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					                                                                                  Central Region ASD Materials

      Author                                Title                          Type     Subject                                                     Summary
                                                                                                Imagine a summer of field trips and fun with friends and family that also helps build vital skills for the
                        1,2, 3, Get Ready, A Fun Summer Program to                Transition to
Johnson, Mary D.                                                           Book                 school year ahead. This action-packed program is designed for just that and requires no unusual
                                   Help Prepare the Special                       Elementary
                                                                                                equipment. Materials needed are contained in a three-ring binder. Use this as an example only.
 Notbohm, Ellen;         1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising                             This resource offers page after page of try-it-now solutions that work with children grappling with
                                                                           Book    Instruction
 Zysk, Veronica           Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders                              communication, social, sensory, behavior, self-care issues and more.
                                                                                               This unique hands-on activity book helps students who are highly anxious cope with their stress by
                        A 5 Could Make Me Lose Control! An activity-                           systematizing social and emotional information. Using this self-contained product, the student literally
                                                                                     Social /
Buron, Kari Dunn        based method for evaluation and supporting         Book                sorts cards describing highly stressful situations into colorful pockets designating stress levels,
                                  highly anxious students                                      ranging from 5-1, as a first step in changing the way he thinks about and responds to emotions such
                                                                                               as anxiety, sadness and anger.
                                                                                               Tony Attwood endorses this as a great, practical guide that will facilitate insight into social
                      A 5 Is Against the Law: Social Boundaries Straight
Buron, Kari Dunn                                                           Book      Social    conventions and regulations. As a result of completing activities in the book, a person with ASD Will
                      Up! An Honest Guide for Teens and Young Adults
                                                                                               be better able to avoid causing offense or getting into trouble with the law.
                                                                                               “A Land We Can Share” moves beyond functional literacy skills and helps K-12 educators bring high-
                                                                                               quality, meaningful literacy instruction to students with autism. This groundbreaking guide shows
                                                                                               teachers how to implement research-based practices in reading and writing instruction; plan effective
   Kluth, Polly;         A Land We Can Share Teaching Literacy to
                                                                           Book    Instruction lessons that build on students’ strengths, interests, and individual needs; design a classroom
Chandler-Ott, Kelly               Students with Autism
                                                                                               environment that promotes literacy learning for all students while addressing the needs of learners
                                                                                               with autism; assess students who do not or cannot show their literacy learning in traditional ways;
                                                                                               include students with autism in a wide range of classroom literacy.
Kern Koegel, Lynn;
                                                                                                 Involving parents in a dynamic parent-professional alliance can empower families and provide skills
  Drazin, Daniel
                        A Model for Parent Professional Collaboration      Book      Parent      so that parents may potentially serve as effective change agents in both the home environment and
 Gabriel, & Carter,
                                                                                                 other community settings. This manual gives examples that serve as a model of this process.
    Cynthia M
                                                                                            This book gives a thorough review of verbal communication development and how autism affects the
  Bondy, Andy &           A Picture's Worth-PECS and Other Visual                  Communi- acquisition and progression of skills. It presents in detail the Picture Exchange Communication
    Frost, Lori             Communications Strategies in Autism                     cation  System (PECS) as well as an overview of other augmentative and alternative communication
                      A Thorn in My Pocket: Temple Grandin's Mother                         This is a fascinating look at Temple Grandin's mother's struggle to protect her daughter while
 Cutler, Eustacia                                                          Book     Parent
                                  Tells the Family Story                                    encouraging her to be the best she could be. Parents will want to read this one!
                                                                                                 This cross-disciplinary reference offers a thorough overview of the communication, language, social,
 Fouse, Beth &          A Treasure Chest of Behavioral Strategies for                            and behavioral issues characteristic of ASDs. Based on meticulous research in the core areas of
                                                                           Book    Behavior
 Wheeler, Maria                   Individuals with Autism                                        ASDs-communication, socialization, emotional regulation, and symbolic development-the authors
                                                                                                 offer practical guidelines for intervention designed for children with autism and their families.
  Region made                    AAC Occupation Storybook                  Book    Instruction Use this interactive book to engage students in the topic of different jobs.
                         Activity Schedules for Children with Autism-
Lynn E and Krantz,                                                         Book    Schedules Describes what is needed to develop successful activity schedules.
                                Teaching Independent Behavior
Johnson, Stephen                                                                                 Stephen Johnson created paintings of the capital letters of the alphabet using what he found in
                                        Alphabet City                      Book    Instruction
        T.                                                                                       natural positions, out-of-doors, or in public places. The results will surprise and delight.
                                                                             Central Region ASD Materials

      Author                               Title                      Type    Subject                                                    Summary
                         Amazingly. . .Alphie! Understanding and               Peer    This story, with its insightful, modern analogy and illustrations, serves as a colorful and enjoyable
   Espin, Roz                                                         Book
                           Accepting Different Ways of Being                 Awareness tool to introduce a child with autism to his differences and his uniqueness to his classmates.
Stock, Kranowitz;       Answers to Questions Teachers Ask about
                                                                      Book    Sensory     Contains reproducible checklists, screening tools, resources, and a glossary.
Szkllut, and others                Sensory Integration
                       ARC-Leadership Training for Individuals with
       ARC                                                            Book     Parent     This is an excellent guide for advocacy by parents
                            Disabilities and Family Member
                                                                                          The goal of this book is to assist the reader in understanding that Arnie’s tools for managing his
   Veenendall,         Arnie and His School Tools Simple Sensory                          environment and response to it are not much different than strategies we use to support our
                                                                      Book   Advocacy
    Jennifer                  Solutions that Build Success                                alertness and productivity. The illustrations and text are appropriate for school but provide
                                                                                          information that parents, grandparents, and teachers will find helpful as well.
   Smith-Myles,                                                                           This text addresses the middle school years and particularly the transition to middle and high school.
                      Asperger Syndrome and Adolescence-Practical
Brenda and Adreo,                                                     Book     Teens      It includes a detailed discussion of strategies and supports necessary to ensure success for students
                              Solutions for School Success
     Diane                                                                                with Asperger Syndrome.
  Smith-Myles,         Asperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments-                           Written for professionals and parents alike, topics in this text include characteristics of AS and their
   Brenda and          Practical Solutions for Tantrums, Rage, and    Book    Behavior    impact on behavior, functional assessment, stages of the rage cycle, strategies that promote social
 Southwick, Jack                        Meltdowns                                         skills development, and solutions for parents including organization and support for daily routines.
Brenda, Tapscott                                                                          Written for professionals and parents alike, the book covers the impact of the sensory system on
                 Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Issues-Practical
  Cook, Miller,                                                       Book    Sensory     behavior and reviews relevant formal and informal assessment tools as well as offering an invaluable
                     Solutions for Making Sense of the World
  Rinner, and                                                                             set of practical interventions.
                                                                                          Adolescence is a difficult time for any teenager, but when you have Asperger Syndrome this already
                                                                                          emotionally complex time of life becomes all the more challenging. Reflecting the views of parents,
 Holliday-Willey,     Asperger Syndrome in Adolescence-Living with
                                                                      Book     Teens      professionals and those with AS themselves, this book tackles issues that are pertinent to all
      Liane            the Ups, the Downs, and Things in Between
                                                                                          teenagers, such as sexuality, depression and friendship, as well as discussing topics like disclosure
                                                                                          and therapeutic alternatives specific to those with AS.
                                                                                          Liane Holliday Willey and one of her daughters both have Asperger Syndrome. In this book she
 Holliday-Willey,     Asperger Syndrome in the Family: Redefining                         looks, with honesty, wisdom, and humor, at the implications this has for her family, both Aspie an
                                                                      Book     Family
      Liane                           Normal                                              non-Aspie members. Not only does the book underscore the importance of mutual support and
                                                                                          respect in and Aspie family-in fact in any family-it offers practical help for families in similar situations.

                                                                                          This informative book gives an overview of Asperger Syndrome’s history, definitions, assessments,
                                                                                          statistics, characteristic expectations, and its challenges. However, the main focus is on intervention
Kaufman, Nancy;       Asperger Syndrome Strategies for Solving the                        in the areas of social skills, academics, sensory and motor disabilities, and behavior management.
                                                                      Book     Social
Larson, Vicki Lord                  Social Puzzle                                         The text is written for teachers, SLPs, and other educators who want to know how to best teach
                                                                                          students with AS and work with their parents. It is also for parents who want to know how to best
                                                                                          help their child. This resource includes a CD-ROM for printing the information.
                                                                                 Central Region ASD Materials

      Author                               Title                        Type      Subject                                                         Summary
                                                                                                This interactive workbook is designed for young people grades 5 through 8 for use with guidance
                                                                                                from a helping adult. Astutely written to be understood by these particular adolescents, An Owner’s
                                                                                                Manual describes what Asperger syndrome is and how it can affect daily life. With the help of a
                       Asperger Syndrome: An Owner’s Manual; What                               trusted adult, the child completes a series of exercises related to learning style, sensory issues,
  Korin, Ellen S.                                                                               emotions, relationships, and more, culminating in a written plan for each major area of his life that
                       You, Your Parents, and Your Teachers Need to     Book     Advocacy
      Heller                                                                                    will serve as a constant guide and reinforcement. This manual is designed to be used at different
                                                                                                times throughout the child’s life, including diagnosis and when problems arise. This unique workbook
                                                                                                not only reassures the young person that the things he is struggling with can improve, but also
                                                                                                empowers him by providing a chance to identify his needs and to participate in developing
                                                                                                interventions and future planning.
                                                                                                Asperger Syndrome - An Owner's Manual is written for primarily middle school-age children. Using
                                                                                                an easy-to-follow format, this interactive workbook deals with issues that older adolescents and
                       Asperger Syndrome: An Owner's Manual 2 For
                                                                                                adults face such as relationships, marriage, independent living, employment, and self-care. The
  Korin, Ellen S.      Older Adolescents and Adults: What You, Your
                                                                        Book     Advocacy       author uses the nonagram, a nine-pointed star symbolizing achievement and completeness to
      Heller          Parents and Friends, and Your Employer, Need to
                                                                                                visually guide readers through each major section of the book. This much-needed resource is
                                                                                                designed to inform and support individuals with AS as they come to grips with their strengths and
                                                                                                challenges and plan for a successful adulthood within the neurotypical world.
  Smith-Myles,                                                                                  This book addresses the basic issues related to the characteristics of children and youth with AS. It
                       Asperger Syndrome-A Guide for Educators and
   Brenda and                                                           Book       Parent       also outlines basic methods to facilitate the growth and development of children and youth with AS in
Simpson, Richard                                                                                the home, school, and community.
                                                                                                This book is a rich source of information for helping parents and professionals understand Asperger
                        Asperger Syndrome-A Guide for Parents and
  Attwood, Tony                                                         Book       Parent       Syndrome. Practical strategies for reducing the most conspicuous or debilitating characteristic of
                                                                                                Asperger Syndrome conclude each chapter
                                                                                                This is a workbook to help children with high functioning autism to learn about their diagnosis and
                      Asperger's What Does it Mean to Me?-Structured
Faherty, Catherine                                                   Workbook    Instruction    talk with their parents about its effects. This is a tool for children to begin the process of self
                            teaching ideas for home and school
                                                                                                discovery, growth, and positive action.
                                                                                                This authoritative book demonstrates how to craft a complete, scientifically grounded, and clinically
                                                                                                useful portrait of a child's strengths and difficulties in social behavior, language and communication,
 Goldstein, Sam;
                                                                                Assessment/     intellectual functioning, motor skills, and other key areas of impairment and comorbidity. Leading
 Naglieri, Jack A.;      Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders        Book
                                                                                 Verification   experts illustrate ways in which school and clinical practitioners can integrate data from a variety of
  Ozonoff, Sally
                                                                                                sources to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and inform the development of individualized
                                                                                                This book focuses on presenting attributes and features of 10 concepts around the following themes:
Britton Reese, Pam                                                                              animals, clothing, food, household items, toys and entertainment, and transportation. Each concept
                           Autism & PDD-Concept Development             Book     Instruction
& Challenner, Nena                                                                              is illustrated in a large and mini-page concept to facilitate working on comprehension and
                                                                                                generalization issues.
Britton Reese, Pam                                                                              This book contains one-page stories with pictures to teach children with autism social skills lessons
                            Autism & PDD-Social Skills Lessons          Books    Instruction
& Challenner, Nena                                                                              for home, school, community, getting along, and behavior.
                                                                                Central Region ASD Materials

      Author                              Title                       Type        Subject                                                      Summary
                                                                                               People with autism often experience difficulty in understanding and expressing their emotions and
                                                                                               react to losses in different ways or in ways that carers do not understand. In order to provide
                                                                                               effective support, carers need to have the understanding, the skills and appropriate resources to
    Rachel &                        Autism and Loss                   Book         Loss
                                                                                               work through these emotional reactions with them. Autism and Loss is a complete resource that
Broadhurst, Sarah
                                                                                               covers a variety of kinds of loss, including bereavement, loss of friends or staff, loss of home or
                                                                                               possessions and loss of health.
Britton Reese, Pam     Autism and PDD-Intermediate-Social Skills                               These lessons adapt Carol Gray's Social Stories by using multiple pictures and using a one-page
                                                                      Book      Instruction
& Challenner, Nena             Lessons Communication                                           lesson format to meet the needs of older elementary students.
                                                                                            This text is intended to support individuals ages eight through twelve and includes two types of
Britton Reese, Pam     Autism and PDD-Intermediate-Social Skills                            lessons, instructional and behavioral. The instructional lessons can be used as a part of a social
                                                                      Book      Instruction
& Challenner, Nena           Lessons Controlling Behavior                                   skills curriculum with small groups. the behavioral lessons target specific social problems that need
                                                                                            to be stopped.
                                                                                            These structured lessons teach social skills through rebus stories. The pictures help students "read"
  Reese, Pamela                                                                             the lesson with you. Here are just some of the social skill areas you'll address: using a quiet voice,
                                                                     Books &
Britton & Challener, Autism and PDD-Primary: Social Skills Lessons                Social    self-care skills, school behavior, hurting self or others, table social skills, getting a check-up. There
       Nina C.                                                                              are five books covering the areas of school, behavior, getting along, community, and home.

                                                                                            The set of five books provides pictorial stories with accompanying easy reader text to support
Britton Reese, Pam
                   Autism and PDD-Social Skills Lessons (Primary)     Book      Instruction appropriate social skills in the following settings: home, community, school; or topics behavior, and
& Challenner, Nena
                                                                                            getting along. The author allows pages to be photocopied for use with individual children.
Britton Reese, Pam Autism and PDD-Social Skills Lessons Community                              This book provides picture stories to help elementary students with community outings like going to
                                                                      Book      Instruction
& Challenner, Nena                  (Primary)                                                  the library, restaurant, or shopping.
                       Autism Aspergers: Solving the Relationship                          Provides information on Relational Development Intervention. Comprehensive handbook on social
 Gutstein, Steven                                                     Book     Social Skills
                                        Puzzle                                             and emotional development.
                                                                                           If you are looking for practical strategies for supporting children with higher functioning autism that
 Schmidt, Carol;       Autism in the School-Aged Child-Expanding
                                                                      Book       Behavior will be helpful for both parents and teacher, you are in luck. This is designed for easy implementation
 Heybyrne, Beth       Behavioral Strategies and Promoting Success
                                                                                           in the general and special education classrooms.
 Gallegos, Eleana                                                                          This book is designed to provide clarity and information about programming to public school
                      Autism Methodology Cases to Live By: Legal
and Shallenberger,                                                    Book     Programming educators about autism programming from key cases that have been defended.
                       Guidance for Practical Program Strategies
                                                                                            This book is a great resource for deciding on whether an intervention for autism is evidence-based or
                      Autism Spectrum Disorders: Interventions and
Simpson, Richard                                                      Book     Intervention not. Every administrator and parent can use this as a guide to what research indicates about the
                           Treatments for Children and Youth
                                                                                            effectiveness of interventions.
                                                                                            This cross-disciplinary reference offers a thorough overview of the communication, language, social,
 Wetherby, Amy &      Autism Spectrum Disorders; A Transactional                            and behavioral issues characteristic of ASDs. Based on meticulous research in the core areas of
                                                                      Book     Intervention
  Prizant, Barry                     Perspective                                            ASDs-communication, socialization, emotional regulation, and symbolic development-the authors
                                                                                            offer practical guidelines for intervention designed for children with autism and their families.
                                                                                    Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                                Title                          Type        Subject                                                    Summary
                                                                                                  For people on the autism spectrum dating is so often an elusive art form, requiring the very skills--in
                                                                                                  communication, in social perception--that don't come naturally to them. This book presents strategies
                                                                                                  for overcoming social skills deficits and sensory issues, to make for relationship success. It For
 Ramey, Emilia       Autistics Guide to Dating, A Book by Autistics for                           people on the autism spectrum dating is so often an elusive art form, requiring the very skills--in
 Murry & Ramey,      Autistics and Those Who Love Them or Who Are         Book         Social     communication, in social perception--that don't come naturally to them. This book presents strategies
   Jody John                        In Love with Them                                             for overcoming social skills deficits and sensory issues, to make for relationship success.

