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									Red titles released March 31, 2008

Accident Analysis & Prevention (IP) FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Accident and Emergency Nursing       FREQUENCY: Quarterly

Acta Psychologica                    9 Issues Per Year

Acta Tropica (HM) (VSV)              FREQUENCY: Monthly

Acute Pain (HM) (PTP)                FREQUENCY: Quarterly

Addictive Behaviors (IP) (HM) (SOS) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews       FREQUENCY: 15 times per
(IP) (HM) (BGM) (PTP)                year

Advances in Anesthesia (HM) (PTP) FREQUENCY: Annually

Advances in Colloid and Interface    FREQUENCY: Monthly
Science (IP) (CEG) (ENG)

Advances in Water Resources          FREQUENCY: Monthly

Aggression and Violent Behavior      FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
(HM) (PSY)

Agricultural and Forest              FREQUENCY: Monthly
Meteorology (AGB) (ENV)

Agricultural Systems (AGB)           FREQUENCY: Monthly

Agricultural Water Management        FREQUENCY: Monthly
Agriculture, Ecosystems &            FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Environment (IP) (AGB) (ENV)

Alcohol                              9 Issues Per Year
American Heart Journal (IP) (HM)     FREQUENCY: Monthly

American Journal of Obstetrics and FREQUENCY: Monthly
Gynecology (IP) (HM) (MED)
American Journal of                FREQUENCY: Monthly
Ophthalmology (IP) (HM) (MED)

Analytica Chimica Acta (IP) (BGM)    FREQUENCY: Weekly

Analytical Biochemistry (IP) (CHM)   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Animal Behaviour (VSV) (AGB)         FREQUENCY: Monthly

Animal Feed Science and           FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Technology (AGB)
Annals of Epidemiology (HM) (IMB) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Annals of Physics                    Frequency: Monthly

Antiviral Research (HM) (IMB)        FREQUENCY: Monthly

Appetite (HM) (PSY)                  FREQUENCY: Bimonthly


Applied Acoustics                    Frequency; Monthly

Applied Catalysis A: General (IP)    FREQUENCY: 38 times per
(CEG)                                year
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental FREQUENCY: 32 times per
(IP) (CEG)                         year

Applied Clay Science               16 Issues Per Year

Applied Energy (ENR)               FREQUENCY: Monthly

Applied Ergonomics (HM) (ENG)      FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Applied Geochemistry (CHM) (ENV) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Applied Mathematical Modelling     Frequency: Monthly

Applied Mathematics and            FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Computation (MTH)

Applied Radiation and Isotopes     FREQUENCY: Monthly

Applied Soil Ecology (ENV) (AGB)   FREQUENCY: 9 issues per

Applied Surface Science (IP) (CHM) FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Applied Thermal Engineering (IP)     FREQUENCY: 18 issues
(ENG) (ENR)                          per year

Aquacultural Engineering             Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Aquaculture (IP) (EPS) (AGB)         FREQUENCY: Weekly

Aquatic Botany (ENV) (AGB)           FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

Aquatic Toxicology (ABG) (ENV)       FREQUENCY: 20 issues
                                     per year

Archives of Biochemistry and         FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Biophysics (IP) (BGM)
Archives of Gerontology and          Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Geriatrics                           Year

Archives of Oral Biology (HM)        FREQUENCY: Monthly

Artificial Intelligence (IP) (CPS)   FREQUENCY: 18 times per
Atmospheric Environment (ENV)       FREQUENCY: 40 issues
                                    per year

Autoimmunity Reviews (IMB) (HM)     FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

Automatica (IP) (ENG) (CPS)         FREQUENCY: Monthly

BBA Bioenergetics (IP) (HM) (BGM) FREQUENCY: Monthly

BBA Biomembranes (IP) (HM)          FREQUENCY: Monthly

BBA Gene Structure and              FREQUENCY: Monthly
Expression (IP) (HM) (BGM)

BBA General Subjects (IP) (HM)      FREQUENCY: Monthly

BBA Molecular and Cell Biology of   FREQUENCY: Monthly
Lipids (IP) (HM) (BGM)

BBA Molecular Basis of Disease (IP) FREQUENCY: Monthly
(HM) (BGM) (MED)

BBA Molecular Cell Research (IP)    FREQUENCY: Monthly
(HM) (BGM)

BBA Proteins and Proteomics (IP)    FREQUENCY: Monthly
(HM) (BGM)

BBA Reviews on Cancer (IP) (BGM) FREQUENCY: Quarterly

Behaviour Research and Therapy      FREQUENCY: Monthly
(IP) (HM) (MED)
Behavioural Brain Research (HM)    FREQUENCY: Biweekly, 20
(NEU) (PSY)                        issues per year

Behavioural Processes               9 Issues Per Year
Best Practice and Research Clinical FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Gastroenterology (HM)

Best Practice and Research Clinical FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Obstetrics and Gynaecology (HM)

Best Practice and Research Clinical FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Rheumatology (HM)

Biochemical and Biophysical        FREQUENCY: Weekly
Research Communications (IP)
Biochemical Engineering Journal    FREQUENCY: Monthly
(IP) (BGM) (CEG)

Biochemical Pharmacology (IP)      FREQUENCY: Biweekly
(HM) (PTP)
Biochemical Systematics and        FREQUENCY: Monthly
Ecology (BGM)

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta      Frequency: Monthly
(BBA) – Proteins and Proteomics*

Biochimie (IP) (BGM) (IMB)         FREQUENCY: Monthly

Biological Conservation (AGB)      FREQUENCY: 28 issues
(ENV)                              per year

Biological Control (AGB) (ENV)     FREQUENCY: Monthly

Biological Psychology (AGB) (PSY) FREQUENCY: 9 issues per

Biomaterials (IP) (HM) (BGM) (CEG) FREQUENCY: 36 times per
(ENG) (MAT)                        year
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy      10 Issues Per Year
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
(IP) (BGM) (PTP)

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Letters (IP) (BGM) (PTP)

Biophysical Chemistry (BGM)        FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Bioresource Technology (AGB)       FREQUENCY: 18 times per
(ENV) (ENR)                        year

Biosensors and Bioelectronics (IP) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Biosystems                         Frequency: Monthly

Biotechnology Advances (IP) (AGB) FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Blood Reviews                     Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Bone (IP) (HM) (MED)               FREQUENCY: Monthly

Brain and Cognition (HM) (NEU)     FREQUENCY: 9 issues per
(PSY)                              year
Brain and Language (NEU) (HM)      FREQUENCY: Monthly

Brain Research (IP) (HM) (MED)     FREQUENCY: Weekly

Brain Research Bulletin (HM) (NEU) FREQUENCY: 18 issues
                                   per year
Brain Research Reviews (NEU) (HM) FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Building and Environment (ENV)     FREQUENCY: Monthly

Cancer Cell (IP) (HM) (MED)        FREQUENCY: Monthly

Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics   FREQUENCY: 16 times per
(IP)                               year

Cancer Letters (IP) (HM) (MED)     FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Cancer Treatment Reviews           Frequency: 8 Issues Per

Carbohydrate Polymers (IP) (BGM)   FREQUENCY: 16 issues
(CHM)                              per year

Carbohydrate Research (IP) (BGM)   FREQUENCY: 18 times per
(CHM)                              year

Carbon (IP) (MAT)                  FREQUENCY: 15 times per

Catalysis Today (IP) (CEG)         FREQUENCY: 40 times per

CATENA (ENV)                       FREQUENCY: Monthly

Cell (IP) (HM) (BGM)               FREQUENCY: Biweekly (26
Cell Biology International (BGM)    FREQUENCY: Monthly

Cell Calcium (BGM) (CHM)            FREQUENCY: Monthly

Cellular Immunology (HM) (IMB)      FREQUENCY: Monthly

Cellular Signalling (IP)            FREQUENCY: Monthly

Cement and Concrete Composites      FREQUENCY: 10 times per
(CHM) (MAT)                         year

Cement and Concrete Research (IP) FREQUENCY: Monthly
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (IP)   FREQUENCY: 20 issues
(ENG) (AGB)                       per year

Chemical Engineering and            FREQUENCY: Monthly
Processing (IP)

Chemical Engineering Journal (IP)   FREQUENCY: 30 issues
(CEG)                               per year
Chemical Engineering Science (IP)   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Chemical Geology (IP) (EPS) (CHM)   FREQUENCY: 44 issues
                                    per year

Chemical Physics (IP) (PHA) (CHM) FREQUENCY: 36 issues
                                  per year

Chemical Physics Letters (IP) (CEG) FREQUENCY: 2 times per
(PHA)                               week

Chemico-Biological Interactions     FREQUENCY: 18 times per
(IMB) (HM)                          year

Chemistry & Biology (IP) (CHM)      FREQUENCY: Monthly
Chemistry and Physics of Lipids     Frequency : Monthly
Chemometrics and Intelligent     Frequency: 10 Issues Per
Laboratory Systems               Year

Chemosphere (IP) (ENV) (HM)      FREQUENCY: 44 issues
                                 per year

Child Abuse & Neglect (SOS) (PSY) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Children and Youth Services      FREQUENCY: Monthly
Review (SOS)
Cities                           Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Clinica Chimica Acta (IP) (HM)   FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Clinical Immunology (IP) (BGM)   FREQUENCY: Monthly
(HM) (IMB)
Clinical Neurology and              Frequency: 10 issues Per
Neurosurgery                        Year

Clinical Psychology Review (PSY)    FREQUENCY: 8 times per
(HM)                                year
Clinical Therapeutics (HM) (BGM)    FREQUENCY: Monthly

Clinics in Dermatology (IP)         FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Coastal Engineering

Cognition (HM) (NEU) (PSY)          FREQUENCY: Monthly

Cognitive Psychology                Frequency: 8 Issues Per

Colloids and Surfaces A:            FREQUENCY: 60 issues
Physicochemical and Engineering     per year
Aspects (IP) (ENG) (CEG)

Colloids and Surfaces B:            FREQUENCY: 14 issues
Biointerfaces (BGM) (PTP) (CHM)     per year

Comparative Biochemistry and        FREQUENCY: Monthly
Physiology Part A: Molecular &
Integrative Physiology (BGM)

Comparative Biochemistry and        FREQUENCY: Monthly
Physiology Part B: Biochemistry &
Molecular Biology (BGM)
Composite Structures (IP) (ENG)   FREQUENCY: 20 issues
(MAT)                             per year

Composites Part A: Applied        FREQUENCY: Monthly
Science and Manufacturing (IP)

Composites Part B: Engineering    FREQUENCY: 8 times per
(IP) (ENG) (MAT)                  year
Composites Science and            FREQUENCY: 16 times per
Technology (IP) (ENG) (MAT)       year

Comprehensive Psychiatry          Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Computational Materials Science   FREQUENCY: Monthly

Computational Statistics & Data   FREQUENCY: Monthly
Analysis (MTH)

Computer Communications (IP)      FREQUENCY: 18 times per
(CPS) (ENG)                       year

Computer Methods and Programs in Frequency: Monthly

Computer Methods in Applied       FREQUENCY: Weekly
Mechanics and Engineering (IP)
Computer Networks (IP) (CPS)      FREQUENCY: 18 times per
(ENG)                             year
Computer Physics Communications Frequency: 28 Issues Per

Computer-Aided Design (CPS)       FREQUENCY: Monthly

Computers & Chemical Engineering FREQUENCY: Monthly
(IP) (CPS) (CEG)
Computers & Education (CPS)      FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

Computers & Fluids                Frequency

Computers & Geosciences (CPS)     FREQUENCY: 10 issues
(EPS)                             per year

Computers & Graphics              Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Computers & Industrial Engineering FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
(CPS) (ENG)                        year
Computers & Operations Research   FREQUENCY: Monthly

Computers & Security              Frequency: 8 Issues Per

Computers & Structures (IP)       FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Computers and Electronics in      Frequency

Computers and Geotechnics         Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Computers in Human Behavior       FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Computers in Industry             Frequency: 9 Issues Per

Construction and Building Materials FREQUENCY: Monthly

Contemporary Clinical Trials      Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Contemporary Educational          Frequency: Quarterly
Continental Shelf Research (ENV)   FREQUENCY: 20 issues
(EPS)                              per year

Contraception (HM) (BGM) (PTP)     FREQUENCY: Monthly

Control Engineering Practice (ENG) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Coordination Chemistry Reviews     FREQUENCY: Biweekly
(IP) (CHM)

Corrosion Science (IP) (CHM) (MAT) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Crop Protection (AGB)              FREQUENCY: Monthly

Cryobiology                        Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Cryogenics                         Updated regularly - Atypical
                                   update schedule/as
                                   received from the vendor

Current Biology (IP) (BGM) (AGB)   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Current Opinion in Biotechnology     FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
(IP) (AGB) (BGM)

Current Opinion in Cell Biology (IP) FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Current Opinion in Chemical        FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Biology (IP) (BGM)
Current Opinion in Genetics &      FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Development (IP) (BGM)
Current Opinion in Immunology (IP) FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
(HM) (IMB) (MED)

Current Opinion in Microbiology      FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
(IP) (BGM) (IMB)
Current Opinion in Neurobiology      FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
(IP) (NEU) (HM)
Current Opinion in Pharmacology      FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
(IP) (PTP) (HM)

Current Opinion in Plant Biology     FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
(IP) (AGB)
Current Opinion in Structural        FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Biology (IP) (AGB)
Cytokine & Growth Factor Reviews     FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
(IMB) (BGM) (HM)

Cytokine (BGM) (IMB)                 FREQUENCY: Monthly

Data & Knowledge Engineering         Frequency: Monthly

Decision Support Systems (ABF)       FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
(CPS)                                year

Deep Sea Research Part I:            FREQUENCY: Monthly
Oceanographic Research Papers
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Studies in Oceanography (ENV)
Desalination (IP)                  FREQUENCY: Weekly

Design Studies                     Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Developmental & Comparative        Frequency: Monthly

Developmental Biology (IP) (AGB)    FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Developmental Cell (IP) (BGM) (IMB) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Diagnostic Microbiology and         FREQUENCY: Monthly
Infectious Disease (HM) (IMB) (PTP)

Diamond and Related Materials (IP) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Discrete Applied Mathematics       Frequency: 18 Issues Per

Discrete Mathematics (MTH)         FREQUENCY: Biweekly

DNA Repair (IP) (BGM) (IMB) (HM)   FREQUENCY: Monthly
Drug and Alcohol Dependence (IP)   FREQUENCY: 18 times per
(HM) (MED) (PSY)                   year
Drug Discovery Today (IP) (PTP)    FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Dyes and Pigments (CHM)            FREQUENCY: Monthly

Early Human Development (HM)       FREQUENCY: Monthly

Earth and Planetary Science Letters FREQUENCY: Weekly, 48
(IP) (EPS)                          issues per year

Earth Science Reviews (EPS)        FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Ecological Economics (ENV)         FREQUENCY: 16 issues
                                   per year

Ecological Engineering (ENG) (ENV) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Ecological Modeling (ENV) (MTH)    FREQUENCY: 40 issues
                                   per year

Economics Letters (ABF)            FREQUENCY: Monthly

Economics of Education Review      Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Ecotoxicology and Environmental    FREQUENCY: 9 issues per
Safety (ENV)                       year

Electric Power Systems Research    FREQUENCY: Monthly
(IP) (ENR)
Electrochemistry Communications    FREQUENCY: Monthly
Electrochimica Acta (IP) (CEG)      FREQUENCY: 28 times per
(ENR)                               year

Energy (IP) (ENR)                   FREQUENCY: 15 times per

Energy and Buildings (ENR) (ENV)    FREQUENCY: Monthly

Energy Conversion and               FREQUENCY: Monthly
Management (IP) (ENR)

Energy Economics                    Frequency: 6 issues Per

Energy Policy (IP) (ENR)            FREQUENCY: Monthly

Engineering Fracture Mechanics      FREQUENCY: 18 issues
(ENG)                               per year

Engineering Geology (ENG) (EPS)     FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Engineering Structures (IP) (ENG)   FREQUENCY: Monthly

Environment International (ENV)     FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

Environmental and Experimental      Frequency: 9 Issues Per
Botany                              Year
Environmental Impact Assessment      Frequency: 8 Issues Per
Review                               Year

Environmental Modelling and          FREQUENCY: Monthly
Software (ENV) (CPS)

Environmental Pollution (IP) (ENV)   FREQUENCY: 18 issues
                                     per year
Environmental Research (HM)          FREQUENCY: 9 issues per
(ENV)                                year

Enzyme and Microbial Technology      FREQUENCY: 14 issues
(IP) (BGM) (IMB)                     per year

Epilepsy & Behavior (HM) (NEU)       FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf         FREQUENCY: 20 issues
Science (ENV) (AGB)                  per year

European Economic Review (ABF)       FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

European Journal of Cancer (IP)      FREQUENCY: 18 times per
(HM) (MED)                           year

European Journal of Medicinal        FREQUENCY: Monthly
Chemistry (IP) (CHM) (HM) (PTP)

European Journal of                FREQUENCY: 15 issues
Pharmaceutical Sciences (IP) (PTP) per year

European Journal of Pharmaceutics FREQUENCY: 9 issues per
and Biopharmaceutics (IP) (PTP)   year

European Journal of Pharmacology FREQUENCY: 72 issues
(IP) (PTP) (HM)                  per year
European Journal of Political    Frequency: Quarterly

European Journal of Radiology (IP) FREQUENCY: Monthly
(HM) (MED)
European Journal of Surgical       FREQUENCY: Monthly
Oncology (HM)

European Journal of Vascular and   FREQUENCY: Monthly
Endovascular Surgery (HM)

European Polymer Journal (IP)      FREQUENCY: Monthly

European Psychiatry (HM) (PSY)     FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

Evaluation and Program Planning    Frequency: Quarterly

Experimental and Molecular         Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Pathology                          Year

Experimental Cell Research (IP)    FREQUENCY: 20 issues
(BGM) (AGB)                        per year

Experimental Eye Research (IP)     FREQUENCY: Monthly
(HM) (MED)
Experimental Gerontology (BGM)      FREQUENCY: Monthly
(HM) (IMB)

Experimental Neurology (IP) (HM)    FREQUENCY: Monthly
Experimental Parasitology           Frequency: Monthly

Expert Systems with Applications    FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
(ABF)                               year

FEMS Microbiology Reviews (IP)      FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Field Crops Research (AGB)          FREQUENCY: 15 issues
                                    per year

Finite Elements in Analysis and     Frequency

Fish & Shellfish Immunology (AGB) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Fisheries Research (AGB)            FREQUENCY: 18 issues
                                    per year

Fitoterapia (CHM) (HM) (PTP)        FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
Fluid Phase Equilibria (IP) (CHM)   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Food and Chemical Toxicology          FREQUENCY: Monthly
(HM) (BGM) (PTP)

Food Chemistry (IP) (CHM)             FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Food Control (AGB)                    FREQUENCY: Monthly

Food Hydrocolloids (CHM) (BGM)        FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

Food Microbiology (BGM) (ADB)         FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
Food Policy                           Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Food Quality and Preference           FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

Food Research International (AGB) FREQUENCY: 10 times per

Forensic Science International (IP)   FREQUENCY: 30 issues
(CHM)                                 per year

Forest Ecology and Management         FREQUENCY: Weekly

Free Radical Biology and Medicine     FREQUENCY: Biweekly
(IP) (HM) (BGM) (IMB)

Fuel (IP) (ENR) (CHM)                 FREQUENCY: 18 issues
                                      per year
Fuel Processing Technology (CEG) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Gene (IP) (HM) (BGM)              FREQUENCY: 42 issues
                                  per year
Gene Expression Patterns (BGM)    FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

General and Comparative           FREQUENCY: 15 issues
Endocrinology (HM) (BGM)          per year

General Hospital Psychiatry       Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Genomics (IP) (BGM)               FREQUENCY: Monthly

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Geoderma (AGB)                    FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Geoforum                          Frequency: Monthly

Geomorphology (EPS) (ENV) (AGB) FREQUENCY: 40 issues
                                per year

Geriatric Nursing                 Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Gynecologic Oncology (IP) (HM)   FREQUENCY: Monthly
Habitat International            Frequency: Quarterly

Health Policy (HM)               FREQUENCY: 15 issues
                                 per year

Hearing Research (HM)            FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Human Movement Science           Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Human Pathology (HM)             FREQUENCY: Monthly

Hydrometallurgy (IP) (EPS)       FREQUENCY: 20 times per

Icarus (PHA)                     FREQUENCY: Monthly

Il Farmaco                       Frequency: Monthly
Image and Vision Computing        Frequency: 12 Issues Per

Immunity (IP) (HM) (IMB)          FREQUENCY: Monthly

Immunology Letters (IP) (HM) (IMB) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Implementations and Information

Infant Behavior and Development   Frequency: Quarterly

Information & Management (CPS)    FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
(ABF)                             year
Information Processing &          Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Management                        Year

Information Sciences              Updated regularly - Atypical
                                  update schedule/as
                                  received from the vendor
Inorganic Chemistry                   FREQUENCY: Monthly
Communications (CHM)

Inorganica Chimica Acta (IP) (CHM) FREQUENCY: 15 issues
                                   per year
Insect Biochemistry and Molecular FREQUENCY: Monthly
Biology (AGB) (BGM)

Insurance: Mathematics and            Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Economics                             Year

Intelligence                          Frequency: 6 Issue Per

Intermetallics (CHM) (MAT)            FREQUENCY: Monthly

International Communications in
Heat and Mass Transfer
                                      10 Issues Per Year
International Dairy Journal (AGB)     FREQUENCY: Monthly

International Journal of Adhesion     Frequency
and Adhesives

International Journal of              FREQUENCY: Monthly
Biochemistry & Cell Biology (IP)
(BGM) (HM)

International Journal of Biological   Frequency: 10 Issues Per
Macromolecules                        Year

International Journal of Fatigue      FREQUENCY: Monthly
International Journal of Food          FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Microbiology (BGM) (IMB)

International Journal of Heat and      FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Fluid Flow (ENG) (ENV)

International Journal of Heat and      FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Mass Transfer (IP) (ENR) (ENG)
International Journal of Hospitality   Frequency: Quarterly

International Journal of Impact        FREQUENCY: Monthly
Engineering (ENG)

International Journal of Industrial    FREQUENCY: Monthly
Ergonomics (ABF)

International Journal of Industrial    Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Organization                           Year

International Journal of Information Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Management                           Year
International Journal of Intercultural Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Relations                              Year

International Journal of Machine      FREQUENCY: 15 issues
Tools and Manufacture (IP) (ENG)      per year

International Journal of Mass       FREQUENCY: 30 issues
Spectrometry (CHM) (ENG)            per year
International Journal of Mechanical FREQUENCY: Monthly
Sciences (ENG)

International Journal of Mineral      FREQUENCY: 16 issues
Processing (IP)                       per year
International Journal of Multiphase   FREQUENCY: Monthly
Flow (ENG)
International Journal of Nursing      FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
Studies (IP) (HM) (MED)               year

International Journal of Pediatric    FREQUENCY: Monthly

International Journal of              FREQUENCY: 38 times per
Pharmaceutics (IP) (PTP)              year

International Journal of Plasticity   FREQUENCY: Monthly

International Journal of Pressure     Frequency: Monthly
Vessels and Piping

International Journal of Production   FREQUENCY: Monthly
Economics (ABF)

International Journal of              FREQUENCY: Monthly
Psychophysiology (HM) (PSY)
International Journal of Radiation FREQUENCY: 15 issues
Oncology Biology Physics (IP) (HM) per year

International Journal of Rock         FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
Mechanics and Mining Sciences         year

International Journal of Solids and   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Structures (IP) (ENG)

Journal of Academic Librarianship,    Frequency: 6 Issues Per
The                                   Year

Journal of Aerosol Science (CHM)      FREQUENCY: Monthly

Journal of Affective Disorders (HM) FREQUENCY: 21 issues
(PSY)                               per year

Journal of Analytical and Applied     Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Pyrolysis                             Year

Journal of Anxiety Disorders (HM)     FREUQNECY: 8 issues per
(PSY)                                 year

Journal of Applied Developmental      Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Psychology                            Year
Journal of Archaeological Science FREQUENCY: Monthly
Journal of Arid Environments (ENV) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Journal of Behavior Therapy and   Frequency: Quarterly
Experimental Psychiatry

Journal of Biochemical and        Frequency:
Biophysical Methods

Journal of Biotechnology (IP)     FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Journal of Catalysis (IP) (CHM)   FREQUENCY: 16 issues
                                  per year

Journal of Cereal Science         Monthly
Journal of Chemical                Frequency: Monthly
Thermodynamics, The

Journal of Chromatography B (IP)   FREQUENCY: 32 issues
(BGM) (IMB)                        per year
Journal of Cleaner Production      FREQUENCY: 18 issues
(ENV)                              per year

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology   FREQUENCY: Monthly
(HM) (MED)
Journal of Colloid and Interface   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Science (IP) (CEG) (PHA)

Journal of Communication           Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Disorders                          Year

Journal of Comparative Economics Frequency: Quarterly

Journal of Computational and       FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Applied Mathematics (MTH)

Journal of Computational Physics   FREQUENCY: 16 issues
(PHA) (MTH)                        per year
Journal of Constructional Steel      Frequency: Monthly

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology     FREQUENCY: 32 issues
(ENV)                                per year

Journal of Controlled Release (IP)   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
(HM) (PTP)

Journal of Criminal Justice          Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Journal of Crystal Growth (IP) (PHA) FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Journal of Dentistry (MED)           FREQUENCY: Monthly

Journal of Development Economics FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Journal of Differential Equations Frequency: 24 issues Per

Journal of Econometrics (ABF)        FREQUENCY: Monthly
Journal of Economic Behavior &       FREQUENCY: 16 issues
Organization (ABF)                   per year
Journal of Economic Dynamics and     FREQUENCY: Monthly
Control (ABF)
Journal of Economic Psychology     6 Issues Per Year

Journal of Electroanalytical       FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Chemistry (IP) (CHM)
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy   Frequency: 21 Issues Per
and Related Phenomena              Year

Journal of Electrostatics          Frequency: Monthly

Journal of Emergency Medicine (IP) FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

Journal of Environmental           Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Economics and Management           Year

Journal of Environmental           FREQUENCY: 16 issues
Management (ENV)                   per year

Journal of Environmental           Frequency: 4 Issues Per
Psychology                         Year
Journal of Environmental           Frequency: Monthly

Journal of Ethnopharmacology (IP) FREQUENCY: 18 issues
(HM) PTP)                         per year

Journal of Experimental Child      FREQUENCY: Monthly
Psychology (HM) (PSY)

Journal of Experimental Marine     FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Biology and Ecology (AGB) (ENV)

Journal of Experimental Social     FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Psychology (PSY) (SOS) (HM)

Journal of Fluorine Chemistry (HM) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Journal of Food Composition and    FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
Analysis (AGB)                     year

Journal of Food Engineering        FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Journal of Geochemical Exploration Monthly
Journal of Hazardous Materials     FREQUENCY: 33 issues
(ENV) (MAT)                        per year

Journal of Health Economics (ABF) FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Journal of Human Evolution (AGB)   FREQUENCY: Monthly
Journal of Hydrology (ENV) (EPS)     FREQUENCY: 64 issues
                                     per year

Journal of Immunological Methods     FREQUENCY: Biweekly
(IP) (MED) (IMB) (HM)

Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry    FREQUENCY: Monthly
(IP) (BGM) (CHM)

Journal of Insect Physiology (AGB) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Journal of International Economics   FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Journal of Invertebrate Pathology    Frequency: 9 Issues Per

Journal of Luminescence (ENG)        FREQUENCY: Monthly

Journal of Magnetic Resonance (IP) FREQUENCY: Monthly
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Materials (IP) (PHA)

Journal of Materials Processing      FREQUENCY: 42 issues
Technology (IP) (MAT) (ENG)          per year

Journal of Membrane Science (IP)     FREQUENCY: 40 times per
(CEG) (MAT)                          year

Journal of Memory and Language     FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
(HM) (NEU)                         year
Journal of Microbiological Methods FREQUENCY: Monthly
(IP) (IMB)

Journal of Molecular and Cellular    FREQUENCY: Monthly
Cardiology (HM) (MED) (BGM)

Journal of Molecular Biology (IP)    FREQUENCY: Weekly
(BGM) (IMB) (HM)
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A:    FREQUENCY: 36 issues
Chemical (IP) (BGM) (CHM)            per year
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B:     FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Enzymatic (IP) (BGM) (CHM)

Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy     Frequency: Monthly

Journal of Molecular Structure (IP)   FREQUENCY: 66 issues
(CHM) (BGM)                           per year

Journal of Molecular Structure:       FREQUENCY: 72 issues
THEOCHEM (IP) (BGM) (CHM)             per year

Journal of Monetary Economics         FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
(ABF)                                 year

Journal of Neuroscience Methods       FREQUENCY: 18 issues
(NEU) (HM)                            per year

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids     FREQUENCY: Weekly
(IP) (MAT) (CEG)

Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics       Frequency: 10 Issues Per
                                   24 Issues Per Year
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
Journal of Nuclear Materials (ENR) FREQUENCY: 36 issues
                                   per year

Journal of Operations Management FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Journal of Organometallic        FREQUENCY: 26 times per
Chemistry (IP) (BGM) (CHM) (MAT) year

Journal of Pediatric Surgery (HM)   FREQUENCY: Monthly

Journal of Pediatrics (HM) (MED)    FREQUENCY: Monthly

Journal of Pharmaceutical and       FREQUENCY: 15 issues
Biomedical Analysis (IP)            per year

Journal of Photochemistry and       FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Photobiology A: Chemistry (IP)

Journal of Photochemistry and      FREQUENCY: Monthly
Photobiology B: Biology (IP) (BGM)

Journal of Physics and Chemistry    FREQUENCY: Frequency
of Solids (CHM) (MAT) (PHA)
Journal of Plant Physiology           Frequency: 18 Issues Per

Journal of Power Sources (IP)         FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Journal of Psychiatric Research       FREQUENCY: 14 issues
(HM) (PSY)                            per year

Journal of Psychosomatic              FREQUENCY: Monthly
Research (HM) (PSY)

Journal of Public Economics (ABF) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Journal of Quantitative               Frequency: 18 Issues Per
Spectroscopy and Radiative            Year

Journal of Research in Personality    Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Journal of Rural Studies              4 Issues Per Year
Journal of Solid State Chemistry      FREQUENCY: Monthly
(IP) (CHM)

Journal of Statistical Planning and   FREQUENCY: Monthly
Inference (MTH)
Journal of Steroid Biochemistry       FREQUENCY: Biweekly
and Molecular Biology (IPO) (HM)
Journal of Structural Biology AGB)    FREQUENCY: Monthly

Journal of Structural Geology (EPS) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Journal of Substance Abuse            FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
Treatment (HM) (PSY)                  year

Journal of Surgical Research (HM)     FREQUENCY: 14 issues
(MED)                                 per year
Journal of Systems and Software       Frequency: Monthly

Journal of Systems Architecture       FREQUENCY: Monthly
Journal of the European Ceramic       FREQUENCY: 16 issues
Society (IP) (MAT) (CHM)              per year
Journal of the Mechanics and          FREQUENCY: Monthly
Physics of Solids (ENG) (PHA)

Journal of Theoretical Biology        FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Journal of Virological Methods (IP)   FREQUENCY: 16 issues
(HM) (IMB)                            per year

Journal of Vocational Behavior        FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Journal of Volcanology and            FREQUENCY: 40 issues
Geothermal Research (EPS)             per year
Journal of Wind Engineering and       FREQUENCY: Monthly
Industrial Aerodynamics (ENR)
Land Use Policy                   Frequency: Quarterly

Landscape and Urban Planning      FREQUENCY: 20 issues
(SOS) (ENV)                       per year

Life Sciences (IP) (HM) (PTP)     FREQUENCY: Weekly

Lithos (EPS)                      FREQUENCY: Biweekly

LWT—Food Science and              FREQUENCY: 10 issues
Technology (BGM) (IMB)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (HM)   FREQUENCY: 10 issues
                                  per year
Management Accounting Research    FREQUENCY: Quarterly

Manual Therapy (HM)               FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Marine and Petroleum Geology      Frequency: 10 Issues Per

Marine Chemistry (CHM)            FREQUENCY: 20 issues
                                  per year
Marine Environmental Research     FREQUENCY: 10 issues
(ENV)                             per year

Marine Geology (EPS)              FREQUENCY: 44 issues
                                  per year

Marine Policy                     Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Marine Pollution Bulletin (ENV)   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Materials & Design (ENG) (MAT)     FREQUENCY: 10 issues
                                   per year

Materials Chemistry and Physics    FREQUENCY: 18 issues
(MAT) (CHM) PHA)                   per year

Materials Letters (MAT) (ENG)      FREQUENCY: 30 issues
(CHM)                              per year

Materials Research Bulletin (IP)   FREQUENCY: Monthly

Materials Science and Engineering: FREQUENCY: Weekly
A (IP) (MAT)

Materials Science and Engineering: FREQUENCY: 30 times per
B (IP) (MAT) (PHA)                 year

Materials Science and Engineering: FREQUENCY: 8 times per
C (IP) (MAT)                       year

Materials Science and Engineering: FREQUENCY: Biweekly
R: Reports (IP) (MAT)

Materials Today (MAT)              FREQUENCY: Monthly

Mathematical Biosciences           Frequency: Monthly

Measurement (IP) (ENG)             FREQUENCY: 10 times per

Meat Science (AGB)                 FREQUENCY: Monthly
Mechanics of Materials             Frequency

Mechanism and Machine Theory       Frequency: Monthly

Mechanisms of Ageing and           FREQUENCY: Monthly
Development (HM) (BGM)

Mechanisms of Development (AGB) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Medical Hypotheses (IP) (HM)       FREQUENCY: Monthly

Metabolism (IP) (HM) (BGM) (MED)   FREQUENCY: Monthly

Metal Powder Report                Frequency: 11 Issues Per

Methods (IP) (HM)                  FREQUENCY: Monthly

Microbes and Infection (IP) (HM)   FREQUENCY: 15 issues
(IMB)                              per year

Microbial Pathogenesis             Monthly
Microchemical Journal              Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Microelectronic Engineering (IP)   FREQUENCY: Monthly

Microelectronics and Reliability   FREQUENCY: Monthly

Microelectronics Journal           Frequency: Monthly

Microporous and Mesoporous         FREQUENCY: 30 issues
Materials (IP) (MAT) (CHM)         per year

Midwifery                          Frequency: Quarterly

Minerals Engineering (EPS) (ENG)   FREQUENCY: 15 issues
                                   per year
Molecular and Biochemical          FREQUENCY: Monthly
Parasitology (BGM) (IMB)

Molecular and Cellular             FREQUENCY: 34 issues
Endocrinology (IP) (H) (BGM)       per year
Molecular and Cellular             FREQUENCY: Monthly
Neuroscience (BGM) (NEU)
Molecular Aspects of Medicine      Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Molecular Cell (IP) (BGM) (IMB) (HM) FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Molecular Genetics and Metabolism FREQUENCY: Monthly
(HM) (BGM) (IMB)

Molecular Immunology (BGM) (IMB) FREQUENCY: 16 issues
                                 per year

Molecular Phylogenetics and          FREQUENCY: Monthly
Evolution (BGM)

Mutation Research—Genetic            FREQUENCY: 18 issues
Toxicology and Environmental         per year
Mutagenesis (IP) (HM) (BGM) (PTP)

Mutation Research—Reviews in         FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Mutation Research (IP) (HM) (BGM)
Neurobiology of Aging (IP) (HM)      FREQUENCY: Monthly

Neurobiology of Disease (IP) (HM)    FREQUENCY: Monthly
Neurochemistry International (NEU)   FREQUENCY: 16 issues
(PSY) (CHM) (HM)                     per year
Neurocomputing (CPS) (NEU)           FREQUENCY: 18 issues
                                     per year

NeuroImage ((NEU) (HM)               FREQUENCY: 20 issues
                                     per year

Neuron (NEU) (HM)                    FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Neuropharmacology (NEU) (PTP)        FREQUENCY: 16 issues
                                     per year

Neuropsychologia (NEU) (PSY)         FREQUENCY: 14 issues
(HM)                                 per year

Neuroscience & Biobehavioral         FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
Reviews (HM) (NEU) (PSY)             year
Neuroscience Letters (IP) (BGM)      FREQUENCY: Weekly
(NEU) (HM)
Neuroscience Research (HM) (NEU)     FREQUENCY: Monthly
NeuroToxicology                    Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
(IP) (HM) (BGM) (IMB)               year

Nuclear Engineering and Design     FREQUENCY: Monthly

Nuclear Instruments and Methods    FREQUENCY: 28 times per
in Physics Research Section A:     year
Accelerators, Spectrometers,
Detectors and Associated
Equipment (IP) (PHA)
Nuclear Instruments and Methods    FREQUENCY: Biweekly
in Physics Research Section B:
Beam Interactions with Materials
and Atoms (IP) (MAT) (PHA)
Nuclear Physics B (ENR) (PHA)      FREQUENCY: Weekly

Nurse Education Today (HM)         FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
Nutrition (IP) (HM)                FREQUENCY: Monthly

Nutrition Research                 Frequency: Monthly
Ocean Engineering

Optical Materials (IP) (MAT) (PHA)   FREQUENCY: Monthly

Optics & Laser Technology            Frequency: 8 Issues Per

Optics and Lasers in Engineering

Optics Communications (IP) (PHA)     FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Oral Oncology (HM) (MED)             FREQUENCY: Monthly

Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral    FREQUENCY: Monthly
Pathology, Oral Radiology &
Endodontics (HM) (MED)
Organic Geochemistry (CHM) (EPS)     FREQUENCY: Monthly
Organizational Behavior and          FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Human Decision Processes (SBF)
Palaeogeography,                     FREQUENCY: Weekly
Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Parallel Computing (IP) (CPS) (ENG) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Pattern Recognition Letters (CPS)   FREQUENCY: 16 issues
(MTH)                               per year

Pediatric Neurology (HM) (NEU)      FREQUENCY: Monthly

Peptides (IP) (BGM) (NEU)           FREQUENCY: Monthly

Personality and Individual          FREQUENCY: 16 issues
Differences (HM) (PSY)              per year

Pharmacological Research (PTP)      FREQUENCY: Monthly

Pharmacology & Therapeutics         FREQUENCY: Monthly
Pharmacology, Biochemistry and      FREQUENCY: Monthly
Behavior (BGM) (PTP) (HM)
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics    FREQUENCY: 28 times per
and its Applications (IP) (MTH)     year
Physica B: Condensed Matter (IP)    FREQUENCY: 32 times per
(MAT) (PHA)                         year

Physica C (Superconductivity and    FREQUENCY: 34 times per
its Applications) (IP) (PHA)        year

Physica D (Nonlinear Phenomena)     FREQUENCY: Biweekly
(IP) (MTH)
Physica E (Low-dimensional          FREQUENCY: 10 times per
systems and nanostructures) (IP)    year
Physics Letters A (IP) (PHA)        FREQUENCY: 72 issues
                                    per year

Physics Letters B (IP) (PHA)        FREQUENCY: 72 issues
                                    per year
Physics of The Earth and Planetary   Frequency: 24 Issues Per
Interiors                            Year

Physics Reports (PHA)                FREQUENCY: 90 issues
                                     per year

Physiology & Behavior (HM) (NEU)     FREQUENCY: 15 issues
(PSY)                                per year
Phytochemistry (AGB) (BGM)           FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Planetary and Space Science          Frequency: 15 Issues Per

Plant Physiology and Biochemistry    FREQUENCY: Monthly

Plant Science (BGM) (AGB)            FREQUENCY: Monthly

Plasmid (IP) (HM) (BGM)              FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Polyhedron (CHM)                     FREQUENCY: 18 issues
                                     per year
Polymer (IP) (CHM) (MAT)             FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Polymer Degradation and Stability    FREQUENCY: Monthly
(IP) (CEG) (MAT)
Polymer Testing (CEG) (MAT)          FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

Postharvest Biology and              FREQUENCY: Monthly
Technology (AGB)

Powder Technology (ENG) (MAT)        FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Precambrian Research             Frequency: 32 Issues Per
Process Biochemistry (BGM) (ENR) FREQUENCY: Monthly
Progress in Biophysics and         Frequency: 9 Issues Per
Molecular Biology                  Year

Progress in Energy and Combustion Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Science                           Year

Progress in Lipid Research         Frequency: 6 Issues Per

Progress in Neurobiology (BGM)     FREQUENCY: 18 issues
(HM) (NEU)                         per year

Progress in Neuro-                 FREQUENCY: 8 times per
Psychopharmacology and             year
Biological Psychiatry (HM) (PTP)
Progress in Oceanography           Frequency: 16 Issues Per

Progress in Organic Coatings (MAT) FREQUENCY: Summary
Progress in Polymer Science (CHM) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and    FREQUENCY: Monthly
Essential Fatty Acids (HM) (BGM)

Protein Expression and Purification FREQUENCY: Monthly

Psychiatry Research (HM) (NEU)     FREQUENCY: 15 issues
(PSY)                              per year

Psychoneuroendocrinology (PSY)     FREQUENCY: 19 issues
(HM) (IMB) (NEU)                   per year
Public Relations Review            Frequency: 5 issues Per

Quaternary Science Reviews (EPS) FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Radiation Physics and Chemistry    FREQUENCY: Monthly

Regional Science and Urban         Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Economics                          Year

Regulatory Peptides (HM) (BGM)     FREQUENCY: 21 issues
(PTP)                              per year

Regulatory Toxicology and          Frequency: 9 Issues Per
Pharmacology                       Year

Reliability Engineering & System   FREQUENCY: Monthly
Safety (ENG)

Remote Sensing of Environment      FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Renewable Energy (IP) (ENR) (ENV) FREQUENCY: 15 issues
                                  per year

Research in Microbiology (MB)      FREQUENCY: 10 issues
(BGM)                              per year

Research Policy (ABF) (ENG)        FREQUENCY: 10 issues
                                   per year

Resources, Conservation and        FREQUENCY: Monthly
Recycling (ENV)
Respiratory Medicine (HM)           FREQUENCY: Monthly

Review of Palaeobotany and          Frequency: 20 Issues Per
Palynology                          Year

                                  6 Issues Per
Robotics and Computer-Integrated ManufacturingYear
Schizophrenia Research (HM) (PSY) FREQUENCY: 27 issues
                                  per year

Science of the Total Environment    FREQUENCY: Weekly

Scientia Horticulturae (AGB)        FREQUENCY: 16 issues
                                    per year

Sedimentary Geology (EPS)           FREQUENCY: 40 issues
                                    per year

Seminars in Arthritis and           Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Rheumatism                          Year

Seminars in Cancer Biology (HM)     FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Seminars in Cell and             FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Developmental Biology (HM) (BGM)

Seminars in Immunology (HM) (IMB) FREQUENCY: Bimonthly

Sensors & Actuators, B: Chemical    FREQUENCY: 16 times per
(IP) (CHM)                          year
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical   FREQUENCY: 16 times per
(IP) (CHM)                          year
Separation and Purification           FREQUENCY: 18 issues
Technology (CHM) (ENV)                per year

Signal Processing (IP) (CPS) (ENG) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Social Science & Medicine (HM)        FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Soil and Tillage Research (AGB)       FREQUENCY: 10 issues
(ANV)                                 per year

Soil Biology and Biochemistry         FREQUENCY: Monthly

Soil Dynamics and Earthquake          Frequency: Monthly

Solar Energy (ENR)                    FREQUENCY: Monthly

Solar Energy Materials and Solar      FREQUENCY: 20 issues
Cells (IP) (ENR)                      per year

Solid State Communications (IP)       FREQUENCY: Weekly

Solid State Ionics (IP) (CHM)         FREQUENCY: 40 issues
                                      per year
Solid-State Electronics (IP) ((ENG)   FREQUENCY: Monthly

Spectrochimica Acta Part A:           FREQUENCY: 15 issue per
Molecular and Biomolecular            year
Spectroscopy (BGM) (CHM)

Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic FREQUENCY: Monthly
Spectroscopy (CHM) (ENG)
Speech Communication (IP) (ARH)      FREQUENCY: Monthly

Statistics & Probability Letters     Frequency: 18 Issues Per

Steroids (HM) (BGM) (PTP)            FREQUENCY: 14 issues
                                     per year

Stochastic Processes and their       Frequency: Monthly

Structure (IP) (HM) (BGM)            FREQUENCY: Monthly

Surface and Coatings Technology      FREQUENCY: Biweekly
(IP) (MAT) (PHA)

Surface Science (Including Surface   FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Science Letters) (IP) (CHM) (PHA)

Surface Science Reports (IP) (CHM) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Surgery (IP) (HM) (MED)              FREQUENCY: Monthly

Surgical Neurology (HM)              FREQUENCY: Monthly

Survey of Ophthalmology (HM)         FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Synthetic Metals (IP) (MAT)      FREQUENCY: Biweekly

System (IP)                      FREQUENCY: Quarterly

Systems & Control Letters        Frequency: Monthly

Talanta (CHM)                    FREQUENCY: 15 issues
                                 per year
Teaching and Teacher Education   FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
(SOS)                            year

Tectonophysics (EPS) (PHA)       FREQUENCY: 68 issues
                                 per year

Telecommunications Policy        Frequency: 11 issues Per

Tetrahedron (IP) (BGM) (CHM) (PTP) FREQUENCY: Weekly

Tetrahedron Letters (IP) (BGM)   FREQUENCY: Weekly

Tetrahedron: Asymmetry (IP) (CHM) FREQUENCY: Biweekly

The American Journal of          FREQUENCY: 7 issues per
Emergency Medicine (HM)          year
The Journal of Arthroplasty (HM)      FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

The Journal of Nutritional            FREQUENCY: Monthly
Biochemistry (BGM) (CHM) (PTP)

The Journal of Supercritical Fluids   FREQUENCY: Monthly

The Lancet Infectious Diseases        FREQUENCY: Monthly
(HM) (IMB)
The Lancet Neurology (HM) (NEU)       FREQUENCY: Monthly

The Lancet Oncology (HM)              FREQUENCY: Monthly

The Veterinary Journal (VSV)          FREQUENCY: Monthly

Theoretical Population Biology        Frequency: 8 Issues Per

Thermochimica Acta (IP) (BGM)         FREQUENCY: 30 issues
(ENG)                                 per year

Thin Solid Films (IP) (MAT (PHA)      FREQUENCY: Weekly (46

Thin-Walled Structures                Frequency: Monthly

Thrombosis Research (HM)              FREQUENCY: Monthly

Tourism Management (ABF)              FREQUENCY: Bimonthly
Toxicology (HM) (AGB) (ENV)        FREQUENCY: 42 issues
                                   per year

Toxicology and Applied             FREQUENCY: Biweekly
Pharmacology (BGM) (PTP)

Toxicology in Vitro (BGM) (PTP)    FREQUENCY: 8 issues per

Toxicology Letters (PTP) (HM)      FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Toxicon (HM) (BGM) (PTP)           FREQUENCY: 16 issues
                                   per year

TrAC Trends in Analytical          FREQUENCY: Monthly
Chemistry (CHM)

Translational Research             Frequency: Monthly

Transplantation Proceedings (HM)   FREQUENCY: 10 issues
(MED)                              per year
Transportation Research Part B:    Frequency: 10 Issues Per
Methodological                     Year

Trends in Biochemical Sciences (IP) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Trends in Biotechnology (IP) (BGM) FREQUENCY: Monthly
Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine   FREQUENCY: 8 issues per
(HM)                                year

Trends in Cell Biology (BGM)        FREQUENCY: Monthly

Trends in Cognitive Sciences (PSY) FREQUENCY: Monthly

Trends in Ecology & Evolution       FREQUENCY: Monthly
Trends in Endocrinology and         FREQUENCY: Monthly
Metabolism (HM) (BGM)

Trends in Food Science &            FREQUENCY: Monthly
Technology (BGM)

Trends in Genetics (BGM)            FREQUENCY: Monthly

Trends in Immunology                Frequency: Monthly

Trends in Immunology (IP) (IMB)     FREQUENCY: Monthly

Trends in Microbiology (IP) (IMB)   FREQUENCY: Monthly

Trends in Molecular Medicine (IP)   FREQUENCY: Monthly
(IMB) (HM)

Trends in Neurosciences (IP) (NEU) FREQUENCY: Monthly
Trends in Parasitology              Frequency: Monthly

Trends in Parasitology (HM) (AGB)   FREQUENCY: Monthly

Trends in Pharmacological           FREQUENCY: Monthly
Sciences (PTP)

Trends in Plant Science (AGB)       FREQUENCY: Monthly
Tribology International (CEG)       FREQUENCY: Monthly

Ultramicroscopy (ENG)               FREQUENCY: Monthly

Ultrasonics                         Frequency: 8 Issues Per
Urology (HM) (MED)                FREQUENCY: Monthly

Vaccine (IP) (HM) (IMB) (MED)     FREQUENCY: Weekly

Vacuum (ENG)                      FREQUENCY: Monthly

Veterinary Microbiology (VSV)     FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Virology (IP) (HM) (IMB)          FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Virus Research (IP) (HM) (IMB)    FREQUENCY: 16 issues
                                  per year
Vision Research (HM) (MED)        FREQUENCY: 28 issues
                                  per year

Waste Management (ENV)            FREQUENCY: Monthly

Water Research (IP) (EPS) (ENV)   FREQUENCY: 20 issues
                                  per year
Wear (IP) (ENG)                   FREQUENCY: Biweekly

Women's Studies International     Frequency: 6 Issues Per
Forum                             Year

World Development (SOS)           FREQUENCY: Monthly
This publication provides wide coverage of the general areas relating to accidental injury and damage,
including the pre-injury and immediate post-injury phases. Published papers deal with medical, legal,
economic, educational, behavioral, theoretical or empirical aspects of transportation accidents as well as
with accidents at other sites.
Accident and Emergency Nursing is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to nurses and other professionals
involved in emergency care. It aims to promote excellence through dissemination of high quality research
findings, specialist knowledge and discussion of professional issues that reflect the diversity of this field.

The focus of the Journal is on empirical studies and evaluative review articles that increase the theoretical
understanding of human capabilities. The majority of papers deal with human performance, attention,
perception, memory, and decision-making but papers concerned with social processes, development,
psychopathology, neuroscience or computational modeling.
Acta Tropica is an international journal that covers biomedical and health sciences with particular emphasis
on topics relevant to human and animal health in the tropics and subtropics.
Acute Pain is a peer-reviewed international journal and has a specific emphasis on the clinical presentation
and treatment of acute pain, in particular, the practical issues of organization, techniques, safety and
The journal specifically focuses on studies related to the abuse of alcohol, drugs and nicotine. Articles
represent interdisciplinary endeavors with research in such fields as psychology, psychiatry, epidemiology,
medicine, pharmacology and neuroscience.
The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for the critical analysis of advanced drug- and gene-delivery
systems and their applications in human and veterinary medicine. The journal has a broad scope, covering
the key issues for effective drug and gene delivery, from administration to site-specific delivery.

Each year Advances in Anesthesia brings you the best current thinking from the preeminent practitioners in
the field. A distinguished editorial board identifies areas of major progress they feel every practitioner should
be familiar with.
Any subject within the realm of colloid and surface science will be deemed appropriate for this Advances
journal. The subject matter should be treated in depth as a review of the current state of the subject area.

Advances in Water Resources provides a forum for the presentation of fundamental scientific advances in
the understanding of water resources systems. The scope of Advances in Water Resources includes any
combination of theoretical, computational or experimental approaches used to advance fundamental
understanding of surface or subsurface water resources systems.
Aggression and Violent Behavior is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes substantive and integrative
reviews, as well as summary reports of innovative ongoing clinical research programs on a wide range of
topics germane to the field of aggression and violent behavior.
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology is an international journal for the publication of original articles and
reviews on the inter-relationship between meteorology and the fields of plant, animal and soil sciences,
ecology and biogeochemistry.
Agricultural Systems is an international journal that deals with interactions—among the components of
agricultural systems, among hierarchical levels of agricultural systems, between agricultural and other land
use systems, and between agricultural systems and their natural and social environments. In particular, its
aim is to encourage integration of knowledge among those disciplines that underpin agriculture.

The journal publishes papers of international significance regarding the science, economics and policy of
agricultural water management. The scope includes many topics: farm-level and regional water
management, irrigation, drainage and salinity management of cultivated areas, collection and storage of
rainfall in relation to soil properties and vegetation; the role of groundwater and surface water in nutrient
cycling, etc.
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment deals with the interface between agriculture and the environment. It
seeks to provide a science forum to discuss how agricultural practices influence the broader environment
and how changes outside agriculture affect agricultural systems.
Alcohol is an international, peer-reviewed journal that is devoted to publishing multi-disciplinary biomedical
research on all aspects of the actions or effects of alcohol on the nervous system or on other organ systems.

Publishes suitable articles on topics pertaining to the broad discipline of cardiovascular disease. The goal is
to provide the reader primary investigation, scholarly review and opinion concerning the practice of
cardiovascular medicine.
The “Gray Journal” provides comprehensive coverage of topics in ob/gyn and women’s health including
maternal-fetal medicine, reproductive endocrinology/infertility and gynecologic oncology.
This peer-reviewed, scientific publication welcomes the submission of original, previously unpublished
manuscripts directed to ophthalmologists and visual science specialists describing clinical investigations,
clinical observations and clinically relevant laboratory investigations.
Analytica Chimica Acta provides a forum for the rapid publication of original research and critical reviews
dealing with all aspects of fundamental and applied modern analytical science. The journal welcomes the
submission of research papers which report studies concerning the development of new and significant
analytical methodologies.
Analytical Biochemistry emphasizes methods in the biological and biochemical sciences.

Growing interest in behavioural biology and the international reputation of Animal Behaviour prompted an
expansion to monthly publication as it continues to be the journal of choice for biologists, ethologists,
psychologists, physiologists and veterinarians with an interest in the subject.
Animal Feed Science and Technology is a unique journal publishing scientific papers of international interest
that deal with the production, composition and nutritive value of animal feeds.
Annals of Epidemiology is a peer- reviewed, international journal devoted to epidemiologic research and
methodological development. The journal emphasizes the application of epidemiologic methods to issues
that affect the distribution and determinants of human illness in diverse contexts.
The journal publishes papers on particular topics spanning theory, methodology, and applications. Ideas are
developed and fully explored, and thorough treatment is given to first principles and ultimate applications.
Annals of Physics emphasizes clarity and intelligibility in the articles it publishes, thus making them as
accessible as possible. Readers familiar with recent developments in the field are provided with sufficient
detail and background to follow the arguments and understand their significance.

Antiviral Research publishes full-length original articles, short definitive papers and review articles (one per
issue) pertaining to the effective control of viral infections in animals and man as well as in plants or lower
Appetite is an international research journal specializing in behavioral nutrition and the cultural, sensory and
physiological influences on choices and intakes of foods and drinks. It covers normal and disordered eating
and drinking, dietary attitudes and practices, and all aspects of the bases of human and animal behavior
toward food.
Manufacturing, Automation and Mobile Robots, Virtual Reality, Image Processing and Computer Vision
Systems, Photonics Networks, Genomics and Bioinformatics, Brain Mapping, Language and Search Engine
Design, User-friendly Man Machine Interface, Data Compression and Text Abstraction and Summarization,
Virtual Reality, Finance and Economics Modelling and Optimisation
Since its launch in 1968, Applied Acoustics has been publishing high quality research papers providing state-
of-the-art coverage of research findings for engineers and scientists involved in applications of acoustics in
the widest sense.
Find published papers on all aspects of catalysis of basic and practical interest. The scope of Applied
Catalysis A: General includes scientific understanding of any catalytic phenomenon; scientific aspects of
preparation, activation, aging, deactivation, rejuvenation, regeneration and start-up transient effects of
commercially interesting or representative model catalysts; and more.
This resource covers the catalytic chemistry of polluting substances, including the catalytic elimination of
environmentally hazardous effluents, nitrogen oxides, sulphur compounds, carbon monoxide, chlorinated
and other organic compounds, used catalysts, etc. from stationary or mobile sources, in air, water, soil, etc.

Applied Clay Science is an international publication medium for research papers, reviews, and resource and
technical notes in the field of applied clay science and technology in a broad sense.

