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The world's GDP is more than $70 trillion US. And yet, 3 billion people currently
live on less than $2 a day. Our global economic system leaves half the world's
population dangerously underserved.

Your mission this week: Help invent the future of money.

"Money is an invention of the human mind. The creation of money is made
possible because human beings have the capacity to accord value to
symbols. Money is a symbol that represents the value of goods and services.
The acceptance of any object as money - be it wampum, a gold coin, a paper
currency note or a digital bank account balance - involves the consent of
both the individual user and the community. Thus, all money has a
psychological and a social as well as an economic dimension. As human
consciousness has evolved, the nature and function of money has evolved
From Wikipedia: the Social Evolution of Money

What breakthrough solution will change the future of
money forever?
Meet Prema Salgaonkar. She's helping invent the future of money in

Every day, as part of a program called Mahila Milan (or “women
together”), Prema visits more than 450 households in Mumbai's Dharavi
slum in order to conduct face-to-face "micro-savings" transactions.

On any given day, up to 150 of the women she visits will deposit a small
amount with Prema — anything between 5 to 200 rupees. Over time,
these small daily savings help the women plan a better future for their
families. And it's not just happening in Mumbai — nationwide in India,
more than 60,000 women have joined the Mahila Milan network.

Micro-savings is just one big idea that may change the future of money
forever. Social innovators around the world are designing many more
kinds of ways to trade, save, barter, earn, purchase, and invest.
Your mission this week: Uncover the creative solution that YOU think will
have the biggest impact on the future of money.

Here are some places to start your investigation:

Who else has a truly creative idea for solving the water crisis? Find a
great, big idea and share it.

The Future of Money
Do-It-Yourself Currencies
World of Good Markets
The Future of Barter
Local Exchange Trading Systems
Community Currencies in the U.S.

You might find more ideas by searching for "alternative currency",
"community bank", "virtual currency", or "social banking".

What creative solution do you think will make the biggest change in how we
use money in the future? Pick your favorite experiment and tell me why you
think it will change the world.

Try out an alternative currency or exchange system for

It's time to get real, firsthand experience with innovative economies.

Your ACT mission this week: Make at least one economic transaction
using a non-traditional currency, platform or exchange system you've
NEVER used before.

Some ideas:

      Try an alternative currency
      Participate in a bartering system or skills bank
      Experiment with one of the new platforms described in The Future
       of Money
      Or maybe you want to make a micro-loan or help someone
       kickstart their new project.
If you're feeling really adventurous, join forces with some friends,
classmates, family or neighbors to invent your own small exchange to
test a new idea.

Your objective:
Make a real economic transaction this week using a currency, platform or exchange
system you've NEVER used before. Tell a story about your experience. What ideas does it
give you for sparking the future of money?


It's April 1, 2020, and Citizen X needs YOU to help report on breaking
economic news.

A new local bank, exchange, or currency just opened up for business --
and you're the closest shadow journalist to the scene.

Your mission: File a breaking report on the new operation before anyone
else gets to the story.

Make sure to report on all the important details:

      What is it called? Where is it?
      Who created it? How does it work?
      What community does it serve? What problem does it solve?

Of course, without visual proof, it's all just rumors. So back up your story
by adding at least one original video, photo, or artwork (created by YOU)
to bring your news story to life.

Your objective:
Go beyond words this week to bring us breaking news from the future of
money. Report on a new local bank, exchange or currency. You must include
an *original* video, photo or artwork with your report.

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