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									Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                          1

24 hour gym.

5 minutes more between class times. Reason: Handicapped students often have to get to their
vehicles and drive halfway around campus to get to handicapped parking at their next class.
Though it only takes healthy, walking students a few moments to cut across campus to arrive at
their classes it takes much longer for those who can't make that walk.
A 24 hour Macintosh Computer Lab in Building 79, or the Libary. Color printer and prints should
be part of our 500 free pages a semester.
A class, forum, or test assessment for people who have interests, but have no focused idea of a
career field that they would like to work in. More assistance on helping people find their strengths
and weaknesses so they can choose a career field that best suits them and their needs.
A college football team would bring more students to the school and bring in revenue for the
school and city.
a football team

A Football Team!

A Football Team!

a master's degree program in health care.
A new and improved auditorium.
A Redesigned / Attention Grabbing Website. Virtual Tours, Real Time Video, Podcasts, Audio
Tutorials, Student Blogs. A cutting edge resource that competes w/ popular alternatives in order
to get students involved in their school.
a separate and more spacious Honors program space than the few offices in building 50.
a specific limit on the reading load, especially for students who have full time jobs.
Academic support for students
Academically and Economically challenging degree programs that maintain a competitive edge in
local and urban communities
Academics: revising majors and, if the main reason that a major is not fully fleshed out is due to
the lack of teachers, hire teachers to make that program worthwhile.
accomaadating students
accredited graduate level programs at Eglin AFB and Fort Walton Beach Campuses
Accredited Master's Program in Physics
Accredited Masters's Program in Math
Accredited Ph. D. program in Physics
Accredited Ph.D. program in Math
Acknowledging students who are not 'typical', such as those who have full time jobs, and offer
ways to better assist them in earning a degree, and not penalizing them for being interested in a
college degree.
Actively seek co-op and internship opportunities for students.
add a football team (all students want one!!)
Add handicapped parking in the central court of the art complex. Reason: Art students always
have their hands full of portfolios and supplies. The carded door at the handicapped parking area
doesn't work. Even if it did, a student walking with a cane is carrying all of their heavy supplies in
one hand and must walk a long distance inside the building to get to class. It is much simpler to
reach ANY classroom in the complex from that central court.
add more classes to the graduate programs.
add more commuter parking
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                         2

Add more doctoral degrees to the UWF schedules
adding a fall break

adding to online courses and programs
Addressing aging facilites, particularly impacts after Hurricane Ivan.
Adminstrative relations with the students, i.e. videos sent to emails.
advertise events better! as a student who previously lived on campus, I never know what events
are happening that I may want to attend - said events being anything to do from movies showing
in the commons to plays to sports events...get more people on campus, spending money
Advertise, via the web, TV, satelite radio and regular radio to bring in more distance education
students from throughout the United States.
Alliance with OWC to provide gym facilities to students in Okaloosa county.
Allow students to use paper printing allowance at all computer labs throughout the campus.
allowing student needs and decisions to generally come before faculty convenience.
Also, I think that it is rather confusing to get around the campus and find where you need to go, if
you are a new student or a transfer. I have been confused many times, and I have had people
asking me for directions more than once.
Alumni are the best assets a university could have. I do not see any alumni either visiting the
campus or sending their children here. Alumni outreach programs should be publicized to let
students meet alumni.
An online learning program dean for students who are having trouble with online classes to go to.
Another cafeteria, or more meal options (perhaps an 'off campus' meal plan option for specific
places like Subway, Sonic, etc.).
Appeal to Alumni for participation or at the least communication. Maybe offer more alumni
benefits or cheaper gym memberships for them. This will encourage them to send kids to UWF.
Appeareance: this campus is supposedly a nature preserve. Why is it that the one area on
campus that is truly dedicated to this (Edward Ball Nature Trail) is in utter disrepair?
Arrange more classes for adult students that work full time
Ask Professors/Instructors not to tell students that work full-time and have children to drop the
class...some of us have no alternative and must proceed with the class to graduate. I know it is
an intimidation technique, but as someone that works at least 48 hours a week and has two
children, this lecture during the first class is getting old. I feel UWF should encourage adult
students to complete their degree, not pressure them to either quit their jobs (meaning no income
for their families) or neglect their children! I would be very discouraged if I wasn't a very strong-
willed individual with a very great desire to complete my degree! I think it would be great if UWF
had a club/group for adult students with or without children that have returned to school. I know I
would appreciate some type of support like that. It is hard enough being one of the oldest ones in
the class without the professor/teacher telling you to quit. Please advise your instructors to
discontue this practice!
Attention should be given to establishing a natoinally competitive rhetoric and composition
Attention should be paid to expanding and developing UWF's creative writing program.
Attract students from diverse backgrounds.
availability of courses on Monday, Wednesday, Friday vs. Tues and Wednesday, or one day/night
a week. Your timing for classes is bad. I had to choose only one course because all of the
courses I needed were in one time frame only.
Available online learning courses.
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                         3

Base every decision on how it will affect student learning outcomes. Successful students who are
able to complete their studies at UWF are your primary product. Efficencies that negatively impact
student learning outcomes reduce the quality and quantity of UWF's product.
be more famous, spread the world on how good the university is. including going to other
countries and have partnership woth more institutions
Beautify the campus. Since the hurricanes, I think the aesthetic appearance of the campus has
declined. I would recommend new sod, refurbish buildings, etc. Appearance of a university
communicates a lot about the university. The university should invest heavily in this to get the job
done quickly.
Because most things on campus close before midnight, and many of those before 8pm, students
have nothing to do on campus. Until that's fixed, students who currently live on campus will
probably leave, while ones looking to come to the university will most likely choose to live off
campus. The school needs to focus its resources of promoting the school inward first, bettering
the school and making it more 'college kid friendly', before advertising at large.
Becoming student centered.
begin a football program
Begin to offer more degree programs
Better access to online journals through the library databases. We are leaps and bounds behind
other state universities when it comes to the quality and quantity of journals available for our use.
Better anticipate the needs of students. You failed to identify that there would be a shortage of
parking for students who commute.
Better cell phone reception!
Better course offerings for graduate students with more classes being offered at night and
BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY: This costs nothing, and should be the main priority.
Notably, educate personnel at the fitness center and financial aid offices about customer service.
Flexibility should favor the customer. Also, Non-teaching staff, especially at manager levels
should be required to check and respond to their email.
Better editing software for film department.
Better Food on Campus
Better helping students attain good jobs upon graduation.
better instructors. I also take classes at PJC and I can say without a doubt that the instructors at
PJC are alot better (NOT easier, just better!!) than the ones at UWF. I take as many classes as
possible at PJC because I learn so much more from them.
Better meal plan options.
Better paperwork tracking for grad students. I have lost much time with submitting paperwork and
having it get lost after submission. The need for hand delivery should not be the norm.
Better parking

Better Parking

Better Parking

better parking and driving signs... as in one way only signs becoming more visible
Better Parking System
Better parking system. For example, paint over the old colored curbs and just use the signs. It
can be confusing with both.
Better parking!
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                       4

Better pay for university employees and staff.
Better relationships between UWF and the business community in Pensacola, the Southeast, etc.
for support to graduates to find a jobs or internships, etc.
better resources and services at the bookstore
Build parking garages not lots. Lets develop up not out.
building a university pool for student and community use - to raise public awareness of the
campus, increase school spirit behind a sport based on a branch campus, attract swimmers to
the branch campus (there are a large number in this area), and give to the community. It would
have a large economic impact as well.
Building and Maintaining a Reputation for Academics and Research
building better buildings
business partnerships
c++ programming

Campus community

Campus expansion, new buildings
Campus Recreation- keep that a priority with funding and staffing. Campus recreation is an
excellent tool for retention of students as well as their health and well being.
Campus safety should continue to be a top priority and constantly improved upon. Some park lots
need better lighting at night, some cross walks are still problematic, and there are still too many
people would treat campus as their personal raceway. (I do applaud recent improvements, I just
recognize that there is room for further growth.)
Cancel classes for the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving...it's too hard to get out of town in
time for Thanksgiving otherwise.
Catering to the full-time working student. There are classes required for degrees that are only
taught during the day, these need to be offered in the evening.
Change class scheduling to Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday to accomodate the
abundant demand of a 2 day school week
change the grading system so that there are no + or - grades.
Change the required dissertation credit hours back to one instead of two.
Channel more of the money brought into the university by way of computer science and
information technology degree back into the schools that sponsor those programs. The
technology in those classrooms, in many cases, is obsolete.

