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					Custom Label Solutions                                                      (
              Printable Labels
              Brady blank, printable labels are known for their outstanding performance in any
              environment. Our specially-engineered labeling materials are the result of decades of
              experience with most intensive and sophisticated R&D program and coating technology in
              the industry. By being vertically integrated and coating our own materials, we ensure that
              our customers receive quality and consistency in the materials they use.

              Choose from: Circuit board & component labels, voice & data labels, general & industrial
              labels, laboratory labels, panel identification labels, tamper indicating labels, wire & cable
              markers, and much more!

              Pre-Printed Labels
              Select from a wide variety of Pre-Printed Labels that will assist you with your identification
              needs. Pre-Printed labels have pre-designed legends and are ready for immediate use.

              Choose from: Circuit board & component labels, facility labels, safety labels, maintenance
              labels, tamper indicating labels, WEEE & PB free identification labels, wire & cable
              markers, and more!

Custom Signage for Events                                                       (
              Design Your Own Custom Sign(s)
                       Up to 5 lines of custom wording
                       Choose from 3 sizes, 3 colors and 4 materials
                       Include an optional pictogram
                       Safety sign headers optional
                       No set-up charge when you order on-line

              Get started online at

Desktop Solutions                                                           (
              Brady 200MVP Plus Printers
              The 200MVP Plus series printers provide the best value in an industrial thermal transfer
              printer. Available in either 203, DPI, the 200MVP printers are easy to operate and loaded
              with features, including color-coded operator cues and an LCD display. The durable, die
              cast aluminum frame provides a rugged platform for printing in operations that require
              label production 12 hours/day, 5 days/week. Enhanced firmware ensures accurate
              printing on labels as small as 0.125in*. The 200MVP printers are application flexible and
              print on a wide range of materials from paper and vinyl to polyester and polyimide*.

                                                               Gift-In-Kind Product Ideas                      1
Brady 300X-Plus II Printers
The Bradyprinter 300X-Plus II combines industrial-strength ruggedness and crisp, legible
output to produce high-resolution graphics in harsh operating environments. This thermal
transfer printer is ideal for applications where identification information must be
incorporated on very small labels, since the 300 dpi resolution ensures that even small
text and bar codes will be sharp and easy to read. The Bradyprinter 300X-Plus can print
indelible images on a variety of labeling materials, including paper, polyester, polyimide,
and vinyl. And it comes with the reliability and follow-up support you expect from Brady.

Brady 360X-Plus II Printers
The Bradyprinter 360X-Plus II thermal transfer printer features wider label printing with
laser-like resolution combined with high speed, to produce wide labels without rotation
and more labels per minute. In addition, it has the ability to format while printing for even
faster throughput. The 300 dpi printhead produces crisp graphics and text and prints high-
density symbologies to accurately meet bar code specifications. Supports media widths
up to 7.2 in.

Brady 600X-Plus II Printers
The Bradyprinter 600X-Plus II is a thermal transfer printer designed to withstand long,
continuous operation in harsh environments. With its 600 dpi print resolution, it satisfies
the increasing demand to compress and store large amounts of data in ever-smaller
spaces. The Bradyprinter 600X-Plus II serves those markets requiring higher print
densities for bar codes, text and graphics. It is ideal for identifying components and
assemblies in the electronics, computer and telecommunications industries as well as
applications printing non-Roman characters.

Bradyprinter 1244 Printers
The Bradyprinter model 1244 is small, compact and economical. Featuring print
resolutions of either 203 dpi and a wide print width of 4.10 inches, the 1244 printer is ideal
for general purpose product identification, wire and cable marking and laboratory
identification. For small to medium volume printing, the Bradyprinter model 1244 provides
all the power and quality you need for on-demand in-house printing. The moveable
transmissive sensor allows the use of all Brady stock configurations in a variety of
materials including polyester, paper, vinyl and sleeves.

Bradyprinter 1344 Printers
The Bradyprinter model 1344 is small, compact and economical. Featuring print
resolutions of 300 dpi and a wide print width of 4.10 inches, the 1344 printer is ideal for
general purpose product identification, wire and cable marking and laboratory
identification. For small to medium volume printing, the Bradyprinter model 1344 provides
all the power and quality you need for on-demand in-house printing. The moveable
transmissive sensor allows the use of all Brady stock configurations in a variety of
materials including polyester, paper, vinyl and sleeves.

