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									City of Muncie Web site                            3/28/2009 3:24 PM EDT         ScottDavis2
Delaware County Budget Hearings 2-9-10             2/9/2010 6:02 AM EST          bikerbabe
Would you like Consolidation with your Government? 11/30/2009 10:37 PM EST       ClarkJKent
Skin Cancer heads up Cancers # 1 Killer            2/10/2010 6:36 AM EST         jeffellison
Delaware County Needs 10 Million Dollars           12/19/2009 8:56 AM EST        bikerbabe
Jobs for purchase                                  2/4/2010 7:18 PM EST          max47369
Maxine for President                               2/6/2010 11:31 AM EST         max47369
                                                   2/1/2010 10:38 AM EST         jeffellison
Muncie Star/Press alienates Indiana State Senate Candidate B Jeff Ellison from the other candidates
2010 State of the City Address                     1/30/2010 7:51 AM EST         bikerbabe
                                                   much does it cost to EST      jeffellison
THANX to all that contributed to the Article " How 2/2/2010 11:21 AM win an ELECTION"
How much money does it take to win an election 1/25/2010 5:39 AM EST             jeffellison
Who would like to see Sue Errington replace Mike 1/18/2010 9:17 PM EST           ChaosTheory
State of the Union, State, Local, whatever…        1/27/2010 11:28 PM EST        sabesgirl
                                                   1/21/2010 8:42 AM EST
Delaware County Muncie Dem and Rep political machines a question?????            RIBS4YOU
3rd House - Legislative Update3rd House - Legislative Update 9:15 PM EST         bikerbabe
City Council: January 4th 2010 - The Can of Worms  1/4/2010 11:00 PM EST         JimArnold
City Council: Jan 21,2010 - No Confidence          1/22/2010 9:42 PM EST         JimArnold
                                                   1/20/2010 Rainy Day Fund bikerbabe
Delaware County Special Meeting - Ordinance to Borrow from 8:34 PM EST
 780   9/19/2008   5/12/2011I begin the following with the realization that these thoughts may stir th
5627    5/8/2008   1/4/2012Delaware County Budget Hearings! Public Hearings by the DLGF (Indiana
5168    9/2/2008   10/6/2011Poll Results: 29 Total Votes What type of Delaware County - Muncie gov
  44   3/19/2009   6/20/2010Once again while watching the news, I am forced to listen some overwe
5627    5/8/2008   1/4/2012Delaware county is scrambling to find someone to loan them 10.5 million
 926   5/18/2008   5/5/2011Just to clarify. D assessments aren't charged just during the election. The
 926   5/18/2008   5/5/2011Maxine on "Driver Safety" "I can't use the cell phone in the car. I have to
  44   3/19/2009   6/20/2010Reading the Muncie Star/Press Sunday paper, I was reading a story abo
5627    5/8/2008   1/4/2012http://www.propertytaxrepeal.com/Media_Videos/Chat_With_The_May
  44   3/19/2009   6/20/2010Thank you all for participating and posting your responses. I learned a l
  44   3/19/2009   6/20/2010"Nearly all men can stand adversity,but if you want to test a persons cha
 179   12/1/2009   3/14/2010 Her wise stand on constitutional tax caps and her promoting local food
  22    7/1/2008   5/4/2011When you look at national politics on Muncie forums, you really get noth
 215   6/25/2008   4/1/2011 I am curious about the strength and weaknesses of both the Democrat an
5627    5/8/2008   1/4/20123rd House - Legislative UpdateSat. Jan 30, @ City Hall 9:30 AM Speakers
1876   3/14/2009   4/20/2011Curious Contradiction: The Can of Worms.Time and again we have been
1876   3/14/2009   4/20/2011No ConfidenceAt the January 21 special City Council meeting, Mike King
5627    5/8/2008   1/4/2012Subject: SPECIAL MEETING ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 2010DELAWAR
 t these thoughts may stir things up, but it's time for a discussion (civil, please). On these forums, I've noticed that people h
arings by the DLGF (Indiana Department of Local Government Finance) on ALL Delaware County Taxing Unit's Budgets w
 aware County - Muncie government consolidation would you vote for? 13 Votes (44.8%) Full Structural Reorganization 0
rced to listen some overweight, over aged Person (to not be gender or race related I will just call them a person) telling m
ne to loan them 10.5 million dollars. The county needs a minimum of 7 million dollars for the general fund and still have o
ust during the election. They are paid every year, just not 10%. D office holders (and employees) pay 1% a year. examp
  phone in the car. I have to keep my hands free for making gestures."....... Maxine on "Lawn Care" "The key to a nice-lookin
 r, I was reading a story about campaign finances of former Mayor Dan Canon and how he wasn't planning on running for
 our responses. I learned a lot from your points of view and plan on using this forum in the future to gather your thoughts
u want to test a persons character , give him or her POWER."- Abraham Lincoln
 d her promoting local foods has further convinced me that she would be a wonderful replacement for Mike Pence. It wou
forums, you really get nothing. To me, it reads like "Well, it doesn't affect me, and nobody cares, or it's bigger than I, so let
ses of both the Democrat and Republican political machines. it seems the Dems have a monopoly on Absentee Voter Ballo
  ity Hall 9:30 AM Speakers Lutz, Tyler, Davis and Errington, Bring your questions
me and again we have been told that volunteer fire fighters cannot be worked into the mix for Muncie. Words like hazma
 Council meeting, Mike King, Alison Quirk, Sam Marshall, Monte Murphy, Mary Jo Barton, and Jerry Dishman voted to over
 ms, I've noticed that people have been picking a bone with the local newspaper because a lack of coverage about the May
unty Taxing Unit's Budgets will be heard ALL DAY, tomorrow, February 9, 2010 starting at 9:00 am in the Delaware Count
  Structural Reorganization 0 Votes (0.0%) All the services, none of the structure. 5 Votes (17.2%) Option C: (animal contr
 call them a person) telling me what I should or should not be doing just because they say so. I am an informed individual
  general fund and still have other funds operating in the red. If you take a look at the spending habits of the county, it is e
yees) pay 1% a year. example, John (never there) Kelley makes almost $50,000 plus kickback, so he alone pays $500 per
 re" "The key to a nice-looking lawn is a good mower. I recommend one who is muscular and shirtless." Maxine on "The P
sn't planning on running for political office. After finishing the first page of the story I turned to "page 2A" to see the list o