Goldberg, Pamela Become a Master of Self Control; Meet Melly, Her                                Meet Melly in the first workbook in the Become a Master of Self-Control series. Follow Molly's
   & Winston-    Color is Mad-A Groundbreaking Workbook to Help Book/CD              Instruction adventures and help your child master their moods when they are calm--and when they are out of
Macauley, Marnie           Children Master Their Moods                                           control. Look for accompanying CDs in the CD/DVD section of the resources.
                                                                                                 Parents and teachers have collaborated on this manual on early intervention. It includes target
                     Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with                             behavior worksheets, legal and educational resources, answers to commonly asked questions and
Maurice, Catherine                                                        Book        Behavior
                     Autism-A Manual for Parents and Professionals                               more. This book guides the reader through the maze of treatment options, separating those that are
                                                                                                 credible from those that are unproven.
                                                                                                 This manual is intended to provide teachers, parents, paraprofessionals, and therapists with a
                       Better Together, Building Relationships with
                                                                                                 relationship-based approach to teaching social skills to individuals who have dual diagnoses that
                     People who Have Visual Impairment and Autism
  Hagood, Linda                                                           Book          Social   include visual impairment and autism or Asperger's disorder. The ideas may also be helpful for
                          Spectrum Disorder (or Atypical Social
                                                                                                 teaching visually impaired people who have other types of atypical social development such as
                                                                                                 anxiety disorders, oppositional defiant disorders, or obsessive compulsive behaviors.
Johnson, Mary D.                                                                                 Mary Donnet Johnson, mother of Pace, a child with autism, and Sherry Henshaw Corden, an
                      Beyond Words: The Successful Inclusion of a
   & Henshaw                                                              Book        Inclusion inclusive kindergarten teacher with over two decades of experience, chronicle their conversation on
                                 Child with Autism
 Corden, Sherry                                                                                  including Pace, who is largely nonverbal, into the kindergarten classroom.
  Center Made                      Birthday Play Mat                              Instruction Use this to involve students with limited language.
                           Bob the Builder-Wendy Helps Out               Book                 This preschool, ready-to-read book is made for Bob the Builder lovers.
                                                                                              Brotherly Feelings explores the emotions that siblings of children with Asperger's Syndrome (AS)
 Frender, Sam &      Brotherly Feelings, Me, My Emotions, and My                   Siblings /
                                                                         Book                 commonly experience. With illustrations throughout, this book will help siblings to understand that
Schiffmiller, Robin         Brother with Asperger Syndrome                         Emotions
                                                                                              their emotional responses - whatever they are - are natural and OK.
                                                                                              Here is a text that offers methods to make curriculum modifications that allow young children with
Sandall, Susan & Building Blocks for Teaching Preschoolers with                               disabilities to participate, embed learning opportunities within typical classroom activities, and use
                                                                         Book     Preschool
 Schwartz, Ilene                     Special Needs                                            child-focused instructional strategies. This is a useful tool for staff working in community-based
                                                                                              preschool classrooms and for consulting teachers.
                      Building Social Relationships: A Systematic
                    Approach to Teaching Social Interaction Skills to                         This clear and easy-to-read book offers an innovative approach to the core challenge of ASDs. It
   Bellini, Scott                                                        Book       Social
                    Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum                             provides a vast menu of choices to help individuals achieve social fluidity and success.
                         Disorders and Other Social Difficulties
                                                                                    Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                                Title                          Type        Subject                                                   Summary
 Newman, Dawn,
                       Bully Busters A Teacher's Manual for Helping
 Horne, Arthur, &                                                         Book        Social     This book emphasizes the teacher' efforts toward the control and prevention of bullying occurrences.
                        Bullies, Victims and Bystanders Grades 6-8
                                                                                                 The strength of bully-proofing is its ability to mobilize the “caring majority” of 85% of students who are
                       Bully-proofing Your School; A Comprehensive                               neither bullies nor victims. Here is a resource to help you accomplish bully-proofing. This book
  Garrity, Carla        Approach for Elementary Students (Second         Program     Bullying    provides step by step guidance for staff training; student instruction; support of victims; interventions
                                          Edition)                                               with bullies; systems interventions; development of a positive, caring climate; and many
                                                                                                 reproducibles to support the program.
                                                                                                 This highly acclaimed program will help you and your staff to create an environment where students
 Bonds, Marla &        Bully-proofing Your School; A Comprehensive
                                                                         Program     Bullying    feel safe and secure. You will find valuable information about developmental issues unique to middle
  Stoker, Sally                 Approach for Middle Schools
                                                                                                 school students in this resource.
                                                                                                 Learn ho to identify and capture motivational factors that will influence your child's willingness to
Partington, James     Capturing the Motivation of Children with Autism             Instruction /
                                                                          Book                   participate in both structured teaching sessions and everyday activities. Discover the techniques to
        W.                    or Other Developmental Delays                          Behavior
                                                                                                 create motivational conditions that result in increased spontaneous language and social interactions.
 Random House         Catch Me, Catch Me, A Thomas the Tank Engine
                                                                          Book       Children    Young children will like this story of a race between Thomas and Gordon.
    Reader                                 Story
  Smith Myles,         Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome                                This clearly written text gives teachers helpful strategies to apply in the classroom and while planning
                                                                          Book       Inclusion
    Brenda              Strategies for Success in Inclusive Settings                            an individual’s transition after school.
                                                                                                For both the new parent coping with a child's recent diagnosis and one who's an experienced
 Powers, Michael                                                                                advocate, Children with Autism is a must-have reference. Written by the leading researchers,
                          Children with Autism: A Parents' Guide          Book      Information
       D.                                                                                       clinicians, educators, advocates, attorneys and parents, this book supports parents in their efforts to
                                                                                                secure the brightest possible future for their child.
Giangreco, Michael
   F.; Cloninger,      Choosing Outcomes and Accommodations for
   Chigee J.; &         Children (COACH) A Guide to Educational           Book     Programming This is a family-friendly, individual-centered approach to planning.
 Iverson, Virginia,       Planning for Students with Disabilities
                                                                                                The Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders guidelines provide a
 Interdisciplinary      Clinical Practice Guidelines-Redefining the
                                                                                                comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to the most challenging developmental disorders including
    Council on          Standards of Care for Infants, Children, and      Book     Intervention
                                                                                                autism. It outlines an integrated model in which all the disciplines can work together and provides an
Developmental and               Families with Special Needs
                                                                                                unprecedented level of clinical depth and detail.
Learning Disorders
  Kinney, Judi &                                                                             This book includes tips from teachers in the trench and includes sample schedules, questionnaires,
                            Co Teaching Students with Autism              Book       Inclusion
  Fischer Debbi                                                                              and stories about commonly encountered difficulties.
                                                                                             Susan Gorin, a past president of the National Association of School Psychologists, endorses this
   Gray, Carol                  Comic Strip Conversations                 Book               book as “an excellent training tool that summarizes best practice and a variety of intervention
                                                                                             techniques for working with bullies and their scapegoats at school.
Grandin, Temple & Developing Talents-Careers for Individual with                                 This book gets high marks as being a practical resource for individuals with Asperger Syndrome. It
                                                                          Book     Employment
   Duffy, Kate   Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism                                   has clear and specific suggestions and guideline for real-life applications.
                                                                              Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                              Title                         Type     Subject                                                      Summary
                                                                                            Backed by research-based methodology, this comprehensive assessment and intervention guide
                   Do-Watch-Listen-Say Social and Communication               Communi-      features a state-of-the-art assessment tool along with hundreds of creative ideas to promote social
 Quill, Kathleen                                                       Book
                       Intervention for Children with Autism                   cation       and communication skills. The author allows photocopies of the assessment tool, blank forms, and
                                                                                            activity sheets in designated chapters for educational purposes.
                                                                                            The author discusses strategies for a successful early intervention program, behavior challenges and
                   Early Intervention & Autism: Real-Life Questions,            Early       meltdowns, and useful resources for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders. Included in
  Ball, James                                                          Book
                                   Real-Life Answers                          Childhood     the back of the book are appendices with a "Day in the Life" example of the author's strategies in
                                                                                            practice and a sample Individual Family Services Plan.
                                                                                            This book presents a child’s struggle with Asperger Syndrome as it is seen by his mother. The title
                    Eating an Artichoke-A Mother's Perspective on
 Fling, Echo R.                                                        Book     Parent      reflects the process of understanding the disability, like eating an artichoke, peeling off each thorny
                                 Asperger Syndrome
                                                                                            layer to get to the “heart” of things.
                                                                                            This resource is a “must have” to best know what treatment options have proven to be more or less
Simpson, Richard
                      Educating Children and Youth with Autism;                             effective, considering lots of significant controversy. After intensified debate over how to best
 & Smith Myles,                                                        Book   Instruction
                          Strategies for Effective Practice                                 address the needs of children and youth with these disorders, this research will help you find the
                                                                                            answers to best suit your child.
                                                                                            This book outlines an interdisciplinary approach to education for children with autism. The committee
National Academy                                                                            explores what makes education effective for a child with autism. It also identifies specific
                           Educating Children with Autism              Book   Instruction
      Press                                                                                 characteristics of programs that work. Recommendations are offered for choosing educational
                                                                                            content and strategies.
                                                                                            This is a resource for creating a total communication classroom for young children with autism
 Soeder, Beth &                                                                             spectrum disorders and related communication challenges. The resource book and CD were
                                      Empower!                         Book    Advocacy
 Critz Catherine                                                                            designed to save educators and therapists valuable preparation and instruction time by providing
                    Enhancing Communication in Individuals with                             Impaired expressive language is a barrier for persons with autism. This paper discusses the
Winner, Michelle                                                              Communi-
                    Autism, Through the Use of Pictures and Word       Book                 philosophy, description, and implementation of visually aided communication, including
    Garcia                                                                     cation
                                      Symbols                                               communication boards and computers, eye gaze, manual signs, and gestures.
                                                                                            Impaired expressive language is a barrier for persons with autism. This paper discusses the
 Bleach, Fiona                  Everybody is Different                 Book                 philosophy, description, and implementation of visually aided communication, including
                                                                                            communication boards and computers, eye gaze, manual signs, and gestures.
                                                                                            This Cognitive Behavior Therapy program was designed to be highly structured, interesting, and
                                                                                            successful in encouraging the cognitive control of emotions. It includes sections for the students to
                   Exploring Feelings-Cognitive Behavior Therapy to           Communi-
 Attwood, Tony                                                         Book                 record individual comments and responses to questions. The Central Region ASD Team asks you to
                                   Manage Anxiety                              cation
                                                                                            use this book as an example (not fill it in) and decide if you need to order it for your child or student
                                                                                            to use.
                   Exploring the Spectrum of Autism and Pervasive               General The information in this book is introduced in general terms, then gradually explained in full detail,
Carolyn & Paris,                                                       Book
                   Developmental Disorders: Intervention Strategies           Information making it easy to follow. It includes treatment ideas, games and activities.
   Betty A.
                                                                                           There are a lot of endorsements on the back of this book by professionals in the field. However, the
                   Finding our Way: Practical Solutions for Creating
                                                                                           best one is an endorsement by one of the parents in the ASK Parent Support Group who suggested
  Sakai, Kristi       a Supportive Home and Community for the          Book   Intervention
                                                                                           it was so good she would donate it to the lending library if we could not afford it. Of course, we can
                             Asperger Syndrome Family
                                                                                           afford a book this helpful.
                                                                                    Central Region ASD Materials

      Author                               Title                          Type       Subject                                                Summary
                                                                                          The author of this book, Luke Jackson, is a 13-year-old and has three sisters and three brothers.
                    Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger Syndrome; A User                          One on his brothers has AD/HD, one is autistic, and Luke has Asperger Syndrome. Luke’s book give
  Jackson, Luke                                                        Book     Teens
                                 Guide to Adolescence                                     guidance on bullying, friendships, when and how to tell others about AS, problems at school, dating
                                                                                          and relationships, and morality.
                    Functional Behavior Assessment for People with                        Dr. Glasberg has taken a complex body of research and translated it into a clearly written and very
  Glasberg, Beth     Autism-Making Sense of Seemingly Senseless        Book    Behavior user-friendly guide to understanding functional assessment. This text can be used by parents and
                                        Behavior                                          teachers to form behavior intervention plans to remediate challenging behaviors.
                                                                                          Getting the Message, by the same author of Picture Directions, Pat Crissey, looks at non-verbal
                     Getting the Message, Learning to Read Facial                         communication as a highly complex and subtle language, but an essential one that students must
   Crissey, Pat                                                        Book   Perspective
                                       Expressions                                        master. To this end, the book provides facial expression cards and written scenarios for use in
                                                                                          assessments as well as in teaching activities.
                                                                                          Giggle Time is a step-by-step program for parents, teachers, and other professionals to help develop
                   Giggle Time; Establishing the Social Connection-A
                                                                                          the non-verbal, verbal, and social reciprocity skills of children with autism. It describes, in detail, how
  Aud Sonders,     Program to Develop the Communication Skills for
                                                                       Book     Social    to communicate with children with autism spectrum conditions and gives clear instructions on "how
      Susan          Children with Autism, Asperger Syndrome and
                                                                                          to" techniques for developing language skills. This book is packed full of fun and child-centered
                                                                                          exercises that can be carried out at home or in the classroom.
   Center Made                 Gingerbread Man Play Mat              Play Mat             Supplement your story telling by using this interactive play mat.
                     Girls Under the Umbrella of Autism Spectrum                          There are lots of insightful first-person accounts from girls on the autism/Asperger spectrum and
 Ernsperger, Lori;
                      Disorders Practical Solutions for Addressing     Book      Girls    anecdotes from their parents in this book. It addresses gender-specific issues as well as containing
 Wendell, Danielle
                                  Everyday Challenges                                     information from which parents of either gender can readily benefit.
                                                                                          This book is written from a parent's perspective and gives a candid and thoughtful account of one
                                                                                          family's trek through the world of Asperger Syndrome. It is a warm personal journal and an incredibly
    Pyles, Lisa         Hitchhiking through Asperger Syndrome          Book     Parent
                                                                                          comprehensive and practical instruction manual all in one book. A bonus for parent who read this is
                                                                                          the description the author provides about telling her son about his diagnosis.
                                                                                          As a professional who has experienced "the other side of the table," Kirby Lenz's writing empowers
                    Hopes and Dreams; An IEP Guide for Parents of
    Lenz, Kirby                                                        Book Programming parents and their children by guiding them to prepare for the IEP process in a thoughtful and
                        Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
                                                                                          systematic way.
                                                                                          Using the power of visual strategies, beginning readers learn to associate pictures with words.
   Green, Joan                        How Do I Feel                    Book     Visuals   Children move original, velcro-backed drawings to match, identify, label, sequence, and create
                                                                                          sentences while learning to read.
                                                                                          This book uses Dr. Zork Tripork lecturing a group of curious aliens to explain basic rules of behavior
  Leedy, Loreen                How Humans Make Friends                 Book     Social    for friendships. It includes skills like meeting and greeting, smiling, sharing interests, and enjoying
                       How Rude! The Teenagers' Guide to Good                             Described as “a riot to read” this book covers the basics of good behavior for teens. The book is
   Packer, Alex       Manners, Proper Behavior, and not Crossing       Book     Teens     written in a “Dear Alex” format that gives it lots of appeal while, at the same time, giving good
                                       People Out                                         information and alternative behaviors to rudeness.
                                                                                          This training manual includes a short course on autism spectrum disorders with specific information
                                  How to be a Para Pro                 Book      Para     included on peripheral, direct academic, social, play and leisure, and behavioral support as well as
                                                                                          data and record keeping forms and ideas.
                    How to Help a Clumsy Child: Strategies for Young                             This is a practical resource manual and “how to help” book for parents and professionals, offering
    Kurtz, Lisa                                                           Book        Motor
                     Children with Developmental Motor Concerns                                  sensible advice on how to recognize typical and atypical motor development.
                                                                               Central Region ASD Materials

      Author                               Title                        Type    Subject                                                     Summary
                                                                                            This descriptive story tells the reader how to lose friends. Use it as a springboard to problem solve
 Carlson, Nancy                How to Lose All Your Friends             Book    Social
                                                                                            with your students with ASD how their friends might feel and how to problem solve.
                      How to Teach Pivotal Behaviors to Children with                       This manual was designed to apply to a broad range of variety of age ranges and functioning levels.
Koegel, Lynn, et al                                                     Book   Behavior
                               Autism: A Training Manual                                    It focuses mainly on family interactions between individuals and their parents and siblings.
Kern Koegel, Lynn;
                      How to Teach Self-Management to People with                           This manual represents one type of self-management program that has been proven to be effective
Koegel & Rumore                                                         Book   Behavior
                                   Severe Disabilities                                      for individuals with severe disabilities.
 Parks, Deborah
    Diane &                                                                      Self-      This is the book every parent of a child with Asperger Syndrome or autism needs to cut through the
                          How Well Does Your IEP Measure Up?            Book
Twachtman-Cullen,                                                              Advocacy     confusion of developing an appropriate Individual Education Plan.
                                                                                            This innovative curriculum teaches important hygiene skills and associated social understanding
                                                                                            using a fun approach that targets the core characteristics and learning styles of children and
                                                                                            adolescents on the autism spectrum. The author's generous use of structure, predictability, self-
                      Hygiene and Related Behaviors for Children and                        monitoring, and ways to convey and check for social understanding is worked into all discussion and
 Mahler, Kelly J.                                                       Book   Hygiene
                       Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders                           activities. Ranging from basic daily hygiene to picking, using public restrooms, burping, and farting,
                                                                                            topics focus on healthy and socially acceptable behaviors. The book is the answer to the constant
                                                                                            search for inventive and intriguing ways to teach often quite boring topics surrounding functional life
                                                                                            A young girl takes her frog, and other pets, to the library with predictable disastrous results. This
   Kimmel, Eric                I Took My Frog to the Library            Book   Emotions     book lends itself to talking about emotions and predicting what might occur under imaginative
                                                                                            Autism is hard to explain to others, particularly children. This book tells the story of a walk a child
                                                                                            with autism takes. It is presented from his sister’s point of view and shows that siblings may
  Lears, Laurie                         Ian's Walk                      Book   Advocacy
                                                                                            experience negative feelings as well as strong feelings of loyalty, responsibility, and love for their
                                                                                            brother or sister with autism.
                                                                                            Entering junior high school can be stressful and daunting for any kid, but for Nick Hansen, who is
                                                                                            non-verbal because of his autism, it would be doubly hard. Joanna Keating-Velasco, author of In His
 Keating-Velasco,                                                                           Shoes, takes us through that year of transition with Nick, sharing his experiences, feelings, and
                       In His Shoes: A Short Journey through Autism     Book   Transition
    Joanna L.                                                                               reactions to a variety of scenarios encountered by the typical seventh grader, including Nick's first
                                                                                            dance, track practice, and changing for gym in the locker room with the other boys in his gym class.