Dymo® LabelWriter® 400 Turbo
The fastest label printer available for printing professional looking visitor badges. 55
badges per minute print speed. Excellent print quality for text & graphics. Direct thermal
printer requires no ribbons, toner or ink cartridges.

Learn more about this product at

                                                Gift-In-Kind Product Ideas                       2
GlobalMark™ Industrial Label Makers
Create your own custom signs, labels, pipemarkers, tags and more on demand with this
easy to use, industrial label printer. Never before has an industrial-grade make-it-yourself
printer empowered you to do so much with little more than your index finger. Brady's
advanced touch-screen technology, powered by a Microsoft Windows® CE operating
system, makes producing professional labels as fast and simple as...Touch, Print, Presto!

MiniMark™ Industrial Label Printer
The new Brady MiniMark™ Industrial Label Printer offers an affordable sign and label
making system that is compact, fast, and incredibly versatile.
Compact: Mini conveys the compact nature of the machine, easy to attach to a PC.
Fast: Print speed is faster than any other models in the range (up to 4 per second).
Versatile: It can print on both Die-cut and continuous labels, increasing the range of

PowerMark® Sign and Label Printer
PowerMark® allows your custom signs to be noticed with the use of multiple color
printing. This sign and label maker lets you create industrial strength signs and labels, 4
to 10 inches wide, in up to four colors. Custom signs on demand, when you need them,
the way you need them.

ProImage® Plus3000 PosterPrinter™ System
Create large, quality posters and banners to fit any application with our smallest-sized
PosterPrinter System. Print 23" and 17" wide posters or banners in minutes. One of two
PosterPrinter options, the ProImage Plus3000 System's small size is perfect for small
work rooms and classrooms. The 23" paper width, the largest size available for this
printer, is the size most commonly purchased size by schools.

Learn more about this product at

ProImage® XL3000 PosterPrinter™ System
It's a simple fact - large visuals improve retention, communicate faster and reinforce the
spoken word. Posters and banners will help facilitate learning, keep students on track,
and deliver messages in high traffic hallways. It's easy to create exciting materials in
seconds. Simply scan your original or print directly from your computer.

The larger of two available PosterPrinter Systems, this model can create posters and
banners from 17" to 36" wide.

Learn more about this product at

Sleeve and Database® Printers
Brady's dot matrix printers are designed to print on all Brady pin-fed products. Using your
computer and LabelMark™ software, you can utilize BradySleeve™,
PermaSleeve™,DuraSleeve® and Database® materials for the easy design of your

                                                Gift-In-Kind Product Ideas                     3
              Tagus Series Printer
              Don't be fooled by the smaller sized Tagus series of thermal transfer printers. Housed
              within that small shell is an industrial workhorse of a machine. Built with the same durable
              die cast aluminum materials found on our larger heavy duty printers, the T200 and T300
              printers won't disappoint. Available in a200 dpi model without LCD display and a 300 dpi
              model with, the Tagus series can appeal to a wide variety of applications and budgets.
              Engineered and tested for use with Brady's performance material, no other Benchtop THT
              printer can provide a better value.
              VisiMate® Specialty Printing System
              Support any education, motivation, or communication project with colorful stickers. Your
              imagination, combined with the VisiMate System can instantly produce personalized
              awards, bumper stickers, ID badges, magnets, and so much more.

              VisiMate is versatile - it can cut out various shapes and letters as well as print using
              single color, metallic and full color ribbons.

              Learn more about this product at

              Zebra® TLP 2844
              Ideal for high volume visitor traffic. Prints on the full line of TEMPbadge computer
              printable products. Excellent print quality for text & graphics without costly ribbons, toner
              and ink cartridges.

              Learn more about this product at

Laminating Solutions                                                        (
              BLS 850 Laminator
              Finally an affordable and easy way to create laminated documents without heat or
              electricity. The BLS 850 Laminator is small and portable. Laminate one or both sides of a
              document or, with a quick change of the supply cartridge, you can apply laminate to one
              side and adhesive to the other, creating laminated documents that can be easily

              BLS1200 Laminating System
              Brady's BLS1200 laminating system quickly mounts output to plastic or aluminum sign
              blanks. Laminates documents up to 12" wide.