Character moddling

Cheaper dining options, such as hot dog shacks, etc. I understand the trend towards healthier
but slightly more expensive foods. But even our hamburger place is too much dough for too little
food. It's pretty bad when the best meal 'deal' you can find is about $6.00.
class size
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                          5

Classes available, if they are offered in degree plans in the UWF catalog and if any students are
enrolled in the degree-seeking plan. Some of the classes have not been offered for several
years, yet they are a current requirement for a UWF degree plan.
Classes offered at more time slots
Coming up with new plans for hurricane preparation and safety.


Communication Arts

Community and economic initiatives which will motivate our graduates to remain in Pensacola.
Community involvement
Community Involvement / Economic Development in the greater Pensacola area
Community outreach


complete campus wireless internet
Completely re-staff the co-op office, as the current staff does not seem to care about students
wishing to participate in the co-op program.
Concentrate on expanding the area in which UWF advertises it's presence. I have a friend who
has lived in Panama City her entire life, and up until two years ago had never heard of the
university. If possible, send a representative of UWF out to the high schools in relatively close
cities (Ft. Walton, Destin, Panama City, maybe even as far as Mobile or Tallahassee?) to talk to
students about opportunities at this university. Just work on getting the name out there.

Consider adding more doctorate programs to draw more candidates into the Pensacola area.
Consider hiring instructors who have worked in their field. In disciplines like Psychology, the
classes given by people who have extensive, full-time counseling experience are most
interesting. The academics, who have no real interest in practicing, are boring. I know you have
to hire Phds but those who have worked full time actually doing the work bring the field alive.
Continuation of Technology enhancements to maximize learning...Smartboards, etc
Continue affordable education. Keep percentage of increase for tuition to a minimal.
continue current initiatives
continue promoting the branch campuses under one cohesive title - Emerald Coast
continue scholarship programs with local high schools
Continue the landscaping strategy as it is - the campus is a beautiful and natural setting.
Continue to attract highly qualified professors.
Continue to increase visibility across Pensacola.
Continue to stay the course in its downtown investments. UWF's participation downtown has
been a strongly symbiotic relationship. Downtown gets some needed attention and UWF bolsters
its unique offerings, which are its strengths as an academic institution. What has been done is
excellent, and there is much yet to do.
Continue with the Graduate Orientation meeting; it was productive, although not all programs
were well-represented.
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                       6

Continued increase of technological access across campus (new computers, upgrades to E-
learning, etc).
Course availability during the day not just in the evenings or option for D2L in more classes.
Course continuity. In Education, some professors assume we have taken lesson planning when
students haven't. Adaption to the varying schedules of students and the assignments in the
Courses designed for students other than on-campus freshman. Your students come in all
different shapes and sizes; you have part-time students completing their degrees and more night
time classes at different locations are needed
Create a more efficient way for students to cross the streets on campus. Not only is it dangerous
for the pedestrians, but also for the drivers that slam on their breaks and the drivers behind them
that must also stop quickly each time a pedestrian walks out in front of them.
create more online course opportunities
Create more user friendly environment for full-time workers wishing to return to school by offering
more night and weekend classes including D2L classes. If you can't come in the daytime, you're
out of luck. UWF is loosing students to other colleges, i.e., Troy, Columbia Southern, Okaloosa
create recruiting partnerships with companies to provide better employment opportunities and
employment chances to recent graduates.
Create remote campuses on military installations overseas and in the continental United States
similar to University of Maryland and other education leaders.
creating a master's program in physics
Decrease cost of food on capus.
Decrease reliance on 'traditional college' model (daytime-only resident students). Embrace new
model that will improve service to non-traditional (working, night, distance-learning) students.
decrease the lower division class size
Definately a focus on parking facilities.
Develop a better Spanish program. More classes need to be offered, at a more diverse rate.
Develop a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or similar doctor degree program in business
to accomodate regionally place bound, mid-career professionals wanting to advance their careers
and wanting to give back to the community using such a degree.
develop a masters program specific for marine biology or marine sciences
Develop a more focused medical program with possibly the idea of a medical school. There are
numerous medical locations around the Pensacola area so there should be a medical school to
assist in the advancement of those interested students.
Develop a PhD program (social sciences, history, political science, public administration, etc...)
Develop a program to begin cleaning up our city and county using assets we already have, not
more programs or out-of-town study committees using property tax dollars. For exampel, expand
the use of community service. Have well publicized, community clean-up days for volunteers to
tackle inner city sections of town.
Develop a scientific, technical, or engineering specialty that crosses department lines and is
closely associated with the University. For example, Cal Tech is closely associated with JPL and
space related work.
Develop better ways to do research in the field, especially the field of Criminal Justice. The
Criminal Justice program is a very good one but if we were able to do more out of the classroom
research our program would improve by leaps and bounds.
Develop more marketable items with the university logo and mascot emblazened on them. This
is a huge market that could potentially draw in a great deal of funds to the univeristy.
Develope a dance major and minor ASAP!
Develope short teram 2 week study abroad trips for each department.
Developing a strong(er) satellite in the Panama City/Marianna area.
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                        7

Developing marked trails to run or hike on and publish them!!!
Developing more online degree programs, especially graduate level.
Developing stronger ties to the professional community creating opportunities for students and
potential employers
Development of commuter parking. Parking services seems to believe that parking is adequate,
but I have encountered very few students that have no complaints/have not recieved less than
two tickets. With an increase in commuter students, I believe investment in a parking garage of
some sorts would be a worthwhile one.
Digital Animation

distance learning

Do not rely on adjunct professors to teach required courses that are needed for a student to
graduate. Hire professors fulltime and more students may decide to attend UWF versus FSU or
other Florida schools
Do our curriculums support community growth needs?
Doctoral Program other than Ed.D. Maybe Archeology or Public History. It is difficult to be a
strong center of learning when the only Doctoral program offered is essentially to boost the pay of
teachers, and UWF has a number of unique, strong programs that would benefit from a terminal
program and the boost that comes from the specialization.
don't start school until after Labor Day
downtown partnership through the waterfront park
Downtown presence.

Drop the +/- weighted GPA's
Ease for commuter students to access parking at most buildings
Education Department- Innovation, seek solutions to obvious problems. Research into why
Private schools (nationwide) seem to have better success (without million-dollar libraries). Are
we DE-educating those who have a natural ability to teach? Why does it take a four-year degree
to teach grades 1,2,3 ? What does American history tell us?
Educators supporting education. How can UWF create parity in education for all people?
Either additional trolleys or a more reliable trolley schedule. and Opposites routes instead of
following each other.
Employing graduating students in the Pensacola community and outside the area. Provide
teachers incentive to build relationships with employers for their students.
Encourage more intellectually based campus activities. If you want an Academic Institution to
flourish it should propogate academics. Frat mixers usually create more people instead of refining
those we already have.
Enforce No Drinking rules at alcohol free events. Reason: Last year's Relay for Life was a
Fiasco. Drunken frat boys were mouthy and stunk to high heaven. We had children at that event
and they weren't supposed to be subjected to that atmosphere.
English adjunct pay should be significantly increased.
Enlarge UWF graduate level presence at the FWB campus to better serve that community
Enlarge UWF presence at Eglin AFB in anticipation of demographic changes there as result of
the most recent BRAC
enough seats for expanding enrollment
Enouragement for the growth of Greek Organizations to take a step towards an offical 'Greek
Ensure that courses are following the guidelines described in the catalog.
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                        8

