/Mark Moxon
                                                               Reserve Grade Coaches
John “Jukebox” Moore – “Weedy wingers – develop a
right forearm like me by buying one of those Cindy
Crawford workout videos”

                                                                   WHERE ARE THEY NOW?
                                                                GRAEME “MORALS OF AN ALLEY
 "THE NORTH WARD AMCAL                                               CAT” STURGEON
        RESERVES"                                              This edition’s past great is among other things a kiwi. For
                                                               the benefit of the current players he was the Benson
The 2002 regular season had its usual highs and lows on        “Curse” Kerse of the 1980’s Brothers Club.
and off the paddock. Many players went in and out of the
side throughout the year and every person's efforts have       Graeme Sturgeon or “Graham Scourgeon” as he was
been greatly appreciated. We welcomed back to the club         otherwise known was a halfback who played for Brothers
and more importantly to reserve grade, Shayne 'Scrubber'       in the early 1980’s and is widely regarded as one of the
Hanrahan from Mt Isa (also known as Shayne “Scrubber”          toughest blokes to play for the club, in the backs at least.
Hanran). Shayne's experience and leadership has made an        He played for Brothers at the start of its 6 year dynasty and
impact on the side and we look forward to him showing          in fact played with both Joe Moore Snr and his son Danny.
much of the same in the next couple of weeks.                  He has since moved back to New Zealand where he
                                                               became the richest lumberjack in the Country. He re-
Our job as coaches have been made easier by the quality of     acquainted himself with Brothers Rugby on the Club’s
players we have in the ranks with the majority of the          1987 tour of the UK and the 1989 tour of the USA where
side having played A-Grade this season. Congratulations        he toured with the likes of Paul Radford who caught up
to all players who made their A-Grade debuts this year and     with Graeme for this interview.
we look forward to your experience and qualities showing
through in the finals. Unfortunately the minor premiership     Rad -     How did you first start playing for Brothers?
was just out of reach towards the end of the season,
although in reality it is insignificant in comparison to our   Sturge - I arrived in 1981 with fellow Kiwi Stu "Boc"
side’s major goal of capturing the big one on September        Drummond. I was in Brisbane waiting for insurance to
14.                                                            come through on my stolen car (probably stolen by another
                                                               Kiwi) with Stu and Stu talked me into coming up to
Following are just some of the highlights and lowlights of     Townsville. On our second day in Town we were having a
the regular season:                                            drink at the Seaview (actually we were drinking wine
                                                               which was 50¢ a glass as we didn't have much money). Dr
* Adam Smith's attempt to break the deadlock against           Tommy Johnson, a Brothers guy at the time, recognised me
Grammar by evading many would be tacklers and running          (thinking that I looked a lot like Cougar Gaffney) and he
over the dead ball line. Shouts of "Forrest" could be heard    talked us both into playing for Brothers. I was soon
soon after.                                                    interviewed by Tony Dorge and got a job with him. Stu
* Slim Dury and Kris Hinspeter's panel beating efforts until   got a job with Mick Dorge driving a forklift. Choice!!!!
4.00am on the team bus after the trip to Charters Towers.
* Simon Gilbey's solo dance routine at Tom Reddy's 21st        Rad -     And what about training?
birthday party.
* Shep thinking Steve McHale still played for the Burdekin     Sturge - Funny you ask that. At my very first training
by standing on his forehead in a "scratch" match against       session for Brothers, Paul MacLean (the incumbent
Bowen.                                                         Queensland and Wallaby 5/8th) was at training and I was
* Tony "Elvis/Hairy Buddha" Manusso turning up and             throwing the ball to him. I thought to myself that this
saying he's a goalkicker. He is now the only goal kicking      wasn't such a bad club.
prop in the competition (goalkicking used with a liberal
interpretation).                                               Rad -    What are your fondest memories of your days
* Will Anderson's attendance at training. Missed two so        with Brothers?
far I believe.
* Peely’s attendance at training. Made two so far I believe.   Sturge - I played in the 1981/1982 sides and have to say
* Simon "Ratboy" Cusack vomiting every match.                  that they were the best Club sides I have ever played in -
* Damien "Big D" Watson's versatility and somewhat of a        players like Dave Rose, Keith Harron, Don Armit, Joe
late transition to the forwards.                               Moore, Alan "The Pom" Pearson, Big Gibbo, Tim
                                                               Simpkin, Kev Brennan, Dutchie, China, Dave Hales and
Dave Harper to name a few and with the best of the                Contiki tours of NZ before I was born but there is
Baskervilles in Bob "Mad Dog" Skilling showing the way            absolutely no resemblance whatsoever. Nope. None at all.
we certainly had some great times and played some choice
footy. A number of the guys were officers at Lavarack and         Sturge sends a big hello to everyone and if anyone can send
back in those days they used to let us sleep in the rooms of      him a photo of the 1981 side he would very much
the officers that were away if we were out there on the           appreciate it.
turps and couldn't get back into town. That's what I told
my girlfriends anyway.

