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Volume 18, No. 63                 American Association of Airport Executives                        August 13, 2008

ATA SUES FAA OVER SLOT AUCTION                                             AIRLINE INDUSTRY VETERAN
                                                                       TO ADDRESS AIRPORTS CONFERENCE
The Air Transport Association of America (ATA) this
week filed suit against FAA in response to the agency’s          Howard Putnam, former CEO of both Southwest
decision to auction slots at the New York metropolitan           Airlines and Braniff International, will provide his
airports.                                                        aviation industry insight to delegates in a keynote
    “FAA’s claim that it can use its property management         address at AAAE’s National Airports Conference
authority to auction slots is intellectually dishonest and       (NAC), scheduled for Sept. 7-9 in Reno, Nev.
a disturbing end-run around Congress,” said ATA Presi-              Hank Krakowski, chief operating officer of FAA’s
dent and CEO James May. “Every transportation                    Air Traffic Organization, will update NAC delegates
administration except this one has acknowledged that it          with the latest information on NextGen air traffic
does not have the authority to implement auctions and            control advances during the Sept. 8 luncheon.
other so-called market mechanisms. Yet this administra-          NextGen technology is aimed at expanding the
tion believes it can ignore the statutory limits of its          nation’s airspace capacity and efficiency while also
authority to remake the industry as it sees fit.”                improving safety, lessening the impact on the
    ATA’s lawsuit, a petition for review filed in the U.S.       environment and improving user access.
Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, states that          Tom Berry, principal economics and business
the FAA slot auction is, in effect, a final rule that “should    analyst for the MITRE Corp., will outline the projected
be held unlawful and set aside because these actions             impact of continued high fuel prices on airports
are in excess of the FAA’s statutory authority; constitute       and airlines during the Sept. 9 panel discussion
unauthorized regulatory action disguised as property             “Airline Mergers and the Fuel Crisis — The Impact
management; are contrary to express statutory limita-            on the Nation’s Airports.” Berry participated in the
tions imposed by Congress in the 2008 Consolidated               recent AAAE-led Energy/Air Service Summit in
Appropriations Act; are without observance of procedure          Washington, D.C.
required by law; and are arbitrary, capricious, an abuse            Other NAC speakers and panels will explore in
of discretion, and otherwise not in accordance with law.”        depth the preparations airport officials need to make
    May said that FAA “should focus its efforts on               as the industry adjusts to drastic increases in oil
fulfilling its responsibility to provide the infrastructure      prices and changes in aviation security and in federal
and air traffic resources necessary to meet the public’s         regulation.
demand for safe air transportation services, instead of             Roundtables will feature TSA and FAA officials
finding new ways to inhibit economic growth and further          who will conduct an open dialogue with NAC del-
tax an already overtaxed traveling public.”                      egates. Further, guest speakers will share the latest
    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey                news about their companies and the impact this
earlier issued a statement on DOT’s proposed auction             news will have on the nation’s airports.
plan, saying, “The solution to combating flight delays is           For more information and to register for the
increasing capacity, improving customer service and              NAC, visit
replacing a decades-old air traffic control system — not         For sponsorship information, e-mail
auctions that will raise ticket prices for the exact same
delays. We will continue to block any effort by the DOT
and FAA to implement this auction system at our
airports.”                                                      TUNE IN TO AVIATION NEWS TODAY...

DELTA, NW PILOTS REACH ACCORD                                   ...on Friday, Aug. 15, for the broadcast of an interview
                                                                  on general aviation with officials of the Aircraft Owners
Pilots from Delta and Northwest have voted to                        and Pilots Association.
approve a joint contract that will apply to both                          For information on the Web-based Digicast
pilot groups following the closing of the Delta-                        training system, contact Sean Broderick at (703)
Northwest merger, Delta confirmed.                                      824-0500, Ext. 126. For information on custom
                     (continued on following page)                      training videos, contact Jim Martin at Ext. 166.
August 13, 2008                               AIRPORTREPORT Express                                              Page 2
    Delta CEO Richard Anderson issued a statement
saying, “Approval of a joint contract that will cover both             AAAE’S ACCREDITATION PROGRAM
pilot groups immediately upon closing of the merger is
an historic milestone in creating the world’s premier           To learn about AAAE’s Accredited Airport Executive
global airline, and we are pleased that pilots from both        (A.A.E.) program and how it can benefit airports and
airlines chose to take this important step to unify the         their employees, visit to
pilot group. Today’s ratification is a testament to the         view two video programs.
diligent efforts of (Air Line Pilots Association) ALPA’s           The first program, “What an A.A.E. Can Do for Me,”
leadership working together with its members, Delta and         highlights the value of an airport career and of the
Northwest.”                                                     management training available through the A.A.E.