Establish a greek row
establish a strong UWF presence in and around the local community
Establish PhD programs to complement the current EdD and broaden higher education
opportunities in the region
Establish research partnerships with government agencies (i.e., DoD) to make better use of local
talent (i.e. retired military, reservists) and provide better solutions than the high-cost defense
contractors who currently provide services
establishing a medical school at UWF
Every member of UWF is an important clog in the wheel that steers the UWF team. Everyone
must be aware of their importance...again, this can only be accomplished through a culture
Expand athletic sports offerings to attract students. Add swim team, football, hockey.
Expand night class offerings.
Expand on-line course offerings while maintaining rigorous student work and high grading
Expand online course selections.
Expand the course offering at the satellite campuses in Ft Walton/Niceville. I do not feel qualified
to comment on 'main campus' issues as I have not attended any classes there.
expand the foreign language department
Expand the library for more books
Expand the scope of foreign languages taught here, on an every-semester basis. More major
languages should be common-place. We should have at least Spanish, French, German,
Russian, and Mandarin. I personally hope to find regular, extensive studies in German here
Expand the trolley system. I would introduce shuttle buses into the university transportation
system. Offer a shuttle to and from Pensacola Beach, and other popular areas around town
(Seville Quarter, Meguiar's, etc.). This could contribute to growth in the number of students living
on campus.
Expand your athletics. What teams we have seem competetive the Athletic Department seems
well run but an expansion of the sports offered would be fabulous. We have a beautiful and newly
renovated swimming pool and no swim team? Also, and this may be a stretch, but wouldn't it be
cool to be one of the first schools in the deep south to post a competetive division II lacrosse
team. Lacrosse is played by both men and women so it is a fantastic title IX sport (nudge, nudge).
Expanding degrees available.
Expanding further into the downtown area
Expanding locations for convenience to students.
Expanding online degree programs
Expanding recruitment to more parts of the country
Expanding the nursing program to include a department on the main UWF campus to include
classrooms and teaching labs.
Expanding the offices of each department to allow a more organized and feasable way for the
employees to do their specific job.

Expansion of degrees offered. Based on a needs assesment both nationally and locally in the
southeast we should should look at expanding the degrees offered at UWF. This should inlcude
under graduate, graduate, and doctoral.
Expansion of science and technology departments
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                              9

Expansion of Science and Technology Program - Need to offer more programs in Engineering
and Computer Science.
Explain things like 'stragetic plan' in the e-mail with the survey that encompasses them. If you
mean for finances, then include financial data, if you mean in general i.e. what do I think can be
done to improve the campus then say so. That way surveys like this one are more productive and
responces less erratic.
Explore the feasibility of offering satellite courses in a downtown Pensacola facility.
Extended library hours (open earlier so students with exams at 8:00 AM can have study time
someplace other than the Waffle House).
Facility/classroom upgrades
Familiarize students with the careers available in our areas of expertise and where the job offers
are most prominent.
Faster financial aid payment process. Larger universities have direct deposit options, which
would be great! Every semester, I have to wait until almost the second week of classes to
purchase my books, because I am waiting on my check.
Fiancial Aid for students.
Film department needs more cameras and general equipment for making movies.
Financial Aid: yes, the school requires monies paid on time in order to properly function, but when
extraneous circumstances occur that prevent this, the student should be allowed to defer
payment (just as students are allowed to do so with Housing payments).
First of all, I think that the e-mail sent out stressing the importance of a strategic initiative planning
survey should include a brief explanation of what exactly defines a strategic initiative.
fix a lot of dead website links
Fix the commuter parking lot near building 58 so that it doesn't turn into a lake every time it rains.
Focus on high quality education that will increase desirability of hiring UWF graduates
Focus on what future universities will be like, not what they have always been like- more flexible
schedules, (better) online content delivery, interactive virtual classrooms, more graduate
certificate degrees.
Football Team

Football team

football team

football team

football team

Football team. We need to take advantage of our location and city. A football team could bring a
lot or revenue into our school.
For one it would be great to have more online classes offered most people work during the day or
more classes in the evening would help a lot.
Forge more partnerships with the military. UWF used to have a Master's program that yielded a
number of astronaut alumni. There are lots of possibilities for partnership that have yet to be
Forming a medical school(especially with all the excellent nearby hospitals)
Funner student activities
Furture plans for student Housing.
game design and developement
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                         10

Get a Masters in Social Work program up and running.
Get into the MBA Rankings
Get known!!! I didn't even know you existed until two weeks before I started looking at graduate
schools. Thank goodness the underwater archaeology site was posted on the web or I would
have never found this institution.
Get known!!! Oh, did I already say that? Well, it really is kind of a problem. Though my
department is fairly well recognized outside of the university's sphere of influence due to its
superb leadership, I still am worried about spending my time, effort, and money to get a degree
from an unrecognized school. Make the world know that there is a really great university here in
get the university's name out there
Getting a football team
Go international

Graduate course size should be kept to a minum of 9 students. Mixing undergraduates and
graduate students in a course size of 26 is not a good way to bolster a developing graudate
Graduate degree programs
graduate level scholarships
graduate program for Clinical Psychology
Graduate programs in the top 5 career needs.
Graduate Student Grants
Greater interaction with multiple county school districts to grow interest of local students. I have
not seen anyone recruiting in Santa Rosa County schools.
Greek Housing. By constructing a greek row or have greek housing on campus we will increase
the prestiage of the campus and the school involvement because I know some students don't
participate in greek life is because at other school they live in the houses. By living in the houses
it creates a stronger bond between sisters and brothers which will inturn help increase school
spirit and popularity.
Greek Life! The schools with a good greek community always prosper. Look to South Alabamas
growth during the same time as UWF's growth. They are Division I and are growing to over
10,000 students in the past 40 years.
Group discussion in classes
Gut the bloated expenditure of the UWF Writing Lab and refocus its priorities to higher academic
standards in its aim and in its policy for students; right now much of the Writing Lab's budget for
printing and the like might be seen as 'promotional materials' to further the more personal than
academic goals of its director

Have a Football Team. In Florida, a University is not legitimate without a GOOD football program.
We are fifteen years behind the curve.
Have an evacuation plan for faculty, staff, and students in time of crisis. For example,
communicate with another university to utilize its gym facilities as a shelter during a storm.
Have available self defense classes for students per semester.
have recycling bins by all of the residence halls to make campus wide recycling more convenient
Have the same number of on-campus classes as there are on-line classes.
having a law school affiliation for students interested in receiving a J.D.
Having counselors and such sending e-mails of important dates and reminders for graduation,
state exams, etc. How are we supposed to know these things when we are not told about them.
Help all students in tutoral needs
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                         11

Help students graduate on time by not cancelling scheduled courses each semester.
help students strategically plan classes that are closer to one another in buildings for travel
between classes.
High visibility Investing in Student Welfare and Success
Higher academic and moral standards for students. Implement a dress code in which students
cannot wear seductive clothing to classes. Set a standard in which students are discouraged
from using profanity. Raise standards as far as class attendance.
Hire a new president.

Hire more creative writing faculty
Housing improvements are imperitive and should not wait
Housing: Improving the attitude of the main office staff and appealing the requirements for
How often the classes are available
How to continue to improve the quality of graduates, making sure they match the needs of the
business community that will be hiring UWF graduates.
How to continue to support the needs of non-traditional students.
How to move UWF away from primarily a computer school to a university with vibrant college-life
How to offer non-traditional students more opportunites to participate in campus activities, e.g.
evening or weekend presentations and discussion groups versus only during the day.
I am a long distance learner and would like to have the tests required for graduation in the
elementary education program to be available across the nation.
I believe that instituting a football program would raise school spirit, student, teacher, parent, and
alumni participation, applications for acceptance to this school, etc. I came eight hours from home
to attend this school, many of my classmates did not for just that reason alone. UWF has so
much going for them. I think the community interest IS there, they are just so used to hearing 'no'
in response to this suggestion.