The journal covers items such as:
- Clay characterisation related to optimum industrial utilisation
- Clay product preparation, including such topics as mineral extraction, mineral processing and modification
of clay properties
- Chemical, mineralogical, geochemical and physical properties and behaviour of clay minerals related to
applications in the industrial production of: ceramics, construction materials, refractories, fillers and carriers
(paper, paint, rubber, plastics, insecticides, animal food)
- The role of clays and clay minerals as process aids: catalytic uses, adsorptive applications, filtering and
refining media, slurry uses (drilling muds, etc.), bounding and pelletising applications, foundry moulding
- Influence of clay composition and fabric on permeability and reservoir properties
- Geotechnical applications of clays and clay minerals
- Agricultural application such as the influence of clays on soil structure, fertility and water requirements
- Environmental applications of clay science such as radioactive waste disposal, and water engineering
- Justifications of quality requirements of clays and clay minerals.

Applied Energy provides a forum for information and ideas in the areas of energy conversion, conservation
and the optimal management and use of energy and power resources. The breadth of coverage ranges from
ambient energy, through combustion and processes of electricity release, to the economic use of power in
Applied Ergonomics is aimed at ergonomists and all those interested in applying ergonomics/human factors
in the design, planning and management of technical and social systems at work or leisure. Readership is
truly international with subscribers in over 50 countries.
Applied Geochemistry is an international journal devoted to publication of original research papers, rapid
research communications and selected review papers in geochemistry and cosmochemistry which have
some practical application to an aspect of human endeavor.
Applied Mathematical Modelling covers a wide spectrum of subjects including heat transfer, fluid mechanics,
CFD, and transport phenomena; solid mechanics and mechanics of metals; electromagnets and MHD;
reliability modelling and system optimization; finite volume, finite element, and boundary element
procedures; decision sciences in an industrial and manufacturing context; civil engineering systems and
structures; mineral and energy resources; relevant software engineering issues associated with CAD and
CAE; and materials and metallurgical engineering.
Applied Mathematics and Computation addresses work at the interface between applied mathematics,
numerical computation, and applications of systems-oriented ideas to the physical, biological, social and
behavioral sciences.
Applied Radiation and Isotopes provides a high quality medium for the publication of substantial, original and
scientific and technological papers on the development and applications of nuclear, radiation and
radionuclide techniques in chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biology, medicine, engineering and in the earth,
planetary and environmental sciences.
Applied Soil Ecology addresses the role of soil organisms and their interactions in relation to: agricultural
productivity, nutrient cycling and other soil processes, the maintenance of soil structure and fertility, the
impact of human activities and xenobiotics on soil ecosystems and bio(techno)logical control of soil-
inhabiting pests, diseases and weeds.
Applied Surface Science is concerned with applied physics and chemistry of surfaces and interfaces and
with the atomistic description of processing, modification and characterization of surfaces, interfaces and
thin films.
Applied Thermal Engineering publishes original, high-quality research papers and ancillary features,
spanning activities ranging from fundamental research to troubleshooting in existing plants and equipment.

Aquacultural Engineering is concerned with the design and development of effective aquacultural systems
for marine and freshwater facilities. The journal aims to apply the knowledge gained from basic research
which potentially can be translated into commercial operations.

Problems of scale-up and application of research data involve many parameters, both physical and
biological, making it difficult to anticipate the interaction between the unit processes and the cultured
animals. Aquacultural Engineering aims to develop this bioengineering interface for aquaculture and
welcomes contributions in the following areas:

– engineering and design of aquaculture facilities
– engineering-based research studies
– construction experience and techniques
– in-service experience, commissioning, operation
– materials selection and their uses
– quantification of biological data and constraints

Style of presentation is flexible, but those papers dealing with specific problems should attempt to define
them clearly in terms of systems engineering, quantifying the constraints, proposing solutions, implementing
and detailing the design, and finally evaluating the outcome.
An international journal devoted to research on the exploration, improvement and management of all aquatic
food resources, both floristic and faunistic, from freshwater, brackish and marine environments, related
directly or indirectly to human consumption.
Aquatic Botany is concerned with fundamental studies on structure, function, dynamics and classification of
plant-dominated aquatic communities and ecosystems, as well as molecular, biochemical and physiological
aspects of aquatic plants.
Aquatic Toxicology publishes original scientific papers dealing with the mechanisms of toxicity in aquatic
environments and the understanding of responses to toxic agents at community, species, tissue, cellular and
subcellular levels, including aspects of uptake, metabolism and excretion of toxicants; understanding effects
of toxic substances on aquatic ecosystems; and more.
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics publishes articles in developing areas of biochemistry and
biophysics, including those related to molecular biology, cell biology and developmental biology.
Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics provides a medium for the publication of papers from the fields of
experimental gerontology and clinical and social geriatrics. The principal aim of the journal is to facilitate the
exchange of information between specialists in these three fields of gerontological research. Experimental
papers dealing with the basic mechanisms of aging at molecular, cellular, tissue or organ levels will be

Clinical papers will be accepted if they provide sufficiently new information or are of fundamental importance
for the knowledge of human aging. Purely descriptive clinical papers will be accepted only if the results
permit further interpretation. Papers dealing with anti-aging pharmacological preparations in humans are
welcome. Papers on the social aspects of geriatrics will be accepted if they are of general interest regarding
the epidemiology of aging and the efficiency and working methods of the social organizations for the health
care of the elderly.
Archives of Oral Biology is an international journal that aims to publish papers of the highest scientific quality
in the oral and craniofacial sciences. The journal is particularly interested in research which advances
knowledge in the mechanisms of craniofacial development and disease.
Artificial Intelligence , which commenced publication in 1970, is now the generally accepted international
forum for the publication of results of current research in this field.
The main aim of Atmospheric Environment is to provide a scientific understanding of the consequences of
natural and human-induced perturbations of the Earth’s atmosphere. Areas covered include air pollution
research and its applications, air quality and its effects, dispersion and transport, deposition, biospheric-
atmospheric exchange, atmospheric chemistry and induced changes in radiation and climate.

Autoimmunity Reviews will publish up-to-date, concise, structured reviews on diverse topics in
autoimmunity, written by first-class experts in the field. Articles will principally be invited by the editors-in-
chief upon the recommendations of the international editorial board, and will cover all fields of
Automatica publishes papers on original theoretical and experimental research and development in the
control of systems, involving all facets of automatic control theory and its applications.
BBA (Biochimica et Biophysica Acta) Bioenergetics covers the area of biological energy transfer and
conversion, focusing on the structures and molecular mechanisms of the components of photosynthesis,
mitochondrial and bacterial respiration, oxidative phosphorylation, motility and transport.

BBA Biomembranes has its main focus on membrane structure, function and biomolecular organization,
membrane proteins, receptors, channels and anchors, fluidity and composition, model membranes and
liposomes, membrane surface studies and ligand interactions, transport studies and membranes dynamics.

BBA’s BBA Gene Structure and Expression covers DNA and RNA structure, DNA replication, damage and
repair, gene rearrangements and recombination, control of gene expression, transcription and translation
mechanisms, RNA processing, cell-cycle control, nucleic acid-ligand interactions, DNA-modifying enzymes,
viral systems and molecular genetics.
BBA’s BBA General Subjects contains a wide diversity of papers and provides a vehicle for publication of
novel and challenging subjects in developing areas of research not yet established, as well as completing
BBA’s coverage of other important areas of biochemistry (glycobiology and novel compounds) and
biophysics for which no specialized journal section exists.
BBA Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids addresses the analysis and characterization of the lipidome that
covers all lipid species or proportions thereof in a cell, tissue or whole organism. The lipidomics approach
includes the interaction of lipids with other biomolecules with respect to molecular genetic and biochemical
regulation of lipid transport and metabolism, lipid signaling pathways, and modifications by and of lipids.

BBA Molecular Basis of Disease addresses the biochemistry and molecular genetics of disease processes
and their models. The section covers metabolic, membrane, receptor and immunological disorders, and
includes the biochemistry of differentiation disorders, tissue damage and aging.
BBA Molecular Cell Research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of cellular processes at the
molecular level. These include aspects of cellular signaling, signal transduction, cell cycle, apoptosis,
intracellular trafficking, secretory and endocytic pathways, biogenesis of cell organelles, cytoskeletal
structures, cellular interactions, cell/tissue differentiation and cellular enzymology.
BBA Proteins and Proteomics covers protein structure conformation and dynamics, protein-ligand
interactions, enzyme mechanisms, models and kinetics, physical properties and spectroscopy. Concise and
comprehensive reviews of recent developments are considered for publication.
BBA Reviews on Cancer covers the whole field of the biology and biochemistry of cancer, emphasizing
oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, growth-related cell cycle control signaling, carcinogenesis
mechanisms, cell transformation, immunologic control mechanisms, genetics of human (mammalian)
cancer, control of cell proliferation, genetic and molecular control of organismic development and rational
anti-tumor drug design
Today the scope of the journal includes all of what is commonly referred to as cognitive behavior therapy
(CBT). In addition to traditional clinical disorders, the scope of the Journal also includes behavioral medicine
or medical psychology.
Behavioural Brain Research is an international, interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the publication of
articles in the field of behavioural neuroscience, broadly defined. Contributions from the entire range of
disciplines that comprise the neurosciences, behavioural sciences or cognitive sciences are appropriate, as
long as the goal is to delineate the neural mechanisms underlying behaviour.
Behavioural Processes is dedicated to the publication of high-quality original research on animal behaviour from an
Best Practice & Research Clinical Gastroenterology will provide a comprehensive review of current clinical
practice and thinking within the specialty of gastroenterology. All chapters are commissioned and written by
an international team of practicing clinicians with the guest editors for each issue drawn from a pool of
renowned experts and opinion leaders.
Best Practice & Research Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology will provide a comprehensive review of
current clinical practice and thinking within the specialties of obstetrics and gynaecology.

Best Practice and Research Clinical Rheumatology keeps the clinician or trainee informed of the latest
developments and current recommended practice in the rapidly advancing fields of musculoskeletal
conditions and science. The series provides a continuous update of current clinical practice. It is a topical
serial publication that covers the spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions in a four-year cycle.

The premier international journal devoted to the very rapid dissemination of timely and significant
experimental results in diverse fields of biological research.

Biochemical Engineering Journal aims to promote progress in the crucial chemical engineering aspects of
the development of biological processes associated with everything from raw materials preparation to
product recovery, relevant to industries as diverse as medical/healthcare, food and environmental protection.

This international journal is devoted to publishing original work on the interaction of drugs and non-
therapeutic xenobiotics with biological systems.
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology is devoted to the publication of original papers and reviews in two
subject areas: the application of biochemistry to problems relating to systematic biology of organisms
(biochemical systematics), and the role of biochemistry in interactions between organisms or between an
organism and its environment.
BBA Proteins and Proteomics section covers protein structure conformation and dynamics, protein-ligand
interactions, enzyme mechanisms, models and kinetics, physical properties and spectroscopy. Concise and
comprehensive reviews of recent developments are considered for publication. However, authors are
strongly advised to consult one of the Executive Editors before starting a review.

Biochimie is a multi-topical journal, publishing original work as well as review articles and mini-reviews in all
areas of biology (enzymology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, structure of macromolecules, etc.).

Biological Conservation has as its main purpose the widest dissemination of original papers dealing with the
preservation of wildlife and the conservation or wise use of biological and allied natural resources. It is
concerned with plants and animals and their habitats in a changing and increasingly man–dominated
biosphere—in fresh and salt waters as well as on land and in the atmosphere.
Biological Control encompasses biological control of viral, microbial, nematode, insect, mite, weed and
vertebrate pests in agriculture, aquatic, forest, natural resource, stored product and urban environments.
Biological control of arthropod pests of human and domestic animals is included.
Biological Psychology publishes original scientific papers on the biological aspects of psychological states
and processes. Biological aspects include electrophysiology and biochemical assessments during
psychological experiments as well as biologically induced changes in psychological function.
The scope of the journal covers the basic science and engineering aspects of biomaterials, including their
mechanical, physical, chemical and biological properties, relevant design and production characteristics of
devices constructed of these materials, and their clinical performance.
An international multidisciplinary journal with two objectives:
- to create an interface between clinical and laboratory responses to drugs and to investigate critical
approaches to different pathologies with regard to biological and clinical data,
- to provide a niche for authors whose work is not directly defined by the review criteria of existing journals.

Provides an international forum for the publication of full, original research papers and critical reviews on
molecular interactions in key biological targets such as receptors, channels, enzymes, nucleotides, lipids and
Presents preliminary experimental or theoretical research results of outstanding significance and timeliness
on all aspects of science at the interface of chemistry and biology and on major advances in drug design and
Biophysical Chemistry publishes original research and authoritative reviews at the interface of physics,
chemistry and biology. The journal focuses on experimental and theoretical topics relevant to the
understanding of biological macromolecules and biological systems in terms of the principles and methods
of physics and chemistry.
The journal’s aim is to advance and disseminate knowledge in all related areas such as biomass, biological
waste treatment, bioenergy, biotransformations and bioresource systems analysis, and technologies
associated with conversion or production.
Biosensors and Bioelectronics is the principal international journal devoted to research, design,
development and application of biosensors and bioelectronics. It is an interdisciplinary journal serving
professionals with an interest in the exploitation of biological materials and designs in novel diagnostic and
electronic devices including DNA chips, electronic noses and micro total analysis systems.

BioSystems encourages experimental, computational, and theoretical articles that link biology, evolutionary
thinking, and the information processing sciences. The link areas form a circle that encompasses the
fundamental nature of biological information processing, computational modeling of complex biological
systems, evolutionary models of computation, the application of biological principles to the design of novel
computing systems, and the use of biomolecular materials to synthesize artificial systems that capture
essential principles of natural biological information processing.

Biotechnology Advances is devoted to all areas of biotechnology including relevant aspects of its disciplinary
underpinnings in biology, chemistry and engineering.
This respected International journal, Blood Reviews , is a vital information resource, bringing together
appraisals of clinical practice, and research from recognized experts. Specially commissioned articles from
leading researchers and practitioners guarantee truly global coverage of all the sub-specialties of

Blood Reviews publishes review articles covering the spectrum of clinical and laboratory haematological
practice and research. Although most reviews are invited, the editors welcome suggestions from potential
authors. They should first write a brief outline of an intended review and send this to Dr Trevor Baglin or to
Dr Jacob M Rowe.
Covers cell and molecular biology of bone cells and cartilage cells; cellular basis of normal and disordered
bone development and remodeling; histology, static and dynamic histiomorphometry at the light and electron
microscopic levels; and more.
Brain and Cognition , a journal of clinical, experimental and theoretical research, publishes original research
articles, theoretical papers, critical reviews, case histories, historical articles and scholarly notes. Coverage
includes but is not limited to: memory, cognition, emotion, perception, movement or praxis in relationship to
brain structure or function.
An interdisciplinary journal, Brain and Language a journal of clinical, experimental and theoretical research,
publishes original research articles, theoretical papers, critical reviews, case histories, historical studies and
scholarly notes. Contributions are relevant to human language or communication in relation to any aspect of
the brain or brain function.
Publishes papers reporting interdisciplinary investigations of nervous system structure, function and
chemistry at all levels of resolution, from molecular to behavioral and social that are of general interest to the
broad community of neuroscientists.
Brain Research Bulletin is dedicated to the rapid publication of significant research articles and reviews in all
areas of the neurosciences.
Cognitive Brain Research, Developmental Brain Research, Molecular Brain Research and Brain Research
Protocols are merged into Brain Research and will cease publication. The scope of Brain Research
(publishing articles describing primary research) as well as Brain Research Reviews (publishing review
articles) is now expanded to encompass all aspects of modern neuroscience.
Building and Environment publishes original papers and review articles on building research and its
applications, and on the environmental, technological and cultural contexts of building research and
architectural science.
Publishes reports of novel results in any area of cancer research, from molecular and cellular biology to
clinical oncology.
Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics offers in-depth coverage of the cellular and molecular aspects of cancer
research. This highly acclaimed journal features original articles focusing on the latest knowledge and
advances in the area of cytogenetics and cancer genetics.
This journal provides rapid publication of brief articles in the broad area of cancer research. The primary
criterion for publication is interest to a multidisciplinary audience.
Cancer Treatment Reviews is an International journal that helps keep both the clinician and researcher
abreast of developments in cancer treatment research throught the publication of state-of-the-art,
authoritative reviews.
Covers the study and exploitation of carbohydrate polymers which have current or potential industrial
application in areas such as food, textiles, paper, wood, adhesives, biodegradables, biorefining,
pharmaceuticals and oil recovery.
Since its inception in 1965, Carbohydrate Research has gained a reputation for its high standard and wide
scope, which includes all aspects of carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry. Articles published in the
journal cover sugars and their derivatives (also cyclitols and model compounds for carbohydrate reactions),
oligo- and polysaccharides, nucleosides, nucleotides and glycoconjugates.
Carbon publishes papers that deal with original research on the chemistry, physics and technology of
carbonaceous solids consisting essentially of aromatically or tetrahedrally bonded carbon atoms and the
materials produced from them. These materials range through chars, activated and pyrolytic carbons
(including carbon blacks and soot), graphites, diamond, carbon nanotubes and the fullerenes.

Concentrating on the rapid publication of papers devoted to currently important topics in catalysis and related
subjects, Catalysis Today differs from conventional journals in that each issue contains papers on a
common theme. Both fundamental and applied aspects of catalysis are covered. While many of the issues
are concerned with heterogeneous catalysis, subjects such as homogeneous catalysis and enzymatic
catalysis may also be included.

CATENA publishes papers describing original field and laboratory investigations and reviews on geoecology
and landscape evolution with emphasis on interdisciplinary aspects of soil science, hydrology and
For more than 30 years, top international researchers have relied on Cell to publish high-impact papers that
have come to form the foundation of contemporary life science research. Cell includes original research
articles of exceptional significance in areas including molecular biology, biochemistry, cancer research, cell
biology, developmental biology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, plant biology, structural
biology and virology.
Cell Biology International is the official publication of the International Federation for Cell Biology. Each
month, the journal publishes easy-to-assimilate, up-to-the-minute reports of experimental findings by
researchers using a wide range of the latest techniques.
Cell Calcium covers all fields of calcium metabolism and signaling in living systems, publishing works from
all branches of life science and medicine. This includes all aspects of calcium in biological systems from
inorganic chemistry to physiology, molecular biology and pathology.
Cellular Immunology publishes original investigations concerned with the immunological activities of cells in
experimental or clinical situations. The scope of the journal encompasses the broad area of in vitro and in
vivo studies of cellular immune responses.
This journal publishes full-length, original papers covering all aspects of mechanisms, actions and structural
components of cellular signaling systems.
This journal is designed to reflect current developments and advances being made in the general field of
cement-concrete composites technology and in the production, use and performance of cement-based
construction materials in general. The word cement is interpreted here in a wide sense to include not only
Portland cement but also other matrices such as composite cements, resins, polymers and sulphur.

The aim of this journal is to publish the best research on cement, cement composites, concrete and other
allied materials that incorporate cement.
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals provides a medium for the rapid publication of full-length original papers, short
communications, reviews and tutorial articles in: deterministic chaos and fractals, bifurcation and singularity
theory, stability theory, soliton and coherent phenomena, formation of patterns, evolution, complexity theory
and more.
Chemical Engineering and Processing is a journal intended for practicing engineers in industry and
academia. The aim of the published articles is to demonstrate how novel discoveries, developments and
theories may be used for improved analysis and design of chemical engineering equipment and processes.

The Chemical Engineering Journal focuses upon three aspects of chemical engineering: chemical reaction
engineering, environmental chemical engineering and materials synthesis and processing.
This journal publishes papers on the fundamentals of chemical engineering, including applications of
biology, chemistry and physics.
Chemical Geology (including Isotope Geoscience) is an international journal that publishes original research
papers on the isotopic and elemental geochemistry and geochronology of the Earth. The journal is
concerned with chemical processes in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary petrology, low- and high-
temperature aqueous solutions, biogeochemistry and the environment.
Chemical Physics publishes experimental and theoretical papers on all aspects of chemical physics. The
subjects that constitute the main areas of interest for this journal include: subject matter in the fields of
spectroscopy and molecular structure, interacting systems, relaxation phenomena, biological systems,
fundamental problems in molecular reactivity, molecular quantum theory and statistical mechanics.

Publishes brief reports of original and timely research on the structures, properties and dynamics of
molecules, solid surfaces, interfaces, condensed phases, polymers, nanostructures and biomolecular
Chemico-Biological Interactions publishes research reports and review articles that examine the molecular,
cellular and/or biochemical basis of toxicologically relevant outcomes. Special emphasis is placed on
mechanisms associated with interactions between chemicals and biological systems.
Chemistry & Biology publishes reports of novel investigations in all areas at the interface of chemistry and
Chemistry and Physics of Lipids publishes research papers and review articles in the field of molecular
biology which emphasise chemical and physical aspects of lipids.
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems publishes original research papers, short
communications, reviews, tutorials and software descriptions reporting on novel developments in techniques
for chemistry and related disciplines that are characterised by the application of statistical and computer

The journal deals with the following topics:
1) Development of new statistical, mathematical and chemometrical methods for Chemistry and related
fields (Environmental Chemistry, Biochemistry, Toxicology, System Biology etc.)

2) Applications of chemometrics to all branches of Chemistry and related fields (typical domains of interest
are: process control, experimental design, data mining, signal processing, supervised modelling, decision
making, robust statistics, mixture analysis, multivariate calibration etc.)

3) Development of new software

4) Well characterized data sets to test performance for the new methods and software.
Chemosphere is an international journal designed for the rapid publication of original communications as
well as review articles. Chemosphere, as a multidisciplinary journal, offers maximum dissemination of
investigations related to all aspects of environmental science.
This journal provides an international, multidisciplinary forum on all aspects of child abuse and neglect, with
special emphasis on prevention and treatment; the scope extends further to all those aspects of life which
either favor or hinder child development.
Children and Youth Services Review is an interdisciplinary forum for critical scholarship regarding service
programs for children and youth.
Cities offers a comprehensive range of articles on all aspects of urban policy. It provides an international
and interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of ideas and information between urban planners and policy
makers from national and local government, non-government organizations, academia and consultancy.

The primary aims of the journal are to analyse and assess past and present urban development and
management as a reflection of effective, ineffective and non-existent planning policies; and the promotion of
the implementation of appropriate urban policies in both the developed and the developing world.

Topics covered include: Housing, homelessness and health; urban management; public-private sector
cooperation; Third World development and planning problems; urban regeneration; urban conservation and
design; technological innovation and urban planning; urban transportation.

Each issue also features a profile of a major city. Coverage includes a brief description of the city's historical
development, an account of comtemporary conditions, problems or issues, and a critical review of recent or
current policy, planning or management responses.

Clinica Chimica Acta publishes original Research Communications in the field of clinical chemistry and
laboratory medicine, defined as the application of chemistry, biochemistry, immunochemistry, biochemical
aspects of hematology, toxicology, and molecular biology to the study of human disease in body fluids, cells
or tissues.
The official journal of the Clinical Immunology Society, this journal publishes original research on the
molecular and cellular bases of immunological disease. The journal also features short analytical reviews of
timely topics in basic immunology, case reports and letters to the editor.
Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery is devoted to publishing papers and reports on the clinical aspects of
neurology and neurosurgery.

Types of Papers:
• Neurological progress, concerning new developments in the field of clinical neurology and neurosurgery
• Special articles, written by invited authors
• Original articles, full-length papers devoted to the scope and purpose of the journal
• Case histories, reporting unusual clinical syndromes or diseases. These papers should be no less than 3
pages print, not including illustrations and tables.

Publishes substantive reviews of topics germane to clinical psychology. Its purpose is to help clinical
psychologists keep up-to-date on relevant issues outside of their immediate areas of expertise.
The journal publishes in-journal and freestanding supplements based on proceedings of symposia and
investigator meetings and collected articles on topics such as single drugs with multiple disease applications
and diseases for which multiple therapeutic approaches exist.
Clinics in Dermatology brings you the most practical and comprehensive information on the treatment and
care of skin disorders. Each issue features a guest editor and is devoted to a single timely topic relating to
clinical dermatology.
This international journal is indispensable reading for engineers working in the field of marine and coastal
technology. Combining practical application with modern technological and scientific achievements, it
publishes fundamental studies as well as case histories on the following aspects of coastal, harbour and
offshore engineering: studies on waves and currents; coastal morphology; estuary hydraulics; harbour and
offshore structures.
Cognition is an international journal that publishes theoretical and experimental papers on the study of the
mind. It covers a wide variety of subjects concerning all the different aspects of cognition, ranging from
biological and experimental studies to formal analysis.
Cognitive Psychology is concerned with advances in the study of memory, language processing, perception,
problem solving, and thinking. Research Areas include:

• Artificial intelligence
• Developmental psychology
• Linguistics
• Social psychology

Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects is an international journal devoted to
the science of the fundamentals, engineering fundamentals and applications of colloidal and interfacial
phenomena and processes.

Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces is an international journal devoted to fundamental and applied
research on colloid and interfacial phenomena in relation to systems of biological origin, having particular
relevance to the medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food and cosmetic fields.
Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology of Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology deals with
molecular, cellular, integrative and ecological physiology. Topics include bioenergetics, circulation,
development, excretion, ion regulation, endocrinology, neurobiology, nutrition, respiration and thermal
Part B: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology covers biochemical
and molecular biology aspects of metabolism, enzymology, regulation, nutrition, signal transduction,
promoters, gene structure and regulation, metabolite and cell constituents, macromolecular structures,
adaptational mechanisms and evolutionary principles.
Composite Structures , an international journal, disseminates knowledge between users, manufacturers,
designers and researchers involved in structures or structural components manufactured using composite
Find original research papers, review articles, case studies, short communications and letters from a wide
variety of sources dealing with all aspects of the science and technology of composite materials, including
fibrous and particulate reinforcements in polymeric, metallic and ceramic matrices, aligned eutectics,
reinforced cements and plasters, and “natural” composites such as wood and biological materials.

Provides a balance between mechanics and materials science aspects, basic and applied research, and
high-technology and high-volume (low-cost) composite development.
Find refereed original articles on all aspects of the fundamental and applied science of engineering
composites. It is the function of this journal to bring together in one publication outstanding papers that
encompass the complete range of composite materials.
The journal provides a forum for clinicians and investigators of markedly divergent concepts, methods and
orientations. Clear, concise reports cover developments in clinical and basic investigations as well as new
diagnostic and therapeutic practices.
Computational Materials Science aims to enhance the communication between experimental materials
research and computational work on both existing and new, advanced materials and their applications. It
publishes articles of interest to physicists, chemists and materials researchers and engineers and to other
scientists involved with materials phenomena and computational modeling.
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (CSDA) , the official journal of the International Association of
Statistical Computing (IASC), is an international journal dedicated to the dissemination of methodological
research and applications in the areas of computational statistics and data analysis.

Computer Communications is a peer-reviewed international journal for those involved in designing and
building the data communications systems of the future. It provides engineers, researchers, consultants and
systems managers in academia and industry with state-of-the-art papers on practical developments in
computer and telecommunications technology.

To encourage the development of formal computing methods, and their application in biomedical research
and medical practice, by illustration of fundamental principles in biomedical informatics research; to
stimulate basic research into application software design; to report the state of research of biomedical
information processing projects; to report new computer methodologies applied in biomedical areas; the
eventual distribution of demonstrable software to avoid duplication of effort; to provide a forum for discussion
and improvement of existing software; to optimize contact between national organizations and regional user
groups by promoting an international exchange of information on formal methods, standards and software in

Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine covers computing methodology and software systems
derived from computing science for implementation in all aspects of biomedical research and medical
practice. It is designed to serve: biochemists; biologists; geneticists; immunologists; neuroscientists;
pharmacologists; toxicologists; clinicians; edipemiologists; psychiatrists; psychologists; cardiologists;
The development of computer methods for the solution of scientific and engineering problems governed by
the laws of mechanics was one of the great scientific and engineering achievements of the second half of
the 20th century, with a profound impact on science and technology.
An international archival journal providing a publication vehicle for complete coverage of all topics of interest
to those involved in the computer communications networking area. The audience includes researchers,
managers and operators of networks as well as designers and implementers.
Computer Physics Communications publishes research papers and computer program descriptions in
computational physics and physical chemistry: the focus is on computational methods and techniques rather
than results. Articles cover:

•computational models and programs in physics and physical chemistry;
•computational models and programs associated with the design, control and analysis of experiments;
•algebraic computation;
•the impact of advanced computer architecture and special purpose computers on computing in the physical
sciences; and
•software topics related to the physical sciences.

