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Welcome... the fifth year of Green Impact Students' Unions (formerly the Sound Environmental Impact Awards). Green Impact is an
environmental accreditation scheme with an awards element designed specifically for students’ unions. For decades
students’ unions have been at the forefront of social and environmental campaigning. However, with the majority of Unions
not being metered for the utilities they use, and with sabbatical teams changing annually, many of our members struggled to
get to grips with their own environmental impacts. So in 2006 we launched the Sound Environmental Impact Awards to
provide a practical framework for greening students' unions. The scheme was a big success with fifty-one unions taking part
in 2006/07, sixty-seven in 2007/08, seventy-nine in 2008/09 and eighty-three in 2009/10.

The purpose of Green Impact Students' Unions is to encourage, nurture, reward and celebrate environmental good-practice
in students' unions.

How does it work?
Green Impact is an environmental accreditation scheme. It comprises a list of 215 criteria with each delivering a practical
action that will help the union to reduce its impact on the environment. Each criterion is worth a score of between one and
ten marks. Each score has been calculated by adding a value for the potential of the criterion in protecting the environment
to a value for the difficulty in implementing it. Unions simply work through the list of criteria marking those that they meet,
collecting the points along the way.

All entrants will be awarded one of four qualifications: Working Towards Accreditation; Bronze Standard; Silver
Standard; Gold Standard. To gain the Bronze Standard, Unions need to have met all twenty-four criteria marked as Bronze
essentials - these are the actions that we think all students' unions could and should be doing as a minimum.

To gain the Silver Standard, unions need to have met all the Bronze essentials plus all thirteen criteria marked as Silver
essentials and gained an overall score of 430 or more. Unions can build their overall score by meeting any of the 177
optional bonus criteria – as the name suggests these are non-compulsory, but the more you get, the higher your score,
helping you on your way to a Silver Standard.

New for this year we have introduced the Gold Standard to replace the Gold Award from previous years. All unions can
now achieve the Gold Standard if they meet all Bronze and Silver essentials plus all five Gold essentials and have gained
an overall score of 530 or more. The top scorer in the Gold Standard category will win the new national Green Impact Union
of the Year Award.
Additionally there are four special achievement awards up for grabs open to any union regardless of overall score: The
Ecologist Communications Challenge Award; The Green Innovation Award; The Co-operative Most Improved Union Award
and The Co-operative International Development Award.

Why enter the scheme?
Here are five good reasons to enter Green Impact Students' Unions:
1) Green Impact is a nationally recognised accreditation offering an independent benchmarking of your union's
environmental performance. Each union entering the scheme will receive a final score that can be used to set targets and
monitor performance against. In addition to being presented with a certificate or award at our Annual Dinner at Convention
2011, entrants will receive a digital Green Impact Students' Unions logo for the standard they have achieved that can be
used on their webpages and stationary.
2) The process of completing the application form will help you identify what your union should be doing, that it is not
currently, and give you ideas for further improvements - effectively providing an off-the-shelf action plan for greening your
union. Its not just a case of being in it to win it! We encourage all students' unions to enter, especially those who are just
starting to think about the environment.
3) Greener means leaner. Improving your union's environmental performance will help reduce the amount of utilities used,
saving money for the union and/or Institution. Addressing environmental issues is likely to raise the union's kudos with the
Institution, and make the union a more attractive place to be for environmentally-conscious staff and students, and
helping to change wider behaviours by creating positive social norms.
4) Every year we profile a selection of the best environmental practice we have found through the scheme in our showcase
booklet. The booklet seeks to celebrate our collective achievements and is sent to all our 230 member unions, to
influential stakeholders within the sector, and to key environmental figures beyond the sector - including politicians, directors
of NGOs, business leaders and celebrities. It's great publicity for all unions taking part. You can view last year’s booklet
through the webpage link below.
5) The net outcome of your participation will be that your Union has a less negative impact on the environment.
To find out what applicants said about the scheme last year visit
Registration and closing date
Once your union has made the decision to enter Green Impact Students' Unions, you will need to formally register as an
applicant. This year the deadline for registering is 5pm on Fri 08 Oct 2010 and you can do this on the programmes page in
the members area of As part of the registration process you will need to agree to pay the application fee.
The fee is £250 for unions entering for their first year; £125 for unions taking part for a second consecutive year; £80 for
unions taking part for a third/fourth/fifth consecutive year. Alternatively you can join the scheme through our new E&E Opt-
in Group which also entitles you to an environmental audit (a Bronze essential criterion) or staff training day (a Bonus
criterion), plus a whole host of other benefits, all at a reduced rate for our members.

Once you have registered, you need to complete this workbook and email it to before
noon on Fri 17 Dec 2010. For important guidance on how to complete the workbook, please see the guidance worksheet
by clicking on the tab below marked 'Guidance'.

All that is left for me to say is that I hope that you get a lot out of the application process, thanks for your support, and good

Charlotte Gerada
Chair, Ethical & Environmental Committee, NUS Services

 Green Impact Students' Unions is run by NUS Services, the commercial arm of the NUS. It are supported by NUS, EAUC,
                   People & Planet and the Ecologist. The main sponsor is The Co-operative Group.

Below is advice and information to help guide you through the application process. Please save yourself and us time by reading
them thoroughly before you start!

1. We took part last year. What is different this year?
We have added a total of eighteen new criteria and deleted seven, meaning that the total points available has increased by 118

The wording of a number of the criteria has been strengthened. We have done this because we want unions to continually
improve their environmental performance through this scheme. To this end, we added an extra essential criteria for the Bronze
Standard – last year there were twenty-three, this year there are twenty-four. So if you got the Bronze Standard last year you
might have to do a little more greening to keep it. To see exactly which criteria have changed and how, a full list of the changes to
the criteria can be found by clicking on the tab below called 'List of changes'.

To gain the Silver Standard, unions need to meet all twenty-four Bronze essentials plus all thirteen criteria marked as Silver
essentials (increased from twelve Silver essential last year) and gain an overall score of 430 or more. We have raised the Silver
Standard points threshold slightly to take into account the increase in total points available.

This year we have introduced the Gold Standard. To gain this Standard unions must meet all Bronze and Silver essentials plus
all five Gold essentials and have gained an overall score of 530 or more. The top scorer in the Gold Standard category will win
the new Green Impact Union of the Year Award.
We have four special achievement awards this year, the same as last year. We are keeping The Co-operative International
Development Award, The Green Innovation Award and The Co-operative Most Improved Union Award the same as last year,
although the details of The Ecologist Communications Challenge Award have changed.

2. What parts of the workbook do I need to fill in?
The first thing to note is that this workbook has been designed to be completed and returned digitally, so there is no need to print
it! Because of this you will need to save this file somewhere safe on your computer/server, giving it the file name ‘201011 Green
Impact Students' Unions - Union Name’ where the union name is the name of your union.

You only need to enter information into five worksheets in this workbook - 'Bronze criteria', 'Silver criteria', 'Gold criteria', 'Bonus
criteria' and 'Special awards & bonus points'. To access these worksheets simply click on the tabs at the bottom of your screen.
Please only enter responses into the empty cells with blue borders. You should start by putting in your contact and union details in
the eight boxes at the top of the 'Bronze criteria' worksheet. Then all you need to do is respond to each predetermined statement
in the ‘Criteria’ column (B.001 to B.024; S.001 to S.013; G.001 to G.005; C.001 to C.176) so that we know whether or not the
union is in compliance with each criterion (see note 3, below). There is also an open-ended question (C.177) at the end of the
'Special awards & bonus points' worksheet that could help you get up to fifteen bonus points.

3. How do I say whether or not we have met each criterion?
With the exception of the open-ended question C.178, each criterion is worth between one and ten points. The number of points
available for each criterion can be found in the 'SCORE' column. The score for each criterion has been calculated by adding a
given value for the potential environmental benefit of the action to a value to reflect the difficulty of implementing it. So, as an
example, a criterion that has a big impact on climate change that is difficult to implement will have a higher score than one that
has little impact and is easy.
    ● For each criterion that you feel the union is in compliance with, put a ‘1’ into the ‘Union compliance’ box for that
    ● If you feel the union is not in compliance with a criterion, put a ‘0’ into the ‘Union compliance’ box.

    ● Some of the criteria might not be applicable to your union. For example, to positively answer C.001 your union would
    need to have one or more sites that are separately metered for electricity. If your union does not have any separately metered
    sites for electricity the criterion is not applicable so you would leave the 'Union compliance' box empty and enter ‘n/a’ into
    the ‘ Not applicable’ box. As the criterion is not applicable to your Union you will not get the points (also see point 7 below).

    ● If you do not know the answer to a criterion, or have decided not to answer it, simply leave the ‘Union compliance’
    box blank for that criterion.
    ● If your union started doing the action required as part of this scheme, please put a '1' in the 'Done as result of GI-SU?' box
    (the box shaded in green). This is so we can monitor the impact of the scheme.

The worksheets are fitted with a self-calculating scoring system. Entering a '1' into the ‘Union compliance’ box will automatically
award the union all the points available for that criterion, and this will be shown by an increase in the 'Marks gained' box at the
bottom of the worksheet and also in the totals table in the worksheet called 'Your score'. For your information, the maximum
achievable score, including the bonus points available through the open ended question in C.177, is 950.

Please note that, due to the varying size of unions, the differing facilities that unions have, and the often complicated utility and
refuse contract arrangements with institutions, not all bonus criteria will be applicable to all unions. To reflect this, the list of criteria
has been developed as more of a list of ideals than a list of expectations, but great effort has been taken to ensure that the
majority of points are available to all unions. Despite this, a union that monitors its own utility usage, controls its own recycling
contracts and plans its own refits will be able to get a higher score through this accreditation simply because these are all tools
that, if being utilised effectively, can greatly reduce a unions negative impact on the environment.

In the spirit of the scheme, we expect all unions to self declare as honestly and accurately as possible. We do not need you to
provide any supporting evidence in your application at this stage (see note 6 below for how you can use the ‘Union comment’ box)
– all you need to do is mark each criterion with a ‘1’, ‘0’, ‘n/a’ or leave it blank as stated above.

After the deadline has closed we will ask all unions to submit a selection of documentary or photographic evidence by email in
relation to specific essential criteria that you have marked as being in compliance with. Additionally we will carry out audits at all
Gold Standard unions, the winner of The Co-operative Most Improved Union Award, plus around 25% of the others selected at
random to view supporting evidence where appropriate. NUS Services reserves the right to adjust final scores, either higher or
lower, at our discretion based on the evidence provided through these processes.
4. There are a lot of criteria. Do I have to answer them all?
You do not have to answer all of the criteria, but you do need to answer the twenty-four Bronze essential criteria as a minimum.
There are a total of 215 predetermined criteria, of which only twenty-four are marked as Bronze essentials.

All unions entering the scheme will be awarded one of four qualifications. To get the Bronze Standard, a union must answer all
twenty-four Bronze essential criteria as either a ‘1’ or a ‘n/a’ if applicable. If a Union marks any of the twenty-four essential criteria
as a ‘0’, or leaves any of them blank, it will be qualified as Working Towards Accreditation. To gain the Silver Standard,
unions need to have met all the Bronze essentials as above plus have answered all thirteen Silver essentials with either a ‘1’ or a
‘n/a’ if applicable and gained an overall score of 430 or more. To gain the Gold Standard, unions need to have met all the
Bronze and Silver essentials as above plus have answered all five Gold essentials with either a '1' or a 'n/a' if applicable and
gained an overall score of 530 or more. The top scorer in the Gold Standard category will win the new Green Impact Union of
the Year Award.
On top of the four qualifications available we have four special achievement awards up for grabs:

i) The Co-operative International Development Award is outlined in C.174. This Award recognises the
influence that students' unions can have on international development. The prize will go to the union that is
judged by The Co-operative judging panel to have had the most impact on international development by
supporting one or more international development campaign run by a campaigning organisation and/or has set
up its own international development initiative. Unions taking up the challenge will need to register by visiting by noon on Friday 10th December 2010.
ii) We have again teamed up with our media partner the Ecologist to again offer The Ecologist Communications Challenge
Award. The challenge is bonus criterion C.175 and offers a generous number of points and the opportunity to win a special
Award. This year it aims to encourage unions to use photography to showcase the excellent campaigns and projects being run by
unions and their students and using these images to educate and inspire others on the importance of individual and collective
action on environmental issues. The prize will go to the union that submits the most inspiring photograph showing off projects,
campaigns or activism within their student movement. An independent judging panel will shortlist the images submitted with those
going forward to be voted on by the public on the Ecologist website. The winner of this public vote will take home the Award and
the photographer who took the winning shot will win the chance to work with the editor of the Ecologist on an online photo story.
Unions taking up the challenge do not need to register, however they do need to view a copy of the Guidance Note which they
can download by visiting Unions will then need to
submit their photographs to the Ecologist as per the Guidance Note by noon on Friday 10th December 2010.

iii) To encourage Unions to think outside the box with their greening efforts, The Green Innovation Award will go to the union that
has the most innovative and successful environmental scheme as outlined in criterion C.176. All entrants will be judged by an
independent panel. Unions taking up the challenge will need to register by visiting by noon on
Friday 10th December 2010.

iv) Finally, if you entered the scheme last year then you automatically stand a chance of winning The Co-operative Most
Improved Union Award. The award will be presented to the union that has increased their overall score by the most number of
points based on their score from the previous year.

5. What happens if we have not met all of the Bronze essential criteria?

The bar for the Bronze Standard has been set relatively low in that the twenty-four Bronze essential criteria have been worded in
such a way that it should be quite easy for any union to take action within a short timeframe to ensure compliance. Because some
of the requirements for the Bronze essential criteria are quite broad, we have used the ‘Evaluation’ box next to each criteria to
provide examples of the type of supporting evidence that we would want to see should you be asked to provide it as part of the
email evidence submission or audit visits. It is worth noting that, for a Union to put a ‘1’ in the ‘Union compliance’ box, it has to be
in compliance with the criteria at the time of submission . So if your Union is not in compliance with any of the Bronze essential
criteria, use the time before you submit wisely to ensure that you are in compliance.

Green Impact Students' Unions aims to improve best environmental practice in students’ unions. Therefore if you do get stuck
with complying with any of the criteria, we can offer a degree of support and advice as part of our commitment to helping to green
our membership. The Greener Unions Coordinator at NUS Services can be contacted by calling 01625 413200 or emailing

For a variety of reasons, it is likely that a number of unions entering will not be able to put either a ‘1’ or a ‘n/a’ next to all twenty-
four Bronze essential criteria and therefore will not be eligible for the Bronze Standard. If this applies to your union, then there
really is nothing to worry about – all it means is that your union will be classed as Working Towards Accreditation. Green Impact
Students' Unions is all about continual improvement rather than a one-off ranking exercise. The process of application has been
designed to help unions develop individual action plans, and aiming for a Bronze Standard the following year could be a positive
and tangible goal to aim at. With the exception of the top ten scorers, the individual scores of every applicant will be kept
It should be noted that we review the criteria annually to reflect changes in importance of environmental issues, new
environmental innovations and new environmental legislation. It is anticipated that the bar will be continue to be raised slightly
each year to foster continuous improvement, and that one additional Bronze essential, Silver essential and Gold essential criteria
will be added annually.

6. Can I clarify our response to a criterion?
If you want to make a note about how or why you have answered any individual criterion, you can do so in the ‘Union comment’
box. Unions are specifically encouraged to use this box to make notes on where the evidence can be found, and for criteria
containing 'and/or ' (see below), to specify which statement applies to the union. Any information you put in the ‘Union comment’
column will not affect your points, but could help both parties should we request to see the evidence.

7. What about ‘and/or’ criterions?
Some of the individual criteria statements contain a number of mini-statements denoted by the presence of ‘and/or ’ or just ‘or ’.
For example, the criteria statement for C.029 specifies:
    ‘The union has monitoring systems in place to ensure that it does not significantly over-order the number of copies of the
    union newspaper or magazine from the printer, and/or the union actively distributes copies of the union newspaper or
    magazine to students to ensure that it is not left with significant numbers of unwanted copies.’

To be able to put a ‘1’ in the ‘Union compliance’ box, this means that the union can be in compliance with either, or both, of the
mini-statements. Note that if you are meeting two or more of the mini-statements in any one criterion, you still only put a '1' in the
'Union compliance' box. Please specify in the 'Union comments' box which criterion option you are in compliance with.

You should answer each criterion as a standalone question unless otherwise specified in a criterion. In other words, if applicable,
there is nothing to stop you from gaining points from two separate criteria for the same commitment, as demonstrated by the
same evidence.
To avoid bias against smaller unions, a number of criteria make points available to unions that do not have specified operations or
services. For example, C.019 awards points for serving drinks in reusable drinking vessels. To avoid discriminating against unions
without bars, which typically will have a net lesser negative environmental impact than a union with a bar, the points for C.019 are
also available to unions that do not have a bar. Criteria that award points for not having specified operations or services always
contain the words 'either ' and 'or ' in italics within the text.
To avoid bias against smaller unions, a number of criteria make points available to unions that do not have specified operations or
services. For example, C.019 awards points for serving drinks in reusable drinking vessels. To avoid discriminating against unions
without bars, which typically will have a net lesser negative environmental impact than a union with a bar, the points for C.019 are
also available to unions that do not have a bar. Criteria that award points for not having specified operations or services always
contain the words 'either ' and 'or ' in italics within the text.
8. Why are the lots of asterisks throughout the text?
Every word or phrase in italics that is accompanied by an asterisk denotes that there is an accompanying definition in the
glossary. The glossary can be found as a separate worksheet in this workbook. The glossary is there to help you understand the
issues and our definitions in relation to what we require.

9. How can we provide you with feedback?
After you have submitted your completed workbook to us, you will be emailed a link to an online feedback form so that we can
learn from your experiences and improve the scheme for the following year. Completion of the feedback form is optional but very
useful to us, so please do complete it!

10. How do we submit the completed workbook?
You need to email the whole of this workbook as an attachment to by noon on Fri 17 Dec 2010.
All applications will be acknowledged by a return email. After all the workbooks have been returned we will make contact with
each union to request documentary or photographic evidence to verify specific essential criteria. We will also notify unions that
have been selected for auditing. After the audit process is complete, we will individually inform all unions of their final scores,
notify unions which Standard they have achieved as a minimum, and provide you with your confidential feedback. We will host a
special Green Impact Students' Unions awards ceremony at Annual Dinner during Convention on Wed 20 April 2011, at which
we announce the Green Impact Union of the Year Award, winners of our four special achievement awards, and present our
certificates and awards.

                                         If you have any questions…
   ...please do not hesitate to contact the Greener Unions Coordinator at NUS Services on 01625 413200 or

Disclaimer: Whilst reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that the information contained within this workbook is correct, the
authors and NUS Services give no warranty and make no representation as to its accuracy and accept no liability for any errors or
omissions. The union should seek professional advice as required.
               Bronze criteria                                                                                                                                                                          B.001-B.024

  Name of union:                                                                                                                                                  Lead person completing:        Andrew Taylor
        FE or HE?                                                                                                                                                               Position:        Campaigns, welfare and activities coordinator
  No of students?                                                                                                                                                                  Email:
  Date submitted:                                                                                                                                                          Phone number:         0141 849 4165
  Please ensure you have carefully read the guidance worksheet before you start completing this worksheet.
  You need to complete the 'union compliance' box for these twenty-four criteria as a minimum.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Done as a result of GI-SU?
                                Difficulty to implement
        Environmental benefit

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Union compliance

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Not applicable
                                                                               Why are we asking?                                                     Criteria                                           Evaluation                                                                                 Union comment

Environmental impacts
B.001                                                             Physically looking for inefficiencies and reviewing    Within the last three years, the union has had some sort of             Documented findings or
                                                                  how waste is managed can be an effective               methodical environmental evaluation which either examined               recommendations, including
                                                                  starting point for reducing a union's                  aspects of resource efficiency (electricity, water, gas, heat) or the   evidence that the evaluation
                                                                  environmental impact *.                                issue of recycling. This could be an internal piece of work, a          happened within three years
                                                                  Note that free environmental audits are offered by     review by a committee, something carried out by the institution, or     of the date of the submission
             4                       2                     6      the Carbon Trust* and Envirowise*; energy              completed by external consultants.                                      of this application.                 1
                                                                  suppliers will often provide free energy surveys;      Note that previous evidence audits for Sound Impact do not count
                                                                  NUS Services offers full environmental audits at a     but that our Carbon Academy Ambassador visits do count.
                                                                  discounted rate through our E&E opt-in group*.