                                                                                            This book is the winner of the ASA Book of the Year Award. It offers the benefits of inclusion
                      Inclusive Programming for Elementary Students
 Wagner, Sheila                                                         Book   Inclusion    exercises and programs that make inclusion a comfortable process for the child with autism, his
                                       with Autism
                                                                                            teacher and fellow students.
                         Inclusive Programming for Middle School                            This book on inclusion illustrates methods and techniques to comfortably blend middle school
 Wagner, Sheila                                                         Book   Inclusion
                                   Students with Autism                                     students and their classmates in the classroom.
                                                                                            This is a well-organized and informative book in which the author defines Asperger Syndrome and
 Moyes, Rebecca         Incorporating Social Goals in the Classroom     Book    Social      provides practical, hands-on strategies to writing IEP goals for these students in areas of social
                                                                                            deficit. Lesson plans are included to teach these social goals.
                                                                                 Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                                Title                         Type     Subject                                                   Summary
  Wilde, Laura;
                                                                                             Introducing what will be presented in the near future has proven to be a productive practice for
 Kermn Koegel,
                      Increasing Success in School through Priming       Book    Instruction supporting school success. This manual is designed to help families and teachers who wish to ease
 Lynn &Koegel,
                                                                                             the acquisition of new material for students who have difficulty in the classroom.
                                                                                             Written in an engaging and approachable style, this book provides parents and professionals alike
                      Initiations and Interactions: Early Intervention                       with “best practices” ideas for promoting communication and language development. It has dozens
 Cardon, Teresa                                                          Book    Instruction
                      Techniques for Parents of Children with ASD                            of practical ideas for encouraging communication in everyday settings. It should be of great use to
                                                                                             parents looking for straightforward suggestions.
                                                                                             The author, a speech/language pathologist, of this text uses the acronym I LAUGH to teach persons
 Winner, Michelle     Inside Out: What Makes a Person with Social                            with social-cognitive deficits how to communicate effectively and problem solve. Social cognitive
                                                                         Book      Social
     Garcia                       Cognitive Deficits Tick                                    deficits include those with high functioning autism, Asperger Syndrome, hyperlexia, PDD-NOS,
                                                                                             semantic-pragmatic disorder and nonverbal learning disabilities.
                                                                                             Sensory and behavior issues are often complex, intermingled, and pertinent to most clinicians who
                                                                                             work with children. This book provides information and strategies for distinguishing between sensory-
                     Is It Sensory or Is It Behavior? Behavior Problem            Sensory/
  Paris, Betty A.                                                        Book                based and non-sensory-based behaviors, as well as intervention techniques. Topics addressed
                        Identification, Assessment, and Intervention              Behavior
                                                                                             include causes of behavior, sensory integrative dysfunction, environmental factors that impact
                                                                                             behavior, managing challenging behaviors, and implementing sensory diets.
First Experiences                                                                            Using colorful photos and limited writing, this book explains what a potty is, how an older child will
                                      It's Potty Time                    Book     Self-care
      Books                                                                                  use the toilet, and reassures a child about their ability to learn this new skill.
                                                                                          This resource pairs the communication needs of the child with autism with techniques that facilitate
                                                                                 Communi- learning in activities that foster receptive, expressive, and social language development. Each unit
  Drake, Martha                   Just for Kids - Autism                 Book
                                                                                  cation  addressed includes mirror work, naming pictures, game time, rebus stories, worksheet practice,
                                                                                          making a craft, and expansion activities on the units that are based on common fairy tales.
                                                                                             When learners with autism have deep, consuming fascinations—trains, triangles, basketballs,
                     Just Give Him the Whale! 20 Ways to Use
  Kluth, Paula;                                                                   Special    whales—teachers often wonder what to do. This concise, highly practical guidebook gives educators
                  Fascinations, Areas of Expertise, and Strengths to     Book
Schwartz, Patrick                                                                 Interest   across grade levels a powerful new way to think about students' "obsessions": as positive teaching
                            Support Students with Autism
                                                                                             tools that calm, motivate, and improve learning.
                                                                                             Just Take a Bite presents a practical and contemporary approach to helping children who are
Ernsperger, Lori; Just Take a Bite: Easy Effective Answers to Food
                                                                         Book      Eating    problem eaters. It is an excellent resource on why some children have eating challenges and how to
Wendell, Danielle         Aversions and Eating Challenges
                                                                                             use different strategies to promote positive mealtime environments.
                                                                                             Each of the creative theme-based group lessons in this practical resource follows a sensory-
                                                                                             integrated developmental sequence consisting of seven activities, all related to the theme. For
                      Learn to Move, Move to Learn! Sensorimotor
Brack, Jenny Clark                                                       Book   Sensorimotor maximum flexibility, suggestions for adaptation and modification for individual students are included,
                            Early Childhood Activity Themes
                                                                                             along with instructions for how to develop additional lessons. Finally, a chapter on school readiness
                                                                                             skills shows how the lessons prepare children for later success in school.
                                                                                             Learn to Move, Moving Up! focuses on elementary-school age students with
                                                                                             sensory processing disorders. The centerpiece of the book consists of 30
                        Learn to Move, Moving Up! Sensorimotor
Brack, Jenny Clark                                                       Book   Sensorimotor sensorimotor, theme-based lesson plans that include literacy and curriculum
                          Elementary School Activity Themes
                                                                                             suggestions for teachers, and suggests ways that they can be incorporated into
                                                                                             busy elementary school schedules and environments
                                                                                 Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                                Title                        Type      Subject                                                   Summary
                                                                                              This set of three books addresses preschool and elementary skills including: Share and Take Turns;
                                                                                              Be Polite and Kind; and Understand and Care. The text is simple and direct and the illustrations are
  Meiners, Cheri                  Learning to Get Along                 Books      Social
                                                                                              engaging. They are meant to be read aloud and include a special section for adults with ways to
                                                                                              reinforce the ideas and skills being taught, questions to invite discussion, and games to play.
                     Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Family's Triumph Over                         Catherine Maurice gives an illuminating account of how one family triumphed over autism. It is as
Maurice, Catherine                                                      Book      Parent
                                         Autism                                              beautifully written as it is informative.
                                                                                             The often overlooked area of emotions, which poses a major challenge for children with autism
                     Let’s Talk Emotions Helping Children with Social
                                                                                             spectrum and other social cognitive challenges, receives major emphasis in this collection of easy-to-
                     Cognitive Deficits, Including AS, HFA, and NLVD
 Cardon, Teresa                                                         Book      Emotions use activities for children ages 4-18. Children learn to identify and respond to their own feelings as
                     Learn to Understand and Express Empathy and
                                                                                             well as the feelings of others, thereby improving their chances of maintaining and establishing
                                                                                             fulfilling and successful social relationships.
                                                                                               Developing important phonics skills such as letter recognition, letter sounds, rhyming word families
 Innovative Kids       Letter Hunt with Built-In Memory Match Game      Book     Instruction
                                                                                                                            and rebus puzzles is the focus of this flap book
                                                                                             By researching expert opinions and telling her own story Barbara Jacobs tells a honest and
 Jacobs, Barbara     Loving Mr. Spock: Understanding an Aloof Lover     Book      Emotions
                                                                                             compelling story that reveals the truth about those with Asperger's and those who love them.
                     Making Sense of Sex, A Forthright Guide to                              Making Sense of Sex is a thorough guide written in unambiguous language with helpful diagrams,
 Attwood, Sarah     Puberty, Sex, and Relationships for People with     Book      Self Care explanations and practical advice for young people approaching puberty and beyond.
                                Asperger's Syndrome
Savner, Jennifer & Making Visual Supports Work in the Home and
                                                                                              This book shows samples of what a visual support looks like for those who really need to see it. It is
  Smith -Myles,    Community: Strategies for Individuals with Autism    Book      Visuals
                                                                                              easy to read with step-by-step directions and pictures.
    Brenda                     and Asperger Syndrome
                                                                                          The goal of this book is to provide an overview of Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)
                           Meaningful Exchanges for People with                           systems. This book stresses the benefits of AAC and the support it provides. Throughout this book,
Cafiero, Joanne M.     Autism—An Introduction to Augmentative and       Book              AAC tools and strategies are illustrated through real life vignettes of individuals with ASD. It
                               Alternative Communication                                  highlights the importance of understanding that AAC is about connection and interaction between
                                                                        Book &   Communi- Parent may use the More Than Words guidebook to promote their children's social interaction,
     Hannen                         More Than Words
                                                                         Video    cation  communication and play skills during everyday activities.
                                                                                          Through wonderful photographs of Jamie and Will, this book speaks to the power and value of
  Lowell, Jamie                    My Best Friend Will                  Book     Advocacy friendship. This book successfully presents how unthreatening the behavior differences of individuals
                                                                                          with autism are.
                                                                                          If you want to teach children to identify, access the intensity of and respond appropriately to their
                                                                                          emotions, this is the book for you. The book is fully interactive and uses a dry-erase marker so that
 Jaffe, Amy and        My Book Full of Feelings: How to Control and
                                                                        Book     Emotions unique situations and solutions can be added and changed with a wipe of a paper towel, as the child
  Gardner, Luci            React to the Size of Your Emotions
                                                                                          masters a skill and grows. Also included are Communication Worksheets for tracking and sharing
                                                                                          information between home and school.
                       Navigating the Social World: A Curriculum for                      This text is designed to help parents and teachers work with individuals on recognizing and coping
McAfee, Jeanette        Individuals with Asperger's Syndrome, High      Book      Social  with their own emotions, communicating and learning social skills, working on abstract thinking and
                         Functioning Autism and Related Disorders                         figurative language, and developing some behavioral skills.
                                                                                  Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                               Title                         Type        Subject                                                      Summary
                                                                                               This Booklet was put together by Nebraska parents as well as members from Unlocking Autism of
Autism Society of                                                                              Nebraska, the Autism Society of Nebraska, LIFE of the Midwest, Parents Autism Network of
                           Nebraska Autism Parent Handbook              Book
    Nebraska                                                                                   Nebraska, and the Asperger's Support Group among others. It covers basic and beyond the basics
                                                                                               information, some of which is specific to Nebraska.
  Center Made                    No, No, Puppy Play Mat                Play Mat    Instruction This puppy, bone, sock, and comb will make story-telling more engaging.
                                                                                               Jam-packed with activities that develop important basic math concepts and skills such as counting
 Innovative Kids     Number Hunt with Built-In Memory Match Game        Book       Instruction
                                                                                               and simple addition, this book with built-in flaps is sure to please.
   Colby Trott,      Oh Behave! Sensory Processing and Behavioral                              A practical guide for clinicians, teachers and parents, this resource uses applied behavior principles
                                                                  Workbook          Behavior
    Maryann                          Strategies                                                to evaluate, teach and change behaviors.
                                                                                               Readers and listeners who have delighted in Diane Murrell’s earlier picture book, Tobin Learns to
                                                                                               Make Friends, will welcome her latest book written for and addressing some of the major issues
                      Oliver Onion-The Onion Who Learns to Accept
  Murrell, Diane                                                        Book        Advocacy faced by all children, but particularly so by those with autism spectrum disorders. Oliver Onion is
                                     and Be Himself
                                                                                               written for 4 to 10-year-olds but the colorful illustrations and heartfelt message will appeal to children
                                                                                               and adults alike.
Van Fleet, Matthew                  One Yellow Lion                     Book                     This is a fun fold-out book with colors, numbers, and animals. Every page contains a surprise.
                       Overcoming Autism: Finding the Answers,                                  Overcoming Autism is an inspired collaboration of a parent and a researcher and shows what can
Kern Koegel, Lynn;                                                                Information /
                   Strategies and Hope that Can Transform a Child's     Book                    be accomplished through early intervention. It provides helpful, practical interventions, and its
    LaZebnik                                                                       Intervention
                                         Life                                                   organization around symptoms makes it particularly helpful for parents.
                                                                                                Research shows that children with Autism make the biggest gains when both parents and teachers
                                                                                                are using consistent strategies to support them. The Quality Inclusion Parent Training offers a
    The LEAP                                                                                    complete curriculum for training parents to guide and teach their child with Autism. Quality Inclusion
 Outreach Porject Parent Training: Positive Parenting for Young        DVD &           Early    Parent Training shows you how to: identify the causes of challenging behavior, increase desirable
    and LEAP      Children with Autism                                 Books        Childhood behaviors, help children learn to follow directions, and improve children’s communication skills. This
    Preschool                                                                                   set includes a DVD, Trainer's Manual, and Teacher's Workbook.

                                                                                                 This book describes the symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and offers and overview
                        Parenting a Child with Sensory Processing
Auer, Christopher;                                                                               of what it means to live with and care for a child with the condition. It provides a range of activities
                      Disorder A Family Guide to Understanding and      Book        Sensory
Blumberg, Susan                                                                                  that help strengthen family relationships, improve communication about the disorder, and deal with
                         Supporting Your Sensory-Sensitive Child
                                                                                                 problem situations and conditions a child with SPD may encounter.
Keenean, Mickey;
   Kerr, Ken;    Parents' Education as Autism Therapists - Applied                               Clear, focused and practical, this book is a useful introduction to ABA for parents and professionals
                                                                        Book      Intervention
  Dillenburger,            Behavior Analysis in Context                                          working with children with autism.
                                                                                                 This text has theme-based activities for children with autism spectrum and other sensory processing
 Fuge, Glenda &      Pathways to Play! Combining Sensory Integration                             disorders. All play themes are arranged in an easy-to-use format and include: facilitator prompts, a
                                                                        Book        Sensory
 Berry, Rebecca                and Integrated Play Groups                                        materials list, the developmental foundations addressed in a given play activity, and a worksheet
                                                                                                 page for making notes and observations.
 Cimarusti, Marie                                                                  Communi-
                  Peek a Zoo, Peek a Moo, What's for Dinner             Book                This is a fun set of three books that will both delight the young listener and give the adult the
     Torres                                                                         cation
                                                                                            opportunity to ask "wh" questions and practice predicting.
                                                                              Central Region ASD Materials