ture to gather your thoughts and opinions to what you deem neccessary. If you have any specific idea's that no-one is liste

 ment for Mike Pence. It would be nice to have someone in office who looks out for the average citizen and not just big bu
 es, or it's bigger than I, so let's keep to the local mudslinging." Local Politics is a very busy forum, with well-meaning peo
 poly on Absentee Voter Ballots ( AVBS), City and County Workers, and strong holds in some of the city precincts. The Rep

r Muncie. Words like hazmat training, reliability, response time, railroad tracks, and rural versus urban, have been consu
 Jerry Dishman voted to override the Mayor’s veto of the repeal of an ordinance passed in 2007 annexing Brewington Wo
 k of coverage about the Mayor and not listing her chat with the public times. Many have also been critical for others not
00 am in the Delaware County Commissioners Courtroom, 3rd floor of the Delaware County Building....
.2%) Option C: (animal controls, building commissioners, HR/personnel, risk management, engineering, auditor/control
I am an informed individual and I know what is best for me. These same people have had control of our politics for the pa
 g habits of the county, it is easy to see how the money has gone to so many non essential projects. No thought for the fina
k, so he alone pays $500 per year. i don't know if he kicks back any of the kickback. All D employees are "urged" to do th
 shirtless." Maxine on "The Perfect Man" "All I'm looking for is a guy who'll do what I want, when I want, for as long as I w
 to "page 2A" to see the list of 2009 political finance reports for the candidates running for political office. Listed were the

cific idea's that no-one is listening to ,write me. We need opened minds and creative thinkers to save Indiana and the rest