Computer-Aided Design is an established international journal that provides engineers, designers and
computer scientists in academia and industry with key papers on research and developments in the
application of computers to the design process.
Computers & Chemical Engineering is primarily a journal of record for new developments in the application
of computing and systems technology to chemical engineering problems.
The journal is an established technically based, interdisciplinary forum for communication in the use of all
forms of computing in this socially and technologically significant area of application and will continue to
publish definitive contributions to serve as a reference standard against which the current state-of-the-art
can be assessed.
Computers & Fluids is multidisciplinary. The term 'fluid' is interpreted in the broadest sense. Hydro- and
aerodynamics, high-speed and physical gas dynamics, turbulence and flow stability, multiphase flow,
rheology, tribology and fluid-structure interaction are all of interest, provided that computer technique plays a
significant role in the associated studies or design methodology. Applications will be found in most branches
of engineering and science: mechanical, civil, chemical, aeronautical, medical, geophysical, nuclear and
oceanographic. These will involve problems of air, sea and land vehicle motion and flow physics, energy
conversion and power, chemical reactors and transport processes, ocean and atmospheric effects and
pollution, biomedicine, noise and acoustics, and magnetohydrodynamics amongst others. The development
of numerical methods relevant to fluid flow computations, computational analysis of flow physics and fluid
interactions and novel applications to flow systems and to design are pertinent to Computers & Fluids .

Computers & Geosciences brings to its readers research on novel computer methods in the geosciences,
such as spatial analysis, geomathematics, modeling, simulation, statistical and artificial intelligence methods,
e-geoscience, geoinformatics, geomatics, geocomputation, image analysis, remote sensing and
geographical information science.
Computers & Graphics is dedicated to disseminate information on research and applications of computer
graphics (CG) techniques. The journal encourages articles on: 1. Research and applications of interactive
computer graphics. We are particularly interested in novel interaction techniques and applications of CG to
problem domains. 2. State-of-the-art papers on late-breaking, cutting-edge research on CG. 3. Information
on innovative uses of graphics principles and technologies. 4. Tutorial papers on both teaching CG principles
and innovative uses of CG in education.

Computers & Graphics provides a medium to communicate information concerning interactive CG and CG
applications. The journal focuses on interactive computer graphics, visualization and novel input modalities
including virtual environments, and, within this scope, on graphical models, data structures, languages,
picture manipulation algorithms and related software.

The journal aims at an audience of researchers, educators and practitioners of industrial engineering and
associated fields. It publishes original contributions to the development of new computerized methodologies
for solving industrial engineering problems, and applications of these methodologies to problems of interest
to the broad industrial engineering and associated communities.
Operations research and computers meet in a large number of scientific fields, many of which are of vital
current concern to our troubled society. These include, among others, ecology, transportation, safety,
reliability, urban planning, economics, inventory control, investment strategy and logistics (including reverse
The official journal of Technical Committee 11 (computer security) of the International Federation of
Information Processing.

Computers & Security is the most respected technical journal in the IT security field. Now in its 21st year,
with a new editorial board and new regular features and columns, the journal is essential reading for IT
security professionals around the world.

Computers & Security provides you with a unique blend of leading edge research and sound practical
management advice. It is aimed at the professional involved with computer security, audit, control and data
integrity in all sectors - industry, commerce and academia. Recognized worldwide as THE primary source of
reference for applied research and technical expertise it is your first step to fully secure systems.

Computers & Structures publishes advances in the development and use of computational methods for the
solution of problems in engineering and the sciences. With the modern use of computers and numerical
methods to model and solve problems, the traditional boundaries between the fields of solid/structural
mechanics and fluid mechanics hardly exist any longer, and multiphysics problems are solved that involve all
aspects of mechanics.
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture provides international coverage of advances in the application of
computer hardware, software and electronic instrumentation and control systems to agriculture, forestry and
related industries. The latter include horticulture (in both its food and amenity aspects), forest products,
aquaculture, animal/livestock science, veterinary medicine and food processing.

The journal publishes original papers, reviews, applications notes and book reviews on topics including
computerized decision-support aids (e.g., expert systems and simulation models) pertaining to any aspect of
the aforementioned industries; electronic monitoring or control of any aspect of livestock/crop production
(e.g. soil and water, environment, growth, health, waste products) and post-harvest operations (such as
drying, storage, production assessment, trimming and dissection of plant and animal material). Relevant
areas of technology include artificial intelligence, sensors, machine vision, robotics and simulation modeling.

The role of computer orientated techniques in analysis and design of geotechnical structures has been firmly
established in recent years. New techniques are being rapidly developed and applied in the fields of
offshore, nuclear, dam, mining and transportation engineering. Using these techniques it is now possible to
check the validity of various empirical rules that have become prevalent in geotechnical engineering practice.

Computers and Geotechnics provides an up-to-date reference to the engineers and researchers engaged in
computer aided analysis, design and research in geotechnical engineering. The journal is intended for an
expeditious dissemination of new developments in the broad areas of soil and rock mechanics. Static, cyclic
and transient loading situations are relevant. Contributions on constitutive models of geomaterials (soils,
rocks, concrete, masonry, ceramics, etc.), computer analyses of physical models and adequately monitored
prototype structures and application of computer techniques to design are especially welcome. Computer
codes are not published but novel features of a code can form appendices.
Computers in Human Behavior is a scholarly journal dedicated to examining the use of computers from a
psychological perspective. Original theoretical works, research reports, literature reviews, software reviews,
book reviews and announcements are published. The journal addresses both the use of computers in
psychology, psychiatry and related disciplines as well as the psychological impact of computer use on
individuals, groups and society. The journal addresses human interactions with computers, not computers
per se.
The aim of Computers in Industry is to publish original, high-quality, application-oriented research papers

• Show new trends in and options for the use of Information and Communication Technology in industry;
• Link or integrate different technology fields in the broad area of computer-applications for industry;
• Link or integrate different application areas of ICT in industry.

General topics covered include the following areas:
• The unique application of ICT in business processes such as design, engineering, manufacturing,
purchasing, physical distribution, production management and supply chain management. This is the main
thrust of the journal. It includes research in integration of business process support, such as in enterprise
modelling, ERP, EDM.
• The industrial use of ICT in knowledge intensive fields such as quality control, logistics, engineering data
management, and product documentation will certainly be considered.

Construction and Building Materials provides an international forum for the dissemination of research and
development in the field of construction and building materials and their application in new works and repair
Contemporary Clinical Trials is an international journal that publishes manuscripts pertaining to the design,
methods and operational aspects of clinical trials. Manuscripts submitted should appeal to a readership
drawn from disciplines including medicine, biostatistics, epidemiology, computer science, management
science, behavioral science, pharmaceutical science, and bioethics. Full-length papers and short
communications not exceeding 1,500 words in the following subject areas will be published:

·Unusual design features of specific trials that may be applicable to other studies
·Organizational structures that facilitate multicenter investigations
·General or specific design and operating features of data processing systems used for maintaining data
bases in clinical trials
·Medical, legal, and ethical issues in the conduct of clinical trials
·Management of multicenter investigations
·Methods for assessing patient adherence
·Design of case report forms and other data collection methods for clinical trials
And more.
Contemporary Educational Psychology publishes articles that involve the application of psychological theory
and science to the educational process.

• Original research articles - covering both classroom and laboratory experiments as they emphasize
problem solving
• Theoretical contributions - relating issues, comparisons, and analyses to the application of psychological
methods and skills to the educational process
• Instructional techniques - reports on instructional techniques when the use of adequate controls
demonstrates the validity of the findings
• Research critiques - reviews on selected educational topics reflecting implications for the field of
educational psychology.
Continental Shelf Research publishes articles dealing with the physical oceanography, sedimentology,
geology, chemistry, biology and ecology of the shallow marine environment, from coastal and estuarine
water out to the shelf break.
The purpose of Contraception is to provide a medium for the rapid communication of advances and new
knowledge in all areas of contraception. Manuscripts are received from researchers and clinicians in the
following areas of research: chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, endocrinology, biology, the medical
sciences and demography.
Control Engineering Practice strives to meet the needs of industrial practitioners and industrially related
academics and researchers. It publishes papers which illustrate the direct application of control theory and
its supporting tools in all possible areas of automation.
The journal offers rapid publication of review articles on topics of current interest and importance in
coordination chemistry. The term “coordination chemistry” is interpreted broadly and includes aspects of
organometallic, theoretical and bioinorganic chemistry.
Corrosion Science provides a medium for the communication of ideas, developments and research in all
aspects of this field and includes both metallic and non-metallic corrosion. The scope of this international
journal is very extensive.
Crop Protection emphasizes the practical aspects of control in the field, and includes work which may lead
in the near future to more effective control. The journal does not duplicate the many existing excellent
biological science journals, which deal mainly with the more fundamental aspects of plant pathology, applied
zoology and weed science.
Cryobiology: International Journal of Low Temperature Biology and Medicine publishes research articles on
all aspects of low temperature biology and medicine.

Research Areas include:
• Cryoprotective additives and their pharmacological actions
• Cryosurgery
• Freeze-drying
• Freezing
• Frost hardiness in plants
• Hibernation
• Hypothermia
• Medical applications of reduced temperature
• Perfusion of organs
• All pertinent methodologies
Cryogenics is the world's leading journal focusing on all aspects of cryoengineering and cryogenics. Among
the areas covered are:

• Applications of superconductivity: magnets, electronics, devices
• Superconductors and their properties
• New applications of cryogenic technology to processes, devices, machinery
• Refrigeration and liquefaction technology
• Thermodynamics
• Fluid properties and fluid mechanics
• Heat transfer
• Thermometry and measurement science
• Cryogenics in medicine
• Cryoelectronics
Current Biology is widely valued among life scientists for its unique blend of important research papers and
informed, lively commentary. The journal delivers exciting primary research from all areas of biology, from
molecular biology to evolution.
Current Opinion in Biotechnology helps the reader by providing in a systematic manner. Find the views of
experts on current advances in biotechnology in a clear and readable form as well as evaluations of the
most interesting papers, annotated by experts, from the great wealth of original publications.

Current Opinion in Cell Biology contains more than 90 reviews from leading international contributors as well
as evaluated reference lists for all articles.
In Current Opinion in Chemical Biology we help the reader by providing the subject of chemical biology
divided into themed sections, each of which is reviewed once a year.
Current Opinion in Genetics & Development contains over 90 reviews from leading international contributors
as well as evaluated reference lists for all articles.
This journal helps readers by providing the views of experts on current advances in structural biology in a
clear and readable format as well as the evaluations of the most interesting papers, annotated by experts,
from the great wealth of original publications.
Current Opinion in Microbiology offers more than 90 reviews from leading international contributors and
evaluated reference lists for all reviews.
Current Opinion in Neurobiology is for academic, industrial and clinical neurobiologists who are interested in
recent advances in the field of understanding neurobiology.
In Current Opinion in Pharmacology , the subject of pharmacology is divided into themed sections, each of
which is reviewed once a year. Topics include: Neurosciences, Cardiovascular and Renal, Respiratory,
Musculoskeletal, Cancer, Immunomodulation, Anti-infectives, New Technologies, Gastrointestinal,
Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases.
Current Opinion in Plant Biology contains over 70 reviews from leading international contributors, plus Web
alerts of hot sites and a paper alert service. Contains evaluated reference lists for all articles.
Current Opinion in Structural Biology contains over 90 reviews from leading international contributors.
Contains evaluated reference lists for all articles.
Cytokine & Growth Factor Reviews publishes thought-provoking articles (critical reviews, state-of-the-art
reviews, letters to the editor, meeting reviews) devoted to important advances in the rapidly changing fields
of growth factor and cytokine research. Major emphasis is placed on the multidisciplinary significance of
cytokines and growth factors.
Devoted exclusively to the study of the molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, diagnostic and clinical
applications of all known interleukins, hematopoietic factors, growth factors, cytotoxins, interferons, and new
cytokines, Cytokine provides comprehensive coverage of cytokines and their receptors.

Database Systems and Knowledgebase Systems share many common principles. Data & Knowledge
Engineering (DKE) stimulates the exchange of ideas and interaction between these two related fields of
interest. DKE reaches a world-wide audience of researchers, designers, managers and users. The major
aim of the journal is to identify, investigate and analyze the underlying principles in the design and effective
use of these systems. DKE achieves this aim by publishing original research results, technical advances
and news items concerning data engineering, knowledge engineering, and the interface of these two fields.

Decision Support Systems welcomes contributions on the concepts and operational basis for DSSs,
techniques for implementing and evaluating DSSs, DSS experiences and related studies. The common
thread of articles published in the journal will be their relevance to theoretical, technical DSS issues.

Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers is devoted to the publication of the results of
original scientific research, including theoretical work of evident oceanographic applicability; and the solution
of instrumental or methodological problems with evidence of successful use.
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography publishes topical issues from many
international and interdisciplinary projects which are undertaken in oceanography. Besides these special
issues from projects, the journal publishes collections of papers presented at conferences.
This international journal is dedicated to keeping pace with developments in the water desalting and
purification field in all its aspects: theoretical and applied research, technological and industrial development
and the experience of operators and users.
Design Studies is the only journal to approach the understanding of design from comparisons across all
domains of application, including engineering and product design, architectural design and planning,
computer artefacts and systems design. It therefore provides a unique forum for the development and
discussion of fundamental aspects of design activity and experience, from cognition and methodology to
values and philosophy.The journal reports new research and scholarship in principles, procedures and
techniques relevant to the practice, management and pedagogy of design.

As the concept of design becomes increasingly important, it is vital for researchers, educators and practising
designers to stay abreast of the latest research and new ideas in this rapidly growing field; with its truly
interdisciplinary coverage, Design Studies meets these needs with maximum effect.

The journal reports on new developments, techniques, knowledge and applications in the practice of design,
as well as design education: how design techniques may be taught, the approach to ill-defined problems and
the impact of new technologies. Coverage includes design management, design methods, participation in
Developmental and Comparative Immunology (DCI) is an international journal that publishes articles
describing original research in the areas of development of the immune system and comparative
immunology. Manuscripts describing studies dealing with self/nonself discrimination in nontraditional
vertebrate and invertebrate models are welcome. All levels of immunological investigation are appropriate:
organismal, cellular, biochemical, and molecular genetics, extending to such fields as aging of the immune
system and interactions between the immune and neuroendocrine systems. Developmental and
Comparative Immunology will publish full-length research articles and brief communications.

Find original research on mechanisms of development, differentiation and growth in animals and plants at
the molecular, cellular and genetic levels.
Developmental Cell is a broad-spectrum journal that covers the fields of cell biology and developmental
biology. It publishes research reports describing novel results of unusual significance in all areas of these
two fields and at the interface between them.
Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease keeps you informed of the latest developments in clinical
microbiology and the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Packed with rigorously peer-reviewed
articles and studies in bacteriology, immunology, immunoserology, infectious diseases, mycology,
parasitology and virology, the journal examines new procedures, unusual cases, controversial issues and
important new literature.
This international, interdisciplinary journal publishes articles covering both basic and applied research on
diamond materials and related materials. These include cubic boron nitride and materials with
characteristics and properties approaching or possibly exceeding those of diamonds.
The aim of Discrete Applied Mathematics is to bring together research papers in different areas of
algorithmic and applicable discrete mathematics as well as applications of combinatorial mathematics to
informatics and various areas of science and technology. Contributions presented to the journal can be
research papers, short notes, surveys, and possibly research problems. The “Communications” section will
be devoted to the fastest possible publication of the brief outlines of recent research results, the detailed
presentation of which might be submitted for possible publication in Discrete Applied Mathematics or
elsewhere. The journal will also publish a limited number of book announcements as well as proceedings of
conferences. These proceedings will be fully refereed and adhere to the normal standards of the journal.

The aim of Discrete Mathematics is to bring together research papers in different parts of discrete
mathematics. The journal presents papers in combinatorial mathematics and related areas.
The journal publishes original observations on genetic, cellular, biochemical and molecular aspects of DNA
repair, mutagenesis, cell cycle regulation, apoptosis and other biological responses to cells exposed to
genomic insult, as well as their relationship to human diseases.
This international journal is devoted to publishing original research, scholarly reviews, commentaries and
policy analyses in the area of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and dependence.
The magazine addresses not only the rapid scientific developments in drug discovery associated
technologies but also the management, commercial and regulatory issues that increasingly play a part in
how R&D is planned, structured and executed.
Dyes and Pigments covers the scientific and technical aspects of the chemistry and physics of dyes,
pigments and their intermediates. Emphasis is placed on the properties of the coloring matters themselves
rather than on their applications or the system in which they may be applied.
Established as an authoritative, highly cited voice on early human development, Early Human Development
provides a unique opportunity for researchers and clinicians to bridge the communication gap between
disciplines. Creating a forum for the productive exchange of ideas concerning early human growth and
development, the journal publishes original research and clinical papers.

The articles published reflect the great impact made on research in the geosciences by the use of
successful research methods from other disciplines such as chemistry, physics and mathematics. It also
covers research into all aspects of lunar studies, plate tectonics, ocean floor spreading and continental drift,
as well as basic studies of the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the Earth’s crust and mantle,
the atmosphere and the hydrosphere.
Earth Science Reviews publishes review papers of all aspects of Earth Sciences or treatises on an
expanding Earth Sciences subject.
Specific research areas covered include: valuation of natural resources, sustainable agriculture and
development, ecologically integrated technology, integrated ecologic-economic modeling at scales from local
to regional to global, implications of thermodynamics for economics and ecology, renewable resource
management and conservation and more.
The journal is meant for ecologists who, because of their research interests or occupation, are involved in
designing, monitoring or constructing ecosystems. It is meant to serve as a bridge between ecologists and
engineers, as ecotechnology is not wholly defined by either field.
The journal is concerned with the use of mathematical models and systems analysis for the description of
ecosystems and for the control of environmental pollution and management of resources. It combines
mathematical modeling, systems analysis, thermodynamics and computer techniques with ecology and
management of the environment and its natural resources.
Economics Letters has been conceived and designed outside the realm of the traditional economics journal.
As a letters journal, it consists of concise communications (letters) that provide a means of rapid and
efficient dissemination of new results, models and methods in all fields of economic research.

Economists concerned with human resources and local government finance, specialists in education finance
and educational administrators need to be aware of the latest research in the economics of education.
Economics of Education Review encourages the development of sound theoretical, empirical and policy
research, demonstrating the role of economic analysis in the solution or improved understanding of
educational problems and issues. The journal encourages the interaction of ideas, research methods and
results between economists and other scholars interested in the economic dimensions of education.

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety is focused on the integrated mechanistic research on short- and
long-term pathways and interactions of substances and chemical mixtures in the environmental
compartments on bioavailability, circulation and assimilation in the target organisms, their biological
response and damage mechanisms as well as on a further fate in the food chain, including humans.
Electric Power Systems Research is an international medium for the publication of original papers
concerned with the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy.
Electrochemistry Communications is a letters journal providing fast dissemination of short communications
covering the whole field of electrochemistry.
Electrochimica Acta publishes original papers and critical reviews in the field of pure and applied
electrochemistry. The areas covered include fundamental interfacial electrochemistry, electrode and
electrolyte materials, analytical electrochemistry, molecular electrochemistry, electrochemical energy
conversion and more.
This journal is a multi-disciplinary focus for activities relating to the development, assessment and
management of energy-related programs. The following are among the topical areas on which important
contributions are solicited: input-output analyses relating to energy-consuming systems, careful resource or
reserve assessments of all types, energy-conservation measures and their implementations, incisive
evaluation of energy-systems managements, environmental impact assessments, and policy alternatives
stressing economic implications.
Energy and Buildings is an international journal publishing articles with explicit links to energy use in
buildings. The aim is to present new research results, and new proven practice aimed at reducing energy
needs of a building and improving indoor environment quality.
The journal will provide a forum for publishing original contributions and comprehensive technical review
articles of interdisciplinary and original research in static and dynamic energy conversion; energy efficiency
and management; heat pipes; thermosyphons and capillary pumped loops; thermal management of
spacecraft; space and terrestrial power systems; hydrogen production and storage; renewable energy;
nuclear power; single and combined cycles; miniaturized energy conversion and power systems; fuel cells
and advanced batteries; and water management and desalination.
This journal provides a serious forum for research papers concerned with the economic and econometric
modeling and analysis of energy systems and issues. Contributions to this theme can arise from a number
of disciplines, including economic theory, financial economics, regulatory economics, computational
economics, statistics, econometrics, operational research and strategic modelling. A wide interpretation of
the subject is encouraged to include, for example, issues related to forecasting, financing, pricing,
investment, taxation, development, policy, conservation, regulation, risk management, insurance, portfolio
theory, fiscal regimes, accounting and the environment. The journal is of interest to professional economists,
financial analysts, consultants, policy makers as well as academic researchers concerned with the economic
analysis of energy issues, broadly interpreted.

Energy Policy is established worldwide as the authoritative journal addressing those issues of energy
supply, demand and utilization that confront decision makers, managers, consultants, politicians, planners
and researchers. The scope of Energy Policy embraces economics, planning, politics, pricing, forecasting,
investment, conservation, substitution and environment.
Engineering Fracture Mechanics is a journal designed to be of broad interest and use to both researchers
and practitioners of fracture mechanics in academic, industrial and government organizations.

The journal is an international medium for the publication of original studies, case histories and
comprehensive reviews in the field of engineering geology. Included are all geological studies that can be
relevant to engineering, environmental concerns and safety.
The journal aspires to a broad and integrated coverage of the dynamic effects of wind, waves and
earthquakes and of the modeling techniques whereby the structural response to these loadings may be
Environment International covers all disciplines engaged in the field of environmental research. It seeks to
quantify the impact of contaminants in the human environment and to address human impacts on the natural
environment itself.
Environmental and Experimental Botany publishes research papers on the physical, chemical and biological
mechanisms and processes that relate the performance of plants to their abiotic and biotic environment. The
experimental approaches should compare structural, physiological and/or ecological responses of
genotypes, ecotypes, cultivars and/or ecological responses of genotypes, ecotypes, cultivars and/or
assemblages of species.
Environmental Impact Assessment Review is a refereed, interdisciplinary journal serving an international
audience of practitioners, policy-makers and academics. This audience assesses the environmental impact
of policy, projects, processes and products and makes decisions based upon these assessments.

Environmental Modelling and Software publishes contributions in the form of research articles, reviews,
short communications as well as software and data news, on recent advances in environmental modelling
and/or software.
Environmental Pollution is an international journal that addresses issues relevant to the nature, distribution
and ecological effects of all types and forms of chemical pollutants in air, soil and water.
Environmental Research publishes original reports describing studies of the toxic effects of environmental
agents on humans and animals. The principal aims of the journal are to define the etiology of
environmentally induced illness and to increase understanding of the mechanisms by which environmental
agents cause disease.
Enzyme and Microbial Technology is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing original research and
reviews, of biotechnological significance and novelty, on basic and applied aspects of the use of enzymes,
micro-organisms, animal cells and plant cells.
Epilepsy & Behavior is uniquely devoted to the rapid dissemination of the most current information available
on the behavioral aspects of seizures and epilepsy. Epilepsy & Behavior presents original peer-reviewed
articles based on laboratory and clinical research.
The journal provides a unique forum, unifying the multidisciplinary approaches to the study of the
oceanography of estuaries, coastal zones and continental shelf seas. It features original research papers,
review papers and short communications treating such disciplines as zoology, botany, geology,
sedimentology and physical oceanography.
As a broad-based professional and international journal, this journal welcomes submissions of applied and
theoretical research papers in all fields of economics. The aim of EER is to contribute to the development of
the science of economics and its applications, as well as to improve communication between academic
researchers, teachers and policy makers across the European continent and beyond.

European Journal of Cancer (including EJC Supplements), is an international comprehensive oncology
journal that publishes original research, editorial comments, review articles and news on experimental
oncology, clinical oncology (medical, pediatric, radiation, surgical) and on cancer epidemiology and
This journal publishes studies on all aspects of medicinal chemistry: organic synthesis; biological behavior;
pharmacological activity; drug design; QSAR; molecular modeling; drug-receptor interactions; molecular
aspects of drug metabolism; pro-drug synthesis and drug targeting.
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences is the official journal of the European Federation for
Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS). The Journal publishes research reports, review articles and scientific
commentaries on all aspects of the pharmaceutical sciences with strong emphasis on originality and
scientific quality.
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics provides a medium for publication of novel and
innovative research from areas of pharmaceutical technology, drug delivery systems, controlled release
systems, drug targeting, physical pharmacy, etc.
Publishes full-length papers, short communications and rapid communications on the mechanisms of action
of chemical substances affecting biological systems.
The aim of the European Journal of Political Economy is to disseminate original theoretical and empirical
research on economic phenomena within a scope that encompasses collective decision making, political
behavior, and the role of institutions. Contributions are invited from the international community of
researchers. Manuscripts must be published in English.
An international journal that acts as a medium for the exchange of information on the use of radiological and
allied imaging, and interventional techniques.
European Journal of Surgical Oncology (“the Journal of Cancer Surgery”) is the Official Journal of the
European Society of Surgical Oncology and BASO—the Association for Cancer Surgery. EJSO aims to
educate and inform about the many subspecialty disciplines of cancer surgery.
European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery is aimed primarily at vascular surgeons dealing
with patients with arterial, venous and lymphatic diseases. Contributions are included on the diagnosis,
investigation and management of these vascular disorders.
This journal acts as a medium for the exchange of research in the area of macromolecular substances, both
synthetic and natural, and publishes results bearing on the physics or chemistry of polymers.

European Psychiatry presents the results of original research relative to those domains which are presently
of interest to psychiatry: psychopathology, nosography, chemotherapy, psychotherapy, clinical methodology,
biological disorders and mental pathology, psychophysiology and neuropsychology as well as animal
Evaluation and Program Planning is based on the principle that the techniques and methods of evaluation
and planning transcend the boundaries of specific fields and that relevant contributions to these areas come
from people representing many different positions, intellectual traditions, and interests. In order to further the
development of evaluation and planning, we publish articles from the private and public sectors in a wide
range of areas: organizational development and behavior, training, planning, human resource development,
health and mental, social services, mental retardation, corrections, substance abuse, and education. The
primary goals of the journal are to assist evaluators and planners to improve the practice of their
professions, to develop their skills and to improve their knowledge base.

Experimental and Molecular Pathology presents original articles on disease processes in relation to
structural and biochemical alterations in mammalian tissues and fluids and on the application of newer
techniques of molecular biology to problems of pathology in humans and other animals. Research Areas

• Stem cells
• Neoangiogenesis
• Molecular diagnostics
• Polymerase chain reaction
• In situ hybridization
• DNA sequencing
• Cell receptors
• Carcinogenesis
• Pathobiology of neoplasia
• Complex infectious diseases
• Transplantation
• Cytokines
• Flow cytomeric analysis
• Inflammation
• Cellular injury
• Immunology and hypersensitivity
• Athersclerosis
Promotes the understanding of cell biology by publishing experimental studies on the general organization
and activity of cells. The scope of the journal includes all aspects of cell biology, from the molecular level to
the level of cell interaction and differentiation.
The goal of Experimental Eye Research is to publish original research papers on all aspects of the anatomy,
physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, biophysics, pharmacology, developmental biology,
microbiology and immunology of the eye.
Experimental Gerontology appears 12 times per year and provides a forum for the publication of work that
elucidates the processes of biological aging in fungi, plants, animals and humans from the molecular level to
that of the whole organism. Experimental Gerontology publishes original work in the fields of biochemistry,
cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, neurosciences, nutrition, immunology and endocrinology.

This journal of neuroscience research publishes original research in neuroscience with a particular emphasis
on novel findings in neural development, regeneration, plasticity and transplantation.
Experimental Parasitology emphasizes modern approaches to parasitology, including molecular biology and
immunology. The journal features original research papers on the physiological, metabolic, immunologic,
biochemical, nutritional, and chemotherapeutic aspects of parasites and host-parasite relationships.