      Author                             Title                         Type     Subject                                                      Summary
                                                                                           This is a user-friendly book for parents and teachers who want to use play as a quality intervention
                    Peer Play and the Autism Spectrum: The Art of                          with young children with autism. Pamela Wolfberg offers practical guidelines for developing
Wolfberg, Pamela                                                       Book      Social
                    Guiding Children's Socialization and Imagination                       Integrated Play Groups (IPG) and offers tools for assessment, hands-on activities and strategies in
                                                                                           this book.
                                                                                           Perfect Targets provides helpful guidelines for administrators, teachers, and parent. The tools in this
Heinrichs, Rebecca Perfect Targets: Asperger Syndrome and Bullying     Book     Bullying book are specifically designed or adapted for the challenges faced by students with Asperger
                                                                                           This book is based on a game the author used to play with his youngest daughter, Maggie. It is a
    Steig, Will                      Pete's a Pizza                    Book     Sensory
                                                                                           nice way to introduce or explain sensory games to young children.
                      Picture the Progress: Drawings of Positive                           Permission is granted for the drawings in this book to photocopy the drawings included in this book
Street, Anabelle & Student Behavior for Behavior Cards, Discussion                         for their classroom or students in developing behavior plans, behavior cards, rule charts, discussion
                                                                       Book     Behavior
Cattoche, Robert         Cards and Rule Charts..when visual                                cards, newsletters, and similar purposes. The authors even provide a guide to modifying the
                               communication is needed                                     drawings.
                                                                                           Pivotal Response Treatment works with each child's natural motivations and stresses functional
                                                                                           communication over rote learning. This comprehensive model helps children develop skills they can
Koegel, Robert &     Pivotal Response Treatments for Autism:
                                                                       Book   Intervention really use. Use this timely resource to support children with autism to enjoy more positive
Koegel, Lynn Kern Communication, Social & Academic Development
                                                                                           interactions, more effective communication, and higher academic achievement in natural, inclusive
                                                                                           A ‘must have’ for anyone wanting to bring about genuine social reciprocity and imagination in
Wolfberg, Pamela      Play and Imagination in Children with Autism     Book       Play
                                                                                           children with autistic spectrum disorders.
                                                                                           This collection of practical, hands-on social skills activities are easy for both parents and children to
 Bareket, Rachel                    Playing It Right                   Book      Social
                                                                                           carry out with a child. The activities result in a finished project that can serve to reinforce skills.
                    Power Cards Using Special Interests to Motivate                        The Power Card Strategy is a visual aid that incorporates the child’s special interest to teach
  Gagnon, Elisa     Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome and      Book                appropriate social interactions including routines, behavioral expectations, the meaning of language
                                        Autism                                             and the hidden curriculum.
                                                                                           Nine-year-old Haley Myles has written this book with the refreshing straightforwardness that is
   Myles, Haley      Practical Solutions to Everyday Challenges for
                                                                       Book   Intervention uniquely a child's. Her many practical suggestions for everyday situations are easy to read and
     Morgan                 children with Asperger Syndrome
                                                                                           complete with engaging illustrations. This manual will appeal to children and adults alike.
                                                                                           This easy-to-follow resource provides a complete toolbox of social skills and the means to attain
                       Preparing for Life: the Complete Guide to
                                                                                           them so that students may approach their futures with excitement rather than anxiety. It tackles a
    Baker, Jed      Transitioning to Adulthood for those with Autism   Book       Adult
                                                                                           wide variety of issues such a perspective-taking, nonverbal communication skills, conversational
                               and Asperger’s Syndrome
                                                                                           skills and stress management.
                                                                                           Preschool SENSE helps teachers recognize the emerging patterns of sensory issues and sensory
 Kranowitz, Carol                                                                          processing disorder among their most-challenging students. Offering side-by-side examples of
                        Preschool Sensory Scale for Educators          Book     Sensory
      Stock                                                                                typical and atypical responses to everyday sensory stimuli, this program assists teachers and
                                                                                           therapists to help preschoolers improve their learning and behavior.
                      Relationship Development Intervention with
Gutstein Steven &    Children, Adolescents, and Adults-Social and                           This volume contains over 150 enjoyable and stimulating activities and exercises ranging over the
                                                                       Book     Social
 Sheely Rachelle     Emotional Development Activities for Asperger                          entire gamut of social and emotional development.
                          Syndrome, Autism, PDD, and NLD
                                                                                   Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                               Title                          Type       Subject                                                     Summary
                                                                                                Friendship, even for the most able, requires hard work, and the odds are heavily stacked against
                                                                                                those with autism spectrum conditions. Designed for younger children, typically between the ages of
                       Relationship Development Intervention with
                                                                                                two and eight, this comprehensive set of enjoyable activities emphasizes foundation skills such as
Gutstein Steven &         Young Children-Social and Emotional
                                                                         Book        Social     social referencing, regulating behavior, conversational reciprocity, and synchronized actions. The
 Sheely Rachelle      Development Activities for Asperger Syndrome,
                                                                                                authors include many objectives to plan and evaluate a child’s progress, each one related to a
                                 Autism, PDD, and NLD
                                                                                                specific exercise. Suitable for parental use, the manual is also designed for easy implementation in
                                                                                                schools and therapeutic settings.
                                                                                                A mother who holds a doctoral degree in autism spectrum disorders writes this text. The
                       Right Address…Wrong Planet-Children with
  Barnhill, Gena                                                         Book       Parent      perspectives of Brent, her adult son with Asperger Syndrome, her husband, and family members of
                          Asperger Syndrome Becoming Adults
                                                                                                others who have Asperger Syndrome, round out the author’s account.
Sprague, Jeffrey;                                                                               Benefit from the combined experience of four national experts on RTI, as they show you how to
Cook, Clayton R.;                                                                               merge the elements of evidence-based behavior interventions with the three-tiered RTI model to
                  RTI and Behavior: A guide to Integrating Behavior
  Wright, Diana                                                          Book      Behavior     improve not just students’ behavior, but their academic outcomes as well. You learn specific
                               and Academic Supports
Browning; Sadler,                                                                               interventions that are legally sound and real-world applicable, complete with scripts that guide you
      Carol                                                                                     through implementation
                      Rubrics for Transition II: for Students with                              This manual focuses on developing the life and employability skills to live somewhat independent
Wessels, John D. Moderate Disabilities-A Guide for Managing the          Book      Transition   lives.
                      Transition from School to the Real World
                                                                                                This story gives readers a peak into the unique mind of a middle school boy with Asperger
  Heiman, Herb                     Running on Dreams                     Book      Advocacy     Syndrome. The author challenges the read to truly see those around us who are different and the
                                                                                                gifts they can add to our lives.
                                                                                                This is a hands-on manual for occupational therapists and other related professionals who lead
 Schlieerereder,      Sensorimotor Groups: Activities for School and
                                                                         Book       Sensory     groups in a school setting. Carol Scheerer generously allows reproduction of this book for
      Mary                              Home
                                                                                                instructional purposes.
                                                                                                This book is written for a multidisciplinary audience of practitioners who support the development of
 Williamson, G. Sensory Integration and Self Regulation in Infants
                                                                                                infants and young children in a broad array of settings. It is designed to help readers understand the
Gordan; Azalone,  and Toddlers: Helping Very Young Children              Book       Sensory
                                                                                                sensory development of infants and young children and to promote very young children’s self-
    Marie G.            Interact with Their Environments
                                                                                                regulation and adaptive behaviors.
Anderson, Johanna                                                                               This manual is provided to help teachers and parents become aware of the impact of sensory input
                             Sensory Motor Issues in Autism              Book       Sensory
       M.                                                                                       and learn how to help a child with autism with sensory issues.
                                                                                                Often adults think we understand how children with sensory processing disorders feel. In this easy to
                                                                                                use format, the author give tools to experience the effort and exertion it takes to do simple tasks
                     Sensory Processing Disorder Kit: Simulations and
Brack, Jenny Clark                                                       Book       Sensory     while struggling with sensory processing difficulties. One caution should be heeded, while children
                      Solutions for Parents, Teachers and Therapists
                                                                                                with ASD may have sensory processing difficulties, sensory processing disorder is not a given for
                                                                                                every child on the spectrum.
  Detmer, Carol;
    Darymple,                                                                                   This booklet discusses issues of sexuality and provides some methods for instruction with persons
                     Sex Education: Issues for the Person with Autism    Book      Teen/Adult
  Nancy&Sinex,                                                                                  with autism.
   University of                                                          Data
                                    Show Me the Data                                 Data       This system was created to make the task of taking data in the classroom manageable.
   Washington                                                           Examples
                                                                                  Central Region ASD Materials

      Author                                Title                          Type     Subject                                                    Summary
                     Simple Strategies that Work—Helpful Hint for All                         This book is filled with great strategies that are easy to implement and will assist in reducing stress
   Smith Myles,
                     Educators of Students with Asperger Syndrome,         Book   Instruction for students diagnosed with AS/HFA. It gives suggestions that are comprehensive and well
                     High-Functioning Autism, and Related Disabilities                        organized so they will be easy to look through and find ideas quickly.
 McGinnis, Ellen                                                                                This book includes lessons to teach children the skills, behaviors and abilities to be socially
                             Skillstreaming in Early Childhood             Book   Instruction
&Goldstein, Arnold                                                                              competent.
 McGinnis, Ellen
                                Skillstreaming in Elementary               Book   Instruction As with McGinnis's other books, here is a plethora of ideas and strategies.
&Goldstein, Arnold
                                                                                              Skillstreaming consists of modeling, role playing, performance feedback Skillstreaming consists of
                                                                                              modeling, role playing, performance feedback, and transfer training. Chapters provide step-by-step,
 McGinnis, Ellen
                       Skillstreaming the Adolescent-Revised Edition       Book   Instruction real-world use of the curriculum.
&Goldstein, Arnold

                                                                                                This new tool from Michelle presents a cognitive behavior strategy to teach individuals about the
 Winner, Michelle     Social Behavior Mapping: Connecting Behavior,                             specific relationship between behaviors, other's perspective, other's actions (consequences), and the
                                                                           Book      Social
     Garcia            Emotions and Consequences Across the Day                                 student's own emotions about those around him or her. The Social Behavior Mapping is a visual tool
                                                                                                that displays these abstract concepts through a flow chart.
                                                                                                  Here is a developmental, evidence-based program for social language skills. Students learn to
 Bowers, Linda &
                           Social Language Training Elementary             Book      Social       recognize, understand, and successfully deal with positive and negative social situations.
LoGiudice, Carolyn
                      Social Skills in Our Schools-A Social skills
                          Program for Children with Pervasive                                   This program was developed for schools that wish to make a serious commitment to helping children
Dunne, Michelle A.    Developmental Disorders, Including High-             Book      Social     with High Functioning Autism, Asperger Syndrome and other PDDs successfully and enjoyably
                   Functioning Autism and Aspergers Syndrome and                                interact with others at school, at home, and in the community.
                                   Their Typical Peers
 Johnsen, Anne                                                                                  This book is designed to help students improve their social interaction skills. Topics are presented in
                   Social Skills Stories: Functional Picture Stories for
 Marie & Susnik,                                                           Book   Social Skills playfully illustrated stories. Each targeted skill has a story illustrating the skill being done
                            Readers and Nonreaders K-12
    Jackie L                                                                                    appropriately and inappropriately.
                                                                                                This is a very user-friendly book that provides a wealth of ready-to-use activities for both parents and
                                                                                                educators working with children and adolescents with Asperger Syndrome and social communication
                     Social Skills Training for Children and Adolescents
                                                                                                problems. The centerpiece of the book is a series of seventy specific skills found to cause problems
    Baker, Jed              with Asperger Syndrome and Social-             Book     Social
                                                                                                for these individuals. Each skill is presented in a hand format with the skill to be learned on one page
                                  Communication Problems
                                                                                                and the related activities on the facing page. The last chapter on sensitivity and awareness training
                                                                                                make this a complete social skills package.
                                                                                                This beneficial book is packed with strategies guaranteed to provide practical help for educators and
                                                                                                parents who face behavior and self-management challenges from students with autism, Asperger’s
Hodgon, Linda A.           Solving Behavior Problems in Autism             Book    Behavior Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities, and developmental disabilities. It includes
                                                                                                specific techniques, schedules, calendars, choice boards, menus, people locators, classroom
                                                                                                management, and life organization strategies.
                                                                                                Here is the book you are looking for if you want to try a gluten and casein free diet with a child with
   Lewis, Lisa               Special Diets for Special Kids Two            Book      Diet       autism and related developmental disorders. It includes recipes and tips for implementing special
                                                                                                diets and is authored by a parent of a special needs child.
                                                                               Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                               Title                        Type      Subject                                                      Summary
   The LEAP                                                                                 Learn how to run a strong inclusive classroom that successfully integrates children with special
Outreach Project       Staff Training: Quality Inclusion for Young     DVD &       Early    needs in to mainstream early childhood programs. This brand new curriculum is the result of 22
   and LEAP                       Children with Autism                 Books    Childhood years of research by Dr. Phil Strain. The curriculum is based on LEAP Preschool, a model
   Preschool                                                                                demonstration program, and has been successfully replicated at over 40 sites nationwide.
                                                                                            Michelle developed this product to help students, parents and teachers work towards the concept
                                                                                            that students have to "own their own strategies". Sticker Strategies includes over 80 fundamental
Winner, Michelle   Sticker Strategies to Encourage Social Thinking &
                                                                       Book        Social   teaching concepts that have been printed onto color-coded 4 X 6 stickers to apply to a spiral bound
    Garcia                            Organization
                                                                                            set of index cards for a student to use at his or her desk while at home or school. Michelle's ideas
                                                                                            could also be adapted to included skills unique to an individual student..
                                                                                            This practical and research-based book will help teacher appreciate the actions they can take to stop
                     Stop the Bullying Handbook: A Handbook for
   Rigby, Ken                                                          Book       Bullying bullying. Teachers will find reproducible activities that help students recognize and effectively deal
                                                                                            with a variety of issues related to bullying.
                                                                                            The Specialminds Foundation and the Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding have
                                                                                            created the first of 25 Social Story Movies. Utilizing a one-step-at-a-time strategy, many of the stories
                   Storymovies DVD: Social Concepts and Skills at
   Gray, Carol                                                         Book        Social   are designed to be implemented in a sequence. Thus, several stories often work together to describe
                                School: Volume 1
                                                                                            a single movie using clear vocabulary and the patient and unassuming manner that are characteristic
                                                                                            of this approach.
                                                                                            Convenience is a luxury that most parents and educators don't experience often. Strategies at Hand
                                                                                            reintroduces the much-valued concept of convenience to parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, and
                                                                                            related professionals who work with students with autism spectrum disorders. It features easy-to-
 Brewer, Robin;    Strategies at Hand Quick and Hand Strategies for                         implement strategies that can be used in all types of educational settings and situations. This at-your-
                                                                       Book     Instruction fingertips tool is broken down into five color-coded sections that are easy to locate and use: Learning
 Mueller, Tracy     Working with Students on the Autism Spectrum
                                                                                            Environments (classroom, field trips, etc.), Areas of Student Need (communication, behavior, etc.),
                                                                                            Transitions (substitute teachers, school assemblies, etc.), Alphabetical Explanations of Terms
                                                                                            (functional behavioral assessment, picture communication systems, etc.), and Resources and
                                                                                            The author explains different types of organizational tasks and how to help students focus more on
Winner, Michelle       Strategies for Organization, Preparing for                           their strengths than their weaknesses. The ten steps Michelle presents for organizing and producing
                                                                       Book    Intervention
    Garcia                      Homework and the Real                                       homework apply far beyond this one task to managing our lives, chores and even planning
                                                                                            vacations. This is DVD and book set.
  Center Made             Structured Teaching Photo Album              Album      Visuals   This photo album contain photos of work jigs and schedules, as well as other visual strategies.
                                                                                            College life is particularly stressful for students with Asperger Syndrome. This much needed guide
  Harpur, John;
                   Succeeding in College with Asperger Syndrome:                            provides information to help these students prepare successfully for study, interact with staff and
 Lawlor, Maria;                                                        Book     Teen/Adult
                                  A Student Guide                                           fellow students, cope with expectations and pressures, and understand their academic and domestic
Michael Fitzgerald
                                                                                             The author of this book met “Michael” when he entered the teacher education program she
  Cohen, Judith        Succeeding with Autism, Hear My Voice           Book     Advocacy
                                                                                             coordinated. She reflects on the key issues of autism he encounters and chronicles his successes.
                                                                              Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                               Title                        Type     Subject                                                        Summary
                                                                                            The title says it all! Super Skills: A Social Skills Group Program for Children with Asperger
                                                                                            Syndrome, High-Functioning Autism and Related Challenges is SUPER at many levels. Based on a
                                                                                            thorough and comprehensive understanding of the unique characteristics of individuals with ASD,
                     Super Skills: A Social Skills Group Program for                        Judy Coucouvanis presents 30 lessons grouped under four types of skills necessary for social
  Coucouvanis,                                                                              success: fundamental skills, social initiation skills, getting along with others, and social response
                       Children with Asperger Syndrome, High-          Book     Social
     Judith                                                                                 skills. Each lesson is highly structured and organized, making it easy for even inexperienced
                      Functioning Autism and Related Challenges
                                                                                            teachers and other group leaders to follow and implement successfully. A series of practical
                                                                                            checklists and other instruments provide a solid foundation for assessing students' social skills levels
                                                                                            and subsequent planning.
                                                                                          Superflex: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum provides educators and parents with fun and
                                                                                          motivating ways to teach elementary school students with Asperger Syndrome and high-functioning
                                                                               Behavior/ autism how to build social skills. Superflex combines a book, comic book and CD to create a
  Stephanie &           Superflex…A Superhero Social Thinking
                                                                       Book   Perspective curriculum that develops in the students' brains a superhero who overcomes the social thinking
 Winner, Michelle                    Curriculum                                           challenges that arise in different social contexts. The curriculum is for elementary school children
     Garcia                                                                               (grades K-5) as well as immature older students. Prerequisite books to make this tool most effective:
                                                                                          Thinking About You Thinking About Me and You Are A Social Detective .
                                                                                          Unlike curriculum presented to most neurotypical students, this book was specifically designed to
                                                                                          address the health and safety needs of students aged five and up with ASD. Through a unique
  Wrobel, Mary                   Taking Care of Myself                 Book    Self-care
                                                                                          combination of social stories and easy-to-understand activities, Taking Care of Myself will reduce the
                                                                                          fear and confusion surrounding issues of health, hygiene, puberty and more.
                        Taking the Mystery out of Medication in                           Written by a medical doctor/psychiatrist, this book provides information that educates you to respond
    Tsai, Luke                                                         Book    Self-care
                             Autism/Asperger Syndrome                                     with knowledge to judgments offered by a physician.
Eckenrode, Laurie;
                                                                                            This book is full of creative ideas for making work tasks or jigs for exceptional students including
   Fennel, Pat;                      Tasks Galore                      Book   Instruction
                                                                                            those on the autism spectrum. Tasks vary from easy to complex.
 Hearsey, Kathy

Eckenrode, Laurie;                                                                        Designed for teachers, therapists and parents this book features over 240 full-color photos of multi-
   Fennel, Pat;             Tasks Galore for the Real World            Book   Instruction modal tasks that emphasize functional skills for daily living. Each task includes visual strategies that
 Hearsey, Kathy                                                                           enhance independence in the home, school, and community.