B.002                                                             Identification of an organisation's most significant   The union has formally identified, prioritised and documented its       A list of the union's most
                                                                  environmental aspects * and environmental              most significant environmental aspects* and environmental               significant environmental
                                                                  impacts * is a core requirement of an                  impacts* within the last three years and has made the document          aspects * and environmental
             1                       1                     2      environmental management system* .                     publicly available on the union's website.                              impacts *, dated within three        1
                                                                                                                                                                                                 years of the date of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                 submission of this application.

Baselines, monitoring and results
B.003                                                             The underlying principle of resource efficiency is     If the union owns or rents one or more photocopier, it actively         A document recording the
                                                                  that, if you can't monitor it, you can't manage it!    records the number of copies made on all the photocopiers that          number of copies made over a
                                                                  Although some unions might not be able to              have a counter function at least monthly.                               given period.
             1                       1                     2      monitor utility usage or quantities of waste or                                                                                                                     1
                                                                  recycling, all unions can monitor the number of
                                                                  photocopies they make.
Environmental legislation and duty of care
B.004               Under the Hazardous Waste (England and                The union has formal systems in place to ensure that hazardous         Procedures for waste disposal
                    Wales) Regulations 2005, Special Waste                wastes and, if applicable, used catering oils are segregated for       in a dated document. Interview
                    Amendment (Scotland) Amendment Regulations            suitable disposal, and relevant staff are aware of the correct         relevant staff to make sure
                    2004 and the Waste Electrical and Electronic          procedure for disposal.                                                they are aware of the
                    Equipment (Amendment) Regulations 2007, it is                                                                                procedures, and that they
                    illegal for unions to dispose of fluorescent tubes,                                                                          dispose of the wastes
                    electrical equipment (such as PC monitors and                                                                                correctly. View storage
                    TV's), and fridges within general refuse.                                                                                    facilities for hazardous
                    Additionally, disposing of used catering oil down                                                                            wastes. Check the general
        4   3   7   drains could lead to prosecution under the                                                                                   waste bins and drains for          1
                    Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the                                                                                    evidence of breach of
                    Environmental Protection (Duty of Care)                                                                                      procedure.
                    Regulations 1991.
                    Containers of oil should be stored upright, away
                    from drainage areas and have a lid. Ideally used
                    oil waiting to be removed from the union should
                    be bunded *.

Reducing refuse
B.005               The waste hierarchy* states that you should           Either the union does not have a retail shop or, if it does, it has    Interview staff in the shop.
                    always try to reduce the amount of waste material     replaced standard plastic bags for customers with a more               Look for notices in the shop.
                    you generate in preference to reusing it or           sustainable version and/or the union charges for bags and              View written policy stating that
                    recycling it.                                         communicates that it is for environmental reasons.                     the union has banned
                    Every year, an estimated 17.5 billion plastic bags                                                                           standard plastic bags or
                    are given away by supermarkets. This is                                                                                      charges for bags.
        3   1   4   equivalent to over 290 bags for every person in                                                                                                                 1
                    the UK.
                    Many large high street brands now charge for
                    plastic bags or have replaced them with bags
                    made of more biodegradable* materials.

Reusing refuse
B.006               Recycling printer cartridges helps reduce waste       The union has a scheme in place to collect used printer and toner      View collection box. Interviews
                    and can raise money for good causes. Charities        cartridges for donation to a reuse scheme* from both internal          with staff.
        1   1   2   collect used printer and toner cartridges and sell    sources and actively from students.                                                                       1
                    them back to the manufacturers for reuse.

Recycling refuse
B.007               For unions with bars, the production of waste         Either the union does not have a bar or, if it does, the majority of   View the recycling banks.
                    glass will be one of the organisation's most          the waste bar glass generated in its bar or bars is recycled.          View the recycling contracts or
        3   2   5   significant environmental impacts*.                                                                                          collection notes. Interview bar    1
B.008               For the average union waste paper is the third        The union has a recycling scheme in place for waste paper and          View paper bank and
                    most significant recyclable waste stream by           has waste paper collection boxes in the majority of the offices and    collection trays or boxes in
        2   1   3   weight after waste bar glass and cardboard.           by all photocopiers and printers.                                      offices. Interview office staff.   1
                    Waste paper collection boxes are available from
                    UKOS through our Trading Directory.
Electricity - Awareness
B.009                Typically 10% of all energy used in offices is         The union has energy-awareness stickers, notices or posters in           Observe stickers or notices or
                     wasted through bad practice. Both NUS Services         place encouraging staff to switch off lights in all offices and          posters in place.
                     and The Carbon Trust * provide free stickers and       communal facilities such as kitchens and single-occupancy
        2   1   3    posters to help raise awareness of how people          washrooms.                                                                                                  1
                     can do their bit.

B.010                It is good practice to label banks of light switches   Either the union does not have any banks of three or more light          View banks of light switches
                     so staff and visitors know which switches to           switches or, all banks of three or more light switches within the        and ensure each is correctly
                     switch on, rather than switching them all on. The      union have been labelled to identify which lights each switch            labelled.
        2   1   3    Carbon Trust* recommends using colour-coding           operates.                                                                                                   1
                     for multi-use venues such as bars or halls.

B.011                A easy method of identifying inefficiencies is to      Within the last 12-months, the union has invited all staff to            An email to all staff, a poster
                     invite staff to feedback ideas for saving energy.      feedback ideas for saving energy.                                        in a staff room, or a mention in
                                                                                                                                                     a staff newsletter, dated within
        2   0   2                                                                                                                                    12-months of the date of the       1
                                                                                                                                                     submission of this application.

Electricity - Switching off
B.012                Some of the most efficient unions are those that       The union has an up-to-date written lighting and equipment               A dated document outlining
                     have formally assigned responsibility to specific      responsibility plan* covering all the main facilities within the union   who is responsible for
        4   3   7    individuals to ensure that lighting and equipment      and the plan is embedded within the roles of operational staff.          switching off lighting and         1
                     is not left on unnecessarily.                                                                                                   equipment in specified areas.
                                                                                                                                                     Interviews with staff.

B.013                It is good practice to develop a shut-down             The union has a formal shutdown procedure for vacations.                 A dated document outlining
                     procedure for vacations to ensure that equipment                                                                                which equipment is to be
                     that is continuously on, such as bottle fridges,                                                                                switched off prior to each
        5   2   7    ventilation equipment and heating, is not left on                                                                               vacation, and who is               1
                     unnecessarily.                                                                                                                  responsible for ensuring it is
                                                                                                                                                     switched off. Interviews with
                                                                                                                                                     key staff.
Electricity - Lighting equipment
B.014                Tungsten filament bulbs* are inefficient,             Less than 5% of all of the light bulbs / tubes throughout the union    If it is claimed that less than
                     converting only about 5% of the energy they use       (excluding specialist rig lighting in entertainments venues) are       5% are tungsten filament
                     into light. Compact fluorescent (energy efficient)    tungsten filament bulbs* , or the union has a demonstrable             bulbs* , check by walking
                     bulbs* are much more efficient, converting            strategy for achieving the target within the next 24-months, or        around the union.
                     around 40% of the energy they use into light.         within the last 6-months the union has actively lobbied the            Alternatively, evidence could
                                                                           institution to replace tungsten filament bulbs within the union with   include a written agreed
        5   3   8                                                          more efficient versions.                                               strategy or action plan, or       1
                                                                           Note that the union selected this criteria based on the strategy or    correspondence with the
                                                                           lobbying, it needs to be able to demonstrate that progress has         institution dated within 6-
                                                                           been made.                                                             months of the date of the
                                                                                                                                                  submission of this application.

Electricity - Appliances
B.015                Many estates departments have minimum                 The union has a minimum efficiency specification list, updated         View the dated list. Check it
                     specification lists for new lighting or electrical    within the last 12-months, that sets procurement specifications for    has been updated within 12-
                     equipment. These are often based on the               at least three of the following                                        months of the date of the
                     Government's efficient technology lists* .            • IT equipment, including printers;                                    submission of this application.
                                                                           • Kitchen equipment, including dishwashers,
                                                                              glass washers, kettles, urns (excluding fridges);
                                                                           • Lighting fittings and bulbs, including desk lamps;
        5   1   6                                                                                                                                                                   1
                                                                           • Motor vehicles;
                                                                           • Refrigeration equipment (domestic and commercial);
                                                                           • Televisions and screens;
                                                                           • Ventilation systems;
                                                                           Note that this can include adopting the institutions minimum
                                                                           efficiency specification list.

B.016                A major environmental impact* for some unions is      All urinals are fitted with water saving devises* that are working.    Check the urinals in each
                     the waste of water through unregulated urinals*.                                                                             washroom.
                     These typically flush 3.5 litres of water every 20-
                     minutes, 365 days a year. Over a year that would
                     equal a total of 92,000 litres at a cost of around
                     £200 in water charges. It is normal practice to fit
        4   4   8                                                                                                                                                                   1
                     water saving devices* to all urinals so that they
                     only flush after they have been used. Water
                     supply companies can issue enforcement notices
                     on unions with unregulated urinals.

Campaigning and campaigning societies
B.017                Unions can play a pivotal role in greening their      The union has actively lobbied the institution on at least two         Evidence could include
                     institutions.                                         separate ethical or environmental issues within the last 12-           minutes of meetings, emails
                                                                           months.                                                                from the union to the
        5   5   10                                                                                                                                institution, interviews with      1
                                                                                                                                                  relevant people in the union or
Student officers, staff and teams
B.018                The greenest organisations tend to be those with       There is a demonstrable commitment to environmental good-            This could be determined by a
                     senior managers championing environmental              practice from senior management within the union.                    straw poll of staff. Additional
                     good practice.                                                                                                              evidence could include
                                                                                                                                                 minutes of environmental
                                                                                                                                                 meetings that show that a
                                                                                                                                                 senior manager regularly
        5   0   5                                                                                                                                attends, the job description of   1
                                                                                                                                                 a relevant senior manager that
                                                                                                                                                 references environmental
                                                                                                                                                 issues or responsibilities, or
                                                                                                                                                 interviews with staff or

B.019                Encouraging new staff to do their bit right from the   All new staff and sabbatical officers are formally inducted on       The staff handbook. Staff
                     start will help to ensure that environmental           relevant environmental issues within their role, such as recycling   induction checklist or
        3   1   4    initiatives are successful.                            policy and procedures, individual responsibility for conserving      equivalent. Interviews with       1
                                                                            energy, switching off appliances, etc.                               new staff.

Policy and commitment
B.020                An environmental policy * is a core requirement of     The union has an active environmental policy* , or the union has     A written policy (or policies)
                     an environmental management system*.                   at least one active policy on a specific ethical or environmental    with evidence of the date
                                                                            issue*. Within one of the above the union must reference a formal    passed. Evidence of policies
        5   2   7                                                           commitment to continual improvement of its environmental             in development could include      1
                                                                            performance*.                                                        emails, minutes or other

Reporting and plan
B.021                Incorporating environmental issues into an             Environmental issues are mentioned in the union’s long-term          View operating plan.                      no long term
                     organisations operating plan is a sign that an         operating plan.                                                                                                operating plan
        4   1   5    organisation is committed to reducing its                                                                                                                         1
                     environmental impacts*.

B.022                Many students' unions use their website to             The union's website contains up-to-date information and advice       View website.
                     encourage green student lifestyles.                    on one or more environmental issue (such as recycling, energy
                     Snap It Off! * is NUS's campaign to get                efficiency, or Fairtrade* ) that specifically references what the
        3   1   4    unnecessary lights switch off on campus. You can       union is doing in relation to that topic. It includes links to the                                     1
                     order free campaign materials from                     websites of relevant environmental organisations and promote
                                         Snap it Off! *.
B.023                 Fairtrade* products guarantee a fixed price for     If the union serves tea or coffee, all tea and coffee currently     Visit café or bar and look at
                      some of the lowest paid farmers in the developing   served is Fairtrade* .                                              product behind counter.
                      world. There is also a fixed community premium                                                                          Check NUS Services' central
                      that goes towards community development                                                                                 billing data. If the union is
                      projects.                                                                                                               serving a non-Fairtrade* tea
                      The Fairtrade* mark guarantees that three key                                                                           or coffee, check that either:
                      development areas are supported: social,                                                                                1) A Fairtrade* option is
        3   1   4     economic and environmental. Independent audits                                                                          served alongside the non-       1
                      are carried out to ensure these standards are                                                                           Fairtrade* version, and that
                      adhered to.                                                                                                             the Fairtrade* option is
                                                                                                                                              offered as the default.
                                                                                                                                              2) The union has a timed plan
                                                                                                                                              to remove the non-Fairtrade*

B.024                 Buying paper products made from recycled paper      All white A4 and A3 size copier paper bought by the union for       Look at paper in stationary
                      ensures that there is less need for commercial      internal use is made from at least 75% recycled paper, or is made   store. Look at invoices or
        2   1   3     environmentally-damaging forestry & helps           from NAPM* accredited recycled paper, or is made from pulp          delivery notes.                 1
                      increase the demand for recycling.                  from certified sustainable sources*.

        Bronze marks:
        Marks available                                                                                 117
        Marks gained                                                                                    112
        Percentage marks gained                                                                         96%
               Silver criteria                                                                                                                                                                     S.001-S.013

  If you wish to obtain the Silver Standard you need to obtain all twenty-four Bronze essentials and all thirteen Silver essentials
  in this worksheet, plus achieve an overall score of 430 or more.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Done as a result of GI-SU?
                                Difficulty to implement
        Environmental benefit

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Union compliance

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Not applicable
                                                                               Why are we asking?                                                  Criteria                                         Evaluation                                                                                 Union comment

Environmental impacts
S.001                                                             Recognising areas for improvement in                  The union has identified and documented key areas for               A list of areas for
                                                                  environmental performance* is a core                  improvement of environmental performance* within the last three     improvement, dated within
                                                                  requirement of an environmental management            years and has made the document publicly available on the           three years of the date of the
             1                       1                     2      system* .                                             union's website. These should include some, if not all, of the      submission of this application.      1
                                                                                                                        union's most significant environmental aspects * and
                                                                                                                        environmental impacts * (also see B.002).

Baselines, monitoring and results
S.002                                                             Many businesses now report on their annual            The union has an active system in place to monitor and record the   A relevant procedure and
                                                                  carbon emissions, which includes all business         number of business miles travelled on official Union business in    reporting mechanism for staff
                                                                  miles for cars, trains and planes. With cheap         motor vehicles and public transport, including both trains and      (e.g. expenses form). Cross-
                                                                  domestic air travel, it is important to monitor the   planes if applicable.                                               reference with staff to ensure
             1                       2                     3      number of miles travelled by air.                                                                                         they are aware of procedures         1
                                                                                                                                                                                            for recording miles travelled.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Examine the central record.
Environmental legislation and duty of care
S.003               Under the Environmental Protection (Duty of           On an ongoing basis, the union is taking suitable practical            Practical measures being                   visit recycling centre
                    Care) Regulations 1991, Hazardous Waste               measures to ensure that it meets its duty of care * requirements       carried out by the union (or by
                    (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations           with regard to waste management.                                       the institution on the union's
                    2009 and the Special Waste Amendment                                                                                         behalf) could include:
                    (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2004,                                                                                       • Bins kept in a secure area,
                    businesses have a duty of care * to ensure that all                                                                          locked bins, or notices by bins
                    their wastes* are correctly identified and are                                                                               relating to waste segregation;
                    stored safely, are transferred by a registered                                                                               • A file containing waste
                    waste carrier, and end up at a suitable waste                                                                                transfer notes * and
                    disposal or reprocessing site.                                                                                               consignment notes *;
                                                                                                                                                 • Checking all recycling and
        3   2   5                                                                                                                                waste contractors have             1
                                                                                                                                                 correct licences through
                                                                                                                                                 • Checking that recycling
                                                                                                                                                 contractors are recycling the
                                                                                                                                                 waste – typically done by
                                                                                                                                                 following the waste contractor
                                                                                                                                                 after collection.

Reusing refuse
S.004               Many charities raise funds by collecting unwanted     The union houses a collection scheme aimed at students for at          View collection box. Interviews
                    items and then selling them on to reuse schemes*      least three of the following on constant basis:                        with staff.
                    or for recycling.                                     • Batteries;
                                                                          • Books;
        1   1   2                                                         • Clothing;                                                                                               1
                                                                          • Mobile phones;
                                                                          • Postage stamps;
                                                                          • Shoes;
                                                                          • Spectacles.

Recycling refuse
S.005               Recycling aluminium cans uses only 5% of the          The union has a recycling scheme in place for aluminium and/or         View can bank or collection
                    energy used in primary production. Similarly,         steel drinks cans. This could be for bars or for end consumers         boxes. Speak to relevant staff.
                    recycling a tonne of steel packaging reduces          through collection boxes in public areas.
        2   1   3   carbon dioxide* emissions by 80%. Increasing                                                                                                                    1
                    atmospheric levels of Increasing atmospheric
                    levels of carbon dioxide* is a major cause of
                    global warming*.

S.006               Patio heaters* are expensive to run and               Either the union has not used any patio heaters* in the last 12-       On-site audit of bar facilities.
                    exceptionally wasteful of energy.                     months or , if it has, any patio heaters used are now restricted by    Written agreed strategy or
        4   3   7                                                         percussion switched to no more than 10-minute intervals and            action plan.                       1
                                                                          have awareness notices that they are bad for the environment
                                                                          (also see G.002).

S.007               Simple training in efficient driving techniques can   If the union provides or contracts out minibus driving training, the   Look at training programme,
        3   2   5   save up to 20% in fuel consumption.                   training includes efficient driving techniques.                        or contact the training                1

Student officers, staff and teams
S.008                 Many organisations now include environmental        Environmental considerations are referenced in the job               Examine a recent job                  chech standard
                      good-practice in the job descriptions of all new    descriptions of all new staff and/or in the standard terms and       description, or the standard          terms and conditions
        2   1   3     staff.                                              conditions of employment.                                            terms and conditions of           1   - new intern roles
                                                                                                                                               employment.                           job descriptions

S.009                 Environmental managers employed by institutions     If the institution has an environmental manager, energy manager,     Interview relevant staff.
                      can be a real asset to proactive unions, both in    or similar, the union has proactively developed a good working       Contact the environmental
        4   2   6                                                                                                                                                                1
                      knowledge and resource.                             relationship with the post-holder.                                   manager.

S.010                 Bringing together interested students,              The union's constitution includes an environmental committee or      View the constitution, and
                      environmental champions and key staff through       assembly, and the group has met at least once within the last 6-     minutes of the last meeting.
                      an environmental committee or taskforce can be a    months and/or the union has some sort of informal internal           For the taskforce, evidence
                      very effective method delivering improvements to    environmental taskforce that has met at least once within the last   could include minutes of the
        5   2   7                                                                                                                                                                1
                      environmental performance*.                         6-months.                                                            last meeting or an interview
                                                                          Note that the internal taskforce can be the same group as the        with a member of the
                                                                          energy efficiency team referenced in C.046.                          taskforce.

S.011                 In February 2008 the Government banned bottle-      Either the union does not use any bottle-fed water coolers or all    Look in office and communal           need to get rid of
                      fed water coolers in Whitehall. Bottle-fed water    the union's bottle-fed water coolers are supplied by                 areas.
                      coolers are typically 150 times more expensive to, in so doing supporting Pump Aid and Christian
        2   2   4     run than mains-fed water coolers (34.0 pence per    Aid.                                                                                                   1
                      litre vs . 0.22 pence per litre respectively) and
                      have significant additional environmental impacts
                      through food miles.