    Delta in April announced that it is combining with          program. The second video, “Introducing the Profes-
Northwest in an all-stock transaction. The new company          sional Airport Manager,” details the importance of
will be called Delta and will be headquartered in Atlanta.      looking for the A.A.E. designation when doing busi-
The merger is subject to the approval of Delta and              ness with an airport and/or airport managers.
Northwest shareholders and regulatory approvals.
Carrier officials are projecting that these approvals will     Express. This will eliminate ferry flights from Colgan’s
be completed later this year.                                  existing maintenance facilities, reducing operating
    The carriers earlier announced that the European           costs.
Commission unconditionally cleared the merger.                    • The transition of nine markets that Colgan operated
                                                               from Pittsburgh under the US Airways Express brand to
PINNACLE POSTS SECOND-QUARTER PROFIT                           Washington Dulles under the United Express brand. This
                                                               transition was completed during the first quarter, and
Pinnacle Airlines on Monday reported second-quarter            Colgan has seen an improvement in the revenue
net income of $10.3 million, excluding special charges.        performance of these markets, Trenary said.
    “Pinnacle’s operations rebounded in the second                • Discussions with United to reduce certain costs
quarter to the industry-leading performance that we are        that Colgan incurs at Washington Dulles as a United
known for,” said Phil Trenary, the company’s president         Express carrier.
and CEO. “In addition, Colgan reported almost break-
even operating results on the strength of its new Q400         AMERICAN EAGLE TO ADD SERVICE
operations in spite of a nearly 69 percent increase in
fuel costs related to its pro-rate operations.” Colgan is a    American Eagle said it will institute two daily roundtrip
subsidiary of Pinnacle.                                        flights from Abraham Lincoln Capital (Ill.) Airport to
    Trenary said the company has developed a turn-             O’Hare International, beginning Nov. 2.
around plan for Colgan’s pro-rate operations to combat             That same day, the two daily roundtrip flights oper-
the dramatic increase in fuel prices that the entire airline   ated by AmericanConnection carrier Trans States
industry is experiencing. The turn-around plan is de-          Airlines from Springfield to Lambert St. Louis Interna-
signed to create a pro-rate operation that can be sus-         tional will end, American Eagle said. The new flights will
tained without significant losses in the current high fuel     be operated with 44-seat Embraer Regional Jets.
cost environment. Key components of the turn-around                Separately, American Eagle announced that it will
plan include:                                                  add one daily nonstop flight between Dallas-Fort Worth
    • The elimination of 12 markets from Colgan’s US           International and Central Illinois Regional, effective Nov.
Airways Express and United Express operations,                 2. The company will operate the service with 50-seat
effective in October. This will result in the retirement of    Embraer ERJ-145 equipment.
10 Saab aircraft from service, in addition to the previ-
ously announced retirement of Colgan’s fleet of five           PROPOSED BA-AMERICAN PACT CHALLENGED
Beech 1900 aircraft.
    • Increased subsidy under the Essential Air Service        Virgin Atlantic Airways, in letters to both U.S. presiden-
(EAS) program. To offset the increase in fuel costs,           tial candidates, urged rejection of a proposed alliance
Colgan applied for changes in 13 of the 15 markets that        between British Airways and American Airlines.
it serves under the EAS program.                                   Virgin Atlantic President Richard Branson wrote that
    • The addition of Colgan’s new maintenance base at         “Airlines everywhere are struggling with the current price
Washington Dulles International, where the carrier             of oil, but the solution to their problems should not lie in
maintains a significant presence operating as United                                          (continued on following page)

         AIRPORT REPORT Express is published twice-weekly by the American Association of Airport Executives
    601 Madison Street • Alexandria, VA 22314 • (703) 824-0504 • Fax (703) 820-1395 • E-mail:

        Barbara Cook—Editor                                            Charles M. Barclay, A.A.E.—President
August 13, 2008                              AIRPORTREPORT Express                                             Page 3
an anti-competitive agreement, which will inevitably lead
                                                                      INDIA AVIATION EVENT SCHEDULED
to less competition and higher fares.”