Eckenrode, Laurie;
                                                                                            This resource illustrates how to teach students concepts, construct projects, make music, exercise,
   Fennel, Pat;        Tasks Galore Making Groups Meaningful           Book   Instruction
                                                                                            and simply have fun in groups settings.
 Hearsey, Kathy

                     Teach Me Language: A Language Manual for                          This book is designed to give parents hands-on, explicit instructions for working on language needs
Freeman, Sabrina;                                                             Communi-
                     Children with Autism, Asperger Syndrome and       Book            specific to this population. It introduces exercises and drills which attack language weaknesses
  Dake, Lorelie                                                                cation
                                    Related Disorder                                   specific to the child and is accompanied by companion exercise forms.
                                                                              Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                               Title                       Type      Subject                                                  Summary
                                                                                          The difficulties experienced by children with autism and related conditions in inferring the thoughts,
Howlin, Patricia;                                                                         beliefs, desires and intentions of others are well documented in numerous studies. These deficits
 Baron-Cohen,         Teaching Children with Autism to Mind Read: A          Perspective- underlie many of the social and communication problems that are characteristic of autism. Teaching
Simon; & Hardin,                     Practical Guide                           Taking     Children with Autism to Mind-Read explores the relationship of "theory of mind" deficits to other
     Julie                                                                                areas of children's functioning and describes existing experimental work that has attempted to
                                                                                          enhance the skills associated with understanding others' minds.
                                                                                          This book focuses on the strategies developed to help children with autism engage in the give and
                         Teaching Conversation to Children with               Communi- take of ordinary, daily conversation with parents, teachers and peers. A script is an audiotaped or
Lynn E and Krantz,                                                    Book
                           Autism—Scripts and Script Fading                     cation    written word, phrase or sentence that enables the student to make comments or requests. This
                                                                                          methodology is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis.
                                                                                          The main focus of this book is the use of B.F. Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior as a guide for
 Sundberg, Mark;      Teaching Language to Children with Autism or            Communi-
                                                                      Book                language assessment and intervention. It provides lots of background information for using the
Partington, James           Other Developmental Disabilities                    cation
                                                                                          ABLLS (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills).
 Jackson, Donald
                                                                                           Topics covered in this book include Conversation Skills, Skills for Working with Other, and Skills for
A.; Jackson Nancy Teaching Social Competence to Youth and Adults
                                                                      Book      Social     Staying out of Trouble. This resource provides a Skill Lesson, Role Plays and Skill Report to track
F.; Bennett, Marcia       with Developmental Disabilities
                                                                                           acquisition of skills.
                                                                                          This program advocates helping children manage their anger with three basic strategies; helping
                         Temper Tamers-An Eight Session Anger                             them sort out their feelings, helping them express their feelings once they recognize them, and
Pearson, Kathryn                                                      Book     Behavior
                                 Management Pull Out                                      helping them chart a course of action to avoid getting in trouble. The book includes stories, feeling
                                                                                          flashcards and homework materials.
 Kennedy, Diane               The ADHD Autism Connection              Book      ADHD      Summary of current ADHD/Autism research
                                                                                          This set of booklets includes information for assessing, developing a curriculum, and tracking skills of
                                                                                          children with autism or other developmental disabilities. One booklet includes scoring instructions
Partington, James
                  The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning                           and an IEP Development Guide. The other is an example record booklet to allow parents and
 and Sundberb,                                                        Book   Assessment
                               Skills (The ABLLS)                                         professionals to look at skills addressed in the assessment. Use Teaching Language to Children with
                                                                                          Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities as background information. (It appears later in the list of
                                                                                          This set of booklets includes information for assessing, developing a curriculum, and tracking skills of
                                                                                          children with autism or other developmental disabilities. One booklet includes Scoring Instructions
                     The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning                        and an IEP Development Guide. The other is an example Protocol that serves as an assessment,
Partington, James                                                     Book   Assess- ment
                             Skills-Revised (The ABLLS-R)                                 curriculum guide and skills tracking system for children with autism or other developmental
                                                                                          disabilities. It include both new and modified tasks as well as changes in descriptions, criterion, and
                                                                                          sequencing of tasks published in the 1998 edition.
                                                                                          Susan Gorin, a past president of the National Association of School Psychologists, endorses this
 Hoover, John &       The Bullying Prevention Handbook; A Guide for
                                                                      Book     Bullying book as “an excellent training tool that summarizes best practice and a variety of intervention
 Oliver, Ronald            Principals, teachers, and Counselors
                                                                                          techniques for working with bullies and their scapegoats at school and home.
                                                                                    Central Region ASD Materials

      Author                              Title                           Type       Subject                                                    Summary
                                                                                                This comprehensive, yet easy-to-use system allows educators to understand how and when to
                                                                                                implement an instructional program for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The CAPS
                                                                                                model answers the questions (a) What supports does my student/child need in each class to be
                     The Comprehensive Autism Planning System                                   successful? (b) What goals is my student/child working on? and (c) Is there a thoughtful sequence to
  Henry, Shawn;
                    (CAPS) for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome,                              the student’s/child’s day that matches his learning style. This timely resource addresses adequate
  Smith, Brenda                                                           Book      Instruction
                    Autism, and Related Disabilities: Integrating Best                          yearly progress (AYP), response to intervention (RTI), and positive behavior support (PBS) in a
                         Practices Throughout the Student’s Day                                 common-sense format. The CAPS process was designed to be used by the child’s educational team,
                                                                                                consisting of parents, general educators, special educators, paraprofessionals, speech-language
                                                                                                pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, administrators, psychologists, consultants,
                                                                                                siblings, and others who are stakeholders in the student’s education.
                                                                                                 Mark Haddon shows great insight into the autistic mind and brings his young protagonist to life in this
  Haddon, Mard      The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time     Book        Novel
                                                                                                 Use this set of visuals and manipulatives to engage children in the Gingerbread Man story and
  Burkhart,Linda            The Gingerbread Man Play Mat                 Play Mat    Visuals
                                                                                                 enhance their active involvement.

                                                                                                 This text tells the charming tale of five family members and their naughty dog, each of whom has a
                                                                                                 different sense reprocessing challenge. It tells how they get “in sync” after a tough day. The book is
 Kranowitz, Carol
                             The Goodenoughs Get In Sync                  Book       Sensory     designed with the action of the story in larger print for young readers to hear or read. Explanations
                                                                                                 of the sensory processing disorders are woven throughout the book in regular type for proficient
                                                                                                 readers to linger over and enjoy.

   Smith Myles,
Brenda; Trautman, The Hidden Curriculum: Practical Solutions for                                 This book spells out the “real” rules of social conduct. It defines and offers clear suggestions for how
                                                                          Book        Social
Melissa & Schelvan Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations                             to teach the hidden curriculum.
                                                                                                 The author shares her experience the simple concept of 5-point scales to help students understand
                                                                                                 and control their emotional reactions to everyday events that might otherwise set in emotion
                  The Incredible 5-Point-Scale Assisting Students in
                                                                                                 escalating reactions. Whether it is inappropriate touching, obsessions, yelling, hitting or making
Burron, Kari Dunn Understanding Social Interactions & Controlling         Book      Behavior
                                                                                                 hurtful statements to classmates, use of the scale helps break down a given behavior and, with the
                             Their Emotional Responses
                                                                                                 student‚s active participation, develop a unique scale that identifies the problem and, just as
                                                                                                 important, suggests alternative, positive behaviors at each level of the scale.
   Gray, Carol                The New Social Story Book                   Book        Social     This book builds on the Original Social Stories Book by including more situations and stories.
                                                                                                 Here is another resource for teaching need-to-know behaviors to individuals with autism or related
   Gray, Carol       The New Social Story Book; Illustrated Edition       Book        Social     disorders. Each story is accompanied by one or more illustrations to support the idea of the social
                                                                                                 Social Stories provide individuals with autism accurate information regarding situations they
   Gray, Carol               The Original Social Story Book               Book        Social     encounter and has a positive impact on their responses to social situations. This book contains over
                                                                                                 200 social stories and the last chapter addresses the process of creating individual social stories.
                                                                                  Central Region ASD Materials

      Author                               Title                          Type     Subject                                                   Summary
                                                                                               The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun features more than one hundred playful activities that are
 Kranowitz, Carol    The Out of Sync Child Has Fun: Activities for Kids
                                                                          Book     Sensory     SAFE—Sensory-motor, Appropriate, Fun, and Easy—to develop and organize a child’s brain and
      Stock               with Sensory Integration Dysfunction
                                                                                               body. The activities work at home, school, and out in the world.
 Kranowitz, Carol     The Out of Sync Child Recognizing and Coping                             An accessible, clearly written guide to Sensory Integration Dysfunction and a drug-free approach that
                                                                          Book     Sensory
      Stock               with Sensory Integration Dysfunction                                 offers hope for parents.
                                                                                               This author provides information for the paraprofessional, the general educator, and the special
                       The Paraprofessionals Guide to the Inclusive
 Doyle, Mary Beth                                                         Book     Inclusion   educator to better understand one another’s roles in the inclusive classroom and supports team-
                             Classroom: Working as a Team
                                                                                               This author provides information for the paraprofessional, the general educator, and the special
                       The Paraprofessionals Guide to the Inclusive
 Doyle, Mary Beth                                                         Book     Inclusion   educator to better understand one another’s roles in the inclusive classroom and supports team-
                      Classroom: Working as a Team- Second Edition
                       The Paraprofessionals Guide to the Inclusive
 Doyle, Mary Beth                                                         Book     Inclusion   This is the most up-to date version of the role of paraprofessional in an inclusive classroom.
                       Classroom: Working as a Team: Third Edition
                                                                                           If you are going to use PECS with a child, this manual will be your best friend. It is a great step-by-
   Frost, Lori &      The Picture Exchange Communication System                   Communi- step guide and contains helpful hints, instructional strategies, and data collection sheets. This book
   Bondy, Andy                 Training Manual-2nd Edition                         cation  includes a discussion of the principals of broad-spectrum applied behavioral analysis and
                                                                                           emphasizes the development of functional communication skills.
                         The Potty Journey: Guide to Toilet Training
  Coucouvanis,                                                                                 Parents who have experienced success with toilet training using Judith Coucouvanis's approach
                     Children with Special Needs, Including Autism and    Book     Self Help
     Judith                                                                                    highly recommend it to anyone having a hard time training their child.
                                     Related Disorders
     Bondy,                                                                                Here is a resource for teachers with young students. This book has nearly 100 ready-to-use lesson
Andy;Dickey, Kate;     The Pyramid Approach to Education: Lesson                  Communi- plans encompassing the following areas: school-based, communication, self-help, social, domestic,
  Black, Diane;          Plans for Young Children-Volume One                       cation  recreation/leisure, and community-based skills. The forms are reproducible. Be prepared to become
 Buswell, Sarah                                                                            familiar with the Pyramid Approach to use these plans successfully.

 Prizant,Barry M.;                                                                           Volume I: Assessment gives detailed background information on The SCERTS Model and guides
Wetherby, Amy;                                                                               professionals through the assessment process. Professionals will examine the research foundations
Rubin, Emily;                    The SCERTS Model Vol. I                  Book   Programming and the recommended practices that inform the model and learn about specific goals and objectives
Laurent, Amy C.; &                                                                           for each of the three SCERTS® components Assessment report and observation forms are included
Rydell, Patrick J.                                                                           to help collect information and monitor child progress.

 Prizant,Barry M.;
                                                                                             Volume II: Program Planning and Intervention gives professionals explicit instruction on how to help
Wetherby, Amy;
                                                                                             children reach their goals following assessment. They’ll learn how to prioritize and set social
Rubin, Emily;                   The SCERTS Model Vol. II                  Book   Programming
                                                                                             communication and emotional regulation goals for young children; choose meaningful and
Laurent, Amy C.; &
                                                                                             purposeful activities to help them reach the goals.
Rydell, Patrick J.
                                                                                               This book uses photographs of actual students engaging in a wide variety of social situations to
                     The Social Skills Picture Book for High School and
    Baker, Jed                                                            Book      Social     show the right (and wrong) ways to interact in different circumstances. Most importantly, the photos
                                                                                               illustrate the positive and negative consequences of both ways of interacting.
                                                                                Central Region ASD Materials

      Author                                Title                       Type     Subject                                                  Summary
                      The Social Skills Picture Book—Teaching play,
                                                                                           This book embraces the “seeing is learning” philosophy in this teaching tool. Photos engage the
    Baker, Jed         emotion and communication to children with       Book     Social
                                                                                           attention and motivation of students who need extra help in learning appropriate social skills.
 Johnson, Anne
                        The Social Skills Stories: Functional Picture                      This book contains a series of short stories depicting the appropriate or inappropriate use of
 Marie, & Susnik,                                                       Book     Social
                         Stories for Readers and Nonreaders K-12                           communication and social interaction skills.
                                                                                           If you are preparing to teach and work with tough kids, this book will be a survival manual for your
Jenson, William R.;
                                                                                           first years of teaching. If you are a practicing teacher, this is the textbook they should have used
Rhode, Ginger; and                 The Tough Kid Book                   Book    Behavior
                                                                                           when you were in college. This is a resource for general and special educators.
Reavis, H. Kenton
                                                                                           The Tough Kid Tool Box provides teachers at all grade levels with straightforward, classroom-tested,
Jenson, William R.;
                                                                                           ready-to-use materials for managing and motivating tough-to-teach students.
Rhode, Ginger; and               The Tough Kid Tool Box                 Book    Behavior
Reavis, H. Kenton
                                                                                           The VB-MAPP is an assessment tool, curriculum guide, and skill tracking system that is also based
                                                                                           on established developmental milestones, and research from the field of behavior analysis. The VB-
                         The VB-MAPP Set: The Verbal Behavior
Sundberg, Mark L.                                                       Book    Behavior   MAPP provides a clear and accurate picture of an individual child's abilities, as well as potential
                       Milestone Assessment & Placement Program
                                                                                           language and learning barriers that may be hindering progress.