                                                               Gift-In-Kind Product Ideas                     4
Brady laminator that is capable of laminating material up to 12 1/2" wide. Protects
legends and other sign graphics.

ProFinish™ Jr. Cold Laminating System
Add longevity to small bulletin board materials, photos, and papers with ultra-durable
ProFinish lamination. The ProFinish Jr. is the smallest laminator in this line of products.
Like the larger ProFinish laminators, it uses extra-thick lamination materials and cold
lamination to add protective coating to all small-sized materials.

This laminator is so small that it could be placed on every teacher's desk in a school. Its
inexpensive price makes that an easy task to accomplish.

Learn more about this product at

ProFinish™ Laminating & Mounting System
Protect all of your visuals for use year after year and give long life to the banners and
posters you create with the PosterPrinter™ System. The ProFinish System can preserve
any classroom poster or other visuals up to 24" wide. The ProFinish System offers flexible
laminating and mounting options for protecting visuals. Choose from two-sided lamination
or lamination with adhesive. This System is easy-to-use and can be setup anywhere.

Learn more about this product at

ProFinish™ XL Cold Laminating System
Protect posters, bulletin board materials, and pictures with the ProFinish XL Cold
Laminating System. Any visuals up to 42" wide can be laminated quickly and easily with
the ProFinish XL System. Its cold lamination system reduces start-up time and eliminates
the noxious smell of many heat laminators.

Like all of the ProFinish System products, the ProFinish XL System uses an extra-thick
lamination film providing you with durable protection.

Learn more about this product at

                                                Gift-In-Kind Product Ideas                    5
Portable Solutions                                                       (
              HandiMark® Portable Label Maker
              Create custom labels any time... any place... any way you want them! The HandiMark®
              lets you create custom labels wherever you need them - in the office, throughout the
              plant, or even in the field - all at a fraction of the cost and time of custom printed or
              engraved. Handimark® packs a lot of power into one small system. For instance, you can
              customize labels with various color, typestyles and an extensive library of symbols and
              pictograms with multi-language capability. Its powerful memory also lets you create your
              own bar codes and stores frequently used labels for printing without re-entering. Makes
              safety signs, pipe markers and arrow tape, equipment ID, asset ID, panel and switch ID,
              bar code labels and reflective equipment and utility labels.

              ID PAL™ Labeling Tool
              Brady's ID PAL is an affordable, easy to use, portable thermal transfer printer designed
              for the field, not the office. The rugged design has been tested to withstand harsh
              environments and a tough 4 foot drop test to concrete. ID PAL uses Brady high
              performance labeling materials. The labels stick longer and stronger on tough to adhere
              to surfaces, from wire and cable to highly textured plastic. As a result ID PAL eliminates
              the confusion caused by faded, smeared or poorly written labels, or labels that fall off
              leaving unidentified wires.

              IDXPERT™ Handheld Labeler - ABC Layout
              Here is the newest 300 dpi thermal, handheld labeling system that has everything it takes
              to make you an Identification Expert! Label patch panels, outlet faceplates and cables.
              Identify racks, bays, frames, and public network and data centers all with one versatile
              tool. The IDXPERT is the first handheld cartridge based labeling system that can print
              die-cut labels, self-laminating labels and sleeves as well as continuous tapes...You name
              it IDXPERT prints it!

              IDXPERT™ Handheld Labeler - Keyboard Layout
              Here is the newest 300 dpi thermal, handheld labeling system that has everything it takes
              to make you an Identification Expert!. Label patch panels, outlet faceplates and cables.
              Identify racks , bays, frames, and public network and data centers all with one versatile
              tool. The IDXPERT is the first handheld cartridge based labeling system that can print
              die-cut labels, self-laminating labels and sleeves as well as continuous tapes...You name
              it IDXPERT prints it!

              LABXPERT™ Labeling Printers
              IMAGINE a printer that already knows your labeling needs. With Brady's LABXPERT™
              Laboratory Labeling System, you have a powerful yet affordable tool at your fingertips!
              Produce legible, professional looking labels for your lab samples, while drastically
              reducing the time it actually takes to label.