    BA and American Airlines, which together with Iberia
                                                               India Aviation 2008, a U.S. government-led market
would have nearly half of all takeoff and landing slots at
                                                               development initiative, will be held in Hyderabad,
London’s Heathrow airport, are expected to file an
                                                               India, Oct. 15-18. The Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation
application with DOT this week for their alliance,
                                                               has created this event to foster public-private partner-
Branson noted.
                                                               ships in India’s expanding civil aviation market.
    British Airways and Iberia separately are holding talks
                                                                  Recognizing the importance of India Aviation 2008,
toward achieving an all-share merger between the two
                                                               the U.S. government through the U.S. Commercial
                                                               Service has agreed to be a partner country. For more
                                                               general information on the event, visit www.india-
The Air Line Pilots Association International’s (ALPA)
                                                              actively recruiting enthusiastic, career-growth minded
Airport and Ground Environment (AGE) Group on
                                                              individuals to join its team of professionals. Currently
Tuesday named Boston Logan International as the 2008
                                                              seeking for its Irving, Texas, office senior aviation
“Airport of the Year” because of the airport’s efforts to
                                                              planners, aviation architects and engineering candidates
reduce runway incursions and excursions through
                                                              who would like the opportunity to be part of a growing
enhanced markings and technologies, its new physical
                                                              design practice. Benefits package includes health,
improvements that reduce congestion and delays, its
                                                              dental, life, long-term disability and long-term care
collaborative efforts to improve safety, and its multi-
                                                              insurances, 401k and every other Friday off. Qualified
faceted approach to emergency exercises.
                                                              applicants should send resume to firm’s corporate
    “Boston Logan leads the country in several catego-
                                                              office, David Mason and Associates, Attn: Cheryl
ries when it comes to improved aviation safety for the
                                                              Paquette, 800 S. Vandeventer Ave., St. Louis, MO
traveling public,” said ALPA AGE Chairman Capt. Bob
                                                              63110, fax (314) 534-1053, e-mail
Perkins. “Pilots like it because they can see the im-
                                                     For more information,
provements that the Massachusetts Port Authority
(Massport) has implemented over the years — from
better runway signage, markings, and new runway
status lights to more taxiways, every project makes a
                                                              EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR—Newport News/Williamsburg,
                                                              Va. Are you a creative, energetic airport executive? Do
    “Boston Logan is deeply honored to receive this
                                                              you have the passion and enthusiasm necessary to lead
award,’’ said Massport Aviation Director Edward Freni.
                                                              us to the next level? Interested in living in one of the
“This award not only signifies that the airport gets it
                                                              most historic and scenic communities in the nation?
when it comes to making pilots key players on our
                                                              Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF)
safety team, it also represents a strong vote of confi-
                                                              provides this unique opportunity for an exceptional,
dence about the work we do to improve safety.’’
                                                              proactive leader that combines diplomacy with consen-
                                                              sus building in developing a new vision for our airport.
                                                              Plans, directs and administers the overall operation of
                                                              PHF with record-breaking growth of over 1 million
TSA announced the appointment of Mike Duffy as the
                                                              passengers. Responsible for 110 employees and a
deputy general manager for the agency’s Transportation
                                                              budget of over $8 million. Reports to the Peninsula
Sector Network Management Commercial Airports
                                                              Airport Commission. Minimum bachelor’s degree in
                                                              aviation or related field (master’s desired); 10 years of
    Duffy joined TSA in May 2003 and currently serves in
                                                              progressive airport management experience; prefer
the Office of Security Operations as the executive
                                                              A.A.E. accreditation (C.M. minimum). Starting salary
liaison to FAA.
                                                              range $150,000-$180,000. Excellent benefit package,
                                                              including relocation benefits. For brochure information/
                                                              submission requirements, see ADK Executive Search
                       NOTAMS                                 Web site at Position
              (Notices To Airport Managers)                   closes Aug. 31. E-mail questions to
David Mason & Associates (DMA), an architectural and          GENERAL BUSINESS SPECIALIST—Metropolitan
engineering firm with offices throughout the Midwest, is      Washington Airports Authority, Ronald Reagan Washing-
August 13, 2008                             AIRPORTREPORT Express                                              Page 4
ton National Airport. Salary range $63,458-$92,014.
