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					제 4 회 생활영어회화 고급 (Ready to go 4)
회사명:                   부서:
성명:                    직위:
(각 문항 당 5점씩 총 100점)

Complete each sentence with but or so. (1~5)

1. I needed to get a used car loan, ______________ I went to Sunshine State Credit U
2. She would love to get a new house, _____________ she can’t afford it.
3. I applied for financial aid at the college, ____________ they said I didn’t qualify.
4. The mortgage was too expensive, _____________ I decided to rent for another year.
5. You could take out a payday loan, _____________ the interest is exorbitant!!

Read each sentence. Choose your response. Fill in the ovals. (6~10)
6. “I’ve been offered a position with another company.”
   a. I appreciate the thought.
   b. Would you consider a counteroffer?
7. “If you had applied for the assistant manager’s position, you would have gotten it.”
   a. I’ve been at my current job since last summer.
   b. Thanks for saying that.
8. “So why do you want to change jobs?”
   a. There are no opportunities for growth where I am now.
   b. I’m sorry to spring this on you.
9. “Audrey, do you have a minute?”
   a. sure. What’s up?
   b. It would be a shame to lose you.
10. “I’ve just completed my degree and am looking for a more challenging job.”
   a. Great. Let’s see what opportunities we have for you here.
   b. Would you consider a counteroffer?

Complete each conversation with a negative question. (11~15)

11. A: _________________________________________________ weight?
                          you / lose
   B: Yes, I did. I lost ten pounds.
12. A: __________________________________________________ notice yesterday?
                            Dave / give
   B: Yes, he did. It’s a shame to lose him.

13. A: Hey, Cindy. _________________________________________ to technical school?
                                          you / go
   B: Yes, I am. I started last month.
14. A: ___________________________________________ the estimate in writing?
                        you / get
   B: No, I didn’t. But I should have.
15. A: ___________________________________________ religion is private?
                        you / believe
   B: No, I don’t. I think students would behave better if they prayed in school.

Circle the letter of the correct answer. (16~20)

스캔 33

16. Ms. Louis-Trent does not want                    .
   A. financial aid
   B. a scholarship
   C. a loan
   D. a work-study job

17. Ms. Louis-Trent would like to go to college for              .
   A. a BA degree
   B. an AA degree
   C. a graduate degree
   D. a technical school degree
스캔 34

18. How long has Ms. Kwon worked for her current employer?
   A. for two years
   B. since March 2000
   C. since June 2000
   D. since April 2001

19. What does Ms. Kwon do at her current job?
   A. She helps customers and arranges flowers.
   B. She owns and manages the shop.
   C. She grows and arranges flowers.
   D. She drives a delivery truck.

20. Why is Ms. Kwon looking for a new job?
   A. She wants to be a delivery driver.
   B. She wants to better benefits.
   C. She wants more opportunities to advance.
   D. She wants tuition assistance.

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