I don't know what a 'strategic initiative' means, but here goes . . . UWF should draw a distinction
between the academic and practical aspects of each field of study. It should define core
academic coursework and multiple practical domains in each field. Students should then be
required to take the core academic curriculum and select 2 (maybe more) practical 'paths' to
specialize in. The practical coursework would largely involve the application of the material
accumulated on the theoretical side using technologies and methods appropriate for that domain.
For example, in software engineering the core academic content includes mathematics, logic,
data structures, parallel processing, etc. The student could then select two or more practical
'paths' such as embedded systems, operating systems, enterprise systems, web and desktop
applications, game design, or scientific computing. Currently the practical aspects of
coursework is ineffectually juxtaposed with the academic aspects to the detriment of both.
Students spend too much time learning implementation and not enough time learning theory, and
vice-versa. Students should be permitted to learn theory in natural language or psuedo code,
and then choose a specific area of practice in which to specialize professionally. A lot of this
could be achieved through independent study. Significant exposure to and specialization in a
particular practical field will increase the value of a degree, give the student a solid basis for
graduate work, and make graduates more attractive to prospective employers. Further, as
students explore the field in-depth it will necessarily cause new domain knowledge to be
incorporated into the curriculum, keeping the material more cutting-edge.
I don't know what you mean by 'strategic initiatives'
I don't know what you mean by 'strategic initiatives'
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                          12

I don't know what you mean by 'strategic initiatives'
I don't know what you mean by 'strategic initiatives'
I don't know what you mean by 'strategic initiatives'
I don't know who is to look these over, but of my three suggestions, I am obviously very
concerned with recogintion of the university but I believe that the cross-departmental,
interdisciplinary work is the most intriguing. In an idealistic sense, a workable and tangible
program that not only promotes, but enacts, interdisciplinary projects will replace academic lip
service to the idea with action. I would be very, very, very, very, very, interested in being a part of
this at every level.
I feel class location and availability are important. If you are at a satelite campus it should
amenities to support the students without having to commute. In FWB, the Combs building and
the main campus.
I have run into several problems with the elearning website along with many others that I have
talked to as well. The problems that arise from the website have affected many peoples grades
that were errors not on the students parts but on the server or through the University.
I think initiatives towards expanding this university's and this community's perspective on world
affairs in general is crucial. Too many folks here become completely comfortable in this small
town, and could care less about things going on in the rest of the world. Somehow broadening
student's horizons and opening their eyes to issues going on around the world would make this
community a much more well-rounded place.
I think The University of West Florida is doing an excellent job! The faculy and staff at The
University of West Florida has been very good to me. I am completely satisfied.
I think there is greater potential for our athletic training programs. Florida is a sports meca and
growth in this program to include sports management and leadership would be beneficial to the
service area.
I think UWF would benefit financially and from a publicity awarenss standpoint from a football
team. UCF is going that route, so they could be the 'lab rat' to watch. If UCF's team benefits their
school, then UWF should probably follow suite. This idea would also provide more entertainment
for students, alumni, and the community.
I wish that Wi-Fi was a bit easier to set up. How about just having to log on with your Argonet
name and password instead of having to configure the laptop to some weird thing (I don't even
know what to call it)? I tried to set it up a few weeks ago and I (not being very computer savvy)
completely did something wrong and now the wi-fi STILL won't work. Wi-Fi is free in many many
places around Pensacola, and no configuration is needed. I'm sure UWF can do that too, unless
I'm missing something.
I would like to see more master degree options, more in the health sciences
Identify an emerging industry (Gulf Coast)and customize degree programs that will support that
Identify and secure funding sources for graduate students to attend industry conferences whther
or ot they are presenting a poster, etc. many graduate students will not be academics; they will
apply their education in the world and will benefit from the science and networking offered at
conferences (these benefits cannot be obtain any other way.)
If offering classes is a challenge, think of combination classes--requiring more work for higher
degree seeking students, or partial leadership roles with the professors. This would afford more
students an opportunity to obtain required courses.
I'm not sure if this is feasible or not, but more events open to the community (the most recent one
that stands out to me is Lech Walesa's visit) would be quite nice. I know it must have taken a lot
of time to get the former president/revolutionary of Poland here, but that event attracted so many
people, and it was so interesting! The question and answer session was great. I'm an
international studies major, and when UWF brings in influential world leaders from around the
globe... I genuinely get very excited; as do many other people in this community. I think it allows
people to actually get a feel for world affairs, instead of just having a local, Pensacola/Florida/US
based perspective.
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                       13

I'm sure he does a lot but I don't think I've ever seen the President of the school.
Implement a course schedule for different degree plans that works for full time college students.
Implementation and strategic use of Cutting-Edge Technology
improve activities for students
improve class variety

Improve graduate programs to foster a more collegial learning environment w/ professors
improve graduate services and programs
Improve parking for students. It takes too long for students to commute just from their cars to
their actual classrooms.
Improve processes for registration and SASS. It take weeks to get anywhere.
Improve quality of facilities/lab equipment
Improve quality of instruction
Improve Reading signs for blind students
Improve the older buildings that are getting kind of run down (like the Math building, for example).
Improve the procedures for internernships within each department so there is flexibility when
students desire the opportunity to engage in the internship. This not only allows for meaningful
experiences for the student, it also allows for rapport-building with the local business through-out
the panhandle.
Improve the quality of our technology. We need better labs for our departments and more
sophisticated networking. Students should be able to print in all departmental labs with their
nautilus accounts.
Improve walk ways for immobile students like motor raft,
Improve/increase parking for commuters.
Improvements in advising so that advisors can keep students up to date on exactly what they
need to do to prepare for graduation.
Improving the quality of care at the Health Center. Perhaps having the facility open longer or
week-end hours
Improving the quality of the teaching staff.
improving the 'university' feel of the campus. Giving students the opportunity to have the pros of a
large university and none of the cons.
Improving word caption on all head projectors, televisions for deaf students
In the art Department classes are crowded- there can not be 30 students in an art class and have
the amount of attention that the teacher needs to devote to each student. We work on large
projects sometimes and pyhsically there is no space with 30 people.
Incentivising students to be more participative in University clubs and gatherings.
Increase argoair access areas.
Increase campus safety. More UWF police patrolling parking lots and buildings at night.
Increase classes offered to accomodate times for students.
Increase commuter parking spaces around major classroom buildings
Increase course availability and flexibility of schedule
Increase development of the Professional Studies Program to coincide with local professional
increase enrollment

Increase enrollment. Solicit outside services to analyze and make reccommendations on current
Increase fund raising.
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                         14

Increase funding for the fine arts
Increase housing to accomodate students.
Increase in student art/beautification projects around campus. This would be a wonderful way for
students to feel like a part of the school they are attending, as well as building a student legacy at
the university.
Increase interaction between the campus and the greater Pensacola area so UWF is an icon of
education and an active force in the community.
Increase National Recognition
Increase number and type of degrees that can be obtained completely online (i.e., no class
attendance required).
Increase number of graduate and advance degree programs.
Increase number of satellite campuses and align to community need.
Increase parking capacity
Increase public relations and publicity to entire service area. Many are out of range of the
'Pensacola' cable network. Television coverage is little to none outside this range, particularly to
the East. Radio coverage and newspaper coverage has improved.
Increase services/programs to students and the community.
increase student enrollment
Increase student enrollment rates
Increase student internship and work experience programs. Career Services need to improve,
especially in areas related to Computer Science/Engineering.
Increase the educational level of all adults (appropriate high school students to be successful in a
university setting, mid-age or older adults who needs to keep their skills current or retrain for a
new career, and non-credit education)in our community
Increase the International Study Abroad programs for international student and make internships
available for them to elimate costs for low income families.
Increase the number of research opportunities for undergraduates.
Increase the number of specialized degree programs
Increase the number of summer offerings, especially at the graduate level. While it goes against
the 4-year model (above) for undergraduates it would definitely ease a lot of student concerns in
the short term. Graduate students are usually working during the day anyway, so the summer
break means much less to them and it would be nice to 'get on with the program.'
Increase the out-of-class interaction between students and faculty.
increase the use of technoly in the class rooms and prepare students better with their use
Increase Volunteer Opportunities
Increased campus activities for both resident and commuter students to blend relations.
Increased involvement of students with guidance counselors. There should be an increase in
availability (or maybe an increase in the advertisement of existing counseling). Individual
guidance is needed not only in obtaining a degree, but moving into a sucessful career.
Increased parking and access for students... NOT increased parking and access for
Increasing campus development.
Increasing funding for graduate students.
Increasing online learning classes
Increasing quality Faculty and Staff. With a growing student population we need to strive to keep
the class sizes small and the faculty to staff ratio narrow.
Increasing revenue by having a football team
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                         15