Announcement number: MWAA-08-10276, closing date
Aug. 12. Plans, develops and prepares landside conces-       OPERATIONS COORDINATOR—TBI Airport Manage-
sion solicitations for the review, evaluation, award and     ment. Responsible for working in one of two ramp
negotiation of landside concession contracts; plans,         control towers managed by TBI. Performs ramp control
develops and prepares related contract documents,            to aircraft entering and departing the ramp by communi-
including lease agreements for space and facilities          cating with pilots; pre-plans gate assignments for flight
associated with the landside concession operation;           arrivals/departures and assigns gates on a daily basis;
administers landside concession contracts and related        identifies gate conflicts and makes appropriate changes;
lease agreements to ensure compliance with contract-         monitors activities on the apron and alerts appropriate
prescribed terms and conditions, including the monitor-      personnel of activities and events that may affect safety
ing of parking concessionaire cash and credit card           or environmental compliance; dispatches appropriate
collections for deposit into airports authority accounts     personnel to respond to maintenance/security issues
and oversight of the operation of the parking automated      and coordinates carousel and ticket counter assign-
revenue control system. Landside concession contract         ments in North Terminal. The ideal candidate will have a
development and administration duties involve a variety      bachelor’s degree in aviation management or equivalent
of business operations, including, but not limited to, the   education/experience. For more information or to apply
public parking management contract; shuttle bus              online, visit
management contract and other ground transportation          jobdetail.cfm?job=2944445.
concessions and operations. For more information, visit      OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR—Gulfport-Biloxi (Miss.)
To apply, visit MWAA’s Web site at             International Airport. Under the direction of the director
                                                             of operations and maintenance, plans, organizes and
MANAGER OF CONSTRUCTION & PROFESSIONAL                       supervises airside and landside operations on a rotating
SERVICES—Gulfport-Biloxi (Miss.) International Airport.      shift. Inspects airside, terminal and landside facilities,
Under direction of the executive director, plans and         coordinates airport construction and responds to
organizes professional engineering work at Gulfport-         emergency situations. Reviews and acts on matters
Biloxi International Airport. Directs the preparation of     involving safety, security, certification and other related
project designs, cost estimates, specifications and          matters as they impact airlines, tenants and passen-
project schedules. Provides technical oversight and          gers. Ability to pass all local and federal background
inspection of work in progress to ensure that all work       investigations. Completion of a four-year degree in
complies with contract specifications and applicable         airport management, business management or related
codes and standards. Coordinates engineering activities.     field. Internship at a Part 139 airport or related experi-
Requires knowledge of various federal rules and regula-      ence required. Private pilot certificate preferred. Should
tions governing airport operations and certification.        be familiar with FAR Part 139 and TSAR 1542. Starting
Prepares and provides a variety of periodic and special      salary $30,000. Submit resume and cover letter by Aug.
reports and correspondence. Monitors developments in         22 to Tommy Turfitt, Operations Supervisor, Gulfport-
equipment, materials and techniques in the engineering       Biloxi International Airport, 14035-L Airport Road,
design and construction field. Responsible for gathering     Gulfport, MS 39503, (228) 863-5951, Ext. 39.
such information and developing alternatives and
making recommendations when needed. Send resume              PROGRAM MANAGER—Federal Aviation Administra-
by 5 p.m. CST Aug. 29 to Gulfport-Biloxi International       tion (FV-0301- H/I). Position located in the Great Lakes
Airport, Attn: Don Shepley, 14035-L Airport Road,            region, Detroit airports district office. Provides leader-
Gulfport, MS 39503. For more information, visit http://      ship to achieve the goals of FAA’s flight plan, airport’s             division strategic business plan and the Great Lakes
                                                             regional business plan. Manages airports division
MANAGING ENGINEER—Work for an international                  programs in an assigned geographic area that will
airport that strives for innovation and promotion of         include numerous airports of varying complexity.
effectiveness. King County (Wash.) International Airport,    Responsible for providing project management and
also known as Boeing Field, not only was selected by         airport planning services related to airport design,
the National Air Transportation Association as one of the    construction, master and system plans, airspace, land
“100 Most Needed Airports” in the United States, but         acquisition projects and AIP project programming. Also
also ranks among the most successful public invest-          the primary point of contact for public, inter-agency and
ments in state history. Position manages all engineering     internal inquiries on airport programs located within the
and maintenance functions at the airport. Requires a         assigned geographic area. A copy of the all-sources
passion for and knowledge of aviation and engineering        announcement AGL-AP-08-14-10211 is available on the
design and practices. For details, visit http://             FAA Web site at
                                      American Association of Airport Executives

                        2008 F. RUSSELL HOYT
                            September 7-10, 2008 • Reno, Nevada • Meeting #080901
   The 2008 F. Russell Hoyt National Airports Confer-          opportunity to experience both the formal and informal
ence (NAC), sponsored by the American Association of           gatherings at the NAC. A special social/orientation ses-
Airport Executives, will explore in depth the preparations     sion for Mentor Program participants is planned for Sun-
airport officials need to make as the industry adjusts to      day, September 7, prior to the conference opening recep-
drastic increases in oil prices, on top of changes in the      tion. Those who volunteer to be, or be paired up with, a
economy, in aviation security and in federal regulation.       mentor will receive a 10 percent discount on their regis-
   This year’s NAC theme, “Flying High Through Turbu-          tration. Please adjust your total registration cost directly
lent Times,” highlights the complex issues that face the       on the registration form. If you would like to be a mentor
airport community today: airline shutdowns, fuel prices        or are a first-time attendee, check the appropriate box on
on the rise, federal funding, environmental mandates,          the registration form. All participants will be notified in
safety management system plans, ground handling, suc-          advance of the identity of their program partner, allowing
cession planning, and the particular concerns that must        participants to get acquainted prior to the meeting.