Rad -     What are your representative honours?

Sturge - I represented North Queensland in 1981/1982.
A well documented personality clash with one of the
country selectors denied me Queensland Country honours.
I then went to Italy for five months in 1982 and didn't
arrive back in Townsville until November 1987. During
this time I represented North Umberland County which is
an English first division side and played against the likes of
English Internationals Peter Winterbottom, Rory                                          Sturge in 1989
Underwood and British Lion Steve Bainbridge. I have
represented Nelson Bays in the National Provincial
Championship. I have also played two years of Rugby
League (in 1991 and 1992) in the first division and
captained the top of the South Island team. I played in my
career approximately 80 to 90 first class games of Rugby
and Rugby League. I also represented New Zealand Under
19 when I was at school. I wish to make it clear that I have
never been an All Bleck trialist (he’s being modest). My
most cherished memory though is being the best and fairest
player for Brothers in 1981.

Rad -  Speaking of memory is there anything you can
remember from your tours with Brothers?
                                                                                          Sturge today
Sturge - When I returned to Townsville in November
1987 I can remember losing my licence under the influence
of liquor driving Stu's car and the next day we left on the          BROTHER’S DENY SALARY
1987 tour. Besides that it is all a big blur but I know that             CAP RORTING
we all had a great time. Without doubt this was the best
tour I have ever been on and I enjoyed catching up with all       The management committee of Brothers Rugby
the boys from the old days. I had such a good time I signed       Union have issued the following Press Release to the
up for the 1989 tour of the United States which was a very        media (they have ignored it):-
successful tour. I even learned how to use a video camera
with one of the McHugh boys staring in a short film that I        “Despite much speculation and innuendo around town
made that was quite successful. I was pleased to hear that        and in the media, the Brothers Rugby Club would like
1989 tourist Danny Moore is now playing for the Club              to take this opportunity to re-assure all Club
again.                                                            supporters and sponsors that the Club has once again
                                                                  managed to stay under the Salary cap for the 2002
Rad -     What are you up to now?                                 season and there is no chance of us being kicked out
                                                                  of the competition.
Sturge - I own a farm in the Nelson Bays area. I have
over 85 acres of pine trees and have a logging and building       Admittedly some players have received some
business. Basically I chop up wood and sell it as firewood        additional payments from the main sponsor in the
and also I build log cabins. I have also 20 acres of native       form of more alcohol than was good for them but all
bush and I am currently building a log cabin up on the hill       of that has been above board and disclosed to the
with great views and easy access to plenty of wild sheep.         appropriate authorities. The actions of messrs
Some of them jump the fence but I have no problem                 Faherty, Boyle & Carter have at times indicated they
helping them back over. Choice!!!! I presently have               are receiving “bonus” quantities of alcohol above and
nothing to do with Rugby apart from going to watch the big        beyond that being received by the average player but
test matches. I own a Harley Davidson that I get to ride on       this can be attributed to their inability to control their
the occasional time that I have off. I am living with my          behavioural patterns including their pugilistic
girlfriend but at this stage I am not married.                    tendencies whilst under the influence of the amber
                                                                  liquid (ie they cannot handle their piss).
Rad -   What is your favourite food apart from fush
un chups?                                                         Coming into the finals such rumours are nothing more
                                                                  than an attempt to unsettle the players. They are
Sturge - Absolutely no doubt here - Fruit Salad.                  categorically denied.

