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									Committed to improving the total    Comprehensive
living environment of the
communities we serve                 Energy Plan &
                                   Energy Efficiency

                                       September 2008
 Operating in a Changing Environment
The Challenge:
Meet growing needs of community in
rising price environment

•Increasing economic uncertainty
•Increasing environmental regulation
•Fewer viable options to supply demand
•Globalization of utility suppliers
•Greater expectations from customers
Energy efficiency can become a very
        important solution.
• We must define a shared commitment to
  energy efficiency among the company,
  customers and communities we serve.
• Energy efficiency addresses this challenge
   – Establishing a “first” fuel resource
   – Allowing for a more effective use of scarce
   – Providing customers with more information
     and control over their energy usage
   – Increasing energy independence
          GPE’s Strategic Intent
Our Strategic Intent is a comprehensive
plan to make KCP&L an industry leader at
supplying and delivering electricity and
providing innovative energy solutions to all
customers — homeowners, businesses,
municipalities and other utilities — for
years to come.

KCP&L’s Comprehensive Energy Plan
       CEP Update 2005-2010

Renewable Energy
• Built first investor-owned and operated
  wind farm in Kansas.
• 100-megawatt facility in Spearville,
• Project completed ahead of
  schedule and under budget.
CEP Update 2005-2010 (continued)

Energy Efficiency
• 14 residential and business programs
• Customers control energy usage and
• All programs developed and filed.
• Anticipated total savings - 79,000
  megawatt hours of electricity
Energy efficiency continues as an emergent
   • Energy efficiency (EE) is aligned with a powerful set of emerging
     societal needs and preferences.
      – Environmental concerns
      – Energy security/independence
      – Affordability and price stability
      – Increased reliability
   • In 2007 and 2008, EE has become a key focus for the media –
     including special coverage in most major newspapers and
   • New national and global initiatives have been launched.
      – Clinton Global Initiative
      – National Action Plan for EE
      – Several EEI and EPRI (industry-supported) initiatives
Energy efficiency continues as an emergent
             issue (continued).
   • Political leadership has emerged at national and state levels.
      – Proposed federal legislation and RPS standards
      – New ambitious goals for renewables and efficiency proposed
         in several states
      – State commission hearings on efficiency and related
         infrastructure investment
   • New alliances have been formed, particularly among
     environmentalists, utilities and industrials.
   • Activism from key corporations (e.g. GE, Wal-Mart) making
     efficiency an explicit part of their corporate strategy and brand
   • Emerging recognition that efficiency should be considered in
     parallel – and even superior to other forms of generation.
   • Overall level of spending by all parties will continue to grow as
     regulatory and legislative frameworks are established.
KCP&L’s Areas of Energy Efficiency Focus

                      • Energy efficiency programs
      Programs        • eServices
                      • Renewable energy programs

                      • Customer research
     Development      • Integrated resource planning
                      • Regulatory/legislative advocacy

    Other Advocacy    • State & local leadership
       Initiatives    • National involvement
Heating & cooling make the biggest impact.

               • 78 degrees in summer; 68 degrees in
               • Consider a programmable thermostat
                Cooling your home
               • Adjust your blinds during the day
               • Use ceiling and portable fans
               • Maintain your A/C
    Weatherproofing helps you save.

• Seal cracks & openings   • Insulate
• Caulk & weatherstrip     • Repair windows
Wise energy use at home

     • Turn off lights.
     • Compact Fluorescent Lighting
     • Schedule activities in early morning
       or late evening.
     • Set water heater at medium 120
                                       Program Portfolio

                Program                     Type         Affordability   Res   Small Com    Medium C&I   Large C&I


     Affordable New Homes               Direct Impact        

     Low Income Weatherization          Direct Impact        

Energy Efficiency - Residential

     Home Energy Analyzer                Education                      

     Home Performance with Energy       Direct Impact                   

     Change a Light, Change the World   Direct Impact                   

     Cool Homes                         Direct Impact                   

     Energy Star New Homes              Direct Impact                   

Energy Efficiency - C&I

     Business Energy Analyzer            Education                                                       

     C&I Audits                          Education                                                       

     C&I Custom Rebates-Retrofit        Direct Impact                                                    

     C&I Custom Rebates-New Const       Direct Impact                                                    

     Bldg Operator Certification        Direct Impact                                                     

     Research                            Research                                                      

Demand Response (DR)