This a refereed international journal whose focus is on exchanging information relating to expert and
intelligent systems applied in industry, government and universities worldwide. The thrust of the journal is to
publish papers dealing with the design, development, testing, implementation and/or management of expert
and intelligent systems and also to provide practical guidelines in the development and management of
these systems.
Find reviews dealing with all aspects of microbiology that have not been surveyed recently.

Field Crops Research is an international research journal containing relevant scientific and technological
papers on crops and cropping systems. The subjects covered include crop ecology, agronomy, physiology,
breeding, productivity, product quality and protection. Studies on soil fertility, soil and water management,
and farming systems in relation to crops and cropping systems are also included.

The aim of this journal is to provide ideas and information involving the use of the finite element method and
its variants, both in scientific inquiry and in professional practice. The scope is intentionally broad,
encompassing use of the finite element method in engineering as well as the pure and applied sciences. The
emphasis of the journal will be the development and use of numerical procedures to solve practical
problems, although contributions relating to the mathematical and theoretical foundations and computer
implementation of numerical methods are likewise welcomed. Review articles presenting unbiased and
comprehensive reviews of state-of-the-art topics will also be accommodated.

The journal encompasses any field where numerical solution procedures for initial/boundary value problems
are needed to meet design and analysis needs. Although the following list is not exhaustive, contributions
are sought in structural mechanics, geomechanics, mechanical engineering, mechanics of materials, fluid
mechanics, thermal sciences, hydrology, chemical engineering, biomechanics, electrical engineering,
aero/astro engineering, and environmental engineering and science. In addition to contributions focused
directly on numerical methodologies, submissions dealing with computer-aided engineering methods,
Fish & Shellfish Immunology presents studies on the basic mechanisms of both the specific and non-
specific defense systems, the cells, tissues and humoral factors involved, their dependence on
environmental and intrinsic factors, response to pathogens, response to vaccination and applied studies on
the development of specific vaccines for use in the aquaculture industry.
This journal provides an international forum for the publication of papers in the areas of fisheries science,
fishing technology, fisheries management and relevant socio-economics. The scope covers fisheries in salt,
brackish and freshwater systems, and all aspects of associated ecology, environment and pollution issues,
and economics.
Fitoterapia is an international journal publishing original research in chemistry, pharmacology and use of
medicinal plants and their derivatives.
Fluid Phase Equilibria deals with experimental, theoretical and applied research related to equilibrium and
transport properties of fluid and solid phases.
Food and Chemical Toxicology publishes original research reports and occasional interpretative reviews on
the toxic effects, in animals or humans, of natural or synthetic chemicals occurring in the human
environment. All aspects of in vivo toxicology are covered, including systemic effects on specific organ
systems, immune functions, carcinogenesis and teratogenesis.
The chemical and biochemical composition of foods is fundamental to the study of their properties and
processing applications. Food Chemistry publishes original peer-reviewed research papers dealing with a
wide range of subjects which are essential to the food scientist and technologist.
Food Control provides an essential information tool for all those involved in the field of food safety and
process control. The unique coverage of current research, technology, legislation and good practice enables
readers to keep abreast of changes in food production and consumption as well as international
developments in all areas of food control research.
Food Hydrocolloids publishes original research in basic and applied aspects of the properties, functionality
and use of macromolecules in food systems. Hydrocolloids in this context include polysaccharides, modified
polysaccharides and proteins acting alone, or in mixture with other food components, as thickening agents,
gelling agents or surface-active agents.
Food Microbiology publishes original research articles, short communications, review papers, letters, news
items and book reviews dealing with all aspects of the microbiology of foods.
Food Policy is a multidisciplinary journal publishing original research and critical reviews on issues in the
formulation, implementation and analysis of policies for the food sector in developing, transition and
advanced economies. Policy issues relevant to the journal include:

§     Food production, trade, marketing and consumption
§     Nutrition and health aspects of food systems.
§     Food needs, entitlements, security and aid.
§     Food safety and quality assurance.
Technological and institutional innovation affecting food systems and access.
Food Quality and Preference publishes original research, critical reviews, topical and practical features and
comment. In addition, the journal publishes special invited issues on important timely topics and on the
proceedings of relevant conferences on sensory and consumer science, and sensometrics.

Food Research International is the successor to the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology
Journal. Building on the quality and strengths of its predecessor, Food Research International has been
developed to create a truly international forum for the communication of research in food science.

Find original contributions in the many different scientific disciplines pertaining to the forensic sciences.
Fields include forensic pathology and histochemistry, chemistry, biochemistry and toxicology, (including
drugs, alcohol, etc.), biology (including the identification of hairs and fibres), serology, odontology, psychiatry,
anthropology, the physical sciences, firearms and document examination.

Forest Ecology and Management publishes scientific articles that link forest ecology with forest
management, and that apply biological, ecological and social knowledge to the management and
conservation of man-made and natural forests. The scope of the journal includes all forest ecosystems of
the world.
This international, interdisciplinary publication encompasses chemical, biochemical, physiological,
pathological, pharmacological, toxicological and medical approaches to research on free radicals and
oxidative biology.
Research into energy sources remains a key issue. Over the last 80 years, Fuel has been the leading
source of primary research work in fuel science. The scope is broad and includes many topics of increasing
interest such as environmental aspects and pollution.
Fuel Processing Technology deals with the scientific and technological aspects of processing fuels to other
fuels, chemicals and by-products. Processing is considered in the sense of chemical conversions such as
hydrogenation, gasification, pyrolysis and upgrading as well as physical processing by beneficiation, cleaning
and removal of inorganic matter as well as sizing, crushing or screening.

The journal publishes papers on all structural, functional and evolutionary aspects of genes, chromatin,
chromosomes and genomes.
Gene Expression Patterns is a section of the journal Mechanisms of Developmen t. It is devoted to the rapid
publication of high-quality “cloning and expression” papers, papers reporting patterns of expression of
interesting or important genes during development, or the results of molecular or gene expression screens
analyzing interesting developmental events or stages.
General and Comparative Endocrinology publishes articles concerned with the many complexities of
vertebrate and invertebrate endocrine systems at the sub-molecular, molecular, cellular and organismal
levels of analysis.
General Hospital Psychiatry explores the many linkages among psychiatry, medicine, and primary care. In
emphasizing a biopsychosocial approach to illness and health, the journal provides a forum for professionals
with clinical, academic, and research interests in psychiatry's role in the mainstream of medicine. The journal
expands on traditional models of consultation-liaison, inpatient and outpatient services in the general
hospital to address all aspects of ambulatory, inpatient, emergency, and community care. In response to the
unpredictable nature of contemporary life, the journal explores the role of emergency psychiatry in
addressing personal, social, political, and forensic responses to stress and trauma. Studies of multisystem
relationships between stress, illness, psychosocial factors, inter- and intra-personal relationships, family
dynamics, ecological change, and institutional forces are especially relevant to the journal's objectives.

The goal of Genomics is to promote the understanding of the structure, function and evolution of genomes
in all kingdoms of life and the application of genome sciences and technologies to challenging problems in
biology and medicine.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta publishes research papers in a wide range of subjects in terrestrial
geochemistry, meteoritics and planetary geochemistry.
Geoderma —a global journal of soil science—welcomes authors, readers and soil research from all parts of
the world, encourages worldwide soil studies and embraces all aspects of soil science. The journal
particularly welcomes interdisciplinary work focusing on dynamic soil processes and their occurrence in
space and time.
Geoforum is an international, inter-disciplinary journal, global in outlook, and integrative in approach. The
broad focus of Geoforum is the organisation of economic, political, social and environmental systems
through space and over time. Areas of study range from the analysis of the global political economy and
environment, through national systems of regulation and governance, to urban and regional development,
local economic and urban planning and resources management.
Geomorphology publishes peer-reviewed works across the full spectrum of the discipline from fundamental
theory and science to applied research of relevance to sustainable management of the environment. The
journal’s scope includes geomorphic themes of: tectonics and regional structure; glacial processes and
landforms; fluvial sequences, quaternary environmental change and dating; fluvial processes and landforms;
Geriatric Nursing is a comprehensive source for clinical information and management advice relating to the
care of older adults. The journal's peer-reviewed articles report the latest developments in the management
of acute and chronic disorders and provide practical advice on care of older adults across the long term
continuum. Geriatric Nursing addresses current issues related to drugs, advance directives, staff
development and management, legal issues, client and caregiver education, infection control, and other
topics. The journal is written specifically for nurses and nurse practitioners who work with older adults in any
care setting. Geriatric Nursing is indexed in Medline, ISI and CINAHL. The journal offers CE.
This international journal is devoted to the publication of clinical and investigative articles that concern
tumors of the female reproductive tract.
Habitat International is dedicated to the study of human settlements: their planning, design, production and
management. Its main focus is on urbanisation in the developing world. However, increasingly the
interrelationships and linkages between cities in the developing and developed worlds are becoming
apparent. The economic, social, technological and political systems of the world are intertwined and changes
in one region almost always affect other regions. Habitat International welcomes reports of research on
urban issues such as policy and implementation, the links between planning, building and land, finance and
management, the provision of urban services and other related problems. Papers on topics which clearly
have broad implications and interrelationships based on the experiences of the developing or developed
world will be considered. Submissions exploring these issues within the development context are particularly
welcomed. Quality papers, short communications, comments on published papers and reports on relevant
conferences from all parts of the world are presented as it is recognised that such urban problems arise
everywhere. Hopefully, Habitat International will contribute to their solution.
Health Policy is intended to be a vehicle for the exploration and discussion of health policy issues and is
aimed in particular at enhancing communication between health policy researchers, legislators, decision
makers and professionals concerned with developing, implementing and analyzing health policy.

The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for papers concerned with basic auditory mechanisms.
Emphasis is on experimental studies, but theoretical papers will also be considered. Papers submitted
should deal with auditory neurophysiology, ultrastructure, psychoacoustics and behavioral studies of hearing
in animals, and models of auditory functions.
Human Movement Science provides a forum for presenting, and bringing together, psychological,
neurophysiological and biomechanical/biophysical research on human movement. Animal studies, insofar as
their significance to human movement is made clear, are equally acceptable. The nature of the research to
be reported may vary from fundamental studies of motor control and learning, including the perceptual
support of movement, to more applied studies in the fields of, for example, sport, dance and rehabilitation,
with the proviso that also the latter studies have a distinct theoretical bearing.

Human Movement Science contains: (a) reports of empirical work on human movement; (b) theoretical
(overview) articles on human movement, including its modelling; (c) letters to the editor containing a critical
commentary on a published paper. In addition to regular issues, special issues addressing a single theme
will be published. Special issues may also contain articles based on papers presented at conferences and
workshops or consist of a `target articles' followed by peer commentaries.

Well illustrated, with exceptional reproductions of photomicrographs and microscopic anatomy, this critical
and authoritative journal offers great diversity of coverage in each issue. Regular features include original
contributions, current topics and progress in anatomic pathology, case studies, book reviews and notices.

Hydrometallurgy aims to compile studies on novel processes, process design, chemistry, modeling, control,
economics and interfaces between unit operations and to provide a forum for discussions on case histories
and operational difficulties.
Icarus is devoted to the publication of original contributions in the field of planetary science. The journal
reports the results of new research observational, experimental, theoretical concerning the astronomy,
geology, meteorology, physics, chemistry, biology and other scientific aspects of solar or extrasolar systems.

ll Farmaco publishes scientific papers on various aspects of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and,
in general, Drug Research.
Image and Vision Computing has as a primary aim the provision of an effective medium of interchange for
the results of high quality theoretical and applied research fundamental to all aspects of image processing
and computational vision. The journal publishes work that addresses the application of methods to real world
scenes and seeks to strengthen a deeper understanding in the discipline by encouraging the quantitative
comparison and performance evaluation of the emerging components of image processing and
computational vision systems. The coverage includes: image sensing, capture, processing, storage and
transmission, image representation, scene modelling, object modelling and knowledge acquisition,
psychophysical aspects of biological and computational vision, image databases, monitoring and
surveillance, image generation, active vision and robotic systems, visual inspection, autonomous vehicles,
document image understanding, character and handwritten text recognition, data fusion from multiple sensor
inputs, cognitive aspects of image understanding, architecture of imaging and vision systems, embedded
vision applications including wider HCI and control issues, applications of image processing and image
Immunity publishes research articles and reviews of general interest in the entire discipline of immunology.

Provides a vehicle for the speedy publication of experimental papers, (mini) reviews and letters to the editor
addressing all aspects of molecular and cellular immunology.
Intelligent Systems, Genetic Algorithms and Modelling, Fuzzy Logic and Approximate Reasoning, Artificial
Neural Networks, Expert and Decision Support Systems, Learning and Evolutionary Computing, Expert and
Decision Support Systems, Learning and Evolutionary Computing, Biometrics, Moleculoid Nanocomputing,
Self-adaptation and Self-organisational Systems, Data Engineering, Data Fusion, Information and
Knowledge, Adaptive ad Supervisory Control, Discrete Event Systems, Symbolic / Numeric and Statistical
Techniques, Perceptions and Pattern Recognition, Design of Algorithms, Software Design, Computer
Systems and Architecture Evaluations and Tools, Human-Computer Interface, Computer Communication
Networks and Modelling and Computing with Words

Infant Behavior & Development publishes empirical (fundamental and clinical), theoretical, methodological
and review papers. Brief reports dealing with behavioral development during infancy (up to 3 years) will also
be considered. Papers of an inter- and multidisciplinary nature, for example neuroscience, non-linear
dynamics and modelling approaches, are particularly encouraged. Areas covered by the journal include
cognitive development, emotional development, perception, perception-action coupling, motor development
and socialisation.
Information & Management serves managers, professionals, database administrators and senior executives
of organizations who design, implement and manage information systems applications.
Information Processing & Management is devoted to refereed reporting of:

1. Basic and applied research in information science, computer science, cognitive science and related
2. Experimental and advanced processes related to: information retrieval (IR); digital libraries; knowledge
organization and distribution; digitized contents - text, image, sound and multimedia processing; and human-
computer interfaces in information systems. Implementations in information retrieval systems and a variety
of information systems, networks, and contexts. Related evaluation.
3. Management of information resources, services, systems and networks, and digital libraries. Related
studies of the economics of information and the principles of information management.
The journal emphasizes a balanced coverage of both theory and practice. It fully acknowledges and vividly
promotes a breadth of the discipline of Informations Sciences.

Topics include: Information Theory, Mathematical Linguistics, Automata Theory, Cognitive Science, Theories
of Qualitative Behaviour, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Soft Computing, Semiotics,
Computational Biology and Bio-informatics
Inorganic Chemistry Communications is an international journal dedicated to the rapid publication of short
communications in the major areas of inorganic, organometallic and supramolecular chemistry. Topics
include synthetic and reaction chemistry, kinetics and mechanisms of reactions, bioinorganic chemistry,
photochemistry and the use of metal and organometallic compounds in stoichiometric and catalytic synthesis
or organic compounds.
This established international forum covers research in all aspects of Inorganic Chemistry.

This international journal publishes original contributions and mini-reviews in the fields of insect biochemistry
and insect molecular biology. Main interest areas are neurochemistry, hormone and pheromone
biochemistry, enzymes and metabolism, hormone action and gene regulation, gene characterization and
structure, pharmacology, immunology and cell and tissue culture.
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics is an international journal that intends to strengthen communication
between individuals and groups who produce and apply research results in insurance and finance, aiming to
integrate the currently fragmented research in both fields. The journal feels a particular obligation to facilitate
closer cooperation between those who carry out research on the one side and practicing actuaries who are
interested in the implementation of the results on the other. To this purpose, Insurance: Mathematics and
Economics publishes high quality papers of international interest, concerned with either the theory of
insurance mathematics and economics or the inventive application of it. Papers that combine several of
these aspects are particularly welcome.
This unique journal in psychology is devoted to publishing original research and theoretical studies and
review papers that substantially contribute to the understanding of intelligence. It provides a new source of
significant papers in psychometrics, tests and measurement, and all other empirical and theoretical studies
in intelligence and mental retardation.
Intermetallics is concerned with all aspects of ordered chemical compounds between two or more metals
and notably with their applications.
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer serves as a world forum for the rapid
dissemination of new ideas, new measurement techniques, preliminary findings of ongoing investigations,
discussions, and criticisms in the field of heat and mass transfer.
International Dairy Journal publishes original, refereed research papers and critical reviews on all aspects of
dairy science and technology. Within this scope, the Journal pays particular attention to applied research
and to the interface of the dairy and food industries. The Journal provides a truly international forum for the
communication of research in dairy science, the research and development of dairy and allied products.

The International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives draws together the many aspects of the science and
technology of adhesive materials, from fundamental research and development work to industrial
applications. Subject areas covered include: interfacial interactions, surface chemistry, methods of testing,
accumulation of test data on physical and mechanical properties, environmental effects, new adhesive
materials, sealants, design of bonded joints, and manufacturing technology.
International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology publishes papers containing the results of original
research in all areas of contemporary biochemistry and cell biology. The scope includes biochemical, cellular
and molecular approaches to the study of cells and subcellular processes, and all areas of biomedical
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules is an established international journal of research into the
structure of natural macromolecules. It presents the latest findings of studies on the molecular structure of
proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids. The scope includes biological interactions, molecular
associations, and functional properties as well as related model systems, conformational studies, new
techniques, and theoretical developments.
International Journal of Fatigue is dedicated entirely to the full range of science and technology associated
with fatigue. The scope of the Journal includes the study, analysis and modeling of fatigue and fatigue-
related processes from the atomic level to global engineering behavior, in all classes of materials and
material systems.
International Journal of Food Microbiology publishes full-length original research papers, short
communications, review articles and book reviews covering all aspects of microbiological safety, quality and
acceptability of foods.
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow publishes high-quality original contributions on experimental,
computational and physical aspects of convective heat transfer and fluid dynamics relevant to engineering or
the environment, including multiphase flows.
This journal provides a central vehicle for the exchange of basic ideas in heat and mass transfer between
research workers and engineers throughout the world.
The International Journal of Hospitality Management discusses major trends and developments in a variety
of disciplines as they apply to the hospitality industry. The range of topics covered by the journal includes:

•human resources management;
•consumer behaviour and marketing;
•business forecasting and applied economics;
•operational management;
•financial management;
•planning and design;
•information processing;
•education and training;
•technological developments;
•national and international legislation.

International Journal of Impact Engineering exists for the publication of original research work concerned
with the response of structures and bodies to dynamic loads arising from exposure to blast, collision or other
impact events.
The Journal publishes original contributions that add to our understanding of the role of humans in today’s
systems and the interactions thereof with various system components. The Journal typically covers the
following areas: industrial and occupational ergonomics, design of systems, tools and equipment, human
performance measurement and modeling, human productivity, humans in technologically complex systems,
and safety.
The IJIO is an international venture that aims at full coverage of theoretical and empirical questions in
industrial organization. This includes classic questions of strategic behavior and market structure. The
journal also seeks to publish articles dealing with technological change, internal organization of firms,
regulation, antitrust and productivity analysis. We recognize the need to allow for diversity of perspectives
and research styles in industrial organization and we encourage submissions in theoretical work, empirical
work, and case studies. The journal will also occasionally publish symposia on topical issues.

Topics include: Aspects of information management in learning organisations, health care (patients as well
health workers and managers), business intelligence, security in organizations, social interactions and
community development, knowledge management, information design and delivery, information for health
care, Information for knowledge creation, legal and regulatory issues, IS-enabled innovations in information,
content and knowledge management, philosophical and methodological approaches to information
management research, new and emerging agendas for information research and reflective accounts of
professional practice.
IJIR is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of theory, practice, and research in intergroup
relations. The contents encompass theoretical developments, field-based evaluations of training techniques,
empirical discussions of cultural similarities and differences, and critical descriptions of new training
approaches. Papers selected for publication in IJIR are judged to increase our understanding of intergroup
tensions and harmony. Issue-oriented and cross-discipline discussion is encouraged.The highest priority is
given to manuscripts that join theory, practice, and field research design. By theory, we mean conceptual
schemes focused on the nature of cultural differences and similarities. Practice refers to techniques of
intercultural training that are both theoretically well founded and usable in the field. The research design
should: (a) be field-based rather than laboratory-based and (b) pit the training technique under consideration
against other approaches. Whereas true experiments in the field are ideal, they are also hard to come by,
and we expect many will more closely resemble quasi-experimental models.

International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture is concerned primarily with manufacturing
machines and processes applied to the manufacture of engineering components mainly in metals but also in
composites, ceramics and electronic materials.
The Journal invites papers in all fundamental aspects of mass spectrometry and ion processes, including
instrumental developments and applications in biology, chemistry, geology and physics.
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences is an international forum for the publication and dissemination
of original work which contributes to the understanding of the main disciplines underpinning the mechanical
and civil engineering sciences.
Covers all aspects of the processing of solid-mineral materials such as metallic and non-metallic ores, coals
and other solid sources of secondary materials, etc.
International Journal of Multiphase Flow publishes theoretical and experimental investigations of multiphase
flow that are of relevance and permanent interest.
International Journal of Nursing Studies provides a forum for publication of original papers of the highest
standard that report research findings and research-based reviews and analysis of interest to an
international readership of nurses, midwives, educators, administrators and researchers in all areas of
nursing and caring sciences.
The purpose of International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology is to concentrate and disseminate
information concerning prevention, cure and care of otorhinolaryngological disorders in infants and children
due to developmental, degenerative, infectious, neoplastic, traumatic, social, psychiatric and economic
International Journal of Pharmaceutics publishes innovative papers, reviews, mini-reviews, rapid
communications and notes dealing with physical, chemical, biological, microbiological and engineering
studies related to the conception, design, production, characterization and evaluation of drug-delivery
systems in vitro and in vivo. “Drug” is defined as any therapeutic or diagnostic entity.
The purpose of the Journal is to report original research on all aspects of plastic deformation, damage and
fracture behavior of isotropic as well as anisotropic solids, including the thermodynamics of plasticity and
fracture, continuum theory and macroscopic as well as microscopic phenomena.
The anticipated coverage of the International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping ranges from simple
mass-produced pressure vessels to large custom-built vessels and tanks. Pressure vessels technology is a
developing field.
International Journal of Production Economics focuses on topics treating the interface between engineering
and management. All aspects of the subject in relation to manufacturing and process industries, as well as
production in general are covered.
International Journal of Psychophysiology is the official journal of the International Organization of
Psychophysiology, and provides a respected forum for the publication of high-quality original contributions on
all aspects of psychophysiology. The Journal is interdisciplinary and aims to integrate the neurosciences and
behavioral sciences.
The “Red Journal” offers authoritative articles linking new research and technologies to clinical applications.
Original contributions by leading scientists and researchers include but are not limited to experimental
studies of combined modality treatment, tumor sensitization and normal tissue protection, molecular
radiation biology, particle irradiation, brachytherapy, treatment planning, etc.
This journal is concerned with original research, new developments, site measurements and case studies in
rock mechanics and rock engineering. It provides an international forum for the publication of high quality
papers on the subject of rock mechanics and the application of rock mechanics principles and techniques to
mining and civil engineering projects built on or in rock masses.
International Journal of Solids and Structures has as its objective the publication and dissemination of
original research in mechanics of solids and structures as a field of applied science and engineering.

The Journal of Academic Librarianship , an international and refereed journal, publishes articles that focus
on problems and issues germane to college and university libraries. JAL provides a forum for authors to
present research findings and, where applicable, their practical applications and significance; analyze
policies, practices, issues, and trends; speculate about the future of academic librarianship; present
analytical bibliographic essays and philosophical treatises. JAL also brings to the attention of its readers
information about hundreds of new and recently published books in library and information science,
management, scholarly communication, and higher education. JAL , in addition, covers management and
discipline-based software and information policy developments.
Journal of Aerosol Science is a long-established international publication which sets out to encourage and
foster all aspects of basic and applied aerosol research by publishing high-quality scientific papers in that
very multidisciplinary field.
Publishes papers concerned with affective disorders in the widest sense: depression, mania, anxiety and
panic. It is interdisciplinary and aims to bring together different approaches for a diverse readership.

The international Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis is devoted to the publication of qualitative and
quantitative results relating to:

- Controlled pyrolysis (thermal degradation) of chemical materials, including synthetic and natural
macromolecules as well as lower molecular weight chemicals;
- Fundamental studies of pyrolysis processes by chemical, physical and physicochemical methods:
- Studies of pyrolysis reaction kinetics, energetics, and mechanisms;
- Environmental, geochemical, biological, medical, and forensic applications of analytical pyrolysis;
- Studies in high temperature chemistry, including chemical vapor deposition;
- Pyrolysis investigations of energy related problems, including the characterization of fossil/synthetic fuels
and coal extraction/liquefaction products;
An much more.
Journal of Anxiety Disorders is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes research papers dealing with all
aspects of anxiety disorders for all age groups (child, adolescent, adult and geriatric). Areas of focus include:
traditional, behavioral, cognitive and biological assessment; diagnosis and classification; psychosocial and
psychopharmacological treatment; genetics; epidemiology; and prevention.

The Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology focuses on two key concepts: human development,
which refers to the psychological transformations and modifications that occur during the life cycle and
influence an individual's behavior within the social milieu; and application of knowledge, which is derived
from investigating variables in the developmental process. Its contributions cover research that deals with
traditional life span markets (age, social roles, biological status, environmental variables) and broadens the
scopes of study to include variables that promote understanding of psychological processes and their onset
and development within the life span. Most importantly, the Journal demonstrates how knowledge gained
from research can be applied to policy making and to educational, clinical, and social settings.
Journal of Archaeological Science is aimed at archaeologists and scientists with particular interests in
advances in the application of scientific techniques and methodologies to all areas of archaeology.
Journal of Arid Environments is an international journal publishing original scientific and technical research
articles on physical, biological and anthropological aspects of arid, semi-arid and desert environments.

. The Journal primarily focuses on experimental tests of psychological approaches to mental disorders,
though contributions from biology and / or non-experimental disciplines like epidemiology may be
occasionally published. Papers to be published generally focus on:

• Differences between specific patient groups and other groups;
• Mechanisms that cause or perpetuate disorders; and finally;
• Diagnostic and therapeutical procedures.
The Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods has, since 1979, published research and review
papers dealing with the development of new methods or the significant modification of existing techniques to
solve theoretical and experimental problems in the field of life sciences, particularly biochemistry and
The Journal provides a medium for the rapid publication of both full-length articles and short
communications on all aspects of biotechnology. The Journal will accept papers ranging from genetic or
molecular biological positions to those covering biochemical, chemical or bioprocess engineering aspects as
well as computer application of new software concepts, provided that in each case the material is directly
relevant to biotechnological systems.
Journal of Catalysis publishes original, rigorous and scholarly contributions in the fields of heterogeneous
and homogeneous catalysis. These include studies that relate catalytic function to fundamental chemical
processes at surfaces and in metal complexes, novel concepts in surface chemistry, the synthesis and
catalytic function of novel inorganic solids and complexes, etc.
The journal also publishes concise and critical review articles appraising the status and future directions of
specific areas of cereal science and short rapid communications that present news of important advances in
research. The journal aims at topicality and at providing comprehensive coverage of progress in the field.

Research Areas Include:

• Composition and analysis of cereal grains in relation to quality in end use
• Morphology, biochemistry, and biophysics of cereal grains relevant to functional and nutritional
• Structure and physicochemical properties of functionally and nutritionally important components of cereal
grains such as polysaccharides, proteins, oils, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals
• Storage of cereal grains and derivatives and effects on nutritional and functional quality
• Genetics, agronomy, and pathology of cereal crops if there is a substantive relationship to end-use
properties of cereal grains
• Functional and nutritional aspects of cereal-based foods and beverages, whether baked, fermented, or
• Industrial products (e.g., starch derivatives, syrups, protein concentrates, and isolates) from cereal grains,
and their technology
The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics exists primarily for dissemination of significant new
measurements in experimental thermodynamics and thermophysics including calorimetry, phase equilibria,
equilibrium thermodynamic properties and transport properties. We publish high-quality work relating to
gases, liquids, solids, mixtures, solutions, interfaces, polymers, bio-thermodynamics and biological materials
provided that the systems studied are characterised and reproducible. The defining attribute of The Journal
is the quality of the papers published. Authors are expected to describe their methods and present their
results in sufficient detail to allow critical assessment of the accuracy claimed. Further, The Journal
welcomes theoretical papers reporting on thermodynamics using molecular theory or modeling, provided the
relationship with experiment is clearly described. Review articles will also be considered but prospective
authors should first consult one of the Editors concerning the suitability of the proposed review. Experimental
measurements of a routine nature or those conducted on uncharacterised materials are not accepted.