Increasing size of on-campus housing (including married housing)for a stronger campus
Increasing student loans/scholarships/grants. Business office needs to offer incoming students
more options for funding courses. Business office should visit other UWF campuses to ensure
students aware of process, timelines, etc.
Increasing the number of attending students.
Increasing the Nursing Programs supplies and faculty
INitiatives for faculty/ staff. Faculty awards for achievement in maintaining high academic
standards, effort (time and energy) put forth into their profession and the university in general,
and students' progress.
Initiatives for prospective students: offering high school student programs for college preparation,
early credits, and promotion of students' interest in attending UWF.
Initiatives for student achievement: Honors (already in place)- Presidential and Dean's lists.
Insist that all instructors and professors submit there text book information to the campus
bookstore to ensure better availability to distance learners and VA students.
Insure that dissertation chairs and members of the dissertation committee act upon emails in a
timely fashion.
Integrity must begin at the top.
internationalism - american students need to know more about the world, not only focus on
internet based/supported courses
Internship opportunities are a unique experiance for UWF students and there should be more
opportunities available through UWF i.e. maybe an internship fair
Interships/opportunities for students to get 'real' business experience, and knowledge of what it
would like to work in their desired fields.
it is important that the school puts up more light posts for those of us leaving night classes or
studying late
it would help if someone whould tell us what a strategic initiative is ? I'm not sure what it is you
want to know.


Keep campus clean and wooded (Don't cut anymore trees down!!!)
Keep class sizes small
Keep the cost of education reasonable.
Keep the library open later on sunday.
Keep the tuition affordable for students from lower-income families.
Keep UWF a smaller school. I would hate to see UWF become a big school like UF or FSU.
However, I think that we can still offer quality academic programs that could compete with the
larger schools.
Keeping classes on a 4 day a week schedule tends to work well for college students. This should
be considered for the next few years.
Larger nursing program to train greater numbers consistently. With the addition of Sacred Heart's
nursing school, there are 5 different schools within 50 miles, and all have different philosophies. It
would be great to see UWF take over and be the leader in nursing education.
larger variety of classes offered
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                       16

less 'Greek' sponsered activities...everyone in the school should be included in their functions
when they take place at school during the usual school hours
Life without art is mechanical, just surviving.
Local, State and Federal funding, is there a point of critical mass? What role does 'granting' play
in this explosion of spending? Why does government, every year, gobble up a higher
percentage of the economic pie? At what point do taxpayers give up, sell their homes, and come
pitch a tent on these beautiful, primarily state funded campuses?
look for new programs such as pharmacy, etc, that will draw students
lower cost of food/meals in commons
lower cost of parking permits
Lower Tuition

lowering book cost

lowering graduate tuition
Maintain (and improve advertisement) of those annual programs that encourage visitation of the
campus from prospective parents and students, including fesivals, academian and athletic
maintain academic standards for students and faculty
Maintain growth of campus without demolishing natural spaces ie: parking gargages and 5 story
Maintain high standards for students in completion of courses. Make it known that UWF focuses
on high scholastic education.
Maintain rigor and relevance in all doctoral classes by having professors that are teaching in their
field of expertise, not what is convenient.
maintaining hihg academic standards while drawing on a larger pool of students
Make a gymnastics team.
make all counselors assign students to a specific degree plans
Make all trips oversees available to see for all students whether inrolled in the class or not,
because offten times the trips are available for everyone but is only verbally advertised in class.
Make expensive projects like the bus system work for the university : ex. have the busses running
in opposite directions instead of just one huge look, then maybe more people would ride them
and they'ld be worth the 1.5 million dollars it takes to keep them running.
Make improvements on the ease of navigation for the UWF website.
Make it easier to complete the undergraduate curriculum in 4 years, on-budget. A plurality of
students do not seem to complete their undergraduate years in 4 years and my observation has
been that this phenomenon is largely due to 1) A web of unexpected expenses (i.e. tutition+room
and board+miscellaneous fees) that are poorly allotted (i.e. comprehensive Financial Aid is
HARD) and 2) Required classes that are offered at inadequate times or quickly oversubscribed.
My undergraduate years were spent at Amherst, and the greatest thing that UWF could learn
from that institution is the value of a comprehensive fee system with a curriculum designed to be
completed in four years. The diverse makeup of UWF's population (i.e. lots of commuters) and
the requirements of the state of Florida, as well as financial concerns make this a difficult task.
However, I believe that it is one of the most pressing. They don't call the institution 'U Won't
Finish' for nothing.
make sure the college stay with mission and vision
make sure the online order forms for books actually match what the teacher requires
Make user-friendly on-line classes with teachers who are trained to do effective on-line courses. I
have found vague directions which make the on-line courses stressfull and less educational.
Making college more affordable to more citizens.
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                      17

Making more classes available to the UWF campus in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
Making more online options.
making the classrooms more comfortable. I feel as though i pay enough money to have a desk
that is large enough for me to be able to open my book and take notes at the same time. We are
all fumbling with our books and droping pens that we are losing important peices of our lectures.
Making the University processes more student friendly and focused
Making UWF a nationally recognised entity.
Market the University of West Florida Nationally.
Marketing Department
Masters in Social Work Program
Maybe get a football team
Meal plans accepted everywhere
Meal Plans. I feel that there should be more of a variety of food in the Nautilus market because
by creating a manditory meal plan for freshman they can only use meal plans in the commons
and the food can get 'old.' I understand Chartwells is under contract, but if the students are
getting tired of the same food and even the lack of choices in the Nautilus market they will stop
purchasing the meal plans. I don't want to see that happen because it would discourage students
from eating at the school and the school would lose money. I feel they need to keep variety and
choices all day in the nautilus market because students have different schuedules and might not
be able to go and eat during the 'rush' period, so they are left with the sandwich place and the
salad bar every day with the same chips and same food. It gets old and it makes some students
mid-term evaluations as well as the end of the semester
More accomodating class schedule
more adertising in local counties. I'm from Okaloosa and only saw a few billboards.
more affordable meal plans
More assistance and/or classes for people studying and preparing for 'major' test that they have
to take to get into grad school. (The Bar, MCAT, etc.)
More chances for awardment of scholarship money and/or assistance in finding award money.
People that are stuck in between (middle class) that make too much money for FAFSA and too
little money most of the time and struggle.
More chances to travel and learn about cultures outside of UWF and the US. Offer more
scholarships or classes abroad. These types or trips offer invaluable experience to the students,
faculty and staff of UWF. It is easier to learn about something when you can see it first hand.
More choices of teachers in every department (increasing faculty)
more class availability at the Combs campus
more classes but smaller classes for more of a one on one feeling
More classes in the Fort Walton Beach area-especially in the field of education.
More commuter parking throughtout the campus espeically in the area of the gym and by the
ROTC builing.
more commuter student parking especially near Gym
More Courses

more degrees

more degrees in health care
More development of school pride. Whether it be with school sports or other activities. The Battle
of the Halls was a really amazing idea of this.
More Evening classes
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                        18

More Evening classes
More evening classes
More Evening classes
More face-to-face meetings and classes for education majors at the junior and senior levels.
Taking so many e-learning classes gets repetitive and boring. Unless you are self-organized and
motivated it's hard to stay on track when taking several online classes.
more fast-track or 8-10 week classes
More flexible scheduling of classes for students who work during the day.
More flexible scheduling. Maybe dual classes where part of the class in the classroom (maybe
1.5 hours per week) and part can be done online. Time is students biggest constraint! A lot of
your students work 40+ hours per week, and would love to be able to work on classes at 11:30 on
Friday Night or 6am on Sat or Sun morning.
More food options

More funding for scientific research/ computer science.
More graduate level areas of study.
More housing

More housing options. Surveys for Roommate's, so that we are placed with people that we like.
More interaction in ELearning Courses.
More interactions between schools I believe should be another initiative for UWF. I know the
Honors program has an annual conferance in Orlando where they are able to meet many other
people from other schools.. I think more programs should have this.
More internet classes
more intramural sports should be offered that are tailored to other interests
More lights on campus! Leaving the business building at night can be scary. The walkway
heading down to the parking lot (past the computer lab) is not lit very well. The lights on the poles
are a dim amber color, and not very bright. This is an easy fix!
More majors should be offered
More majors...ex. a major in a foreign language
More networking with the 'Emerald Coast' Branch of UWF and the Main Campus.
more night classes, please! it is really hard to find a variety of classes that are offered in the
evening for us workers - college of business
More on campus activites that fuel school spirit and loyalty to stay and graduate, not transfer to
Florida or Florida State.
more on-campus ammenities (i.e. gas station, mini-grocery store, etc...)
More online classes

More online classes

More online classes because a huge bulk of your students are communitors or Non-traditional
More online classes!!