S.012                 Free range eggs* have considerable welfare          If the union buys fresh eggs for use in catering or for sale in a    Look at Central Billing data.         need to check
                      benefits over intensively produced barn eggs.       retail outlet, all the fresh eggs bought are free-range* .           Look in catering kitchen
                      Note that there may be cost implications for your                                                                        and/or retail outlet.
        3   1   4                                                                                                                                                                1
                      union's income related to this criteria.

S.013                 In the European Union, food production and          When purchasing food for the majority of meetings or events, the     Look at Central Billing data.         need to check
                      distribution contribute up to 18% of greenhouse     union ensures that it includes at least one of the following:        View purchase orders. If
                      gas* emissions.                                     • All eggs are free-range* or Freedom Food * certified;              there is a policy in place view
                      To find out what is in season visit                 • Food to be delivered using minimum packaging;                      this. View photos from events
                                     • Organic* certified produce;                                        providing these choices.
                      Note that there may be cost implications for your   • MSC* certified produce;
        3   2   5                                                         • Recyclable packaging;                                                                                1
                      union's income related to this criteria.
                                                                          • Seasonal produce* ;
                                                                          • The majority of the meat is free-range * or Freedom Food*
                                                                          • The majority of food provided is vegetarian.

        Silver marks:
        Marks available                                                                                  56
        Marks gained                                                                                     51
        Percentage marks gained                                                                         91%
               Gold criteria                                                                                                                                                                           G.001-G.005

  If you wish to obtain the new Gold Standard you need to obtain all twenty-four Bronze essentials, all thirteen Silver essentials
  and all five Gold essentials in this worksheet, plus achieve an overall score of 530 or more. The overall highest Gold Standard
  winner will receive the new national Green Impact Union of the Year Award.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Done as a result of GI-SU?
                                Difficulty to implement
        Environmental benefit

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Union compliance

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Not applicable
                                                                               Why are we asking?                                                     Criteria                                          Evaluation                                                                                  Union comment

Baselines, monitoring and results
G.001                                                             Many of the actions in this workbook are there to       Either the union is metered for one or more utility and can           View data.
                                                                  reduce utility consumption, and thereby a unions        demonstrate that it has reduced consumption of at least one last
                                                                  carbon footprint *.                                     year or , if unmetered last year, the union has and/or will install
                                                                  Clamp-on smart meters* , like the OWL                   one or more smart meter* and/or monitoring system this
                                                                  (, are cheap to buy and                  academic year to allow it to track performance (also see C.005
                                                                  designed to be self-fitted to electrical distribution   and C.012).
             5                       4                     9                                                                                                                                                                          1
                                                                  boards.                                                 Note this can apply to gas, electricity, water or volume of waste
                                                                                                                          sent to landfill. Can apply to calendar, financial or academic
                                                                                                                          year. To take into account growth or site acquisitions, this can
                                                                                                                          include units used per member of staff.

G.002                                                             Patio heaters* are expensive to run and                 The union does not have and/or use any patio heaters (also see        On-site audit of bar facilities.
                                                                  exceptionally wasteful of energy.                       S.006).
             5                       4                     9                                                                                                                                                                          1
G.003                 At current levels, air travel creates at least 6% of   The union has an active policy that prevents the use of               View policy. View travel data.
                      the UK's total carbon dioxide emissions. The           domestic air travel* for union business and it has actively           Speak to members of staff to
                      Department for Transport estimates that this           encouraged students to seek alternatives to domestic air travel*      confirm that no staff or
                      could rise to a third of all emissions by 2050.        in the last 6-months.                                                 officers fly on union business.
                      Trains emit significantly less carbon per person                                                                             View campaign materials to
                      than planes. For example, the train from London                                                                              encourage students to reduce
         5   4   9                                                                                                                                 their domestic air travel.
                      to Edinburgh uses only a third of the carbon
                      dioxide emissions from flying.
                      The use of video conferencing and other
                      technological can reduce the need to fly.

Biodiversity & land-use
G.004                 2010 is the UN International Year of Biodiversity.     The union has initiated, or taken part in, one or more practical      View the initiative and check
                      Humans share the Earth with around 10 million          initiative to encourage biodiversity* on campus within the last 12-   the union's involvement.
                      species. Since 1970 the Living Planet Index            months.
                      (which measures trends in the Earth’s biological       Note this should be in addition to the initiatives in C.165, C.166
                      diversity) has fallen by approximately 30%. This       and C.168.
                      global trend suggests that we are degrading
                      natural ecosystems at a rate unprecedented in
                      human history.
         3   4   7                                                                                                                                                                   1
                      Some unions actively promote biodiversity on
                      their campuses by creating a biodiversity
                      garden *; creating flower beds for pollinators,
                      planting native trees; clearing scrub;
                      feeding song birds in the winter; provision of
                      artificial shelters or habitats for insects, etc.

Other - environmental
G.005                 Several unions are involved with pro-                  The union has delivered, or proactively supported, at least one       Emails, meeting minutes and
                      environmental behaviour change projects* on            measurable pro-environmental behaviour change project* within         evidence of partnership
                      their campuses, mostly in collaboration with their     the last 12-months.                                                   working between the union
                      university.                                            Note this can include our Degrees Cooler* or Green Impact             and the university. Media
         5   5   10   Examples include halls energy-saving                   Universities* programmes, and Student Switch Off.                     coverage.                         1
                      competitions, halls clearance reuse schemes,
                      cycling events, public participation events such
                      as Earth Hour* , etc.

        Gold marks:
        Marks available                                                                                    44
        Marks gained                                                                                       35
        Percentage marks gained                                                                           80%
               Bonus criteria                                                                                                                                                                         C.001-C.173

   All the bonus criteria are optional.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Done as a result of GI-SU?
                                Difficulty to implement
        Environmental benefit

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Union compliance

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Not applicable
                                                                              Why are we asking?                                                    Criteria                                          Evaluation                                                                                  Union comment

Baselines, monitoring and results
C.001                                                             The underlying principle of resource efficiency is    If the union has sites that are separately metered* for electricity,   Examine bills to determine
                                                                  that, if you can't monitor it, you can't manage it.   it has logged the consumption data for each of these sites in a        separately metered sites.
                                                                                                                        spreadsheet at least monthly for the last 6-months.                    View spreadsheet containing
            2                        2                     4                                                                                                                                   dated meter readings. Speak          1
                                                                                                                                                                                               to staff responsible for taking
                                                                                                                                                                                               meter readings.

C.002                                                             As for C.001.                                         If the union has sites that are separately metered* for gas, it has    Examine bills to determine
                                                                                                                        logged the consumption data for each of these sites in a               separately metered sites.
                                                                                                                        spreadsheet at least monthly for the last 6-months.                    View spreadsheet containing
            1                        2                     3                                                                                                                                   dated meter readings. Speak          1
                                                                                                                                                                                               to staff responsible for taking
                                                                                                                                                                                               meter readings.

C.003                                                             As for C.001.                                         If the union has sites that are separately metered* for water, it      Examine bills to determine
                                                                                                                        has logged the consumption data for each of these sites in a           separately metered sites.
                                                                                                                        spreadsheet at least monthly for the last 6-months.                    View spreadsheet containing
            1                        2                     3                                                                                                                                   dated meter readings. Speak          1
                                                                                                                                                                                               to staff responsible for taking
                                                                                                                                                                                               meter readings.

C.004                                                             Plotting utility data graphically can help to         The union currently plots the consumption data of one or more          View meter data plotted
                                                                  identify inefficiencies, such as equipment coming     utility graphically on an ongoing basis in an attempt to identify      graphically by date. Speak to
            2                        1                     3      on when it is not needed, broken pipes, or faulty     any changes in consumption or inefficiencies.                          staff responsible for checking       1
                                                                  thermostats.                                                                                                                 the data.
C.005                Sub-metering can be relatively cheap to install       The union has proactively installed sub-metering for electricity in   View sub-meters. View                  need to set targets
                     and can provide an excellent platform for             its three or more outlets or departments and ensures each has a       departmental or facility plans
                     reducing energy consumption. At least one             target to reduce consumption and/or is charged for the energy         or budgets.
        4   3   7    students' union in the UK has installed sub-          they use.                                                                                                0
                     metering for electricity and includes the energy
                     they use in departmental budgets.

C.006                As for C.004.                                         If the union is on an '00' electricity tariff* , it reviews the 30-   View meter data plotted
                                                                           minute consumption data* at least every 3-months.                     graphically by date. Speak to
        2   1   3                                                                                                                                staff responsible for checking     0
                                                                                                                                                 the data.

C.007                Identifying how much material is being recycled       The union currently records and monitors the amount of one or         Data should include the
        1   1   2    can help the union to set targets for further         more material sent for recycling, and has done so for the last 6-     weight of waste sent for           0
                     improvement.                                          weeks.                                                                recycling on given dates.

C.008                Identifying how much material is being sent for       The union currently records and monitors the tonnage of waste         Data should include the
                     disposal can help the union to set targets for        sent to landfill, and has done so for the last 6-weeks.               weight of waste sent for
                     improvement. Some unions will be paying per                                                                                 disposal on given dates, or
                     tonne and some will be paying per lift - both of                                                                            the number of lifts by date.
        1   1   2    which can be used as benchmarks. Alternatively,                                                                             Cross-reference against            0
                     for a more precise measure, obtain waste                                                                                    waste transfer notes* .
                     transfer notes * from your waste disposal

C.009                Many businesses pay too much for their energy         If the union controls one or more energy contract, it has reviewed    Interview the member of staff
        0   1   1    because they are on the wrong tariff.                 one or more of the contracts / tariffs in the last 24-months with     that carried out the review.       1
                                                                           the aim of reducing costs.
C.010                Many businesses pay a monthly available supply        If the union controls one or more energy contract, and it has an      Interview the member of staff
                     capacity * charge that is more than required.         available supply capacity* , the union has reviewed the level of      that carried out the review.
        0   1   1                                                          the available supply capacity * within the last 24-months.                                               0

C.011                As for C.001.                                         The union has an active system in place to monitor and record         A central document recording
                                                                           the purchase of office consumables for internal use (e.g. copier      the office consumables
        1   1   2                                                          paper, pens, correction fluid, etc.).                                 bought over a given period.        0

C.012                Reducing consumption of electricity, gas or           The union can demonstrate a decrease in one or more utility           Look at relevant utility bills
                     water over a given period is a noteworthy             each year for the last three years (also see G.001).                  for the reporting period, plus
                     achievement, and demonstrates that the union          Note this can apply to gas, electricity, water or volume of waste     the prior periods. If
                     has taken effective action on resource efficiency.    sent to landfill, and does not have to be the same utility each       applicable, look at records of
                     Smart meters are widely available which can           year. Can apply to calendar, financial or academic year. To take      employee numbers over the
                     wirelessly record electricity usage for a building.   into account growth or site acquisitions, this can include units      given periods. Check that a
        5   5   10                                                                                                                                                                  1
                     This data can be less accurate than meters            used per member of staff.                                             decrease in gas has not been
                     however smart meter data would be accepted for                                                                              offset by an increase in
                     this criterion.                                                                                                             electricity, or vice-versa, as a
                                                                                                                                                 result of a change in plant

C.013                An environmental management system*                   The union is in the process of developing its own environmental       View the environmental
                     provides a systematic method for reducing an          management system* , or the union has its own environmental           management system*
                     organisation's environmental impacts* .               management system* in place.                                          documentation. If this
        2   5   7                                                                                                                                criterion was selected last        1
                                                                                                                                                 year, they must be able to
                                                                                                                                                 show progress in last 12-
C.014                A number of institutions are developing their own     If the institution has an environmental management system* , the      Interview relevant staff from
        2   0   2    environmental management systems*.                    union has taken action to be incorporated into the system.            the union and institution.         0
Environmental legislation and duty of care
C.015               The Environment Agency advises that 'All waste       Either the union does not generate used catering oil or , if the        View storage area to ensure
                    catering oils should be clearly labelled and         union does generate used catering oil, it is securely stored in a       it meets recommended
                    stored in covered containers, that do not leak, in   covered bunded area prior to being collected.                           standards.
        3   1   4   a bunded area prior to their collection by an                                                                                                                  1
                    authorised collector. The storage area should be
                    kept secure, clean and tidy'.

C.016               It is good practice to have a regularly-updated      The union has a register of applicable environmental legislation* ,     A dated document listing all
                    list of applicable environmental legislation* .      or has an up-to-date copy of the institution's list of applicable       environmental legislation*
           provides a summary of all         environmental legislation. There are systems in place to ensure         relevant to the union's
        2   1   3   UK environmental legislation.                        that the register is updated at least every 12-months.                  operations, plus some form        1
                                                                                                                                                 of written commitment to
                                                                                                                                                 updating the list at least

C.017               Complying with environmental legislation* should     The union has an active policy commitment, or some other form           See dated documented
        1   1   2   be a basic commitment for all students' unions.      of formal commitment, to compliance with environmental                  commitment.
                                                                         legislation* .

C.018               Allocating responsibility can be an effective        Complying with environmental legislation* has been formalised           See relevant job description.
        1   1   2   method of ensuring legislative compliance.           as part of the job description of a member of staff.                                                      1

Reducing refuse
C.019               The waste hierarchy* states that you should          Either the union does not have a bar or , if the union has one or       Interview the bar manager
                    always try to reduce the amount of waste             more bar, the majority of the drinks served by the union in its         and/or bar staff. Look at
                    material you generate in preference to reusing it    bars over the current academic year will be served in glass             drinking vessels in the bar(s).
        3   3   6   or recycling it.                                     and/or reusable plastic drinking vessels* and/or unbreakable            Examine Central Billing data.     1
                                                                         plastic drinking vessels* rather than one-use disposable drinking
                                                                         vessels* .

C.020               As for C.019.                                        The union provides the majority of its office staff with reusable       Look in staff kitchens.
        1   0   1                                                        glasses and mugs in preference to disposable drinking vessels.          Interview staff.                  1

C.021               Expanded polystyrene cups cannot be viably           If the union sells hot drinks, the drinking vessels used to serve       Visit catering outlet(s). Look
        2   1   3   recycled and take hundreds of years to degrade.      them are not made of expanded polystyrene* .                            in bins.                          1

C.022               As for C.019.                                        If the union manages a catering outlet, the outlet(s) uses              Visit catering outlet(s) and
        3   2   5                                                        reusable crockery for the majority of food being eaten in.              observe the packaging in          1
                                                                                                                                                 which food is being served.
C.023               As for C.019.                                        If the union manages a catering outlet, the outlet(s) use reusable      Visit catering outlet(s).
        1   1   2                                                        knives, forks and spoons for the majority of food being eaten in.                                         1

C.024               It is now possible to buy disposable cutlery made    If the union gives out disposable cutlery in the catering outlet(s)     Visit catering outlet(s) and
        1   0   1   from wood, which biodegrades* around 10,000          it manages, the majority of the cutlery given out is made of wood       observe the packaging in          0
                    times quicker than plastic versions.                 rather than plastic.                                                    which food is being served.
C.025               It is generally accepted that it is more             The union offers electric hand driers and/or roller towels*             Visit a selection of
        1   2   3   environmentally friendly to use electric hand        instead of disposable paper hand towels in all of the washrooms         washrooms managed by the          0
                    driers than disposable paper hand towels.            it manages.                                                             union.
C.026               It is good practice to circulate committee           The paperwork for union council, or equivalent, is circulated by        Interview relevant members
        1   0   1   paperwork via email rather than hard copies.         email rather than as hard copies.                                       of staff or volunteers.           1

C.027               Reducing the number of photocopies made              The total number of photocopies made by individual members of           Look at copier records for the
        3   3   6   saves paper, ink and energy.                         staff last reporting period is less than the total number made in       last two reporting periods.       0
                                                                         the previous reporting period.

C.028               Email disclaimers waste ink and paper                The union's email disclaimer is provided via a link to its website.     View the link to the email
                    unnecessarily when emails are printed. It is good                                                                            disclaimer on an email or
        1   0   1   practice to provide the disclaimer on the union's                                                                            visit the page on the             1
                    website, rather than attached to email                                                                                       students' union website.

C.029               As for C.019.                                        The union has monitoring systems in place to ensure that it does        Interview union newspaper or
                                                                         not significantly over-order the number of copies of the union          magazine production team,
                                                                         newspaper or magazine from the printer, and/or the union                and examine monitoring
        2   0   2                                                        actively distributes copies of the union newspaper or magazine          systems. Look for piles of        1
                                                                         to students to ensure that it is not left with significant numbers of   unused copies in storage
                                                                         unwanted copies.                                                        areas or recycling bins.
C.030               Most products require some element of                In the last 12-months the union has engaged with one or more of          Speak to relevant member of
                    packaging to protect the product in transit and      its suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging supplied with            staff and establish which
                    storage but sometimes this could be reduced. As      their products.                                                          supplier has been
                    consumers we have a good opportunity to let          Note this does not include engagement through NUS Services               approached and why, and the
        2   1   3                                                                                                                                                                    0
                    suppliers know when there is an opportunity to       on behalf of the consortium as a whole.                                  outcome.
                    reduce packaging on products we use .

Reusing refuse
C.031               A4 paper printed on one side only can be of use      There is a scheme within the union to collect A4 paper printed on        Look at system for collecting
                    to children's' charities or play groups..            one side only and, rather than just sending it for recycling with        and storing paper. Interview
        1   0   1   Note care should be taken to comply with the         other waste paper, the union either reuses it itself or donates it to    office staff.                      1
                    Data Protection Act.                                 an organisation for reuse.

C.032               Several charities, such as Computer Aid* ,           If the union owns its own IT equipment, within the last 24-              Collection notes, emails to
                    refurbish unwanted PCs and donate them to            months the union has offered any unwanted computers to either            staff, or evidence that the
                    projects in developing countries.                    a reuse scheme* , to staff or to students in preference to sending       computers are used for
        2   0   2                                                        them for disposal or recycling. Alternatively , the majority of          spares.                            1
                                                                         unwanted computers are kept for spares in preference to
                                                                         disposal or recycling.

C.033               Most parts of the country have furniture reuse       Within the last 24-months, the union has offered at least one            Speak to relevant member of
                    charities that specialise in repairing and           item of unwanted furniture to a local furniture reuse charity.           staff.
        2   0   2   renewing old and unwanted furniture. These                                                                                                                       0
                    charities are linked through

C.034               Within the UK there is a network of Children’s       Within the last 12-months, the union has donated unwanted                Speak to relevant member of
                    Resource Centres* (CRCs) that collect clean          items suitable for creative play* to a Children’s Resource               staff.
                    waste materials suitable for creative play from      Centre *, and/or has collected similar items for another internal
        1   0   1   businesses and then redistribute them to arts        or local good cause.                                                                                        1
                    groups, special needs schools, scouts groups,

C.035               Within the UK there is a network of organisations    Within the last three years, the union (or institution if the union is   Speak to relevant member of
                    that collect unwanted paint and redistribute it to   not responsible for decoration) has donated unwanted paint to a          staff.
        1   0   1   community groups.                                    charitable reuse scheme*, and/or another internal or local good                                             1

C.036               Wooden or plastic pallets should be given to         Within the last 12-months, the union has diverted one or more            Speak to relevant member of
                    pallet companies in preference to being sent to      non-returnable pallet from landfill by contacting a local pallet         staff.
        1   0   1   landfill.                                            company, or reusing it in some other useful way (also see                                                   1
C.037               Reusing large envelopes and padded ‘Jiffy’ bags      At least three members of staff within the union regularly save          Speak to relevant member of
                    will help reduce the volume of waste created and     used envelopes and reuse them in preference to new envelopes             staff.
        1   0   1   reduce stationery costs.                             and/or the union provides staff with reuse labels so that used                                              1
                                                                         envelopes can be easily reused.

