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Benefits Guide (PDF download) by jolinmilioncherie


Business MasterCard® Credit Card

Benefits Guide
Welcome to the Butterfield/AAdvantage®
Business MasterCard® Credit Card Programme
The new Butterfield/AAdvantage® Business MasterCard® is
aligned with the American Airlines AAdvantage® programme,
so you earn AAdvantage® miles with every business-related
purchase you make. Tailored for business professionals, the
Butterfield/AAdvantage® Business MasterCard® provides
your employees with a secure, convenient way to pay their
business-related expenses while providing your company with
the means to effectively manage those expenses. Your company
receives consolidated activity reports with transaction information
listed by merchant category.

This Guide contains detailed information about the extensive
travel, insurance, and assistance services that you can access as a
Butterfield/AAdvantage® Business MasterCard® Cardholder.
The information contained herein is provided solely for general
informational purposes. It is not intended to be a complete
description of all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions,
or other provisions of any programme or insurance benefits
provided by, or for, or issued to MasterCard®.

Comprehensive Reporting
Butterfield will provide the following reports:

•	 Company	Billing	Report	- Designed to assist you with
   your total outstanding balances, this report lists individual
   Cardholder details by total debits and credits.
•	 	 endor	Analysis	Report - Designed to provide you with
   up-to-date information about vendors your company is
   conducting business with, this report shows year-to-date
   charges by vendor.
•	 Employee	Activity	Report	- This report provides
   month-to-date employee transaction totals for travel and
   entertainment, cash advances and other purchases.
•	 Individual	Billing	Summary - Lists individual Cardholder
   details with totals at the company level.

•	 	 ear-End	Summary	Statement - This statement is
   generated for each employee with a detailed summary of
   transactions by merchant categories for the calendar year.

Credit Card Payment Methods
All of the following payment options are available to help you
conveniently meet your payment obligations:
•	 Butterfield	Direct	Internet	Banking	
•	 Butterfield	Telephone	Banking	
•	 Auto-Pay	(i.e.,	option	to	have	the	full	balance	or	minimum		
    payment automatically taken from an account specified by
    you on the payment due date)
•	 Automated	Teller	Machine	(ATM)	at	any	Butterfield	Banking		
    Centre in Bermuda
•	 In	person	at	Butterfield	Banking	Centres	

For further information on these services, please visit our
website	or	contact	Card	Services	at	(441)	295	1111

One American Airlines AAdvantage® mile is earned for each
dollar spent on local purchases and purchases abroad.

International Services
Worldwide	Acceptance
Your Butterfield/AAdvantage® Business MasterCard® is welcomed
at	over	29	million	locations–shops,	travel	agencies,	restaurants,	
hotels,	entertainment	venues	and	service	establishments–in	220	
countries around the world.
Cash	Advances
Your Butterfield/AAdvantage® Business MasterCard® allows you
to obtain cash advances from thousands of financial institutions
worldwide, wherever the MasterCard® logo is displayed. For
added convenience, you can use your Butterfield/AAdvantage®
Business MasterCard® to access cash from any ATM displaying
the MasterCard® or Cirrus logos. Before you use your Butterfield/
AAdvantage® Business MasterCard® at an ATM, visit a Butterfield
Banking	Centre	to	select	a	Personal	Identification	Number	(PIN).	
Please	note	that	cash	advances	are	NOT	eligible	for	AAdvantage®
miles awards.

ATM	Protection
If a Cardholder is a victim of an assault while using their Card at
an ATM and suffers a loss of life, coverage may be provided up
to	USD	3,600.

MasterCard®	Global	Service™
The MasterCard® Global Service™ programme extends the
Butterfield customer service infrastructure around the world
and is available to all MasterCard® Cardholders who are
travelling outside of Bermuda. MasterCard® Global Service™
provides unprecedented emergency customer service—any time,
anywhere, and in any language.

MasterRental™ - Worldwide	coverage	up	to	31	days
Insurance pays for covered damages to a rental vehicle up to
USD50,000	when	the	eligible	MasterCard® Card is used to
initiate and pay for the entire rental transaction. The MasterCard®
Cardholder, and those designated in the auto rental contract as
authorised drivers, are covered. The Cardholder must rent the
car in his or her own name and decline the collision/loss damage
waiver offered by the vehicle rental company.
MasterTravel™ Insurance
Provides	coverage	up	to	USD250,000	against	accidental	death,	
dismemberment, or paralysis when travelling as a passenger by
land, air, or sea on a licensed common carrier. Cardholders must
purchase tickets using their MasterCard® Cards or acquire tickets
through points earned with a MasterCard® rewards programme.
Losses resulting from acts of terrorism are not excluded. Coverage
is provided to the Cardholder, spouse, and unmarried children
between	the	ages	of	birth	to	18,	or	25	years,	if	attending	as	a	
full-time student to an accredited institution of higher learning,
who permanently reside with the Cardholder and receive the
majority of maintenance and support from the Cardholder. The
spouse and dependent children do not need to be travelling with
the Cardholder to be considered insured persons. In addition,
through the insured journey benefit programme, MasterTravel™
provides	24-hour	coverage	against	accidental	death	for	up	to	
60	days	after	disembarkation	from	a	common	carrier	at	the	
destination	of	a	trip.	Coverage	may	be	provided	up	to	USD	3,000.

The	MasterCoverage™	Liability	Protection	Programme
Protects	employers	against	losses	incurred	via	employee	misuse	
of	company	payment	card	privileges	up	to	USD5,000.	The	
MasterCoverage™ programme will reimburse the employer for
losses/charges up to the limits defined in the policy. Employee
termination and account cancellation is a requirement of the
MasterCoverage™ claim process; if employee termination is not
possible, then in order to file a claim under the programme, the
Cardholder’s	account	and	Card(s)	must	be	cancelled.
        For more information,
   please contact Card Services at:
           (441)	295	1111


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               65	Front	Street
              Hamilton,	HM	12

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