More online classes!!!
More Online Classes. I prefer the online classes because it allows me to have a flexible work
schedule. And when emergencies come up it is not as big of a problem because I can do the
work from anywhere internet is available.
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                       19

More online courses during the regular school year. During the summer it is so nice to have on
line courses but what happens in the fall?
more parking

MORE PARKING OR LESS STUDENTS Have a perking initiative that rewards people for not
driving. Maybe decrease cost of parking decals to favor carpoolers/multiparties on the same
vehicle. Build a multi-level garage. Increase public transportation participation, have go-karts or
something taxi students around.
More parking places

more parking spaces

More parking spaces

More parking spaces closer to biuldings for commuter students. They come from further and
need more safety.
More parking spaces for commuters.
More parking!

More parking! It seems there are always plenty of staff spaces and even more 'reserved' spaces
open during rush times, while students are parking across campus. Isn't there some way we can
remedy this?
MORE PARKS! UWF has lots of overgrown greenspace, full of bugs and undeveloped. There
should be more parks and hire a landscape architect. Do it right. The campus looks terrible.
More partnerships with businesses for internships and collaborations. Get off campus more.
More professionalism among teachers. Teachers should be required to dress professionally and
speak professionally (without the use of profanity).
More professors are needed for the Social Science departments. Having to waiting over a year
for a course to be taught that is a required course for ones major is unacceptable. If you want to
increase your number of students, you must be able to prove to the student or parents of the
student that UWF can privide what they need to graduate in four years, not five or more.
More publicity in state and surrounding states. I have met people, in Florida, that have never
heard of UWF and it is disappointing.
More recognition, everyone in the country knows about FSU, Miami, and UF. Our school is just
as good if not better!
More residential housing on campus so we have a stronger, more united student community. If
we build more housing options, more students would be involved in on-campus events, and our
school spirit would increase. This would also help eliminate the 'commuter campus' atmosphere.
more scholarships not dependent on need
More student housing with family housing available.
more studying abroad opportunities
More support for the arts and humanities programs at UWF.
more trolley stops on campus, like drop off and pick up in front of the health center. If you hurt
your foot or are really sick sometimes walking that extra 50-100 feet can really have a negative
more tuition assistance or scholarship programs.
More web-based courses for specific majors at the undergraduate level
Most importantly, more parking or more convenient parking.
movie developement
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                        20

MSW program- I have heard that this program has been 'in the works' for 10 years. What is the
difficulty? I think the university has not really made it a priority! You are losing money, and
students have to leave the community to get such a degree.
Must keep the Interdisciplinary Humanities major.
need more prking

new 6-year programs for majors ex. Veternary Medicine
New Dinning Services.
new etrance of different nationality
new facilities

New food company....no more chartwells unless they decide to have better quality food
new graduate level programs
new housing buildings
New Residence Housing. The school is primarily commuter and inorder to create a more
rounded school we need more students to live on campus. If there is available housing on
campus, students will occupy the vacancies. By increase housing we will increase the number of
people who have a sense of 'home-e-ness' and it will also attract more out of state students. The
residence halls on campus now are comfortable and accomidating. Great Job
night orientation to the learning resource center and computer labs
No increases in fees or tuition.
no other ideas

Not being familiar with other aspects of the university, my focus is on the Hospitality, Recreation
and Resort Management dept. The degree lacks a lot to be desired for Parks and Recreation
students. It is great that the University has developed this degree but it needs to be more degree
specific (emphasis on parks and recreation is needed just like they now have the Spa emphasis)
with other areas of the of the field. Hotels and Restaurants are not the only jobs in the field even
though it is the largest.
Number of online learning programs.
Offer benefits and health coverage to same sex couples.
Offer face to face classes equally with distance education classes each semester (i.e. allow
students to have face-to-face classes instead of forcing them into distance ed classes by default).
Offer major core courses every semester
Offer more courses for students to take, thereby making the students more viable in the
workplace once they get their degree.
Offer more graduate programs so that students who get their undergraduate degree here can
continue their education here.
offer more specific majors and minors
Offer variety of times of classes to facilitate teachers and students schedules
offering better times for classes
Offering more on campus residential facilities to move towards more of a on-campus University.
Offering more times and days for classes offered. Having 2 or even just 1 time and day a class is
offered a semester is not acceptable. Some of us just need that 1 class to graduate but don't get
in because it is full or doesn't work with our schedule.
Offering programs tailored for the working professional- no, one that are REALLY tailored. Use
the New ventures class as a model.
Offering subjects that equate to local jobs.
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                        21

Offering the courses needed to graduate on the FWB campus.
Office and Classroom space
On campus job/ internship opportunities for Students.
On-line learning is great. Expand the curriculum to offer more on-line courses and enhance the
on-line learning system. For example, networking, viewing videos, file sharing and other leading
edge technology should be continuously evaluated and implemented as appropriate.
Opening up more graduate programs
Optional Mentoring from Seniors & Juniors to Freshman & Sophomores
Organization .

Overall more degree offerings to attract more students to UWF.









parking - the parking lot ot the water tower is hardly used, so many faculty/staff spaces left empty
daily (about half, it seems), and students are scolded for not being able to make it to class on
time? I have to get to school and hour and a half early sometimes to find an appropriate spot :(
parking availibility

parking decal prices

Parking Garage
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                       22

Parking Garage for Students
Parking is horrific. Commuter students should not have to spend as much time as they do trying
to find a parking space. And at that rate, it is relegated behind resident and faculty, people who
remain on campus for longer periods of time. Doesn't make sense.
parking needs to be changed....commuters need more access!
payment options

PharmD Program to keep our smart and talented students in the area.
Pick one logo/mascot and stick with it. A school is known by its emblem, and that emblem helps
establish the character of the school. The argonaut/nautilus thing is confusing even to UWF
Place increased emphasis on collaboration between depts
Place increased emphasis on the sciences
Plan for more summer classes and DO NOT cancel the classes.
Planning towards a football team

Play to our strengths, seek to promote Bachelors programs to meet the needs of local business
and population. Florida's tax dollars should support Florida's population.
Please add another computer lab in the COPS classroom building.
Please add some more science majors at UWF. NYU has all kinds of science majors and
specializations. UWF needs that too.
Please consider aligning spring breaks, Christmas breaks, etc with the local schools. Those of us
with children would appreciate it very much. I have missed being able to spend time with my
children for the past 2 years because of this discrepancy in scheduling. None of us can take a
trip or plan any time off together. This would be wonderful
Poll/survey population to determine requirements for adult learning classes and align to
Position the College of Business as one of the best in the country.
Post professor's office hours on the web.
Prepare students for the realities faced in today's work force through speakers, workshops,
educational web posts, articles, and within our programs of study.
Prepare students for their futures, utilizing every possible resource available to enrich the
experience and help to shape well-round, productive individuals who contribute to society as a
Prices for Food need to drop, we are poor college kids, UWF already gets enough of our money.
Professors need to be appretiated more by the University.
Professors need to have more and longer office hours to use to speak with concerned students.
Also, if the professor does not have lengthy office hours, then he/she should reply to e-mails in a
timely manner.
Projected schedule of classes for graduate and upper level course work. (It's too difficult to
guess around as to what courses will be available for degree completion 2 years from now.
promote how attractive the campus is, I was very impressed when I finally got here.
Promote studying abroad. Offer incentives or some kind of aid to those who wish to study
abroad. Get detailed, current information on each partner university and set up stands with
brochures around campus.
Promote the Arts
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                     23