C.038               Waste batteries can damage the environment           The union purchases rechargeable household batteries for                 Interview staff, check
                    and cause health problems as many contain            internal use and/or it recycles all non-rechargeable household           invoices, view battery
                    toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium and zinc.      batteries.                                                               recycling collection point.
                    The Waste Batteries and Accumulators                 Note that, if your union sells batteries, it may be required by law
                    Regulations 2009 state that waste portable,          to take back waste batteries free of charge from customers.
                    industrial and vehicle batteries must be
        3   2   5   separately collected, treated and recycled. The                                                                                                                  1
                    Regulations state that from 01 February 2010, if
                    you sell 32kg or more of household batteries you
                    will have to take back these batteries in-store,
                    free of charge, when they become waste. See

Recycling refuse
C.039               For the average students' union, cardboard is the    The union currently recycles the majority of its waste cardboard.        Look at the system for
                    second most significant recyclable waste stream                                                                               recycling cardboard,
                    by weight after waste bar glass.                                                                                              including the cardboard being
        2   2   4                                                                                                                                 stored awaiting collection.        1
                                                                                                                                                  Look in general waste bins.
                                                                                                                                                  Interview relevant retail staff.
C.040               Waste office paper* is relatively valuable to         In addition to having a recycling scheme in place for mixed           View separate paper bank.
                    recyclers, making it comparatively easy to            paper * (B.008), the union segregates waste office paper* for
                    recycle.                                              separate recycling.
        1   1   2                                                                                                                                                                0
                                                                          Note that this refers to paper recycling and not a separate paper
                                                                          reuse scheme such as in C.031.

C.041               With many paper recycling schemes, it is              The majority of staff are aware of what can and cannot be             Look for notices on or around
                    important not to contaminate the paper with           recycled through the paper collection boxes.                          paper collection boxes.
        1   1   2   card, envelopes with plastic windows or                                                                                     Interview staff.                 1
C.042               Within union bars, there is a national trend away     The union has a recycling scheme in place for plastic bottles,        View plastic bank. Interview
        3   2   5   from glass bottles to PET* bottles.                   either mixed or PET* .                                                relevant bar staff.              1

C.043               Several unions have small scale composting            Either the union has a scheme in place to compost some of its         View collection bins; speak to
                    schemes or wormeries for tea bags and green           waste organic matter from staff kitchens, beverage or catering        relevant staff.
        2   2   4   waste from catering.                                  facilities or it uses a wormery* for some of its waste organic                                         0
C.044               Offering recycling facilities for students will       The union provides its own recycling facilities in a communal         View recycling facilities.
                    encourage individuals to recycle, as well as          space in or around the union aimed at students for at least one
        1   2   3   helping to portray the union as a environmentally-    of the following: Glass; paper; plastic bottles; metal drinks cans.                                    1
                    friendly organisation.
C.045               It is good practice to have cleaning staff involved   If the union has a recycling scheme in office spaces that is          Interview relevant member of
                    with recycling schemes, and to proactively work       serviced by cleaners, the union proactively works with the            staff.
        1   1   2   with them to ensure that the scheme is a              cleaners to ensure that the scheme is successful.                                                      1
Electricity - Awareness
C.046                 Developing a team to improve energy efficiency         The union has established an energy efficiency team and/or an          Meet with a member of the
                      can be an effective method of reducing energy          energy champion * scheme.                                              energy efficiency team and/or
        5   2   7     consumption, as can developing the role of                                                                                    an energy champion *.           1
                      energy champion* for keen members of staff.

C.047                 A fully air conditioned building typically uses        Either the union does not have air conditioning or , if it does, it    Observe stickers or notices
                      double the amount of electricity as a non-air          has put up energy-awareness stickers, notices or posters to            or posters in place.
        3   1   4     conditioned building.                                  discourage staff from leaving doors or windows open whilst                                             1
                                                                             using the air conditioning.
C.048                 Lifts are major energy users. A 15 second lift         Either the union does not have any lifts or , if it does, within the   Communications examples
                      journey consumes as much energy as a 60W               last 12-months the union has proactively encouraged people to          include: A note in the union
                      light bulb does in an hour. Using the stairs           use the stairs instead of the lift if they can.                        newsletter; putting up
                      instead of the lift, if you can, will help to reduce                                                                          awareness posters or
                      your own carbon footprint *.                                                                                                  notices; an email to staff; a
        1   1   2                                                                                                                                   note on the union's webpage.    1
                                                                                                                                                    Communications to be dated
                                                                                                                                                    or posted within 12-months
                                                                                                                                                    of the date of the submission
                                                                                                                                                    of this application.

Electricity - Switching off
C.049                 In addition to having a lighting and equipment         The union has ensured that the duty managers and/or cleaners           View the close-down
                      responsibility plan* , it is good practice to have     and/or security guards or porters are responsible for switching        procedure for the building.
                      fail safes in place to ensure that lighting and        off any lighting or equipment that has been left on unnecessarily.     View the guidance notes for
        2   1   3     equipment is not left on unnecessarily.                                                                                       the cleaners or job             0
                                                                                                                                                    descriptions for duty

C.050                 Building Management Systems (BMS) are                  The ventilation in one of the buildings occupied by the union is       Interview member of staff
                      programmable automated controls that switch on         controlled by a building management system that can be                 responsible for the BMS.
                      and off key equipment such as ventilation,             accessed and controlled by both the union or the institution.
        4   3   7     heating and lighting. Unions should have access                                                                                                               1
                      to the controls so that they can ensure operating
                      times reflect building usage.

C.051                 There are approximately 500 illuminated poster         Either the union does not have any illuminated poster display          Speak to relevant member of
                      display boards across 80 unions. Assuming they         boards or , if the union has any illuminated poster display            staff.
                      are left on overnight and at weekends, these           boards, it has developed systems to ensure that they are not left
                      boards will collectively use around £22,000 of         on when the union is closed.
                      energy each year, resulting in around 120 tonnes
        3   1   4                                                                                                                                                                   1
                      of carbon dioxide* being emitted annually.
                      Increasing atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide*
                      is a major cause of global warming* .

C.052                 Many unions leave the lights on in their bottle or     Either the union does not have any bottle or retail fridges or , if    Speak to relevant member of
                      retail fridges when the bar or shop is closed. It is   the union has any bottle or retail fridges, it has systems in place    staff.
        3   1   4     good practice to switch off the lights overnight,      to ensure that the fridge lights are switched off overnight, where                                     1
                      where possible.                                        control is independent.
Electricity - Removing control
C.053                Seven-day timer plugs* can be used to ensure           The union has at least three timer plugs* in use within the union   View the timer plugs * and
                     that appliances that are often left on all of the      in an attempt to reduce energy consumption.                         check the settings.
                     time are switched off when they are not needed.
        2   1   3    For example, tea urns and water coolers are                                                                                                                 0
                     often left on unnecessarily overnight and at
C.054                Occupancy sensors * can be used to ensure that         The lighting in at least one communal area within the union is      Visit the room or area fitted
                     lights in intermittently-used corridors and            controlled by an occupancy sensor *.                                with the sensor, and make
        2   2   4    communal areas are only on when the area is in                                                                             sure sensor is operating         0
                     use.                                                                                                                       correctly.
Electricity - Lighting equipment
C.055                If a Union has five pool tables with three 100W        Either the union does not have any pool tables or , if the union    View the bulbs over the pool
                     tungsten filament bulbs* over each, replacing all      has one or more pool table, it has replaced all tungsten filament   tables.
                     15 bulbs with 20W compact fluorescent (energy          bulbs * over the table(s) with compact fluorescent (energy
                     efficient) bulbs* will save around £300 of energy      efficient) bulbs*.
                     per year, resulting in around 1.5 tonnes less
        3   1   4                                                                                                                                                                1
                     carbon dioxide* being emitted into the
                     atmosphere. The increasing atmospheric levels
                     of carbon dioxide* is a major cause of global

C.056                The most efficient fluorescent strip lights            The union has six or more light fittings containing T5 tubes*.      View the T5 tubes*.
        3   2   5    currently available are T5 tubes* . They can be                                                                                                             0
                     easily fitted using a tube adaptor *.

C.057                T12 tubes* are the most common inefficient             The union does not have any T12 tubes* in use in its light          Look at lighting around the
                     fluorescent tube. The presence of T12 tubes* is        fittings.                                                           union, especially in back
                     indicative of an old inefficient lighting system in                                                                        office areas, irregularly used
                     need of updating. Depending on the fitting, it is                                                                          corridors and storage yards.
        2   2   4    possible to replace T12 tubes * with T8 tubes*                                                                                                              1
                     without having to change the fitting either by
                     directly inserting a new tube or by using a tube
                     adaptor* .

C.058                Modern fluorescent ceiling light fittings have built   The union does not have any fluorescent ceiling light fittings      Look at lighting around the
                     in mirrored reflectors to increase light output, but   without mirrored reflectors / with Perspex diffusers.               union, especially in back
                     do not have Perspex diffusers covering the                                                                                 office areas, irregularly used
                     fluorescent light tubes, which tend to become                                                                              corridors and storage yards.
                     discoloured and reduce light output. The lack of
        2   2   4                                                                                                                                                                1
                     mirrored reflectors and/or the presence of
                     Perspex diffusers are indicators of an old
                     inefficient lighting system in need of updating.

C.059                Mains voltage halogen spotlight tungsten               The union has been fitted with twelve or more mini compact          View the mini compact
                     filament bulbs* can be replaced with mains             fluorescent bulbs in lieu of halogen spotlight tungsten filament    fluorescent bulbs.
                     voltage mini compact fluorescent (energy               bulbs*.
        3   2   5    efficient) versions although you may have to                                                                                                                0
                     replace the light fitting. These new bulbs only
                     use 11W, compared to the standard 50W
                     tungsten filament halogens.

C.060                LED bulbs* are a new low-energy technology             The union has been fitted with twelve or more LED bulbs*.           View the LED bulbs.
                     that have an excellent bulb life expectancy,
                     typically over 50,000 hours. They can be used to
        3   2   5    replace mains voltage halogen spotlight                                                                                                                     0
                     tungsten filament bulbs* or are increasingly
                     replacing rig lighting in entertainments venues.

C.061                It is good practice to provide desk lamps for          The union has provided a total of three or more desk lamps fitted   View the desk lamps.
                     office staff in large or open-plan offices. Staff      with compact fluorescent (energy efficient) bulbs* or LED bulbs*
                     should be encouraged to use their desk lamps in        for staff that sit in large or open-plan offices.
        2   1   3    preference to switching the main lights on,                                                                                                                 0
                     especially if the switching arrangements result in
                     lights being on unnecessarily.

Electricity - Appliances
C.062               Air conditioned office buildings use about twice        The union does not have any air conditioned offices and has no      Walk around offices.
                    as much energy as non air conditioned office            plans to install or inherit any.
        5   3   8   buildings. Modern design methods now often                                                                                                                   1
                    include a natural cooling and ventilation system
                    in lieu of air conditioning.
C.063               When fitting new dairy-deck fridges* or chest           Either the union doesn't have any dairy-deck fridges * and/or       Look at heat exchange
                    freezers in retail spaces, it is good practice to fit   chest freezers in a retail spaces, or if the union does have any,   system in the retail space,
                    a heat exchange system* to remove the waste             the majority have been fitted with a heat exchange system* .        including the heat dump
        3   3   6   heat from inside the building. This will create a                                                                           outside.                         1
                    cooler environment, reducing the energy
                    consumption of the units and saving energy.

C.064               A common area of bad practice within unions is          All fridges / freezers / ice-making machines within the union are   Look in bars and kitchens.
                    the placing of ice machines on or next to glass         positioned at least 75 cm away from direct heat sources.            Observe the location of the
        3   1   4   washers, ovens or radiators. Ideally ice                                                                                    appliances in relation to heat   1
                    machines will be kept in a relatively cool and well                                                                         sources.
                    vented location.

C.065               Investing in the cheapest models of electrical          Either the union hasn't invested in any electrical appliances       Speak to member of staff
                    appliances can be a false economy as they are           within the EU energy label* scheme with the last 12-months or ,     that ordered the piece of
                    very often the least efficient, wasting hundreds of     if the Union has, the equipment had an EU energy label * grade      equipment. Look at receipt,
        3   1   4   pounds of energy over the life of the product.          of 'A' or higher (up to A++ for fridges).                           manual or warrantee card, or     1
                                                                                                                                                take model details to look up
                                                                                                                                                the internet.
C.066               Pulling the shutter down on a dairy-deck fridge*        Either the union doesn't have any dairy-deck fridges* or, if the    Speak to members of staff
                    when the shop is closed can reduce running              Union does have any, it has procedures in place to ensure that      that work in the shop. Look at
        3   1   4   costs by 30%.                                           the blinds on all dairy-deck fridges* are closed as part of the     any written shut-down            1
                                                                            daily shut-down process.                                            procedures.

C.067               Fridges and freezers with temperatures that are         The temperature set points of all fridges and freezers within the   Use a thermometer to
                    set too low or too high, respectively, will use         union are checked regularly to ensure that they are at energy-      measure the temperature of
        2   1   3   more energy.                                            efficient temperatures (2-3˚C for chilled products, 5˚C for         fridges and freezers. Speak      1
                                                                            ambient products chilled for taste and -18˚C for freezers).         to relevant members of staff.

C.068               When heating water, energy costs increase by            Hot tap water does not come out of hot taps hotter than 60˚C.       In each of the washrooms,
                    15% for every 10˚C temperature increase. Note                                                                               run a hot water tap until the
        3   1   4   that the Health & Safety Executive recommend                                                                                digital thermometer              1
                    that hot tap water should be stored no less that                                                                            temperature remains
                    60˚C and distributed no less than 50˚C.                                                                                     constant for five seconds.

C.069               According to the UK Tea Council, as a nation we         Either the union has had at least one instant water boiler*         Visit staff kitchen areas and
                    drink 165 million cups of tea and 70 million cups       installed in a staff room or kitchen or has at least one            view water boiler(s) and
                    of coffee each day. Instant water boilers* , such       environmentally friendly kettle*.                                   kettle(s).
        3   2   5   as the Zip Hydroboil *, are over three times more                                                                                                            1
                    energy efficient than urns and uses less energy
                    than kettles.
C.070               Laser printers typically use double the energy an       The union has no more than one laser printer (including both        Count the number of
                    inkjet printer uses to print a page. Laser printers     black & white and colour) per seven workstations. This includes     workstations and laser
                    can also use up to 87% more energy than inkjet          laptops used as desk computers, but does not include publicly       printers.
        3   2   5   printers when on standby. It is good practice to        accessible workstations in computer suites.                                                          1
                    minimise the number of laser printers through
                    printer sharing.
C.071                 Many new photocopiers can be linked to                The majority of office staff can print to a central photocopier         Interview staff.
                      computing networks, allowing staff to print           and/or a shared duplex printer *.
                      directly to a single photocopier. Having a single
        1   1   2     central machine, instead of numerous local                                                                                                                     1
                      printers, can reduce overall running costs, and
                      allow staff to duplex print* .

C.072                 Duplex printing * greatly reduces paper usage         The union has made printing from the majority of PCs to one or          Interview staff.
        2   1   3     and therefore costs.                                  more networked printer, and/or photocopier, duplex* by default.                                          1

C.073                 Flat-Panel Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors      Over 80% of all of the workstations within the union have LCD           Count the number of LCD
                      only use around 10% of the energy of an               monitors.                                                               monitors and CRT monitors.
        3   1   4     equivalent standard Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)                                                                                                                     0

C.074                 CRT monitors (see above) typically consume two-       All PCs with CRT monitors have had their energy-saving modes*           Observe a selection of CRT
                      thirds of the energy used by a PC. Typically, only    enabled so that all CRT screens go to standby after no more             monitors. Speak to staff.
        2   1   3     15% of PCs have their power-saving modes*             than 10-minutes of inactivity. Within the last 6-months, staff                                           0
                      activated. Screensavers do not save energy.           have been reminded not to change these settings.

C.075                 It is good practice to periodically review            The union (or institution) has a system in place to record all          Examine maintenance
                      maintenance records to identify any fittings or       maintenance work carried out within the union. The union (or            records. Speak to member of
        3   1   4     fixtures that are unsuitable or repeatedly            institution) reviews the maintenance records periodically to            staff responsible for            0
                      unreliable (e.g. light fittings where bulbs           identify inefficiencies.                                                reviewing the records.
                      repeatedly blow).

C.076                 It is possible to save as much as £6,000 per year     The union has a maintenance schedule for all maintenance jobs           Look at the schedule.
                      by regularly servicing a combined heating,            required for efficiency, such as vehicle servicing, boiler servicing,   Interview the member of staff
        4   2   6     ventilation and air conditioning system (based on     bleeding radiators, air conditioning servicing, defrosting freezers,    responsible for ensuring         0
                      a 100,000 square foot building).                      cleaning windows, etc.                                                  these are actioned and
                                                                                                                                                    updating the schedule.

Electricity - Bigger picture initiatives
C.077                 Keeping a building log book ensures that              The union has an up-to-date buildings log book.                         View the log book.
                      information and data relevant to energy
                      efficiency is kept as a useful central record. This
                      can be especially important should any key staff
        2   2   4     move on, or if the building changes hands.                                                                                                                     0
                      Building log books often contain equipment
                      instructions, maintenance schedules and
                      records, and meter data.

C.078                 NUS Services have released a free ventilation         The union has downloaded NUS Services' free ventilation                 View the registration list and
                      equipment toolkit that can be downloaded from         equipment toolkit and has logged its actions and/or energy              the union's Energy and
                             consumption on the Energy and Action Tracker.                           Action Tracker.
                      This has followed research conducted in 10 pilot
        5   1   6                                                                                                                                                                    1
                      students' unions. The toolkit provides energy-
                      efficiency guidance on: ventilation management,
                      controls, air conditioning and heat recovery.

C.079                 NUS Services have released a free supplier            The union has downloaded NUS Services' free supplier                    View the registration list and
                      equipment toolkit that can be downloaded from         equipment toolkit and has logged its actions and/or energy              the union's Reduced Energy
                             consumption on the Reduced Energy Guide logbook.                        Guide logbook.
                      Environmental/Supplier-equipment-project. This
                      has followed research conducted in 21 pilot
        5   1   6     students' unions. The toolkit provides energy-                                                                                                                 1
                      efficiency guidance on: advertising equipment,
                      passport photo machines, leisure machines,
                      bottle coolers, dairy-deck fridges and beverage
                      cooling machines.
C.080                Voltage optimisation* can be an effective way of        The union has had its voltage actively reduced by at least 10        See Voltage optimisation*
                     reducing the energy consumption of most of the          volts within the last five years.                                    equipment installation
                     appliances in your union. By reducing voltage                                                                                paperwork, or a letter from a
                     fans and electric motors run slightly slower and                                                                             power provider relating to the
        5   4   9    tungsten filament bulbs* are slightly dimmer. It is                                                                          tapping down of                  0
                     especially feasible in buildings that have a                                                                                 transformers, all dated within
                     voltage in excess of 240v. At least one students'                                                                            five years of the date of the
                     union in the UK has installed voltage reducing                                                                               submission of this
                     equipment.                                                                                                                   application.

C.081                At least two students' unions in the UK have            The union has installed a bespoke ventilation system to make         View system.
                     modified their ventilation systems to make use of       use of waste heat.
        4   3   7    waste heat in lieu of installing door air curtains /                                                                                                          0
                     patio heaters .
C.082                Ground source heat* can be harnessed and                The union has one or more ground source heat* system.                View the system.
                     used to pre-heat air, heating systems and tap
        5   4   9    water. At least one students' union in the UK has                                                                                                             0
                     a Ground source heat* system.

C.083                The Low Carbon Buildings Programme,                     A renewable energy installation (e.g. solar water heater, solar      View the renewable
                     managed by the Energy Saving Trust* , offers            panels, urban wind turbine) has been installed on one or more of     installations.
        2   3   5    grants for medium and large scale micro                 the union's buildings.                                                                                0
                     generation projects. Students' unions are eligible
                     to apply for the grants.
C.084                At least one students' union in the UK has              At least 20% of the energy used by a given union building over a     View the renewable
        5   5   10   invested in a large-scale renewable generation          whole year period is generated through a renewable installation      installations and meter data.    0
                     project on their buildings.                             on or around that building.
C.085                Many unions are now powered, in part or                 At least 50% of the energy used by the union within the last         View the utility bills or
                     entirely, by renewable energy* bought through           reporting period* was from renewable sources.                        renewables certificate. View
        3   2   5    the national grid - either through direct contracts                                                                          publicity produced by the        0
                     with utility providers, or through their institution.                                                                        institution.

