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									                              Drug and alcohol treatment centers

Drug and alcohol addiction is a major problem being faced by many people around the world.
This addiction refers to a compulsive behavior in which the addict feels an irresistible craving for
consumption of a drug even though the individual is totally aware of its disastrous effects. When
a person is addicted to a substance like alcohol he is known as an alcoholic or this condition is
referred to as alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence in medical terminology. This dependence has
two effects, mental and physical. It not only ruins the addict’s physical health but also becomes
the cause for his mental imbalance. The most common types of drugs or addicting substances
used by majority of people around the world are tobacco and alcoholic beverages. These
addictions have a long-lasting effect on the addict’s physical health and mental well-being and
also lead to detrimental results not only for the one consuming these substances but also for the
society and the surrounding people.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers try to cast aside these problems by aiding the individuals in
the society with such addictions and assisting them with proper approaches to overcome these
problems. Nowadays scientists believe that addictions and dependence on intoxicating
substances is a result of social or philosophical factors. Hence it would be more efficacious to
transform the social structure and philosophical beliefs of the addicts to help them shun their
habits. The initial stages of treatment incorporate the assessment of mental, physical, emotional
and cognitive aspects of the addict’s life. They carry out varied tests which help them understand
the patient’s medical history, the reason for his addiction and the time required for his recovery
and also the chances of relapse. And accordingly treatment is provided. Some of the most
common types of treatments follow a particular program which focuses on various aspects that
need attention. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) helps in altering the behavior of the addicts.
Through this therapy the treatment centers try to change the beliefs of people pertaining to drug
use and alcohol consumption by educating them of its ill effects. The next step is neurocognitive
therapy which helps in restoring the brains capacity to process information which had been
damaged due to drug use. And similarly the treatment continues depending on the gravity of the
condition of an addict. These treatment centers also have drug and alcohol free premises in
which the addicts are accommodated for the treatment and are kept there until they are totally
cured. They provide the inmates with the best facilities and an environment which is conducive
for the addicts to stay away from intoxicating substances.These treatment centers make an effort
to transform the life of an addict in such a way that he shuns of all his abominable habits and
start a new life free from addictions and substance-abuse.

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