                                                             Gift-In-Kind Product Ideas                    6
               TLS 2200® Thermal Transfer Printers
               The TLS 2200® Thermal Transfer Printer is Brady's ultimate answer to your toughest
               labeling challenges. The TLS 2200 system offers the light weight (2.75 lb. /1.25 kg) of a
               hand-held printer, while providing capabilities such as thermal transfer printing, bar
               coding and multiple material configurations. Ideal for printing wire and cable markers,
               patch panels, circuit board, and asset ID labels. Thermal transfer printing, bar codes label
               storage, and PC connectivity. Designed for medium volume: 100 - 500 labels per day.

               TLS PC Link™ Thermal Labeling System
               The TLS PC Link™ Thermal Labeling System offers a rugged, small and lightweight
               desktop/portable solution. The printer provides capabilities such as thermal transfer
               printing, bar coding, and multiple material configurations. The TLS PC Link printer utilizes
               all of the available TLS2200 printer materials and ribbons, and also runs the latest bulk
               rolls of material as well. The included Windows™ drivers allow the unit to print labels from
               both LabelMark™ (included with TLS PC Link) and Codesoft™ software, or any Windows
               software application available. In addition, the printer has its own printer control language,
               allowing the unit to be integrated with a piece of equipment and precisely printing labels
               wherever and whenever they are needed. The firmware is upgradeable through the mini-
               Din serial jack, and the unit operates off AC power or the included rechargeable battery.
               Printer includes LabelMark labeling software, rechargeable battery pack, power
               supply/battery charger, R6210 ribbon, sample labels (PTL-19-423), Quick Start Guide,
               manuals, communications cable and Windows drivers.

Safety and Facility ID Solutions                                             (
               Aisle, Floor & Barricade
               Minimize mistakes and confusion with visually instructive markings that inform workers of
               potential hazards and risks. To find the exact product your job requires, simply select
               from the categories listed below.

               Includes: Aisle marking machines & supplies, anti-skid safety products, arrows, footprints,
               dots, barricade tape & flags, cones, floor signs, indoor warning tape, safety mirrors,
               underground wiring tapes, warning panels, warning stakes, and much more!

               Egress Pathway Marking
               Egress Pathway Marking products help people find their way out... quickly and safely.

               Includes: Photoluminescent directional footprints, arrows & dots, and tapes.

               Lockout Tagout
               The world leader in lockout/tagout products and services, Brady offers a broad range of
               durable, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical
               applications. In addition, Brady covers other critical aspects of a compliant, effective
               energy control program by providing innovative solutions for training employees, creating
               documented procedures, and identifying energy sources. Brady's services help
               companies with limited resources quickly get their program up to speed, ensuring that
               lockout activities are implemented in a way that promotes optimum safety while
               maximizing efficiency and reducing downtime.

                                                               Gift-In-Kind Product Ideas                       7
              Safety & Facility Signs
              When you get right down to it, total facility identification simply means communication;
              Crisp. Concise. Comprehensive. Brady offers over 8,000 signs to meet the needs of your
              safety and facility identification. When the message is clear, the entire operation runs

              Brady offers a wide selection of security products including locks, labels, access control
              tags and badges and our Brand Protection Solutions to meet the needs of a variety of
              different applications.

              Solve all your valve, equipment and accident prevention marking needs with quality Brady
              tags that can withstand the harshest environments.

              Includes: Blank write-on tags, inspection & repair tags, inventory control tags, printable
              tags, safety & warning tags, self-laminating tags, and valve & facility ID tags.

Seton Solutions                                                                (
              Identification and Safety Experts
              Over 50,000 products for a safe and compliant facility.

              Includes: Property ID tags, safety signs, pipe markers, engraved signs, custom signs,
              security signs, traffic & parking signs, custom labels, warning labels, valve tags, inventory
              labels, barcode labels, electrical markers, lockout devices, padlocks, spill kits, flammable
              & hazardous storage, trash & recycling containers, barricades, cones, mats, carpets,
              shelving, storage, material handling, OSHA & regulatory labels, access control,
              wristbands, alarms & detectors, cameras and surveillance equipment, parking permits,
              vests & clothing, and much more!

                                                              Gift-In-Kind Product Ideas                      8

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