C.086                Carbon budgeting (also known as carbon                  The union has calculated its carbon budget within the last 12-       View figures.
                     footprinting *) involves calculating how many           months.
                     tonnes of carbon dioxide* an organisation emits
                     over a year from, as a minimum, electricity,
        4   3   7    heating and transport. Conversion figures for all                                                                                                             1
                     of these are available at

C.087                Double-glazing helps keep rooms warm in winter          All external windows within the union are fitted with double         Look at external windows
        4   1   5    and cool in summer, reducing energy costs.              glazed units.                                                        throughout the union.            1

C.088                A cheaper alternative to replacing single-glazed        If the union has any single glazed external windows, the majority    Look at external windows
                     windows is to install secondary glazing. It is said     have been fitted with secondary double glazing and/or within the     throughout the union plus
                     that if you can slide a 1 pence coin in a gap           last three years, the union has taken action to eradicate draughts   evidence could include the
        3   2   5    between windows or doors, it will be cost-              in external doors or windows.                                        fitting of draught excluders,    1
                     effective to install draught-proofing.                                                                                       replacement windows or
                                                                                                                                                  doors, or secondary double

C.089                To minimise heat loss, false ceilings* should           The majority of false ceilings* over office spaces have had some     Push up ceiling tiles to
        2   2   4    have insulation laid over them.                         form of insulation material laid over the top of them.               examine the insulation.          0

C.090                Thermostatic radiator valves* reduce the flow of        Thermostatic radiator valves* are fitted to the majority of          View radiators in office
        3   4   7    hot water as the room heats up, preventing the          radiators in office spaces.                                          spaces.                          1
                     room from becoming too warm.
C.091               For maximum efficiency Thermostatic radiator            The union has calculated the optimal settings for at least half of   View valve settings and
                    valves* should be left on a pre-determined              the rooms that are heated by thermostatic radiator valves* and       notices in a selection of
                    setting and not altered. The exact setting for          put up notices by each radiator advising staff and visitors of the   rooms.
                    each room will depend on the size of the                optimal setting and asking them not to alter it.
                    radiator, the size of the room and the number of
                    doors and windows. It is good practice to
        3   2   5                                                                                                                                                                 0
                    determine the optimal thermostatic radiator
                    valve* setting for each room by running the
                    radiator(s) on full and then gradually reducing
                    them until an average room temperature of 21˚C
                    is reached.

C.092               To maintain effectiveness, radiators should be          Staff are aware of the benefits of keeping radiators clear and       Interview staff. Look for
                    kept clear and unobstructed.                            unobstructed during the winter, and all working radiators are kept   obstructions or items
        1   0   1                                                           clear and unobstructed.                                              reducing the effectiveness of    1
                                                                                                                                                 the radiators.
C.093               Heating costs rise by 8-10% for every 1˚C rise in       Either the union does not have any room-specific heating and/or      Evidence could include a
                    set temperature. Cooling costs increase by 10-          cooling controls in offices or, if the union has room-specific       reference in a policy or
                    12% for every 1˚C decrease in set temperature.          heating and/or cooling controls in one or more office, within the    procedure, notices in place
                    The Carbon Trust* recommends that office                last 12-months the union has taken measures to encourage staff       near to the control panels, or
        3   1   4   thermostats are set to 21˚C when heating, and           to keep the temperature settings on or around a predetermined        an email sent to all staff       0
                    24˚C when cooling with air conditioning.                temperature set by the union.                                        dated within 12-months of
                                                                                                                                                 the date of the submission of
                                                                                                                                                 this application.

C.094               Radiators continue to give out heat for around          If the main union office has its own independently controlled        Speak to relevant member of
                    half an hour after switching off. It is therefore       central heating system, it has been set to ensure that the heating   staff. Look at central heating
        3   1   4   good practice to set up central heating systems         switches off approximately 15-minutes before the usual time that     timer.                           1
                    to switch off slightly before staff go home.            the last member of staff leaves.
C.095               Portable electric fan heaters and radiators             The union has a policy in place to prevent the use of portable       Look at policy. Look for
                    typically use around 3 kW of energy, making             electric heaters and radiators, and there are none in use within     heaters in use.
                    them one of the most energy consuming pieces            the union.
                    of equipment within an office environment. They
                    are a very inefficient method of heating, and can
                    negatively influence existing thermostats and
                    heating systems, exacerbating any heating
        5   3   8                                                                                                                                                                 0
                    problems. Portable electric heaters can raise the
                    Unions' maximum demand* , significantly
                    increase the union's available supply capacity *,
                    adding a direct cost to energy bills. For these
                    reasons, portable electric heaters should be

C.096               Extractor fans in washrooms should only come            The union has at least one multiple-use washroom where the           Visit the room or area fitted
                    on when the room is in use, and for a short while       extractor fan is controlled by an occupancy sensor *.                with the sensor, and make
        1   2   3   afterwards. Leaving extractor fans on at all times                                                                           sure sensor is operating         0
                    directly wastes energy and, during the winter, will                                                                          correctly.
                    draw heat out of the building.

C.097               A number of unions have invested in Waterless           One or more waterless urinal* has been installed within the          View the waterless urinal *.
        3   3   6   urinals *.                                              union.                                                                                                0

C.098               The recommended flush for a toilet is 7 litres.         Cistern volume adjusters * have been fitted into the cisterns of     Look in cisterns of pre-2000
                    Toilets made before the year 2000 typically flush       the majority of pre-2000 toilets.                                    toilets.
        2   1   3   more than 7 litres, but can easily be adjusted by                                                                                                                 1
                    installing a cistern volume adjuster*.

C.099               Dual-flushing toilets* give users the option of half-   Two or more dual-flushing toilets* have been installed within the    View the Dual-flushing
        1   2   3                                                                                                                                                                 0
                    flushing, thus saving water.                            union.                                                               toilets* .
C.100               Several students' unions in the UK collect rain         The union collects rain water through one or more water butt and     View water butt(s).
        1   1   2   water for watering plants.                              regularly uses it in preference to tap water.                                                         0

C.101               At least one students' union in the UK has a            The union collects rain for use in flushing toilets and/or urinals   View rainwater harvesting
                    purpose-built rainwater harvesting, storage and         through a purpose-built rainwater harvesting facility.               system.
        3   4   7   filtration system and uses the water in its                                                                                                                   0
C.102               Percussion taps* are good practice for                  All the hand-basins in the washrooms of the union's bars and         View the taps in the
                    washrooms in bars and venues as they prevent            venues (or if the union does not have any bars or venues, the        washrooms of all the Union's
        2   2   4   taps from being left on delivering water savings        main washrooms) are fitted with percussion taps* and/or taps         bars and venues.                 1
                    and energy savings for hot taps.                        operated by occupancy sensors* .
C.103               Fitting spray heads* to taps can reduce the         Spray heads* have been fitted to the taps in four or more               View the spray heads*.
        1   2   3   volume of water used in washbasins by 50%.          washbasins within the union.                                                                               0

C.104               The higher the water pressure, the more water is    One or more water saving valve* has been fitted within the union        View the water saving valve*.
                    wasted through washrooms. If any parts of the       to reduce water pressure.
        1   1   2   union suffer from high water pressure, water                                                                                                                   0
                    saving valves* can be fitted to reduce the water
C.105               A dripping tap can waste up to 5,000 litres of      The union has a procedure in place for staff and cleaners to            Speak to relevant member of
                    water a year.                                       report dripping taps, and the procedure has been communicated           staff to review procedure
                                                                        to staff and cleaners within the last 12-months.                        (verbal or written). Evidence
                                                                                                                                                of communication to staff
                                                                                                                                                and cleaners could include
        1   1   2                                                                                                                               an email, poster, or other         1
                                                                                                                                                written communication, and
                                                                                                                                                should be dated within 12-
                                                                                                                                                months of the date of the
                                                                                                                                                submission of this

C.106               To keep up with advancements in efficient and       Either the union does not have any fleet vehicles (minibuses or         Either verbal confirmation
                    low pollution technology, it is good practice to    cars) or, if the union has any fleet vehicles, they are all less than   that the union does not have
        3   4   7   replace fleet vehicles periodically.                ten years old from their date of registration.                          any fleet vehicles, or view        1
                                                                                                                                                vehicle log books or vehicles.

C.107               A 2-psi drop in tyre pressure can increase fuel     If the union provides a pre-journey checklist for minibus drivers,      Examine pre-journey
                    consumption by 3%.                                  it includes an educational note about tyre pressure in relation to      checklist.
        2   1   3                                                       fuel efficiency, and lists checking tyre pressures as an action.                                               1

C.108               Encouraging staff that normally travel into work    Within the last 6-months, the union has taken action to                 Evidence could include an
                    in their own cars to share their travel with a      encourage lift-sharing by staff and/or students.                        email to staff encouraging lift-
                    colleague will help reduce one of the Union's                                                                               sharing, an article is a
        2   1   3   environmental impacts* .                                                                                                    student-facing publication or      1
                                                                                                                                                website, a lift-share notice
                                                                                                                                                board, a new policy on car
C.109               Reducing the number of car parking spaces can       Either the union does not manage or have any of its own car             See spaces that have been
                    be an effective way of encouraging staff and        parking spaces, or the union has removed one or more car park           removed; documentary
                    visitors to lift-share or use public transport.     space over the last year as part of an environmental initiative.        evidence that they have been
        2   2   4                                                                                                                               removed within a year of the       1
                                                                                                                                                date of the submission of this

C.110               Developing a comprehensive flexible working         The union has a written policy commitment to at least two of the        View policy.
        1   1   2   policy can reduce the number of miles travelled     following: Home working; flexi-working; annualised hours.                                                  0
                    by staff.
C.111               Teleconferencing and video conferencing can         The majority of members of staff in the union that attend external      Interview a cross-section of
                    reduce the number of miles travelled by staff to    meetings are aware of how they may be able to use                       staff involved with external
        3   1   4   external meetings.                                  teleconferencing facilities, and/or video conferencing facilities,      meetings.                          0
                                                                        and/or Skype*, as an environmentally-friendly alternative to
                                                                        travelling to face-to-face external meetings.

C.112               Cost can be a barrier to cycling. Introducing the   The union has a cycle to work scheme in place for staff and             View contract documents.
                    Government cycle to work salary sacrifice           officers. This could be joining up to the universities scheme or
                    scheme can help staff overcome the initial          running one separately.
                    expense of buying a new bike. Many universities
        1   1   2   have these schemes in place for university staff                                                                                                               0
                    and these schemes may be able to be expanded
                    to unions otherwise unions can set up their own

C.113               In Europe, it is not unusual for cyclists to be     The union's expenses policy includes a mileage rate for cyclists.       Examine expenses policy.
                    awarded higher expenses mileage rate for bike
        1   1   2   travel than car travel. The Inland Revenue                                                                                                                     1
                    recommends that cyclists be reimbursed at 20p
                    per mile.
C.114               Providing the facilities for staff to cycle to work in   The union has cycle parking and/or showers in or around their       View bike storage and
        2   4   6   comfort is an important part of encouraging              building to encourage staff to cycle to work.                       showers.                       1
                    more active travel to work.

C.115               It is a good idea to encourage visitors and              The union includes train, bus, walking and cycling directions to    View website.
                    students to take the most sustainable travel as          the union on their ‘how to find us’ page of their website.
                    possible. Several universities and unions are
                    near to cycle networks which means cycling and
        2   2   4   walking is traffic-free!                                                                                                                                    1
                    Visit for a mapping facility
                    or it is possible to create a personalised map
                    using Google maps.

C.116               Many people do not feel confident on bikes so            The union has run at least one training event in the past 6-        View photos from training
                    providing free training is vital in encouraging          months for staff and/or students on either cycle proficiency or     event. View booking/training
        2   3   5   more people to take the sustainable travel               bike maintenance.                                                   details. Interview staff.      0
C.117               Pool bikes are used in many companies who                The union runs a pool bike system* for staff with a minimum of      View bike(s).
                    have large office/plant areas or have bases in           one bike which is open for use by any staff member travelling for
                    separate places nearby.                                  work purposes. This is to encourage staff to travel by bike for
                    Many unions have bases in several campus                 short journeys rather than by car.
                    areas of the university and therefore need to            Note for London unions: showing sufficient evidence that staff
        2   1   3   travel to these bases often. Providing a bike for        use the City bike hire scheme for this purpose is sufficient.                                      0
                    any staff member to use means these staff
                    members are less reliant on cars to travel these
                    short distances.

C.118               Several unions have run various events for staff         The union has run one or more walking and cycling breakfast*        View photos from event.
        2   2   4   to encourage walking and cycling to work.                events for staff in the past 12-months.                             View posters / emails          0
                                                                                                                                                 advertising event to staff.
Campaigning and campaigning societies
C.119                Unions can and do play an important role in         The union as a whole has supported one or more national or           Look at the campaign
                     supporting national and international               international environmental campaign run by a campaigning            website or contact the
                     environmental campaigns.                            organisation within the last year.                                   campaigning organisation to
        3   3   6                                                        Note this cannot include Fairtrade Fortnight as it has its own       see if the union is listed as a   1
                                                                         criterion (C.120).                                                   supporter. Look at the
                                                                                                                                              union's webpage or media

C.120                Fairtrade* products guarantee a fixed price for     The union actively supported the last Fairtrade Fortnight.           Speak to relevant member of
                     some of the lowest paid farmers in the                                                                                   staff.
                     developing world. There is also a fixed
                     community premium that goes towards
        2   1   3    community development projects. Fairtrade                                                                                                                  1
                     Fortnight is the official Fairtrade event of the
                     Fairtrade Foundation * and happens in March
                     each year.

C.121                If a union and its institution meet five basic      The union and institution have formally been awarded the status      View
                     criteria, they can apply to be accredited as a      of a Fairtrade University* .                               
                     Fairtrade University*.                                                                                                   olved/campaigns/fairtrade_un
        2   2   4                                                                                                                             iversities/default.aspx or        0
                                                                                                                                              contact the Fairtrade
                                                                                                                                              Foundation* .

C.122                Student-led environmental societies can play an     The union has an active environmental campaigns society, such        Interview members of
                     effective role in educating students about          as People & Planet* , green action, environment society, one         society. Look at posters,
        4   1   5    environmental issues, as well as delivering local   world society, etc. Note that this cannot include the committees,    communications or minutes         0
                     environmental good practice.                        assemblies or taskforces referred to in S.010 or the practical       from the society.
                                                                         societies referenced in C.167 and C.168.

C.123                Snap It Off!* is NUS's campaign to get              At least five photos have been uploaded to Snap it Off!* in the      Check Snap it Off!* website.
                     unnecessary lights switch off on campus. You        last 6-months by students studying at the institution.
        2   2   4    can order free campaign materials from                                                                                                                     0

C.124                Most unions run awareness events encouraging        The union has run a series student-facing of awareness raising       View campaign resources or
                     the student population to get involved in the       events drawing attention to climate change and ethical issues.       photos from the events.
                     unions campaigns on environmental and ethical       Note this could be running a Go Green week (or similar) on
        2   2   4    issues.                                             campus or running a regular day of activism every week / month.                                        0

Student officers, staff and teams
C.125                Having a non-sabbatical environmental officer       The union's constitution includes the position of a non-sabbatical   View constitution.
        5   3   8    can be an effective catalyst for improving          officer whose role is dedicated to environmental and/or ethical                                        0
                     environmental performance*.                         issues.

C.126                Some sabbatical welfare officers have               One of the sabbatical officers has responsibility for                View constitution, job
        3   1   4    responsibility for ethical and environmental        environmental issues in their formal remit.                          description or similar.           1
C.127                At least one students' union in the UK employs a    The union has a sabbatical officer whose main role is to work on     View constitution, job
        5   5   10   sabbatical Ethical & Environmental Officer.         ethical and/or environmental issues.                                 description or similar.           0

C.128                College-specific non-sabbatical environmental       If the institution operates a collegiate system, the union's         View constitution, job
        4   3   7    officers can be an effective way of raising         constitution includes college-specific non-sabbatical                description or similar.           0
                     awareness of environmental issues.                  environmental officers for the majority of the colleges.

C.129                At least one students' union in the UK employs      The union employs a paid member of staff specifically to work        Meet the member of staff.
        4   4   8    its own environmental manager on a part-time        on environmental issues.                                             Interview relevant members        1
                     basis.                                                                                                                   of staff.
C.130                Having an environmental committee or                If the union has an environmental committee and/or                   View document outlining the
                     environmental task force that can set and review    environmental task force (see S.010), their remit includes setting   remit of the group. Look at
        2   0   2    targets for the union can be a catalyst for         and reviewing environmental performance* targets for the union.      minutes from meetings that        0
                     improvement.                                                                                                             have set or reviewed targets.
C.131               It is important to build a culture of awareness      The union has a regular environmental e-bulletin or newsletter         View an email bulletin no
                    within the union regarding environmental issues.     for interested students and staff, and has published at least two      older than 3 months old.
                    Sending round an email bulletin is an opportunity    on the last 6-months.
                    for the union to remind staff and officers of
        2   2   4                                                                                                                                                                0
                    practical actions such as switching lights off as
                    well as getting involved in the local union and
                    national campaigns.

C.132               Training can play an important part in creating      The union has run internal training for interested staff or officers   View email inviting staff to
                    pro-environmental behaviours * and changing          on at least one of the following in the last 12-months:                event. View photos from
                    habits.                                              • General environmental good practice;                                 training event. View training
        3   3   6   Through our E & E Opt-In group unions can            • Energy-efficiency training;                                          resources.                       0
                    access energy-efficiency training.                   • Recycling and reducing waste.

Policy and commitment
C.133               As well as tropical rainforests being logged for     The union has active policy on any two of the following:               View policies, including dates
                    timber, the felling of natural forests in Russia,    • For refits and/or new furniture, actively sourcing timber            passed. Check Central Billing
                    northern Europe & North America is an                products from certified sustainable sources* ;                         data. Check Sound Ethical
                    increasing problem. Some of this wood does end       • Buying Fairtrade* clothing for sabbatical t-shirts and/or bar        Choice* sign-up list.
        3   1   4   up in the UK, both as furniture and in composite     staff uniforms;                                                                                         0
                    materials such as chipboard.                         • The union is signed up to NUS Services' free ethical retail
                                                                         campaign, Sound Ethical Choice* .

C.134               Over the lifecycle of a typical appliance, overall   The union has active policy on any two of the following:               View policies, including dates
                    costs will be 15% procurement cost, 75% energy       • Stating energy-efficiency as a requirement in all refit briefs;      passed. Check Central Billing
                    costs and 10% maintenance costs. It is therefore     • Calculating whole lifecycle costings* for all new equipment over     data. Check Sound Ethical
                    a false economy to save money by buying              a predetermined cost;                                                  Choice* sign-up list.
        4   1   5   cheaper less efficient models to start with as       • Ring-fencing any savings made through energy-efficiency
                    they will cost more in the long-term. Calculating    initiatives for investment in further efficiency projects.
                    the cost of products over their whole life is
                    known as whole lifecycle costing*.

C.135               Setting specific, measurable, achievable,            Within the last 18-months, the union has formally set SMART            Look at the targets. Check
                    resourced and timed targets (SMART targets) on       targets to reduce is carbon emissions and/or any of the following      that the targets have been
                    environmental issues is evidence that an             environmental impacts* :                                               formalised and agreed within
                    organisation is committed to reducing its            • Electricity use;                                                     the last 18-months - this
                    environmental impacts* .                             • Gas use;                                                             could be done by looking at
        4   2   6                                                        • Water use;                                                           minutes of meetings, the         1
                                                                         • Transport;                                                           operating plan, or by
                                                                         • Amount of waste sent for disposal;                                   interviewing senior
                                                                         • Amount of waste diverted from disposal.                              managers. Check that the
                                                                                                                                                targets are SMART* .