Rad -   And what about the rumours that you are one               Finally the Club has no official comment to make on
of Cougar's Love Children?                                        the other story circulating at the moment involving an
                                                                  ex-player and a small bulldog somewhere in New
Sturge - That I'm afraid is all fantasy you c------------------   Zealand.”
---------------------t. Cougar may have been on a few
 REGISTER OF BIRTHS DEATHS &                                       improving each week by doing the extra training and I
                                                                   think there is a message for the other players there. That is
         MARRIAGES                                                 of course apart from Simon Nielson’s goal kicking which
                                                                   despite the 4 hours of training he gives it each week,
Congratulations from the Club to the following people:-            remains surprisingly abysmal.
Sally and Michael Conn, - baby girl Molly                          Congratulations to Adrian on his selection for the Qld
Dan and Michelle Morton – baby boy, Jack                           Combined Schoolboys. He has a lot of potential and is an
Annette & Simon Moore-Wilton – baby girl Bronte                    important part of a very talented backline. If we can get the
                                                                   backs running straight and not just catching and passing
Monster is still in Melbourne but off overseas shortly to          along the line (which they have a tendency to do) I think
France then Canada for a couple of years.                          they can be a major force in our finals campaign.
Congratulations to Michael Hogue & Elise “Peg” Pegoraro            The forwards have been performing well also. I should
who were also married since the last Whisper. Anyone who           mention the efforts of our front row, Atu, Tony and Terry,
has seen Hoguey since his return from his honeymoon can            whose combined weight may equal one ordinary front
see that married life is obviously agreeing with him.              rower. Their efforts each week against much larger
                                                                   opposition has been tremendous and they lack nothing
                                                                   when it comes to heart. These guys are so small our live
           WEDDING “BELL”S                                         scrummaging is against the Under 13’s.

Congratulations to long standing player and bachelor               Anyway I hope you all come down early to support us in
Lachlan Bell who was married to the lovely Emma Pott on            the finals. In particular it would be good to see the A
Friday the 23rd August. It was no doubt a great day for            Graders down watching the boys. Terry had a good article
Belly and Emma. Belly’s contribution to the Club since he          from Mark Geyer in the last Whisper about the senior
arrived in Townsville should also be acknowledged given            players getting to know the younger players which I think
he played 10 seasons of A Grade football for us.                   would be a good thing to happen. I realise it has to work
                                                                   both ways but I am sure that we will find it worthwhile
There were a few old Brothers boys back in town for the            making these guys feel even more a part of the Brothers
celebration including Solano “Gonzo” Gonzales. We would            Club.
mention Briggsy and Copes but we are not absolutely
certain they have ever left. The emotion of seeing his old         Finally I would like to thank Elvis, Scotty Williamson, JR,
Rugby team-mates back in the Ville must have got to Belly          Mighty One, Smiley and others for helping out with the
as he was apparently moved to tears during his speech.             boys while I have been away.

            COLTS”                                                           THE MORE THINGS
Well we left it late but got there in the end. In the last round                CHANGE…
of fixtures the Under 19’s ran down the early pace setters
from University to claim the Minor Premiership. This can           This is an article from a Whisper in 1986 about a group of
be attributed to many things not the least being the efforts       regular Brothers supporters – most of who were still there
of the non-Brolgas players during the rep season where we          in the same spots (telling the same stories admittedly) last
managed to set ourselves up in 2nd spot while missing some         weekend against Teachers!! Most of it could have been
very good players.                                                 written last week:-

What also clinched it for us was our second half effort                              “OVER THE HILL”
against University in our last game against them 2 weeks                                (by Old Boy)
ago. We were down 19-5 at half time after a couple of
opportunist tries by Uni, one of which was prematurely             Raoul rang me on Friday and asked me to write a page or
celebrated by the Uni 5/8th who did see the steam train –          so on the old times. So I thought I would give the current
like performance that was coming from the Brothers team            players a bit of background on the critics on the mound.
in the second half. Obviously sparked into action by one of
the all-time great half time speeches (copies of which are         First there is long time supporter Paul "Rabbit" Walsh.
now for sale to all prospective coaches) the boys produced         Been with Brothers right from the start. Member of first
their best performance of the year in the second half and          Premiership side in 1970. Played on the left wing and
smashed anything in a blue & gold jersey.                          besides his pace, biggest asset was ability to centre kick off
                                                                   right foot. President of the Club in 1972 and has also been
From 5-19 down, the final score ended up 29-19.                    manager of several sides over the years. Never lost for a
                                                                   word and usually has both magazines loaded to give fellow
However finals are a different kettle of fish and for that         critics his views on the game.
matter University usually are as well. They will no doubt
be bolstered by a swag of “returning” players and we               Next is Robert "Duc-Do" Jones. Member of Premiership
should not get too cocky as yet. Training attendances on           side in 1972. Very elusive half back but biggest drawback
Thursdays are getting better each week but we need to train        was his casual attitude. In later years turned to touch
twice a week to get the Grand Final success that most of           football but spent far too much time resting on the wing.
the team missed out on last year. Hopefully the memory of          Treasurer for a couple of seasons and like his mate
that loss is still fresh in their minds and that sparks them       "Snifter" Smith kept a firm hold on the purse strings. Has
into action.                                                       been known to supply Rabbit with some good bullets over
                                                                   the years.
Thanks again to those guys who are continually turning up
for training both days. It is clear to me that they are
Michael "Beau" Barr. Another former treasurer of the              In recent weeks the Brothers ranks have been bolstered
club. Beau played in the second row in the early seventies       with the return of our representative players. Having
and apart from his line-out skills, his biggest asset was his    trouble adjusting to a few of the clubs moves a leading
side-step and speed. Beau is now concentrating his skills        halfback showed great initiative in trying to remember the
on to his eldest son Andrew who plays in Brothers U17 side       somewhat complicated attacking plays. Upon being asked
and was recently selected in the NQ side.            Beau is     before the game if he remembered the plays he replied “no,
normally a happy go lucky chap but he gets real mean             but this will help”, and proceeded to pull two folded A4
when Brothers play badly.                                        sheets from his sock with step by step instructions on how
                                                                 to complete the plays.
Brian "Sid" Creen, member of the 1970 and 1972
Premiership side. Played lock forward or breakaway.
Retired at early age when he moved to Brisbane to
concentrate on his study and his main hobby, eating. Sid is
a regular on the mound these days and is never short of a
comment in between a burger and a nice cold Fosters.