                                                                                           Romp with your child through this delightful feeling words book. Strong, colorful and expressive
   Cain, Janan                        The Way I Feel                    Book    Emotions
                                                                                           images go along with verses to help children connect the word with the emotion.
                                                                                           This set of four books addresses feelings of fear, anger, sadness and caring about others. Written by
Spelman, Cornelia
                                      The Way I Feel                    Books   Emotions   an accredited social worker, these book teach early learners about emotions and includes activities
                                                                                           or suggestions on the concluding page.
                                                                                           This is a unique book written by a mother and her son with autism. The authors alternate their writing
   Barron, Judy;      There's a Boy in Here-Emerging from the Bonds             Personal
                                                                        Book               about situations so you get both viewpoints. This will be an intriguing read for parents, siblings, and
   Barron, Sean                          of Autism                              Account
                                                                                           individuals with autism.
                                                                                           This new curriculum publication documents for lessons are introduced at Michelle’s Center for Social
                                                                                           Thinking Clinic. It demonstrates how to develop a social thinking vocabulary with which to teach
                                                                                           children, parents and teachers across the years. It starts with lessons on ‘Being Part of a Group” and
 Winner, Michelle      Think Social: A Social Thinking Curriculum for                      continues into self-monitoring behavior, the development of language-specific skills, awareness of
                                                                        Book     Social
     Garcia                        School-Age Students                                     language meaning and the development of imagination and wonder towards play/conversation. It
                                                                                           introduces ways to explore complex issues of problem solving, hidden curriculum, and social rules as
                                                                                           they change during our lifetimes. Eight sections incorporate more than 100 detailed lessons that can
                                                                                           span years of treatment.
                                                                                           Michelle Garcia Winner waves her recent and past publications into a curriculum designed for
 Winner, Michelle     Think Social—A Social Thinking Curriculum for                        educators and therapists working with individuals faced with social cognitive challenges. This
                                                                        Book     Social
     Garcia                       School-Age Children                                      publication can lighten preparation time and provide time for more direct instruction of social thinking
                                                                              Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                               Title                        Type    Subject                                                       Summary
                                                                                           Perspective-taking, the ability of one person to consider the point of view and motives of another, is a
Winner, Michelle                                                                           crucial skill for successful interpersonal relations and is one that anyone with a social cognition
                        Thinking about You Thinking about Me           Book     Social
    Garcia                                                                                 disability will struggle with. This book addresses the different ways this problem can present itself
                                                                                           and Michelle's current thinking on how to approach the problem.
Winner, Michelle      Thinking About You Thinking About Me 2nd                             This updated edition of Michelle’s book includes two new chapters including one on assessment and
                                                                       Book     Social
    Garcia                                Edition                                          an updated philosophy throughout.
                    Thinking in Pictures and Other Reports from My             Personal    Temple Grandin interweaves her personal experience of living with autism and her scientist's
Grandin, Temple                                                        Book
                                     Life with Autism                          Account     perspective on both autism and animal behavior resulting in an engrossing read.
 Gagnon, Elisa;                                                                            This book is a wonderful educational resource for the classroom. It can help teachers with a child
  Smith Myles,                This is Asperger Syndrome                Book   Advocacy     with Aspergers in their class learn about the syndrome. It could also be a resource for students with
    Brenda                                                                                 AS to learn about themselves.
 Random House
                             Thomas Comes to Breakfast                 Book    Children    Preschool children will enjoy this Thomas adventure.
    Author                                Title                        Type    Subject                                                      Summary
                                                                                         Written from David's point of view, this charming book uses playful illustrations and kid-friendly text to
                                                                                         tell young readers what it's like to have Asperger's Syndrome. David explains that he's a little clumsy,
                    To Be Me: Understanding What It's Like to Have               Peer    he has trouble making friends, and sometimes he can't figure out how to carry on a normal
Etlinger, Rebecca                                                      Book
                                Asperger Syndrome                             Awareness conversation. But David wants to have friends, and with the help of his teacher and his parents, he
                                                                                         gives the kids in his class some very helpful tips about what they can do to help a classmate with
                                                                                         Asperger's Syndrome.
                                                                                         In this delightfully illustrated children's book, Tobin the red engine learns the important lessons of
                                                                                         how to make friends. Demonstrating many of the social skills deficits of children on the autistic
                                                                                Social / spectrum, Tobin learns through incidents involving shouting, crowding, sharing, borrowing,
  Murrell, Diane            Tobin Learns to Make Friends               Book
                                                                               Children interrupting, taking turns, being kind, having good manners, and following rules. This charming and
                                                                                         sensitive book is written and illustrated by a mother of four sons, one of whom has Asperger
                                                                                         The program presented in this manual is derived from many previous studies of toilet training which
  Dunlap, Glen; Toilet Training for Children with Severe Handicaps-
                                                                                         have been reported in professional journals. It is designed to be used concurrently in homes,
Koegel, Robert L.;     A field manual for coordinating training        Book    Self-care
                                                                                         schools, clinics, recreation centers, and all other places that are included in the child’s normal
Koegel, Lynn Kern procedures across multiple community settings
                                                                                           Toilet training can become a battleground between caregivers and children especially if the child has
                                                                                           autism or other developmental challenges. In this book Maria Wheeler offers a detailed road map for
                                                                                           success stressing into the importance of visual cues such as picture schedules for the toileting
                     Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism and
 Wheeler, Maria                                                        Book    Self-care   routine. This book leads you through the steps of gauging readiness, identifying and reducing
                      other Developmental Issues Second Edition
                                                                                           sensory challenges, helping the child overcome fears and anxieties, and developing a “habit training”
                                                                                           routine. It also teaches proper use of the toilet, toilet paper and sink, etc. ; Use this resource to
                                                                                           facilitate the transition from diapers to underwear, and deal with toileting in unfamiliar environments.
                     Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism and                       This is a comprehensive guide for parents and teachers with over 200 toilet training tips and more
 Wheeler, Maria                                                        Book    Self-care
                                    Related Disorders                                      than 40 case examples with solutions.
                                                                              Central Region ASD Materials

      Author                             Title                        Type      Subject                                               Summary
                                                                                       Developmental psychologist Sharon Heller explains sensory defensiveness in this book. She brings
  Heller, Sharon       Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight      Book     Sensory both her personal and professional perspectives to her suggestions on activities and adaptations to
     Henry                                                                             This resource comes as a kit with accompanying videos Tools for Teachers and Tools for Students.
                    Tool Chest for Teachers, Parents & Students-A
  Occupational                                                        Book     Sensory The handbook addresses topics including helping parents understand their children’s sensory needs,
                        Handbook to Facilitate Self-Regulation
Therapy Services                                                                       creating sensory safe places of learning, and skills for play and recess.
                                                                                       Based on sensory integration and occupational therapy strategies, these over-the-counter tools help
  Henry, Diana                     Tools for Parents                  Book     Sensory
                                                                                       parents become detectives in understanding their children's behaviors and needs.
                    Tools for Teens-Strategies to Promote Sensory                      This handbook is intended to assist those 13 to 19-years-old with sensory needs in understanding
  Henry, Diana                                                        Book     Sensory
                                     Integration                                       and living the teenage years.
                                                                                       The goal of this book is to provide an overview of Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)
Cafiero, Joanne TOPICS IN AUTISM: Meaningful Exchanges for                    Communi-
                                                                                       systems. This book stresses the benefits of AAC and the support it provides. Throughout this book,
                   People with Autism—An Introduction to              Book             AAC tools and strategies are illustrated through real life vignettes of individuals with ASD. It
       M.                                                                       cation
                 Augmentative and Alternative Communication                            highlights the importance of understanding that AAC is about connection and interaction between
                   Understanding Death and Illness and What They                       Author Catherine Faherty offers detailed, concrete explanations of illness, dying, life after death,
                      Teach About Life: An Interactive Guide for                       losing a pet, and numerous other issues. Her descriptions are written with such care; even
Faherty, Catherine                                                    Book    Emotions
                    Individuals with Autism or Asperger's and Their                    caregivers will be comforted by her words. Borrow this workbook to decide whether you want to
                                      Loved Ones                                       purchase one for use or not.
 Koegel,William; Understanding Why Problem Behaviors Occur-A
                                                                                           This manual was written to assist parents, and other care providers, in analyzing and decreasing or
Kern Koegel,Lynn; Guide for Assisting Parents in Assessing Causes     Book     Behavior
                                                                                           eliminating, problem behaviors that their children may be displaying.
 Frea, Robert L.    of Behavior and Designing Treatment Plans
                 Unwritten rules of Social Relationships: Decoding                       Dr. Temple Grandin and Sean Barron use their colorful life stories to explain the unwritten rules and
Grandin, Temple;
                 social Mysteries through the Unique Perspectives     Book      Social   patterns of social relationships. They give guidelines for living and working with others, in even the
 Barron, Sean
                                      of Autism                                          most complex situations.
                                                                                         There are five components of the VB-MAPP, and collectively they provide a baseline level of
                         VB-MAPP Verbal Behavior Milestones
 Sundberg, Mark                                                       Book   Programming performance, a direction for intervention, a system for tracking skill acquisition, a tool for outcome
                         Assessment and Placement Program
                                                                                         measures and other language research projects, and a framework for curriculum planning.
                                                                                         This book has two major components. The first is a systematic analysis of the language behavior of
                                                                                         the individual speaker in terms of reinforcement, extinction, punishment, generalization,
  Skinner, B. F.                   Verbal Behavior                    Book               discrimination, and control by motivative and emotional variables. The second component is a
                                                                                         demonstration, through the analysis of hundreds of examples, that such a system provides a
                                                                                         behavioral understanding of language.
 Shane, Howard;
                                                                                           The authors of this book advocate an approach they title the Visual Immersion Program to link
  Weiss-Kapp,                 Visual Language in Autism               Book      Visuals
                                                                                           cognition and language in a way that addresses individuals with ASDs unique processing styles.
                                                                                           This book addresses the needs of young children between the ages of three and ten years and
                                                                                           individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. It includes kitchen tips and visual
  Orth, Tabitha       Visual Recipes-A Cookbook for Nonreaders        Book      Visuals
                                                                                           recipes for breakfast, lunch, side dishes, snacks, desserts, and drinks. This may be the tool you are
                                                                                           looking for in working with independent living skills.
  Inches, Allison         Wendy Helps Out (Bob the Builder)           Book     Children    This preschool book focuses on cooperation as Wendy and pals step in for Bob who is sick.
                                                                                 Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                                Title                          Type     Subject                                                    Summary
                                                                                             There are lots of excuses for being a grump, and this book is full of ‘em. But in this book things that
                                                                                             make you grumpy can actually be funny. Explore grumpiness with your child with this book. Be sure
Lichtenheld, Tom            What Are YOU so Grumpy About?                 Book    Emotions
                                                                                             to check out the illustrations to decide whether the words match the text and if what the situations
                                                                                             pictured are funny from different points of view.
                                                                                             When My Autism Gets Too Big is designed to address the high levels of stress and anxiety related to
                                                                                             school situations, sensory issues, or general frustration. Such stress can lead to a loss of control and
                      When My Autism Gets Too Big: A Relaxation                              aggressive behavior. Teaching children with autism to relax is critical. This book is based on
Burron, Kari Dunn                                                         Book    Emotions
                    Book for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders                         cognitive behavioral management and teaches children to recognize and control their own feeling of
                                                                                             anxiety and strategies to control them. Another book available on the materials list, The Incredible 5-
                                                                                             Point Scale, will give readers more information on this topic as well.
                      Who Took My Shoe? Discovering Who, What,                   Communi- This outstanding picture book helps children understand the who/what/when questions while taking
  Emigh, Karen                                                            Book
                         Where, When, Where, Why, and How                          cation    its readers on a fun journey looking for a lost shoe.
                                                                                             With Open Arms: Creating School Communities of Support for Socially Challenged Kids provides
                                                                                             practical, easy-to-use techniques for even the busiest school personnel. Using familiar case studies
                    With Open Arms: Creating School Communities of                           in an easy-to-read format, this manual provides step-by-step instructions for how to implement
                     Support for Kids with Social Challenges Using                           Circles of Friends, participation in extracurricular activities, and professional Learning Teams to
 Schlieder, Mary                                                          Book     Social
                     Circle of Friends, Extracurricular Activities, and                      create both accepting peers and staff. Written by a teacher “in the trenches,” the book includes
                                     Learning Teams                                          reproducible worksheets, Learning Team and Book Club study guides, Circle meeting forms and
                                                                                             activities, charts, and checklists … everything you need to create your own supportive community for
                                                                                             the kids you care about.
                                                                                             These manipulative activities are designed to help children develop language and number skills as
 Barrata-Lorton,    Workjobs for Parents: Activity Centered Learning
                                                                          Book   Instruction well and more general skills such as eye-hand coordination, observing, seeing relationships, and
      Mary                           in the Home
                                                                                             making judgments.

 Barrata-Lorton,     Workjobs: Activity-Centered Learning for Early                            This volume is full of low-tech examples of structured activities to involve student with autism in
                                                                          Book   Instruction
      Mary                       Childhood Education                                           classroom learning.

                                                                                               This a great guide for those wanting to teach social thinking with worksheets and ideas to address
                                                                                               learners at different ages. This is not a “cook book;” it includes lessons based on various categories
Winner, Michelle      Worksheets for Teaching Social Thinking and
                                                                          Book     Social      to consider as needed by the students with whom they work. This is a very practical spiral bound
    Garcia                           Related Skills
                                                                                               book that provides over 250 lessons that address a wide range of topics related to social thinking.
                                                                                               Other than the introduction to this book, the worksheets book consists entirely of worksheets.
                                                                                             Every one of us is a Social Detective. We are good Social Detectives when we use our eyes, ears,
                                                                                             and brains to figure out what others are planning to do next or are presently doing and what they
Winner, Michelle                                                                  Behavior/
                      You Are a Social Detective! Explaining Social                          mean by their words and deeds. This entertaining comic book offers different ways that can be
Garcia & Crooke,                                                          Book   Perspective
                                   Thinking to Kids                                          reviewed repeatedly with students to teach them how to develop their own social detective skills.
      Pam                                                                          Taking
                                                                                             Enjoy watching your students and kids blossom day-by-day into successful Social Detectives!
                                                                             Central Region ASD Materials

     Author                             Title                         Type    Subject                                                    Summary
                                                                                         This wonderful book brings to life a learner-centered, multidimensional, out-of-the-box perspective
                   You’re Going to Love This Kid! Teaching Students
   Kluth, Pam                                                         Book    Inclusion for effectively educating kids with autism, their peers, and their teams. A meaningful and dynamic
                        with Autism in the Inclusive Classroom
                                                                                         must read for anyone blessed to know a learner with autism.
 The Division for                                                                        Teaching children with disabilities requires the careful selection of appropriate strategies; effective,
Early Childhood of Young Exceptional Children-Teaching Strategies:                       strategic planning; and monitoring of child progress. It is important to develop instructional programs
 the Council for       What to do to Support Young Children’s         Book   Instruction that provide many opportunities for children with special needs to practice new skills. This
   Exceptional                      Development                                          monograph describes several approaches that will help teachers become more responsive to
     Children                                                                            students.
                                                                                        Libros en Espanol

             Author                             Title                Type Subject                                           Summary
  Henry Occupational Therapy       Arcass de Herramientas: Para      Noteb
                                                                           Spanish                El Arca de Herramientos puede ser utilazado para identifica las
            Services               Mastors, Padres y Estudiantes      ook
Koegel, Lynn, Schreibman, Laura;
                                 Como Ensenar Conductas Pivotales                  Este manual fue disenado con el objectivo de poder ser aplicable a un amplio grupo de
  Good, Amy; Cerniglia, Laurie;
                                  a Ninos con Autismo: Manual de      Book Spanish personas. Los ejemplos que se dan aqui se centran en las interacciones familiares entre
 Murphy, Clodagh, Kern Koegel,
                                           Entrenamiento                           las personas con autismo y su padres y hermanos
                                  Como Ensenar el Auto Control a
  Kern Koegel, Lynn; Koegel &                                                        Este manual representa un tipo de programa de auto control que ha demostrado ser
                                   Personas con Discapacidades        Book Spanish
    Rumore Parks, Deborah                                                            efectivo con personas que presentan discapacidades severas
                                                                                   Mediante caprichosas caricaturas en blanco y negro, Esto es el Síndrome de Asperger
  Gagnon, Elisa; Smith, Brenda
                                   Esto es el Síndrome de Asperger    Book Spanish hace conocer a los hermanos, compañeros y otros niños los problemas o desafíos que
                                                                                   los niños con síndrome de Asperger afrontan en el hogar o la escuela.
                                                                                    Estrategias Visuales para Mejorar la Communicacion Presenta numerosa estrategias
                                  Estrategias Visuales para Mejorar la
        Hodgdon, Linda                                                 Book Spanish para favorecer las interacciones de communicacion en los estudiantes que padecen de
                                                                                    autismo y otras incapacidades de communicacion, de moderadas a severas.
                                                                                 Este gui representa un avance importante in el estudio y tratamiento de ninos con
                                                                                 autismo. Aunqu fue escrita pensado en los padres de familia, huienes por su relaciaon
                                  Ninos Autistas; Guia para Padres,
      Powers, Michael D.                                            Book Spanish afectiva con los hijos puedan ser los mejores terapeutas, para que estos aprendan a
                                       Terapeutas y Edcadores
                                                                                 desarrollar habilidades y puedan integarse con mayor facilidad a la familia y al ambiente
                                  Preparacion Apoyas Visuales en el              Por fin podemos contar con un libro que enseña a los padres a preparar y usar ayudas
 Savner, Jennifer; Smith Myles,   Hogar y la Comunidad Estrategias               visuales. Este libro, muy fácil de leer, contiene las instrucciones paso por paso y las
                                                                    Book Spanish
            Brenda                 para las Personas con Autismo y               ilustraciones para crear ayudas visuales dirigidas a la familia y al niño en particular en
                                        Sindrome de Asperger                     una diversidad de situaciones.
                                                                                 Central Region ASD Materials
                                                                                       Videos and CDs
                                                                          CD/                                                                      Summary
            -                              Title                  Video            Subject
                              2004 ASA Convention-Soaring to                                          This is a collection of the presentations given at the 2004 Autism Society of America Conference.
          ASA                                                              x
                                      New Heights
  Michael Thompson                                                                              In this 25 minute video, professionals and parents describe the impairments that typically affect students with
                            Ask Me about Asperger’s Syndrome        x
     Productions                                                                                this disorder and offer practical suggestions and techniques for working with these children.
                                                                                                Nick discusses his own experiences at work and highlights challenges common among employees with AS.
                                Asperger Syndrome and
                                                                                                Dubin advises how to succeed in the workplace and offers practical advice on finding employment in line with
      Dubin, Nick            Employment: A Personal Guide to               x
                                                                                                your interests, making use of job coaches, developing self esteem, using you strengths, and being honest
                                  Succeeding at Work
                                                                                                about weaknesses.
                               Asperger Syndrome for Dad:                                       This video presents ten practical actions fathers can take to understand problem behaviors, encourage
                            Becoming an Even Better Father to                                   strengths, and help a child with Asperger Syndrome prepare for adulthood. While primarily focused on dads,
     Coulter Video                                                         x
                            Your Child with Asperger Syndrome                                   this video is also helpful to moms, grandparents, and other family members.
                                    by Coulter Videos
                                                                                                This DVD presents viewers with the opportunity to both see and hear abut the nature of Asperger Syndrome
                                                                                                (AS) from children and adults themselves who have AS, as well as form doctors, school teachers, and family
 Baron-Cohen, Simon         Asperger Syndrome: A Different Mind     x