C.136               At least two students' unions in the UK produce      Within the last 12-months, the union has produced an annual            View the document, dated
                    annual environmental reports outlining what the      environmental statement or report and made it publicly                 within 12-months of the date
        1   2   3   union has done / plans to do to reduce its           accessible.                                                            of the submission of this        1
                    environmental impacts.                                                                                                      application.
C.137               Developing a formal communications strategy         The union has developed a written communications plan or             Examine the communications
                    for environmental and ethical issues can be a       strategy for raising awareness of environmental or ethical issues    plan or strategy.
                    really effective way of raising awareness. This     amongst staff and the student body.
        3   1   4   could include anything from promoting Fairtrade                                                                                                          0
                    to encouraging recycling, from putting up switch-
                    off stickers on light switches in the union to
                    supporting Sound Ethical Choice*.

C.138               Students' unions have an important opportunity      The union has a series of positive communications aimed at           View communications.
                    to raise awareness of good environmental            raising awareness of the good environmental practice in place
                    practice amongst future decision-makers through     within the union's facilities.
                    positive communications. Examples include           Note that the communications must be for educational purposes
                    interpretation about some locally-sourced timber    only rather than requesting individual action such as stickers on
        2   1   3   used in the building, an awareness-raising poster   light switches or notices on recycling.                                                              0
                    about lighting sensors in corridors, or some
                    information about the benefits of organic paint
                    used throughout the union.

C.139               Students' unions are eligible to enter the Green    Within the last 12-months, the union has won a Green Gown            Contact the EAUC.
        1   1   2   Gown Awards* .                                      Award* and/or was classed as 'highly commended' in the                                               0
                                                                        Green Gown Awards* .

C.140               Sustainable procurement involves choosing           The union has a single active policy on sustainable procurement      View policy. Ask relevant
                    products with the least negative impact on          for products for internal use that includes a commitment to          staff how the policy is being
                    people and the environment.                         considering whether a purchase is necessary and a workable           implemented. Look at case
        4   1   5                                                       mechanism for ensuring products with the least negative / most       studies.                        1
                                                                        positive impact are preferentially purchased.

C.141               As for B.023.                                       If the union buys tea and/or coffee for internal use, only           Look in staff kitchen.
        1   0   1                                                       Fairtrade* is purchased.                                                                             1

C.142               There are now over 3,000 Fairtrade* retail          For each product category * the union is already stocking in its     View products in shop.
                    products available in the UK and at least 600       retail shop it is also offering the equivalent Fairtrade* option,
        3   2   5   available through NUS Services including tea,       where applicable.                                                                                    1
                    coffee, confectionary, wine, rice, sugar and

C.143               In 2007/08, 19.4% of our collective screen-         At least one third of the screen-printed* clothing the union buys,   View purchase orders.
                    printed* clothing sales were on Fairtrade*          both clothing for internal use and clothing for resale, is on
                    clothing.                                           Fairtrade* and/or Certified organic* fabrics.
        2   1   3   Note that there may be cost implications for your                                                                                                        0
                    Union's income related to this criteria.

C.144               Some unions have installed water fountains for      The union has installed drinking water fountains use by students.    View the fountains.
                    public access to provide free clean water to
        2   3   5   those who choose to bring reusable bottles on                                                                                                            0
                    campus. This can help reduce food miles.

C.145               Bottled water is expensive to buy in comparison     Either the union does not have a retail outlet stocking bottled      View retail outlet. View
                    with water from the tap and has added               drinking water or, if it does, it stocks One Water* as an option.    purchase orders.
                    environmental costs in terms of food miles and      Note that purchasing members can only stock this product in the
                    packaging too. However it is a popular product      manager’s choice section in retail outlets, as One Water* is not a
                    with consumers due to its convenience and there     planogrammed* line. You can stock One Water* along with
                    is a strong retail market for bottled water. Some   Volvic 1L-for-10L* products, which are included in shop
        2   1   3   bottled waters generate revenue for overseas        planograms* for Retail Opt In Group*.                                                                1
                    development projects. NUS Services lists One
                    Water* – a UK-bottled ethical water that
                    supports water projects in Africa by donating all
                    profits from sales of the product.

C.146               Products in vending machines are often non-         Either the union doesn't have any hot drink or food vending          View vending machines.
                    Fairtrade and unhealthy. Healthy eating* is part    machines or , if it does, it has at least one machine offering
        1   1   2   of the corporate social responsibility agenda.      Fairtrade*, and/or a selection of healthy eating* options.                                           1
C.147               Buying paper products made from recycled              All white A4 and A3 copier paper bought by the union for internal   Look at paper in stationary
                    paper ensures that there is less need for             use is made from 100% recycled paper.                               store. Look at invoices or
        2   1   3   commercial environmentally-damaging forestry                                                                              delivery notes.                  1
                    & helps increase the demand for recycling.

C.148               Environmentally-friendly versions of most             The union preferentially buys for internal use one of the           Look at products in stationary
                    stationary products are now widely available.         following on a regular basis:                                       store. Examine delivery notes
                                                                          • Refillable writing pens and refills in preference to one use      or invoices.
                                                                            disposable biodegradable or plastic biros;
                                                                          • Refillable highlighters and refills in preference to one use
                                                                          • Pencils made from wood from certified sustainable sources* in
        2   1   3                                                                                                                                                              0
                                                                          preference to wood from unaccredited sources;
                                                                          • Stationary ranges made from a majority recycled content;
                                                                          • Biodegradable cellulose sticky tapes* in preference to
                                                                            acetate or polypropylene sticky tapes;
                                                                          • Water-based correction fluid in preference to solvent-based.

C.149               Many cleaning products either contain chlorine        The union ensures that, where possible, the cleaners that clean     Speak to cleaners or building
                    compounds (which can cause a range of                 its buildings use ecological or plant-based detergents* in          manager. Look in cleaning
                    environmental pollution - see C.151) or synthetic     preference to chemical-based synthetic products.                    store. Research ingredients
        1   1   2   compounds that degrade slowly in the natural                                                                              for the specified products -     0
                    environment.                                                                                                              ingredients should be fruit
                                                                                                                                              juice / plant based.

C.150               The vast majority of cleaning products have           The union ensures that, where possible, the cleaners that clean     Speak to cleaners or building
                    been tested on animals. Products that have not        its buildings use cleaning products that have not been tested on    manager. Look in cleaning
        2   1   3   been tested on animals usually have the BUAV*         animals.                                                            store. Research the specified    0
                    rabbit logo on them.                                                                                                      products and contact BUAV* .

C.151               Bleach contains chlorine. In its various artificial   The union ensures that the cleaners that clean its buildings do     Speak to cleaners or building
                    forms, chlorine plays a major role in some of the     not use bleach.                                                     manager. Look in cleaning
                    most pressing current environmental problems,                                                                             store. Research CoSHH
        2   1   3   including the depletion of the ozone layer *,                                                                             data* for the specified          0
                    global warming * & acid rain *.                                                                                           products - ingredients should
                                                                                                                                              be fruit juice / plant based.
C.152               Biodegradable* bin liners contain natural            The majority of the bin liners sourced for internal use are             Speak to cleaners or building
                    compounds that break down quickly in the             biodegradable* or are made from recycled plastic.                       manager. Look in cleaning
                    natural environment compared to standard                                                                                     store. Research CoSHH
        1   0   1   plastic bags, which can take hundreds of years                                                                               data* for the specified          0
                    to fully degrade.                                                                                                            products - ingredients should
                                                                                                                                                 be fruit juice / plant based.

C.153               It is better for the environment to source milk in   If the union buys milk for internal use, the majority of it is in       Look in staff kitchen and/or
        1   0   1   reusable bottles than in plastic bottles.            reusable glass bottles.                                                 catering outlets.                0

C.154               Most fridges now contain hydrofluorocarbons          The union has one or more HFC-free fridge* .                            Look at HFC-free fridge* .
                    (HFCs) which are gasses that have a global
                    warming potential of around 3,200 times that of
        2   2   4   carbon dioxide* . It has been estimated that, by                                                                                                              1
                    2050, HFCs will contribute as much to global
                    warming as all the private cars on the planet.

C.155               Waterless offset printing* is much less              If the union produces a newspaper or magazine, it is printed on         Interview union newspaper or
                    environmentally damaging than conventional           recycled paper accredited by NAPM* , or is printed on paper             magazine production team.
        2   1   3   printing technologies as it does not use large       made from pulp where the majority is from certified sustainable                                          0
                    quantities of water in the process.                  sources*, and/or the publication is waterless offset printed* .

Community, being a good employer & social responsibility
C.156               One of the most positive impacts the students'       The union runs its own community volunteering initiative that           Meet member of staff
                    unions movement collectively has on society is       delivered over 250 volunteer hours last academic year.                  responsible for the scheme.
                    the social and educational work delivered                                                                                    View volunteering sheets or
        5   4   9   through student community volunteering                                                                                       spreadsheet. Meet                0
                    schemes.                                                                                                                     volunteers. View
                                                                                                                                                 communications materials.
C.157               Employer supported volunteering is where a           The union has an employer supported volunteering scheme* .              Look at policy document or
                    company allows each of its employees to                                                                                      relevant briefing notes.
        2   2   4   volunteer for a charitable cause for up to a set                                                                             Speak to members of staff.       0
                    number of days per year within work time.
C.158               The Investing in Volunteers standard is a quality    The union has achieved the Investing in Volunteers* standard            View certificate.
        1   2   3   standard for organisations which involve             within the last three years.                                                                             0
                    volunteers in their work.

C.159               The corporate social responsibility agenda           Within the last 12-months, the union has actively sought to             Look at campaign materials.
                    includes being a good neighbour by minimising        reduce either noise or litter problems through a student-focussed
        3   1   4   negative impacts on local residents.                 campaign.                                                                                                0

C.160               Many students' unions raise money for charity        The union has raised over £750 for charitable causes last               Speak to relevant union staff.
                    through Raising and Giving (RAG) societies.          academic year. This could be through RAG Societies or other             Speak to members of the
        4   0   4                                                        charitable groups.                                                      society. View                    1
                                                                                                                                                 communications materials.
C.161               The Investors in People* standard is a               The union has achieved the Investors in People* standard within         View certificate.
        1   2   3   framework for delivering business improvement        the last three years.                                                                                    0
                    through people.

C.162               Allowing staff to organise is a basic right stated   The union has a formal commitment to freedom of association             For the formal commitment,
                    in the International Labour Organisation's nine      for all its staff, and this has been communicated to all staff within   view the document and
                    core conventions* .                                  the last 12-months, and/or the union has an active staff council        interview staff. For the staff
        1   0   1                                                        or workplace committee that has met within the last 6-months.           council / workplace              0
                                                                                                                                                 committee, interview an
                                                                                                                                                 active member.

C.163               A number of UK banks guarantee that they will        The union's main bank account is with a bank that has ethical           Find out which bank it is.
                    not invest in unethical activities, such as          investment criteria* .                                                  View bank statements. If
                    oppressive regimes or the armaments industry.                                                                                required view the banks
        2   5   7   In the UK the best known ethical bank is The Co-                                                                             website for details of ethical   0
                    operative Bank.                                                                                  investment criteria.

C.164               Healthy eating is part of the corporate social       The union has actively promoted the benefits of healthy living to       Speak to relevant members
                    responsibility agenda.                               students within the last 12-months and/or the union is actively         of staff. Look at
        2   1   3                                                        supporting the '5 A DAY '* campaign.                                    communication materials on       0
                                                                                                                                                 healthy eating or '5 A DAY '*.
Biodiversity & land-use
C.165                 A simple yet effective way of encouraging birds       The union has installed three or more bat and/or bird boxes            View boxes.
        1   1   2     and bats is for the union to install boxes for them   around its' buildings.                                                                                  1
                      to nest.
C.166                 Bee populations are in severe decline all over the    The union has helped establish one or more bee hive on or off          View bee hive.
                      world. Bee numbers in the UK have halved over         campus.
                      the last 20 years. Last year alone a fifth of bee
                      colonies did not survive the winter. The Co-
        3   5   8     operative is running a nationwide campaign to                                                                                                                 0
                      protect bees. For more information go to

C.167                 Conservation volunteering societies play a            The union has an active student society that carries out               See the society notice board
        4   2   6     valuable community role in sustaining and             ecological conservation work.                                          or webpage; see relevant         0
                      encouraging biodiversity* .                                                                                                  press articles.

C.168                 At least ten students' unions in the UK have          The union has an active student society that grows vegetables          See the society notice board
                      student societies for growing fruit and               and/or fruit. The site can be on or off campus.                        or webpage; see relevant
                      vegetables. These societies help promote the          Note that this can include Fresher Freshers gardens.                   press articles; see the
        3   3   6     healthy eating agenda, healthy lifestyles and a                                                                              growing site.                    0
                      range of environmental benefits associated with
                      local food production.
C.169                 Natural pot plants* remove pollutants from the        Within union office spaces, the Union has more than one natural        Count the number of natural
                      atmosphere and give out oxygen, making a              pot plant* per five office-based employees.                            pot plants * in office spaces.
        1   0   1     healthier and more pleasant working                                                                                          Obtain the number of office-     0
                      environment.                                                                                                                 based employees.

Other - environmental
C.170                 The Environmental Association for Universities        The union has associate membership of the Environmental                View E&E opt-in group sign-
                      and Colleges* offers associate membership to          Association for Universities and Colleges*.                            up list. Contact EAUC.
                      students' unions. The Association is a
        1   0   1     networking organisations for staff involved with                                                                                                              0
                      environmental issues within universities and
                      colleges. Note that this is one of the benefits of
                      the E&E opt-in group* Excel package.

C.171                 Sound Ethical Choice* is NUS Services' reward         If the union has a retail shop, it has signed up to NUS Services'      View point of sale in shop(s).
                      scheme for its most ethically and                     free ethical retail campaign, Sound Ethical Choice*, and the
        1   1   2     environmentally-friendly suppliers.                   point-of-sale is correctly displayed, specifically that it is only                                      0
                                                                            associated with products from Sound Ethical Choice* suppliers.

C.172                 Union buildings often contain tenants or              Either the union does not have any tenants or franchises within        Speak to tenants or staff
                      franchises which are not managed by the union         its building or it has actively worked with tenants or franchises      within franchises. View
                      (they may be managed by the institution or an         within its building in the past 12-months and can demonstrate          correspondence between the
                      external organisation). This gives the union an       progress made on two or more of the following:                         union and its tenants or
                      opportunity to improve the environmental and          • Reducing electricity usage;                                          franchises, this can include
        3   3   6     ethical performance of external organisations.        • Reducing gas usage;                                                  minutes of meetings, email       1
                                                                            • Reducing water usage;                                                correspondence, newsletters,
                                                                            • Reducing waste;                                                      etc. View meter data, waste
                                                                            • Increasing recycling;                                                invoices etc. for evidence of
                                                                            • Procurement practises.                                               reductions.

C.173                 Green Impact Universities * is like this scheme,      Either the institution is running Green Impact Universities* , or if   View NUS Services data.
                      but is aimed at greening academic and non-            not, the union has recommended to their university Environment         View evidence of
        5   5   10    academic departments in institutions. NUS             Manager that they sign up.                                             communications between           1
                      Services runs the scheme in partnership with                                                                                 university and union.
                      local students' unions.

        Silver marks:
        Marks available                                                                                  688
        Marks gained                                                                                     325
        Percentage marks gained                                                                          47%
               Special Awards                                                                                                                                                                 C.174-C.177

  All the special awards are deemed as bonus criteria, and therefore are optional.
  Please mark the 'Union compliance' box If you have registered for the corresponding special achievement award.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Done as a result of GI-SU?
                                Difficulty to implement
        Environmental benefit

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Union compliance

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Not applicable
                                                                              Why are we asking?                                                  Criteria                                     Evaluation                                                                            Union comment

Special achievement awards
C.174                                                             The Co-operative International Development           The union has registered for the Co-operative International      Contact The Co-operative.                                                                    unable to enter as
                                                                  Award recognises the influence that students'        Development Award and will submit supporting evidence before                                                                                                  building was shut
                                                                  unions can have on international development,        the deadline.                                                                                                                                                 for week prior to
                                                                  inspiring the next generation of decision-makers.    • To register and download a copy of the Guidance Note for the                                                                                                deadline
                                                                  International development campaigns and              Award please visit
             5                       5                    10      initiatives should be guided by one or more of the   • Registration deadline is noon on Fri 10 Dec 2010.
                                                                  Millennium Development Goals* .                      • All project descriptions and evidence must be submitted by
                                                                  All entries will be judged by an independent         noon on Fri 18 Feb 2011.
                                                                  panel.                                               Note this cannot include Fairtrade Fortnight as it has its own
                                                                                                                       criterion (see C.120).
C.175                 This year The Ecologist Communications               The union has submitted a photograph, before the deadline, as        Contact the Ecologist.           unable to enter as
                      Challenge Award comprises a photo                    per the Guidance Note.                                                                                building was shut
                      competition. It aims to encourage unions to use      • There is no requirement for unions to register for this Award;                                      for week prior to
                      photography to showcase the excellent                • Unions can view a copy of the guidance at                                                           deadline
                      campaigns and projects being run by unions and;
        5   5   10    their students. The photos should have the ability   • All photo entries must be submitted by noon on Fri 10 Dec
                      to educate and inspire others on the importance      2010.
                      of individual and collective action on
                      environmental issues.
                      Short listing will be followed by a public vote.

C.176                 The Green Innovation Award recognises                The union has registered for the Green Innovation Award and          Contact the Award sponsors.
                      innovative environmental projects in students'       will submit supporting evidence before the deadline.
                      unions developed or delivered over the last 12-      • To register and download a copy of the Guidance Note for the
                      months.                                              Award please visit
        5   5   10
                      All entries will be judged by an independent         • Registration deadline is noon on Fri 10 Dec 2010.
                      panel.                                               • All project descriptions and evidence must be submitted by
                                                                           noon on Fri 18 Feb 2011.

Bonus points
C.177                 We try to make Green Impact Students' Unions         Please use the box below to tell us of any additional positive       We have been activly liking in
                      as comprehensive as possible. But there may be       environmental, ethical or community initiatives currently in place   the Green New Deal as part
                      some initiatives taking place in your union that     within the Union not covered in the Bronze, Silver, Gold or bonus    of our Stop the Cuts
                15    are not covered in the workbook. This is your        criteria.                                                            (
                      opportunity to gain some additional bonus points     Maximum total word count is 400 words.                               pcuts/) Campaign as we
                      to add to your total.                                Up to 15 bonus points available.                                     belive that it is key to
                                                                                                                                                continue to develop the idea
                                                                                                                                                of takling climate change as

        Special Awards marks:
        Marks available                                                                                 45
        Marks from closed response questions                                                             0
        Marks from open ended C.177                                                                      0
        Union TOTAL for Special Awards section                                                           0
        Percentage marks gained                                                                         0%
Score summary

Bronze criteria
   Marks available                                                        117
   Marks gained                                                           112
   Percentage marks gained                                                96%
Silver criteria
    Marks available                                                        56
    Marks gained                                                           51
    Percentage marks gained                                               91%
Gold criteria
   Marks available                                                         44
   Marks gained                                                            35
   Percentage marks gained                                                80%
Bonus criteria
  Marks available                                                         688
  Marks gained                                                            325
  Percentage marks gained                                                 47%
Special Awards & bonus points
   Marks available                                                        45
   Marks gained from closed response questions (C.174, C.175 and C.176)    0
   Marks gained from open ended C.177                                      0
   Union TOTAL for 'Special awards & bonus points' section                 0
   Percentage marks gained                                                0%

TOTALS for all four parts
  TOTAL marks available                                                   950
  TOTAL marks gained                                                      523
  TOTAL percentage marks gained                                           55%

00 electricity tariff                  An electricity supply profile type for individual sites that have had a maximum
                                       demand* of 100kW or more at any one time during three months in the last 12-
                                       months. If you are on an 00 tariff, your meter data will be recorded and sent off                                                  Line loss factor/
                                                                                                                                                   Meter/timeswitch       distribution use of
                                       automatically every 30 minutes, and this 30-minute consumption data* will be            Profile type        details                system identifier

                                       available to you via a website upon request from your electricity supplier. To find                    08             123               456
                                       out your profile number, look at the rectangular code box on any of your electricity    S              23     6789          0123        456

                                       bills - profile types range from 00 to 08. The profile number is the top left number         Distributor identifier      Unique ref. number

                                       to the right of the letter.
30-minute consumption data             Electricity meter data that is automatically recorded and sent off every 30-
                                       minutes. Any organisation with an 00 electricity tariff* can view their 30-minute
                                       consumption data online upon request from their electricity supplier.
5 A DAY                                The Government's healthy eating campaign -
Acid rain                              Rain that has mixed with a range of industrial pollutants to become more acidic
                                       than is natural. During the 1980s, acid rain was a serious problem in Scandinavia,
                                       where whole forests and aquatic ecosystems were effectively destroyed.