Journal of Chromatography B publishes papers on developments in separation science relevant to biology
and biomedical research including both fundamental advances and applications.
Journal of Cleaner Production serves as an interdisciplinary, international forum for the exchange of
information and research results on the technologies, concepts and policies designed to help ensure
progress towards sustainable societies. It aims to encourage industrial innovation, new and improved
products and the implementation of new, cleaner processes, products and services. It is also designed to
stimulate the development and implementation of prevention-oriented governmental policies and education
Journal of Clinical Epidemiology aims at promoting the quality of clinical and patient-oriented health services
Publishes original research on fundamental principles of colloid and interface science and applications of
these principles in chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, applied mathematics, materials science,
polymer science, electrochemistry, geology, agronomy, biology, medicine, fluid dynamics and related fields.

The Journal of Communication Disorders publishes original articles on topics related to disorders of speech,
language and hearing. Authors are encouraged to submit reports of experimental or descriptive
investigations, theoretical or tutorial papers, case reports, or brief communications to the editor. Special topic
issues titled Clinics in Communication Disorders provide clinicians with essential information on the
assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders.
The mission of the Journal of Comparative Economics is to lead the new orientations of research in
comparative economics. Before 1989, the core of comparative economics was the comparison of economic
systems with in particular the economic analysis of socialism in its different forms. In the last fifteen years,
the main focus of interest of comparative economists has been the transition from socialism to capitalism. In
recent years, mostly as a result of the transition experience, a new orientation of comparative economics
has emerged that focuses on the comparison of the economic effects of the various institutions of
capitalism, be it in the legal sphere (common law versus civil law), in the political sphere (different types of
democracies and electoral regimes) or in the sphere of culture, social norms, etc. This new orientation is a
natural development following the very diverse experience of transitions from socialism to capitalism. The
transition experience has indeed shown with a vengeance the importance of institutions in the process of
economic development.
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics publishes original papers of high scientific value in all
areas of computational and applied mathematics. The main interest of the Journal is in papers that describe
and analyze new computational techniques for solving scientific or engineering problems.

Journal of Computational Physics thoroughly treats the computational aspects of physical problems,
presenting techniques for the numerical solution of mathematical equations arising in all areas of physics.
The Journal of Constructional Steel Research provides an international forum for the presentation and
discussion of the latest developments in structural steel research and their applications. It is aimed not only
at researchers but also at those likely to be most affected by research results, i.e. designers and fabricators.
Original papers of a high standard dealing with all aspects of steel research including theoretical and
experimental research on elements, assemblages, connection and material properties are considered for
publication. Those presenting research findings in a form suitable for practical use are especially welcome.
Papers reporting work in progress will also be included, provided the long-term practical implications of the
research are evident, as will state-of-the-art papers, or those by designers and fabricators dealing with
issues bearing directly on research. The journal will also present technical notes, book reviews, discussions
and letters to the Editor. It is intended that at intervals summaries will be included indicating current research
activities throughout the world, and reports of conferences and meetings related specifically to constructional
steelwork. Announcements of conference and symposia are also included in the form of a calendar.
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology is an international journal publishing scientific articles pertaining to the
contamination of groundwater. Emphasis is placed on investigations of the physical, chemical and biological
processes influencing the behavior of organic and inorganic contaminants in both the unsaturated (vadose)
and saturated zones.
The Journal publishes innovative, original research involving the controlled release and delivery of drugs
and other biologically active agents. The terms “controlled release” and “delivery” are used in their broadest
sense to include mechanisms such as diffusion, chemical and enzymatic reactions, dissolution, osmosis,
targeting, as well as the utilization and manipulation of biological processes.
The Journal of Criminal Justice is an international journal intended to fill the present need for the
dissemination of new information, ideas and methods, to both practitioners and academicians in the criminal
justice area. The Journal is concerned with all aspects of the criminal justice system in terms of their
relationships to each other. Although materials are presented relating to crime and the individual elements of
the criminal justice system, the emphasis of the Journal is to tie together the functioning of these elements
and to illustrate the effects of their interactions. Articles that reflect the application of new disciplines or
analytical methodologies to the problems of criminal justice are of special interest.

The Journal offers a common reference and publication source for workers engaged in research on the
experimental and theoretical aspects of crystal growth and its applications, e.g., in devices. Experimental
and theoretical contributions are published in the theory of nucleation and growth; molecular kinetics and
transport phenomena; crystallization in viscous media such as polymers and glasses; etc.

Journal of Dentistry appeals to a substantial international readership seeking to keep up-to-date with
research and developments in the field of dental science, with an emphasis on new knowledge and
innovations pertinent to the contemporary practice of clinical dentistry.
Journal of Development Economics publishes papers relating to all aspects of economic
development—from immediate policy concerns to structural problems of underdevelopment.
The Journal of Differential Equations is concerned with the theory and the application of differential
equations. The articles published are addressed not only to mathematicians but also to those engineers,
physicists, and other scientists for whom differential equations are valuable research tools.
Journal of Econometrics is designed to serve as an outlet for important new research in both theoretical and
applied econometrics.
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization is devoted to theoretical and empirical research concerning
economic decision, organization and behavior and to economic change in all its aspects.
The Journal provides an outlet for publication of research concerning all theoretical and empirical aspects of
economic dynamics and control as well as the development and use of computational methods in
economics and finance.
The Journal aims to present research that will improve understanding of behavioral, especially socio-
psychological, aspects of economic phenomena and processes. The Journal seeks to be a channel for the
increased interest in using behavioral science methods for the study of economic behavior, and so to
contribute to better solutions of societal problems, by stimulating new approaches and new theorizing about
economic affairs. Economic psychology as a discipline studies the psychological mechanisms that underlie
consumption and other economic behavior. It deals with preferences, choices, decisions, and factors
influencing these, as well as the consequences of decisions and choices with respect to the satisfaction of
needs. This includes the impact of external economic phenomena upon human behavior and well-being.
Studies in economic psychology may relate to different levels of aggregation, from the household and the
individual consumer to the macro level of whole nations. Economic behavior in connection with inflation,
unemployment, taxation, economic development, as well as consumer information and economic behavior in
the market place are thus the major fields of interest.

The Journal of Economic Psychology contains: (a) reports of empirical research on economic behavior; (b)
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry is the foremost international journal devoted to the interdisciplinary
subject of electrochemistry in all its aspects, theoretical as well as applied.
The Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena publishes experimental, theoretical and
applied work in the field of electron spectroscopy and electronic structure, involving techniques which use
high energy photons (>10 eV) or electrons as probes or detected particles in the investigation.

The journal has the aim of disseminating knowledge of static electricity in its fundamental aspects, its useful
applications and in its hazardous nature.
Journal of Emergency Medicine is an international, peer-reviewed publication featuring original contributions
of interest to both the academic and practicing emergency physician. It offers research papers and clinical
studies as well as articles focusing on the training of emergency physicians and on the practice of
emergency medicine.
The Journal of Environmental Economics and Management publishes theoretical and empirical papers
devoted to specific natural resources and environmental issues. For consideration, papers should (1) contain
a substantial element embodying the linkage between economic systems and environmental and natural
resources systems or (2) be of substantial importance in understanding the management and/or social
control of the economy in its relations with the natural environment. Although the general orientation of the
journal is toward economics, interdisciplinary papers by researchers in other fields of interest to resource
and environmental economists will be welcomed. The journal is intended to be of interest not only to
research economists but also to the scientific community concerned with resource and environmental
management research.
Journal of Environmental Management is a journal for the publication of peer-reviewed, original research for
all aspects of management and the managed use of the environment, both natural and manmade.

The Journal of Environmental Psychology is directed toward individuals in a wide range of disciplines who
have an interest in the study of the transactions and interrelationships between people and their
sociophysical surroundings (including planned and natural environments) and the relation of this field to
other social and biological sciences and to the environmental professions. The journal publishes
internationally contributed empirical studies, reviews of research, and an extensive book review section.
The Journal of Environmental Radioactivity provides a coherent international forum for publication of original
research or review papers on any aspect of the occurrence of radioactivity in natural systems. Relevant
subject areas range from applications of environmental radionuclides as mechanistic or timescale tracers of
natural processes to assessments of the radioecological or radiological effects of ambient radioactivity.
Papers deal with naturally occurring nuclides or with those created and released by man through nuclear
weapons manufacture and testing, energy production, fuel-cycle technology, etc. Reports on radioactivity in
the oceans, sediments, rivers, lakes, groundwaters, soils, atmosphere and all divisions of the biosphere are
welcomed, but these should not simply be of a monitoring nature unless the data are particularly innovative.

Journal of Ethnopharmacology is dedicated to the exchange of information and understanding about
people’s use of plants, fungi, animals, microorganisms and minerals and their biological and
pharmacological effects based on the principles established through international conventions.
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology is a leading source of empirical research on all aspects of
children’s development from infancy through adolescence, including cognitive, social and physical
The Journal provides a forum for work on the biochemistry, physiology, behavior and genetics of marine
plants and animals in relation to their ecology; all levels of biological organization will be considered,
including studies of ecosystems and ecological modeling.
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology publishes original research and theory on human social behavior
and related phenomena. The Journal emphasizes empirical, conceptually based research that advances an
understanding of important social psychological processes.
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry contains original papers and short communications describing bothpure and
applied research on the chemistry and applications of fluorine, and of compounds where fluorine exercises
significant effects. The Journal of Fluorine Chemistry covers inorganic, organic, organometallic and physical
This journal is devoted to all scientific aspects of the composition of human foods, and emphasizes new
methods of analysis; data on composition of foods; studies on the production, compilation and dissemination
of food composition data; studies on the statistics and distribution of such data and data systems; and
studies related to data use, including nutritional epidemiology, clinical research, agro-biodiversity, food
security and food trade.
The Journal publishes original research and review papers on any subject at the interface between food and
engineering, particularly those of relevance to industry, including: engineering properties of foods; food
physics and physical chemistry; processing, measurement, control, packaging, storage and distribution; etc.

Topics include: the description and evaluation of new or improved methods of geochemical exploration; sampling and analytica
Journal of Hazardous Materials publishes full-length research papers, reviews, case studies and short
communications which improve our understanding of the hazards and risks certain materials pose to people
and the environment or deal with ways of controlling these hazards and associated risks. To limit the scope,
the following areas are excluded: work place health & safety and non-hazardous materials waste.

This journal seeks articles related to the economics of health and medical care. Its scope includes the
following topics: production of health and health services; demand and utilization of health services;
financing of health services; measurement of health; behavioral models of demanders, suppliers and other
health-care agencies; manpower planning and forecasting; the prevention of sickness; etc.

Journal of Human Evolution concentrates on publishing the highest quality papers covering all aspects of
human evolution. The central focus is aimed jointly at palaeoanthropological work, covering human and
primate fossils, and at comparative studies of living species, including both morphological and molecular
Journal of Hydrology publishes original research papers and comprehensive reviews in all the subfields of
the hydrological sciences. These comprise, but are not limited to the physical, chemical, biogeochemical,
stochastic and systems aspects of surface and groundwater hydrology, hydrometeorology and hydrogeology.

This journal is devoted to covering techniques for detecting antibodies and/or antigens and haptens based
on antigenantibody interactions; factionating and purifying immunoglobulins, lymphokines and other
molecules of the immune system; isolating antigens and other substances important in immunological
processes; and many other topics.
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry is an established international forum for research in all aspects of
biological inorganic chemistry. Original papers of a high scientific level are published in the form of articles
(full-length papers), short communications, focused reviews and bioinorganic methods.
All aspects of insect physiology are published in this journal, which will also accept papers on the physiology
of other arthropods.
Journal of International Economics is intended to serve as the primary outlet for theoretical and empirical
research in all areas of international economics. These include, but are not limited to the following: trade
patterns, commercial policy; international institutions; exchange rates; open economy macroeconomics;
international finance; and international factor mobility.
The Journal of Invertebrate Pathology presents original research articles and notes on the induction and
pathogenesis of diseases of invertebrates, including the suppression of diseases in beneficial species, and
the use of diseases in controlling undesirable species. In addition, the journal publishes the results of
physiological, morphological, genetic, immunological and ecological studies as related to the etiologic agents
of diseases of invertebrates.
Journal of Luminescence provides a means of communication between scientists in different disciplines who
share a common interest in the electronic excited state of molecular, ionic and covalent systems, whether
crystalline, amorphous or liquid.
Presents original papers in the fields of nuclear magnetic resonance, electron spin resonance and nuclear
quadrupole resonance spectroscopy as well as in related experimental techniques.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials provides an important forum for the disclosure and discussion
of original contributions covering the whole spectrum of topics, from basic magnetism to the technology and
applications of magnetic materials and magnetic recording.
The Journal covers the processing techniques of metals and other traditional and advanced materials. The
articles published focus mainly on the developments in, and the analysis of, equipment and processes.

This journal provides a focal point for “membranologists” and a vehicle for the dissemination of information
dealing with the science and technology of membrane processes and phenomena. The primary emphasis is
on the structure and function of non-biological membranes, but papers bridging the gap between non-
biological and biological membranes are sought.
Articles in the Journal of Memory and Language contribute to the formulation of scientific issues and
theories in the areas of memory, language comprehension and production, and cognitive processes.
All aspects of microbiology, excluding virology, are covered. These include analytical
microbiology,biotechnology, biochemical microbiology, clinical microbiology, computer applications as
applied to microbiology research, diagnostics (including PCR, fingerprinting and typing), environmental
microbiology, food, genomics, ground water microbiology, etc.
The official organ of the International Society for Heart Research, this publication provides a forum for
research papers dealing with the molecular biology, physiology, pharmacology and pathophysiology of the
heart and cardiovascular system.
The Journal of Molecular Biology publishes original scientific research concerning studies of organisms or
their components at the molecular level.
The general objective of this source is to publish scientific contributions examining the molecular and atomic
aspects of catalytic activation and reaction mechanisms in organometallic and biomimetic catalysis; ionic
catalysis by acids, bases and metal ions; and molecular aspects of heterogeneous catalysis.
This international forum is devoted to research and developments in the applications of whole-cell and cell-
free enzymes as catalysts in organic synthesis. Emphasis is focused on mechanistic and synthetic aspects
of the biocatalytic transformation.
The Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy presents experimental and theoretical articles on all subjects
relevant to molecular spectroscopy and its modern applications. An international medium for the publication
of some of the most significant research in the field, the Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy is an invaluable
resource for astrophysicists, chemists, physicists, engineers, and others involved in molecular spectroscopy
research and practice.
Journal of Molecular Structure is dedicated to the publication of full-length articles, review papers and short
communications, providing important new structural information on all types of chemical species.

THEOCHEM publishes research related to the broad area of theoretical and computational investigation of
molecular systems, including problems of molecular structure, properties, energetics, reactions, interactions
and dynamics.
The role of various institutional arrangements, the consequences of specific changes in banking structure
and the welfare aspects of structural policies have attracted an increasing interest in the profession. There
has also been a growing attention to the operation of credit markets and to various aspects in the behavior
of rates of return on assets.
Journal of Neuroscience Methods publishes papers dealing with new methods or significant developments
of recognized methods, used to investigate the organization and fine structure, biochemistry, molecular
biology, histo- and cyto-chemistry, physiology, biophysics and pharmacology of receptors, neurones,
synapses and glial cells and more.
Find review articles, research papers and letters to the editor on oxide and nonoxide glasses, amorphous
semiconductors, non-crystalline films such as those prepared by vapor-deposition, glass ceramics and
glassy composites.
The International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics provides a specific medium for dissemination of
research results in the various areas of theoretical and applied mechanics of solids/structures and fluids,
where the phenomena are inherently non-linear. The journal brings together original results in non-linear
problems in elasticity, plasticity, dynamics and vibrations, rheology, hydrodynamics, gas dynamics,
magnetohydrodynamics, astrodynamics, control and stability, structures, as well as in other diverse areas.
Papers may be analytical/computational or experimental. Mathematical treatments of non-linear differential
equations wherein solutions and properties of solutions are emphasized are also appropriate. Both
deterministic and stochastic approaches are fostered. Contributions pertaining to applied fields are
The journal will appeal to people working on fundamental developments in the rheological sciences and
applications on both the macroscopic and microscopic scale.
•The development of rheological equations of state for non-Newtonian liquids from both a continuum and
microstructure starting point, but the outlook will always be practical in the sense that abstract developments
with no hope of application will not be welcomed.
•The use of rheological equations of state in the solution of meaningful flow problems involving one or more
fluid phases. Analytic and/or numerical solutions would be in order. These should be problems which involve
the equations of continuity and motion and energy in a non-trivial way.
•Experimental work associated with complex fluids, including
- confirmation or otherwise of prediction from rheological equations of state developments and the
confirmation of predictions from the solved flow problems
- novel flow situations which would suggest the need for further analytical work
- rheometry
- practical situations of flow which are in need of systematic theoretical and experimental research.
Such issues and developments commonly arise, for example, in the polymer processing, petroleum,
pharmaceutical, biomedical and consumer product industries. However, this list is not meant to be
representative, not exhaustive.
•Problems involving heat and mass transfers and mixing in flowing non-Newtonian liquids.
•Instabilities, unsteady and turbulent or chaotic flow characteristics in non-Newtonian fluids.
The Journal of Nuclear Materials publishes high-quality papers in materials research relevant to nuclear
fission and fusion reactors and high power accelerator technologies, and in closely related aspects of
materials science and engineering.
The mission of the Journal of Operations Management is to publish original, high-quality research papers in
the field of operations management.
The Journal of Organometallic Chemistry has a long-standing tradition for publishing original papers dealing
with theoretical aspects, structural chemistry, synthesis, physical and chemical properties including reaction
mechanisms and practical applications of organometallic compounds.
The Journal presents original contributions as well as a complete international abstracts section and other
special departments to provide the most current source of information and references in pediatric surgery.

From preventive health care to treatment of childhood diseases to emergency care—all of these subjects
(and more) are covered in the Journal of Pediatrics.
This journal is an international medium for the publication of original research reports and authoritative
reviews on pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. It covers the interdisciplinary aspects of analysis in the
pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences, including relevant developments in analytical methodology,
instrumentation, computation and interpretation.
JPPA publishes notes, short communications and full-length articles on chemical phenomena induced by
interactions between light and molecules/matter, of all kinds. Organic, inorganic, biological, macromolecular,
supramolecular integrated systems; semiconductor and metallic systems are all included, and the widest
range of photochemistry disciplines is covered.
Provides a forum for the publication of papers relating to the various aspects of photobiology, as well as a
means for communication in this multidisciplinary field.

Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids is a well-established international medium for publication of
research in condensed matter and materials science. Emphasis is placed on experimental and theoretical
work which contributes to a basic understanding of and new insight into the properties and behavior of
condensed matter.
The "Journal of Plant Physiology " publishes original papers, reviews and short communications dealing with
all aspects of plant biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology and basic aspects of plant biotechnology. All
papers are published in English. The main focus of the journal is to disseminate original and high quality
information governing basic processes in plant physiology and development. The journal also invites the
submission of papers which bridge basic research in functional plant sciences with applied aspects of plant
Journal of Power Sources provides an interdisciplinary forum on all aspects of the science, technology and
commercialization of primary/secondary batteries and fuel cells, as well as on their application in important
and emerging markets, such as stand-by and portable-power systems; load-leveling facilities; electric
vehicles; remote wind and/or solar-based power supplies; and satellites; and deep space probes.

Journal of Psychiatric Research is dedicated to innovative and timely studies of four important areas of
research: (1) clinical studies of all disciplines relating to psychiatric illness, as well as normal human
behavior; (2) basic studies pertaining to psychiatry in such fields as neuropsychopharmacology,
neuroendocrinology, electrophysiology, genetics, etc.; (3) the growing application of clinical laboratory
techniques in psychiatry; and (4) advances in basic and clinical research methodology.

This multidisciplinary research journal covers all aspects of the relationships between psychology and
medicine. The scope is broad and ranges from basic biological and psychological research to evaluations of
treatment and services.
The aim of the Journal of Public Economics is to encourage original scientific contributions on the problems
of public economics, with particular emphasis on the application of modern economic theory and methods of
quantitative analysis.
§      Theoretical and experimental aspects of the spectra of atoms, molecules, ions, and plasmas.
§      Spectral lineshape studies including models and computational algorithms.
§      Atmospheric spectroscopy.
§      Theoretical and experimental aspects of light scattering.
§      Application of light scattering in particle characterization and remote sensing.
§      Application of light scattering in biological sciences and medicine.
§      Radiative transfer in absorbing, emitting, and scattering media.
§      Radiative transfer in stochastic media.
§      Electromagnetic energy transfer with near-field, nano-scale, and coherent effects.
§      Planetary, atmospheric, and environmental radiative transfer.

And much more.
Emphasizing experimental and descriptive research, the Journal of Research in Personality presents
articles that examine important issues in the field of personality and in related fields basic to the
understanding of personality. The subject matter includes treatments of genetic, physiological, motivational,
learning, perceptual, cognitive, and social processes of both normal and abnormal kinds in human and
animal subjects.
The Journal of Rural Studies publishes research articles relating to such rural issues as society,
demography, housing, employment, transport, services, land-use, recreation, agriculture and conservation.
The focus is on those areas encompassing extensive land-use, with small-scale and diffuse settlement
patterns and communities linked into the surrounding landscape and milieux.
Covering major developments in the field of solid state chemistry and related areas such as ceramics and
amorphous materials, the Journal of Solid State Chemistry features studies of chemical, structural,
thermodynamic, electronic, magnetic and optical properties and processes in solids.
This is a broad-based journal covering all branches of statistics, with special encouragement to workers in
the field of statistical planning and related combinatorial mathematics and probability theory.
Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is devoted to new experimental or theoretical
developments in areas related to steroids.

Journal of Structural Biology publishes papers dealing with the structural analysis of living material at every
level of organization by all methods that lead to an understanding of biological function in terms of molecular
and supermolecular structure.
Journal of Structural Geology publishes on the structural geology of the Earth and other planets and moons,
including related contributions in rheology, geophysics, geochemistry, geodynamics and tectonics.

Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (JSAT) features original reviews, training and educational articles,
special commentary and especially research articles that are meaningful to the treatment of alcohol, heroin,
marijuana, and other drugs of dependence. JSAT is directed toward treatment practitioners from all
disciplines (medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, and counseling) in both private and public sectors.

Find original articles concerned with clinical and laboratory investigations relevant to surgical practice and
The Journal of Systems and Software publishes papers covering all aspects of programming methodology,
software engineering and related hardware/software systems issues. Topics of interest include, but are not
limited to, software systems, prototyping issues, high-level specification techniques, procedural and
functional programming techniques, data-flow concepts, multiprocessing, real-time, distributed, concurrent,
and telecommunications systems, software metrics, reliability models for software, performance issues, and
management concerns. The journal publishes research papers, state-of-the-art surveys, and reports of
practical experience. All articles should consider the practical application of the ideas advanced through
case studies, experiments, or systematic comparisons with other approaches already in practice.
Occasionally, special issues are devoted to topics of particular interest; proposals for such issues are
Covers all aspects of system architecture design and implementation. It ranges from the microarchitecture
level via the system software level up to the application-specific architecture level.
Journal of the European Ceramic Society publishes the results of original research relating to the structure,
properties and processing of ceramic materials.
Emphasis is placed on the development of fundamental concepts of mechanics and novel applications of
these concepts based on theoretical, experimental or computational approaches, drawing upon the various
branches of engineering science and the allied areas within applied mathematics, materials science,
structural engineering, applied physics and geophysics.
Journal of Theoretical Biology is the leading forum for theoretical papers that gives insight into biological
processes. It covers a very wide range of topics and is of interest to biologists in many areas of research.

Publishes original papers and invited reviews covering techniques on all aspects of virology. These include
methods for studying the morphology, assembly, replication, composition, function and physiochemical
properties of viruses and their components; the purification of viruses and their components; cultivation; and
Journal of Vocational Behavior publishes empirical and theoretical articles that expand knowledge of
vocational behavior and career development across the life span. Research presented in the Journal
encompasses the general categories of career choice, implementation and vocational adjustment and
An international research journal with focus on volcanic and geothermal processes and their impact on the
environment and society.
The objective of the Journal is to provide a means for the publication and interchange of information, on an
international basis, on all those aspects of wind engineering that are included in the activities of the
International Association for Wind Engineering.
Land Use Policy is an international and interdisciplinary journal concerned with the social, economic,
political, legal, physical and planning aspects of urban and rural land use. It provides a forum for the
exchange of ideas and information from the diverse range of disciplines and interest groups which must be
combined to formulate effective land use policies. The journal examines issues in geography, agriculture,
forestry, irrigation, environmental conservation, housing, urban development and transport in both developed
and developing countries through major refereed articles and shorter viewpoint pieces.

Landscape and Urban Planning is concerned with conceptual, scientific and design approaches to land use.
It emphasizes ecological understanding and a multi-disciplinary approach to analysis, planning and design.

Life Sciences is an international journal publishing articles that emphasize the molecular, cellular and
functional basis of therapy. The journal publishes full-length original research articles and mini-reviews.
Articles that merely report observations are rarely accepted. All articles are rigorously peer reviewed.

Lithos is an international English-language journal publishing high-quality, original research papers on
mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry, emphasizing the application of mineralogy and geochemistry to
petrogenetic problems.
LWT—Food Science and Technology is an international journal that publishes innovative papers in the fields
of food chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, technology and nutrition.
This is the first international multidisciplinary journal encompassing physical, life and clinical science
investigations as they relate to the development and use of magnetic resonance imaging.
Management Accounting Research aims to serve as a vehicle for publishing original research in the field of
management accounting. Its contributions include case studies, field work, and other empirical research,
analytical modeling, scholarly papers, distinguished review articles, comments and notes.
Manual Therapy is a peer-reviewed journal catering for the diverse needs of the various professions
engaged in all aspects of manual therapy.
Marine and Petroleum Geology is the pre-eminent international forum for the exchange of multidisciplinary
concepts, interpretations and techniques for all concerned with marine and petroleum geology in industry,
government and academia. Rapid bimonthly publication allows early communications of papers or short
communications to the geoscience community.
Marine Chemistry is an international medium for the publication of original studies and occasional reviews in
the field of chemistry in the marine environment, with emphasis on the dynamic approach.
Marine Environmental Research publishes original research papers on chemical, physical and biological
interactions in the oceans and coastal waters. The journal serves as a forum for new information on biology,
chemistry, and toxicology and syntheses that advance understanding of marine environmental processes.

Since 1964, this international journal has been reporting on developments in the fields of marine geology,
geochemistry and geophysics. Marine Geology provides regular access to original studies and
comprehensive reviews and, in addition, has a special “letters section” which ensures particularly rapid
publication of short papers.
Marine Policy is the leading journal of ocean policy studies. It offers researchers, analysts and policy makers
a unique combination of analyses in the principal social science disciplines relevant to the formulation of
marine policy. Regular features of Marine Policy include research reports, conference reports and reports on
current developments to keep readers up-to-date with the latest developments and research in ocean
Marine Pollution Bulletin is concerned with the rational use of maritime and marine resources in estuaries,
the seas and oceans, as well as with documenting marine pollution and introducing new forms of
measurement and analysis. A wide range of topics are discussed as news, comment, reviews and research
reports, not only on effluent disposal and pollution control, but also on the management, economic aspects
and protection of the marine environment in general.
Materials & Design , as its title implies, publishes papers, articles and reports which describe the properties
of a material which influence or control any practical design. All types of materials are covered as well as all
scales of application from micromachinery to large structural components.
Materials Chemistry and Physics is devoted to short communications, full-length research papers and
feature articles on interrelationships among structure, properties, processing and performance of materials.