ge citizen and not just big business. Poll Results: 24 Total Votes Would you like to see Sen. Errington replace Mike Pence?
 rum, with well-meaning people trying their best to right-fight. President Obama expressed uncomfortable truths tonight,
of the city precincts. The Republicans seem to have businesses, rural residents, and fed up taxpayers on their side. My ed

rsus urban, have been consumed in the burning debate that the current fire protection model is the only viable solution f
07 annexing Brewington Woods and Halteman I. Please note that the 2007 annexation vote was cast before Sharon McSh
o been critical for others not taking advantage of the Mayor chats and attending city meetings. That's understandable, but

engineering, auditor/controller, public works/highway, sheriff/MPD, parks/fair grounds) 1 Vote (3.4%) Option B: (anima
ntrol of our politics for the past 50 years. Like so many elected officials due to their age are out of touch and miss-informe
 jects. No thought for the financial future. I was wrong. During the 2008 election I predicted Delaware County would be b
 ployees are "urged" to do the same. So let's see. 500 employees, 450 of them D's paying 1%. Average $400 each. $180,0
when I want, for as long as I want, and then go away. Or wait nearby, like a Dust Buster, charged up and ready when need
olitical office. Listed were the candidates for Delaware County Sheriff and the District 26 Indiana State Senate Seat. I notic

 to save Indiana and the rest of the country. Not politicians that can't even agree that the state wants Sunday beer sales an

rington replace Mike Pence? 9 Votes (37.5%) Yes 6 Votes (25.0%) No 2 Votes (8.3%) Replace Pence with someone else 7
ncomfortable truths tonight, but never shut out - even welcomed - opposing views. Where would Muncie be if its leaders
xpayers on their side. My eductaion on this subject is limited to my last 8 years, as a resident. Thanks in advance for any

el is the only viable solution for Muncie. At the “Christmas Miracle” City Council meeting I witnessed the curious contradic
was cast before Sharon McShurley was elected Mayor. Be advised that your vote sets a dangerous precedent that will hind
 . That's understandable, but has anyone visited the City of Muncie Web site recently? This is an instrument -- the official

 ote (3.4%) Option B: (animal controls, building commissioners, engineering, HR/personnel) 3 Votes (10.3%) Option A: (
ut of touch and miss-informed. All these people were and still are responsible for the mess they have unleashed on our co
 Delaware County would be broke by the end of the newly elected officials term in 2012. (Just as it was in 2004.) I never e
  Average $400 each. $180,000 per year. maybe only 300 of them cooperate, $120,000. They should never lose again wi
ged up and ready when needed." Maxine on "Technology Revolution" "My idea of rebooting is kicking somebody in the b
ana State Senate Seat. I noticed that left off of the list was Indiana State Senate candidate, Democrat "B. Jeff Ellison". Know

e wants Sunday beer sales and Daylight Savings Time has to go. If you ask me the entire state should be on Central Time y

 Pence with someone else 7 Votes (29.2%) Keep Pence
ould Muncie be if its leaders - elected or not - had the stones to be as candid? To welcome, challenge, a different point of v
. Thanks in advance for any intelligent and enlightening comments. My question is : Who has the best political machine(

nessed the curious contradiction of the Hamilton Township Trustee swearing by his professional volunteer fire company
rous precedent that will hinder future annexation efforts for years to come. Your vote squanders $100,000.00 of Muncie
an instrument -- the official source -- for the City of Muncie and Mayor's office to communicate DIRECTLY to those she go