be addressed when hosting special events.
   Roundtables will feature TSA and FAA officials who          Sponsorship Opportunities
will conduct an open dialogue with NAC delegates. Fur-         Show your company’s commitment to the airport industry
ther, guest speakers will share the latest news about their    by becoming a sponsor of the NAC! You can either spon-
companies and the impact this news will have on your           sor an event at the conference and gain immediate expo-
airport.                                                       sure at that event and in other areas, or be an Airport An-
   The NAC is built upon the popular small group discus-       gel and be identified as an overall conference sponsor.
sion format, which allows participants to discuss and de-      Sponsorships support events at the NAC, as well as the
bate numerous technical and management topics in an in-        AAAE Foundation, which provides scholarships to stu-
formal setting. Special roundtables structured by airport      dents nationwide. You will gain maximum exposure with
size also will allow delegates to share information in a re-   more than 150 airport executives at the conference, as
laxed environment.                                             well as recognition by the AAAE membership in a variety
   The mentor program will be offered again to provide         of other ways, too!
new members of the airport management community the                In addition to getting your company’s name out to the
opportunity to learn about the industry and the NAC            people attending the conference, AAAE offers state-of-
through interaction with seasoned veterans.                    the-art benefits that will reach an even broader
   The NAC will begin with a welcome reception on Sun-         audience…ranging from listings on AAAE’s in-house
day evening, September 7, and conclude on Tuesday,             television channel at the conference hotel to contact with
September 9, with a series of drawings for great give-         thousands of potential customers on AAAE’s award-win-
aways! You must be present to win, so plan to stay! An         ning Web site. As a sponsor contributing $1,500 or more,
optional tour of Reno-Tahoe International Airport will be      your company will be associated with a specific event at
offered on Wednesday morning, September 10. Space on           the NAC and be recognized verbally during or in the gen-
the tour is limited to 50 persons, so don’t wait to sign up!   eral session preceding that event. Sponsoring companies
   And, while you are in Reno, be sure to take advantage       will be recognized on signs, in the conference program
of an additional educational opportunity by attending          given to every attendee and in AAAE’s newsletter, Air-
special conferences scheduled prior to the start of the        port Report, which is distributed to more than 4,000 indi-
NAC. Featured will be the Basics of Small Airport Man-         viduals in the industry… all this plus exposure on the
agement Workshop and the National Airport Performance          continuous loop tape that is shown on the hotel’s in-
Measurement and Benchmarking Workshop. Check the               house television system. In addition, companies contrib-
AAAE Web site for registration information for these pro-      uting $3,000 or more are entitled to display promotional
grams.                                                         brochures in a specific “trade show” location in the regis-
   Plan to join your colleagues in Reno for this year’s        tration area at the conference and will receive one free
NAC to hear the latest information on issues that directly     full delegate registration for the conference! At higher
impact your airport and to network with your peers.            levels of sponsorship, your company will receive addi-
                                                               tional registrations. Of course, companies still can show
Mentor Program                                                 their support by becoming an Airport Angel, with a con-
To encourage newcomers to attend the NAC, AAAE is              tribution of $950 or more, and receive recognition in the
proud to offer the NAC Mentor Program. This program is         conference program and in Airport Report. See the AAAE
designed to pair up first-time conference attendees with       Web site for a sponsorship registration form. For more in-
more experienced attendees (mentors). The mentors are          formation and a list of available events, contact Susan
responsible for acclimating new attendees. By being            Lausch at (703) 824-0500, Ext. 128, or e-mail
paired with a mentor, first-time attendees have a better
    August 13, 2008                                               AIRPORTREPORT Express                                                          Page 6
                                                          American Association of Airport Executives
                                                                                                                    w w egis
                                   2008 F. RUSSELL HOYT                                                                w . ter
                                                                                                                          aa O
                                                                                                                            a e n-
                              NATIONAL AIRPORTS CONFERENCE                                                                     . o r Li
                                                                                                                                    g / m ne
                              September 7-10, 2008 • Reno, Nevada • Meeting #080901                                                      e e at:
Hotel reservations—Rooms are being held at the Peppermill Resort Casino, 2707 S. Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502, phone (775) 826-2121. s
All attendees will receive a special rate of $165 single/double occupancy (group rate includes resort fee). Reservations must be made by Friday,
August 15, 2008, in order to guarantee this rate. Reservations made after this date can only be honored on a space available basis. To make your
hotel reservations, call (800) 282-2444 and identify yourself as part of the AAAE08 group. One night’s room and tax guaranteed to a major
credit card is required at the time of making a reservation. Cancellation of guaranteed reservations must be received 24 hours prior to arrival in
order to avoid a charge equal to one night’s room and tax.
