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					Business Excellence Lunch – Online Membership Self-Service



       For a few minutes now and a few minutes after dessert, I want to talk about online member
        self service. I’m going to focus on the ability of members to renew and prospective
        members to join online

       I think I’d be safe in assuming that everyone here wants to grow membership and retain
        members. Now, I’m not going to suggest that having a great online join process is going to
        be a reason for someone to join your organization. Or, having a great online renewal process
        will be the reason for someone to renew. But I can guarantee that having a difficult join
        process will stop prospective members from joining. And having a complicated renewal
        process will impact on members renewing. A leading Association Management consultant in
        the US, David Gammel, has a great saying – that doing this type of online commerce is about
        getting out of the way. To quote him “When a member has made the decision to invest
        more money in the association by purchasing a product or paying dues online, get out of
        their way and make it as easy as possible for them to complete the transaction.”

       To start, I want to pose some questions to get you thinking. Then I’m going to give you my
        recommendations based on what I see as best practice. After dessert, I’ll going to illustrate
        this with examples from some ASI customers and some commercial organizations.
As I said, today I will talk about 2 key things

       New Member sign up
       Renewal

So some questions {Pause between each question}

       For renewals
            o Do you have the ability for members to renew online?
            o Is this an electronic process – for example, are they sent their bill by email with a link
                to click thru?
            o Does the payment and any details captured get processed straight into iMIS?
            o Do they get sent their receipt and invoice automatically?
       For new members joining
            o Do you have the ability to capture a new member online?
            o If applicable, do you accept payment online?
            o Does the data go directly into the database without any user intervention?
            o And does the follow up happen automatically, like the dispatch of invoices and
                welcome packs

Because, if your organization is not doing these things, it will be costing members.
To clarify, I’d like to talk about what you need to have as a minimum to support these online
member services.

The overriding message is that Less is More

       For Renewal
            o An email should have a link that takes the member straight to their current
                membership bill
            o The process should be simple - 2 or 3 clicks
            o Accept payment in real time
            o iMIS should be updated in real time
            o Provide automated fulfillment
                      Confirmation email with Update Profile request
                      Tax Invoice
                      Renewal pack
       For Join, because the prospective member may be looking for the join option, it should be
        prominent and prolific on your website.
            o Then, once they’ve got to the online join form, again, Less is More
            o Wes Trochill, a speaker at the recent ASAE conference, said
                “Too often I see my clients putting up membership join forms that ask all kinds of
                demographic questions about the individual and/or his or her company. Unless you
                need that information at the very moment of joining (i.e., the demographic data
                actually affects the membership dues rate), you shouldn't ask for it yet.” He says
                that you should go back for that data later if you need it.
            o So, capture minimum details required to generate bill
            o Generate and present the membership bill
            o Take payment, again in real time
            o Submit directly into iMIS
            o Provide automated fulfillment
                      Confirmation email with Update Profile request
                      Tax Invoice
                      Welcome pack
            o Automate internal follow up
                      Record vetting
                      Board approval
                      Personal welcome call
There are still other considerations once the functionality is there. You can have the best
functionality, but you have to publicise it and get you members and prospects there. So also, think
about but how to drive members and prospective members online. It needs to be a process of
regular and frequent communication. You need to have a continuous marketing campaign in place

Where to start? Well, for most of you here, it really is at the beginning. So start by researching
some of the key online indicators

       If you are taking online renewals, what are the current online renewal rates?
       What penetration of email addresses is held?
       Are members aware of online facilities?
       What is in it for them to go online?

I’ll leave it there for the minute for you to chat now. After dessert, I’ll be back to look at some real
examples and talk about how we can help through the iBEF program.
Case Studies

Welcome back.

For the next 10 minutes, I am going to look at some real examples of the type of thinking I spoke
about earlier. I’m going to look at some online subscription services to highlight what leading
commercial subscription services are doing, as well as what some ASI customers are doing

First , that message again – less is more.

I hope you’re thinking now about how you can make the process as easy as possible for your
members to renew and for prospects to join

{Slides 1 & 2}

       To start, I want to look at commercial subscription sites that capture the absolute minimum
        of detail and take money.
       GIGAOM – Technology news aggregator - Subscription service that gathers technology news
        from all over the web and provides a digest. Look at how they have provided the simplest
        possible online subscription sign-up
            o A simple form
            o A simple check out.
            o Not suggesting that this is where you should be, but it does ask the questions
                      Do I need to capture address details at this time
                      Do I need any demographic details at this time
       Less is more –
            o less data to enter
            o less time to complete the process
            o less time for the prospect to rethink.

{slides 3 – 8}

       Now look at how the Institute of Company Directors is doing it. They set out with the
        intention of keeping it minimal. Prior to what you’ll see here, they had pages and pages of
        demographic information. It is a great improvement
       AICD
            o Firstly, a really prominent join link
            o Secondly, it ticks all the boxes of the questions asked earlier
                      Keyed details into an online form
                      Straight into iMIS
                      Payment process real time
                      No rekeying by staff
                      Automated follow up
            o What we are looking at is 2 pages on the site, even tho it is multiple slides. It is
                Capture personal details / Select simple pricing option / Organisation relationship /
                Marketing segmentation / Disclaimer - / Payment
                  This is about the simplest process we have at a customer, but I think this could be
                   stripped down further. Still seems to me to require quite a bit of data entry. For
                   example, why do I need address details at this time? If I choose to have all my
                   comms electronically, perhaps this entire data entry could go?
                  Less is more
                         i. Less data to enter
                        ii. Less time
                  Now, as part of the preparation for today, on Monday I went through the process of
                   entering my details. Even though I didn’t pay, my details were captured and an
                   automated follow up was sent to me to try to close the sale. Here is what I received
                   {Show AICD pack} . It contains a letter, some marketing details, recent magazines as
                   examples of membership and a special offer to join.
                  Again, Less is More – less work for you doing data processing and follow up, more
                   time spent servicing your members providing value

{slides 9 & 10)}

             a. Before I look at another set of join examples, I just quickly want to look at their
                renewals. Here is the email for a renewal. It has a link that takes you directly to
                check your details – no login, just check my membership offer. If details ok then
                check out with your CC and you’re done.

       Now I want to look at another set of examples. This is to do with simplifying the
        membership offer.

{slides 11 & 12}

    2) VIMEO
          a. Different style presentation of membership offerings. Packaged and bundled by org,
             not expecting customer to make these decisions
          b. But once chosen, a simple check out process

{slide 13}

    3) VECCI
          a. Have adopted a move toward this model. Used to have 12 pages of online sign up.
               Their online stats showed most people were dropping out half way through the
               process. When they researched this they found that the process was just too
               onerous for people to complete. 2 year s ago we met with them and spoke about
               what we saw as their 5 key challenges. 1 of those was the need to simplify
    4) Again, Less is More
          a. less complication
          b. less choices
          c. a simpler process.
{slide 14}

To summarise – you guessed it – Less is More

[Just wait on this slide]

{slide 15}

Overview of iBEF. iBEF is simply about providing this knowledge and expertise, and linking what is
best practice in process and technology with your organisation’s goals. Through the executive forum
you get to here about industry trends, see more case studies like this and work with organisations
like Company Directors, the AMA, and Amnesty to name but a few. Over 20 customers have
attended an executive forum in Australia this year and shared strategy and case studies.

Then through the Roadmap we engage with you 1 – 1 to align your goals and strategies with the best
use of iMIS to support them.

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