Craig "Trumpy" Landbury. The club was very lucky to
score this 'league' player from Centrals in the early
seventies. Played in the centres or the wing in the 1972 -
1973 Premiership sides. Nowadays contents himself with
telling stories on the mound. Strong rumour around is that
Rocket Reddy will approach Trumpy to again fill the right
wing spot for the Tigers.

Other regulars on the mound include Peter "The Moose"                  FINAL POINTS TABLES
Elliott, Gordon "Dina" McHugh, Col "Beep Beep"
Hegarty, Tim "The Kid" McHugh and of course "Ralphie"
Giudes and perhaps we can let out some background                A'                   P          W    L   D        P
information on these gentlemen in a later edition. One           Brothers             20         19   1   -        89
thing all the above have in common is that they go to the        Teachers West        20         13   7   -        63
football every Saturday to see Brothers win - so don't let
                                                                 Grammar Old          20         9    1   -        52
them down.
                                                                 Boys                                 1
                                                                 Burdekin             20         9    1   -        40
Peter “Rassie” Ryalls”
                                                                 Ross River           20         8    1   -        40
             WHISPER HEARS                                       Redskins                             2
                                                                 University           20         2    1   -        12
Bad luck girls you missed out – HE’S engaged. Yes                                                     8
Andrew Horn is to be married this weekend in Fiji
provided he is let into the Country. Egg though is still
available and in fact in his own words “is getting               RESERVE              P          W    L   D        P
desperate”. He is still taking bets on whether or not he will    Teachers West        18         17   1   -        82
sleep with you.                                                  Brothers             18         15   2   1        75
                                                                 Charters Towers      18         8    9   1        41
Despite their “what happens on tour stays on tour”               Grammar Old          18         6    9   3        35
philosophy, stories of shenanigan like behaviour are             Boys
starting to emerge about a recent skiing trip to New             Burdekin             18         6    1   1        30
Zealand by two of the boys. We won’t name them of                                                     1
course and for the purposes of this article will refer to them   University           18         5    1   2        20
simply as “Mr Smith” and “Carter”. It seems though that                                               1
the NRL aren’t the only ones trying to “whack” a Bulldog         Ross River           18         2    1   -        12
so to speak, as one poor Kiwi nightclub owner’s pet dog          Redskins                             6
found out. The dog is said to be fine other than feeling a
little used by the whole experience as the next day he didn’t
hear anything from his new found “friend” – not even a           U19                  P          W L D             P
phone call. Surprisingly when quizzed on the topic the           Brothers             19         11 5 3            58
“perpetrator” admitted to have some previous form in the         University           19         12 7 -            54
area. In fact he replied "The dog wasn’t a puppy and it
seemed to enjoy it - where is the harm in that?" mmm, yes,       Burdekin             19         10 8     1        49
no doubt the dog was begging for it.                             Grammar Old          19         10 9     -        44
Watch your step! A current kiwi hard man prop of the club        Teachers West        19         6    1   1        30
has kicked started his modelling career with a few photo                                              2
shoots at the Jupiter’s Casino. It is rumoured that his next     Ross River           19         5    1   1        29
assignment was to be an underwear shoot but due to certain       Redskins                             3
deficiencies the job was canned. Better luck next time hard
man. (Ed. he’s not the “New Zoolander” we thought he

The annual Brothers bocce day was held recently with great
success. It is believed that a few nocturnal activities were
partaken in one of the host’s rooms whilst he was out of the
country. Hope you washed your sheets Ballso.

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