     Energy Optimizer (A/C Cycling)         DR                                               

     MPower                                 DR                                                            
       Current Program Offerings
Energy Efficiency Programs – Energy Reduction
• 12 proposed programs have been filed in MO & KS.
   – Pending approval of one programs in KS
• Approximately 100,000 program participants
Demand Response Programs – Demand Reduction
• 27,000+ Residential Customers are taking advantage
  of KCP&L’s Optimizer program (24 MW).
• 325 Commercial Customers are enrolled in KCP&L’s
  Curtailment program (73 MW).
Current Program Offerings (continued)
• Total Paperless Bills Per Month: 50,000+
   – Annual Savings:
     • Paper Saved: 17,000 Pounds
     • Gallons of Gas Saved (Not delivering
       bills): 5,500 Gallons
     • Pounds of Greenhouse Gases Avoided:
       304,175 Pounds
            Affordable New Homes
• Program description
    Provide incentives to builders of qualified new
     homes for low-income customers for the
     installation of Energy Star rated lighting fixtures,
     Energy Star rated refrigerators, high-efficiency
     central cooling equipment, and increased R-factor
     insulation in the home’s attic, floor or crawlspace.
• Customer target
    Available to builders of qualified new homes,
     within the KCP&L service territory, for persons
     having household earnings at or below 185% of
     the current Federal Poverty Level guidelines or
     60% of the current State median income,
     whichever is greater.
 Affordable New Homes (continued)
• Rebates for Energy Star products, insulation
  upgrades and high-efficiency equipment
    Lighting fixtures
    Refrigerator
    Insulation upgrades R42 Attic, R25 Floor, or R19
    Energy-efficient central cooling equipment (14
     SEER or greater)
      Low Income Weatherization
Program Description
   • KCP&L partners with community assistance
     agencies to provide services under the
     Weatherization Assistance Program. The program
     is run by the U.S. Department of Energy and is the
     nation's core method for delivering energy
     efficiency services to low-income households.
     Professionally trained weatherization crews
     perform on-site home energy audits using state of
     the art equipment to identify outside drafts and
     inspect heating and cooling systems for efficiency.
Low Income Weatherization (continued)
 • Participating CAP Agencies:
     East Central Kansas Economic Opportunity
      Corporation (ECKAN)
     Southeast Kansas Community Action Program
      (SEK-CAP, Inc.)
     Johnson County Human Services & Aging
          Home Energy Analyzer
• Program Description
    A set of free, online tools designed to help
     customers better understand how to use energy in
     their home and find ways to save.
• Key Points
    Find ways to save.
    Get more personalized savings info by going
     through AccountLink and factoring in actual bills.
    Sort energy saving measures by fastest payback
     and greatest savings.
    Track energy-saving projects with an online
    Get detailed information about energy-related
 Home Energy Analyzer (continued)
• Home Energy Analyzer Detail
    The Home Energy analyzer is a suite of tools
     designed to help customers better understand
     how they use energy in their homes and find ways
     to save. There are tools focused on appliances
     and thermostats to get specific energy saving
    The energy Information is based on the
     information customer provides and can be more
     specific if the customer accesses the Energy
     Analyzer through AccountLink, which factors in
     their actual bills.
                   Cool Homes
• Program Description
    Cool Homes is a program designed to encourage
     customers with operational, but inefficient cooling
     systems to upgrade to an energy-efficient unit.

• Program Highlights
    Free evaluation of customer’s existing system
    Instant rebate of $650 or $850 toward
     replacement of a working cooling system
    Older systems will be brought back to efficiency
     standards if not replaced (recommissioning).
    Free CFLs
         Cool Homes (continued)
• Program Details
    Inspection performed by a Cool Homes HVAC
    Existing cooling system must be operational.
    Customers equipment that cannot be re-
     commissioned to 8.0 EER may qualify for up to
     $850 incentive to replace their existing unit.
    All customers who get inspections will get a free
     multi-pack of compact fluorescent lighting (CFLs).
                 Energy Optimizer
• An air conditioning cycling program that offers residential
  customers a free, professionally installed programmable
  thermostat. Energy Optimizer helps reduce KCP&L’s
  summer peak, helps defer the building of new peaking
  power plants and helps the environment.
• Eligibility: Any KCP&L customer with a good working
  central air conditioner
     Energy Optimizer (continued)
• Customer benefits:
    A FREE – professionally installed programmable
     thermostat, a $300 value
    Customer has better control over energy use for
     heating and cooling.
    Internet accessible and programmable
    24/7 support
    KCP&L never cycles A/C on a weekend or
        Existing C&I Program Overview
Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Rebate
  Provide a means to reduce operating costs and increase
  And help to lower the cost of identifying and purchasing
  energy-efficient equipment.
  Examples: high efficiency lighting, air conditioning,
  heating systems, motors, refrigeration and energy
  managements systems

Commercial/Industrial Energy Audit
 Customers who have an energy audit performed by a
 KCP&L certified auditor are eligible for a rebate to cover up
 to 50% of the cost of the audit.
Existing C&I Program Overview (continued)
 Commercial/Industrial Rebate Programs
   – Custom Rebate for Retrofits: Any customer who plans
     to replace equipment in an existing facility with high
     efficiency equipment can obtain a custom rebate for a
     retrofit project.
   – Prescriptive Rebates: Small business customers who
     are on KCP&L's Small General Service rate (SGS) can
     apply for rebates from a pre-qualified list of energy-
     efficiency measures .
   – Custom Rebate for New Construction: KCP&L can
     work with you to develop an energy efficiency plan
     designed for your new building or major renovation.
• A contracted load curtailment program for commercial and
  industrial customers that provides a capacity and energy
  payment to participating customers to curtail their usage
  during summer months when high electric demand occurs.
  Customers are eligible for participating in the program by
  providing a minimum load reduction of 25 kW during
  KCP&L’s high usage/high cost periods.

• Program was redesigned in 2007 and 2008 to increase
  customer participation.
      New Program Opportunities
• Areas for new residential program development
   – More robust education and self-analysis tools
     (Home Energy Analyzer Plus and Residential
     Energy Use Monitor)
   – Residential appliance turn-in program targeted to
     remove under-utilized redundant appliances (e.g.
     second refrigerators in garages, etc.).
   – Provide customers with near real time energy usage
     to enable the customer to immediately change
New Program Opportunities (continued)
 • Areas for new C&I program development
    – Provide detailed load profiles for customers.
    – Programs focus on target markets including; more
      efficient lighting, motors, refrigeration and process
      equipment improvements.
    – Expand current demand response programs.
    – Develop new price and demand response
      programs including:
       • Shorter curtailment notification time-periods
          (e.g. 10 minutes);
       • Pricing flexibility for usage options.
The future of energy, today.

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