Available supply capacity              Available supply capacity is the amount of electricity you reserve, so you are
                                       guaranteed supply at during your periods of maximum demand* . It typically costs
                                       around £1 per month per KW reserved. Not all energy supply contracts have an
                                       available supply capacity - usually only large energy users.

Biodegradable                          When a substance can be readily broken down by natural organisms in the
                                       natural environment. Biodegradable materials tend to be made of organic
                                       materials, rather than synthetic materials.
Biodegradable cellulose sticky tapes   A sticky tape that is made from cellulose making it biodegradable *. Sellotape is
                                       the best known brand made from cellulose. Many other brands are made from
                                       synthetic materials such as polypropylene or polyester.
Biodegrades                            See biodegradable*.
Biodiversity                           The number of different animal and plant species within a given area.
Biodiversity area                      An area that can support / protect a key habitat or endangered species. A good
                                       resource is
BUAV                                   The British Union Against Vivisection is the lead campaigning organisation
                                       against animal testing in the UK.
Bunded                                 The oil should sit in a container that can catch any possible spills.
Carbon dioxide                         Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the major gas contributing to global warming *. The gas
                                       is generated through the burning of fossil fuels *. Most organisations contribute to
                                       global warming directly through transport, and indirectly through buying electricity
                                       and gas.
Carbon footprint                       A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact on the environment in terms of the
                                       amount of greenhouse gases produced, usually measured in tonnes of carbon
                                       dioxide *. For an individual it typically includes the per-person electricity and gas
                                       used at home, the fuel used in a car and any air travel. For all of these the values
                                       there is an attributable amount of carbon released per unit (e.g. KWh electricity,
                                       M3 gas, miles driven in a car, miles travelled in a plane). There are many
                                       conversion websites to help you calculate your carbon footprint, such as
                              A typical carbon footprint for an
                                       individual in the UK is 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide * a year.

Carbon neutral                         Carbon neutral is the point at which the carbon dioxide* emissions from a defined
                                       activity or series of activities have been offset through investments in renewable
                                       energy, energy efficiency or forestry projects.
Carbon offsetting                      Usually involves making a payment to an organisation to become carbon
                                       neutral *. Note that the Government has backed a Gold Standard scheme for
                                       credible carbon offsetting schemes -
Carbon sinks                           A process that absorbs or takes up released carbon from another part of the
                                       carbon cycle and makes it inaccessible. Examples include a forest that has more
                                       carbon flowing into it through the production of trees than flows out through the
                                       burning of timber, the formation of coal or oil, etc.
Carbon Trust                           The Carbon Trust provides free, practical advice and resources to business and
                                       public sector organisations in the UK to help reduce energy use.
Certified organic                      Organic farming practices produce less pollution, they are better for wildlife, and
                                       have high animal welfare standards. To prove that a product has been produced
                                       organically it must be certified by an independent body. The main organic
                                       certification body in the UK is the Soil Association -

Certified sustainable sources          Where a material is guaranteed to have originated from a sustainable source.
                                       There are two main certified sustainable source schemes in place for timber-
                                       based products. The first is operated by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC),
                                       which has developed a system of forest certification and product labelling that
                                       allows consumers to identify wood and wood-based products from well-managed
                                       forests. Over a million hectares of forest and woodland in the UK are now FSC
                                       certified. The second is the scheme run by the Tropical Forests
                                       Trust (TFT). TFT aims to expand the area of natural tropical forest that is Forest
                                       Stewardship Council certified, helping to ensure that forest management is
                                       environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.
Children’s Resource Centres                      The network of Children’s Resource Centres collects waste materials suitable for
                                                 creative play from businesses. Organisations such as arts groups, special needs
                                                 schools, and scouts groups use the materials for collages, art projects, games,
                                                 etc. The centres often collect materials free of charge, especially if there are large
                                                 quantities available. Items that can often be donated to CRCs include: paper used
                                                 on one side only, bottle tops, wine corks, bubble wrap and other packaging
                                                 materials, card, plastic crates or trays, banners, etc.
Cistern volume adjuster                          Cistern volume adjusters typically save 16% of water used by toilets and urinals,
                                                 but are only suitable for pre-2000 (greater than 7 litre) cisterns. Cistern volume
                                                 adjusters available include self-swelling water hogs, hippos or pigs, special
                                                 bottles, plastic bricks or cistern dams (which work by retaining a proportion of the
                                                 water in the cistern behind a dam made of a flexible compound fitted between the
                                                 front and back wall). Cistern volume adjusters are usually available free of charge
                                                 from your water provider.
Compact fluorescent (energy efficient) bulbs     A compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), also known as energy saving light bulbs,
                                                 are fluorescent lamps that screw into a regular light bulb socket. CFLs work in
                                                 much the same way as a fluorescent strip light: the inside is coated with a
                                                 phosphor that gives off the light and there is an electronic ballast to start the lamp
                                                 operating. In comparison to tungsten filament bulbs* , CFLs have a longer rated
                                                 life and use less electricity. Typically, CFLs save enough money in electricity
                                                 costs to cover their higher initial price within about 500 hours of use.

Computer Aid                                     A UK charity that sends computers to developing countries.
Consignment note                                 The transfer documentation for hazardous/special wastes is referred to as a
                                                 consignment note. Also see Environmental legislation - Solid waste* .
Dairy-deck fridges                               A fridge without a door - typically used in shops for chilled product such as soft
                                                 drinks or sandwiches. These fridges are usually fitted with blinds that can be shut
                                                 to help increase efficiency when the shop is closed.
Degrees Cooler                                   NUS's two-year DEFRA-funded behaviour change programme being delivered at
                                                 20 English universities.
Defra                                            The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs -

Diameter                                         Diameter is the distance from one side of a circle to the other measured through
                                                 the centre.
Disposable drinking vessels                      Drinking vessels that are designed for one use only. In bars, these are usually
                                                 made of a clear plastic called polypropylene.
Domestic air travel                              Defined as any domestic flights from a UK mainland airport to a UK mainland
                                                 airport, excluding flights to or from Northern Ireland and any flights over 400 miles
                                                 one way. For mileage calculations use the route planner at

Dual-flushing toilets                            A toilet with two flushing settings - half flush and full flush.
Duplex print                                     A printer that can print on both sides of a sheet of paper.
Duty of care                                     A requirement that a person acts toward others and the public with watchfulness,
                                                 attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the circumstances
                                                 would. If a person's actions do not meet this standard of care, then the acts are
                                                 considered negligent, and any damages resulting may be claimed in a lawsuit for
E&E opt-in group                                 The E&E opt-in group offers a bundle of E&E services and programmes at a one-
                                                 off discounted rate, including services exclusive to the group. The core package
                                                 includes: Green Impact Students' Unions registration; a delegate place at a Green
                                                 Impact Masterclass; a full-day environmental audit or Carbon Academy training
                                                 for up to 15 staff or student officers, plus a whole host of other benefits. The excel
                                                 package includes all of the above, plus: three full days mentoring for one member
                                                 of staff or student officer and membership of the Environmental Association of
                                                 Universities and Colleges*. For more details please contact

Earth Hour                                       Earth Hour is a global event organized by WWF and is held on the last Saturday
                                                 of March annually, asking households and businesses to turn off their non-
                                                 essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness
                                                 towards the need to take action on climate change.

Ecological or plant-based detergents             Cleaning products that are made from natural ingredients such as lemon juice.
                                                 Examples include the Delphis range which is suitable for commercial cleaning
                                                 needs and is available through NUS Services.
Efficient technology lists                       For water, see For energy, see
EMAS                                             The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a voluntary industry
                                                 standard that allows organisations to evaluate, report and improve their
                                                 environmental performance. Following full implementation of the EMAS
                                                 regulation, an independent verifier certifies compliance. The organisation then
                                                 has to make specific environmental information publicly available. This last point
                                                 is the main difference between EMAS and ISO 14001* .
Employer-supported volunteering scheme           Allows employees to spend a set number of days each year supporting a local
                                                 charity during work time whilst on full pay.
Energy champion                                  An employee that actively champions energy efficiency within their department or
                                                 the whole organisation.
Energy Saving Trust                              A not-for-profit organisation that seeks to achieve the sustainable use of energy
                                                 and cut carbon emissions.
Environmental aspects                            An element of an organisation's activities or products or services that can interact
                                                 with the environment. An example would be a boiler producing carbon dioxide* , or
                                                 an event producing waste bar glass.
Environmental Association for Universities and   EAUC is the membership organisation that champions the environment and
Colleges                                         sustainability within further and higher education in the UK.
Environmental impact                               Any change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partially
                                                   resulting from an organisation's environmental aspects* . Using the examples
                                                   under environmental aspects*, above, an environmental impact of the boiler
                                                   would be a contribution to global warming* , whilst an environmental impact of the
                                                   event producing waste bar glass might be the environmental problems associated
                                                   with landfill.
Environmental legislation                          Legislation relating to the protection of the natural environment. A full list of UK
                                                   environmental legislation can be found at or
                                          The main legislative instruments are listed in the seven sub-
                                                   categories below:
Environmental legislation - Air pollution          The main instruments applicable to the UK are the Clean Air Act, Environmental
                                                   Protection Act 1990, Environmental Protection (Controls on Ozone-Depleting
                                                   Substances) Regulations 2002 SI 528, Ozone Depleting Substances
                                                   (Qualifications) Regulations 2009 SI 216, The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases
                                                   Regulations 2009, Climate Change Act 2008, Climate Change Levy (General)
                                                   Regulations 2001 SI 838 and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme
                                                   (Amendment) Regulations 2007 SI 465.
Environmental legislation - Animals, plants and    The main instruments applicable to the UK are the Natural Environment and Rural
habitats                                           Communities Act 2006, Wildlife and Countryside (Amendment) Act 1991,
                                                   Environment Act 1995, Conservation (Natural Habitats etc) Regulations 1994 SI
Environmental legislation - Contaminated land      The main instruments applicable to the UK are the Environment Act 1995,
                                                   Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Contaminated Land Regulations for
                                                   each country.
Environmental legislation - Hazardous substances   The main instruments applicable to the UK are the Control of Asbestos
                                                   Regulations 2006, Pesticides Act 1998, Environmental Protection Act 1990,
                                                   Environmental Protection (Controls on Ozone-Depleting Substances) Regulations
                                                   2002 SI 528, Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Regulations 2009 SI 261, Ozone
                                                   Depleting Substances (Qualifications) Regulations 2009 SI 216 and the Reach
                                                   Enforcement Regulations 2008 SI 2852.
Environmental legislation - Noise                  The main instruments applicable to the UK are the Control of Pollution Act 1974
                                                   Part III (as amended), Environment Act 1995, Environmental Protection Act 1990,
                                                   Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 and the Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act 1993.

Environmental legislation - Solid waste            The main instruments applicable to the UK are the Control of Pollution
                                                   (Amendment) Act 1989 c.14, Environmental Protection Act 1990, the
                                                   Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations SI 1991/2839, Hazardous
                                                   Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2009 SI 507, Controlled
                                                   Waste (Amendment) Regulations 1993 SI 566, Special Waste Amendment
                                                   (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2004 SSI 204, Packaging (Essential
                                                   Requirements) (Amendment) Regulations 2009 SI 1504, Producer Responsibility
                                                   Obligations (Packaging Waste) (Amendment) Regulations 2008 SI 413, Waste
                                                   Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Amendment) Regulations 2007 SI 3454, End-
                                                   of-Life Vehicles (Producer Responsibility) Regulations 2005 SI 263, End-of-Life
                                                   Vehicles Regulations 2003, SI 2635, and the Waste Batteries and Accumulators
                                                   Regulations 2009.

Environmental legislation - Water discharges       The main instruments applicable to the UK are the Water Industry Act 1991,
                                                   Environmental Liability (Scotland) Regulations 2009, Environmental Damage
                                                   Regulations 2009 (England), Environmental Damage (Prevention and
                                                   Remediation) (Wales) Regulations 2009, Environmental Liability (Prevention and
                                                   Remediation) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2009 SR 252, Water Resources Act
                                                   1991, Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 SI 2954 and
                                                   the Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) Regulations 2006 SSI 133.

Environmentally-friendly kettles                   Kettles that only boil the amount of water required. Examples include the Eco
                                                   Kettle ( and Tefal Quick Cup (
Environmental Management System                    A formal, site specific, documented system which enables an organisation to
                                                   manage the environmental aspects of its operation in a manner that is proactive,
                                                   continuing and systematic. EMAS* and ISO14001* are examples of accredited
                                                   environmental management systems.
Environmental performance                          The efficiency at which an organisation uses resources, such as electricity, gas
                                                   and water. The more efficient an organisation, the better its environmental
Environmental policy                               A written document that outlines the procedures and actions that an organisation,
                                                   and all its employees, will implement in an attempt to reduce the organisations
                                                   negative environmental impacts* .
Envirowise                                         Envirowise offers UK businesses free, independent, confidential advice and
                                                   support on practical ways to increase profits, minimise waste and reduce
                                                   environmental impact.
Ethical investment criteria                        Investments that meet set ethical or socially responsible criteria. Ethical
                                                   investment funds usually either guarantee that there are no investments in
                                                   unethical industries or organisations (negative screening) or proactively invest in
                                                   companies that embrace ethical principles and practices (positive screening).

Ethical or environmental issue                     Ethical issues usually refer to the compromise of ethical values, such as
                                                   infringements of rights, discrimination, unfair exploitation, or abuse. Examples of
                                                   ethical issues include the use of 'sweatshop' working conditions in areas of low
                                                   human development, the use of child labour, the testing of cosmetics on animals,
                                                   etc. Environmental issues tend to relate to the damage of the local or global
                                                   environment and the organisms that live within it. Examples of environmental
                                                   issues include, global warming, deforestation of natural forests, oil spills, etc.

EU energy label                                    By law, the EU energy label must be shown on all refrigeration and laundry
                                                   appliances, dishwashers, electric ovens and light bulb packaging. The label rates
                                                   the products from A (the most efficient/least energy used), down to G (the least
                                                   efficient/most energy used).
Expanded polystyrene                               Unexpanded polystyrene takes the form of a clear plastic, sometimes used for
                                                   disposable drinking cups in water coolers. However, polystyrene is best known in
                                                   its expanded form, as the white foamy product used for packaging and fast food
Fairtrade                   The Fairtrade Mark guarantees that a minimum price has been paid to the
                            independent grower that has grown the product, or part of the product, displaying
                            the Mark. A guaranteed price helps address the negative implications for small
                            growers of fluctuating commodity prices on the world market, as well as
                            preventing unscrupulous middle men from exploiting small growers. All Fairtrade
                            products also carry a small social levy that allows growers to invest in their
                            communities and businesses, contributing to sustainable livelihoods. Fairtrade
                            products commonly available include tea, coffee, sugar, cocoa, fruit, wine and
                            chocolate. For more information, visit

Fairtrade Foundation        The Fairtrade Foundation manages the promotion of Fairtrade* products in the
                            UK, and organises the annual Fairtrade Fortnight campaign, and the Fairtrade
                            University* accreditation.
Fairtrade University
                            A Fairtrade Foundation* accreditation. To gain the accreditation, an Institution
                            and its Students' Union need to be able to demonstrate that they meet five basic
                            criteria that support Fairtrade*. In September 2008 a total of seventy Universities
                            and Colleges had gained the accreditation.
False ceilings              False ceilings usually comprise of a suspended metal framework covered with
                            expanded polystyrene* tiles, effectively lowering the ceiling. False ceilings are
                            often installed in offices to bring lighting lower, and to reduce heating or air
                            conditioning costs.
Fossil fuels                Naturally occurring combustible resources such as crude oil, natural gas and coal.
                            When burnt, fossil fuels provide energy and carbon dioxide * (a contributor to
                            global warming* ). On a global perspective, the majority of the power stations
                            currently run on fossil fuels. However, fossil fuels are finite, meaning that our
                            reserves of them will eventually run out (see renewable energy *).

Freedom Food                Freedom Food is the RSPCA’s farm assurance and food labelling scheme. It is
                            the only UK farm assurance scheme to focus solely on improving the welfare of
                            farm animals reared for food.

Free range eggs             Free range eggs are from hens that have continuous daytime access to outdoor
                            runs. These chickens have higher welfare standards than barn and battery hens
                            that are more intensively reared and do not have outdoor access.

Global warming              Greenhouse Gases *, such as carbon dioxide * and methane, trap the Sun's heat
                            in the upper atmosphere causing a warming of the Earth's atmosphere. Although
                            this 'greenhouse effect' is a natural phenomenon, it is now widely accepted that
                            this process is being sped up by humans, primarily as a result of the burning of
                            fossil fuels* , leading to an increase in the overall temperature of the atmosphere.
                            As our atmosphere warms, it is predicted that global sea levels will rise (through
                            thermal expansion and through the melting of polar ice) causing flooding, and
                            changes to established weather patterns including more severe weather.

Global warming potential    Global warming potential (GWP) measures the influence a greenhouse gas * has
                            upon the 'greenhouse effect'. Carbon dioxide * has a GWP of 1 and all other
                            greenhouse gases are measured against this. Other greenhouse gases have a
                            much higher GWPs than carbon dioxide (e.g. methane has a GWP of around 21)
                            but because their concentration in the atmosphere is much lower, carbon dioxide
                            is still the most important greenhouse gas.

Green Impact Universities   NUS Services' version of this project aimed at greening university departments
                            through local students' unions.
Green Gown Awards           The Green Gown Awards recognise positive actions to achieve sustainable higher
                            and further education, with particular emphasis on environmental improvement.
                            They are organised by the EAUC* .
Greenhouse gas              Natural greenhouse gases include: carbon dioxide *, methane, nitrous oxide,
                            water vapour and ozone. There are also a range of man-made greenhouse gases
                            including chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and
                            hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which can be thousands of times better at absorbing
                            heat than carbon dioxide (see global warming potential *). Despite CFCs being
                            banned because they were found to destroy the ozone layer * they will remain in
                            the atmosphere for at least another 50 years. Their replacements, HCFCs and
                            HFCs, whilst being relatively harmless to the ozone layer, are equally potent
                            greenhouse gases. The amounts of these gases are increasing in the
                            atmosphere contributing to global warming *.

Ground source heat          Heat that is taken from the ground and used as a way of heating buildings. The
                            deeper you go the warmer the soil and the more heat can be extracted. For more
                            information visit
Healthy eating              Healthy eating involves managing your diet to improve or maintain good health.
                            This usually involves consuming nutrients by eating the appropriate amounts from
                            all of the food groups, including an adequate amount of water. For people in the
                            UK the main dietary issues relate to obesity. The NHS runs the 5 A DAY*
                            campaign to encourage healthy eating.

Heat exchange system        A system that can be fitted to dairy deck fridges * to take the waste heat away
                            from the units and dispose of it outside. You can often tell if a fridge is fitted with
                            one by the presence of a insulated pipes leaving the fridge and going to a remote
                            condensing unit outside. Fridges with heat exchange systems should not give out
                            any heat in to the room from the back of the fridge.