                                                                                                This resource includes techniques to help students understand their role in the transition process, obtain
                             Asperger Syndrome: Transition to                                   special education service at the college level, learn to be a self advocate and focus on finding a career that
     Coulter Video                                                  x
                                    College and Work                                            uses their interests and talents.
                                                                                              This video looks at Asperger’s students in general and focuses on 12-year-old Andrew. It includes an in-
                             Asperger Syndrome-Living Outside
 Attainment Company                                                 x                         depth interview with pediatrician Tina Iyama who explains the causes of, symptoms of, and strategies for
                                      the Bell Curve
                                                                                              coping with Asperger Syndrome.
                                                                                              Crossing the Bridge presents Asperger’s Syndrome through the eyes of Dr. Lianne Holliday Willey, an adult
Willey, Holliday Liannae;   Asperger’s Syndrome: Crossing the
                                                                    x                         diagnosed with the disorder. Dr. Tony Attwood interviews Willey and they discuss her struggles and triumphs
     Attwood, Tony                       Bridge
                                                                                              with Asperger Syndrome.
                                                                                              This video features a live interview with an individual suspected to have Asperger's and his parents,
     Attwood, Tony           Asperger's Diagnostic Assessment       x                         characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome (AS), girls and AS, how to explain the diagnosis with the child or
                                                                                              adult, and more.
                                                                    x                         This video includes information on Anger Management, Teaching Teachers, and Teenage Issues. It is a must
     Atwood, Tony             Asperger's Syndrome, Volume 2
                                                                                              see for individuals working with students with Asperger's.
                                                                                              The author and presenter of this videotape is know world-wide for his research on and practice with
                            Asperger's Syndrome-A Video Guide
     Atwood, Tony                                                   x                         individuals with Asperger's. This three hour video is filled with information every parent or teacher of a child
                               for Parents and Professionals
                                                                                              with Asperger's should know.
                                                                                              The Audio Reinforcement Reminder Tones (ARRT) can be used in a variety of ways. One use would be a
 Pyramid Educational          Audio Reinforcement Reminder                                    teacher using the tones as reminder to "catch students being good" and making a positive remark each time
                                                                          CD    Reinforcement
     Consultants                          Tones                                               a tone sounds. Another use for ARRT is to teach a student to monitor his own behavior by responding on a
                                                                                              chart to a tone. Information about ARRT use accompanies the CD.
                                                                                    Central Region ASD Materials
                                                                                          Videos and CDs
                                                                             CD/                                                                        Summary
               -                              Title                  Video            Subject
                                                                                    Social Skills   These structured lessons teach social skills through rebus stories. The pictures help students "read" the
                                 Autism and PDD-Primary: Social      CD &                           lesson with you. Here are just some of the social skill areas you'll address: using a quiet voice, self-care
                                         Skills Lessons              Books                          skills, school behavior, hurting self or others, table social skills, getting a check-up. There are five books
                                                                                                    covering the areas of school, behavior, getting along, community, and home.
  Reese, Pamela Britton &        Autism and PDD-Primary: Social               x&                    The set of five books provides pictorial stories with accompanying easy reader text to support appropriate
    Challener, Nina C.                   Skills Lessons                      Book                   social skills in the following settings: home, community, school; or topics behavior, and getting along. The
                                                                                                    author allows pages to be photocopied for use with individual children.
                                                                       x                            This is a “must see” video especially designed to show the ASD Spectrum so law enforcement or community
                                Autism Awareness Video for Law
                                                                                                    service providers recognize there is not a “typical” for autism.
      Debbaudt, Dennis         Enforcement and Community Service
                                                                       x      x                     Educational Psychologist Glenis Benson presents a comprehensive overview of autism spectrum disorders
    Attainment Company             Autism Spectrum Disorders                                        including cognitive style, diagnostic characteristics, communication skills and deficits, social behaviors,
                                                                                                    support strategies, and challenging behaviors.
                                                                                                    This three-part video series contains: Understanding the SCERTS Model, The SCERTS Mode in Action for
Prizant, Barry M.; Wetherby,
                                 Autism Spectrum Disorders & the                                    Children Requiring More Support and The SCERTS Model in Action for Students Requiring Less Support.
   Amy M.; Rubin, Emily;
                                SCERTS Model: A Comprehensive          x                            The video provides helpful illustrations of the model’s three components: Social Communication, Emotional
 Laurent, Amy C; & Rydell,
                                        Educational Model                                           Regulation, and Transactional Support. It includes interviews with experts and lively footage of parents and
          Patrick J.
                                                                                                    professionals working with children using this approach.
                                                                       x                            This DVD is a compilation of NBC News special reports on the subject of America's fastest growing serious
                                                                                                    developmental disability. Included on the DVD are a ten-part Today Show series, a six part series form
         NBC News                 Autism: The Hidden Epidemic
                                                                                                    CNBC, extensive reporting from NBC Nightly New with Brian Williams, as well as comprehensive coverage
                                                                                                    on autism.
                                                                              x                     The title of this DVD might lead you to believe it is a feel-good story with kids with autism in title roles. The
Hall, Elaine; Katon,                                                                                film is an unflinching record of the personal stories of the children and parents in this venture.
                                       Autism: The Musical
Rosanne; Stills, Kristen; &
Stills, Stephen
                                                                       x                            This autism awareness tape was produced specifically for use with young children. The program portrays the
Indiana Resource Center for
                                      Autism-Being Friends                                          abilities of the child with autism and describes ways in which peers can help the child to be a part of the
                                                                                                    everyday world. (8:08 minutes)
                                                                                                    This two video set shows heavy equipment such a concrete trucks, payloaders, backhoes, road graders and
                               Awesome Road Construction Videos        x
                                                                                                    bulldozers in action. Each video is 26 minutes in length.
                               Become a Master of Self-Confidence:            x                     This CD is focuses on helping children relax and discover the leadership qualities and self-control within
    Goldberg, Pamela M.          My Kingdom-Guided Imagery for                                      them. Use this book and the one above with an accompanying workbook, Become a Master of Self Control:
                                            Children                                                Meet Melly, Her Color is Mad (listed in the book section).
                               Become a Master of Self-Confidence:            x                     This CD is tailored to appeal to children everywhere. Through guided suggestions, children learn how to relax
    Goldberg, Pamela M.         My Pot of Gold-Guided Imagery for                                   and discover initiative and self-confidence.
                                                                                   Central Region ASD Materials
                                                                                         Videos and CDs
                                                                             CD/                                                                 Summary
             -                               Title                   Video          Subject
                              Bee Smart Baby Vocabulary Builder               x               Olivia & Otis at the Park introduces the concepts of friendship and play.
     Baby Bumble Bee          Interactive Learning DVD for Infants
                                          and Toddlers
                              Bee Smart Baby Vocabulary Builder               x               This interactive CD is designed to teach infants and toddlers and includes a multilingual DVD, sign language,
     Baby Bumble Bee          Interactive Learning DVD for Infants                            flash cards and games.
                                          and Toddlers
                              Bee Smart Baby Vocabulary Builder               x               Action Words is designed for children nine months and older and introduces 20 new action words.
     Baby Bumble Bee          Interactive Learning DVD for Infants
                                          and Toddlers
                              Bee Smart Baby Vocabulary Builder                               Opposites: The goal of this interactive DVD is to build early receptive language. It includes Spanish, French,
                              Interactive Learning DVD for Infants                            German, English, Japanese and sign languages
     Baby Bumble Bee                                                          x
                              and Toddlers (ages two months and
                                                                       x                      Each of us has a strong need for companionship and relationship with others. Individuals with autism
                              Developing Friendships: Wonderful                               spectrum disorders share those feelings. In this video, individuals discuss the various social difficulties they
        Davis, Kim
                                   People to Get to Know                                      experience such as being bullied, missing subtle social cues, and following and maintaining conversations.
                                                                                              Strategies for supporting social interactions are highlighted.
                                                                                              In this 25 minute DVD, Brenda Smith Myles discusses the highlights practical solutions to the day-to-day
                              Difficult Moments for Children and                              challenges facing individuals with Asperger Syndrome and their families include such topics as:
   Smith, Brenda Myles           Youth with Autism Spectrum            x                      characteristics of Asperger Syndrome and their impact on behavior; stages of the rage cycle; strategies that
                                           Disorders                                          promote social skills development, including self-awareness; self-calming and self-management; and
                                                                                              solutions for parents, including organization and support, daily routines, etc.
                                                                       x                      The Families for Early Autism Treatment (FEAT) sponsored the making of this video that covers the
 Families for Early Autism
                                 Doctor, My Child Doesn’t Talk                                importance of early diagnosis and the common symptoms of autism. This is a 10-minute introduction to
                                                                                              autism for those who know little about it.
  Behavioral Intervention      Embracing Play – Teaching your          x                      In this video, parents and professionals demonstrate strategies for creating the structure to foster children’s
      Association                    Child with Autism                                        play skills through object focused play.
                                Enhancing Communication &              x                      This video illustrates many of the principles and practices used and discussed in Dr. Barry M. Prizant’s
       Prizant, Barry
                                Socioemotional Competence                                     seminars on autism-related disorders and communication.
                                                                       x                      This video provides personal insights into educational situations that were most and least supportive for
                              Finding Out What Works: Creating
        Davis, Kim                                                                            specific individuals. Specific accommodations such as visual supports, instructional modifications, and other
                              Environments Where All Can Learn
                                                                                              strategies are highlighted.
                                                                             DVD              In order to be socially successful, children must learn to notice and "read" the social cues and messages that
                               Fitting in and Having Fun Social                               people use to communicate. Fitting In and Having Fun aims to stimulate a child's perception of social
Fink, Cathy & Marxer, Marcy                                                         Social
                              Skills Training Video Series, Vol. 1                            situations by visually showing them how to decode and interpret information from others. The target viewer is
                                                                                              an elementary school-aged child.
                                                                                              In order to be socially successful, children must learn to notice and "read" the social cues and messages that
                               Fitting in and Having Fun Social                               people use to communicate. The target viewer for this DVD is a middle school-aged child. ''topics include:
       NoteAbilities                                                                Social
                              Skills Training Video Series, Vol. 2                            The First Day; Getting Along; Safety in the Hallways; Making Friends; Paying Attention; Staying Organized;
                                                                                              Physical Education Class; Teasing and Bullying; The Cafeteria; Flirting; and Completing Homework.
                                                                                     Central Region ASD Materials
                                                                                           Videos and CDs
                                                                            CD/                                                                     Summary
              -                               Title                 Video              Subject
                                                                                                     This CD features fun songs and finger plays promote school readiness, music to develop body awareness
  Winner, Michelle Garcia        Get Set for School Sing Along               CD    Early Childhood
                                                                                                     and listening skills, and songs about body parts and animal legs help teach counting skills.
   Iris Media with Smith,                                                                   Active social skill development begins with birth and expands across our lifetime. This DVD looks at how
  Stephen & Sprague, Jeff                                                                   social thinking supports the development of social skills from the first year of life, influencing language
                                                                                            development and academic success, as well as skills for adult living. Social thinking concepts and strategies
                                         Growing Up Social              DVD   Interaction/
                                                                                            are introduced to support this teaching across the home and school day, including an exploration of how we
                                                                                            organize our communicative interactions and utilize active perspective-taking throughout each day. For
                                                                                            preschool through 12th grade.
                                                                    x                       This is a training videotape for teachers, parents, health professionals, and group home staff showing how
         Gray, Susan               Health Care Desensitization                              the desensitization procedure to medical, dental, and optometric exams was applied to preschool and
                                                                                            adolescent students with autism and their successful cooperation with subsequent health care
                                 Intricate Minds II Understanding   x                       This video includes interviews with boys and girls aged 8 through 12 who describe what it is like to have
         Coulter Video         Elementary School Classmates with                            Asperger Syndrome (AS). The reveal some of the positive qualities classmates will find they take time to look
                                        Asperger Syndrome                                   past the “different” behaviors that kids sometimes exhibit at school.
                                                                                            Produced by NoteAbilities Inc., Kibbles Rockin' Clubhouse is a series of DVDs that helps teach children with
                                                                                            ASD social techniques and self-care through music, games and stories. Featuring Kibbles, a loveable dog
    Iris Media with Smith,         Kibbles Rockin' Clubhouse,
                                                                  Video     Early Childhood puppet, his friends Handy Sam and Angela, and a cast of engaging, adorable children, the series teaches
  Stephen & Sprague, Jeff           Vol. 1 Expressing Yourself
                                                                                            basic life skills through true-to-life examples and situations, interactive exercises and original songs even the
                                                                                            youngest viewers can sing along to
                                                                                            Many children with disabilities have poor sensorimotor integration. In this lively DVD focusing on young
                                                                                            children, get a first-hand view of a theme-based (dinosaurs) sensorimotor lesson. After a brief introduction to
                                                                                            sensory integration and its importance for developing functional skills and adaptive responses to the
                                  Learn to Move, Move to Learn:
      Brack, Jenny Clark                                                DVD     Sensory     environment, see step-by-step how a series of seven sensorimotor activities (warm-up, vestibular,
                                                                                            proprioception, balance, eye-hand coordination, cool-down and fine motor) are combined in fun games and
                                                                                            activities to result in better readiness to learn. The activities use a transdisciplinary approach in an inclusive
                                                                                            classroom with typical peer models.
                                                                                            This 43 minute video demonstrates how to act during some of the most common interactions between
                                                                                            people. Designed for ages from upper elementary school through adult, it features clear descriptions and
                                Manners for the Real World: Basic                           demonstrations of appropriate behavior in the areas of: personal hygiene; conversations; introductions;
         Coulter Video                                              x
                                            Social Skills                                   telephone and Internet use; table manners; behavior for ladies and gentleman; manners in public; serving as
                                                                                            a host and being a guest. Each topic is discussed in a segment with a review of key points at the end of the
                                                                                            segment in an on-screen caption.
                                                                                            Map It Out is the perfect resource for students who rely heavily on visual cues for learning and
                                                                                            communicating, including individuals with autism and auditory processing difficulties. Want to customize the
Wiig, Elizabeth; Wilson, Carol
                                             Map It Out                  x                  50 conceptual maps? Then, use the accompanying Map It Out Customizable Word Maps CD-ROM. The CD-
                                                                                            ROM allows you to type information into the chart, and then read the customized map onscreen or print it out
                                                                                            for instructional use.
                                                                                   Central Region ASD Materials
                                                                                         Videos and CDs
                                                                          CD/                                                                          Summary
            -                              Title                  Video              Subject
                                                                                                  Dr. Haley's presentation on mercury toxicity presented January 23 2007 is recorded on this CD. It was
    Haley, Dr. Boyd                  Mercury Toxicity                       x                     donated to the Central Region Autism Spectrum Disorders resource library by the autism society of
                                                                            x                     This interactive CD is designed to teach children and young people ages 5-18 appropriate social
                                                                                                  behaviors, interactions, expectations and safety precautions. It include multilevel instruction to target
   Social Skill Builder               My Community
                                                                                                  independent skills and includes data collection. Community settings in which skills are practiced include a
                                                                                                  restaurant, grocery store, doctor's office, and more.
                                                                    x                             This great video is driven by Kyle's vision of himself. It is a great tool to introduce the journey of an individual
      Priebe, Kyle               My Life as an Autistic Boy                                       with autism to teachers, peers, and other persons with autism. This is an 18-minute video you won't want to
                                                                            X                     This video shows both typical and atypical development of young children.

       First Signs                   On the Spectrum

                                                                                              Research shows that children with Autism make the biggest gains when both parents and teachers are using
                                                                                              consistent strategies to support them. The Quality Inclusion Parent Training offers a complete curriculum for
                                                                          DVD                 training parents to guide and teach their child with Autism. Quality Inclusion Parent Training shows you how
                            Parent Training: Positive Parenting
     Project LEAP                                                           & Early Childhood to: identify the causes of challenging behavior, increase desirable behaviors, help children learn to follow
                             for Young Children with Autism                                   directions, and improve children’s communication skills. This set includes a DVD, Trainer's Manual, and
                                                                                              Teacher's Workbook.

                                                                            x                     Preview this Pyramid Educational Product, a CD, to look at more than 450 illustrations to use in schedules,
                            Pics for PECS-Colorful Symbols for                                    circle time and other communication purposes. It is an inexpensive addition to your resources.
Frost, Lori; Bondy, Rayna
                                   Visual Communication

                                                                                                  While this is a great brain injury basics video, a great resource for families of brain injury survivors and brain
                            Pieces of the Puzzle: An Introduction                                 injury case managers alike it contains basic information about the brain and its functions that may be helpful
   University of Iowa                                             Video               Brain
                                        to Brain Injury                                           for individual with an interest in autism.
                                                                            x                     This CD includes movement songs to enhance attention, alertness, and body awareness; respiration songs
                               Say G'day-Sensory Integration                                      to support attention, learning, and self regulation; rhythmic entrainment song to regulate, calm, and organize
   Jereb, Genevieve
                                 through Rhythm and Song                                          the body; and calming/cool down songs.
                                                                                                  Family PC gave this recommendation for Secret Writer's Society, "Take well-ordered writing activities, spice
      Lobo, Vinod                 Secret Writer's Society                                         with cool games, catchy tunes, and other fun activities, and kids ages seven and up will write up a storm.