Materials Letters is dedicated to publishing novel, cutting edge reports of broad interest to the materials
community. The journal provides a forum for materials scientists and engineers, physicists and chemists to
rapidly communicate on the most important topics in the field in materials.
This international, rapid-publication journal reports research on the synthesis, processing, structure and
properties of inorganic materials with interesting electronic, magnetic, optical, mechanical and catalytic
This journal provides an international medium for the publication of theoretical and experimental studies and
reviews of the properties and behavior of a wide range of materials, related both to their structure and to
their engineering application. The varied topics comprising materials science and engineering include, but
are not limited to, the properties and structure of crystalline and non-crystalline metals and ceramics,
polymers and composite materials.
The journal provides an international medium for the publication of theoretical and experimental studies and
reviews related to the electronic, ionic, magnetic and optical properties of materials both in bulk and in thin
This international and interdisciplinary journal reports on scientific and technical contributions dealing with all
aspects of conceiving, designing, constructing and testing materials, structures, devices and systems based
on supramolecular aggregates and on larger-scale assemblies which replicate biological structures and
This journal publishes invited review papers covering the full spectrum of materials science and engineering.
The reviews, both experimental and theoretical, provide general background information as well as a critical
assessment on topics in a state of flux. It provides a critical overview of the current issues in a well-defined
area of immediate interest to materials scientists.
Materials Today is the international magazine for all researchers with an interest in materials science and
technology. Through its unique mixture of peer-reviewed articles, the latest research news, and information
on key developments, Materials Today provides comprehensive coverage of this exciting and dynamic field.

This leading international journal publishes research and expository papers on the formulation, analysis and
solution of mathematical models in the biosciences. The journal serves both mathematicians involved in
solving model equations or in reaching conclusions that are testable in the real world, and biologists who are
interested in forming mathematical models of biological processes and systems.

Contributions are invited on all aspects of the research, development and applications of the science and
technology of measurement and instrumentation. Authors are encouraged to submit novel material which
could include results of research or experimental work, may deal with practical developments related to plant
or process, discuss new developments in sensors and instrumentation or relate to systems evaluation and
It is the purpose of Meat Science to provide an appropriate medium for the dissemination of interdisciplinary
and international knowledge on all the factors that influence the properties of meat. The journal is
predominantly concerned with the flesh of mammals; however, contributions on poultry meat may be
published, especially if these have relevance to our overall understanding of the relationship between the
nature of muscle and the quality of the meat.
Mechanics of Materials is a forum for original scientific research on the flow, fracture, and general
constitutive behavior of geophysical, geotechnical and technological materials, with balanced coverage of
advanced technological and natural materials, with balanced coverage of theoretical, experimental, and field
investigations. Of special concern are macroscopic predictions based on microscopic models, identification
of microscopic structures from limited overall macroscopic data, experimental and field results that lead to
fundamental understanding of the behavior of materials, and coordinated experimental and analytical
investigations that culminate in theories with predictive quality.

The main topics are: •Design Theory and Methodology; •Haptics and Human-Machine-Interfaces; •Robotics,
Mechatronics and Micro-Machines; •Mechanisms, Mechanical Transmissions and Machines; •Kinematics,
Dynamics, and Control of Mechanical Systems;•Applications to Bioengineering and Molecular Chemistry.

Mechanisms of Ageing and Development is a multidisciplinary journal aimed at revealing the molecular,
biochemical and biological mechanisms that underlie the process of ageing and the development of age-
associated disease. Emphasis is placed on investigations that delineate the contribution of oxidative damage
and/or cellular metabolism; genetic instability; telomere integrity; mitochondrial function; and genetic
Mechanisms of Development is an international journal whose purpose is to communicate contemporary
studies in developmental biology with special emphasis on the characterization of molecular mechanisms
underlying development processes in either vertebrates or invertebrates.
Medical Hypotheses is a forum for ideas in medicine and related biomedical sciences. It will publish
interesting and important theoretical papers that foster the diversity and debate upon which the scientific
process thrives.
This eminent journal is regarded by clinicians and researchers alike as an authoritative source of practical
information on metabolic processes and diseases in the areas of nutrition, genetics, dystrophies, diabetes
and gout.
Metal Powder Report covers the powder metallurgy industry worldwide. Each issue carries news and
features on technical trends in the manufacture, research and use of metal powders. Metal Powder Report
is recognised by parts manufacturers and end-users worldwide for authoritative and high quality reporting
and analysis of the international powder metallurgy industry.
Methods focuses on rapidly developing techniques in the experimental biological and medical sciences.
Each topical issue, organized by an editor who is an expert in the area covered, consists of invited articles.
Issues are devoted to specific technical approaches with emphasis on clear detailed descriptions of
protocols that allow them to be reproduced easily.
Find the most advanced research in all fields of the study of infection and immunity. The journal brings
together original reports, reviews and discussion papers.
Research Areas Include:

• Pathogenesis
• Virulence factors
• Host susceptibility or resistance
• Immune mechanisms
• Identification, cloning, and sequencing of relevant genes
• Genetic studies
• Viruses, prokaryotic organisms, and protozoa
The Microchemical Journal is a peer reviewed journal devoted to all aspects and phases of analytical
chemistry and chemical analysis. The Microchemical Journal publishes articles which are at the forefront of
modern analytical chemistry and cover innovations in the techniques to the finest possible limits. This
includes fundamental aspects, instrumentation, new developments, methods and applications including
environmental and clinical analysis. Traditional classical methods such as spectrophotometry and titrimetry
as well as instrumentation methods such as flame atomic absorption spectrometry and gas chromatography
will be considered, provided they show significant improvements and novelty compared to the established
methods. The journal was established in the late 1950's as a journal devoted to the rapidly developing field
of microchemistry. As the area of microchemistry has evolved into analyses in microgram masses and
microvolumes (and lower), lower detection limits, and more sophisticated and compact instrumentation, the
Microchemical Journal has continued to evolve and change with this growing and expanding area, covering
now analytical chemical research in its broadest sense.
The aim of Microelectronic Engineering is to bring together in one publication the results of international
work in the rapidly expanding field of integrated microelectronics. The scope of this journal includes
materials, methods and designs for microfabrication, processing and inspection for microelectronic and
nanoelectronic elements.
Microelectronics and Reliability is dedicated to disseminating the latest research results and related
information on the reliability of microelectronic devices, circuits and systems. The coverage of the journal
includes the following topics: physics and analysis; evaluation and prediction; modeling and simulation;
methodologies and assurance.
Published since 1969, Microelectronics Journal is an international forum for the dissemination of research
into, and applications of, microelectronics.
This international journal covers all aspects of porous solids classified as either microporous (pore width up
to 2 nm) or mesoporous (pore width ca.2 to ca.50 nm). Typical examples are zeolites and zeolitelike
materials, pillared or non-pillared clays, clathrasils and clathrates, etc.
Midwifery enhances the quality of care for childbearing women and their families by encouraging midwives
to explore and develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes. This journal provides an International and
interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of advances, controversies and current research and actively
promotes continuing education through publication of reviews and updates on all aspects of midwife.

The purpose of the journal is to provide for the rapid publication of topical papers featuring the latest
developments in the allied fields of mineral processing and extractive metallurgy.
The journal provides a medium for rapid publication of investigations of the molecular biology and
biochemistry of parasitic protozoa and helminthes and their interactions with both the definitive and
intermediate host.
Provides an integrated publication on all aspects related to the biochemical effects, synthesis and secretions
of extracellular signals (hormones, neurotransmitters, etc.).
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience publishes original research of exceptional significance or novelty from
those areas of the neurosciences indicated by the broadest interpretation of the journal’s title.
It is the primary objective of this publication to encourage the bridging of the gap between clinicians of all
relevant specialities and biomedical scientists working in areas from biochemistry and molecular and cell
biology to physiology, pharmacology and pathology. A spectrum of topics in medicine will be selected to
illustrate not only the molecular insights that derive from the application of basic science, but also the variety
of challenging problems that medicine is able to offer the basic scientist. The Editors and publisher anticipate
that most of the authors contributing to the series will be practising clinical scientists who will develop their
own personal perspective as an extended review on the molecular aspects of a field of medicine in which
they are working, addressing themselves both to the doctor who is ill-at-ease with basic science, and to the
basic scientist with little awareness of the problems of clinical practice.

Molecular Cell is a companion to Cell , the leading journal of biology and the highest impact journal in the
world. Molecular Cell defines the field of molecular biology with a relatively small number of significant
papers, up to 15 articles per issue.
Molecular Genetics and Metabolism is a contribution to the understanding of the metabolic basis of disease.
The journal publishes articles describing investigations that use the tools of biochemistry and molecular
biology for studies of normal and diseased states.
Molecular Immunology is primarily devoted to publications concerned with immunological knowledge at the
molecular, cellular and functional levels of innate and acquired immunity, including but not limited to:
Molecular mechanisms of innate and adaptive immunity phenomena; molecular aspects of immune
regulation; cell signaling and activation; and more.
The journal provides a forum for molecular studies that advance our understanding of phylogeny and
evolution. This journal plays an important role by publishing the results of molecular studies that identify the
actual clades to which different species and higher taxa belong.
This journal publishes complete papers on the testing of chemicals for genetic toxicity, monitoring and/or
surveillance of human populations for genotoxic effects, development, evaluation and validation of new
testing and monitoring methods.

This publication covers the entire spectrum of the science of mutation research and its applications, with
particular emphasis on the relationship between mutation and disease.

Neurobiology of Aging publishes the results of studies in behavior, biochemistry, cell biology, endocrinology,
molecular biology, morphology, neurology, neuropathology, pharmacology, physiology and protein chemistry
in which the primary emphasis involves mechanisms of nervous system changes with age or diseases
associated with age.
Neurobiology of Disease is a major international journal at the interface between basic and clinical
Neurochemistry International is devoted to the rapid publication of outstanding original articles and timely
reviews in neurochemistry.
Neurocomputing publishes articles describing recent fundamental contributions in the field of
neurocomputing. Neurocomputing theory, practice and applications are the essential topics being covered.

This journal provides a vehicle for communication of the most important and best papers, using imaging and
mapping strategies to study the brain’s structure, function and the relationship between the two, from the
whole brain to the tissue level.
For the last 15 years, Neuron has established itself as one of the most influential and relied-upon journals in
the field of neuroscience. The editors embrace interdisciplinary strategies that integrate biophysical, cellular,
developmental, and molecular approaches with a systems approach to sensory, motor, and higher-order
cognitive functions.
Neuropharmacology publishes high quality, original research within the discipline of neuroscience. The
scope of the journal is broad and includes, for example, neurotransmitters and their receptors, ion channels,
systems (e.g., cognitive function of hippocampus), behaviour, psychopharmacology (animal models of
psychiatric disorders), depression, epilepsy, ischaemia, neuroprotection, drugs of abuse and pain.

Neuropsychologia is an international interdisciplinary journal devoted to integrating experimental, clinical and
theoretical contributions that advance understanding of human behavior and cognition from a neuroscience
perspective. Specifically, the journal considers appropriate only those studies that explicitly address
functional aspects of the brain and use data to link in theory neural processes in the brain with perception,
attention and awareness, action and motor control, executive functions and cognitive control, memory,
language and emotion and social cognition.
The journal will publish original and significant review articles dealing with all aspects of neuroscience where
the relationship to the study of psychological processes and behavior is clearly established.
This journal is devoted to the rapid publication of short, high-quality papers of interest to the broad
community of neuroscientists.
Neuroscience Research is an international journal for high quality articles in all branches of neuroscience,
from the molecular to the behavioral levels.
NeuroToxicology specializes in publishing the best peer-reviewed original research papers dealing with the
effects of toxic substances on the nervous system of humans and experimental animals of all ages. The
Journal emphasizes papers dealing with the neurotoxic effects of environmentally significant chemical
hazards, manufactured drugs and naturally occurring compounds. Papers dealing with the effects of
neurotoxicants on other systems (e.g. reproductive, endocrine, immune) or processes (e.g. metabolic) are
also welcome.
Nitric oxide has found its way into nearly every phase of biology and medicine ranging from its role as a
critical endogenous regulator of blood flow and thrombosis to a major pathophysiological mediator of
inflammation and host defense.
Nuclear Engineering and Design covers the wide range of disciplines involved in the engineering, design,
safety and construction of nuclear fission reactors. The editors welcome papers both on applied and
innovative aspects and developments in nuclear science and technology.
This journal publishes papers on design, manufacturing and performance of scientific instruments with an
emphasis on large-scale facilities. This includes the development of particle accelerators, ion sources, beam
transport systems and target arrangements as well as the use of secondary phenomena such as
synchrotron radiation and free electron lasers.

This journal covers all aspects of the interaction of energetic beams with atoms, molecules and aggregate
forms of matter. This includes ion beam analysis and ion beam modification of materials as well as basic
data of importance for these studies.

Nuclear Physics B focuses on the domain of high energy physics and quantum field theory, and includes
three main sections, i.e. particle physics (including particle physics; cosmology, astrophysics and gravitation;
the physics of hadrons; computer simulations in physics; methods in theoretical physics), field theory and
statistical systems; and physical mathematics.
Nurse Education Today aims to publish high-quality original research and reviews, debate and discussion in
nursing, midwifery and health professional education.
Presents advances in nutrition research and science, informs its readers on new and advancing
technologies and new data in clinical nutrition practice, encourages the application of the techniques of
outcomes research and meta-analyses to problems in patient-related nutrition and much more.
NUTRITION RESEARCH publishes research articles, communications, and reviews on all aspects of basic
and applied nutrition. The mission of Nutrition Research is to serve as the journal for global communication
of nutrition and life sciences research on food and health. The field of nutritional sciences includes, but is not
limited to, the study of nutrients during growth, reproduction, athletic performance, aging, and disease. A
principal focus of the journal is to publish research that advances the understanding of nutrients and health
protectants in food for improving the human condition. Of interest are manuscripts on the development of
biomarkers for assessing how dietary components influence health status in the human. The journal also
encourages submission of manuscripts describing investigations in animal models and cell cultures that
utilize methodologic approaches or techniques in biochemistry, immunology, molecular biology, toxicology,
and physiology. Epidemiologic studies on nutrient and phytochemical intakes in human populations and
novel analytical techniques for these compounds are within the scope of the mission for Nutrition Research .
Some of the areas covered in Ocean Engineering include: Offshore Engineering; Naval Architecture; Marine
Structural Mechanics; Safety and Reliability; Materials; Pipelines and Risers; Polar and Arctic Engineering;
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Vortex Induced Vibrations; Port and Waterfront Design and Engineering;
Linear and Nonlinear Wave Mechanics; Hydrodynamics; Fluid-Structure Interaction; Cable, Mooring, Buoy
Technology; Underwater Technology; Geotechnology; Foundation Engineering; Ocean Mining; Coastal
Engineering; Marine Renewable Energy; Aquacultural Engineering; Instrumentation, and Full-Scale
measurements; Model Tests; Satellite Observations; Marine Environmental Engineering; Stochastic
Processes; Hydroelasticity, Subsea Engineering; Fluid Mechanics; Ocean Acoustics, Oceanographical
Engineering; Computational Methods/Numerical Analysis; Shore Protection; beach nourishment; sediment
transport; Risk and Limit State Design and Assessment; Ship Manoeuvring; Buoyancy and Stability (static
and dynamic); Seakeeping and Control Systems; and Ship Resistance and Propulsion.

The purpose of Optical Materials is to provide a means of communication and technology transfer between
researchers who are interested in materials for potential device applications. The journal publishes original
papers and review articles on the design, synthesis, characterization and applications of optical materials.

Optics & Laser Technology aims to provide a vehicle for the publication of a broad range of high quality
research and review papers in those fields of scientific and engineering research appertaining to the
development and application of the technology of optics and lasers.
Optics and Lasers in Engineering reflects the main areas in which optical methods are being used and
developed in an engineering environment. The scope of the journal is defined to include the following:

Optical Metrology
Optical Methods for Process Control
Machine Vision and Image Processing
Optical Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
Optical Techniques in Micro-Mechanics
Imaging, Microscopy and Adaptive Optics
Laser Material Processing
Laser Beam Delivery and Diagnostics

And more.

This journal considers only original and timely contributions containing new results in various fields of
modern optics. Manuscripts may discuss fundamental or applied issues and should offer clear evidence of
novelty and significance.
Oral Oncology is an international interdisciplinary journal which publishes high quality original research,
clinical trials and review articles and all other scientific articles relating to the etiopathogenesis,
epidemiology, prevention, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with
neoplasms in the head and neck, and orofacial disease in patients with malignant disease.

The journal is required reading for anyone in the fields of oral medicine, oral surgery or advanced general
practice dentistry. Topics covered include such current issues as dental implants, treatment of HIV-infected
patients, and evaluation and treatment of TMJ disorders.
Organic Geochemistry serves as the only dedicated medium for the publication of peer-reviewed research
on all phases of geochemistry in which organic compounds play a major role.
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes publishes fundamental research in organizational
behavior, organizational psychology, and human cognition, judgment and decision-making.

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology is an international medium for the publication of high
quality and multidisciplinary, original studies and comprehensive reviews in the field of palaeo-environmental
Parallel Computing is an international journal presenting the theory and use of parallel computer systems,
including vector, pipeline, array and fifth and future generation computers and neural computers. Within this
context, the journal covers all aspects of high-speed computing.
Pattern Recognition Letters aims at rapid publication of concise articles of a broad interest in pattern
recognition. Subject areas include all the current fields of interest represented by the Technical Committees
of the International Association of Pattern Recognition, and other developing themes involving learning and
Pediatric Neurology features up-to- the-minute publication of the latest advances in the diagnosis,
management and treatment of pediatric neurological disorders.
Peptides is an international journal presenting original contributions on the chemistry, biochemistry,
neurochemistry, endocrinology, gastroenterology, physiology and pharmacology of peptides, as well as their
neurological, psychological and behavioral effects. Peptides emphasizes all aspects of peptide research and
covers investigations of these proteins in plants, insects, lower vertebrates, animals and clinical studies in
Devoted to the publication of articles (experimental, theoretical, review) that aim to integrate as far as
possible the major factors of personality with empirical paradigms from experimental, physiological, animal,
clinical, educational, criminological or industrial psychology or to seek an explanation for the causes and
major determinants of individual differences in concepts derived from these disciplines.
Pharmacological Research provides a rapid information exchange medium for specialists whose research
techniques differ and whose fields of study vary widely within the discipline of pharmacology. The journal
publishes papers on basic and applied pharmacological research in both animals and man, and aims at
rapid publication of all accepted papers.
Pharmacology & Therapeutics presents lucid, critical and authoritative reviews of currently important topics
in pharmacology.
Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior publishes original reports in the areas of pharmacology,
biochemistry and toxicology in which the primary emphasis and theoretical context are behavioral.
This journal publishes research in the field of statistical mechanics and its applications. Statistical
Mechanics sets out to explain the behavior of macroscopic systems by studying the statistical properties of
their microscopic constituents.
Physica B welcomes papers, both theoretical and experimental, in the realm of condensed matter and solid
state physics. Emphasis may also be given to modern techniques of condensed matter physics.

This resource serves as a rapid channel for publications on superconductivity, its applications and related
subjects. The journal contains papers on the theoretical issues of superconductivity, reports on
measurements of a wide variety of physical properties of superconducting materials as well as the
phenomena occurring in the vortex state of type-II superconductors.
Physica D (Nonlinear Phenomena) publishes papers and review articles reporting experiments, techniques
and ideas which advance the understanding of nonlinear phenomena in general.
This journal contains papers and review articles on the fundamental and applied aspects of physics in low-
dimensional systems, including semiconductor heterostructures, mesoscopic systems, quantum wells and
superlattices, two-dimensional electron systems and quantum wires and dots.
Physics Letters A offers an exciting publication outlet for novel and frontier physics. It encourages the
submission of new research on: condensed matter physics, theoretical physics, nonlinear science, statistical
physics, mathematical and computational physics, general and cross disciplinary physics (including
foundations), atomic, molecular and cluster physics, plasma and fluid physics, optical physics, biological
physics and nanoscience.
Physics Letters B ensures the rapid publication of important new results in nuclear and particle physics.
Specialized editors are responsible for contributions in experimental nuclear physics, theoretical nuclear
physics, experimental high-energy physics, theoretical high-energy physics and astrophysics.
Launched in 1968 to fill the need for an international journal in the field of planetary physics, geodesy and
geophysics, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors has now grown to become important reading
matter for all geophysicists. It is the only journal to be entirely devoted to the physical and chemical
processes of planetary interiors.
Physics Reports keeps the active physicist up-to-date on developments in a wide range of topics by
publishing timely reviews which are more extensive than just literature surveys but normally less than a full
monograph. Each report deals with one specific subject.
Find original reports in the area of behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, across the full range of systematic
studies of motivation, reward, learning and memory.
Phytochemistry is the international journal of pure and applied plant chemistry, plant biochemistry and
molecular biology. Phytochemistry is a primary source for papers dealing with plant secondary compounds,
especially with regard to their biosynthesis and diverse properties.
Planetary and Space Science publishes original articles as well as short communications (letters). Ground-
based and space-borne instrumentation and laboratory simulation of solar system processes are included.

Plant Physiology and Biochemistry embraces physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics,
structure and genetics at different levels, from the molecular to the whole plant and environment.

Plant Science will publish in the minimum of time, manuscripts recommended by its referees in all areas of
experimental plant biology with emphasis in the broad areas of genomics, proteomics, biochemistry
(including enzymology), physiology, cell biology, development, genetics and molecular biology.

Plasmid is a bimonthly journal that publishes original research on microbial chromosomes and
extrachromosomal elements with the emphasis on functions that contribute to their maintenance and
transmission. The journal is also a forum for articles on plasmids, bacteriophages and mobile genetic
elements, including transposons and genomic islands, that contribute to microbial antibiotic resistance,
pathogenicity and evolution.
Polyhedron will publish original, fundamental, experimental and theoretical work of the highest quality in all
the major areas of inorganic chemistry.
Polymer publishes original research from all areas of polymer science and technology with emphasis on
molecular or meso-scale interpretation of data. Papers from new emerging areas of the field are particularly
welcome. In addition to regular articles and communications, the journal also publishes review articles
usually invited by the editors.
This journal deals with the degradation reactions and their control which are a major preoccupation of
practitioners of the many and diverse aspects of modern polymer technology.
Polymer Testing provides a forum for developments in the testing of polymers and polymeric products and is
hence of interest to those concerned with testing rubbers and plastics in research, in production and in
connection with the specification and purchase of products.
The journal is devoted exclusively to the publication of original papers and review articles on biological and
technological research in the areas of post-harvest storage, treatment, quality evaluation, packaging,
handling and distribution of agronomic (including forage) and horticultural crops.
Powder Technology is an international journal on the science and technology of wet and dry particulate
systems. Powder Technology publishes papers on all aspects of the formation of particles and their
characterization and on the study of systems containing particulate solids.
Precambrian Research publishes studies on all aspects of the early stages of the composition, structure and
evolution of the Earth and its planetary neighbours.
Process Biochemistry is an application- orientated research journal devoted to reporting advances with
originality and novelty, in the science and technology of the processes involving bioactive molecules or
elements and living organisms (“cell factory” concept). These processes concern the production of useful
metabolites or materials, or the removal of toxic compounds.
Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology covers the ground between the physical and biological sciences.
It indicates to the physicist the great variety of unsolved problems awaiting attention in the biological
sciences. The biologist and biochemist will find that this journal presents new and stimulating ideas on
structural and functional problems of the living organism. This journal will be of particular interest to
biophysicists, biologists, biochemists and molecular biologists.
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science contains articles by internationally recognized authors in the
fields of combustion, flames, fuel science and technology and energy studies. Each volume contains a
number of specially commissioned review articles on a specific topic, which provides the reader with an
orderly and concise survey of a particular aspect of combustion and energy.
The importance of lipids as one of the fundamental classes of biological compounds is well established. The
application of our knowledge of the biochemistry, chemistry and physiology of lipids to biotechnology, the
fats and oils industry and medicine have continued to expand apace. In addition new dimensions such as
lipid biophysics, especially with relevance to membranes and lipoproteins, and basic liposome research and
applications have been added. To cope with all these advances in knowledge a journal is needed to review
recent progress in particular fields and to set current research against its historical background. Progress in
Lipid Research fulfils this role.

Each volume contains up-to-date surveys of special aspects of lipid research. The reviews are
comprehensive enough to provide sufficient overview but concentrate on reporting and critically appraising
the most recent data. Subjects are chosen for their timeliness or because major developments have taken
place in the last few years. They include methodological reviews as well as chemical, biochemical and
medical articles. All lipid compounds and derivatives are covered, ranging from fatty acids and other simple
Progress in Neurobiology is designed to help individuals keep abreast of advances in knowledge in the
broad field of neurosciences through the publication of comprehensive reviews by leading researchers.

Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry is an international and multidisciplinary
research, review and news journal. One of its main aims is to assure rapid publication of authoritative
reviews and research papers dealing with experimental and clinical aspects of neuro-psychopharmacology
and biological psychiatry.
Progress in Oceanography publishes the longer, more comprehensive papers that most oceanographers
feel are necessary, on occasion, to do justice to their work. Contributions are generally either a review of an
aspect of oceanography or a treatise on an expanding oceanographic subject. The articles cover the entire
spectrum of disciplines within the science of oceanography. Occasionally volumes are devoted to collections
of papers and conference proceedings of exceptional interest. Essential reading for all oceanographers.

The aims of this international journal are to analyze and publicize the progress and current state of
knowledge in the field of organic coatings and related materials.
Progress in Polymer Science publishes state-of-the-art overview articles by internationally recognized
authorities in polymer science and engineering, two fast-growing disciplines.
The role of lipids, including essential fatty acids and their prostaglandin, leukotriene and other derivatives, is
now evident in almost all areas of biomedical science. Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty
Acids aims to cover all aspects of the roles of lipids in cellular, organ and whole organism function, and
places a particular emphasis on human studies.
Protein Expression and Purification is dedicated to providing a forum for information about protein isolation
based on conventional fractionation as well as techniques employing various molecular biological
procedures to increase protein expression.
The journal provides very rapid publication of short but complete research reports in the field of psychiatry.
Significant methodological advances such as instrumentation, clinical scales and assays directly applicable
to psychiatric research are also covered.
This journal publishes papers dealing with the interrelated disciplines of psychology, neurobiology,
endocrinology, immunology, neurology and psychiatry, with an emphasis on multidisciplinary studies aiming
at integrating these disciplines in terms of either basic research or clinical implications.
The Public Relations Review is the oldest journal devoted to articles that examine public relations in depth.
Most of the articles are based on empirical research undertaken by professionals and academics in the field.
Each issue contains half-a-dozen major articles, notes on research in brief, book reviews, and precis of new
books in the fields of public relations, mass communications, organizational communications, public opinion
formations, social science research and evaluation, marketing, management and public policy formation.

Quaternary Science Reviews caters for all aspects of quaternary science, and includes, for example,
geology, geomorphology, geography, archaeology, soil science, palaeobotany, palaeontology,
palaeoclimatology and the full range of applicable dating methods.
Radiation Physics and Chemistry is a multidisciplinary journal that provides a medium for publication of
substantial and original papers, reviews and technical notes which focus on research and developments in
radiation physics, radiation chemistry and radiation processing.

Regional Science and Urban Economics exists to facilitate and encourage high quality scholarship on
important theoretical and empirical issues in urban and regional research. Given a rapidly changing field, the
Journal's emphasis is on microeconomic analyses of spatial phenomena. The Journal solicits original
research contributions in spatial economics, economic geography, and related disciplines. The editors
encourage the submission of theoretical and empirical contributions related to market organization in space,
housing and labor markets, transportation, and local public economies.
Regulatory Peptides provides a medium for the rapid publication of interdisciplinary studies on the
physiology and pathology of peptides of the gut, endocrine and nervous systems which regulate cell or tissue
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology , Official Journal of the International Society for Regulatory
Toxicology and Pharmacology, reports the concepts and problems involved with the generation, evaluation,
and interpretation of experimental animal and human data in the larger perspective of the societal
considerations of protecting human health and the environment. The journal is devoted to reports of
significant developments, public opinion, scientific data, and ideas that bridge the gap between scientific
information and the legal aspects of toxicological and pharmacological regulations.
Reliability Engineering & System Safety is an international journal devoted to the development and
application of methods for the enhancement of the safety and reliability of complex technological systems,
like nuclear power plants, chemical plants, hazardous waste facilities, space systems, offshore and maritime
systems, transportation systems, constructed infrastructure and manufacturing plants.

Remote Sensing of Environment serves the remote sensing community with the publication of results on
theory, science, applications and technology of remote sensing of Earth’s resources and environment.
Thoroughly interdisciplinary, this journal publishes on terrestrial, oceanic and atmospheric sensing.