HFC-free fridge             HFC-free fridges are also labelled as 'CFC & HFC-Free', or 'hydrocarbon fridges'.
                            They do not contain HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons), greenhouse gases * with a
                            global warming potential * of around 3,200 times that of Carbon Dioxide* .
Instant water boiler                            A type of water heater that boils on demand rather than boiling a fixed amount of
                                                water. Instant water boilers use less energy than conventional hot water urns or
                                                kettles. Examples include Zip hydroboils* ( and the and
                                                Tefal Quick Cup (

International Labour Organisation               The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is the UN specialised agency which
                                                seeks the promotion of social justice and internationally recognised human and
                                                labour rights. The ILO formulates international labour standards in the form of
                                                conventions that set minimum standards of basic labour rights (see below for the
                                                core conventions). For more information, visit

International Labour Organisation's nine core   1) Employment is freely chosen; 2) Freedom of association and the right to
conventions                                     collective bargaining are respected; 3) Working conditions are safe and hygienic;
                                                4) Child Labour shall not be used; 5) Living wages are paid; 6) Working hours are
                                                not excessive; 7) No discrimination is practised; 8) Regular employment is
                                                provided; 9) No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

Investing in Volunteers                         Investing in Volunteers is the UK quality standard for all organisations which
                                                involve volunteers in their work. The Standard enables organisations to
                                                comprehensively review their volunteer management, and also publicly
                                                demonstrates their commitment to volunteering.
Investors in People                             The Investors in People Standard is an accreditation for delivering business
                                                improvement through people.
ISO 14001                                       As with EMAS*, ISO 14001 is a voluntary industry standard that provides a
                                                framework for organisations to manage their environmental issues. The standard
                                                focuses on organisational processes, and specifically how to manage and control
                                                a organisational system so that it continually improves the environmental aspects
                                                of its operations. ISO14001 differs from EMAS in that there is no requirement to
                                                make information publicly available.
Items suitable for creative play                See Children’s Resource Centres* .
LED bulbs                                       LED or Light Emitting Diode bulbs are a new low-energy technology that have an
                                                excellent bulb life expectancy, typically over 50,000 hours. Not to be confused
                                                with plain LEDs which have a variety of uses and are often found in Students'
                                                Union nightclubs.
Lighting and equipment responsibility plan      A written plan stating which individual is responsible for ensuring that specified
                                                lighting and electrical equipment is not left on unnecessarily. The plans are
                                                usually organised by building layout and cover all significant areas lit by artificial
                                                lighting (bars, shops, individual offices, washrooms, etc.), as well as electrical
                                                equipment that has a high energy consumption (air conditioning, ventilation
                                                equipment for bars, heating, CRT or cathode ray tube PC monitors, etc.).

Maximum demand                                  Maximum demand (often referred to as MD) is the largest amount of power
                                                supplied to a building over a given time. If a Union was to switch on all of its lights
                                                and electrical appliances at the same time, it would create a high maximum
                                                demand. In a non-air conditioned building, the greatest maximum demand often
                                                occurs at 9am on a particularly cold winter Monday morning when staff switch on
                                                lights, supplementary electric heaters and boil the kettle. depending on your
                                                electricity contract and tariff, the larger your maximum demand, the more you will
                                                pay for your available supply capacity*.

Millennium Development Goals                    The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) arose from the United Nations
                                                Millennium Declaration in 2000 committing their nations to a new global
                                                partnership to reduce extreme poverty and setting out a series of time-bound
                                                targets, with a deadline of 2015. There are eight MDGs: end poverty and hunger;
                                                universal education; gender equality; child health; maternal health; combat
                                                HIV/AIDS; environmental sustainability; global partnership.
Mixed paper                                     There are several types of paper such as glossy magazines, newsprint, white
                                                office paper, and brown envelopes. Mixed paper refers to a combination of
                                                different paper types, rather than any one type.
MSC                                             The Marine Stewardship Council's fishery certification program and seafood
                                                ecolabel recognise and reward sustainable fishing. They are a global organisation
                                                working with fisheries, seafood companies, scientists, conservation groups and
                                                the public to promote the best environmental choice in seafood.

NAPM                                            The National Association of Paper Merchants (NAPM) has an accreditation
                                                scheme for recycled paper. For paper to gain the 'recycled paper mark', it must be
                                                manufactured from a minimum of 75% genuine paper and board waste fibre, no
                                                part of which should contain mill produced waste. For more information, visit
Natural pot plant                               Defined as all the plants growing in a single pot or container.
Occupancy sensor                                Sensors that detect movement. Occupancy sensors (also known as motion
                                                sensors) are often used to ensure that lighting in communal areas only comes on
                                                when it is needed.
Organic                                         Organic foods are made in a way that limits the use of synthetic materials during
                                                production. Under organic production the use of harmful pesticides, insecticides
                                                and herbicides is restricted.
One Water                                       An ethical water listed by NUS Services that raises funds for water projects in
                                                Africa. When you buy a case through one of our wholesalers you have already
                                                contributed a cash donation to the project.
Ozone layer                                     The ozone layer in the stratosphere blocks out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.
                                                Depletion of the ozone layer is being caused by emissions of man-made
                                                chemicals containing chlorine and bromine, specifically chlorofluorocarbons
                                                (CFCs), hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), carbon tetrachloride, 1,1,1
                                                trichloroethane, halons and methyl bromide. As a result, holes in the layer have
                                                appeared over polar regions.
Patio heater                                    Any type of gas or electric heater or heating system that is used to provide heat in
                                                a non-enclosed outdoor space. Heaters using 100% waste heat through a heat
                                                exchanger are not classed as patio heaters.
People & Planet                              People & Planet is the largest student network in Britain campaigning to alleviate
                                             world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment. The People &
                                             Planet network consists of over 55 groups at universities and colleges; sixth form
                                             groups; individual campaigners; a support office.

Percussion taps                              The flow of water from a percussion tap is activated by pressing down on the top
                                             of the tap. Once the tap has been activated, water flows for a set period of time,
                                             after which it will automatically shut off.
PET                                          PET or Polyethylene terephthalate is a clear, strong plastic that is commonly
                                             used for soft drink, water and beer bottles. It can be identified by polymer
                                             identification code number 1 (see picture). For more information on plastics
                                             recycling see
Planogram                                    A planogram is a diagram of fixtures and products that illustrates how and where
                                             retail products should be displayed, usually on a store shelf in order to increase
                                             customer purchases. Planograms are available to members of the Retail Opt-In
Pool bike system                             A workplace pool bike system provides bikes, which are well-maintained and safe
                                             to ride, and safety equipment for employees to use. Pool bikes can be offered to
                                             employees for any kind of journey, but are typically used for work related trips,
                                             such as local meetings, travel between sites and visiting clients. Generally pool
                                             bikes are kept in a central location and can be booked out by any staff member
                                             who is competent to cycle safely on public roads.

Power-saving mode                            A setting that causes a computer (or other electrical equipment) to enter a low
                                             energy use mode after a set period of time. Computers with a Windows operating
                                             system usually have the settings for power saving modes alongside the
                                             screensaver options, accessed by right mouse clicking on the desktop.

Product category                             Categories containing Fairtrade* options are classed as follows: Biscuits; Cakes
                                             & brownies; Cereals & cereal bars; Clothing; Chocolate; Coffees; Dried fruits;
                                             Drinking chocolate and cocoa; Fresh fruits; Fruit Juices and Soft Drinks; Honey;
                                             Ice Cream; Rice; Sugar; Sweets; Teas; Wine.
Pro-environmental behaviour change project   A behaviour change project supports a step change in behaviours that can be
                                             measured, using a baseline from before the project starts and monitoring through
                                             out - i.e. using electricity meter data to measure a reduction in electricity use in a
                                             building as a result of a project designed to raise awareness of energy saving
                                             actions that changes building user activity over time.

Renewable energy                             Renewable energy is energy that is derived from an inexhaustible (wind, sun, sea)
                                             or replaceable (waste products, crops) source.
Reporting period                             A reporting period should cover a complete calendar year. For the purposes of the
                                             Sound Environmental Impact Awards, the start date of the reporting period does
                                             not matter. i.e. It doesn't matter whether it is from June to June or January to
                                             January, so long as it is a full calendar year.
Retail Opt-in Group                          Retail Opt-In Group is a student focused promotional programme available
                                             through NUS Services. It is designed to support Unions who want to develop their
                                             retail outlets and compete effectively with the high-street. Members of Retail Opt-
                                             In Group have access to a number of industry standard retail activities which are
                                             proven to drive footfall, increase sales, encourage loyalty and maximise
Reusable plastic drinking vessels            Plastic drinking vessels that are manufactured from toughened unexpanded
                                             polystyrene. They are shatterproof, have thick walled construction for durability,
                                             reinforced rims and bases and are usually dishwasher safe to withstand in excess
                                             of 100 cycles at 100oC.
Reuse scheme                                 Any charitable or community project that makes use of items that would otherwise
                                             go to waste. Examples include the Children's Resource Centre network
                                             (, Community Repaint
                                             ( and Computer Aid (

Roller towels                                A towel with the ends sewn together, hung on a roller. These are provided and
                                             serviced by a number of national organisations, such as PHS.
Screen-printing                              Clothing that has been printed with logos or motifs. For our members this is
                                             typically t-shirts and hooded tops printed with university branding for resale in
                                             Students' Unions shops. NUS Services supplies Fairtrade* screen-printed
                                             clothing through Epona ( and Certified organic* screen
                                             printed clothing through Orotoro (, which is available through T-
Seasonal produce                             Growing fruit and vegetables in season requires lower levels of artificial inputs like
                                             heating, lighting, pesticides and fertilisers than at other times of the year.
                                             Therefore seasonable produce has a lower environmental impact.
Separately metered                           A building or unit that has its own metered supply. This can be for electricity, gas
                                             or water.
Skype                                        A webpage that allows you to make free calls from your computer to other people
                                             on Skype.
Smart meters                                 A smart meter is an advanced meter (usually an electrical meter) that records
                                             consumption in intervals of an hour or less and reports or communicates the
SMART targets                                Targets that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Resourced and Timed.
Sound Ethical Choice                         NUS Services reward scheme for its most ethical and environmentally
                                             responsible suppliers. Unions with retail outlets can sign up to the scheme for
                                             free, and will receive a point of sale kit once a year to help promote the Sound
                                             products in their shops.
Spray heads                                  A shower-type tap head. These are especially useful for Unions with high water
                                             pressure as they reduce the volume of water let through taps (also see
                                             percussion taps *). Spray heads might not be suitable for Unions that have
                                             problems with lime scale deposits caused by hard water.
T5 tubes                               The 'T' number refers to the diameter* of the tube. The lower the 'T' number, the
                                       more modern and efficient the tube is. T5 is simply a collective term for 16mm
                                       diameter* fluorescent light tubes. T5 tubes are the most efficient light tubes
                                       currently available for office lighting (there are T2 tubes available, but these are
                                       not used for office lighting), and are not very common yet. T5 tubes are noticeably
                                       thinner than T8 tubes.
T8 tubes                               T8 tubes are the most common fluorescent tube in use in Students' Unions.
                                       Although they come in various different lengths, they all have a diameter* of
                                       26mm (1"). T8 fluorescent tubes typically provide 40% energy savings with no
                                       loss of light over T12 tubes.
T12 tubes                              T12 tubes are the most inefficient type of fluorescent tube and are noticeably
                                       thicker than T8 tubes. Although they come in various different lengths, they all
                                       have a diameter * of 38mm.
Tube adaptor                           A small adaptor fitting that allows you to fit an efficient thin T5 tube into an
                                       existing wider T8 or T12 fitting. There are many manufacturers such as
Thermostatic radiator valves           A thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) is usually located on the pipe work at the top
                                       or bottom of your radiator. It gives you greater control over the heat from each
                                       individual radiator. Each TRV can be set to a temperature to suit you, so you can
                                       have different temperatures in different rooms. If one room warms up quickly
                                       (such as if the sun is shining in to the room), the TRV will reduce the flow of hot
                                       water to the radiator and prevent the room from being overheated.

Timer plugs                            Timer plugs can be programmed to switch the power supply to appliances on and
                                       off at set times. Seven-day digital timer plugs, such as the Timeguard ETU17, are
                                       particularly useful for switching off office appliances that are not needed overnight
                                       and at weekends, such as tea urns and laser printers. They can also be used to
                                       switch off bottle chillers in bars that are used only occasionally, but are used on
                                       the same evenings on a regular basis. The plugs have battery back-up for power
                                       cuts. It is best practice to set the plugs to come on at least an hour before
                                       required, and to go off at least an hour later than required so that you do not have
                                       to reset them when the clocks go forward or backwards.

Tungsten filament bulbs                An electric light in which a filament is heated to incandescence by an electric
                                       current. Tungsten filament bulbs are much less efficient than compact fluorescent
                                       bulbs*. Halogen downlights/spotlights are a type of tungsten filament bulb.

Unbreakable plastic drinking vessels   Plastic drinking vessels that are manufactured from polycarbonate to withstand in
                                       excess of 500 uses. These include all of the features of the Re-usable plastic
                                       drinking vessels with the added benefit of withstanding in excess of 300
                                       dishwasher cycles.
Unregulated urinals                    Urinals that flush at a regular interval regardless of whether the urinal has been
                                       used. Unregulated urinals waste significant volumes of water by flushing
Voltage optimisation                   A term used to describe the reduction of voltage. The lower the voltage the
                                       dimmer your tungsten filament bulbs* and the slower your electric motors will run,
                                       all saving energy. Voltage can be reduced in two ways: 1) If your voltage is in
                                       excess of 240v and you are supplied through a dedicated transformer you may be
                                       able to get your energy supplier to tap down your transformer to 240v. 2)
                                       Alternatively you can fit a voltage optimiser to your input cable - such as a
                                       Powerperfector - and reduce it down as far as you want (216v is a recommended
                                       level) although these typically cost around £10,000.

Volvic 1L-for-10L                      For every 1 litre bottle of Volvic sold, Danone will generate 10 Litres of drinkable
                                       water in Africa. In Partnership with World Vision, Danone have committed to
                                       building and mechanising wells in Ghana, Malawi, Mali & Zambia. In addition to
                                       safe drinking water, the project impacts on many other aspects of daily life in
                                       these villages including health and sanitation, education and irrigation. The
                                       wells will be operational for at least 10 years with local people trained to use and
                                       maintain them, leaving a long lasting sustainable legacy. World Vision estimates
                                       that in the first year of the project 98,000 people
Waste hierarchy                        The waste hierarchy states that it is better to reduce than reuse, to reuse than
                                       recycle, to recycle than to dispose.
Waste office paper                     Office paper that has been segregated to ensure that it is only good quality white
                                       paper - such as copier paper, letter paper, etc. Other paper types, such as glossy
                                       magazines, newsprint and brown envelopes have been segregated.

Waste transfer note                    A waste transfer note is a document which must be completed and accompany
                                       any transfer of waste between different holders.
Wastes                                 A waste is any substance which constitutes a scrap material or an effluent or
                                       other unwanted surplus substance arising from the application of any process.
                                       There are four categories of waste: Directive Waste; Controlled waste; Special
                                       waste; and Hazardous Waste.
Water saving devices                   Flow restrictors are devices that restrict the flushing of cisterns. Flush control
                                       valves ensure that urinal cisterns are only topped up when hand basins are used,
                                       meaning that flush frequency is proportional to use. These are often made by a
Water saving valve                     Water saving valves can cut water flow by 70%, and will have associated heat
                                       savings for hot water. They are especially useful for Unions with high water
                                       pressure. The CP961 water saving valve is produced by Cottam and Preedy.

Waterless offset printing              A new printing technology that does not use a fountain solution, thus not using the
                                       vast quantities of water used in conventional printing.
Waterless urinal                       A special fluid is held in the trap of the urinal that allows urine to pass through but
                                       continuously seals the drainage from the atmosphere, preventing any odours from
                                       emerging. The absence of water flushing saves substantial volumes of water.
Whole lifecycle costings   A method of determining the costs associated with a given product over the
                           expected lifecycle of that product. The method is especially useful in justifying
                           investment in high efficiency or high quality technology. The method can include
                           examining any direct running costs, indirect costs, administration costs, and costs
                           of disposal. For more info, visit
Wormery                    A Wormery is a plastic or wooden container that contains composting worms. A
                           compost worm differs from a normal garden worm in that it eats and lives on the
                           decaying foods on the surface, whereas a garden worm burrows deep into the
Zip Hydroboil              A type of water heater that boils on demand.
 List of changes

This section outlines changes to the criteria compared to the 2009/10 workbook. Some text changes have been
introduced to the Bronze, Silver and Bonus criteria. An additional Bronze and an additional Silver criteria have been
added as have five new essential Gold criteria. The criteria numbers stated below refer to this years workbook.
Those in brackets refer to criteria numbers from the 2009/10 workbook.

Changes to Bronze essential criteria
   B.004              Guidance text expanded to include more information on catering oil storage.
   B.005 (C.029)      Upgraded to essential from bonus. Rewording to remove all plastic bags or charge for
                      them. 1 point increase in score to reflect this rewording.
   B.008              Expanded to include printers.
   B.010              Expanded criterion to allow unions without banks of light switches to comply, and increased to
                      just three switches.
   B.015              Expanded criterion to include additional equipment.
   B.017              Score increased
   B.022              Includes reference to Snap it Off* .
   B.023              Jungle Coffee has been removed from the criterion. Guidance text expanded to include more
                      information on Fairtrade.

Changes to Silver essential criteria
    S.004             Expanded criterion to include re-use of other items as well as mobile phones.
    S.006             Score decreased. Revised criteria on patio heaters to include percussion switches as an
    S.012             Score increased.
    S.013             New essential criterion to reduce the environmental impact of the union through food.

Addition of Gold essential criteria
   G.001              New criterion to reward unions whom have reduced their environmental impact year on year.

   G.002              New criterion to have patio heaters never used nor owned within the union.
   G.003              New criterion to ban domestic air travel for union business.
   G.004              New criterion to reward unions whom are promoting biodiversity on campus.
   G.005              New criterion to reward unions whom are working pro-actively and collaboratively with their
                      university on a large behaviour-change project.

Text and score changes to existing criteria
   C.005              Revised to three or more sites
   C.012              Guidance text expanded to reference smart meters for electricity monitoring.
   C.013              Score increased.
   C.043    (C.044)   Score increased and the option of wormeries has been added.
   C.046    (C.048)   Score increased.
   C.047              Revised to provide points for not having air conditioning.
   C.050    (C.051)   Score increased.
   C.078    (C.080)   Score increased.
   C.079    (C.081)   Score increased.
   C.112    (C.114)   Guidance text expanded and criterion re-worded to be more cycle to work specific.
   C.114    (C.116)   Guidance text expanded and criterion re-worded to allow either cycle parking or showers and
                      not require communication regarding these facilities. Score increased.
   C.126    (C.123)   Amended to provide additional clarification.
   C.141    (C.139)   Jungle Coffee has been removed from the criterion.
   C.148    (C.146)   Criterion has been reduced to only needing to complete one of the actions.
   C.163    (C.161)   Score increased.
   C.165    (C.163)   Re-worded to be more specific to bat or bird boxes.
   C.172    (C.170)   Score decreased.
   C.175    (C.171)   Special award submission dates changed.
   C.176    (C.172)   Special award submission dates and content changed.
   C.177    (C.173)   Special award submission dates changed.

Deleted criteria from 2009/10 Workbook
  (C.032)      Criteria amalgamated into S.004
  (C.065)      Product no longer available.
  (C.120)      Scheme no longer running.
  (C.136)      Resource no longer available.
  (C.138)      Product no longer available.
  (C.144)      Scheme no longer running.
  (C.159)      Scheme no longer included.

New bonus criteria
   C.030       New criterion to engage with suppliers to reduce unnecessary packaging.
   C.115       New criterion for cycling and walking directions to the union to be available online.
   C.116       New criterion to run a cycle training session for interested staff and/or students.
   C.117       New criterion to own an internal pool bike for staff use.
   C.118       New criterion to run a walking and cycling breakfast for staff.
   C.123       New criterion to promote Snap It Off.
   C.124       New criterion to run a series of awareness-raising events for students.
   C.131       New criterion to email regular awareness-raising bulletins to all officers and staff.
   C.132       New criterion to run an internal training event for staff.
   C.144       New criterion for the installation of water fountains for students use.
   C.166       New criterion to help establish a bee hive on campus.
   C.173       New criterion to encourage the institution to sign up to Green Impact Universities.

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