 3 Votes (10.3%) Option A: (animal controls, building commissioners, engineering) 7 Votes (24.1%) No consolidation at a
ey have unleashed on our country. They have raped the earth of her resources’ without a thought of what may lie ahead. M
t as it was in 2004.) I never expected the financial distress as early as 2009! The county council members commented tha
y should never lose again with that kind of money. I suggest that unless the R's have help from us we will NEVER get our
 s kicking somebody in the butt twice." Maxine on "Aging" "Take every birthday with a grain of salt. This works much bet
mocrat "B. Jeff Ellison". Knowing that the Star/Press received the financial information weeks ago from Mr. Ellison, and th

 should be on Central Time year round. This would eliminate any confusion as to what time is it in Indiana. Jeff Ellison B J

allenge, a different point of view? Citizen group leaders, proclaiming to be non-partisan, should be looked upon to either
s the best political machine( democrats or republicans) and WHY? I am asking about the mechanics of the process rathe

onal volunteer fire company who he claimed are all certified fire fighters on structure fires, hazmat training, and first res
ders $100,000.00 of Muncie taxpayer dollars already invested in the annexation, and untold millions of dollars of future t
te DIRECTLY to those she governs, but it doesn't appear to be very effective. Can anyone find a comprehensive list of city

24.1%) No consolidation at all.
ught of what may lie ahead. Mass amounts of forests destroyed without the thought of replanting. Chemicals dumped into
 cil members commented that other counties were in the same boat. Perhaps, if all the other counties spent like there wa
m us we will NEVER get our government back.
 of salt. This works much better if the salt accompanies a Margarita." Please vote for me
s ago from Mr. Ellison, and the information is “public domain” registered at the State House. Why was Mr. Ellison's financi

 s it in Indiana. Jeff Ellison B Jeff Ellison for Indiana Senate District 26 Poll Results: 9 Total Votes which time zone do you t

uld be looked upon to either take up the challenge or shut up.
chanics of the process rather than ideology. A good example is AVBS, the dems seem to have a better plan on AVBS. If we

hazmat training, and first responder runs, with City Council members Sam Marshall and Monte Murphy bemoaning that th
 millions of dollars of future tax revenues which would have positively impacted our City Your vote also represents a vote
 a comprehensive list of city meetings on the Web site? Does the Web site include when the next mayor chat is? I looked t

ting. Chemicals dumped into our rivers, lakes & oceans by countless tons not knowing the devastating effects of what the
counties spent like there was no tomorrow. http://www.propertytaxrepeal.com/Media_Videos/Delaware_County_Counc

Why was Mr. Ellison's financial report left out of the page 2A list of 2009 candidates? Mr. Ellison’s well known public stan

tes which time zone do you think we should be in 6 Votes (66.7%) EST ( with daylight savings) 1 Vote (11.1%) EST ( with

 a better plan on AVBS. If we could keep the personal attacks out of it that would be appreciated. Thanks Rick

 e Murphy bemoaning that the Muncie Fire Department with its reduced manpower could not provide adequate fire prote
r vote also represents a vote of No Confidence in the rule of law that should have been allowed to legally determine the fa
next mayor chat is? I looked through the news section and found nothing, other than a mention of the January chat. You w

 vastating effects of what they were doing. Close to a complete century of earthly destruction in the name of progress and

 on’s well known public stance on the legalization of hemp and marijuana products in Indiana appears to have the Star/P

s) 1 Vote (11.1%) EST ( without daylight savings ) 2 Votes (22.2%) Central Standard Time 0 Votes (0.0%) Central Standa

ted. Thanks Rick

 t provide adequate fire protection for that area. The reduced costs afforded by the Hamilton Township professional volun
ed to legally determine the fate of the annexation efforts. A vote of No Confidence in the ability of the Muncie Fire Departm
on of the January chat. You would think such information would be on the Mayor's office page. Where are the transcripts o

 in the name of progress and WAR. They have poisoned us for years in the search for ways to kill more effectively. From n

a appears to have the Star/Press blinded to Ellison’s stance on other issues he has blogged about in the Star/Press person

Votes (0.0%) Central Standard Time (with daylight savings)

Township professional volunteer fire company supports property tax rates for Brewington Woods residents of about 65%
y of the Muncie Fire Department, to provide adequate fire protection to Brewington Woods and Halteman I, and in the ve
 . Where are the transcripts of the que

 kill more effectively. From nuclear testing

bout in the Star/Press personal

Woods residents of about 65% of the tax caps. Their resist
and Halteman I, and in the veracity of Fire Chief Sean Bu

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