Airline reservations—American Airlines has been selected as the official air carrier for this meeting. Attendees can receive 10% off American’s
full coach fares or 5% off all other published fares. Rules and restrictions apply. To take advantage of American’s special fares, call American
Airlines directly at (800) 433-1790 from 6 a.m.-1 a.m. eastern time daily and refer to star file #A1818SS.
Ground transportation—The Peppermill Resort Casino offers a complimentary shuttle to and from Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The shut-
tle operates every 30 minutes on the quarter hour and is located outside Door D in the baggage claim area. Alternatively, a cab ride costs approx-
imately $10 one way and the ride is approximately five minutes. Avis and Budget are the official rental car companies for this conference. To
make reservations with Avis or for further information, call (800) 331-1600 and reference J097316. To make reservations with Budget or for fur-
ther information, call (800) 722-3773 and reference U076729.
NOTE: AAAE reserves the right to cancel this program if the number of registrants is insufficient. In this event, we will notify all registrants and refund the reg-
istration fee in full. However, any costs incurred by the registrant, such as hotel cancellation or airline penalties, are the responsibility of the registrant.
Confirmation letters will be e-mailed to attendees within approximately two weeks of receipt of registration. If you have not received a confirmation letter via e-
mail two business days prior to the meeting, and you enrolled at least 15 days prior to the meeting, please contact the AAAE Meetings Department at (703)
824-0504. Non-receipt of the confirmation letter before the meeting is not justification for seeking a refund.
Future correspondence will be sent to the address, fax number and/or e-mail address below. Check here if updated contact information has been pro-
Nickname for Badge                                                    E-Mail Address
Full Name
Telephone Number                                                                  Fax Number
  Yes, I am a first-time attendee and would like to be assigned a Mentor. Deduct 10% from NAC fee for Mentor Program.
  I would like to be a Mentor. Deduct 10% from NAC fee for Mentor Program.
  Please indicate any special needs to participate and attach a description of your needs.
                                                                                               Registrations and cancellations must be submitted in
REGISTRATION FEE (in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank)                                          writing. Refund requests received before August 8, 2008,
(includes all handouts, two breakfasts, two lunches,                                           are subject to a $125 processing fee. There will be no
and coffee/refreshment breaks)                                                                 refunds after this date. Substitutions will be accepted
                                                On or Before                    After          without penalties and no-shows will be billed. For all
                                                                                               inquiries regarding cancellations and refunds, please
                                                    8/25/08                    8/25/08         contact the AAAE Meetings Department at (703) 824-
1. AAAE Member ............................... $530 ............... $650                       0504 or e-mail
2. Non-Member .................................. $675 ............... $780
                                                                                         Accredited Airport Executives
3. Airport Tour ...................................... Free ................ Free
                                                                                         This course is worth 12 credits in the AAAE Continuing Airport
                                                                                         Management Education Unit (CEU) program.
    Enclosed is my check payable to AAAE                                                       Purchase Order #
    Upon receipt of this form, please charge my (circle one):                                    American Express             MasterCard            Visa
Cardholder Name
Account Number                                                                                               Exp. Date
RETURN TO: AAAE • 601 Madison St., #400 • Alexandria, VA 22314 (USA) or Fax to (703) 820-1395. Photocopies of this form will be
accepted. AAAE accepts registration regardless of race, religion, sex, physical disability and national or ethnic origin. This includes but is not
limited to admissions, employment and educational services.