Promote the Arts

Provide a better funding for the communications department.
Provide all students, especially those with undecided majors, opportunities to attend career
education and planning workshops.
Provide better equipment for the communications department.
Provide class scheduling to accomodate large geographic area.
Provide funding for grad students (like most other universities pay for grad student's tuition and
fees....that way the students can focus on their research or whatever and not have to worry about
having a full-time job)
Provide funding to ensure that graduate courses (my experience comes from the English
department) are not mixed graduate/undergraduate catastrophes
Provide Greater Diversity in classes on all campus sites
Provide more (and permanent) funding for UWF's creative student projects; for example, the
Troubadour, UWF's anthology of student creative writing, and student-produced plays
Provide more options for online and in class classes
Provide more reasons for students to 'hang out' on campus, meeting other students and making
Provide off-campus office to attract and retain students. Provide housing as well as extra-
curricular activities.
Provide students with quality internships and other opportunities to earn experience in our fields
of study.
Provide support for UWF's literary journal the Panhandler (formally Bayou)
Publish a specific listing of all the great amenities UWF has to offer students
Pursue doctoral programs for the university and/or partner with other Florida universities so that
this opportunity can be available to Northwest Florida.
Put more effort into developing PhD programs for all departments, especially Psychology.
put on bathroom counters for ladies and men some moistures for hands after washing. It is rough
during cold weathers and have moistures available will protect skin for all
Putting the student first.
quality of teaching staff
Quality Professors geared towards education
Raise salaries in order to attract a more diverse faculty.
Raising summer enrollment Reason: I just filled out a survey asking what would help assure
more students take summer classes. It must be important to the University, therefor it is
important to the students.
Rape awarness should be given more funding.
Recent studies indicate U.S. ports are backlogged with ships waiting long periods of time to
off/onload. As a strategic asset to U.S. shipping, develop the Port of Pensacola to include rail
infrastructure build-up and Naval Air Station flight mitigation considerations while demonstrating
the economic value of such an expanded port to all Pensacolians versus waterfront development
that favors the service sector and ever more real estate development.
Recognizing that the employee, faculty and support staff, are UWF's most important assets.
Recruit more students
Reducing the price of text books
Reduction in fees.

Re-invent the 'trollie' sytstem. Are empty diesel busses pumping out smog all day really needed?
Put your diesel drivers on handicap friendly golf carts, on call for special needs. About the
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                        24

environment: How about a hundred (or two) UWF bicycles sitting on campus, everywhere, first
come, first use, leave wherever. So, you loose a few, buy cheap ones, paint 'em ugly UWF
colors, not many would be stolen. Come on, get innovative, save the taxpayers a little. This isn't
the USSR (yet).
relocate Environmental Studies Departmant downtown to new classroom space in the Community
Maritime Park
REMOVE NAUTILUS CARD 'SWIPING' REQUIREMENT. If we can't get help because I don't
have this ridiculous card, then it should be discarded. This reliance on the UWF ID is disgusting.
If a person has Government issued proof of ID, than they shouldn't need this usless, proprietary
UWF card.
Remove the meal-plan requirement for first-year resident students.
Require research and the library strategies/orientation as a precursor to any program.
Require teachers to have clear requests and good office hours.
Return the Java bar in the student lounge or improve the student lounge with a cafteria like UWF
in Pensacola
rewards for the best students, big rewards, to incentivate students to be the best
routinely check and make sure instructors are teaching the correct material and teaching the
material clearly.
Safety of students on campus.
Safety on campus. I have intended to begin a program to 'Light up the Night', but never had
enough time to do the research and find funding. I think there is opportunity to partner with
community organizations to place lights in all walkways to make the nights safer for students.

school spirit

Second, the advisors, again. I am majoring in Math and minoring in Engineering. My advisor in
the Math department tells me I need five hours in my minor left; my advisor in engineering
department tells me that I need eight hours. I am going back and forth between the two advisors,
and finally, I was told, by my minor advisor, that the class that I've taken toward my minor is not
an elective; it is a requirement and cannot be counted toward my minor. Just another excuse to
put me back in another class. I loaded myself this semester with five classes just so I'll be done
with school in the spring, now thanks to the bizarre law of requirement; I have to stick around
another year.
Security Issues, With a night class, and walking towards my car, or leaving the campus I don't
feel very safe. I feel like I will get a ticket if I'm parked in the wrong place for any time, or my
speed gets too high. But I don't feel as though the security provided by the campus is visible in a
'safety net' way. I saw to campus police cars with it appeared radar guns in two prominent
locations but I did not see any when I left my class that night.
Set goal to be in top academic level in as many disciplines as possible.
Shift away from a commuter type school, less online classes, and add majors that other schools
in the area do not offer (i.e. FSU and USA). Strengthen the areas we are strong in by adding
more contemporary classes.
Shorten the semesters. How come your competitor, Troy, can offer more classes in a shorter
timeframe? Don't you realize this aids the student in obtaining a higher paying position because
of the degree earned? Which in turn benefits UWF as now you have alumnis you can tap into for
some funding?
Should some classes be offered every semester instead of just spring or fall
Sidewalks for all of campus.
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                       25

since I have no idea what strategic initiatives are I don't have any ideas to offer...sorry
Some lighting equipment would be nice for the film department.
Starting a Football program. This would help promote school spirit
stay division II

Steps taken toward the hosptality, recreation and resort management depts. need of a student
run hotel and restaurant facility. This could also serve as a revenue source for the university and
the program as well
Strenghtening Student Organizations The extracurricular activity will connect students to the
real world resources they'll need to acquire a mindset ready for their future profession. The
environment of friendly competition and interaction amongst peers in similar backgrounds will
give students the push they need to keep focus and maintain the academic mindset neccessary
to succeed in course work. They won't just come to school, and go home afterwards, they'll
come to school and leave with school on there minds, and expand on what they learned at home.
* Promotion of academically related Student Organizations is a vital. It needs to occur on class,
on the web, and all over campus
Strengthen partnerships with local schools. Local students will make up a large percentage of
future UWF students and the local education system is failing.
Strive for higher education opportunites for all i.e. better teachers (not like we don't have well
qualifies ones now)
Student access to campus resources during off-peak hours
Student Housing

student housing

Student input is necessary for a proper functioning school. UWF needs to continue to work
towards a student centered university. Everything the University does needs to be supporting
one or more objectives.
Student parking at the front of the FWB campus not just visitor and faculty.
student population growth to the east of Pensacola
student transportation off campus
Students need to learn the arts bring roundness and fullness into life.
Studnet Support More than ever students need help in obtaining: --motivationl --study skills --
interpersonal skills --personal awareness --goal setting ability It's not the schools responsibility
to provide these services, but if they aren't provided, there won't be any point in setting high
standards. They won't be reached. Teach a man to fish...but give him some fish while he's still
learning so he doesn't starve before he can fish on his own.
Study the feasibility of offering graduate courses on the west side of Pensacola in cooperation
with PJC or other sources for the growing population in southeast Alabama and western
Study ways to bring environmentally friendly, non-tourist dependent jobs in the film and
entertainment, financial, electronic and other light manufacturing industries to the Pensacola
SMSA. This is particularly important as high paying military jobs slowly move out of the area;
retirees relocate elsewhere due to increasing property taxes and insurance costs, and resultant
impact on our heavily weighted service sector.
Teacher Evaluations

Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                        26

Tell the teachers to stop taking so long to explain topics. The students are not elementary age
children. Valuable time is lost, when teachers spend too much time on one topic.
The Athletic Department secretaries really would love to drive a golf cart across campus to do our
campus mail running! That'd be incredible.
The average age of the college student has increased over the years. We should look at offering
health coverage for students over age 40. Currently, 40 is the cut off age.
The campus is very confusing to find your way around. Signs need to be larger and put in places
that are easy to see and understand.
The chemistry labs should not take up as much time.
The computer media is becoming big; however, those students who want to be employed in the
education field are not being given the chance to take the craft type classes we need. Craft:
weaving, textiles, jewlery (small metals), or meatalworking. These are all classes that the Art
Education Students need to do well on the certification exams.
The creation of new Degree programs or the expansion of current programs.
the library should add more computers
The parking spaces should not be so close together. There's just enough room to back out at
parking lot W, where the Biology buildings are.
The preceding initiatives can only be accomplished with a reinvention of the culture of the
university with a bottoms up leadership system.
The third focus should be the Admission and Registrar offices. It's so upsetting to me when I get
tossed around like a ball, just to get an answer to a question. So many times I asked a question
from someone in admission and was sent to registrar and vise versa. I have to admit it had gotten
better compare to the last year; however, the problem is still there.
The university needs more control over the staff. Take student complaints seriously. The faculty
works for the students, not the other way around. The vast majority of the staff at UWF is
excellent, but there is always a percentage in any group that is bad. Those memebers should be
The university's first focus should be on academic advisors, to see if they are right for the job. I
have been in two different departments based on my degree. In both departments, I was told by
the advisor to take a class. However, in the middle of semester, I realized that I didn't have
enough back ground in that subject to pass the class. I pass the class in either case, but with a lot
of struggle.
Theatre Department should be the stone in the setting. The stone reflects and refracts the light
shone on it. The Theatre Department should be the sparkle projecting the heart and soul of the
There are not enough parking spaces around Bldg. 10. There should be more parking spaces.
there should be campus wide YOGA day!
ticket price reductions for enrolled students for events at the civic center
To allow graduate students to be payed for more than 10 hours a week.
To be able to financially support all graduate students.
To be able to pay all graduate students in all departments equal wages.
To be able to provide healthcare for graduate students.
To develope more areas of study so UWF will be attractive to an even wider array of students. I
think a dedicated pre-med and religous studies (not philosophy) degrees would be easy to add
given the current resources (including staff) on campus. It would take more work, but the demand
for doctors and nurses is so high that a true medical program would be nice, if possible. With
several area hospitals to work with, it could work well.
To expand and grow UWF satellite sites, like FWB, etc.
To expand the online education capacity
To have teachers involve students more in the class.
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                         27

To provide diversity in the student body of UWF
To provide more hours in the library on the weekends.
TO provide quailty education value to the student population
To seek out the most qualified faculty to teach at UWF.
too many classes are offered at the 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm time slot. this semester i needed to find
just two electives in order to graduate this fall, but they were all offered in the same time slot on
the same day, along with my required classes - now I have to wait and graduate in the spring,
which is costing me rent, utilities, parking fees, etc. when I could already have a great job by
January :(
Too much teacher parking and not enough student parking. Use some of the revenue from the
hundreds of tickets given to students each day to build more parking areas.
Try something new, inovation should be part of the plan.
Try to include weekends or after hours as dates and times for events. This will attract
commuters. Specifically, events like the recent computer auction and on-campus job fair.
Turn parking lot K into a 4-5 story parking garage. This is how: The parking lot already
resembles a step (each level of the lot going up the hill is about 10-12 feet higher than the
previous). This would make it easy to build a garage that has a 'ground' access for the first 2-3
levels of the garage. This would be convenient because you wouldn't have to circle the garage
just to get the the third level, just drive right in. The base level would be the smallest, with the
second being slightly bigger, and the third being the maximum size of the garage. I would
recommend the garage being at least 4 stories and a maximum of 5. This would GREATLY
increase parking spaces and since this is a central lot on campus, it would be greatly used.
How to pay for it: Get rid of the trolly system. The trolly system costs the university hundreds of
thousands each year. These trollies drive around day after day with no one riding. Create a
system JUST for disabled students to get to class. Take out a loan and build the garage. The
money that you will be saving of trollies will pay the garage off in a short amount of time. This
needs to be done... why? - More parking permits are being issued than parking places on
campus. - Just last week at 1:20 PM, I drove through parking lots P, O, K, Q, R, W and X and
there were NO parking places and the same 20-30 people were driving around each parking lot,
waiting for a place to open. I finally found a spot in lot L and then had to walk all the way to
building 79!! - Students will be happier and more will want to come to your college. - Students
will stop complaining. This idea was thought up by: David Milstid, Computer Science major.

Update the Comprehensive Exams Requirements
Updating buildings and classrooms. Some Classrooms and buildings need to be remolded
because by keeping the campus 'up to date' with how it looks, it will attract more students to the
campus. For example the new HLS has attracted many new students because they see how
clean and new it looks. We need to take care of the buildings and rooms that we have.
Updating the older buildings, making them seem newer or actually tearing them down and
building new buildings.
Upgrade of student casual lounge at the FWB campus. All the tables rock and it's unattractive.
Looks like a junky storage room.
Utilizing on-line resources instead of having to buy 6 textbooks for a class.
UWF Football team

UWF Football Team will increase enrollment
UWF is a growing university. As UWF grows, focus needs to be given to recycling policies on
campus. UWF is lagging behind the times on environmental issues. Granted, UWF did upgrade
their drainage which helped tremendously to keep still water from accumulating.
Survey 1—Student Responses                                                                     28

UWF needs more publicity. Many people in Pensacola have not even heard of it, which is very
pathetic. Going to community colleges around the tri-state area might help, as would visiting
select high schools. Hosting more events open to the public (the Festival on the Greens is great!)
might be another way. Developing sports teams could also help.
UWF seems to have some EXCELLENT community classes, however, it is very difficult to keep
up with the schedule. PJC publicizes these in flyers in the newspaper prior to each term, people
know to look for these opportunities.
Variety in class times and professors. Students should not have to settle for one particular
instructor or one particular time for a class because no one else is teaching that class.
Variety of online learning classes.
Vastly increase your distance learning offering. Distance learning is attracting large and
increasing numbers of students. If UWF does not focus on this the university will lose students
who will not consider coming to campus. I took a distance learning course from UWF and it was
excellent. Expand your program offerings. Resisting change is futile. The for-profit colleges are
going to win full accreditation dispite your efforts to the contrary. Become competitive now. Do
not wait until you are being trounced.
We need a hockey team.
we need many more high-tech rooms that are video-fed to Ft. Walton - I have waited so long for
some classes to be available at the main campus, but they never have been due to our
commitment to Ft. Walton Campus - what about the many students that attend the main campus?
is our money not as green?
We need more classes for the telecom degree program. The classes aviable are few and very
broad. We need more classes that can produce multimedia students, not just reporters and
journalist. What about the people behind the scenes?
We, as a university, need to promote interdisciplinary and interdeparmental cooperatives. As a
graduate student, I am ever cognizant of thesis topics and their formulation. While I have some
fantastic ideas and am confident I can develop an excellent thesis, I can't help but think of the
exponential power of doing a cooperative thesis with other departments. Though I am an
anthropology student, imagine the power, and relevant cross over, in utilizing, for example,
communications, history, statistics, creative writing, art, environmental studies, etc. If the
university were to encourage cross-departmental and cross-discipline theses/graduate projects,
not only would the students develop much more powerful theses/graduate projects, which of
course makes the university look better, but it would also create a culture of academic unity that
seems to be sorely lacking in the academic arena. Let me know! I'd be happy to be the guinea
What classes are most needed
What is a strategic initiative?
What times those classes are available
With a record number of Freshman attentding UWF, you still thought ONE printer in the library
was all that was needed, because you FAILED to anticipate the needs of the students.
With anything added to help the university, there needs to be an increase in security
With regards to teacher training, more courses toward reading certification and/or endorsement
must be available in each NW Florida city or via distance learning. Teachers should have a
proven record of successfully teaching reading using scientifically researched methods.
working on a higher minority enrollment
working with the businesses in Pensacola in other areas (much like you do with Sacred Heart and
HEalthcare programs)

Survey 1—Student Responses   29

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