    NE ASD Network                    Signs of Autism              X                              This video gives an overview of autism characteristics across the spectrum.
                                                                                    Central Region ASD Materials
                                                                                          Videos and CDs
                                                                          CD/                                                                       Summary
            -                              Title                  Video              Subject
                                                                                               "Social Behavior Mapping" helps students to understand how our behaviors (expected and unexpected)
                                                                                               impact how people feel, which then impacts how they treat us, which then impacts how we feel about
  Iris Media with Smith,
                                 Social Behavior Mapping          Video           Behavior     ourselves. Social behavior maps demonstrate to students how we all impact each other emotionally and
 Stephen & Sprague, Jeff
                                                                                               behaviorally. This technique is not a panacea, but instead helps to demystify the complexity of social thought
                                                                                               and related behaviors. For 3rd through 12th grade.
                                                                    x                          The first of these DVDs is a two hour workshop that defines the authors "I LAUGH" framework, a six point
                           Social Thinking Across the Home and
 Winner, Michelle Garcia                                                                       model of social cognition. The second DVD shows Michelle working with elementary and high school student
                                        School Day
                                                                                               in group and individual lessons.
                                                                          x                    This CD has a companion booklet is perfect for home or school. It provides musical activities for improving
  Lande, Aubrey, et. al     Songames for Sensory Integration                                   fine and gross motor skills, muscle strength, and praxis. It includes activities designed to help decrease
                                                                                               tactile, auditory , visual, and sensory defensiveness.
                                                                                               Learn how to run a strong inclusive classroom that successfully integrates children with special needs in to
                            Staff Training: Quality Inclusion for             Early Childhood/ mainstream early childhood programs. This brand new curriculum is the result of 22 years of research by Dr.
 Winner, Michelle Garcia                                                  &
                                Young Children with Autism                        Inclusion    Phil Strain. The curriculum is based on LEAP Preschool, a model demonstration program, and has been
                                                                                               successfully replicated at over 40 sites nationwide.
                                                                                               The Specialminds Foundation and the Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding have created the
                                                                                               first of 25 Social Story Movies. Utilizing a one-step-at-a-time strategy, many of the stories are designed to be
                            Storymovies DVD: Social Concepts
       Gray, Carol                                                  x                          implemented in a sequence. Thus, several stories often work together to describe a single movie using clear
                              and Skills at School: Volume 1
                                                                                               vocabulary and the patient and unassuming manner that are characteristic of this approach.

                             Straight Talk about Autism with                x                     Hear parents and adolescents talk about their personal experiences with peers, teachers, and other
  Attainment Company
                           Parents and Kids-Adolescent Issues                                     professionals.
                             Straight Talk about Autism with                x                     Parents talk about the issues of diagnosis and treatment of their children at early ages and the impact of the
  Attainment Company
                           Parents and Kids-Childhood Issues                                      diagnosis on family and marriage.
                                                                    x                             The author explains different types of organizational tasks and how to help students focus more on their
                               Strategies for Organization,
                                                                                                  strengths than their weaknesses. The ten steps Michelle presents for organizing and producing homework
 Winner, Michelle Garcia     Preparing for Homework and the
                                                                                                  apply far beyond this one task to managing our lives, chores and even planning vacations. This is DVD and
                                        Real World
                                                                                                  book set.
                                                                                                  High school staff who supervise hallways, cafeterias, study halls, parking lots, and hang-out areas can apply
                                                                                     Behavior/    school-wide positive behavior support strategies to keep these common areas safe. Developed with the
                           Systematic Supervision--A Positive
LEAP Outreach Project and                                                             Positive    Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior at the University of Oregon, this program teaches supervisors
                          Way to Monitor Common Areas, High Video DVDs
    LEAP Preschool                                                                   Behavior     how to establish a positive school atmosphere and reduce problem behavior. Staff learn to use the skills
                                                                                     Supports     described in the Middle School training as well as collect data on problem behavior and work as a team
                                                                                                  toward solutions .
                                                                                                  When common area supervisors apply the principals of school-wide positive behavior support, they will feel
                            Systematic Supervision--A Positive                                    less stress and enjoy their jobs more! With this program, middle school staff who supervise hallways,
    Changing Media                                                                    Positive
                             Way to Monitor Common Areas,         Video DVDs                      cafeterias, study halls and hangout areas learn to: effectively teach school rules and expectations, move and
     Development                                                                     Behavior
                                     Middle School                                                scan while supervising; build positive relationships with students; respond appropriately to problem behavior;
                                                                                                  communicate effectively with students, staff and parents, and work as a team to support student behavior.
                                                                               Central Region ASD Materials
                                                                                     Videos and CDs
                                                                         CD/                                                                   Summary
            -                               Title                Video          Subject
                             Systematic Supervision--Creating a                Behavior/   A complete professional development program that gives administrators materials they need to train
                             Safe and Positive Playground and                   Positive   playground/supervisory staff in effective active supervision techniques. Systematic Supervision will help
                                                                Video    DVD
                             Other Common Areas, Elementary                    Behavior    reduce negative behavior and increase positive behavior on the playground, and make playground
                                          School                               Supports    supervisors' jobs easier and more rewarding.
                                                                          x                This Where? DVD uses video modeling to teach appropriate answers to over 30 common questions
McCarthy, Jenny; Scheflen,   Teach2Talk “WH” Questions Vol. 1                              regarding locations in every day settings. Where? May be appropriate to both younger children just being
     Sandra Clifford                     Where?                                            introduced to “WH” question forms, as well as older children who have language or developmental delays.

McCarthy, Jenny; Scheflen,   Teach2Talk “WH” Questions Vol. 2                              This DVD uses puppets and video modeling to show the use of “why” questioning in a variety of settings.
     Sandra Clifford                      Why?                                             Songs are added to keep the children engage and promote generalization.
                                                                          x                In this video Teach2Talk cofounder Jenny McCarthy and Sarah Clifford Scheflen introduce your child to a
McCarthy, Jenny; Scheflen, Teach2Talk Nouns Vol. 1, Body Parts                             variety of basic nouns, which are among the first words a child typically acquires and important building
     Sandra Clifford          (and Clothes to Go With ‘Em)                                 blocks for a functional vocabulary and language. Your child will love to look at this video and also learn new
                                                                          x                This Social Skills series helps teach children appropriate social behaviors through the use of targeted video
McCarthy, Jenny; Scheflen,     Teach2Talk Social Skills Vol. 1
                                                                                           modeling. Sharing focuses on sharing behaviors in a variety of scenarios and settings. This is a DVD for your
     Sandra Clifford                     Sharing
                                                                                           child to enjoy.
                                                                                           The goal of this DVD is to help children learn how to interact and talk with other children, which will lead to
                                                                                           increased socialization and inclusion. While the video is designed to be appropriate for children to all ages
McCarthy, Jenny; Scheflen,     Teach2Talk Social Skills Vol. 2
                                                                          x                and developmental levels, whether as an introduction to the concepts of initiating and maintaining
     Sandra Clifford            Conversations with Friends
                                                                                           conversations or as a reinforcer or refresher, the conversations modeled are more appropriate of early
                                                                                           childhood through elementary years.
McCarthy, Jenny; Scheflen,   Teach2Talk Teach2Play Volume 1               x                This systematically teaches the following skills on the play ladder including: take apart/put together; put in/put
     Sandra Clifford                     Basic Play                                        on; pretend to eat; and build a tower.
McCarthy, Jenny; Scheflen,   Teach2Talk Teach2Play Volume 2               x                This systematically teaches the following skills on the play ladder including: feed my dinosaur; things that go
     Sandra Clifford                      Core Play                                        together; and feed dinosaur family.
McCarthy, Jenny; Scheflen,   Teach2Talk Teach2Play Volume 3               x                This systematically teaches the following skills on the play ladder including: french fry is an airplane; invisible
     Sandra Clifford                 Intermediate Play                                     airplane; and how to brush my dinosaur's teeth.
McCarthy, Jenny; Scheflen,   Teach2Talk Teach2Play Volume 4               x                This systematically teaches the following skills on the play ladder including: dinosaur is talking; dinosaur has
     Sandra Clifford                   Advanced Play                                       an adventure; and playing house.
McCarthy, Jenny; Scheflen,     Teach2Talk Verbs Vol. 1 Action             x                This volume of Verbs introduces children to a variety of basic building block verbs which are critical to a
     Sandra Clifford                        Verbs                                          child’s functional vocabulary and ability to start speaking in sentences.
                                Teaching Verbal Behavior: An       x                       This book follows the first ten month an intensive language intervention conducted by the mother of a young
  Partington, James W.        Introduction to Parents Teaching                             child diagnosed with autism. Dr. James Partington reviews the process for the identification of initial skills to
                                          Language                                         be taught and presents an analysis of effective teaching strategies.
                                                                                           In this 46 minute DVD, Brenda Smith Myles presents numerous practical suggestions and advice for how to
                                                                                           teach and learn those subtle messages that most people seem to pick up almost automatically but that have
                              The Hidden Curriculum Teaching
   Smith, Brenda Myles                                             x                       to be directly taught to individuals with social-cognitive challenges. Given the serious consequences that can
                                    What Is Meaningful
                                                                                           befall a person who violates a social rule, the strategies discussed here make this a much-needed resource.
                                                                                   Central Region ASD Materials
                                                                                         Videos and CDs
                                                                           CD/                                                                      Summary
            -                               Title                  Video             Subject
                                                                                                 The authors share their successful use of the simple concept of 5-point scales to help students understand
                                The Incredible 5-Point-Scale                                     and control their emotional reactions to everyday events that might otherwise set in emotion escalating
                             Assisting Students in Understanding                                 reactions in this 22 minute video. Whether it is inappropriate touching, obsessions, yelling, hitting or making
    Burron, Kari Dunn                                                       x
                               Social Interactions & Controlling                                 hurtful statements to classmates, use of the scale helps break down a given behavior and, with the student‚s
                                 Their Emotional Responses                                       active participation, develop a unique scale that identifies the problem and, just as important, suggests
                                                                                                 alternative, positive behaviors at each level of the scale.
                             The Out of Sync Child: Recognizing      x                           This video tells about the theory of sensory integration dysfunction and, at the end of the tape, shows some
  Kranowitz, Carol Stock     and Coping with Sensory Integration                                 activities used in a classroom.
                                                                     x                           This video provides an overview of the potential benefits of using PECS. It vividly portrays examples of each
                                  The Picture Exchange
Frost, Lori; Bondy, Andrew                                                                       training phase within PECS in school, home and community settings with a variety of communicative
                               Communication System (PECS)
                                                                                                 partners. This is not intended as a training tool but an overview of the system.
                                                                                               The Transporters are eight lovable cartoon vehicles with real human faces. They are designed to help
                                      The Transporters                     DVD Social/Emotions children understand and recognize emotions. The DVD includes lessons on 15 emotions beginning with the
                                                                                               most common and easily recognized. There are a built-in quizzes to complete at the end of each section.
                                                                            x                    This is a brie journey film depicts a journey similar to what a child on the autism spectrum would deal with on
       Jean, Erica               Through the Eyes of Autism
                                                                                                 a daily basis.
                             Tool Chest for Teachers, Parents &                                  This resource comes as a kit with accompanying videos Tools for Teachers and Tools for Students. The
Henry Occupational Therapy                                                  x&
                              Students-A Handbook to Facilitate                                  handbook addresses topics including helping parents understand their children’s sensory needs, creating
        Services                                                           book
                                        Self-Regulation                                          sensory safe places of learning, and skills for play and recess.
                             Tools for Students-DVD: Tool Chest             x                    This resource will be a good addition to the Tools for Parents or Tools for Teachers Handbooks in the book
       Henry, Diana
                               Activities for Home and School                                    section of this materials list. It is a great at children participating in the activities in the handbook.
                                 Tools for Teachers-Sensory                 x                    As with the previous resource this DVD give examples of children participating in the Tools for Teachers
       Henry, Diana
                                  Integration in the Schools                                     Handbook. Use this resource if you need the visual for written directions in the handbook.
                                                                     x                           Individuals across the autism spectrum have dreams and desires to be contributing members of their
                                 Untapped Talents: Pursuing                                      community. Part of the dream is to have a job that is meaningful and interesting to them. This video highlights
        Davis, Kim
                                       Employment                                                the various issues surrounding employment, and presents practical information about accommodating and
                                                                                                 supporting individuals in job situations, including social aspects of a job setting.
Shane, Howard C.; Weiss-                                                                         The authors of this book advocate an approach they title the Visual Immersion Program to link cognition and
                                 Visual Language in Autism
     Kapp, Sharon                                                                                language in a way that addresses individuals with ASDs unique processing styles.
                             Visual Strategies Workshop Working                                  This is a 5-Video set of a live presentation of Linda Hodgdon’s popular and innovative workshop. It provides
                                   with Autism and Related                                       professionals and parents concrete methods to improve communication, reduce behavior problems and
     Hodgon, Linda A.                                                x
                                 Communities and Behavioral                                      increase social interaction for students with autism spectrum disorders or other moderate to severe
                                  Challenges-Video Program                                       communication and behavior challenges.
                                                                                                 Learn how effective use of visual supports can help make children with autism and related pervasive
                                                                                                 developmental disorders function independently and make more sense of the sometimes confusing world
     Savner, Jennifer         Visual Supports in the Classroom       x
                                                                                                 around them. This video introduces the major type of visual supports including visual schedules, choice
                                                                                                 boards, boundary setting, labels, task organizers, and activity completion signals.
                                                             Central Region ASD Materials
                                                                   Videos and CDs
                                                       CD/                                                               Summary
    -                     Title                Video          Subject
                                                                        Autism is a term that conjures many images in the minds of the general public. This video provides general
                We’ve Climbed Mountains:
                                                                        information about autism spectrum disorders with the hope of increasing overall awareness, especially of
Davis, Kim   Increasing Our Understanding of     x
                                                                        those with high functioning autism / Asperger’s syndrome. It addresses specific topics including sensory
                Autism Spectrum Disorder
                                                                        challenges, social understanding, and responses to the diagnosis.
                                                                  Central Region ASD Library
                                                               Toys, Games Educational Materials

                   Name                                                                      Description
                                          These colorful plastic blocks have connecting circles, similar to Legos, to help youngsters stack them. Both
Connecting Alphabet Blocks
                                          upper and lower case numbers are represented on the blocks.
                                          This set of plastic blocks includes both the numeral and mathematic symbols needed to complete
Connecting Numeral Blocks
                                          computations. The blocks are built like Legos with connecting circles to help align and stack them.
Dinosaur Magnets                          Use this metal box of magnets as a reinforcer for tasks completed or in your play area.
                                          Common shapes (circle, square, triangle, octagon, rectangle, and heart) are inset in squares to form a
Double Inset Puzzles
                                          larger square. The configuration of this puzzle can be changed to work on different shapes.
                                          This resource can help your child learn equal and opposites using 30 self-correcting puzzle pairs. It is
Equals and Opposites
                                          designed to develop fine motor and problem solving skills.
                                          These twelve piece puzzles are designed for ages two-five-years-old. The feelings puzzle depicts nine
Feelings and Prepositions Inset Puzzles   labeled emotions and corresponding facial expressions. The puzzle with prepositions shows: in, out, down,
                                          up, above, below, on, and off.
                                          You won’t recognize these monkeys. They visit the beach, get into glue, and steal currant buns. Your child
Five Little Monkeys
                                          may enjoy the monkeys in new situations.
                                          When requesting a child match or “Do what I do,” when building or using relationship development
Identical Matching Block Sets
                                          intervention, these sets of identical blocks are just the ticket.
Lap Animal, Weighted                      Check out this heavy turtle if your OT suggests proprioceptive input for your child.
                                          These puzzle pieces interlock, have dowel holes and pegs so a child can place the right number of pegs
Linear Number Puzzle
                                          and have the numerals painted on them as well.
                                          For those of you who remember paper dolls, here is an update that may be easier for those with fine motor
Magnetic Wooden Pocket Dolls              difficulties to play with. The set comes with two female figures and a variety of clothes in which to dress

                                          Teaching the concepts of small, medium and large will be an easier task with this jig. It contains a variety of
Size Sorting Jig
                                          objects to sort by size: bells, keys, spoons, eggs, coins, spools, etcetera.

                                          This set of red, yellow, blue and green tumblers with sets of four blocks of matching colors can be used for
Tumblers and Matching Blocks
                                          color identification or sorting for an independent work task.

                                          This set of wooden inset puzzles includes an alphabet set, left and right hand with fingers numbered from 1
Wooden Inset Puzzles
                                          to 10, a left and right foot with toes numbered from 1 to 10, and the numerals from 0 though 9.

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