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					◇Motorcycle (Bicycle with Engine) and Minicar registration application・・・・・
The owner or the user as of April 1 every year of bicycles with engine, minicars, small sized special
vehicles, and the midget motor vehicles of two wheels must pay the light vehicle tax.
If a motorcycle (bicycle with engine) or a minicar owner wishes to change his/her registration, disuse the
vehicle, make a transfer, or change the address, etc., notify to the relevant authorities.
●4 wheels Minicar: Tama Branch Office, Tokyo Superintendence Office, Mini car Inspection
ADD 3-27-11 Kita, Kunitachi-shi ☎ (525) 4360
●Two-wheeled vehicle of 125cc or more: Tama Car Inspection Registration Office, Tokyo
Transportation Branch ADD 3-30-3 Kita, Kunitachi-shi ☎050 (5540) 2033 (Help Desk for Registration)
●Bicycle with engine (two wheels of 125cc or less) and small sized special vehicles (Farming work
included.): Taxation Department, City Hall      E 572

The payment of municipal taxes is accepted at the Taxes Department, Information Service Center,
Sunagawa Branch Office, each branch office, the post office, and at the desk of the city appointed
financial institutions. Account transfers can be used. For people who cannot pay the tax on weekdays, the
city provides a holiday window on Sundays at the end of every month in principle, at the City Hall and
Sunagawa Branch Office. If it is impossible to pay on time due to an accident or sickness, etc., please
consult the Taxation Department.
 I   General Affairs Section, Taxation Department       E 231

◇National Health Insurance・・・・・
The National Health Insurance program is a system where members hold insurance in preparation for an
unforeseen sickness or injury and receive medical treatment. Foreign residents who registered Alien
Registration to the Tachikawa City office and the residence period exceeds one year or more must join the
National Health Insurance except for the following exceptions (①~③).

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