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Damaged Goods Claim


Damaged goods claim business letter. Free template is available in both DOC and PDF format.

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									                           Damage Goods Claim
Date: _______ / _______ / _______

                               To                                                                   From

                        Shipment From                                                           Shipment To

                          Shipment By                                                           Shipment To

                        Order/Invoice #                                                         Date Shipped

  Quantity                      Item Description                                Damage Description                      Price/Value

                                                                                            Total Price/Value

We hereby give you notice as the shipper and seller, that the goods listed above were found to be broken and/or damaged.

 Compensation for the above damages is hereby claimed and demanded. Such claim does not limit our rights to further claims and
 damages, in the event additional claims or damages are discovered on account of such delivery. Settlement with or release to you
does not waive any of our rights against any third party, nor does the same with any third party waive any rights against you. All rights
  are reserved, cumulatively and not exclusively. Nothing contained herein shall alter any other documentation issued by us, unless
                                                          specifically so stated.

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