The journal seeks to promote and to disseminate knowledge of the various topics and technologies of
renewable energy. Therefore, it is aimed at assisting researchers, economists, manufacturers, world
agencies and societies to keep abreast of new developments in their specialist fields and to unite in finding
alternative energy solutions to current issues such as the greenhouse effect and the depletion of the ozone
Research in Microbiology is has been a leading resource source of up-to-date information in the field of
microbiology for more than a century. It publishes papers based on original research in fundamental and
applied biology of bacteria, archaea and lower eukaryotes. It covers all aspects of the microbial taxonomy,
phylogeny, ecology, physiology and metabolism, molecular genetics and genomics, as well as the
interactions between microbes and interactions of microbes with their environment.
Research Policy is a multi-disciplinary journal devoted to the policy and management problems posed by
innovation, R&D, technology and science, and related activities concerned with the acquisition of knowledge
(learning) and its exploitation.
The journal emphasizes the transformation processes involved in a transition toward more sustainable
production and consumption systems.
Respiratory Medicine is an internationally-renowned journal devoted to the rapid publication of clinically
relevant respiratory medicine research. Topics include adult and pediatric medicine, epidemiology,
immunology and cell biology, physiology, occupational disorders and the role of allergens and pollutants.

The Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology is an international journal for articles in all fields of
palaeobotany and palynology dealing with all groups, ranging from marine palynomorphs to higher land
plants. Original contributions and comprehensive review papers should appeal to an international audience.
Typical topics include but are not restricted to systematics, evolution, palaeobiology, palaeoecology,
biostratigraphy, biochronology, palaeoclimatology, paleogeography, taphonomy, palaeoenvironmental
reconstructions, vegetation history, and practical applications of palaeobotany and palynology, e.g. in coal
and petroleum geology and archaeology. The journal especially encourages the publication of articles in
which palaeobotany and palynology are applied for solving fundamental geological and biological problems
as well as innovative and interdisciplinary approaches.

The emphasis of the journal Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing is on disseminating the
application of research to the development of new or improved industrially-relevant manufacturing
technologies, equipment, and strategies.
The journal publishes novel papers that really contribute to understanding the biology and treatment of
schizophrenic disorders. Schizophrenia Research also brings together biological, clinical and psychological
research in order to stimulate the synthesis of findings from all disciplines involved in improving patient
outcomes in schizophrenia.
The journal is an international medium for publication of original research on the environment with emphasis
on changes caused by human activities. It is concerned with changes in the natural levels and distribution of
chemical elements and their compounds that may affect the well-being of the living world, or represent a
threat to human health.
Scientia Horticulturae is an international journal publishing original research on horticultural crops. Papers in
the journal primarily deal with open or protected production of edible and ornamental horticultural crops
produced under temperate, subtropical and tropical conditions.
In scope, the journal encompasses all aspects of research into sediments and sedimentary rocks, and at all
spatial and temporal scales. It thus aims to provide a forum for the publication of high-quality research
papers across the entire subject.
Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism provides a broad interpretation of the field, including aspects of
general medicine and orthopedics. Each bimonthly issue presents comprehensive review articles focusing
on topics in rheumatology. It is of interest to rheumatologists, internal medicine specialists, orthopedic
surgeons, immunologists and specialists in bone and marrow metabolism.
Seminars in Cancer Biology is a review journal dedicated to keeping scientists informed of developments in
the field of molecular oncology on a topic by topic basis. Each issue is thematic in approach, devoted to an
important topic of interest to cancer biologists.
Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology is a review journal dedicated to keeping scientists informed of
developments in the field of molecular cell and developmental biology. Each issue is thematic in approach,
devoted to an important topic of interest to cell and developmental biologists, focusing on the latest
advances and their specific implications.
Seminars in Immunology is a review journal dedicated to keeping scientists informed of developments in the
field of immunology on a topic by topic basis. Each issue is thematic in approach, devoted to an important
topic of interest to immunologists.
This is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to covering research and development in the field of chemical
sensors, actuators and microsystems.
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical brings together multidisciplinary interests in one journal entirely devoted
to disseminating information on all aspects of research and development of solid-state devices for
transducing physical signals.
Separation and Purification Technology is an international journal providing a comprehensive coverage of all
aspects of separation and purification of homogeneous gaseous and liquid solutions and heterogeneous
mixtures, such as emulsions or gas/solid, liquid/solid and solid mixtures.
Signal Processing incorporates all aspects of the theory and practice of signal processing (analogue and
digital). It features original research work, tutorial and review articles, and accounts of practical
Social Science & Medicine provides an international and interdisciplinary forum for the dissemination of
research findings, reviews and theory in all areas of common interest to social scientists, health practitioners
and policy makers.
This journal is concerned with the changes in the physical, chemical and biological parameters of the soil
environment brought about by soil tillage and field traffic, their effects on both below and above ground
environmental quality, crop establishment, root development and plant growth, and the interactions between
these various effects.
Soil Biology and Biochemistry publishes original and scientifically challenging research articles and short
communications that present new findings and their possible applications. The ecology and biochemical
activities of soil organisms and their effects on the environment and plant growth are major topics.

The journal aims to encourage and enhance the role of mechanics and other disciplines as they relate to
earthquake engineering by providing opportunities for the publication of the work of applied mathematicians,
engineers and other applied scientists involved in solving problems closely related to the field of earthquake
and geotechnical engineering.
Solar Energy, the official journal of the International Solar Energy Society, is devoted exclusively to the
science and technology of solar energy applications. The term “solar energy” in this context includes the
indirect uses such as wind energy and biomass. Because of the international character of Solar Energy ,
articles that deal solely with the solar radiation or wind database of a specific country are not normally
considered suitable for Solar Energy .
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells is intended as a vehicle for the dissemination of research results on
materials science and technology related to photovoltaic, photothermal and photoelectrochemical solar
energy conversion.
Solid State Communications is an international medium for the publication of short communications on
significant developments in condensed matter science, giving scientists immediate access to important,
recently completed work.
This interdisciplinary journal is devoted to the physics, chemistry and materials science of diffusion, mass
transport and reactivity of solids.
It is the function of this journal to bring together outstanding papers reporting original work in the following
areas: (1) applications of solid-state physics and technology to electronics, including theory and design,
measurement techniques, preparation of semiconductor devices, and also materials growth, measurement
and evaluation; (2) the physics and modeling of submicron and nanoscale microelectronic devices, including
methods of processing, measurement and evaluation; and (3) applications of numerical methods to the
modeling and simulation of solid-state devices and processes.

The range of spectroscopic techniques covered by the journal includes infrared, visible and ultraviolet, linear
and circular dichroism, fluorescence, Raman, microwave; all continuous wave and time-resolved
spectroscopies; magnetic resonance spectroscopy, electron spin resonance, magnetic circular dichroism,
neutron and light-scattering; and Mossbauer and X-ray absorption
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy is intended for the rapid publication of both original work
and reviews in Atomic Emission (AES); Atomic Absorption (AAS) and Atomic Fluorescence (AFS); Mass
Spectrometry (MS) for inorganic analysis covering Spark Source (SS-MS), Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-
MS), Glow Discharge (GD-MS), and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS); Laser-induced atomic
spectroscopy for inorganic analysis, including non-linear optical laser spectroscopy; X-ray spectrometry and
related techniques.
Speech Communication is a publication of the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) and
the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA). This interdisciplinary journal’s primary
objective is to fulfill the need for the rapid dissemination and thorough discussion of basic and applied
research results.
STATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS adopts a novel and highly innovative approach to the publication
of research findings in statistics and probability. It features concise articles, rapid publication and broad
coverage of the statistics and probability literature. All areas of statistics and probability, including
biostatistics and statistical bioinformatics, will be covered extensively.

STATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS is a refereed journal. Articles will be limited to six journal pages
(13 double-space typed pages) including references and figures. Apart from the six-page limitation,
originality, quality and clarity will be the criteria for choosing the material to be published in STATISTICS &
PROBABILITY LETTERS. Every attempt will be made to provide the first review of a submitted manuscript
within three months of submission.
Steroids is an international journal devoted to original research on all aspects of steroids. Its focus is on both
experimental and theoretical studies in chemistry and physiochemistry, biosynthesis, metabolism, molecular
biology, physiology, pharmacology, analytical techniques, comparative endocrinology, clinical research,
mode of action and the role of steroids on growth and differentiation.
Stochastic Processes and their Applications publishes papers on the theory and applications of stochastic
processes. It is concerned with concepts and techniques, and is oriented towards a broad spectrum of
mathematical, scientific and engineering interests.
This resource aims to publish papers of exceptional interest in the field of structural biology. The journal
strives to be essential reading for structural biologists, as well as biologists and biochemists who are
interested in macromolecular structure and function. Structure strongly encourages the submission of
manuscripts that present structural and molecular insights into biological function and mechanism.

Surface and Coatings Technology is a principal forum for the interchange of information on the science,
technology and applications of thin and thick coatings and modified surfaces which alter the properties of
This journal deals exclusively with fundamental theoretical and experimental studies in the physics and
chemistry of surfaces. It covers topics contributing to a better understanding of basic phenomena occurring
on surfaces; the word “surface” being interpreted to include all interfaces between solids, polymers,
biomaterials, nanostructures, soft matter, liquids, gases and/or vacuum.
The journal contains invited review papers on the properties of surfaces and interfaces of metals,
semiconductors and insulators. The emphasis is on fundamental aspects of solid and liquid interfaces, and
their atomic and electronic structures. Both theoretical and experimental papers are included.

Each issue features original scientific contributions and clinical reports. Peer-reviewed articles cover topics
in oncology, trauma, gastrointestinal, vascular and transplantation surgery. The journal also publishes
papers from the meetings of its sponsoring societies, the Society of University Surgeons, the Central
Surgical Association, and the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons. The journal ranks in the top 4%
of the 5,748 scientific journals most frequently cited (2002 Science Citation Index).

Surgical Neurology covers the latest developments in the field of neurosurgery by providing peer-reviewed
articles that discuss advances in clinical practice and neuroscience research of value for the practicing
neurosurgeon and resident. Surgical Neurology provides the only source of open controversy among
published neurosurgery journals worldwide.
Survey of Ophthalmology is a clinically oriented review journal designed to keep ophthalmologists up-to-
This journal is an international medium for the rapid publication of original research papers, short
communications and subject reviews dealing with research on and applications of electronic polymers and
electronic molecular materials including novel carbon architectures. These functional materials have the
properties of metals, semiconductors or magnets and are distinguishable from elemental and alloy/binary
metals, semiconductors and magnets.
This international journal is devoted to the applications of educational technology and applied linguistics to
problems of foreign language teaching and learning. Attention is paid to all languages and to problems
associated with the study and teaching of English as a second or foreign language. The journal serves as a
vehicle of expression for colleagues in developing countries.
Systems & Control Letters has become one of the leading journals in the field. The aim of the journal is to
allow rapid dissemination of contributions in the area of systems and control, in the form of concise papers.
All aspects of the field are covered. Mathematically oriented papers having a clear relevance to systems and
control as well as papers describing specific applications in engineering, economics, the physical sciences,
signal processing, etc. are accepted. In addition to research papers, also short communications, discussion
papers, appealing illustrative examples, and brief reviews of recent or to be published papers, are
Talanta provides a forum for the publication of original research papers, preliminary communications,
annotations and reviews in all branches of pure and applied analytical chemistry.
Teaching and Teacher Education aims to: enhance theory, research and practice in teaching and teacher
education through the publication of papers concerned with the description of teaching, teaching
effectiveness, the factors that determine teachers’ thought processes and performances; and the social
policies that affect teachers in all aspects and stages of their careers.
Tectonophysics is an international medium for the publication of significant original research studies and
comprehensive reviews in the fields of geotectonics and geology and physics of the Earth’s crust and
interior. All subjects relating to the geology, and geophysics of the Earth’s crust and mantle are covered,
including regional and plate tectonics, crustal movements, mantle structure and dynamics, seismology,
marine geophysics, gravity, petrology, heat flow, rock and palaeomagnetism.
Telecommunications Policy is concerned with the changing roles of telecommunications in the economy and
society. Its orientation is multidisciplinary and international, encompassing issues of both theory and
practice. Its scope includes issues of telecom reform at national, regional and international levels, including
issues confronting both developed and developing countries. It pays particular attention to the implications of
convergence for knowledge infrastructure development, management and regulation.

Tetrahedron publishes experimental and theoretical research results of outstanding significance and
timeliness in the field of organic chemistry and its application to related disciplines especially bioorganic
chemistry. Areas covered by the journal include the many facets of organic synthesis, organic reactions,
natural products chemistry, studies of reaction mechanism and various aspects of spectroscopy.

This journal provides maximum dissemination of outstanding developments in organic chemistry. Published
weekly, it covers developments in techniques, structures, methods and conclusions in experimental and
theoretical organic chemistry. Rapid publication of timely and significant research results enables
researchers from all over the world to transmit quickly their new contributions to large, international
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry presents experimental or theoretical research results of outstanding significance
and timeliness on asymmetry in organic, inorganic, organometallic and physical chemistry, as well as its
application to related disciplines, especially bio-organic chemistry.
A distinctive blend of practicality and scholarliness makes The American Journal of Emergency Medicine a
key source for information on emergency medical care.
Journal of Arthroplasty brings together the clinical and scientific foundations for joint replacement. This peer-
reviewed journal publishes original research and manuscripts of the highest quality from all areas relating to
joint replacement or the treatment of its complications, including those dealing with clinical series and
experience, prosthetic design, biomechanics, biomaterials, metallurgy, biologic response to arthroplasty
materials in vivo and in vitro.
Devoted to advancements in nutritional sciences, The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry presents
experimental nutrition research as it relates to: biochemistry, neurochemistry, molecular biology, toxicology,
physiology and pharmacology.
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids is an international journal devoted to the fundamental and applied
aspects of supercritical fluids and processes. Its coverage is multidisciplinary and includes both basic and
applied topics.
This is a lively monthly journal of review, opinion and news covering international issues relevant to clinical
infectious diseases specialists worldwide.
The Lancet Neurology is a monthly journal, publishing original research articles, reviews, personal views,
commentaries and news in clinical neurology.
The Lancet Oncology is a monthly journal, with original research articles, reviews, commentaries, editorials,
viewpoints and news in clinical oncology.
This journal publishes worldwide contributions on all aspects of veterinary science and its related subjects.
Research areas include infectious diseases, applied biochemistry, parasitology, endocrinology, microbiology,
immunology, pathology, pharmacology, physiology, molecular biology, immunogenetics, surgery,
ophthalmology, dermatology and oncology.
An interdisciplinary journal, Theoretical Population Biology presents articles on the theoretical aspects of the
biology of populations, particularly in the areas of ecology, genetics, demography, and epidemiology. Primary
emphasis is on development of theory, but the journal also presents experimental results directly impinging
on theoretical descriptions of populations and the dynamics of populations.

Thermochimica Acta publishes original research contributions covering all aspects of thermoanalytical and
calorimetric methods and their application to experimental chemistry, physics, biology and engineering.

Thin Solid Films is an international journal serving scientists and engineers working in the fields of thin-film
synthesis, characterizations and applications. The field of thin films, which can be defined as the confluence
of materials science, surface science and applied physics, has become an identifiable, unified discipline of
scientific endeavor.
Thin-walled structures comprises an important and growing proportion of engineering construction with
areas of application becoming increasingly diverse, ranging from aircraft, bridges, ships and oil rigs to
storage vessels, industrial buildings and warehouses. Many factors, including cost and weight economy, new
materials and processes and the growth of powerful methods of analysis have contributed to this growth,
and led to the need for a journal which concentrates specifically on structures in which problems arise due to
the thinness of the walls. This field includes cold–formed sections, plate and shell structures, reinforced
plastics structures and aluminium structures, and is of importance in many branches of engineering.

The primary criterion for consideration of papers in Thin–Walled Structures is that they must be concerned
with thin–walled structures or the basic problems inherent in thin–walled structures. Provided this criterion is
satisfied no restriction is placed on the type of construction, material or field of application. Papers on theory,
experiment, design, etc., are published and it is expected that many papers will contain aspects of all three.

This international journal’s goal is rapid dissemination of new information on thrombosis, hemostasis and
vascular biology to advance science and clinical care.
Tourism Management is the leading international journal for all those concerned with the planning and
management of travel and tourism.
Toxicology is an international journal devoted to publishing the highest quality original research in all areas
dealing with the adverse effects of foreign agents on the health of humans, animals and ecosystems.

Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology publishes original scientific research pertaining to action of
chemicals, drugs or natural products to animals or humans. Papers concerned with alternatives to the use of
experimental animals are encouraged.
Toxicology in Vitro publishes original research papers and reviews on the application and use of in vitro
systems for assessing or predicting the toxic effects of chemicals and elucidating their mechanisms of
action. These in vitro techniques include utilizing cell or tissue cultures, isolated cells, tissue slices,
subcellular fractions, transgenic cell cultures and cells from transgenic organisms, as well as in silico
Toxicology Letters serves as a multidisciplinary forum for research in all areas of toxicology. The prime aim
is rapid publication of research letters with sufficient importance, novelty and breadth of interest.

Publishes articles containing the results of original research on problems related to poisons derived from
animals, plants and microorganisms. The journal also provides a medium for the publication of papers on
the chemical, pharmacological, zootoxicological and immunological properties of natural poisons.

The articles in TrAC are concise overviews of new developments in analytical chemistry, and are aimed at
helping analytical chemists and other users of analytical techniques explore and orient themselves in fields
outside of their particular specialization(s).
Translational Research delivers original investigations in the broad fields of laboratory, clinical, and public
health research. Interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary in scope, it keeps readers up-to-date on significant
biomedical research from all subspecialties of medicine. Aiming to expedite the translation of scientific
discovery into new or improved standards of care, it promotes a wide-ranging exchange between basic,
preclinical, clinical, epidemiologic, and health outcomes research. It encourages submission of studies
describing preclinical research with potential for application to human disease, and studies describing
research obtained from preliminary human experimentation with potential to refine the understanding of
biological principles underpinning human disease. Also encouraged are studies describing public health
research with potential for application to the clinic, disease prevention, or healthcare policy.

Find several different categories of manuscripts, all of which undergo extensive peer review by recognized
authorities in the field prior to their acceptance for publication.
Transportation Research: Part B publishes papers on all methodological aspects of the subject, particularly
those that require mathematical analysis. The general theme of the journal is the development and solution
of problems that are adequately motivated to deal with important aspects of the design and/or analysis of
transportation systems. Areas covered include: traffic flow; design and analysis of transportation networks;
control and scheduling; optimization; queuing theory; logistics; supply chains; development and application
of statistical, econometric and mathematical models to address transportation problems; cost models;
pricing and/or investment; traveler or shipper behavior; cost-benefit methodologies.

Part B's aims and scope are complementary to Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Part C:
Emerging Technologies and Part D: Transport and Environment. The complete set forms the most cohesive
and comprehensive reference of current research in transportation science.

The leading monthly review journal in biochemistry, every issue contains succinct articles on the most
exciting recent developments in the fields of biophysics, microbiology, plant sciences and medical science.

Trends in Biotechnology draws together a wide readership of scientists and engineers from the many
disciplines of the applied biosciences. As in the successful biotechnology companies and leading academic
research groups, Trends in Biotechnology reflects the view that biotechnology is the integrated use of many
biological technologies—from molecular genetics to biochemical engineering.
Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine provides state-of-the-art reviews on the application of scientific advances
to the development of new prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for heart and vascular diseases.

Trends in Cell Biology is among the leading review journals in molecular and cell biology. Review articles
published each month monitor the breadth and depth of current research in cell biology, reporting on new
developments as they happen and integrating methods, disciplines and principles.
This journal brings together research in psychology, artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, computer
science, anthropology, physiology and neuroscience. Trends in Cognitive Sciences (TiCS) provides a
platform for the interaction of these disciplines and the evolution of cognitive research as an independent
field of study.
Trends in Ecology & Evolution contains polished, concise and readable reviews, opinions and letters in all
areas of ecology and evolutionary science.
Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism , with its polished, concise and readable reviews, research news,
meeting reports and discussions of topics at the cutting edge of endocrinology, covers both clinical and
research aspects of the field.
Trends in Food Science & Technology is the only truly international peer-reviewed journal publishing critical
reviews and viewpoints of current technology, food science and human nutrition. Its role is to fill the gap
between the specialized primary journals and general trade magazines by focusing on the most promising
new research developments and their current and potential food industry applications in a readable,
scientifically rigorous way.
The most established monthly journal in genetics, with articles from developmental biology to genomics.
Each issue contains concise, lively and up-to-date reviews as well as a Research Focus section for
comment on the latest development.
The aim of Trends in Immunology (formerly Immunology Today) is to monitor advances in the various fields
of immunology, and bring together the results in a readable and lucid form. Review articles form the
backbone of each monthly issue, complemented by Opinion articles, which are a forum for discussion of
more speculative topics or new hypotheses. Review and Opinion articles, together with the other sections of
the journal (Research Update, News and Comment and Forum), ensure that Trends in Immunology
provides the reader with a complete picture of the diverse field of immunology. This broad perspective
makes Trends in Immunology an invaluable information source for researchers, lecturers and students
The aim of this journal is to monitor advances in the various fields of immunology and bring together the
results in a readable and lucid form. Review articles form the backbone of each monthly issue,
complemented by opinion articles, which are a forum for discussion of more speculative topics or new
Find a multidisciplinary forum for the discussion of all aspects of microbiology: from cell biology and
immunology to genetics and evolution, and ranges across virology, bacteriology, protozoology and mycology.

This source facilitates communication between groups of highly trained professionals with distinct
backgrounds and skills, whose common goals are to understand and explain the molecular basis of disease
with a view to new clinical practice.
For 25+ years, this has been among the leading current-awareness journals in basic neurosciences,
publishing succinct and readable articles in a monthly magazine format.
The urgency of the need to control devastating disease motivates current research in parasitology within a
diversity of disciplines from molecular biology to ecology. Trends in Parasitology aims to provide a point of
access for communication between workers in all disciplines, both in the field and laboratory.

Trends in Parasitology (formerly Parasitology Today) has become a highly regarded review journal of
international importance. This reflects the truly global significance of medical and veterinary parasites, and
as a result the journal has more than 30,000 readers in 128 countries. To maintain its cosmopolitan
coverage, Trends in Parasitology not only commissions articles of interest to the specialist but ensures they
are written in a form accessible to readers in other fields. Its format and broad scope have made it an
essential journal for parasitologists worldwide.

The urgency of the need to control devastating disease motivates current research in parasitology within a
diversity of disciplines from molecular biology to ecology. Trends in Parasitology aims to provide a point of
access for communication between workers in all disciplines, both in the field and laboratory.

Trends in Pharmacological Sciences is one of the leading monthly review journals in pharmacology and
toxicology. Every issue of Trends in Pharmacological Sciences contains succinct articles on the most
exciting recent developments in Pharmacology and toxicology research: Topics covered in the journal range
from molecular to behavioral pharmacology, and from current techniques to theoretical pharmacology.

Trends in Plant Science is the No. 1 monthly review journal in plant science with broad coverage of basic
plant science, from molecular biology through to ecology.
Tribology International provides up-to-date information on the science, practice and technology of
lubrication, wear prevention and friction control. This multidisciplinary field is approached from a practical
standpoint, equipping designers, research and development engineers, mechanical and lubrication
engineers, managers and scientists with the information that will enable them to minimize the cost of moving
Ultramicroscopy was initiated to provide a forum for investigators and to concentrate otherwise widely
dispersed knowledge, promoting cross-fertilization. This communication between developer and user covers
all aspects—fundamental and technical—pertaining to ultramicroscopic elucidation of structure, ranging from
particle optics to radiation interaction.
Ultrasonics is the only internationally established journal which covers the entire field of ultrasound research
and technology and all its many applications. Ultrasonics contains a variety of sections to keep readers fully
informed and up-to-date on the whole spectrum of research and development throughout the world. Papers
are of exceptional quality and of relevance to both academia and industry.

The journal covers:
• Physics of ultrasound - Acousto-optics; Ultrasonic visualization; Ultrasonic imaging; Acousto-electric
devices, SAW; Acoustic microscopy; Acoustic emission; Ultrasonic wave propagation; Application of lasers
to ultrasonics; Physical acoustics (solids; liquids and gases); Material interactions, characterization and
scatttering; Modelling of wave propagation and scattering.

• Non-linear ultrasound - Finite-amplitude ultrasonic waves; Parameters of non-linearity; Parametric arrays;
Ultrasound cavitation and bubble dynamics; Ultrasonically produced streaming and radiation pressure.

• Medical, biological and chemical ultrasound - Ultrasonic characterization of biological media; Scattering
and absorption in biological materials; Instrumentation; Diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical ultrasound.

And much more.
The “Gold Journal” provides practical, timely and relevant clinical and basic science information to
physicians and researchers practicing the art of urology worldwide.
Vaccine is the pre-eminent journal for those interested in vaccines and vaccination. It serves as an interface
between academics, those in research and development, and workers in the field. Relevant topics range
from basic research through to applications, safety and legislation.
The international journal Vacuum publishes high quality papers on latest advances in the many areas which
now require the production and control of a working environment at pressure below one atmosphere.

Veterinary Microbiology is concerned with microbial (bacterial, fungal, viral) diseases of domesticated
animals (livestock, companion animals, furbearing animals, game, poultry, fish) that supply food, other
useful products or companionship. Studies of antimicrobial resistance are also included.
Virology publishes the results of basic research in all branches of virology, including the viruses of
vertebrates and invertebrates, plants, bacteria and yeasts/fungi. The journal features articles on the nature
of viruses, on the molecular biology of virus multiplication, on molecular pathogenesis, and on molecular
aspects of the control and prevention of viral infections.
Discover rapid publication for original papers on fundamental research concerning virus structure, replication
and pathogenesis.
Vision Research is a journal devoted to the functional aspects of human, vertebrate and invertebrate vision
and publishes experimental and observational studies, reviews and theoretical papers firmly based upon the
current facts of visual science.
Waste Management is an international journal devoted to the presentation and discussion of information on
the generation, prevention, characterization, monitoring, treatment, handling, reuse and ultimate residual
disposition of solid wastes, both in industrialized and in economically developing countries.

Water Research publishes refereed, original research papers on all aspects of the science and technology
of water quality and its management worldwide.
This international journal is dedicated to the rapid publication of high-quality papers on the important
subjects of wear and friction, together with papers on closely related aspects of lubrication, contact
phenomena or surface characterization.
Women's Studies International Forum (formerly Women's Studies International Quarterly , established in
1978) is a bimonthly journal to aid the distribution and exchange of feminist research in the multidisciplinary,
international area of women's studies and in feminist research in other disciplines. The policy of the journal is
to establish a feminist forum for discussion and debate.

The journal seeks to critique and reconceptualize existing knowledge, to examine and re-evaluate the
manner in which knowledge is produced and distributed, and to assess the implications this has for women's

We seek contributions from people, individually or collectively, from different countries and different
backgrounds, who are engaged in feminist research inside or outside formal educational institutions. We
welcome a variety of approaches and resources through the whole range of disciplines: papers geared
toward action-oriented research as well as those which address theoretical methodological issues; and we
encourage historical reassessments of the lives and works of women. We urge all contributors both to
acknowledge the cultural and social specifics of their particular approach, and to draw out these issues in
their articles.

World Development is a multidisciplinary monthly journal of development studies. It seeks to explore ways of
improving standards of living and the human condition generally, by examining potential solutions to
problems such as: poverty; unemployment; malnutrition; disease; lack of shelter; environmental degradation;
inadequate scientific and technological resources; trade and payment imbalances; international debt; gender
and ethnic discrimination; militarism and civil conflict; and lack of popular participation in economic and
political life.
n animal behaviour from any theoretical perspective. It welcomes contributions that consider animal behaviour, from behavioura
oration; sampling and analytical techniques and methods of interpretation; processes of geochemical dispersion in rocks, soils, vegetation, w
nimal behaviour, from behavioural analytic, cognitive, ethological, ecological, evolutionary, neurological and physiological, poin
persion in rocks, soils, vegetation, water and the atmosphere and geochemical distributions in and around mineralized environments.
urological and physiological, points of view.
nd mineralized environments.

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